Birthday surprise

by The National Endowment Committee and UnknownGentrifier

 Steve’s handsome boyfriend Pete brings home a special birthday gift that happens to involve a bit of growth, and a few other things as well.

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Steve Monroe knocked on the door to Pete Carson’s apartment. He stood patiently waiting for him to get to the door. He had been dating Pete for six months and this week received a surprise invitation in the mail from him. He knew his birthday was this weekend and sent him an invitation to a special dinner and birthday party for two. The door opened and there stood Pete. He smiled and invited him in without a word by taking a small step to the side out of the doorway. Steve stepped in, heard a SLAM of the door and had no sooner turned around than Pete’s lips were pressing against his. He raised his arms around his neck and squeezed his body as tightly against his as he could. His body felt good. His tongue parted his lips and was exploring his mouth. Steve found his hands at Pete’s back and he squeezed him even tighter, then let his hands feel the bulge of his tiny waist. As quickly as he started, he stopped and took two steps back away from him. He put on his most innocent looking face and smiled.

“What a welcome,” Steve cried, his face incredulous.

“I missed you, lover. Happy birthday,” cooed Pete.

Clearing his head, Steve finally was able to get a good look at his boyfriend. Pete Carson was smaller than Steve, about 5’9”, lanky, with longish, dark brown locks. Tonight he was wearing a black jeans and a loose fitting black shirt that was half unbuttoned down to his chest. He looked incredibly sexy.

“You look… wow,” was all Steve could manage.

“You like?” Pete questioned, knowing full well the answer. “I have a special birthday surprise for my lover, but first I’ve spent all day making a special dinner for you. It’s just now ready so come join me in the kitchen.” The dinette area was next to the kitchen and the table was covered with a colorful tablecloth that Steve recognized from a previous dinner with Pete. He stood next to the table while he went to the stove. He started to bring dishes with appetizing aromas over to the table and he told Steve to sit. He did so and when he had everything set to his liking, he lit candles and asked Steve to pour the wine.

“Everything smells wonderful,” complimented Steve .

“Thank you,” he replied, “Go ahead and start, don’t be shy.”

With that Steve dug in and started eating. “So.. what’s the special surprise?” Steve asked, as he served himself from the various dishes. He was becoming so excited and anxious it was impossible to subtly hint. “Well, I’m not telling right now,” he teased. “The time for the surprise is later. Now is the time to enjoy your birthday dinner.” Steve reluctantly steered the conversation to another subject and together they enjoyed a most sumptuous and romantic dinner. When they were nearly finished, Pete asked, “Are you ready for dessert?” Anticipating that he would get his special surprise immediately after dinner, suddenly the idea of dessert was disappointing. Knowing he had put so much effort into all this, he made his best attempt not to appear unenthusiastic. “Sure.. what is it?” he asked. He stood up and, instead of walking over to the kitchen, he approached him, took his hand and with a sly smile at the corner of his mouth and a cocked eyebrow said, “Come with me into the living room.” He stood and his excitement immediately rose to the surface. He followed him into the living room where he sat on the couch and motioned him to sit next to him. He did so.

“I’ve been doing a lot of shopping, trying to find the most special and unusual gift I could get to most please my boyfriend,” he started, not at all hiding the gleam in his eye. Reaching around the couch he pulled out a wrapped gift about the size of a shoe box. The gleam in his eye changed to uncertain anticipation as he handed the gift to Steve. He, of course, couldn’t wipe off the big smile from his face. Already being so amused from the mystery and suspense Pete had created for this entire event, he couldn’t care less if it was just a pair of socks. But he knew it wouldn’t be. No time was wasted as he ripped through the wrapping paper and removed the lid to the box. Pushing aside the tissue wrapping inside he found what appeared to be a bottle. It was about eight inches long with a bulbous, square bottom. The glass was dark and multicolored making it look like an antique. Steve removed it from the box and, lifting it up to his nose, started to remove the glass stopper.

“NO!” Pete shouted.

Startled, he look at him quizzically.

“Don’t open it just yet,” he began. “I found this in a shop in the old downtown area. The man in the shop seemed so sweet and sincere, he convinced me that this would be the best gift anyone could ever receive.” Pete looked at Steve as he spoke with a blushing look that said he was not entirely convinced.

After a long pause, when it appeared he would not go on Steve asked, “Well, what exactly is it?”

“It’s..” he looked away and then back into Steve ‘s eyes with a sheepish look on his face, “It’s happiness.”

“Happiness?” he repeated, raising his eyebrows.

“Happiness,” Pete returned. “The man said the bottle contained the fulfillment of the one wish that would bring the possessor the most happiness,” he paused before continuing. “I know it sounds silly, but he was so insistent and positive and.. I love you so much I want you to be happy.” He looked up into his eyes with a childlike expression looking for approval.

Trying not to appear skeptical, Steve put his arm around him saying, “Pete, you make me very happy. Things are nice to have, but having you brings me happiness.” His face lit up with a big smile. “Well, you can open it now.”

“What do I wish for?”

“You don’t wish for anything. It’s supposed to automatically fulfill whatever will make you happy,” he said. “All you have to do is open it.” Slowly he lifted the bottle in front of him. He looked back to Pete, then back to the bottle. Using his left hand he pulled out the glass stopper. A moment passed and he looked back at Pete, then back to the bottle. They both sat in silence, waiting. After a while, it seemed as if nothing happened.

As he put his nose up to the bottle and inhaled Steve smiled and said, “It seems, since I already have you, there’s nothing else the bottle can do.”

Pete smiled at the reassurance. “Would you like your dessert now?” he asked with the gleam back in his eye.

“Sure.” Pete took the bottle and stopper out of Steve ‘s hands and placed them on the endtable, but not before taking a whiff of the flowery scent rising from it. He got up and went in to the kitchen. Steve heard and ‘pop’ from the kitchen and Pete returned with a bottle of dessert wine and two tall glasses. He set them on the endtable and, before returning to the couch, he walked over to the light switch and dimmed the lights. He returned to the couch and sat next to Steve. In a low, sexy voice he said, “Happy Birthday, lover.” He reached his face up to his and kissed him.

As they kissed, he embraced him and pulled his body tightly against his. He enjoyed his affection and then as quickly as he started, he teasingly stopped and pulled back. He turned back to the endtable and poured the desert wine into the glasses, commenting to Steve. “Mmmm, you can smell whatever perfume is in that bottle…. it smells nice, really fills the room.” Steve inhaled deeply and smiled at Pete.

Picking the two glasses up, Pete turned back to him. Handing him a glass he said, “I hope you’re ready for a fun night.”

Steve returned a sly smile. “I think I am,” he replied as they sipped their wine.

As they enjoyed the sweet wine, Pete placed his hand on Steve’s leg. Not taking his eyes off his, he continued to sip his wine while slowly rubbing his leg. “Are you enjoying your dessert?” he teased, moving his caresses further up his thigh.

“Definitely”, came his answer.

Pete finished his glass and paused long enough to set it down. He then snuggled a little closer and resumed his caressing, never taking his eyes off his. Soon he was caressing very teasingly near his crotch. “Am I making you happy?” he asked coyly, occasionally letting his hand rub over the bulge in his pants.

“Yes.. very happy,” Steve said, his voice almost breaking. Pete immediately stopped his caressing and, putting his arms around his neck, kissed Steve deeply using his tongue to display his passion for him. He returned the kiss and squeezed his body against Pete’s, enjoying the feel of his body. He was startled when he practically jumped back away from him. He thought he was just teasing him again until he noticed the worried expression on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Steve asked.

“I don’t know,” his words coming out slowly. “Something just suddenly didn’t feel right.” He continued to sit silently for a moment. “I guess it’s nothing,” he finally said. “I feel fine now. Maybe it’s just the wine..,” he looked back at Steve with a wicked grin, “or you.” He moved his face near his and he kissed him and the passion returned. He again pulled him close and felt his body against his. He felt firm to him. They enjoyed the desire they were building in each other and Pete broke their embrace slightly to kiss him on his cheek. He then quickly moved to nibbling on his ear. Using his tongue, he gently stroked his ear and lightly blew into it. He did this several times, knowing exactly what he was doing. After a few minutes he again kissed him deeply. Not waiting for his embrace he squeezed himself against him.

