Dick note

by Thorn

Waking up from an odd dream, Forest awakens to find something is in his backpack.

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Part 1 Waking up from an odd dream, Forest awakens to find something is in his backpack. (added: 9 Jan 2021)
Part 2 Forest discovers Noah was’t kidding when he said he was into him, and also learns a little more about the true nature of the Dick Note. (added: 16 Jan 2021)
Part 3 Forest starts to feel the effects of the notebook, so Kuyru comes to assist. (added: 27 Feb 2021)
Part 4 As Forest ponders his instructions to use the notebook more, he and Noah spend a casual night with Noah’s hot volleyball teammate, Justin. (added: 6 Mar 2021)
Part 5 Forest spends some time with Justin and Noah before things go a little awry. (added: 20 Mar 2021)
Part 6 Noah is surprised with the truth and some trouble is stirred. (added: 5 Jun 2021)
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Author’s Note

I wanted to inform you that this series takes place in the same universe as my other stories, “Stories To Tell In The Dark” and “Rigsaw”, so feel free to check them out!


Part 1

What a funky dream I had. It was dark and cold, as if I were in a void. No sunlight to be found, only spikes made of rock and stone jutting up from the floor. The moon was the only source of light, only showing how gray the world looked, seemingly almost depressing.

Upon the cold stone path I found myself upon I moved slowly, climbing up the large spire that I was placed upon. Below the spire lay dead trees, looking to be made of obsidian. Creeping up the steps I found myself wandering to where my curiosity was leading me. Cold wind slapped against my face the further I crept up the spire while the trees grew smaller from my vantage point.

As I finally approached the top of the spire, a lectern sat in the center of an engraved stone. I was unfamiliar with the markings but resting upon the lectern was a notebook, sleek and black with silver rings on the edge. An ink pot with a quill sat next to it. Cautiously, I approached the lectern while the caws of crows filled the air. Rubbing a thumb across the center I read it: “Dick Note”.

I blinked my eyes a couple times and pinched myself. “Dick Note?” I repeated in my mind. I must have been fantasizing too much lately. Still the scenery was quite ominous but beautiful in its own right. I looked around the lectern but found nothing besides the notebook and ink pot with a quill. Opening the notebook I found gray blank pages. It looked like an ordinary notebook you would buy at any Target during the special school shopping sales, or potentially Hot Topic based on the theme. Examining the quill I noted the feather must have been from a crow or raven, potentially some other bird with black feathers.

Wind blew across the top of spire causing the pages to flip. As the wind died down, the page that looked up at me only read one word, “Owner”. Seeing as no one was around or would be missing it I grabbed the quill, dabbed it into the ink pot, and wrote out my name: Forest Groves (don’t judge my name, my parents grew up in the 70s). The crows that had perched themselves upon the stones around me began to caw and took flight. I felt like I was being engulfed by the feathers with the wind blowing loudly and the cold surrounding my body. Then I woke up.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Shivering under my blanket I wrapped myself further up in my wooly cocoon, pulling up my bedding for the extra warmth. I could hear the creaking of the upper bunk above me. I moved my hand around aimlessly in my cocoon, searching for my phone. It took a few attempts to find its location but eventually I pulled it up to my face and checked the time to see it was 6:36 a.m. I didn’t have to get up until around 8:00 for class today.

Noah, on the other hand, already seemed to be getting an early start to his day. The upper bunk bed continued to creak before I heard a thud on the ladder. His large feet rested there as I heard him yawn before he descended down the steps and into the bathroom.

I am currently a third-year university student and Noah happens to be the guy I am currently rooming with here. There aren’t too many issues between us since we get along pretty well, and he likes to keep to himself a bit. He does like to hang out with some other guys in our dorm hall, often coming back late. I wouldn’t mind getting to know Noah more, but every time the two of us attempt to chill together it goes well at first but then things just get a bit awkward. The 6’2” tall, raven-haired stud is actually quite nice to me and not obnoxious like some of his friends, and looks out for me whenever they’re around, or on the off chance I happen to run into them. Noah always invites me to hang out with them, but I often turn him down which has only added to his persistence oddly enough.

On the other side of the room I could hear the shower shooting its stream of water. Some steam began to roll under the door. Not needing to get up for a bit longer, I rolled over to my side to try falling back asleep but was having no luck. Not wanting to count every minute passing on my phone, I picked myself up off the bed into a sitting position, still wrapped in my blankets. I reached for my glasses on the drawer next to me and opened my backpack, making sure I had everything I needed for the day. English, check. Nutrition, check. French II, check. Creepy gray notebook, check—wait a minute. I pulled out the notebook and examined it. I let out a chuckle and rubbed my eyes. It couldn’t be. I turned it over and on the front it read “Dick Note”. What the hell was happening? I looked inside my backpack for any other surprises, but nothing else was out of the ordinary. Afraid to take a peek inside I threw it on the other side of my bed contemplating whether to open it or not. Since when did dreams you just had come true and take a physical form? I had to think about this rationally. No, I didn’t have a lot of time. Noah was in the shower and I’d have to hide this until later or figure things out now. I quickly grabbed the notebook and opened it up.

The first page that had come into my view read “Owner: Forest Groves”. Fuck, it wasn’t a dream. Moving on the next page I saw black ink covering the lined paper, spread out into five rules. The rules read:

I couldn’t fucking believe it. This sounded like some sort of fictional erotic wet dream. Still, I couldn’t trust this notebook right away right? I was a bit nervous about the whole thing but equally as curious about it. Deciding to cave, I dug into my backpack and pulled out a blue pen. Now who should I write into this notebook? Not myself since I want to test that it is safe. No one came to mind except my stud roommate Noah. Flipping the page I began to write Noah’s name but the blue ink wouldn’t appear. Remembering back to my dream with the black ink in the ink pot, I rummaged around for a black pen and began to write the first letter of his name before stopping. I’d only get 40 seconds to write about his changes. But what should I do? I could feel my average sized dick beginning to chub up a bit just thinking about what I could do If this were real. While deep in thought I could hear that the water from the shower had stopped running. Fuck it, I’d gamble. I wrote down his name: “Noah Miller”. The black ink on the page seemed to melt and solidify. Next to it, an inky number 40 appeared and began to count down on its own. What to do, what to do. I didn’t know how big his dick was right then but I wanted to see some noticeable growth. Twenty seconds remained. Underneath his name and spacing a line I began to write down, “add two inches to his cock and grow his balls, but make it proportional” while visualizing him in the shower. The countdown seemed to freeze and then dissipate, each of the words I had written shimmered. Each of the light red lines darkened into a blood red, seeming to glow. Underneath I could see the formation of new words but running out of time I closed the notebook quickly, threw it back under my covers, and resumed my position under my blankets as I heard the knob of the door beginning to turn. Facing toward the wall I pulled the notebook back up and saw another countdown had started, six minutes remained.

Faking a yawn and giving a scratch to my thin belly I got up and said greeted Noah, “Good morning Noah! Sleep well?

“Yeah, dude, thanks for asking. I haven’t been getting much sleep recently since I hung out over at Justin’s place again. You should totally come next time dude!” Noah stood in the center of our room, exposing his firm chest with pert nipples poking out straight from the shower, his lower half wrapped in nothing but a towel. His tan skin looking quite delicious from all the times he sunbathed at the pool and beach, matching well with his raven-colored hair.

“I will one day, I promise. Just not today.” I threw the blankets off of me, making sure they covered the notebook.

“You always say that man, when are you gonna finally come?” Noah put his hands on his hips, his face turned to a pout. Did he seem a little upset?

“I like keeping to myself, I’m sorry. You know, introvert things.” I entered the bathroom, grabbed my toothbrush, and began brushing my teeth.

“Fine. Since you won’t come with me over to Justin or the other guys’ place, will you at least go out to lunch with me?” he persisted.

I was back at the sink and coughed, causing some tooth paste to come out the side of my mouth. I turned the water on and quickly cleaned up. “What?”

“Come out to lunch with me. I swear you’re so dense.” He walked over to the bathroom.

“Dense? If I didn’t know better I’d think you’re asking me out on a date. Aren’t you and the dudes always hooking up with girls?” I put my toothbrush back into the holder and saw Noah standing over and behind me.

“We don’t really hook up with girls… especially me. The dudes have been trying to help set me up with you but since you always decline they said I should be more straightforward, so here I am asking you out to lunch.” The two of us made eye contact in the bathroom mirror before I turned around to look at him. “I don’t mean to pressure you either if you don’t want to go, I just thought you know I’d just ask is all.”

I couldn’t believe it. The roommate I had been dorming with for a semester who I didn’t think had an interest in me that way was interested in me, and wanted to take me out? Was this the notebooks doing? I had no clue but I couldn’t believe it. “S-sure, I’d love to.” I blushed from the unexpected confession, pushing myself back against the sink to hold my balance.

“Woo-hoo!” Noah yipped and headed back into the main room. “I know a great spot we can go to if you like Thai, but if you don’t like Thai we can get Italian or whatever you like. I’ll pay so you don’t got to worry about it.” Noah was beaming as he was looking around the room for some clean clothes to put on.

“You seem really excited don’t you?” I laughed. I could see the outline of his cock against his towel bobbing about.

“Heall yeah, I’m excited.” He looked back to me. My eyes were stuck to his crotch.

“Oh, sorry about that, heh, guess I’m more excited than I thought.” With a smirk he wiggled his hips, causing the clothed dick to bounce against the towel. “I’ll get changed and swing back around here at twelve, all right?”

“Sounds good.” While still in the bathroom I could see Noah turned toward the door pulling up some boxer briefs. His bubble butt he had earned from working out throughout the first two years of school and volleyball practice were coated in a light dusting of hair. He seemed to be struggling with his boxers in front as I kept seeing him sticking his hands down the front of his boxers. I heard him mutter, “Come on, go down,” and then, “I’ll just hide it.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

My class had got out early at around 10:30 a.m., so I had some time to kill before Noah would be back to get me before we headed out to lunch. Sitting outside in at one of the stone tables, I basked in the sun, letting the nice breeze hit my face. I attempted to study but I wasn’t really feeling like it. My mind kept drifting back to the notebook I had dreamt about and found in my backpack. Did it really work? Noah could have just been adjusting himself this morning. With my mind drifting, I took stock of my surroundings. Some guys were hanging out further down the grassy hill while others were walking to class, horsing around. Standing guard next to the dormitory was our security guard, Raul. Raul is a pretty fit man who looked to be in his late thirties if not maybe early forties. He filled out his suit nicely with some nice biceps bulging out of his shirt sleeves. We had chatted a bit before each time I enter my hall. He knew me as one of the not obnoxious ones so we get along pretty well.

Having a wicked idea I pulled out the notebook and flipped to the empty page next to Noah’s and wrote down his name: “Raul Garcia”. The number appeared to the side. Visualizing him, I began to think. He looked like a nice enough guy and deserved a big dick to match his big frame. Spacing lines, I wrote “add five inches to his cock but make it really thick, with big balls too”. Just as before, the lines lit up. I closed the book and set a timer on my phone.

Acting innocently I continued to fake study while turning my gaze to Raul time to time, waiting to see if there was any changes. I still had some time left. I swiped through Instagram for a bit before the timer on my phone went off. Quickly I pressed stop and averted my gaze to Raul. He remained standing there chatting with another one of the dorm residents, letting him inside. As he was holding open the door, his smile seemed to change to discomfort. Confused, he looked around and down at his black security uniform. Closing the door he returned to his position. It was clear as day. In his pants I could see the bulge growing larger, pushing up against the already tight looking pants he was wearing from his quad muscles. It was gradual and slow, but the mound forming in his crotch continued to fill out. Raul looked around checking if the coast was clear before grabbing at his bulge. Surprise ordained his face as his hand felt the large bulge pushing against his zipper. Looking down he saw the swelling beast becoming quite obvious in his slacks. Checking his watch first and then his phone I could see him texting, the growth not stopping. How big was he before? He clicked send and headed inside the building. Curious, I got up to follow him.

Following behind him carefully as to not get caught, I trailed Raul to the bathrooms down in the basement level. Yes, we have a basement level. It’s where the heater and air conditioning units are for some reason. No one ever goes down there because it’s creepy but there is a bathroom down there, fortunately. Creeping down the steps I followed the heavy steps of his shoes. It sounded as if he was quickening his pace. Trying to keep up, I rounded the corner and found him pushing the men’s restroom door open where he hustled inside. Leaning my ear against the door I could hear footsteps from inside. Checking my surroundings before entering I saw no one was around so I pushed ahead and into the bathroom.

Raul was standing at one of the urinals, fumbling with his groin. I gave a little wave and stood a few urinals a part as to not be awkward. Before I made my way over I locked the door behind me just in case anyone else were to try coming in. While I pretended to piss I kept an eye on Raul a few urinals over. He kept grunting with the sounds of his keys jingling on his slacks from the amount of times he was shaking his package.

“Is something the matter Raul?”, I raised my eyebrow and asked, trying to play innocent but I couldn’t resist being a little cheeky.

“Uh no… arghh,” he groaned again. He muttered under his breath, “What the fuck is happening to me?”

“What was that?” I exited my urinal and went to wash my hands.

“There,” Raul sighed and moved from the urinal, walking to the sink beside me. I looked over and observed the obscene looking bulge tightly packed against his slacks, bulging outward. The zipper constraining the beast was being pushed to the limit. My jaw hung down, unable to close. Raul looked at me and back at his crotch observing how noticeable his dick looked inside of his slacks. As he continued walking there was a zip sound and some rips. The bulge continued to inflate a bit larger.

“Do you need a minute Raul?” I asked, stepping closer, raising my hand to place it on his thick shoulder.

“Something’s not right—ow fuck it’s too tight!” Raul yelped. The zipper and fabric was clearly digging into the engorged bulge now. The fat beast laying inside continued to push against the fabric, pulsing as it grew a bit larger. Getting on my knees I tried to pull the zipper down but it wouldn’t budge, it was stuck.

“It’s stuck. Whatever is blocking it is putting up a fight.”

“I can feel it—shit, Forest help me please, it’s pressing into me too fucking much.” Raul’s large hands grabbed at his zipper but he only yelped as the fabric grew more taut.

“What if you get the zipper to burst, then it might help alleviate your problem,” I suggested. He nodded his head and began kneading the large bulge that seemed to first fill his hand and then overfilled his palm.

“This is embarrassing but can you help me?” Raul pleaded.

“Yeah, of course, what happens here won’t leave this room,” I said. Raul nodded again and moved his hand to his uniformed shirt. He began rubbing at his nipples, pumping them up. I continued massaging the inflating bulge, feeling the long cock begin to stretch down the side of his left pant leg. It was beginning to swell much faster as the two of us worked together in unison. Not too long after did the zipper break and pop off and onto the floor. Raul let out a deep breath and moved his large hands back to his groin. Pulling down his pants the fat beast now sat exposed from its confines. The mysterious ripping we had heard earlier was now solved as the plaid boxers he had been wearing had ripped from the pressure up front. His large brown cock was pulsing, arriving to its grand final size now that it had enough room to breathe. It was humongous. It grew thicker, especially around the center, and the foreskin began to fold back as Raul’s large head began to get fatter. Pre dribbled out the tip of his cock.

Fat like a log and continuing to pulse longer, the Raul’s dick continued to grow harder. Raul couldn’t keep his eyes off of his newly grown appendage and wasted no time trying to encompass it with his large hands. His large hands even had difficulty encompassing its girth. Not being able to cover the entire length either, I gave him a helping hand and began to rub along the hot thick shaft, feeling the large vein that ran down the center of his dick. We didn’t say a word, but continued to rub the monster cock. Minutes passed before Raul buckled his legs and told me he was close. Moving to one of the stalls, penis bobbing ahead he aimed for the toilet and kept stroking.

“I feel like I am about to cum but nothing is happening,” Raul panted, continuously stroking the cock faster, growing more aggressive.

While Raul was struggling to shoot his load I opened up the notebook to see if anything had changed. On Raul’s page all the information I had written was still there except some information I had yet to write listed: Dick Size. Dick size? I didn’t know his dick size. I knew I made it grow bigger with this notebook but how was I supposed to know? As if the notebook could hear my thoughts, black ink emerged on the page: “Final Relief Will Not Subside Unless Dick Size Is Written Inside”. This wasn’t written in the rules! I flipped back to the page that listed the rules and sure enough it wasn’t there. I guess this was some sort of finalizing thing to whatever contract this notebook made with whatever force grows people’s dicks. I placed the book back inside my backpack before making my way behind Raul. He remained furiously stroking his dick. It looked to be growing redder, his balls the size of large eggs looking fuller, filling up with cum.

