Dupli-Days: Valentine's Day

by TwinReplica

This story follows Parker, a single guy on Valentine’s Day whose wish to be with his true love (himself) comes true!

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It was Parker’s favorite day of the year. Valentine’s Day. He loved seeing couples walking along the street. Whenever they held hands, or leaned on each other’s shoulders, it would send him over the moon. He worked at the local pharmacy, so he was surrounded by candy and cards and many people buying gifts for their loved ones.

It was also a very bittersweet day for Parker every year because the one person he longed for, he could never truly hold. Luckily his shift was ending soon, so he checked out his last person (who was purchasing chocolate hearts, of course) and raced home. His one-bedroom apartment was always kept neat and tidy because he always wanted to make sure that he had a good view of his one true love. Upon many of the walls were mirrors, many of which were body length. He went up to one of the mirrors, kissed his reflection and smiled.

“I’ve missed you babe,” he cooed at the mirror. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” He produced some chocolates for his reflection.

His reflection also produced a box of chocolates. “Babe, you shouldn’t have! Let’s watch our favorite movie. But first let’s change into our Valentine’s Day suits!” Parker ran into the bedroom, excited to change. It started to storm outside, the clouds looking an eerie green. Parker didn’t care. He loved listening to the sound of the rain.

His bedroom, lined wall-to-wall with full length mirrors, was full of his many reflections who were all smiling back at him as they changed into their suits. Their “suits” had everything in common with their birthday suits save for a red bow tie with hearts on it, as they all stripped naked and put on the bow tie. All of a sudden, lightning struck nearby his window and his apartment went dark for a second. When the generator kicked the lights back on, Parker noticed his mirrors looked a little shimmery.

He cocked his head to the side and walked over to a mirror. “Babe…are you okay?” he asked, placing a hand on what he thought was glass.

His hand slipped through and caught something warm that felt familiar yet strange. “Babe?” he and his reflection seemed to say at the same time. As Parker realized what was happening, he quickly started pulling with all his strength.

As he pulled he saw a familiar face come through and, with a final tug, Parker fell backward, pulling Parker fully through and on top of him.

Without a second’s hesitation, Parker and Parker climbed to their feet and held each other, both with tears in their eyes. Each looked at their true love and said, “Babe, you’re here! I can finally hold you!” Their lips drew closer until there was no space left and they began to sensually make out with each other.

They cooed happily as they kissed, their squishy bodies and muscles pressing together as they held each other close, kissing passionately. “I was waiting for this day, my love!”

Their chests pressed together as they rolled around the bedroom floor, neither wanting the moment to end. “My love, now that I have you. I’ll never leave your side!”

“My love, now that I have you I never want to leave your side,” Parker repeated back, their semi-hard cocks flushing. “Chocolates and movies are waiting for us but since…we’ve got each other now….”

“But since we’ve got each other now, our chocolates and movies can wait. After all, we have our whole lives to do anything we wish.”

Parker smiled. “I want to know everything about you, my love.”

“You feel perfect against my skin, like we were made to touch.”

Parker smiled back. “I also want to know everything about you my love. We were made to be together.” Parker stood up as he took Parker’s hand. “Look at us, how perfect we look together.” Their chests, pelvis and legs pressed against the other as they looked at their infinite reflections.

“Parker, I haven’t said this to you out loud, but I love you,” Parker said, tearing up.

“I- I love you, Parker,” Parker breathed as he cupped Parker’s face gently, tearing up before kissing him again.

Parker and Parker, spurred by their emotions, broke out into another passionate kiss that felt like it lasted ages. The storm was still raging outside and both Parkers noticed the reflections were still shimmering.

“Parker. We’ve been so lucky to have each other, but what about our loves in the mirrors? I wish they could enjoy this too.”

“Parker—that’s a lovely idea, but when they come, it will no longer be just us, we will want to all date each other!”

“And who could blame them, Parker? We are irresistible!” Parker rubbed his hands up and down his other self’s equally robust chest. “If we do this, there will be no turning back. I’ll only do it if you want to, Parker.”

Parker wrapped his arms around Parker. “I’ll do whatever you want, my love,” and he gave his double’s ass a small squeeze.

