Drawn together

by Johnny29

Mike and John were instantly compatible as friends, lovers, and workout buddies, especially since both yearned for superhero-like bodies. Good thing the mysterious offer to help them achieve their dreams came to both of them together.

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Part 1 Mike and John were instantly compatible as friends, lovers, and workout buddies, especially since both yearned for superhero-like bodies. Good thing the mysterious offer to help them achieve their dreams came to both of them together. (added: 25 Sep 2012)
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Part 1

Somehow Mike and I just clicked from the first day we met. There was an energy about us that seemed to connect effortlessly, like we were supposed to be friends our entire lives, but simply hadn’t met until this casual moment. Both of us in the gym, finishing our respective workouts, and Mike approached me, complimenting me on the fact that I performed my squats with perfect form  –  all the way to the ground.

“I never see anyone do those right,” he grinned, waiting until I rose to the ending position to talk. “Just annoys the hell outta me when I see these guys with tiny legs and huge upper bodies, and they’re doing half-assed squats!”

“Ha! Yep, I’m with you on that dude. You seem to know what you’re doing in here too. Your physique shows it, you’ve done a good job. Your pretty balanced out in your proportions. I mean, I wasn’t checking you out.” I laughed sarcastically. “Just bein honest, I’m into the ladies, to be clear. You never know in Los Angeles, right? Haha! My name’s John, what’s yours?”

“Mike,” he smiled and shook my hand with a strong grip. “Nah you didn’t come across as gay to me, I appreciate the compliment, man. I try, ya know?” He gave a crooked grin and seemed modest.

This simple exchange we had, started a conversation that lasted for 30 minutes. We walked into the locker room at the end and grabbed our bags, casually changed shirts and shorts, talking the entire time.

“Nice meeting you man!” Mike smiled upon leaving. “Listen, you seem cool and someone I’d get along with. I’m sure I’ll see you in here tomorrow, same time right?”

“Yep. Nice meeting you too dude. And you know, we are kinda the same size, seems like our strength is about the same, so if you want a workout partner, I think that’d be cool.”

“Sure man, actually I was thinking it would help me stay on my shit even more. Keep each other motivated. It’s good to meet someone who’s chill and smart in here. You seem like a down-to earth guy. Alright John, have a good night and I’ll catch you tomorrow bud.”

Weeks later, we were regular workout buddies. We enjoyed how we could stay focused and push each other though each workout, yet simultaneously chat about anything in the world. Sometimes we would quietly laugh and joke about other people in the gym, talking shit just for fun. Other times we would get into debates with a couple other guys about politics, music, whatever –Mike and I always backing each other up, since it seemed like we agreed on most things that came up, and had a similar view of the world and humanity in general.

A few months later, I considered Mike my closest friend. He was one of the very few people with whom I could share a real brotherhood. Of course we shared a passion for lifting weights and building up our physiques. But I think we were bonded more by the ability we had to talk about absolutely anything. After a while, he knew I would never judge him for showing emotions, as some of our other friends did. Mike and I would joke about the posturing we would see other guys do while trying to impress girls, and each other. The gym was the perfect place to witness it.

People often thought we were brothers, both of us being blonde, with hair that we each buzzed very short. We were both blessed with looks that others found very handsome, with chiseled features which made us look like a couple of models when we hung out together. We both knew that we looked like studs that got looks from both girls and guys when we were out together, and we played wingman for each other at bars and clubs, with success. Mike was 28 and I was 26. Of course we both identified as straight, but had a sort of bromance going. We didn’t really give a shit if people thought we were boyfriends, which inevitably happens living in Hollywood, California, and hanging out together as much as we did.. On the contrary, I think Mike got as much of an ego boost as I did when people would gawk and compliment us both, saying things like: “You guys have got to be one of the hottest couples…” We would laugh and correct the occasional assumption with a smile, feeling flattered.

I was excited when the opportunity came for us to be roommates, since both of our leases were ending on our respective apartments, and who better to live with than my best buddy and wingman? So during the spring of 2012, we moved into a nice new place in a great neighborhood, with plenty of private space in our rooms, but sharing one bathroom. We were both pretty clean people so it was an ideal situation. A couple of bachelors going off to our day jobs, coming home at night and just chatting and hanging out. Having people over on the weekends, watching movies and having drinks. Playing cards, videogames. We were inseparable.

Physique-wise, Mike was the perfect mesomorph at 5 feet 10 inches tall. Upon a first glance, Mike appeared muscular and intimidating, with broad shoulders and a smooth, thick neck. As a matter of fact, his neck, arms, and calves were roughly all equal in size, which looked impressive even from a distance. I envied his proportions and wasn’t afraid to tell him. Of course up close, one would notice Mike’s handsome, pouting face. He was one of those guys who had full lips but fierce eyes, with gave him a sort of brooding beauty while still being extremely masculine. I even overheard one girl he dated telling her friend that Mike was the hottest guy she had ever been with. She was going on about his “—muscular legs and ass, even his hands and feet are nice—And you should see his cock!” It never occurred to me to notice how nice another guy’s hands and feet were. But I knew what she meant. Mike was a stud and I was proud to call him my best friend. I used his physique as inspiration while training in the gym.

Mike had told me on a few occasions that he thought I had a great physique that I should be proud of, which of course upped my self-esteem. He said he admired that I was taller than he was, standing 6 feet 1 inch, and had longer legs and a narrow waist. Approval from him was, in my eyes, a very big compliment. I was happy with my face, my looks over all, being the sort of all-American blond type that seemed to get as much attention from the girls as Mike did. My face fit my slightly taller body with my shoulders less wide than Mike’s, and my features were a bit more sharp, my mouth large, my neck thinner but with a more pronounced Adams apple, and my nose a bit longer and Roman looking than mike’s.

We were always looking for new schemes to enhance and pump up our bodies, and we had both tried hormone cycles with good results. I realized that soon, I would probably want the next level. Mike seemed content with his physique; his struggle was always to simply stay lean, while mine was always to add more muscle. “I wish I had your problem,” we would joke to each other.

It was so much fun when we both did steroid cycles together. Especially living together. I felt hyper-masculine, pumped and horny constantly, and was well aware that Mike felt the same. We even talked and laughed about how many times we each had to jerk-off every day in order to function. It was just another way we bonded. Another thing in common that made us closer as men. I heard him grunting in the bathroom a few times, chuckling to myself with an understanding of the feeling of testosterone coursing through his body, and knowing he was stroking his cock and couldn’t help himself. He probably knew I could hear him but was so horned up he didn’t give a shit. Getting off on the pure manliness of it; swelling with pride as I felt the same about my masculinity amplified while on cycle. There were the inevitable moments that happen when two guys are roommates where I caught quick, accidental glimpses of Mike’s dick flopping around when he ran back to his room right aftera shower, not knowing I was there. It amazed me that from what I could see, we both had a similar size down there too. And we were both hung well  –  mine being about 8 inches when hard, and I guessed that Mike was probably close to that. Awesome, I thought. We both have good looks and big cocks and the ladies love us. Shit, we really could be brothers.

During the last cycle we did together, we upped the testosterone to a new level. In the gym one evening, towards the end of a workout, I was alternating squats with dumbbell lunges and my legs were getting noticeably pumped. I could feel the testosterone rising and was enjoying the intensity of it. I jumped up to the pull up bar and started doing as many as I could with no rest. The pump in my entire torso was catching up to my legs. The feeling of my entire body being so pumped, and the realization that it was the hormones that were making me larger, filling me with blood, started to feel so good that I could feel my dick getting slightly harder. As I was finishing the pull-ups, the pleasure of it was making me push harder, and I grunted as I continued pulling my chest to the bar. I could feel my dick growing harder and I was so determined to push until failure, and was feeling so good from the engorging of my arms, that I let out a moan as I finished the last rep and hopped down from the bar, panting and wide-eyed. Mike had started squatting while I was pulling myself up into the greatest pump ever, and I saw him looking at me when I jumped down. He had noticed how much pleasure I got from the pump. I noticed that both of our dicks had obviously gotten half-hard during the end of the workout. I was feeling bold, smiled and looked down at his crotch.

