Gym story

by Kisho Nakamura

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I never was much of a sports kind of guy, actually it was quite the opposite. See, I was the kind of guy that would sit alone in his little corner, not talking to anyone and who barely had any friends. Things did get better with time, but that’s another story. Long story short, I went to college, graduated then got myself a good job as an IT for a nice company. At some point I got fed up by how I looked, I mean I was 5’9”, 130lbs. Not much muscle on that frame. I heard from a colleague that there was a nice gym close-by. I decided I should try it out and have a chance to get a nice body. Although, I’d lie if I said that I didn’t also wanted to check out the muscled studs at the gym.

I called the gym and set up an appointment with one of the trainers there, Juan was his name. He was going to take my measurements, weight, evaluate my physical condition and give me a personalized work-out plan. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my trainer for the first time. He was a tad shorter than me, about an inch or two, but boy did he have some muscles! Probably weighed somewhere around 200lbs! I checked him out immediately. Short black hair, dark brown eyes, luscious lips, nice thick round pecs that showed through his loose fitting t-shirt, big arms, thick thighs and when he turned around, I saw a bubble butt that would put any black girl or guy to shame!

I didn’t miss a chance of checking those meaty muscles bulge and move as he showed me how to do the exercises. I could see those two mounds of flesh rise and lower themselves after each repetition he showed me. I was extremely thankful that my workout pants were loose, else he might see that my cock was getting pumped too, but not because of any training. Then came the magnificent time of stretching after the session. He took arms and legs one by one and stretched them. I could feel his muscles move as they were pushing against me. How I would do this all day, not only was it relaxing, but it was very erotic.

The next week I started working out three times a week, about an hour each time. Although there weren’t that many people at the gym, there was always at least two or three other people. Thankfully, some of them were cute guys with nice bodies. Need I tell you that I caught a few glances when I could? I didn’t dare stare too long though, afraid that someone might notice. Anyways, in the first two months I gained about 4lbs. Not bad for a beginning, but I was still hoping for quicker gains. I decided I was gonna try even harder than I already was.

Shortly after my disappointing weight-in of the second month, it seemed the gym had hired a new trainer. He wasn’t an ugly one either. He was in his early thirties, dirty blond hair, bulky body. He was bigger than my trainer, but less of a slender silhouette, his waist wasn’t going in as much, which I still found pretty attractive. He had a very thick chest, it showed a lot when I saw him sideways, thick arms that stretched the t-shirt, a broad waist that barely shrunk from the chest/torso area, heavy thighs that stretched the pants a bit. At some point he joined a conversation I was having with another trainer about a movie I saw. From that time we started talking more and more and became friends. Jeff, the new trainer I just mentioned was nice enough to give me tips when I was training. Sure enough, I saw changes compared to before. I gained 3lbs in that month alone, he really knew his stuff!

I had the chance to watch my trainer, Juan, one day where he was wearing fitting training wear. That was one mighty fine piece of man and made an excellent workout. After I had stretched after my workout, and staring at Juan’s ass, I went to undress for my shower. Jeff walked in soon after me.

“Hey Alex” he said to me, “How is it going?” he asked as he was rummaging through his bag in his locker.

“Pretty good. Had a pretty nice workout today.” I replied. “How about you?”

“Same, had a chance to enjoy the sun a bit.” he answered with a smile. “Hey can I ask you something?”


“Do you have a crush on Juan or find him attractive?”

Crap! He noticed me staring at Juan! I knew I might be obvious, but noooo damned hormones got a hold of me and I had to stare! Don’t get me wrong, I’m out and proud, but saying you’re gay in a gym would be awkward even for me. Damn! I felt my face blushing, hopefully it could be chalked off to me having just worked out.

“N…No, I was…just looking at the exercise he was doing. I wanted to try the same thing, but wasn’t sure how to do it.” I replied.

He was never gonna buy that, I was sure of it. It sounded so pathetic. I felt like when your mom walks in on you when you’re jerking off.

“Okay. Anyways I might have something here that would interest you.” he replied with a smile.

He bought it? Impossible! He was probably just being nice enough not to point out I really did wanna fuck Juan each time I saw him.

“What is it?” I asked.

He pulled something out of his bag, probably what he was looking for all along, and handed it to me. It was a bottle full of red and blue pills, looking somewhat like medicine.

“Those pills are one of the greatest muscle building supplements out there. I took some of it and made incredible gains afterward. Just take two before each workout and you’ll see results in no time.”

“…Sure, okay.” I replied, not exactly sure I would try those mystery pills.

“Well, I gotta run, so see you soon!” he said as he left the locker room.

“See ya!”

