by James Fourlegs

A true friend of mysterious lineage grants a wish to a Metabods devotee.

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We had been lying together in the sun, discussing this and that as our hands touched. He liked to ask me about what I liked, and I liked his gentle way of probing me to learn my thoughts. We had been on the Internet that morning, where I had shown Denny a gay male web site that I secretly loved, the multiple-limb Metabods site. Later, as we lay in the sun, he squeezed my hand and said he was honored that I would share my secret with him. But I still smile when I think of the look on his face—Denny reacted in the oddest way when I told him about my fascination with Metabods. His eyes had searched mine, and for a moment I saw an idea come to him, which he just as quickly hid from me, averting his gaze. But the tiny smile lingered.

We had fallen in love in the last stretches of our boyhood. He was from a very good European family, with a lineage that went back forever and seemed to involve the greats and the near-greats of almost every century.

You could see the breeding in him; the finest shades of emotion or expression played across his handsome features so fluidly, or they could be withheld at will. No doubt some of his finesse was from his fine upbringing, but so much of it appeared naturally spontaneous that I knew it was inborn as well.

When I think of Denny, the word “golden” comes to mind. He had that quality about him, fine and valuable, rare—and no doubt coveted. He possessed a soul that was at once young and old; boyish yet wise beyond his years. And, to my amazement, he had sized me up instantly and formed a love for me that captured me—and kept me. And I was no more than common clay. I couldn't doubt his love. It was too transparent and honest. My own love gladly embraced him as well, with amazement that was too cognizant of his honesty to become disbelief.

He let it be a love of equals, but I knew I was not his equal. Somehow that made it all the sweeter. I don't know if I can describe the quintessential sweetness of being prized by one who is greater than you, but who sees himself as your partner, your love, your friend in all things.

Suffice to say that no matter whether it was cold, windy walks with him through the winter woods or in lazy warm summer days lying together by the lake, I found my home in him, and he found his home in me.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Somehow he had inherited a keen and delicate intuition, along with an uninventoried range of high talents. With our sexual maturation as young males came new beauties of body, exquisite in him, and thankfully to his liking in me.

And while he treated me always as his equal, I began to sense that Denny seemed protective of me, and with intuition of my own I realized that with his flowering virility came other powers along with the sexual. He was protecting me from the greater inequality between us; while not a word was spoken about it, I knew that he was discovering in his growing body and soul the special gifts that were his birthright—the rumors of white magic in his family history were true. I knew he didn't want me to feel like the lesser being that I was, and I loved him for it.

If in an unguarded moment he commented on an opinion of mine which I had never voiced to him, I loved him for it. If in a moment of wine-enriched lovemaking his lascivious kisses were mixed with teasing offers to grant me my most secret and forbidden desires, I loved him for it.

I loved him, period. I knew that he was working up to the time when he could feel comfortable sharing his white magic with me. Perhaps my own intuition grew finer under his influence; I can't say for sure. Call it infatuation coupled with a wild imagination, but I began to notice times when I was alone, yet could sense his physical presence. Perhaps he yearned to be with me, but feared to wear out his welcome. In my heart I could never grow weary of Denny; he had become my every thought and desire. Perhaps he was exploring and honing his white magic skills in the service of our love; I do know that my mind and body felt his nearness in every pore when he was with me that way in those odd, wonderful hours. To know my changeling Denny was secretly with me was to feel my body and mind helpless in the erotic joy of his gentle male presence. My body would warm and arouse itself as it sensed him near me or touching me; it aroused me to think that he might be enjoying my very arousal.

I should explain: I knew when he was with me in other-than-human form.

I was certain, for instance, that he had from time to time become the deep, comfortable chair into which I sank sometimes to read myself to sleep. Of course it sounds crazy. But my intuition read him loud and clear, as the thick, bouyant cushions of the comfortable chair surrounded me with warmth and a palpable sense of his gentle love. I smiled to myself and allowed myself to let the book drop while I curled up luxuriantly in the embrace of the chair. The thought of him changing to please me stirred a wild and erotic hum deep within me, and I loved feeling the weight of my body heavy upon his surrounding, loving warmth.

I would cast off any clothing, and let my naked, aroused body slumber upon him in his changeling form, my penis huge and towering, achingly alive at the feel of his magic.

I dreamed vividly of myself slumbering in the chair, its arms changing to human form and becoming his arms, holding me as I slept in love's bliss.

Denny wouldn't care that chairs don't have multiple arms; in my dream my chest and shoulders were weighted with the warmth of several pairs of his long, beautiful, embracing arms as they reached forward from the chair back and held me, nestling their muscles against me.

Surely, being so close to me, he could read my mind and my dreams, I had hoped.