“Umm, dude, looks like you’re a little excited there, huh?” I teased him. “Too much weight on the bar or what? All that force looks like it’s rushing to your cock.”

“Yeah John, you too fucker!”

“Oh shit I guess so—Jesus, these hormones are awesome.”

We both blushed and laughed, sat on our respective benches, trying to will our cocks to go down so no one would stare. I remember for the first time feeling a different type of camaraderie with Mike, enjoying the feeling of intense masculinity, as we knew we were both aroused, trying to play it off. I caught him looking over at my shorts, sizing me up, and it felt good. I found myself wondering if his cock was as nice and big as I thought it might be, judging by the proportions I could see through his gym shorts. Feeling a bit embarrassed to be thinking about my buddy’s cock, I of course wrote it off as just the hormones. But Mike and I would act a bit more touchy, aggressive and flirty while we were jacked-up on testosterone, knowing we were just really close and wanting to compliment each other on our manliness.

We bonded through the quest to get the perfect physique, but after a few cycles, I knew my true fantasies  –  having the body of a superhero  –  would probably never happen. I was going to have to be satisfied with my body.

My dreams would occasionally be lucid, and give me a taste of what it would be like if my wish came true. Realizing I was dreaming, I’d start to consciously grow my muscles and my cock before my eyes. Relishing the absolute control, I would almost get to the state I truly wanted, and then abruptly wake up, frustrated. Of course I had felt similar frustration during other lucid dreams where I tried to will myself up into the air; to attempt flight during a dream just after that awareness of the dream kicks in, only to wake up 10 seconds shy of achieving that soaring feeling. But the control over my physique, the rapid growth of my muscles and my cock; the heady rush of ultra-sexed hyper masculinity blasting up my entire body and blowing off the top of my head, was my most secret and desired fantasy. And to somehow share that with Mike, or have him witness it, would be even better.

Upon leaving the gym one day, Mike and I were walking back to my car since I had driven us there, and noticed a note stuck to my windshield. It read:

“Mike and John  –  I have observed you training for the past few months. I can help you take your physiques to the next level. I would like to offer you the change of a lifetime: to be part of a new medical study on accelerated muscle growth. Call this number for more information, and make your ultimate fitness goals a reality!!”

“What the fuck?” I snatched up the note and looked at Mike, noticing he had a sort of scowl of curiosity. “This is weird, man. Someone has noticed us—Has been like, watching us, and want us to be lab rats or something.”

“Hhmm—” Mike had a thoughtful look. “I gotta admit I’m intrigued a bit. I mean, accelerated muscle growth? That sounds pretty awesome.” A huge, mischievous smile spread across his face as he looked at me, and I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Yes it’s a bit creepy that someone has been watching us,” he said, “But maybe that just means they needed to know we were really dedicated to fitness before recruiting us—”

“Yeah, or it means that this creeper is a fuckin’ gym rat stalker and he’s gay for us because we’re both studs, and trying to lure us into some weird sex game.” I said, trying to be a smartass with a smirk. “Well you just went all the way to the extreme as usual, huh bud?” He laughed. “I’m gonna call it and see what it’s all about.”


Part 2

“So the doc said this is the address—Hmm, seems legit.” He said sarcastically, as well pulled up to a cement building that looked like a remodeled bunker. Mike was driving too fast, as usual. Always pedal to the metal. He definitely did not have patience when it came to driving. We skidded into the small parking lot behind the building and screeched to a halt, Mike rolling up the windows, putting the car in park, closing the sunroof and opening his door almost all simultaneously. I could tell he was excited, rushing.

“Are you sure he’s a real doctor?” I asked.

“Nope,” Mike replied flatly. “But I wanna see what this is all about in person. The things he was saying over the phone about this new drug they have been testing sound too good to be true.”

“I know, you had me pretty excited too when you explained what he told you—I guess we’ve tried everything else right?” I grinned at him as we walked toward the building. We entered through an automatic glass door that surprised us both when it opened with a hiss and a burst of air-conditioning.

The room seemed brand new, and was empty except for a few chairs off to the side of a desk, where a surprisingly muscular male receptionist was sitting. He looked up and greeted us with a rather disarming smile: “Hello gentlemen, you’re right on time. You must be Mike, and you must be John. Looking good guys. Just go ahead and go through that door into the exam room, no point in making you wait to be called, you’re the only ones here. Doctor will be right with you.”

“Did you see how jacked that dude is?” I asked Mike after we passed his desk, walked through the door and sat down. “Maybe he was a test subject—”

“Shit that would be cool huh? I mean, if the results from this are close to what I was told—I’m gonna be pretty damn happy. That guy was huge! He actually looked ridiculous sitting there as a receptionist.”

“That’s what I was thinking.” I agreed. “He said we were looking good. Seemed kinda gay, right?” Mike laughed.

“You still skeptical about my little joke about this doc trying to lure us into some sex game, after how that guy was looking at us?” I laughed quietly.

“Whatever, I’m just trying to see what he has to offer.”

After a few moments of suspense the doctor came in and greeted us. A white man with thick brown hair, a chiseled jaw and a thick neck who must have been in his early 50’s, introduced himself as Doctor Richard. The proportions of the doctor startled us both. He was literally bulging with muscle. His white coat seemed absurdly tight across the chest, but fitted near the waist. Almost as if he had it specially tailored to show off his physique. I could see his pants straining to contain the muscle underneath; he looked full of vitality, surprisingly virile for his age.

“Thank you for responding to the message I left. I admit it was a bit—Unprofessional to leave a note on your windshield. But I had seen the two of you at the gym and walking out to that car for months, and it was the only sure way of contacting you without following you home. I assure you this is legitimate, and I am not a stalker,” he laughed, his tone making me feel more comfortable right away.

“We never saw you at the gym, doctor—How is it that you have seen us?” I asked.

“I am the co-owner of the gym you go to, actually. I have cameras monitoring the rooms and parking lot. Surprised?” He smiled.

“Actually no,” said Mike. “You seem like you lift regularly. Like you’ve been lifting all your life, actually. Makes sense that a man your age would have a business like that. How long have you been running this study?” Mike was anxious to get to the point of why we were there.

“Ok let’s get to the point, guys. You two are perfect male specimens for this study. You both obviously desire a certain type of physique, and work hard to get it. I have been looking for two men just like yourselves. I needed two guys who were close friends, have similar builds and looks, and a heterosexual preference.”

“So no gay dudes are allowed in this little experiment—?” I replied sarcastically, glancing at Mike, as he chuckled.

“Well not this particular study, no. I’d prefer to avoid the word ‘experiment’, if you don’t mind. It implies an unknown risk or undetermined result, which is not what this is.”

“No problem, doc,” Mike smiled quickly at me. “So bottom line, are you going to put us on some sort of steroid cycle? Because I already told you in all honesty that we had both done a few of them with good results. It’s nothing new to us—”

“And that is precisely why I chose you two. After so much growth and hard training over the years, I know that deep down, you both want the next level. You both have fantasies of growing massively powerful, more masculine, bigger than you have been able to achieve thus far.”

“So we’re keeping it real, huh?” I said nervously. “Look, I don’t want to be the Incredible Hulk, doc—”

“But you know what I’m saying, don’t you gentleman? You are looking for the next level. You crave the feeling of being hyper-masculine, pumped at all times. The bodies of supermen. Am I correct?”

“Absolutely,” Mike and I replied at the exact same time. We looked at each other and let out a nervous burst of laughter, blushing slightly at the admittance of this deep desire.