Parker gasped in ecstasy from Parker’s touch and squeezed his double’s ass in return. Parker ran out to the living room to grab the chocolates and back into the bedroom. He had planned to do this after the movie, but wanted to make this moment special. His double understood. They shared the exact same feelings. Parker got down on one knee and opened the box to reveal several chocolates, their favorites, with a glistening wedding ring sitting in the largest chocolate sitting in the center. “Parker, we’ve known each other our whole lives and every day I feel like I learned something new about you. I’m glad we finally get to embrace each other in person and we both know this is something we wanted to do once something like this happens. Parker, I wanna make you the happiest man on earth in the same way that you make me the happiest man on earth. There will be plenty of time for more fun action with more of ourselves soon, but before we do that I wanna make this memory with you. Will you marry me, Parker?” The Parkers could hear audible gasps and clapping from around them but they put that in the back of their minds for a second.

Parker’s eyes welled up again as he reached into the night stand and fished out a small box himself. “Parker...I—” He laughed before getting down on one knee too. The gasps around the room echoed again and a few cheered this time. “I was going to ask you the same thing! You have been with me my whole life, someone who I love and trust, and now that you’re here I want to make you the happiest man on the planet by making yourself the happiest man on the planet, will you marry me Parker?”

Parker’s eyes equally welled up as he exclaimed, “Parker…I—Yes yes, absolutely yes, Parker!” The cheering grew to an uproar as all around them their reflections celebrated with them, tears in their eyes, happy to see their doubles finally engaged.

Parker and Parker placed their rings on each other’s fingers and hugged.

“Parker, I’m so glad I get to call you my fiancé! My love of my life!” Parker beamed happily and hugged Parker even tighter.

They lingered together for what seemed like an eternity, staring into each other’s eyes. The eyes that had been staring back at Parker and Parker their entire lives. The cheers of their reflections finally woke them out of their trance. They glanced to see their doubled reflections, but unlike before they almost seemed lifelike behind their still shimmering mirrors.

“Whoa, Parker, look!” Parker breathed as they looked at all their reflections. All of them also wearing engagement rings.

“Looks like our reflections are now engaged too! Let’s have an engagement party. Reflections invited too!” They started pulling out their reflections, each as real and sexy as the last.

They pulled and pulled and pulled, more and more Parkers in their Valentine’s Day suits eager to join the party. The only thing was, with each reflection, more appeared in the mirrors!

The apartment flooded with more and more Parkers. “Maybe we should stop before our apartment gets full.” “You’re good, Parker!” one of the reflections said. “We’re having just as great a party over here!” The other Parkers behind the mirrors cheered as they kissed, caressed, and enjoyed themselves.

Parker sighed. He wished he could let all the Parkers in, and they deserved to be at the party too. Parker turned around. There were dozens of Parkers all standing around, looking at each other, each with semi-hard erections. “How many are we?”

“Looks like about 40 of us Parkers are in this room. Good thing we got an apartment big enough for all of us.” The Parkers all laughed, their big pecs and toned bellies bouncing with each laugh. “I never thought I’d see this much Parker in my life,” a few Parkers quipped.

“Me either!” “All of you look so handsome in your suits!” “Aw, thank you, Parker!” “Back at you, handsome!” “Parker, I would love to hear about your and Parker’s relationship!” “Oh me too!”

Parker and Parker spent the whole night talking to the other Parkers about their relationships, how they met, their favorite dates, best times in bed. The Parkers all started getting horny. “Why don’t we spend some more time getting to know each other first?” Parker said. “Okay!” “Hell yeah!” the others agreed.

The Parkers began to gather in small clusters getting to know each other. Parker and Parker sat down with four other Parkers on their couch and began talking. “I’m Parker, I’m 26, my birthday is March 19th and I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day cause I love love. But I never had anyone to share it with until now.”

“Oh, that’s so cute! Where did you meet Parker, Parker?” Parker asked.

“Well…” Parker looked at Parker, who squeezed Parker’s hand reassuringly which prompted Parker to continue… “I guess he was always around. I didn’t really notice him until I was about 13 or 14 when I walked in the bathroom one morning. After that, we spent every moment we could together. I bought more and more mirrors so I could always sneak a glance at him anywhere we went. Flash forward several years and we’re jerking off together, watching movies, sitting in the dark by candlelight, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. My friends all thought I was crazy but I knew in my heart that Parker was right there on the other side… waiting for me. And now I have him here with me. As fun as mirrors are, the real thing is more surreal than I ever could have imagined.” Parker flashed a bashful smile at Parker who smiles back.

The Parkers around them awwed at the story. “Parker, that’s so romantic!” “Parker, you’ve got such a charmer on your hands!” “Yeah, Parker, how did you feel? Did you like Parker back right away?”

“It was instant. Every time Parker visited me, I would get chills. It was so nice being able to spend time with him. I wanted more but we only caught each other via the mirror,” Parker said.

