Flash fiction: Helping him out of his shell

by JJ Staxx

 River decides Eric needs a confidence boost, and he knows just how to do it.

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River felt sorry for Eric. The poor guy lacked any sort of confidence. However, it was easy to understand why. Throughout his childhood and high school, he’d been a misfit: too intelligent, too tall, and too skinny. Add on top of that, nightmare parents who couldn’t be bothered to help him dress well, fit in, or even learn how to cultivate friendships. Even in his home, he’d been a loner, loser, and outcast.

But now, as a senior in college, River had a major crush on him. The guy was painfully quiet but was also sort of cute, super smart, kind, giving, and funny as hell. There had to be a way to pry him out of that shell.

The fortune teller at the carnival had promised this would work. “Just sprinkle the powder into his drink, and the rest will take care of itself.”

River didn’t know what to expect. But it sure as fuck did work! Holy shit!!

Now all River had to do was calm Eric down enough to get him back to the apartment. They’d also probably need to figure out how to free him from his ruined pants and underwear without harming his bountiful new assets.


Hmmmm… I wonder. Can I get him to finish that coffee before we go? Because if a little is good, a lot is better, and too much is never enough.


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