“It’s nothing to be shy about. Most men have the same fantasy at some deep level. It is primal. First of all, if you have an concerns about my credentials, I can show you my degrees, certificates and any other information you need to trust that I know what I’m doing.”

“I can see the framed degree on your wall doc, and I believe you. I just really want to know the details of this, how long it takes, etc. By the way, the guy who greeted us in the lobby, the receptionist—Has he been a—Subject of yours? I couldn’t help but noticed that he was—“

“Jacked!” Mike interrupted. “I mean, he looks odd sitting at that tiny desk being so huge.”

“Yes Michael is one test subject that came to work for me after he completed phase two. He had such positive results from this, he wanted to be more involved and help other men. Ok, let me just tell you what’s involved here. I’d like to get started right now. This study has two phases. Phase one will last for 1 week. Phase two does not have a set time limit.”

“We’re listening—” We both replied.

“I will give you each two injections. One will be hormonal in nature, and begin enhancing your testosterone and growth hormones. It is a smart drug that is specifically designed to eliminate side effects common with steroids and maximize growth.”

“Awesome,” said Mike with a wide grin. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

“The second injection will do two things: it will alter your DNA to be able to handle the new growth you receive, and it will also have an effect on your psychology. In sum, it assists the brain in processing the new changes that will happen to your bodies.”

“This sounds amazing doc, but is it permanent?”

“Yes. This is completely your choice guys. I chose you because of your history experimenting with hormones and your obvious muscle growth as a result  –  it tells me that altering your physiology is not a completely foreign thing to you, you should be less hesitant than others to embark on this journey; since you have already felt supra-physiological levels of testosterone before. Let me just say, this will be infinitely more enjoyable that anything you have experimented with, and give you results you can only dream of. Is it worth the risk of the mystery to you?”

“YES.” Mike and I were so intrigued by his pitch, our hearts were pounding thinking about the possibilities.

“Let’s begin.” Doctor Richard pulled our four syringes from his coat and set them carefully on the metal tray next to the exam chair. Mike jumped up from the small chair next to me against the wall, sat in the large exam chair and smiled his enormous smile. He was ready.

“One shot is intramuscular, and the other is intravenous.” He asked Mike to pull down his jeans and turn around for the first shot in the glut. Mike showed no signs of discomfort, being no stranger to regular shots in the ass cheek during our cycles. He sat back down to face the doctor and myself, pumping his meaty forearm a few times to make the vein bulge. He looked down at his bicep with a look of pride as his arm pumped slightly, and then received the intravenous injection.

We switched seats and the process was repeated on me.

“Now, go home gentleman and continue your lives like normal for the next week. Lift as hard as you can, eat as much as you can, etc. You will notice changes happening within the next few hours, and after sleeping tonight, I think you’ll be surprised at how you feel in the morning. This week you will spend preparing for phase two, which will kick things into high gear.”


Part 3

Driving home after the doctor’s visit took about 30 minutes. We were cruising with the windows down, it was a hot day in L.A. and the music was blasting. About half way home, the feeling started.

“Oh—Shit—” said Mike, who was driving 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, as usual. “Uuhh, dude, I feel something.”

“Me too man. I feel—like I just took a shot of some energy supplement and its kicking in. Like I’m getting amped for a workout… Feels like my heart is beating faster.”

“Yeah seriously dude. I’m starting to feel an energy rush—I feel kind of… Happy! Its almost like a euphoria kicking in! You feel that? It feel pretty good!”

“My arms feel a little bigger. I mean, they feel vascular, like I have half of a pump going on. Feels a little tighter—”

“Shit I wanna just get home and see what this is all about, bud.”

We parked too fast, slammed the car door shut and ran upstairs to our apartment. We were both feeling energized, pacing around the apartment with excitement.

“I think this was a good idea man! Fuck, I can’t wait to see what happens—Woah,” Mike grunted. “I swear I feel like I just finished a workout man!”

“God, me too dude! It feels awesome! I don’t think I’m blowing up instantly like I kinda hoped, haha—But I definitely feel pumped up in a major way! I’m loving it.”

We took our shirts off together and looked in the bathroom mirror. Our muscles were noticeably more full and rounded than earlier. They seemed to be just plumped full of blood and staying that way.

“I’m fuckin hungry!” And I started devouring anything I could find in the kitchen that was ready to eat. Mike was right there with me. We laughed as we ate like pigs, thinking that everything we shoved in our mouths would be fuel for instant muscle. I was so happy that it was working. I hoped it would be more noticeable in the morning.

We spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch, watching TV, constantly aware of our bodies. The pump wasn’t going down, and it was making us both horny. “God DAMN this feels nice John,” Mike growled. “I gotta go jerk off and try to get some sleep. I just want it to be morning already—”

“I was thinking the exact same thing, bud! Haha—Yeah I’m gonna take care of that too and try to sleep myself.”

After grunting out an intense jack off session I felt even more energized. How the hell was I going to sleep? I looked down at my body with excitement as my muscles retained their pump and noticed my cock seemed more pumped too. This made me hard again and I started stroking it, enjoying the pleasure of feeling engorged with blood. I heard Mike grunting and moaning in his room and laughed. He was never loud enough for me to hear him unless he was in the bathroom, which was closest to my room.. He must really be into what’s happening to him right now, I thought. The sound of Mike cumming and groaning and flexing made me flex harder, feeling the overwhelming testosterone, and suddenly I was spraying my load again, grabbing a towel just in time to keep the mess small. I managed to get to sleep after shooting my load several times, finally exhausted.

My dreams were particularly intense that night. Highly sexual, and Mike was there. I was watching him having sex with a girl I didn’t recognize. His ass was hard and tight as he was pumping into her over and over. The girl spread her legs wider as he pumped deeper and deeper. She threw her arms around Mike’s neck and pulled him into her, then she looked over at me. He looked up and gestured for me to join them. Flashes of me and the girl, Mike stuffing her full of his cock, our muscles pumped and swelling with power, the girl moaning and sucking my cock, which was massive. I was kissing a mouth and I didn’t know if it was Mike’s or hers… And then I abruptly woke up, cumming all over my sheets.

Annoyed at the wetness, I sat up in bed and the simple feeling of resting on my hands behind me made me realize that my arms were bigger. They felt heavier. I had a rush of excitement as I jumped out of bed and looked down at my long legs. “Holy SHIT!” I realized I had just yelled out loud. My legs were bigger, especially my calves. They were the proportions I had been trying to get for so long! My quads were plump and full, each muscle defined. It wasn’t that I had gotten huge over night; it was more like I had gotten extremely lean yet retained a full pump. My abs were tighter, rock hard. I ran my hands over them. I felt fantastic, euphoric. I pulled on some undies and ran into the bathroom, where Mike was already admiring himself in the giant mirror.

“Fuck, dude! Look at us! This is awesome!” Mike said, full of energy.

“Oh man, I feel so good Mike, I can’t believe this is happening. Think how much bigger we’re gonna get!”

“Jesus, you look lean,” he said. “And your cock! Is your cock growing? Has it always been that big? It looks huge through your undies—”

“It seriously feels like it grew a little bit last night… I had to stroke the fucker five times so I could sleep.”

“Me too! Hahaha!! Yeah, I’m loving this. Shit, people are probably gonna notice at work. This is gonna be fun.”

It was difficult to focus at work that day. In my cubicle on the phone, feeling so pumped, sitting my desk chair. Looking at the clock, tapping my finger on the desk. Flexing my pecs which felt surprisingly erotic. Each flexing motion making them jump in a way I hadn’t felt since the peak of my most intense steroid cycle. My pants felt tighter on my quads. I felt like if I bent over, I would tear the ass right out of them. I moved carefully as the day ended, feeling like my clothes were getting tighter and tighter, not wanting to rip them and embarrass myself.