“What..” Pete gasped as he pulled away.

Steve looked him in the eye and he looked at him. His eyes then looked down between them and back up at him. He wore a strained expression. Pete pressed his body back against Steve, only this time it wasn’t an embrace. He noticed he felt firmer. Again he pulled away and looked down between them. He watched him as he finally lifted a tentative hand to his chest. Pete gasped, “My pecs … my muscles are bigger.” He looked from his chest to Steve’s face.

Steve looked at his chest, back to his face, then back to his chest again. “You look the same to me,” he responded, not being able to see well in the dim light.

“No, I’m bigger, I can feel it,” he continued. “That’s what felt funny. When you held me it felt like there was something in-between us. But it was me, or, I guess, my chest.”

Steve lifted his hand. Pete seeing this, smiled and removed his hand from his chest. Steve gently put his hand to his pecs. Pete was slender and had had defined, but not built-up, pecs, despite regular work-outs three times a week. Feeling Pete’s chest, Steve could now tell it was slightly bigger than before. “Maybe it’s just a pump from the gym,” he suggested.

“No it’s not, and besides, my muscles has never really had a pump. Not like this.” He looked from Steve back down to his chest. Since he already had his hand there, and he always enjoyed caressing him, Steve started massaging his chest. He closed his eyes and the concerned look on his face melted away. “Mmmm.. that feels good,” he sighed in a voice more sultry than Steve could ever recall.

Pete turned his head toward Steve and, as he opened his eyes, he placed his hand to his chest over his hand. He let his hand ride atop his as he continued to caress, first his left pectoral, then his right, then moving up to his square but not brawny shoulders. A warm, satisfying feeling spread over him and Pete moaned aloud. “Ooooo, that’s good… Please don’t stop,” he cried, between heavy breaths. Steve moved his hands back down and pressed against Pete’s chest a bit harder, feeling the firm flesh in his palms. Pete closed his eyes and Steve watched his expression turn to deep contentment. Through the fabric of his shirt he could feel Pete’s chest getting very warm. Suddenly he pulled his hand away from Pete’s chest and stared straight ahead, his eyes wide.

“What is it?” Steve asked.

“Now I can feel it. I can feel your muscles… your pecs… they’re ……….. GROWING .”

They both stared at his chest. Pete’s shirt was loosely laying against his chest and Steve could now easily see the swelling pecs underneath slowly lifting the fabric away from his body. It was an incredible sight. “Oh!… ohhh…” Pete had closed his eyes again and started moaning. “Oh, Steve. It feels so warm and good. What a sensation… I can feel my muscles swelling and it makes my whole body TINGLE all over.” His chest was still slowly growing larger—his other muscles too, Steve realized, though not nearly as much or as fast as Pete’s pecs—and his loose-fitting shirt was now not quite as loose as it now hung down from Pete’s two swelling mounds of chest muscle. Steve looked back to his face and could see what appeared to be waves of pleasure and satisfaction flowing over him. Pete again moaned out loud, “Ooooo.. its.. sooo good.” Steve watched his boyfriend’s chest continue to inflate. Slowly he opened his eyes and after a start, looked down at his chest.

“My God, look at me! I’ve got a rack!” he joked.

He looked at Steve and back to his chest. Tentatively he cupped his pecs in his palms, as if checking to see if it was really him. While not particularly “big” in Steve’s estimation they were definitely squarer and heavier, no longer just “defined”. They certainly felt big to Pete however. Taking his hands away, Pete twisted his thicker shoulders slightly making his chest shift a bit back and forth beneath the soft black fabric of his shirt. He noticed that Steve rather enjoyed the sight and a devilish grin played across his lips. Still admiring his new manly figure he turned to Steve and, thrusting his new bulges out, arched his eyebrow and quizzed, “Do you like what you see?” Steve nodded, still amazed at what he had witnessed, “Absolutely, you look.. great.” Pete leaned near Steve. “Good,” he whispered into his ear.

Pete proceeded to nibble on his ear again. He placed his hand on his waist. Pete began blowing in his ear and, aroused, Steve slowly moved his hand up to Pete’s newly swollen chest. He gently touched his left pec through the cool soft fabric and Pete moaned in his ear. “Mmmm.. You’re making me feel good.” he whispered. “Caress me, lover.” It was the first time ever he really had muscles that a man could ‘fondle’ and he was obviously enjoying this pleasurable new sensation. Steve firmly let his fingers circumnavigate his boyfriend’s new bulges. After examining both of the big square mounds of chest muscle, he gently squeezed his less swollen but still bigger upper arms, then grabbed both of Pete’s thicker traps through his shirt and squeezed.

“Mmmmm, do that again…” Pete moaned as he felt a moistness growing at the tip of his hard trapped cock. Steve squeezed his shoulders again and began caressing his pecs. He squeezed and rubbed them, finding Pete’s nipples through the tighter shirt and flicking them with his thumbs. Pete gasped. “Oh, boy.. they’re so sensitive. But it feels GREAT.” Pete left his ear and passionately kissed Steve deeply. Steve began exploring his mouth aggressively with his tongue. He put his arms around him and tried to hold him close to him.

“No… pleath keep feeling my muscles,” he pleaded roughly, not even stopping to take his tongue out of his mouth.

Steve happily obliged and again placed his hand on his chest and gently squeezed his firm mounds and flicking the nips again. “OH, that feels gooood…” Pete moaned. Steve continued to enjoy the feel of his enlarged bulging pecs while Pete’s kisses became increasingly more passionate. After several minutes of this, Pete was again rewarded with the same wonderful, warm sensation of electricity that spread through his chest. He kissed Steve more forcefully and kept moaning.

“Wow, what’s got into you?” Steve asked, as he broke from their deep kiss.

“Nothing, lover. I just feel so..” His words dropped off as he felt a sudden dizzy rush. His eyes widened and he looked down at his chest. “Oh god. Oh god…. The feeling is coming back already…my chest is growing again, Steve. I can feel it. They’re going to get even BIGGER.”

The two of them watched as Pete’s pecs expanded a bit more, then a bit more. Pete licked his lips repeatedly as the fabric of his shirt was pushed out more and more until it began to get snug against the two swelling, square forms straining under the arms at wider lats and across the shoulders as Pete’s traps and delts bulged as if in sympathy with Pete’s swelling pecs. He was as pleased and every bit as confused as Steve was with his sudden transformation. The hem of his shirt, which previously hung to his tight waist, was now pulled up to expose the lower reaches of Pete’s hard six-pack abs. Now easily “big” and moving toward “overdeveloped”, his boyfriend’s chest heaved up and down in time with him breathing. Pete’s skimpy shirt stretched tightly across his chest. Steve just stared at him slack-jawed. Pete for his part seemed still to be lost in the strange sensations that had taken over his body. He raised one hand to steady his spinning head and leaned back on the other for support.

“Steve, what’s happening to me. My muscles are.. still growing bigger. But it feels so good,” he said.

Pete’s eyes rolled back in his head as he bit his lower lip and seethed, “My pecs are kinda heavy now… so big.” He moaned in a deep breathless voice as the inches continued to pile up on his once boyish chest. Steve had watched in awe as Pete’s chest grew to nearly the size of large grapefruits. His shirt was now pulled taut across his muscles. Gaps formed between his buttons, exposing some of his hard, swelling flesh. Steve could even see pec cleavage starting to show over the shirt of his shirt. It was an unbelievable sight on the formerly just lanky man. As he tried to gather his senses, Pete gazed down in disbelief at a pair of what appeared to be firm healthy oversized pecs straining inside his shirt. Surveying himself with wide-eyed wonder he remarked, “Look how big I am NOW…”

“I think it’s stopped.” Steve said.

