Hank has three choices

by Clearlyhere

It starts with Drake lusting after his roommate Hank. The real choice lands with Hank. He has three choices on how to use his toy. Unfortunately, it can exceed recommended usage.

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Sitting in the shade underneath a tree, Drake rested from his jog around the lake.

Many people passed by.

So many men passed by.

Men of all ages ran and he sure enjoyed watching them go. Their bouncing pecs as they ran. He glanced rather than gawked at their packages, tight abs, sweat running down their bodies in the sun. And so many different types of guys, tall, short, thick, thin, brown, tan, and white. A hot brunette, in a tight sweat stained t-shirt, nodded at Drake as he turned down one of the paved paths. His type was so big as long as he was fit, Drake got off on it.

Drake got a little chubby looking at the brunette run away from him, not that anyone would notice. Even in his skimpy running shorts, his two-inch hard on didn’t command any attention. He was a pale blond with light blue eyes. He stood about 5’7” and looked up to almost every guy as he jogged back to his apartment. The most that could be said of Drake was he was skinny. He’d always been skinny and short. If only he had tried wrestling instead of running in high school. Wrestlers were so hot. There were so many hot men out now and Drake was getting fucking horny.

Stripping off his shirt once he got back to his apartment, Drake grabbed a drink and went back to his bedroom. It is the only place he could retreat to, away from his roommates, to get a little private time. Pulling down his running shorts, his two-inch hard on stood to attention. He sorted through porn on his phone with one hand. A video started to autoplay.

“Fuck me, sir! Fuck meeee haarrd!” A muscle daddy plowed a twink on a nondescript bed. Drake left it on the video. He really enjoyed the twink with his tiny dick flopping up and down while the Muscle daddy plowed him hard over and over.

“Give it to me…. I need your big cock….. I love your big cock!” the twink moaned. Hank popped his head into Drake’s room. Drake hurriedly covered his dick with a hand.

“Jesus, Hank,” said Drake.

“Get a room,” he retorted wryly.

“Yeah, this is my room… fucker,” yelled Drake throwing a pillow at Hank’s head.

“Sorry, you can finish up your little… wank session.”

Hank, his hot roommate, closed the door with a chuckle. Hank was a towering man. Dark black hair, green eyes. Really, a paragon of a former college football player. Nothing had gone to pot. Drake could tell Hank had actually put on muscle even in the scant few months they lived together. Those heavy shoulders, big biceps, he was chiseled and hulking with muscle. Everything about him screamed sex god and so did all the girls.

Later that night, Drake was heating up a cup of soup in the kitchen and taking it back to his bedroom. He passed by Hank’s room. The door was ajar. In a dark bedroom lit only by street light, Drake could see Hank on top of this redhead girl from his gym, slowly fucking her.

Now this wasn’t the first time, Drake has seen Hank fucking some girl because he accidentally left the door open. Most of the time, he was regularly boning this beautiful Chinese-American girl Grace, the wanna be model/actress. She was out of town this weekend and it was the hot redhead, Ginnifer, who was getting her shot at his pipe.

Drake stopped in the doorway and looked at Hank as he fucked her and imagined himself in her place, being fucked by this pectacular, muscular man. Hank pulled his dick all the way out and thrust back in. She moaned. God, his dick was beautiful. It had to be 8 inches at least. Drake didn’t intend to linger…. or didn’t intend to be seen lingering. He just stopped mesmerized and didn’t realize it till Hank glanced over at him with a cocky smile and winked.

That wink sent a shiver through Drake. It said, hey look at this magnificent, thick cock. Look at how much she is enjoying this. She can’t control herself as it comes out and then thrusts back in. You’ve never given pleasure like this in your entire life. Hank had to have left the door open accidentally on purpose. He was showing the fuck off for Drake, pulling out that big cock for a good view before slowly pushing it all the way in.

Drake sat on his bed listening to Hank grunt and pulled his dick in time. When Rolly, their other roommate, wasn’t there, Hank didn’t pull this shit. He would bro down with Rolly, bump fists and talk about their workouts. Both of them did walk around the house without their shirts, making Drake feel like the little man against both these paragons of manhood. Rolly and Hank lifted at the gym together constantly. Though Drake had been invited, he never felt comfortable working out with his roommates who were both over 6 feet and put him to shame. Rolly was like Hank’s student and Rolly had made nice gains since moving in.

