Bigger issues

by muscl4life

Thanks to Kyle, Sean discovered his serum works better than he expected… And now his freaking muscular lover each time is more intoxicated with his newly found POWER, and can such difference of muscular capacity make the couple apart?

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Part 1 Thanks to Kyle, Sean discovered his serum works better than he expected… And now his freaking muscular lover each time is more intoxicated with his newly found POWER, and can such difference of muscular capacity make the couple apart? (added: 5 Dec 2013)
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Part 1

Foreword: Sean Bennett was having quite problems to get the financial support for his research. The board seemed indifferent, but he knew it could work. Kyle Phillips also had his share of problems, the wrestling team jocks broke his arm that’s why he work with Sean and hopes the stuff make him pack muscle

Dr. Bennett shut the door behind with violence. “Damn you bastards!!! I’ll show you who’s a fake you motherfuckers!!!”

Sean Bennett, a 28 year old Ph.D. in Biochemistry, had always been said that he was a young genius since he was a freshman at college. When he graduated, with honors, all the doors seemed opened to him, many Universities had invited him to their financials programs and at that time he used to think that everything was apparently too easy for him …

“Guess again Sean ,you idiot!”_ Said the young Professor to himself as he sat on the comfortable leather chair “Everybody thinks I am crazy to develop this project but I’ll show them, I’ll proof that it can be accomplished !!!”

Sean’s project consists in the research of the muscular tissue building and enhancement ; the theory he defended with all his brilliant mind was the search of the gene responsible for those mechanisms and with that he would make a genetic treatment which allowed to increase and enhance the muscular tissue Sean knew his theory would be contested but he never thought about such a fiercely attack like that.

The members of the council just got mad about Sean’s theory, although he had showed them all his notes and drafts, and the record of his experience with mice, in which he could increase the size of a mouse in almost 30% the original size.

“I’ll show them !!” whispered the 5’10”dark hair man while cleaning some trash on his table, Sean knew that he could achieve much more than he actually did but, without the support of that University he would never be able to advance more into that research

All of a sudden, someone knocked on the door “Come in!” said Sean without turning his back .

“Hey man, how do you feel?”—asked Dr. Mark Hillman, a very close friend of Sean, they both had attended to the same University, although Mark had graduated in Medicine . Since they were old buddies, Mark felt that he needed to support Sean

“Didn’t ya hear what they said? I’ll be cut off the Research Program Support ! I’ll never be able to get another chance like this ‘cause those weirdoes will try everything to stop me!”- and with that Sean threw a portrait into his pictured diploma hung in the wall “_ That shit is worthless now!!” . As tears came from inside of his pretty brown eyes, Sean asked Mark to leave him alone .

“Can you stop being such a wimpy? Come on it is not over yet !”

“What do ya mean by that?”- asked the crying professor like a child

“Those bastards may decide about the future of our researches, but they can’t rule our lives, and besides they are very proud of their so called brilliant wisdom they seemed fool enough to be fooled by me !!!” Said Mark with a glint in those big blue eyes.

Before Sean could ask something again he felt Mark’s hand gently covering his mouth. “Listen, they said you’ll be cut, but they meant the RESEARCH not its RESEARCHER, so I convinced the grandpas that you are a valuable mind and should be kept into the University, since that you work in another project …”

“That’s just GREAT!” yellowed Sean “You begged them in my favor, now we both were humiliated.”

“Could you just shut up for just a minute!” Mark whispered and went on: “As you would be working in another project, you would be argued by them anymore, and nobody but the leader of that project could make any question about your researching and only him will have to receive memos and those stuff from your achievements …”

“Yes, Mark but who in this world would be crazy enough to accept me as his co-researcher and yet not making any questions about it?”

“You are looking at him.” Mark’s white teeth shone as his beautiful smile flourished in his face, full of hope and joy Sean got really touched with that, he never expected such thing from nobody even his best friend …

“I don’t know how to thank u enough Mark”- Said Sean while hugging his friend who had just saved his ass. Sean could feel Mark’s hard body under his lab coat, Mark had always been an athlete, he was the leader of the Wrestling Team when in college, and had always dedicated himself to physical activity all of this contributed to a phenomenal 200 pound muscular frame, that made Sean many times jerk off at night while he watched that huge body sleeping heavy on the other bed of their room, Sean thought how silly it was having a crush for his roommate, and felt relieved because he managed to forget that thing, because Mark always changed his girlfriends … How many nights, had Sean to sleep on the hall, because Mark was “in company” like he used to say himself, and those things put together never allowed Sean to confess his love for Mark …

“So where canyo u move that stuff of yours to my lab?”

“Mark, and what about your research, you think u can manage to continue it with such a reduction on income, because, I’ll have to get money for my studies.”

“Don’t you worry about that my friend, because my research is about Sports Medicine and maybe your studies can help me, I study the recovering of injuries in athletes, and how to increase its speed, as you see it’s a win or win situation”

The two professors laughed at each other and left the room they still have many things to arrange before they could go on with his studies. They had agreed Sean would use the equipment anytime he wish cause Mark was would be going to a research abroad during the next months.

Two months later, Sean’s stuff was all set on Mark’s Lab, Dr. Bennett had made some advances, thanks to the unsleep nights he had passed studying, and the many hours he used the lab on weekends and holidays, Sean was obsessed with his achievements.

“Excuse-me, are you Dr. Hillman? “—The voice was coming from the back of the lab, a thin brown hair student dressed with the gym uniform with an arm hanging on a bandage was looking for Mark.

“I am afraid Dr. Hillman will not be here until next Thursday”_ said Sean looking to the young man dressed in such wide clothes, looking like some clown.

“Aren’t you Dr. Sean Bennett?” asked the boy with an inquisitor look.

“Yes, may I help you?”

“Dr. Hillman called me last week and said that I should go to his lab and make some kind of check up and if he wasn’t here, then maybe Dr. Sean Bennett could help me …

“That smart ass !”—Thought Sean while getting ready for the check up, he knew something about Mark’s work, the subject was supposed to be an athlete who suffered a serious injury and following a straight diet of protein and minerals performing a set of exercises would reduce the recovering time in about 40%.

“So what happened to you ? asked Bennett sounding clinical_ “Well, during the selection for the captain of the wrestling team THIS happened, the actual captain of the team accidentally broke my arm” the young man spoke trying not to give such a loser impression.

“Are you really in the wrestling team? I’m sorry but most of the guys of that team are really big for their age …”

“And I’m a pathetic wimpy ain’t I? “ said the boy ironically “I am sorry, I didn’t mean it…” Sean tried to change the subject_ “Don’t worry about it doc! I hear it since was a kid, anyway I managed to get in the team and those muscle mountains always think they can pin me easy so they don’t expect for my moves and this way I win, sometimes …”

Sean was done taking notes and went to Mark’s files.

“What is your name, please?”

“Phillip, Kyle Phillip.”

“Wait a minute, this name isn’t strange for me, weren’t you…”

“Yes Dr. Bennett, I was your student last Semester in Biochemical…”

“Forgive me if I didn’t recognize you Mr. Phillips, that’s because I am so lost in the middle of my research”

“That’s good you are working again, I heard about the cancellation of your financial support, those motherfuckers, they really know how to spoil the things we build “

Sean was shocked “How did u know that?”

“That’s because I worked as assistant researcher with Dr. Morris and those bastards cancelled the project, I couldn’t go on without the salary of the research that’s why I entered the Wrestling Team, but I don’t think I can take it anymore, my arm won’t be OK in time to the Finals, and then I will lost another scholarship..

“You could work with me …”Sean couldn’t believe his own words, he was so pity of that boy he had to help him anyway

And so Kyle began working together with Sean, Kyle was a really dedicated fellow, he could understand all the Project within two hours and yet he had some great ideas about some problems Sean was having…

Time passed and Mark wrote a letter for Sean telling him that he would have to spend another weeks abroad, Sean told him about Kyle and Mark just laughed ‘that’s great I ask u to take a look at my subject and u make him your assistant?

Sean and Kyle became so close it seemed they’ve known each other for years

Sean’s Researches went beautifully they were able to produce the serum containing the genes capable to make the muscular tissue rebuild its structure, in theory it was perfect, but they still have to test the serum in human, and that could take a long time because of all the bureaucracy Kyle came up with an idea

“And maybe if the level of adrenaline or testosterone can be used as a the starting key, the genes of the serum will be incorporated into the DNA of the muscular fibers and with that I can ignite the Rebuilding Process…” And if we could get the subject right here in the University, someone willing to have his muscles enhanced …

“Don’t even think about it Kyle, this serum has to be tested many times for security “

“But Sean, the council doesn’t know about your research, they think you are working for Dr. Hillman they’ll never let you test your serum the conventional ways, you know that, and besides it always has been my dream, you think I like being 5’8” and weighing a skinny 156 pounds ? All my life I tried to gain mass in the gym, and nothing all I could gain was a mere 10 pounds after years of hard working, please Sean let me be your guinea pig!!!

“Absolutely not ! I can’t let you risk yourself like this ! It’s unethical ! I won’t do it and that’s final”

“But Dr. Bennett”_ insisted Kyle, Sean gently approached and put his hand on the right shoulder of the boy and gently said, “I know what you are feeling, but trust me I wouldn’t forgive me if anything bad happened to you” . A whisper from Kyle showed that he had finally subsided, or it seemed so…

Kyle couldn’t take a no to this question he had a need to feel himself mighty and powerful, specially if he could one day surpass Michael Thorton, the guy who broke not accidentally but on purpose Kyle’s arm, that motherfucker would be crushed like a bug…

About a week later, when they were going home, Kyle pretended that he had forgotten to turn off the computers, and manage to return the lab, that night would be THE night!

Kyle took the serum in his hands, the purple thick liquid was shining due to the low light of the room, Kyle didn’t want the security to see him in the middle of the thing .

“Sean said this serum was supposed to be diluted until 10%, but it will be very much, my guess is 30%, three times the amount of serum in the blood, no I’ll take it at 40 %, I need to be bigger”

Kyle was intoxicated with the possibility, he always dreamed to be such a freak, enormous, to have cannonballs biceps, diamond chest and all the stuff that make him aroused, all the times he had to suck Mike Thorton, he hated the violence but, the taste of his might cock in his mouth, the warmth of his weight pinning, and the smell of his sweat while training, was such arousing he could feel his dick Harding on fiercely inside his pants .

The syringe was full with a 40% concentration of serum, 4 times the amount Sean would consider safe for the experience …

Sean had just finished his meal and was thinking about what Kyle had said all the need to be bigger, Sean himself wanted to be stronger too, all these years but he never managed to find the necessary time, and so he became a very thin, although reasonably fit young man, he had very few fat on his 165 pounds what made him not totally unhappy with himself, but it was impossible denying this growing need to have that serum himself just to see what would happen, maybe his dreams could become true and Mark would have to look UP every time he wanted to talk to Sean, besides the unbelievable mass difference between them, it would be wonderful being stared by Mark, eaten with the eyes, the envy he would cause at his former bigger friend, posing his mighty muscles to Mark and making him hard, so hard that he would beg Sean to fuck him, and he would fuck Mark’s round shaped ass so hard, until they fuck their brains out … All that hot images passed by Sean mind and soon he could feel the arousing of his own dick, getting harder and harder each moment, he barely could unzip his pants, so hard his cock was, the purple head was shaking due to the power of the incoming blood, Sean began stroking himself, slowly, smelling that precious aroma of pre cum covering his shaft, the image of Mark became more vivid and the next moment Sean was jerking off wild in front of the mirror wishing he could be bigger than Mark, this would make his dreams come true, the hot load exploded from the purple head of Sean’s cock and that orgasm seemed to be the best he ever had, cum covered all his chest and belly, the pain in his cock subsided “What happened ? It was unbelievable…” Sean had at last understood Kyle, nobody could take away from him the chance to have the body of his dreams, he will have it anyway…

“Oh My God! KYLE!!”

Sean rushed to the lab, during the way he remembered Kyle saying he had forgotten to turn off the computers, but Sean knows now what he really intended to do, he was going to take the serum himself “I hope it isn’t too late”

Kyle breaths deeply, the shot must be applied in the muscular tissue, and it would make that shot very painful . The thick needle went trough Kyle’s skin, burning like hell, his breed becomes intense, “This shit hurts like hell!!”, the purple serum is hard to be injected into the body, but slowly and strongly Kyle managed to inject all the serum, besides the 40% concentration, he applied himself 50 cc of the serum, a dosage 10 times higher the supposed test amount. The shot arm burned intensely, the vision was unfocused, sweat dripped each pour, “I can barely stand on my own legs, what shit have I done to myself?”

“Kyle! Kyle open this door ,I know you’re in there, don’t take the serum, please!!”_ A few moments later, Sean heard unrythmed footsteps coming towards the door, the knob barely moved but, it was enough to open the lab door…

Being supported by the table, Kyle was almost passing out when Sean came to him and saw the empty syringe thrown aside, the doctor grabbed it and noticed the mark of 50cc, Sean felt his spine frozen “This kid may have killed himself!!”

“Kyle, Kyle, what do you feel?”

“I-I’m hot, but my hands feel cold … Can’t help trembling …hard to breathe”

“Don’t worry I will be here for you !” Sean embraced Kyle gently and laid him on the table, he unbuttoned the clothes to make sure he would suffocate, then he measured his pressure, it was not so bad, in fact all the results seemed normal what would be happening ?

“The rebuilding process! Your organism is absorbing the genes of the serum and this reaction is making you feel the way you do…”

“It means … that I might be…”

A loud scream came from Kyle’s mouth, he rolled over and fall on the floor, his body shook violently, spasms and sweat, Kyle couldn’t control himself

“Kyle, please stay calm, try talking to me, what are u feeling ?”

“M-m-y Body is burning, can’t-t control myself AAAAAARRRGGHH!!!”

Sean couldn’t believe his own eyes, Kyle screamed because of the stretching of his body, every part of him was being readapted to the new orders given by the genetic treatment on the serum, every cell of his body was being rearranged in order to attempt the command contained on the genes “But by the way you took the serum I don’t what may happen to you, or even if u are going to survive this process” whispered Sean trying to comfort his friend pain

As suddenly as began, the horror subsided, Kyle opened his eyes at once as trying to stand on his feet “Damn! I thought this was my turn to meet the angels”

“Are you all right? Tell me if anything more is happening !? Sean shook Kyle desperately as he tried to check if his friend was really OK “The only way I can be harmed is if ya keep shaking my head like this!” Sean let him go, but was still angry “What the heck, did u have that shit ? You could have killed yourself!!”

Kyle was now better but he seemed not hearing Sean, something was different “There’s something strange about you Kyle”, his eyes looked so, his eyes, Kyle was two inches shorter than Sean, they could never look in the eyes standing in front each other like that way, or at least they used not to …

“W-wait here I’ll get the measuring strip” shouted Sean “What’s wrong with you man?” Kyle was so lost in his own feelings, he was some way more vivid, as if he could feel each cell of his organism separately and this strange dizziness, the heat of that room although the air conditioning was turned at maximum power, he was still sweating . “Here it is, now stay erect!”, Kyle didn’t even argued about that Sean took notes and looked mesmerized at the young man in front of him “You’ve grown two inches in two minutes!”- “What the hell are u telling me, Sean?”- replied Kyle in a mix of Surprise and excitement “In Mark’s files it is said you are 5’8”, or at lest you were until last month I’ve just measured ya and it reads 5’10”

“No way ! That’s awesome the serum really works”—Kyle was just excited with the things he heard

“But it wasn’t supposed to work on the skeletal cells, it is a rebuilder of the muscular tissue, how come it made you taller”- Sean looked trough his notes checking for the answer—“Who said I am JUST taller, I feel myself heavier than I used to be … Kyle went to the scale and weighed himself, he knew that scale was precisely checked every week and he couldn’t be more happy with the result “It reads 176 pounds, I’ve just gained twenty pounds and added two inches to my height, that’s outstanding !!!”

Sean could barely try to answer suddenly he looked at Kyle’s body and opened his mouth in shock—Kyle was swallowing just before his eyes

“Oh man this feels so GOOD!! It feels like cumming”- Kyle was intoxicated by the process, he could feel his body stretching and getting bigger each moment… It started with his pecs, the large lab coat was soon full with the growing muscles, the shape became more and more noticeable, Kyle could just breath deeply, his hands were growing too, those growing pecs were tearing the fabric like it was some thin shit of paper, in a moment Kyle’s new pecs were shining outside the ripped coat showing all his power to Sean “Look at this, said Kyle “I’ve got diamond pecs” And the growth didn’t subsided, in fact it became stronger. His legs ballooned like being pumped, such power in his calves could just lift a car in those hamstrings the thighs were getting so huge they were touching each other and making his waist look each time smaller, Kyle’s abs were popping in his stomach, 2…4..6pack just thick and vein as any monstrous bodybuilder, the back was now so wide Sean could open his arms to embrace them, the neck was getting rounder and veins popped in it and those arms were expanding like some growing plant, they soon were 15”…17”19”23”25”? ? ? The biceps were as huge as two cannonballs and they barely moved, Sean could even imagined those things flexed, Kyle was reborning just in front of Sean’s eyes, the growth spurt was now more intense and every part of Kyle’s enlarged body got so big and hard, red and shine, and continued to grow more soon Kyle was looking down to see Sean and becoming taller and taller, so wide and so strong, every muscle seemed to get bigger and freakier anytime Kyle got taller till it seemed to subside “Holly Shit!!!” exclaimed Sean when that man- tower finally stop growing “There’s so much of me now that you didn’t know huh doc? “Asked the booming man ironically to his doctor

“Kyle, I just can’t believe my eyes !! You are so enormous!!!”

“If u don’t believe yer eyes believe in yer hands doc! FEEL IT! FEEL THIS MUSCLES MY DEAR DOCTOR”

Kyle made a double biceps and Sean noticed those guns were as big as his head, but much harder than any bone of his, those biceps were so big and huge, Sean smells that musk odor and got aroused, such power such strength, he touched those things and squeezed them as hard as he could but they even squished


“Kyle you have taken too much of the serum, it is rebuilding your entire organism, and I believe it didn’t stop”

“So you are saying that I may grow even more Can’t wait for it, doc”

“We can’t know that for sure, but I will find a way to revert this process don’t worry …”Kyle put his outgrown hand in Sean’s shirt and easily pulled him from the ground and make him look into his eyes

“Nothing will be reverted Doctor, I’ve always desired THIS and flexed an arm “Everything will stay the way it is ya hear me? “

“K-Kyle please let me down, think about what u are doing I am your friend you can’t hurt me” Sean could fell his feet hanging many inches maybe some feet away from the floor but the feeling of Kyle’s new power made him so aroused his cock was in pain inside his pants “Please put me down!”

Kyle seemed to be awaking from a dream, “Doc? What am I doing holding you?” and gently he lowered Sean back in the floor

“I am sorry Sean, I don’t know what’s with me, all those muscles make me feel so powerful so alive I can’t get back to my old body ya understand, don’t ya?

Sean tried to speak as recovering his breath after that “Kyle I promise you I won’t revert the growth, but I have to figure out a way to stop it, I mean if this thing makes you grow even more it could be tragic, look at you, how big are u now?

“To be true Doctor, I don’t know my stats … Why don’t you measure them for me, I can’t wait to know my new stats”

“We can do that after all, I really need to take some notes about you” said Sean with glowing eyes desiring to touch that perfect body again

“You are now 6ft and 10 inches high Kyle, a gain of 26 inches during the growth spurt”

“Am really this big ? Gee doc, you look like a dweeb from up here!! “Kyle loved that feeling, his hand touched Sean’s shoulder and hidden it, Sean got hard just with that warm and wet touch … “The really awesome thing is about your new weight … 380 pounds you have added more than 200 pounds of solid packed muscle to your frame just taking the serum”

“380 pounds, that’s too much I am bigger than Greg Kovacks, I make him look like a shrimp …

“Oh you do, because your measurements are way bigger than any bodybuilder weighing about the same, your chest is 68”, Legs 55”, Waist 31”, your shoulders stay about three feet wide from each other and your biceps, they are at least 30 inches”

“I AM THE MAN ! NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN ME!!” Kyle’s voice boomed in the room as he posed in the mirror, screaming “YEAH ! FUCK YEAH!” Sean couldn’t take his eyes from that giant man, dressed in scrapes of his outgrown clothes, his cock was already covered with pre cum…

“Doctor can I ask u a favor ? You took all my measurements and I thank u for that, but there’s one missing: if u could measure my cock !”

Sean was marveled, he would be able to see that shaft under that stone wall

“It will be my pleasure !, said the doctor as he smiled at his giant assistant

“Kyle put his hand inside that tight pants and put that giant thing out, even him was astonished “Holly cow, look at the size of that cock! “Sean tried to measure it more than three times but it didn’t seem to be full hard and still growing

Sean stopped at 17 inches long and 3 inches wide “That’s one of the biggest cocks in the whole world, Kyle”

“Please Sean, make me happy, let me fuck u with this anaconda and I’ll be forever yours, I owe you this dreaming body you gave me”

“Nobody would be happier than Myself”

As Sean finished, he grabbed Kyle’s cock into his mouth, it hardly fit on the mouth, but soon Sean managed to suck it, slowly but strongly, as Kyle whispered “Oh Sean ! Make me feel powerful, I want you to desire me, I am here for you!!

Kyle brought Sean to his pecs and kissed him passionately, “I want u to feel my hardness I am so big I can smash you, but I won’t hurt u because I love u Dr. Sean Bennett” Sean could only say “Love u too” cause soon he was leaking Kyle’s mountain pecs and worshipping his marble god, with his tongue, Kyle played with Sean all over his body till, his cock was full mast

“I want to stick it up into your ass Sean! Don’t you worry I’ll be gentle!” That enormous cock went trough Sean thin ass looking for his prick, Kyle’s smooth body was pinning Sean on the lab floor, Sean was almost cumming with that pressure over him, never felt better, and Kyle began fucking him slowly, just to increase the rhythm as he was getting aroused, Kyle was so strong as he licked Sean’s ear and whispered “I will be you Giant forever, maybe one day U can be as big as me or even bigger, We’ll be together in this power forever”

The rhythm got faster as Kyle approached the orgasm, his might muscles embraced Sean as flexed all of them on the desperate need of cumming, but it was more than that. Sean could feel his body shaking violently as he cummed but it didn’t make Kyle’s pinning stop, “How long can this guy hang?”, Sean felt the enormous cock inside him but, it was getting thicker, in fact it seemed to grow inside him, the weight of Kyle felt unbearable, something as wrong, he knew that but he couldn’t think anymore when Kyle finally came into his butt, the pressure made Sean Pass out all he could say was “getting Bigger…”

Kyle’s hot load was incredible, lots and lots of thick cum came from him, but his orgasm never seem to subside, it felt like he would cum forever, “Poor Sean passed out, my shaft was too much for him, he probably passed out” Kyle tried to take his cock from Sean but it was still very hard for it, yet it was still cumming and the orgasm felt permanent, Then Kyle realized, what was happening, he kept growing during the Sex, and the process increased during his orgasm, all those magnificent things he felt a little ago were back and he was cumming like never, he saw the room getting smaller and Sean’s thin body becoming nothing compared to his arm, his ballooning body was again growing, and faster than before ,”God how long can I cum like this!” The growing made him cum more and this made him grow even more, Kyle lust was so intense that he kissed Sean in mouth and flex his muscles, Cum dripped from Sean’s ass and never stopped, Kyle couldn’t bear it anymore, he passed out when the growing seemed to stop, his gargantuan body fell down attached to Sean’s thin ass, the monstrous cock had become now even bigger, Kyle was far from the end of this growing process…

Ben: Well, that is a temporary solution, but sooner or later we will need sort of suit.

DeLeone: Actually, AlphaMan, how do you deal with this problem?

AlphaMan: It’s not easy. I do go through lots of suits, actually. I work with DuMont, the chemical company. They produce a kevlar-type product and together we have developed a spandex-like product from this material. It is the most highly-resistant elastic there is, and they produce it solely for me for the 30-year period of the patent we hold together. I will have them make some suits up for the boys.

DeLeone: They cannot go by themselves now. They have yet to perfect your hypnotic effect to hide their true identity.

AlphaMan: Yes indeed. I suppose that for these first training suits I could provide a wax mold of each of them.


Part 2

Thanks to Kyle, Sean discovered his serum works better than he expected… And now his freaking muscular lover each time is more intoxicated with his newly found POWER, and can such difference of muscular capacity make the couple apart?

Little by little the light filled the lab and soon Kyle awoke from his deep after cumming sleep, he could feel warmth near his body and that made him gently tussle his hair.

“Man, what a dream I had,” thought the young man, but just as quick as it came Kyle realized his gargantuan thick arms hanging on his tremendous wide shoulders “What the heck!” Kyle tried to stand on his freaky legs but then he realized, Sean’s ass was still attached to his enormous cock. “How come I sustain a hard on for so long, that shit should be over hours ago, this is freaking!” All over the floor there were enormous cum puddles not to mention the stains on Sean’s and Kyle’s bodies .

Sean slept beautifully and naive attached at Kyle’s pole . Kyle bend over and licked his ear gently saying “Wake up Sleeping Beauty …”. The doctor opened his eyes and smiled to his lover without wondering where he was, then he felt the tightness on his anus and realized he was still on Kyle’s shaft “Gosh! Can’t wait till I have some breakfast? “Actually I’ve been inside you the whole night! And I can say there is no better place in the world to be in “Kyle’s gigantic hands grabbed Sean’s jaw softly bringing the face of the astonished doctor into a passionate kiss . After many moments, Sean finally broke the kiss “Kyle I am sure you have grown more last night! I could feel you growing in my ass!