I found myself speeding home, driving like Mike, curious to see what he looked like by now and how his day was with our changing bodies. When I parked and got out of my car, the twisting motion of my torso caused a tearing sound. I had just ripped my shirt along the back where my lats were now starting to flare out more. I sprinted up the stairs and entered our apartment. Right when I was about to yell for Mike to see if he was home, I heard sex noises coming from his room. I approached his bedroom door slowly, and heard the voice of a girl, panting between her words.

“Oh God, Mike!! Oh yeah baby! Uuhhhnn—Oh fuuuucckk—you’re so big! Oh never stop fucking me!!!”

Mike was just grunting and moaning, No words. Just animal noises. It was making me horny just listening and I had to run into my room, tearing my clothes off and started stroking my cock ferociously. The entire time Mike was fucking the shit out of this mystery girl, I was jerking off. Near the end, my pecs were so pumped and hard from flexing, that I squeezed my left nipple and the shock of pleasure sent my dick spraying all over. I lay on my bed, paralyzed with pleasure, staring at the ceiling for at least 10 minutes. My mind was blank. I heard Mike orgasm again as the girl squealed and it sounded like they were finally finishing their sweaty session.

I was in the kitchen, shirtless but with shorts on, chugging straight from the gallon of milk, when the girl walked out of Mike’s room. She stared at me, I didn’t stop drinking.

“Jesus Christ, you two are gorgeous,” She said with a look of exhaustion on her face.

Mike followed after her and walked her out the front door, kissing her goodbye in a daze. He shut the door, turned to look at me in his underwear, and smiled the biggest grin I have ever seen. “Fuckin’ A, man—I feel like superman.”

“Yeah it sounded like you were fucking like superman, too. I guess I came home right in the middle of your crazy fuck-session. I gotta admit, it sounded so hot. I have been so pumped and horny all damn day, I was just jerking off listening to you two—”

“I don’t blame you, bud, I bet it sounded intense. God it was intense. My pecs, man. My pecs are getting huge. They feel so tight and full, just flexing them turns me on.”

“Jesus yeah, they look big! I think the second shot the doctor gave us is affecting our brains in a way that is keeping us horny. I don’t think its just the pump and hardness that’s doing it.”

“You’re probably right, and I love it.”


Part 4

The next few days were filled with so much pleasure, pumping, flexing and jerking off. Mike and I were changing, and noticing it was making us hornier. There was something happening between us that was bonding us even closer together. Our sexual boundaries were eroding. We knew each other so well, and we knew how each other felt. We were going through the same transformation.

I was standing in the bathroom after a shower, looking at my reflection on the 4th day, amazed. My abs were etched in stone, my thighs were much bigger, and I noticed my neck was getting thicker. I started to get hard and horny and as my cock stood straight up, a clear drop of pre cum formed at the tip, and when I flexed my abs, the cum spurted out and ran along the underside towards my growing balls. Mike clumsily walked in, just having woken up, rubbing his eyes. He stopped dead in his tracks and just stared. All my shyness and inhibitions about my body were gone. Mike was in his underwear, and when he saw the cum running down the length of my cock, he stared to tent up. I just smiled, and kept flexing. “Oh yeah—FUCK yeah, man—”

“Oh my God your dick is huge, John! I mean, I caught a couple glimpses at it before but I think it’s really growing. That’s so awesome!”

We both stood there flexing our pecs and then looking down at our quads. We pumped up our calves and admired the shapes, complimenting each other on how studly we were getting. Mike’s dick was so hard he had to take off his undies and we both stood there naked and pumped, cocks drooling. We were the perfect image of sex made flesh.

We were afraid to go to the gym because our dicks were staying hard. We decided to just do pushups until we collapsed. Positioned next to each other on the living room floor, completely naked and shining with sweat, we started doing pushups. We felt our pecs and triceps swell to massive sizes. 50, 60 pushups… We continued non-stop. The pain and pleasure of it was intoxicating. We paused at the top and looked over at each other, our pecs were pulsating and throbbing with power. “Oh fuuuccckk Mike,” I moaned.

“I know, bud. I know—”

More and more we pushed. Our dicks were now pouring pre cum out and making large puddles on the floor. We were grunting and pumping, and the swelling of our arms grew so large that mine were now brushing against Mike’s. We had stayed in the same position, and our arms were pumping up and out and touching each other. We stood up and saw that our entire bodies were tighter than before, our chests had expanded slightly and we were shockingly vascular. I had veins throbbing in my shoulders and neck. I saw Mike and realized how amazing he looked. He was shockingly dense with muscle, which made him look even more handsome, and his cock was definitely larger than I remember from our last flexing session. Had I ever appreciated his beauty like this before? I don’t remember ever thinking about Mike’s attractiveness while my dick was hard and so close to cumming. Something in my perspective was changing—

I threw my head back and grunted and flexed my pecs together, just as Mike did. We both started cumming right there and then collapsed, laughing with euphoria.


Part 5

The next day we both agreed that we could not wait any longer, and wanted to rush back to the doctor to begin phase two. We arrived, we explained. The doctor said he was willing to begin phase two early since we were progressing so fast, and he gave us each two more injections. “These final injections will change everything. Once we finish here, I need to take you to our other exam room to finalize the last stage of the psychological substance.”

“Whatever doc, just make us grow—I want to actually FEEL myself growing, not just getting harder and more vascular!” I growled.

“Yes! What John said. Ooohh this feels so good we want more, whatever it takes,” was Mike’s reply.

The final exam room had two upright chairs, with a headpiece, like a helmet, attached to each. It looked like some sort of virtual reality simulator. We both quickly sat, anxious to finish. The doctor smiled at us both, our shirts tight across our chests, panting, having grown slightly in size over the past few days, but grown much denser with muscle.

“Now comes the growth you have been waiting for. You have been primed gentleman. Soon you will understand why I chose you both, together. It will take both of you to reach your true potential.”

The machine started, the helmet around our faces blinking with lights. Our bodies feeling tight and amazing, pumped and horny. A shock of light forced me to shut my eyes and I yelled out loud, then gritted my teeth. I pictured the serum working to change my DNA. I pictured it enter my mind and spiral its way up into my head as I felt pressure between my ears. I saw a vision, like a dream, and Mike was there. It was some sort of gym fantasy, where our lifting was making us bigger in a dramatic way. I was so hard and pumped that it almost hurt. Mike walked over to me and was suddenly hugging me. He spoke into my ear: “Fuck, I wish I knew about this a long time ago buddy… Oh God… It feels better than I could have imagined—” The dream became abstract and fractured. We were growing in the gym, I heard him speaking to me, then I heard a voice in my head, a deafening voice. “You can make your fantasies come true,” the voice said. “The love you have for your friend will catalyze everything—” And as the voice boomed, I realized it was the voice of Doctor Richard. The visions of Mike and myself embracing flashed in my mind. We were standing there face to face, our chests touching, and we were growing, our shirts stretching tighter at the seams as we flexed and expanded, yelling and moaning together, flashes of everything all condensed into one instant, one thought… And I woke up, my dick rock-hard, and spraying cum all over my chest.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed. I looked over and Mike was looking down at himself, obviously having just cum at the same time.

“You have both been primed for the final stage of transformation,” said the doctor. “You will feel dazed for a few minutes as the effects of this re-programming finish. I must admit something to you both.”

I looked over at Mike, still dazed and panting and he looked at the doctor, frowning with suspicion.

“The first time you gentlemen came in, the last time you were here, remember when I was explaining how the experiment worked and that there were two phases—?”

“Yeah doc what’s your point? Has something changed or did you do something extra to us?” Mike said as he look over at me.

“Well it all has to do with why I chose you two. You have the three factors I needed for this particular experiment. First, you have a very close friendship. Second, you both have an intense inner desire to feel like supermen and love building muscle. And Third, you both identify as heterosexual.”

“What the hell does the last part have to do with this?” I asked.

