Growing up

by Harvey Church

 Most would agree that bigger is better, but I know that being big isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Growing up has been difficult, but since the beginning, I have had my buddy Richie by my side. It all started with some harmless size comparison, but that was before I knew what kind of beast I would eventually grow into. 

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Have you heard the rumor that supposedly a penis can continue to grow until the age of 22? Can you believe that? 22 years old. You can be old enough to serve in the military, buy alcohol, be a proper adult, and your penis could still be developing. A grown adult still getting growth spurts like a teenager.

It’s uncommon obviously, but it’s allegedly happened to enough guys to be considered a, somewhat, natural phenomenon. There’s a story floating around online about this guy who didn’t stop growing until his late 20s. They called him a late bloomer all through his early teens. People would always reassure him that he’ll get his growth spurt soon enough. His dad was also a late bloomer, but grew up to be 6’3 and fairly muscular. By the time he was 16, this guy had an 8-inch penis and was still 5’8. And then the growth spurts finally started. By the time he was 19, he was 6’5 with a 10-inch dick. He was about done getting any taller, but his penis growth spurts were only getting more frequent. Didn’t stop growing until he was already past a foot long. And if you believe what you read on the internet, he wasn’t the only one to experience crazy growth like that. Beasts among men.

My buddy Richie told me that story while we were growing up. I think he read it on some forum site. Probably just some guys trying to live out some fantasy by lying to kids on the internet. Maybe they think they’re doing some good by convincing some late bloomers that they’ve still got a fighting chance, but fantasies like that could fuck up a kid’s body image. Me, I don’t believe those rumors. I refuse to believe that a dick can continue to grow to that size. At least, I hope that it can’t.

Yeah, I know that may be a controversial opinion. What guy wouldn’t take an extra inch or two down there if given the opportunity? If you ask any guy off the street, he would agree. Bigger is better. Well, for me, I think I’ve been given my fair share of inches and I would be fine if my penis was done growing. Ever since I was young, I knew I was bigger than the average guy. Now, I think bigger is an understatement. At the time of writing this, my penis is currently 8 inches soft and grows into an 11.5-inch behemoth. I choose not to believe that there is a possibility that it can continue to get even bigger. I want to believe that it is finally done growing because honestly, I don’t know if I can handle another couple of years of growth spurts.

My penis is already difficult enough to handle at its current size. It’s been tough to manage for the past couple of years already. With a constant 8 inches hanging off my waist, it has been a struggle to remain modest. I have to make an active effort to keep my dick tucked back so as not to offend the eyes of any bystander. I have stretched out more than a few pairs of underwear in an effort to keep it constrained. And the worst part is the growth spurts that come around every two or three months. They bring near-constant, painful erections and new tears in my brief pouches. And then I have another significant fraction of an inch to manage.

It has been a tough couple of years trying to manage my growing penis. Luckily, Richie, my buddy I mentioned earlier, understands my struggle. Well, not personally. He’s not a freak like me.

Richie’s a good couple of inches above average. An impressive dick to any normal person, but to me, it’s not even a fair comparison. He gets to live a fairly normal life not having to worry about modesty or his penis wearing out his jeans. He doesn’t have growth spurts that tear the seams of his briefs. Hell, he can wear boxers with no complications. In all honesty, I’m envious of Richie. He gets to live a near-average life while still enjoying the benefits of owning, what most would call, a huge dick.

Anyways, as I was saying, he does understand my struggle. Not from experience, but because he’s the only one I’ve ever really talked to about my size and the struggles it brings. He’s my best friend and I trust my freakish secret with him. I’m grateful that we’ve been able to continue to be friends even as my dick has continued to grow. He’s never been jealous or insecure about our differences. In fact, he’s always shown an interest in my growth and has actually been a big help in figuring out ways to solve some of the problems I’ve dealt with because of my size.

I think, in all honesty, it’s been more awkward for me having a dick so much bigger than his. For the longest time, Richie was the one who made me feel self-conscious. Not on purpose. He was never teased or mocked me, but he’s always been bigger than me in all other aspects. Growing up, I was the scrawny kid, short and built like a stick. Richie, he was taller and more athletic. He hit puberty early and developed a nice, muscular build that he continued to build as he started working out with his dad for football. He was a jock. The full package. Tall, dark, and handsome, as cliche as that is.