“Now that you said I remember … MAN WHAT A FEELING! I CAN’T WAIT TO GROW AGAIN!!!” Saying it he threw a most muscular pose that made Sean’s dick as hard as stone at the same moment .However the doctor had to control himself…

“Now wait a moment Kyle we have to figure out what the heck is going on with you! We have to be very careful “Sean, I really don’t care about this, the Freakier I got, the bigger I need to be!

Sean nodded . He knew his serum was running wild inside Kyle’s organism, something had to be done but you can’t argue too much with a living wall as the actual Kyle, and being frank, Sean was loving that feeling of being totally overpowered by that giant stud “OK! But first let me take a Shower and “noticing the barely marble statue on his ass”Kyle can u please take this pole from my ass, I can’t even feel it anymore!

“Are ya sure babe? Asked the living tower with a glint in his eyes . As Sean insisted he managed to pull that freaking cock out and from the inside of his ass a real river of cum came out oozing his balls, that were immediately licked by Kyle carrying the young doctor almost upside down with just one hand around his hips After that incident that took another minutes while the giant worked on Kyle’s cock, Sean could focus again on the scientific task he had ahead : He had to understand the behavior of the serum inside the organism of his augmented lover and maybe find way to control it, the many possibilities just invaded his mind as flood on the desert …

Kyle, in the other hand was so marveled with himself, he kept looking at his monstrous body, posing in front of the mirror the freakiest bodybuilding poses, getting so excited he stroke himself all the time cumming on the floor and wherever he wanted, sometimes he cummed on Sean’s lips while the poor doctor was distracted making his researches, and suddenly he was all covered with hot cum, not that he hated it, actually he could get some real good samples for further studies . Kyle could not hold the laugh when he saw Sean all covered with cum licking his face and glancing at that human tower as saying “Wait till the payback you assle!”. Around eight o’clock they could hear an powerful noise like a lion or a jaguar roaring … It was Kyle, he hadn’t eat anything since last night and for his new physic he had to eat or he could destroy everything around him “I think I’ll go get u some food my Giant fucker! Besides I don’t really believe any of your old clothes will fit in you now, you are as naked as a baby Kyle thanked him by gently lifting his body with one hand and kissing his lips so tight, Sean could feel himself being eaten by that powerful man if he didn’t bring food soon . Actually the young doctor had another idea, this could give him the opportunity to be out of that mass of cum and sweat in that lab, besides he would have time to manage all those little things which happened, like that old maid who cleaned the lab every morning, how could he explain all the cum spread on the floor, the walls and even on the ceiling for Christ sake! And the look of Kyle right now wouldn’t be recommended to an old woman, she could just drop dead at a peek of that giant man! “I’ll go to my place, get some food for you, grab some clothes too and some other stuff cause obviously you can’t get out of the lab at your actual look!

“Don’t you like what ya see babe?” asked the freak in front of the doctor, stroking his huge monster cock with one hand and flexing his other biceps. Sean was at full mast immediately with that scene, but he knew other stuff were more important at that moment…

“Please Kyle! Let’s do it another time, I have to get going, besides, aren’t ya hungry? A man as big as you should be eating at this time of day…

“Actually, I am STARVING doc! A bunch of food would be very good, please go and get something to eat!” Saying this he slapped Sean’s butt softly, but the good doctor felt it was a little to hard for his poor butt, which was still aching by that monstrous cock forcing its way inside it the whole night …

Sean went to the market and spent about 200 dollars in food “That will do, there’s food in here for about a month, how much can Kyle eat?”, he got to his place and managed to get his notes, to feedback his actual data collected in Kyle’s swollen body. He grabbed all the food he had in his home and packed it in order to take it to the lab just to be sure his giant lover wouldn’t be hungry .

The last problem left was what would on the Earth surface fit in Kyle? Sean took a look in some gym wear Stores and ordered the baggiest and the biggest stuff they had, it was about 500 dollars “I am spending some real money with this fellow!”, he laughed thinking about what he had just said to himself “My own real size stallion, and I REALLY MEAN IT!”

Almost arriving on the lab building Sean felt his spine freeze when he saw Dr Haynes, the chairman of the College Council approaching of the lab, he knew everything would be lost if he saw Kyle …

“Dr HAYNES! Yellowed the young doctor to that old man- Arrogant as his usual, Dr, Haynes glanced at Sean, managing to avoid the handshake Sean proposed as extending his hand to compliment such a celebrity going to his humble lab “Dr. Bennett! I see you’re up bright and early today, aren’t you? “Yes sir, I believe it is necessary when we achieve such an important moment on the research like I had “Sean noticed the change on the look of Haynes, he knew it would be very dangerous to tease the curiosity of that bastard, but there could be a solution on this try . “Good for you, my young doctor … I came here to take with the good Dr. Hillman about some issues … “I am afraid he won’t be here until next week … cut Sean trying to get some way to get rid of the bastard “Are u positive? Asked Haynes” Dr. Hillman e-mailed me yesterday saying he would come back today “Well, Wouldn’t it be better if you waited for him at your office, I assure if he get here I’ll send him there Haynes realized the ansious look on Sean’s face and got curious “If u don’t mind Dr. Bennett I’d rather wait on inside the lab, would that be inconvenient for you?

Sean felt the razor hanging above his neck, he only had a chance, it would have to try shooting in the darkness”

“Well of course not Dr. Haynes, please be my guest, but be careful, because the cleaning lady doesn’t come for some real time and I am afraid your suit will be ruined with all the dirty inside”. “Haynes stopped and checked the knob, it was all greased and dirty and there wasn’t something more annoying to him than be surrounded by dirty, “I won’t risk my suit because of the little rat! If he’s hiding something from me I’ll find it out sooner or later”

“Well, can u please send Dr Hillman to my office when he arrives …” said the chairman while turning his back to Sean and walking back to his snake nest…

“That one was close!”- thought Sean as climbing the stairs to the lab “I gotta get Kyle outta here!”. But suddenly all his worries seemed so worthless, just a peek of Kyle made his shaft hard and hot inside his pants, such a glorious freaking Giant of lover, all his thoughts were just washed up by those glorious mountainous pecs and the giant steel hard great flesh balls attached to his amazing arms . A Musclegod, the eighth wonderful of the World was just standing in front of him, the sweetest smile on the Earth’s surface printed on those lustful lips, Sean dropped all the bags he was carrying as he felt that powerful hug lifting him effortlessly from the ground, his feet hanging so many inches up in the air, all the sensations he had rubbing his already hard cock against Kyle’s hot skin, his hands travelling around that thick muscles, squeezing and pinching the giant nipples, desiring tongue worshipping his marble god, licking him biting his pecs not so lightly, scratching the width of those titanic backs, and finally kissing that tasteful mouth so hard, felling the other mouth becoming one with his own . Sean crossed his legs around Kyle’s thin waist, and managed to “grab” his man, Kyle smiled through his big green eyes, and gently put his stretched hand under the doctor’s ass supporting him like he was a little baby on his colossal arms, Sean felt the hand on his ass gently squeezing his butcheecks, the both as the same time so big that hand was now, sure he knew he could uncross the legs, but he wanted to keep as close as he could of this giant fucker, there was no better feeling of security on the whole world or universe, kissing all his way down to the chest he rested his head on those hard pillows of the freaking man’s pecs, he stayed there for a while, listening to the powerful heartbeats of his lover, he looked up to those unbelievable green eyes and grabbed that impossibly thick neck, crossing his hands behind it, with a considerable effort, kissed softly those big earlobes hanging in front of his desirable eyes and finally said : “I really missed you, babe” Smiling with his white teeth, he just relaxed his head again in his flesh pillows massaging the volcano nipples with his hot tongue Kyle couldn’t believe his own eyes, he was holding Sean so easily and no uncomforted at all, having that beautiful young man massaging his whole body was more than he could expect until last night, now he wants it to last forever, no matter what happens he decided this was the man he loved and the human being he needed around to be totally happy . The giant man maneuvered his lover easy in order to make him seating in his arms, having his precious biceps as pillows and carried him gently as walking by the lab : “You know what I found out while you were gone? I mean besides the fact that I really missed you too? As he stroke Sean’s cock with his tomb even through his jeans “I wanted to know exactly how much I had grown during that Awesome Fuck you gave me, so I took my measurements using all the precise tools u have in the lab Sean’s eyes widened, due to scientific curiosity but not as much as his lust need to quantify the new dimensions of his freaking lover .

“You said I was 380 pounds and 6’10” height last night, well this morning right after you left i went up on the scale and read my new weight” making a pause to rub the doctor’s chin with one hell of big finger” I am 463 pounds now” Kyle said as flexing his biceps under Sean’s pulsating prick “463 POUNDS?! Are u out of your mind, this can’t be true! No muscular man can weigh that much, not as your bodyfat percentual, I mean you seem to be all muscle and to weigh that much, GOD! Your body composition must be changing, constructing each time more new muscular fibers in your organism, that’s the only way you can be gaining so much weight in short time …

“That’s what I concluded too “doctor”, my organism is adapting itself in order to answer the genetic commands on my morphed DNA, but it doesn’t stop there, I keep growing in height too…

“Well THAT I could realize by myself, this time while you were holding me up on the air, the feeling was stronger than the first time, and the distances on your body seemed to grow apart, you are definitely are BIGGER my dear fucker!” Sean squeezed his butt against those enormous guns in order to feel again the wonderful peak right in the middle of his cheeks “YEAH, babe I am taller, that’s for sure! Right now I stand at 7’ high, even my feet are so big I, had a few troubles to get used to walk with them” Kyle made a pause to play a little bit more with his tomb massaging Sean’s cock and feel the hardness and the smile on the little man’s face who thanked by squeezing the freaking pecs on his lover .

“So “Growing Man” did u check your other stats?” That question was unnecessary, And Sean knew it but he couldn’t avoid it, just the thought of the stats of his new and improved freaking fucker “What do ya think skinny? Kyle played with his big finger in Sean’s lips delighting the sucking play his “skinny” gave him as a preview of what was coming next “Well I am crazy to take notes, ALL OF THE NOTES! “Sean you are really quite a character! I love this sense of humor, it is much more interesting than your annoying Ph.D. talk or your always worried look on the face “I knew this too Kyle, I think I am “loosen up” as the kids say, You know after having your shaft inside me all night long I couldn’t be more “loosen”, that thing is too wide!

They both laughed out loud, and they both noticed how much Kyle’s voice changed, becoming so low, masculine, booming, he used to talk almost as a teenager, but now his laughter made the windows shake a little as it vibrate around the lab, Kyle was definitely changing morphing, into something beyond human expectations, maybe a new and superior kind of man, but the fact was, he was getting bigger and stronger and freakier, the funny thing was, Sean wasn’t so worried about that as he had been, he just wished Kyle to grow more and more …

“Let me tell you my new stats” said the freak to his lover” But before he could start Sean started laughing and punching Kyle’s wall chest “Kyle you sun of a bitch! Your are carrying me all this time! Aren’t you tired? I mean, you haven’t even changed the arm you are holding me—the doctor started jumping with his butt, little quick movements trying to make that big arm shake but it was unsuccessful, Kyle just laughed as the doctor jumped “Honey I am so strong that I had forgotten that I was holding you on my arms, you know what? My arm isn’t even tired, I feel I could curl about 2000 pounds with this same arm and have u sit on my shoulder, The reason I kept u there is because this way I can feel u so tiny, so deliciously petit, absorbing my power and being my little angel, Sean I want to feel u as vulnerable as You are now, this make me feel so powerful and yet so responsible at the same time Because despite all of my muscles, the most important to me is YOU, I could kill all the armies if they hurt you, and that’s why I want you here to protect you, to be sure I can always be your wall, no matter what happens, just feel my power muscles there to help you …

Sean grabbed Kyle’s mouth with his tongue and gave him a passionate kiss . He never had such a beautiful love declaration in his life, in fact it was the first . The kiss seemed to last forever, but Sean had to break it, he couldn’t keep holding his breath as Kyle could his lungs must have grown as well as the rest of his body …

“Well THANKS! Said the doctor still recovering the breath” He could stay all his lifetime in that arm, just to be near him it was more than he could wish for Kyle lifted Sean a little in order to embrace him standing and feel his hard cock near his face, he squeezed a little but he didn’t hurt the doctor, then he through his feather body up and grabbed it falling down, looking to Sean’s scared face laughing and those beautiful eyes shut …

“Stay right here, gently putting his love on the table” You are gonna love THIS!

Kyle rubbed his hands together,as preparing a freaking awesome Show “My dear Doctor I want u to know My new stats! Kyle went a few steps back and took a deep breath!

“CHECK THIS OUT, PUNNY BOY! 117” FUCKING CHEST! Said the freaking man expanding those colossal pecs, the nipples were so high and flat, Sean felt he could do more than just put a can on them, he could really sit on them and they wouldn’t even squeeze . Of course the poor doctor was painfully hard but Kyle insisted for him to see the whole show before “the action” …

_WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS SKINNY? Said him while flexing his washboard abs . A perfect 10-pack living wall, attached to his impressive figure …

Sean was already licking them, worshiping his god, but again Kyle gently pulled him apart, he had to see the whole thing …

_FEEL MY BACK! Ordered the monumental man, His back were so wide, Sean could open his arms on it and yet there was some real meat to be embraced . Kyle’s butt cheecks were round and firm as stones, so perfectly cut he sould swear they had been sculpted on marble, Sean’s fingers made all their way down to Kyle’s prick and reached the warmth of his “pussy”, Kyle moaned and flexed his butt almost crushing those desiring fingers “You will stick your meat on my ass just, have some patience! Kyle turned to Sean with a glint on his beautiful green eyes, he looked down to his lover as he stared to a bug and shouted: “86 INCHES WIDE THOSE ARE MY TIGHS YOU RUNT! C’MON FEEL THEM!

Sean was beyond human arousement, no way he couldn’t stand there anymore, he grabed those impossibly huge tighs and bited them, his teeth felt like he was biting a steel wall, the exciting pain, the warmth of his body in his mouth, maybe Kyle didn’t realize but he was far away of human proportinons, some kind of god was born, a muscle god, and only Sean the luckiest man in the whole world was there to witness this moment .

Kyle lifted his carried awy viwer and gently spancked his buttchecks “Now wait up unitll I am finished”, putting him on his original place, he passed his fingers trough Sean’s hair and kissed him roughly and broke the kiss as abruptly as it began even Sean’s saliva was still dripping on the corner of his precious mouth when he shouted : “THOSE ARE THE MY GUNS, YOU BUG, COME ON WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THEM? BIG? WELL, MY DEAR DOCTOR THEY’RE UNBELIEVEABLE BIG, FELL THEM : 34 FUCKING INCHES! The peeks of Kyle’s biceps were so high, and veined, a perfect 45 degree angle, some kind of jewelery, the might and the beauty of those flexed biceps were just too muchfor poor Sean he couldn’t hold anymore…

“Oh Kyle, please let me touch them i can’t hold my cum anymore please, you are making me cum without even touching me … The mouth of Sean was begging his musclegod to be kissed and to taste his lover once more as the baby seeking for his mother breast, to get his food from them…

Kyle finally felt sorry for his poor runt, grabbing him with one hand he held the doctor aside of his gun while he flexed it, Sean could barely lick the marble scuplture, smelling the strong and intoxicating musk odor, which came from those anomalous armpits, Sean managed to open his pants leting his hardbone hit Kyle’s pecs, the preecum oozing his head like a lustful piercing . The muscle giant approached the hard doctor near him and whispered on his ears : “I want to make you cum forever, the more you worship me the more I seem to grow, everytime we fuck I’ll be even bigger by the time we cum, you’ll be my growth factor and I want you to make me grow even more, Come on Sean make me grow, I wanna be fucking huge just for you, come on let me grow some more …

And that was it, Sean just touched the head of his shaft and it spewed cum splats all over the place . Fortunatelly most of them hit Kyle’s fantastic body and they both licked it, Sean squeezed his cummed cock to get all of his juice to his lover, who was sucking it since it spewed the last cum splat . They went tongue-wrestling one more time, the salty taste on them was more than delicious, Kyle breathed deeply while he squeezed Sean strong on his hug, trying to cover him with his body …

“Oh Kyle I give up, i can’t make u stop growing because the thing i want the most in this life now is seeing you each time bigger, no matter what it costs I’ll make you grow more, don’t you worry about it …But please let me feel you inside of my ass one more time, maybe you can gfrow again in my ass …

It doesn’t need to be told twice, Kyle was already lied on Sean’s ass, the poor doctor left a “Ooooff!!”when that mountanious weight smashed him against the floor, Kyle didn’t pay atention to that, he was too busy trying to figure a way to stick his now 27 inch cock into Sean’s ass “I think we might have a little big problem here my dear doctor, but don’t worry about it”, then the freaking man turned his target backwards and lifted his legs up to his ears “OUCH!”- yeallowed Sean, such pain he caused in Sean’s body, but yet both of them didn’t pay atention. Kyle manouvered his shaft around the doctor’s ass spitting on it, to lubrificate a little, although it waas already oozed with precum”

“Here it goes Sean, don’t worry I’ll be gentle!”” At least Kyle tried to but sticking 27 inches of hot hard iron into Sean’s pussy wasn’t painless at all, in fact the poor doctor took a long time to get used to such a living pole ramming inside his ass, not that it wasn’t delicious at all, but, the feeling of Kyle’s weight was kinda uncomfortable, besides, his ass was already aching since the last time they fucked, while Kyle’s pole was comparetivelly “smaller” to its actual proprotions .

Even though Sean seemed to enjoy that animal Sex as much as Kyle was.

Kyle waas so aroused by his feeling of strentgh and power, he barely could hear Sean’s moans, all the time he was fascinated with his size”

“Man this is fucking awesome I AM BIGGER THAN ANY MAN IN THE PLANET!”” Specially with his cock size “Gosh that shit is almost up to my chest when it is hard, how can i walk with this”.

Everything looked fragile and tiny to him now, specially Sean “ Just think that untill yesterday you were taller than me you little runt, now what do you think of me, i can crush you like a bug with this cock …”

The freaking muscle man barely realized he was pinning Sean on the floor as a lion kils its food, Sean tryed talking to him but he got no answer from his fucker, he spoke louder, but yet all he could get was some bites on his ears and a lustfull look, Kyle couldn’t see his face and wasn’t paying atention at all, suddenly Sean felt this pain like something was being teared inside of him, the breath of Kyle got heavier and the pumps wild, he had never felt something like that before, his entire colon seemed to be sucked from the inside, Kyle was no more being gentle at all, he was more than rough he was being violent, rude, but yet SO HOT! Sean was in pain, he tried to yeallow at Kyle but he had no strength at that position, Kyle’s weight made the air go out of his lungs faster than he could gather it to shout, the pain on his ass continued, and he wanted to understand why such violence, and then he realized almost fainting : Kyle was growing again, and it seemed to be even stronger than the first time, it was more intense, and the wrost was that the freaking man couldn’t realize it …

“Man, this is a fucking! I can split Sean in two with my cock, This is awesome, I shoved almost evrything of this shaft inside him, ya know I’m gonna for all of it!”- Kyle breath deeply when he shoved the rest of his might member inside Sean’s ass, he didn’t care if it hurt,. No way he could stop it now! Pumping wildly he grabed his arms together and made a double biceps pose, just to look at them and get more aroused to pump each time faster and rougher “This is just amazing, This is the fuck of the millenium”” Kyle couldn’t notice while sean touched him more than twice “Oh come on babe you can handle it I know that’s what u asked for, bitch” …

And then it hit Kyle “What is going on here? I am pumping faster than when i began and I am not even tired, in fact it felt marvellous, man i think this is it IAM GROWING MORE, FUCKING AWESOME I CAN’T WAIT TO CUM”,”Come on Sean let’s get through with this” Kyle rimmed stronger as he felt his body stretching to dreaming proprtions, the pressure in his arms, backs and chest was juicing, but he wanted more, he had to grow more, no matter what it costs, he felt his shaft getting harder and longer inside Sean’s ass, but he managed to shove it down, yet he felt like he was tearing something but, no atentioin he had to fuck, he had to cum, he had to grow more! His biceps were sorrow with the growth, and this was so fucking awesome, all his body was growing, he could swear he was getting taller again …

Kyle was almost cumming, he flated ALL his might phisque on Sean’s body not caring if he could breathe at all, he managed to Shove all the way his growing cock, pumping roughly and deeper each time, untill he had it . Just like a wave of pleasurte hit all his body, he shouted and rolled aside, with his cock still semi attached to Sean’s hole he laughed as he felt his body growing more “World be prepared, here CUMS the FUCKING KYLE!”, the jisms were like a river, he cummed inytensily, the spasms were almost uniterrupted, he cummed inside of Sean’s and he felt the growth increasing as he cummed, what makes he cum even more, no better feeling in the whole world, he needed to grow more, Kyle looked to his balooning biceps as they boomed in front of his eyes, he could just lay there cumming, as he felt the growth, how much had he grow, wait a minute, he was still growing, this time this is serious if Kyle was before a already freaking man now, he was for sure scaring, all his body seemed to grow freakish, he looked at his hands as they were still growing, so wide, so broad, his fingers were wider than wrist used to be before the growth, and talking abouth growth, it finally seemed to decrease, slowly as his ever cumming, he could feel the power and the heat subsiding, his heartbeats becoming normal again, only his shaft seemed hard forever, but he knew now it would be like this forever, sean made him grow even more .

“SEAN!! Shouted Kyle as he realized the body of the doctor, all cummed and with blood getiing out of his ass, blood which made Kyle’s cum turn into a pinkish color and it scared the hell out of him .

He grabbed the doctor quickly and rushed to the lab bathroom, he had to turn sides to enter on it and the shower was too small for him and Sean stay inside together, he pulled his cock out of Sean’s ass, and then a river of blood and cum went down the drain.


Sean’s body seemed to be lifeless, no more resistance at all, Kyle’s spine froze as he tried to reanimate his lover “Oh man, what have I done? The poor guy was begging me to stop but I had to keep fucking him!”

Kyle brought Sean to the table and tried to listen to his heart, the beats were very low but steady “Thanks God!”thought the unbelievable musclebound, while he made Sean inhale some strong smells in order to make him wake from his “sleep”. A few cofs were the answer the freaking man needed, but yet, the guilty made his heart heavy “If pushed a lilttle bit harder I would have killed him, man I am TOO big for Sean, I have to admit it, there’s no way we can keep with this”, for the first time Kyle felt not so happy with his huge body, not after he almost killed the man who gave him such as gift .

“M- My God! What happened?” the words came so softly Kyle had to guess what he was saying” Pss! Don’t Say anything… Please You have to rest!” As the giant gently put his finger on sean’s lips . Trying to be the most gently as he could as he supported Sean as the por doctor tried to stand, although the giant prefered him to remain lied on the table “Please Kyle, I know I can stand up now…”. Kyle simply held Sean’s avoiding him to stand directly on the floor . Then Sean realized he was almost on the level of Kyle’s belly, which meant,the man had grown more during the Sex, the hands were so freakish now, one simple hand of the giant almost embraced Sean’s waist “Now THIS IS FREAK!”thought the doctor gasping and managing to stand on his own . He had to breathe deeply …

“Kyle, you’ve grown again, I mean now you are inhuman! How come?

“Sean, please don’t speak, you are very weak, you should…

“Talking about strentgh you must be stronger than ten men together! At your new size, this can’t be possible, I know about this! We have to check what’s going on, for god’s sake!

Kyle finally let it go””Okay, I agree with you, I Got too big this time, even my hands feel strange, Oh god Sean Am i going to get even bigger, I said all those things to you but, i didn’t care about growing, Untill I hurt you!

“Kyle, you know it wasn’t on purpose, you were just enjoying yourself, it is perfectly …

“If I pushed a little bit harder, you would be dead at this time, and i sware I wanted to push harder, I just didn’t have time, I cummed before that …

Then tears came from those enormous greeen eyes, Kyle was no more than a child, freaking huge child who had no control of his actions, all he wants is his pleasure, he didn’t mean to hurt, but he would if it needs. Sean put his little hand on that big pretty face and said with a mature low voice “you know we’ll deal with this don’t you?”

Kyle couldn’t resist, he let a shiy smile escape trough his teeth and managed to wipe his nose as Sean’s twisted his colossal nipples “Don’t worry big boy!Now let’s get things fixed with this lap, it won’t be hard for someone as big as truck as you, dear!”

In fact, to clean up the lab was too easy, Kyle simply tossed the things as if they were made out feather, one of the advantages of his monstrous body .

Even looking so freak as Kyle was now, Sean couldn’t find him anyway less atractive, actually he looked even more powerful and hotter than never . The doctor promissed him he would manage the situtaion, but on the bottom of his heart he didn’t mind at all with Kyle’s new proportions Time passed as Sean went deep on his studies on Kyle’s situation . The doctor barely noticed as the freak ate ALL the food he had brought with no effort, and yet the man was still hungry, but he could handle that . Kyle tried to dress some clothes but as he was sticking one astonishing tigh into a sweat pant, Sean asked him to stay naked because he would have to take some measurements ““Well I don’t think they would fit me anyway” thought the monumental musclebound as he threw the pant on the corner .

As the hours went by Kyle was getting aroused again, but for the first time he forced himself not obey his sexual impulse, first he had to know if he would keep growing, no way he would hurt Sean like he did, neither if he had to get lost from him, he would never do that again . The heat and that sensation were real hard to contain, and the poor big guy was really into his meaning, but, he couldn’t avoid a raging hard on, as he fixed his desiring eyes on Sean’s little,and its thin-shaped beauty made him impossibily horny “Well maybe if I jerk off I won’t grow again, I didn’t grow the first time i jerked off after last night”- It was uncetain but, he had to try, his steel cock was aching so hard he was, Then he noticed his giant pole, the last time he checked it hard, the measure was 27 inches, but now, it was way longer and thicker than never it had to be at least 33 inches” And the thickness, increadibly thickness, looked like a baseball bat, but red and with that big mushroom head ready to explode at the barely touch.