Two days later I came back to the gym and was looking at the bottle Jeff gave me. I wasn’t sure what to do. I mean the guy is nice and does know his stuff, but at the same time he is a person I don’t know that much that just gave me some weird pills that were supposed to make me bigger. After I thought about it I decided to try them, I really wanted to get bigger. Besides, I would make sure he’d loose his job if anything happened to me.

My workout went great, I pushed myself real hard and tried to do that one more repetition that could make a difference. I loved the feeling of muscles that worked their hardest; engorged with blood and big from all that exercise. I could feel my entire body aching because I had pushed so hard, but it felt oh so good!

Boy was I stunned when I saw Juan half naked in the locker room with only his underwear on! I knew he was big, but damn he was fine without the clothes on! I first saw him from behind, that butt was stretching the fabric of the underwear so much it was starting to be transparent in places. It was almost a cartoon-ish exaggeration of a bubble butt! He turned around as he heard me come in. I could clearly see, right in front of me, two thick slabs of meaty pecs that stood out of the chest, all round and pumped. I was getting a huge hard-on just seeing him in front of me. I wanted to run to him and suck his nipples, grab his ass and make my way through that 8 pack of his that ran all the way down to his underwear where a…lord! Look at that bulge! I’m sure with that size he had at least a 8 to 10 inches monster in there. I could almost feel my had lifting itself towards his crotch.

“Hi Alex.” he said, snapping me out of my daze.

“Hey Juan, how are you?” I managed to reply without sounding like I had just gotten out of drunken stupor.

“Pretty good. Did you just finish working out?”

“Yeah. A nice one too. Jeff gave me a few tips. Really helped.”

“Nice to hear. I can see you gained a bit of mass too. How much, 15lbs?”

“Nah, last I checked I had gained about 7 or 8 lbs.”

“Oh okay, seemed like more though. Well my client’s here, have a nice evening.”

“You too.”

He then left the room, not too soon either. My cock had gotten hard real bad. I could see it starting to tent the pants. I hurried to take my clothes off, wrap myself with a towel and run to the shower. Happily, the showers were individual and closed-off, so no one could see me with my raging hard-on that was pointing straight up. It was so engorged with blood that it almost felt painful as it seemed like blood was still being pumped in it as it was turning more and more purple-ish as time passed. Slowly it was pointing lower and lower until it was at a 90 degrees angle from my belly. I quickly put my hand around it, feeling the swollen shaft in my had. It was warm and as hard as steel. I started stroking my cock as it twitched, begging to cum!

As I was going up and down, almost in sync with the twitches my cock was making, it almost felt bigger and bigger with each pulse. Nothing else in the world mattered as I was stroking my meat harder and faster. Wave after wave of pleasure was coursing through my body as I went over the ridge of the cock head. Just as I was close to cumming, I felt something hard and cold on the tip of my cock. Startled I opened my eyes to look at what it was and it was the ceramic wall. It wouldn’t be surprising if I had been close to the wall before, but I was standing in the middle of the shower and hadn’t budged since I started. Startled, I took a quick step backwards, but slipped.


“Is everything okay?”

It was Jeff. Think fast, just act normal. Act cool, like everything is okay.

“Ow. Yeah, sorry I just slipped.”

“Are you sure? That was a pretty big hit and you sound panicked.”

“…Yeah, I’m fine really.”

“You don’t sound fine, I’m coming in.” he replied, just as he swiftly opened the curtains. “Dear god!”

I just stood there, trying to hide my enormous boner, which I obviously failed to do. I looked like a deer in front of headlights. He smirked, what? Why was he smirking while something weird was evidently happening to me. He stepped in the shower and closed the curtains. He was getting soaked since the shower was still running. The mountains that were his pecs were slowly being highlighted as his shirt was getting wet and clinging to his body. They were sticking out of his chest a hellova lot, the were so thick his nipples were almost pointing downwards.

“I see they worked.” he said, his smirk still on his pretty face.

“Who worked?”

“The pills I gave you. You probably gained about 10lbs just today, seems that your muscles aren’t the only thing that grew either.”

“The what?” I couldn’t believe it! Those pills actually made me gain muscle and get a bigger cock?

He smacked me against the wall as he madly kissed me. He ran his hand on my stomach, feeling my barely emerging abs, then up to my pumped pecs. He gently caressed my back down to my butt.

“Mmm….I knew you had a nice ass before, but those pills really worked their magic down there. Soon it’ll be bigger than Juan’s” he said. “The new bod looks good on you.”