“Raul how big is your dick?” I tried not to sound like a perv but at this point, what are you gonna do.

“Shit, it’s big that’s what. I don’t know, how big do you think it is?” he took a break from stroking his shaft to tug at his large balls. He was growing frustrated at the relief he was not able to obtain

“I don’t know, it looks to be over a foot long,” I guessed.

“There should be some measuring tape in the janitor’s closet down here, hurry up and get it before I cum so we can see.”, he continued fondling his balls with one hand and pumping his nipple with the other. Running out into the hall I found the janitor closet which was filled with mops, buckets, toilet paper, and a measuring tape on a metal shelf. I grabbed it and ran back to the bathroom, making sure to lock the door behind me again.

“I’m back!” I shouted. Raul walked out the stall and aimed his fat rod in my direction.

“Please hurry! This bad boy feels like it is ready to burst!”

I got the tape and Raul to help me. We stretched it across the large expanse of flesh before there was no more to cover.

“Thirteen inches long and your about as big as a coke bottle around!” I gasped. This was the biggest dick I had ever seen.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!”, Raul shouted as thick ropes of cum began to spurt across the tiled bathroom floor before he aimed it as the sink, trying to make it go down the drain but inevitably failing as it hit the mirror and knobs. I got some paper towels from beside the sink to help clean up the mess as Raul recovered from his massive orgasm. Resting against the sink bowl was a growing soft fat brown log, with the head of the beast receding behind the thick layer of foreskin. Raul’s breathing began to steady before he grabbed the tape measurer. Holding his cock out he measured it once again before throwing the tape measurer back over to me. “Eight inches soft,” he smirked as he attempted to pull his pants back up, which worked but now had a busted zipper and a flopping cock poking out the hole. Raul had to keep readjusting himself as to not make it seem like he was free balling now that his boxers were a bust. While he was busy, I jotted down the measurements into the notebook. The letters shimmered. Raul stared at me through the mirror.

“I don’t know what the fuck happened but I don’t mind it in the slightest. Call me if you ever wanna share our little secret again, all right?”, he gave a wink before cleaning up at the sink and exiting out the bathroom and back down the hall toward the steps, whistling as he went. I only had about ten minutes before Noah would pick me up at the dorm.


Part 2

I was sitting in our dorm, tapping my foot against the floor. My gaze drifted back to my backpack where the notebook was being held in temporary solitary confinement. I needed to get my mind over this crazy issue, not fan the flames! What was I thinking? Poor Raul. How was he going to handle that giant sausage in his pants, let alone how would anyone handle something that big? Then again it was kinda hot watching it bulge press tautly against the fabric, not to mention the little tryst, if I can even call it that, in the bathroom. Damn, this notebook is a double-edged sword. I needed to think this through. When would I use this notebook? How should I go about it? Were there anymore rules that the notebook possessed? Fuck, and I even used it on Noah too! I leaned back onto my bed, grabbed a pillow, and screamed into it. I don’t handle stress well.

With my face still covered I heard the clack of the doorknob turning. “Hey what’s up? Something wrong?” Noah asked. I could hear the shift in his tone so I moved the pillow covering my face and pulled myself up, feeling the weight of guilt press against my chest as I did so. Speaking of press… there was a bit of something going on down below the belt in Noah’s gym shorts, so to speak.

“Oh, nothing’s wrong, I’ve just been tired since this morning so I thought I might rest my eyes for a little bit before you got here.” I rubbed my eyes to make it seem like I had just “woken” up from a small snooze.

“Is that so? I don’t want to drag you out if you’re tired or anything. I can maybe call something in and we can hang out here—”

I cut Noah off. “No, no, I think I need some fresh air and going out somewhere. It seems like fun.”

Noah was smiling. “Cool. Cool. So did you think about where you wanna go?”

Shit, I had forgotten. “I’m open to anything honestly, if there’s somewhere you’ve been wanting to go I’d be happy to join you.”

“Aww, you’re making me choose? Perhaps we can get something quick since you’re tired. We can hit up the campus cafe since it’s not too far and they always have something for everyone.” Noah threw his backpack across the room. The two of us grabbed whatever belongings that we wanted to take with us. I eyed my backpack and thought about taking the notebook in case someone were to come across it by some fluke, but I decided against it. I didn’t want to think about it.

As we walked over to the cafe the two of us chatted to alleviate any awkwardness in the air. Turns out we had quite a few things in common, such as liking anime, some video games, movies, and foods. Noah talked to me about being one of the star players on the volleyball team and how he had gotten into it in high school. Even though he wasn’t as tall as some of the other guys on the team, he still performed well enough to get a scholarship. I had seen him around the first two years at university but didn’t pay him any mind. Surrounded by people, he was what you would call one of the more “favorited” guys on campus. One of the few times I had gone out to a campus party, he was there and damn did he look great. His hair was styled while wearing a purple button up shirt that showed off a bit of chest that kept you wanting more, with some nice slacks that only hid what your eyes wanted to see the most, along with some large designer shoes over his big feet. I stuck to my own crowd of people I knew, but I did give him a couple glances over and I caught him looking at me too. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but when looking at the register and seeing his name and mine paired up together for the dormitory living I was excited but also a little nervous. Never would I have guessed that we’d be walking somewhere together on a date.

We arrived at the campus café, which was pretty crowded since it was time for the lunch rush. Noah found us some seats in the back corner of the cafe next to the window which overlooked the hub of students that surrounded other food options that the university provided. There was a group of girls sitting a few tables away chatting loudly. I caught notice of them checking out Noah. I looked down and twiddled my thumbs. Damn if insecurity isn’t a bitch.

Placing down the ticket marker confirming our payment on the center of the table Noah looked at me as I was trying to avoid eye contact. “Are you not feeling well? I knew we should have just stayed in. Come on, we can order out.” Noah was resting a hand on the table, his bicep hard against the sleeve of his shirt.

I glanced back up making eye contact with his beautiful emerald eyes. “No, to be honest I’m surprised my stomach hasn’t eaten itself yet. Let’s go.” I slid my chair back and the two of us picked from the different carts. There was one supplying salad and fruit, another with meat, some had Asian food while another had Mexican. The dessert bar looked quite promising, I would need to investigate that soon. The entire time we were up I kept feeling eyes on my back. The gaggle of girls kept their eyes on Noah and the person he was with. Returning back to the table I picked at the salad and orange chicken I picked out for myself. Noah arrived with a plate of tri-tip, mashed potatoes, some vegetables, orange chicken, and some macaroni and cheese. We chatted some more as we ate but I couldn’t help making eye contact with some of the girls who were checking out Noah.

“Hey Forest, I don’t know if you remember or not, but do you remember Will’s party?”

“Vaguely. But I remember seeing you there.” I prodded a piece of orange chicken that was not wanting to land itself onto my fork.

“Oh, so you do remember!” Noah’s voice grew louder and his lips curled into a smile. “Dude, I remember you looking at me and I just had to know who you were.”

I tensed up a little. Was he one of those jocks that toyed with other guys to get back at them for giving them more than a brief second glance? Was he really that petty? My mind was swirling and I could feel my anxiety creeping. I let out an awkward laugh, “Well, now you know and we became roommates.”

“I was stoked to find out we’d be dorming together.” He shoveled a spoonful of mac and cheese into his mouth.

“How did you even figure out who I was anyways? We didn’t talk, plus there were a lot of people at the party.” My foot was uncontrollably tapping the floor now.

“Oh I had to ask around until a friend of a friend of a friend said you tutored him back last year in… biology, I think it was?”

I had to think on it. “Greg?” I asked.

“Yeah Greg! He said you got him to pass the class since he was balls at it. But anyways I thought you were cute back then but didn’t know a way to get your number.”

“You could have asked me at the party you know, I would have given it. But I admit, you were nowhere to be found on my Gaydar. Not even a blip.” Noah let out a laugh.

“Yeah, I can see why that’d surprise you. I don’t really advertise it that much but I’m actually bisexual. The high school I came from was pretty homophobic, especially the guys on the sports teams so I had to really bunker down on my image so I wouldn’t get found out but I can’t seem to shake that image now that I’m in University. Lots of girls still ask me if I wanna go out which makes it harder when I try to find guys I want to ask out, like you.” He pushed aside one of his plates that he had completed wolfing down.

“I can see why. You’re the total package.” I bit my tongue after finishing my sentence. I didn’t mean it pun intended.

“Oh really? You think so?” Noah did his half smirk smile that showed off his wolfish fang.

My face reddened a bit. “Yep. You know what I’m going to go see what the dessert cart has to offer. Want anything?”

“Just for you to come back soon,” he said. His confidence was through the roof. He knew he was hot shit. I was on my way to the dessert cart before deciding to take a trip to the restroom. Luckily no one was inside. Pulling up in front of the sink I splashed some water on my face then used some paper towels off before heading back. As I went to throw the paper towel away I felt a weight in my right pocket. I thought it could have been my phone but I shoved my hand down my left pocket and pulled out my phone.

Curious, I shoved my hand into my right pocket and felt something small and square. I pulled it out and my face immediately drained of life. Now in a smaller form with a new label, the “Dick Notepad” was in my hand. I opened it up and saw it was just like the notebook, only smaller and pocket-sized for mobile needs. I quickly shoved it back into my pocket and headed to the dessert cart, grabbing some soft served ice cream and a cookie because I deserved it. By the time I was walking back to the table a couple girls from the table before were talking with Noah. One blond girl had her hands on his shoulder while the brunette was feeling up one of his biceps. The red head that was with them was sitting in my seat and leaning against the table, showing off her boobs. Noah was smiling and flexed his bicep for the girls. My confidence was diminishing.

I approached the table with my ice cream bowl and cookie in hand. The redhead in my seat looked and me and waved me off. The other two girls were still all over Noah. “Uh hi,” I said to the red head who was in my seat.

“Hey,” she said but continued to sit there. She started talking to Noah about his gym routine as I just kind of stood there awkwardly for a moment. Noah took a while to notice.

“Hey girls this is my friend and roomy Forest.” One of the girls stepped aside to get a look at me. Compared to Noah, I was nowhere near as tall and definitely not as muscular. I was still cute but not gorgeous like Noah was. I could feel my glasses fogging up a bit.

“So as we were saying, there’s a party tonight if you want to come along. We’d love to have you there,” she said. The two other girls repeated with “yeah” and “you should totally come”.

I didn’t really feel like standing there for much longer watching Noah eat up the attention. I kind of felt a little sad. Or maybe jealous and insecure? I don’t know, I just wanted to leave. I sighed and put my items down the table before looking for another chair before I got interrupted. “Sorry ladies but I actually have a thing with my friend here.” He was grabbing onto my arm and was standing beside me.

“Oh, we’re sorry we intruded. He can come too if you want,” spoke the red head who looked a bit annoyed at my presence.

“Nah, I can’t sorry. Forest and I already have plans.” And with that, we were already out the building and headed back to the dorm. Now it was Noah’s turn to give a sigh of relief. “I didn’t mean to use you in order to bail me out man.”

“Does that happen often?” I asked.

“Pretty much but they’re not who I wanna spend time with.” He looked down at me smiling, pulling me in closer. He was pretty bold.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The two of us landed ourselves back into our dorm, not before saying hello to Raul who gave me a little smirk and whispered to me in my ear in passing, “Let me know if you wanna swing on by after my shift sometime.”

We spent the afternoon in by renting a cheesy comedy. I got distracted watching the film and kept looking over at Noah who kept adjusting something in his sweats. Deciding to be a bit daring I slowly crept my hand across his thigh and toward his crotch. Noah’s eyes widened but continued to stay there. I continued rubbing at his groin until I could feel his dick getting harder. Neither one of us were paying much attention to the movie at this point. It didn’t take long until Noah released his concealed cock, which looked quite sizeable. Nowhere as big as Raul’s but still a pretty big piece of meat. I began to give him a hand job before moving onto sucking his dick. He held my head as I began to choke down on his thick cock, moving up and down faster and then slow, removing it from my mouth to tug on his larger balls. We both by now had shucked off our clothes, my thin but compact frame next to Noah’s trained physique. I followed his treasure trail up his stomach before planting on a kiss onto his mouth. Sitting in his lap I began to grind my ass against his throbbing dick.

“Shit I’m so hard for you, Forest. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this hard before.” He continued to quicken his thrusts, head thrown back as I kissed his neck. I might be anxious and shy when it comes to interactions but I know my way around the bedroom quite well. The swollen red head of his cut cock was now dribbling pre. “Can I put it in?” His eyes looked wild and was filled with desire, and so was I.

“If you didn’t ask I was going to.” He smiled and gave me a kiss and got up.

“I’m going to see if I have any condoms in the bathroom real quick.” He stood up with his penis bobbing in front of him. The thick looking shaft just begging to be sucked. Fuck I was horny and craving his dick. Playing with his big cock was fun but my mind was filled with lust so I quickly looked for the notepad. I found it in my pant pocket and quickly opened it. Eyeing the door I began to follow the instruction and decided to add “grow an inch longer while fucking my ass once”. I put it back into my pant pockets that were lying on the floor as I heard Noah close a drawer in the bathroom. “Found one!”

He was going to start opening the packet before I said I would do it. The size was a medium. This would be a snug fit. I ripped open the packet and began to slide the condom down the thick flesh in front of me. Noah watched as I did but his face began to look a bit pained the further I slid it down and I could see why. His cock looked extremely tight inside the condom’s confines. The condom didn’t seem to take well to the thickness and length of his newly improved cock. “These always fit before, maybe there was a mistake at the factory,” Noah winced.

“If it doesn’t feel comfortable we can just do it without it. I’m negative,” I said while trying one last attempt at alleviating the pain he was feeling from the constriction.

“Me too. It’s all right, nothing is going to be as tight as your hole when I ram this into you.” And with that he picked me by my waist and began to slap his cock against my role, slowly rimming it. Grabbing some lube he rubbed it along the head of his dick and inserted a couple of fingers into my hole. I could have cum from that alone. He was experienced. Finally he slid the thick head into my hole and I felt myself wanting to fight against it. Taking a few breaths I began to relax, allowing him to ease his way in.

“It’s been a while since I’ve taken a big dick,” I moaned in between his slow thrusts.

“Really? How big was the biggest you’ve taken?”, his next thrust slammed into me, ramming about half of his length into me.

“Fuck!”, I whined, “Probably about eight inches.” I was squirming now.

“I may not be eight inches but I’ll fuck you better than he did.” He continued thrusting into me. He was hitting me so deep, his egg sized balls slapping against my ass so hard I felt like I’d get bruised. I was letting him doggy style me before we changed positions. He laid on my bed as I position myself onto his dick, he was laying down with his arms behind his head as I rode him, making the bed creak and the top bunk shake. Then I felt it. I felt a strong pulse inside of my body located in my ass. My hole, which had opened up from his relentless thrusting, was feeling a bit tighter and more filled. His dick was growing. I could feel it push against the walls of my ass and burrow deeper inside. Noah’s eyes widened as he lifted his head up to see me ramming myself up and down onto his pole.

I continued to moan and groan, trying to readjust to his size. “I’ve never felt this good before! This feels like the hardest I’ve ever been!” Noah placed his hands on my waist. I sat there on his dick for a moment, just moving my hips feeling the entire length inside of me. “I’m close Forest!” Noah was panting at this point in pure bliss. I could feel his balls tense up against me. I continued pumping my own average cock, both of us synchronizing before we came at the same time. I came across Noah’s chest while he continued to pump deep into me. Everything was fine until we heard a splat and my hole felt wet. Noah slid his cock out and found that the condom he was wearing had ripped while he was fucking me and the large amounts of cum his large balls had produced was now leaking out of my hole.

“I’m so sorry!” he was panicked and apologetic, quickly getting up to get something from the bathroom to clean it up with. It felt weird having my hole being empty, I was already starting to miss his dick inside of me.

“Don’t worry about it. Your condom looks more damaged, I’ll live.” I looked at the condom, which had busted with a few rips along where his shaft once was shoved inside of. His cock was too big for the medium sized condom now. I felt a surge go to my dick. That was kind of sexy. We cleaned up the mess and I cracked a few jokes to Noah so he knew things were fine and so he wouldn’t feel bad.

