First big date

by Peterbilt

 Ben’s story of his relationship with young Jason covers many years, including getting the deets of Jason’s first big date.

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I was sitting on the outer deck reading when Jason came by after football practice to cut the grass. He gave me a little salute and a smile as he came up on the deck with his gym bag.

“You wanta do it now, or later, after you cut the grass?” I asked.

“Later. You like me all sweaty,” he said. “I didn’t shower after practice; cutting the grass will add a new layer of fresh sweat.”


“I wore your favorite jockstrap, too,” he said.

“That’s great.”

“I’m going in and change,” he said.

He went inside the sundeck to change into his work clothes, which consisted of sneakers and a pair of old green gym shorts that he’d outgrown in his freshman year. I caught my breath when he came out. No matter how many times I saw him like that, he took my breath away. He gave his shorts a hitch and skipped down the steps and walked to the garage to get the mower.

Into Puberty
I had watched Jason grow up in the last eight years from a ten-year-old boy-stud to an eighteen-year-old man-stud. I moved into the neighborhood as a young widower of twenty-four. Jason moved in across and down the street a year later, when he was ten. Even at that tender age he had the markings of a young stud, like a young colt has the markings of a stallion; the way his tight little butt sort of twisted when he walked, and his wide shoulders and deep chest to match his thick thighs. He was a boy but he already had the air of a man. I watched him walk past my house to and from school and each year he filled out more. At twelve, his youthful looks were the only thing that showed his age; his body was already beginning to belie his age. He was around thirteen when he showed up at my door with his lawn mower asking to cut my grass. He looked so damned cute standing there in a pair of middle-school gym shorts and a tank top, already muscular and nicely tanned. I hired him on the spot, but told him next time he could use my mower. He did a good job. He took pride in his work, especially for a boy that age, and I hired him to cut the grass on a regular basis and to help me do other work around the place. I loved having him around.

The following summer he cut the grass and trimmed up the yard before going on vacation. I gave him a bonus to spend. When he came back from vacation two weeks later he came around to let me know he was home. I was in the back yard digging out some old shrubs that never did take hold.

“Need any help?”

I turned around to see who was talking to me. It was Jason but it wasn’t Jason’s voice. His voice had changed!

“Whoa! What’s this?” I asked. “When did that happen?”

“It just happened,” he said with an embarrassed shrug.

“I think he was a little surprised, but pleased to hear me talking so openly about his budding manhood. There probably wasn’t anyone else who paid any attention, openly.

At Fifteen
In his fifteenth year he had a spurt of growth that shot him up about seven inches that slimmed him down for a short time. But he began to fill out again almost immediately. I enjoyed his company and he was a great help but I began to think it wasn’t a good idea having him around. He was gradually getting harder and harder to resist but I didn’t have the nerve to cut him back on the work he was doing. He wanted to earn the money, and I was a total wimp.

At Sixteen
For his sixteenth birthday his father got him a set of weights and a workout bench. He took to lifting weights like a duck to water. He was proud of his accomplishments and liked to share them with me. In the summer he set up a workout area outside and I could sit on my deck and watch his hard, rippling young muscles. I saw him sitting on his bench one time flipping through a magazine. I surmised it was a Playboy or something and wandered over to talk to him. He made no attempt to hide it when he saw me. It was a muscle magazine.

“Man, I would love to be built like some of these guys,” he said.

“No, you don’t want to look that freaky,” I said.

“No, these guys,” he said, flipping back to a spread where two military guys were working out together.

“Yes, those guys are built,” I remarked.

“I wish I could afford some of these bodybuilding supplements they’re advertising,” he said.

“Do you want me to pay you supplements instead of cash?” I asked

“Hey, that would be great!”

So I began buying bodybuilding supplements as payment for the work he did for me. He was so happy and I was so pleased when he told me that he had gained seven pounds, and showed me how his veins were beginning to show.

“Look at this vein popping out,” he said as he proudly displayed the bluish vein that ran across his hard bicep. “And here,” he said, pointing to a vein in his thickening neck. “And look at this,” he added excitedly. I had to stifle a gasp as he cocked one leg out to show me the vein that ran along the inside of his thigh, up into his shorts and is jockstrap.

At Seventeen
By the time he was a junior, at seventeen, he had made the football team. He invited me to come to his games, which I did, cheering him on as loudly as his own father. His muscularity was more and more obvious, the way he filled out his shirts, and his thighs bulged inside his pants.

At Eighteen
It happened right after he turned eighteen. I had been invited to his birthday party. Needless to say, he wasn’t the average eighteen-year-old. He skipped right over the awkward stage of being a gangly teenager. He was a gifted athlete, on the varsity football team and on the wrestling team. His face was smooth as a baby’s butt, without blemish and he had a body that grown men would die for. He took great pride in his body. The grass had gotten too tall and he had to rake the yard after he cut it. He was hurrying because there was a dance he was going to and he was taking a girl he had been wanting to date for a long time; his first real date. He was disappointed that his parents were out of town, but he was using my car. He was so grateful that I offered it to him. He rushed home to shower after he was finished with the yard and he came back carrying his necktie.

“Can you tie this for me? My mom or dad usually does it.”

“I’ll teach you to tie it,” I said.

“I don’t have time to learn to tie a tie right now,” he said.

I looked at my watch. `You’re not picking her up for an hour,” I said.

“Yeah…okay…I guess I’m a little jittery.”

“Calm down. She’s just as jittery as you are,” I said as I stepped around behind him and maneuvered him toward the mirror and put the tie around his neck. I tied it a couple of times then walked him through it. He tried, awkwardly, and ended up with a horrible looking knot.

“That looks like shit,” he said.

“So untie it and do it again,” I said.

Standing so close to him with my arms around him much of the time made me heady. He smelled so damned good and I was brushing against his backside and he didn’t move away when I brushed against his butt. Dam, his ass felt like solid rock, as did his shoulders and his arms. We did it a half dozen times before he produced a suitable knot. He started to untie it but I stopped him as I stepped around in front of him.

“Hey, that knot’s fine,” I said.

“You think so?”

I tightened and adjusted the knot and ran my hand down the tie, over his chest and punched him in the stomach. He was solid as hell.

“You look like a stud,” I said.

He smiled with embarrassed pride and gave his pants a hitch higher on his lean hips.

“I want to thank you for everything,” he said.

“Have fun,” I told him. “Just be careful.”

“I guarantee, I’ll bring your car back without a scratch.”

“I was talking about you, not the car,” I said.

“Do you want it home by any certain time?” he asked.

“What’s your curfew?”

“I don’t have one,” he said.

“Well, set one so I know when to start worrying,” I said.

“Two o’clock?”

I frowned. “Will I get in trouble if your parents know I said yes to a two o-clock curfew?”

“Okay, one. One-thirty. Do you want me to put the car in the garage and leave the keys in it so I don’t have to wake you up?”

“No, just park in the drive. I want you to come up and wake me up and let me know you’re home safe and sound. What time will your folks be home?”

“Probably before me,” he said.

I swelled with pride as he I watched him walk to the car, as if he were my own son. God, that girl was lucky. I wondered if I should have mentioned how he should act on his date; I was sure he knew about sex, but it seemed I should have said something, maybe even offered him a condom. But I wasn’t his dad.

It was odd that I couldn’t get to sleep from thinking about him. It wasn’t my car I was worried about, but him. Dumb, dumb; it wasn’t the first time he’d gone out on a date, but this was a real date, a single date, and this time he had left from my house and would be returning to my house.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the phone rang about midnight. What’s happened, I wondered, with a feeling of panic. It was his mother.

“Ben, this is Elaine.”

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“No, not really. Is Jason back from his date yet?”

“No, he set himself a curfew of two o’clock but backed it off to one or one-thirty.”

“That little shit. He knows his curfew is twelve-thirty.”

“Well, I can’t start worrying till one-thirty,” I said.

“We’re not going to make it back tonight, Ben. Would you tell Jason when he gets in, and I was wondering if you could sort of look in on him.”

“Oh sure, no problem. He’ll be fine.”

“It’s so good of you to be there for him, and offer your car for his date,” she said.

“He also knows how to tie a tie,” I said.

“Wonderful! His father will be glad to hear that.”

Jason drove in with a couple of minutes to spare. I was still awake. He came in quietly and I heard him coming up the stairs. He poked his head into my bedroom.

“Ben?” he said softly.

“Yeah, I’m awake. Come on in,” I said.

He tiptoed in as if he were going to wake me, and stood beside the bed.

“Your keys are on the table downstairs,” he said. “No scratches.”

“How was your date?”


“I won’t ask how great,” I said.

He laughed.

“Look, Jason, your mom called and they won’t be home till late tomorrow night. So why don’t you spend the night here.” It was concern for the boy’s welfare that made me suggest it; honest to God. But when the words came out I realized what I had said.

“That’s okay, I’ll be okay,” he said.

“I think they would feel better if you slept here. I know I would,” I said.

“Well…if it’s not an imposition.”

“You can have the next bedroom, right through that door,” I said, pointing to the open door that adjoined the two rooms.

“Adjoining rooms, just like a hotel,” he said.

“Yes, many of these older homes have them. It was so parents could be close to their young children.”

He went into the room and paused, looking for the door. “There’s no door?”

“No, there wasn’t one there when I moved in and I never found any reason to put one up,” I said.

He didn’t sound like it bothered him; he was just surprised. He shrugged and went over and turned on the lamp. He was in and out of my line of vision as he took off his tux and hung it on the back of the closet door. He charged my heart when he stepped in the doorway wearing only his shorts. Very brief briefs.

“Hey, Ben, thanks again for the use of your car. I had a great time.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Oh, and for showing me how to tie a tie,” he added with a grin.

“Your mom said your dad would be glad to hear that.”

“Hey, is it okay if I sleep naked? I do at home,” he said.

“Sleep any way you want. Sleep naked standing on your head if you want to,” I said.

“Thanks,” he said, laughing.

I didn’t know if it was just a fluke that he took off his shorts then turned off the light, or if it was intentional that he torture me, but I got a nice glimpse of him totally naked, although it was a side then a back view. Not to complain; he had an awesome backside.

The light was out and there was quiet. The moon shone through his window, casting his room in a soft light. I reminded myself to rearrange the bedrooms, so the view was direct from one bed to the other, in case it happened again that he would be my overnight guest. All I could see was the lower half of his bed but he didn’t have the sheet on. My mind was racing; I was almost in a panic. I didn’t know what to do. I knew one thing; I had this young god under my roof for the rest of the night and it sickened me that the opportunity might pass without incident. It should, I knew, but I couldn’t let that happen. Sex had long since become a matter of routine for me. Spot the guy, a few minutes of preening, the looks, then the move if the guy was interested. It was a mutual thing that served the purpose well. This was different. I wasn’t used to the stress and mental gymnastics of putting the move on a boy barely eighteen years old. Hell, just a few days ago, he was seventeen. I was going down a rocky road of uncertainty. Even danger if his parents found out. I went over a hundred scenarios in my mind, most of them fantasies of the boy coming into my room with a big hardon and asking me to take care of it for him. It would be better if I closed my eyes and went to sleep and simply dreamed the fantasy. But not as rewarding, and the morning would be met with serious regret over an opportunity wasted. I couldn’t think of any way under the sun or moon to make the move. I didn’t know what to say….there was nothing to say; hell he was probably asleep. But this young, teenage muscle-god was lying in the next room naked and asleep or awake, I had to do something.

The matter took care of itself, as if it had been scripted. I was barely dozing off, and fighting it; I didn’t want to waste time sleeping when I needed to be thinking of some way to bring my fantasies to life. The adjoining room had been a nursery, and the only door was the one that led into my room, so Jason had to go through my room to get to the bathroom. Fortunately, he’d had enough to drink that he had to get up and go. I saw his silhouette fill the doorway as he came into my room. Passing close by my bed, his silhouette took on flesh and the muscled curves of his body, including his cock that swung out in front of him at an awesome size. Then his butt and broad shoulders as he walked out of my room into the hallway. My heart was racing. When he came back would be my chance; perhaps my only opportunity for untold happiness. I still couldn’t think of what to do or say to him but I was calmly confident that it would come at the right moment. I heard the toilette flush and prepared myself. Braced myself, actually. When he came back into my room I squirmed and raised up as if I was just coming awake.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” he said quietly.

“It’s okay, I wasn’t sleeping too soundly,” I said.

“Me either,” he said.

“Isn’t the bed comfortable? I haven’t slept in it for a long time.”

“Oh, yes, the bed’s fine. I’ve just been lying in there, thinking…”

“About your date?”


“I’m glad you had a good time.”

“I had a great time but I took her home not knowing for sure how she feels about me. Whether she likes me or Brady Colson.”

I knew of Brady Colson from the sports pages. He was a big, handsome stud who looked more like a college athlete than high school. He had black hair and snappy black eyes and an easy smile that he flashed for the cameras. And there was the black hair that always showed over the neck of his shirt that made him look so much more mature than his teammates.

“Well, you’ve got some competition there,” I said.

“One thing, she doesn’t like hairy guys,” he went on. “And Brady is hairy. He’s more hairy than most men. But he’s got everything else going for him.”

“Hey, you’re not to shabby yourself,” I said.

“Actually, there’s one thing I’ve got over Brady; or at least I think I do. But it’s not something you can tell a girl.”

“What’s that?”

“Brady’s hung like a little boy.”

“Well, you’ve certainly got that going for you,” I said.

“He’s got such a bush of hair, you can barely see his cock in the showers. Of course I don’t know what he’s got hard. But he’s got girls lining up. I think he screws a different girl every night.”

“It’s the jock thing,” I said. “And he’s a good looking guy. But so are you. And if he’s screwing a different girl every night, maybe that’s telling you something, if they don’t go back for seconds.”

“I never thought of that. If I could just get the word out that I’ve got more to offer in the screwing department…not bragging, but it looks like I’m the best hung guy in the locker room.”

“Its not bragging if its fact,” I said as I moved over on the bed for him to sit down. He did, without hesitation. “Sometimes the best way to get your message across is to show them.”

“Yeah, I was going to do that tonight. I even took a couple of my dad’s condoms.”

“I wondered about that,” I said thoughtfully. “After you left I thought I should have offered you some of mine, just to be on the safe side.”

“But it never got that far,” he went on. “Not that she fought me off; I just didn’t have the nerve to follow through.”

“That’ll come,” I said.

“Aw, I shouldn’t be bothering you with my problems anyway; it’s after two in the morning.”

“I’ve got all night,” I said.

“I usually go in and talk to my mom and dad about my dates when I report in.”

“Surely not the way you’re talking to me,” I said, laughing.

“Oh, hell no. I couldn’t talk to them about shit like that. Geezuss, my mom would shit if she knew I took dad’s condoms; even that I know where he keeps them.”

“Your mom? What about your dad?”

“I don’t think he would care. But there’s still a limit to what I can talk to him about before he would have to turn into my dad.”

“Well, I’m not your dad, and I’m here anytime you want to talk, about anything,” I said. It felt perfectly natural to reach out and put my hand on his bare leg. He flinched but didn’t move away or pull his leg away.

“My dad says that all the time, but he must know it’s not true. There are some things you just don’t talk to your parents about.”

“Well, its true with me,” I said, squeezing his leg. “And if you don’t want to borrow your dad’s condoms, I’ve got a supply right over there in my top dresser drawer. Help yourself anytime.”

“Thanks. Maybe I will.” He laughed. “Not that I need my own supply of condoms,” he scoffed.

“You will,” I assured him. “And it won’t be all that long. I’ll bet.” I should have patted his leg and removed my hand and sent him back to his bed but it didn’t happen that way. I rubbed his leg instead, and didn’t remove my hand but he moved his leg away. He put his hand down between his legs to shove his cock down where I thought it had begun to rise up.

“I should have taken a cold shower while I was in the bathroom,” he said.

“That never worked with me,” I said.

“It doesn’t work with me, either,” he said.

“So, what do you do about it?” I asked. It was coming so easy!

“What do you think?”

“Probably the same thing I do,” I said.

“No shit! You still….jack off?”

“Everybody jacks off,” I said. “Don’t let anybody tell you any different.”

“I’ve often wondered if my dad ever jacks off.”

“I’m sure he does. Being married doesn’t mean you stop jacking off. Sometimes a guy needs the feel of his own hand, if for no other reason, than to remember how it used to feel when he was a kid.”

Jason laughed. “Shit, I could just imagine me sitting on my dad’s bed talking to him about this!”

“He might surprise you. He would probably listen. Don’t underestimate your dad.”

“Well, I guess I might as well go take care of this,” he said jokingly. His leg muscles tensed to get up but I squeezed his thigh and he relaxed it. I pulled a small hand towel from under my pillow and handed it to him. He took it, rather gingerly, a frowning smile on his face.

“I always keep a come towel under my pillow,” I said.

“No, shit! You do? I mean….you really do jack off?”

“Sure. It’s not something you have to make a big deal of,” I said.

He laid the towel over his cock, as if to hide it.

“Its gong to take more than a hand towel to hide that thing,” I chided him. “That’ll require a bath towel.”

He laughed; a prideful laugh. When he started to get up again, I squeezed his thigh.

“You don’t have to go back in there to take care of it, Jason. You can stretch out right here if you want to,” I said. He seemed embarrassed at the idea and I heard him swallow, a hard gulp.

“You wanta watch?” he asked.

“Sure.” I moved over to make room for him beside me. He stood and put his knee in the edge of the mattress.

“Geezusss!” I gasped when I saw his cock in all its hard, throbbing glory. He laughed and lay down beside me with the towel draped over his thigh and wrapped his hand around his cock. I noticed his fingers didn’t reach all the way around.

“Dam! Maybe I shouldn’t have bought you so many supplements,” I said.

He laughed. “Hey, do you wanta…do it together?” he asked, his voice hoarse and husky.

“Sure.” I cocked my right knee up and reached down for my own cock.

We lay there in a state of embarrassed silence, moving our hands up and down our stiff cocks. It looked like he was every bit as big as me, maybe bigger. And he wasn’t finished growing. Shit, he was going to be a horse by the time he reached his full growth.

“Not to be nosey, but does your dad buy regular size condoms?”

“Yeah. They’re a pretty tight fit, and they don’t go all the way down on me,” he said. “Why, do they come in different sizes?”

“Yes. Large, and even extra large,” I said.

“No shit. I didn’t know that.”

“Mine are large size,” I said.

“Well, I know where I’m going to get my condoms from now on,” he said. “Not that I’m gonna need `em all that much,” he added with a chuckle.

We lay jacking ourselves off and me wondering what it was going to take for me to at least reach out and put my hand on his cock. If I didn’t have the balls to do that, how was I ever going to work up the nerve to do something more serious, like going down on him?

“Ben….do you uh…think I could try one on?” he asked timidly.

“Yeah, I’ll get you one.” I leaned over and got one out of the nightstand.

“You keep `em handy, huh?”


“What do you do, buy them by the gross?” he asked.

“Not quite. By the dozen,” I said.

