Damian and the three muscleteens

by hyperboi

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Muscle. Muscular men all around him. Their muscle worship of his own massive muscles, the humongous cocks rubbing against his titanic one.

It was heaven.

Then he woke up.

He groaned, lifting his head from the table, a paper pasted to his face and covered in drool. He yawned and scratched his head. He felt the biceps strain the shirt and smiled.

The formula worked Now if only he could improve what he had used that time the day before… he didn’t regret testing it, he had bulked up 50 pounds of muscle with just so littleAnd he wanted more. Not only for him, not only for the research he was doing. He had a dream where the whole world was inhabited my muscle men. Of course there could be women as well, but he didn’t care about them, they could remain as they were, but if all the men in the world get like in his dream—

His cock bounced with lust at the thought and bumped into the desk from beneath.

Shit, in his wet dream he had broken the zipper, well, no wonder, his cock was a huge 12 inches. He was curious about how a formula specified to reform muscle tissue affected the sexual organs that way. And even more than his muscles, as his cock was 7 inches before. True, he was really thin before and now he looked like an athlete with ripped muscles and barely any body fat, but the changes in his genitals surpassed the muscle gains in proportion—by a lot.

Well, the bigger the better, he thought.

He stretched his arms and got up. He had grown a bit more during the night. His normally loose clothes were sexily tight on him. He would have to buy new clothes soon. And bigger pants. He thought on going like that to his room to change, but he stopped at the door. He didn’t live alone anymore.

He sighed.

Two days had passed since he had moved with his nephews after his brother’s death in an accident. They were Peter (17) and Aron and Andy (15), twins. He met them for the first day on his brother’s funeral. When he was 15, a day his older brother Mike had come to visit them after he had come from his honeymoon, he came out to his family. He was kicked out and even his brother rejected him. And now nine years later, after no contact from him, he had to take care of his children.

At 26 he worked as a researcher for the university after he majored in biology. He was immersed in his muscle dystrophy research when he had made an impressive achievement. The tests with animals were really promising, and after seeing the results, he tested a bit on himself. He lived in a tiny apartment that he used also as a private lab, but now that he had three kids to tutor, he decided to move into his brother’s (now his) house and turn the basement into his lab, where he had woken up that morning. His new family didn’t know much about him, nor did he know much about them either, so in the little time they’d had they had established a few rules. Like him taking care of shopping and cooking and them the cleaning and washing. Something off about the three were that none of them had been crying at their dad’s funeral. They’d looked sad, of course, but nothing else.

He wondered if his brother had been an abusive father. Right then a drop of precum fall on the floor, so he decided to take care of it.

He looked at the time: 5 am. Really early, not normal in a person like him, with a weak body that tired easily and caused him to need sleep the whole night.

Well, that was before, he thought, looking at his tight shirt. He went upstairs, being careful none of his nephews could watch him, even if they were surely still deep asleep.

In the bathroom, he checked himself in the mirror, and after taking out all his clothes he posed and flexed, bewildered at his muscle dream coming true on him (or starting to, at least) and he ended up shooting a load that he had to clean afterwards. He took a shower, found some of his larger clothes that fit him (although barely) and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone. Some minutes afterwards, while he was making some eggs in the frying pan, the oldest nephew, Peter, appeared. He was tall for a 17-year-old and had a body trained in the swimming pool for some years. For a second, Damian wondered how would the formula work in a body going through puberty that already was athletic. But he soon shook his head in amusement.

“Good morning!” Damian called out.

“Morning,” Peter replied with a yawn. He had been shy at first but a few days and hanging out together had made them to start building some trust. He wasn’t that much older than him, just nine years, so Damian treated him more like a younger brother.

He sat on the table and started pouring some cereal. He was pouring some milk when the twins appeared on the door, still in their pajamas.

“Morning guys!”

They moaned in reply, still groggy from sleeping. They shared a room and even a bed. Damian thought it weird at first, but soon realized they were very close. He had never known any other twins, so he guessed it was normal. He turned to them to pass the toasts and the eggs and bacon when they saw him well.

They did a double take.

“Wow,” the twins exclaimed, now fully awake.

“What happened to you, uncle Damian?” asked Peter, who just noticed it too then.

“Well… that’s some question—” He hadn’t thought of what they’d say after seeing him.

