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 An admirer gives webcam muscle hunk Tim a magical sponsoring gift of more of what his fans love most about him—which turns out to be his gorgeous face.

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Tim couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed flexing on camera for the live video site insta-hotties dot com. Every day for the past few weeks he’d been rushing home from the gym while he still had a pump, stripping off his shirt as he logged in, and letting hordes of random strangers react in a constant stream of text comments, as if they were live-blogging his hotness.

He shouldn’t really be doing this on Liam’s laptop—his roommate would be home from classes any minute. But his own laptop was busted and he really liked doing this after his increasingly intense workouts. It was a pretty innocent way to get off, letting visitors to the site ogle him and stream their comments, right?

And they really seemed to like him a lot. He wasn’t as big, mass-wise, as some of the most popular dudes on the site, but his body was fiercely tight, he had nice square pecs he’d worked really hard on, a good peak on his biceps, and his traps, delts, and lats all bulged out from his torso in a way that seemed to draw a lot of attention. He knew not only from the babbling river of comments, in which his lats and traps were often called out for praise, but also from one of the key features of the site: a constantly updated top-5 list in the bottom right corner of the body parts people loved best about you. His biceps, traps, lats, and pecs had been jockeying for position in the list since he’d started coming to the site, and as he showed off for the camera he rotated through them, flexing them and then showing them relaxed, occasionally mixing in wild cards like his hard six pack.

Today was a little unusual, though, because his face, which was usually hovering around second or third on the list, was solidly in first, never wavering as the other parts jumped around. Thrilled that he must be looking especially cute today, he watched his outgoing video feed on screen, making sure his smiling face and bright blue eyes were shown off to their best advantage. He stared at himself in the video feed, impressed with his hotness. He wasn’t even sure where he got it from; after all, his brothers might be sexy in a general sort of way but no one really ever called them cute.

His slightly tanned skin blended with his sandy blond hair. Loose strands of hair perfectly framed his oval shaped head. Wide green eyes brought out his natural beauty, and he couldn’t help but stare. He knew from having studied and judged his face compared to all the others he saw he had all the attributes of a really sexy face, especially now that he was at college where everyone was a little sexier than back home, and he lovingly took stock of them as he shifted and posed—his clear, smooth, perfect caramel skin; a narrow face that was slightly broader above, with high cheek bones and, like the rest of him, no sign of body fat; full and symmetrical lips, usually slightly parted as they were now (commenters were constantly talking about wanting to his, or asking him to kiss his bicep peaks, which he did); dark eyebrows and lashes that framed his face but still looked friendly and inviting; and a slightly prominent lower jaw and chin that made his whole mouth look strong and sensual.

His gaze drifted back to his own eyes. They were bright and dancing, today especially—in fact somehow today he looked cuter than he remembered looking before. His fans seemed to agree, he thought a little smugly, as he checked the comment stream. “You’re so cute today! Even more so than usual!” gushed one of the commenters, and Tim laughed and puckered his full lips for the webcam. There was an immediate “**swoon**” from another commenter, and a third said, “You must be a great kisser with those lips!” Tim nodded at the webcam and winked.

It was the best session yet. Tim kept rotating through his fans’ favorite body parts, feeling infused with energy and excitement at the attention and not a little turned on. Then his stomach rumbled and he realized he’d been on for more than half an hour. He left off feeling up his pecs and lifted one hand to say goodbye to all the viewers. As he signed off he just caught, even as the window closed, the tail end of the last of the comments: “…bluemage points, and I’m totally spending them on your best body part and making it twice as hot!!” Then the window was gone and he was looking at his login window for the site, which showed his site profile by default—including his profile image (which was, of course, his favorite screen grab of himself in a double-bi pose, grinning like he’d just won a million bucks just for being hot).

Tim blinked at the screen as he shut down the laptop. Bluemage points? He’d never heard of anything like that. Was this some kind of workout sponsorship? But he remembered it was part-specific. He shook his head and, figuring he should do something about that grumbling tummy of his.

But when he stood up, he instantly felt lightheaded, then woozy—then he was tumbling to the floor, suddenly too weak to stand. Just as the ceiling fan slid into view he smacked his head on the hardwood floor of his room, and then there was nothing more to remember.

Someone was leaning his face heavily against Tim’s cheek.

Consciousness snapped into place like a suddenly released spring, and he immediately wished it hadn’t. His head was throbbing worse than any hangover, and the rasping snore of—who the fuck was lying here with him, in his room, open slobbering mouth lolling against his left cheek like a drunk best buddy curling up to you while he slept it off?

Fuck. It must be Liam, his roommate. He’d been known to seek Tim out after a bender, since he hated being drunk alone, but this—proximity—was pretty extreme even for him. He tried turning his head to see, but the weight of the other head against his, coupled with the anvil chorus threatening to smash his own head open, made him abandon that idea for the moment. He had to do something, though. He couldn’t really feel his left arm, which meant it must have fallen asleep under his roommate—who was thin but very tall, and therefore very heavy.