“I’ll bet you get a lot of pussy,” he said.

“My share, I guess. All I want.” I tore open the condom and tossed the packet on the floor. There was a split second of fumbling when he started to reach for the condom and maybe I started to hand it to him but then I reached down to put it on him myself.

“Here, I’ll do it for you,” I said.

I was a little surprised when he drew his hand back and let me. I don’t know where the courage came from but I had the boy’s cock in my hand!! It was so damned big! Tall, and thick! I had trouble getting the condom rolled down over the head.

“Shit, is this going to fit?” I said.

“I know I have a lot of trouble getting one of my dad’s on,” he said.

Once the condom was over the head it was easier to roll it down the tall shaft. It came within two inches of reaching all the way. “Looks like you’re gong to have to buy the extra large ones,” I said as I worked my hand up and down the smooth latex.

“Now I’m not going to be able to get it off,” he said.

“Do you want me to take it off for you? Or do you want to finish jacking off and take it off when it’s not so hard?”

“I sort of like to watch myself shoot,” he said with an embarrassed grin. “That might sound weird, but I do.”

“No, it’s not weird,” I said. “I’ll take it off.” I managed to get hold of the ring at the bottom and pull the condom off inside out. I had to tug it off the head but it finally snapped free. Then I did the next most natural thing of my life. I wrapped my hand around his bare cock! Jason didn’t seem to mind, or even think anything of it.

“Do you mind if I do this?”

“Awwh, no, sir, your hand feels good,” he said as he pumped his cock up and down through my fist.

“Somebody else’s hand always feels better than your own,” I said. “Didn’t you ever jack off with any of your buddies, have them jack you off?”

“There was this one kid when I was about twelve, who wanted to play with my cock and I let him. But that was the only time, and I never jacked him off.”

I didn’t care. If he was that straight, that was okay with me.

“Awww, your hand feels so good,” he moaned again. “You ever do this for anybody else?”

“Only a special couple of guys,” I said. I leaned up so I could play with his balls. They were big; they filled my hand, heavy, and full. “You’ve got balls to match your cock,” I said.

“Yeah, they hang pretty heavy sometimes.”

“When they’re full?”

“That’s not where come is stored,” he said.

“I know, it’s only a figure of speech,” I said. “You need to get the word out.”

“The word?”

“About what you’re carrying around between your legs,” I said, squeezing his cock. “And these.” I hefted his balls. “Once the word is out, that guy Brady is going to be sitting home playing with himself and wondering what the fuck happened.”

“Yeah, like I am right now,” he said.

“Hey, sorry it’s not a pussy, but my hand will have to do for the moment,” I said.

“I didn’t mean that. Your hands feel good. I’m just wondering how it’s happening. I never figured you for this.”

“I never figured I would find you in my bed at two in the morning,” I said.

I half expected him to reach over for my cock but he was too straight. That was okay. I had my dream in my hand and my fantasy unfolding before me. My mouth was watering and my asshole twitching with an itch. My asshole would have to wait. I wet my lips several times in preparation but my courage waned each time. Jacking him off was one thing. Going down on him was something else entirely. I didn’t know how he would react to that. I wanted to ask him but I didn’t know how. But then, the next time he moaned and told me how wonderful my hand felt, the words came out as easily as before.

“Jason…I would like to do something else if you’ll let me…to make it feel even better.” I think he was about to ask me what but I was already bending down over his middle and he didn’t have to ask. I tensed, praying that he didn’t freak out or flee, that he would let me do it and know how wonderful it could feel. I wet my lips again just before sliding them down over the head of his cock.

“Ohhhhhh!” he gasped in surprise. “Ohhh, Geezusssss!”

I kept the head of his cock in my mouth, slathering my tongue around it like it was an ice cream cone. It wasn’t, it was hot cock, and I was being rewarded by the warm ball juice that was boiling up out of it.

“Ohh, Fuck!” he cried softly. “Ohh, yeahhhh, suck it.”

He was hunkering himself up, trying to shove more of his cock in my mouth but I kept him in check. I would take him, but in my own time; I needed time to get used to his size. I guessed him to be eight inches or so, maybe more, and thick as hell. I would really have to stretch my throat around that much meat. I let him fuck through as much of his cock as would fit in my mouth but blocked him at my throat. He could have forced me if he wanted to, but he didn’t know that. He could have shoved my head down and thrust upward and I would’ve been impaled on the huge hunk of meat.

“Ohhh…Ohhhhh…Ohhhhhhh…Awwwhhhh…Ohhhhh…Oh, Godd!”

I raised up, drooling. “Dam, you’ve got a big cock!”

“Do you think you can you take it all?” he asked desperately.

“As soon as I get used to it. I’ll have to work it into my throat.”

“Aww, mannnnn, that’d be great.”

I went back down on him and began working his cock in my throat. Just a little pressure at first, then a lot of pressure and finally my throat opened enough so the head popped through. It was a real accomplishment; like trying to swallow a baseball. If he hadn’t been so hard I think I could have swallowed him but he was like a steel rod that would’ve bored me a new throat, or most certainly straightened the one I had. I kept his pubes as my goal, forcing my mouth lower and lower around the shaft.

“Aww, fuck, you’re gonna do it,” he gasped. “Mann, you’re doing it!”

His excitement spurred me on. Finally his pubes brushed my lips and I dove all the day down, locking my lips around the base of his cock. He gasped and choked, he was so excited. I choked too. I held him like that for a moment, working my throat muscles, squeezing and milking up and down the shaft. Finally, when I felt I could handle him, I began to suck him again. The first dozen strokes were deep-throat, keeping his cock in my throat. Gradually, I worked my way upward till the head popped into my mouth and I used my tongue again. He was drooling ball-juice, writhing on the bed, groaning like he was in pain.

“Am I supposed to come in your mouth?” he asked, short of breath.

“Yes, if you want to.”

“Aw, yeah, I want to. It’ll be great, finishing me off like that.”

I was moving up and down the full length of him, locking my mouth around the root of his cock and lapping at his balls with my tongue while I was down there. I used my drool to wash them with my hand and slid my fingers under them, along the crack of his ass. It was too soon for that, but I wanted to strike the blow for a later time; plant the seed.

Suddenly he stopped me, squeezing his cock tightly.

“Give me a minute to back off,” he gasped. “I don’t wanta come yet.”

We waited then I went back to sucking him. He backed himself off several times and while I waited, I nuzzled down and sucked on his balls. He liked that, too. I thought he would warn me when he was ready to come. But there were no more back-offs; he couldn’t hold it any longer, and I don’t think he wanted to. Suddenly, without warning, I felt his hot come spewing into my mouth in great, long and powerful spurts. Within seconds, my tongue was covered with his boy-semen and seconds more my mouth was full. He tasted wonderful. So richly salty-sweet, so fresh and boy-like. I swallowed but he kept coming and no sooner had I gulped it down, he filled my mouth again. My Godd, I thought, where is it all coming from! I had forgotten that teenagers are so full of testosterone and come. I swallowed the second mouth-full and his cock boiled out more onto my tongue. I lapped my tongue around the head, slathering his come all over his cock. I sucked him till he was twitching and gasping and begging me to stop, he couldn’t stand it any more.

I continued to hold his cock in my mouth without moving my tongue. He lost his rigidity but not his hardon. I’d forgotten that, too, that kids his age could stay hard for days.

“Wow!” he gasped, throwing one arm across his forehead.

“Yeah. I didn’t think you were going to stop coming,” I said.

“I think you drained every drop out of me,” he said. “That’s okay, though, I can make more and be ready to go again in a couple of minutes. Fuck, I can’t believe you swallowed my load.”

“You wouldn’t let me get off your cock, I had to,” I said.

“Was I holding your head that tight?”

“Yeah, like a vise. I don’t know if I would’ve tried taking your load if I’d known how much you shoot.”

“I gotta take a piss,” he said as he got off the bed.

I watched his perfect teenage body leave the room and wondered if what he was left with was a piss hardon. It wasn’t, as I discovered when he came back to the room. He came back with his cock standing out and bobbing up and down as it throbbed.

“Shit, that took less than two minutes to raise back up,” I said, looking at his cock.

“Do you want it again?” he asked.

“As long as you want to give it to me,” I said.

He wasn’t timid. When he got back on the bed, he boldly straddled my chest and stuck his cock in my face. I opened my mouth and he began fucking my face. I liked his boldness. He was going to be fun to have around.

It lasted the rest of the night. When he had shot off a second time he told me he could sometimes come three or four times, and sometimes his cock didn’t go down even then. He was as good as his word. I sucked him till my throat was sore and I sucked him some more because he wanted it. He couldn’t get enough of this new sex discovery.

“Do you want it again?” he kept asking. Yes, I wanted this boy till he couldn’t get hard any more; till he was empty. Finally, he simply got tired, I think. He was lying beside me and fell asleep, but his cock was still throbbing up over his stomach. I lay with my arm across his chest, letting the head of his cock brush against my forearm. I slept, too, the most satisfied and contented sleep I’d had in a very long time.

Needless to say, he woke up with a hardon. He went to the bathroom but still had it when he came back to my room.

“Do you want to do it again before I go to school?” he asked.

“Today’s Saturday,” I reminded him.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. Well, do you want it again before I go home?”


He stretched out on his back with his legs spread apart and shoved his cock straight up for me. I went down on it and sucked him, I think, for the sixth time. I would have done it again, but he seemed anxious to get home.

“Did my parents know I was spending the night here?” he asked.


“Okay, I just wanted to know what to tell them.”

“Jason,” I said as he was about to leave.

He looked over his shoulder with a sly mischievous grin. “I don’t have time to do it again,” he said. “Maybe tonight.”

“I was just going to say….don’t say anything about this to anyone. Not to any of your friends.”

“Oh, I won’t,” he said.

I had to believe him. My life depended on it.

We didn’t get together that night, of course, because his parents returned home. Jason came by on his way to school on Monday morning, early. I was sipping coffee on the deck. He was all smiles and a little jittery, like he was nervous about something.

“What’s up, Jason?” I asked.

“Nothing. Well, actually, there is,” he said, groping his jeans. He laughed softly. “What we did, it’s all I’ve been able to think about. Do you have time?”

“If you do.”

“I’ll take time. I’ll be late for school if I have to.”

I nodded toward the door. By the time I took another sip of coffee he was inside and tearing off his clothes. He was like a boy who had just discovered sex for the first time in his life. He couldn’t get enough. And once wasn’t enough. I had to suck him off twice before sending off to school.

Needless to say, that summer was the best summer of my life. Jason said it was for him, too. He was at my house almost every day, or at a minimum, every other day. He kept the grass cut short and the yard looking like it was manicured. He planted flowers for me. He painted the back fence. Anything to be there and get his reward. I paid him well, but he knew there was always a bonus; getting his cock sucked. We were well into the relationship before he discovered the pleasures of his ass and his tits; and my ass. I don’t know how I come to ignore his tits for so long, or him, for that matter. He had terrific chest muscles and it wasn’t like I just woke up one day and noticed his tits. His nipples were big, like pencil erasers. They poked against his shirt, and I had felt him tremble more than once when I rubbed my hand across them. As for the pleasures of his ass, I didn’t pursue that because I just wasn’t sure how he would react. But it did come, in the natural course of things. I had him spread out on the mattress over the tail end of the pickup, down on my haunches, sucking his balls and kissing the inside of his thighs. I worked up and down the underside of his cock, making it twitch and throb and that’s when his tits caught my eye again and I recalled how he shivered when I touched them with my hand. It was like discovering a hidden treasure. I followed my eye, kissing and dragging my tongue back and forth across his taut abs as I made my way to his chest. He looked down at me like he was wondering what I was going to do. I lashed my tongue back and forth across his chest, along the underside of his thick pecs. Then I washed all over the thick muscles with my tongue, moving in smaller circles as I closed in on his tits. He let out a little gasp when I lashed his right nipple with my tongue and I knew I had him.

“UUhhnnnnnn! Awwwhhhh!” he moaned as I sucked on the turgid nipple.

I sucked and nibbled and lashed at it while he moaned and writhed under me, then I moved to the other side of his chest. He put his hand on the back of my head as if to guide me to it, and pressed my face hard against this pec muscle when I started to suck it.

“Godd, now I know what a girl must feel like,” he said.

“Have you ever sucked a girl’s tits?” I asked.

“Yeah, lots of times, and they love it. I can see why, now. But it’s as far as I ever get.”

“I have a feeling that’s going to change soon,” I said. I worked on his tits for a while then made my way back down his stomach. He groaned with disappointment when I by-passed his throbbing cock. I headed for his balls again, squatted down on my haunches again to suck them first. I was sorely tempted to travel lower under his balls but again I stopped at the crack of his butt. I didn’t think that seed had taken root yet. But it did, soon enough.

Another time a few weeks later, he was bending over to pick up his jockstrap when I surprised the hell out of him by suddenly succumbing to the terrible urge and leaned in and buried my face in his ass. Just like that. It surprised me as much as it did him.

“Awwhh! Aww, w-what’re you d-doing!” he stammered over his shoulder. He started to straighten up but I knelt fully and grabbed his tight, round buns and pulled them apart and drove my tongue into his asshole and he decided to stay bent over. I’d just sucked him off but that didn’t seem to matter. I reached around to feel his big cock hard as hell again. When I reached around front he grabbed his right butt cheek and pulled it apart. I got to jack him off and tongue his ass at the same time. He got so excited! He maneuvered himself around a quarter turn and stretched out, bent over the tailgate with his butt turned up high and his legs spread way out. His cock stuck down against the edge of the tailgate, begging for its own attention. I worked the whole area of his manhood, starting at the head of his cock where I lapped along the underside then pulled it back and sucked it in long strokes, then gobbled up his low-hanging balls, then lapped up the crack of his ass. His hole was gaping and clenching and I dove in with my tongue. He let out a little scream that he muffled in the mattress and started thrashing his butt around so hard it was difficult to keep my tongue on target. I worked him with my tongue and later added a finger. He took it well and moaned and begged me to keep doing it so I added a second finger and found his prostate. That drove him crazy. He was moaning and whimpering and fairly dancing around on my finger. I finished him with my tongue, now deeper than ever before with his hole so loose and relaxed. Suddenly his asshole spasmed and I felt a surge of come jolting through the thick vein and a split second later it shot out all over the garage floor. I’d just got him off minutes before and it looked like a hose was turned on and he was white-washing the floor of my garage. I tongued him the whole time till he was whimpering for me to stop. He lay there for a moment, gasping for breath.

“Ohh, fuck…that must be something like what a girl felt like when she’s getting fucked,” he said as he pushed himself up

“It is,” I said. He gave me a funny look then suddenly realized what I’d said. I definitely had his curiosity aroused.

“You sound pretty definite on that,” he said with a sly grin. “Almost like…. the voice of experience.” He was grabbing up his clothes.

“Okay, my secret’s out,” I said

“I gotta get my ass home but I definitely want talk about this some more,” he said as he pulled his jockstrap up.

He was back the next day right after school. He never even went home first; he stopped by my place on the way. I wasn’t home yet. I found him waiting on the deck when I got home.

“Hey, Jason,” I greeted him. My heart thumped hard at the sight of him, so neatly dressed in nicely-fitting jeans and a yellow T-shirt.

He got right to it. “We gotta talk,” he said.

“Sure. What’s up?”

“My dick….ever since yesterday….thinking about your little secret that you let slip.”

“Oh, that,” I said with a smile.

“Yeah, that!” he exclaimed. “I wanta know what you meant by that.”

“What do you think I meant by it?”

“It sounded like….like you….like you would let me….fuck you.”

“Yes, I would.”

Even though he had guessed it, his eyes popped open and his mouth dropped. “Fuck, I knew it! I was afraid to believe that’s what you meant, but I knew it couldn’t be anything else. Are you serious? You would let me fuck you?”

“As long as you don’t rip me a new asshole with that horse cock of yours.”

“I won’t! I’ll be as easy, I promise….and gentle….as you want me to be.” He stood up. “Can we go inside….up to your room?”

“Dam, you’re anxious,” I said, laughing.

“I haven’t been able to think about anything else,” he said. “I actually jacked off last night, just thinking about it and wondering if what I was thinking might be true. I don’t do that much anymore….jack off….don’t have to, but I did last night.”

“Well, we can’t let you waste perfectly good come like that,” I said.

I took him upstairs where he practically ripped his clothes off. I had the feeling I was in for a rough ride, anxious as he was, but he turned gentle-giant on me when the time came. He watched me with a look of intrigue as I stripped down and got my ass ready, first with deadening lube then with regular lube.

“Do I use a condom?” he asked.

“Not unless you want to. You don’t have to,” I said.

“Okay, I would rather not.”

I lubed up his cock then stretched out on the bed on my stomach. I thought it would be best this way his first time; he could turn me over on my back and fuck me like a girl when he was ready. I spread my legs out wide and tilted my butt up for him as he crawled on the bed. It was a tough entry due to his size, and twice he got discouraged that his cock wasn’t gong to fit but I urged him on, assuring him that I could take him.

Despite the deadening lube, it felt like he was indeed ripping me a new asshole when he head popped through. I saw stars! And blackness. But once in, he was eager to explore the very depths of my body and he plowed right on in. I choked down my groans of pain and let him impale me on his huge cock. But the pain quickly went away as he began to fuck me and he soon had me writhing and groaning with pure pleasure. It was the first that I realized just how big he was, when I felt his cock pounding against a spot deep past all the organs he’d shoved out of the way, like he was beating the head of a drum. It jolted me every time he did it, reverberating in my head, and it felt like he was stretching it wide open but not quite. Nobody had ever touched that spot before. I didn’t even know I had it, but for the first time, I wished his cock was even bigger than it was.

Jason was a natural cocksman. He fucked me better than most guys who had come before him, and there were a lot of them. Part of it was his awkward inexperience, part of it was his huge cock, and youth and his intensity. He drove me wild. He made me come all over the bed. He was delighted when he saw the mess I made all over the sheets.

Fucking me became a big part of his life after that. Mine, too. I loved sucking his cock and he liked me doing it, as well as eating his ass, but he almost always ended up fucking me. With working out all the time and consuming great amounts of bodybuilding supplements, Jason packed on even more muscle that summer. And his cock grew even bigger! I wouldn’t have thought it possible, and I didn’t know really how big he was getting till one he was fucking me and I realized that he was boring right through the drum-head barrier that he’d been pounding and stretching for so many months.

“Ohh, My Godd!” I cried softly as I felt what was happening.

“Yeah? That good?” he asked with that crooked little smile of his.

“Oh, Godd…Godd, Yesss! Oh, Jason….Ohhhh, give it to me….drive it in hard….hit me with it…OHHHHH!……Awwhhhh, fuck me, you big stud! Fuck me deep!”

“I’m fucking you as deep as I can, man, I’ve only got so much cock.”