He sat on a chair to eat with them and think of an excuse, when they all heard a ripping sound.

“Crap,” he couldn’t help saying.

“What was that?” Asked Andy

“Probably my stomach! I’m so hungry!” Damian lied. It had been the seams of his jeans, which had torn when his quads flexed as he sat. He didn’t consider a tight fit standing would turn into that.

“What about your muscles? Yesterday you were skinnier than them,” Peter said and pointed at the twins.

“Hey! We’re not skinny!” complained Aron.

“Yeah, we’re just ripped, not big like you!” added Andy.

“What was that?” repeated Peter.

“Guys, shouldn’t you finish getting ready so you don’t miss the bus?” Damian reminded them, and at the same time changing the topic.

The twins realized he was right, so they ate faster and went upstairs to dress when they finished, but Peter was already dressed when he entered the kitchen, so he could go slower. He looked at them go, and turned to his uncle, looking at the straining buttons of the shirt trying to cover his pecs.

“Come on, why don’t you tell us?”

Damian pondered for a bit. “There is nothing to say. Maybe none of you realized till now cause you haven’t seen me without my lab coat before.”

Peter frowned and Damien guessed he should tell them soon, since he planned to grow more soon. A lot more. Seeing his progress, something inside of him had awakened. He had a dream to change the whole world. He had thought about it and had already decided. But first he needed to see if everyone would be affected in the same way. That’s why he had their lunches ready before his nephews were up.

Indeed, in some minutes he had already changed his mind, and what was a funny thought passed into being a possibility and finally a choice he eventually made before Peter showed up.

A bit later, he saw them off to the bus stop to go to school. He couldn’t wait for them to come back and see how that small amount of unfinished formula worked on them. He had to make a report to his superiors in charge, but he wouldn’t tell about the success on himself yet. First he would change the world.

Peter was trying to pay attention in class. Normally he didn’t have a problem with that, and less in a logic-type class like maths. But he couldn’t stop thinking about his mysterious uncle Damian. A week ago he didn’t even know his father had a brother. The thought of his father made him angry.

It wasn’t just that he was abusive. He was a delusional homophobe too. That meant imagining anything his kids do could be related to some gay thing or another and beat them because of it.

Probably, if any of that had happened, Peter would not be noticing all these years his other male friends and all the gay stuff in an inner rebel way against his father. It wasn’t as if he had told any of his friends at school either.

Just then, his best friend and swimmer mate Pat, kicked his chair from the seat behind him, which took him out of his mind enough to notice the teacher asking him to go to the blackboard to do something. He sent Pat a brief thank-you smile and got up from his seat.

Some hours later, kids of all ages were assembling in the cafeteria tables, with lunch boxes or the trays with the cafeteria food. The rest of the track team was there and six kids were looking at the twins with envy (they were eight of them in total). Those were the only ones with lunch boxes and they smelt so good. Andy and Aron were nice enough to share a bit with them, enough for them to take a bite.

Not very far away, Peter was waiting for Pat, who was finishing getting his food on his tray. When he saw the soda can, he decided to trade it for his milk bottle. Pat agreed.

They chatted about this and that until they finished eating and just then, Pat caught a change in Peter’s face, even if it was a small thing. His usually cheerful friend had something worrying him. He knew about his father’s death, but from all of what Peter had told him, he knew he was better off without that bastard. What he liked more about Peter was his cheerfulness, even with all that crap he had to go through everyday.

“Something’s wrong, Pete? Is your uncle a jerk like your—?” He didn’t know if he should finish his sentence. But Peter chuckled.

“No! He’s a really nice guy. I think that’s why my father didn’t like him. I thought he was kind of a nerd but now… wow… never mind. I think after all I’ve been through, my timing in the pool has dropped. Last time coach Powers shouted at me.”

“That’s cause that old Speedo you wear is too small for your huge bulge!” Pat half joked.

Peter blushed. Pat always joked with the size he packed down there. It seems it runs the family to be very well developed. His soft cock was almost four inches and it doubled in size when hard. His balls were huge too.

He didn’t know if that was being gay, but cock fascinated him, and the bigger the better. That’s why he tried not to get his attention on his own cock. An 8 inch boner for a cock worshipper wasn’t a thought he should have in front of others.