I started kissing him back while holding the back of his head, pushing it against mine. He was a great kisser! I slid my hands down on his thick shoulders like big boulders who shook and moved as his arms were playing with my butt. I felt his upper arms, huge cords of muscles were rolling under his smooth skin. I made my way down his back and under his shirt, which I pulled up over his head. He was even better without his shirt on! I cupped his pecs, feeling how heavy they were in my hands. I played with them, feeling the muscle in my hands. God I wish I had pecs that bigs! I gently ran my hands down his stomach, over his deep well defined abs until I got to his pants. I looked up at him, in his deep blue eyes.

“You want what’s in there huh?” he asked.

“Maybe.” I replied, innocently.

“Go ahead, it won’t bite.”

I got on my knees, my feet against the cold ceramic tiles of the wall, and started to pull down his pants and underwear. Slowly his glistening soaked lower body was being revealed as his pants made their way down his tree trunk thighs. A wide snake was also starting to show itself. It seemed only slightly erect, but still a good two inches wide! It kept going and going and going until I was close to his knees. His big fat cock went a little under 3/4 of the way down his thigh! I slowly started to feel it up. It was plump like a big fat water balloon. A pulsating heat emanated from it, it was filled with sexual lust as it slowly started to rise. I started to lick that plump cock head. Up and down the head, even licking the slit and trying to push my tongue deep into it. Jeff moaned as I worked his manhood, which was still growing each second. I tried sucking his massive cock, but it was no use, the shaft was way too thick to fit in my mouth. Instead I kept on playing with the beet red cock head, with Jeff moaning at every tongue lick I gave it. At some point I had to remain on the side of his penis since it was too close to the shower wall for me to remain in front.

“Up.” ordered Jeff as his cock had passed the 90 degrees angle.

I got up and he spun me around with his big muscular arms and pushed me against the wall. He put a wad of liquid soap in his hand and rubbed it on his now twitching cock. I was starting to get nervous, how exactly was he gonna get *THAT* into my ass? He then lowered his python near my butt and I could feel the flesh pole poking my hole. Feeling my ass with his cock, rimming me and lubing my hole with soap and precum. I could feel him going around my hole and oh so slightly pushing in, only to stop and rim me some more. Then he aligned his cock to my hole and gently pushed, not enough to get in, but he was easing into it. I could feel bits of precum slipping through my ass and into me, it was strange yet highly enjoyable. He started to give short but powerful thrusts to slowly shove his cock into me.

“I don’t…”

“Shh…it’ll fit, believe me.” he replied with a soothing voice.

Jeff pushed and moaned as the head was slowly starting to stretch my ass hole. I felt a constant feeling of increasing pain as the head was slowly making it’s way up my ass. As it got to the widest part of the cock head, the pain was almost unbearable and I felt like my ass was gonna split all the way up to my ears! Then, as painful as it was, it suddenly felt good. I can’t explain why or how it happened, but suddenly all that pain I felt was pleasure! My still rock hard cock was leaking precum like a faucet that’s been badly shut off. I heard a pop just as Jeff was thrusting more of his massive cock through my insides, the cherry was in and I could feel it inside me. Oh that feeling! I almost came as the head started to go further and further in and my penis jerked with excitement.

“Ungh!” I moaned as I felt my insides being moved around by that monster that was plowing my ass.

“Like that?” he asked as he nibbled my ear.

“God yes! Fuck me and fuck me hard!” I ordered him.

“You’re the boss!”

With that Jeff stuffed me with inches of his massive cock, pushing further than anything I’ve ever had before! The worst part was that he wasn’t fully in yet! He still had about a third of the length to go and I intended to get every single inch up my ass until I can feel his balls slap mine if it killed me! The feeling of all that meat in me was unlike anything I’ve even heard of. Such thickness and intense pleasure coming from it being inside me and still pushing to go in was almost ecstasy! He was easing the remaining inches into my ass as the mix of pain and pleasure was getting me extremely close to being over the edge and blowing my load. My balls were starting to ache, demanding immediate release, but I wouldn’t give it to them just yet, I wanted Jeff to fuck me with everything he got before I came. In one fell swoop he pushed the remaining inches up my arse and I could feel his balls against mine. I grabbed his ass behind me and played with it. I was feeling it up, it was nice and meaty, although not as big as Juan’s of course, but still a nice ass to grab. With my soapy fingers, it was my turn to rim him. I was pushing a finger in and out of his as, making him moan and making his cock twitch inside me. Each twitch of his manhood felt like the whole world was trembling with pleasure. After pushing in one finger, I slid two in. His ass tightened as my fingers were probing it. He was leaking huge amounts of precum in my ass, I could feel the cold liquid slide down his shaft and my innards. It had nowhere to go so as it got to my ass, it collected there, slowly but surely filling me up. He grabbed my hard shaft and started to stroke it, having no problems sliding with all the man juice that was leaking out of me. He went faster and faster, making the pleasure all that more intense and in turn making me probe his hole with more vigor. He let go of my cock just as I was getting painfully close to being over the edge again. He grabbed me by the waist.