Deciding to clean up together in the shower, we took our time. He said he’d help “check” if I had any of his spunk left over in me but I knew he was just trying to initiate another little fuck session. Hanging from groin his semi-soft cock looked delicious. I gave it a few playful grabs to tease him but it only got him going some more. We fucked again in the shower, feeling the warm water cascade over us. The more he pounded into me the better I felt. This was the best sex I had ever had. Was it because of his big cock? His experience? I didn’t know nor did I care at this moment. After we finished fucking his erection wouldn’t go down so I sucked him off once more.

“It’s not going soft,” Noah said as he was jamming it down my throat. The head of his dick slamming against the back of my throat with my face against his trimmed bush. I remembered from Raul that the person I had grown wouldn’t feel full relief until I took note of their dick size according to the notebook. Unlike Raul however, Noah had been coming nonstop. I suppose that has something to do with everyone being built differently.

I decided to play coy,. “Noah yours is the biggest cock I’ve ever had.” I slapped his cock head on my tongue before licking the underside of the red throbbing head. It wasn’t a total lie. Biggest dick I’ve seen? Nope, that goes to Raul. Biggest dick I’ve had fuck me? That’s true.

“Come on, Forest, you said the biggest guy you had was about eight inches. Mine isn’t that big.” He motioned to his penis that I was currently servicing.

“No, Noah, you’re bigger than him trust me. Here let me show you.” I stopped servicing him to grab a ruler from my nightstand I used in my study kit. I placed it beside the insistent erection. Noah’s penis had extended to nine inches in length. “See I told you. How big did you think you were?”

“W-what? My dick has always been six inches. Let me see.”, Noah looked down at the ruler placed with his mouth open which curled into a smirk. “Fucking A!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The two of us wrapped up another session. While Noah wasn’t looking I added his measurements onto the new page I had transcribed for him. About fifteen minutes later his erection had finally gone down, his balls fully drained. In a post-nut clarity Noah rubbed his stomach and said he was hungry and asked if I wanted anything. Looking at the clock we saw about five hours had passed since we returned to the dorm from the campus cafe. We had been going at it for a while. The two of us cleaned up. I pulled a t-shirt back on and some shorts while Noah pulled on a muscle tee and some gray sweatpants, letting his cock freeball. He gave me a goodbye kiss before heading out to grab us some grub. Exhausted I rubbed my sore ass and my own drained balls. I hadn’t come as much as Noah but I was still plenty worn out.

My peace was disrupted when my phone began to ring. I looked over at it and saw it was labeled “Unknown” so I ignored it. A minute later the same number had called. I swiped decline but it just called back right away. Robo-calls were getting quite persistent these days. Finally giving in so they’d stop calling me I picked up.

“Hello who is this?” I asked.

“Finally you picked up,” a sultry yet annoyed voice answered.

“Excuse me, do I know you?”

“You’re about to. You’ve gotten quite acquainted with that little notebook of mine. Using it twice in less than 24 hours, you kinky little bastard. Looks like I made the right decision after all.” The voice sounded proud. I could just hear the mischievous grin on the other line.

I was a bit freaked out. How did they know about that notebook? No, maybe they got the wrong person. “What notebook are you talking about?”

“Oh, don’t play stupid with me you little bastard. The Dick Note. God, it’s such a stupid name in your language. It sounds much better in ours.”

“I’m sorry but who are you and how do you know about the notebook?” My voice grew more firm. I needed answers. No, I wanted answers.

“Right right, guess I have to explain huh? My name is Kuyru, the lovely person tied to your notebook that you are currently in possession of. More specifically, I’m the incubus that is bound to it. How are you doing?” He blew me a kiss over the phone and laughed.

“Incubus? Like the male sex demon of myths? Quit playing around.”

“I’m not playing around here, little boy, rather, you are by the looks of it. Growing your new boy toy’s cock while getting handsy with a security guard. Quite nice I must say. I have no notes to give!” He sounded happy now. I could hear him slurping down some type of drink.

“How do you know about that?” my anxiety was kicking in.

“Like I said, I’m the incubus tied to that notebook of yours. Whenever you use it I am alerted and whenever the power of the notebook is used it comes from my own power, although I’m currently in another dimension than you are. That is why I am calling you since there’s good reception between our dimensions. If you want to see me in person you’re going to have to wait until Halloween where I can actually crossover.”

This all sounded crazy. In the same day I had a weird dream, found something from my dream in real life, grown two men’s dicks, and had a five hour fuck session with my hot roommate who I had been ogling for a while. Now an incubus was calling me. Great! “Hello? You still there? I still got some things to say now that I’m done congratulating you.”

“Y-yeah I’m here.”

“Good. Hopefully I have your full attention because this is important stuff you should know so you don’t fuck, pun intended, anything up while you use the notebook. Here’s a little history lesson for you first. Sometimes us here in this dimension get a little bored fucking around all the time so we, for fun, grant some of you humans some powers through written text. That notebook you got there is the one tied to me. There’s actually quite a few others that exist, but only yours is out and about right now. You following so far?”

My mouth was dry. “Yes.”

“Good good. As I was saying, there’s other notebooks that exist, all by stupid names in your language. A couple examples are Pec Note, Height Note, Ass Note, you get the gist, right kid? You seem smart enough and a quick learner to understand. Any hoo, I just wanted to check in and finally ‘meet’ you so to speak so you know which lovely little demon you are working with. What do you think? Aren’t I so cute?” The incubus was laughing.

“I don’t even know what you look like,” I responded.

“Just know I’m sexy and cute and if anyone else says otherwise they’re a damn liar. Now got any questions?”

“Uh yeah, when you said not to fuck anything up does that have to do with some additional rules I didn’t know existed?

“Oh so you do pay attention. Since you noticed I’ll give you a gold star the next time I see you. Yes, the notebook comes with the standard five golden rules, but there are some additional rules that exist, but I cannot say until you find out about them. It makes things fun you know? I must say that it’s important to abide and follow them so no one suffers from excessive horniness. Speaking of horniness, there is a price to pay each time you use this notebook of mine. The more you use it, the hornier you’ll get and will begin to crave, no, desire lust itself. On the other hand, if you refuse to use the notebook you’ll eventually die of excessive horniness. The good news is if you die you get to come meet me. I’ll autograph a tee shirt for you.” The incubus was getting a kick out of this.

My anxiety was through the roof at this point. I knew there were rules, that is what was easy to understand but now I had to tread lightly. “So I’m screwed either way?

“Only if you want to be. Haha see what I did there? Liven up a little, it’s not all bad. No one that has used my notebook has died nor have they become too incredibly horny their life changes forever. Just have some self-control and use it in moderation. Use it responsibly, but also be a little frisky and have fun. I haven’t felt this much pleasure from my notebook so fast since the Greeks and Romans would have some fun with it in the bath houses! They loved tossing our incubus notebooks around. There was one guy that did go a little overboard named Priapus though. Dude got huge! He’s still a hot son of a bitch here though.”

“You mean the Greek God? Isn’t he fake?”

“You humans might think he was but nope he was a real man. A sexy motherfucker who really felt the effects of the notebook. He’s a nice guy, we still meet up to film some OnlyIncubi videos time to time.”

My mind was thrown into loops at this point. Why did Noah have to leave? I much rather have given him another blowjob and fill—damn it I was getting horny again! This notebook is no joke. “I promise to use the notebook responsibly,” I said meekly.

“Jesus Christ, don’t tell me you’re one of those anxious little fucks. Shit you totally are, aren’t you! At least you seemed to be one kinky little fucker, though, so I guess that’s all right. We’ll work on that. Maybe integrate some of those feelings into confidence,” he gasped, “I could be like a hormone mons—wait that’s already copy-written. I’ll workshop that too. Anyways I’ll let you go for now since you probably need time to take this all in or whatever and I need another extra-large juicy cocktail. If you need to ask me anything don’t afraid to give me a ring and pick up your damn phone the next time I call you! Adjust your phone’s vibration function to high and stick it in the back pocket near your ass if you have to. I look forward to working with you my new best friend. Byeeeeeee!” The incubus drew out his final goodbye before our phone call ended.

I sat there on my bed with the phone still held to my ear. Well, fuck.


Part 3

It had been about two weeks since I had a conversation with Kuyru the incubus. I had to check my phone again to make sure the call happened more than three times just to know I wasn’t hallucinating. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a dream. As Kuyru said, the effects of the notebook were real and I was beginning to feel it. I had noticed I was hornier more than I used to be. I often prided myself by being one of the gay guys who weren’t always quick to have sex or crave it, but that had begun to change. I didn’t know if I could chalk it up to knowing that Noah and I liked each other and because we had already had sex once and we were pretty much privy to having more. Or the fact that I hadn’t had sex in a year before having sex with Noah. Regardless, the feelings of lust were growing inside of me. After Noah came back with food we didn’t have sex again but had a long make out session. Throughout the week we had sex about four more times when we were each able to meet up.

Noah seemed to radiate with a natural sexual glow, if it wasn’t already evident beforehand. I on the other hand was able to keep up with him at a steady pace. For the first week things were fine, things continued to move along naturally as we moved into the second week and then the third. Noah and I spent most of our time in our room since he knew I wasn’t a big crowd type of person, which I was grateful for. Even though he came across as Mr. Popular he was still observant in reading my feelings. I respected that. Sometimes we would go out and walk around campus and even go off campus, hitting up some restaurants he had been recommended and even to a club. I hadn’t been to a club in a while, I was a bit at odds about going but Noah grabbed my hand and stuck close to me the entire night. Our relationship had naturally began to progress smoothly. He got me to open up and do things I hadn’t done in a while meanwhile he opened up to me too.

He’d told me a bit about himself in high school where he needed to create an image for himself. Apparently he had experimented with a guy in middle school and news got out about it. He was bullied all throughout eighth grade to the point he got beat up quite often. Things got really bad one time to the point a kid brought a knife with him and left a nasty scar on his arm. He switched school districts when it came time for high school in hopes of no one he knew before would attend, giving him a clean new slate to start over. I found out the reason why he was so attentive to my actions. Turns out he was very introverted too, not talking to others and sticking to himself until one day he decided to take a leap of faith and join the volleyball team try outs due to his family nudging him. From there he made some buddies, worked out, and gained some confidence in himself. He kept his sexuality under wraps still, but had some experiences in high school although he had to be discreet about it. When it came time for college he said he was happier he could be more open with himself and not have to hide.

I didn’t think I would develop feelings for him so quickly and I don’t think he did either. We spent nearly every day together just listening to music, laughing, and sharing stories. Of course there was sex, which was great, but this was the first time I had ever really felt a connection with a guy. Although my story isn’t as dramatic as his, I grew up in an accepting environment. When trying things with guys my insecurities rose out of self-consciousness. Why didn’t I have a built body? A firm six-pack? Why wasn’t I rugged and described with ideal “manliness”? My dick wasn’t as big as the porn stars most guys end up watching. When I had decided to train my body a bit at the gym guys would often look me up and down, showing off. A personal trainer I had was quite discouraging commenting on my gains not being as great compared to his other clients when I was putting in the extra effort compared to them. Even trying out the hook up route of having one night stands and being tossed away I thought the thrills would be enough, but it damaged me more than I thought. No one really gave me a second glance and if they did I always assumed it was because they were being judgmental, but then again, I guess I was too.

Noah was nothing like I thought he would be like. He was a bit of a dork which I teased him about. I sat through a star trek marathon and he showed me pictures of some of his old lego collections. Even I have to admit it was pretty impressive. Even though he was the depiction of an All-American handsome jock, he was more than just his looks. My favorite nights of mine were when we would sneak up the stairs in our dorm building onto the roof and lay a blanket out, watching the stars. He’d rub his hand through my short and curly hair while I rested my head against his chest. This was the first time I felt wanted. However, internal peace can only last for so long before discord must swing by like a wrecking ball.

After a month had passed I was starting to feel a bit sick. Not like the casual cold or the flu, but I was beginning to get hot flashes. Randomly throughout the day my face and ears would heat up with some sweat forming on my brow. My breathing would grow heavier and worse of all, I’d feel a tingle in my heart and cock. I tried to brush it off, looking for any symptoms to see what was wrong with me but I couldn’t find anything. Things were becoming unbearable. I felt like I was in heat. My mind was beginning to fog up, thoughts of Noah naked and some other guys around campus. How it would feel wrapping my lips around their packages. What did each perfect gift offer? How it would feel watching their cocks swell and grow just like Raul. Masturbation was becoming an everyday thing. I tried to satiate myself before Noah and I hung out which would work for a couple hours before things would get out of hand again. Our sex sessions were always long. Thankfully Noah had a high libido which made it easy for us to continue. I found lately I was able to continue for long periods of time, sometimes longer than him. I felt like a dog in heat. I felt disgusted with myself that I was becoming like the guys I disliked, but my mind would flutter to the sensations that would course through my body like venom.

After masturbating once again while trying to keep my voice down I drifted off to sleep in hopes I’d feel better in the morning, little knowing the morning would take a while to arrive.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

My eyes fluttered open. I had to blink a bit to adjust to the bright colors I was seeing. Once my vision cleared I realized I was laying down on a red velvet couch with a black wood trim. Propping myself upward I adjusted my glasses and rubbed my head, I felt like I was having a hangover. Music was stringing itself along the air, audible, but sounding distant with an echo. It was kind of loud, like music you would hear in a club. A love seat sat to my left while the black marbled floor showed the reflection of me sitting down on a couch. A heart shaped chandelier hung from the ceiling in front of a pair of heart shaped doors. Where was I? Attempting to gather my bearings I was too busy to notice the sound of footsteps approaching the heart-shaped doors before they flew open. An average height man walked through. Or at least what appeared to look like a man, perhaps something very similar. His skin color was sort of red with some light-pink hues. The sides of his hair was shaved shorter while the top remained longer and styled, dyed a pastel pink compared to the darker black sides. Two little horns popped out the top of his hair. A black choker rested upon his neck with a pair of lips in the shape of a kiss mark decorated the center. He wore a gray crop top showing off a toned body with some black cutoff jeans and boots. From the back I could see what looked like a thin tail bobbing about with a sharp heart shaped tip.

“Finally, you’re awake. I didn’t know how long you were going to be so I got bored and decided to go out to the dance floor for a bit but looks like I lost track of time. Still, my timing is always as impeccable as ever I see. I always come on time,” the “man” chuckled before placing two shot glasses onto the glass table in front of the couch I was sitting on.

“Who are you?” My head was throbbing and I felt dizzy.

“Don’t tell me you don’t recognize me? You’ve heard my lovely voice before, or are you just that thick in the head? Or should I say heads?”

Snarky tone with a mix of sultry tone and sexual puns, I thought about it. “Kuyru?”

“Guilty as charged, Now drink up. Not the one on the left though, that’s my vodka. The one on the right is water. I thought I would get you something since your face seemed a bit flushed when I pulled you here.” He plopped himself onto the love seat, vodka shot in hand.

“I thought you said you couldn’t see me until Halloween?” I was confused.

“Yeah, I can’t go over to see you until Halloween, but I never said you couldn’t come see me. If you didn’t piece this together already you should know you’re not actually ‘here’ here with me, but rather I had to pull you here from your dreams. It’s the easiest form of connection between our realms. You know with the psyche mumbo jumbo and shit. All very complicated stuff to your human minds but not to ours. Anyways let’s not beat around the bush here. You don’t look so good.” He began to swirl the alcohol in his glass, watching me with his hot pink eyes.

I couldn’t help staring at him, I wasn’t used to this type of…visual. “I’ve been feeling like shit the past couple of days, like I’m burning up. Sometimes breathing becomes difficult and other times I feel like I’m burning up. Not to mention I’ve been needing to rub one out so often. It’s like the worse cold or flu ever.”

“Hmm, I see, I see.” He took a sip and smacked his lips before clasping his hands over the cup, “Well, looks like you’re feeling the effects of my journal hon. Didn’t I warn you? I’m sure I did. Even when I get hammered I’m pretty good at remembering pivotal info, one of my many out of the bedroom talents.”

“The horniness thing?” I watched as he brought the glass back to his lips, finishing it off before placing it back down onto the glass table.