It didn’t help the fact that the last time his father bought him a Speedo for swimming was 3 years ago. If you add that fact to the one of growing even faster down there, you can imagine his problem holding his bulge covered. Not to mention how uncomfortable it could be. Maybe his uncle Damien could buy him a new one that weekend?

Pat started laughing and Peter punched him in the shoulder, half smiling. Of course he had checked out all of his teammates in the showers and was glad that Pat was the next biggest one after him, although six inches wasn’t really incredible, but good enough considering Pat’s height.

Andy and Aron didn’t look distressed at all when hanging around their teammates. They had known them for years, long enough not to mind when they got into each other. Of course only they themselves knew just how much they were into each other, but that was in private (they were young, not stupid). The track team always used baggy or elastic stuff, so his dad forgetting to upgrade their sport wardrobe wasn’t as important as in Peter’s case, even if the elastic showed a bit too much that it should. The family genes had kicked in a few years ago when they started puberty and they grew as fast as they ran. Peter thought that maybe they would catch up with him soon. Not that he would mind it. Even if the twins were closer, the three brothers always stick together. He had always protected them and the twins had always helped him when in need.

The two afternoon classes were a bit weird for all the junior members of the track team and for the two swimmers. First there was the warm feeling inside that made them think in a change of weather and soon after the first class, an odd feeling in their bodies, especially in their privates.

Meanwhile, Damian had finished recreating the original formula into a more potent one and in a way that it would spread easily, like a virus that would propagate by water. The task itself should have taken the whole morning if it wasn’t for his enhanced libido, that had made him interrupt his work three times already to masturbate, and each time he could swear he was bigger. After what had happened the night before with his zipper and considering he was alone at home, he wasn’t wearing anything waist down under his labcoat. So his boner was free each time he got horny.

After testing for some hours with his mega mice, he could check the results and did the calculations for human consumption, and some hours after lunch he had a greenish liquid in a glass. He wanted to test both the contact reaction and the drinking reaction, so he took a dropper with the formula and opening the lower part of his labcoat, he let his footlong boner (or bigger already?) breathe air. He admired a bit for a bit.

Shit, it looks so big, he thought.

He left 3 drops fall on his cock head. It supposedly was the same wherever he applied it, but he just thought it would be funnier that way.

Instantly, he felt his cock was on fire, a fire feeling that extended to his whole body and that was soon switched by a pleasure one. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to check himself as he changed, since he knew the pleasure would be too much, he hit the play button on the video recorder and started pumping his cock with both hands, feeling his body swelling outwards at the same time the rod he was gripping was swelling.

Some minutes (or hours, he just was lost in the moment of pleasure, so intense it was) later, he heard a ripping sound coming from his right sleeve. The seam joining the sleeve with the shoulder of the lab coat opened, showing ripped muscle from the gap. His cock must be already 4 more inches longer and so thick he couldn’t encircle with just a hand. His ballooning pecs bursted open the butons not undone of the coat and his back widened, while he adjusted his pose in his chair, as his glutes and legs demanded more space. His cock must have been still growing as his back was just arched a bit and could feel his breath on his wet cockhead. With no hesitation, he put it in his mouth, the whole head (and how could he open his mouth enough was a mystery) and took care of himself orally while his hands explored his swelling muscles, not fully believing the body he was touching belonged to him.

The cam didn’t miss a thing.

Peter had been feeling weird for a whole 2 hours and the bell was about to ring soon. Or so he thought. There were only 10 more minutes left, but no matter how often he looked, the time didn’t pass faster. And he felt really constricted in his clothes, especially his package, but he didn’t dare to adjust it because he was starting to get hornier and couldn’t risk a boner, not the way his clothes had apparently shrunk or something. He had no clue what was going on.

The teacher had just asked Pat to go to the blackboard to correct some sentences and when he stood up and started walking towards the front of the class, Peter noticed how tight his friend’s clothing were.

Wow, he has been working out lately, that back looks way wider than…. Lunch time? And damn, his butt! The thought made his crotch to swell more and he closed his eyes and tried to calm down. However, even being calm, the tightness in his crotch remained, and even got more intense.

But it was even more odd when Pat finished, went back to his seat behind Peter and sat, just in time for the bell to ring. It was odd only for Peter, cause the bell sound blocked a bit a ripping sound behind him. He looked back to face a Pat with his face red as a tomato.

