Being accompanied by a wolf

by BeCreative

Jared works in solitary as a lumberjack, but one day he meets a very special companion.

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Part 1 Jared works in solitary as a lumberjack, but one day he meets a very special companion. (added: 12 Jun 2021)
Part 2 Once back at the cabin, John and Jared get to know each other better. (added: 19 Jun 2021)
Part 3 Jared finds out that on certain full moons something special happens to his werewolf lover. (added: 26 Jun 2021)
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Editor’s Note

This story was revised and reposted as on January 7, 2023.


Part 1

Jared was a lumberjack, stereotypical in appearance, very well-built and a height of 1.76 metres. He worked alone and in the traditional way in a forest, in Canada.

After a long working day, it was meal time, so he chained the last tree trunks to his tractor (he couldn’t afford a log loader trailer), and drove. When he returned to his cabin, he put on a jacket, took his shotgun and decided to hunt an animal, better safe than sorry, the hare traps were failing lately.

Indeed, not even one hare, even some ropes were broken, “damn bears”, he complained (and perhaps he shouldn’t have set the traps in faraway places). Now he had to look for a prey.

After many minutes, he began to feel observed, could it be a stalking wolf pack?, he hadn’t come upon one for a long time. From that moment, he realized that, every time he walked, he could hear a very faint rustle, almost imperceptible, but, when he stopped, so did the sound; definitely it didn’t come from a group.

Time was elapsing, he still was feeling that and hearing the footsteps, maybe it was a cougar, he’s hardly ever seen one in the area, and he felt as if it was a few metres behind him. He didn’t want to turn around, what he had to do was to keep calm and to continue pretending he didn’t realize what was happening. Later, he thought of climbing a tree, even if whatever that was stalking him could climb faster, he would have a favorable position to shoot. But, when he was near the suitable trunk, heard a nearer and louder rustle, and almost immediately after that he heard a second one, which was more intense; he knew he had to react, but only managed to turn around, he couldn’t attack, everything happened so fast.

There was the grey fur stalker creature, pinning down the human by the arms against the floor. Jared could contemplate the head, which had wolf features, but he noticed a human gaze. The ears were forward, he had bushy black eyebrows, observable eyes due to being yellow with green irises, and he was frowned, wrinkling his snout, showing gums and front teeth, and exhaling hot breath, while growling. The fur from the neck was very long, with bristled hackles. The lumberjack also saw the brawny shoulders and muscular arms that were immobilizing him. As for the rest of the body he could see only the chest, since the mountainous pecs were preventing him from seeing any more. He felt a tingling in his crotch, which immediately disappeared when remembering the danger he was in.

“You think you are smart, eh?”.

“Let go!”.

“But without your silly toy you can’t do anything”.

“Shut-t up!, I can get out of this”.

“Ha!, don’t make laugh, you are as alone as me, nobody could help you”.

“I don’t need help right now… I don’t need it. I can do it by myself”, he thought.

“Actually, you’re scared, right?!”.

“It’s-it isn’t true!”, he was, certainly, but he didn’t want to show him he was right. “Let me go, I have no need to bother you”.

“You lie! You people have always treated me as a monster! You all have always wanted to cheat me, and I never forgive you!”.

“People?, you all?, why was he talking in plural?”, the human asked himself. He tried to think on what was happening, while attempting to dissimulate his frightened face, which was getting moistened from having the werewolf’s snout that close.

“Hmm, it looks like you have guts. You know?, I hardly ever do this, but I’ll give you a little head start: I’ll set you free and will see what you do. Will you run away?, I want to play with you before killing you. Will you counterattack?, seeing you failing will be more satisfactory”.

Jared was free at last. The wolf walked backwards and sat down (putting together his soles and supporting his arms on his legs) in order to wait for his reactions. Heartened, the human stood up and moved away, but stayed still for a good while, thinking about what the beast had said before. He also could notice the very burly shape the werewolf made, and it looked like he could be 1 metre wide with those shoulders, “¿how big is he?”, he thought.

“Too scared to act, eh?, I expected more from you, you disappoint me”, he mocked.