“See, I did mention it. These effects you’re feeling are because you haven’t used my notebook. Let me break it down for you. Lust is all about giving into the fires of passion and pleasure. That is what is imbued into the notebook by yours truly. Each time you use it, I feel a little bit of pleasure. It’s what helps support my own abilities and allows the notebook to do the things it can do. Now what happens when you light a log? It catches fire, continuing to burn and burn until there’s nothing keeping track of it, letting the flames grow wild consuming everything in its path. Same goes for the notebook, in a way. Refusing to use the notebook just has the flames of lust continue to rage into an inferno that isn’t looked after, eventually making the fire too large and burning shit to the ground until there’s nothing left. But back to my metaphor, if you keep an eye on the fire and continue to give it a bit of kindling here and there to keep it going while maintaining a watchful eye, you can control it and keep it manageable. What you’re feeling is the rising blaze of the flames being neglected. How long has it been since you last used the notebook?” his eyes piercing into me now, with one finger on his chin, much like a therapist.

“Probably a little over a month.” I winced.

A little over a month?!” he threw his hands against the seat causing a loud foomp. “No wonder why you’re feeling like shit. You must be burning up faster than the drunkards having sloppy sex at Burning Man. You have to use that notebook—and I’m not just saying that for my sake.”

“You said I just have to do it in moderation right? Is there a time limit I should know about too?” I asked. I was growing a bit more concerned.

Kuyru moved his pinky to his mouth and bit on it, pondering. “I don’t really know an exact time limit, but waiting too long is bad for you. I know I joked about no one dying of excessive horniness and that part is true, but I’m not trying to fuck with you right now. You gotta use it. You’re reaching a threshold only one other person has gone to before and trust me, it wasn’t good. Your body will go into overdrive, to the point it will begin to shut itself down. I don’t want you dying too early now. I’d be seen as laughing stock by having an owner of my notebook dying too quickly and you know, you’d lose your life a lot earlier than you should.”

“Gee, thanks for being so sympathetic.” I rolled my eyes. My heart was beating fast again. I placed my hand against my chest. Sure enough, it was palpitating rather quickly. I was getting rather anxious.

“You don’t look so great right now but I’m sure you look a hell of a lot worse in your real state right now. When you get brought here in your dream state I’m able to expel you of most pains and ailments, but if you’re able to still feel something that means your body is really going through the ringer.” Kuyru moved over onto the couch I was sitting on and placed his hand against my heart, feeling it begin to race. His pinkish glow drew my eyes in. I admired the sharp but short horns that jutted from his head.

“Fine, I’ll use the notebook when I… transfer back. Transfer? Is that what I’d be doing?” I tried to think on it.

“Yeah, yeah, more or less, but you gotta promise me you will. I may be an impulsive playboy but I still have a heart in here somewhere. Now look me in the eyes and promise.” He used his hands to place each one of my cheek, drawing our faces together. He looked into my eyes as I gazed into his. His pupils were even heart shaped.

“I promise,” I said. He gave me a few pats on the cheeks before letting ago and rubbed my hair.

“Good kid.” He yawned, crossed his legs and leaned back. We both listened to the music that thumped through the room before he spoke, “You know, it’s been a while since I’ve had someone in the hands of my notebook. You remind me a bit of myself, you know that?”

“How so?” I was genuinely curious how myself reminded him of me.

“Most guys that get their hands on my notebook are egotistical guys easily given into the lust of power of creating their biggest fantasies. Not to mention they’re always total tops who give into their inhibitions without thinking clearly. But you, you’re different. Maybe it’s because you’re a bottom like I am, and we just have that special bond of being bottom buddies, but you’re more reserved. I kind of wish I had a bit of that instead of being overly confident.” Kuyru sighed looking up at the chandelier as if he were reminiscing something.

“What makes you say that? I’d rather have confidence than be riddled with anxiety.” I watched as his tail twitched a bit.

“You need a balance of both or else you’ll get lost in yourself. They keep each other in check. I do look forward to seeing what you do with my notebook but you have to get that confidence up or else you might always be stuck waiting for the right time to do anything, but that day won’t come. I should know,” he yawned.

“I didn’t know an incubus could give a decent pep talk, especially after being so crass and rude in our first chat,” I laughed. It wasn’t an awkward laugh either. I felt like I was chatting with an old friend even though we’d barely met and this was still quite foreign to me.

“Yeah, well, when you’ve been alive for so long you learn these things. Especially since me and the other incubi are sort of stuck here anyways.”

Kuyru looked a little down. “What do you mean, stuck?” I questioned.

“Hmm… it’s a boring little history lesson but I’ll tell it only once, so pay attention. The dimension I mentioned to you earlier is actually one of the circles of hell. It’s not as bad as you think it is described back up in the mortal plane. Up there they’re always like ‘oooh hell is for the damned’ or ‘you’ll be burned alive and tortured for all eternity’, which isn’t true. Most of you get reincarnated, ready to live a new life and start fresh. Us that are in the different rings cannot. Each ring is led by a different ‘royal’ so to speak, each of the seven sins which I’m sure you know. Right now we’re in the ring that is ran by Lust. He’s a good guy let me tell you, but he can’t leave either with a large territory to manage. With each ring so big, there are different ‘guards’ to help run it, that being us, the incubi of this ring. Like him though, we cannot leave. We can bring in new people who spend time here as a bit of a vacation spot before getting reincarnated by making them a ‘disciple’. Disciples are able to go back and forth through your realm and mine as long as they have an incubus’s permission, but it’s only for a little while. You, for example, are my ‘disciple’ since you have being influenced by moi and can switch between the two. Although your method is a bit different since you’re still alive compared to one who is dead.”

“So in other words, this torture always mentioned is… not getting another opportunity to do things differently?”

“Pretty much. Once an incubus always an incubus. You’re free to come visit here whenever you want, though, kid. Just make sure you do things right, okay?” Kuyru hopped up.

“So how did you become an incubus in the first place?” I could feel the heavy pain in the atmosphere coming from the heart of Kuyru. His back was facing me but his shoulders were slumped.

He turned around quickly, smiling, or attempting to at least. “That’s a story for another time. Just know you always got a little crass and rude incubus to guide you. Now you should be waking up soon anyways. Prepare to feel like utter shit since the effects are going to be increased tenfold when you awaken. I hope all that jerking off you’ve been doing has trained you enough to work your pen as quick as you work your hand,” he grinned while raising his arms up to stretch before cracking his neck.

Our attention shifted to the doors which allowed entry into our private little VIP room. The footsteps heading toward it was loud, but the door slamming open was even louder. A large hand pushed the door open which was attached to a pretty muscular arm. The figure behind the door pushed both open finally revealing themselves. I could feel the drool escaping from my mouth. The man in front of me was an Adonis! Beautifully tanned skin with some short brown curly hair decorated with a laurel of leaves. He was wearing next to nothing but a makeshift toga which only covered one of his meaty pecs, exposing the other. His stomach was left out in display which was a chiseled cobbled road of abs trailing to a tight v-shape underneath. If his beauty wasn’t distracting, the large bunched up cloth in his groin area was. It looked like a beach ball was stuffed under the wraps.

In a deep baritone voice he spoke, “Kuyru, your friend is getting impatient since you said you would be back soon. A few of your guys were able to satiate him for a bit but now he’s over there chugging down vodka-sodas while tapping his foot waiting for you.”

“He always has to be such the killjoy, doesn’t he?” Koryu said to me, nodding toward the intruder. “Butting in in times of importance. Can’t you just entertain him yourself?” he asked, facing the newcomer. “You’re very good at that.” Kuyru had his hand caressing the tall man’s cheeks, tracing his slightly longer nail down the muscled cleavage of the man’s chest. “Hmm. Didn’t I tell you you’d look good with this off?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. We’ve done as much as we could. You know how Tit-us gets. He’s always grumbling. Hey who’s this guy?” the man poked his head past Kuyru to take me in. Compared to Kuyru, he looked like a normal guy besides being incredibly sexy. He wasn’t glowing pink or sporting a red-tinge to his skin either.

“Oh, right, I guess introductions are important. Priapus, this is my newest disciple, Forest. Forest, this is one of my disciples who has long passed, Priapus.” Kuyru yawned as if he’d done this a million times before, which considering how long he’s been around, seemed at least possible.

“Priapus? As in the god?” I was dumbfounded. The man smiled.

“Didn’t I tell you he and I meet up regularly on our little phone call?” Kuyru by now moved over to the mirror in front of a vanity desk that I hadn’t taken notice of before, fixing his hair and his choker.

Suddenly the room shook as if an earthquake had struck. Kuyru yelped while holding onto the desk while I rattled across the couch as it moved. Priapus stood in the door frame, reaching out his arm to hold onto the frame and stood there as if it were nothing out of the ordinary. “He’s getting angry…” Priapus trailed off.

“Fuck it! Fine, I’m coming, I’m coming. Pri, can you take care of my new little cute disciple and answer any questions he has while I go deal with this big barreled chest slut?” Priapus nodded while Kuyru walked over to me, “I apologize, our little chat is getting cut, short but remember, use the notebook and have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to loosen up a bit, and I’m not just talking about that hole of yours, you hear?” He flicked my forehead before walking off to the door. “Well, behave yourself, boys, or don’t, not that I really care. Have a safe trip back when you return, Forest!”

With that Kuyru had left the room with the distance pitter pats of his boots trailed off in the hall. Priapus continued standing in front of me looking around unsure of what to say. “So, how long have you been inducted into all this?” he said, finally breaking the silence.

“About a month ago, but it happened pretty fast. I only ended up here because I hadn’t used the notebook in a month and now my body is paying the price over on the other side. I guess? If that’s how what I’m thinking this all is works.” I rubbed my head. My body on the other realm must be heating up again for me to feel a headache starting to form over here.

“Ah, so you’re one of those,” Priapus chuckled while sitting on the love seat beside the couch, causing it to creak.

“What do you mean?” I raised my eyebrow. Fuck, he was hot.

“One of those, meaning one who does not use the notebook often. Kuyru gets a few like that sometimes but it’s only a matter of time before they go crazy with unbridled lust. Shit, it happened to me, can’t you tell?” He moved both his big hands and lifted up the heft of bunched up cloth. When he left go it made a loud thud against the love seat.

“Ah right, god of fertility, big penis, you must have really used the notebook a lot didn’t you?” I watched as the large bulge twitched a bit.

“Guilty. Back in my time there was a lot of sexual freedom in the bath houses, although having a big penis was considered unfashionable. Ultimately, I said fuck that and did what I wanted. I started having fun with life after I stopped caring about what others could possibly think.”

“I can see… that.” I tried not to be rude with my gaze being stuck on the large bulge but I couldn’t help it. “So, are all those stories true about the gods by the way? Along with the stories about you?” I was twiddling my thumbs again.

“You got a big-dicked Adonis in front of you and you wanna ask about my history? Damn, Kuyru does have his work cut out for him, but I guess it’s a little cute so I’ll indulge you a bit. No, the other gods and goddesses were not real and neither were the stories about me. Having a man with a giant penis was one for the history books that’s for sure, but since they couldn’t justify it logically they made up their own logic and depictions. Got any other questions, since I’m filling in for Kuyru?” he moved in closer, the large bulge now hanging off of the love seat.

I could feel my ears getting hot and my glasses fogging up a bit. “All right, I guess I do have another question.”

“That would be?” he was grinning, knowing what I was going to ask next.

“How big is… it.” I choked out the last word.

“God, I love that question. Even now that I’m departed from the other realm. I don’t get it asked often since the others here just go to town and have known me, but for you, I wanna play with you a bit. How big do you think it is hard?” He tilted his head upward, looking down at me as if I were a toy ready to be played with by an overgrown child.

“Twelve inches?” I gulped.

“Way too small buddy. Think bigger.” He shifted his seating, glancing down at his big package before looking back up at me. This guessing game of his was one of his favorites easily.

“Fifteen inches?” My eyes trying to do some math based on the size of the mysterious package. With such a large outline it looked absolutely extraordinary.

“Still cold.” He moved his up to the strap of his toga that remained on his shoulder, adjusting it as the weight of his growing bulge was offsetting its placement.

“Twenty inches?” These were fantasy numbers now. My heart kept beating faster in anticipation trying to reach the answer that I was desiring to know.

“Getting warmer there, buddy.” He was kneading the growing bulge which was starting to extend and droop toward the floor.

“Twenty-two?” I was starting to get a chubby. Just thinking of a man with such a large display of power was making me feel horny. He thrived on being big and he knew it. I knew it.

“Bigger.” He let out a moan before biting his lip.

“Twenty-four?” I scooted closer to get a better look.

“Almost there!” he groaned while he widened his legs, letting two incredibly large balls shove themselves out the cloth out on display for my hungered eyes.

“Twenty-six?” I was rubbing my cock through my shorts now. I was fully boned and ready to masturbate to the big penis muscle god in front of me.

“Bingo. A little bit over two feet of man dick. I was planning to get bigger but you know, kinda died and all that. Now I’m stuck at this size. Still rakes in the crowds.” He adjusted the cloth to obscure the majority of his genitals, but both his balls hung off the love seat. The outline of his plumped up rigid cock could be made from the way the cloth tightened against the piece of monster meat which is why there was no more room for the balls, and he wasn’t even fully hard yet!

“Is it possible for you to still grow bigger here?” Now I was curious. He had been a previous owner so he must still be able to use the notebook right? My lust getting the better of me.

“Not anymore. Only the one in control of the notebook can use it. My time has passed, literally.” He tried to tuck both his balls inside his clothed pouch but only managed to get one in with his chubbed up monster taking up most of the room more so now than it did before.

“What if I wrote for you to get a bit bigger when I return to my realm? Would it work?” I stared lustily at him. What was wrong with me? I got a guy I was getting into a relationship with. I’d never outright ask someone this either. I didn’t know if it was something in the atmosphere or what but I was hungry for his answer, I needed it. Was it possible to have a side tryst with a man from another realm?

“You are secretly a kinky little guy, aren’t you? I see why you got the notebook.” He let out a deep chuckle. “I honestly got no clue. But if you ever care to indulge me and test it out as a surprise, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.” Priapus stood up and walked over to me, extending his hand for me to grab. I extended my hand out to meet his own much larger one, he pulled me up onto my feet. “You should get going now. I don’t want to keep you here for too long. Time works differently here than it does from the other realm. It was nice chatting with you. You definitely piqued my interest.” He slapped my back. “Perhaps I’ll ask Kuyru if I could visit you in the other realm sometime. Would you like that?”

I looked up at him. Mimicking Kuyru I traced a finger down his chest. “Why not?” Priapus let out a laugh and shook his head. The doors in front of me began to shine with a rosy pink, emitting a light from underneath.

“We’ll talk soon. I’ll let Kuyru know how it went. Good luck out there.” Priapus gave me a little shove forward toward the doors. Without looking back I opened them, blinded by the light waiting for me.


Part 4

My eyes flew open, my chest felt heavy. I felt like a wet sticky mess. My shirt was soaked in sweat. I reached up to touch my forehead. Ouch! It felt as hot as an open flame. This definitely wasn’t normal. I grabbed my glasses that rested upon the desk next to my bed before glancing at the clock. It was already noon. I got up out of my bunk bed and found Noah nowhere. I checked my phone and found he sent me a text. He had to meet up with some classmates to work on a project but asked if I would be down to go with him to hang out at Justin’s dorm later on tonight. He mentioned it’d only be the three of us since he didn’t want to overwhelm me with all his friends. Plus, apparently Noah had told Justin about his relationship with me and that Justin had been the one pushing him to ask me out. I decided to take Kuyru’s and Priapus’s advice. I texted him back letting him know I was down to go.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Noah was gone all day long leaving me alone in the dorm, bored. I wasn’t one to typically be bored since I enjoyed independent activities to fill my time, but having Noah around and being open with him made me miss him. The tugging at my groin also seemed to miss him a lot too. My latest independent activity was continuous masturbation. Once I thought I had gotten off, I was ready to go half an hour or an hour later. I spent the day cleaning up my messes and trying to regulate my growing body temperature before heading out. While masturbating I was fantasizing of all the ways I could use the notebook. Growing unsuspecting guys, growing people in the middle of class, growing my hot boyfriend, the possibilities were endless. Today for sure I needed to use the notebook but I was having difficulty deciding on which way to go about it. I did think of using it on Raul again but he’s already got a lot of meat to work with… for now.