I clung to his muscular body, my head tossed back in pure ecstasy that not even he had brought me to before. I saw stars dancing on my eyelids when I closed my eyes. Jason’s breath was coming in gasps as he worked to fuck me the way I begged him to. I couldn’t even cry out, now. All I could do was gasp for my breath as he pounded his huge cock unmercifully and deep…so deep….!

The head of his cock popped back and forth through the sphincter/barrier, like he stretching an O-ring and each time he plunged in and bore through to the other side to that open space that seemed wired with tiny electric currents, I choked on my screams.

“Shit, feels like….this might be….a good time…to come,” he gasped as he fucked me, so hard the bed was knocking against the wall.

He didn’t wait for my answer. He gave it to me in long, thick powerful spurts. It was like he was filling a reservoir that had lay empty all these years and the electricity was firing as his hot come shorted them out. Afterwards I lay limp and exhausted, my head still spinning and feeling so full that I imagined I was bloated. I didn’t even have the strength to suck in the air I needed.

“Fuck!” Jason exclaimed as he hovered over me on his arms with his cock still inside me. “That was the wildest fuck I ever had! I must have touched something in there….it sure set you off.”

“You did. You’ve been touching it for a long time….a spot so deep inside me…nobody ever touched it before….nobody ever went that deep….this time, though, you more than touched it. You bored through it. Goddd!”

“I sure hope I can make a girl feel like that one of these days,” he said.

It was the first I realized that the boy was still a virgin! That made our sex all the more special and exciting. He still dated girls but I couldn’t figure out what he was waiting on. He had everything going for him; hot good looks, a body to kill for, muscles in his shit, and a cock that I was sure must be dam near ten inches long by now. Shit, what was the matter with the females in his life!

One Saturday he came by early in the morning to tell me that he wouldn’t be doing any work that day. He was going to the lake with some friends.

“Male or female?” I asked with a grin.

“It’s a mixed crowd. Nobody’s going to be with a date; at least not starting out.”

“Hey, do you have a beach towel?” I asked.

“I’ve got one of my mom’s bath towels,” he said.

“I’ll get my beach towel for you.” He followed me inside and upstairs where I dug out my beach towel. It was deep blue with sailboats on one end. I flung it out to its full size.

“Wow! That’s a bedspread,” he said.

“It’ll hold two,” I assured him.

He unrolled his towel to get his swimsuit, to roll it up in my towel.

“Let’s see your suit,” I said.

He handed it to me. I held it up, I know with a look of disappointment. It was one of those horrible baggy things that reach to the knees; California baggies or something. I hated them.

“This is horrible,” I said.

“Huh? It’s what guys are wearing these days,” he said.

“I’ll show you what guys should be wearing,” I said. I dug around in my bottom dresser drawer and brought out three swimsuits. I laid one out on the bed; a deep blue, tight-fitting boxer-brief style, cut high on the leg. “If you like boxer style, at least make it one that fits.”

“Looks like it would fit all right,” he said.

“You wanta try it on?”

“Sure, why not?”

He took off his clothes, down to his socks and pulled the suit on. He pulled it up his thighs and stretched it around his butt and stuffed his manhood down in the pouch. He really filled it out in the butt and in front.

“Dam! This doesn’t leave much to the imagination,” he said.

“Why would you want to leave anything to the imagination?” I asked.

“I don’t know….it’s a pretty snug fit,” he said, eyeing himself in the mirror.

“Is this guy Brady Colson going to be there?”


“Well, this is your chance to set the record straight about who’s the better man,” I told him.

He hefted the pouch and smiled. “Yeah, I guess it would be.”

“Try this one on too, before you make up your mind,” I said, handing him another suit; a yellow thong.

“Hell, I can’t wear this,” he said, holding it up. “There’s no back to it.”

“Try it on. See how you look in it before you decide you’re not going to wear it.”

He peeled off the boxer and pulled the thong on. I adjusted the thin strap in back down the crack of his butt. He hefted the pouch in front and it bounced with his weight. My eyes popped when I saw him from the front. He looked like a god! A very well endowed god!

“Geezusss! I would get arrested wearing this,” he said.

“Yeah, for carrying a concealed weapon,” I said. “I assume it’s a public beach. This is usually reserved for a private beach.”

“Have you ever worn it?”


“You know where there’s a private beach? One that’s this private?” he asked, motioning to himself in the mirror.

“Yes. But this one is out for today. I’ve got one more.”

“I can hardly wait.”

I gave him the bikini in a blue bandana print. It wrapped itself snugly around his lean hips, hugged his tight, round butt and stretched in front to nicely accommodate the size of his manhood. It wasn’t indecent if you were a member of a temperance league.

“This is nice,” he said. “Only thing, it shows where I’m not tanned.”

“It’s a good chance to get more tanned,” I said. “And I think it shows a bit of daring, revealing what kind of suit you usually wear, and now you’re telling the world that you’re going more daring.”

“Yeah, I sort of like that.”

“Why don’t you take them both; this one and the boxer. Either one of them will serve your purpose.”

“Which is?”

“To let those girls know, unequivocally, who’s the better man.”

“Yeah. Fuck, I’ll show `em, and Brady. Hey, I’ve got an idea. Can I wear that real skimpy one under the blue boxer?”


“Who knows, maybe I’ll find a place and have the balls to skin the boxer off,” he said with a mischievous grin.

“Do you have condoms?” I asked.

“No, it’s not that kind of thing,” he said.

“Don’t ever say it’s not that kind of thing. Don’t ever walk out the door on a date without a condom. It might well be that kind of thing when the girls get a look at you in that suit,” I said. I went to my dresser and dug out three condoms and tucked them in his jeans pocket. They were extra large size that I’d bought especially for him.

“These are extra large, bigger than the one you tried on before,” I told him. “But three of them? You must think I’m going to be busy,” he said, laughing.

“I know what you’re capable of,” I said.

I was on pins and needles all day, wondering how his date went, hoping he would stop by and tell me all about it. He didn’t. But he was back to cut my grass the next day and I was anxious to hear about his day at the lake. I watched him walk back and forth across the yard, the muscles in his broad shoulders rippling. His triceps bulged from pushing the mower. His thick muscular thighs bulged with the power behind the mower. His legs reminded me of a young stallion; more so, perhaps, because I knew what he carried between them. His green shorts had grown tighter so they rode way low across his middle and so high on his thighs that there wasn’t any leg to them.

I went in to get some iced tea. I took it out to him and he rubbed the glass across his chest, sweat running down his abs.


“Yeah….thank you,” I said, letting my eyes roam up and down his spectacular torso.

“For what?” he asked.

“For this,” I said, with a wave at his body.

He laughed. “You had something to do with it, buying me all those supplements.”

I leaned in a licked the sweat off his chest.

“Not out here, somebody might see,” he said, stepping back.

“They would have to have a ladder to see over the fence,” I said, but I didn’t pursue it if he didn’t feel comfortable with it.

“Why don’t you take a break in on the deck; I can’t wait to hear about your day at the lake,” I said.

“I’m almost finished,” he said. Then he added with a mischievous grin, “It’ll give me a chance to work up some more fresh sweat for you to lick off if you want to.”

I went back into the deck to wait and watch. I was feeling fluffed up and I could hardly wait to listen to his story, and go to work on his sweaty young body.

Jason came up on the deck and boldly stripped of his shorts, down to his jockstrap. God, I loved that jockstrap. He’d been wearing it since about the eighth grade; the only one I’d ever seen him wear. It was well worn, with little pick-holes and tears, stretched out of shape from the strain of trying to contain his ever-growing manhood.

“Dam, Jason, you need a new jockstrap,” I said.

“This one’s doing the job,” he said, reaching down to cup the heavy pouch and let it fall and bounce.

“Barely,” I said. “I looks like something’s been chewing on it.”

“You like it,” he chided me.

“Oh, I love it, but one of these days it’s going to give way and everything’s going to fall out,” I said.

“But you’ll be there to catch it,” he joked.

He slouched back in the chair and rubbed the cold glass of tea over his face and neck and chest and abs. He put it down on his jock-pouch and brought it up between his legs. It was sensual as hell.

“Well? Tell me about it, your date,” I said.

“Do you want to lick my sweat off before it dries?”

“Yes,” I said as I got up and leaned down to lap up the salty sweat off his chest.

“I’m sweating down between my thighs, too,” he said.

“I’ll get to it. Talk to me,” I said.

“Well, I put Brady in his place once and for all, along with a couple more guys,” he said.


“Well, they were all surprised as hell when I didn’t show up wearing my baggy suit.”

“Which one did you wear?” I asked.

“All of them, actually,” he said. “I put the thong on, then the bikini on over that and then the boxer. Brady tried to make fun of me but he gave it up pretty quick when he saw how the girls were reacting. Even his own girlfriend was checking me out and told Brady he should get a suit like mine so he would have a better tan on his thighs. I hung around in the boxer for a while then I got real brave. I spread the towel out and peeled it off; said I was going to get a real tan. There were a lot of whistles and cat-calls when they saw me in the bikini.”

“Get to the good part….did you wear just the thong?”

He laughed. “It took a lot of working up courage, but yeah, I did,” he said.

“Oh, that must have caused a riot.”

“It sure pissed Brady off,” he said. “The thong pushed everything up and out under the bikini and the girls were all of a sudden getting very interested in what they were seeing. Hell, nobody ever showed off that much before in a swimsuit. Most of the guys weren’t pissed, they were just surprised at my balls. I got real bold and asked one of the girls if she wanted to put suntan oil on my upper thighs where I was still pale. Two of them volunteered, which pissed Brady off royally. He’s used to getting all the attention. One of them noticed the yellow sticking out of the back of my suit and asked me if I had on a yellow jock. I told her no, it was another swimsuit, in case I wanted to get more tan. They laughed and asked me how much more I could possibly tan without getting naked. I pulled the suit down and showed them and they begged me to take it off. Man, they squealed like hell when I pulled the bikini off. I was lying on the blanket when I took it off so I was lying on my back. The front, the pouch, bulged up like there were two fists stuffed in there.”

“Brady must have been green,” I said.

“He was having a tough time maintaining his composure,” Jason said. “He got so pissed when I turned over on my stomach that he grabbed his stuff and left.”

“You showed them your butt?”

“Yeah, one of the girls noticed the suit was riding up awfully high on my hip and I turned over to show her how high it rode up, and handed her the suntan oil to put on my butt.”

“Did she?” I asked excitedly.

“She sure did, along with the help of a couple of other girls. I think that’s the reason Brady left; he was afraid his girlfriend was going to volunteer to put oil on me.”

“This story is getting me hot,” I said. “How does it end?”

“I don’t know how it ended for Brady, but I didn’t bring any of your condoms back,” he said with a cocky grin.

“Oh, I only loaned them to you, I wanted them back,” I said with a scowl. He gave me a funny look. He thought I was serious till I laughed.

“Fucker, what would you do with used condoms?” he asked, laughing.

“Well, I’m going to mark this day on the calendar; the day Jason lost his virginity,” I said.

“A day fuckin’ long overdue,” he said. “But I didn’t lose it. I know exactly where I put it,” he said with a grin.

He finished his tea while he groped his jockstrap with his other hand. He set the glass down and stood up in front of me.

“The sweat is evaporating,” he said. I buried my face in the bulging pouch of his jock, sucking in the aroma of him. He shoved my face into his crotch, back under his jockstrap. I lapped the warm, salty sweat, heady with his man-smell. He wouldn’t let me have his cock till his jockstrap was soaked with my spit. Then he pulled it aside and gave me his cock. He never tasted so good.

After he had expanded his tan wearing the bikini and the thong, he wanted to get an all over tan.

“Would it be all right if I laid out in your back yard naked?” he asked me one day.

“Sure, but you’ll have to explain to your parents and the guys in the locker room how you got tanned all over….where you found to lay out naked.”

“Screw the guys in the locker room. I’ll let them wonder,” he said.

“What about your mom and dad?”

“I’ll make sure I wear shorts around them, so they won’t see me.”

It was frustrating as hell, watching the boy lie out in my yard stark naked and not being able to touch him. He wouldn’t do anything in the yard. He was almost paranoid about somebody seeing us, even though it was an eight-foot fence and lined with boards on the inside so there were no cracks to see through. Then one day he asked me about the private beach I’d mentioned.

“Well, it’s not so much a beach as a lake,” I said.

“But it’s private?” he asked. “Private enough to wear that yellow thing you showed me?”

“Private enough that you don’t even have to wear the thong if you don’t want to.”

“It’s a nude beach, or lake?”

“Clothing is optional,” I said.

“Can we go?” he asked anxiously.

“Maybe. I’ll think about it. But you need to understand, it’s not a sex club or anything. You’re not going to see people naked in piles having orgies.”

“Maybe I can change all that,” he joked.

I decided to take him to the beach. He was old enough. The age limit was sixteen when accompanied with a parent, guardian, and I could pose as his dad. He was so excited to pack his tiny yellow thong in the big blue beach towel and be on our way.

It was a two-hour drive and another slow trek down a long lane. I gave Jason my key card and he got out and swiped it to let the gate up.

“How come you didn’t tell me about this place before?” he asked as he was getting back in the car.

“I didn’t think you needed to know.”

“When were you going to tell me?”

“I don’t know. Maybe never. At least not till you turned eighteen.”

“I can’t believe you would keep this from me, I’ve been eighteen for awhile now.”

“Well, you’re here, so just shut up,” I joked.

Jason showed his ID and I registered him as my guest. Then we went to the men’s change room.

“We just walk out like this?” he asked as he pulled the tiny yellow thong on and adjusted his manhood in the pouch.

“I’m not sure how far you’ll get,” I said. “Why, are you nervous?”

“A little.”

“Well, slip your jeans on over your suit, you can take them off later when you feel more comfortable,” I said.

“Yeah, I’ll do that.”

I slipped on a white thong with O-ring slides that allowed the front to be spread wide or pushed in to form a smaller gathered pouch. I put on a blue-print bikini on top of that. Then I put on a snug-fitting boxer.

“Are you wearing all of those?”

“Yeah, I’ll take them off as the situation warrants, like you did at the lake,” I said. “One thing we didn’t touch on, Jason.”

“What’s that?”

“If you tell anybody I brought you here, I’ll kill you.”

He laughed. “Hey, I don’t tell anybody anything that we do.”

We walked out of the change room. Jason grabbed his share of attention immediately, in his jeans and no shirt. People looked openly at him, heads turned, and I got some curious looks myself. I knew what was behind those looks; they were wondering about a guy my age with a hot teenager.

“He’s my little brother,” I said to one guy who was gaping at us and giving us a leering smile. The guy scurried off. Jason laughed.

“Do you think he believed that?”

“I don’t know, but he’s not gaping at us anymore,” I said.

We walked around, admiring the scenery, most of it on two legs, but it was mostly Jason being admired. I could hardly wait till he found the nerve to take off his jeans and appear in that tiny yellow thong. So far, Jason hadn’t seemed to notice that all the guests were male and I hoped it didn’t bother him or disappoint him when he did notice. I figured he was looking forward to a day of ogling naked girls. We walked down to the lake and stood in the shallow water, our feet buried in the warm, wet sand.

“We’ll go in swimming as soon as you work up the nerve to shed your jeans,” I chided him.

“I’m getting there,” he said.

We stopped by the deli and picked up lunch to take with us. I recognized a few guys from previous visits. Their eyes popped when they saw me with Jason. We stopped to talk with one guy I knew, Adam. I told him I hadn’t been there for a while and he filled me in on some of the changes.

“Have you checked out the Path to Paradise?” he asked, pointing to a small but artistic sign posted at the beginning of a path leading into the thick woods.

“No, what is it?”

“Just what the sign says. Let’s just say they’ve grown a lot more lax, even liberal, in policing the grounds. Why don’t you take this young stud and have your lunch down along the path? Or I’ll take him…and have lunch,” he said. “It’s posted no one under eighteen, but they don’t enforce it.”

“That’s okay, I’m eighteen,” Jason lied.

“Do you wanta to check it out?” I asked Jason

“Hell, yeah.”

Adam swallowed hard, like he was trying to work up the courage to say something. He finally did, just as we were about to move on.

“Please tell me you’re not going to wear those jeans your entire visit,” he said to Jason.

“No, he’s just working up the courage to take them off,” I said.

We headed for the sign and the dark opening into the woods. It was cool in under the trees, barely a streak of sunshine allowed in through the thick foliage. The path was narrow but well worn, with paths leading off to more secluded areas in the brush and grass. I could make out two guys in a sixty-nine and wondered if Jason saw it. I didn’t point it out to him. Whatever he saw or learned on this little venture was going to be on his own. Twenty yards or so down the main path we came upon a nest in the grass just a few feet off the path. There were two bodybuilders lying in the thick bed of grass in a passionate embrace, their legs entwined, one writhing half on top of the other as he groped between the man’s legs. They were kissing! I paused and glanced in their direction and Jason looked too. I watched carefully for his reaction to the two men who were in the throes of the most erotic and passionate kiss I’d ever seen. It was made more so because they were so muscular and perfectly put together.

When Jason didn’t say anything I moved on, but I noticed him give them one quicker look over his shoulder.

“Wow!” he said.

“Yeah, that was pretty hot, huh?”

“Yeah….yeah it was,” he said, as if he were admitting something.

We found a spot to eat lunch several yards down from the bodybuilders. Jason spread out the huge beach towel and I began to unpack our lunch.

“Are you going to disappoint all of these people and keep those jeans on all day?” I asked.

“No.” With that, he unbuttoned his jeans and shoved them down. He pulled them off and tossed them aside, standing in his hiking boots and the tiny yellow thong.

“That’s more like it,” I said.

“I’m not so sure it’s a good idea; you’ve got a hungry look on your face,” he kidded me.

“Hang around for dessert,” I told him.

We were eating and I was drinking in the sight of the handsome, muscular teenager sitting across from me with his legs crossed, Indiana style. The pouch of the thong bulged out from his crotch, hanging heavily on the grass.

“I almost want to go back and watch those guys,” he said.

“They’re probably finished with that kiss,” I said.

“Yeah, and probably deep into another one,” he said.

“We can go back. They didn’t seem to mind anyone watching.”

“Hell, I wouldn’t mind either if I was built like those guys,” he said.

I looked at him and sighed. “You are, fuckhead. Don’t you ever look at yourself in the mirror?”

“I don’t look like that,” he said.

“Do you want to try it sometime; what they were dong?” I asked in a cautious tone.

“You mean…kissing?” he said, and I couldn’t tell whether it was surprised disbelief in his tone, or disgust.

“We’ve never done it,” I said.

“How come we haven’t?” he asked. “We’ve sure been tangled up together like that plenty of times.”

“I was afraid to. I didn’t think you would stand for it,” I said. “You don’t know it, but you’re damned intimidating, even for a teenager.”

He laughed. “I don’t know why anyone would be intimidated by me. Except maybe my cock.”

“No, it’s more than your cock. Your looks, the way you’re put together and all wrapped up in such a young package. Trust me, that’s intimidating.”