“Dude, something’s wrong with me… hey, you too!” he exclaimed looking at his friend. Peter looked down and noticed his pecs protruding way more than usual. His arms were thicker too and rolling his sleeve a bit he realized it wasn’t fat. His bulge was way bigger than normal and his jeans looked painted on his legs, specially his quads. Pat showed similar results in his body, although not so extreme as in him (except in the butt, he had always had a nice round muscled bubble butt that made all his pants painted on him, but now, no wonder they ripped there.)

They looked at the rest of classmates get out of class while faking a chat and then Peter helped his friend to cover the tear of his butt till they reached the swimming locker room, although at the entrance, Peter found a surprise. It was almost full of people. There were about 15 people inside already.

“What’s the track team doing here?” Pat asked one of his mates who was putting a Speedo on.

“Their plumbing system is broken.” He explained

Peter spotted his kid brothers not far away, changing into singlet over t-shirts (the normal track uniform) and his jaw dropped. Not as much as Peter, who had somehow added about 30 pounds of muscle, but still he could see a big change, especially in the crotches, which looked quite obscene. The leg of their singlets normally reached half quad, but as theirs were old, they covered even less and since their quads were now huge, they rolled up till the groin, thus making the bulges the more obscene. He wondered if their cocks could remain inside if they run in that, but he also knew they had no other gear besides those. Then he realized the whole track team was buff and hung. Not as much as the twins, not yet, but they didn’t look what you’d expect of track runners.

All of that hot male sightseeing didn’t exactly help reduce Peter’s size. At all.

Aron and Adam noticed Pete’s changes too, but didn’t have much more time to speak, as their practice outdoors was about to start. They would met afterwards to go home together, like every day.

Peter and Patrick decided to start undressing already, since most of their teammates were already going to the swimming pool. Pat had some trouble fitting his Speedo—but Peter found the task quite impossible. Once he was naked it was obvious. Not only did the trunks not want to come up over his thick quads. His cock looked like 7 inches, soft. With huge egg sized nuts hanging quite low. Try fitting that and see how it ends.

“Holy fuck!” Pat exclaimed.

When Peter managed to get into his Speedo, only his nuts and cockhead fit, and almost 6 inches were out in the open. In the end he positioned his cock around his hip under the elastic band, something that was not allowed cause it would be easy to get out of the Speedo, and he run with Pat towards the pool.

Everybody gasped when they saw him, and not just cause the porn movie-like bulge, but his muscles as well. His coach was too dumbfounded to bitch him about it.

As practice went on any bitching he might have had in mind was forgotten as Peter seemed to fly in the water. The new added muscle gave him the power to go faster than ever in the team. As time passed he got even faster and when he realized about it, he wondered if he was still growing—

—which was answered by his worn old Speedo tearing in half in the water, not able to contain so much meat anymore. He was panicking when just then, the coach asked them all to get out for some instructions.

He saw his teammates swim past him towards the pool stairs and when Pat did the same, he stopped him.

“Dude, my Speedo tore!” he whispered to him.

“Fuck! You’re bigger!”

“What can I do, Coach is asking us to get out and it’s still too early to be saved by the bell.”

“Morrison! Williams!” the coach yelled at that moment. “Get your asses out here. Even if you’ve gotten better that doesn’t give you right to ignore your coach! Seriously… these brats—” he added, muttering.

“There is no helping it, man,” Pat told Peter, and to his embarrassment, he called the Coach over. “Coach, could you come for a bit? Pete has a little problem.”

The coach approached them from remainder of the team, grouped near the entrance to the lockers. They starting horsing around the moment he went away, not paying any attention to Pat and Peter as the coach came up to them.

“Williams, don’t tell me you pulled your leg. I’m glad you’re getting so fast, but take it easy in the warming.” Coach leaned on the edge of the pool, where Peter only had his head out. Pat pitied him, not realizing his own changes.

“It’s not that. My old Speedo broke. I can’t swim like this.”

The coach chuckled. “I was wondering how long would that thing last. It’s the only one whose color has almost disappeared. I’ll lend u one of mine. I’ll see you in a sec in the locker room. Morrison, you can go with him so you cover some of that view,” he told them before telling the rest to do laps till he came back. He walked to the door of the pool area and they swam toward the closest side to the door. They hurried outside so no one could see them. But some did.

Outside the poolroom were the showers and the locker room and there they could breathe a bit. There Peter saw the changes in Pat.