“Now the fun part begins!” said Jeff.

I didn’t even have time to ask what he meant by that that he was pulling away from me, slowly coating his cock in the precum that was stuck in my ass and now coating his manhood, just to push it all back in with one big thrust. I felt his groind slap my butt so hard it jiggled and his balls hit mine with a big ‘slap’. The sensation that it gave me was incredibly intense! It was like he wasn’t just fucking my ass but every part of me. I was almost in shock, but that didn’t stop Jeff who was pulling out for another round. He ramed in me again, then once more. Again and again until he had established a nice rythm. Every thrust sent shivers all over my body soaked with water and sweat. His manhood was swelling up, stretching my ass and everything in me, as I knew he was close to cumming. Putting my hand on my stomach, I could feel him moving inside me a bit. His precum was coming out in a constant stream now, I could feel it move about my insides as he fucked me hard with his thick cock. He was going very fast now and moaning louder and louder with each thrust he gave. A thicker and warmer liquid came out of his cock in huge spurts as he groaned. He kept going as that thick creamy liquid was filling me over the brim, slowly distending my stomach as he kept emptying his load in me. Although it should have been alarming to see my belly extend outwards like that, it just brough even more pleasure. A bolt of electricity jolted my entire body as I came right on the shower wall with a huge splat noise. Waves of cum were being shot to the wall and into my bloated stomach. After a minute or two of intense cumming and belly bloating Jeff’s shots came to a halt as mine were slowly stopping. We both stood there panting heavily, his chest rising and touching my back with his nipples tickling my shoulders.

He leaned on me as he put his head right next to my ear.

“That….*pant*…was great Alex. Did you enjoy it as much as I did?” he asked.

“Oh yeah! Look at the wall to see how good I found it.”

“That *is* a lot! You must’ve enjoyed having my thick meat in you.”

“You have no idea!”

He smiled and kissed me in the neck. His now semi-flaccid cock was sliding out of my butt as Jeff went to grab the latter. He squeezed my ass as his cock was coming out, what for, I’m not sure. I heard that familiar pop that meant that his cock head was now out of me. I felt a vague sense of emptyness, like a big part was missing from my innards. It’s amazing how quick you can get used to having such monsterous thing in you.

“Keep squeezing it.” Jeff ordered.


“Trust me.”

He turned me around, keeping his hands on my ass and his pecs almost in my face. He kissed me on the lips, on the neck, on the pecs then went to my big fat stomach, filled with his own seed. I looked as if I just took on 20lbs of fat, just in the belly alone! Jeff’s hands were now rubbing my stomach, pushing the cum around and kissing the entire area. Amazingly, this was making my soft cock go back hard. He knew how to touch a guy in the right places! Although I never was fat or had a belly, the way he was playing with it almost made me wish that I had that fat and have him play with it all the time like he was doing now! He noticed my hardening penis and immediatly took in in his hands and began sucking on it. He used his tongue to go around the piss slit and then inserted it in there, going further than I thought he could. The sensation was amazing! I could feel that hole stretch just as my ass did and my urethra deform as his tongue went deep to massage the insides of my penis. It didn’t take much this time, I came right into his mouth, and he started to swallow. I could see him swallowed every drop I sent his way. Although I had just came two minutes earlier, I still had a bigger load than I had before. When I had finished nurishing him, he let my cock go and if fell against my thigs with a ‘thwap’ sound. He got back up and held me tight in his big muscled arms. He put his hands on my lower back, pushing me agains his granite abs and pecs. I could feel my belly being pushed into the crevices of his deep abdominals. Without any warning, my butt openned up and released what felt like gallons of cum onto the floor and over our feet. I just looked at Jeff, utterly stunned and surprised at what had just happenned. He giggled at the sight of my face.

“We didn’t have time to let you absorb it.” he informed me.

“Absorb it?”

“Yes. After you take those pills, they make you grow, like you saw, but they also let you absorb the cum of other people who, like you took those pills. They make the pills’ effects more potent. Also they let you take bigger and bigger sized in your ass, thus why I told you my cock would fit in you.”

“I see. Well that was hot!”

“Oh yeah! You show a lot of promise on those pills. Keep taking them and we’ll have even more fun later!”

“For sure!”

With that he kissed me passionately, his tongue feeling mine. We washed eachother to remove all that cum that had been left on us. After we were clean, he took his clothes and headed out, waving me good bye. I knew we were gonna have even more fun at some point. I looked myself in the mirror, I was buffer than this morning for sure. My pecs were bigger, I could see my abs and my arms were starting to bulge a bit. Oh how I would enjoy taking these pills!

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