I hadn’t really talked to Justin much before but he was a pretty good-looking guy. He was also on the volleyball team alongside Noah. He had a lighter complexion than Noah and had blond hair that was shorter on the sides and longer on top, kind of like Kuyru. His muscles were trained and toned like Noah, although he was a bit taller than him. Roughly about 6’3 if I were to guess. He had a nice hairy chest for a blond guy, that’s for sure. His muscle tees did nothing to cover the exposed curls of blond hair sticking out. His armpits were also part of the forest of body hair from what I have gathered from the not so couple of peeks I’ve gotten of him. I think I had a solid plan ready.

I did my best to make myself, and the room, look as presentable as I could by the time Noah had gotten back to the room. I gave him a welcome back kiss which he was surprised by but I kind of liked it taking the initiative. He headed over to the bathroom to spruce himself up a bit since he had a long day. Noah fixed his hair and switched out his pants for some gray sweat pants (delicious) while keeping on his t-shirt which sculpted to his frame quite well. Grabbing a pair of sneakers in exchange for his boots, the two of us made our way down the hall to Justin’s dorm.

I stood behind Noah as he knocked onto Justin’s door. It didn’t take long before Justin opened up the door, filing up the frame. “Hey dude great to see ya!” he pulled Noah in by placing his arm around his shoulder. The two laughed before he looked at me. “Ah you must be the one I’ve heard so much about. Glad to finally meet you bud!” Justin moved Noah aside and stood up straight before shaking my hand. His biceps flexed in his sleeveless gray muscle-shirt. He guided the two of us inside his dorm which was pretty spacious since it was a corner room. I was distracted by how great his ass looked inside of his thin sport shorts that looked straight out of a vintage porno. Apparently there was a mix up with his rooming and he ended up without a roommate which left him with a lot of room to invite his best buds over.

We all took a seat in the room. I planted myself upon a bean bag chair he had set up in front of his television which was currently running commercials before the game that was supposed to air. “It’s really nice to finally meet you man. I’ve been telling your guy here to get you come hang out with us for so long I was starting to think you were a myth!” he walked over to his make-shift kitchen he had made with appliance, “Want anything to drink, you two?”

“A beer for me, man,” Noah said.

“I’ll have one too,” I responded. I wasn’t much of a drinker but I was already here. Why not live a little right?

Justin returned to us with a bottle of beer. He popped the cap off and set it on top of his table in front of the television. The more I looked at him the more the temperature in my body was rising. If Noah knew Justin, I was curious if he knew any other good looking guys. Justin plopped himself down on the beanbag next to me and spread his legs while Noah sat on the other side of Justin. Those thin sport shorts did nothing to hide the piece of meat between his legs. He was freeballing. “This is a laid back zone dude. Anything goes, and don’t worry we don’t judge here. I don’t know if your boyfriend said anything but I’m also a fellow Bi-Guy”.

“It never crossed my mind to mention it.” Noah took a chip from the bowl that was sitting beside our beers and dipped it into some salsa that Justin had prepared in advanced.

“Liar. You just didn’t want him to take an interest in me you, selfish dick.” Justin punched Noah’s arm hard, causing Noah to choke a bit while he was in the middle of swallowing. “Anyways, why didn’t a cutie like you not ever put yourself out there as much. I’m curious.”

Noah finished coughing, “Hey now leave him alone. We all got our own boundaries.”

“Fair, fair. But no need to get all territorial, Noah, he’s yours I got it. Although, if your boyfriend doesn’t satisfy you—ow!” Noah had punched Justin’s arm as equally as hard if not harder.

“Shut up dude.” Noah glanced at him and then back at me. I’d be lying if I said I still wasn’t anxious and it’s not just because I had two sexy guys next to me about to roughhouse, but because I was getting horny. Again. The two had begun to simmer down a bit as they became enamored with the football game on the television. I wasn’t one much for sports so I did a cheer alongside them when the team they liked made a touchdown. I was enjoying the hot sweaty men in their uniforms tackling one another much more than the actual game. I picked up my beer and took a swig, then examined the contents. Looking at the contents I found that the beer bottle contained 5% alcohol percentage. The gears in mind head were turning.

I got up from my seat, “Hey can I use your bathroom real quick?”

“Sure bro, it’s over there. Why the hell isn’t he going after that guy?!” Justin pointed while scolding the screen.

I made my way into the bathroom and locked the door. I felt around my pockets and felt a lump. I dipped my hand down my right pocket and felt the familiar solid texture of the notebook. I pulled out the Dick Notepad which had a pen already attached to it. I was feeling really riled up next to these two testosterone-filled hunks so I was going to have a bit of fun while testing some limits of the notebook. I flipped until the next available page appeared. I wrote down Justin Peters. As per my previous uses, things were working as per usual. With the timer ticking I scribbled, “have his dick grow tonight in proportion to the alcohol percentage contained in the beers that he drinks”. The words solidified. I thought about stopping there but my heart was beating quickly with different images running through my mind. I craved fun. On the next page I wrote the same exact thing down but for Noah. After the notepad worked its magic I washed up and returned to my seat.

I was eager throughout the next six minutes, waiting to see what would happen. Justin had already drained one bottle and was onto his second one. Noah on the other hand had just finished up his first. As I sat there trying to keep myself as innocently composed as I could, I felt the throbbing in my head begin to relieve itself. I wasn’t feeling as hot as I was before. Looks like Kuyru was right. As the game progressed Justin drained the second bottle and popped open a third. By halftime, that third bottle joined the increasingly growing pile of empty bottles in front of him. Noah had finished off his second.

My eyes drifted to the thin sport shorts that Justin was wearing as he gathered the empty bottles. His basket in the front was huge! His fat cock looked practically exposed as he moved about. It bobbed around in his shorts while pushing them forward. If he went out in public he could probably get arrested for public indecency. Noah on the other hand had a bulge running down the side of his sweatpants too. Noah at this point should have obtained a 10% increase overall, but I had no idea how large Justin had been before. Fortunately though, the two of them throughout their drinking had moved on from being tipsy to getting drunk. Having had only a bit of one drink myself, I felt a bit of a buzz but was still coherent enough to notice the changes.

As halftime was coming to an end before picking up and onto the second half of the game, Noah had run down to the dorms entrance to pick up some pizza that Justin had called in. Justin lumbered about crashing into a few things while giggling with a permanent smile. He kept tugging at the front of his shorts trying to make sure they were stretched out enough for his basket. “Sorry dude, I hope you don’t mind if my junks a bit out. We’re all bros here.”

“You’re all good. Weren’t you the one that said there’s no judgment here?” I smiled at him and he laughed.

“You get it dude! Damn I’m starving. Noah needs to hurry his ass up.” Justin walked over to the cooler and grabbed another bottle of beer and popped it open. “Pizza and beer is one of the godsent foods known to man!”

Noah arrived with the two extra-large slices of pizza and the two went to town. I only managed to scarf down two slices myself before getting full. Meanwhile, the two athletes left no traces of pizza left in the two boxes. Each scrap of melted cheese and bit of pepperoni was wiped clean. Noah had another beer while he ate his slices. “Yo, Forest, you want another beer, man? You’ve only had one.”

“Nah, I’m good, I’m not much of a drinker, plus I still have some left.” I shook he bottle a bit so he could hear the sloshing of the alcohol.

“How about you, Noah? You down for another? It’s the last one.” Justin waved the beer in Noah’s direction.

“Nah, I’m good. Three was plenty,” Noah yawned, getting up and moved over to me, extending his arm over toward me, pulling me in closer as he sat down onto the beanbag chair I was on. I could feel the heat radiating off of his skin. With my head against his torso I could hear the steady beat of his heart drumming peacefully, with the smell of alcohol coming from his lips.

“Look how cute you two little lovebirds are. All right then, more for me I guess. Imma chug this one!” Justin popped the cap on the bottle and began to chug down the contents. Noah picked his head up a bit to watch. I could feel the twitch of Noah’s groin push against my thigh. The two of us watched Justin drink the contents as I positioned myself onto his lap, grinding my ass against the growing erection. The sweatpants showed the long cock running down his leg which looked much bigger than I had previously remembered it. Oh right, the beer.

Noah moved his lips down toward mind before moving onto my neck, lightly grazing me with his teeth. I watched Justin finish off the last bottle before slamming it against the table so hard I thought the glass bottle would shatter. “Damn, that was good! Looks like the game is over too.” Justin pushed his bulge forward as he shifted his weight. Monster cock was the only way to describe it. The head of his cock was pushing outside the thin shorts by about an inch or two.

Noah stopped what he was doing and looked over at his buddy. “Hey man, put that thing away.”

“What are you talking about man? I can see you’re repping a boner right now in those sweats of yours. You look bigger than from what I remember.” Justin looked confused, watching Noah’s dick print outline throb.

“Glad to see you’ve noticed, bro. I’ve grown a bit from the last time you’ve seen me.” He winked at Justin. I decided to join in on Noah’s teasing and began to rub his dick through the sweats causing him to bone up more.

“Is that so? Last I checked I was bigger than you. When did you get bigger anyways?” Justin seemed a bit envious. Little did he know.

“Who knows, man. You could have grown too, judging from the way your dick is poking out of those shorts of yours.” I continued to stroke Noah as he kissed my neck again. The two of us putting on a little show for Justin.

“No fair, man, you two are in my room making out and getting it on while I’m blue balling over here. Hey, how about you and I play a little game, Noah.” Justin moved into closer to the two of us. His dick in front of my face. My mouth was salivating.

“What kind of game do you have in mind, buddy?” Noah raised an eyebrow.

“Let’s see who’s got the bigger dick here. If I win, I not only get bragging rights but you owe me a blow job,” he smirked.

“Dude, I already got a boyfriend. Besides you know your thick cock wouldn’t fit down my throat.” Noah looked at me, seeing that I was currently entranced by the big bulge in front.

I was breathing in the musky scent of the warm dick in front of me that filled up Justin’s shorts. The scent was intoxicating. Almost like a drug to me. My body was tingling. I looked back at Noah. “I’ve already had yours down my throat before and it worked out. How about I take your place, big boy?” I grinned and caressed Noah’s cheeks before planting a kiss on his mouth. Our saliva mixed as I took in Noah’s scent.

After a moment of kissing he pulled his lips away. “I-uh..I mean if you’re okay with it then sure. Don’t worry though, babe, after we leave I’ll show you how big I am,” he whispered into my ear.

I whispered back, “I like the sound of that.”

“So what do I get if I win?” Noah asked.

“You get bragging rights and I have to do your laundry for a full month.” Justin put his hands on his hips, his eyes steadily looking at Noah. He was confident.

“It’s a deal then,” Noah said.

The two boys got up in front of each other, almost like a western standoff. Both of their bulges pushing again the fabric of their clothing with me in the center. The hormones were raging through the room like an electric current. My body felt so sensitive to it. I hadn’t remembered myself being so turned on to just the thought of the two guys comparing. Justin coughed up and broke the silence, “All right, here’s the rules. We’ll both get hard. The winner will be decided by our cute little referee here.” He looked at me. “The one who’s bigger wins. Got that, Noah?”

“Loud and clear,” Noah smirked, shucking down his sweat pants. The two guys began to rub at their dicks before removing their clothes, standing butt naked in front of me. The room was getting hotter by the second. The scent of their bodies grew strong as did the scent of their dicks. My mind was in a blur. I needed to get off. I needed to taste these two men. I needed them both. Noah’s long rod pulsed and rose up higher and engorged fatter like I was used to seeing beforehand. Although, it did look bigger. Justin on the other hand was using both hands to pump his turgid meat. His was already much thicker than Noah’s. His dick continued to elongate and push out from his blond bush of pubic hair. His balls were larger than Noah’s too, which was admirable considering Noah’s size. Both men were huffing and working up a sweat, edging themselves to achieve as much length as they could muster. Pre-cum began to slide off the tips of their swollen heads and onto the floor. It smelled sweet like nectar. I wanted a taste.

“Fully boned yet, Noah?” Justin asked while continuing to pump his dick.

“I am. What about you, blondie?” Noah retorted.

“Yep I’m good to go. Let’s have our referee judge.” Justin turned causing his big meat bat to rub against my cheek, smearing pre-cum onto it. Noah aimed his dick side by side to Justin’s. The two waited in anticipation as I felt both of them up, taking as much time as I could, going slow. I weighed the two dicks with my hand feeling the heft before trying to wrap my hands around the two. My hands couldn’t close due to each of their thickness, but struggled a lot more with Justin’s. Posing them side by side gave me another look at their angles. With Justin’s dick resting on top of Noah’s, it was clear his looked bigger. I got some measuring tape off of Justin’s desk that he normally used to measure his muscles to compare the two.

“All right boys, we have a winner.” I looked at them both. Their expressions showed anticipation as if saying “well get on with it”. “Justin is about a 12 inches long. Sorry honey.” I kissed Noah on the cheek and gave him a few strokes. His dick agreed. He pouted a bit realizing his defeat. “On the bright side, you’re 10 and a half inches long.”

“Haha suck it dude!” Justin cheered. Noah shook his head before dropping back onto the bean bag chair. “Deals a deal bro.” I got on my knees and felt up the thick shaft. It was definitely thicker than Noah’s and longer, but still not as big as Raul’s, or even Priapus’ for that matter. With the cock inches from my face the sweet scent grew to be even more intoxicating. I wrapped my lips around the large cut head, getting a feel for the beast. My jaw widened as I took six inches down my throat easy. “Damn, this dude’s a pro! I see why you’ve been hiding him,” Justin moaned. Noah shrugged and sat on the bean bag chair stroking his own sizable shaft getting off on me playing with his best bud’s dick. My hand quickly got to work trying to fit around Justin’s thick pole as I began to slide his dick further down my throat. My nose getting closer to the tangle of pubic hair. Noah was panting and increasing his own stroking pace as I did mine.

Each time I thought I was getting close to getting Justin to finish I’d be rewarded with some pre-cum sliding down my throat. I was used to cum being bitter and salty but Justin’s tasted sweet with a familiar taste, much like cherries. Each time more slid down my throat I lapped it up like it was liquid gold. My own erection pushed against my shorts struggling to get out. I was too focused on Justin to adhere to my own needs. My head was clouded with nothing but unbridled lust. I kept going until I felt his cock throb and pulse a bit bigger.

“I’m gonna cum. Get ready dude!” Justin bit his lip and grunted as I was rewarded with a thick stream of cream. I swallowed it like it was nothing. I wrapped my lips around the head like it was a lollipop, sucking on the tip trying to get as much of the nectar as I could. Cum smeared across my lips and some escaped my mouth, dribbling down my chin. Noah was grunting himself, shooting a load out onto his bare torso. I kept pumping Justin’s pole, counting how many shots he let out, filling my mouth. “Fuck that was the best blow job I’ve ever had. You’re one experienced little cum slut aren’t you?”

I wiped my mouth, looking back up at him and winked while licking a bit of cum I got my fingers from when I wiped my mouth. I returned to Noah and sat on his lap feeling his own dick poke against my hole. I wanted more. I craved more. I licked his torso, tasting the familiar taste of cherries, if not sweeter than Justin’s. He looked down at me, whimpering for another release. “Why don’t you two spend the night here? It’s getting late,” Justin piped up. I turned around and saw his dick was fully boned again.

“I’m down if you are, honey.” I waited for Noah to clear his head from his latest nut.

“I don’t see why not. If you’re comfortable with it, so am I.” He moved his hand to my lips, cleaning up a bit of his own cum that was mixed with Justin’s.

I got off of him. “All right boys, I’m going to clean up real quick before we continue anything.” the two nodded as I returned to the bathroom. I jotted down their most recent measurements into my notepad. That should do it for now. I looked in the mirror after rinsing my face of the cum that was beginning to dry on it. It was for but a second, but I thought I could make out my eyes turning hot pink.


Part 5

Umph… umph… My throat was being filled with Justin’s hot thick tool. It continued to slide in and out of my mouth and eventually back down my throat. My nose was nestled back into his lush pubic bush smelling even stronger now than it had did a couple hours prior. After the little contest that the boys had had Justin and Noah were ready to go again for round two…and round three and four and so on and so forth. By now this had to be the sixth time we were going at it. I didn’t care what time it was anymore, all I could do was continue to feel pleasure ringing through my body, vibrating pure sex. I had noticed a shift in my eyes when I was inside of the bathroom before it disappeared briefly. Should I have been concerned? Probably. But that was not one of my problems right now. My biggest problem was trying to find a way to satiate the two jocks currently filling both of my holes.