“Yeah,” said Mike. “That’s funny you mention that as a factor doc. I mean, honestly we have both been so fucking horned up for the past 4 days we can barely function. Shit, I walked in on John in the bathroom with his dick hard, and I just stood there with him and mine got hard too. This is just part of the process, right? I mean, will we always be this way? It kinda seems that there’s a bit of gayness coming out of this.” Mike laughed nervously. “I’m just surprised at how ok I’ve been with John looking at my body and me enjoying changing so fuckin much, that I’m admiring him too—”

“That’s natural in this situation,” replied the doctor. “You are both experiencing heightened testosterone beyond what anyone has ever experienced, with none of the normal side effects of such levels. But I was not entirely honest with you regarding exactly how the final stage of this will work.”

“What the FUCK are you saying?” we both asked at the same time, angrily.

“Now that you have felt the power and possibilities of this, it is up to you and your actions to take it to the level you truly desire. Now that I’ve completed the DNA reprogramming, the final phase of your transformations will take effect only when the two of you are physically touching.”

“Huh?” I said dimly. “Are you saying we will grow if we touch?”

“Yes, and the more body area you are touching, the more you will grow. Your transformations and growth rate is entirely up to you. You can control it by touching certain body parts together. And the length of time you are touching will have an effect as well. You will have to try it out for yourselves.”

Mike looked over at me, then back at the doctor. “Why the FUCK did you design the experiment that way?” He was obviously very frustrated. “I mean what’s the point? Can’t we just continue our tightening and hardening we’ve had over past 4 days, but just make it more intense..? I don’t understand—”

The doctor walked right up to Mike and looked him in the eye. I watched as he crossed the room to the chair where Mike was still breathing heavily, noticing the muscles underneath the doctor’s lab coat move and bulge as he walked.

“I chose you two because I want to test a hypothesis. I believe that even though the two of you are straight, if the only way to transform into the true muscle-gods that you desire to be, is to essentially take the physicality of your friendship to the next level.”

“You’re fucking with us. You’re manipulating us!” yelled Mike.

“I wanted to see if I took two straight studs like you, and gave you a taste of true power, would you actually let all of your inhibitions go and press your body against your friend, if that’s the only way you can truly transform!” The doctor spoke right into Mike’s face. “Even if in your mind it would feel gay, or like you are crossing some invisible forbidden boundary, once you understand and feel it for yourself… I’m betting that you will do it.”

I was stunned at the implications of this. I would have to—press my body up against Mike’s in order to grow. The doctor had given us a taste of the intensity of it, the sexuality of it, and he had chosen us because we were straight. Now he wanted to give us the choice: act out a completely gay physical action, which would be inevitably intense and sexual, or stay the way we were, and NOT get the growth we wanted. Fuck.

“By the time you get back home, you will be ready to experience the full effects.”

We looked at each other blushing, our faces bright red. It was partly anger too. We had been manipulated by this doctor, this homo scientist who wanted to turn straight men gay, and wanted to watch us make the choice! We walked out of the clinic dazed, thinking. It was already done, it was too late to go back.


Part 6

We were silent on the way home, Mike was driving. But we were both breathing heavy, panting like we were exhausted. Neither of us spoke. I still felt pumped and slightly larger than before the injection, but hadn’t yet felt the growth I’d really wanted. I did want to feel it.

Walking in the door of the apartment and sitting down on the couch, making ourselves comfortable. Still silent, obviously both contemplating the implications of what our choice was.

“What an intense last few days huh, bud?” said Mike with a crooked smile. “I still feel the great pump, and I feel tighter and more hung, obviously, but—”

“Yeah man, I want to fucking GROW—To finish this whole thing and just… When we were in those chairs, with the helmets and the lights, I had a vision like an erotic dream, and you were in it.”

“Yeah you were in mine too and now we both know why. That mother fucker. What an insane game to play, give us a taste and then a choice… I have been totally comfortable with you watching me grow and I’ve been totally fascinated by watching you too. I mean, even our dicks growing is pretty amazing—

“Oh my God! What if we can get our dicks to grow by… touching them together.” I burst into nervous laughter and hoped Mike would laugh too, but he didn’t.

He was avoiding eye contact with me now. “Man I want to feel the whole thing! You know what? Fuck this, lets just touch hands and see what happens. It’s just our hands. Besides we have seen each other naked a hundred times, we’re both guys, we both know each others body pretty well by now, we’ve both heard each other cumming—” He looked over at me and I saw that he was sweating. I began to feel something changing in me. A power swelling. It seemed Mike was feeling something too.

The moment I touched him, I felt a jolt of electricity in my hand and arm.

“Woah!” he said, stepping up from the couch.

“It was like a static shock—”

My heart was racing. “Hold on, lemme see something—”

I stepped in front to face him. I reached down, taking his right hand in mine. The moment we touched, I felt an energy moving up my forearm. I saw Mike’s face change expressions; his eyes got wide and he quickly released his grip.

We both stood there looking at each other. I felt hot all over, like something kicked in and started to make me sweat. I saw the sweat starting on Mike’s forehead.

Mike looked at me in a certain way, looking me directly in the eyes, which made me feel a wave of love for him. “What is your true physique fantasy, John?”

“To grow huge and have the body of a fucking superhero!” I cut him off. “That’s my fantasy. And I think it’s yours too, and I think you want to feel it with me as much as I do with you, if we have to!” I said boldly. He grinned at me and nodded in agreement.

He grabbed both of my hands, and the feeling started again. I felt him gripping my hands hard. I looked down at his forearms and saw the muscles begin to change! His arms were getting bigger, and so were mine!

“FUCK!” he cried, and looked directly into my eyes. “Dude, my forearms! Look at them! Oh my God, yours too!”

“Holy f-fuck,” I stuttered. The feeling of testosterone was building. I felt horny again. I looked at Mike’s face at his expression revealed he felt the same way  –  obviously aroused.

“I feel weird—I feel sort of… drawn to you,” Mike said, hesitating.

He grabbed my hands again and held on tight. He gasped, and I felt a wave of horniness. I could tell from his face that the muscles in his arms began to feel tight and hot, just like mine were. “Oh God,” he said, his voice low and sexy like he was in the middle of jerking off. “W-wow…”

“Holy shit dude, the feeling is spreading across my chest!” I noticed my entire torso felt tight. Like pressure building around my ribcage. Slow steady waves of masculine energy, horniness, were washing over us.

“Oh man this is fucking awesome,” Mike growled. I looked down and noticed his dick was starting to get hard. I could see the outline of his cock in his shorts.

I pulled away quickly, feeling afraid that this would get out of hand, and somehow ruin our friendship. “This is crazy Mike, I don’t know if we should—”

“If we touch—” said Mike, “—we finalize the growth transformation.” He looked down at his shorts, and then slowly up at my face. “But fuck, it feels awesome dude, I can’t resist—This is the vision we had! This is what the first phase was getting us ready for  –  to feel uninhibited with each other and watch each other become fucking gods. Come here,” and Mike pulled me into a hug. “Shit—I feel—magnetized to you—”

As soon as our chests touched, a wave of pressure and euphoria spread through our bodies, our muscles immediately tightening and flexing.

“Uuuhhh,” I let out a low moan as I felt my shirt get tighter around my shoulders. His face was right next to mine, and we were both getting more and more aroused. Licking my lips, I saw his ear up close and followed the vein behind it down his muscular neck with my eyes.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned right into my ear and my dick instantly got hard. We were both growing slowly; I could feel his pecs press harder against mine as we stood there panting. “This is happening!” He moaned again right next to my face. “We aren’t just getting pumped dude, we’re fuckin growing and changing! We’re MAKING each other grow!” He put his arms around me in a hug.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of intense pressure in my pecs and shoulders, my shirt beginning to rip along the seams, and my arms feeling heavier. “Fuck—Fuck,” I grunted into his ear. He pulled only his head away and looked down at our bodies. His eyes got wide as he looked at my torso getting more and more pumped, bigger and bigger—I loved the look in his eyes as he stared at me, amazed. Mike was looking at my chest, his mouth dropped open as if to say something, but he was distracted by the pleasure of it.

