Book of spells

by Steven

High school student Cory thinks he’s in for just another agonizing day of trying to hide his boner when an old man unexpectedly gives him a very strange book that opens up all kinds of possibilities.

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I woke up on Friday and knew that I was still the only gay person in my school and that I had another day of trying to hide my erection when Cory walked past. Cory was the same age as me (17) and was so cute you could drool over him. He worked out every day and had muscles to die for. He was about 6’2”, with bleached blond short spiked hair and beep blue eyes.

So I got up got dressed and went to school as I always do. Friday is the worst day of school because I have P.E. with Cory and the teacher insists that we always have a shower afterwards. This might not seem bad if people knew, but they didn’t and in my school gay people where not welcome. So as P.E. was over I was going back into the school from the field to get the shower when the strangest thing happened.

I was last in the line getting in to the school and an old man grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“Have this, have this” the old man repeated as he thrust a book into my hands. “You will like it, you will like it” he said as he made sure I had hold of it properly. At that he let go and just walked off.

“Weird man,” I said to myself as I went into the school. Luckily for me as I got into the school Cory had had his shower and was now dressed talking to his mates. So I put the book in my bag and got my shower. Cory was the only lad I liked so I had nothing to worry about having a shower now.

P.E. was the last lesson it was time to go home. On the way home I got the strange book out of my bag and looked at the front cover. It was strange, made out of some sort of leather and was very heavy. It looked centuries old but in perfect condition at the same time. I put it back in my bag and continued home.

When I got home I went straight upstairs and got the book out of my bag again. I opened it to the first page and in the middle was one word “Name…” So I got out my pen and wrote down my name “Kevin” as I finished writing it as if by magic underneath “Name”

“Surname” appeared. I was so shocked by what I had seen I shut the book thinking my eyes where deceiving me. After a while of deep breathing and rubbing my eyes I opened the book again, there it was right under “Name”—&ledquo;Surname”. So I wrote it down “Hopkins” and again after I had finished writing, another single word appeared “Age.” So I continued writing as more and more questions appeared. One of the questions was what do you look like, “I am 6 feet tall not overly muscular but have a six-pack, brown short flat hair and blue eyes my face is circular and…” The writing in the book cut me off and started to describe me in perfect detail including my modest (as the text put it) 7 inch penis.

After it finished describing me, a question came up that startled me a little it wrote “Are you Gay or Straight (be honest)?” I didn’t quite know what to do. I decided to be honest and just make sure my mother never found the book.

When I circled Gay with the pen the book instructed me to turn the page. So I did as it told me to and on the second page was a perfect sketching of me stood up naked. I was quite shocked by what I saw but not too shocked after all a book had already been talking to me. On the page next to was a lot of information about me, some of it I didn’t understand. So I turned the page again to find a contents page. It was very strange and surprising some of the titles of the pages, but one leaped out at me as soon as a saw it.

“CONTROL CORY’S MIND FOR ONE NIGHT” How did it know about Cory and How did it know that I fancied him I give no information about who I fancied or any of my friends. So how did it know? I turned to the page it indicated and was instantly turned on. As in the front of the book was a naked portrait of me was a naked portrait of Cory. On the first page it give lots of different page reference to do different things to him, such as increase his penis size and make him fancy his best male friend. But what I was interested in was on the next page. “CONTROLLING CORY”.

The book gave a list of strange and complex ingredients and what I had to do to make the potion come spell work. The first thing I needed was some DNA of Cory’s and some of my DNA.

“This is not going to be easy,” I thought to myself. “How to get Cory’s DNA?” I looked back at the book and the words had changed it now said, “a piece of Hair will do.” The second thing I needed was “mineral water” then some “salt” and finally “powdered mushrooms.” It gave me instructions on how to mix them and boil it all, and finally how to use it.

So over the next week I had collected all but one of the ingredients, Cory’s hair sample. I had decided the best time to get it was during P.E. It was football today and that give me the perfect opportunity to get close to him. During football I made sure I knocked him over so that I could help him get back up again. As I was helping him up I gave him a rub on the head (you know the way you do to say there is no hard feelings) and that was when I got the hair.

When I got home I instantly put his hair in the formula and waited 24 hours before it would be ready and then I had to wait another 42 hours before I could put the potion on him. It was a very, very, very long weekend as you could imagine and I was growing impatient with the potion. But Monday eventually and I had put the potion in a squirty bottle so that I could squirt the potion on him as he passed me. It was a success as he passed me I pulled out the bottle and got him. The potion would start working immediately but I could not control him till eight o’clock.

