Getting high on a Tuesday afternoon

by Kjarri

 I get high, and I have some transformation fun with a neighbor.

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I’d gotten high again and was having fun.

It started with me seeing Stan walk outside with his dog. Stan wasn’t that tall, truly not that noticeable until I saw his beautiful feet in his flip-flops. Immediately they burst out of his sandals, the remnants forgotten as he continued walking. His hips lowered, his legs shortening as his torso stretched, broadening, his arms thickening and lengthening. Soon he resorted to use his knuckles for balance of his massive upper body. His feet were gigantic, just massive appendages, slapping the hard cement. His scruffy, dirty blonde beard grew shaggier, his shoulder length hair growing longer, luscious locks falling against his back. His shirt ripped apart as he left my view from my bedroom window, and I heard the door downstairs open and close.

I couldn’t not have some fun with him.

I stood and my head hit the ceiling. My body lengthened, pushing my height up to 6’6”, half a foot taller than usual. I waltzed down my stairs, around the side of the house to Stan’s door, two rows of abs fully on display from my shirt riding up so high. My shorts were painted onto my body, four large and hard dick impressions bulging out the front. I knocked, licking my lips in anticipation.

Stan opened the door and my four cocks shredded my shorts, stiffening to hot, iron, foot-long lust. Stan had devolved. He appeared a cave man, but still with the handsome bone structure of today, albeit with a much larger brow ridge. Hair covered his massive and broad body, thick swathes of it weaving together in design. His shorts were gone, his two four-foot-long soft cocks hanging out, drooped on the floor. His soft blue eyes looked me over and his cocks pumped with blood, starting to grow hard.

“Dude, you gotta stop changing me when you get high. I’m supposed to be on a conference call in an hour,” Stan said, bringing his massive arms towards me, grasping in my hands the size of car tires. He pulled me close, finishing the statement as I stared into his gray eyes. The hot breath of his words slid down my skin.

He didn’t care about the conference call.

We kissed, lips pushing against the others, tongues exploring the slick interior of teeth, gums, tongue, and cheek. His cocks hardened between my legs, lifting me off the ground. My cluster of 12 cocks leaked pre everywhere, drenching the hair on his chest, matting it.

With one of his thick fingers he found my hole and delved deep. My cocks bucked as 16 additional arms spilled out of me. I moved them rapidly, feeling as much of him as I could, petting the thick, corded muscles of his back, arms, and ass. Others got lost in his hair, thick and long, his beard equal in majesty. I almost didn’t realize as he slid another finger, then another, and soon his whole gargantuan hand inside of me, my abdomen forming to it. He spread his fingers out inside me and electricity fried my mind. I saw stars as I stretched, more arms adding to me. I even added legs. A lot of legs. And between those dozens of sets of legs: an untold number of cocks. I was gone.

“Oh fuck, I need to be in you,” he said, removing his hand from me. It pulled out with ease. He pushed me to the floor and collapsed on top of me and started maneuvering his cocks to line up with my first hole. But my ass was hungry. It needed something shoved inside there. I couldn’t wait.

Stan was just positioning his cocks to bore inside me when they pushed forward, lengthening exponentially. He didn’t move as his cocks shoved into my hole and kept growing. His eyes rolled back as be began thrusting, and growing, and thrusting, and growing.

I couldn’t make a sound. I was lost in the sensations. Stan’s cocks rammed into me, deeper, deeper, deeper yet. My body stretched to fit the assaulting cocks. I felt the tips barging through me, higher, pushing aside my lungs, reaching for my throat. My head pushed against the wall. No more room to grow. And yet still they grew.

I was as wide as a queen size mattress, the two massive cocks stretching my body twelve feet across the living room. Stan was staring into space, seeing into a dimension few ever get to experience. I watched as more muscles layered onto his ape-like body. Expanding. His feet ballooned into massive, thick, muscular objects of male desire. His hands grew equally large at the ends of his long, powerful arms. His jaw broadened even more and his beard spilled down his chest, head-hair growing down to the floor, swirling in movement. Stan roared. I moaned and grunted as cocks pushed me up the wall, swelling to fill the entirety of the room. He rubbed my condom thin body, jacking himself off threw me. I had all of my arms, all 62 caressing and massaging my stretched torso, kneading through to his big cocks, feeling the thick veins that bulged just below my skin. My 34 legs surrounded Stan, feet and legs curled around him, a nest of 680 cocks dousing him in precum, erupting like fountains.

We made eye contact. His eyes shown with need. A loving, tender moment. I knew just what to do.

Both of our necks began stretching and soon our lips collided somewhere over my distended ribcage. As soon as our tongues invaded the others mouths we moaned and released everything.

His cocks gave one last throb that stretched me paper-thin and blew. The jets of cum caused my stretched neck to expand, but soon distended as the cum settled further down in my chest and abdomen, creating a protective layer of Stan’s seed between his cocks and me.

Our kisses dove deeper and more longingly as the climax continued. My cocks shot cum out onto Stan’s giant body and covered everything below his neck in a thick, luscious layer.

We were both lost in our own worlds as we came. Several moments passed of passionate kisses as our cocks emptied everything from within. The exaltation of being and sharing glowed throughout the two of us, allowing a few moments to revel in our shared pleasure.

We panted as we broke our kiss, falling back into ourselves. Our heads returned to their original positions, yet our bodies stayed augmented. A foot of my cum sloshed on the floor, gallons upon gallons of his own swished within my body. I gave a gentle squeeze around his body from my legs and feet. He smiled, and caressed a few closer to him.

“I can’t go to my meeting like this,” he gestured around himself.

“Good thing you’re not,” I smiled.

He rolled his eyes. “Thankfully it’s not important.”

“Thankfully, because the fun’s just getting started.”


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