As if I were in a drunken stupor I couldn’t get enough of the sensations I was feeling. It felt more dramatic than a light buzz of alcohol, as it spread through my veins. Compared to the other two, my mind was still coherent of what was going on. I didn’t need to be having sex right now but it felt pretty good. After my body had cooled down and started to feel normal as it had been before, the two guys were anything but that. I couldn’t peg whether it was between the alcohol consumption or the growth they had undergone or a mix of the two. No matter how many times the two had cum they were revving their engines to go one more time. Choking down on Justin’s cock was something I had never experienced, nor an experience I wanted to come to an end. He was more aggressive than Noah, but still gentle making sure I was okay, even though his hand was gripped into my hair seeing that I wasn’t stopping my rhythmic sucking. Meanwhile on the other end I was being filled like I had never been filled before. True to my word the biggest dick I had ever taken used to be eight inches before Noah had grown into a solid nine. This, however, was something entirely new.

I understand why size queens seek out men with the biggest dongs imaginable, even if they can’t physically take it. That’s where I had my advantage. Even though it hurt like a motherfucker going in, I was able to adapt much faster than I would have thought possible. Apparently to Noah I was still tight enough to throw him over the edge a couple times. Let me tell you though, an extra inch and a half sure makes a difference even though it might not sound like much on paper. His dick had swelled up in girth as well which made it more difficult albeit much more pleasurable. We smelled of cum and sloppy sex and I’m sure so did the room and maybe even the hallway at this point. None of us cared. Eventually both of the guys had fucked themselves to asleep. I don’t know when it happened, but the two after one final go had passed out just like that. I was still reeling from the rough abuse in my throat. I couldn’t seem to get any words out. Meanwhile I was walking side to side. With both men out for the count I decided to clean up a little bit. First I took care of myself, taking a shower. It took some time scooping out Noah’s seed which he planted deep inside of me. Being such a nice guy I even tried to clean up the two guys a bit even though the cum on their bodies had dried making it difficult to scrub. Not that I minded though, both of their abs were like washboards anyways.

I had woken up next to Noah’s still naked body on the beanbag chair. Even though my stamina had increased by a large margin compared to before I still expended more energy than I should have. I was cuddled in his lap, resting my head against his chest. I leaned away from his body to see him opening his own eyes to let out a yawn.

“Good morning, babe. Sleep well?” His wolfish grin was back. I’d have his kids if I could.

“Slept like a log.” I reached my hand down to grasp his morning wood. He let out a moan. It was still sensitive to the touch. Beside us Justin was rubbing his eyes while trying to focus on his giant cock. It was much larger soft than it had been before. By now he was packing seven and a half inches of soft cock. Wait a minute—how did I know that? Noah caught onto my confused face. “Something wrong? Did we take too much out of you?”

“No, I’m good, just hungry is all. How about you two? You practically devoured that entire pizza last night not leaving much for me and midnight snacking.” I got up and pulled Noah upward onto his feet too. He looked at his own bigger erection bobbing up and down.

“Hey, Justin, can I use your shower to clean myself up?” he said. “I need to get this bad boy down or else we’ll be stuck in this room all day.”

“It’s not like that’s a bad thing,” Justin retorted. He moved his arms and quickly grabbed me, pulling me down onto his body where he was sitting in the beanbag chair. “Better hurry though, dude, you don’t want to leave your boyfriend with me for too long.”

Noah rolled his eyes and made his way into the bathroom. Meanwhile I sat on Justin’s lap. I really was much smaller than him than I realized. He exuded masculinity much like Noah. He continued to keep his arms around my waist as if I were a large teddy bear you’d have won from a county fair. He moved in closer to my neck and then my ear, “Did you have fun last night? Choking on my big cock? Did it fill you up real good?”

“Yes,” I gulped. I could still smell some leftover booze on his breath. His arms were squeezing me tighter like I really was a toy. A fuck toy, no less.

“Good. I’m glad I was able to leave a good impression on you. I know we sort of got off on the wrong foot by. you know, all of this.” He waved his arms around and directed his gaze to his big softie.

“I enjoyed myself as much as you and Noah did. Thanks for being so open about things. I also apologize for not meeting you sooner when Noah had asked.”

“It’s all good dude. It was worth the wait.” He buried his nose into my neck, sniffing me. “You smell great. I don’t know what it is, but you just feel so comforting.” Justin continued to nuzzle his nose into my neck while holding onto me. I could feel the bristles of his facial hair scratch against me. His furry chest was also soft against my bare back. Noah came out of the shower not too long after to see Justin still cuddling with me inside of his firm grasp.

“All right, Justin, shower’s yours. You had your fun with my boyfriend, now it’s my turn.” Justin took in one final sniff and sighed. He picked me up as he reached his full height which surprised me. I was being treated like a plaything. He carried me over to Noah effortlessly and dropped me in front of him before heading into the bathroom to bathe.

Noah got dressed and I followed behind him like a lost puppy. Once Justin had gotten out the three of us decided we would get a bite to eat since our stomachs had emptied considerably. I put on my shirt that I had worn last night, as did Noah. The issue was his big soft cock was visible in his sweats. I pointed it out to him and he got a little embarrassed. He tried to find a way for it to not seem as noticeable but it was of no use. Justin on the other hand pulled on his thin shorts from last night.

“Dude, you can’t go out wearing that. You’ll get arrested,” Noah pointed out. Two inches of his cock were hanging out the left side of the shorts. Justin looked down and chuckled before taking them off and finding something else to wear. He kept the shorts though since he wanted to have something sexy to wear out someday just in case. He settled for some sweats identical to Noah’s. Although Noah was more self-conscious about the bulge his dick made, Justin was the complete opposite. It was bigger than Noah’s and much more visible, which Justin liked.

While at the food place we decided to visit, Noah went to go pick up the food from the counter. I sat next to Justin as he continued to wink at me. Looking over I could see the large bulge running down his leg, throbbing. Just for fun when someone walked by he would flex his cock, causing it to plump up just a little bit larger to see if anyone else would notice. It looked obscene and he loved that.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Over the course of a month Noah and I often frequented Justin’s room, to hang out with him and, of course, for some more fuck sessions. Justin was pleased to have a hole to bury his cock into as many times as he had liked. Both of the volleyball boys had apparently made a name for themselves on the team. In the locker room they were the kings, showing off their massive pieces of meat. The guys on the team would always joke about their dicks and try to feel them up, no matter how short the duration of feeling them would be. Noah would always tell me a new story about his team. One of the guys had snuck off one time with Justin as they fucked in the janitor’s closet. Noah said he was laughing at the grunts coming from Justin coupled with the moans coming from his teammate who was struggling with his size. Unfortunately, that was the last time Justin fucked a teammate.

He was under a dry spell since no one wanted to try taking his dick, rather they couldn’t do it very well for the most part. Even if someone did want to take his dick they thought it’d be fine since he was already so big soft that he probably didn’t get much larger hard but were they wrong. Their teammate was tapped out after one go, leaving Justin blue balling. An interesting thing I had noticed was that not only did my stamina increase since I was the owner of the notebook, but after using the notebook on both men their staminas had increased as well. By that logic, I thought Noah should have a bigger stamina than Justin but that wasn’t the case. I left my hypothesis at it having to deal with the size of their dick and balls. Justin was bigger than Noah by a considerable amount so I guess it made sense he had a higher libido. That’s where I came in. My libido was able to match both of them individually and at once. With no girls wanting to take on Justin’s dick he had mainly focused on hooking up with guys. Even that didn’t seem to be going well. Justin had some successes getting his dick into a guy’s willing ass, but they often bottomed out rather quickly or only went for one round whereas Justin could keep going. Very few guys were able to take him completely to the hilt though, so I guess it wasn’t completely bad. Although not even some of the most self-claimed well-talented cock suckers were able to choke down as much of his dick as I was able to.

I became a friend with benefits of sorts with Justin, which Noah didn’t mind. Whenever Justin needed to get his rocks off I was always there to assist. Keeping him satiated was fun, but I knew the big guy would be ready to go the next day easy. If too many days had passed and we couldn’t help him with his “little” problem, we would be spending the night for sure. Noah even took a turn trying to suck on Justin’s cock but had very little luck. Only I was able to swallow much of the man meat down.

Another thing that I had decided to investigate on my own were two things that were bugging me and plagued my mind. After the first fuck session with Justin I was automatically able to tell how big his soft cock was without measuring. Looking into the notebook I found a new rule was added that I would automatically know how big a guy was, which had replaced the slot of the rule of needing to measure a guy to get him to become satiated completely. I had been meaning to meet up with Kuyru about that, but he had been busy on his end.

The other matter had to do with my eyes. A couple of times I had noticed the hot pink hue that shined across my eyes. It only occurred when I was having a wild fuck session though. These new changes were unprecedented, but not unwelcomed in the slightest.

Back to my original assumption, Justin’s libido upgrade wasn’t the only large increase that I had known. On my way back to the dorm one day I was let in by none other than Raul. I may not be social but I still catch wind of the most sought out guys around campus. Raul had made his way to the top of the list. Or should I say he rolled over the other sought out guys. Where I had first met up with Raul in the bathroom in the hall below he had adopted it as his new fuck space which worked out since no one ever went down there. Much like Justin, not many guys could take on the beast known as Raul’s cock. I was able to handle Justin’s down my throat just fine and Noah’s up my ass, but I didn’t know if I was capable of handling one of a larger size.

“Coming back from class Forest?” Raul asked. His security uniform looked as snug as ever, if not more so. He had recently been hitting the campus gym more often and it really showed. So I have heard from the grapevine at least. Not to mention the large strain in his tight slacks which left little to the imagination.

“Yeah I’m off for the rest of the day. How about you Raul? Got any plans after your shift?”

“Probably hit the gym again later today.” He flexed, giving me a double-bi pose. “Gotta get these babies bigger. The guys like it you know.”

“So I’ve heard. You look great Raul.” I looked him up and down. We both didn’t say anything for a moment as he held the door open. We just made some eye contact.

Raul finally broke the silence. “So what else have you heard?”

“Just that not many guys can take you,” I answered slyly.

“Is that so? What do you think?” he moved leaned in closer to me, breathing in my scent. What was up with that? “Do you think you can take me?”

That’s was the last thing we said to each other before he had led me downstairs and back into the restroom where we had first originally met. He gave me a show by flexing his larger biceps and then his chest. His buttoned uniform was down one button from what I remembered. Flexing his thick quads and then his traps, I was absolutely drooling. Justin and Noah were built, but not like Raul. He was entering bodybuilder status. If he kept it up, he’d become one. I reached my hands out to feel his firm muscles. They were tight against the clothing Raul was wearing. Stupid mandatory rules. As I felt up his quads I felt the familiar bulge pulse in his slacks.

“Wanna give it a go? I bet a boy like you can take it no problem.” My hands were shaky. How I wanted to touch it so bad. I was already worshipping this man. I wanted to do more but my mind was saying no.

“I can’t.” I got back up from my knees and bit my lip. “I’m dating someone now and I don’t want to mess that up.”

Raul looked a little dejected. I didn’t even notice but his cock was already poking out the zipper hole. “Ah I see. I don’t want to get in between you and your new guy. A little birdie told me that you’ve been sucking him off and your boyfriend has been fine with it though.”

I looked back up to his eyes, a mischievous smiled was planted right across his face. “Who told you that?” I raised an eyebrow. I could only think of one person.

“I think you already know. What about it, Forest? Your boyfriend lets you have some fun with other guys, why not have a little fun with me?” He took a step closer. His muscles were intimidating. My mouth was running dry. I was thirsty, but not for water. I don’t know how I knew, but my body just knew.

We were interrupted when Raul’s walkie talkie made a static noise, buzzing to life indicating there was a transmission. Raul grunted and picked the walkie talkie off of his belt and clicked the button to accept the incoming transmission.

“Hey, Raul, we got a little problem. Some kid is messing around in the fountain and won’t get out due to some type of dare. Can you go check it out for me? I’ll buy you lunch tomorrow.”

Raul looked annoyed. I thought he looked sexy. Something about a dominantly annoyed man just got me going. That and his fat brown log of a cock was still sticking out of his pants. He pressed the button “Yeah Carl, I’ll be there soon.”

Putting the walkie talkie back onto the belt Raul was getting ready to put his cock back into his pants before my hand darted out to stop him. There was no stopping me right now. “Let’s make this quick, but I’m only giving you a hand job.”

Raul gave me a satisfied grin as I resumed the position, trying to encompass my hand around his cock. Since it was soft it was easier to get a hold of but as he grew more aroused my hand couldn’t encompass the girth anymore. It felt just as thick as Justin’s if not maybe a little bit thicker. I continued to strum his cock as if it were some guitar strings. Changing up my pace just to keep him wanting more and leaving him unsuspecting of what I was planning to do next. I bent in closer and kissed the shaft up and down as I continued to stroke it. I eventually got both my hands onto his dick since it was so long. It really was a sight. When I had first seen his cock when it had grown I was still in a state of confusion. Now I was in a state of lust.

Raul’s walkie talkie buzzed again, “Fuck we gotta make this fast or else I’m going to get into some trouble with the boss.” I didn’t want to get Raul in trouble and I did offer to service him so I thought fuck it, might as well. I opened my jaw wide to allow space for his large cock to enter my mouth. I could see Raul shiver as the big head and a couple inches entered. I don’t think he was used to guys being able to suck him off as well as I could. I had perfected my technique for sucking big cocks by now so I got to work. In a couple of minutes he was cumming down my throat. The warm cherry-flavored liquid satisfied my thirst. I didn’t let a single drop escape. It was neat seeing Raul pull inch after inch of fat cock out of my throat and then my mouth as it was softening up, still quite plumped and sensitive from coming. Stuffing it back into his slacks he got himself in order before kissing my forehead and heading out.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I waved at a few guys down the hall to my dorm and they all reciprocated which was a bit odd. A bit odd for me. I usually didn’t go out of my way to greet someone nor did guys do that for me. I guess I had a more positive vibe or something recently. In the room next door I heard some of the usual loud EDM music and a guy using voice chat in whatever game he was using. I hadn’t really seen him much. He was always loud and made it a nightmare when it came time for tests. Don’t get me started on what it might be like when it comes to finals.

Laying on my bed I pulled up the calendar on my phone. I needed to check how long it had been since I had last used the notebook. It’s not that i didn’t want to not take advantage of the notebook, I just needed to get into the right mood. I’ve had fun growing the three guys around me in my life but whenever it came time to using the notebook I didn’t know if I should grow them again or if I should find someone else that was more unsuspecting. Weighing my options I decided to procrastinate a little bit and ended up on the horny side of twitter. I just blew Raul so don’t blame me for being a little horny alright? Anyways, scrolling through twitter I hit up my usual bookmarks of guys I had found cute and hot. Some new recent accounts I had been following were in relation to size growth. I had been aware of the size growth fetish for gay men before but I was never really into it until of late. Perhaps actually having the ability to grow guys at the snap of my fingers (okay after I wrote them down in a demonic book and waited about seven minutes) did I begin to get off on it. I’m sure many guys would kill to have this blessing. One guy I had recently followed went by the handle MonsterCockChris.

According to his account, he was a college student who had the aspirations to grow his cock even bigger. There were no photos of his face posted publicly, but his feed was filled with photos of his big cock. He claimed he was still “growing”. Most of his captions were posted as POV’s and angles of his large softie. If I hadn’t known better I’d say his dick could have matched Noah’s a bit but his stats stated he was only about 9½ inches long. That and when I looked at the videos I could just feel that he was that length. Take that fake posers of the Internet! I could easily tell who’s lying about the dick size. Anyways he had a pretty toned body but his shape resembled more of a twink. That most likely helped his cock look bigger in proportion to his thinner frame. Following a couple links in his bio I found his OnlyFans which gave his stage name Chris Cox. I contemplated a bit but decided to cave and buy his OnlyFans. It was ten dollars but what’s a college kid to do right? He sure suckered me in.