“Now that you’re together, what are your plans?” “Where are you going for your honeymoon?” “What do you like to do in your free time?” the Parkers asked in quick succession.

Parker and Parker looked at each other and smiled. “We plan to get married, maybe have a big family!” “Our honeymoon is wherever I can be with Parker.” “And in our free time we love to work out, play video games, read, go to the theatre!”

“Parker and Parker, you’re so sweet!” the other Parkers all swooned.

“I’ll say!” “How about you guys? How did you meet, Parker?”

“Well, I guess he was always around. I didn’t really notice him until I was about 13 or 14 when I walked in the bathroom one morning…” he said, telling the same story Parker had, “Wow, same here!” Parker said when he finished. “That’s pretty much how I met Parker too.” “I thought I was the only one that had this experience. It’s nice to be able to relate to someone for once.”

“Honestly!” “You guys get it, being in love with yourself is the best!” “It is!” “And now you guys are engaged too!” “We are!” “Oh! Would you guys like to come to the wedding?” Parker said, holding Parker’s hand.

“Yes of course!” “We wouldn’t miss it for the world!” “You’re invited to our wedding of course.” “And our wedding.” “Let’s just have a giant wedding, Parker!” “We’re all engaged to ourselves after all.” “Great idea Parker!” “Parker, you’re so smart!” “And so cute and sexy!”

“Oh my gosh, a group wedding!” Parker said gleefully. “I’ve always thought about a group wedding!” “Yeah, it’d be a fun idea!” “Hold on, which Parkers are getting married first?”

“I don’t know, Parker, but I guess we’ll all be married to each other.” “As long as I’m with Parker, I don’t care who goes first.” “Maybe we could all say I do at once, we’re all Parker after all.” “The sooner we’re married, the sooner we get to enjoy the wedding festivities!” “Parker, I almost forgot! I got us tickets to watch our favorite musical together after our wedding.” The Parkers all pull out similar movie tickets. “So did I!” the other Parkers said. “You know me too well, Parker.” The Parkers lightly touched and caress each other.

“Parker…I can’t believe I’ll be married to 39 of you.” “I know! I didn’t think I was a polygamist but…now that I can be.” “I know! It’s a great idea!”

Parker looked into the eyes of each of his reflections and said, “Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker, and last but not least Parker… I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. To continue to get to know each other as lovers, partners, best friends and so much more! Let’s make this wedding day the best first night of the rest of our lives!”

The group felt their eyes welling up and they all crowded in, repeating the same proposal and hugging as many Parkers as they could get their hands around.

The Parkers cried tears of happiness at their dreams coming true, and being surrounded by their fellow selves, they finally felt understood. As it was getting late and their wedding day was tomorrow—they had always planned to get married as soon as possible if something like this happened—the Parkers all formed a cuddle pile, holding hands, nuzzling their faces into the chest pillows of their nearby fiancés and drifted off to sleep.

When Parker awoke he wasn’t sure if the last day’s events were a dream or not, but as he opened his eyes and realized he was tangled up with dozens of other Parkers, all still wearing their “suits” from the last night, he smiled eagerly. It was true. He had 39 fiancés—soon to be husbands!

“I thought this was a dream!” they all exhaled. The Parkers gently kissed each other awake and began preparing for the big day. There was lots to do!

“First of all dears where shall we have our wedding?”

“I think my dear, that we should have a private wedding at the theatre. Our friend Marcus from the box office is an ordained pastor.”

“Yes, but would Marcus accept this? Getting married to ourselves?” “Over 30 times?” “The theatre is a great idea, handsome!”

“It fits us so well!” “I’m sure Marcus won’t mind.” “Who wouldn’t want to see our handsome selves get married over 30 times?” “You’re so cute when you’re into yourself, Parker!” “No, you are, Parker!” The Parkers lightly tapped each other as they hyped themselves up back and forth.

“It is a big development though!” “Marcus may get spooked.” “Well, I guess we could officiate and get some papers from the courthouse then?”

“Perhaps the courthouse is better.” “Seeing this much Parker could be too much!” “Maybe a couple of us go into the courthouse and get papers for us? We’re all Parker.”

“Yeah! But we’ll have to spread it out so they don’t get suspicious.” “And we can still get married at the theatre!”

“Yeah, we could head to the courthouse in pairs and then meet up at the theatre.” “I love the way you think, Parker.”

“But it’s a pretty big theatre and lots of empty seats…who should we invite?”

“Hmm… who would be unfazed by seeing 40 of us?” “It would be hard to explain how this happened to just anyone.”