The lumberjack realized he couldn’t think of any plan, and got worried, but he still could improvise, he was with a conscious creature, he could reason with him.

“NO!”, he responded. The werewolf was surprised. “I’ll neither escape nor wound you”, he continued.

“Don’t you dare trifling with me, I gave you the privilege for you to defend yourself, and I’m losing my patience”.

“I’m serious!”, he took out his knife and threw it near his shotgun, after, he walked away from his instruments. “Now, I’m completely defenseless, I swear I have no more weapons. I don’t plan to hurt you, in fact, I’ll turn around and keep my hands up”.

This confused the wolf, but he didn’t care and got angry.

“YOU!”, he got up and pointed at him, “don’t make fun of me!”, he yelled while getting closer to the human, willing to lash out at him. But, when he was near to reaching him, he stopped. He didn’t know the reason. He saw that little being hadn’t tried to move so as to fend in any moment, although he noticed the lumberjack was trembling. “Could it be… he wasn’t lying?”, he thought. He ignored that small moment of compassion and tried to attack him again, but he couldn’t, he was unable to do it, there was something that was preventing him.

The beast was stunned because of what just happened. His violent state disappeared, he moved away and stayed still in a slightly hunched pose, hanging arms, the bewilderment was too much, he didn’t know what to do.

Jared, due to not hearing anything, decided to turn back around, and that was the moment when he could see him in full: he was an over 2 metres tall creature. The body was heavily muscled and completely anthropomorphic, including the legs, and the genitals too, which were gigantic. He felt that tingling down there again.

He proceeded to approach even more to see what was happening to him. He could observe him better because the wolf wasn’t heeding him, and calculated his head would be at the height of the chest if the werewolf was standing straight. This one was no longer aggressive, and was with a half-open mouth.

The lumberjack took the opportunity to start to analyze him. The pecs were such colossal meat masses, that he was sure the creature was unable to see his own feet. Both were very prominent, the cleavage was deep, and two big firm dark nipples accompanied them. The abs muscles were stuck out, the 6 pack was very noticeable, like piled blocks. The hands had claws which were like long pointy nails. The forearms muscles were so meaty, that they were the size of a human head, and not to mention the biceps and the triceps sizes, they were titanic. The back was very extensive (if the werewolf was on his stomach, there would be enough space to lie down there), and bulging muscles covered it, standing out more the massive traps, especially the upper ones, which along with the fur from the zone, made it look like there wasn’t any neck. The inmense lats would force the arms to repose at a diagonal angle if it weren’t for the wolf’s naturally broad shoulders, and, in conjunction with the pecs, the lumberjack saw it would be impossible touching his hands if he gave him a hug. The tail was long, very furry and fluffy in appearance. The buttocks were very chunky and bulky, and they had the shape that characterized a muscular butt. The thighs were so gargantuan, the waistband of the human’s pants wouldn’t be able to fit on one of them. And the diamond shaped calves, due to being oversized, wouldn’t fit into the garment either. The feet ended in claws more powerful than the ones from the hands.

Yes, even though they were totally relaxed, the muscles of such a tremendous beast seemed to be very ripped, and Jared could contemplate all that. Without doubt, they were the most developed muscles he’d ever seen. He was dying to worship all that musculature! But he had to restrain himself, touching him wouldn’t be good. Later, he looked at the genitalia. The saggy furry testicles were so huge, that he couldn’t cup them with one hand. He also viewed the penis, one of the few areas without fur, though the skin coincidentally had the same color, and, even though it was flaccid, its veins stuck out and it was the size of an average erect human cock. It had a foreskin long enough for the glans not to be visible. Walking away a bit, he took some steps around the wolf in order to get a general sight, and noticed the waist was thin compared to the upper torso, and the body broadly.

With everything he’s been observing, he’d gotten hard, partially, and he’d been dripping so much, that he felt his glans was too slippery inside his foreskin, besides, he’d been staining his briefs. Coming to himself, he saw the creature was still gobsmacked.

“Hey, are you okay?”, the lumberjack asked.