“Dude, look at you!”

Pat had a toned body before, but now he was muscled as if he had been doing powerlifting for years, just with the narrowest waist ever. His bulge was almost obscene, but still realistic. But Pat was gaping at Peter.

“Me? Dude, just look at you!”

Peter turned around to see himself in the mirror the locker room had and froze. He looked like an amateur bodybuilder, bulging everywhere. He flexed an arm and a biceps double his normal size bulged in his arm. Then he noticed, below his new swollen pecs, his cock. He couldn’t tell if he was semihard, since the situation was turning him on. But it was massive. For an adult it was really big, for a teen, it was plain huge. Soft (or so) was a hefty 6 inches and the head was especially thick. Of course he quickly got a boner. Both looked at his member swelled, going from 6 to 7, 8, 9, 10 and then some. His balls had almost doubled in size and he felt so turned on he could cum right there and then.

Then he remembered he wasn’t alone. Patrick was his best bud, but not even he knew he was gay. And he was quite sure Pat liked girls.

But to his surprise, Pat was boned as well“I don’t know what’s going on, dude. It’s just acting on its own!” Pat was so embarrassed, not understanding why his and his friend’s bodies were turning him on so much.

“As if I was different, Pat. But, hum… the coach might come any second.”

“Quick, to the showers!” Pat took him by the arm and carried him to the shower area, took out his boner and started jerking it. “We need to get off quickly!”

Peter watched his friend jerk off an 8 incher and was dazed for a sec, but quickly recovered and did the same. Soon both reached climax and none of them couldn’t believe the amount they came.

“Holy gallons Batman!” Pat joked.

Peter smiled, hoping all that cream would be flushed with the water. Then they heard the coach calling for them.

They went to the locker room where the coach was, with a Speedo in his hand.

“There you are, holy fuck!”

He had just saw all the changes in both of them, specially on Peter. And just after cumming, his cock was the size he was hard, but down, looking ridiculously huge.

“Well, I can understand the pressure of your old gear. These are some old ones of mine, but I guess they might be a tight fit. You have some horse as ancestor, kid?”

Peter chuckled and tried them on. Indeed, they were tight, but they would do for the rest of the practice. They all returned to the pool and Peter wondered if the twins were having such weird time.

At the running field, Andy was cursing while running. He didn’t get why he was changing so quick, but that didn’t help him to run without his cock bouncing and swelling. It was just too intense. And when had he gotten that big? He looked over at his brother. Shit, Aron was so hot his cock might get hard all the way if he stared too long. Not that it helped that the rest of the team was bigger overall. All in all, even all the pauses they had to make, the coach was happy that they had improved their timing that well.

“Bro, This is hell, my cock just keeps escaping and is looking huge,” Aron said as he approached his twin while the waited for their turn to jump.

“Shut up, talking about your bigger cock is gonna make me bone and I think we’re already showing off too much.”

“And your bubble butt looks better than ever.” Aron patted Andy’s butt.


“Shit! Not now,” Aron had gone a bit to far and his cock was starting to swell past what modesty allowed. He had to call for a pause again and sit till it lowered a bit.

A minute later, due to Andy’s peeking on his brother’s big bulge in his crotch, he had to call for a pause too.

When swim practice ended, Peter stayed behind, he said for some more laps, but the fact was that he was embarrassed for the rest of the team to see him the way he was. And he was feeling so horny he knew he wouldn’t be able to avoid boning in front of them in the locker room. He waited 15 minutes and got out of the pool. The locker room wasn’t noisy at all so he thought it would be safe so he entered just to find his brothers entering at the same time.

“You stayed behind?” they all asked each other.

“Yeah, I wanted to run some more,” replied the twins at the same time Peter replied, “Some more laps.”

They laughed. And checked the other out.

Peter had been growing a bit more and the Speedo was already uncomfortable and his bulge was just not allowed in public. Something he shared with the twins, although in a less extent.

“Fuck, you’re huge!” exclaimed Aron

“You’re one to talk!” replied Peter, looking on the mirror. Yeah, he looked a bit bigger already.

“Heh, this looks like what happened to uncle Damian—” commented Andy while he and his twin undressed, each not taking the eye away from the other one.