Viewing his more exclusive content I could see he enjoyed comparing his dick to different objects such as bottles of wine, paper towel rolls, remote controls, shampoo bottles, and the like. Not gonna lie, it was pretty hot. I was stroking myself to a full erection without me even being conscious of myself even doing that. In one video he was adjusting the camera a bit to aim at his cock when I saw his face. I couldn’t put a finger on it, but I’m sure I had seen him somewhere. I wasn’t too sure. Either way, good news, he was pretty cute from that brief glimpse. He had some shaggy brown light brown hair and smiling eyes which countered his lustful grin. His grin turned into a smile showing off a dimple on his left cheek. I watched as he tried on some clothes that were too small for his big dick. I loved size comparisons. For a while he continued to stroke his dick as I did to mine. Timing my release with his, we came at the same time.

I looked over to my right and saw my backpack on the floor. Reaching down and pulling it out I was curious to see if the notebook could work with a fake name. It stated I needed a name for the person and to have their face visualized. Even with the briefest glimpse from that video I could remember it quite well. Scrolling through his feed he had the occasional measuring video seeing if his junk had grown bigger since the last time and sure enough it had been. It got me thinking. My time for using the notebook was sure to come soon and I sure as hell did not want to feel like I was dying and burning up again. Opening the notebook and flipping the pages I went to a blank page right behind the page that was reserved for Justin. Writing down his stage name, Chris Cox, I waited to see if the ink would take. Surprisingly enough, it did. With the timer returning I had to think quick. My interest in the size growth fetish was actively growing and this young stud seemed to like it too. I thought hey, why not help him along. Scrambling, I wrote down “have his cock continue to grow steadily until the end of the year”. Did I care about how big it was going to get? Not really. I just wanted to see something big. Bigger than I could imagine. If something did go wrong I’m sure I could probably reverse it, right?

Once the command had been written I tossed the notebook onto the desk beside my bed before heading into the bathroom to clean myself up a bit. When I had walked out I found Noah standing by my bed with some flowers. “Hey there good looking”, he smirked. I walked over to him and gave him a kiss. We made out for a little bit before I had to run downstairs to pick up some mail that Raul said I had. I ran downstairs quickly to not leave Noah waiting for so long. It was nothing but a couple ads that were of no interest or use to me so I trashed them. Once I returned upstairs and back into my room my heart had dropped. In Noah’s hand he was holding onto the notebook.

“Hey Forest, what’s this?”, he was flipping the pages. He let out a laugh but was raising his eyebrow and looked rather confused. I felt my glasses fog up. My throat didn’t want me to leak any words out. I felt embarrassed that he was reading what I had written inside. Not to mention I was scared shitless that he was actually looking at the notebook!

“Oh it was just a gag gift from a friend I got a while back.” I let out an awkward laugh, approaching Noah to see what page he was reading.

“This is some type of odd gag gift. Why is my name in it? What do you mean grow his cock while he fucks me?” Noah gave me a concerned look. My face was reddening. It was the first time in a while that I was feeling panicked. My mind was racing and my heart was pumping. My anxiety that had left me alone for so long was coming back to me all at once. Words weren’t escaping my lips and my mouth was dry. I tried to reach my hand out but I felt so dizzy and so tired. That was the last thing I remembered.

When I had opened my eyes again I was laying on my bed with Noah besides me with a glass of water. He was looking rather concerned. “Forest, are you okay? What the hell happened?” I tried to look at his face but I felt scared to. Like he thought I was some kind of freak.

I avoided his gaze. “I’m all right.” My tone was quieter and I was biting my lips.

Noah broke the awkward silence. “Look, I didn’t mean to, uh, read your diary or something but um… I’ll admit it was a little awkward and unexpected to say the least.”

I wanted to cry. I could feel the tears building up inside of me and forming at my eyes. It seemed like yesterday I had just gotten a cute guy I found attractive to become my boyfriend and he was genuinely really nice and made me feel safe and secure. Then I got roped into some supernatural stuff and had the power to manipulate people and I took the chance when I did, and even did it to him multiple times. Then he had read my notebook of things I had written down which looked like kinky fantasies on paper. Was it all over? My mind was saying it was. Would we be breaking up? I didn’t want that. I could feel a tear form.

“Forest, look at me,” Noah said gently. I didn’t want to. I really didn’t and I could feel my heart ache and my stomach flutter but I forced myself to. Looking directly at Noah I felt ashamed. He moved his hand to pull off my glasses and wiped the tear away from my eye. “What are you sad about? Are you okay?”

“Yes,” I mumbled.

“I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable or scared or not trust me.” He rubbed his forehead. “Look, you may not think it but I know how you feel and I know you sometimes deal with anxiety attacks and I had no intention of making you undergo one and I’m really sorry. I never should have looked into your personal belongings.” He paused. “This might not be the best time to hear this but if I don’t say it now who knows what might race through your head. It’s all right to be a little kinky you know. We all have our own things we’re into.”

I still felt my body shaking. In a sense I felt relieved that he was open about this being a kink, but it was still embarrassing to know he had potentially read through the entire notebook while I went out for just a second. I’m such a stupid idiot. I should have been more careful. Even if I had the Dick Notepad with me I still left the Dick Notebook out wide in the open. What would Kuyru say? Is there a punishment for letting others find out about it? I was starting to panic again and my breathing quickened.

“Whoa whoa whoa, calm down, Forest, it’s all right, I’m here. I’m here.” Noah took in my trembling body, patting my back and holding me tight. “You don’t open up a lot since I know you like your privacy but everything is fine, really. Don’t feel like I’m judging you or anything. That is the last thing I want you to think.” He pulled away to look at me, holding my face close to his. His eyes were earnest and truthful. I could feel it. My body began to relax itself as I calmed my breathing down before I had another anxiety attack back to back. It could have been bad for my heart.

“You really didn’t find it weird?” I asked while being able to muster the courage to speak.

“I’ll admit it was something new to me, but it was kind of hot. Not to mention it kind of seems fitting in a sense since my dick seems bigger than before. Not that I mind though.” He smiled confidently. He picked the notebook off up the desk and put it in my lap.

Having just had an emotional whirlwind I thought I might as well go big or go home at this point. I didn’t like having to lie to Noah. I really liked him and wanted to trust him. He trusts me, so I thought it was only fair that I be upfront and honest, no matter how crazy it might sound.

“Noah.” I paused.

“Yeah, babe?”

“I know why your dick is bigger than before.”

“Yeah, because I haven’t finished growing right?”

I gulped. “No. I did it.”

Noah pulled away from me a bit, trying to understand the words I had just said. “What? What do you mean, you did it?”

“You’re going to think I am crazy but this notebook helped make your dick grow.” I grasped onto the notebook tighter.

“That notebook? The notebook in your hands? You’re telling me a notebook, helped my dick grow?” He didn’t sound like he was believing what I was saying. I didn’t blame him.

“I don’t even know how it works but I can tell you confidently, it did. I found it and thought it was a joke too until I used it and well…” I looked at his crotch.

Noah chuckled. “Okay, so you’re telling me that that notebook in your hands right now has the magical power to make my dick bigger? If so, are you implying you used it on me? Is that what it meant in the page I read?”

I hung my head low letting out a meek “Yes.”

“Why would you do that?” his voice seemed a bit more serious.

“Back before we started dating I thought you were really attractive and I didn’t take the notebook seriously. I thought about what I’d do and who to ‘test’ it on and I saw you and thought, hey, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” Noah looked at me in disbelief.

“Did you think I had a small dick or something?” he asked. His tone was more pointed.

“No no not at all. I just thought that it would be interesting…” my voice trailed off. I sounded like such an asshole.

“If that notebook actually worked and grew my dick, then you are saying you did that without my permission.” He avoided eye contact with me.

It was a hard pill to swallow and I had dug my own grave. “Yes I did. I’m so sorry Noah—”

He cut me off. “Then make my dick grow right now,” he said sternly.

“What?” I asked.

“If you want to prove to me that that notebook is the reason why my dick has grown bigger in the last couple of months or so, prove it to me.” He stood up now, looking down on me. I had never seen Noah upset like this before and I didn’t like it. “I’m asking you to, Forest. Think of it as an apology for doing it against my knowledge if it turns out to actually work.”

“Are you sure, Noah?” I was quivering.

“I’m positive. I’ll trust you on this,” he said.

“Okay then. How big do you want to be then?” I opened the notebook and pulled the pen out that rested in between pages of the random guy from twitter and a blank space.

“Justin always shows off in the locker room saying how much bigger he is than me and how guys fawn all over him. I want to one up him. I want to show him I have not only you, but a cock to match his. Can you make me as big as him?” he gaze was focused onto me now. I shivered.

“That’s a big change, Noah. I’ll do it if you want me to but your current size is already pretty big.” I grasped firmly onto the pen. It was aimed onto the blank page.

“I can handle it. Can you?” His charming voice echoed through my ear as he leaned in. His hand rested upon mine which was holding the pen.

Thanks to the previous contest that he and Justin had, I already had Justin’s measurements. Just to be one hundred percent sure I had it right from memory, I closed my eyes and envisioned him. I could sense he was twelve inches long. I took a deep breath and touched the pen to the blank piece of paper, letting the ink glide across it effortlessly. I wrote down Noah’s name and looked up at him. He was waiting. As per usual, the timer appeared. Next, I wrote down the command “grow an inch and a half”. After completing the necessary tasks, I closed the book with the pen inside of it.

“It’ll occur in six minutes and forty seconds so get comfortable.” I placed the notebook down onto the desk. Noah stripped, just leaving himself inside some already struggling underwear. He stood there waiting for a bit. We looked at each other in awkward silence.

Noah seemed to grow a little impatient until suddenly he grunted. Looking down his eyes widened. The bulge of his underwear was filling out even more so than it did before. “I can feel a pressure at the base of my dick, Forest. Is this normal?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t used it on myself so I couldn’t tell you. What else does it feel like?

“It feels good. Nice and warm. I feel…aroused. It’s like my cock is trying to get hard but just more cock is reeling out.”, he moved his hands to cup the growing bulge. The fabric was straining big time. His dick was outlined by the gray fabric which grew tighter. We could both hear the seams struggling to put up a fight. As his junk continued to swell Noah was huffing. The weight of his growing cock and balls began to pull down the undergarment, showing off some of his trimmed pubes. Just as the growth had started, it stopped. Noah looked down in disbelief at his newly grown package. He was filling his underwear out like a glove…


Part 6

Standing there in shock at his overly engorged package, Noah’s hands immediately dipped downward to feel his member. It looked quite obscene in his now too small briefs (even though the briefs were already too small on his previous size), now even closer to ripping. Noah couldn’t get any words out except audible gasps. His wolfish smile returned to his face as he squeezed the fat shaft and large balls squished into the undergarments. He was lost in his own little world for a little bit as I remained sitting on the bed. Clearly he looked excited at the prospect of my story being true, but I couldn’t be too sure.

“Forest, this is… this is amazing! You actually grew my dick! You weren’t bluffing!” he laughed in disbelief. Shaking his hips side to side his large bulge bounced and bobbed, causing some more of his shaft to overspill.

“I told you. Again I’m really sorry—” before I could finish getting my apology out Noah rushed across the room and planted his mouth against his, his hand behind my head pulling me in further. “Never apologize for this.” He pushed me back further onto the bed. My own arms reached behind his back holding him into my embrace. We continued to make out as I felt his bigger dick throb against my body. I could smell the arousal emitting from his body. It felt like bliss. I was too caught up in the moment to realize my phone had been ringing. Noah had gone wild and it took a couple attempts to push him off long enough to reach for my phone, but even then he was still attached like a leech, kissing my neck.

Clicking button on the right side of my phone I noticed I had received two missed calls none other than from Kuyru. Immediately realizing his threatening warning about missing his call last time, I pulled Noah off of me long enough as I called back, with my other hand squeezing his confined dick to keep him satiated long enough. Judging from his happy little moans, he seemed content enough.

“Hello? Kuyru? Sorry for not picking up sooner, things just kind of got busy all of a sudden.”

“Oh Forest, you sweet angel you, I’ll forgive you for not picking up again but thank you so so so much!” he blew a kiss over the phone. I was still confused.

“What did I do to earn a thanks from you exactly?”

“Well, I was going at it with Titus—you know, that one guy that took my attention away from you? Yeah anyways, he’s an insatiable beast who drains all of my fellow little incubi brethren leaving them completely useless. I’m the only one that is able to keep up long enough with him to get him out of the club but today he was like extra horny all of a sudden. Anyways, I’m rambling. I wanted to call and say thank you because I almost couldn’t keep up with him today but your over-usage of the notebook saved my skin and tail! You’re such a good sex monkey, yes you are! Who’s a good little sex monkey? You are!” He was giggling. I could hear some glass clink onto a table. No wonder why he was extra giddy.

“I’m glad I was able to help you out in return for once, although it was unbeknownst to me,” I sighed. Thankfully he wasn’t calling me to chew me out.

“Of course! Now, what’s new with you? Give me all the deets! This day is going so well.”

“Well, as you already know I grew some people.” I glanced up to Noah who looked confused at who I was talking to on the phone but he didn’t seem to care since I was still teasing him.

“Yeah? What else?” Kuyru asked.

“Kuyru, I wanted to ask, what would happen if someone else knew about the Dick Note’s abilities that was not me?” I bit my lip. I didn’t want to lie to Kuyru or ruin his day, but he had a right to know. I was using his power after all.

The other end of the phone line was silent for a bit. “What did you do?” he groaned.

“So, funny story—”

“If this is a funny story I better laugh so hard at the end of it my dick cums. Now get on with it. So help me if you told someone about it and you showed them.” His tone was getting a little more pointed than I would have liked to have heard.

Now it was my turn to stay silent before Kuyru yelled, “You did exactly that didn’t you? Forest you better answer me right now or so help me I will shove my boot so far up your ass you will—”

Kuyru continued to spew a vivid image of insults of what he’d do to my body, all kind of kinky mind you. I didn’t have the will power to interrupt so I continued to let him blast me at high while I got Noah off, letting the cum stain his briefs. I pulled them off of him and threw them into the laundry basket as Noah searched for something else that would fit.

“Yeah, I admit it, I kind of let it slip okay? I was having a panic attack and I didn’t want to lie to my boyfriend and it all just kind of happened. I’m sorry, Kuyru, I really am!” I was being defensive, my tone rising just like his but I knew he was right and I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done what I did, even if it made me feel better.

“Oh, so this all happened because of your boyfriend, right? Oh, okay, I understand completely,” he spat in a snarky tone.

“You do?”

Of course i don’t you little shit! You and your boyfriend are coming here right now whether you like it or not.” The phone crackled and hung itself up. I tried to call back the number but got so dizzy all of a sudden. My vision blurred as I rubbed my eyes. I was getting sleepy. Noah had pulled on another pair of briefs and was stumbling toward me on the bed.

“Forest? What’s happening?” he yawned. Noah collapsed onto the bed beside me, completely knocked out. It didn’t take long before I followed his lead.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was very much a déjà vu moment as I rubbed the drowsiness out of my eyes, realizing I was in that same VIP club room I was in the first time. As the sound finally filled my ears I wish it hadn’t. Standing in front of me was Kuyru pacing back and forth making all sorts of gestures and saying all sorts of cuss words he could think of both in English and what I assume to be his demon language. What was new however was Noah sitting next to me, still shirtless and in his briefs. His gaze was transfixed upon the demon currently scolding the two of us. It was a mix of awe and fear of seeing something unknown to him. I moved my hand onto his and squeezed it letting him know things were okay.

“Are you even listening to me, Forest? Tell me what I said. Go on, I want you to repeat everything I just said.” Kuyru had his hands on his hips looking at me. I swear there was steam coming from his nostrils. Man he was upset.

“You’re livid, I get it. I’m sorry, I swear. Also could you possibly soften up a bit? You’re scaring your new guest.” I looked over to Noah who still hadn’t said anything. Kuyru glanced over to him.

“Hoe-ah, is it? Hi I’m Kuyru, the incubus tied to the notebook that your oh-so-stupid boyfriend managed to use to fuck me over!” He rustled his own hair in frustration.

Noah finally spoke up. “He’s not stupid. It’s my fault for pushing him into doing something that got him into trouble.” Noah stood up and puffed out his chest.

“You got a lot of moxie getting off on telling me off, kid. I can’t take you seriously in just your briefs anyways. God I’m so royally fucked in my ass!” Kuyru flopped down onto the heart shaped seat next to the two of us. He was rubbing the bridge of his nose. “I’m in trouble now.”