He grabbed his master piece cock in his hands and gently storked it, breathing deeply and slowly as he was feeling closer of the precious moment of orgasm, And then came all those images of his body, veined arms and diamond pecs, well WAY beyond that, and the moments he gew during Sex, that sensation was so intense he would never forget it, the spasms, sweat and musk odor as he licked his armpit, the wonderfull sensation of his smooth body (though he had a real forest on the groin, the rest of his body was as soft as a baby butt), and the stone wall feeling of his chest and abs, all this together could make him cumm, even if he didn’t have a but to stick his shaft, he just have to cum and he woul feel better, he knew about that…

“Interesting … These reads are really interesting, it seems that Kyle’s DNA is such altered it is constantly producing new muscle cells, no matter if there are already many others, and to acomodate those new fibers, the genes apparently developed a way to enhance skeletal cells as weel as produce new ones, that’s why Kyle keeps growing and and getiing each time more muscular, but still can’t figure what’s starting all that process …”

Sean hit a few buttons on his computer and a diagram of the distribution of hormones in Kyle’s samples appeared, the doctor was fascinated with the data he acquired “Increadibble! This amount of hormones, and yet Kyle’s body seems to get trough the side effects of such concentration, with no problem at all! I mean, almost intact, because those high levels of testosterone should get him serious insuline problems and such dose of adrenaline would cause a heart attack …”

“Wait a minute! That’s it! The combination of testosterone and adrenaline is starting the growth process,, but each time it happens,seems to be more intense because the levels of those things on Kyle’s body are acumulating, and that feedback works on the way to enhance the growth! That’s why Kyle grows when he cums, the mix of testosterone and adrenaline is very common at a normal orgasm, but when KYLE cumms those concentrations are beyond human and it backfires augmenting his body each time stronger than the previous …

Suddenly Sean heard a few moans from the back of the lab”

“Oh, shit! If that bastard cums again he will grow ot of this lab!”- Sean rusheds to where the moans came from and he found Kyle on the floor stroking his monster shaft almost cumming .

His face was red, and his veins were such at sight he looked like road map, those arms squeezed his cock with all their might and it looked almost purple, ready to spew “Kyle! Kyle! Please listen It is not safe for you to cum again, You are going to grow much more than the last time!

The giant man opened as scared with those news, wishing to get free of his cock, but, the last stroke he gave it was the final drop (or the first if ya know what I Mean) The cum spats flushed from that mushroom head with such power they hit Sean’s face and the ceiling easiliy, Kyle’s pole as he let it off, looked like a Naja, ready to spread its poison, the cum, droped,better ran from his cock in such amounts, it seemed water, if it wasn’t that strong odor …

And once more it hit Kyle, he felt his body growing bigger and his muscles thicker and heavier, this time, oddly(?), it didn’t feel so intense but yet he could see his growth on his chest, which became bigger and harder, his guns swallowed bigger as basketballs, and his tighs could smash steel between them, of course he Had an orgasm far of the words description, but compared to the others he had before … “That’s pretty hey cumming boy? Teased Sean as he licked his face tasting Kyle’s cum and preparing a few samples for further analisys “Oh my god Sean … I am sorry, I thought It would not happen again, i mean, this morning I jerked off dozens of times and I haven’t grow na inch and now, it boomed me again “OK But don’t say it like you were sorry You are blessed! You are beyond human Kyle, look at you, with this body You could whatever you want!

“Not everything dear, i wished I could fuck you without hurting you”- Whispered Sean and Kyle it would be better if they went back to Sean’s place, fortunatelly, the lab van Sean borrowed could containKyle’s Colossal proportions, although he had to bend his head even he was sit on the back of the car . Sean drove to his fouse, and looked around to see if there wasn’t any nosy neighbors around, he parked inside the backyard and made Kyle enter to backdoor it was safer, no one could see his giant body,Kyle tried to get through the door, he had overgrown it, his shoulders are wider than it! He had to pass one side of his backs at time “Man That’s really impressive”noticed Sean as the giant manouverd his gargantuan body .. The sight of Kyle bending and turning aside to enter Sean’s house was something outraging, Sean barely could believe his eyes, just yesterday this giant man was no more than a skinny pretty boy, such fragile and now he looks bigger than his own house . Sean felt energized, but he couldn’t understand why Kyle was so upset, afterall this was all he always have dreamed and MORE…

After explaining all the situation to the booming man, Sean concluded “… that’s why You will keep growing when you cum, it is the start key to the growth process, and keeps more intense each time it happens . Got it?

“Well . sort off . I don’t understand why I have grown less this last time, you said they will come improved …

“Maybe it is the concentration of adrenaline, You know that Sex between two people is much more exciting than masturbation, that’s why you’ve grown a bit less, but certainly when we fuck again, you get hella bigger than you are now…

“Listen Sean I want u to read my mesurements again… cut Kyle . Sean didn’t get it but he did it anyway those stats made him horny as hell” Well you freak, The last growth spurt you had turned out like this: chest 157”, legs 104”, waist 42”inches” believe me it looks like 30”, Shoulders are 5 feet wide (man You are almost wider than I am tall), Guns are 53” inches, Your weight reads unbelieveable 586 pounds(which I think is just perfect for your height makes you look even wider) and you are 8’3” high” YOU ARE AWESOME!

“And what about this! Said the freaking with low voice as grabing his pole “Aha! i thought you’d never asked … Your shaft is about 19”limp and almost 36”hard, I mean it almost 3 ft long and 10 inches Wide, This is impressive…

“Sean we can’t do that anymore!”Said the booming voice on s said tone “What? What are..

“Sean The last time we did it, I hurt you bad, I can’t control myself, i am so big and strong, when I am fucking, I don’t care for anybody, If i grow once more on you You can be in serious problem “Kyle, You know that You didn’t mean to do that, and besides I am okay!I want you to love me forever you silly…

Gently Kyle held Sean by his armpits effortless and and looked deep into his eyes “You know I can’t have Sex with you, I am too big for you, you can’t even support my weight at your butt, Kyle let’s just admit, we can’t get long with this, I mean I can’t even jerk off quiet beacuse I have to watch out for the ceiling or not to outgorwn the room, Sean I have to make some movements to get inside of your house, and I don’t think you can afford buy me food or clothes! I ate all teh food you gave and yet I am Starving to death! No clothes will fit on this body, and the most important, no human being can keep up with my sexual drive, i can fuck for hours without even get tired, and if I do that i am sure I’ll be so big there’s gonna be a comotion when they find out anout me “Oh Kyle! Please let me help you! I promiise you I can …

“You’ve given me this body and that’s more that you could do for me, believe me, Sean it will be the best for us!Now I have to go! “where are you going? Said the doctor concerning about his lover, “Somewhere in the country, with no people around to ask me about my size.I will grab those clothes ya gave me and will hit the road first thing tomorrow morning. “k- Kyle?asked Sean with tender voice “please I won’t get back with this…

“In fact, I wondered if you could let me down, I am having some cramps on my legs… smiled the doctor Then the augmented musclebound realized he was still holding his lover, for all this time, in fact hurting him, and paying no atention at all to that… “Ya see I hurt you and couldn’t notice! I can’t live with yo anymore little man, You’re my real love but I can’t be smaller to love you, so gotta go Sean my sweet little man!

Kyle tried to find those XXX clothes on the lab van but he couldn’t, sean figures they should have stayed on the lab “Don’t worry I’ll bring them back, it is better if you don’t get outta house, I have to take some notes, I’ll be back by night!

“OK! But if U don’t coe back I’ll go anyway, even if i ahve to wrap a towel on my waist!

Sean drove wildly to the Lab, he ahd to bring those clothes, but he desired Kyle could change his mind but he seemed decided, besides afterall, he was being sensible, no way he could handle that piece of meat growing on his ass, but the feeling of losing his giant was worse than the apin he felt at that moment .

The lab was still a mass, but he saw the clothes right away, grabbed them, put them into the bags, got his notes organized and was already leaving when he remembred Kyle’s words “I am too big for you! Too big, don’t ya see Little man!”

“Well my giant, this little man, won’t be little for too long!I will get so big even you will have to respect my size and body!

He rushed for the growth serum, and found the bottle tossed with some other products” I had almost forgot about this sreum …Now TWO can play this game!

Sean prepared the shot, dissolving the serum at a 50% concentration, and prepared a 80cc shot, he knew, this shot was stronger than the one Kyle took himself, but just the possibility of making Kyle look “smaller” would be the final pleasure, just for once he wished to grab him by the armpits just like he did to him, Then he felt bad with that, he enjoyed being carried by Kyle like a toy, it was so exciting, afterall Kyle could leave the same way if he found out he was outgrown by Seanand that hwe couldn’t stand, all he had to do was to be strong enough to handle his shaft and to keep growing with him . Sean got another shot and prepared a 30% concentration and amounted at 40 cc, this could make him WAY bigger than any bodybuilder in the world, But yet smaller than Kyle what would be perfect they could live together,Kyle wouldn’t feel humliated by his size and yet, he would have the respect of his lover and never being called “little man” again. The two shots were side by side on the table, Sean couldn’t make his own mind, which one should he take, does he desire to outgrown Kyle? Or he just want to keep up with his giant musclebound lover? “Well, now what am I gonna do?


Part 3

Sean had already made up his mind, he grabbed the first shot the one which was going to make him grow bigger than Kyle had grown and shot the thick content on his vein .

“Kyle told me he shot into the muscular tissue but at this level of concentration, the serum should work better if distributed by bloodstream”.Sean knew that shooting into the bloodstream would be a bit slower to start the growth process, but he didn’t care for time he just WANTED to be bigger than his “little boy”. Afterall, why would he rush this so awaited transformation

_ Sean, Sean are u in here?—The voice came from the stairs and got closer as the sentence finished. It was Mark! “Damn! I forgot he would come back these days, and now what do I do?”

_ Hey here u are my friend ! Said Mark as hugging his lab partner. Sean barely responded the hug, so distracted and worried about what would happen when the growth process starts, he had to take Mark out of the lab before it happens Mark looked around and quickly noticed the mess on the lab, it seemed a tornado went through the building, the shelves, cabinets, and specially, the smell, the entire room smelled like … Well it wasn’t a unknown smell for Mark, but what the heck would the lab smell like this . Mark found why when his shoe stepped on cum puddle which was not totally dry yet and he almost slipped .

_ Sean, Can u please tell me what is going on here, why is there such CUM on the floor ?

_ Mark, Mark please! We can’t talk right now I am very busy, please leave…

_ I will leave my ASS! What are u thinking ? I Let u use my laboratory for a couple of weeks and look at this mess ! I want to know what’s going on Sean!

_ I can explain it, but not now Mark, please leave before…

_ Before what Sean? You can trust me pal, We know each other since college, I can help you but please tell me what’s going on

_ I SAID YOU TO GO HOME YOU BASTARD! Sean pushed Mark, but he was too heavy for him to move with just one push . Then Mark grabbed Sean by his shirt and lifted the smaller doctor

_ Listen to me Sean! You know I am stronger than you’ve never been, I can kick your ass anytime I want, so it’s time for you spill it out! What’s happening here since I left?

Just then Sean felt something burning his body, a heat wave stronger than anything he knew, his senses were crazy, all he could do was scream, a loud scream trying to become free of that grip, the shaking came after this, his muscles had their own will, he couldn’t command them . Mark felt terrified as Sean screamed and trembled right in front of him, he let Sean’s collar free and tried to help the skinny man . All he could do was support Sean, Mark embraced him trying to stop the trembling with his body.

He could feel how warm Sean was, his skin felt like boiling water, he could hear the gasps and the heartbeats of his friend, he thought he would die any moment now . The louder Sean screamed, the stronger the heat and the pain became, just like a nightmare it seemed eternal, the sweat ran over his body like a flush, and yet there was this unbearable feeling of being stretched by his joints, something he didn’t expect to feel . Screaming was all he could do, he didn’t notice he was embraced to Mark, closer than they’ve never been since they’ve known each other, Sean punched Mark’s back as the pain got stronger, and his boiling lips finally met the cleavage of Mark’s wide shirt, the sweet smell of his cologne, the smooth and the hardness of those pecs he desired for so long time .

All Sean did was drooling on them, crying and screaming because of the pain and Mark embraced him stronger, trying to stop his friend’s pain, the only thing he could understand was anything . Mark was completely freaked out by what was happening . Suddenly it stopped and Sean literally fainted, Mark grabbed him and carried his friend to a table, and was about to start CPR, when he noticed that Sean’s heart as well as his owner were OK, just blacked out, by the ultimate stress they both had passed. Sean opened his eyes slowly, trying to clear the image of Mark’s sweet face on his mind, a little smile came right after, and then he remembered what he had passed by, the growth process, the adaptation period, before the first growth spurt. It meant, his genes were already refined, and will begin the process any minute now .

_ Sean, Tell me what is happening NOW! What the fuckin’ hell is going on here, why you collapsed like u did?

Sean, tried to stand but Mark insisted on helping him . Mark felt weird helping him, it seemed a little different, Was Sean somehow heavier ? Then Sean standed, Nothing unusual, his usual lean body, maybe a little stronger, afterall, Sean had done some work out since college, his complexion, his eyes, well his eyes looked the same, but …

_ WHAT THE FUCK? Mark jumped back as he noticed, Sean was taller than him, and it was impossible, Mark has always been 6’2”, and Sean always was about three inches shorter than him, and now here he was, at least 6’3”, cause his head were about half an inch up in the air, passing his own head …

_ Mark, please let me explain it all…

_ You better explain it, how come you’ve grown 5 inches in ten minutes

_ TEN ? You mean it wasn’t about 2 minutes ?

_ Well, I only remembered when you fainted, it was 9: 47 and now it is 9:58, in fact you were “shaking” at least nine minutes…

_ Good Lord, what have I done? Sean put his hand on his forehead, looking worried “Kyle collapsed about two minutes and he grew 2 inches and 26 pounds”

_ I should make the questions here! Sean, You are taller than me, How come ?

_ Mark you gotta be calm, you are gonna start seeing things you’ve never imagined as possible…

_ What the hell is that ? You are already taller than me, and what else are you going to grow another head or something else ?

_ I have developed a genetic treatment, you know this but, instead of rebuild damaged muscular tissues it turned out like reprogramming the genes to increase the muscular mass beyond expectations …

_ Are you saying to me, that your research is some kind of muscle growth formula?

_Well it wasn’t meant to be this way, but…OH GOOD LORD!!! Sean felt HOT, a rush of blood like he never imagined . Instead of pain he felt blizz, it was like cumming, in fact Sean’s cock got hard and oozing precum like he never did. Sean could just moan, as he felt all his cells stretching and growing, He tried to remove his shirt but he had not enough concentration to do that, he moaned like an eternal orgasm . Mark couldn’t believe his eyes, Sean was absolutely inflating in front of him. His chest went first . Under the wide coat, Sean’s old plain chest came up as two beautiful muscle pecs, which grew increasing their muscles, with size, power and definition, Quickly the muscle hemispheres, were big enough to fill the coat, and yet they didn’t seem to slow down their growth … Sean’s chest, got even, bigger, rounder, the fabric started tearing, “RRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!”was the next step as that powerful chest burst as two big slabs of growing flesh and power, sweat covering those muscle pecs, making them shine as they continued to get bigger and bigger . Then . his chest were no more the only thing growing in Sean’s body : His Legs joined the growth spurt, shaking violently and getting each time bigger, muscular and powerful, Sean’s jeans were tight as he never felt, and his muscles grew even more as the time passed . It didn’t take much time to his jeans give up as well as his coat, His muscle power moprhed him as an opera of freaking power and size …

_ Sean, Can u hear me ?Are you OK? Mark called trying to check on his friend’s health, well obviously, physically he was beyond OK, but he had to check his mind…

_ Hmmmm… This is so good!

_ Sean can u hear me ? Talk to me buddy!

_ Mark, I am wonderful, don’t worry, hmmmmmm, MAN THIS IS FUCKIN’ AWESOME!

_ Sean you are tearing your clothes ! How long will this growth spurt last?

_ Much more than that I can say…

_ HOLY COW! This was all Mark could say, as he noticed, Sean’s arms growing freak in front of his eyes. Mark Hadn’t notice them until, they were so huge as two grapefruits, better two big melons, bursting out of their fabric prison and growing huge to freedom . Sean’s arms were free and growing, growing getting bigger rounder, much bigger, they seemed to grow more than the rest of Sean’s body . In fact, All his body was growing in different rhythms and spurts, what made Sean look like a morphing picture .

And then it came, The spurts seemed to start working “unison”, The growth increased its rate, much more than the former one, Sean just keep growing as Mark open his mouth and dropped his jaw as he noticed, how taller Sean had gotten, Much over one foot he was sure . And the taller he got, the wider he boomed, his muscles were trying to make him bigger and bigger, and more muscular . Sean was already bigger than any bodybuilder, how come his organism can afford such a growth, where the hell was the body getting all the mass to transform it in muscles? Sean looked each time bigger and stronger, even his neck was far way from those NFL defenders, in fact, Sean’s arms looked wider and bigger than Mark’s legs . Most impressive was his back, so much wider than any muscular man, Sean’s laps were so wide and big, that keep pushing his arms up, in a 120 degree angle, making Sean look like those Super Heroes. The look on Sean’s face was intimidating, his beautiful eyes seemed to look beyond of reality, like no one else matters, just his colossal body . Sean just kept growing and growing and growing, each time more muscular, as no medical report had ever reported, His face was so big, and square shaped, like the toughest of the tough guys, although his look showed some kind of compassion for the smaller ones, something to be feared, but no less loved. Mark knew about it, he had always been some kind of stallion since puberty, what made him popular and full of chicks, nothing that he could complain about… if he really wanted this. Mark had always been “inside of the closet” fearing the reaction of his parents, besides, he never met that person, for whom, he could come out, well almost not . Since he met Sean in college, he had this strange feeling, such a dedicated student, but so lonely at the campus, the only one he could call friend was Mark, not a friend at all, just one more “buddy”. How many times, Sean had to sleep on the hall, because Mark had this or that chick with him. Sex was good, always, but, he just wanted to “make love”. And suddenly, Mark realized where he was, and with whom, his former college buddy, now a famous Ph.D., but at the present moment, is getting bigger and bigger, each time more muscular, beyond the human anatomy can support. Mark almost freaked out as he take a peek at Sean’s new and improved body . His head was almost reaching the lamp, which meant he was now almost 9 feet tall, If he raised those gargantuan arms, he could effortlessly touch the ceiling at 12 feet . The most frightening was the look on Sean’s face, like he knew all of this would happen . More than this, like he was waiting for such transformation, there had to be a secret behind that …

Kyle woke up at once, he had fallen asleep waiting for Sean’s return. As he tried to get up of that one person couch Kyle noticed he was stuck. That couch was wide enough even for a large man, but not for that freaking giant man, Kyle had some real trouble to fit on that chair, he could lie down on Sean’s bed, but he preferred that couch, and after all the time he waited, he ended up taking a nap. And know, his marvelous ass is stuck in that chair, there wasn’t how he could get up. Well, he tried to get up anyway, and with the slightest movement, Kyle broke the chair, like it was made out of paper

“Fuck!” exclaimed Kyle as he noticed what he had just done “ That’s why I gotta get lost!”. He looked at the clock. Almost 10. “Where the hell is Sean?”. The musclebound went from side to side of the living room, realizing each time how small it felt for him, His head almost bumping on the ceiling, and his enormous hips twisting and bumping every fucking lamp of that room . He opened the curtain a little as he heard a car noise approaching, he knew it wasn’t Sean’s, so he worried about who could it be. He smiled as he eyes could focus on the image of the man coming out of the car. It was Michael, the captain of the wrestling team, the same bastard who broke his arm and with that started all the events after it . Kyle looked at him, at his new perspective and enjoyed himself, seeing the “little” scrawny kid, getting out of the van, with two other friends . They were yelling, joking and punching each other like every jock on the college. Michael was by far the biggest of the three, he must be 6’4” or something and he appeared to weigh more then 230 pounds. He certainly had gained some serious weights since Kyle had seen him for last . But yet, he would look nothing compared to Kyle and his 8’3 height with almost 600 pounds . Kyle laughed silently as he pictured the look at the bastard’s face taking a peek at his former “worm”. Actually he couldn’t avoid the thought of pleasure he would feel if he could take his revenge. He could cause some serious damages on those punks! But, despite becoming this gorgeous behemoth, Kyle remained a peaceful man, who couldn’t harm anybody even if he wanted, the only one he had hurt was Sean, his new found lover, and that’s why he was leaving….

Then he saw another kid coming down the street, a normal average kid, but another “worm” compared to those jocks on the street. They barely looked at the kid and started running at him, grabbed the poor guy by his pants, gave him a major wedgie, stole the money on his pockets leaving the scared boy at the ground. That scene wasn’t unfamiliar for Kyle at all … How many times did those bastards the same thing with him and many other kids since high school? Kyle felt instantly furious and unconsciously flexed his abnormal biceps, as the rage overtook him… The mountain rose up to his eyes . Once again the former scrawny kid realized how much bigger he had gotten. Alone, that massive gun was already bigger than Michael’s head and he was barely flexing it, his improved body was far enough to beat those bastards, and Kyle wouldn’t even sweat . Better, he could test his might physique, and giving those “son of bitches” a real lesson… Revenge was all Kyle could think, his heart rushed inside his glorious chest, he delighted that feeling of power and barely realized, he was still naked .

He looked around and noticed a picture of Sean aside some fat man in which was written “To my genius nephew Sean, Thanks for the great time on your house! Uncle Martin” . The monstrous man mentally compared his hips to that fat guy “what if this uncle let some clothing here?”. He rushed inside the rooms and opened all the cabinets. In one drawer he found one oversized jeans pants, those ones specially designed for fat people

“ It worthies the shot” thought Kyle as he tried to stick one of his fantastic thighs into the pant, although that pant was much wider than the regular ones, his legs felt really tight !He used his might hands to tear the fabric and improvised a jeans short! Fortunately his flat 10 pack stomach fit the jeans with some space left, which Kyle used to accommodate his 26” semi-hard cock, such a great log, he had to maneuver it many times, until he said, “What the fuck! I gotta go”, and let that giant cock lying along his waist with that mushroom head almost showing off his shorts. He grabbed an oversized T-shirt, which Kyle had to remove the sleeves and yet, his shoulders felt squeezed. He had to spend such time, because after what he would do next, he had to get lost, this way he would have, barely, something to wear. Kyle was in such a hurry he forgot the “smallness” of Sean’s back door, getting stuck on his way out

“ Damn it! Sean lives in a doll house!” exclaimed the overgrown man as he tried to bend his head and his hips to get out of that “petite” building . Our gentle behemoth sneaked through the shadows and managed to see Michael and his friends heading down street. His mouth was opened as he looked to the street to check if there wasn’t people on the street, it was desert. Kyle waited for the bastards to turn the corner and went right after this, walking behind the cars, trying to hide himself. The guys entered a big old house, Michael leading them to the garage and they entered . The freaking giant musclebound (phew!) followed right behind them, double checking if they weren’t looking . Through a high window(not high enough for Kyle), he could see the jocks inside the garage.

_ Michael are u sure your folks are outta town?

_Chill out will ya? Gee, you sound like we were minors or something … We are just a bunch of college guys hanging out and enjoying a good beer! And some chicks! Laughed the captain as he reached for his cell …

_ Call Heather, she always enjoyed our parties—said the other guy turning on the radio. “Fuck! If they’re about to get company, I had to leave!” Thought Kyle disappointed . He decided to keep hearing…

_ So! Did u call her?

_Naaaa ! This piece o’crap can’t make the call! I think the battery ran out! Let me use yours, Fred!

_ Can’t do my man! You broke that shit last week, when we were hanging on the mall, remember? said the guy named Fred

_ Well, let’s call them from my bedroom! Said Michael heading to the garage door. He made fun of Steve, his always worried fellow, who sworn he had heard someone out there. Steve, You are watching too much TV! This street is the most boring street of the world … Michael hit the green button on the door and it started to lift. They’re almost leaving the garage when this giant arm came form nowhere, grabbed Michael’s collar and lifted the 230 pound jock as a feather, many inches up in the air . Steve couldn’t see the face of the man which had such gargantuan arm, he could just rush into him, trying to free his buddy but it was like running against a brick wall, he just bounced back and fall on his back. Fred found a bat and hit the stomach of that giant, all he could do was breaking the thing. Michael tried to break free but his feet couldn’t reach the floor. Finally, the aggressor held Michael with one fucking big hand around his neck, Michael’s face turned red and then purple…. Suddenly this thunder voice came from the freaking man “NOW EVERYBODY GET IN OR YOUR LITLLE FRIEND HERE WILL NO LONGER BREATH!” Steve and Fred slowly went backwards obeying such evident threat, they’ve never been this scared before, they were the biggest guys of the Wrestling team, no one messed with them, and now they’re defenseless. As they went to the back of the garage, the man holding Kyle came after . He had to bend his head to enter, he must be 8 feet tall! The hugest guy they’ve never seen holding Michael with one hand. Hand? It seemed some kind of hammer so bony and veined. Michael grabbed those enormous fingers with his both hands, but it was no result at all. That living tower pushed the button on the door and then it closed. Right after he punched it, what seemed lightly, but he made the thing explode!

_ WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH US? Cried Steve as trying to find a way out


_ WHO SAID YOU RUNTS WERE ALLOWED TO SPEAK? Boomed the voice of that Freaking man. He grabbed Michael by the collar again, letting the jock breath for a while and then he tossed the “puny guy” as he weighed nothing . Michael hit the floor and couldn’t get up for a while. He tried to stand up, but all he could do was look into the face of the aggressor .He never seen this guy before, he would remember such a big guy, and then, when he focused on those green eyes he shouted : _OH MY GOD! HOW COME YOU ? WHAT THE HELL? FUCK THIS CAN’T BE TRUE!

_ GLAD YOU REMEMBER ME, I CAN GUARANTEE YOU I AM ALL REAL! NOW LET’S THE PARTY BEGIN Said Kyle as he threw a Most muscular pose that made his improvised shirt almost tear as his monstrous pecs exploded in front of them…

Mark looked each time more worried with Sean, he just kept growing as time passed, like a balloon, but, whit such power and definition, his muscles seemed to build on those already freaking previous . The width of Sean was now something unbearable for any human being, except himself, Mark estimated he was almost seven feet wide, it meant he was wider than Mark was taller, and that made his spine frozen. And yet there was one BIG problem Mark had almost forgotten : Sean’s cock was about to explode filled with so much cum, he never knew it could be possible. That thing had to be over three feet long and yet one foot wide, the head itself was bigger than Mark’s hand, it couldn’t be possible, how much blood would a man have to sustain such a hard on, That log seemed to shake like a Naja ready to spew its poison. The veins on that penis were wider than Mark’s arms never been even when he pumped frequently. In fact, Sean’s pole was getting longer and wider, seemed never to stop its growth as well as the rest of Sean. Mark couldn’t see the growing man’s face anymore, those big slabs of muscle were so big and wide, and Sean’s head went so up in the air that all Mark could see was the point of those giant nipples, those things were so big and long, they were just like the precious jewels to fit with the power of Sean’s new body. Sean looked each time bigger and wider but yet, his look was so calm and his face seemed so tender, although all the power it inspired, Sean remained that good man he had always been, his new power just made him superior to all mankind but he was already mentally and emotionally superior than anyone in the Science. Somehow, Sean was gifted with a bless of Muscle, Size and power, making of him the most powerful man in the Earth and he knew that, his look inspired clam and stability and that was just what Mark looked for his entire life, someone who cold love him, could help him, but first of all, someone who could hold him and protect from any harm, someone capable to destroy tanks, but unable to harm a human being. In that moment all Mark desired was to embrace, better being embraced by Sean, that would make him feel so tiny and petite and yet, so powerful. He wanted so bad to jump on that impossibly thick neck and to step on that mountain of muscle he had on the stomach, the simple thought of being carried by the biggest arms in the world made him full mast immediately, he just could savor the vision of Sean as he grew and grew, just like the wildest dream, Sean was reborning as a muscle god, and Mark was just ready to worship him.

_ MARK ARE U ALL RIGHT ? Boomed this voice almost unrecognizable to Mark. Mark woke up from his worshipping trance and realized Sean’s enormous hand touching his shoulder, better covering it, just the weight of itself was much heavier than many weights Mark had lifted on his pumping days. He tried to concentrate on speaking …

_Sean, s-s-Sean, what the heck did u do to yourself? Finally popped the scared doctor, realizing that Sean had to get on his knees to face him as he was now… The new giant smiled a little and looked sweetly direct in Mark’s eyes

_ Mark I know you don’t understand but that’s what I had wanted for my whole life. I tried to hide myself from my desires but that was useless, I had to do this, I had the choice and I choose this—Sean said emphasizing his monstrous arms barely flexing them and realizing their impressive bulges and non stop building, Mark got frightened when those guns got bigger than his own head and then they got much bigger and harder, he had to touch them . His trembling fingers, touched the tightest skin and felt the warmth of that steel wall, Mark could just feel the simplicity of absolute power, Sean couldn’t even feel the touch of the much smaller man . The new giant smiled at the Mark’s attempt of squeezing his titanic biceps. Then this strange feeling overcame the always focused Sean, he just had to feel the magnificence of his improved monstrous body: he embraced Mark’s waist with one gigantic hand and lifted the other man so easily that Mark’s head hit the ceiling abruptly “OUCH!” .

_ Oh My Lord! What have I done? Sean tried to comfort Mark, but all he could do was tossing the man up and then grabbed him as he was a feather, Sean moved his colossal hand on Mark’s forehead, but his might and thickest fingers almost suffocate Mark as he tried to talk to his gigantic friend!

_ Sean, Sean SEAN! Can u please stop this! you are too fucking strong ! your fingers are crushing me! Cried Mark as he tried to stop his colossal friend!

_ I’m sorry man, Gee, I miscalculated, I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you…

_ Hey, Hey ! That’s OK! BIG MAN! Said Mark realizing how much Sean had transformed into something absolutely powerful.

_ Mark I just want to feel my strength a little…

_Just a little huh? You’ve almost threw me through the ceiling and you barely pulled me up! They both start laughing and Mark noticed where exactly he was. Nested among those monumental arms and pecs, feeling the power of his augmented friend so close to his own body. Sean’s skin felt so hot and wet, he wasn’t sweating at all and his muscles shone as the bronze statues of Atlas and Adonis, although Sean was now far beyond Adonis and catching up to Atlas, a Giant so powerful and muscular, who holds the whole sky on his back. Mark never felt so tiny in his life and yet, so deliciously fragile and horny, he could feel the muscles of his muscle god just under his body, sustaining him as if his 205 pounds were mere feathers. Mark wasn’t paying attention to his behemoth friend anymore, lost on his sexy thoughts, he just wished Sean never feeling tired of carrying his body ,and he knew it was possible, and the simple vision of Sean’s glorious physique made him hard, so hard he thought his cock would became made out of bone, its head hurt so much, he had to let it free, some how. Sean talked about his miscalculation, saying that he made the exactly same movement to carry a heavy man, but then he realize his new size and changed the effort to a teenager, but yet it was too much and Mark ended up by flying into the ceiling. Then the giant tried to describe all the functioning of his serum, all the biochemical details which result on his transformation, realizing that Mark wasn’t answering him, he wasn’t even paying attention, he was lost on his own thoughts, sexy thoughts. Sean could see that, because the giant realized his former college friend and roomie, the guy who had all the girls he wished, and the owner of the body of which the old Sean dreamed almost every night, was jerking off his big pole nested in his arms just like some animal. Mark was curved, and his hot cock slapped on Sean’ s skin many times, in fact, instead of simply jerking off, Mark rubbed his desiring pole on the hardness of Sean, fucking that brick wall, as if he was really one. Sean felt weird at first, because he always thought Mark was straight, but then he could just see how big and strong he became, his former bigger friend could hide himself on Sean’s arms, in fact he was wider than Mark was taller, Sean was just beyond aroused His pole which was, all the time semi erect since he finished his first spurt, hit Mark’s legs, as the jerking off doctor realized that giant snake becoming each time bigger longer and wider, he woke up of his trance.

_ I see you are enjoying this thing as much as I do … Sean slipped his giant finger over Mark’s body pressing it, and then caressing his hot dick . Sean’s finger was wider and longer than Mark’s pole and that only made Sean more proud of his new stats. He then gave just one touch on the head of that precious little 9 incher, and it spewed splats of cum on Sean’s pecs, the warmth of Mark’s cum was more than a prize for this former skinny man, he made the man of his dreams cum, and yet his finger was now longer, bigger and wider, than the cock he had many times peeked at the shower . Mark could just moan and moan ,as Sean barely touched his cock he could feel the orgasm at the edge of his body, then he felt like covered with a hot blizz, he cummed on Sean as he always wished to do, with this unbelievably huge man. Mark’s jism was much few to cover a significant part of Sean, he just laughed as the smaller friend opened his eyes, barely containing the look of a teenager caught in the middle of a jerk off session.

_Oh Sean I had to do this, you feel so gigantic, I had to feel your muscles, you are so big now that … Squeezing one giant gun, Mark licked his own cum of Sean’s chest as the giant man felt that hot tongue savoring his new dimensions. Sean remembered the first time he saw Kyle growing and morphing

_Tell me little friend, do you want to measure me and take note of my stats? This question was more than unnecessary. Sean just grabbed Mark and put him on the table. Mark took the measuring tape and started the measurement. Height was just the first of the wonders of this behemoth, Sean was now at a astonishing height of 9 feet and 4 inches, he looked down to Mark as the fragile man shouted his height to his giant. Sean just lifted him at his chest level and embraced him ,so tenderly and strong Mark wished he could cum again, Sean licked his worshiper ear lobes and bite them lightly. He held one freakish arm still and so Mark could measure his chest without have to climb up on the table. Mark just sat on that bench of muscle and kept with his measurements.

Sean look to the starving friend and laughed: FEEL MY POWER RUNT! And then he inflated the impossible chest and Mark almost was sucked with the power of that breath in. The measuring tape, couldn’t take it all at once. Mark had to sum the results from back and front : 134 impossibly inches . Backs came after this, and Sean heard his back were 6’7” wide, and his shoulders stood 7’1 inches aside. The waist seemed so narrow but yet it read 58.5 inches around, much bigger than most of the chests of bodybuilders, but at Sean’s level it just seemed so narrow his entire upper body could just fall over his massive legs which read 93 inches each, so wide and cut, Mark could swear they were made out of steel. Sean was told he had developed a 14 pack stomach, what he said was impossible, and Mark had to count them on his owner, what made Sean just mesmerized. The impossible mark of 839 pounds was just beyond imagination and had to be taken many times to accurate its value. Sean barely believed how much he had surpassed Kyle, and the final stats were the best : Mark breath deeply as he read the width of Sean’s biceps, 61 inches around, those guns could crush steel and even feel it, Sean made Mark sit on the peak of his right gun and flexed it to the max., realizing that his friend weighed nothing and that he seemed to be sit on a lifting platform. Sean made this many times and Mark really enjoyed the ride on Sean’s guns and he laughed as the giant teased “C’mon runt! Try to get rid of this bull!”

Each time Sean liked the feeling of being such a freak, and he could understand all that Kyle meant, and just the thought of Kyle being as small as Mark felt now made his cock full mast immediately. Mark was still playing at Sean’s biceps when he Saw that enormous thing, getting up and up and up, Sean was so outstanded as his friend he never saw such a big log, even Kyle’s seemed “smaller” if compared to this thing, Mark realized it was as wide as his arm and yet much more cut and veined, it kept growing until it reached up Sean’s belly, and Mark gasped three times as he read the length : 41 inches, what made that log 3’5” long, and almost 1,5 feet wide, the mushroom head alone was bigger than a grapefruit. Sean was astonished, and this was just after the first growth spurt, when the adrenaline and testosterone feedback kicks in, he will grow much bigger and massive. Instead of being frightened he felt realized, The giant grabbed Mark with just one hand and kissed him deeply, as Mark broke the kiss to catch some real air, the behemoth said

_ COME ON LITTLE MAN! I AM HORNY, LET’S MAKE ME GROW SOME MORE YOU RUNT, MAKE THIS MUSCLES GET EVEN BIGGER… All Mark could do was, hold on Sean’s neck as he stroked his giant cock with one hand and with the other, he flexed his might biceps moaning at Mark’s ear “Once we finished it you’ll have to measure me all over again, cause I’ll be much bigger than now…”


Part 4

_ WHY THE HELL ARE U DOING WITH US YOU BASTARD! Yelled Fred to that HUGE guy who appeared from nowhere. Michael was still recovering from that neck grip, and Steve was just stopped staring scared to their aggressor.

_ ARE YOU AFRAID OF ME NOW MICHAEL ? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY HUH? Boomed that low voice in a tough tone, looking steady into Michael’s questioning eyes. Mike, you know this guy? Asked Steve at once trying to look less frightened than he was. Michael didn’t make a sound, he just kept there looking astonished to that giant of man trying to figure out if THIS could be who he first taught he was. “This can’t be possible! This guy is just like that Kyle man, but he is ten times bigger!”

_ MIKE WHO’S THIS ANYWAY? Popped Fred as the stranger looked down to see his scared face as he towered him. Kyle just grabbed Fred’s collar and lifted him like it was nothing, Fred tried to kick his nuts but, his feet could just hit the hardness of those massive thighs, and they felt sorrow, it felt like kicking a steel wall, although no wall had that angry look on the face… Kyle just approached the little jock near his face and looked into his eyes, savoring the pleasure of causing fear on that punk, then just like a playing toy, he turned Steve upside down and held the guy like this laughing out loud. All Fred could do was calling the massive man names, but that was just before his head got purple, and his eyes were swallowed from the blood accumulated on his head… Finally Michael started saying some lullaby, Kyle let Steve fall on the ground and got near him, towering him YOU GOTTA SAY IT OUT LOUD SHRIMP! I CAN’T HEAR YA FROM UPSTAIRS! Said the freak as he towered those poor guys.

_ HOW COME YOU GOT THIS BIG!! Cried Michael trying to understand that freaking situation.

_ WHO’S THIS GUY MIKE? Asked Fred looking scared as his friend seemed to recognize such a freak!

_ IT IS PHILLIPS! Exploded Michael trying to run away, in which he was stopped as that mountain man just grabbed his waist with one hand and hefted him as he was a mere child, legs running in the middle of the air WELL, WELL! Said Kyle as he brought little Mike near his big face I feel so honored being remembered by such important person Mike’s face showed a mix of fear and curiosity. He was so afraid of being hit by that giant man, but at the same time he knew Kyle before and if he had became this muscle monster, he just wanted to know how.

_ Who? Asked Steve trying to recall such a monster but the only Phillips he knew was that dweeb of the wrestling team and no way he could get THAT big …

_ Allow to introduce myself Kyle Phillips at your services… Said the musclebound bending his head over his mighty chest I may see that you guys are quite scared! A sarcastic smile appeared on Kyle’s mouth as he looked to the confused jocks. All three of them were trying to convince themselves that Kyle, who had once been one of their victims was now twice bigger than their leader Mike.

_ You say that YOU are Kyle?- Steve said at once stopped in front of that living tower looking up trying to recognize the face on that muscle monster. Kyle looked down to that guy with a superior look, laughing loudly and threw his head back . Then he simply grabbed poor Steve and held him up in the air…

_ What’s the matter little Stevie? Don’t you remember me, oh try to figure it out, I used to be the same puny guy you guys always messed with, and the one whose arm you bastards broke! Kyle had a fiercing look on his face, such anger and power on that display that Steve went crying

_ I’m sorry man I told Mike not to give you that arm lock! Cried the jock trying to excuse himself So, NOW you are sorry? Well little puny men you need to suffer a little more before you are sorry… Saying this Kyle grabbed Steve into the most powerful bear hug. In fact, Steve was hidden between Kyle’s freaking muscles, his magnificent chest was so big it kept pressing Steve’s Head aside while the bulge of his mighty cannon ball biceps which were bigger than the jock’s head, squeezing him like a fragile orange …

_ Let him go you fucking freak! Yelled Fred jumping on Kyle’s back trying to break his friend free He hang up on the air grabbing Kyle’s gargantuan neck, actually he just cupped Kyle’s traps, trying to cross his legs around that most impressive chest, realizing he wasn’t able to do it, that chest was just TOO wide… Mike saw what he never imagined in his life, a guy being attacked by Fred and yet he looked like he wasn’t feeling a shit ! Kyle just kept laughing as both Steve and Fred gasped trying to make that muscle freak stop that strength display, so humiliating and yet so arousing… Mike had always been the biggest on the campus, nobody could match him in size or strength, even Steve or Fred were way smaller than him, but the three of them used to rule all the guys on college, and now they look pathetic compared to Kyle’s new figure! How could this happen? Fred tried to break his friend free but as he noticed it was impossible he jumped back to the floor and started begging for that Giant’s Mercy :

_ Please let him go you are almost killing him!

_ Who? Me? I am not even flexing those muscles, You guys are really wimps!

_ Let the guy go Phillips! We both know that it is between you and me? Challenged Mike with his usual courage, although this time it just sounded like he was asking for a favor… Kyle looked at him and tossed Steve away he walked towards Mike towering him many inches and finally looking down to his former bully

_ So You keep being that bully afterall Kyle spoke as he lifted Mike by his collar effortlessly bringing him next to his face But you are right ! I have something to talk to you puny little man!

_ I am not puny ! I am strong enough to handle anything Said Mike in a challenging tone You are a freak of nature! I don’t know how but you can’t be normal…

_ Well, Normal or not, the fact is that I am now twice your size and ten times stronger than you’ve never been!

_ So you are just going to break my arm too ? Exploded Mike Or you are going to kill us three at once? Asked Mike with his feet dancing in the air

_ You fucking bastard! You think I am like you? I know that you deserve to be squished as the bugs you are, but I just can’t ! I am a good person!

_ So why don’t you get lost! You have scared the hell out of us! Shouted Mike to Kyle’s big face You had your turn, but you ruined it, Sure you are that big but still the same sissy guy we messed with! Go away you king size queer!! Kyle was just pissed. He was that big and yet he couldn’t take a full revenge against that bullies . They were scared, but Mike kept his mind together, and knew how to handle that freaking situation, Kyle knew he couldn’t hurt them, no matter how mad he was at them, and then, if he could think first, he wasn’t that mad, because in the depth of his mind he enjoyed each time he had been pined by Mike and his fellows, Despite the violence, he was always aroused by the many times he sucked Mike and the others, without telling anyone, even when he knew he could… All the times he wrestled Mike, and the leader of the wrestling team had a outrageous hard on pinning his butt, whispering dirty things as the coach was distracted . Kyle couldn’t hurt them, but he could do something to pleasure himself and yet to humiliate those bullies…

_ You’ve never been so damn right, you fuck! I am REALLY a King size Queer … Kyle stacked his tongue into Mike’s mouth and gave him the most impressive kiss he never felt, Kyle grabbed Mike and gently held him tight near his chest, squeezing his firm buttcheecks with his gigantic hand, breathing deeply and hard. The most outstanding was that Mike quit resisting since the first seconds, in fact Kyle could feel him kissing him so hardly as he was. Mike kept moaning and gasping as their kiss continued . Mike broke the kiss looking for some air and without a word he kissed Kyle, who looked quite surprised but not more than Steve and Fred who couldn’t believe what they had just seen.

_ You look HOT! Said Michael embracing Kyle’s neck! I don’t know what you’ve done but keep doing this! Kyle smiled back to Mike and hugged him hard, not with all his strength because this would smash poor Mike. Mike tore the rest of Kyle’s improvised shirt and when he got to the “boxers” Kyle warned him—“You will see I had GREW” Mike just laughed and unbuttoned those big jeans boxers and almost passed when he felt that giant cock spiking pre cum on his face, actually Kyle’s cock was so big it almost hit Mike’s face.

_ Holly Cow! How come this be ? Look at the size of that cock! Said Fred with his mouth opened . Steve was equally mesmerized, but he couldn’t hear Fred he was lost in his vision, Mike the guy he had always admired by his muscles and strength(obviously many times he felt that Mike realized his hard cock while they were training ). Steve always wanted to be fucked by Mike, until he saw that mountain man Kyle had become. So broad, so manly outrageous, Kyle had the power of a monster, but yet he had that beautiful tender looking, which made his body look even more desirable. Steve couldn’t help his erection, all of a sudden he was at full mast, his prick hurting inside of his jeans … All he could do was open the fly and let his prang hit his belly like a hungry snake attacking his soon to be victim

Mike was all over Kyle’s torso, literally, he could almost fit on the natural cradle of the giant’s pecs and abs. Such power in just one man, Mike felt Kyle’s powerful arm behind his back squeezing him gently like a tiny boy…

_ Oh, man, you’re so fuckin’ amazing… Please let me have you inside of me! Begged the captain of the wrestling team with the most desiring voice Kyle lift him up and looked at his face “ I am sorry, But I can split you in two if I fuck you, I am too damn big for skinny little pricks like yours!” Kyle just gave another passionate kiss, rubbing Mike’s body like it was an old towel, toying with his former enemy like he never knew he would desire. Mike was beyond excited, all he could do was moaning and licking Kyle’s sweat salty body, his ears, his belly, his delicious arm pits, that musky odor so male and powerful. It felt like he was having Sex with a living wall, his 8 inch dong felt painful waves of pleasure each time it hit the density of Kyle’s muscles. Mike always had the biggest cock he knew, but it was nothing compared to Kyle’s impressive pole, it was like a steel bat, with a network of thick veins all over it and a piss hole bigger than many cock heads … Kyle grabbed Mike’s firm body and carried it like if he weighed nothing and cradled him in one bent arm, looking deep on his eyes “ I want you to stick this little cock into my ass and fuck me like you never did before on your life, make sure that you will give me it ALL skinny” And then Kyle grabbed Mike’s hot cock with just two fingers, well the biggest two fingers in the world, and gently squeezed the hardness of Michael’s dick . Mike just let out a loud moan as he came right there on the giant’s hands, the simple touch of that behemoth made his prang steel hard and painful, he never felt anything like that before, it was like he could free himself out of his body while his cum spewed away. He felt so energized after his cumming that he barely heard Kyle’s words in a low deep frightening but totally amazing tone :

_ Hey little man are you through already? You came right in my hands! Oh come on ! I know you can do better than this! If you don’t really put yourself into this fuck I can Kill you just on cuddles! Mike was still recovering from his orgasm as he looked to his friends and they were both jerking off while rubbing Kyle’s body, worshipping him like their muscle fucking giant … Kyle just laughed as Stevie and Fred hugged his huge legs and begged him for some attention for their own!

_ So the entire wrestling team against me? Poor Kyle “Worm” Phillips? Well guys you asked for this ! I want you three to have some fun with me and make this PRANG of mine really happy! I mean it is barely hard yet, and you are already creaming you little pants down there! Kyle put Mike back at his feet and captain quickly moved his already hard cock inside of Kyle’s ass. It was so hard, and muscular, it was like squeezing your dong into a hole on a stone wall, a living stone wall. But the whole, instead of narrow as the buttcheecks made it look, was too wide, Mike’s 8 incher could barely touch it and there was plenty room to fill with meat!

_ What are you guys looking for? Asked Kyle to Stevie and Fred There’s plenty of room here for all of ya ! And when I’ll be done, there will be much more room for you little guys fuck!

_ Oh Sean, This is fucking amazing ! Said Mark while he rubbed his desiring hands all over that gargantuan body. Sean was so wide he, Mark couldn’t embrace him.

_ Why don’t you get down and rub me somewhere else? Whispered the giant, licking the much smaller doctor, lifting him from that road map mountainous pecs, holding him by his waist with just one enormous hand . Mark could just smile at Sean realizing how insignificant his weight was to his booming friend. Sean gently put his friend down to the floor and looked down to him, bending over to kiss the top of Mark’s head, savoring that precious smell of that silky hair Mark never felt so tiny, so arousingly towered . He just knew what to do, that impressive master prick was pulsating even though it wasn’t touched yet.

_ Come on little man, take the ride of your life—! Sean came closer to Mark and got on his knees in front of him, realizing that even this way he was many inches taller than his former bigger friend. Sean’s cock was so big it hit his face, all he could do was laughing at his tiny friend mesmerized at his size, Sean pushed his giant prick down forcing it to lay down on the floor. Mark got the idea and quickly he got ON Sean’s cock and the behemoth let his prang free what seemed like freeing a rodeo bull, Mark had to hold on the head not to fall. It felt wonderful, that humongous dick was so hot between his legs that he just wanted to remain there nursing that giant thing. Mark turned himself to Sean’s pretty face, remaining sat on his precious dick. Sean bend over to kiss him, and then he grabbed him gently, holding Mark with just two fingers, Sean sucked Mark’s once again hard pole, he put the whole thing in his mouth like it was nothing . All Mark could do was moaning like he never did before “SEAN, YOU ARE SO FUCKING HUGE!!!” Sean just smiled with his mouth full of Mark’s cock and cum, when the smaller doctor finally came on his big warm mouth like he never did before.

_Come here my lean boy, sit on my hands! Mark did as that giant said and Sean easily lifted him like the lightest barbell, “ 1, 2, 3… 30.31…147..206..521..” Sean pumped Mark a total of 1457 times and he wasn’t even hot, Mark was completely astonished, he had literally slept on Sean’s hand as he lost the counting.

_ Why did u keep going on like that, u kept pumping me for almost 1 hour!

_ I am sorry if you are bored honey, but I just couldn’t stop you are too light and I needed to feel my arms at least tired, but all I got was na extra 2 inches on them!

_You mean, on BOTH! So you changed your hand and kept counting again

_ YEP!

_ Fuck this is awesome!- Mark just grabbed Sean’s pecs and climbed his way till that precious face

_ You are so fucking huge and strong, No one can beat you! I just wanted you to grow more, to become even more freakish than you are now…

_ Your wish is my command master Said Sean as he kissed Mark Sean put Mark on the table and keep massaging his lean body with his tongue, as Mark moaned and licked the back of his head . Sean looked into Mark’s face and suddenly Mark noticed Sean’s pole pinching his nose, that thing was even bigger than when he measured it, how could it be possible, wider than Mark’s own arm, looking like a nuclear mushroom almost exploding . Mark took that monstrous piece of meat and tried to mouth it but, it was to wide for his mouth, then he started licking it, the warmth and the pressure of the blood inside it made that prick something like a cannon ready to fire away.