The twins’ eyes on each other didn’t surprise Peter at all. He had seen them making out before so many times he was used to their randy affections, even if now they were hot enough to bone him. But he realized what Andy had just said.

They way he and his brother changed was the same his uncle did, although not that much. Was it something in their family genes or was the fact Damian was a scientist and had a lab the answer of the quick growth?

The three went to the shower together and while he pondered all those thoughts, his twin brothers made out in front of him, just with such bodies his cock almost shot up against his abs.

“Wow!” Andy noticed it and when Aron did too, being the bolder of the two, added Peter to a trio that at first he thought as weird but the moment someone touched his cock, he just didn’t mind and went with the flow.

And what a flow of cum was that! Afterwards, they dressed with difficulties ending with most of their clothing skin tight and in Peter’s case, tears in the seams of jeans and arms. Also his chest ripped the collar of his tee shirt. They needed a new set of clothing ASAP.

Damian awoke plastered to the floor due to the cum he produced and from the raging hard on he still had, there was at the very least, as much cum from that came from. And what a hard on! At least the size of his forearm… or double. He tape measured it to 17 inches and a half. His pecs obscured part of the what he could see. He was muscled before, now he was huge. And ripped. Like a bodybuilder. A heavyweight one. He went to the bathroom and while he started the shower to take out the cum, he weighed himself. 310 pounds. He had almost gained 90 pounds with his last dose and maybe more, since the changes would keep on going afterwards.. he entered the shower which now seemed smaller and he had to shower himself twice, since he had to take care of his monster cock. He loved his new huge demanding sensitive cock and wondered how he had lived with a mere 7 incher till then.

And he wanted more. He dried himself with a towel and went to the kitchen when the city guide was to check on some maps, just with the towel on one meaty shoulder. He saw the water purification system was not very far away from the big mall at the outskirts of the town and he just knew where his formula would go. He had decided to do it that afternoon when his three nephews entered the house and, hungry, headed into the kitchen to get a snack. And they saw him.

Their surprise was almost as huge as his and he seemed to approve of it since his cock flexed with interest. It was an amazing 10 soft inches, double what the twins were then and they were huge for their age. Damian noticed the tears in their clothes as well. He wondered if he could keep the secret much longer.

Peter crossed his beefy arms in front of his big pecs and smiled. “So, uncle Damian, Do you know why are we all hulking out? Because I have the feeling you know.”

“Really? And here I was thinking you had a great growth spurt—” he said, not even trying to cover his cock, which was slowly gaining girth, the same as everyone else’s.

“But you look like the Hulk!” exclaimed Aron, approaching him. Andy did the same and stared at him.

“Not yet… but who knows… would you like that?” he smiled at them.

“Yeah!” both exclaimed, excited.

“I hope you’re not gonna try something like, we never saw you naked—” teased Peter.

“I don’t see you disliking it, Pete,” he said looking at his nephew’s growing bulge, making him blush “Those clothes seem quite old and small, how about we go to make some shopping to the mall?”

The twins went to their room to change into something baggy and before Peter went to, he turned his head. “I wonder if you’ll find something to wear to get there—” He looked down but the kitchen counter covered his uncle’s swelling monster.

Damian didn’t find anything to wear. Even his baggiest clothes were too small. He tore anything he tried on. He sat defeated on his bed, its frame bending a bit. After a few moments, Peter knocked and Damian told him to enter. Peter saw the amount of ruined clothing on the floor. The boy was wearing an open shirt and cyclist shorts, which made obvious the tool he was carrying. Damian admired his body for a bit, until Peter gasped. Then he realized his own cock was liking what he saw too much already and looked away.

“Nothing seems to fit,” he said.

“How about dad’s old clothes?” Peter suggested.

Damian’s treetrunks propelled him on a great jump out of the bed and Peter gasped again at the foot long (plus) semihard beast bouncing and wondered if he’d need to relieve himself before going out.

Amongst his brother’s belongings Damian found some clothes he could wear. A XXL tank top that made his muscles even more obvious and a cyclist shorts that were so obscene on him he hoped there was no policeman close.