It dropped it for the moment and we continued eating. Jason didn’t take another sandwich. He drank down a half bottle of water, swirling it in his mouth, then capped the bottle and laid back on the towel. I finished, too, and sat cross-legged beside him.

I stretched out beside him, on my side, my head propped up with one arm. The pouch of his thong was bulging mightily.

“You are the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen,” I said as I brushed my hand over it.

He smiled, that cute embarrassed smile. “Not even the girls call me that,” he said.

“You should know by now, girls don’t appreciate the beauty of a male like another male does. They’re too much into themselves and their own beauty.”

“I suppose you’ve got a point. Except that they do appreciate my butt,” he added with a grin.

“Wait till you walk around here with that tight, gorgeous butt hanging out and see how males appreciate it,” I said.

“Well, I know you like it, and that’s all that’s important,” he said.

“You, uh….didn’t answer my question,” I said quietly as I rubbed my hand up and down his thigh.

“Sorry, sir, I forgot the question,” he said. Then his face lilt up. “Oh, you mean, what those two studs were doing.”

“You might as well know, I want to kiss you so bad I ache inside,” I said.

“Then do it,” he said. It was just like him. Face up to something and take the bull by the horns.

“Geezuss, you say that so easily,” I said.

“What’s so difficult about it? If those two studs can do it…and they sure as hell don’t look gay.”

“There you go with labels again,” I said.

“I don’t know how else to say things other than the way I say them.”

“You say things just fine,” I said, rubbing my hand back and forth across his wide, thick chest. If only he knew what was behind the terrible urge to kiss him; if he knew the emotions that choked me up and made me hurt inside. I was so fuckin’ in love with the boy I couldn’t think straight but I had to suffer through it alone. He could never know how I truly felt about him, beyond my intense desire for his body.

I leaned down and sucked tenderly on his right tit. He moaned and put his hand on the back of my head. I sucked the turgid nipple, causing him to tremble, then moved across his chest to the other one. I sucked it and flicked the other one with my fingers. I kissed back and forth across his chest several times then made my way up his cleavage to his thick neck. I kissed around to the side of the corded muscles and up the side of his face. He instinctively started to turn his head but then retreated from it. I kissed his cheek and his forehead and his nose then hovered my lips over his mouth. Our eyes met for a fleeting second and he closed his. I brushed my lips against his and he let his lips relax. I kissed him ever-so lightly…gently…barely a touch, but it sent eddies of electricity through both of us. I applied a little pressure and smashed our lips together, and let mine come open, fully around his. I flicked his lips with my tongue and they parted inside the enclosure of my lips. Then I felt his tongue, flicking up out of his mouth, tentatively, searching for mine.

“OOhhnnnnn,” he moaned softly as our tongues touched and explored and lashed around like two snakes.

“Oh, Jason,” I gasped as I bore my mouth down on his and kissed him as passionately as I’d ever kissed anybody in my life. I put everything I had into it; every technique, backed up with every emotion in me. I wanted to make this kiss something we would both remember, for I feared it would be the last. I was surprised when he put one hand around the back of my head and the other one around my back, holding me tight and actually kissing me back with great passion.

I ran my hands up and down his thighs, groping in the apex, groping for the bulging thong. His cock wasn’t hard, but it was a lot bigger than before. I was encouraged by that. It meant he wasn’t turned off by us kissing. Indeed, it was turning him on! We kissed, it seemed, for several minutes. I didn’t really know whether it was one kiss or a bunch of kisses, but the result was the same. His cock was expanding inside the yellow thong and my cock was throbbing against his hip. Finally, when I sensed that he wanted to, I broke it off. I raised up and gazed into his closed eyes till he opened them. When he glanced aside, I laid down beside him.

“Shit!” he whispered.

“Is that good or bad?” I asked. “Sometimes it’s hard to tell with you.”

“Just…Shit! Man, I’m not sure I should’ve liked that so much.”

“Stop being afraid of your feelings,” I said.

“I’m not afraid; it’s just that sometimes I wonder what’s going on inside me.”

Neither of us was aware that there was anyone around till there was quiet applause from the path. I looked around to see two young, very good-looking men standing there, all smiles.

“Shit,” Jason swore and quickly turned over on his stomach and hid his face in his hands.

“Ohh, My Godd! Oh, My Godddd!” they gasped.

I had to laugh at the way they were going ga-ga over Jason’s butt.

“Oh, can I get a picture of that?” one asked excitedly as he whipped out a camera.

“I don’t know…,” I started, for I thought cameras were banned from the place.

“Its okay, just not my face,” Jason said. He fairly posed for them, writhing his hips around, clenching and relaxing his butt muscles, even jutting his butt up for them. They squealed with delight.

Since he was so into it, I leaned down and whispered, “Why don’t you really give them something to take pictures of?”

He glanced at me and I flicked my tongue out. He smiled. “Yeah, go ahead. Drive `em wild.”

I let them finish their little photo shoot taking pictures of me lying between Jason’s legs, eating and tonguing his ass. They wanted to take my place with him and have me take pictures of them but Jason didn’t want that. They took the hint that we were together and left.

“Well, they’ve got something to jack-off to for awhile,” Jason remarked as they were walking away. Actually they didn’t go very far, only a few yards further off the path in another small clearing, close enough that they could watch and certainly hear us. Jason turned to me on his side, laughing and it was so natural for me to roll against him and put an arm around him. We pressed out bodies together and I put my hand down between us to squeeze his manhood through the stretched thong. It seemed just as perfectly natural for him to kiss me again, with all the passion of a lover. I kissed him back and freed his cock at the same time. I raised my leg and guided his cock between my thighs.

“Ohh, we’ve never done this before,” he said as he began pumping his cock back and forth between my thighs.

He went back to kissing me, lashing at my tongue and trying to capture it as he fucked my thighs. He worked himself up so that he went over the top in a few minutes.

“Ohh….Ohhh….Ohhh, I’m gonna come,” he whispered.

I felt the powerful surge through his cock but it was stuck so far between my legs that I didn’t feel the heat of his load but I could feel it shooting out. He relaxed again, lying with his head on my arm.

Later…it was getting dusk…we went swimming then returned to Paradise to stretch out on the beach towel where we dozed off. I woke up sometime in the dark of the woods to the feel of someone fondling me. I half sat up, my eyes snapped open to see a youngish man, very good looking, with a naked gym-built body, knelt down beside me, playing with my balls.

“Forgive me for waking you, but I had to feel for myself to know that you were real; you and this young god beside you.”

“He’s real,” I said, not annoyed. “We both are.”

“Would I be out of line if I asked…no, if I begged….to show you both pleasure?”

“No, not at all.”

“Him, too?”

“He’ll be pissed if you don’t,” I said.

The man knelt astraddle our thighs and bent over to take my cock in his mouth. He was good, and I realized instantly why….he had removed his teeth. He took a turn with Jason and brought him awake. The boy sat up, wide-eyed to see this strange man sucking his cock.

“I told him it was okay,” I said.

“Awww, fuck, yeah, it’s okay! Geezusss, he’s incredible! Ohh, fuck, I love the way he’s chewing on my cock, and it don’t hurt.”

“That’s his gums,” I said.

The man raised up, all smiles. “I think I could take you both if you got in the right position,” he said.

“What’s the right position?” Jason asked eagerly.

He showed us. He maneuvered us and guided us into a position lying back, face to face, with Jason’s thighs draped over mine, our balls smashed together. The man held our cocks up against each other.

“This is the position,” he said.

I didn’t see how he managed to get his mouth stretched around both of our cocks but he did. When he was positioned half way down our cocks, we fucked his mouth.

“Oh, Godd, this is hot!” Jason moaned. “Shit, I like the feel of your cock sliding against mine.”

Jason got hot fast and went off. The man was absolutely stunned at Jason’s load when he came. He choked on it, swallowed and gagged and tried to swallow some more but there was just too much of it, and it was running down our cocks, out of his mouth. He finally had to give up and let the stuff boil out of the big cock then he bent down and began sucking and slurping it up. He got me off then rose to his feet and backed out of our spot, almost as if he were bowing to royalty. Jason and I untangled ourselves and went down to the lake to wash up. It was getting chilly and we hadn’t brought sleeping bags.

“I think we need to go before we catch cold,” I said.

“I’ll bet we could find someone who would share their sleeping bag with us,” he said.

“Do you want to stay longer?” I asked.

“I wish we could find those two bodybuilders,” he said.

We looked all around but they were gone, or they were well hidden.

“Dang, I wish we had a blanket,” he said.

“I didn’t know we would be staying this late. It used to close at sundown,” I said.

“We could put our clothes back on and cover up with the beach towel,” he suggested.

“You really want to stay, don’t you?”

“Hey, this place is wild. I didn’t know places like this even existed. Yeah, I wanta stay. Maybe we could build a campfire.”

“Come on,” I said, getting to my feet. I could see flickers of campfires here and there and I was sure all we would have to do was show ourselves and somebody would take pity on us. We took the path back out of Paradise and walked toward another wooded area where several campfires were flickering. Jason was strutting his stuff, proud in his tiny yellow thong with his gorgeous, tight butt hanging out and the pouch bounding when he walked. I saw in the light of the first fire several older guys sitting around talking and drinking coffee out of a thermos. I guided us around them and headed deeper into the woods. Up ahead I saw two handsome heads held up with thick columns of muscle, broad, heavily muscled shoulders and bulging arms sticking out of the same sleeping bag. It was the two bodybuilders! I poked Jason in the side.

“Hey, it’s them!” he exclaimed excitedly then added, “but shit, they’re filling up that sleeping bag, there’s not gonna be any room for us.”

“Maybe they can squeeze you in; I’ll find another place,” I said.

“No, man, I’m not gonna leave you out in the cold. We can just leave,” he said.

But I kept walking toward them, slow, careful steps. I knew Jason didn’t want to leave; I remembered how impressed and excited he was watching the two bodybuilders kissing. They looked up when they heard our quiet footsteps.

“Hey,” I said.

“Hi, guys,” one of them said. His neck looked like a tree trunk holding his head up.

“Looks like you’re snuggled in for the night,” I said.

“Yeah, till the fire goes out.”

“Well, then you’ve got each other to keep you warm,” I said.

“Aren’t you chilly in that thing?” one asked Jason, nodding to his thong.

“I’m okay,” Jason said.

“We drove off without sleeping bags or blankets or anything. I didn’t know they’d opened the place for overnights,” I said.

“We’ve got an extra sleeping bag if you want to use it.”

“That’s real generous of you,” I said.

“Hey, we’re not using it.”

“Yes, we can see that,” I said with a smile. My smile was partly the way the bodybuilders were looking at Jason.

The blonde crawled out of the sleeping bag and walked back to a small tent and came back with a sleeping bag. I stood there a little breathless, watching his incredibly tight, muscular butt flexing when he walked. I noticed that Jason was watching, too.

“Here you go, spread it out here by the fire,” he said, handing the bag to me. “It’s a single, but then you wanta keep warm.”

“Thanks. I’m Ben, by the way. This is Jason.”

“Jack,” he said, putting out a ham-sized hand. “That’s Tony in the bag.”

We both bent down to shake hands with Tony and I saw the way he was looking Jason up and down. Jack crawled back into their sleeping bag as I was untying ours. Jason stepped up to help spread it out.

“Are you guys related? Like, maybe uncle and nephew, or father and son?” Tony asked.

“No. Don’t I wish. He’s my neighbor. He takes care of my yard and stuff.”

“And stuff…a lot more than your yard, I’ll bet,” Jack said.

“You could say that,” I said with a smile and a side glance at Jason.

“That’s a great looking swimsuit you’re wearing,” Tony said.

“Thanks,” Jason said.

“Actually, its you that makes it look so good,” he said. “Did it come with any kind of warranty against totally collapsing under the weight?’

Jason laughed. “I don’t know, he gave it to me.”

“It looks real comfortable. What’s it made of? Looks nice and soft and stretchy, gives real nice when you m move.”

Jason did something then that blew my mind. I’d never seen him so bold. He stepped over and knelt down on one knee in front of the two bodybuilders and said, “Do you want to feel it?”

The two men immediately reached out and began feeling the pouch of his thong.

“Yeah, feels nice and…well, maybe not as soft as I thought,” Tony said as he squeezed and groped the filled pouch.

I was unzipping the sleeping bag, looking forward to crawling in it with Jason to keep warm but it wasn’t to be.

“Listen, it might be more comfortable for everybody if one of you crawled in here with us; it’s an oversized double, it’ll hold three people easier than that one will hold two,” Tony said.

Jason looked over his shoulder at me, looking for approval, or wanting permission, I couldn’t tell, except that I knew he wanted to crawl in with the two bodybuilders. I couldn’t blame him, and as bad as I wanted us to share a sleeping bag, I wasn’t about to deny him.

“Okay with you if I crawl in here with these guys?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” Jason asked.

“No, of course not, go ahead,” I said.

They unzipped the bag part way for him to crawl in between them.

“Ahh, this feels good; nice and warm,” he said.

“Dam, you are cold,” Jack said as the two bodybuilders wrapped their arms and legs around him. “Let’s get him warmed up.”

“Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to take long,” I said as I crawled into my bag alone. I stretched out on my stomach facing them so I could watch by the dancing flames. The two bodybuilders were all over him and before long I could hear him moaning along with them. I didn’t know what they were doing to him but he was liking it. I was surprised and a little envious when Tony laid up over him and kissed him. It was a hard, no-nonsense kiss that made Jason groan, and he wrapped his arms around the big stud to kiss him back with great passion. It was a long kiss and there was more activity down inside the bag. Jack had all but disappeared and there was movement that indicated that he was sucking Jason’s cock. A few minutes later, he re-appeared, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand then he began kissing him, too. It was a three-way tongue swap that was exciting as hell.

“Mmnnn…uuhnnnnn…oohhnnn…mmmnnnnn,” Jason moaned as he slathered his tongue from one mouth to the other. Then he broke with a little gasp and groaned louder, “Awwwhhh…ohhhh, fuck…ohhh, man, I’m coming!”

Tony dove down in the sleeping back, obviously to take his load, maybe so he wouldn’t mess up their sleeping bag. My cock was so hard it was drilling into the ground as I humped the thick grass. They didn’t stop. When Tony came back up he had his mouth full of semen that he shared with Jack. They tried to share it with Jason but he snapped his head aside and tightened his lips. When they had swapped the warm semen several times they swallowed then began nibbling on Jason’s tits. He wasn’t going to get much sleep. I didn’t either till I finally emptied my nuts in my swimsuit.

Next morning when Jason crawled out of the sleeping bag he was without his thong, and probably without a half dozen loads of come. I wondered what all they had done with him during the night.

“Where are your buddies?” I asked.

“They said they were going down to the lake for a swim. It’s too cold for me,” he said.

“Looks like you’re missing something,” I said.

He searched the sleeping bag and found the thong which he slipped on, and I handed him his other swimsuits to put on.

“I want my jeans, too, and my T-shirt. It’s chilly.”

I gave him his jeans and T-shirt then rolled up the borrowed sleeping bag and was tying it up just as the Jack and Tony came up from the lake, dripping wet.

“Geezusss, how do you guys stand that cold water?” I asked.

“It’s invigorating,” Jack said, reaching for a towel that hung on a limb.

“Yeah, like you guys need more invigorating,” Jason scoffed.

They laughed, their tight, hard abs rippling in unison.

“Hey, thanks for sharing him with us,” Tony said to me.

“I don’t think I could’ve stopped him,” I said.

“Do you guys want to have breakfast with us?” Jack asked.

“We probably need to heading back,” Jason said.

I was surprised he wanted to leave. Before he could resist the two bodybuilders pulled him into a three-way goodbye hug and tried to kiss him goodbye but he turned his head. We all shook hands and Jason and I headed back to where I was parked.

“So, did you get any sleep?” I asked as I was pulling out.

“Not much. Dam, I don’t know what all those guy did to me.”

“They didn’t force you into anything you didn’t want to do, did they?” I asked.

“No. They tried but when I resisted, they didn’t press it.”

“What’d they try?”

“They tried to fuck me. I’m just glad they didn’t try to force me. Not much I could’ve done about warding off all those muscles.”

“But you enjoyed your stay with them,” I said.

“Yeah, I didn’t realize that being sandwiched between two heaps of muscle like that could feel so good. When I wouldn’t let them fuck me, Tony sort of dry-fucked me, slid his cock along the crack of my ass. I gotta admit, it felt sort of good, especially when he shot his load all over my butt. Mann, it was hot.”

“Do you want to come back again sometime?” I asked.

“Sure. But I need to get home. Listen, could I take a shower at your house? I smell like sex. I’ve got dried come all over me.”

It was the first and only time that I kissed Jason, and I didn’t take him back to the lake. I don’t know why, it just never happened.

His muscles glistened in the sun, sweat pouring out of his pores. Okay, so he wouldn’t let me lick the sweat off his muscles out there in the yard. But I wanted to taste his sweat. I took the glass back inside and heard the lawn mower shut off. I went into the garage and let the tailgate down and tossed the mattress in the bed of the truck. Jason brought the mower in and I put the garage door down. He came around to the back of the truck wiping sweat with his shirt.

“Don’t,” I said, taking the shirt from him, and I leaned in and began licking the sweat off his muscles. He sat on the tailgate and leaned back a little. I groped the front of his shorts.

“Ohhh…ohh yeah…but I wanta fuck you,” he said.

“Okay, but first you promised me sweat,” I said as I tugged his shorts down. I took them off of him and he laid back on the truck in his jockstrap and work boots.

“Okay, lap it up,” he said, setting his legs wide.

I dove for his crotch, drinking in the manly aroma. I loved the smell of fresh sweat, not too old, mixed with a trace of deodorant and his natural man-smell. I lapped my tongue up in the crevice between his bulging jockstrap and the apex of his thigh, then went to the other side. I nuzzled in under the heavy bulge. I sucked the aroma out of his jockstrap and felt his cock begin to rise. His jockstrap, my favorite, was old and worn and dingy, with little pick-holes that were gradually growing into tears. I loved clamping my mouth over it and finding the tiny holes with my tongue. I shoved my shoulders under his thighs and stood up, raising him up with me and pressed his legs up against his chest.

“Hold your legs up for me,” I said.

He locked his arms around his legs and tilted his butt up off the mattress, spread wide, framed in the straps of his jockstrap. I leaned down and buried my face between the tight, round muscles and began lapping the crack of his ass. Godd, he tasted good. The male-sweet musk was always the best there and I lapped it up hungrily.

“Dam, you fuckin’ like my sweat, don’t you?”

“Love it,” I said. I pulled his butt apart, stretching his hole open and flicked my tongue into the opening.

“Ohhh….Awwwh, that feels so good! Shit, you always torture me, flicking your tongue around the edge like that….please, shove it in and give me some good tongue.”

I would, but not right away. I tortured him first, till I had him almost squealing and thrashing his butt around like he was in heat. Then I tongued him. I washed the inside of his ass with my tongue. Then I worked a finger in. I barely found his prostate when he let out a groan and grabbed my wrist.