He tried to touch the werewolf’s face, but this one, realizing what was happening, used a hold against him, but he only wanted to immobilize him, so, he didn’t exert pressure, so as not to choke him. Even if the human was pleased for being surrounded by such monumental muscles, he knew he was in trouble… once again, in addition, growlings could be heard. He began to worry, “was I wrong?”, he thought.

Suddenly, those sounds ceased, and he felt the grip was loosening slowly. Then, he freed himself, and wondered why this was happening. He turned around and, from a low-angle shot, watched how the beast was looking at him, his head was a little upward and his face had an expression the lumberjack didn’t know exactly how to interpret: anger?, repulsion?, disgust?, surprise?, sadness?, despair?, FEAR?

“You… can leave”, the creature finally talked, while turning around and moving away a little. Now his tail was lowered.


“Go away!, I’ll leave you alone, you’re free”.

He sat down supporting his butt and his soles against the floor, putting his head between his knees, tucking his tail under his legs and using his arms to surround them. His ears were flat against his head and backward.

Jared kept thinking… “Why did he stop being violent? Could it be that he was showing gratitude?”. He got closer to the wolf and stood in front of him, and the latter seemed not to heed him. The human was feeling curiosity about that creature, he had to spend time with him, he needed it.

He stayed there for a few minutes, the werewolf was feeling uncomfortable for being watched for so long, but this one didn’t do anything.

“Come with me”, the lumberjack said.

But the wolf didn’t react.

“Come on, accompany me”, continued.

“Why would you want me to keep you company?, I was very hostile”, replied at last.

“Hmm, it’s true, but you are now calm”.

He raised his head in order to see him, “but I tried to kill you!”, and he put his head back to the previous position.

“Yeah, but I feel you’re really regretful for what you wanted to do. I trust you, and forgive you”.

The creature thought about it, was a human really relying on him? Nothing like that had ever happened to him before, he even felt a little excited. Did he find someone to believe in at last? He lifted his head to see him.

Jared reached out his hand. “Come, I’ll show you where I live”, he told him while smiling.

There was that hand, just centimetres away from his face. He watched it with curiosity, even sniffed it. His ears were already back to normal.

“No tricks?”.

“Of course!”.

The werewolf stared at him.

“No grudges”, the human trustingly said.

“It looks like he’s in fact being honest”, he thought. “Foolish of you for thinking you could lift me up”, he told him while standing up by himself.

“Hehe, but the important thing is that you’ll accompany me”.

Bingo!, he understood it: people, as a result of fear, wanted to kill the wolf, and this one developed a big misgiving towards humans, that’s why he required someone who could prove to have confidence in him.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever”.

The lumberjack pointed to the place where his shotgun and his knife were.

“Take them, you’d better take them with you”.

“It’s not necessary, you couldn’t do something to me with your silly toys, besides…” he looked away from him “I trust you”, continued.

The human got filled with joy, he’s gained his trust!

“My name’s Jared, nice to meet you!”, he intensely said while grinning.

“My name’s John… nice to meet you”.


Part 2

Jared wanted to start a conversation, it was difficult at the beginning, but later, John was responding a little, with very few words.

Finally, they arrived at the zone where the one-story cabin was, it had a stone chimney, and there were entry steps, because the base raised the construction a little.

“Here is where I live, what do you think?”.

“It looks good”.

“Anything else?”.

He sighed, “it’s awesome, you made it alone?”.

“Ehhh, only the base and the walls, although there were tasks which were impossible to do alone and a person sometimes helped me. The rest was teamwork, otherwise it would have taken me much longer”.

“Still awesome”.

The lumberjack felt those words touched him, other people assumed that he built the cabin in solitary and praised him for that, but they stopped doing it when finding out it wasn’t that way. That is to say, it was true the construction was small, less than 6 metres per side inside, but, they shouldn’t have exaggerated.

“I appreciate it, seriously. What do you say we go inside?”.

He entered first, and when it was the werewolf’s turn…

“Ah, how small”.

“You’ll have to pass sideways and crouched”, and he chuckled.

The wolf only made a growl. Being inside, he sat down on a chair.

“You have a lot of things, my place is a simple den”.

“Is that so?, tell me more”.

“Everything you need to know is nothing approximates there, not even you should”.

“… Weeell, that isn’t a problem. I’ve been thinking about you staying here, with me”.