So much the same, yet so different, when I bathed in the elegant antique four- footed bathtub in his wing of the family's fine old estate. It was nothing I could see for sure. The smooth enamel of the huge, beautiful tub was hard as the iron underneath it, but my body, mind and spirit felt Denny warm and intoxicating all around and within me, as I seemed to float in the scented warmth of the white-foamed waters.

I may have dozed; I must have dozed. I felt my muscles, the neck, arms and legs of my body being gently laved, smoothly caressed beneath the cleansing froth and the unguent fluidity of the warm scented water, and I knew they were his hands that loved me. I felt his beautiful young hands upon me, over me and under me, gently all over me, all together, in many beautiful pairs.

I moaned, eyes closed. My hugely aroused penis welcomed the touch of the gentle hands that massaged and cherished it, and my body loved his hands gently surrounding me, massaging my muscles and caressing my skin in the warm waters. I cradled my cheek in his sweet hands, kissing them. My shoulders rejoiced to be buried in his gently massaging clasp; my chest muscles savored his smooth touch, my nipples hardened and firmed to his gentle fingertips, my feet gratefully melted in the strong, slow squeeze of his powerful, gentle male hands.

My body seemed to grow longer and larger in the huge, enveloping love of my Denny's hands, nourished by the feel of their handsome masculine strength, and my own hands seemed to grow larger and stronger, as they relished the probing sweetness of being held and massaged, as all Denny's beautiful hands played a slow, passionate symphony of love upon my body.

I was ready to come plentifully, but in my mind I knew I wished to save myself for making love to my Denny in the flesh, I thought, and it must have been at that point that I awakened, aching to come. I seemed to float from the tub as I took the warm towel and wrapped it around me. It was a solid, shining enamel antique tub, gurgling with a warm sound as it drained, a sound reminiscent of Denny's wonderful gentle laugh. Had they been human feet? I wondered, taking note of the tub's four brass supports—excellently cast as beautiful, oversized young male feet—his feet. My penis went hard again at the sight of the four of them. That Denny!

Of course. The Metabods site!

He was getting good at this erotic hide and seek, and I could sense the fun he was having with his powers, now that he knew what made me wild. At the same time, I enjoyed his use of them to seduce me. I know I wasn't dreaming the night we were speaking on the phone, the handset cradled between my shoulder and ear as I snuggled in my chair. I was wearing only shorts, and so aroused, speaking to him about my dreams of him, and I loved hearing his laugh. “Pretty nice, huh?” he said. I could almost see the twinkle in his eye, and I realized it was his foot I had cradled against my ear, large and warm. “Ohhh, Denny!” I said, kissing the handsome sole of the heavy, shapely male foot. “Very nice!”

There was a knock at the door. “Flower delivery!” It was Denny's voice.

Still cradling his foot, I opened the door.

It was my handsome Denny, smiling broadly as a towering, beautiful centaur stallion! His shoulders were so broad and muscular, and were doubled. Denny had four arms! My penis knew no limits to its joy, and became huge and hard as a rock!

“Two bouquets for my love,” my towering centaur stallion smiled, carrying a huge floral bouquet and behind it a second bouquet in his second pair of arms, his huge centaur body quietly ambling in on four oversized, beautiful human male feet.

I wanted to hug him. I didn't know what to do with his foot that I was still carrying, so I tucked it into my shorts, where it snuggled comfortably against my huge hardon. The toes wiggled next to my balls. I almost shot my load right there.

When I took the first huge floral bouquet from his first pair of arms, there was the second pair of arms struggling to keep the giant second bouquet together—a dozen beautiful long-stemmed penises—they were huge, and fully aroused. “You have to take me if you take this bouquet,” Denny laughed, and the sound of his laugh alone made me want to grow multiple hardons myself.

“They're all attached to me!” He was struggling with all four beautiful hands to keep the giant penis-pythons bunched together, as they stretched and bobbed in all directions, many about to burst with come, their huge heads dripping fragrant pre-come.

I wrapped my arms around the huge bouquet, nuzzling the beautiful heads and the wonderful long shafts of the immense, warm penises, and reached one hand down to fondle the crowded clusters of warm, pendulus ballsacs.

I loved the warmth of them as they draped my hand, probing among them, feeling the huge, gentle balls within. “Ohhhhh… .” Denny moaned, his stallion's horsebody veering as its four human feet stumbled. His four long arms held me to his massive python's nest of enormous penises, and his powerful chest and shoulders shone with sweat. I gratefully began sucking down an enormous, oozing penis head that had been pushing up under my chin, and my hands each took another massive penis shaft and began gently masturbating the penises.

They immediately stiffened hugely, as did the big guy in my mouth, while I licked and drank its delicious pre-come. Denny moaned and sweated, and I could feel his beautiful hands lifting from my back and shoulders as they each found fresh penises to masturbate. Denny leaned his beautiful neck down and bent his spectacular centaur torso forward, his wonderful lips taking in a towering penis from the cluster, and his tongue joyously working it, his deep screams of pleasure muffled as the massive, beautiful python filled his mouth and throat.