“No…Godd, I can’t stand it when you do that….you’re gonna make me come, and I don’t wanta come yet. I want to fuck you.” With that he raised up and stepped off the truck bed and turned me around in his favorite position, bent over the tailgate. I spread my legs, set my feet out wide, ready for him.

“Dam, you’ve got a great ass,” he said as he caressed my butt and pressed his jock in the crack.

It felt like he had about ten pounds of meat stuffed in his jockstrap and I trembled a little, as I always did, as I imagined it being buried in my ass. Maybe he did have ten pounds, including his bull-sized balls. Then I felt the heat of his bare cock. It was gone for a moment but returned, hot and slick with lubricant. I braced myself as he set the head on target. Then he clamped his big hands around my hips and pushed. He was never brutal, but he didn’t treat me like a pussy either. He pushed relentlessly till the head popped in and without pause, buried his cock slowly till his hard, hairy loins pressed against my butt. It always took my breath away when he entered me, like he was pushing the air out of my lungs, not to mention the way he stretched my asshole so wide with his girth the size of a baseball bat. He paused only for a few seconds before he started fucking me.

“Ohhhhhhhh, every time I do this it’s like the first time. Godd, I love the feel of your ass squeezing my cock,” he said.

Knowing I was in for a ride, I reached out and grabbed the top corners of the mattress to hang onto. The kid could fuck! He angled his cock upward and banged the head against the base of my spine, raised up on his toes to aim down for my prostate. I cried out when he hit it, but not for him to stop. He caused a strange sort of pain that I liked, followed by the incessant feeling that I had to come as he slid his cock back and forth across my love nut. Then he fucked me straight in, pounding the sphincter/barrier that he’d found, beating at the tight O-ring till it began to open up. I could feel it expanding with each thrust till suddenly he burst through it into that no-man’s-land that literally no man had ever reached before. He fucked the head of his cock back and forth through the tight ring, pulling and stretching it and causing havoc with my emotions. I wanted to scream, and I decided right then and there that we had to move this out someplace where we could be alone and fuck with abandon.

He pulled back then till my sphincter was locked tightly around the rim of his cock. I loved it when he did this. He would tug back, stretching and pulling my asshole practically inside out, till the head popped free then he would fuck back through the gaping hole and do it again. He picked up his pace and fucked me hard, just back and forth through my sphincter, popping my asshole with each thrust and withdrawal. Then he slammed his cock all the way in me, banging against the barrier and through the second sphincter. I buried my face in the mattress to stifle my scream. As usual, he fucked my eyeballs out. He fucked me silly and he knew it and he loved doing it. He loved to make he yell and groan and scream and beg him to fuck me and beg him to stop and beg him not to. He loved to see me clawing the mattress, trying to hang onto my sanity.

“I’m gonna fuck it deep in you, as far as I can go,” he said as a matter of warning.

I thought he had been fucking me as far as his cock could reach, but that’s not what he meant. He showed me what he was saying. He shoved his cock in deep and used tiny strokes to fuck back and forth through my O-ring, non-stop, till suddenly I felt the heat of his come bursting into my innermost love-channel. He scalded me with it and the heat spread through my body. It was so different than getting it shot in my ass; this was searing the depths of my soul.

He emptied his balls in me and held me tight till his cock had spurted out every last drop of come and my O-ring kept squeezing around the head till it gradually pulled back and the hole closed up till next time. He took his time pulling his cock back through my guts and at the end of it he tugged on my sphincter a few times with the rim of the head before he pulled free. I heard his cock slap against his thigh with a soft smack. He staggered to turn around and sit beside me on the tailgate.

“Goddam, that really takes it out of me,” he gasped as he rubbed his hand over my much-abused butt.

“Shit, I can’t even get up,” I said. “My legs are numb from shaking so bad.”

“As soon as I get my strength back in my legs, I’ll stand up and help you up,” he said.

When he pulled me up, I staggered and he steadied me against him, chest against chest, and it was the closest we had ever come to an embrace since we had kissed. I had only to lean in a couple of inches and I could’ve kissed him but of course I didn’t. He gave me a funny, almost frightened look, and we moved apart.

“One of these days my dad’s going to come looking for me and wonder what the hell’s going on in here,” he said.

“I’ve thought about. I’ve already got the solution.”

“What is it?”

“I’ll show you next time you come over; it’ll be ready.” I was prompted to put in the alarm when his dad did come looking for Jason one day when he wasn’t there. He was acting kind of funny, I thought; uneasy and without a prompt answer when I asked him what he needed him for. I decided it was a good time to take that bull by the horns.

“Look, Jim, if you’re worried about Jason….anything inappropriate….don’t be,” I said. “He’s a great kid, and we have a great relationship, but it’s not that kind of relationship.”

He looked down, kicking his heel in against the sidewalk. “I, uh…I admit it did cross my mind,” he said, rather embarrassed. “But thanks for saying it, and I’m sorry I even thought it.”

“From what I hear about the girls, I seriously doubt that anybody could even start up that kind of relationship with your son,” I told him.

“You probably hear more about the girls than I do,” he said.

“That’s because I’m not his dad.”

“I’m sorry for my suspicions,” he said again.

“Don’t be sorry. That’s your job. If he were my son I would be just as protective. And if I ever had a son, I would want him to be just like Jason. You’ve raised an exceptional young man there, Jim.”

“Well, the jury’s still out on that,” he said.

“If he shows up, I’ll send him home,” I said.

“No, that’s okay, I can see him at dinner,” he said. So I had that out of the way…something that had been on mind for quite a while….but I had the alarm put in to cover my ass. I felt guilty as shit, giving the man reassurances while I was having sex with his son, and even plotting ways to protect out little love nest in the garage. A tiny electric eye was attached to the front corner of the house that would detect anyone walking up the drive and sound a quiet alarm inside the garage and in the house, giving us the seconds we needed to get ourselves straightened up and the door unlocked before his dad possibly appeared on the scene. It saved our asses just once but that was worth the price of the alarm. I heard the mower shut off and a moment later Jason came in from the yard through the side door where I was waiting on the tailgate.

“Man, I’ll bet we’ve got more miles on the tailgate of your truck than you have on the odometer,” he joked. He wasn’t wearing his jockstrap today and his cock bulged against the sweat-soaked material of his shorts. He pulled them off and as a matter of course he climbed up in the back of the truck and squatted down over my face for me to lick the sweat off his balls and suck it off his cock and out of his crotch, and my favorite place, his ass. He didn’t linger after he thought I had him cleaned. He climbed back off the truck and lifted my legs onto his shoulders. He took the tube of lube that I’d laid there and greased up his cock and my asshole and gently but firmly entered me.

He let me get used to it, not by holding still, but by sliding his cock slowly in and out of my ass till I stopped wincing and groaning. Then he started fucking me, setting his own pace, his own rhythm. He knew that any way he did it was okay with me. It didn’t matter where his cock was in my ass, he knew he could drive me wild with it. We were fucking like crazy when suddenly the alarm sounded; a soft, half-dozen beeps.

“Oh, Geesuss, I’ll bet that’s my dad!” he gasped as he jerked his cock out of me so fast I was afraid he might have turned my guts inside out. He snatched up his shorts and pulled them on while I scrambled into my cutoffs. He hustled out the side door while I tossed the mattress aside and rushed to open the overhead door. Sure enough, his dad was coming up the driveway.

“Hey Dalton,” I greeted him casually, praying the guilt didn’t show on my face.

“Is Jason here?” he asked.

“Yeah, he’s out working in the yard,” I said, nonchalant as hell.

He went out the side door and I went over to peer out the rear window. I didn’t know what Jason was doing….he had already brought the mower in…but I saw that he had grabbed the spade on the way out the door. He was digging up a spot along the fence. When I saw him from the side I thought, Godd, don’t let his dad see him like that! His shorts were still bulging terribly from his hardon and if he moved just right, the dam thing would jump right out the leg of his shorts!

“Hey, dad,” he greeted him without turning completely around.

“Hey, Jason.” He didn’t say anything else for a minute and I was sure that he had come to check on his son again.

“Ben wants to create a flower bed along the fence. I was just digging it up,” he said.

“Okay. Your mom said she thought you went over to Braden’s house but when she called you weren’t there.”

“No, Braden wasn’t going right home so I came by here to get a head start on this project,” Jason said. He sounded convincing enough, but I wasn’t sure from the look on his dad’s face, if he had convinced the man. Ben came back in the garage.

“He’s one hell of a worker,” I said.

“Yeah, he appreciates you giving him the work,” he said.

“Oh, I’m not giving him anything,” I assured him. “He earns every dollar I pay him. I’m finally managing to get caught up on all the projects I wanted to do.”

“Well, he appreciates the chance to earn the money.”

I had the feeling I had slipped back a couple of paces; I was sure his dad was suspicious of something going on. I took it head on again. I told Jason what I was going to do. I went down to the house the first time I saw Jason working out in their yard. I told Dalton that I wanted to invite him and Jason to go on a camping trip with me that weekend. Inviting Jason and his dad, I couldn’t be accused of any ulterior motives or unsavory ideas.

“Jason could bring a friend along,” I went on.

“I’d like to….sounds like fun….but I’m going to be away this weekend,” he said. “Maybe some other time.”

“Or, Jason could still invite a friend along,” I said. The timing was right…Dad would be gone…and I didn’t want to put it off till later when he could go.

“Yeah, that’d be great. I could invite Braden,” Jason said, quickly picking up on his cue.

“Okay, then the four of us can make a weekend of it sometime,” his dad said.

The next time Jason saw me he asked, “Hey, you didn’t really want me to invite anybody along, did you?”

“Not unless you want to,” I said.

“I would if it was somebody I thought I could trust.”

“We’ll manage by ourselves, then,” I said.

The site I had picked out for camping was in the uppermost reaches of a twenty-thousand acre park, way past the wilderness campgrounds. I wasn’t even sure it was part of the park. There were never any signs that anyone had been there. We had to hike up the hills to reach the site.

“Is this someplace you’ve been before?” Jason asked as we were reached the top where the hills began to level off.

“Yeah. I decided awhile back that this is were I needed to bring you, where we can be as loud as we want.”

“Are you sure nobody will come along, cause I can make you get awfully loud,” he said.

“If they do, do you think they’ll believe what they see?” I said, laughing.

We didn’t come to camp or enjoy the scenery or go on nature hikes. The only scenery I noticed was Jason. We came for sex and we got right to it. Even before we set up the tent, I was on my knees sucking his huge cock. He fucked me in the grass and I let it go, yelling at the top of my lungs, screaming when he burst my O-ring with the head of his cock. Only after he had shot off a tremendous load did we set up the tent. The boy was insatiable, as if the woods and the open air were pumping his testosterone to dangerous levels. Part way through I was thinking I could’ve used some help, and thought of who I might invite to come along some time. I didn’t keep score. All I knew was that it would have taken a stack of scorecards. It was the most incredible time of my life, and Jason said it was for him too. He couldn’t believe anything could be so great. I couldn’t believe he could keep his cock hard for so many hours out of the day and night. I didn’t believe a pair of balls on a teenager could produce so much come!

When we headed back down at the end of the weekend I wasn’t sure my legs would carry me, they were so shaky. Jason said his were, too, and that his butt was sore from all the work.

“Your butt!” I exclaimed. “What about my butt?” The warm spring was heading toward summer and with it would come Jason’s graduation. It was hard to realize that we had so much under our belt already. I was concerned about him. He still dated girls once in awhile but he never talked about making out with any of them. I didn’t pry but I did bring it up in a roundabout way. We were coming back from another camping trip.


“Yeah? Something wrong?”

“No, not really, I’ve just been thinking about something. We both know the sex is great…..”

“Unbelievable,” he said.

“Pretty much beyond description,” I agreed. “But I’ve wondered about you and….girls.”

“I’m still dating girls,” he said. He sounded a little defensive and that bothered me.

“But you spend a lot of your time with me. Not that I’ve got any complaint about that, but I’ve thought it might be well if you spent more time with people your own age. I think your dad would feel better about it, too.”

“Has my dad said anything?” he asked with a look of horror.

“No, but I still get the impression that he has some suspicions. Besides, I’m not…well, what we’ve got….it isn’t the sum total of what sex should be, especially for a young guy like you.”

“You think I should spread myself around, huh?” he joked. “Or are you afraid I might be turning gay?”

“I don’t believe anyone turns gay. You are or you aren’t; it’s only a matter of discovery and admission.”

“And you think I might discover that I’m gay, is that it?”

“No. I think you’re a straight stud who loves having sex with a man,” I said.

“Hey, I’ve thought about it, too,” he said, as if to put me at ease. “And I’ve been thinking of a way to make that discovery, one way or the other.”

“How?” I asked, a little surprised and concerned that he had been thinking that he needed to find out about himself. “I never heard of anyone planning their discovery. Mostly, it just happens….the realization. It’s more a matter of facing it.”

“I’ll show you next time we go camping,” he said.

I didn’t pursue it but I couldn’t wait till we went camping again. Meanwhile, I had more and more uneasy feelings about Jason’s dad. If he ever found out I didn’t know what he would do; probably kill me. I began to worry enough that I thought about breaking it off with Jason. But of course, I didn’t; I couldn’t.

“Actually, Jason, I sort of thought you might’ve gotten a good idea how you feel from spending the night in that sleeping bag with those two bodybuilders,” I said with a thoughtful smile.

“Well, I found out I like the feel of another guy’s muscles against me,” he admitted.

We were driving up to the park. Actually Jason was driving his new Jeep that he’d gotten as an early graduation present. He took a folded piece of paper out of the console.

“I should be ashamed to admit that things have been so one-sided all this time. I intend to remedy that; and make my big life’s decision in the process.” He handed me the paper.

I unfolded it, my hands shaking. “Ben; On this trip I promise to even things out between us by the following: (1) I will suck your cock (2) I will suck your balls (3) I will eat out your ass (4) I will let you fuck me, and (5) I will do anything else you might think of for me to do. Signed…Jason.

I was stunned, but equally impressed by his simple, open honesty. It sounded almost boyish, the way he wrote it.

“Jason….no…you don’t have to do this,” I said, my voice a bare whisper.

“Yeah, I do. You see, it says I promise.”

“That’s not a promise you have to keep,” I said.

“Yeah….yeah, I do. I don’t break promises,” he said firmly. “Oh, there’s one more thing,” he said, taking the paper from me. “I can’t believe I forgot to put it down.” He got a pencil from the sun visor and motioned for me to turn my back for him to write on. He scrawled something and handed it back to me.

He had written, (6) I will swallow your load.

I almost choked with emotion.

“Jason….don’t….don’t do something you’re going to regret. You don’t have to prove anything to me,” I said.

“My only regret will be if I don’t do it,” he said. “I’m not saying I’m going to like it…any of it…but at least I’ll know.”

“You will also know that you did all of these things, and that’ll be with you for the rest of your life, especially if you turn away from all of this someday,” I warned.

“Hey, if I’m as straight as I know I am, I can handle the experience,” he said with great confidence.

We found the same spot and were setting up the tent.

“Wait, I think we’re supposed to be doing something else before we set up the tent,” Jason said.

I looked around with the mallet in mid-air and saw him on his knees over in the thick grass. I dropped the mallet, too stunned to move for a moment.

“Wanta bring that over here and let’s see how I do,” he said.

I walked over to him, undoing just the top button of my jeans, knowing full well that I should have packed us up and got the hell out of there. But he wasn’t twelve or thirteen years old anymore. He was eighteen, considered a man. It was all the justification I needed.

“You gotta finish it,” I said, indicating the rest of the buttons on my jeans. “Gives you that many chances to change your mind.”

“I don’t change my mind on a promise,” he said as he unbuttoned my fly. He pulled my jeans down rather roughly, taking my briefs with them, down to my knees. My cock fell free and hung out in his face.

“That fucker is big,” he said.

“Is that the giant cock calling the big cock big?” I chided him.

He didn’t pause to give any thought to what he was about to do. He lifted my cock in one hand and put his mouth around it. I gasped but didn’t cry out. Something made me not want to display that he was making it so good; if he didn’t think it felt good, maybe he wouldn’t do it and wouldn’t go on with the rest of his promise. Badly as I wanted him to…I ached for it…I wanted to spare him. He didn’t suck like he was enjoying it, but more as if it were something he had to do; indeed, a promise he had to keep. My cock didn’t care; it didn’t know the difference. It got so hard he could only take about a third of it. He tried several times to take it in his throat like I did him, but I stopped him.

“Hey, you don’t have to swallow it,” I said.

“I wish I could. I want to,” he said.

“No, it’s okay. Swallowing my cock wasn’t on your list of promises,” I said.

“Fuck, I’m glad.”

“You don’t even have to finish what you’re doing,” I said.

“I’m not going to finish it right now,” he said as he ducked down and sucked my balls. “I’m saving that till later.”

As he sucked on my balls he urged me down to the ground, on my back in the thick grass. He stretched out between my legs and began lapping his tongue under my balls, along the crack of my ass. I didn’t resist when he crooked his muscular arms under my legs and lifted them up. He was going to do it all, and I thought maybe he wanted to get it out of the way; fulfill his promise and get it behind him with a firm decision that he was straight. I wanted him straight. I wanted him gay if it meant that he would spend the rest of his life with me, but it was too much to hope for, and I wanted him to be straight for his own sake, for his own life.

“UUhhnnnnn,” I moaned as he began lapping his tongue up and down the crack of my ass.

“Oh, Mann, this tastes better than I thought it would,” he said. “You smell so good.”

He lapped and tongued my ass hungrily, as if he were really enjoying it. He pulled my butt apart, stretched my hole wide open and flicked his tongue at the opening. He seemed reluctant but he gradually worked his tongue deep inside my ass.

“Fuck, that’s nice,” he said. “Your asshole feels like warm velvet.”

He tongued my ass longer than he sucked my cock. I think he really liked doing it. He reached over and got his jeans and dug a small tube out of the pocket. “Looks like you’re ready for the next step,” he said as he lubed up his ass.

“Jason, you might want to reconsider…consider your promises kept,” I said.


“Jason…it’s going to hurt.”

“I know. I’ve hurt you enough times.”

“But I….I’m used to it, and I know what its going to feel like after a couple of minutes.”

“So, I’ll find out, won’t I?” Then, very matter-of-factly, he laid on his back and cocked his knees up, setting his feet wide apart. “Is this the way you want me?”

“Yes,” I managed to say. “That’ll do fine.” I finished lubing up my cock and laid the tube aside. Then I inched closer on my knees in the grass to touch the head of my cock to his hole.

“Listen, if it really hurts, no matter how much I might holler or beg you to stop, don’t. Okay?”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” I said.

He pressed his hand against my chest as if to stop me. “Promise me,” he said. “I want to do this. I have to do it. So fuck me, like I fuck you.”

“All right,” I agreed.

He lay back and lifted his legs up, offering his virginal body to me. I probed at the elastic of his ass and pushed his hole in and out several times.