If we hadn’t grown up together, I don’t think we would’ve been friends. It’s not often that the skinny nerd and the star athlete become best friends. But I do appreciate him sticking by my side. He really is a sweet guy. I always wanted to be more like him. I didn’t want to be the scrawny kid being mocked in the locker room, but I was a late-bloomer and it didn’t take long for all of my classmates to outgrow me. I just wanted to grow up and be big like Richie.

We often had sleepovers at Richie’s house. He had his own space upstairs so we could hang out and play video games without much distraction. He would usually hang out topless in a pair of gym shorts and I would feel insecure and stay in my sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. I always felt like Richie had everything I ever wanted. That he was just better than me in every way with his good looks and confidence. I never told him, but I felt like a loser sitting next to him.

But that all started to change when we saw each other naked for the first time.


It was just another night I was staying over at his house. Things had gotten kind of crowded at my house with my parents and older brothers arguing all the time. On top of all the stress of getting adjusted to the new school and freshman orientation, staying with Richie was a nice escape. We got to just chill on the small couch in the loft and switch off on rounds of Call of Duty.

Richie was shirtless as usual, looking down at his phone while I ruined his K/D on deathmatch. I never was too good with shooters. The round ended and I turned to hand off the controller to Richie, but he was distracted. I looked over, holding the controller out in front of him, and then I noticed something bulging against his white shorts. I tried to ignore it, but then I saw it twitch and shift across his leg.

My first thought was “Great, something else to show me up.” Everything else about Richie was bigger than me. I figured that he must have a bigger dick too. Although, that might’ve been presumptuous of me, assuming that the black guy had a big dick.

I just clear my throat to get his attention and force my eyes away from his bulge.

“Hmm? Oh, my bad, buddy,” he smiled.

He slid his phone back into his pocket and my eyes followed the movement. Landing back on the outline of his penis as his phone nudges it to the side.

I remember being so nervous to mention the penis in the room, but another part of me kind of wanted to see what it looked like. This was before I realized that I was gay. I was curious and didn’t know how to process my desires. But I did know that a part of me wanted to see Richie’s dick.

Richie rested the controller on his lower stomach as he scrolled through the menus to start another round.

If I want to see his dick, I need to bring it up, I thought to myself. Nothing’s going to happen if I don’t bring it up.

“Hey, um,” I stuttered.

Was I really going to say this?

“I, uh… think you’ve got… something… in your shorts?”

Richie looked down and his smile melts into a look of shame.

“Ah, shit… I’m sorry, Miles. I-I didn’t realize it was showing.”

He quickly grabbed the outline of his penis through his shorts and tucked it upwards.

My eyes followed his hand and although it did hide his semi-hard erection a bit more, I still could see his penis through his shorts. I also noticed that his penis didn’t reach up and under his waistband. That was odd to me.

I swallowed and try to recompose myself slightly.

“So, um… wh-what’s got you hard, dude?” I pressed.

“I was thinking about Laurie. She was texting me and she said…” he paused with a soft laugh. “She said that she, uh… wanted to blow me.”

Richie started to loosen up again and a smile started to creep back on his face.

“Wow…” I laughed. “Are you gonna let her? Blow you, I mean.”

“Ye- I don’t know… I mean, I want to! Obviously, but y’know… it’s just that…”

I nodded for him to continue.

“I just haven’t… done anything like that before.”

I noticed that his penis twitch again in his shorts. Still not reaching his waistband.

“Are you kidding?” I laughed out loud. “You mean to tell me that you, Mr. 33, haven’t had sex yet? The cheerleaders are all over you at every game!”

“Yeah, yeah,” he chuckled. “But I’ve never been alone with a girl. I’m not even sure what I would do. I mean, I’ve seen porn and stuff, but those dudes got some massive dicks. I just feel like I’m not ready yet.”