Drake was always wondering, was it his imagination? He would sit on the couch and get all hot and horny seeing an outline of cock in Hank’s sweatpants. Was he emphasizing it? Was it teasing or humiliation or what? Rolly was much more modest, but Hank. It always seemed as if he was “itching” his huge cock just to see it bounce in his gym shorts while they were watching tv wasn’t enough. Or seeing him shaving at the bathroom mirror with his towel just slipping down enough to show the root of his dick and the top of his bubble butt.

“Yeah, baby, I’m close. Are you close?” grunted Hank.

“Fuck yeah, I’m close,” whispered Drake pulling harder and pushing his fingers harder up his ass. “Go.”

“I’m ready.” The creaking of the bed frame sped up. Drake bit his lip as he came simultaneously with Hank’s load. “Ahhhhh, *pant* yeah, *pant* yeah, yeah *pant* *pant*”

Hank had winked at Drake. Did he know that Drake was jacking off in the other room? He had to know. He enjoyed getting Drake hot and bothered. He wanted Drake cumming while thinking of his superior cock. Right?

Around midnight, Drake left his room to take a piss. He was in the middle of peeing, when Hank opened the door completely naked. Drake looked away quickly, but Hank just stood there leaning against the doorframe.

“Hey,” Hank said.

“Hey,” Drake said.

“Sorry, I got piss real bad.” Drake finished up, moving to the sink and Hank squeezed by, getting into position and pissing like a racehorse. Drake washed his hands slowly, but was obviously looking at Hank’s cock. “Sorry for the noise.”

“I’m sure you are,” said Drake, “So, it sounded like you had some fun tonight.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty hot, but she thinks I’m getting a little too big and hard. You know? She thinks that I’ve leaned up too much,” he stops peeing, shakes it and turns, “But I fucking love my gains. Plus, I’m totally lean. My traps are thick and my lats are looking huge. I want to gain another 20 or 30 if I can.”

“I’ve noticed. You’re getting huge. You are huge. Um, you’re fucking thick.” Drake turned so he’s looking at Hank, pec to face. He does his best imitation of a bro checking out another bro’s gains. He reaches out and feels Hank’s boulder shoulders. Hank automatically flexes a little. Drake pulls his hand down to Hank’s chest, feeling his thick pecs. Nothing wrong with a little friendly feel.

Hank put his hand on top of Drake’s hand and drags it across his abs, all 8 of them and lower. Then, he flexes his biceps, allowing Drake to feel each peak, hard and huge. Drake started feeling all over Hank’s body. Hank continued to flex and pose while Drake felt all around. One hand dipped down to Hank’s rising cock. He gently jacked it from semi to rock hard.

“You love this body. You love my big muscles. I know it. You stare at me all the time.”

“Yeah,” Drake said breathlessly. “It is amazing. I want to touch all of it. I love your muscles. I love your arms, your pecs, your lats, your back, your cock is beautiful. I want to touch it all. I’ve wanted to since I moved in four months ago.”

“Yeah, well you could really help me. If you would do something for me, that is.” said Hank stepping closer to Drake. Drake started licking between Hanks pecs, then moved to the right and sucked on his nipple. “I’ll give you access to all of this. What do you say? Want to make me huge?”

Drake just nodded as he felt every square inch of Hank’s towering body. His obliques were so firm, everything was. Hank grabbed Drake’s hand and led him to his bedroom.
“Now, D, I’ve got something to show you. I just need you to get me there and I think you will like the result.” Hank grabbed a dildo out of the closet and rubbed it a bit. It got bigger as Hank rubbed the dildo in his hand, making his magnificent cock strong/hard, leaking fluid. He put it on the bed, grabbed Drake to position him and pushed him down toward his cock. Drake stroked tentatively with his hand and it grew a little. “You can do better than that.”

Drake, glancing at Hank’s eyes, took the head in his mouth and gave it all the attention it deserved. It was big and it kept growing. Fuck, it was getting bigger. Like his hard on was getting a hard on. Drake was choking on it, no longer being a mere 8 inches, but well above 11. Hank was forcing/fucking it down his throat. Drake tried to pull off, but Hank wasn’t done with him.

“I know you’ve seen me hard, but I’ve actually been controlling myself. When I can’t take it anymore, I need to release my seed. And buddy, you are getting the full thing. Just relax as I fuck your throat and you will be so happy you did. Come on, D, you want this. I know you’ve been staring at my body. You want this,” he said flexing his pecs, “ you want all of this.”

Drake was in a panic, not being able to breath. He could feel the cock being forced down his throat and leaking cum. He wanted to cough, he wanted to get away, but Hank had him in his full control. Hank repositioned so he was on top holding both of Drake’s hands while Drake face up on the bed.