Pete sat up and carefully smoothed his hands down over his pecs, firmly tracing their bulges, lifting them gently, biting his lip. He stared at his chest, not believing this could actually be him, though somehow quite pleased at his sudden transformation. He lifted them both in his hands to check their weight. Feelings of awe and liking guided his hands as he squeezed himself then suddenly he stopped to ask, “Steve honey, how could this even HAPPEN?? Why am I… wait a minute.” He paused, as a light went on inside his head—then he looked at Steve with an accusing look.

“YOU wanted me to have big muscles?” he said, as more of a statement than a question.

“What do you mean?”

“The BOTTLE!” he replied sharply.

A simple abrupt hand motion towards the table where the bottle rested caused the contents of his shirt to shift a bit quite a bit, which aggravated Pete. “The promise to fulfill whatever wish would make YOU the happiest! THAT must be what made my muscles grow!” He jerked his head for added emphasis and even this set his muscles to quivering even more. “Which means the one thing that would make you most happy was for me to have muscles like this??”

Steve considered what to say as he tried with difficulty not to stare at Pete’s wiggling jiggling chest. “Well, I never would have objected to you being bigger, I’ll admit that. But Pete… I never would have suggested you needed to do anything about it… it’s just…” He tried to move toward him.

“Go on!”

Pete angrily hopped away to keep his distance from his pleading boyfriend, causing his chest to move ponderously inside his shirt. His flexing muscles and the change in balance in his suddenly bigger form now served only to focus Pete’s anger and frustration all the more. He stood eyeing Steve indignantly as he folded his arms atop his pecs which jutted out in front of him, seeming to want to be in the way. Pete’s well-packed shirt filled Steve’s thoughts (and briefs) and seemed now to fill the room around him, mocking him, but he continued to plead his case.

“I suppose I’ve always fantasized about having a boyfriend with big muscles…”

“So you dated me, even though I can’t, or… couldn’t—!”

“No, let me finish… a boyfriend who not only enjoyed having them worshiped because it pleased me, but really desired me to touch his big, hard muscles all over and feel them because it pleased HIM.”

“Mmmmmm, I see…”

Pete squinted at Steve with an suspicious look in his eye as he unfolded his arms. Then he looked down again at his new body. His legs had filled out too in his tighter jeans, and he now could feel a muscle ass presseing against the thick denim behind him. And as for his own half-hard cock—well, that felt… different, too.

He raised his eyes again to meet Steve’s as he firmly flexed his pecs causing them to expand dramatically inside his now tight-fitting black shirt. The gentle pec pop, and the movement of his sensative nips against the fabric, instantly sent tingling reverberations that radiated throughout Pete’s entire body and mind taking him quite by surprise. He suddenly felt a strange and pleasant flush, an odd sensation he could only describe as a combined feeling of intense well-being and, confidence? He closed his eyes and drank in the sensation as he breathed a heavy sigh of relief, slowly resigning himself to what had happened, without reservations or regret. Maybe it was fate… a bizarre gift sent to bring them BOTH pleasure.

Soon Pete began to feel not burdened but actually accepting of his impressive endowments. The added weight of his new hard muscles now felt somehow comforting, made him feel secure, grounded in his body. His anger and frustration melted completely away as he closed his eyes and tried with difficulty to remember what his flat boyish chest had even looked like only moments ago. Then he lovingly eyed his new chest, feeling it with what seemed like big hands. It seemed so … prominent. Strangely, the shape of huge square pecs jutting out from his chest felt completely familiar and… ‘normal’ to Pete. He inhaled and arched his back slightly and saw his shirt swell up and out, filling his field of vision even more. The awesome sight his heaving chest gave Pete a new thrill. He looked down at himself and thought about what had happened wondering if he’d eventually return somehow to his normal lanky self when this was all over. He thought maybe he’d prefer to stay exactly as he was though. His nipples answered back with a pleasant reassuring tingle. His now hard cock answered packed inside his newly tight jeans, and it was definitely not the size it had been.

“Well, I guess you get your wish, lover. Not only am I really big all over now, but I seem to have grown plenty sensitive in the bargain…” He looked Steve in the eye with a boyish smile in the corner of his mouth as his thoughts centered on the man he knew he still loved, maybe more now than ever. He felt happy that his lover had wished this on him and his desire was beginning to stir, even more intensely than before, “…and it DOES feel awfully good when you touch them.”

Pete and Steve embraced. Steve breathed his own sigh of relief. As he felt Pete’s firm pecs press in against his chest he could feel his member stiffen between his legs. Pete now actually seemed to approve of his new development which was a tremendous relief to him. As they held their embrace Pete’s mind darted back and forth. Quickly his thoughts wandered back to his adolescent years.

What Steve did not realize, and what Pete himself had perhaps chosen to forget, was that he had always actually wanted bigger muscles, but had never been able to put on any size at the gym. During high school his hulking jock of a big brother had cruelly taken to calling him “Pipsqueak Pete” after it seemed clear that Pete was not going to develop beyond “defined”. He was fully aware of the sexual power muscles had given his big brother over his fellow jocks and other men. His bro never let him forget it!

Kevin Carson had enjoyed pushing his bro to work out, talking about the day when his little brother’s body would build up like Kevin’s, instructing him on how everything would change and how much he’d love being the big man at school like Kevin. Kevin reveled in his own size, always wearing his tee shirts a size too small so that his muscles would swell out. This was during the mid-90s, when Pete was still a kid. In the summer Kevin Carson would go shirtless 24/7. In the supermarket people would always ogle his big brother, and Kevin would usually do little to discourage them, grinning roguishly and making sure everyone could see his oversized pecs and rock-hard eight-pack. This all usually embarrassed young Pete. When he would catch someone staring open-mouthed at his beautiful huge muscles Kevin he would always nudge Pete with an elbow and say, “See what I mean Petey?” then he’d flash his usual disarming smile at the ogler and move on.

Kevin’s jock buddies were obsessed with Kevin’s bod, straight or gay alike, and they would never hesitate to grope or fondle their alpha boy in front of his little brother. And Kevin would do nothing to discourage them, unless he was angry for some reason, then they would not be permitted to touch him. Kevin Carson manipulated his pecs-obsessed posse quite easily in this manner for years and managed to get just about everything from them that he ever wanted, including plenty of blowjobs alongside the admiration and outright groping.

So throughout his adolescent years Pete had naturally expected to hulk out himself and increased his efforts at the school gym and then on Kevin’s home workout equipment in the basement. For a long time his bro reassured him, “You must be a late-bloomer Petey… you just be patient.” He was probably over-prepared for the life of a hugely muscled hunk (just like bro) and even looked forward to it. It became clear eventually though that it was not to be, and he realized Mother Nature probably had other plans for him, and all the gym time in the world would not give hum any of the bulk he craved and his brother expected. This was when his bro began to call him “Pipsqueak Pete”. During this time Pete grew to resent his big brother and for a period of time he frequently fantasized of having muscles bigger than his bro’s, big enough to put him in his place and put an end to the teasing and name-calling.

As Pete matured into a lanky young man his big brother’s taunts became more frequent. Pete now found himself on the recieving end of that power his bro so often wielded. When he began bringing boyfriends home his jealous big brother would always flirt shamelessly with them, hanging around shirtless when they’d come to the visit. Pete was so frustrated during this time he even thought desperately about somehow looking into the synthol injections people joked about online when he was old enough, but everyone who got them looked like a freak, and besides, where would he go to get them? Eventually he grew to accept the body he’d been dealt and realized he was powerless to do more than stay hard and in shape. In time Pete got over the disappointment. He rarely even thought about it anymore. In the years since then his big brother had put on some additional weight. Some of his additional 25 pounds went to his legs, shoulders and arms but much of it settled atop his chest. Nowadays his bro was huge with immense muscles all over as massive, jutting pecs, but as much as he might complain about supposedly being too big (it was hard to find clothes to fit him, others guys were intimidated, etc.), the even bigger Kevin Carson was as much an exhibitionist today as ever and still even referred to his little brother as Pipsqueak Pete from time to time; but this no longer bothered Pete.

Now though, this sudden mysterious growth certainly would change everything. In one short evening a little boy’s abandoned expectations had been met… and even surpassed!