It felt like my frame was too small to contain the power building up inside. My waist was remaining smaller but my shoulders pushing wider, my ass rising and hardening like a rock. My entire body tensed rigid, all my muscles felt fully flexed. I began to feel spasms of throbbing growth. I looked down and saw Mike’s pecs tense and jump, bulging out as they flexed hard, and he grunted.

“Mmmm—FUCK!” I yelled and my chest expanded a few inches. “Uuuhhhnnn!!!” I moaned and my chest expanded even more. “Oh—SHIIITTT!!!” I screamed and felt my shoulders and my neck stretch slowly with power. “Aahhh….Yeessss,” I was grunting repeatedly as my traps swelled up and out slowly, steadily. “More, MORE!” With each beat of my heart, my entire body was throbbing with new muscle.

Then the feeling hit my crotch, and began to spread down my legs. We both watched, as our shorts got tighter around our thighs. The feeling of pressure there sent waves of pleasure radiating through my inner thighs, and hit my crotch again and again. I could feel his cock against my stomach, and it was radiating heat.

“Fuck yeah!” he yelled and grabbed my arms at the bicep. “I can feel them grow man! Oohh.. shit we’re making each other—””

Suddenly the feeling became too intense to hold in and I moaned loudly as my shirt tore right down the neckline. I felt like I had just taken the deepest breath ever breathed by a human, just inhaling forever. My pecs were swelling, the vein in my bicep getting slightly larger. I was in ecstasy. “Oh God your pecs are blowing up man!” Mike said, admiring me. “Jesus, they look amazing—”

Mike’s legs were ballooning and he was grunting with pleasure. He looked right at me and smiled. “It’s just like the dream John. It’s BETTER! Uuuunnmm—” He threw his head back in pleasure and I watched, as his neck grew thicker with muscle. I could feel the same things happening to me at the same time. We both gripped each other as hard as we could. Standing in the entrance to our apartment, grabbing each other, growing tighter and larger with muscle. I felt another shock in my crotch, and I heard Mike let out a loud grunt. At that moment, I realized our cocks were hard and standing up against our stomachs, almost touching through the remaining pieces of our shirts. They were dripping with pre cum and our stomachs were both wet.

“Hold fuck this is soooo good—” Mike purred. “Ohhhh yeeaahh—” We grunted into each other’s ears, as we held each other closer. “Oh fuck… Ooohh.. This is better than sex, man.. Oh John, I don’t give a fuck if this is gay or whatever—Uuuhh—I—Don’t—CARE!!” Mike was panting and breathing so heavy I could tell he was feeling as much pleasure as I was. He surprised me by licking my neck and breathing into my ear as we transformed. I moaned and he pulled back slightly to look at my face. His expression alarmed me because his look was of wide-eyed shock. “Jesus dude!! Is my face changing like yours?!”

I realized that Mike’s face was more beautiful suddenly. He was becoming more masculine, more intensely gorgeous than he was before. I watched as his jaw become squarer, his mouth widened larger slightly and his lips became more full and sensuous. His hair was shining in the light, his skin perfect and becoming more bronzed. His eyes were sparkling and he had the look of a man overtaken with lust. I found him shocking now, irresistible. A complete Adonis.

“Holy fuck,” he said close to my face. “You’re getting more handsome… You’re—We’re both becoming fucking gods. Haha! Yes!” I felt the pressure in my face. I felt my lips tense and then release. My nose and cheekbones were hit with a shock of strange movement and my jaw muscles felt like they were jumping, expanding. I closed my eyes and heard him moan again as he watched my face become more perfect and masculine. He looked at my lips, at my thicker neck, then at my eyes. “So masculine,” he breathed into my ear as he put his chiseled face next to mine. “Such a stud—”

My calves felt so tight and pumped I couldn’t stand it! We had both kicked off our shoes during the transformation. Standing barefoot, I looked at his calves and they were swelling into massive diamonds, and I knew mine were doing the same. I thought I could hear the sound of them stretching, groaning with pressure, the light blond hair on our legs becoming shinier, and then more sparse until our skin was completely smooth and glowing. His feet were growing slightly like mine; expanding slowly and he flexed them hard, curling his toes up, trying to make his calves as hard as possible. “Oh shit my legs are getting massive!”

He pulled back for a moment and pulled his shorts off quickly. “I gotta see this man! I feel like I’m about to rip right through my shorts!” He pulled his off and looked at me to do the same. Both of our shirts were ripped down the center and we saw each other with our new muscles for the first time. We both had gained at least 30lbs, and leaned out quite a bit. We tore the remnants of our shirts off and stood there naked, panting hard like we were exhausted, but energized with power! Our legs were pulsing and stretching with brawn. New muscle pumped and bulged along all sides of our calves and crawled up our quads. Veins rose up and spread, just before fading away as our legs adapted to their new size. He looked down at his body, his dick rock hard. Then he looked at me, smiled, and pulled me into him. The feeling started again immediately.

Our hard cocks touched, and began to pulsate together. The feeling was pure bliss, intense pressure again, and again. With each heartbeat, both of our dicks were growing slowly.

“Uuuhhh! UUHHH!!!” We both cried out in pleasure together and looked down towards our stomachs. We watched in a daze, as our dicks swelled with power, the veins popping out and growing up the length of the shafts, towards the swollen, purple heads. The pressure was so intense, we were both pouring pre cum all over and slicking each other up. Bigger and bigger. More and more pleasure.

Throbbing in ecstasy, we started wildly feeling each other’s bodies all over. Mike was trying to get as much of me in his hands as possible. He was moaning so loud, I thought for sure someone nearby could hear it. But I didn’t care about anything except the pleasure and power I felt. Our cocks changed proportions, refining themselves to masculine perfection; the ultimate symbols of sexual power. Our faces touching, grunting in each others ears with each spasm of growth. Feeling our cocks tense fully, hardening to plump steel, then swell larger as we gritted our teeth, overwhelmed, and then the pressure would release. Tense—Plump—Expand—Release. Again and again. They were now standing at least eleven inches high between us, with a throbbing thickness that created the most gorgeous proportion imaginable. Our balls were swelling to the size of large eggs as we felt them jump and sway back and forth.

“Oh FUCK dude, I’m—I’m gonna cum—” Mike gripped me harder and his balls suctioned up against his body. His dick started to spray. Mine erupted at the same time and we both threw our heads back, racked with pleasure, as we fountained cum up towards our faces.

“AAAHHH FUUCCK!!!” Mike screamed and started licking my neck and he was still cumming. With his tongue on my neck, licking up my jaw line and his face pressed against the side of mine, the geyser of cum was spraying up and hitting us both under the chin. Squirt! Splash! Over and over. “UUUUUUhhhhhhnnn!!!” He was flexing his now enormous pecs, obviously getting off on the feeling of how big they were. My legs were bulging, my ass was rising, my pecs and shoulders were expanding, and my now massive cock was pumping more—and more.




”UUHH!!” Our dicks still pouring out cum.

I looked down at Mike’s soaking wet abs and saw they were cartoonishly hard and etched in stone. Our massive cocks were slipping and sliding against our hard stomachs, and I could feel Mike’s dick rubbing between the deep ridges of my newly defined abdominals. The delicious feeling of his plump cock head slipping and sliding against my abs was overwhelming. I just felt a red-hot piece of meat slapping up against the brick wall that my stomach had become. My balls were the size of small oranges and so were Mike’s, bumping against each other. Plump and tight, they were producing endless amounts of cum. Mike’s beautiful dick, the pulsating head now touching just below my chest. It shot one last load of jizz that shot up against my left nipple, sending a shudder of pleasure through my upper body.