“That don’t feel so bad,” he said.

“I’m not in yet,” I said.

“I know.”

I got a good hold around his thighs and pushed hard, pulling his thighs tightly against me. He let out a little gasp of surprise, then winced, then suddenly his mouth flew open and his eyes popped and he acted like he couldn’t breath.

“Is that hurting?”

He nodded furiously.

“I can stop.” I should have, but he’d told me not to, no matter what.

He shook his head furiously and tried to force his ass around my cock but the pain stopped him. True to his request, and my promise to him, I inched deeper. He let out a little gasping moan and I gave him some more.

“Squeeze your ass around my cock as hard as you can,” I said. “It’ll hurt worse, but not as long.”

His asshole had its own set of muscles that threatened to squeeze my cock right off. I moaned, he squeezed so tight. But when he relaxed, I shoved more of my cock in him. His insides quivered.

“All of it,” he whispered. “I want all of it. Make me feel it.”

I shoved the remaining inches in him and he let out a loud moaning gasp of relief. We held still while my cock throbbed inside him and his asshole began to settle down. Then I started fucking him.

“Can you find that spot with your cock?” he asked.


I nudged and worked his insides like a fine instrument till I found his prostate; the firm-spongy organ that was his love nut. I nudged it and slid the head of my cock back and forth across it.

“Awwwhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he cried out, tossing his head back in the grass.

“Sounds like I found it,” I said.

“Awwwwhhhhh, did you ever! Fuck, it makes me feel like I wanta come already!”

“It’ll feel like that but you can hold it off for a long time,” I said.

“Fuck me there,” he said. “Make me come doing that.”

I knew I couldn’t reach deep enough to stretch the barrier of his O-ring unless it was located closer than mine was and I hadn’t felt the drum-head yet, so I made do with his prostate. I wasn’t brutal, but like he did me, I fucked him hard like I thought he would want it. He would not want to be treated like a pussy. To be too gentle would be like I was making love to him, which I wanted desperately to do, but I didn’t think he would go for it.

“You can work up more than one load, can’t you?” he asked.

“Yeah, how many do you want?”

“Two at least,” he said. “I want to see what it feels like if you come in me, but I gotta swallow a load, too.”

“No, you don’t gotta,” I said.

“Okay, I want to,” he said.

“No, you don’t. If you do, it’ll be because of your dumb promises,” I said.

I fucked him far longer than I intended; longer than I thought he could handle it. He seemed to like it. No, he loved it. He acted under me like I did under him.

“You’re about to feel it,” I said. “Are you getting close?”

“Just keep your cock pounding my prostate, that’ll get me off,” he said.

It was a glorious dual climax. I warned him that I was coming and he no more than felt the first spurts of come deep inside his ass and started going off himself. He clung to me like a life preserver as he writhed and convulsed through his climax. I kept fucking him, slow and easy and deep, as he hung onto me, then till he finally let go and relaxed in a heap of muscle under me. I gave him a few more strokes then gently pulled my cock out.

“Ohhh, Goddd…how long before my ass closes up?” he asked weakly.

“It may take a few minutes.”

“That was great. I could really feel you shooting in me. It was so hot. I can feel it running out of my ass, there must have been a lot of it.”

“No more than you’ve got all over you,” I said.

Jason ran his fingers through the pools of thick come. He scooped some up on two fingers. “I think I’ll try this,” he said and put his fingers in his mouth. He licked them off swallowed. He made a face.

“You don’t like it, do you?”

“Don’t matter,” he said.

All of that before we set up the tent. We ate supper…MREs that I picked up at the army surplus store, then Jason was anxious to fulfill his last promise.

“I’m ready for dessert,” he said with a sly grin.

“It’s not going to taste like any dessert you ever had,” I warned him.

He didn’t argue. He laid down with his head on my thigh and began sucking my cock. He sucked it lovingly, almost with a reverence, and I thought he might be enjoying it too much. Certainly, it wasn’t like he was merely keeping a promise.

“Warn me when you’re getting close,” he said.


I held off as long as I could. I would’ve liked for him to spend the night down there but I thought he might want to finish it so I worked it up.

“This is your last chance to get off of it,” I said.

He kept on sucking me.

“I’m coming!” I gasped. I half expected him to jerk away at the crucial second but I should have known better. He clung to my cock, sucking all the harder, lashing the head with his tongue as he had learned from me. Suddenly I burst into a bell-ringing climax, shooting long, thick ropes of come into his hot mouth. He moaned, I think with surprise, and kept sucking dutifully. I filled his mouth and held my breath to see if he would spit it out or swallow it. He gulped it down. With a grimace on his handsome face he swallowed a second time and I filled his mouth a third time. He held my cock in his mouth for a respectable time then raised up. His cheeks were bloated and I thought he was going to lean over and spit the last of my load into the grass but he tossed his head back and gulped it down like a man.

“Geezusss, Fuck!” he swore, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Fuck, that stuff tastes awful!”

“Well, you had to find that out for yourself, didn’t you?” I said.

“Yeah. Yeah, I did. And now I know. I’m going down to the stream and try to wash my mouth out.”

When he came back he ducked into the tent and stretched out on his half of the double sleeping bag with one arm curled under his head. I turned out the lantern and the tent was cast in a soft glow from the moon shining against it.

“None of it was as bad as I expected,” he said quietly.

“Not even the taste of come?” I chided him.

“No, it wasn’t all that bad,” he said. “I’ve still got the taste in my mouth, and it’s not so bad. And getting fucked….I couldn’t admit it to anyone but you, but that was awesome. And your ass tasted good enough it surprised me. I liked the feel of the inside of your ass. I liked the feel of your cock in my mouth.”

“Is all of this adding up to something?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I guess it should add up to me being gay. But I don’t feel gay, and I don’t think I am. I think I’m just like you said, a straight dude who likes having sex with other guys.”

“That’s better than a label,” I said.

“Do you know for sure that you’re gay, Ben, or maybe you…”

“I know I’m gay,” I cut in. “I don’t have any desire for women at all.”

“I’ll bet you would if you had your choice between a gorgeous, built woman and a sloppy-fat guy.”

“Okay, in that case I would go for the woman,” I said. “But I’m not sure what I could do for her.”

“Trust me, she would find something to do for you,” he said. Jason invited me to his graduation. He asked if he could change at my house so he could surprise his parents in his cap and gown. I think I was as proud as his parents. I gave him a five-hundred dollar bill for graduation. He almost cried. Afterwards he came back to my house to change out of his gown and that’s when I made the discovery that rocked me to the bones. I hadn’t been in the room when he donned his gown but I went upstairs for him to change out of it. When he shrugged it off, he was naked underneath!

“Geezuss, Jason! You were naked all evening?”

He laughed roariously. “Yeah, about a half a dozen of us were. Including two girls.”

I let my eyes rake over his perfectly muscled body. “Well, get some clothes on while there’s still time,” I said.

“Hey, we can make time,” he said, groping at his manhood.

“No, your parents have a party prepared for you,” I said.

“What about our party?” he asked.

“When everything else calms down, then wherever you want to go,” I said.

“There is a place I would like to go,” he said.


“I’ve seen these XXX-Video stores; I’d like to go in one.”

“Well, you are eighteen, old enough to get in on your own, so I guess there’s no harm in me taking you,” I said.

“All right!” he exclaimed. “I didn’t know if you would.”

We walked down to his house to the party. There were other family members and neighbors and a lot of his friends, both male and female. He was very popular with everyone and I felt privileged to know him so well, better than anyone there. I was also glad that he was still so popular with the girls.

He caught me off to the side once and leaned in to whisper. “See that guy over there?” he said, indicating a stocky, muscular boy with close-cropped hair.


“He’s one I would like to share things with. He’s a wrestler. And that tall, dark-haired stud over there by the grill.”

“I won’t argue with any of that,” I said.

“Try to figure something out,” he said.


“Try to figure out a way for me to connect with them.”

Yeah, I would try to think of something, but I had no idea how to bring the two young studs into our little two-man circle. As it turned out, it didn’t happen. I just didn’t know how to go about it, and I didn’t want him to put himself at risk. We went to the video store that Saturday evening. I was glad his parents weren’t home when I picked him up. He came out carrying a small plastic bag.

“I need to go back to your house to change, or change on the way,” he said.

“Change into what?” I asked. He looked good to me.

“You told me to package myself. I’ve got the packaging here in this bag but I didn’t want to leave the house wearing it.”

I drove back home and pulled in back. Jason took my packaging advice to heart. I nearly fainted at the wheel when he came out the back door. He had on his old green gym shorts that looked like they’d been freshly laundered, and a sleeveless muscle-shirt and sneakers with heavy white socks bagging stylishly below his bulging calf muscles. I could tell he had on briefs or a jockstrap that hefted his manhood up into a big bulge.

I took him to one of my old haunts about an hour away, although I hadn’t been there in a long time. A place called Adam’s Videos. I explained to Jason what to expect when we got there.

“You’re going to be a target for every guy in the place, so stick close to me.”

“We might find some action then?” he asked eagerly.

I laughed. “More than you can imagine. The way you’re dressed, you need to watch out for rape.”

“You’re the one who told me about packaging,” he said.

“Shit, if there were laws against indecent sexiness, you would break every one of them.”

I parked along the side of the building and we went in the side door. I held my breath when we walked in. The clerk recognized me and gave us a big smile of approval, his eyes glued to Jason.

“Two tickets to the theater downstairs, and ten in tokens,” I said, handing him a twenty.

The guy eyed Jason. “I’ll need some ID,” he told him.

Jason dug out his driver’s license from his sock and handed it to the guy.

“Okay. Happy birthday, late.” He gave me the tokens and the two tickets.

I led the way to the back where the video booths were located. The place was busy. All six of the big booths with the doors in between were busy, which meant there was a lot of action going on. I took him back farther back to the smaller individual booths. There were about a dozen guys standing along the walls, watching and waiting, and I could tell that Jason was what they’d been watching and waiting for, possibly their whole lives. They didn’t just look at him; they gaped at him, followed him with their eyes. I felt like I was exposing the kid to a pack of wolves. Number eight wasn’t lit up, nor number seven. Neither was nine. Number eight was my favorite individual booth. It had a huge hole in the wall adjoining number seven, the size of a small window. A guy could get his entire head through the hole. I knew that from experience on both sides of the wall. Those closest to us watched to see which booth or booths we would go into, ready to pounce. I decided on nine first. Nine and ten were “buddy booths” with a big window in the wall that became transparent when both sides dropped their tokens punched the buddy buttons. Maybe the guy in number ten would be interested.

You could almost feel the disappointment when I opened the door to number nine and motioned for Jason to go inside with me. It was crowded in the booth but I didn’t mind. I dropped in a half dozen tokens and motioned for Jason to make a selection. He punched the selector button and previewed all twenty-eight video selections. He started through them again, pausing on the ones he liked best. It started warming up pretty quick in the booth. Jason didn’t say anything. He just stood there rubbing the front of his shorts, his eyes glued to the TV screen. I was going to wait till he really got himself going before I punched the buddy button.

I ran my hand up under his shirt and started playing with his tits. He moaned and groped his crotch harder.

“You can take it out,” I said.

He shoved the front of his shorts down and let the bulging pouch of his jockstrap rest over the waistband. He rubbed the bulge and I watched it grow.

“Are you teasing me?” I asked.

“No.” He pulled the jock down and tucked it under his balls. His cock hung out over his balls like a radiator hose.

“What’s the window for, can’t see anything through it?” he asked.

“I’ll show you. I’m going to punch the buddy button so the guy in the next booth can have a look if there’s anyone in there,” I said.

He glanced at the big window. “Is that how it works?”

“If he’s got his button punched, yeah, the window becomes transparent.”

I punched the button and there was a husky-built youth leaning against the wall of his booth with his jeans and shorts down around his knees and his hand wrapped around his nice-sized stiff cock. He saw the window go clear and his mouth dropped in total awe when he saw Jason. I saw his lips form “Holy Shit!”

“You’ve got an audience,” I whispered.

“Good. Let him look.”

“That turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Fuck, yeah. Not as much as it does him, though, I’ll bet.”

The guy couldn’t take his eyes off of Jason’s cock which was by now sticking out through his fist about six inches.

“Do you want to do anything with him watching?” Jason asked as he pumped his fist back and forth on the shaft.

“If you don’t think he’ll pass out,” I joked. I maneuvered in front of him and squeezed down on my haunches. The guy next door was peering right up against the window, now. I wet my lips and took Jason’s cock in my mouth. I saw the guy moan. Jason looked over at him and he motioned frantically for to come over to our booth.

“I think he wants to come over here,” Jason said.

“There’s not room. Just let him watch,” I said.

Jason shrugged. Then the guy motioned for Jason to pull his shirt up and show his body. Jason went him one better and took his shirt off.

“Fuck, man, we’re driving him nuts,” Jason said.

“There’s going to be a lot of that going on here tonight,” I said.

I sucked him for about twenty minutes, sucked his balls, and turned him around and sucked his ass. I was back on his cock when I heard Jason laugh softly. I looked up to see him watching the other guy.

“He just shot off,” he said. “We got him so fuckin’ hot he blew his load.”

The guy kept gazing at us with a dreamy look on his face but then he ran out of tokens and the window wouldn’t went blank. We heard him leave and someone else come in the booth and lock the door. I left our button on. Tokens dropped and the window went clear.

“It’s some old, fat cruddy guy,” Jason said.

“Hell, give him a break, let him watch for a minute, then punch the button. Or we’ll go to another booth.” I sucked Jason’s big cock for another five minutes while the guy jacked off, or tried to find his cock under the rolls of fat, I wasn’t sure.

There was a scuffle next door as two guys tried to get into the booth at the same time. The window cleared and I saw that they had compromised and both of them were in the booth.

“We’ve got another audience,” Jason said.

“Turn around, facing the window, let `em watch you jack off while I tongue your ass.”

“Do you want me to come?”

“No, save it. They’ll get themselves off quick enough just watching.”

When the two guys left the booth, I stood up and Jason pulled his jock over his manhood and stuffed everything down inside his shorts.

“Let’s try number eight,” I said.

There seemed to be relief when we came out of the booth. The rest of the booths were vacant; everyone was standing around waiting for Jason to come out or for the other buddy booth to empty. I opened the door to number eight and motioned for him to go inside. Before I stepped in behind him there was already a lean-built college-kid type who quickly slipped into number seven before anyone could beat him to it. I plugged the machine and Jason flipped to the movie he’d been watching before, of a big, burly muscular youth fucking a smaller, slender boy on the back of a pickup. Maybe it reminded him of us.

Through the wide hole in the wall I saw a pair of knees focused toward the hole and a hand close to the hole. I reached down and groped Jason’s shorts. Boldly the guy next door put his hand through the hole and rubbed Jason’s thigh. Jason jumped then settled as he looked down to watch the bodiless hand moving up and down his leg. The hand came around to his crotch, vying with mine for the huge bulge inside the green shorts. I let him have it and his hand groped anxiously, checking out the size of it and I heard him moan softly. I turned Jason toward the opening. He smashed himself against the wall with his bulging shorts protruding through it.

“Ohh, Geezussss!” came the gasp from the other side.

Jason smiled at me then his smile changed to a pained look of pleasure. The guy was sucking his cock.

“Oh My Goddd,” the kid kept saying, between sucking on the big dick. “Godd, I can’t believe a cock this size! Ohh, it’s so good!”

“He’s pretty good,” Jason whispered to me.

“Is he taking it all?” I asked.

He shook his head.

“He’s only mediocre, then,” I said.

The boy’s hand came through between Jason’s legs and squeezed his butt. He moaned when he felt the tight, round muscles and Jason clenched them sexily for him. The boy sucked him for about twenty minutes and Jason was enjoying it, again, maybe too much the way he was twisting his hips around and pressing against the wall.

“Don’t come yet,” I said.

“Hell, I feel like I could last the rest of the night,” he said.

“I wanta take you downstairs to the theater,” I said. “Then we’ll come back up and try one of the bigger booths.”


“Yeah, if you’re ready to see a grown man cry when you pull your cock back through the hole,” I said.

He eased back away from the hole, the boy’s mouth following him as far as he could before the big cock slipped free from his mouth. Jason stuffed it, wet and glistening, back into his jockstrap and pulled his shorts. I unlocked the door and we stepped outside. There was that air of relief again when they saw us. I led the way back toward the front, to the stairs that led down to the movie theater. It was very dark but I remembered my way. We walked along the wall, past the half-dozen short rows of seats, to the rear wall, behind the counter. I could make out the figures of five other men. Two of them stepped aside to make room for us against the wall. It was a straight video. They didn’t show gay videos in the theater. The point was to attract straight guys, which meant they sold a lot of tickets, to straights looking for blowjobs and to gays looking for straights to suck.

After a few minutes our eyes grew accustomed to the dark and I could make out the men around us. A couple of old guys in front of us, at the counter, groping a younger guy standing between them. They kept their heads turned, though, to keep an eye on Jason. Two more guys got up from their seats and came around the counter. The guy on the left was an older guy, but trim and he looked tanned. The guy on Jason’s right was younger, maybe thirty, looked like a construction worker. I slipped my hand down behind Jason and played with his butt. He eased out from the wall a little to give me some room. Moments later I felt the worker’s hand on his butt, too. Emboldened by my hand already there, the worker reached down in front and groped Jason’s shorts. A few minutes later I felt him pulling Jason’s shorts down, along with his jockstrap.

“Shit!” he swore softly when he took hold of Jason’s huge cock. He worked his fist up and down the shaft a few times before he came around and knelt down in front of him.

“Awwhhhhh,” Jason moaned quietly as the man began sucking his cock.

Seeing or hearing the action, the others turned their attention to Jason. Even the two guys standing in front of us abandoned the younger guy and turned around to see what was going on. They moved in closer, groping for a feel and gasping or moaning when they felt his size and his muscles. One guy squatted down beside the worker, silently begging, waiting for a turn at the huge cock. The worker didn’t offer it to him but there was plenty of cock for everyone and the guy leaned in and began kissing and licking the shaft. Another guy, after getting a feel of the big cock, ran his hand up Jason’s stomach to his chest. If he was a chest man, I knew he must be in heaven, feeling those thick, hard pecs and his large, taut nipples.

The man tugged Jason’s shirt up and leaned in to suck on his tits. Jason moaned and pressed his hand around the back of the guy’s head. I leaned in to suck the other one. I was surprised Jason lasted so long; nearly an hour. I hoped he would; I didn’t want him to waste his load down there in the dark; I had plans for that upstairs where guys would be able to see him come. Yeah, I wanted to show him off.

“What about the bigger booths upstairs that you mentioned, what’re they like?” Jason whispered.

“Do you want to go find out?”

“Yeah, lets go up and check it out.” He extricated himself from his admirers and the construction work, resigned to loosing him, stood up and helped him pull his jock and shorts up. He patted him on the butt and thanked him and told him to come back. We went upstairs and three of the men followed us up. The light was on in booth two but booth one was vacant. We went inside and I slipped the lock on the door. I fed the machine and clicked it to a gay video.