I realized I was screaming with pleasure, too, my hands oozing with thick floods of warm semen as the two giant pythons I was masturbating began pulsing, spouting thick hot wads of steaming, glistening come, glazing my arms. I wasn't quite prepared for the gush of semen that exploded into my mouth from Denny's long-stemmed giant, and it glazed my face and chest, as I swallowed as fast as I could, not keeping up with the hot burning pulses of come that flooded from the beautiful, huge penis.

Denny's four beautiful human feet gave up their burden as the giant stallion body slowly toppled to the floor, as the room rang with our duet of muffled groans and screams. I had found a fresh, unmasturbated python-penis and had gotten my come-glazed lips around it, and my hands, still sore from masturbating their respective penises, began working a fresh pair of penises, still rigid with urgency and running with pre-come. Denny was sobbing aloud with joy and lust, his beautiful face running with massive, gleaming hot spouts of come, and he was able to catch a breath before reaching his powerful centaur's neck forward to capture the remaining towering unmasturbated penis in his beautiful, come-glazed lips. His eyes closed almost prayerfully as his mouth worked the massive penis, which shot up another third in length as it prepared to pump its come. I loved his muffled moans, as he loved the way I was sucking his penis and my hands were masturbating two more of the giant dudes. We got into kind of a rhythm, and Denny and I got his final four penises so aroused that they seemed like creatures unto themselves, beautiful and hot and huge, wildly in love with us as we sucked them and masturbated them.

I realized that I was massively engorged myself—Denny and I had lain over sideways, his horse muscles twitching with arousal as his four come-glazed arms pressed me to him. As our rhythmic jacking and sucking brought him close to his final orgasm, I realized I had been probing his massive ballsacs with my penises—penises!

Denny sensed my startled movement and while his lips worked the giant cock in his mouth, his eyes smiled at me. His love and his potent come had me in four legs now, too, though they were just my human legs, although longer and more muscular, and I could feel my powerful pairs of hardons between my front legs and back legs. Ohhh, it felt good! I loved the feel of my four legs writhing, and I wrapped them around Denny as much as I could. We were both laughing and groaning, and soon screaming again with Denny's penises huge and pulsing in our mouths.

My god it felt good as Denny's penises blasted, and I let my own four penises blast endless jets of pulsing, burning hot come. I raged and screamed with joy, my four legs pulsing and clenching as my four hardons just kept coming, coming and coming! Denny's four beautiful arms locked me to him, and I found I had four arms, too, to grab his beautiful shoulders and wrap around his neck and kiss him! We kissed and kissed, and licked come from our faces and necks. We were exhausted, but some of our penises were still coming. We couldn't stop laughing and moaning.

Denny's beautiful torso rocked with laughter as his arms held me, and I was laughing too, but I smiled, looking into his eyes, as it seemed he was laughing for some other reason. He sensed my questions, and pulled my body with him as he twisted his centaur's torso to rest its muscular back on the floor. I loved being pulled up onto his massive chest, my four arms lost among his. I listened to his quiet laughter, finding a nipple of his to tease with my tongue.

“What?” I finally had to ask, realizing I was getting turned on again by the sound of his laughter and by the incredible male beauty of my living Metabods guy.

“I was so glad to see you, and so turned on when you accepted my bouquet of penises, that I forgot to tell you!” He was laughing, with tears in his eyes. I could feel his penises becoming huge again, which made my penises start becoming huge again, too. His four arms embraced me, my back and my four legs. I was ready to come all over again for him, and I kissed his wonderful lips fervently, mad about my beautiful laughing god who was fully turned on again and ready to come. I loved his laughing, and I kept kissing him, finally saying in a mock- pout, “What? What did you forget to tell me?”

His beautiful centaur body rocked with laughter, his wonderful laugh ricocheting from the rafters. “About the other bouquet, between my hind legs!” He screamed with laughter, tears rolling down his beatiful cheeks.

I raised myself up on my four arms, and had a look. Sure enough, although some of them had evidently ejaculated spontaneously already, a huge and beautiful cluster of massive, bobbing penises sprouted from between his hind horselegs. His human feet massaged each other as his beautiful, powerful body shook, helpless with laughter.

“Fuck, Denny!” I said, amazed and aroused. “Please do!” he said, and we both laughed, finding penises to masturbate and suck. We did. Having two sets of hindquarters was worth it, too. When Denny had rump-fed me until I couldn't walk with even four legs, it was pleasant to be scooped up onto his horseback, where even my four arms had to struggle to hold his beatiful torso, in my stunned, satisfied sexual swoon. If you ever see me like that, my four legs comfortably wrapped around Denny's stallion back, his four arms holding mine to his torso as he rides me around the lake, you know the reason why.

3,208 words Added Nov 1998 12k views 4.6 stars (5 votes)

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