The orgasm started to slow, and then I locked lips with my best friend. I completely let go as our tongues massaged each other in our mouths, slowly and passionately. We moaned in pleasure together and kissed deeply, getting lost in the feeling. His tongue was thick and long, reaching the back of my throat. His lips were full and smooth, and we found a rhythm together as we made out. We pulled out of the kiss and looked into each other’s faces. Our expressions both dazed, empowered, intense. I felt a connection with him that was so deep, and I saw that Mike had tears of joy in his eyes.

“Oh God this is… Amazing. It feels so good to become a fucking god with you buddy,” Mike said almost moaning, right next to my face. He leaned in for a kiss again and I could feel him trembling, his neck getting bigger and his shoulders broadening as he grunted into my mouth. “I didn’t know a guy’s body could look like this—So fucking perfect. So massive… Uuhhh! I love it!! God you’re an amazing kisser—This is so intense.”

As his arms and pecs slowed their growth, I watched them now get harder. Both of our bodies now felt 50 pounds heavier with muscle, and we both realized our heads were closer to the ceiling. We had grown taller! But now the hardening continued. Mike was becoming a living statue, a granite-like sculpture of male perfection. And so was I.

He pulled his chest away from me but kept our dicks touching so the pleasure wouldn’t stop. We watched each other now get inhumanly lean. We both looked carved from granite, like marble made flesh. Smooth and shiny, completely hairless. More perfect than perfect. And powerfully horny. The lust in Mike’s eyes actually scared me. I felt tight, intense pressure spreading through my body again as this new change hit us. I knew he felt the same. “Grrrrr!!—” I gritted my teeth and clenched my jaw tight during the rush of pleasure as my muscles became denser. “UUHHH!!” Another throbbing tightening felt in every part of my body. “Fuck yessss—” The hardening was getting stronger. I watched both of our now massive physiques refine themselves even more. Beyond what I thought was humanly possible. I felt like I was having a perpetual orgasm, the spasms deep inside me pumping—and pumping the pure hardness that we were becoming. His entire body and face was glowing, radiating pure sex and blinding beauty, and I knew I looked the same in his eyes.

We leaned back slightly, the shafts of our thick cocks still touching. Mike was rubbing his hands all over his own body, moaning in pleasure. I was doing the same, throwing my head back and savoring the feeling. “Fuck this is so goooood—we are muscle gods now… Uhhhhhnnn!!” With a loud grunt, Mikes physique perfected itself again in one big PUMP. I yelled and felt my own body do the same. One giant crunching, tightening squeeze, and my entire physique plumped and swelled, hardened into stone, my cock turning into steel—all simultaneously. We both looked at each other, smiling, and put our hands on our pecs. As they tightened into steel, we both widened our eyes in amazement and savored the feeling of the gradual expansion of muscle. My calves were shaking with power, the sensation rose up my enormous quads and rock-hard ass, and as the feeling traveled, I could feel my hamstrings expanding outward, my skin stretching to contain the growth, and I grunted and smiled. My giant balls and cock, shiny and perfect, not a wrinkle anywhere. Our abs were immaculate; massively carved symmetrical squares bulging from our stomachs, and our pecs were hanging in thick slabs to create a shelf over all of it. We both had small, dime-sized nipples that were tight and gorgeous, and we were proportionally perfect from the shoulders to our necks.

Both of our cocks hard as steel, pulsating with power, tensed together and began one huge throbbing, overwhelming growth spurt, reaching up and up towards the bottom of our pecs. We both looked down, eyes wide, mouths hanging open, and the feeling of our massive cocks elongating themselves, agonizingly, stretching beyond the point of natural human organs, was so pleasurable, so tight and hard and pulsating, that we both moaned loudly together as our now foot-long fuck poles squeezed out a final rope of cum that bathed the underside of our pecs. We both wrapped our hands around our cocks together just in time, feeling the pulse and growth spurt, the final steel-hard push of cum that erupted upwards, rolling our heads back in ecstasy. The feel of the dick muscle, the hardness was so intense, the color of the heads now so dark red and throbbing, I thought I would pass out from the pleasure of it. The huge heads both now slapping against the underside of our pectorals.

“Oh God, John… This is fuckin awesome man, you are a GOD! Look at us!! Fuck, I want you so bad.. I want to keep GROWING! Fuucckk YEEAAHH—” He grunted like a mindless beast, drunk with power.

With one swift move, Mike lifted his leg up and wrapped it around my waist, stood up on the toes of his other foot, and reached down to pull my dick in position. Now pulsing against his perfect ass, his gripped my steel-hard horse-cock, and effortlessly slid all the way down on it. I watched in amazement as he impaled himself farther and farther onto my giant dick, his eyes rolling back in his head as he took it all the way down to my huge balls. “The more we touch—Uuhh! The more we… Groooowww..” He yelled through his teeth. “Uuhhh I want your cock to fill me up with power!”

“Oh SHIT!!” I yelled and gripped his enormous lats that instantly expanded up and out from his back, like the head of a cobra.

“Awe—Fuck yeah—” He grunted in pleasure as he raised his arms up slightly, making room for the expansion of his lats. He looked down to one side and watched them spread out like wings, a huge grin spreading across his angelic face. He slid up, then down slowly on my fuck-muscle. He looked me right in the eye as he was fucking himself with the massive 12-inch length of steel pipe that my dick had transformed into. His eyes started to water and he threw his head back as I was all the way inside him. He lifted up the one leg he was standing on, and wrapped it around my waist. Now I was fully supporting him with my fuck pole. Supporting his weight, my legs began to pump and swell with muscle again. With each thrust, now connected in the deepest way, we both felt the growth hit us one more time. He put his right hand around the back of my neck, and his left hand was feeling the deeply carved crease in the center of my powerful chest. He started rubbing it, feeling my nipple and licking me, moaning loudly as I fucked him deeply.

Thrust—and a new BURST of muscle. Thrust… And another. We were covered in sweat, moaning and grunting, swelling with power and muscle, our hands and feet getting larger, growing slightly taller—

Mike let go of my torso and put his hands back, clasped together around the back of his head and he looked down to admire himself, being fully supported by my cock alone. “Ohhhhhh—FUUUUCK….” He growled, and looked down at his abs as they jumped and rose up even more! They were trembling as they etched a sharp line forming a v-shape that led right to the base of his gorgeous dick, which plumped and perfected itself ever so slightly. I was holding him by the waist, and sliding him up and down over my giant dick. He looked at me a smiled. “Oh shit yeah, fuck me buddy—UUHHH!! Make me GROW—You’re a fucking GOD!”

My thighs were burning and tightening even more. He moaned as he looked at his own cock start to pump itself up into even larger proportions! It was so huge that I had to taste it. With my cock deep inside him, I bent forward with newfound flexibility and licked the head of Mike’s beautiful shining dick. I was instantly overcome with lust and stretched my mouth around the enormous head. He let out a long, deep growl as I stretched my mouth farther, and farther down the shaft. I was fucking and sucking him at the same time, while we both exploded with muscle. The feel of his dick squeezing down my throat was so intense, I could taste and feel every muscle and vein, and the thickness and perfection of it was unbelievable as I forced it down further. I began to time the powerful thrusting of my hips with the licking and sucking of his huge cock. I came up with my new, bigger mouth, and licked around the plump and perfect helmet, and looked up at Mike’s face to see him opening his mouth wide in amazement, a blank look of lust on his face. Licking up and down the thick shaft over and over, I noticed my tongue was bigger and longer as I gave his perfect manhood a frantic tongue bath. I looked up to see his eyes roll back in his head and watched his chest heave with pumped power, his arms bulging, shockingly muscular. My entire world was his giant dick, and the tightness of his perfect ass around my own hugeness. My own cock felt like it was growing inside of him. Just as we couldn’t take the pleasure of the growth, the pumping, THROBBING expansion of every part of our bodies, as I impaled him over and over on my massive tool, we both knew we were about to cum again.