He turned to me and said, “Do you want to come round mine tonight to help me study for the maths paper?” not really realizing what he said.

“Sure what time?”

“Around eightish” he said and just walked of as if he had never spoken to me. It was set I would be at his tonight getting some for the man of my dreams.

So I waited for school to finish and want home to get ready for the night him and I would never forget. I put on a pair of tight jeans with my patterned boxers on underneath and a very loose white shirt with only the middle button done so than you could see my six-pack and my pecs and my light tan I had gotten over the weekend..

On my way there I was thinking of all the different things I could get him to do and all the things I could do to him. Just thinking about it was making me horny and I couldn’t control it. I had reached his house and straightened up my shirt. I walked to the door and knocked twice.

The door swung open and Cory invited me in. It was five to eight so the spell hadn’t yet worked, I could tell by the way he looked at my clothes. He invited me into the living room where he had all of his maths books out and ready. Two minutes to eight and his girlfriend called up and wanted to know if he was going out with her tonight. He said he had to study and that he was tired.

Eight o’clock came and the second it did Cory just dropped his pen stood up and walked to me. The spell had worked and now I could have some fun. I asked him what he was doing.

“I am here to pleasure you and only you,” he said.

“Good,” I replied with a grate big grin on my face. “I want you to get undressed slowly.”

With a sigh, Cory took hold of the bottom of his t-shirt, and pulled it over his head, showing is gorgeous pecs and his luscious six-pack. Then he reached in front of him and undid the cord on his tracksuit bottoms. He pulled them down to expose his very muscular legs and a growing bulge in his tight sorts. He slowly moved his hands down to his shorts and started to pull them down as well. They where done to his knees and I made him stop.

“Leave them like that for now and take me to your room”

Obediently, Cory turned and started to walk to his room stumbling a couple of times on the way. When in the room I ordered him to remove my clothes while we engulfed each other’s tongues in a hot passionate kiss that I wished would never end. When we pulled apart he dropped to his knees and started to lick the sensitive part of my 7” cock whilst he tugged on his own 6.5” cock. His long, wet tongue slowly licked my shaft, running up and down from the head to the base. At the swollen top, he wrapped his lips around it, teasing and probing with his tongue, only to run his mouth back down to the base. With a moan, he licked and sucked on my balls, putting one, then the other, into his hot mouth.

With a bust a emotions from both of us we both came and such a powerful orgasm had never been known to me it was so pleasurable I had to scream with the pleasure I just couldn’t take it. Wave after wave after wave of hot juicy cum splattered the inside of Cory’s mouth as he eventually stopped coming himself. After a little relaxation I gathered my belongings and left for home.

The beauty of this spell is the following morning Cory will be able to remember it all but with one minor change. He thinks he was in control all of the time and therefore is to embarrassed to tell a living sole what had happened.

After casting the original spell on Cory he started showing up at my house of his own accord (because the spell made him think he had complete control). This was not a good thing. Because he was so popular he thought that if he told his friends that they would stick by him. He was wrong. They instantly dumped him as a friend and told the rest of the school about him, and me. So know neither of us had friends, because mine also dumped me, and the entire school knew that I am gay and so is Cory.

We became the most picked-on people in the school. More like I did because Cory was strong and would just hit anyone who badmouthed him. One lad called Alex especially liked kicking me after nearly all of my lessons. I hated him so much; I think I hated him that much because I thought he looked absolutely gorgeous. Strange, I know.

It was Monday morning and I had just got to school and I saw Alex waiting for me. I knew he was going to do something. So I just carried on walking trying to ignore all the abuse him and his mates where throwing at me.

I got into school and before I could reach my class he pushed me on to the floor. It was cold and hard and it hurt so much.

“Get up you fucking Fag. What’s the matter too manly for ya?” I could hear Alex shouting at me as he kicked me in the side, which sent me sliding across the floor.

“Kasentus, Pasternus, Kafree, un” I started to chant this spell over and over.

“What was that Fag?” Alex shouted down at me as he kicked me again.

“Kasentus, Pasternus, Kafree, un” I continued to chant the same words. I actually had no idea what the spell did. The Book just told me that if a strait man was attacking me then chant the words until he stops. “Kasentus, Pasternus, Kafree, un” after saying it for the 20th time he suddenly stopped.