“Here it cums,” Hank purred. A powerful energy went through Hank as he came. Ecstasy. Pain. Pleasure. Exhaustion. Drake felt a river of cum go down his throat. Still restrained, he couldn’t do anything but swallow and look up at his beautiful roommate’s heaving chest.

“Ready?” Hank panted. And fuck no he wasn’t ready. Drake’s pecs started to contract flexing involuntarily. The feeling spread to his shoulders and his arms, down his stomach to his thighs and calves. Heat burned his back. It was on fire. Everything was on fire. Hank pulled out his 15 inch cock from Drake’s throat and stepped back to watch Drake.

Drake’s muscles were pumping up slowly. With each heartbeat, Drake got a little bigger. His runner’s body grew bigger, heavier. Drake couldn’t even attempt to move. Everything felt like screaming. His cock grew too. Longer, thicker, harder. His ball pumped up. He had the biggest hardest erection of his life. Then, his dick exploded with cum.

Hank leaned over and caught some in his mouth, then licked some excess off Drake’s six pack. Only then could Drake start to move. He ached, but felt good. Powerful. He stood up and immediately went to suckle at Hank’s nipple.

“No, little buddy. You’ve got to see this.” said Hank pulling Drake back. He steered him over to the full length mirror. There Drake stared at the changes.

Holy shit!” he yelled. Drake was probably 25 pounds heavier. Still, 5’7”, but a fucking beast. He flexed his biceps, enjoying the big peaks. He felt his own substantial pecs. There was a big crevice between his pecs. He felt like he could crush a walnut between them. His dick. His dick was at least 8 inches long, standing ramrod straight with two big boy balls hanging below. He’d never imagined. He had never dreamed he would look like this. Only the feel of Hank’s hard dick on his back returned Drake’s consciousness to his roommate.

“I think you like it.” said Hank leaning down to nuzzle Drake’s neck. His hands reached around and massaged his pecs. Drake leaned back into Hank’s bigger, muscular body. Every touch felt intense. He ached to be touched everywhere. Hank guided the head of his 15 inch dick between Drake’s big bubble butt.

“God, I don’t think I can handle that,” said Drake breathless.

“Oh, you can take it. I bet you could take anything in that muscle ass now.” Hank pushed Drake’s torso down and forced in every inch. Drake pressed up against the mirror with Hank’s huge dick in his ass, getting the fucking he never dreamed of while watching Hank flex and pant at himself in the mirror.

“Now, D, I’ve got something to show you, but I’m going to need you to do…something.” Hank pushed Drake down on the bed. Drake stroked his own little nub of a cock tentatively with his hand. Hank pulled something out of his closet. It looked like a dick made out of stone. He stroked it and it appeared to grow. He handed it to Drake. “I want you to stick it up your ass. Can you do that?”

“Um, if you give me some lube,” Drake said, unsure.

“Oh, ok.” Hank sorted through his bedside drawer to get his jack off lube. Drake took it and lubed up his butt a little and covered the dick with it. It felt like it was getting warmer. Hank started to moan a little. His dick was twitching. “I need you to put it in. Now!”

Drake got up on his knees and slowly sat on the dick. It was warm. It went in and immediately hit the right spot. Fuck, it felt amazing. Hank, standing at the foot of the bed, buckled his knees in surprise.

“Oh my god.”

“Oh my god. Fucking suck my big cock. Faggot, get on my cock.” Hank pulled Drake toward his twitching cock. Drake did his best to suck and kiss, but ultimately Hank started face fucking him. Drake reached one hand back and manipulated the dildo in and out. Hank sprayed a load, but kept going. Swallowing, Drake felt this weird buzz. It felt better than anything he had ever experienced. No wonder Hank wanted to do this. It was like his chest was on fire and it spread to his stomach, dick, and legs. His balls started heating up. He felt like he was going to cum, but the build up kept going.

Hank had to reposition himself and got on the bed to fix the angle. Drake reached around to pull Hank closer to him, putting two fingers up his ass. Hank squealed and came a little more, giving Drake more and more energy. He could feel Hank’s dick pulling from his throat back, but Drake sucked harder and harder. He wanted more and more of this man’s cum. Drake grabbed Hank by the waist and tossed him down on the bed.

“Whoa,” said Hank. “Wow, this is the best blow job I’ve ever fucking gotten. I should have tried this months ago. It is so much better than Ginny.” Hank was dribbling and his big balls were pulling up.

“I’m feeling a little weak though,” said Hank, “Drake, can you hold on…oh ooooh. It’s a little too much. I can’t handle. Fuck!”