Pete looked down in awe at the impressive pec mountains straining within his own tight shirt and thought to himself, “Shit, man, that really IS you.” He drew back and gently rocked his shoulders making his swollen muscles rock back and forth within the confines of the soft black shirt, noticing for the first time that his chest now made it impossible for him to see his feet! At his current size he was more man than he’d ever dreamed of being. More man than his shameless big brother ever was! As this realization sank in he began to feel pleased, VERY pleased with his developments.

“Well, it looks like I can really FILL UP a shirt now,” he said teasingly.

Staring down at his enlarged chest with affection he pushed his arms together making his pecs swell up into view, then let them drop back down. The sight of his own hard pec cleavage and the feeling of his firm ponderous pecs squeezed between his suddlenly muscley arms awakened an intense sensation that filled him with new desire. Pete looked up at Steve, horny and in full possession of his impressive new endowments, ready to test his new sexual powers. He jumped up from the couch and nearly fell over, unaccustomed to the added weight. “Oops! Well waddya know about that??”, he joked. Steve laughed nervously. He soon gained his new center of gravity and spun around to face his bewildered boyfriend. He raised his arms up over his head and swiveled his hips in an erotic motion, displaying his endowments to him as well as to himself. Feeling every bit like some kind of morphed muscle pinup boy, like some lab-grown sex bomb from an erotic fantasy story, Pete found himself enjoying the response as he teased and taunted Steve.

“I’ll be you’d like to play with your boyfriend’s big hard muscles.”

With his hands on his hips he noticed that his pecs had grown thick and heavy even toward the top. His biceps were consuderably bigger as well. In fact they now flared out many inches wider than they had previously, straing the fabric of his sleeves. He traced his hands down and felt his cock was now much thicker and longer too. Standing there, hands on his own crotch, Pete stared at Steve. His muscle chest jutted proudly in front of him. He was a totally irresistible hunk! A sculpted muscle masterpiece from head to toe. He now felt more powerful, more attractive, downright sexier than he ever felt before and was suddenly in the mood to do something about it. He reached out and grabbed Steve by the arm.

“Come here you; I want to try some things,” he said with a commanding grin. “Get down on the floor.”

Steve, wondering what he was up to, obediently got down on the floor. Pete stepped over him so he was standing directly above him, then got down on his knees, bending forward toward Steve. Steve could see the hem of his now stretched out shirt with the top of his enlarged muscles exposed. “Wow,” Pete whispered to himself as he cocked his head to look at his straining shirt, amazed yet very pleased with his new manly proportions. The mere sight of two pendulous muscles dangling in front of his eyes caused his nipples to tingle. In this position, the gaps in his shirt were stretched even more as gravity made his enlarged pecs look like they might force their way out of his shirt.

“I can’t believe I’m so big, but I definitely like it”, he proclaimed in a low husky voice.

He laughed as he leaned left then right, comically shifting and flexing his hard muscles, slowly working inches of pec cleavage out of the shirt of his shirt, giving Steve and himself a complete demonstration of the increased size and weight of his muscles… “Look at my pecs!” he thought to himself. “And look at Steve’s hypnotized stare.” Filled with newfound sexual power and confidence he looked down at Steve and aggressively kissed him with the deepest kiss he could ever remember, pinning him to the floor beneath him. Slowly their lips parted and, still on his hands and knees, Pete crawled up until his two huge pecs were brushing Steve’s chin. “Now young man, have you ever had a REAL MAN?” he taunted, at the same time continuing to gently rock to and fro causing his chest to slowly sway back and forth, shifting within their tight confinement. Steve slowly moved his eyes from his, down to his straining shirt. He reached out and placed his hand on his collar bone. Slowly he slid it down and felt his big, firm chest under his stretched out shirt. Pete sighed and closed his eyes. He cupped his hand around his left pec finding there was now more than enough to fill one hand. Steve began feeling one big pec and then the other. He lifted them and felt their heft and let them flop back down. He began slowly massaging both of Pete’s pecs, kneading them like bread dough.

“God, Pete, you feel so good,” he whispered.

“Oh..your hands…feel…” Pete panted between breaths, “so… So..good.”

Steve reached out and mashed both muscles up against his ribs. Pete squealed. He continued to rub his enlarged chest, marveling at their size and heaviness. Steve realized this was bringing him much happiness. He loved his boyfriend and now he had the most manly chest he had ever seen. And to top it off, it seemed to him he really liked being a big, hard muscleboy, so easily had he fallen into the role. It was better than he could ever have imagined. From the sound of Pete’s heavy breathing, Steve knew they were both getting pretty hot from just feeling his big muscles. And he hadn’t even taken his shirt off yet. Steve ran his fingers over a rather large nipple-cock he could see now clearly protruding under the stretched fabric of Pete’s shirt. He sighed each time he touched it.

“Your hands feel so good. I can tell I’m going to like being big. Grope me, feel my big muscles,” he pleaded in a deep, lustful voice as he forcefully thrust the fabric of his shirt against his face.

Steve squeezed his big pecs, then lightly caressed Pete’s bulging shoulders and moved his firm grip down Pete’s thick, hard arms before moving his hands back to Pete’s oversized pecs. On all fours now over Steve, Pete seemed to be purring as Steve massaged across his torso. He could feel an increasing warmth even through the fabric. “My warm,” Pete sighed, “I had no idea be.. being big.. could.. feel so good. God, this is great!” As Steve continued caressing his swollen muscles, he could tell the warmth was increasing. He firmly squeezed both chest. “Oh..ooooo my God,.. mmmm,” Pete said in a breathy voice. Again Steve massaged and squeezed both chest together, large amounts of firm flesh squeezing out between his fingers as he worked them in a constant motion, sending Pete into another ecstasy.

“Oh God, that same feel.. feeling is.. coming back again, even STRONGER.”

Steve removed his hand and looked up at Pete’s face which glistened with sweat. The same waves of pleasure had taken over. He knew what this meant and looked down just as his already stretched out shirt stretched further, ballooning closer to him. Pete’s muscles had resumed their slow expansion. Pete’s hands rushed up to grab both pecs as he held them and massaged them gently. Again he was growing, becoming squarer and thicker before Steve’s eyes. The gaps between his buttons were stretching wider and the fabric grew ever tighter as Pete Carson kneeded his own chest. Waves of electricity radiated through his system and sent him into a dreamy relaxed state. Meanwhile his shirt was about to lose its battle with his quickly expanding pecs. Steve could now see an generous amount of firm pec cleavage protruding as his chest bulged out through the gaps. Pete opened his eyes and immediately looked down at his expanding chest, smiling to himself.

“I’m growwwing again. Look how big I’m getting now.” he said, not taking his eyes off his marvelous expanding chest. “I can… feeeel my muscles getting… EVEN BIGGER!” He closed his eyes and smoothed the backs of his hands up and down the sides of his overstuffed shirt, as if to encourage more growth.

“Mmmmmmmm, oh Steeeve, it’s feeling even better this time.. even better than before,” Pete firmly whispered. Overwhelmed with the pleasurable feeling, Pete began to swoon as he sat astride his boyfriend on the floor. Between his movement and heavy breathing, his muscles were now continually in motion, heaving up and down, shifting back and forth while Steve continue to watch them swell within his ever tightening shirt. When he reopened his eyes he sighed in a half drunken baby-talk voice, batting his eyelashes coquettishly, “Steve honey, I like being big but.. I think I’m getting.. too big. My shirt.. it isn’t LARGE enough.. for me.. any.. anymore, it’s getting.. too… tight.”