Massive dicks? What kind of shit was Richie into? In the videos I watched, I never thought they were especially big. They always seemed normal to me, but maybe it was the categories I watched.

“Ah, come on, I’m sure you’ve got a big dick.”

Fuck, why did I say that?

“It’s all right,” he shrugged. “It could be bigger.”

There was a moment of silence. Both of us sat back on the, now seemingly much smaller, couch. I tugged on my shirt to cool myself off from the heat I was feeling.

“So, uh… are you still…”

Richie reset his posture and grabbed his bulge, adjusting it for a second.

“Uh, yeah…” he huffed in response.

I see him look down at my sweats too. I wasn’t hard, yet, but I did feel my dick press against my leg as it began to chub up. His eyebrows raised when he found my bulge resting against my thigh. Did he want to see my dick too?

“Are…” Richie starts.

“Oh… sorry.”

I pushed down on my soft penis to try and hide it with less success.

We were both quiet for a moment.

“Do… you want to compare?” Richie asked.

He was reading my mind. There’s nothing I want more, but I didn’t want to come off as too eager. I had been thinking about Richie’s penis longer than just tonight. Ever since we started changing out in the locker room together, I had been thinking about his dick and how it hung in his briefs. I wanted to see his dick. I never thought he would be thinking the same thing about me.

I smiled and tried to hold back my happiness.

“Yeah, sure man,” I laughed.

Richie gets up off the couch, standing above me with his dick pitching a tent in his white gym shorts. Somehow, this was almost exactly how I imagined this moment would happen. Richie standing over me with his hand on his erect penis.

I still remember that moment when he first pulled his dick out of his shorts. The moment I had quietly been waiting for had finally come. He tugged his waistband down and flopped his dick in front of me. At first, I was thrown back. I had never seen another penis in person before. I was in a state of shocked silence, admiring Richie’s hard dick. Subtle veins pumped along the side of his shaft as his cock head swelled. No foreskin hugging the ridge of his mushroom tip. Just his naked head and a circumcision line halfway down his shaft. He held it there in front of me and I just stared as it throbbed in his hand.

Several thoughts rushed through my mind at that moment. Mostly about how I was finally seeing Richie’s dick, surprised that he didn’t have a foreskin, wondering how I got so lucky. But there was one thought that came to the front of my mind. The most important question I asked myself was.

Wow, why is his dick so small?

His penis looked smaller than mine and I just couldn’t believe it. He’s a big guy, I had always assumed that dick size would be no different.

How long was I staring? This is weird, I think. I should probably say something.

“Wow, uh… Laurie really got you worked up, huh?” I chuckled awkwardly.

“Yeah, a bit,” he laughed.

He stroked his short shaft slowly and a pearly bead of precum squeezed out of his mushroom tip. I don’t know if he was trying to stay hard or make it grow even more, but I didn’t want him to stop.


“Oh, yeah… I guess it’s my turn,” I huffed.

I sat up from the couch and stood beneath Richie. My soft dick hung in my sweatpants. It took me a second to build up the courage, and then I pulled out my penis as well.

My dick was still mostly soft, yet even before growing, my penis was noticeably longer than Richie’s fully erect dick. I held my soft dick out in my hand. My foreskin rumpled over the head of my cock as it hung over the edge of my palm.

“Holy shit…” Richie whispered.

He stepped closer to me, placing our dicks almost right next to each other. Mine looked so much longer and fatter sitting next to Richie’s throbbing, drooling cock. Even soft, my shaft was longer and wider than his, but then it started to grow. My dick crept over my palm, fattening up and extending from my waist. The gap in size grew between me and Richie even more as my dick inched larger and larger. My foreskin pulled tight from my size and receded over my tip as I grew. Veins start to pump across my shaft as I get harder. My dick grows to full mast and it looks like it’s almost double the size of Richie’s.

We held our dicks side by side in silence. Our shafts hung past each other. And then Richie steps closer to me and places his penis beside mine. My dick reaches and presses lightly against his hip while his just drools beside my superior size.

“Fuck, Miles… It looks like something out of a porno,” Richie sighed.