Mark kept trying to mouth Sean’s cock, and Sean breath deeply as he felt real waves of sexual pleasure. He knew that this was the beginning of the growth feedback, he gently grabbed Mark from his waist with just one of his enormous hands, kissed him strongly almost suffocating the little man, and started all the story

_All my life I had been a controlled man, I’ve always used his mind and logical ways to find the solution for my problems, until yesterday, the night when Kyle shot himself with my muscular tissue repairer serum, which was way more than just a repairer, a real constructor of some kind of augmented DNA genes, allowing the organism to build muscular mass almost immediately .I was mesmerized which such display of power and muscle, because that is my desired fantasy, and we ended up making love, only that when Kyle was almost cumming he was hit by a second spurt caused by the combination of his altered gene structure, the high levels of testosterone his augmented organism contained fired by the frenetic effects of Adrenaline . In short, when he was about to cum, all those factors mixed and started another growth spurt, much stronger than the previous one, and he couldn’t foresee when all this would end. Kyle grew from his 5’8” scrawny 156 pounds to some inhuman behemoth of 7’ and weighing more than 400 pounds just on the end of the first growth spurt, when he woke up from his second spurt he was 8’3 and weighing 586 pounds, he almost gained 50% of his already unreachable weight and grew to a freak height just before my eyes…

_ Sean, you say that Kyle, that skinny guy from the wrestling team? Gawsh! You mean that we have TWO musclefreaks thing around here? If you knew what would happen, why did u continue anyway? The giant doctor smiled at his impressed dwarfed colleague, how could he explain to him, the humiliation he felt when he was “dumped” by Kyle because he thought Sean wouldn’t handle his sexual drive and specially his mighty prick, how would he make clear that Kyle felt too big for him, and specially, would Mark ever understand the hate Sean felt when Kyle called him “little man”, all he could do was try to get “even” with his augmented fucker?

_ Mark, I just had to try this ! You can’t imagine how fucking great is this feeling of pure POWER, I can feel every muscle on my body ,and GOD! What a body I’ve got! I am WIDER than you are TALL Mark, and this was my first growth spurt! I can grow much more just by FUCKING !

_ But what about the consequences? You are already a FREAK! If you grow more, I don’t think there will be ever a house to fit your body, and what about FOOD, you probably eating more than 10 bodybuilders together, and you said you’ll grow more when you fuck, well my man I don’t think ANYONE will ever be able to handle a cock like this, it is impossibly HUGE! You didn’t… Mark felt Sean’s giant index finger gently covering his mouth, he tried to break free but, realizing that his both hands couldn’t cover that freak finger, he decided to listen his pretty musclebound :

_ Mark you don’t realize but you’re acting just like me sometime ago! Kyle felt so powerful when he grew, he just wanted to keep growing, I was the one that tried to bring him back to reality, that’s why he dumped me, I was so worried about him growing too much that I didn’t realize that I WANTED THE SAME FOR MYSELF! I was just jealous of his power, of being so dwarfed, of having his always hard steel cock up into my ass! But NOW… Sean flexed his mountain Biceps and saw the freakish piece of meat of the world Now I understand how he feels and how fucking awesome this feeling is He lifted Mark up in the air and looked into his scared face I AM MUCH STRONGER THAN KYLE NEVER BEEN BECAUSE I TOOK MUCH MORE SERUM THAN HE DID! AND I’LL GROW EVEN MORE EVERY TIME I CUM ! Mark was speechless, all he could do was look at Sean’s unbelievable body and desire all his strength to fuck him! And Sean knew this, his look was now different, he had lost that angelic distant look like when he was growing He now looked powerful and determined but yet, he remained the same good man he’s been, Mark could see through all that muscle the same man he always wanted to love, but he never had the guts to do so…

_ You want me dont’ya Mark? You want this fucking giant man to make you cum by sticking this big pole into your ass ! You want me so bad, I’ve made you cum without even fucking your pretty pussy, I don’t even feel tired to keep you up here! Say Mark, say me that I make your dreams real, that I am the man you’ve ever wanted to worship!

_ Sean! You know this, You are so fucking big and muscular, fuck your guns are bigger than my chest, your legs are so wide like barrels and that chest! You’re bigger than a bulldozer ! Please let me feel little aside you! Sean lied Mark on the floor and stood up him, he hit a double biceps and Mark cried from down there to squeeze those arms, Sean lied near Mark and put the much smaller man up on his chest. Mark could seat on the middle of Sean’s mountainous slabs of muscle and he started worshipping Sean’s titanic body, he licked Sean’s armpits, feeling the strong musky odor of his pits, Mark kept moaning and mumbling while he cat bathed Sean’s gargantuan body. Sean never felt so aroused before, having Mark so tiny compared to him, many times he lifted his lover just to feel his strength, his enormous shaft was all his way up in the air, growing slowly each time he looked “ Man this prick is getting too big!”. Sean started to think how would Kyle react at his new body, he was beyond anything in Nature and he couldn’t get rid of the need to grow even more. Mark was all his way over Sean’s body when he decided “ That’s it ! Sean will have to figure it now”

_ Sean I want you to fuck me! Mark said as he stood up climbing on those inhuman slabs of muscle covering Sean’s chest.

_ Take me now! Sean didn’t think twice, he grabbed Mark’s tiny waist and turn him on his back . Sean’s cock was so big, he had to take a few steps back to maneuver his giant tool. Mark got frightened at the size of Sean’s cock, he never imagined that thing could get this big, Mark grabbed the head, and realized it was still growing, like some kind of snake, the head itself was almost two feet in diameter and the piss hole was bigger than, Mark butt hole, which meant, that Mark could never have that pole inside of him, he would be tore by that prick!

_ Mark, I am sorry, but I can’t fuck you, you are …

_ Too small for you? asked Mark ironically Now you understand how Kyle felt when he said that ? You are REALLY too big for me or any other man in this world ! We will not be able to fuck at your actual size, and imagine when the cumming spurt hits you, you will crush me and won’t even realize… Sean felt silly and understood all Kyle felt when he realized he had badly hurt Sean, Being that big meant that he couldn’t fuck normal men, but he was so horny, hornier than when he was with Kyle, he just had to fuck Mark, but he couldn’t him, the man he loved in secret for years, how could he ever… The giant eyes had a mysterious glint Mark couldn’t realize their meaning, Sean kissed him strongly and said, “ Wait a minute! I’ll get something!” and he rushed into the lab table. Mark could see, how much he had grown when he bumped his head on the lamp, at 9 feet high, Sean was so wide his legs pushed the other apart, in fact, Sean seemed to be taller, if his legs could be all stretched, they were now so wide, he actually “lost” a few inches on height because of that . Mark was so hard his prick was in pain, he desired Sean’s butt, so big, round and muscular, and yet so tiny compared with the rest of his owner, Sean was much more than a V shape, he was beyond any letter, so wide, and his shoulders were bigger than his head, his arms so lied on a 120 degree angle many inches away form his lats, which were just the expression of power, Sean lifted one heavy steel working table with just one finger, and tossed it away, he was looking for something, it couldn’t be a condom, cause no one would fit his shaft. Suddenly, the giant kneed in some place and grabbed something on the floor, he hid something on his hand and returned near Mark :

_ Don’t worry babe, we will fuck our brains out! Sean lifted Mark form the floor and nested him in his arms. In fact, Sean was overwhelmed with his recent mysterious search he was really heart raced, his skin felt warm, better, hot! His blood pressure was so high Mark could hear his powerful heart pounding each time faster and louder . Mark could feel Sean’s veined smooth skin getting hotter and the pressure on the veins was really more intense. Sean’s smell was unbelievable horny, his odor was kind of lustful, and he was all covered by Sean’s wet arms and that made his 9 incher really hard, Sean, realized that and said, “ Wait until the growth really kicks in!” So Sean was about to get another spurt? How, he could ever do this? Mark was sure he couldn’t resist a fuck with Super Sean and his Mighty Prick, and he refused to believe that Sean would force him to do anything, it just wasn’t his way! So, what was his booming friend up to?

_ Sean, You are about to grow again? How much now? You will not be able to leave this building? What if…

_ Shhh…. Relax and enjoy it, you are always so up tight?

_ What you mean “up tight”? You think that I like to be frightened, I don’t know…AUCH! Mark felt the cold needle going into his body, very deep, into his muscular tissue it felt like burning, he could swear he felt some thick liquid flowing inside him. What had Sean done with him?

_I know it hurt a little more but, this is a faster way to apply a little dose like yours…

_ What you mean “ Little dose like yours”?

_ Babe, I know I couldn’t fuck you like I wanted, because you were “too small for me”, but it doesn’t mean you’re too small …at all ! Sean had this look like a kid who had just done something naughty You were always so athletic and muscular, I think you organism will do wonders with just a few arrangements…

_ Sean are you telling me …

_ YES! I gave you the serum too! Wake up and smell the coffee, You know you wanted it as much as I did! I had another injection prepared. You see, I didn’t know if I would go to be just bigger, or THE BIGGEST! As we may see, I’ve chosen the second option, but I think you will be great with that shot, you are so much stronger than I used to be, and you’ve trained your whole life, I think your genes are pretty terrific and they are going to be IMPRESSIVE! Sean kissed Mark and lifted hold him under his arms looking into Mark’s astonished face:

_You gave me this serum? Sean are u insane, You know what it could do to me? I had already a good gene disposition to grow muscular mass, if that thing do the half it did on you to me I don’t know what… AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!! Mark screamed as the rearrangement process kicked in, his body shook like a toy, he couldn’t speak anything ,all he did was drooling . His head lost its balance and he seemed he would fade out any minute . But Sean was ready for this, he quickly embraced Mark’s body as it shook, and he tried to squeeze him strong but yet, very lightly for his standards, he could feel that Mark was shaking violently even tough his shot was even lighter than the one Kyle took but, just at the thought of Kyle latest spurt made Sean say “This boy will be a BIG man!” . Sean tried to comfort Mark, holding him tight under his chest and he could feel, Mark’s hot mouth biting his big nipples, releasing his pain . All Mark could think was the humongous Super Sean and his form, and he would be some BIG guy too, at least he would be able to get all Sean’s Cock and yet he would have a big one from his own! Sean noticed that Mark’s shaking was coming down, he was in the end of the rearrangement period, pretty soon he would REALLY grow and so would Sean.

_ Are u through, Babe? Asked the freak musclegiant to his soon to be lover

_ Well, if u refer to me shaking like a blender, yes I am through! Said Mark with his hand on his head

_ I know you are quite scared by this rearrangement thing, but soon you’ll be enjoying this growth a lot more…

_ Yeah, yeah ! I had to say, that I feel better than ever, I thought I would be dizzy or something but, I AM GREAT! Said Mark as he passed his hands over his body, well, that much he could touch cause he was still embraced to Sean’s enormous chest

_ Could u please let me down, my freaking muscle friend? Said Mark trying to make a joke You are not letting me breath right! Sean let him down and Mark took a little time to regain his feet, Sean let his giant hand near him all the time, and he was sure, Mark needed to be “grabbed” a couple of times after he stood still.

_ So, how long did I shake? Asked him trying to figure how much he had grown in this rebuilding thing. Sean look to the watch and said

_ Well, I’d say about 4 minutes You really shook a lot, babe! Sean put his enormous hands on Marks shoulders and covered it with them and said tenderly

_ After this first step, you will have some time between the Growth spurt, but I can see, you’ve gained a few pounds, I mean, you are still light as a feather to me but…

_ Yeah I know that you are stronger than a truck!

_ Mark laughed as he looked for that measuring tape. He found it and read his height : 6’2” and some more, he couldn’t precise…

_ You’ve grown more than 2 inches in just 4 minutes of rearrangement ! Pretty impressive, no wonder you were the football team captain! Said Sean looking down to his amazed friend

_ How much bigger you think I’ll be? Asked Mark, this time with a cocky attitude

_ Well babe, I really don’t know. You took a very light dose, although, You’ve always been so big and strong, had already a good genetic structure… All I can say is that you are going to be BIG, not as much as myself of course! Sean grabbed Mark form the ground and kissed him, realizing that Mark could hold on the kiss more than he used to…

_ Oh Sean, I feel so horny, so HOT! Please fuck me now!

_ But you are not done yet babe! Laughed Sean as he licked Mark’s nipples

_Don’t worry, I feel strange right now, Just stick this thing into my ass, and let me grow with you inside of me Sean needed no more encouragement he turned Mark’s already moaning body on his back, hefted his legs and gently started to stick his almost 4 feet dong inside of Mark’s hot butt hole . He thought he couldn’t make the head pass, but then Mark started moaning and breathing hard, Sean noticed, the bulges on Marks body, he was like boiling water, his skin was literally bubbling with Muscle Power. Mark never saw it coming, when he was too busy trying to let Sean’ cock inside of his butt he suddenly feel, a wave overcoming him, it was like a cold shower after the sauna, he was aware of all his body now, he felt every part of it getting hotter and stronger, he was beyond arousment he could feel his whole body growing, his legs were stretching down and yet they were wider, cables of muscle fibers appeared on his legs and right then, his legs grew wider and longer, His chest felt heavy and, Mark almost cried as he saw his already pretty good 48” chest ballooning in front of him, his shirt ripped as the fabric was tore by the power of his growing pecs . Mark then, realized Sean’s shaft could make itself inside of his butt which was now bigger than it used to be. Sean slipped slowly his prick into Mark’s ass, feeling it getting bigger and stronger, giving his prick a few more space. Sean noticed Mark’s spurt, his abs which were fantastic before, were popping out of his stomach, he gained a 6 extra packs, which made he having a unbelievable 12 pack stomach no bodybuilder could ever dream of achieving . Mark’s legs were getting much stronger now, and wider than never, as they grew they keep pushing Sean’s bigger figure out of them, and he had to push them back and that made Mark moaning even more. Mark was all red and sweat, he was all wet and trembling, he realized his mighty arms growing freakish right for his eyes, they were so huge, it was like they were flexed, and yet they could flex even more and grow over the other peak. And the best was that Sean was just there inside of him, feeling this growth with him. Sean licked Mark’s growing guns as they blossoming to their glory “ Oh Yeah! Grow for me babe, grow those guns for me, Get huge for me please !”. Mark couldn’t help noticing his prick growing right under Sean, even which so much weight on its top it could keep getting harder and bigger “ Is this a gun in the middle of your balls or you are happy to see me?” Asked Sean as he finally slipped all his 4 feet cock into Mark’s ass. Sean just stayed there a while feeling Mark grow even more, he could already let all his weight on the top of Mark, because now he could handle it, he felt the hardening muscles and easily Sean was being each time lifted form the floor by Mark’s enlarging body.

_ Mark you are getting amazing! Your neck is so thick I could hang myself on it! Your arms are terrific, this Chest of yours Sean bite Mark’s nipples as they were each time bigger You’re so wide now ! I feel so good inside of you babe!

_And I love You inside of me! Please Sean make me cum, I feel like I could cum with my entire body! Give it to me my Fucking Monster! Sean started pumping inside of Mark’s ass slowly at first, just to make the guy get used to his rhythm and then he increased the speed, as he noticed Mark’s body still growing and getting more pumped than never. Mark kept kissing Sean’s hot mouth as he embraced his fucker with his ever growing arms and he squeezed Sean’s head between them and his marvelous chest. Both Mark and Sean were getting on the edge and Sean rimmed stronger and quicker . Their breathing became more frenetic, Sean grabbed Mark’s face and brought near his and kissed him like never before. Mark Embraced Sean sitting up as Sean kept pumping his might cock inside of him each time faster and stronger, faster. They both could feel that the other was about to burst, their sexual drive was so intense, Mark could feel his growth trying to fade out, and he thought it was about to end, he couldn’t wait to see how much bigger he had gotten, how stronger he had became, but at the same time, all he wished, was that Sean could feel that again, that Sean could grow more, he just loved the way things got into, he being the “smaller” guy, even now he could feel that Sean was way bigger than him, and that felt so deliciously great, Mark moaned and moaned as Sean was rimming very strong now, the last pumps after the never arrived orgasm, they’re so strongly aroused they hurt inside, like they were two giant cocks ready to spew their precious cum on each other. And then it hit them. Sean couldn’t realize what was happening, all he could do, was trying to cum, but his cock kept pumping inside of Mark. Sean felt energized, he could do all over again, his Arms didn’t feel heavy anymore, his whole body felt refreshed even tough fucking Mark was the most difficult thing he had ever done since he gotten that size. Sean started pumping again, only this time he felt different, stronger, more powerful, he noticed his monstrous biceps getting even bigger by themselves, his legs wider than he could ever imagined, his chest pushing Mark away as those two slabs inflated on his pecs, he was getting heavier he could tell, he was getting taller “Man, That’s a good thing we’re sited, otherwise I think my head would bump on the ceiling!” Then Sean opened his eyes wide and saw that Mark was also getting bigger, not in the same rhythm. Faster. Mark was starting his growth all over again he was bigger than never could be at the end of this spurt. Sean felt they both growing Mark and Sean were becoming two Gods of Muscle, no one could ever imagine so much mass in just one being, and they were two. Sean could just keep fucking Mark’s ass wildly na hoped that they wouldn’t destroy the building.

_ SEAN! SEAN! Mark could hear his voice much more powerful SEAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I CAN’T HOLD ANYMORE I COTTA CUM! Cried Mark, he was in pain such willing to cum


_ WHY CAN’T I CUM ? AHHHHH!! Mark threw his head back

_ WE’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FEEDBACK GROWTH!- Yellowed Sean, trying to pump even harder, both of them were so much bigger, They kept fucking sited on the floor, but suddenly they saw they were so big, they could hit something even sit. Sean lied Mark again and restarted to pump, this time with ALL his power. Mark couldn’t focus in anything, all he wished was to cum, he couldn’t hold it anymore, why were they growing so much like this? Their muscles were inhuman, they looked like cartoon characters, and when he could take a peek of Sean, he couldn’t believe how much bigger he had gotten, he made the old Sean a toothpick, he was so fucking huge. Mark could feel his cock growing longer and wider, and he felt that Sean almost the double of his former prick, “How come we grow so much?”

“ When is it ever ending?” . Sean felt himself so broad and wider, his body hurt, he was in pain to cum his balls were aching, like they were on fire, he could just keep rimming on Mark’s ass trying to end with that. Sean was almost crying he knew he would be done any moment now, he could just look for Marks’s mouth and they kissed passionately Just then it happened Both Mark and Sean Held each other and started screaming of PLEASURE.






_ OH YEAH! PLEASE LET ME CUM They came like two rivers of cum, Sean screamed as he finally let his load free, like a barrage or something, his cock exploded into spasms of never ending cum. Mark felt dizzy all he could do was cumming, the feeling was so intense he lost his other senses, all he saw was Sean lying over him letting his load free. Sean fucked Mark again, but much more intense, and with each pump They could feel waves of sensual bliss, Mark could just lay down and let Sean, the bigger man do his fucking job, Sean felt like never before. Like all the power was inside of him all the time, Sean fucked Mark and noticed him growing with each pump, and realized he was growing with each one too. Sean embraced Mark and let himself cum more and more. Both of them were cumming so much, and yet they were growing, they never seemed to stop, they were like balloons, Sean and Mark could just kiss each other Both of them were almost crying, their eyes were red, because of the intensity of the feeling. It was like you are about to cum, feeling yourself ready to burst, and then you can’t cum, and you feel you whole body ready to spew you load, and you can’t. They watched their bodies each time bigger and they couldn’t cum, so they just fucked and fucked, grew and grew, in the hope of cuming and when they finally managed to do so, they could release their loads and yet feel the pain of having much more to release, Try to picture a dam and all the power it blocks, now try to let all the water out just by a tiny hole, the entire structure of the dam will break, and it will last until the whole thing is down and the flood finally is free to cause its so avoided destruction.

_ Oh Sean! What was that? Asked Mark as he tried to regain his conscious

_ Well babe, I think it was the growth feedback!

_ Did u feel it when you grew the first time?

_ NO! What I felt wasn’t even a piece of THAT replied Sean, sliding his hands over Mark’s sweat face, realizing how much more beautiful he had gotten..

_ Sean, I think it was because we did this together, When you’ve done that with Kyle only he was growing, now, we both were about to grow…

_It could be ! What a feeling, I could do this all over again…

_ Yeah and become a KING KONG! Laughed Mark, he was so tired and yet feeling so alive after all he passed. The world seemed smaller, all his vision was different, he could feel his butt so full of Sean’s never soft prick.

_ Can u please take it off me? Gee, I don’t know how you can still be hard…

_ Are u talking to me? Sean pointed to Mark’s own tool fully erect at his impressive 5’3” inches long.

_ Fuck! Look at that thing! No wonder I feel it burning, I came about two gallons and this prick is still hard?

_ It takes sometime to get used to it ! Replied Sean, trying to let himself from Marks ass . Sean was really into knowing how much did he stacked into Mark’s

_ HHHHHMMM!!!! Mark moaned as Sean finally popped himself out of Mark’s butt . That prick kept coming out of Mark’s butt, seemed it would never end, Sean smiled and kissed Mark’s ears, and when it finally went ALL from Mark, they could just whistle . Sean’s pole were AT LEAST 6 feet long, and yet, it seemed just semi hard. Mark looked deeply into Sean’s eyes, They were so beautiful, like they were before everything, but now they were the expression of absolute power .

_ How much I’ve grown? Asked Mark with a naughty look

_ I don’t know Why don’t you check yourself replied Sean with a smile. They both laughed and stood up, and up, and up, the ceiling was just to near them, well, at least for Mark, his head was almost on the ceiling. Sean was a whole another story, he tried to stand up, but he barely was able to stretch more than his knees and BUMP! He hit his head on the ceiling.

_ OUCH! Gee! I think we have a problem! Said Sean as he realized he was over 12 feet high and his legs weren’t even all stretched .

_ You are a real something! Said Mark looking in the eyes, while he was still arched

_ I guess you go First then we’ll find some where better, I feel trapped in a doll house! I am bigger than this ceiling and I am not straight yet… Mark laughed as Sean sat down and took his measurements :

_ You are about 11 feet and 9 inches ! Fuck Mark and you took less than the half I took! ¬Said Sean astonished to the results. “ If I gave u the dose I took you would double me!”

_I am glad you didn’t do this! Mark kissed Sean I am loving to have some BIGGER STUD to fuck me!

_ Your chest is hmm… 219 inches . I had to measure by reading three times.

_ Fuck, This can’t be real!! How much !

_ Yeah and, your legs are 197 inches, calves at 84 inches Fuck! Mark you are so wide, I never thought it would be possible

_And what about my Guns? Asked Mark with a cocky attitude

_ OH FUCK! THIS CAN’T BE ! 130 inches around! Mark it is the double of MY old guns! Mark you realize how much we’ve grown ? We are stronger than 1000 men together!

_ Sean, you know you surpass me in Every detail, you are the most powerful thing on Earth, and you deserve it, I love the way you look BIG guy!

_ Mark can you feel this sense of power? I feel so magnificent, like there isn’t anything I could do… Said Sean as he embraced Mark and made him sit on his lap. Mark was more than intoxicated by the vision he had from himself and his even bigger lover, he could feel, his and Sean’s tremendous pricks getting harder again just by the touch, but they couldn’t do it right now, otherwise, Sean wouldn’t be bale to left the building, at all…


Part 5

Kyle was really mesmerized. He made the three of the strongest jocks of his campus at his feet : Steve, Fred and Michael, they were all over his mighty body. Fred licked his pecs and Michael smelled his arm pits while Stevie was just there staring at that mountainous man.

_ Hey Steve Said Kyle looking down at him Aren’t u going to join you fellas up here? Stevie could just open his mouth and kept staring at Kyle.

_What’s the matter with you? Asked Kyle trying to figure out what was happening

_You… you are do fucking huge, It is not possible…

_Are you afraid of me?

_You can kill me like this!- Said the young jock, trembling going away from the giant. Kyle embraced Stevie’s waist with one hand and brought the smaller man near his big face and said in a low tone, which made the other guys shake under their raging hard on’s

_Don’t you desire me like Mike and Fred?

_Yes, but I feel so small and afraid about you hurting me… Kyle stared at him and smiled an open white smile, which made Stevie smile back at him

_ Babe, I’ll never hurt you or your friends! I mean, I COULD, but that’s not who I am, I like being this BIG, being so much stronger than the rest of the men, but never to hurt, only to please you and myself… And then he kissed Stevie, almost eating the smaller man’s face. Stevie moaned as he cupped Kyle’s massively desproportioned torso, the mighty globes of his pecs were so thick, his hands could just coupe his big sized nipples . Stevie pinched them, but they were yet so hard, Stevie could just try to rotate them in his hands. Kyle moaned back as he felt those tiny hands forcing his giant nipples, trying to pinch them, he could feel the pleasure, but Stevie would never be able to dent his massive muscles. Mike and Fred made their way over Kyle’s impressive thighs and joined Stevie in his delicious work of worshipping Kyle’s torso.

_You two are comfortable? Asked Kyle as Stevie made his way to his neck and was kissing all his face

_We sure are a little tight, but we can manage it Kyle smiled as he felt the tingling in hid groin indicating his new growth spurt wouldn’t take long …

_ You need a bigger spot, huh? Well it can be arranged… Michael just smiled back at Kyle as he bites Kyle’s nipples and Fred licked his right biceps

_You are kinda quiet Fred! Teased the giant freaking muscle man

_You’re so damn good to be true, I just want to remain here feeling your power moaned Fred as he bite Kyle’s ear lobes

_The customer is always right! He said stroking Fred’s hard tool with his mighty fingers. Michael was lost on his desire for Kyle’s muscles, he just kissed Kyle’s neck and smelled his arm pits feeling intoxicated by his overwhelming male lustful scent which came from him. His limbs were so big, his chest so amazingly super developed, and his magnificent legs sustaining his gargantuan upper body like two colossal pillars of might muscles. Kyle was in heaven. He dreamed about this, Steve, Mike and Fred worshipping him as their musclegod, making him feel even more powerful, comparing his monumental body with theirs and realizing how puny he made them look, although they were three of the biggest guys in campus. That’s the kind of revenge Kyle urged, not hurting those bastards, but make them cum with new improved body, hear them begging for his attention and for his heavy muscles brushing against their fragile bodies.