He punctuated “too…tight…” with a quick one-two thrust of his shoulders and flexed his pecs hards, which caused his large balloon-pecs to bounce and shift violently. Pete laughed at the spectacle he was making of himself. The buttons were straining and the seams were beginning to tear. “Oh sweetheart, what have you done to me? I’m growing out of my shirt!” Pete shouted excitedly, actually seeming pleased at the idea. Steve watched as Pete’s muscles still grew larger, actually swelling toward his face. Pete smiled at Steve then stared down into his deep pec cleavage as he inhaled slowly and deeply. Suddenly the top button of his shirt gave way—BOINK—it bounced off of Steve’s shoulder. “Ohhh god! “ he exhaled, his eyes wide. By now, half of Pete’s chest were exposed. His chest surged forward on its own as it continued to swell larger, ripping the seams under Pete’s arms. “Oh God, my shirt is tearing! Steve, help me off with this! It’s not.. stopping. My chest is.. are still growing! And it feels so good.” The next button was quivering (and so was Steve) as he now attempted to remove Pete’s shirt. But it was stretched too tight. The tops of his pecs were swelling dramatically out of his shirt when Pete decided to arch his back proudly, flexing off his useless shirt. BOINK. “OH Steve ! They’re get.. getting so full. I can.. can feel some.. something filling me up.. more and.. more. …I’m gonna be stacked.. I’m gonna be so huge.” BOINK. The last button shot across the room and Pete’s shirt parted, freeing him at last. Each front half of his tattered shirt hung over his hugley bulging shoulders and cascaded down the sides of his magnificent pecs. No longer held by any constraint, Pete’s flushed pink chest burst free and assumed a beautiful, square pillow shape as they continued to swell. Now easily bigger than any bodybuilder he’d ever seen, his unrestrained muscles prevented him from seeing any of the rest of his hard, rebuilt body. A relaxed expression washed over Pete’s face as the growth seemed to come to a stop and he closed his eyes and breathed a heaving (and impressive) sigh of relief.

Over the next few minutes Pete’s breathing slowed to normal as Steve sat staring at Pete’s magnificent chest, mesmerized by its shape and enormous size, his eyes ranging briefly over Pete’s impossibly tight eight-pack and perfectly sculpted shoulders, arms, and lats before being drawn back to those hugely disproportionate, heart-stoppingly beautiful pecs. Pete opened his eyes and sat up. He looked at Steve and then at his chest. “God, it feels so incredibly good when my muscles grow, Steve. Look at me now!” he exclaimed then he shoved a finger down into his firm pec cleavage, smiling widely to himself and to Steve.

“You’re huge,” Steve breathed. He reached out tentatively and pulled the rags that jad once been Pete’s shirt off his lover, reveling in the sight of Pete’s bulging torso.

“It seems the bigger they grew, the better it felt.” He looked at him and laughed at the thought of what had just happened. Pete sat up straight, his firm cock squriming as he squared his shoulders, making his chest stick out. He closed his eyes and held his head high while he pulled his fingers through his disheveled hair. Steve took in the ravishing sight. Compared to Steve’s own swimmer’s build, Pete’s huge muscles were huge and his luscious pecs now looked enormous, sticking out nearly a foot from his lithe body.

“Is this what makes you happiest Steve ? A boyfriend with muscles this size?” he asked with a evil smile in the corner of his mouth. He let out a great heaving breath and hefted both pecs in his hands, testing their weight. “Do all gay men dream of a boy with pecs like this? I suppose they do.”

“Well, .. you look pretty exciting to ME.” Steve couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear at the sight of his profile, “You look amazing, Pete.”

“Thank you, my lover. But I don’t quite know where I’ll find clothes to fit over these, even a tee shirt. What if I had to go to the out to the store right now, what would I do?” He looked at Steve with mock concern, thinking of the scene he’d cause whenever he eventually did leave the house again.

“I’m thinking you’re done with shirts,” Steve said.

Pete grinned to himself as he thought of the reaction he knew he’d get. But that would have to wait for now… “You know, it seems each time you were caressing my bod, that’s when the unbelievably warm feeling swept over me and then my muscles began to grow.”

“So, you mean if I worship your muscles they’ll start to grow again?”Steve asked.

“I hope not,” Pete said, trying to look shy. “I mean, they’re already huge. I don’t think I would want to be any bigger than this.” He looked at him with that same sly smile. He glanced dpwn at his crotch, where his hard cock was demanding the same fredom his pecs had gotten. “Why don’t you just play without your magic hands for a while? Do you think you can manage that?”

With that, Pete leaned over Steve and kissed him on the lips. This time he lay completely against him, in doing so, pressing his firm monster pecs against Steve’s chest. Steve returned the kiss and put his arm around him and squeezed him against him. God, he felt good. Steve ached with desire. Pete’s huge chest was so hard and warm against him.

Pete groaned in his ear. His nips had grown so sensitive that just pressing them against Steve’s body was exciting him. “Oh yeah, hug me tight lover,” he whispered in his ear. He squeezed his tighter. “Oooooo..” he cried and began nibbling and blowing in his ear. Steve could hear his breathing getting heavy. Pete suddenly got up, reached down and took his hand. Clearly he wanted him to get up, so he got up and stood facing him. He smiled and pushed him backwards until he fell backwards onto the sofa. He climbed on his lap, put his arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. Steve’s head swam as his mammoth muscled boyfriend used his long tongue expertly. Pete broke the kiss and Steve reached to the side of his head and began to nibble his ear, then kissed him down his neck. As he got to the base of his neck, he sighed. Pete put his arms around his neck and pulled himself against Steve, squeezing his huge, firm chest against his chest and flexing it between them as they kissed. Unable to restrain himself, Pete raised up on his knees a couple of times, intentionally brushing his firm pecs down across Steve’s face.

“Oh, oooh, Steve..” His breathing was becoming heavier and heavier as he rubbed his chest in a swirling motion back and forth against his. Pete released his embrace and leaned back slightly to look directly into Steve’s eyes, his eyes darting, wide and aflame, trying to catch his gaze.

“Kiss my huge chest, lover.”

He quickly rose to his knees, making his chest rise upward from Steve‘s positioning his two huge pecs directly in front of his face. At such close range Steve now had to turn his head back and forth as he tried to speak to each of his huge nipples, “But, Pete. God, I want to, but what if it’s not just my hands? What if you start to grow again? You said…”

“I don’t care.” His voice sounded deep and overcome with passion. “Kiss my nips. God. They’re so sensitive.” He moaned and giggled as he teasingly dragged a fat pink nipple across his lips sending a shudder through his body. Steve noticed with some excitement that the nips were hard and very thick, with a bulge at the top like a cockhead, Across his lips they felt like little cocks, even leaving a trail of thick liquid. He licked his lips. It was precum. Steve’s cock got harder somehow in his pants. He wanted to suck those nipple-cocks urgently.

Pete was panting. “Kiss me, touch me. I’ve never felt anything so good. I just want you to make me feel good. I need you to feel my chest. I’ve never wanted anything so much. YOU made me this way, Steve … please… please feel my muscles. Grow my muscles!”

With that he reached down and took Steve’s hands and placed them on them outsides of his chest and flexed them together, tempting him with a pec cleavage line directly in front of his face.

“Oh, yes. Feel me up, lover,” he cried, sighing heavily and closing his eyes.

“Make my big muscles feel your strong hands.”

Steve was in pec-man heaven. He leaned back on the couch and began kneading the immense muscles his boyfriend was shoving in his face. “Ohh, squeeze them harder.” He moaned with every squeeze. “Suck my nipples, lover,” he commanded. Swinging his shoulders back and forth Pete slapped his boyfriend firmly in the face over and over with his heavy muscles. His cock nipples had grown as large as pink thumbs. Steve quickly took a nipple-cock in his mouth and sucked. Pete began squirming from the delicious feelings shooting from his nipples. Steve sucked delightedly on the big, hard nipple-cock, grateful for all the expertise in blow-jobs he’d gained over the years.

“Oh, yes, Steve. Suck hard my nips.. You’re making me feel so good,” he was almost whimpering. “Mo, ohHRre… Moooore…”, he pleaded as he grabbed the back of Steve’s head and pulled him into him, forcefully smothering him with his massive muscle pillows. Steve started kissing his other pec while he continued feeling and kneading them both in his hands. With eyes closed his lips searched every inch of his expansive chest until he slowly and feebly found another nipple-cock which Pete lovingly guided into his mouth. He resumed sucking while his hands squeezed and lifted both muscles together.