He pressed his dick against mine to compare sizes, but it was already obvious who was bigger. I shiver went up my spine as I felt the warmth of his shaft against mine. Our dicks together looked like a pinky compared to a middle finger. My hard cock made Richie’s look small.

“How big is it?” Richie asked.

“I-I, uh…” I stuttered. “I haven’t… actually measured it.”

I fought against my nervousness. I wanted to touch his dick so badly. I wanted to feel his shaft in my hand. I wondered how his dick felt without foreskin.

“Here, one second,” Richie said as he stepped away from me.

He slipped his dick back into his shorts, but I could still see it bulging through the fabric. He steps into his room while I stand there with my dick in my hand. I hear him rustling around for a second before returning with a wooden ruler.

“Come, let me see that thing,” Richie joked.

He approached me again and before I could respond, he cupped the underside of my shaft in his hand. I freeze up. I let go of my penis and Richie takes over. His thumb wraps around my shaft and pulls my dick down so that it sticks straight out from my waist. My penis twitches in his grip as his fingers pull on my shaft.

“God damn this thing is big…”

He then places the cold ruler on the top of my dick. He presses the edge of the ruler against the base of my penis and measures its length.

“Let’s see here…” Richie thinks out loud. “Oh, fuck dude!”

“Wh-what?” I finally spoke.

“Miles, you’re fucking 7 inches long, dude!”

He lets go of my dick, but I wanted him to keep it in his hand.

“That’s fucking big, bro,” he chuckled.

“Uh, thanks,” I laughed nervously.

He then pressed the ruler against his penis and took his own measurement.

“Last I checked, I was a little under 5 inches, and…” he focuses for a second. “Yup, looks like I’m still only 4.8 inches.”

“That’s pretty good, dude,” I smiled.

“Hardly. The average American penis is 5.5 inches,” he dismissed. “I’ve still got some growing to do.”

I had never seen Richie act like this before. He was always so confident and proud of his body. He never missed an opportunity to flex. It was strange to see him acting so self-conscious.

“But you, you’re fucking huge, man! Already 7 fucking inches!” he exclaimed. “Can’t even imagine how big that thing will be in a couple of years!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“The penis can grow all the way up to the age of 22,” he explained. “We still got some time to grow.”

“What? No, there’s no way that can be true!”

“It’s true, dude,” he continued. “I read about this one guy online that kept growing after his teens. He was big and still growing. And didn’t stop until his dick was over 12 inches long!”

“Oh, come on! You know that’s got to be bullshit.”

“Yeah, maybe. But I saw a bunch of other guys that apparently went through the same thing. Late development growth. Most said they were like 6 or 7 inches by the time they were our age. Who knows? Maybe you could be like them and grow into the double digits,” he laughed.

“Yeah, right,” I laughed as my face started to flush red. Curse my pale cheeks.

“I’m being serious, dude!” Richie continued. “I might grow to be bigger than average, but you! Jeez, man, who knows how big you can get!”

He smiled wide as he talked. I felt a sense of pride as he talked about my size. Something about it was doing something for me. And maybe he was right. At the time, I thought that growing some more inches would be great. I didn’t consider the repercussions of that reality. But I didn’t need to know that yet. I just knew it felt good to hear Richie talk about how big my dick is.

“Well, thanks bro,” I laughed.

We still stood in the middle of his upstairs loft with our dicks hanging out as we talked about size. I took the first move and pulled my sweatpants up and tucked my dick back into my boxer briefs to hold it down. I noticed Richie’s eyes follow my dick and look over the obvious outline pressed against my grey sweats.

He followed my lead and put his dick away as we sat back on the couch. We were both still hard, but neither of us knew what the next move to make was.

Then finally, Richie speaks.

“We should keep a record of our size,” he offered. “If we’re still growing, it’ll be nice to see how fast we grow, right? And we could tell when our growth spurts are. I know it would be nice to look back and see the difference.”

“Yeah, that would be cool,” I agreed.

Something about the way Richie talked about it made me excited. I wanted to get bigger for him.

He stands up and goes back into his room and returns with a small notebook. He flops back onto the couch and I can still see that he’s hard. He starts writing and logs the first of what would be many entries at the top of the page.