_Enough with the preliminaries! Kyle purred as he embraced the three jocks in his huge arms. All of them were just shocked at that vision, Kyle had literally engulfed the three of them in his embrace as they were mere things and closed his monstrous arms around them, squishing them hard, in such a sexy way they could feel each other hard and getting harder by the moment, but specially Kyle. He seemed to get hotter and harder with every breath, his chest looking bigger and heavier and his arms growing thicker, they were getting more cramped, like the space was disappearing, like Kyle’s arms were growing…

_ Listen you three runts, I AM YOUR MUSCLE GOD AND DEMAND TO BE PLEASED BY YOU MY LITTLE DWEEBS..! “ Man, am I calling them dweebs? they are well over 200 pounds! But compared to me that’s what they are!” Kyle thought as he saw the look of pleasure on the jock’s faces. Each one of them was lost in the magnificence of Kyle’s enormous body, and his astonishing muscles.

_ What do you want from us, man? Say And I’ll do it for you, please let me just make you pleased Those were the words which came out of Michael’s mouth, the toughest of the three jocks, a 6’3”, 230 pounds stud who used to rule the campus was now totally at his power overtaken by his imperial muscles. Kyle approached his face from Michael’s and looked into his desiring eyes You want to please me?

_P- Please! Gasped Michael as his tongue tried to reach the impossible cleavage of Kyle’s chest

_ OK Then! Kyle walked through the garage, carrying the three jocks mentally astonished that he was carrying effortessly over 600 pounds of male muscle and he wasn’t even feeling tired. Kyle gently put the three down, well he tried, but Michael had his powerful legs around his thin waist and continued to kiss and worship his body, Kyle smiled and kissed him back and said to the other two:

_ Grab that bench over there and bring me all the weights! Mike and Fred quickly made what they were told almost guessing what their muscle master had on his mind. Kyle sat on the bench, with Stevie still around his chest and ordered the guys to load the bar with all the weight available, about 700 pounds, and he started lifting the bar, with just one giant freaking paw of a hand

_ That’s nothing, I can’t feel a thing ! Kyle tossed the heavy loaded bar from hand to hand as it was a mere dumbbell.

_You are lifting all the weight we got, that’s more than all of three together on your arms said Stevie with a glint on his eyes

_Man, you’re so fucking huge! Fred moaned stroking his prick with the other hand Stevie kept feeling the hardness of Kyle’s chest while he hefted the impossible weight above his chin with just one hand.

_ I can’t believe how hard you feel Kyle, you feel like a brick wall, but with heart beat and salty sweat, and this strong odor!

_You are really into licking my sweat ! Said Kyle looking down to Stevie as he licked the depth of his cleavage

_It makes me feel how strong you are, your smell is an aphrodisiac to me!

_So let’s give you something to work on! I am barely pouring, this is to light! He Looked at Fred and Mike playing with each other’s pricks and said

_You two runts! Hump on this bar, one each side! Fred was about 215, and Mark were 230, they sat on the bar and Kyle started lifting more than 1100 pounds with just one hand, he made 200 curls and his biceps started feeling hot and burning like a good pump, but he wasn’t even tired, although he could feel the sweat coming down his armpits like rivers of salty smelly water, his musk odor intoxicating Michael and the other guys.

_ I hope you can handle up here guys!—Kyle switched hands and curled another 200 reps, with Stevie worshipping each time with more enthusiasm .

_Kyle you’ve got so fucking amazing, you are curling them for about half an hour, please let them down they look tired!

_So I am doing all the effort here and they are supposed to be tired?

_ Teased the gargantuan man as he looked to the exhausted faces of them, although they were more than ready and quickly jumped from the bar and grab the hugest limbs, opened them and liberated all the smell, Kyle had produced during his impressive training, licking Kyle’s arm pits eagerly. Kyle set on the bench and let the three jocks run over his immense body, each one exploring his favorite part, Fred worked on the chest, Steve on the biceps, which now were about five inches bigger, thanks to the “warm up” Kyle just did, and Michael went down to the impossibly 10 pack flat stomach of Kyle, he just sat there feeling the monster breathing of his muscle god lifting him each time he inhaled, than he went down on the legs, bathing each vein with his saliva and feeling how hard those legs felt as Kyle flexed them.

_ Why don’t you work on my favorite part? Said Kyle with his impressive finger on Stevie’s mouth and pointed down to his throbbing cock…

_Holly shit! I had forgotten how long that thing is! Gasped Stevie when he reached for the hot impressive prick getting each time longer and thicker He tried to mouth it, but his mouth was to small for its diameter “I think I am too big for you too!”

_You are never too big for me, stud! Replied Stevie with an unexpected attitude as he managed to shove that enormous head down his throat and started sucking on it, loud and eagerly .

_OH MAN! Yelled Kyle as his prick sent him waves of sensual bliss, he never felt, maybe because, he never had been blown like this, Michael really knew this shit, Kyle moaned and gasped, and in that he grabbed Mike and Fred by their chests and started curling them like they were dumbbells, up and down, they grabbed on Kyle’s fists and started rubbing their hard cocks against them like they were fucking Kyle’s arms, in fact they were so thick they looked like thighs no bodybuilders could ever show. Kyle never saw it coming, he was shocked by such bliss he could just lift Fred and Mike back to his chest and squished them moaning with pleasure as Stevie sucked on his mammoth cock like he never did before. Although he was a big jock he was a wonderful topper such as he was a bottom too, he liked to suck Fred and Mike when they were playing around the breaks in training, sure no one could ever imagined, but he knew it very well, and then Kyle’s enormous cock responded such excitement by growing longer than ever and thicker. Kyle could just say “Stop it! Please you don’t know what you are doing” He tried to take his prick of Stevie’s mouth but he was so lost in his sensual hurricane he couldn’t make it

_ Come on Babe! You know you want it, come on give me you juice, I want you cumming on my mouth! And then he restarted sucking, this time, more used to the size of Kyle’s prick and he managed to swallow more of the giant prick and suck it even harder. Kyle gave up when he felt the feedback building inside of him. This time stronger than never, because, it was the realization of a so desired fantasy, he could just moan and storke his two little fellas as they managed to please him even in that powerful grip. Then it begun, Kyle felt he was cuming even though he wasn’t yet. He felt his breathing heavier as his chest begun inflating and his back widening, he was ballooning just there, becoming each time more gargantuan and muscular and wider, his muscles packed on his already impressive muscles, but more freaking, more freaking, more astonishing he was so thick and wide, soon Fred and Mike felt the crush on the grip and realized Kyle was growing !

_Damn it! Kyle what the hell is going on ?

_You are growing ! How is this fucking possible? Asked Fred as his prick spewed his hot jism on Kyle’s body, who kept moaning and stroking his little partners.

_ Don’t stop now Steve, you gotta keep sucking! ordered Mike to his friend down on the prick. Stevie kept his sucking, although he couldn’t notice Kyle’s growth, only that the head was bigger, but he imagined that’s because Kyle was about to burst his jism. But Kyle kept growing and growing, widening by the inches. Kyle moaned as he never felt the feedback kicking in, only this time it was so intense he could barely move his hands, his prick felt heavy like it was going to blow up any Second. “Fuck! What’s going on? I am already monstrous and I can’t cum! I wanna cum!” Kyle kept moaning as he grew and when he opened his eyes, both Fred and Stevie manged to go down on Steve’s blow job and started helping him by storking the base of Kyle’s pole and playing with his incredible ballsac .

_You gotta make him cum Steve, the guy may explode if he continues to grow like that! And then Kyle came in Steve’s mouth. In fact, he came in almost wholes in Michael’s head, mouth, nose, he just kept cuming and growing, but Stevie managed to keep on sucking and drinking Kyle’s powerful juice, like he needed to drink his essence. Kyle continued to grow more and more, until the bench in which he was sat, broke down, and the four of them ended on the floor, all sweat and slippery with Kyle’s spike. Kyle seemed to be ceasing his growth, his shoulders were so wide, that he seemed like a marble wall, his waist was tight and minimal compared to his upper ad lower body, his Chest almost doubled his previous sizes and the guns, well now they looked like other pecs, so heavily developed under his arms, they hung over like they belonged to a giant, and his triceps were the same way making his arms look just unbelievable big, the shoulders were so big they made Kyle’s head look smaller, and his prick, it was so big, and long spewing a river of cum down to Michael’s throat, or better, that much he could keep in his mouth, because it was too much for him to contain himself.

_ OH! MAN! What the hell happened? Asked Kyle in a lower tone than his usual like he had been amplified…

_You are asking us?—Fred answered brushing his hands on Michael’s cumed hair trying to help the even more impressive giant !

_ You suddenly started growing, while Stevie blew your cock! Completed Mike, feeling Kyle’s guns with his both hands trying to embrace it.

_ Well I sure did it again! Said Kyle looking at himself and noticing his new improved size and his freakier muscles. He realized Michael feeling his new guns and flexed them, making an impressive ball of flesh so mighty the peak just lifted Mike’s body as Kyle brought his arms up high!

_I FEEL FUCKING AWESOME! Said him, grabbing Mike’s waist with one hand and making him sit on his biceps

_Well you sure LOOK amazing, ask Steve about that And then they looked down to him realizing the poor guy passed down trying to keep Kyle’s pace! Kyle, quickly grabbed him and nested him in his chest trying to wake the “little” jock from his nap. Steve! Stevie, wake up little fellow!! I should have warned you not to make me cum! Look at me now, I am HUGE!

_Excuse me, But you WERE HUGE! Now you are FREAKING HUGE! Teased Fred feeling the hardness of Kyle’s hot iron skin Stevie woke up slowly, seeing his augmented musclebound even more freaking muscular

_ Man, I think this entire house isn’t big enough for you! Smiled him at Kyle

_If you keep sucking me like that, it sure won’t fit me anymore! Replied Kyle with a smile which made him desire him again right there! Kyle stood up and had to be very careful not to hit the ceiling, he was now about 10 feet high, but what made him even more impressive is that he looked about eight feet wide if not more, his muscles were just out of proportion with his body, like he had doubled his muscular mass, but got only 20% taller to accommodate all that extra mass, he managed to get a measuring strip and made his “servers” read his stats. Guns : 68 inches, bigger than most of the bbers chest Quads : 80 inches, calves 55 inches, Chest 136 inches, 12 pack abs and a matching 48 inches prang thicker than Michael’s arms. They tried to read Kyle’s weight, but it was impossible with a regular scale and Kyle guessed something like 1200 pounds, in which he couldn’t be denied, afterall, he was FREAKING HUGE.

_What the hell did u take? Asked Mike

_Well it is a long story, back at the time you guys broke my arm and…

_Gee, again with his broken arm Complained Fred, just to tease his muscle master When Kyle would restart, he was interrupted by a strange sound, which came from Steve. The jock trembled in Kyle’s arms, feeling so hot and feverish, Kyle took a moment to realize what was happening. And then he felt shocked. Steve had entered the adaptation period. Soon he would grow like Kyle did, only that he hadn’t had the serum like Kyle did. he had done something even Sean didn’t think of. Steve had drank most of Kyle’s spike and it was, somehow, having the same effects as the serum.

_Oh Man what did I do? Now Steve will become inhuman like me ! Thought Kyle as he went near his trembling friend

_What’s going on with Steve? Asked Fred looking at the trembling figure nested in Kyle’s arms.

_ I don’t know for sure, but I think this is going to be awesome….

Sean and Mark broke a long passionate kiss, their augmented lungs could hold it for much time. I f Kyle had grew amazingly since his last spurt, he still would have to do plenty of growing in order to achieve Sean and Mark’s proportions. They were so tall and huge, even sat as they were, their heads were standing up high in the level of 6’8 and almost 7’3. They were so wide and muscular their lats kept preventing them of a perfect touch, their arms hanging so wide and apart form their own bodies they had to stretch to embrace each other as they were kissing.

_ Mark, you’re just the most beautiful thing on this planet Said Sean brushing his huge hand over Mark’s chestnut hair.

_Well have you checked yourself lately, You make me feel a piece of spaghetti

_No one can ever do such thing to you you’re just impossibly wide and big

_And you know what? I LOVE BEING THIS HUGE!

_Yeah, I love you this big, in fact… Sean made a pause

_What’s on your brilliant mind this time?

_ I was wondering if you feel OK about me

_I beg your pardon, I just had the best fuck on my whole life and became more than a musclegod, a real muscle freak

_I know but… Well my whole life you had been so much bigger than me, I just don’t feel right being bigger than you, If you want I can give you another dose and we can see if you outgrow me…

_Well my dear doctor, I think I have already done that!

_What? How could you

_Think Sean! Didn’t you think strange that you had took so much more than me and after our spurts I am not much smaller than you?

_You mean that you had taken my serum before, but you didn’t grow at all, and WHY did you take it anyway?

_Well I had this injury on my knee from the time I used to train at college, never got better, so I thought your “rebuilder” could help me on my treatment, I felt better, stronger, but there were no more effects so I decided to take a time and go on a trip.

_It seems like you took the formula without the “ignition” element

_Which is?

_Well, we added a combined mixture of testosterone and adrenaline, and those elements in the bloodstream caused a feedback which made the gene treatment start…

_What you didn’t imagine was that when your own organism released adrenaline and testosterone it would restart the process all over again…

_More or less, we didn’t expect it to make non injuried muscles grow either, it could be a possibility, but only when Kyle..- Sean felt shocked, he had totally forgotten about Kyle in his house and all that “being too big for you” story.

_What happened Sean?

_Kyle is still in my house, and he might leave at any moment

_You took him to your house? Why?

_I needed to take him out of here, anyone could see him They looked at each other

_I think we might have a BIG problem

_How are we ever going to clean this lab and get the hell out of here: Sean felt terrified, making that mountain of muscle shake with excitement, how could they…

_Sean Said Mark softly We can take care of this

_How: Look at this mess! We would need ten people to clean…

_ Sean WE ARE TEN PEOPLE! Look at us! We could put this whole building down!

_That’s why I always loved you, you are much more than a pretty face teased Sean looking at his muscle freaking lover They started lifting the cabinets, which were so easy they played around the lab carrying all of them and feeling their muscles even bulge as the weight tossed from hand to hand. Sean cleaned the floor, and Mark rearranged the notes which were all over the place. Sean found the rest of the serum, about half of the original amount and kept it in a tube safe in the refrigerator. They finished the work with some effort, not because of the strength required, but because the size of the lab, Sean kept bumping his head on the ceiling and they couldn’t help but bumping each other as they walked by the lab

_We gotta find out a way to measure ourselves, I can’t wait to read your stats! Said Mark as he slapped Sean’ s mighty-mighty butt.

_I’d rather find some place where I could stand right, my back is killing me Complained Sean, he was so tall the 12 feet ceiling lab couldn’t hold his colossal height no more, to emphasize this point he tried to became fully erect and his head immediately bumped on the ceiling.

_You poor baby! Mark teased Sean realizing how much taller his friend/partner/musclefreak had grown since their last growth spurt

_Sean, you think we will just keep growing like that every time we fuck?

_Well, Mark, this is pretty improbable. You see, we’ve been through a genetic treatment, and are still in the period of the readjustment period, it means, we still have something to develop and then we shall stabilize Sean lifted one huge cabinet with just one hand and tossed it to Mark, who grabbed it and arranged it into a corner

_But, I took the formula more than one time… Sean stopped for a moment while sustaining an enormous table in the air. True. But I guess in your case there won’t be any complications, when you took the formula for the first time, it wasn’t effective, it remained in your organism, and only reacted when I gave you the other injection with the effective version., all that happened is that you managed to sum the amounts of the formula activating the whole thing at the same time. Sean played with the table feeling his thick limbs bulging and flexing with every time he played with the table.

_ Yeah, I guess you’re right babe, but what about our genetic structure, what might have changed with the formula? Asked Mark as he moved an entire cabinet full of books to the other side of the lab.

_If the tests I previously ran are right, We now have muscular tissues fibers which can multiply themselves normally, and apparently our skeletal cells as well all the other ones seem to multiply or enlarge their previous size…

_Well this sure is a breach to most of the cithological theories.

_Yes, but I don’t know whether this is good or bad

_You mean? Sean turned himself to Mark his arched yet still impassive figure and brushed his arms

_Babe, look at our size now, we are way bigger than any other human being, and we are just in the middle of the period, what are we going to look from two, three years from here, will we be stronger, or taller or still alive? Sean had this sad look on his face

_Why are you so worried,?

_Mark, I dragged you into this, you didn’t want…

_Hello! Didn’t I tell you that I HAD taken the serum before you gave it to me?

_But Mark! Sean tried to speak but he was stopped by a passionate kiss which blew all his thoughts away.

_ Don’t you even start regretting yourself now ! WE both desired being this big, you didn’t drag me into this I wanted it as bad as you, you just didn’t know, I always liked to be the biggest in gym class, always liked to have big muscles, but since I became THIS nothing else matters, I want u to know that I wanted this Sean Bennett, and I thank you for this supreme gift. They embraced again and kissed, but Sean had to break this beginning love making.

_Look Mark I think we’d better find another place, we’ve just cleaned this lab, and to be sincere, I don’t think it will hold both of us if we grow like last time…

_Damn! You’re right! Don’t you hate when this happen? Mark laughed and they kissed again.

_Well we gotta get out of here anyway Said Mark while flexing his enormous arms, trying to feel less “cramped” in that small place.

_Yeah, but where? Asked Sean massaging his lover super wide backs.

_We could go to my place! Mark looked into Sean’s inquiring eyes.

_Mark you live in a small, loft! For heaven’s sake I think you would barely break the main entrance to fit in that place.

_ Well at least, I have higher ceilings and You wouldn’t have to duck while you are standed!

_And how are we supposed to pass by the security guard on your condo?

_I didn’t think about this! Fuck we have to get a way … Sean had a brainstorm and quickly standed up hitting his head violently into the ceiling and making a lot of debris come down on his beautiful chestnut hair…

_ I’ve got it! And then, shaking his big head There are quite of deactivated University facilities on the other side of the city, we could get someplace there, and this way no one would bother us until..

_Until what? Asked Mark finishing to clean the mess Sean dropped over him with his idea.

_Well, just keep on mind that we are not “ready” yet, we don’t know for how long we are going to keep growing, and if it keep this pace, soon we’ll have to find some really quiet place to move on with our lives…


_I know Mark, we’ll have to give up all the things we used to call “life”, but just think at the bright side, now we have the power and the muscles, and the bodies we’ve always fantasized about.

_I don’t care for all this stuff, I just can’t wait to do it! I can’t wait to be with you… And the next thing they noticed was Mark around Sean’s waist kissing his lover with such urge and power the bigger man managed to find a wall to support all the combined mass and weight.

_Me too babe! Said Sean as he slipped his hand through Mark’s dark golden hair But we still have another “grown up” to take with us…

_You mean Kyle? Gosh I had forgotten he was the first to take the active serum! Where is him anyway?

_Well, the last time we talked he said he was leaving, you see he had gotten so big and tall, he was desperate when he unintentionally hurt me with his supercock into my previous ass!

_You mean, you handled an augmented cock into your butt? Man you are some kind of bottom Mark whistled massaging Sean’s super rounded bubble butt.

_Well, kind of. Actually he pushed that thing up to my ass, but that’s just he was in the rush of power due to his growth spurt, and then we he saw me faded and with blood near me the poor guy almost freaked down.

_Sean, do you think it is possible he is bigger than us now Asked Kyle afraid to hear the answer.

_Mark, I sincerely don’t know the possibilities! Look, I know I took much more than he said to me that he had taken, but he has much time ahead of me. We realized that even when he jerks off he can experiment some real growth, and the guy is REALLY horny, afterall he is in his early twenties…

_Sean, we gotta check on him! Let’s get to your house

_ OK! OK! Sean hurried after Mark, forgetting that both of them were pretty much naked, they had thrown the remains of their ruined clothes out, their impressive cocks hunging loose on their groins and their super freakish bodies bouncing up and down with every powerful step they took, they almost got stuck on the stairway. Running at a 12 feet high weighing more than 1500 pounds of massively colossal titanic impassive muscles is really something that Physics hadn’t quite studied, they were fast but their amount of energy was so damn unstable they could break a wall by just running into it. When they got to Sean’s van, all they could do was laughing! Fortunately there were no single soul, it was about 2 a.m. and the old security guard used to take his nap about that time.

_How are we going to fit in that fish tank? Asked Mark noticing that his chest was higher that the ceiling of the vehicle.

_Well, help me here Sean opened the van and ripped of the front seats, throwing them aside.

_You drive !¬ Said Sean pushing Mark into the car

_Are you crazy? I can’t barely fit in this thing even with the seats of, how am I supposed to drive this shit?

_You think I can do it? Said Sean pointing to himself. He was so beautiful at moonlight, his impressive figure towering over the van so wide and so broad, like the whole world would be no longer big enough for Sean and his muscles.

_OK! I’ll try, there isn’t much traffic at this time anyway, hope my feet don’t destroy this piece of shit!

_Or WE could try taking your BMW! Teased Sean pointing Mark’s silver shining car .

_Shit I’ll never fit that Sweet thing again Complained Mark as he managed to accommodate himself inside the van.

_Don’t worry babe, you can ride ME anytime you want, I am still big enough to handle you log inside me, besides I am one eighth german! Shouted Sean as he pushed himself into the back part of the van, The van slowly slipped through the streets, the combined weight of Sean and Mark made it so heavy, and Sean’s impressive body forced the back part lower than the front, although Mark was pretty heavy for himself, and he could barely see the road, his head was so up in the ceiling, he had to drive with the head bent like some weird clown in his small cramped automobile. They’ve managed to get at Sean’s.. They got into the backyard of Sean’s house, instead of his usual parking spot, because they couldn’t take the chance to be seen in that freakish gargantuan size. Mark barely believed he made his way inside such a small car Actually, he could barely believe he could make his way OUT of that little piece of shit. With a loud POP! he managed to get his monstrous body of the front part of the van.

_OOOhhhhh! My back is killing me! Sean you’ll pay me for this! I couldn’t see most of the road, we could hit anything on the road and I would never notice… I am definitely way too BIG to drive any car… My arms were so cramped, I could barely hold the wheel, luckily there few turns on the way, my are sleeping, I can’t feel them yet, Sean? Sean are you hearing me ? Mark looked around and he couldn’t see his freaking musclebound although he was sure to hear the sound of the back door opening.

_Mark! I think I REALLY need a hand over here!

_OH! GOD! SEAN! Screamed Mark as he noticed the ridiculous scene. All Sean’s massive-gargantuan-impressive figure filling the inside of the back half of the van. Sean’s wonderful mega-bubble-butt stuck as he tried to turn himself inside that “tiny” space.

_How did you get this way! Asked Mark barely restraining his laughter as he pinched Sean’s most muscular rear.

_Why don’t you guess, you bulldozer! Answered Sean in a rough tone I tried to get out of here, but I miscalculated the space to maneuver this HUGE Butt of mine, Man this is enormous!

_Good enough to eat! Teased Mark as he caressed the impossibly hard of that superhuman muscular body…

_Mark, get me outta here, I can’t move, for heaven’s sake . But all Sean could hear was the sound of Mark laughing out loud. Maybe it will teach you a lesson, do never outgrow your own car !!

_That’s ENOUGH!- And then a loud sound of metal being cramped and ripped apart. The whole van started to shake, and from the outside you could see the surface being tore as Sean’s huge paws became almost visible, emerging against all the metal lay of the car and making his powerful way to get free of that so called prison. Mark observed astonished as Sean’s gargantuan muscles flexed, he could see every vein double its diameter and increase the depth, making the muscles expand and get even more massive, augmenting the power of Sean’s already freakish body. The arms were so thick now they looked bigger than Sean’s legs, his limbs were so huge they seemed two bodybuilders attached to Sean’s colossal figure, and they crushed their way outta the van with the smallest effort. In a matter of seconds the entire structure gave up resisting to that inhuman display of strength and obliged to the command of Sean’s super freakish muscles.

The van quickly became a bunch of scrap metal with a great round bulge, like a bubble, form where Sean emerged in all his glory of muscles and the power of an entire army empowered in his colossal muscles. Sean didn’t pay attention to what he just did. His breath was a little heavy, but nothing quite exhaustive. He could feel the rush still feeding his organism as a flood, all his mighty veins twisted visibly in his hot skin, his heart rushed inside his chest and his arms felt like they were alive, trying to get their own will, pumping and flexing. The look on his face was at least intimidating, his eyes full of power, his mouth had still some drooling rests, the sweat came down, his skin once so babyish pink turned into a radiant tone of red making his muscles look even bigger, he cleaned his mouth and looked to Mark. Mark realized his massive prick already steel hard, excited with all that power Sean displayed to him, precum already fountaining form his impressive log. And then he noticed Sean’s massive cock poking the chest of his owner, like it had given him part of the power to tear the van . Sean walked and his muscles bounced, bulging under his tight skin, his chest rolling over each other, his arms flexing and twisting against his lats, struggling for space in that monumental freak of muscle.

