Chad gets collared

by Portowulf

Roommates Rohan and Chad find an alternative use to a failed experimental device.

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The post-doc tossed his bag on the ground by the door, and dropped himself onto the couch. He didn’t even turn on the TV, he just sat there stewing.

For months now, he had been working on a new device. The Biomedical Engineering grad came up with the idea for a training collar for animals. He had worked with a member from one of the Electrical Engineering labs to create a collar that would send impulses when commanded, to make the animal compliant. It would likely be used to train dogs, but could also be used on rescues or wild animals that need to be moved out of dangerous situations. Everything was going well in theory, but he missed something obvious: animals don’t speak English. Suddenly months of work meant nothing, and now his lab manager was threatening to fire him if he doesn’t get something useful out of this.

He wasn’t mad at his manager. Rohan knew it was lab policy not to spend so much resources on something with no result. He was just frustrated at the situation, and at himself. So he sat there, angry, like a wounded animal. The irony was not lost on him.

Of course, at the most inopportune time, his roommate swung open his door. He didn’t even notice Rohan sitting there, his earbuds blasting some music Rohan didn’t recognize. His roommate was a total douche, but he was a trust fund douche.

The condo was actually owned by this guy, and Rohan paid him rent instead of a landlord. However, he was the stereotypical trust-fund baby; always partying, doesn’t know the meaning of work, but always on Rohan to pay rent on time and in full. The dude’s name was literally Chad, for God’s sake.

Chad was playing the air drums along with the music, as he turned in the kitchen and finally saw Rohan.

“Oh, hey man, what’re you doing sitting in the dark?” he said in his typical ‘bro’ drawl.

“Bad day at work, just burning it off,” replied Rohan.

“Hmm, that sucks. Better not get fired, rent’s due in two weeks,” Chad responded, halfheartedly as he turned back into the kitchen partway through his sentence.

Rohan despised Chad, but he was good for one thing. While Chad’s back was turned, and he bent over to get something out of the fridge, the view of his ass in those boat shorts were well worth the annoyance.

Truth was, Rohan had a crush on Chad. Not on Chad the person, no that guy was the worst, just Chad the concept. In another universe, Rohan would have used him simply for sex and money, forgoing Chad’s… Chad-ness.

Chad stood back up, some food in hand, and strutted back into his bedroom, leaving the door open. Rohan, still entranced by the ass’s ass, walked over to the door frame. He never really got to look around Chad’s room. It was actually cleaner than he expected, while still containing the expected paraphernalia of the preppy frat boy. Photos of him on a yacht, a pewter sign from some hipster beer company, a bong in the shape of a naked woman, several guitars, etc. Chad sat at his computer with his snack. On the screen was Netflix’s Beastars, though Rohan had never seen it before.

“What are you watching?” asked Rohan, trying to make small talk.

Chad’s body spasmed, dropping his snack on the floor. He exited out of the show to the main menu.

“Dude, knocking?” Chad said in a huff.

“You… left the door open,” replied Rohan, confused.

“Fuck off, queer,” said Chad, angrily. Rohan knew he didn’t mean it literally, it was just one of his Chad-isms, but it still shocked him.

“I just… what was that show with the animals?” Rohan asked, curious.

Chad looked defensive. “What, that furry shit? Nothing, I wasn’t watching it, just popped up.”

Rohan rolled his eyes. “Whatever, man.” he said, turning away. Why’d he think he could have a conversation with him anyways? His mood went south back to where it was from before.

As Rohan moved to shut the door, Chad relented. “It’s called Beastars,” said Chad, mumbling.

Rohan turned back to Chad. The screen was back to the show. “It looks cool.” said Roahn, sincerely.

“A lot of people give it a hard time,” said Chad, in a rare moment of openness. “Cuz the characters look like furries.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Rohan asked, honestly.

“Well, yeah, people think of furries as sexual freaks in costumes.”

“Dude, we live in New York City,” said Rohan with a chuckle. “I’ve seen a lot worse out there.”

Chad didn’t reply for a moment, but looked up at Rohan.

“So, what happened at work?” he asked, with actual honesty.

Rohan’s smile faded as he remembered. “The project I spent the last 9 months on was a bust. If I can’t find something to salvage it, I’m worried I might be out of a job.”

Chad had no real empathy, but gave a sympathetic “Sucks” before an awkward pause fell between them. Then Chad followed up with, “What was the project?”

This was honestly the longest conversation Rohan had experienced with Chad since he moved in a few years ago, and he didn’t know where it was going, but Chad was being civil, so he kept it going. “It was a new animal collar,” he began.

Chad cut him off. “A collar?” he asked, leaning over to his closet. He opened it up to some fetish gear. Rohan was caught off guard. First, he wasn’t expecting anything close to that, and second, he almost expected a fursuit, with the way he was talking about Beastars earlier. Chad pulled out a row of dog collars “You mean like these?”

Rohan stared at him, mouth agape. A moment passed before Rohan could muster any words. “Y… yeah. Like that.” Rohan turned and left the room.