Richie leaned over and showed me what he wrote.

9/22/15—Richie. 4.8 inches. Miles. 7 inches.

Today marks the beginning of our dick-size record. It will be good to look back at these entries and reminisce on the times we were younger, smaller guys, and appreciate the changes we have gone through. By the time this journal is done, we will be changed men with larger penises.

“Well, I’m glad to be on this journey with you, man,” I joked with a smile.

“Yeah,” Richie laughed. “And uh, thanks… for not being weird about the whole boner thing. I’m glad I can talk to you about this, Miles.”

“Of course, Rich! You know you can always tell me anything. You’re my best friend and I don’t want there to be any awkwardness between us. We’re both guys, y’know, nothing to be ashamed of.”

Richie stifled a laugh. “Well, you’ve definitely got nothing to be ashamed of! I knew you had to be packing a big one. It’s always the skinny guys that surprise you!”

My heavy semi twitched gently in my sweatpants. A stream of warm precum leaked out of my foreskin. Fuck, I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him to keep telling me how big I was. I wanted him to hold my dick again and praise its size. But I think we reached the line for tonight.

I just smile dismissively, trying to hide my still semi-hard dick.

“So, you gonna let Laurie get a taste of that BBC?” I joked.

“BBC?!” Richie snorted. “I wouldn’t go that far. But yeah, I think I’ll let her get a taste. See where things go from there.”

“That’s good,” I cheesed. “You’ll have to let me know how that goes.”

Richie picked up the controller off of the coffee table and finally started another round of deathmatch. We were returning to our usual activities, though I knew we were both still pent up.

“Yeah, for sure! Maybe I can convince her to bring a friend to try out that monster too.”

We continued to game for another couple of hours, shifting our conversation to Call of Duty and dumb jokes. Eventually, we both headed to bed to get some rest before class the following day.

That night, I spent at least an hour stroking myself in the guest bedroom thinking about how Richie talked about my dick. No matter what I did I just couldn’t get my erection to go down. I was just so hard that my penis started to ache. I laid back in bed and stroked my cock, thinking about every inch. I didn’t even need porn, just the thought of my own dick continuing to grow and grow. I fantasized about my penis swelling in my hand until I could no longer wrap my hand around its girth. After about an hour, I finally felt my dick begin to tense up as my load began to erupt. My cock spasmed and shot spurt after spurt of hot, creamy semen. I came so hard that my dick ached and my load covered my bare chest. Fuck, I think that was my biggest load at the time.

I got up and walked to the upstairs bathroom to clean myself off before going to sleep. Then I heard the soft noise of porn coming from Richie’s room. A woman moaning about how fucking big it feels. I didn’t intrude, but I took solace in knowing that Richie felt similarly after our little contest. I wondered what exactly he was watching, but that’ll have to wait for another day. Instead, I just cleaned myself up and went to bed with a smile on my face.

Since that night, my perspective about size has shifted pretty drastically. There was no way I could’ve known just how big I would get. Even just over the following months, I would realize what growing up would actually entail. My body began to change and I realized that I really wasn’t like other guys. Not just the little fantasy I told myself. My penis was growing at an accelerating rate and I had to accept the complications my dick would cause as it continues to get even bigger.

For reference, the average dick size in porn is somewhere between 7 and 8 inches. Anything slightly over 8 was considered a “monster cock”. By the end of my freshman year, my enlarging penis made those porn stars look average at best. And I’ve only gotten bigger since then as well. Porn has only become a reminder of simpler times when my dick was more manageable.

The past two years of dealing with my growth haven’t been easy, but again, I am glad to have had Richie by my side through it all. We’ve both had our growth spurts. Height, weight, and size. I like to joke that it won’t be too long before I’m taller than Richie as well. Having a best friend like Richie has made this whole experience much more manageable.

I just hope I’m getting close to putting these growth spurts behind me because like I said, I can’t believe that my dick will continue to grow until I’m 22. It would be a cruel joke to be burdened with even more inches. So to all of you who may be envious of my story, just know that all wishes come with their price.

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