Of course people stared at the mall. Some even tripped. Damian suggested they buy really baggy clothing just in case the growth was still happening, specially in the twins’ case, who had so much time of growth ahead. Once they put on something that fit, they felt better. As it was late they had dinner in the mall and they ate a lot. Afterwards, he had planned to enter the water system place, but he wondered how to do it alone, without the nephews knowing. He gave each of them 50 dollars to spend in the arcade—it felt nice as he had never given them anything in their lives. He told them they didn’t need to spend it all, although he knew they would, and made them promise to meet in an hour in the parking lot. Peter just smiled like the twins and made as if to go with them, but he was suspicious, so he just left them there and followed his huge uncle without him noticing.

There was no need for the car to get to that place. Just 15 minutes was enough. There was a guard on the door but Damian tricked him easily throwing a stone far in the opposite direction. He was too focused on entering to notice the muscle teen following him. He finally made it to the water tanks system and opened the cylindrical box containing the purification solution that got spewed into the tanks each 15 minutes in small doses. Then he took a big vial of a turquoise colored liquid. He paused when he saw the color.

“Wasn’t it greener colored?” he wondered aloud.

“Dunno, was it?” replied Peter next to him.

Damian stopped himself before he could curse aloud, revealing intruders to the guard.

“Peter, what the hell are you doing here?” he whispered furious.

“Following you, uncle, but the good question is, What are YOU doing here? And What is that thing? Oh I have one even better, does it has something to do with our changes?”

Damian sighed. “I knew I should have given you a hundred.”

“That would have been even more suspicious,” explained his nephew with a smile.

“Okay, okay, you caught me. You mind if I explain everything back home? We have a guard that could come and check this place at any moment.”

“Just answer this, did you make us grow?”


Peter beamed. “Thanks!”

Damian smiled and shook his head. He opened the vial and while pouring its content inside the box, a faint vapor flowed into the air.

Peter noticed it first. “Smells sweet,” he said, and after some seconds Damian noticed it too. Just when Damian had finished and closed the empty vial, he saw Peter was sitting on the floor, sweating. He quickly took off his tee shirt, as if he was too hot.

“Peter?” Damian said, concerned, and then he felt it too, but he first noticed in his crotch and an urge to stroke it so strong he undid his new trousers in record time, his 17 incher already greeting him—only it was not 17 inches anymore, but more like 18. He realized he was having a growth spurt and seeing Peter’s pecs pulsing and slowly flexing made it clear it was happening to him as well.

Damian was glad he had dropped his pants because he soon heard tearing clothing next to him. He couldn’t see since he was jerking off furiously with both hands and his eyes closed. He got lost on the feeling until he came. Luckily they didn’t moan too loudly.

Peter was breathing with difficulty. It had been more intense than even the one in the showers. He felt a new weight on his pecs as he breathed. His arms looked bigger too. His new shorts were torn in the crotch area where his now almost 14 incher was deflating. The quads were now huge and so were the calves. Nobody would say he looked like a swimmer anymore. And he loved it.

He looked at his uncle and his softening member became hard again instantly. He had exploded out of his shirt and would have done of his pants if they weren’t around his ankles. He didn’t look like any bodybuilder. He was THE bodybuilder. His arms were as thick as his head. No, thicker. Just his forearms would be a dreamed size for pros in their upper arms. And his soft cock looked like his own hard one.

His head clearer, Damian knew what had happened, just not the reason know why. The formula affected them by inhaling the vapor it emanated. Made it like a virus and working on a genetic level. Had it mutated? Was that the reason for the color change? Just how powerful was it?

He shook his head and checked his watch. The band was elastic so it hadn’t broken and he saw he only had 5 minutes until the time he had given to the twins. He didn’t dare to look at Peter. It could make him shoot again and they didn’t have the time.

They clothed as best they could. The hulking Damian, shirtless with tight XXXL pants, and huge Peter, clothed skin-tight with a hole where his huge cock was free. He had torn open even his elastic boxers.

They managed to get to the car only 5 minutes after the twins and they arrived late, but no one complained. Peter was nice enough not to shoot him with questions there and then. But Damian knew it would be unavoidable once at home.

Of course once at home the twins noticed Damian and Peter looking like having gained 50 pounds each and nobody could hide their huge erections.

Aron and Adam were huge, but just about 9 inches, Nothing to do with Peter’s 15-inch anaconda and Damian’s 2 feet long cock that reached his upper pecs, which were so big he could pecfuck himself.

Damian explained them everything. He hadn’t planed to, but he just thought, whatever, now that it had gotten out of control… (and he so wanted it to get out of control!).