Sean stopped and looked to Mark, their looks need no word. Both of them realized the truth about the power they shared now; Sean had just proved it, he crushed an entire car with his bare hands, they had such unknown resources, his muscles were much stronger than they looked, they could look two times bigger an above average man, but they sure were ten times or even more stronger than that. Sean looked to his body, his blood reddish skin shining and his veins working as a net of power cables feeding his body with all the power of his muscles. And the most important was that Sean really enjoyed every moment, he felt the resistance of the material, the increase on his already gargantuan muscles, and the rush of the power he accidentally released feeding him like a newborn eating form the source of power he demanded to get more and more of such power, he felt his grip surpassing the resistance of the car, and yet he could feel himself getting each time stronger, desiring to know the limits of what he had transformed himself. As the metal seemed soft and flexible, he needed to feel his body becoming stronger and stronger, feeling the thin line of metal finally bursting into his mercy, he watched as his cock poked the point of his chest realizing he was so turned on with himself and his mighty muscles, he could feel the power getting each time stronger, like he was building himself into a new growth spurt, but he wasn’t. It was something else, he could feel the power he had gained during his growth was now somehow amplified, his muscles now didn’t got denser but potentially powerful, like he had multiplied his strength into some other level, a level he could only imagine, a frontier of power and strength beyond human proportions, something unbelievably exciting and terrifying, but yet amazingly exciting. Mark, just touched Sean’s skin and felt the rush of power coming from him, like the end of a storm, he could feel the urge of power, even though it wasn’t still there. Mark felt the density of Sean’s muscles and compared to his own. Sean was definitely thicker. His muscles now felt like hot iron covered with silk, so good to the touch as it was at the look.

_Sean you’ve just Mark tried to go on but he couldn’t finish the sentence. His load burst out of his cock like a fountain of jism. He grabbed Sean’s body and embraced his titanic lover, giving him his load, thanking for the display of absolute power. As soon as Mark’s load hit his skin Sean closed his eyes and felt himself cumming together with Mark, like they were connected, their cocks touched and started spewing their massive loads over each other, like two rivers merging into one colossal one. Sean kissed Mark as they still came, their embrace felt moist and warm, their jism just made even hornier. They felt energized and then Mark felt himself getting the thickness of Sean’s body, he felt the veins and the increase on the depth of his muscles, he almost passed when he felt this hunger for power and the necessity of becoming each time stronger and powerful, his cock felt hard again and he could burst another load over Sean, who just retribute with more and more power cum over them, exchanging their newly found capacity as two brothers in the same womb of Power. They could feel each other thicker and harder, and the power of them now seemed to be amazingly, becoming something they wouldn’t dare to find out.


Part 6

As the strange feeling finally seemed to subside, they could dare to break that embrace, trying not to fell down on the grass.

_My GOD! What was that! Asked Mark trying to get standed -

_ I’ve never it could be this way! Answered Sean helping his lover, realizing that he now felt light to him.

_Sean, you’ve just tore an entire vehicle with your own hands, and you didn’t seem to get tired by doing that, and now I feel like I could do the same, but even easily…

_We are passing by another adaptation period, until now, we’ve only gained Muscular mass and increase on height, of course this means we’ve got much stronger, but as you know strength doesn’t depend strictly on muscle size, it has to do with the arrangement of the muscular fibers display, their location on the muscular tissue.

_What about it? Asked Mark with his hand caressing Sean’s chest trying to feel the security his lover transmitted as he explained their last experience.

_You know there is some space between the fibers in order to permit their contraction and relaxation. I realized during the tests the fibers became so exaggerated overdeveloped, there wouldn’t be any space between them on the muscular tissue. I couldn’t explain why and until now

_You mean we…

_No longer have Any space in our muscular tissue, our fibers are so enormous and we have so much more of them than a normal person that they’ve just augmented their size to occupy the inner space of the muscular tissue, augmenting its capacity into some level I could only imagine, we will just pack muscle over muscle, and it isn’t all, as we are still on the middle of the gain of mass period, each time we go through another spurt, all this readjustment on the new muscle fibers might happen again Sean had this glow in his eyes that just dragged the words form Mark’s mouth

_We will just keeping getting bigger, taller, thicker, bigger, taller, thicker…

_Exactly! Smiled Sean with his excitement, his prick poking Mark’s thigh.

_That is impossible! Mark grabbed Sean’ hands and put them together

_Sean, are you sure about this? I mean look at US, we are already TWO TIMES bigger than any bodybuilder born in this world, and you say to me that we are still going to increase our structure exponentially?

_ WE ARE GOING TO GROW EVEN MORE! Exploded Sean into a booming laugh

_But how is this possible, how can we produce such mass, form nowhere?

_Our body doesn’t produce all the mass he can make, we have nutrients in our blood and organs, we just rearranged them, the double of height and mass could be obtained mostly because of the genetic rearrangement, every and each gene ordering your muscles to multiply, your organism just adapted itself to this situation, and secondly, this serum has a component, a special kind of hydrocarbons almost two thousand times more energetic than glycoside. So as we’ve absorbed this energy, the body used it to redistribute the proteins over the organism, and making it grow!

_Well, but if you said we no more have space between the muscular tissues, how come we can perform movements?

_Once you don’t have inner space, you use the outer space! You see, our muscles are so much bigger, they don’t move from the inside, they don’t contract to find space, they EXPAND and then they EXPAND once more to accommodate their Flex.

_That’s why I’ve seen your body thickening, you were going through the expand and expand movements. But don’t they come to the original state?

_Once the stress period is over, they manage to rearrange and return to the original place, but you gotta remember that now they are so much bigger that they can gain more size with the barely effort so, when they expand they are already thicker, so we look more “pumped” each time we had a good warm up Mark realized that all this questions were kind of late, since he already had taken the serum and its “side effects” were now unstoppable.

_But I didn’t do anything to release my adaptation, how come now I look as thick as you? Sean looked deep in Mark’s eyes…

_ Look Mark, this whole thing is such unpredictable to me just as it is to you, since we’ve taken the serum, we now share the same part of genetic arrangement, this makes us new kind of men, we have different characters but, we are in a genetic way of speaking so alike that my newly found abilities can be unconsciously recognized by you brain and, by instinct it could fire your own thickness process, or maybe you just released it by looking at me and really wanting the same to you.

_All of this is so fucking confusing! Mark walked away form Sean’s approach as he realized the hardness of his prick trying to get another dose of “supergrowth” If we are going to grow over and over, bigger and bigger, thicker and thicker, than we will need another dose of nutrients in order to feed our growth… Sean turned to Mark, looking disappointed as he went far form his desiring tool, he then realized the pain in his stomach, and then. KYLE!

_Mark we gotta check on Kyle Sean ran into his house and his head broke the frame of the door, he had to push the side of the door in order to get into the house.

_He is not here anymore! Said Mark searching the living room and noticing the broken chair.

_ You boy-toy must have gotten upset and left

_Mark! This is serious! I feel responsible for that kid!

_KID? Well if the things we’ve just passed worked on him, I would say we’ve got a king size horny geek lost in the jungle! Sean looked outside form the window. Nothing. It remained the same neighborhood. Even with all the noises on the backyard they couldn’t be heard, the houses weren’t all occupied and by the time, after 3 a.m. most of the people were sleeping, just one house with the lights on, and then Sean could see a head, form the window. Not a normal window, a high window, a very high window.

_It worthies the shot! Sean called Mark

_What? How are you going to show up in that house? Are you trying to get all the police here, they’ll probably think you’re some kind of King-Kong or something else?

_Mark, I know it’s Kyle, how many people over 10 feet high you think there are in this planet beside you and me? They walked out the house, trying to sneak by the shadows, but it is kinda hard to hide when most of thickest oaks are thinner than your legs, or the top of the walls are on the same level as your belly button.

Fred and Mike came near Kyle, when he held Steve in his shaking trauma. The jock trembled, his whole body shook, and his skin felt like boiling water. Stevie could just scream and gasp. He grabbed Kyle’s enormous hand, it was so overgrown, Stevie’s grip could engulf only two monstrous fingers. Kyle recognized the fear on Steve’s face, the same desperate look he once had in his worried eyes. Kyle, lifted him and nursed him in his chest, pressing their bodies together, he could feel Steve’s still shaking flesh.

_Shhh.. It will be all right, just don’t panic now! It will pass in a few seconds… And Steve just felt the superior power of Kyle comforting him, his fear just disappeared, he felt secure although quite scared, it was the feeling of Kyle’s massive embrace which managed to make him less terrified. What the hell was going on… And the few seconds Kyle said transformed into quite a few minutes, Mike and Fred kept silent. They realized Kyle’s confidence, and that made them calm too. When Stevie finally gave up shaking, his senses returned to him, and he realized he was practically nested on Kyle’s powerful embrace, he couldn’t see anything, those enormous muscles were hiding him, actually he felt suffocating.

_Kyle, Kyle please let me go! Asked Steve with a weak but steady voice… Kyle opened his arms and let Steve free form his nursing embrace. Steve felt dizzy, somehow his body felt heavier…

_Hey man, what the hell happened to you? Fred came near him embracing the fellow jock, and then he felt terrified. He noticed something strange; Steve had always been the shortest of them three, Mike was 6’3”, he was 6’1” feet and Steve was 5’11”, but during their embrace, he felt Steve’s head surpassing his own, his embrace didn’t reach the same spot, as if he embraced someone TALLER than him…

_Fuck! Steve you are taller than me! Screamed Fred as he looked into Steve’s still inquiring face. Steve realized he was actually looking down to see Fred’s face! How come, he always was smaller than him. Mike then came near them, mentally calculating the inevitable. He standed next to Steve, and his head no more surpassed Steve’s as it used to do… Actually Steve was about two inches taller than him! That’s just fucking amazing screamed Steve! He looked astonished to his now shorter friends realizing the fear on their eyes, it can be pretty weird when someone who always had been smaller than you suddenly surpass you, even more if that growth is almost immediate. But that wasn’t just that ! Steve’s whole body seemed swallowed into a new improved Stevie, he looked even more muscular than Mike, Steve had always been more into gymnastics, his muscles were cut but not exactly buffed. And now he looked tougher than Mike, his arms stretching the fabric of his shirt… Kyle looked worried, Steve was 5’11” and he shook far more than himself. He seemed to gain about SEVEN inches, in height. And the most scaring data: he never took the serum, all he did was drinking Kyle’s spunk… Could it be possible the genetic treatment could now be passed by his cum too?

_Steve how much do you weigh? Asked Kyle with an inquiring look!

_About 200 pounds, but I don’t weigh myself for a while… Answered Steve, realizing he was quite heavier than he had been…

_243 POUNDS! Screamed Mike as he read Steve’s weight! You’ve never could gain 40 pounds in such a short time! You are even heavier than me, and you are 6’5” tall, what’s going on with you?

_Excuse me, have you seen MR. BULLDOZER over there? Asked Fred complementing Steve and pointing at the not less terrified gargantuan man towering over them all… All the three jocks looked UP to Kyle with questions all over their looks. Kyle knew he owed them an explanation. Kyle took a deep breath making his huge chest expand so much even he felt he was REALLY enormous.

_ I volunteered to work with an experimental genetic treatment with Dr. Bennett in the University, because his experiment consisted in rebuilding damaged Muscular tissues, helping them to heal faster. But we found out it could be something else it could make the entire organism stronger. Dr. Sean didn’t want to try it on human beings yet, but I took it anyway, injected the serum myself and passed by the first stage, just as you Steve.

_You mean FIRST stage! So There’s more of it? Asked Steve confused with this whole thing.

_Actually I am afraid about it more than you can imagine! said Kyle kneeing down to look at face level to Steve

_ In my turn, I’ve grown two inches and gained 20 pounds

_Oh Fuck! Exclaimed Fred! He’s gained more than 40 pounds and seven inches!

_Yeah, Yeah! If you gained “just” 20 pounds and 2 inches, why you are as big as my entire garage? Asked Mike

_It’s because! Well..

_HMMMMMM!!! FUCKING AWESOME!!! Screamed Steve as his Chest ballooned. Steve got down on his knees, looking for some air, his chest bulged and flexed, growing thicker by the inches, and soon his Shirt was being tore by the power of his hemispheres of power muscles filling the cleavage of Steve’s already large muscles…

_Shit! Is he going to shake again ? Asked Fred feeling the chest of Steve becoming each time bigger, trying to equal Kyle’s massive desproportioned Torso.

_No, he will keep growing taller and bigger, that’s the first growth spurt!

_FIRST? AGAIN? Screamed Steve as he standed, he was now so much taller, Mike’s head was on the level of his shoulders, and getting wider by the seconds.

_Calm down Steve! Asked Fred trying to help his growing fellow as he became more and more freaking.

_From now on, every time you had an orgasm your organism will ignite another spurt each time more intense than the previous one!- exploded Kyle at once! All the three jocks exchanged looks, Fred could just smile as he saw Steve growing more muscular and taller and wider and freakier each second, Mike compared Steve’s development noticing each increase and feeling so jealous as Steve quickly made him look less and less tough, his previous physical advantages no more existed in regard of Steve, he was every second away from “little” ones like Mike and getting closer of the gargantuan muscle freak they called Kyle. But Steve had this charming look in his face, he was quite scared yet, but little by little, as his muscles blossomed into his recent gifted glory. His senses grew and he could feel his whole body, stretching, itching with his ballooning spurt. He standed realizing that both Mike and Fred were now just at the level at his low chest, his growing chest unfolding into some meat mountain. His arms growing wider, his limbs aching as they swallowed each time faster, he could feel them get sore, and yet them grew, like the pump of the pumps, he was feeling his entire organism growing, and BOY, what a rush! He look DOWN to his fellas, and they had to look UP to see his face, so wide his chest was now. His legs felt so powerful, like they could kick anyone’s ass, even Kyle’s. Steve felt a rush tinling his head, and he became aware of his genitals, his balls grew like they were being inflated, his cock unfolding, not because it was hard, it was just longer and thicker and thicker, and longer.

_Is this common to happen? Asked Steve with a new glint in his eyes

_Well Answered Kyle caressing the shaft of his mega tool How do you think mine got this way?

_How does it feel Stevie Asked Fred squashing his growing friend’s pecs as they insisted to grow even more. Steve looked to Fred and smiled, he now looked so fragile so petite, he never thought Fred could be so little, and even Mike, his former ideal body and model, now was quite “skinny” to Steve’s eyes, his own arms were thicker than the poor guy’s legs.

_It is fucking awesome- he said in a different, lower, super masculine tone I feel I could do anything now!

_With pecs like those, I wonder, what you couldn’t do! Mike’s look lost on the augmenting width of Steve.

_Kyle, I feel something strange! Steve said, realizing even Kyle didn’t seemed the mountain he was a few moments ago, now he is just FUCKING HUGE! But not GIGANTIC anymore, his face was nearer his eyes and he could see how beautiful he was.

_Well my friend, you are not going trough any normal situation said Kyle worried about the delay on the “cumming spurt”- the time when the feedback kicks in and release all the potential adjustment.

_Yes, but now, the growth is vivid on my feelings, I can sense each part growing, but I just feel something is going to happen… HOLLY COW! Steve screamed, as his prick instantly got hard, like a snake, it woke up from his mega ball sac nest and poked him in the neck, he never felt it had grown so much, suddenly his whole body grew so violently, so abruptly they could hear his bones snatching as they grew longer to accommodate such mass, his arms were almost the size of Kyle’s and he just knew he was as tall as him too, the rush of power was so intense, he never saw his prick ready to spew its new empowered jism.

_Someone Please! It is too intense I think I am gonna blow! I am Too big, I feel like my body is still growing faster and faster, HELP ME! Kyle didn’t expect to react that way, he just remembered that Steve was now as big as him, and all he had done was drinking hi jism, would it be as effective as the serum itself, could it be amplified, WOULD IT WORK ON HIM? Then he realized Steve’s prick growth increasing its pace, each time he was more like Kyle, seeming to even surpass him, the twist of the megaballs and the inevitable orgasm, which would produce another spurt My God he is already BIGGER than I and it was just the first half of the spurt! Kyle felt an sudden urge, when he saw Mike approaching the shaft of Steve’s super long cock, ready to try of his essence If Mike drinks it, he will become even bigger than Steve, I can’t let that happen! Mike saw the incredible growth of Steve surpassing Kyle himself, he was charmed by the size of them too, her need to feel that way too, he approached Steve’s more than ready pole and was all his way to drink his growing essence… Then he felt this huge paw around his waist lifting him away form his desire…

_Sorry Little Paw! That’s just for big guys only! Kyle said as he tossed him away and made his way- the whole way down his throat on Steve’s super long prick! It was all Steve needed. As he felt the warmth of Kyle’s mouth, he let a wave of cum of his prick. He cummed more than anything he imagined, his prick twisted, as his whole body grew. And grew wider and thicker and taller, he could feel the ceiling hurting his head, and then he managed to lay down as Kyle worked on his ultra manhood, sucking and sucking he felt like being sucked to the max, and still he had much more cum to give to him. Steve, felt another rush as he realized his guns growing faster, and thicker, his abs popping as form nowhere as his veins pumping, and then he thought about Kyle, he was now BIGGER than him, or it seemed so, somehow he kept the same size.. no he is GROWING TOO! Kyle drank and drank, feeling his organism react to the incoming of the muscle cum, he felt his entire body growing with each swallow, he grew wider and taller, his muscles now felt like hot iron in his tight skin, his most powerful arms just worked on the balls, making those watermelons work as hard as they could, he just needed to feel the growth increasing, his muscles augmenting as it was still something new to him, he was addicted to size, his own prick became alive again and he felt like he could cum again! Steve’s own spurt was ending, although he was pretty impressive gargantuan, Kyle looked at him and felt like he was no more menace to his size, but that feeling was so good, he wanted to keep it, the power, the growth he just needed, he realized the size of his prick, it was so long it could reach his chin, and if had more of that supercum he gave to Steve and sucked back from him… HE NEEDED TO HAVE IT ANYWAY… Steve, couldn’t believe his eyes, in one moment he could swear he was bigger than Kyle, and now, he looks even bigger to him than when it all begun, and his pole was so fat and long, like it was going to burst again!

_Mike! Mike look at Kyle! Said Fred pointing at the SUPER KYLE! Kyle was indeed done with his sucking on Steve, and he was sat at the floor, almost as tall as he was before Steve growth, BUT HE WAS STANDING THEN! His mega pole was at the level at his chest, his mouth still dripped the cum of Steve, who gave up and lay down at the floor trying to catch his breath. The look on Kyle’s eyes was something unbearable. He looked mean and yet childish. He knew his pole would soon squirt gallons of his mega cum, but they couldn’t believe it would still work.

_Kyle! Kyle please let me have it! Asked Mike begged Mike trying to approach Steve, who was totally soft now, and almost passed out.

_You are HUMONGOUS! Don’t do that! Please Said Fred trying to get Steve back, but he was so heavy now he couldn’t barely move him.

_You don’t understand runts, I NEED it! His breath was heavy, his muscles still growing from his last spurt. He looked form his sides and realized the impossibly width of his shoulders barely touching the sides of the garage, he was so enormous, his legs were almost hitting the guys on the corner.

_Kyle? Are you going to… Asked Mike as he tried to approach the super giant STAY BACK YOU RUNT! Ordered him. Mike froze . He knew what was going to happen. Kyle began stroking his already hard and spewing cum, he felt the rush of him cumming and the feedback kicking in, only this time he would try something different!

_ HERE IT GROWS!!! Kyle mouthed his own prick and it immediately bursted in gallons and gallons of empowered cum…

_KYLE NO! PLEASE DON’T ! It was a familiar voice, Sean’s voice, well Sean’s amplified voice, like Sean’s amplified body. He entered the garage, barely on his knees, and begged Kyle to stop! But it was too late, as he saw the immensity of new Sean he just cummed quicker. His own load came from his mega balls and went all the was UP on Kyle’s super pole. Mike and Fred just watched as another super giant entered his garage, he was even bigger than Steve, but they guessed he couldn’t top Kyle after his drank on Steve, the man was definitely HUGE, but visibly smaller, if you could say that, than Kyle even before he started drinking his own cum. Kyle recognized Sean’s face, only it was now put up into a colossal body which could be compared to himself now, and quite bigger a few moments ago. But now he wasn’t and soon he would be definitely Smaller. The huge amounts of cum come form the pole to the mouth of Kyle and he drank it, he drank and he grew wilder more muscular than before, his growth was so intense, his bones didn’t snatch they made huge noises, his arms kept growing and growing and growing like he was some balloon. His pecs were infinite, they kept growing as like his abs and his legs growing taller. His head reach the ceiling and then it started to push the ceiling forcing everything to come down, he managed to turn aside, but his lats become so wide he kept bumping on all of them, he was so enormous he could touch everyone on the garage. Mike, and Fred leaded Steve, still grogue super frame outside and they almost fainted when they saw ANOTHER freaking looking worried on the outside, he surely couldn’t fit the garage anymore, Kyle and the other monster man were filling it almost entirely.

_Take your friend to the house in the end of the corner, you’ll see it is the only with the scraps of a car on the backyard. After all they’ve been through it was the less strange thing to do! Fred, Mike and Steve went down the street making sure no one could see them, because, well because they were just two normal guys carrying his “big friend” home after a few beers They’ve seen it happening before and they wouldn’t mess with them now. Sean felt terrified, he saw everything, since the growth of the guy named Steve as strange as it seemed, since he hadn’t taken the serum, and he grew amazingly, even surpassing Kyle, until he drank on him and then Kyle amplified his already gargantuan size impressively, and now that he drank in his own essence… Kyle felt the rush increasing, his muscles felt wonderful, he could smash everything, his load tasted as magnificent as the power he demanded, feeding himself with the size he wished and each time more and more, his arms were so huge, he doubted he could lift them, they were so brute, but yet so beautiful, Kyle felt his load ending, but not his growth, he was still growing, at the look at the not such petite Sean, who seemed at the same time shocked, amazed, desiring and jealous of his imperial sized Kyle, as he sucked on the last drop of his load, he finally could speak to the admired Sean. Still growing, still getting the freakiest of the Freaking giant men.

_Like the way you look now little man! Teased Kyle as he looked at Sean’s lost look on his pecs

_Kyle, you’ve done it again! Said Sean, sounding strangely not as worried as before.

_What? More speeches about my exaggeration? Said Kyle, with his legs so thick they seemed two huge men around each other, each one of them. Sean approached the growing guy, and said gently.

_You think I disapprove what you’ve done? Come on! I am not the little Sean anymore

_You still are to me babe! Said Kyle looking his guns growing so thick and long, he could see his biceps had biceps mounted on them, and they weren’t even flexed.

_We can work on that later, now we gotta take you out of here! Sean had this worried look as he noticed that even sat on the side, Kyle kept growing and making his way to break the wooden walls of the garage.

_You still feel the feedback?- Sean noticed the impossibly hugeness of Kyle’s arms and legs, as he tried to fold them avoiding to break something…

_Yes, but I am not growing so fast, I can feel my height is starting to stabilize…

_How do you feel? Like he need the answer to that question

_POWER in his pure form, I AM THE POWER! Said Kyle flexing his muscles and forcing them into one outrageous flex which made him grow one last and terrific time, making all hi muscles grow to accommodate such gained mass, Sean took a step back and watched amazed to the ending of the most tremendous spurt of all, the ULTIMATE GROWTH of Kyle.

_Are you done? ¬Asked Sean feeling the hardness of Kyle.

_YES! Said him His voice sounded like the purr of a tiger, he was truly the colossal titan back to life.

_Great! I don’t think you would fit in here anymore, this flex thing almost put this tiny garage down.

_Ya see! Ya feel it ? Asked Kyle kneeing, and being careful not to it the ceiling, and realizing he was taller than Sean, which was sort of standed.

_What? Asked Sean afraid of the answer

_You said, “this tiny garage” FUCK SEAN! This is no tiny garage, this is a BIG one Not for YOU and ME, but to the little guys, we are now MORE! You feel it huh?

_ You’d better believe it, I do! I feel the power and the need, the urge to have more, I just tore my care with my bare hands!

_FUCK! This is awesome! Kyle said as he managed to get out of the door, passing one leg at time and then pushing his megabutt, taking the maximum care not to demolish the whole thing down. When Mark realized the HUGEST figure coming out of the back door of the garage he couldn’t help but laugh at the size of the leg, the width of the muscles which made his own pillars “OK”- Then, the impossibly torso forcing himself to get out. the loud noise of the wooden walls, and finally Kyle came from the inside with all his glory. Kyle was surprised at the figure standing outside, which was pretty much amazed with the figure coming out too.

_Dr. Phillips? Said The impressive figure, standing up, up and UP!

_Please, call me Mark Kyle! Said Mark realizing he was almost in the level of the chest of that mountain of the most impressive muscles even after his experience with Sean he had ever seen.

_I guess you’ve been fooling around with Sean’s “stuff” too Kyle laid HUGE hand on Mark’s wide shoulders, feeling his hardness.

_Let’s say that I’ve been fooling with his “stuff” and much more! Replied Mark feeling the weight of that paw, imagining the power contained that mountainous man.

_Hey you two! Get a room or better, get a whole hangar, ‘cause if you two starting “fooling around” with “my stuff” no room would ever be enough for you too! Said Sean making himself out of the garage!

_Sean, You sure got yourself a HUGE kid! Teased Mark as he pointed to width and the height of Kyle.

_You guys are JUST FUCKING PHENOMENAL! Said Kyle looking at Sean and Mark as they kissed passionately You look TOO big! Did you take the power cum you guys make?

_What is he talking about Sean? Power cum? Am I equipped with that too! Asked Mark with a sudden glow in his eyes.

_We will talk about it … Now where are the other kids

_They are at your house. The poor guys looked so confused, that Steve guy sure had grown a lot. Mark indicated the way, and Kyle followed, embraced both of them, towering a few feet over their heads “You guys are so fucking HUGE!” Kyle pinched their super muscular butts as he walked

_If this Kid fucks as he looks, we will be in big trouble! thought Mark feeling those big hands in his butt. When they got to Sean’s Kyle had to enter by knees, so tall he had gotten. “Damn it! Sean your house is really small”

_Well, it is the only one I have! Now get your butt over there! Sit on the floor, and be careful not to break anything. Fred, Mike and STEVE were sat on the floor, and all of them looked at Kyle’s MEGA SIZE! Steve sat near him and compared himself noticing how much he had been overgrown by Kyle since he took this SUPER GROWTH.