“Is that to the other booth?” Jason asked, nodding to the other door.

“Yeah. If you want company, I can unlock this side. If the other guy is interested he’ll crack the door, or unlock it.”

“Go ahead, unlock it, lets see what happens,” he said.

The metallic noise made it clear that we were unlocking our side of the door. I stood Jason against the wall so he would be half-hidden behind the door when it opened. Nothing. Which happened sometimes if the other guy was straight and just wanted to be left alone to jack off. Or maybe he was getting a blowjob, or waiting on us to make the first move. I quietly and carefully pulled on the doorknob and the door came open. Jason moved around where he could get a view. I peered into the other room, surprised to see two guys, stripped naked and going at it. The guy on his knees was probably a college kid. The guy he was sucking was older, maybe forty, still in good shape, tanned, his chest and legs shaved as well as around his big cock. It looked like it was about all the kid could handle, but he was handling it with wet, slurping, deep-throat motions that swallowed the thing whole every thrust. They saw me and didn’t say or do anything so I opened the door wider.

Jason’s eyes popped when he saw them. Their eyes popped when they saw Jason. The young guy waved us into his booth. I nodded to Jason and he went in.

“Do you want more company?” I asked the guys.

The youth looked up at the older guy.

“Sure, the more the merrier,” the guy said as he boldly reached out and groped Jason’s crotch. “Fuck, what’s this!” he exclaimed.

I went back to unlock our outside door then went into the other booth and closed the door but not tight. The two guys were already pulling Jason’s shorts down, and off. Then the young guy tugged on his jockstrap. He pulled it to Jason’s knees before his cock swung free and hit him in the face.

“Goddam! That thing is huge!”

“Fuck, how’d you get a cock that big?” the older guy said. “And all these muscles?” he asked, squeezing Jason’s arm.

Jason smiled and shrugged.

The boy started sucking Jason’s cock while the older guy pushed his shirt up to play with his tits.

“Can we get this off of you?” he asked, tugging on his muscle shirt.

He and I pulled the shirt off and below, the young guy was taking off Jason’s jockstrap, leaving him naked except for his work boots, socks and his baseball cap.

“Goddam, you’re built!” the man said, running his hands over Jason’s chest and abs.

“You ought to feel these thighs,” the younger guy said, then went back to sucking Jason’s cock.

“Hey, what the hell, are you gonna throw rocks at me now that the stud has arrived?” the man said.

The boy began taking turns on their cocks. He tried to suck them both at the same time but they were too big. The best he could do was to hold them together and lap at the heads and lick the ball juice off.

I decided to give the boy a hand. I stepped around him and knelt down to suck the older guy. I was able to take him all the way as easily as the boy did. I watched to see how the boy handled Jason.

Someone came in the next booth. We heard tokens dropping and a moment later, the sound of the door being pulled open. When he saw us he opened the door all the way. His eyes popped at the four-way that was going on. He came through the door, rather cautiously till he saw we weren’t going to object. His eyes were raking over Jason’s muscular body and he flattened his hand over his abs. Lust and admiration filled his eyes as he felt his muscles upward to his chest and neck, and shoulders and arms, and down to his thighs and calves. He came back up the backside of Jason’s legs, to his butt. There, he knelt down and began kissing it.

A few minutes later someone else appeared at the door. The guy hadn’t locked the outside door to the other booth. Seeing the five-way, he came in to join us. Seconds later, another guy came in. Then another. There were seven of us I the small room now…then eight…then nine, and it was getting crowded. They were all vying for a feel of Jason’s muscles, a grope at his cock, dying to have a turn at the huge tool. Like a lion with his kill, the young guy was ferociously protective of his meat. And he was doing a good job to justify his stance. He was obviously working and straining and striving to go all the way down on the huge cock, perhaps to prove that he was worthy of it and it wouldn’t be taken away from him. He was doing as good as I could. Jason was going nuts. There were two guys sucking on his tits, another tonguing his ass and still another, who the young guy had allowed close, sucking his balls. Other hands reached out to grope and simply feel his hard muscles.

At one point I let the older guy’s cock go to someone else and stood up to watch. Besides Jason’s entourage, there were four other guys entangled in their own foursome. Jason looked at me in wide-eyed disbelief, his eyes looking glazed over. His nostrils flared like a young stallion. I hoped he wasn’t getting ready to blow. I wanted to watch these guys see him shoot, but I was enjoying the show. Not that it mattered. If he wanted to he could work up another voluminous load, barely loosing his hardon. One of the men managed a feel of Jason’s cock when the young kid came up for air.

“Shit, I would like to try that up my ass,” he said.

“You’re a better man than I am,” someone else said.

“Do you want to?” Jason asked him.

“Yeah, I’ll try it.”

The young guy was visibly disappointed but he relinquished Jason’s cock and I helped him to his feet. The volunteer was stripping off his clothes. When he was naked, right down to his socks he asked, “Anybody got any lube?”

“Fuck, you volunteered without having any lube? You’re either the bravest man in the world or the craziest,” one man said as he took a small tube from his pocket and handed it to the guy.

“Anybody got a condom?” the guy asked.

“Shit, all you’ve got is the habit,” someone joked.

“Yeah, I’ve got one, but it ain’t gonna fit that cock.”

Three guys produced condoms but they were all regular size.

“Do you want to do it bareback?” the man asked Jason.

“It’s okay with me as long as you’re clean,” Jason said.

“Stud, you could eat your lunch out of my ass,” the man said.

“No thanks, I’m not hungry,” Jason said.

The man grabbed the chair. “Just give me a minute to beg you to take it easy,” he said, then bent over the chair.

Jason stepped up behind him and aimed his cock at his hole. The guy closed his eyes and gripped the arms of the chair as Jason pushed. I could tell that through his desire and bravado, he was scared. I knelt down in front of him and took his hands. He squeezed them gratefully.

“You can take him. I do,” I whispered.

“Thanks. That’s good to know,” he said. “Aaoowwnnhh!” he cried softly as Jason popped his asshole.

“I know that feeling,” I said.

The man’s face was a painful grimace.

“Is that the biggest cock you ever took?” someone asked.

“It’s…the biggest cock…I ever seen!” the man exclaimed.

Like he did with me, Jason didn’t give any quarter. Once he was through, he buried his cock all the way. The man choked down one long, painful groan till he knew he had it all then he let out a gush of air and sucked fresh air back in his lungs.

“Godd, that’s gotta feel wonderful!” someone said.

From the man’s face I didn’t think it was feeling all that wonderful yet. He was hurting, but willing to take it to experience the incredible pleasure that he knew that big cock was capable of delivering.

“Man, you’re taking it good,” Jason said.

“He’s taking it, period, he deserves a medal,” one man said.

Jason fucked the guy across the room till I was holding the chair back. It was feeling good now. The guy was moaning and gasping with each thrust.

“It’s feeling better,” I said.

“Ohh, yess….Godd, he can fuck! Does he fuck you?”

“All the time,” I said.

“Is he your nephew?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I lied.

“You’re a very lucky uncle.”

“He’s lying,” Jason piped up. “He’s not my uncle, he’s my dad.”

It was as if the room was instantly froze in motion, everybody gaping at Jason and me.

“No fuckin’ shit! You’re his son?”

“Yeah, he just don’t like to say it in public. But I don’t care. I’m proud of it,” Jason went on.

Where the hell was this coming from, I wondered.

The guy that Jason was fucking motioned for me to stand up. I stood in front of the chair.

“Get up here, dad,” he said as he grabbed hold of my cock. “I’ve never been in a three-way with a dad and son. You deserve to have your cock sucked by the same guy your son is fucking.” And with that, he took my cock in his mouth. He let out a little squeal from the pleasure of being fucked and sucking my cock at the same time. After several minutes he let my cock go.

“Can we….change positions?” he asked Jason over his shoulder.

“Sure, any way you wanta do it,” Jason said, as he began withdrawing his cock. The men stood around watching the huge cock re-appear out of the guy’s stretched ass. There was a collective gasp with the head popped free.

“My Godd, do you believe that!”

“Do you believe they’re father and son!”

“Do you believe he took all of that in his ass!”

“Do you wanta try it?” Jason asked the man.

“No. Oh, I would love to, but I couldn’t take it.”

“You?” he asked another guy.

“No, thanks, I don’t need a new asshole today,” the man replied.

The first guy who he’d been fucking stood facing Jason. He put his arms on his shoulders and lifted his right leg up and crooked it around Jason’s hip.

“Can you hold me?” he asked.

“Sure, no sweat,” Jason said.

“I didn’t doubt it, with those arms,” he said.

Jason wrapped his big hands around the guy’s butt and helped lift him up. The man wrapped his legs around Jason’s waist and raised up with his ass sitting squarely over the big cock. Jason set him on target and the man rode down on it.

“Godd, look at that!”

“OOOhhhhhhh,” the man moaned as he rode all the way down on the huge cock. He settled his ass against Jason’s pubes. Then he started raising up and down, with the help of Jason’s strength, riding up the huge cock. “Ohh, Godd, this is great! Ohhh, shit….you’re going to drive me fuckin’ crazy.”

“Going to? I thought I was,” Jason said. He got a tight grip on the man’s butt and held him out a little ways and began snapping his hips back and forth, driving his cock in and out of the man’s ass.

“OOhhhhh…AWWWhhhhhh…Awhhhhh, fuck…Ohhhh, fuck me…!”

“Yeah, I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck your eyeballs out,” Jason growled as he pulled the man’s hips down to meet his thrusts.

“Ohh, fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhhh….how old are you, anyway?”

“Does it matter? Do you want me to stop and show you my ID?” Jason asked.

“No! No don’t stop! No, it doesn’t matter, just don’t stop!” The man leaned back at arms length, finally so far that two of us stepped up to cradle him. Two more guys pulled his legs from around Jason’s hips and held them straight out wide and we all held him up while Jason held him around the waist and fucked him hanging in mid air. With his oversized cock pistoning in and out of his ass I don’t think it mattered a fuck how old Jason was.

“Ohhh…OHHHH!…Awwwhhh!…Ohhhh!…Ohhh, Goddd…. you’re…. hitting….something….where…no…body’s…ever…been…before…!”

“Yeah, it’s like a second sphincter, deep inside you,” I said.

“Yesssss….like he’s found another asshole way up inside me!”

“I know the feeling,” I said. “Like he’s pounding a drum-head, then busting through it.”

“Ohhh, Yessss, Godd…he’s fucking my brains out.”

“Like he’s fucking through a tight O-ring.”

“Oh, Godd, Yess…Ohhh…you’ve got it right. Ohhhh….ohhh, fuck me you big stud! Give me your load!”

“No, don’t come in his ass, we want to see him shoot,” someone said.

“Okay….just make me….come, then.”

“I can do that,” Jason said as he rammed his cock in tight and began twisting his hips around in circles.

“OHHHH…OHhhh, Godd….you’re busting that O-ring wide open! Ohh, fuck, where is all that cock going? Where’re you putting it? I know my ass…my guts….can’t be that deep!”

“Hell, I’m way past your guts,” Jason said as he twisted and fucked harder. “I’m on my way to your throat.”

Suddenly the man let out a little whimper and laid his head back as he let himself be transported into a state of pure ecstasy. His cock throbbed up over his abs and jerked and quivered, then bolted hard and exploded. He let out a weak moan and let hit happen. Come shot out in a wide arch, all over the guy standing holding his head, then on his face, and across his chest.

“You’re fuckin’ coming like a pony,” Jason said proudly.

“Hell, you’re pounding his load out of him,” someone said.

Jason fucked him till he was drained and his body went limp. He slowly pulled his hard cock out of his ass and we maneuvered the man into the chair where he collapsed with a huge smile.

“Oh, My Godd, I’ve never been fucked like that in my life!”

“Dam, I wish I could take it,” someone said.

“You wanta try it?” Jason asked him as he worked his fist up and down the thick shaft.

“Godd, no. Look, you can’t even get your hand around it. It would tear me a new asshole.”

“Oh, I needed that, though,” the well-fucked man said. “I needed a new asshole. My old one was fucked out.”

“Are you going to come?” someone asked Jason.

“Yeah, I’m working it up.”

“Let me help you,” a man said and leaned down to suck on the head. “Warn me when you’re ready so we can all watch.”

Someone knelt down and sucked on his balls and two more men leaned in to suck his tits again. I knew that together, they would get him over the top pretty quick. He had very sensitive tits and he loved having his balls sucked. After a few minutes his hand speeded up a little and his stomach tightened, the muscles standing out like a plate of armor. Gradually, every muscle in his body tightened, signaling his impending climax.

“Geezuss, look at that. Look at those muscles bulging!”

His legs began to tremble and the hand on his cock was unsteady. His nostrils flared out like a stallion’s and his eyes were mere slits. The men were in a half-circle in front of him, awaiting the fireworks.

“I’m….c-c-coming!” he choked.

A second later, a thick wad of come shot out of his cock in a long rope and sailed across the booth to splatter against a man’s chest.

“OHhhh!” he moaned with excitement as he was suddenly bathed in hot come.

“Holy Shit!”

“Goddam, look at that!”

“Like a stallion!”

During their exclamations, he shot off a couple more, splattering more of the men. They cried out and moaned with excitement. One man dropped to his knees and opened his mouth to offer him a target. Jason lowered his trajectory a little and aimed his cock and blasted a huge wad of come into the guy’s mouth.

“Does he ever stop?” someone asked.

“He’s not near done,” I said.

Other guys were jacking off, jacking each other, sucking furiously and come was flying everywhere from all directions. I realized then that someone was counting.

“Seven….eight…Geezusss, nine!…ten!…Eleven!…Holy Fuck, I never seen anybody come like this! He’s phenomenal!”

He shot out a few less-powerful spurts and another guy quickly dropped to his knees to receive them in his mouth. As the stuff began to boil out the head still another man knelt down and licked it off then took his cock in his mouth to finish draining him.

“I’ve never seen anything like that in my life! Not even in porn movies.”

Jason leaned back against the wall, his legs trembling as the man sucked on his cock. His body lurched and he tried to push the man’s head away but he was like a hungry wolf.

“Aww, please….please, I c-can’t take any more!” Jason pleaded.

The man let him push his head away and Jason’s cock fell against his thigh with a soft, wet smack.

“That is the biggest, most gorgeous cock I’ve ever seen.”

“Dam, it’s bigger than anything I ever seen in my fantasies,” someone said.

It was suddenly hot in the booth and it smelled of warm sweat and come. The men began sorting out their clothes and putting them on. Someone handed Jason his jockstrap and two guys steadied him to put it on. One by one they left via the other booth. Jason and I stayed till last.

“That was some show,” I said.

“Fuck, I loved it,” he said.

“Yeah, I could tell,” I said with a smile. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, out of this room….it smells like warm come…but I don’t want to leave yet.”

“Now why doesn’t that surprise me?” I joked.

“I want to go back downstairs,” he said. He smoothed one hand over the bulge in his shorts and we left the booth and headed for the stairs. There were a few more men than before, probably waiting to see if Jason came back down. Jason led the way and walked straight to the back, behind the counter. It was a little crowded but guys moved and squeezed together to make room for us against the back wall. A couple of the guys recognized us and came right up and started feeling us up. When one guy went down on his knees and pulled on Jason’s shorts and another guy tugged his shirt up, Jason surprised us all. He peeled his shirt off then took off his shorts and jockstrap and stood naked except for his work boots and baseball cap. He handed me his clothes.

The men moved in on him like wolves on fresh meat. Jason leaned his shoulders back against the wall and enjoyed it. It was like upstairs except the light was dimmer. I loved watching Jason enjoy himself, and the guys going crazy over his muscular young body. They were a polite bunch. There were two or three guys down on their knees at any given time, sharing his big cock. Sometimes two or three serviced his cock at the same time. A couple of guys got off just watching and left. Two more kept looking at their watches and left, too. It went on for at least an hour and it began to thin out till it was down to six or seven guys. There were footsteps on the stairs and a young-looking guy moved into the light at the door for a couple of seconds and made his way to the back. He had a nice silhouette, very masculine and young. He moved cautiously till his eyes grew accustomed to the dark and hands reached out to guide him, and no doubt, to get a feel. A guy standing next to Jason moved down a little to make room for the kid. It was a smart move. Knowing the kid would possibly be attracted to Jason, he would have him in place right beside himself and not standing out there where all those other guys could get their hands on him.

My eyes were already used to the dark and I could see how young the kid looked and how damned good-looking he was. Fuck, he didn’t look eighteen! Hell, I didn’t care. The boy was quickly able to make out the muscular stud standing beside him and that he was naked. But he didn’t make any move toward him. He just watched. He didn’t even feel his muscles or grope to see what his cock was like. So, he was straight. That had to make the guy next to him happy. A straight guy who came back behind the counter was there for one reason; to get this cock sucked.

The guy who moved over to make room for him finally made his move and when the kid didn’t try to stop him he undid the boy’s shorts and shoved them down as he went to his knees. The kid let out a soft moan as the guy went down on him. The guy sucking the boy off tugged his shorts and jock down to his knees and the boy simply took them off. Seeing that, another guy pulled his shirt off of him and he was as naked as Jason.

I had my arm around Jason’s waist and I felt the kid’s hand searching for his butt. Jason jutted his hips out from the wall a little to give him room. The kid brought his other hand up to Jason’s chest and started feeling his muscles. Maybe he wasn’t completely straight after all. Jason was clenching his butt muscles and moving his butt around in the guy’s hand and I figured he was rubbing his asshole. Then Jason let out a little “Uhnnnn!” and I had to figure that the kid has his finger in his ass. The way he started writhing around and jutting his butt back, there was no doubt, the kid was fingering him.

The kid gradually worked himself in between Jason and the wall. He wrapped his arms around him and squeezed his pecs and rubbed one hand up and down his abs and played with is tits. All the while he was humping Jason’s butt and Jason was humping back. It was an incredible sight, seeing the two muscular, young studs’ bodies writhing together in a tight embrace. Jason gave back in kind, twisting his hips around and hunkering his butt back to be dry-fucked.

“Oonnhh!” he gasped suddenly, and threw his head back, and I was stunned to realize that the kid had shoved his dick in his ass! Jason moaned again then let out a soft sigh and I knew the kid was all the way in him. Then there was no doubt as they started to move together. Jason was letting the kid fuck him! Shit, the kid must have thought he’d died and went to heaven.

The kid fucked him with the hard, wild passion that only a teenager has and Jason responded in kind. He bent over more and more to jut his butt back for the boy’s cock. I wondered how big he was. I wondered for the first time if Jason had let other guys fuck him, besides me; if I had been so naïve to think that I was the only one who had ever trespassed beyond his tight sphincter.

