Good friends

by Joey

It's not as if every thoughtful discussion among multi-limbed guys ends up like this.

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We were sitting in a group after our workout, discussing handedness. Matt had brought it up, because in his front arms he was right handed, but in his back pair of arms he was left handed.

“How do you know your back arms are left handed?,” Shannon asked. “I thought I was the same way, but I realized it was because I was using my right front hand so much that my right back hand wasn't getting practice. Now I use my right back hand for writing and anything else as often as possible.”

“Me, too,” Doug said. “Like when I'm running and dribbling, I try to use both right hands. Actually, both left hands as well. But it helps to work all your arms, just like when we're lifting weights or swimming.”

“Many hands make light work,” Eric smiled, doing his Shiva pose, moving his head from side to side.

“I'm pretty sure I'm left handed in my rear arms,” Matt said, borrowing a pen from Shannon. He held the pen in his left rear hand, moving his hand as if he were writing on air. “It just feels more natural.” He passed the pen to his right rear hand. It was plain that the right rear hand wasn't quite as comfortable with the instrument.

“Now when I use my right front hand, it's fine.” He passed the pen from his right rear hand to his front right hand, and sure enough, it looked more natural. All the guys were absently looking at their front and rear hands, some comparing the rear hands with the front hands, or comparing their four hands with those of the guy next to them. Shannon had taken a slip of paper and was writing his signature on it. Sure enough, the signatures from his right front hand and his left rear hand were smooth and legible, althought slightly different-looking.

“You can learn to use your other hand if you have to,” Doug said, looking at Steve. “Steve learned to use his left hands for writing when he hurt his right hands during practice.”

“How did you manage to hurt both right hands?” Ron asked, incredulous.

“Thanks to both of Doug's left feet,” Steve said, giving Doug a look of mock irritation, then smiling. “Luckily, we were on grass, so it only sprained my right hands. And he was barefoot, which he always is, anyways.”

“Well, if you'd been watching out you wouldn't have tripped over Ben's front feet,” Doug smiled. “But that's hindsight.”

“Hindsight is back feet,” Rusty said. “Front feet is foresight.”

“I've always thought I was right-cocked, too,” Matt said.

“Most of us are,” Shannon said. “You're left-cocked, aren't you Eric?”

“Definitely,” Eric said. “You wouldn't know to look at them; they're the same length. But my left cock definitely feels stronger; not really stronger, just more dominant somehow.”

“Do you mean that you're left cocked, Matt,” Steve said, “Or is it different between your front cocks and your back cocks? Is your back pair switched as well, like your back arms?”

“Actually, I'm left cocked in front, but right cocked in back,” Matt said.

“My right cock's a little larger between my back legs, even though my front two cocks are also about the same size.”

“Which one comes hardest?” Rusty asked. His back hands unconsciously squeezed his penises through his jeans, although the motion was mostly hidden under his front hands, which rested comfortably on the back hands. I thought Rusty might be getting a little aroused, something in the way his back legs reached forward around his front legs.

“The back right comes hardest,” Matt said, “but the back left is almost equally strong. I think when I'm riding a guy is when my back cocks get the most excited; they both really come hard then. But the back right is naturally the dominant one.”

“When I'm riding a guy, I can't tell which are stronger,” Doug laughed. “All four have to blow so bad I can't tell one from the other.” The guys were laughing, but shifting their legs; some had to adjust their back hardons.

Most of us could adjust all four at once, slipping our four hands down our jeans between the respective legs. It was unobtrusive, the only other visual clue being a brief resettling of legs.

“That's how I am, too,” Shannon said, laughing. He was smoothing his hands over his four arms. They were long and well shaped, well-developed from frequent workouts.

“You going for six?” Ron asked.

“I've been thinking about it,” Shannon said. “I think I'd like it.” He held his four hands in front of them, letting the hands hang from the strong wrists. “It would be lot more muscle to deal with,” he said. “But then, it would be a lot more muscle to deal with,” he added with a smile.

“Who's going to do them with you?” Ron asked, a little hungrily. His own four arms felt each other, and his four legs re-snuggled among themselves.

“Everybody here's got pretty nice arms,” Shannon said, looking around the group. The guys were checking out their arms and the arms of those around them. Eric and Doug were holding all their hands, some of their legs interlaced. They had decided that they would do six arms together. The rumor was that Ben and Rusty would, too. They were a very cute couple, but Ben had decided to remain four-legged like the rest of us, while Rusty was going to do six legs as well. Actually, it was Ben who had encouraged Rusty, because Rusty had four of the most beautiful legs any of us had ever seen, and we were as a group already wildly favored with great legs. Little wonder Rusty's jeans couldn't seem to stay on his legs for long. Even now, he had slipped them off his back legs, and Ben was helping them off his front legs.

“What I mean is, I'd like to do six arms with you,” Ron said. “I don't mean to ask in front of everybody, but I love your arms, and I'd even do legs too if you wanted to.”

“Good for you,” Eric said, massaging Ron's double shoulders with his four strong hands. “I think you guys would be great.”

“I agree,” said Matt. “I think Shannon's only teasing Ron; it's obvious their bodies are made for each other, and we all know you're in love, you guys!”

As if of one mind, all the multiple long arms worked together, as all of us in the group gently slid Shannon's laughing body over to Ron, as hands peeled jeans from long-muscled legs. Their lips touched and held, as arms comfortably wrapped them together. Ron's beautiful face was flushed with lust, and Shannon's was likewise beautiful in its ecstasy, and sure enough, their bodies were growing longer and more muscular, even they were lost in each other. Ben and Rusty were likewise entwined, the rest of us now naked and aroused, helping the couples, our massive sexual organs feeding their growing bodies. Eric and Doug helped out as well, deferring their own extra limbs until the first two couples could be fully inseminated, and that would be the work of many massive ejaculations, long into the warm, fertile night.

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “Foot friends” by Josh Dugan; or “Gooed friends” by Ziel.

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