I looked up at him to see what was happening. At first it looked like nothing but after a minute or so his pants around his cock were slowly getting wet also he was getting an erection.

Now it was my turn to taunt him. “What’s up, you enjoying beating me up, you look like it!” At that everyone looked at his cock. He was having a continuous orgasm. But he wasn’t moving. After about ten minutes of everyone laughing at him he suddenly sprang back to life and ran out of the school, with his trousers drenched in cum. I went through the rest of he day with no hassle at all.

The next day came and Alex was in the same place as the day before and did exactly the same thing that as well. So I started to chant again. This time though when I had looked in the book it said, “only you can turn things back to the way they were.” After I finished chanting nothing happened he just walked off.

At lunchtime I had gone home for dinner and Alex must have followed me because five minutes after closing the door he knocked on it. I opened the door and he quickly pushed his way in.

“What are you doing here?” I said in a very confused voice.

“You did something to me now change it back!” He said very quietly as though someone else where listening and he didn’t want them to hear.

“What did I do?” I said.

“You… You… You…”

“What What What”.

“You changed me”

“Into What”

“A freak”

“You already are a freak”

“Shut up you wanker and change it back”

“I don’t even know what I’ve done,” I said to him very matter-of-factly “You’ll have to show me.”

“I’m not showing!”

“Then how do you expect me to turn it back?”

“Ok then” At that he just dropped his pants. There where two very big bulges coming out from his boxers. Nearest I could tell he had stuck two pairs down his pants. He then took his boxers down and revealed two very big balls. They also seemed to be pulsating.

“What happened?” I asked him hoping he would tell me something.

“Well you know the other day when I came and then ran home”


“Well when I got home, I couldn’t control it.”

“Control what?”

“My orgasms.”

“Then this morning when I was hitten ya, they started to grow, the reason I stopped was because I needed the loo. But when I got there I didn’t piss I came. And it didn’t stop after a couple of minutes. It stayed on for more than twenty minutes. So make them go back to normal. Now!” I could see anger in his face as he was pulling his pants up.

“Where’s ya loo?” He asked me, so I took him to it, and waited out side the door. “O Shit! It’s happening again,” he shouted through the door. I quickly ran in to see if I could help. The first thing I noticed was that as he was cumming, his balls where getting bigger. I ran out of the bathroom mainly because he as going to hit me because I was looking at his dick, and I was going to see if the book could help.

When I opened the book to the page I got the spell from, all it kept repeating was “only you can stop it.” But how was I supposed to do that I didn’t know what I was supposed to do? I went to go back into the bathroom but he had locked the door so I want downstairs to try and think of what I could do to stop what was happening to him.

After about 40 minutes he came downstairs half covered in cum and the top of his trousers where totally undone mainly because his balls where the size of footballs. I told him he would have to sleep at my house tonight because I did not know how to stop it. I quickly ate some food and went back too school.

At 3:30 when I got home, I went upstairs to look for Alex. I eventually found him in the bathtub lying down. He was completely naked and asleep his balls where now the size of watermelons. I know had the opportunity to look him up and down.

He was very muscular with glimmering slabs of steel as his abs were a luscious 6-pack. This was also the first time I noticed he was shaven. Also he looked out of proportion, his flaccid 4inch cock laying down on the melon sized ball sac. He had a well-defined face with green eye’s and brown hair. I couldn’t help it I had to touch him. I reached down and gently stroked his cock. I jumped back quickly because as soon as I touched it, it started to grow, and grow till eventually it was 2 feet long and 5 inches thick hard. He woke up with a startled gasp and screamed at his new cock. He went to jump up and hit me but the weight of his balls pulling on his cock was too painful.

“I have to get you to my room, my mum will not let you sleep if she knows you are here,” I said to him from a distance so he couldn’t grab me. “But you will need help carrying your balls to my room because your insides are not made to hold such weight and it would just rip off.”

“Ok, but don’t get any ideas.”

So I grabbed one ball and he got the other and slowly we walked to my room.

I had already set the put-up bed so he could lie down or sit on it while I try and figure something out. It was getting late, Alex was asleep on the little bed and I was sitting reading the book from front to back trying to find something to shrink his balls. I looked over to him and his cock suddenly sprung to life.