“Eh?… I… I… don’t know what to say”.

“Don’t worry, you don’t need to say you’re thankful, I’m almost sure I know what you want to say but you can’t”.

“What?, wait wait wait, I didn’t say that, don’t be in a rush. And I’ll tell you something: I was the one who was spoiling your traps”.

“So you were the one who was stealing the hares”.

“Easy food, why missing the opportunity?”.

“Mmmm. And now I remember I couldn’t hunt anything”.

John wanted to thank Jared for what he was doing for him, and even though he didn’t want to tell him directly, he could prove it to him.

“You know?, I could go to search for them”, he stood up. “What about you staying here nice and quiet?”.


“Don’t leave! Just wait”.

Then he proceeded to leave. The human was alone, but all this time he was aroused for John, the muscle beast. He couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was already getting hard and took advantage of his lonely moment. He took off his jacket and his cap, later, he sat on his bed and decided to bring out his penis. He began to masturbate while imagining how extremely bulging the wolf would look like if he was doing the most muscular pose, and added that he was exhibiting a vigorous erection and performing a potent ejaculation. It was at that moment that he reached the climax and busted a nut. He enjoyed that orgasm a lot, he’s been holding back for a long time. Now he had to change underwear and to clean what he stained, he did it with the garment, since anyway it was already stained with pre.

After half an hour, it was already dark, John returned and Jared opened the door.

“I didn’t find the hares, but I did find this dead moose”.

“Found, eh?”, he said, sneering.

“Obviously, what a coincidence, right?”.

“You have blood on your mouth”.

“… And if you look closely, it’s not the only place where there is blood”, he said while dropping the carcass, “but say no more”.

“Ugh, at least clean yourself, I don’t like its odor”.

The werewolf sighed and left for a minute. The lumberjack left the corpse outside, because he didn’t want it to bleed out inside, and, even though that would lure an animal (the main reason why he didn’t hunt big animals), he was totally sure that his guest wouldn’t allow his prey to be stolen. After that, he closed the door when the wolf came back. Inside, the latter also decided to bother him, in order to take revenge.

“Now I have something awkward to tell you. Don’t think I haven’t noticed, don’t play dumb with me, you’ve been smelling like cum since before we walked here, right?”.

Jared hesitated for many seconds. In the meantime, John was sniffing so as to find the most intense origin of the odor, which were the briefs that were hidden under the bed. He brought the garment near to his snout and breathed in loudly, in order to make the human feel bad, and he made it, since this one was embarrassed and worried. The wolf was doing that as an act, but later, he got to enjoy the pungent smell, therefore, he started to inhale more.

“Ahhh, this stench, it’s very strong, I could go on like this all night”, he thought.

His mind was beginning to cloud, but he remembered his main objective, so, he threw the underwear down and approached the lumberjack slowly, making him go back, until putting him together to a wall.

“Well?, what do you have to tell me?”.

Jared realized lying would be useless, as a result, he decided to tell the truth.

“Ugh!, okay, it’s true, I can’t lie to you. Muscles turn me on sexually, the bulkier and ripped they are, the better. I can’t explain it in detail, but when I saw you, wow, I was seduced, how muscular you were! I felt I must become your friend to keep you close”, he admitted. He looked away, he was feeling sad because surely he would lose him for confessing that.

“So, that means… you like me!”. The human was surprised and raised his face. “You like my body, you’re attracted to something that comes from me, you don’t feel repulsion. And I have a way to thank you”, the wolf continued, smiling.

“Wait, you’ve said that word, you’re than…”.

John took Jared’s head, pushed it against his chest, and started to rub it vertically. The lumberjack loved that he did that, having his head being dragged between those big meat mountains was arousing him a lot. In a moment, the werewolf stopped, pressed even more the head and flexed his pecs repeatedly. The human was rejoiced by that moment. After, his head was tilted back by the wolf.

“Did you enjoy it?”.

“Very much!”.

“That’s good, now look at this”.

John lifted his arm and flexed it. Jared was fascinated by that gigantic limb in front of his face. He began to caress it, to massage it, to press it, he even hit it gently; it was very hard. He even put his mouth on the biceps, but didn’t use his tongue, he found it uncomfortable touching so much hair with it.