“Yo! Where you goin’?” Chad called out. “I’m talking to you!” he continued, his voice sounding betrayed.

Rohan quickly reappeared with his bag. He reached in and pulled out his latest work.

“Oh, that’s cool,” said Chad, taking it from Rohan.

“Yeah, it’s a—” Rohan started, about to explain the purpose, when Chad put it on himself.

Rohan, realizing the opportunity, turned it on with two quick taps on his smartphone. His mind was racing. Would it work on a human? Chad understood English, so it stood to reason…

Chad was talking, but Rohan wasn’t listening. Rohan was thinking about his next move.

“…and with all the interest, I can buy any of this stuff I want.” Chad continued to ramble off.

“Quiet,” said Rohan, firmly.

Chad stopped talking, but looked at Rohan quizzically. Had he obeyed, or did Rohan just startle him? Rohan needed to figure out.

“Sit,” said Rohan, and Chad sat. His eyes, darting side to side, a bit confused. However, Rohan had a grin on his face now. “Good boy.”

Rohan finally had Chad right where he wanted him. Silent, and at his command.

“Dogs don’t wear clothes,” Rohan said. “Strip.”

Chad took off his clothes quickly, and stood before Rohan, naked. His junk was surprisingly small. Or maybe, not that surprising, if Rohan thought about it.

Rohan walked over, and grabbed a leash from Chad’s closet, and attached it to the collar.

“Heel,” he commanded, and Chad got on all fours next to Rohan. “You’re going for a short walkies to my room.”

Rohan was a bit drunk on power, and his pants were tenting. He walked Chad into his own room. And sat on the bed.

“Up!” he commanded, and Chad climbed into bed next to Rohan, as Rohan began to strip himself.

Chad shook his ass, as if he was wagging a non-existent tail. “Oh, you like that, boy?” asked Rohan, his uncircumcised cock swelling. “Suck!” he commanded.

Chad jumped at Rohan’s cock, eagerly licking and sucking at it, almost like a dog going for food. He was surprisingly animalistic, but did a damn good job. Rohan ran his hair through Chad’s dirty blonde hair, before grabbing him by the back of the head to face fuck his roommate.

After several minutes of that, Rohan began to orgasm, and Chad’s mouth was filled with Rohan’s cream. He looked up at Rohan, who was panting. “Swallow,” said Rohan, and with one big gulp, Chad consumed Rohan’s seed.

“Wow,” said Rohan, breathing heavily. “Fuck me.” He had said ot mostly just as a saying, but upon hearing this, Chad mounted Rohan. Rohan looked up, startled, at the frat-boy pressing his cock into Rohan’s ass. At first, he was going to tell him to stop, but he was still horny from everything, he decided just to go with it.

Chad was like an animal. What he lacked in length, he made up for in aggression and stamina. 20 minutes later, he was still pumping away at Rohan, who had never bottomed before. He was growing tired of it, and cried out “Just cum already!” and at that exact moment, he felt the hot meat inside him spew out load after load of cum. He laid there, beneath Chad, who finally pulled out, and laid next to Rohan.

Rohan kissed Chad lightly. “Now it’s my turn,” he said, still dripping with Chad’s juices. Chad turned over, and presented his ass in the air. “Doggy style. Perfect, you dog.”

Rohan fucked Chad, who took it silently. Chad was just as tight as Rohan was, but Chad seemed to be a better bottom, but it was hard to tell from Rohan’s perspective. He kept fucking until he felt the cum build up, and he released inside Chad’s ass.

Rohan flopped over onto the side of Chad, and held him. Exhausted, he fell asleep.

The next day, he woke up well rested, albeit sticky. Chad was curled up next to him.

“Chad?” asked Rohan, still not believing last night was real. “Chad, you up?”

Chad didn’t reply.

“Chad?” asked Rohan, a bit more concerned, now shaking the man on his bed with one hand.

Chad stuck his head up, and looked at Rohan. He smiled. He bounced a bit towards Rohan, and kissed him.

“Ha, so you liked it, I take it?” asked Rohan.

Chad smiled, and snuggled up to Rohan. Rohan stroked him from head to butt, but going down a second time, his fingers traced over the collar.

“Oh, this is still on? Let’s get that off you,” said Rohan, half expecting Chad to immediately revert back to his douchey self. Surprisingly, he stayed on his lap.

“Chad?” Rohan asked, seeing if there was any change. “Chad!”

Chad looked up at Rohan, startled, but didn’t say a word. He nuzzled Rohan’s cock, and licked it a bit, not saying anything.

What time was it? Rohan looked for the clock. 10:45 a.m.? What time did they pass out? It wasn’t that late. He easily wore that collar for over 12 hours. Was he stuck like that?

All he had ‘taught’ Chad during that time was Quiet, Sit, Strip, Heel, Suck, Swallow, Fuck me, and My Turn.

But then again, that was all he really needed. Chad, eager to please, not talking.

He figured this was their life now. Living with his hot roommate, and his hot roommate’s money.


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