What was going on what am I supposed to do, as I was thinking Alex’s cock bust with cum flying in all directions (not literally bust he had another orgasm). I was staring at his cock and balls and I could see them growing rapidly. I had to stop this soon because soon they will be to big to fit on the bed. Then it hit me. I got a pen and asked the book what to do to stop it, by writing in it, and to my great relief it answered.

“To Stop It He Has To Do What You Want Him To Do.”

“To Shrink It He Must Do It Willingly.”

“And To Stop It Growing Whenever He Has A Piss”

“He Must Continue To Do What You Want Him To Do” That was it I new what to do. I quickly woke Alex up and told him what he had to do. At first he went to hit me saying that I just wanted to have sex with him because of his big cock. His cock was still cumming and now all the carpet was wet with come. I showed him the book and got it to write something to him so he would believe me. In the end he did. I told him to take the rest of his clothes off and when he did so his dick stopped cumming, and because he took his cloves off willingly his cock and balls shrank rapidly. His cock was now two foot long again and everything else was in perfect proportion.

“Let me please you and you can go home with your normal sized dick, okay?” I said to him with a happy smirk on my face because I knew he would hate every minute of it but had no choice otherwise.

“Ok, but don’t get too comfy,” he replied.

“No promises there!”

I was staring at it, I walked over to him and he reached out, with both hands. As I touched it, I knew it was a real cock. I didn’t care. The feeling of it was so nice having such a big cock in my hands. My hands made his tremendously oversized dork swell, and made my head swim with lust. I could feel his balls swelling and moving. I pressed my face into his crotch and breathed deep of his fumes. My own cock, which was lying there limp, leapt to full erection, a nice, rock hard 7 inches. I pulled my face away and began to lick the fist-sized cock head, digging my tongue into his slit, gulping down the torrent of pre-cum that met me. I continued to lick and stroke him, using his pre-cum for lube. Just when he was getting good and close, Cory walked in, my mum must have let him in.

As he walked into my room, his head began to swirl with the heavy scent of Alex’s sex that filled the area around him. He immediately fell to his knees, his mouth joining mine on Alex’s dickhead (plenty of room for both of us) and his hands roaming the shaft with mine. Alex just groaned and let us work because he had no choice. Moments later he noticed that a face was buried in his crotch, sucking and licking the underside of his swollen ball-sac, Cory’s hands were massaging and rubbing Alex’s cantaloupe-sized balls. Alex held back for as long as he could, but with a howl, the already iron-hard, ultra-long and thick pole of his cock got even harder and thicker; the monstrous head swelled, the two inch long piss-slit gaped open in preparation for the orgasm to follow.

I stuck my tongue into the hole, and the first shot of cum sprayed off of me splashing Cory and Alex. The force of it knocked me off his cock, and the next shot splattered on the wall on the other side of the room, as did the next dozen shots as I and Cory gaped as the mighty canon of his dick shot thumb-thick, yard long streamers of cum into the air. The shots began to get smaller, but it still took five minutes before his orgasm subsided, and my still hard cock came too its climax and shot cum over Alex’s legs. It took about ten minutes for his humongous nuts to fully empty, by the end of which Cory had jerked himself to his climax.

After the amazing sex, Alex’s dick shrunk back too its normal ten inch size. I looked in the book to see if anything else had to be done, but instead it had a message for Alex. So I give him the book and he read aloud.

Alex If You Want Your Dick To Stay The Size It Is You Must Do What Kevin Wants You To Do During The Hours Of Noon And Midnight. If You Refuse Your Dick Will Grow To The Size It Was Just Before It Shrunk And You Will Have An Orgasm Until You Intend To Do As You Are Told.

“Hey Alex give me a kiss good night,” I said to him as it was only 11:30.

“Fuck that, I’m going,” he replied but was soon stopped in his tracks as his trousers tore of him and his dick was huge again also streaming with cum. “Okay, okay,” he groused, and he came over and kissed me on the cheek. At that his dick shrunk again and his orgasm stopped.

“A proper one, with tongues.”

“What, you gotta be kidding!”

“No, and you better hurry or you cock will grow again.”

“Fine, fine,” and he did as he was told. It wasn’t a very good kiss but he was straight. “Hey can I borrow some of your trousers minr have ripped open.”

“No, now get out of my house,” I said to him. I wasn’t going to let him get away with kicking me without some embarrassment. Cory and I laughed as we watched him run down the street with no trousers on.

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