“You charm me, John!”.

“And all of this is only for you, you can do whatever you want to me”. He was feeling proud of the fact that his body was being worshiped, in addition, he was delighted by the fondling made by him.

“Really?, hmm, then try this”.

The lumberjack raised his hands and placed his thumbs on both nipples of the werewolf and started to massage them. The wolf had never experienced that, but he liked it. Later, he began to feel that the human added the indexes so as to pinch them, he liked it a lot. He never thought such an action would give him so much pleasure, he started to harden down there.

Jared took off one hand and licked a nipple. He was doing both actions with each one repeatedly until he felt something touching his sculpted belly. He looked down and saw it was John’s dick.

“Look at how you make me”.

“It’s immense!”.

“Come on, touch it”.

Jared got enthusiastic and knelt. He viewed that it had a good size, even though it wasn’t completely stiff yet. When he put on a hand, sensed how warm it was, and started to stroke it slowly, uncovering and covering the blackish glans with each movement. He felt how the penis was fattening, and it continued, and continued… He also saw how it was lengthening, he had to use his other hand in order to do a good friction. While he was with the rubbing, he was observing how the veins were thickening and how precum drops were occasionally running down slowly. When he finished, he was amazed. The cock was enormous!, and throbbing. The lumberjack was shivering with excitement in front of such a sight. He placed his forearm next to it, and noticed it competed with its size, hand included. He looked very happy, he remained admiring the piece of meat, grinning.

“Come on, go ahead, it’s all yours”, the werewolf told him, while slapping him with his tool gently. The only fellatios he’d got had been from fish.

The human smiled and gripped it firmly, and began licking the liquid which was leaking from the tip. He put his face together to that meaty mass, and started to rub it constantly. He continued licking all of the shaft, helped by a hand, while, with the other one, massaged the gonads. After, with his tongue and his lips, played with the glans, like if it was a candy. His own dick was dripping too, even though he’d already eject sperm some minutes ago.

The wolf was almost at the limit, he was clenching his teeth and his fists in order to restrain himself and not to act abruptly, but he ended up giving in to his lust.

“Nngh, forgive me, Jared”, he said in his mind.

He grabbed the lumberjack’s head and put it together to his body, burying all of his penis inside him. It was an unexpected movement for the human, he was still hesitating to put tremendous meatiness in his mouth, but realized it wasn’t necessary anymore, although he didn’t expect having it down to his throat either, it was very difficult for him to breathe.

John continued manipulating the head. With each movement, and the fact that the lumberjack was snorting, his ecstasy was intensifying, and later, he decided to move his pelvis, fucking the mouth at high speed, until he finally reached the climax and came. Jared felt how strong and tepid was the stream that was unloading inside him directly, and later he felt another, another more, and another…

The werewolf pulled out his meat, which still had semen trails, and the human was able to breathe normally at last.

“Look, it seems I must clean you”, Jared told him while gripping the enormous cock.

He used his lips and tongue on the head again, and while he was doing that, his beard got smeared. John saw this.

“Get up, I’m not done yet”, his dick was still erect.

The human smiled, but when he stood up, the wolf grabbed his shoulders, and noticed he was approaching his face to his. The lumberjack didn’t know what to expect, “will he really do that?”, he thought. But what his companion ended up doing was licking his beard. “True, my beard got stained, what a fool I am”, concluded.

John kept licking, and Jared, seeing how he was treating him, wanted to do something similar, caressing his head, but, when he barely made 2 movements, heard a growl. To make sure, he resumed it, in fact, another growl. After that, he tested by scratching an ear base, but the result was the same. It looked like he didn’t like that kind of fondness, but the lumberjack considered that attitude to be somewhat cute. The werewolf licked him one last time, directly on the face.

“Now that I finished this, we can continue”.

“Wait, it will be better if we keep on my bed”, and he pointed to it.