In one final blow, my dick began shaking and moving inside him. I started spraying Mike’s insides with hot cum and buried my dick as deep into him as I could. I felt his massive piece of meat suddenly plump larger, tense and jump in my mouth as the heat reached the tip and exploded. He shot an endless stream of sweet cum right into my stomach. He was so deep in my throat that I didn’t even have to swallow. I felt his thickness distending the shape of my throat and neck, as I adapted to the new growth and pleasure. While he was still grunting and shooting, I slowly pulled my mouth off his cock, up and over the head as it was shaking and spraying. When I pulled my mouth all the way off, my dick still buried in his ass, he fountained my face and our torsos with the biggest geyser of cum I had ever imagined possible. Yelling at the top of our lungs, we came together, this last time  –  My huge throbbing dick inside him releasing impossible amounts and then spilling back out of his tight ass, running down my powerful legs. He struck a double-biceps pose as he shot his load, gritting his teeth with intensity, flexing his huge arms for me, showing off and admiring himself at the same time. It was the most erotic display I could ever dream of. He smiled proudly and looked in my eyes. The perfect pecs, huge shoulders, perfect abdominals, thick muscular necks growing together, MASSIVE powerful fuck rods exploding with cum, huge perfect legs flexed as hard as they could be. Even the teardrop-shaped muscles in Mike’s quads were trembling with power, his gorgeous feet flexed hard as his calves pumped to perfection one last time. The moment lasted for a mind-numbing eternity.

When it started to settle down, I held him on my cock still, and lowered us both to the floor. We lay there next to each other as it faded, and both of us completely blacked out from the pleasure overload.


Part 7

The feeling of Mike sliding off my cock woke me up. I opened my eyes to see his silhouette walking to the bathroom to take a piss. I had flashes of what had happened before cross my mind, and realized that we both probably passed out from the intensity. Suddenly the fear that it was all just a dream hit me. I sat up quickly and felt the weight of my new body. Relieved, I looked down and saw that I was still the muscle god I remembered transforming into with Mike. Jesus Christ, thank god.

I saw him coming back from the bathroom and the sight of him made me instantly hard. He smiled and it was like the sun came up. He was a vision of the perfect male. His dick sprung to attention. “Jesus John, if this is my sex drive now, I don’t know how I’m going to function,” He laughed. “What the doctor did to us is like a dream come true. I never thought I’d feel so much pleasure—And I never thought I’d feel it with you.”

We both stood up and walked over to my mirror to check ourselves out. As soon as our reflections were visible, our jaws dropped and our dicks were leaking cum. “Oh—Fuck! God I’m so huge and gorgeous!” We both said it at the same time, and then laughed out loud. Normally I’d feel embarrassed at such a thing, but all my shame was gone. I felt nothing but proud and wanted to display my magnificence to the world. We both started flexing our pecs, squeezing our quads and pumping up our calves, admiring our rippling abs, and striking poses. I noticed Mike breathing heavily and I knew he was as turned on as I was. We grabbed our dicks and started stroking. Such huge, thick pieces of meat in our hands, the weight of it, the perfection. ”Oh shit man we are unbelievable! Almost inhuman!” Suddenly we both grunted and shot a load over the mirror, at our reflections. We fell to the floor, laughing hysterically. Leaning back on my hands behind me, sitting on the floor next to Mike, wet with fresh cum again, I felt huge, heavy and powerful. I was euphoric, completely satisfied. I felt beyond amazing.

“I have to confess, Mike, Something’s clicked in me. It’s like a shift in perspective. In how I see you. I mean, not just the muscle transformation'the sexual connection with you. I always admired your body but now I think you are a gorgeous, irresistible stud.”

“Yeah, I started to feel that way a couple days ago, bud,” he smiled. “Watching you transform has been the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. And I admit that I didn’t have that attraction to you before, you have always been just a good friend to me. And I always loved you as a person.” He moved closer to me, looking into my eyes. “But now, after what happened, everything’s different. You’re such a fuckin stud, you’re irresistible. We are beyond any level of normal male on the planet, and I totally love the idea of being like this with you. I mean, being together, hanging out like before, but you know—” He blushed. “Fucking, sucking—I know how hot it can be with a guy now. But only with you.”

“Are you saying you wanna be boyfriends?” I laughed and punched him in the chest, teasing.

“Well… If that’s what this is, fuck it! I can’t imagine getting the level of pleasure I get with you, anywhere else. So sure bud, I’ll be your boyfriend. I feel so manly, and you are such an unbelievable stud, it’s overwhelming. Who knows, maybe we’ll fall in love and live happily ever after—” His huge smile spread across his gorgeous, pouting face and I felt shocked again at his beauty. To think any male could look as perfect as he did in this moment would have been inconceivable a few day prior.

My heart pounded and I embraced him. Suddenly, the familiar feeling of testosterone was creeping up again. His hands ran across the rippling muscles in my back as we hugged, and I began to feel the rising surge of growth once more. I felt Mike’s heart pounding through his chest, and he started to breath heavily as I felt his back slowly tighten and expand—

“Uhhhh—Fuck yeah man, never stop touching me. Let’s see what happens if we just keep touching, buddy—” Mike purred into my ear. “Ooohh God—The feeling… Uuummmfff!!”

Grunting and growling, we were transforming again slowly, agonizingly. The pressure spread through my body and I began to feel the pumping, throbbing heat of growth. I realized there might be no limit to our transformations—which depended on our desire and how we were touching.

“Remember when you were inside me, fucking me?” He looked at me with a huge smile that made my heart skip a beat. His grin was so mischievous, so sly. “That was the best growth ever man—Uuuhhh!!” He grinned at me, moaned, and I felt a rush of lust for him. “The more we touch—The closer  –  DEEPER we touch, the better it is. I have an idea—”

And in one smooth move, Mike turned around on the floor next to me, his powerful legs facing above my head. As he now faced the massive, perfect tower of meat that my cock had become, he nuzzled it with his nose and looked up at me with that sly smile. My dick sprang back and hit him in the face, the giant plump head leaving a smear of the sweet honey that he immediately liked from his lips. With my face on his cock, we were in the sixty-nine position. I knew what he was thinking.

“OOOhhh Shit yeah! Let’s fuckin shove our dicks down each other’s throats and keep them there as long as we can, and see how much we change—” He was looking right at the head of my dick wide-eyed, and I was licking my lips, his massive tool inches from my mouth, leaking pre cum.

“Oh God Mike! Uummppff!!” I moaned out loud, and we squeezed our foot-long cocks into each other’s mouths, just in time to feel the next surge of growth hit us. The feeling of Mike’s giant perfect prick stretching its way into my mouth was almost as hot as the thought of my best straight buddy forcing my massive dick into his mouth, hungry for it. I felt him struggling to fit it in his throat, panting like an animal, like he had never been hungrier for anything in his entire life, as he gripped my rock hard ass.

“MMmmmm!!!! We both licked and sucked and felt our bodies tighten and expand with power and lust once more. Just then our cocks squirted a burst of pre cum and plumped tight. I tasted the sweet nectar of Mike’s cum in the back of my throat like sweet honey, and suddenly I knew this was going to be even better than the first time. I felt my dick getting bigger and Mike’s was getting longer and thicker in my mouth. Overcome with pleasure, and the thought of our cocks stretching and pumping larger, we shoved our faces down to each other’s balls, savoring the musk, the increasing expanding power. As his cock expanded, my throat adapted. This was heaven. Locked in this position, not moving, just holding each other’s massive steel-hard rods deep in our throats, we breathed hard through our noses and moaned, bracing ourselves for the coming transformation—

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