He tried poking where Liam had to be with his right forefinger, but managed only to nudge his own left pecs, marveling that there wasn’t a long, slumbering body where there needed to be one to account for the face resting against his, despite the fact that he could only partly feel his own poke, as if his whole left side were asleep.

This was too weird. “Liam!” he shouted, straight up at the ceiling fan, the shout making his heavy head throb even harder. He heard the snerk of someone suddenly jerking awake, and the weight came off his face.

“What? Where?” barked a voice… but it wasn’t his roommate’s voice.

For a few seconds they lay there, breathing audibly, scared and confused, staring up uncertainly but with an eerie shared premonition of how disturbing the next moment would be, whatever it brought. Then they turned to look at each other at the same time. They each saw the same thing: Tim’s very cute face, bright green eyes wide with shock, barely an inch away. Neither Tim screamed, but they both yelped as they instinctively tried to pull away from each other—only they couldn’t, at all.

They both raised their heads and looked down to see the same hot, tight, naked body stretching away before them, his body: his hard pecs, his chiseled abs, his perpetually half-chubbed cock, his long lightly hairy legs, his big size 13 feet. They both reached the same realization simultaneously: that both heads were on the same broad shoulders, that they both shared the same body.

This time Tim voiced a throaty gasp, “aaaanh,” and the other Tim made a similar sound a second later. Tim thought it sounded like half a sob and suddenly he felt, on top of the fear and dismay, a warm rush of heartbroken empathy. He let his head fall back, and so did the other Tim, and they turned to face each other again, meeting each other’s intense gaze. Slowly Tim raised his right hand, sensing as he did so that he had less control over his left hand now, that this was his hand, and raised it to his neck. Slowly he let his long fingers run down the side of his neck where he couldn’t really see, down to where his neck joined his shoulders at his fan-beloved traps. He kept his stare fixed on the other Tim’s bright green eyes as he gently slid his fingers along the hard, straited trapezius muscle to where it should have dived down to meet the rise of his hard round delts. Only—only—he paused, his hand hesitating.

The other Tim raised their left hand and placed it on top of their right, and Tim knew he could feel both of them, while at the same time it still felt like another boy’s hand resting on his. The other Tim started moving their right hand with their left, finding the sweat-damp, slightly sensitive dip where the trapezius that met his neck overlapped with the one that rose sharply up to meet the other Tim’s strong neck. It felt wonderfully sensual for them to be moving their hands together this way, and Tim felt his—their?—cock start to stiffen up, rolling over and up onto his abs as it swelled to its full, impressive size; but for Tim his arousal was just a counterpoint to the sweet carnality of their hands moving together, along the other Tim’s neck and slowly up, along the very slightly bristly jawline, until they were both cupping the other Tim’s cheek tenderly. All the while Tim was thinking to himself that it was really, actually true: he was cute, he was sexy, he was beautiful. He wanted to say it aloud, he wanted to tell this vision that he was truly, heart-shakingly beautiful, but then the other Tim moved their left hand to cup his face, and their body shuddered with the intensity of how good that felt.

In some detached recess of his mind he was aware that to anyone else this would look like the very definition of self-involved narcissism, but it didn’t feel that way to Tim. He was caught up not in himself but in this other man, this other fascinatingly beautiful face, and in the sensations they shared and yet felt differently; but most of all in what he saw when he looked into those eyes: curiosity, interest, understanding, lust. He swallowed, and they both licked their lips, then smiled shyly at such an obvious give-away that they were both thinking about the kiss that was coming; and then their lips came together, and it was so amazing just for their warm, full lips to touch as they cupped each other’s cheeks that has they pushed in and deepened the kiss they actually came, shooting five thick volleys of warm jizz hard onto their pecs and abs.

The ecstatic pleasure surged through them all at once, a wave of powerful and raw erotic pleasure; yet at another level they barely noticed, as they devoted themselves to their deepening, thrilling kiss, and as they freed their hands to roam their heard, sweaty, sticky body they fell back into bottomless waters, time giving way to a simple procession of rising and falling pleasure.

They so thoroughly lost track of time that they were still making out on the carpet in the middle of the Liam’s room when Liam came home. He came in the door and saw his two-headed muscle-addicted roommate sprawled out being all sexy with himself and smirked. He shut the door and leaned against it, watching with great interest until Tim finally bucked and came again with a loud shout.

Only then did he realize he had an audience. He looked up at Liam, aghast and embarrassed, but Liam just nodded.

“You know the rules, dude,” Liam said. “Every time you get naked in my room or the common areas, you gotta take care of the effect you have on me.” He pointed to his own massive boner, a good eight inches of which was sticking up out of Liam’s jeans behind his tee shirt.

Tim grinned two huge grins and clambered to his knees to comply.


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