“Mom and dad are definitely out…” “So are most of our coworkers…” “Yeah I don’t know, seeing forty of anyone randomly is gonna be pretty strange…”

“Do we need to invite anyone?” “The only one I could think of inviting is us.” “You’re all I need Parker.” “Parker… that means so much to me.”

They hugged and kissed each other’s cheeks and Parker stopped. “Wait…we could invite Parker!” Parker smiled, looking around the room. Their multiple reflections in their mirrors were also smiling approvingly, excited to be married to themselves on both sides of the mirror worlds. “Parker would love to come!”

“Well...that then begs the question, do we get married in this world, or in the mirrors?” Parker asked, rubbing his chin. “I’ve never been in the mirror world before. But all of you have. Is the mirror world different from here?”

“It’s a bit different. Our mirror world is a lot like this one, except everyone in the world is Parker.” “Us Parkers are the only ones able to travel into our mirror world.” “There are mirrors from our world that can go to entirely different places, but we loved spending time with you so much that we stayed.” “Now we could have the chance to reunite with every Parker.” “But once you enter the mirror world, we may not be able to return to this one.” “We’d be leaving our family, friends and our jobs behind.” “Would you want to potentially leave this world behind and come with us Parker?”

Parker looked at himself all around, and all the pleading eyes of the Parkers in the mirrors. “Y..yes. I would love to,” he sighed gently.

The Parkers one by one entered the mirror world. The last Parker extended out a hand to this world’s Parker. “Are you ready?” “Born ready, Parker!” When Parker entered the mirror world for the first time, it was a sight to behold.

It was his apartment but…packed to the brim with Parkers! He thought it was full with 40 but there were even more here! He smiled eagerly at the Parker whose hand he was still holding “this is… real?”

The Parker holding his hand flashed a toothy grin, making Parker blush. “Yeah, it’s very real.” It was an odd yet comforting situation seeing his face everywhere. Every time he and another Parker caught each other’s eye, his heart would skip and his joy would soar. He had that sensation all the time now.

“What… what do we do?!” Parker said gleefully.

“More like what don’t we do?” the rest of the Parkers around them laugh. His laugh is infectious and soon all of the Parkers are laughing. When the laughter dies down, the Parkers help Parker get accustomed to this world, telling them everything they do. “We love reading books most of all.” “We’ve been collecting books from the many worlds around us and reading them!” “Since time seems to move much slowly here, we often trade books with each other.” “When we feel competitive, you’ll find us playing games against each other.” “Board games, video games, computer games, doesn’t matter.” “We love spending time with each other and any excuse to massage or touch each other, we’ll gladly take it!” “We also put on shows for each other!” “They could be musicals, plays, even some foreplay now and then.” “And we can’t deny how sexy we are Parker.” “Seeing ourselves explore each other in different positions, it’s enough to send any of us over the moon.”

“But—but that must mean…” Parker said. Parker and Parker smiled and took him to the window. The street was filled with more Parkers, all of whom were walking with many more Parkers all laughing and hugging and chatting.

“You mean the whole world is just Parker?” “Yes, this world was made for us. We all dreamed of having a world with just us. We’re all free to be just Parkers hanging out.” “We can go anywhere in the world.” “And when we’re bored we travel to a new area of the world.” “There’s always plenty of new Parkers to meet!” “And we never get tired of each other.” “Plus, we’re all about to get married now!”

“Oh my gosh, you’re right! That ceremony will literally be endless!” “Yeah, the thing is when you stand in front of mirrors facing each other it would make that many additional Parkers. And you know it is infinity.”

“With infinite mirrors facing each other, Parker will never end. We’ll be the ultimate infinite couples!”

“It’s really interesting to watch! Sometimes Parker will just split in two!” “Or three!” “Or four!” “I once saw him split into 20 at once!”

Nearby, a Parker was positioning two mirrors to demonstrate. “Oh look, Parker’s about to split now!” “More Parkers? I have to see this!” The Parker between the mirrors seemed to close his eyes and then suddenly split into 12 new Parkers! “Whooooa,” Parker remarked. “All of this happens every day?” “This happens every hour.” “And we never run out of room for Parker.” “The world just expands to accommodate us.”

“That’s so cute!” “It is!!” “Can…can I try?” Parker asked, blushing.

“Sure! I’ll go with you,” Parker answered, offering his hand. “Besides, I wanted an excuse to hold your hand.” “All right.” Parker blushed as the two headed between the two facing mirrors.

“So, two mirrors is standard,” a Parker outside explained. “But we can always add more if you want!” added another.