Only then did Hank realize he was getting smaller in Drake’s hands. He couldn’t move. Drake had Hank pinned against the mattress. Drake was enveloping him. Hank’s dick wasn’t reaching as far down his throat. Drake sucked hard at Hank’s cock taking all the spunk it released. Drake humped and humped the bed as his body burned like a rocket, his dick felt like fire.

Drake finally pulled off and opened his eyes to see himself pinning a tiny Hank to the bed. Drake no longer had the dildo in his ass and he took up so much more room on the bed. He was practically crushing Hank. Hank was the perfect little twink, with cute black hair, green eyes, and the smallest little two inch hard on. Hank was moving his hands along Drake’s massive chest, pulling his nipples and feeling the crevice between his pecs.

“Oh, my god,” Hank said in a distinctly tenor voice. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“What?” said Drake in a manly baritone, pressing himself against Hank. Feeling his massive frame against Hank’s small, tight, skinny body. He leaned down and kissed Hank.

“It was supposed to add muscle to my body. I was supposed to get my dream body.” said Hank in a daze. Hank was small. As small or smaller as Drake had been, but totally cut. It was obvious he worked out a lot. Maybe he couldn’t gain too much muscle, but he was cut like a hot sub boy.

“Well, maybe you did,” said Drake as he pushed his definitely over 9 inch cock toward Hank’s hole. “Maybe this is what you really wanted the whole time. To feel a really big man, totally control you.”

“I wanted to be bigger. It was supposed to make me bigger. But… unh… I’m so… small. My dick is so tiny.”

“Yeah, but my dick is so big and you want to feel it,” said Drake pushing it against Hank’s tight hole again. There was some resistance.

“I’m so small.”

“And I’m,” thrusting his dick in, “so fucking big.”

“Oh my god, that is amazing. Oh god, tight and don’t go too fast. I’ve never been fucked.” Drake moved Hank’s legs over his shoulders and stared directly into his eyes, fucking him slowly. Fucking him with the full length of his big, big, big cock.

“You are so big.” Hank pulled Drake closer to him. His muscles were glorious. His arms were thick and hard and peaked like he had been working out for the past two hours. Veiny as fuck. “God, you feel so good.”

Drake winked and increased his pace.

“Now, D, I’ve got something to show you. I just need you to get me there and I think you will like the result.” Hank grabbed a dildo out of the closet, lubed it up, and put it up his own ass.

“Holy, fuck,” Hank yelled having been a little too aggressive/excited, “Fuck it. No pain no gain.” The minute he put the dildo in his ass, his magnificent cock got strong and hard and started leaking fluid. Hank grabbed Drake to position him and pushed him down toward his cock.

“My god your cock is beautiful,” said Drake casually jacking it.

“Suck it.”

“Yes, sir.” Drake started licking Hank’s erection. It was the most magnificent dick he’d ever seen. Hank was experiencing more pleasure that he had in his entire life. He had been using this dildo for the past 6 months and getting amazing gains when ever he fucked. He was so turned on after fucking Ginnifer, that he wanted to do it again, to get bigger. Drake was there drooling over him all evening, so he thought why the hell not. A guy’s mouth was the same as a girl’s.

This didn’t feel like a regular blow job though. Drake was either really, really good or the magic dildo was working overtime. Hank felt like he had blown three times within the first 5 minutes. Drake kept going at his dick for 20 minutes. Hank would have normally flipped a girl around and gotten to the fucking, but he wasn’t interested in a guy’s ass. So, he just let Drake work his magic.

They were both moaning and raising a ruckus when Rolly peeked his head through the doorway. Rolly got a big grin on his face seeing his hot lifting partner getting sucked off by their twinkie roommate. It actually looked like Drake had put on some muscle recently. His arms were peaked as he flexed them around Hank. Drake was actually looking pretty hot. Rolly walked in and slapped Drake’s upturned ass. Fuck his ass had gotten thick. Rolly’s dick got hard in his pants.

“Hey, guys,” said Rolly.

“Hey,” said Hank.

“You mind if I join…?”

Drake in a sex daze quickly waved Rolly over. Rolly stripped off his t-shirt and pulled down his pants. His dick bounced up and down fully erect at 7 inches. He lined up behind Drake and pushed his dick in while Drake continued fellating Hank.