They all liked the idea so much they started jerking off in the middle of his story and it ended being a circle jerk by the time he finished. He was astonished to see the twins making out like that, but in a bit all inhibitions were abandoned and he ended not remembering who ended with who. None of them slept upstairs.

The next morning, which was a school day, they woke up and Damian got new data, as in the subject exposed to the formula kept on growing slowly after the first intake (and not so slowly for those with a second intake of a stronger formula—and with a third one like Damian, well—). In fact that would be the case if the ones with only a first dose wouldn’t have come in contact with someone with a final dose. It seemed the contagion was slow but non stopping.

Luckily they woke up early. The living room was covered with cum all over and so were they. Damian woke up with a morning wood so huge that it blocked his vision. It had grown to his nose’s height. He looked to his sides to see 2 helmet like delts at each side joined to his neck by some huge traps. His back was really wide, to the point his lats had his beefy arms resting in a 45 angle, without flexing. His arms might be 35 inches around each, probably more and just the triceps area was as huge as his head, without adding the massive biceps. His quads made his legs looks so thick he wondered how he would walk, apart from waddling. He felt his cantaloupe sized nuts on the floor.

He pushed his cock to the side a bit (it was so hard) and was able to see his three awakening hulk proportioned nephews. It might be due to puberty or hormones or who knew why, but it seemed the younger generations reacted more potently to the formula and from as big they looked, it had affected their height as well.

Peter was about 6 feet 4 inches, only 3 inches taller, but he didn’t look like he was 17 anymore. He could well be the most muscled teen of the world (until that time). If Damian looked like 400 pounds, Peter could well be 330 or maybe more. And since he was shorter he looked almost as packed with muscle as him. In what he looked bigger was the cock, although he measured it 2 inches shorter (reaching 30 inches), it was just as thick.

The twins were still identical, but now they were identically massive. They hadn’t grown that much (yet) height wise, even if they were taller than anyone in their class (and 2 years above them) at 6 feet, but their muscle was more developed than the other 2 older males in the room! Damian wondered if they would have trouble moving (and what a beast he had unleashed to the world). They were about 300 pounds, just 30 less than Peter, but since they were shorter, the effect made them look more muscled. Their cocks weren’t in proportion like the rest. They were disproportionately huge, beating their elders at 35 inches of proud massive meat. All of them had their libido so high they almost felt like going all over again, but Damian convinced them that they should still go to school and that needed preparing, clothes, breakfast… Peter reluctantly agreed and both were needed to unpaste the twins, who seemed that their brains were just in sex mode.

Damien told them not to worry too much about looking way bigger than the rest, since almost everyone takes a shower in the morning or at night. So most of the rest of the school would be huge by the time they arrived.

Clothing was a problem. The kids only fitted Damian’s baggiest new clothes, and just barely. They would need to buy bigger clothes or at least, stretchable ones. Of course their new sport wear was outsized by much, but they might not be the only ones with that problem. So it was ok.

Damian didn’t need to go out, so he just remained naked. That sight made them all boned until they went out of the house (they jerked off again just before going). Peter didn’t have much to choose from, so he wore a black tank top that reached over his navel and whose strips were the only thing covering the massive pecs. Meaning they weren’t covered. Ok, it was ridiculous, but as said before. There wasn’t much to chose from. More ridiculous was the stretchy to the limit lycra shorts. The football sized bulge just his soft cock made, plus the huge nuts, made the front to fall so low that there was pubic hair showing (and Peter wasn’t especially hairy) and his quads were so thick that apart from waddling, made the pant legs to roll to the crotch area. Making those big running shorts into a weird looking Speedo. The twins did the same (but with other colors, since Damian hadn’t bought three sets of the same clothing). They didn’t know if they would fit inside them when boned but they, too, had no other choice that day. It wouldn’t matter if they grew more during the day (they knew they would), since it will happen to others as well.

After Damian saw them off, he waddled towards the kitchen and found the map where yesterday he had seen the water supply. He laughed so hard when he discovered it was also part of a processing water bottles that were to be exported to other states and countries. It seemed his dream of a muscle world was starting that very day.

And what better way of celebrating it, than self-sucking a 33-inch (still growing) monster cock while your massive pecs massage the shaft just by flexing?

The answer is simple: doing the same with a 34 incher, which he did just two hours afterwards.

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