When he turned around, the human tried one last time, scratching him in the middle of the back. He was surprised to see the wolf didn’t do anything, literally, since he wasn’t moving, he even held his tail, possibly so as not to it wouldn’t wag. But there was something he couldn’t hide: his ears, which were relaxed, almost flat. And the lumberjack noticed that, so, he tested with stopping, and heard a growl, therefore he used his fingers again. ¡Bingo!, he’s found the spot to give him fondness. Now he considered that attitude to be funny, for hiding physically he was liking it.

“Hey, I think you’re a cu…”.

He couldn’t finish his sentence, he felt 2 fingers were invading his mouth. The werewolf was very fast when intending it, and luckily, he was careful with his claws too.

“Shhh”, he pulled out his fingers. “I haven’t told you before, but you look better without the cap and the jacket, I wonder how you would look with less clothing. Besides, you’ve been erected for a while, you should set free your buddy”.

Jared was a little restrained, since John was perfect in comparison, but those words gave him enough impetus to show himself in full, and got undressed, showing his hairy body.

“Well, what do you think?”.

“Gorgeous. You’re desirable”.

“Really?”, since his muscles weren’t colossal and his genitals were half the size of the wolf’s, somehow he was feeling inferior. Besides, he was afraid of disappointing him.

“Yes, I like everything about you”, responded. Then, he decided to lift him up.

The lumberjack felt delighted that a living being with such monumental dimensions thought that about him.

When they got to the bed, John laid Jared on it and began to lick his penis, which had much pre. The human liked a lot how the werewolf used his long tongue, he was too skilled. He closed his eyes while enjoying the moment, but later, he felt the wolf raised his legs and licked his anus.


“What?, does it bother you?, deal with it, I love to do this”.

The lumberjack sighed, but, after that, he sensed that the tongue got into his hole, and he raised his head.


“I can feel you already have experience here, I assume you like this, don’t lie”, he said, sneering.

“What the what?”. He got embarrassed and dropped his head. “Shut up!”, he said, and covered his face with his hands.

“I like how you talk”.

Jared didn’t want to reply, but he did enjoy it, John’s tongue was very special.

“I think it’s time to use this”, he said while gripping his leaking and completely erect dick.

“Will you put in all of that?”, he asked while sitting.

“I know it’s not your first time”.

“I’ve never tried something so big”.

“You could with your mouth”.

“Yeah, but…”.

“You won’t leave me like this”, he squeezed his tool so that more precum would come out, “right?”.

Jared accommodated in order to see the tremendous piece of meat closely, he was hypnotized. John loosed his grip when he saw his companion wanted to touch it. The human put his hands on it, palpated all of the shaft, feeling every vein, everytime it throbbed strongly, how warm it was… He placed his mouth on the tip so as to consume the liquid, and after, he put his tongue between the glans and the foreskin, dragging it there. He really wanted the cock inside him, again, and from another side. He desired it, he needed it.

In the meantime, the werewolf was watching the face, his companion was really captivated, and he could swear the eyes were shining. And the wolf liked that the lumberjack expressed that, it generated for him a feeling he’s never experienced before, but he didn’t want to think about it. While he kept observing, the human was grasping the foreskin with his teeth. Later, the latter looked at his companion directly in the eyes.

“I’ll take it, but… could you lick down there again?”.

“I see you did like it, eh?”, he mocked.

“Shu…! Yes, I loved it!, but do it now!”, he said, and lay down.

While the werewolf was preparing him again, the lumberjack was thinking: “I can take it, I’m strong, I’ll make it, I’m capable, I can withstand it, for him…”.

“I feel I’m ready”.

“That’s good, I’ve waited a long time”.

He started to rub his glans on the entry, which was damp because of his saliva, but now he was wetting it more with his precum. After, he bent in order to be face to face.

“You know?, I know I’m not easy to handle, and I don’t want to hear you scream, so if you need it, here you have my finger”.


Then, John inserted the head, and Jared obeyed him unconsciously, he bit the finger so as not to scream, although through his nose, his voice could still be heard. He was biting too hard, the werewolf didn’t expect it to hurt, but he didn’t care.

“It looks like it’s too much for you, what if…”.

“Take it out?, don’t even think about it, don’t worry about the snorts I make, ignore them, I can withstand it”, he said while occasionally panting.