An electric spark lit Rolly up. He was feeling this fire as he started fucking his roommate’s sweet ass. Truthfully, Rolly had just gotten back from a rather disappointing blowjob from Grindr. He’d shot his load and came back to the apartment. Just getting an eye full of his roommates, he was recharged and horny as shit. Jesus, Rolly was fucking his roommate, who he barely glanced at before, while Drake had his lips wrapped around his giant muscled roommate’s cock. It was a hot scene.

Rolly locked eyes with Hank while they spit roast Drake. Hank had gained so much muscle in the past few months. Rolly concentrated on getting a hard on in the locker room watching him change. Hank and him were eye to eye, but something was wrong with that. Normally Hank was 3 inches taller and at least 20 pounds of muscle heavier. Rolly couldn’t help but compare their naked bodies.

They seemed about the same size now. No, Rolly was a little bigger. Hank was getting smaller. His chest which had been popping to bodybuilder proportions was getting smaller and wasn’t nearly as tall. Even his lats and shoulders seemed slimmer. Hank was noticeably shrinking and Rolly could feel Drake pumping up. Drake’s ass was filling out and his torso and legs were getting longer. He could even see Drake getting wider and wider with his back and lats really popping. What the hell was going on?

Rolly felt his own warm muscles and they felt bigger. With each fuck, he felt a little difference. Had he gotten taller, too? He moved his hands from Drake’s ass to his own body. He could feel his pecs growing out and his abs getting more defined. He unloaded into Drake’s ass as his balls dropped down and inflated.

Rolly realized he was at least as tall as Hank had been. He had grown at least to 6’3” and was 30 to 40 pounds heavily. Fuck, he pulled out of Drake and found he had a rock-hard cock of 9 inches. Everything felt so good. Rolly went to the mirror to check out his changes. His red hair had actually filled in despite a trimming before going out. He had a red treasure trail from his crotch to his slightly hairy pecs that were bigger than they ever were for Hank. Over his shoulder, he saw a slimmed down Hank being sucked on by another muscle hunk.

Rolly turned to put his cock in Hank’s hole. He slowly pushed it in, relishing the thicker, longer cock. As he pushed, he could almost swear there was something in there already. With a little force, Rolly got all the way in and started fucking Hank. More than a head taller, Rolly pushed Hank on to the bed to get a better angle. Drake moved back and collapsed onto a pillow. Glancing up at Rolly, Drake put his hard cock Hank’s mouth. Hank started to go down on Drake’s big cock.

“I fucking love your ass, Hank. It is so tight. I’ve never felt so good. Damn. I love your tight little ass,” said Rolly.

“Just like that. Keep on going, Hank. You know how to take a cock. Suck on it hard. Yeah, I love that. Just like that,” said Drake. Hank worked hard taking both cocks. He was pushing back and taking as much as he could. Rolly was fucking him for another 10 minutes before he collapsed on top of Hank with huge orgasm that filled his ass. Drake had finished before for that and was just watching Rolly fuck the shit out of Hank.

The three of them were a sweaty pile of used men on Hank’s bed. Rolly spooned Hank on one side and Drake held him on the other for the rest of the night.

Getting up, thoroughly used, Hank stretched out his sore muscles. His room felt different. Stepping down from the bed, he started to notice a height difference. He immediately looked in the mirror to see what changes he had gotten. There he stood 5’6” with a 1” cock and a perfectly defined 6 pack. He moved his hand over his changed, much smaller body. This wasn’t supposed to happen. How the fuck did this happen?

He turned and looked at the two giants in his bed. Both were beautiful muscle men, Drake had changed so much. Drake was shorter than Rolly at about 6’1” and, boy, had his package changed. When Hank had accidentally on purpose caught Drake masturbating yesterday, he had what amounted to a 2-inch hard on. Now, he had at least 6 inches soft. Next to him, was Rolly. He was at least as big as Hank used to be. Definitely the biggest of them all at 6’4” with a cock that was probably at least 9” hard.

Hank got back up on the bed and rubbed his ass on Drake’s cock. Rolly woke up and kissed Hank.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen, you know,” said Hank kissing Rolly back. “I only gained about half a pound when using that thing with Ginnifer or Grace.”

“What thing?”

“This mystic dildo I bought,” said Hank. “The directions were, insert it before sex and it would give a man the body he wanted. Where is it now?” Rolly thought about last night. He wondered what it was he felt in Hank’s ass.

“I don’t know. I guess it slipped out” said Rolly squeezing Hank against his massive chest.

“Hey,” said Drake, partially waking up, “I get a chance at that ass this morning.” Hank turned to look at his blown up roommate, the formerly scrawny Drake. He smiled and felt like he could take another pounding in a few minutes.

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