A guy raised up from under the counter where he’d been sucking another guy and the two men left. Seeing the vacancy Jason pulled forward and moved up to take the spot. He leaned over the counter and set his feet wide apart and jutted his butt back for his youthful attacker. The boy moved up between his legs to shove his cock back in him. Jason let out a loud groan. The boy hesitated but Jason reached back with his hand around the guy’s butt and shoved his own butt back to finish the powerful thrust. I was surprised, excited, dumb-founded and a dozen other emotions as I watched the boy fuck the god-like teenager. MY god-like teenager. Through it all, I felt envy. And maybe a sense of betrayal that Jason had let himself be fucked right there in front of all those other guys when I thought I’d been the only one to fuck him that one time.

“Fuck, I love your muscle ass,” the boy whispered hoarsely as he pounded Jason’s willing butt, hands clasped around his hip bones.

“Awww, I love the way you fuck me,” Jason said. His head was hung down in humiliation, like a mighty warrior in defeat and being spoiled by his victor. Except there had been no battle. The kid had simply walked in and took him. I wasn’t angry but it really messed with my emotions.

“Ohhhh….Ohhhhh….Awwwhh, yeah, fuck me….fuck me!” Jason moaned.

“Yeah, I’ll fuck you…fuck that tight, hard muscle ass,” the boy said as he rammed his cock in and out of Jason’s ass.

“My Godd, did you ever see anything like it!” someone said quietly.

The kid lasted much longer than I expected he would. Most guys that age don’t have their skills honed that well. He fucked like a pro, just like Jason. The couple of times he paused, Jason kept going, slamming his butt back onto the boy’s cock. He was acting like a mare in heat instead of the stallion I knew him to be. When the boy resumed the last time he didn’t stop. He fucked his own brains out till he was gasping and moaning and his movements were lurching and it was obvious to all that he was coming.

“I’m coming!” he said loudly as he pounded his cock into Jason’s ass like a pile driver. “Awww, FUCK, I’m COMING!”

I didn’t realize there was someone down under the counter sucking Jason’s cock till he leaned away when Jason reached down to jack himself off. The guy stayed as close as he could, anxiously awaiting his climax. The boy unloaded his balls deep in Jason’s ass. He shuddered and his legs trembled as he pulled out and stumbled back against the wall. Two guys moved in to steady the young fucker and to get their hands on his hard, young body. After a moment, he reached for his clothes.

Jason was still moaning and jacking himself off and twisting his butt around in the air. “OHhh….Ohh, fuck, I can’t get there. I can’t come….awww, Dad….” he looked over his shoulder and I went up to him. “Fuck me, Dad….fuck me and make me come.”

I didn’t bother with spit. I aimed my cock and shoved in him. He tossed his head back with a loud cry; obviously, I reached deeper than the boy. I began fucking him. I fucked him hard, almost with a vengeance. A tiny part of me wanted to get even with him and the boy who had fucked him. It was payback time. I got him off. He had himself jutted way back from the counter, his knees bent to almost a squat; he was almost sitting on my cock, riding up and down on it. The guy sucking him was having a hard time staying on his cock. Suddenly, Jason’s head dropped between his hunched shoulders and he sat back hard on my cock and began churning his butt around in circles.

“Awww, you’re doing it!” he gasped. “Awww, yeah….fuck me…fuck me HARD…..oooohhhhh, DAD…OHhhh, you’re gonna….make….me…come!

Yeah, I was gonna come too! Suddenly he froze like a statue except that his body trembled and his legs shook so bad that he supported his weight on my thighs. Then his body began lurching and his asshole squeezed my cock tight and I felt him go into the spasms of his climax.

“Awwhhnnn,” the man on his knees moaned.

Jason’s spasms set me off and I let it fly, spurting thick ropes of hot come deep in his ass. He groaned and sat harder on my cock as he shot off. It was one of his usual long, stupendous climaxes. His weight was almost entirely on my bent legs and my own legs were shaking. The man in front of him was squealing with delight. When he was finally finished, some guys helped us straighten up on our legs and we both staggered back to the wall for support. The man raised up with a happily dazed look on his face. He was drenched with come. The stuff was in his hair and running down his face in streams and his chest was covered with come. It looked like somebody had thrown a bucket of come on him. He was swiping at it and two other guys moved in to help him.

“Goddam, you drenched him!” one man said as he began licking the warm come off the guy’s chest. Suddenly it turned into a tongue bath as they licked the come off of the man’s face and chest and arms.

Jason was struggling with his clothes, still gasping for air. When he was dressed, I took his arm to steady him.

“You ready to go?”

“Yeah. Yeah, if I can make it up the stairs,” he said.

He stumbled up the stairs and his gait was unsteady as we walked out of the place. He practically fell into the car.

“I wonder how often they scrub that place down,” he said, laughing. “They must have to scrape the dried come up with a razor blade.”

“They’re going to have to repaint that booth after what you did to it,” I said.

We were out of town before I spoke up again.

“Where did that come from?” I asked.


“Telling those guys you’re my son; calling me dad.”

“Did it bother you?” he asked.

“No, absolutely not. I loved it. I just wondered where it came from.”

“It just came out,” he said. “Is sort of true; you have been sort of like a dad to me.”

“I’m glad you feel that way.”

“So I can call you that now?”

“Just be careful, don’t slip. It would crush your dad,” I said. “Look, Jason…I know you’re over eighteen now and you’re going away to college to be on your own, but you need to be careful.”

“What do you mean?”

“You let that kid fuck you…..”

“Is that bothering you?”

“No. Not the way you mean. But you don’t know those guys, and he walked right in and the next thing I know, he’s fucking you.”

“Yeah, he kinda took me by surprise, too,” Jason said.

“And he left you hanging,” I went on.

“Yeah, I’m glad you were there to finish the job,” he said.

“If I hadn’t been, in the state you were in, you would have taken on anybody with a hard cock….I have visions of them lining up. You can’t do that with a bunch of strangers.”

“Okay. I’ll be careful. But can we come back here?”

“Of course. You can come by yourself if you want.”

“No, I wanta come with you. It was neat, the two of us together. And I loved calling you dad in front of those guys.” We spent most of the summer before college almost inseparable, except for the two weeks he went on vacation with his parents. We made a couple of trips back to the video store. I didn’t know if Jason went alone, too. I backed off of my concerns that he was too involved with me. It would work itself out; he would be going away to college and I wouldn’t be there for him to be involved with. It would be a chance for him to get a fresh start and a new perspective.

He left for college about four hours away on a Sunday. He came up the day before to cut my grass one more time, and to collect his “reward.” I think I gave him the blowjob of his life; I know I tried. Then he fucked me on the tailgate till I was begging for air and he was nearly blue in the face.

It was one of those rare times when he didn’t shoot his load in my ass. Instead, at the last crucial second, he pulled his cock out and began fisting it, aimed up over my manhood. His body trembled beautifully and he choked on his gasping moans and then he exploded. He sent great long ropes of come shooting up over me and I heard it land on the cab of the truck. Another sounded like it hit the rear window. He practically whitewashed my truck before he lowered his trajectory and sprayed me with the hot, thick come. Even after all this time, I lay there in awe. His come boiled out of his cock and ran down on my balls.

“My God!” I gasped.

“I think I just gave your truck a new paint-job,” he said, his voice shaky.

He surprised me then by leaning down and sucking and lapping his own come off of my balls. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Shit still tastes awful,” he said with a grin.

“You knew that,” I said.

He put his hand out and pulled me up. “I’ll clean it off the truck before it eats the paint,” he said.

When he got dressed, he left his jockstrap lying on the tailgate. I picked it up and handed it to him.

“You forgot something,” I said.

“Naw, it’s yours,” he said.

“Thank you. Thanks.” I was deeply touched that he thought to give it to me.

“I know you love that old chewed up jockstrap,” he said.

“I loved more what was in it,” I said and my voice was a little sad.

“Hey, my going off to college doesn’t mean this was the last time we ever do this,” he said.

I wanted to tell him to concentrate on college and he was starting down a new path in his life but I didn’t want to lecture him.

“You can drive over to see me, can’t you? We can get a motel room, or maybe you can stay in my dorm room if I can get rid of my roommate. Or maybe you won’t want me to get rid of my room mate,” he said, laughing.

I cried when he left as if my heart would break and it was then that I fully realized that I loved the boy. My heart did break, and it never completely healed.

I did go visit him once and we had a weekend of mad, passionate, insatiable sex but it was the only time. He wrote and called and I wrote back but we never got another time arranged. A couple of times I simply declined with a phony excuse because I really did want him to make a life for himself. I broke my heart but I did it.

He wrote about the girls he dated and I was happy about that. But he also wrote about his roommate.

“You would like him,” he wrote. “He’s a bodybuilder. Great looking and HUNG. Our situation has developed into something very interesting and mutually satisfying. We were naturally drawn to each other, and in the close confines of our room things just happened. We decided, why not? We were handy, and willing and constantly horny, so why not? We’re both straight so it’s no big deal.”

“Now, you’re going to love this….Do you remember that guy in the booth who told me I should be making videos? Well…Jim and I made one! We put it on the Internet for sale and the money’s rolling in. I don’t have to worry about money for college. We’re going to make another one. Jim is an electronics genius, and he’s installing (as I write) cameras in our room. We’ll be going on-line LIVE three nights a week for guy us to watch us. I’ll send you our web-site, maybe you can tune in and meet Jim.”

That bothered me that he was being so irresponsible, exposing himself like that on the world-wide-web for millions to ogle him and his room-mate having sex together. But the dark side of me made me go to his web-site and I went back often. I spent untold hours jacking off while I watched the two stud-hunks do everything imaginable. He even let Jim fuck him! I began to believe that Jim was indeed straight. I wasn’t so sure about Jason anymore.

He got through college, though, with flying colors and surprised me by marrying a girl he met there. I went to his wedding. I had visions of him and I spending his last night as a bachelor together but things were just too hectic and it didn’t work out that way. I was deeply hurt that he spent that last night of freedom with his best man. I wondered if it was a platonic friendship between them. I would wonder about that with every guy I saw him with. He moved away with his pregnant wife and I heard from him again when they had their first child….a son. I could only imagine what the boy would look like when he was thirteen, then fifteen, and sixteen, seventeen….and eighteen.

I saw Jason now and then when he would bring his family home to visit his parents. They always called me when he was in town and he would come up to see me or they would invite me down to their house for a visit. That meant a lot to me; just seeing him, as well as his beautiful wife, and especially his gorgeous son, Tyler. I was a chance to see the boy growing into the man his father was. Nothing ever came of those visits, though; nothing intimate. Then they moved to the coast and he didn’t get home as often, and when he did, it was often just him. I wondered but I was pleased that Jason never seemed to mind the times that Tyler and I were alone together. It was a tacit understanding between us that I would never try anything with the boy. But then there was the time when they returned for his son’s eighteenth birthday. I was invited down for his party. I hadn’t seen him since he was about fifteen and I was taken aback at the young man who shook my hand out in the back yard. He was his dad through and through; handsome to a fault, muscular, very poised and athletically graceful on his feet. I happened to glance at Jason and he just smiled; a knowing smile to be sure. He knew what I feeling; what I was dealing with inside. He understood.

I was engrossed in conversation with Jason and his dad and hadn’t noticed that Tyler had disappeared.

“Where’d Tyler?” I asked, looking around.

“He went inside to change. He’s going to do some hard work for his grandmother,” Jason said.

My heart thudded hard in my chest as I remembered Jason doing yard work for me, wearing those skimpy, too-small green shorts and his ragged jockstrap.

“Jason, we’re going to need more ice for the ice-cream maker,” his mother announced form the kitchen door.

Just then, Tyler came bounding out the door, wearing scuffed work boots and those same skimpy, too-small green shorts! No shirt. Tanned, smooth muscles rippling. I almost choked on my beer. He started for the garage but his dad stopped him.

“Hey, Tyler, go pick up some bags of ice for your grandmother before you start in the yard,” he said, tossing him the car keys.

The boy snatched the keys out of the air almost without looking.

“I don’t know my way around this town,” he said.

Jason started to get up out of his chair but then sat back down. “Do you want to go along and show him where the ice plant is?” he asked me.

“Sure.” I tried not to sound or appear too anxious as I stood up and followed the boy around the corner of the house the car. Why, I wondered, had Jason volunteered me instead of going himself. Was he telling me something? Or taunting me? I tore my eyes from the boy’s tight, bubble-butt flexing in his shorts as he walked in front of me, just as he turned to climb into the car. I was tongue-tied as I climbed in beside him. My mouth was watering yet my throat was dry.

“Which way?” he asked, pausing at the end of the drive before he backed out.

“Oh. Right. Pull up in front of that two-story white house. We’ll take my pickup. This is a pretty fancy car to be hauling around ice that’s gonna melt.”

He parked the car and we got out and walked down the drive to my garage.

“You sure filled out since the last time I saw you,” I remarked.

“Yeah, my dad’s got me on a good diet, and supplements. He said he took supplements when he was in high school.”

“Yes, I remember, I used to pay him in supplements,” I said. “Those shorts look familiar.”

“Yeah, I’ll be they do; they belonged to my dad when he was in high school.”

“Yes, he wore them when he worked in my yard,” I said as I opened the service door and let him go in front of me.

“Mom is always on me about them,” he said. “She said I outgrew them in my freshman year, but it’s an honor thing with me, wearing the same shorts as my dad.”

“I don’t suppose you’re wearing his old ragged jockstrap under them,” I said laughing.

He chuckled and smiled great big and pulled the front of his short down!

“The same,” he said.

I know I did a double-take. There it was, the same, worn, tattered jockstrap with pick-holes and tears with the pouch hanging by a few stalwart threads of material, the pouch straining to contain its cargo.

“There’s not much left of it,” I said, gaping at the sight. “Of course, there wasn’t much left of it when he wore it,” I added.

“I have to keep it hidden from my mom so she doesn’t throw it away,” he went on. “She things its gross, but its kind of like the shorts. I think its neat to be wearing the same jockstrap my dad wore all through high school.”

As he was talking, he kept his shorts pulled down, displaying the sacred garment. I could hardly breath, and I knew if we didn’t get out of the garage, there was going to be a disaster. It was one of the hardest things I ever did to I toss him the keys. But if Jason or anybody saw his car parked in front of my house for very long…

“Oh, you want me to drive,” he said snatching the keys out of the air. Oddly, he had the keys in his hand before he pulled the front of his shorts backup to cover his bulging jock.

I almost had to force my voice from my throat to give him directions, and I had to fight to keep my eyes focused on the street instead of on him. Still, I was able to take him in within my peripheral vision; his muscular shoulder and bicep that rippled as he maneuvered the wheel and the gearshift, and his telephone-pole-for-thighs as he shifted, and the shorts that rode up into his crotch, covering not one inch of thigh.

Even his movements in driving were smooth and athletic, his hands and legs and all his muscles responding with such ease.

We talked about sports—he played baseball and football and was on the wrestling team, just like his dad—and girls, of which there was an abundance. He wasn’t a braggart but he didn’t seem to mind talking about himself to answer my questions. Then he came out with a question of his own that froze me to the bone.

“Can I ask you something?” he asked with a scowling smile.

“Sure. If it’s about your dad, though, I don’t want to be one to tell tales out of school.”

“I’m curious. How did you know about my dad’s ragged jockstrap?”

I was struck dumb by his question. I felt a cold sweat breaking out and I know my eyes were too obviously glued to the street ahead. I swallowed, so loud that I was sure he heard me. Finally, I managed to form words and force them out of my mouth.

“He changed out of his school clothes a few times at my house, into those shorts,” I said. I knew as each word tumbled out of my mouth that it piled up to make a big lie.

“Oh. Okay,” he said.

“Why? Why’d you ask? Its an odd thing to be curious about,” I said.

“I don’t know. Coincidence, I guess. Dad gave me the spiel about the birds and the bees early on, but we had the conversation again just a couple of months ago, with a new twist.

“What kind of twist?” I asked.

“About other guys—gay sex—about guys at school, my teammates, and the coach.”

“Well, he’s smart to warn you about that sort of thing,” I said. “Most father’s wouldn’t.”

“He did, I think, because he told me he’d experienced gay sex when he was my age. It wasn’t exactly a warning, per se; it was more like he was just telling me. I don’t know…like he was trying to put me at ease, or something. So I just wondered, you know, when you mentioned the jockstrap, if maybe that was the experience he was talking about.”

Now my breath was being choked off and my throat was so constricted I couldn’t swallow, let alone speak. I just kept my eyes on the road and pointed at the next turn where he couldn’t miss the ice plant. He pulled up and reached for the key.

“It was, wasn’t it?” he said as he turned off the key.

His words were simply and quiet, not accusing. They demanded an answer. They demanded the truth.

“Yes,” I managed to say.

He nodded. “Okay. Its no big deal,” he said as he reached for the door.

I grabbed his forearm to stop him from getting out of the truck.

“It’s a very big deal,” I said. “You’re so much like him. In those shorts, and that jock, you are so very much like him.”

He looked at me, a blank stare except for the thin smile that curled his full lips.

“You can’t ever tell him I told you,” I said.

“I don’t think I’ll have to. I think he’ll tell me someday.”

“Why would you think that?”

“When he told me about the experience, it wasn’t like he was talking about a dirty old man seducing or abusing an innocent boy.”

“He was eighteen,” I put in quickly.

“I know. The way he told me, it was like he was recounting fond memories.”

“He told you…about it? Details?” I asked.

“That it happened in the guy’s garage, in the back of a pickup. This is the same pickup, isn’t it?”


“And on a camping trip, and other places. He said he was a willing partner. I jokingly told him I didn’t blame him.”

“What did he say to that?” I wondered if Jason had told him just how involved he’d gotten, about being fucked, and sucking cock. I wondered if Tyler knew about the videos that Jason and his roommate had made, and the web-cam. I prayed not.

“He just told me to be careful; to make sure I understood my own mind and my feelings.”

“Tyler, I would never try anything with you and I want you to make sure he understands that I didn’t, if it comes up.”

“Why wouldn’t you? You said I was so much like him.”

“Because, he…you…you’re his son, and I would never betray him like that.”

“You know what? I think he told me for a reason. I think he told me a lot of the details for a reason,” he said.

“And that would be?”

“I think he wanted to let me know that if I ever decided I wanted to try something like that, you would be the one I should come to.”

“No. I don’t believe that for a minute.”

“Well, maybe not.” He looked straight ahead for a long moment, at the icehouse. “Well, we’d better get the ice and get back; they’re going to be wondering where we went.” He reached for the door but paused again when I spoke.

“Thanks for sharing this with me, Tyler. It means a lot.”

“If I ever do…decide to try it…are you the man I should come to. Could I come to you?”

“No,” I replied. “No, I’m not the one. It should be someone your own age.”

“Why? You were old enough to be my dad’s father.”

“Yes, and even though he was of age, and a willing participant, I was always worried that I might’ve ruined his life.”

“I don’t think you did. He’s a great dad. And from all accounts, he’s a hell of a husband. My mom is nuts about him. Maybe you had something to do with that.”

Our eyes met and held for a moment and I wondered about the truth in what he said.

“Better get the ice,” I said.

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