“Okay, I trust you, but remember, my finger”.

Then he kept putting in more of his dick, but slowly. “So tight”, he thought. The human continued with the same moans, he also bent his toes and sank his fingers on the wolf’s shoulders, but this one wasn’t bothered, as long as this helped his companion to feel better.

“Done, it’s all inside, you did very well”.

The lumberjack was breathing heavily, but smiled knowing he made it.

“A lump in my abdomen?, wow”, he chuckled.

John began to lick his face. Since having that lupine face so close in a moment like that was too much, Jared interrupted the licking, hung on the head, and planted a strong kiss, with eyes closed tight. The werewolf was surprised, he’d never been in a situation like that, but enjoyed it. He didn’t know what the human was doing, so let him do all the work, but, he came up with taking out his long tongue in order to introduce it in the mouth. And the lumberjack liked it a lot, so much, that he occasionally paused kissing and caught the tongue with his lips.

The wolf knew his companion was more relaxed, so he put almost all of his meat out so as to back to penetrate and continue with the fucking. The human was still feeling pain, so, because of the movements, surrounded the waist with his legs and exerted more strength with his arms, but the werewolf kept his head’s position firmly, the fact that his companion was doing that with his mouth was much better than the biting, and he closed his eyes.

Jared was getting used to the pounding, and could feel better the pleasure it generated to him. He sensed how John was hitting from inside, and from outside too, since the saggy huge balls were swinging, they were colliding on his glutes with every movement. The impacts got stronger every time the werewolf increased the speed.

The human couldn’t hold it anymore and ejaculated on his chest. The wolf gave a last thrust and also busted a nut, ejecting strong cum streams. But after that, he kept moving, he wanted to be totally dry, until the last drop, and he ended up bloating the belly because of the quantity.

Jared interrupted the kiss to rest, he was absolutely exhilarated, and so was John, who also was panting, exhaling hot breath with tongue outside, and supported on the bed with his hands. When the lumberjack raised his head, could see he was swollen. He smiled and dropped it again.

“Your body is a little wet”.

“I don’t like to speak about that”, he said while looking away.


“People say my sweat has a strong and unpleasant odor, and I’m ashamed of that”.

“How dare they!”, he said, indignant. “Fuck them, I DO like it”, he continued.

“Do…”, he looked at him, “you mean it?”.

“Yes!”, and he performed a deep breath.

The human blushed, but he knew his companion didn’t do that with the objective of making him feel bad.

“Hey, I inform you there’s a part where the odor is much more intense”, he said pointing to his armpit.

Then, John smiled and, in order to place his nose there directly, took out his penis, but, when he did that, Jared made a groan. The werewolf was more concerned about that, so, he turned his head there and licked the anus to see if he would decrease the pain, he also was cleaning the semen that was spilling.

“I’ve already told you not to worry, you must ignore my groans”.

But he didn’t heed him, and continued licking. Later, he did the same with the cock, the belly and the chest.

“Your cum is thicker than mine, I love it!. Besides, you don’t just smell good, you taste good, yum-yum”, and he licked his lips.

The lumberjack let out a small laugh. “You’re fascinating, John. I’m very glad to have met you, I’m delighted that you’re here with me”, he said, still smiling.

And then, the wolf lifted him in order to give him a big hug, which made him drain. He put the head at the height of his neck, so as to put his own head on. The human felt very comfortable, and surprised by such a token of affection. And not only that, he heard a little whine.

“Have you…?”.

“You didn’t hear anything, got it?”.

“Okay… Could you hug me tighter while flexing your muscles?, I’ll tell you when it’s too much pressure”.

“As you wish”.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

John was lying on the bed, he alone occupied almost all the width. On him was Jared, still naked. The wolf was nibbling his neck.

“… and that’s why I must cook the meat of that moose”.

“How boring”.

“By the way, there are still things I’d like to test, for example, look at those thighs, so chunky, I’d love to have them on the sides of my head”, he said while rubbing one with both feet, all that fur on his soles felt really good.

“What a pleasant sensation, I’d like to have them on other parts, such as on my chest”.

“Hehe, yeah, with hands and feet, I’ll fondle all, ALL your body”.