“Ahhh.. that feels so.. incre…EDIBLY good,” his words again broken by his heavy breathing.

Steve stopped sucking, panting up at Pete breathlessly. “Honey, you’re driving me crazy.. I’m about to cum in my pants.”

Pete laughed aloud as he leaned into him, driving his face deep into his pec cleavage. He looked down and held the top of his head in place, thinking to himself, “Get used to it little man! You worship huge pecs? Now you can worship ME.” He flexed them against Steve ‘s face. Pete again felt the strange electric tingling warmth in his chest, coming on even stronger now than before.

“Oh, Steve. It’s.. feeling.. even BETTER.. this time.”

Pete kneaded both pecs absent-mindedly with Steve’s head buried between them. Steve could actually feel the electric tingling against his face. The strange current now seemed to pass through Pete’s skin as he held his head between his two pecs. Steve felt his mind go blank as it was filled now with nothing but delicious thoughts of Pete’s massive chest pressing against his face. Steve reached out his tounge and forced it between the two hard mounds, loving the gasps this attention ewlicited from Pete.

Suddenly Pete swiftly rose from Steve’s lap. Pete looked at him lustfully and reached for his pants. With one quick skilled move he had them unbuttoned and unzipped. With surprising strength and force he yanked them down to his ankles, tossing Steve’s aside and freeing his swollen member. He looked over to the bottle still sitting open on the end table and thought to himself how happy he’d be if Steve’s beautiful cock could grow like Pete’s muscles had grown. Then he turned his gaze onto Steve and looked down at his cock him with a ravenous look in his eyes. Pete watched him stare at his crotch hungrily as he leaned over to pull down his own jeans. Steve nearly shot his wad watching Pete’s 10-inch rod spring eagerly to full attention despite being still constrained by the soft cotton of Pete’s precum-spotted black boxer-briefs, stretched to their limit across his big cock. then Pete, with a saucy wink, yanked his shorts down too. His boxer-briefs and jeans were now on the floor around his feet and he stepped out of them and climbed back onto Steve. He took Steve’s penis in his hand and lubed it with spit and Steve’s own copious supply on precum. Wrapping his fingers around it and stroking it, Pete tucked his stiff member easily into his own hot, tight ass as he felt an extremely powerful bolt of energy radiate directly from his ass and through his muscles.

“OH, GOD!” Pete shouted, and immediately started a bucking motion with his hips. “Oh, yes. Fuck me Steve, don’t.. don’t stop. Feel.. feel me up.”

Steve put his hands on Pete’s hard pecs and felt the most amazing thing. His chest was growing once again and he could actually feel the muscle expanding inside them now. He began kissing them eagerly. “You’re growing again.”

“Oh sweetie, yes.. I know I am. I can… feel it,” he whimpered helplessly. “It’s incred.. incredible. It feel.. feels so.. good. Keep.. keep feeling me. KEEP MAKING ME GROW.” Tears of joy were streaming down his cheeks. He was now clearly lost to the intense pleasure flowing from his immense pecs throughout his mind and his massive sweat-soaked body. As he pumped his hips Pete moved an erect, bigger than thumb-sized nipple-cock to Steve’s mouth, motioning for him to take it in. Steve sucked away hungrily as he resumed roaming his hands over Pete’s bulging torso, pumping his hips to meet Pete’s movements. His member throbbed like never before inside him. He could feel a warm electric current flowing from Pete’s huge nipple-cock into his mouth and throughout his own body which seemed to make him suck harder and harder. Pete was squirming wildly and soon began bouncing up and down vigorously on his boyfriend’s pole. “Honey, I’m swell.. swelling so.. big. Do I still feel good to you?” he enthusiastically asked as he seemed to stare off into the distance. “God, yes,” came his muffled, entranced reply as he could feel the nipple-cock extend into his throat, choking off his words.

Pete’s gorgeous cock slapped loudly against his hard abs as he huffed away, “Oh, Steve. I can.. can feel my skin.. stretching. I think I’m getting too big…” Pete put his hands on Steve’s knees and leaned back, withdrawing a hard nipple-cock from his busy mouth. For a moment Steve just sat, enjoying the sensation of his super sex-crazed boyfriend sliding up and down on him, watching his pecs flex with every move. “No.. DON’T STOP!,” Pete commanded in a firm tone as he slowed his gyrations long enough to make Steve focus once again on his nipple-cock which needed to be attended to. Staring directly into Steve’s eyes until he submitted, he slowly resumed pumping with his hips, quickly picking up speed again. Then he smiled and encouraged his lover. “Feel me Steve .. FEEL my muscles honey. I’m still growing for YOU.” Steve reached up and manipulated two long cock-nips, grabbing them in his palms and pulling down. “Oh yeah, taste my precum!”

Steve massaged them roughly. “OoooOOOoooo, yeah. Make.. make me feel.. feel good. Make me grooooooow, …grow bigger. God it feels great!! Give me huuuge pecs Steve !” The pleasure that engulfed Pete was increasing and now engulfed him too. His pecs continued to swell between them while Pete worked his hips expertly on Steve’s rock hard pole. Pete’s pecs now were each bigger than his head.

“Oh, my.. my body. I feel my muscles growing all over Steve. They’re massive now.. swelling …too big… oh god, but it feels so great… just fantastic!” Pete stopped his gyrating motions and began to rock from side to side on Steve’s shaft. Mesmerized, Steve watched Pete’s huge chest pick up the rhythm, swinging slightly left to right, all the while their circumference slowing increasing. He resumed feeling him up and moved his hand toward his nipples, now easily an inch thick. Two turgid nipples, each nearly as long and thick as a small penis, bobbed in front of his mouth. Pete obscenely dragged them both across his face until Steve reached up and gripped them both and stroked them with a slow steady rhythm intended to match Pete’s pumping gyrating hips.

“Aaahhhh…” he let out a deep moan, practically in a trance, “ Keep dooooing THAT.. oh, GOD…” he commanded in a deep husky voice. Steve obliged, this time squeezing tighter as he smoothly stroked both nipples.

“Ooooo.. mmmmmmmm, honey, that feels sooo nice….. “ he moaned quietly.

“Feels so.. so in.. incredible. Squeeze harder… HARDER.” he pleaded, eyes closed.

“Are you sure I’m not hurting you? he asked.

Pete’s face broke into a wide smile. Hot clear fluid suddenly began to leak from his nipples in quantity. In no time his copious precum flowed in a steady stream over Steve’s hands, trickling down the front of his chest and soaking them both. Pete looked down hungrily at his own huge nipples as Steve masturbated them expertly. Then Steve lifted a giant erect nipple-cock to his mouth and began to suck, his hands shifting to Pete’s original, neglected 11-inch boner. The force of his suction hollowed his cheeks as he bobbed his head up and down, ravenously sucking off his lover’s pec-boner. He continued this, drinking in his precum for the next few minutes until he could feel his stomach begin to fill. Closing his eyes once again he relaxed his mouth and the nipple-cock dropped away. Pete lovingly hugged voluminous pecs in his arms, his hard nipple-boners thrusting out under his thick forearms. His chest was quite an armload now as they stuck out over a foot and a half in front of him. Pete then leaned forward, burying Steve’s head once again in his muscle pecs. He grabbed his wrists tightly and forcefully placed them on the sides of his distended pecs and squeezed in a circular motion.

“You make me feel so good. You know, the harder you rub my muscles they more they grow. “

Steve thought maybe he’d grown enough and tried to pull his hands away, but he was not able to pull free from Pete’s immensely strong grip. Pete was doing the squeezing now as he held his head firmly between his massive firm pecs. His hands rode atop his as they both massaged his pecs against his head. Steve felt the familiar electric tingle pass through his head. The current pulsed much stronger through him now as his head was again surrounded by Pete’s huge chest.

“Feel.. feel me.. feel my.. my chest surround you Steve. Am I big enough yet?? Am I enough for you???”