_Kyle you’ve done too far! Said Steve feeling the immensity of Kyle’s body.

_Would you guys stop staring at me! So I am “a little” bigger than you guys, but look at yourselves, you guys are as FREAK as I am, so cut the bullshit! Kyle took his arm up and FLEXED, which made his GUN so HUGE, it was bigger than Mike himself!

_Speak for yourself! Complained Mike ¬Me and Fred are still the same

_Well, not for long time! Said Kyle as he just lifted Mike form the floor and nursed him on his lap

_I am still disappointed! Why you had to take me away from Steve? I would have been your size by now!

_Look Mike, I NEED IT! When you’ve grown you will understand! Said Kyle as he grabbed Mike and kissed him.

_Gentlemen! Said Sean in a low tone Please lets calm down here! All he looks focused Sean, his impressive figure, and his fellow colleague Mark, which looked as marvelous muscular as him.

_Look! I’ve heard and seen all that happened in that garage, and I assure you this is as new to me as it is to you! But I can make things work out here! All I need is your help, especially Mike and Fred

_Why us? We are the flies around here! Said Fred as he sat on the sofa near Mike. Mark continued Sean’s speech You too are the only ones we can count on! As you see, we could NEVER pass by the common people.

_And? Asked Mike?

_We need you to get some BIG vehicle in order to get us to the campus of the college, more precisely the old center of Medical Research. Then, we can make the tests and the arrangements, we have quite issues to deal.

_And what we get if we do it! Asked Mike, looking at Kyle’s mega huge pecs

_YOU CAN SUCK ME DRY! Kyle answered knowing this was the only thing he had on mind .

_Kyle, we don’t know how it works, or even if you can do it again, but I assure you Mike you can get the size you wish Said Sean approaching Mike and letting him touch his muscular hand.

_OK! We’ll do it! Mike seemed as happy as child! Fred, who kept quiet all the time, lifted up and said

_My uncle has this moving company, maybe I can get a truck who could hold you guys…

_Only if we do it in two times Mark said looking at SUPER Kyle.

_Listen, you are not “little” yourself Mark!

_Anyway, it is better than walking! Steve erupted aith the attitude of his eleven feet figure.

_But how are we going to wait till there? Asked Mark to his big musclelover

_No need to wait much. I have free access to the company, I’ll just phone my uncle and tell him I am doing some job for the morning, and I can get it here first thing on the morning! And what shall we do until then Asked Steve afraid and anxious for the answer SUPER Kyle lifted his hand and in a scholar way asked

_Is it me or anyone else is STARVING? Actually all the grown guys were vanished, and there wasn’t any food left on Sean’ since Kyle finished all of it!

_We could get some at he 24 hour market!—Said Mike

_Well, we could lend you the van but SEAN tore it ! spoke Mark in a sarcastic way

_I think what you did was just AWESOME, babe! Said SUPER Kyle

_Look, I have the right to express my feelings too!

_Take mine! Steve said Here are the keys!

_Here, Sean gave him his credit card,—Buy LOTS OF FOOD Fortunately this is the card I kept home, because I don’t even imagine what happened to those in my pants He looked at Mark who was comparing himself to SUPER Kyle

_Man, we’ve got to know how big you are! Said him flexing his guns and noticing them almost being engulfed by SUPER Kyle’s. Mike and Fred bought almost 1000 dollars in all kinds of Food and it barely vanished form the car, they had to buy more. Only Sean devoured three bags of rolls, two entire hams and six cartons of milk, Mark and Steve took car with four smoked chickens, a whole case of hamburgers and, then Sean ten packages of chips, and gallons and gallons of juice. But that was regular if compared to what SUPER Kyle ate; He started with three pizzas, two cases of pastrami sandwiches, another whole case of juice, three jars of peanut butter, four bags of bread, twelve gallons of milk, more than ten pounds of chocolate snacks, just at the first round. The muscle Freaks practically threw them in their way back to the Market, and they bought more 2000 dollars of food, specially supplements and powershakes

_Why do we need it for? Asked SUPER Kyle as he looked at his giant Limbs

_Well it is quite caloric, maybe it can help you freaks to sustain your hunger and even help with the growth Fred and Mike had a hope looking

_Anyway, it tastes good, said Sean as he opened an entire case and dragged a huge bottle of powershake They continued their way with the food, soon Sean’s floor was full of empty boxes of food, as they just kept eating and eating, and all Fred and Mike could see was their huge bodies vanishing with the food and eating more and more…SUPER Kyle was so happy with the food he lifted the fellow jocks up in the air and kissed both of them throwing them like they were mere pillows.

_You guys are fantastic! He said as he grabbed another case of supplements and two bags of rolls.

_Sean if we keep eating like this aren’t we going to get fat Asked Steve as he worked his way on 5 pound jar of Frozen Yogurt

_Actually, this calories will be used as we hit future growth spurts, in fact, all this extra mass, might increase our capacity to grow! -

_ If this guy here grows another inch no food will ever be enough! Mike looked at SUPER Kyle as disappeared with another pepperoni pizza.

_Look I am in my GROWTH PERIOD, knock it off! I am not THIS MUCH BIGGER than Sean or Mark or Steve!

_But you are FAR this BIG form me! Screamed Fred trying to reach his ear. Kyle smiled as he left to the kitchen. Sean had to wait in the corridor because them both would NEVER fit that small place. Sean approached Fred and Mike and leaned over them :

_ You guys are having fun?

_You can’t imagine how! Mike said as he grabbed Sean’s chest and feeling the hardness of his arms. Fred looked amazed at his friend attacking the massive figure. Sean was as surprised as him, afterall, he thought SUPER Kyle was the only target of Mike’s passion.

_Hey, hey, calm down big fellow! Sean standed lifting Mike who was around his mighty chest, and supported the jock on his urge of worshipping his muscles.

_Listen, Mike, we gotta get the truck and then I have other things, you guys have to do in order all of us can ENJOY what is happening

_Yeah! We’ll go on the morning Mike answered licking his giant nipples.

_I need your full attention in this, let’s go to the den and I will tell what exactly you have to do Sean lifted Mike at the level of his face. I guarantee you’ll never regret what you did for us, but please I ask you don’t try to grow now, we NEED you, only you and Fred will be able to help in my plan, It’s the only way…

_You promise to grant me a wish after we’re done ? Mike had this strange glow in his eyes… Sean knew he was in the hands of the jock, but he also felt that the guy was REALLY into the growth

_ You have my word! Replied the gargantuan doctor as he gently put the jock on the ground.

_And you have mine! Said Mike, grabbing the giant balls of Sean which were at the level at his chest, and squished it and hard, feeling the warmth of those freaking balls, and feeling Sean’s enormous cock answering to his firm touch. Sean smiled as he felt his blood filling his prong awaking alive at his sack, with the powerful hands of Mike squishing his groin. Mike stopped and left to the living room “No remorse, no regrets, that’s for sure!” He thought as he and Fred headed to get the truck.

Steve looked at the mirror of the bathroom. Astonished. He decided to take a shower, all of his and SUPER Kyle’s spike covering his new improved mega haired chest, the hair was all over his cleavage, his abs and let a trail guiding to his oversized cock and balls. So many things had changed since his last shower. He used to dislike his body, he was OK, but he envied the size and definition of Mike and Fred, he trained as hard as them, he used to arrive at the gym even earlier, but it never showed. He was a big guy, but never as big or cut as them. But now it was another story! He was so enormous. His muscles had grown so much thicker, impossibly bigger, he could feel them still itching and sore because of the growth. Steve smiled as he remembered how he managed to enter the shower, he had to take his bath on his knees and yet, he almost could hit the shower. But the feeling of the hot water splashing on his muscles, he could feel all his muscles welcoming the water as it covered his new body hair which grew along his powerful muscles. His wet hair had was now reaching way over his shoulders and it was thick and full, so brilliant he looked the BIGGER brother of Conan the Barbarian. “Gawsh! I make Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his early days, look like a piece of spaghetti” Steve realized as his gargantuan biceps flexed so enormous, bigger than his head. Then he looked at his abs, so many of them, he was so depth, he counted his packs: he had 12 pack-stomach, and they were absolutely huge, covered with this thick hair. His eyes traced the power cables of his legs, they were impossibly veined and thick, bigger than any “tiny” man’ chest. Steve drank in his own beauty, he was now so virile, so powerfully wide and freakish, his gargantuan muscles made him face his life from a whole new perspective, now everything looked small and fragile and HE was the power, the muscular man which made all fear. Steve touched himself, feeling his gargantuan muscles, and flexing them just for the pleasure of his touch and the heat of his body.

_Having a good time, I assume! Said Mark who leaned over his shoulders and speaking low tone in his ears licking his lobes, making Steve’s powerful legs shake, because all his blood suddenly rushed into his mighty prick, filling the giant cock.

_I am sorry, I didn’t mean … Steve was shocked, he never did such thing, but he never had been a 11 feet monster in his life.

_Steve, you don’t have to apologize to me, I would do exactly the same thing as you! Said Mark trying to comfort the jock. Steve was half way out of the bathroom but Mark managed to grab him and pulled him back.

_Steve please, I just want to talk to you, you don’t need to run away from me… Mark gently embraced Steve’s thin waist and conducted the jock back to the bathroom

_What do you want? Asked Steve afraid of the answer of that impossibly thick man. In fact, they were so big, the entire bathroom was just the size to fit them, there almost no space left.

_It’s just a couple of science stuff, afterall I helped Sean with his formula.

_ I didn’t take any formula, said Steve trying to change the subject…

_Why are you afraid of ? Asked Mark trying to be more friendly

_ Will you make it go away ? Steve had this childish look on his face

_What are you talking about? Mark replied shocked

_Well, I thought you wanted me to go back to my previous..

_I am afraid we can’t do that! Said Mark with a smile in his face We don’t know how to reverse THIS pointing at Steve’s tremendous chest Steve blushed, this HUGE guy was pointing at his chest and complementing him, it never happened before.

_I am so sorry, but I was fearing you would force me to shrink to my original size…

_Well, with a body like yours, WHO could force you to do anything against your own will? Asked Mark grabbing Steve’s gargantuan limbs and trying to dent them, just to show Steve how fucking amazing he was.

_Yeah, I know, it feels so good to be this BIG! Whispered Steve at the touch of Mark Mark loosened his grip and looked into Steve’s face Tell me what happened in the garage. What exactly have you done?

_I didn’t know what I was doing, I just had this urge to blow on Kyle’s ultrasized dick, and so I did, but suddenly he started to grow even more, and then when he came BOOM, I passed out, I think I could have drowned with such cum…

_And then? Mark didn’t even try to hide his mega hard on, he just keep saying this looking in Steve’s face and caressing the shaft of his magnificent pole…

_Well, then I woke up a few moments later, and saw everybody around me, and KYLE was even more freakish Then he was starting to tell me how did he become so muscular and, I felt my whole body twisting from the inside

_Yeah, I know what I mean. Can you tell me how much cum you drank? Mark was a sinister of a doctor and a freakish musclebound trying to be scientific but yet being even more sensual…

_Man, I have no idea, I mean it could have been almost a gallon! I just kept drinking, and drinking hoping it was going to finish, and it just splattered in my whole face, coming out form my nose and choking me…

_How did it taste? This question had so many ways to be interpreted… But Steve decided the science way

_ Like normal cum, and I know what I mean, I’ve sucked many other guys before, go ask Fred and Mike. -

_ Well, judging by the way KYLE grew, I can assure you have tremendous skills on this department Mark’s prick was fully erect, like it was begging to taste from Steve’s sucking.

_And then I woke up in the arms of KYLE! Feeling so strange, so dizzy. That’s when we realized I had grown during the shaking thing…

_Adaptation period Corrected Mark automatically, he didn’t even realized how ridiculous he looks being intellectual and stroking his mega dick

_Whatever, all I know is that I was 6’5” and 243 pounds. Mark stopped and looked into Steve’s face

_what were your stats before?

_5’11” 200 pounds Now Steve had this strange look in his face…

_FUCK! Said Mark You’ve grown this BIG even without the formula?

_Yeah! In fact, I ballooned right after I woke up again, and this time I grew so fast, my whole body felt like it was going to blow!

_Isn’t it fantastic? Mark went back to his stroking/inquiring

_Unbelievable! I saw Fred and Mike becoming tiny compared to me, and even KYLE, I think, for one moment I was going to be bigger than him!

_WHAT? Mark almost came right there, but he had to focus he could cum later…

_Yeah, I saw him becoming “regular sized” and then he was no more freakish, and then, “small”, it was then he realized what was happening, and he sucked me dry, surpassing me and making me fade out again… when I woke up he was even more GIGANTIC, and he was sucking on himself, drinking his own cum and then he definitely over did it… Mark had to calm down his pace So, you actually surpassed Kyle’s growth? Interesting!

_Why? Steve felt like Mark was going to do something naughtily scientific…

_Well, you see… Kyle Sean and myself grew because we injected the serum in our muscular tissues, but you didn’t! You just drank Kyle’s cum, somehow it looks the genetic treatment changed his sperm composition, transforming it into another kind of muscle growth serum…But it needs another tests… Mark went down at Steve’s prick, which he saw far before that was already erect and with his head humongously swallowed and sucked it hard, soon it was blowing his load in his mouth, Mark drank all of it, Steve came like gallons, but Mark’s mouth ,managed to drink it down, but he stopped suddenly letting Steve’s cock still bursting loose..

_Exactly as I thought! Mark standed back at where he was…

_W-what? Asked Steve, barely realizing his dripping cock!

_I think we need a different approach… Said Mark cleaning his mouth form Steve’s cum

_What you mean? Steve said still trying to regain his senses

_Look, You only grew AFTER you drank Kyle’s cum right? Then KYLE drank on you and he overgrew you…

_I told you that! Steve said as he cleaned himself form the cum he splattered around the whole bathroom…

_Of course! But I didn’t feel anything and I think I know why!

_What are you telling me?

_Steve, as you didn’t take the serum, I think you’re not genetically altered, you just experimented the growth improvement because of the content of Kyle’s spunk, but you don’t have the capacity to make your growth cum…

_But Kyle GREW when he drank from me Steve felt diminished with such revelation

_Did he? Asked Mark with an inquiring look I’d rather believe that he only grew because of his own cum, when you drank form him, your organism became drenched in his muscular improvement substances, not form you but, the overdose, you had, like you said, “gallon” of powercum, and when Kyle drank it form you, somehow it made effect in him again.

_You mean? Steve was kinda lost trying to follow Mark’s brilliant mind.

_When we have our spurts, we grow bigger and muscular and taller, but it remains in our organism, being activated only by the combination of adrenaline and testosterone, when you drank form Kyle, your organism reacted to the mix which was already in Kyle’s organism, it was effective on you. Then, when he drank form you, your cum still had the components in its composition, only that now it still had the small portion of YOUR adrenaline and testosterone, and that ignited those components which made you grow so much restart the process in KYLE, only this time it was amplified by Kyle’s particular condition, I mean his altered genetic structure…

_Now you lost me! Steve smiled as he tried to understand what Mark meant.

_Steve, you functioned like an amplifier You don’t have the capacity to make your own powercum, but you can amplify the one you drank after you experiment your own growth spurt! Mark said with glowing eyes.

_So, if this is correct, I still don’t have my own powercum, that’s why you didn’t grow after you drank form me… Steve had this sad look, he felt he lost everything that made him special

_But… Mark said with his fingers holding Steve’s chin I have something to cheer this sad face of yours! Steve looked into Mark’s eyes and smiled, feeling goosebumps in his skin

_ Would ANYONE who had been altered by the serum, produce cum drenched in growth components?

_You mean, if I drink SOMEONE’s altered cum, I may amplify its power the same way as I did with Kyle’s? Steve joined Mark in his mind games.

_There’s just one way to prove it, babe Mark looked down at his pole, well, it was almost at the level of his chest Let me taste from your blowing skill Mark said guiding Steve’s head to the head of his shaft. Steve drank wild on Mark’s cock, he now had this much powerful mouth, which could handle the humongous head and swallow a remarkable length of that impossibly big pole. Mark moaned as he felt the bliss he was entering, the announcement of his soon to begin growth spurt, he could hardly calculate “I’ll grow as I cum, then he’ll grow because of my spunk, and then, I’ll have to prove my theory, I just LOVE science!” Steve hardly breath as he sucked on Mark’s dick, that thing was so big and thick inside his mouth, he just thought he would drown when Mark blow his load.

_Come on Steve, come on make me cum, pretty boy! Mark moaned as he caressed Sean’s head forcing him forwards and backwards face fucking the guy who as a slightly pitch smaller than him, well, not this little anymore, because Mark could feel his feet growing sliding on the wet floor of the bathroom… Mark felt the same way he did when he was with Sean, his muscles growing even more than before. He was now becoming something totally massive, he no more resembled humanish, he was the gargantuan beyond the gargantuan, his arms and chest, and legs and backs, and shoulders, and abs, everything had its own form, like he had been another specimen, Mark was so brutally muscular, his biceps were no more human, they now looked something different, with a whole anatomic structure. He looked on the mirror, and could only see his chest, filling the whole frame, like the ultimate morphing picture, how much would weigh now, and how more would he grow after all the improvements he was about to give himself… Steve looked up and almost gasped, he never imagined someone could make KYLE look “thin”, Mark was now so absolutely massive, he had muscles on his muscles, his arms, looked as they were no more attached to his body, in fact they seemed to BE their own master, growing thicker, his arms had grown longer and longer, and his lats were so wide, he doubted Mark could even normally touch his legs, his arms were almost 180 degrees aside form his body.

_Look at what you are doing to me, pretty boy! Mark’s voice was so loud and powerful, it just proved the expansion on his owner. And Mark felt the growth increasing, like the last part of the growth spurt, he could feel he was so tall, it was a good thing Sean’s house had big ceilings, at least they would do for while, even the bathroom was a very large room, a good thing, they wouldn’t get stuck only the door would be a problem, but they would have to figure it later. Steve hold his grip at Mark’s pole and felt it was almost done, with his blowjob, he could hear the noise of those watermelons sending their gallons of that mega dick. Mark felt so powerful, he looked again at the mirror and realized he was now far thicker and muscular than Sean. KYLE would have to look him with more respect, because he was now so impressive, and he would be even more he just have to drink … And he blew his load in Steve’s face. So much power it felt like a jet of cum. Steve had to hold his mouth firm, in order to hold such amount of cum. Mark cam and came inside his mouth, and he drank with such urge knowing he would soon be as freakish as Mark. Mark smiled as he came in Steve’s mouth, he saw that beautiful monster sucking on him, he felt so power, he didn’t even tried to compare his body with human no more, he was something beyond, any bodybuilder near him would look like a bug, his muscles, didn’t have the same anatomy, he had muscles, where no man could ever have, they were so big, and thick, measuring them would be a thrill, he definitely was thicker than Kyle and he was just about one third of the massive growth that turned him into SUPER Kyle, how big would he still get? He no more felt the growth of his own spurt. And the sound of Steve moaning down on his prick made him notice that soon he would be reached by his amplifier.

_Come and get me babe! Mark said as he sat on the floor, making Steve follow him, this way they wouldn’t hit the ceiling. Steve could only moan, he couldn’t say anything, it was so much more intense than the time he drank on Kyle. He could just picture the absolute impressive form of Mark looking down at him and smiling “

_Look at what you are doing to me, pretty boy!”. Mark kissed Steve as he grew and grew wider, and more freakish I love this part

_ Mark flexed and made Steve lick him, he worshipped Steve, and spread his still dripping cum over Steve, massaging his ballooning muscles, as never did to anyone. Steve could feel everything growing inside of him. He never felt more energized. He opened his eyes and looked at Mark, his impossibly large man worshipping him. His prick were immediately full erect and he felt his load ready to burst. Mark realized Steve’s body hair growing thicker and longer, his groin had so much hair, his abs, but his muscles were so damn big that even that amount of hair could hide it, in fact they sort of made them look bigger… Steve spoke in a thunder voice just like Mark Come on babe, it’s time for your tonic! he pointed at his shaft and leaded Mark’s head to the head. Mark needed no more encouragement . He sucked Steve hard and firmly drinking the essence with amplified powercum, he felt the results almost instantly. His arms hurt as they swallowed even more, making their previous size a thing form the past. Mark felt his muscles, expanding by the inches, and his height increasing, he was now so tall, and thick, he even felt he could look WIDER than he was tall, so much power inside of him, he would burst inside, of him. He thought he would feel the whole growth spurt, but it didn’t happened like he imagined, while he was still drinking from Steve, he felt his growth increasing and his orgasm building inside of him, he would never had time to finish Steve’s essence.

_Think you need a hand better you need a mouth down here! It was SUPER Kyle. He had seen it all, they were so lost in the growth thing that they didn’t even repaired the mammoth looking form the door. He had his eyes focused on Mark’s shaft Mark was so now wide and tall, he could crush even KYLE!

_Kyle! Don’t do it! Said Steve! He’s already growing too big! His cum will be too powerful for us!

_Steve! Like I told you before I NEED THIS! And he made it to the head of MEGA Mark. Mark let his load a moment before KYLE got on his shaft, and Kyle start drinking a few inches away from the head, like a jet. And then it was the chaos! KYLE grew immediately he just increased the mass, form nowhere, he felt the heat of being each time stronger, he no more could handle it he kept growing and growing, his muscles each time fucking amazing, and packing in previous amazing ones, he could feel his whole body becoming a mass of muscle, he was no more anything human kind could understand, HUGENESS, POWER MUSCLES, FREAK, those words form now on will no more describe them in their exactly glory, no more they would never feel human again, not with that body, not with that MUSCLES. They filled the bathroom, so big and so wide. Mark felt the weight on his body, now it was totally MASSIVE, and he realized Kyle sucking on his own Cock again!

_Can’t you even stop it for a while? Mark said still feeling his growth refusing to subside.

_My Good! Look at us! Steve said, realizing they were so massive they were cramped on the bathroom, no more space left, they were sat and laid down, and the ceiling was almost there, the room felt incredible tight.

_Oh. Oh! Mark said as he noticed what KYLE was about to do And yet SUPER Kyle was almost sucking on his own prick, the growth on him was continuous, he had no more spurts, his growth was intensively…

_KYLE ! You are too damn HUGE! Please, don’t suck on yourself again, you know what happened the last time… Steve had this scared look, KYLE looked at him and smiled with a grin look Steve, why don’t you relax, WE HAVE TO GROW, don’t you wish to get even bigger?

_YES! I DO! Steve got shocked with his own voice sounding like a thunder

_Go ahead, babe, GROW! Said Mark caressing the base of his shaft, helping the mega pole to loose its load. KYLE smiled, with confidence and proud, the look on Mark’s face desiring to grow even more, to become fucking AWESOME! KYLE bent his head engulfing the impossibly huge head of his own mighty prick and welcomed his overcharged powercum feeling immediately overcharging him with muscle growth fuel beyond his capacities to absorb. KYLE grew instantly, in loud SPURTS he kept growing as he sucked on himself. His muscles squirted and got even freakier. Kyle once had grew to Huge bodybuilder type, and then he went to a FREAK, a few hours ago he experienced a MASSIVE growth which made him what they called SUPER Kyle, but now he was surely overwhelming any expectation, he was developing into a whole new glory of muscles, he was making his way direct to the proportions of ULTRA Kyle, something too big even for Sean or even MEGA Mark and Steve his own was now SUPER Steve, boy this time they really overdone it.!

Sean managed to explain all his complicated plan to Mike and Fred, although he had to avoid the constant assaults of the over horny jocks. Sean had to stand up, and sit many times, in order to become free form the grips of the jocks.

_ So you guys got it? Sean asked looking at the clock 4:43 am Think you can go now?

_Sure! Said Fred jumping from the couch .

_OK, OK! Mike rumbled, feeling a bit disappointed at Sean, he just wanted the freaking musclebound to share his power with him, why did he have to wait so much? When he was leaving, Sean grabbed him by the waist, lifted the jock at the level of his face and said:—Once you’ve done what I asked you, I’ll promise we’ll make you as BIG as you’ve never thought it could be possible!

_You are as big as I never thought possible! Answered Mike kissing Sean’s lips, and pinching his overdeveloped nipples. Sean looked from the window, behind the curtains, when Fred and Mike got in the car. He was a bit anxious, afterall, those two kids were his only way to fulfill his complex plan. He needed them and yet, he felt like he couldn’t forget himself if anything bad happened to them. If everything goes right all of them will have new lives.

Realizing the house was too quiet, Sean wondered where would Mark, Steve and SUPER Kyle would be. He thought strange when Mark asked him to explain the plan alone, because he had “some theories to prove”. He knew KYLE would be probably in the kitchen stuffing his belly, but where would Steve be? This kid was still shocked with his sudden growth, maybe he needed help to understand all this things.

_WHAT THE HELL! Sean shouted as he saw THE BIGGEST FOOT on the planet coming out of his bathroom, he knew it was bigger than his enormous monsters, but those were even bigger than SUPER Kyle’s. Sean ran to the bathroom door, and he noticed those HUGE FEET weren’t the only thing BIGGER than him anymore. The entire bathroom was filled with the 3 most massive augmented oversized megadeveloped gargantuan standard muscle freaks of the word SUPER Steve, MEGA Mark and ULTRA Kyle!

Bigger Issues, #1 6 parts 47k words (#79) Added Dec 2013 142k views (#11) 4.0 stars (24 votes)

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