“What do you mean, trouble?” My question was answered with a knock on the door. Kuyru got up and opened it. Standing at the door was what seemed like another demon. His skin was a darker red and didn’t emit the pink glow that Kuyru’s did. He was dressed rather dapperly in a suit and tie with a top hat to complete the ensemble. What contrasted though was his black hair which was shaggy and covering one of his eyes. It looked a little greasy. Under his eyes were some dark circles which gave him a rather tired look.

“Are you gonna let me in or what?” the raspy voice said. It sounded groggy as if it were extremely tired or just woke up from a long sleep.

Putting on a bright smile and his manners, Kuyru ushered in the demon, smiling and bringing over some bottle service. After filling up a glass Kuyru sat down in the demon’s lap. “Are you too tired to play, Aesma?” Kuyru moved in for a kiss on the demon’s lip before the other demon slammed his hand against Kuyru’s lips, blocking the kiss.

“Save it. You know why I’m here. Are these two the ones that broke the rules?” Aesma glanced over to Noah and me sitting on the couch. His eyes looked glossy and were gray, the complete opposite of Kuyru’s hot pink and lively ones.

Kuyru sighed and slid off of his lap and moved to the side of him pouting and slouched down on the seat, “Yeah, that’s them. Please be nice, Aes.”

Aesma stared at Kuyru. “Right…” He moved his hands into his pocket and pulled out a card, handing it over to me. “The name is Aesma. I’m a demon just like Kuyru but I hail from the Wrath ring. I’m one of the guards there, just like this fool is one of the guards here.” He eyed him up and down and rolled his eyes.

Kuyru mocked a gasp. “I never knew! How riveting!”

Noah looked completely loss at everything that was happening but I whispered into his ear that I would explain everything in greater detail later. He nodded and continued to watch the two demons squabble, returning to his seat next to me.

“Back to what I was saying. I hail from the Wrath ring which means it’s my job to dish out any punishment to those that break rules. According to my sources, you, Forest, have told and shown someone else that was not under a legally binding demon contract an item that contains demonic power, thus proving our existence.” Aesma rubbed the dark circles under his eyes, his voice wavering into a tired yawn. “Thus it is only appropriate that I have to give you two some type of punishment, including Kuyru for letting this happen.”

Kuyru’s hot pink eyes began to dart back and forth clearly thinking up a plan. In a blink of an eye he was on the floor on his knees in front of Aesma. “Aesma please please please don’t punish us, I swear it’ll never happen again! If you want I can show you the up most best service this club here provides—” Kuyru got cut off as his cheeks were being squished by Aesma’s thighs.

“Shut it you filthy cum dump or else I will show you what punishment really means the next time I get a day off.” Those dull gray eyes were renewed with vigor and annoyance. Aesma seemed like a different person. Kuyru’s ears turned bright pink, showing signs of him blushing.

“God, you’re so hot when you get angry, daddy. I’ll let you punish me however you want the next time—” It was quick but in a moment’s breadth Kuyru was thrown across the room and onto the bed by Aesma like it was nothing. The only sound let out of Kuyru was a yelp before a thump as he hit the mattress. Noah and I looked a little frightened at the demon’s strength but he returned back to his seat, acting as unbothered as he appeared to be when he first arrived.

“I swear he gets more and more annoying each time I visit. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that thing as your demon. Honestly, my sincerest apologies. Having to work with him is punishment enough in my book.”

Kuyru picked his head up off the bed looking back at us. “Fuck, I think I just came.” He was smiling with his tongue out. He walked back over to us and took a seat back next to Aesma, hesitant at first in case he’d be flung across the room.

“As for your punishment for letting this happen, Kuyru…” Aesma trailed off. Kuyru closed his eyes, scared of what Aesma might do. With a loud smack sound, Noah and I watched Aesma continuously flick Kuyru’s forehead while spewing insults in his groggy deadpan voice. “Idiot. Stupid. Moron. Dumbass.” The punishment continued with Kuyru yelping, the spot visibly growing more pink due to irritation. When Aesma was finally done Kuyru rubbed the spot that was being assaulted. Tears formed at his eyes.

“You could have been nicer, Aesma. Look what you did to my cute face!” Kuyru sniffled and walked over to the vanity, moving things around to find some makeup that would hide the blemish.

“He deserved every bit of it. I punished him extra because I assume he probably gave you trouble already so, you’re welcome. But as for your actual punishment, Forest… let me think.” The demon looked around the room a bit then at Kuyru who stuck his tongue out at Aesma when he noticed him staring. “All right, when you die, you must work in this club automatically for one year.”

“That’s all he gets?!” Kuyru shouted. “Meanwhile you abused my forehead? My money maker?”

“Shut up, whore,” Aesma shouted back.

Noah’s face looked fearful and confused, unsure of what all this really meant. His heart was beating when I leaned into his chest. “It’s all right babe. I’ll be fine. I know I haven’t filled you in on much but it’s not too bad of a punishment really. I’m sort of bound to come here eventually since I am an owner of the notebook now.” I smiled up at his face to reassure him that things weren’t as bad as they seemed. To Noah, though, I think he thought this was the slammer.

He squinted his eyes as tears welled up. He pulled me in close apologizing profusely. “Forest, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know! Now you’re going to be stuck here working in hell or wherever this is!”

“It’s all right really, this place isn’t so bad. But hey, the good news is you can visit me anytime, at least that’s what Kuyru said. Besides, we don’t have to worry about this now. We aren’t dead.” I patted his chest and squeezed him. He smelled of musk and cologne. Perfect.

Noah hugged me and spoke up. “Since I’m partly to blame, am I able to take on the same punishment as well?”

Aesma bore his eyes into Noah. He was intrigued at the prospect. It’s not everyday someone makes a deal with a demon let alone try to take one to help someone else out. “You’re either stupid or a fool or potentially both. But still, it’s admirable.” Aesma sighed. “Sure, why not. I’ll cut you two a deal and down the sentence time to six months each. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

“As long as I’m with him then that is perfectly fine with me too.”

“Uh hello? What about me? Where’s my consent in all this?” Kuyru was filing his nails.

“You don’t get any,” Aesma replied while dusting himself off and rising to his height. “Now if you three will excuse me, my purpose for being here is very much over and there’s something I want to do called sleep.”

“You are literally the laziest Wrath demon of all. Seriously, how weren’t you put into the Sloth ring?”

“You know just as well as I do how my abilities work.” Kuyru rolled his eyes. “Besides, I should dish out a harsher punishment to you especially considering what you convinced me to do when you got me drunk last time I was here. Don’t think I haven’t forgotten.”

“Oh. Oopsies.” Kuyru gave a nervous laugh.

“What did you do now, Kuyru?” I arched an eyebrow. Now it was my turn to interrogate him.

“Hey, you’re not gonna start lecturing me too now are you? Look, it doesn’t matter. Last time I got Aesma to loosen up a little. When he came I told him it’d be like such a great idea to collab, you know? I wanted to increase my business model. Anyways, I may or may not have gotten him to work on a new book with me. It turned out really good! One of my best pieces of demonic literature yet!” Kuyru prided himself enthusiastically.

“You’re leaving out the part of you losing it in the mortal realm, I see. Little cum dump here got me to make a collaborative piece that was a book made of punishments and kinky sex stories. We were going to keep it for ourselves but he accidentally sent it off into the mortal realm when sending off some paperwork and didn’t place a tracker on it either. So now, there’s just a random book of cursed sex stories yet to be found.” Aesma grabbed Kuyru by the ear causing him to yelp. “You and I are gonna have to hunt that book down ourselves one day. Mark your calendar.”

“Okay, okay!” Kuyru whimpered. “Geez let go of my ear. Look I’m marking it down on my phone, see?”

“Good. Don’t forget. You two, I’ll be in touch and I hope to see you again sometime. Your presence made this visit a lot better than I imagined. I’m glad I wasn’t stuck alone with him.”

“So where are you off to now, Aes? Got another job to do?”

“Duty calls. You know how it is.”

“Really? Because last I checked you stay up all night playing video games and reading books and nap during the day when you’re supposed to be doing your job.”

“I don’t want to hear that coming from you when you just bed every breathing thing that walks into this club. For your information I am currently in charge of hosting another game series.”

“Oh, is it that time again? What traps do you have in store for those who have wronged?” Kuyru sounded genuinely intrigued. “Can I come watch sometime? I loved the time that guy couldn’t fit in the room anymore!”

“Only if you are on your best behavior will I think about it. Now if you excuse me, I got two jocks that need to be taught a lesson. Until next time boys and Kuyru.” Aesma put out his hand to shake ours before heading out the door.

“That went a lot better than I had expected it to go. You two still aren’t off the hook with me yet, you hear?” The two of us nodded and apologized to Kuyru once again.

“I need a drink or six or nine after all of this. Is there anything else that has been weighing on your mind that I should know?” Kuyru was by now painting his nails a hot pink with little horned heart emblems stamped on the center of each nail.

There had been something weighing on my mind for quite a while, albeit a newer discovery. I hadn’t told Noah about it yet because I didn’t want to freak him out even more with everything but I thought now or never, especially since Kuyru was granting me a window of opportunity. “Yeah, there’s one other thing that has been bothering me lately.”

“Oh?” Kuyru didn’t bother looking up.

“Why do my eyes turn hot pink on occasion?” I watched as the demon dropped the nail brush onto the floor. He slid himself across the table quickly landing in front of me, hand on my face looking into my eyes. He continued to stare intently into my eyes to see what I meant.

“From what I can see, they aren’t like that right now, but there’s something I gotta tell you kiddo. I didn’t think this would be a problem because it never had been with all my past users even though it could have been possible…”

“Just spit it out, Kuyru. What else is being added onto this growing list of rules?” I was annoyed now. Whenever I thought I had things figured out things would change.

“Look, it’s nothing you need to worry about now, but it wouldn’t be fair if I kept this a secret either. When our notebooks are created they are imbued with our power, as you already know. With that being said, everybody is susceptible to the effects of the book, including the user. So much so that it is definitely possible for the user to begin to develop incubus-type qualities. You won’t go full incubus, but you’ll definitely develop a taste for the incubus life.”

“That explains a lot. I’ve noticed I can smell arousal and can just tell how big a guy’s dick is without needing to see or measure it. Hell! Even cum tastes like fucking cherries! Kuyru, how am I supposed to live a semi-normal life?!” I was angry now.

“Hey, don’t yell at me buddy. You took that notebook and ran with it!” He started pressing his finger into my chest.

I stood up, getting face to face with him. “I know, that but how was I supposed to know all of this?!” I started waving my hand around at the room we were in. My voice was straining. “I know you’re used to this, Kuyru, but it’s a lot to drop on someone. I know you had past users and I know they all handled themselves well, but I can’t. I can’t do it!” My voice was quivering.

Noah got up and pushed the two of us a part by now. His hands were on my shoulders, rubbing them. “Look you two, I got roped into this, which I am semi-grateful for not gonna lie, but you’re not going to see each other’s perspectives if you keep arguing like this. Settle down.”

Club music thumped and echoed through the room as we cooled down. Kuyru spoke. “It’s not your fault, kid. I shouldn’t have thrown all of this on you. I will say you’re not alone, which is a great start. You got yourself a good guy there, but what has started cannot be undone. That is the end truth of this. You’ll need to just accept it like the rest of us have. It’ll be an easier seed to swallow.”

I gave in. “I’ll try my best. Is there anything else I should be aware of?”

“Not really. Well, this could make you feel better, or not. I’m not great with timing but since the notebook and come to like you, I’ll unlock another little useful tool for you. Now, I’ll lift the ban on the notebook only affecting one target. You can now target multiple. If you choose to decide to use the notebook on a larger group of people, it will help increase the time you’ll need to use the notebook the next time. Sort of like a solution to your previous problem of overheating. That and if you want, I can send someone to keep an eye on you and help out with things. Your boyfriend already seems to have things covered but just in case I’d like to offer a little incubi-nsurance.”

My lips were pursed as I thought about it. Was I thrilled I was able to use the notebook’s new function? No in the sense of I am feeling more of the hate in this love-hate relationship with the notebook, but also a yes because future me will probably find something to do with it. I turned to Noah. “Well what do you think? We’re in this together now.”

“You’re right. Hmm, well if I had to decide I’d say it wouldn’t hurt to get some more help right? I know you did your best to manage things alone and it’s good I know now to help out even more, even though it landed us in hot water,” Noah glanced to Kuyru who looked at him with disdain, “However, it might be best to take him up on his offer.”

“All right then, since we reached a unanimous decision, we’ll accept your help Kuyru. What did you have in mind?”

“I’m glad you asked, but it’ll be a surprise. Until then I’ll let you both go while I sort things out. Lots of documentation needs to get filled out you know. Now get going. You two tired me out more than Titus.” He rolled his eyes walking to the door. It was already beginning to glow.

Noah grinned at Kuyru while walking toward the door, “You take care of yourself, you hear?” Noah gave Kuyru a big hug making him gasp out in need of air.

“You too. By the feel of things down below, you’ll need it,” Kuyru choked.

With that, Noah and I stood side by side in front of the glowing door. I reached my hand out to hold his with my other on the door knob, slowing opening it as we were then swallowed by the light.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As the door shut Kuyru watched as the pink glow that once emitted brightly began to fade. Waiting a moment he opened the door once again seeing the familiar hall that he traverses day by day. Clacking down the hall, walking past rows of doors the sounds of moans and the smell of sex he finally approached the end. Entering the Lust Bar he took a seat, and asked the bartender for his usual owner.

“Rough time in there?” the bartender asked while shaking the shaker.

“Like you wouldn’t believe. Though I think they’re lucky,” Kuyru snorted.

Receiving his drink, the incubus walked toward the back door of the bar, preparing himself for his climb up thirty flights of stairs. Through his huffing and puffing, he finally managed to reach the top of the steps and fell onto his knees attempting to catch his breath. Fiddling with his pocket he found some keys and opened up the door in front of him. His office was his pride and joy, and his safe space that kept everybody out. On his desk stood a photo of a guy in a cap and t-shirt and smaller guy with a familiar mischievous smile. Looking out his window was the familiar pink bars blocking the view. Through the spots he could see, he viewed the crashing cosmic waves filled with twinkling stars that poured onto the shore with the eternal heart-shaped sunset looming over the horizon.

Taking a few swigs of his drink, he admired the view he had stared at every day for years. Planting the drink down onto the coffee table, Kuyru collapsed onto his office chair and pulled out an array of documents while pulling open a file cabinet labeled A-Z.

“Now who to pick….”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Still not used to this psyche-travel ordeal, I jolted awake, hitting my foot against the bed post hard making me grunt in pain. Noah jolted awake next to me as well, his head bumping to mine. I knocked back over on the bed. “Ow.”

“Sorry babe! If I kiss it will it feel better?” He was rubbing my head.

“Of course it won’t, you cheesy sap.” I craned my neck upward. “Thanks by the way. I’m glad I wasn’t alone.”

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid since I tried to put on a tough guy act bit I’m glad I was able to be there with you.” Noah checked his phone and saw it was nearly two in the morning. “I got a big volleyball game today with the team later. Want me to skip class so the two of us can come up with a game plan?” His eyes looked at me with gentleness.

I couldn’t contain myself as I kissed him on the lips. “You shouldn’t miss class, but it’s your decision.” The two of us began to get off of my bed and began stripping to take a shower together when we heard a knock on the door.

“Who the hell could that be at this hour? Isn’t the hall dude asleep by now?” Noah looked at me just as confused as I looked at him.

I walked over to the door and opened it. Standing in the door frame was a familiar sight. Dressed in a cap with a green laurel emblem and a tight white t-shirt with baggy jeans and a suitcase, stood an Adonis of man. His brown curly locks grazing his forehead out of the cap.

“Nice to see you again, Forest. I told you I’d find a way here didn’t I?” the giant man lumbered inside of the room as I slowly closed the door behind him as to not make a peep in fear of alerting the rest of the hall.

“Who is this guy?” Noah looked up at the tall man who was smiling.

The man extended his hand to shake Noah’s, “Well, they call me Priapus but you can just call me Pri. I hope I wasn’t too big of a surprise, at least in Kuyru standards,” he laughed.

Yeah, we needed a new game plan.

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