Steve met his pelvic gyrations with his own thrusts as he grabbed roughly at the pliant flesh smothering him. The pleasure continued to coarse through his own body as he was now totally given over to sensations and thoughts of Pete’s body. Pete forced Steve’s jaw open and stuffed a massive nipple-cock in his mouth, working it down his throat as he clutched his head close to his body, nearly gagging him and sending the electric pulse down into his loins directly into his throbbing penis. Pete moaned as he grinded away absent mindedly on Steve’s shaft. “Harder Steve. Harder. You feel so good… so deep inside me. Filling me up. “ His rhythms increased as he pumped up and down gracefully while bouncing and slapping his muscles obscenely against his face with great force. Normally if he’d have pumped away so wildly he would’ve slid off his pole. But his adept hips worked away with more grace and skill and speed than ever before.

“Steve you feel so great! It feels like…Oh God!!!! Steeeve ! You feel so good inside me.” He looked surprised and pumped away with even more enthusiasm and speed. He looked down between his pecs to see Pete’s great thick bush grinding firmly against the base of his shaft. Just then he abruptly stopped his gyrations and looked off into the near distance.

“What is it??” Steve pleaded.

Suddenly Pete slowly rose up off of his lover, with a curious and expectant look in his eyes. Biting his lip passionately he lifted carefully off of Steve as a great thick penis withdrew from his furnace-hot ass. Neither could believe their eyes. Pete gasped at the sight of Steve’s hugely engorged shaft, awestruck as he gazed at this glistening, grossly-veined 4” thick monster cock that was emerging from his ass.

“My god…” Steve said, startled at the sight.

He lifted further up off his thick shaft, revealing at least 10” of length, its head and a lot of shaft still buried inside him. “You never mind about that”, Pete said with an evil grin. And with that he lowered slowly back down, enveloping his engorged rod. Working it back up inside him he let out a guttural moan, “Oh, God… unnghh… you feel great. So nice and big. Now you’re like me.” His hips resumed their motion as he pumped carefully on his huge rod now, trying to discern its length and thickness inside him, “I can feel you… growing inside me. Fuck me Steve! Fuck me with your huge dick!” He slowly grinded his massive hips, wincing slightly. Soon he had easily accommodated Steve’s entire length inside his body once again. Steve’s eyes rolled back and his heart pounded loudly in his ears like he was underwater. He felt light headed and dizzy. Too much of his blood was escaping into his fattened cock, swelling longerand thicker with every beat of his heart, draining him of all strength. His other senses dulled to nothing as the powerful earth-shaking sensations emanating from his cock consumed him. Meanwhile Pete picked up speed again and fucked his impossibly huge organ in ever greater and increasingly longer smoother strokes. His massive hips gracefully undulated up and down and his huge firm chest bounced off Steve’s face as he rode his giant cock.

“More!!! Grow, bigger for me Steve !!!” Pete roared. “MORE!!! GIVE IT ALL TO ME!!!!”

Barely able to comprehend anything more now than the simple command “GROW BIGGER”, Steve slaved away, pumping instinctively, like an animal dedicated to a single purpose. Like a mindless fucking machine he seemed to have more and more strength for thrusting and none left for anything else. Engulfed in Pete’s hot hard channel, his thoughts blurred away to nothing. It felt like his very life force was fleeing his body, disappearing up his boyfriend’s greedy ass. Pete’s ass was stretched to its limits but he showed no sign of pain now, only intense passion and overriding strong desire. As Steve continued to buck and swell fatter and longer, Pete forcefully slammed against his body, grinding himself with great strength and force against Pete, working every inch of his stiff club deep inside him. Tighter and tighter against his thickening shaft Pete deftly pumped up and down, up and down in longer and longer and longer strokes.

“I can’t believe your cock is so… huge, Steve .. Filling me up.. It feels so goooood. So thick and, ughhnnnnnn, so long! I can feel you so deep inside of me. I love having you in me. I want to swallow you up. Fit more of you up into me. Pump harder. Grow LONGER. I want you. I want ALL OF YOU inside me.”

Steve’s heartbeat boomed louder… slower in his head. All he could feel was giant cock, swelling, pulsing, larger, and larger, the lifeblood from his body gradually emptying into it, throbbing, driving deeper into Pete’s insatiable ass, as if Pete’s capacity to take cock has grown as enormously as his pecs. Time itself slowed down and was measured now in thrusts, space was measured by the capacities of Pete’s gorgeouslty built body, he could feel his pulse now beating in perfect time with Pete’s own thundering heartbeat which seemed to surround him. Soon it seemed Pete’s heartbeat had grown even louder, muffling Steve’s own pulse, over-riding it. His entire system seemed to take over and absorb him. Steve felt Pete’s heartbeat as his own, pulsing all around him, through him, squeezing him, pulling him in deeper, deep towards his heart, growing louder, growing faster and out of control. Half-delirious, half-terrified, it now felt literally like Pete was fucking him to death. For Pete though, he was simply having the fuck of his life as his hips pumped more and more rapidly until they were a blur of motion.

“Faster Steve! COME ON! FASTER!! I’m.. I’m com.. OH GOD!!!, I’m COMING!!” he screamed.

Steve automatically increased the tempo of his pumping at his lover’s command, ramming away at top speed, grabbing Pete’s own precum-drenched cock in both hands. His up thrusts raised his partner off his knees and into the air as he reached down to steady himself. But Pete’s hands could find no support and so he collapsed, impaled on Steve’s massive pole, landing his huge pecs against Steve’s torso as a series of cataclysmic orgasms racked his system, cum spraying hard from Pete’s big cock and his nipcocks too. Steve couldn’t hold back and started cumming hard inside Pete. Pete brought all his weight down on Steve as they both came and came and came, Pete grinding away still on the base of Steve’s member which was now buried God only knows how deep inside of his ass.

Just as he thought he might relax though Steve instead felt Pete clamp down around his throbbing member in an orgasmic aftershock. His ass convulsed tightly in spasm after spasm, gripping and tugging on his pole, manipulating it. His hips shifted carefully back and forth, maneuvering Steve’s penis ever deeper and deeper up inside him. Then they both felt Steve’s growing cock hit sometyhing hard. It felt like—it couldn’t be, but it felt like there was a cock, like Pete’s big nipple-cocks, somewhere deep inside Pete. Pete gasped and then grinned. He held Steve down as they felt that hardness press against the head of Steve’s cock. That something seemed to part the slit opening at the tip of his penis and lodge itself there. With an single flexing of his pelvic muscles Pete pushed his impossible internal cocl, in, IN, and FURTHER IN… inserting herself into the tip of Steve’s huge cock and holding him in place. In shock Steve tried weakly to pull out only Pete held him firmly in place with his two strong arms and his two even stronger legs wrapped around him. He stared almost hypnotically, deep into Steve’s weary eyes.

“This will make you even better…” he babbled cryptically.

Steve could feel Pete’s entire body lock tight around him while his anus strained to accommodate the base of his cock. Like a human vise he held him firmly in place as the boner inside him inched painfully deep into Steve’s organ while it gradually stiffened inside him. Now Pete penetrated Steve—even as he engulfed him. He began to lightly and gently pump his hips again, sliding himself carefully in and out of Steve’s tunnel, building himself swiftly to another orgasm. Half-delirious from this intensely strange sensation, half-posessed by some unthinkable lust, Pete’s mind sent an electric pulse streaming from body directly into Steve’s tortured penis.

“Steve, what’s happening? What am I doing??” Groggy, semi-conscious, Pete momentarily awakened to the bizarre forces controlling his body and his. Not realizing at all what he was doing to poor Steve, Pete continued to pump his shaft from within his body, pinning him down tightly still, methodically building himself toward yet another climax. Finally he slowed down his long strokes and stopped. Pete doubled over and parted his lips as if to say something but nothing came out. He stopped his pumping as his ass twitched around Steve’s shaft. Steve looked at Pete, not knowing what to expect next, when suddenly Steve felt the inside of his cock tingle. A flow of hot fluid suddenly trickled into his balls from Pete’s body, gradually swelling his sack like a water balloon. Steve could feel his sack might burst from the pressure.Pete sat motionless and relaxed his body finally. This unleashed a short series of jerking spasms and a shiver that seemed to shake Pete from head to toe. Finally he could feel something soften and slide out of him, withdrawing mercifully from inside his penis and back into Pete’s body.