“We could surround ourselves with mirrors.” “Sometimes we’ll hold worldwide Parker Parties. We set up giant rings of mirrors in every city…” “And then party all night with our multiple new arrivals!”

“That sounds awesome!” “It is! We may even hold one tonight after the wedding!”

Parker and Parker held hands as a warm, tingly sensation cames over them. All of a sudden they felt a cool rush as they multiplied into 16 more Parkers! The apartment grew to accommodate the new occupants.

“Wow, so cool!” “I could get used to this.” “More and more Parkers!” “Speaking of the wedding, we gotta get ready!” “Everyone showers and then changes into our wedding clothes?”

“Sounds perfect, Parker!” Everyone said as they headed off to the many many bathrooms in the apartment, one for each Parker if he wanted!

The Parkers took their time getting ready alone in each of their bathrooms, making sure they looked perfect. They wanted to surprise their future husbands with their dashing good looks. They went to each of their closets and grabbed a white tuxedo with a red tie. Once they finished getting dressed they all headed down to the large amphitheater downtown. Parkers filled every seat, while an orchestra of Parkers played the Wedding March. A Parker serving as pastor stood onstage with a book ready to marry all of the Parkers.

Parker felt nervous and excited. He turned to his groomsmen the clones from the mirrors earlier, soon to be husbands. “H-how do I look?”

“You look amazing, Parker!” “Oh, your jacket needs adjusting.” “Yours too.” “Same for you, Parker.” “You must be nervous.” “Don’t be, Parker, you’re a lucky guy.” “You’re marrying the love of your life, times infinity.” The groomsmen all adjusted each other’s jackets.

As they did so, some fixed each other’s hair, lovingly running their hands through it, some brushed away lint, letting their hands linger. Others reddened as they leaned close to take an eyelash away. “You know, the groom isn’t supposed to see who he’s marrying before the wedding,” Parker observed, blushing at his chubbing cock in his slacks.

“I know,” Parker chuckled, “but I couldn’t keep my eyes off you if I wanted to, Parker.” The Parkers now all ready and groomed (pun intended), they all headed to the awaiting audience of Parkers. The audience of Parkers ooohed and aaaahed as his groomsmen of Parkers and finally Parker headed down the aisle.

Parker took his place at the altar, standing across from the other party of groomsmen, all of whom gave him a thumbs up. Then, the wedding march played. All the Parkers stood and looked at the entrance to see Parker standing there in a clean, pressed suit and a red tie. He blushed gently and a Parker took his arm to give him away.

Every Parker started to shed tears, swelling up with the emotion of finally getting what they’d always wanted and much much more.

Parker walked down the aisle to many gasps and beaming faces before he arrived at the altar across from Parker. The officiant Parker smiled happily, knowing he would soon be wed too.

“Parker, we have been gathered here today to marry Parker, Parker and every Parker in this world. We have long waited for this day. Parker, do you take Parker to be your lawfully wedded husband?” “I do.” The faces beamed even brighter. “And Parker, do you take Parker to be your lawfully wedded husband?” “I do.” “I do.” “I do.” A chorus of “I dos” spread around the room throughout every city and beyond. There were Parkers operating the cameras and sound boards, broadcasting the momentous occasion to every Parker worldwide!

“Then, by the power of being Parker,” he said as a Parker came up with a mirror, he looked in it and split in two, “You may now kiss your husband!” the two officiant Parkers said together as they held hands.

The tension finally lifted as Parker and Parker kissed as did Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and Parker and all of the other Parkers throughout the amphitheater and beyond. “Let’s have a Parker Party!”

The Parkers all cheered and began heading towards a huge open field several acres wide, a perfect place to make more and more Parkers and celebrate their first nights as husbands. The Parkers worked together to build a ring of mirrors all around the open field. Hundreds of Parkers gathered, excited to become thousands once they all split.

There had never been a congregation of this many Parkers with this many mirrors and none of them had expected that the split would be so intense, nor that it would increase them so much! Each Parker split into 100 Parkers, but due to the number of originals, 1000 Parkers stepped through the mirrors for each single Parker!

Over 500,000 Parkers were now gathered in this city and similar occurrences were happening all over the mirror world.

Each Parker was greeted with a hug and a kiss followed by, “Parker! Meet my new husband, Parker!”

“Nice to meet you Parker! You two look so cute together. Meet my new husband as well, Parker!”

As Parker found himself in an increasingly large crowd of himself, he beamed inside. Though most of his life had been spent single, Parker knew that from now on, he wouldn’t be alone. He’d need a lot more roses for the next Valentine’s Day!

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