Pete came to his senses enough to survey what had just happened, “Looks like I get MY wish tonight too”, he said as he reached behind his butt and patted Steve’s swollen silky smooth balls which lay midway down between his tired thighs. He tried to grasp the base of Steve’s cock and smiled, “I can’t get my hands around this thing….” With that he slid slowly off of him with a smooth slurping sound. His gigantic rubbery cock plopped down across Steve’s already cum-covered chest, its great head reaching up nearly to his lips. Both were stunned to discover it had grown to a full 19” long and was now covered in ropes of thick blue veins which still pulsed visibly to the beat of his heart. He weakly lifted his swollen aching balls which now felt about the size of two ostrich eggs and heavy as concrete.

“My GOD… look at mm… muh…”, Steve gurgled. Steve stared helplessly down at the head of his penis which was as large as an ripe apple. He lightly clenched his butt muscles and watched as the slit at the tip of his cock opened wide. Noticing this Pete grapped his huge wet club firmly with both hands just below the engorged purple head, slowly pulling down along its full length, causing the slit to open even wider. Holding his grip tight around its base Pete choked off the blood flow making Steve’s entire gigantic cock teeter in the air before him as it quickly seemed grow hard as rock, turning deep purple, growing darker, almost black. Then he smoothed his hands back up its length again, squeezing it gently, releasing the great reserve of blood and coaxing out a generous steady flow of pre-cum which poured over the back of his hands and down his arms.

Pete was completely enraptured by Steve’s gigantic tool. It made his mouth water and his cocks ache just to look at it. Lifting Steve’s head in one hand and his cock in his other Pete aimed Steve’s new penis into Steve’s own mouth, forcing his jaws to open wide and take it in. With an evil excited look in his eyes he squeezed out more of his hot semen, forcing it down his throat until it leaked out of the corners of his mouth and he started to gag. He watched this incredible sight with wild fascination then smiled lustfully as he pushed Steve’s cum-soaked face away and moved down to kiss the entire length of the gigantic cock.

Unable to resist trying, Pete opened his own mouth wide and positioned it over the huge cock head. Taking part of it in with some difficulty he sucked and kissed its silky smooth head. He teasingly explored the gaping slit at its tip of it with his firm tongue, gently wriggling his way an inch or so inside its head which made Steve shudder. He glided his firm lips along the great length of the engorged and gnarled shaft as he held it aloft with both hands. He traced its craggy network of veins lovingly with his tongue before he gently inserted his middle finger into its end all the way up to his knuckle. Tears streamed from Steve’s eyes while his erection seemed to grow longer. He laid there helpless, begging him to stop. Pete proceeded to finger fuck the opening of his severely enlarged glans and with his other hand he caressed his huge testicles, squeezing their thick stalk between his thumb and forefinger thoughtlesslyy like it was a rubber garden hose.

“Steve I should tell you, I’ve been a little more selfish than you were. I’ve always fantasized about having a massively well-hung boyfriend who’d think of nothing but me, who would worship me and who would remain stiff as a board at the mere thought of me, a guy with gigantic balls who not only enjoyed having them played with because it pleased him, but desired me to touch them and feel them because it pleased me.” Pete smiled sweetly as he pulled his finger from his shaft and licked it. He reached down and squeezed both balls like they were fresh produce. Lifting them up for Steve to get a good look he blew on them giving him goose flesh, “… and they do seem pretty sensitive”.

Steve’s head swam from the sensations that flowed back now from his engorged cock, revitalizing his exhausted body. Clinging to Pete for dear life he began pumping his hips involuntarily in the air. Pete lovingly moved and nestled Steve’s cock against his pec cleavage as he smoothed more of their cum over his chest. Steve reached up as before and put his hands to the sides of Pete’s chest and squeezed them together and fucked away. Pete stared hypnotized at the head of his cock which brushed against his lips as it bobbed up between their chests. Pete could feel the pulse pounding within his gigantic cock as it glided between his pecs.

Steve centered on his task and fucked away. Somehow he knew this wasn’t going to take long. Pete reached down under him and lifted Steve’s heavy balls up and held them in the air. He tightened his grip into a fist, thinking to prolong his orgasm when Steve arched his back and let out a loud cry and with that he climaxed. Pete quickly moved his hands up to catch Steve’s cock as it thrashed around in the air, almost knocking him over. Steve reached up and steadied it himself. Busily pumping his cock with four hands the two lovers had no trouble now releasing his abundant and overdue load which seemed not to squirt out but sort of pumped in a thick and even stream all over both of them, coating them completely in pint after pint of white fluid for over a minute, splattering onto the floor and thickening into great puddles around them. When Steve seemed at last to be completely spent Pete forcefully massaged one of his huge balls causing his cock to leap back to life again, flinging a last thick rope of jism through the air which splatted against the wall behind them.

Twitching, exhausted and overcome, Steve collapsed finally, sliding off of Pete and dropping helplessly onto the floor.

Thoughts of their fantastic new bodies and the lifetime of pleasure they would surely give him raced through Pete’s mind as he stepped over Steve’s body and went over now to look at himself in a full length mirror by the front door. Pete leaned back and looked down once again in amazed pride at his immense glistening massivdely muscled body. As he began to come to his senses Steve staggered to his feet to get a good look at his lover. His heavy balls now hung down like small bowling balls inside a smooth tight sack of new skin. His cock, dippinged in cum, hung limp and heavy between his legs down past his knees making it difficult to stand. Steve watched Pete inspect himself in the mirror and wondered to himself if he was now upset about having gotten so big. Although he had no objection to his size, he could understand if, having been overwhelmed with their passion, Pete might think they’d let it go too far. After all, they’d both need to leave the house at some point, and neither of them would be able to walk down the street in their current state without causing a public scene.

He examined Pete’s expression carefully. Pete’s eyes wandered the expanse of his ample chest. His hands ran over the bulging expanse of his ass and half-hard cock, itself twice as big as befire though nothing like Steve’s impossible monster.

Pete still felt the dull current pulsing faintly through his body. As he summoned its forces he gazed at himself in the mirror, amazed at what he saw. He now saw his chest shrink slightly, slowly deflating. His nipples which had been pointing south rode his changing bulges until they again rode atop his chest, poking straight ahead. He could see his feet again as they reappeared from under his pecs. His other muscles retracted too from their ludicrous size. But then the remaining current faded away and grew imperceptible and Pete’s muscles ceased their shrinking. The growth HAD reversed itself! But he was nowhere near his original lanky state. His chest was still big, still mighty impressive—as big as Kevin’s, he thought. Finally he stepped back from the mirror and brushed his hair from his face. His pecs stood out majestically from his frame as he strode over to the little bottle and replaced the glass stopper with a quiet ‘clink’ and returned it to its box.

He raised his eyes to meet Steve’s, at first he revealed nothing.

But then there appeared a small smile in the corner of his mouth and in his eyes, a mischievous twinkle. He looked down at his still hulked-out bod. “This are going to take a little getting used to,” he said, in a husky voice, “But, I think I’m going to like it.” Then he smiled broadly. “Happy Birthday, lover, I hope you like your presents.”

With that he began posing for Steve, flexing his generous muscles. As Steve feasted his eyes on Pete’s gorgeous pecs, he felt suddenly faint again. His knees buckled and Steve barely kept his feet his giant cock filled came to life once more and began to lift up into the air, throwing him off balance and causing him to tumble toward his new muscle god. As the blood quickly drained from Steve’s helpless body and into his huge organ Pete grinned lustfully, flexing his hard mounds of chest muscle against Steve’s enornmous cock. He kissed the smooth perfect head of Steve’s penis and stroked it like a beloved pet as he too began to ache with desire all over again. As the two lovers faced each other Steve’s giant erection rose up between them. As Steve wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him close for a kiss, Pete threw his arms around his neck and suggestively angling his cock head toward his mouth once again. “Help me lover… help me with this,” Pete asked sweetly as he invited Steve to share his pleasure.

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