“I’d like to lick your muscles”.

“And it will be all over my body too”.

“And after that, another round?”.

“Of course!”.


Part 3

They both managed to live together better over the following days.

Jared felt that John should wear some clothes on his crotch. He got him some trunks, but the wolf was uncomfortable with that, due to his tail. Later, he tried with some boxer briefs, the same result, and making a hole behind wasn’t an option, they would unpick themselves, although the human liked how it looked because of how tight they were. At the end, he found a piece of red fabric and made a fundoshi. It fitted him perfectly, and that color suited him well.

John’s learnt not to be a cold fish. For example, when Jared had to go to the city to sell firewood and to buy supplies, he got saddened because his companion was going to go far away, and he got worried because he thought something bad could happen to him. He waited in front of the entry steps, even though he’d been notified that it would be only a day (but, over time, he would learn to wait doing things inside). And, when the human returned, he rejoiced, and welcomed him with a big hug and licks, while whining with happiness.

On his part, Jared thanked the help John provided. He no longer needed to use his tractor so often, since the wolf was strong enough to transport big tree trunks by himself. He didn’t need ammo to fend, neither did he need to hunt, John wouldn’t let anything hurt him and was very good at catching animals. Although, sometimes, they competed in order to see who carried a prey home faster, and even though he always lost, he enjoyed trying to outdo him. With what he saved, not offering certain services to other people anymore didn’t affect him, somehow he would feel guilty.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was night, and very late, John’d been outside for a long time.

Jared continued waiting, the wolf had already told him: “please, stay here, don’t leave for anything in the world, no matter how long it takes me”, and even though it was the third consecutive night the werewolf had gone out like this, on the 2 previous occasions he had returned much earlier, and that’s why the human began to worry.

It was already midnight, and he didn’t come. The lumberjack decided to go to search for him, but… where? He got out with his oil lamp, and his weapons, just in case.

After walking for a long time, he found the piece of fabric that John wore, it was torn apart. Almost instantly, he heard a far-away howl, “¿that would be him?”. He’d already heard him howl before, such as during sex, or when he had to go to the city. The sound was notably deeper, but, somehow, he felt it was from his companion. He tried to identify where it came from, but wasn’t very good at that.

Sadly, the light of his lamp faded, surely a certain wolf was fiddling with it, and that’s why the fuel ran out, “what a fool, I should have checked it before”, he told himself. At least there was a full moon, but it poorly illuminated in leafy zones, to walk deep in the woods, at night and without seeing correctly?, it would probably be a stupidity, but since John was nearby, he could notify him with shotguns that he was in danger, he just needed to be alert to any threat, even though shooting was something he could have done right from the beginning to save him some trouble, or simply waiting for him at home.

He followed the path toward where he thought the sound came from. At one point, he saw something on the floor in the shadows, he attempted to recognize what it would be, it looked like a bear, but, since it wasn’t moving, he didn’t need to prepare to defend himself, although he had to run away from there. He moved far away, although, because of that, he would lose the course toward his objective. But, he heard a howl again, and it was nearer. This time he identified better where it could come from, and ran.

Soon, he could hear a thudding sound. When he walked a little more, he saw it. It was a very big creature, moving in front of a fallen tree. Even though it looked different than his companion did, he could assure it was him, he had a hunch.

“John?”, he asked.

Hearing that, the beast interrupted what he was doing, backed up and ran away, running on all fours. The human got closer to the plant y saw there was semen all around, “was he fucking a tree?”.

Hurrying after him, he arrived at a glade, and saw him again. He looked larger and more muscular, and his gray fur was darker. He was with his back to Jared, and was moving both arms.

“John?, what happened?”, he asked.

The wolf stopped, but didn’t reply, and this time, he didn’t run away.

“If you have a problem, you can tell me, I can help”.

Then, John stood up, and turned around. It was at that moment that Jared got a general sight: his muscles were so bulky, that he was as wide as tall, and his arms were forced to be raised; his legs now did have the shape of the ones of a wolf, and were separated in order to give space to gigantic testicles, which reached past his knees; in addition, he flaunted a titanic lupine blackish penis, which could reach his face; his eyes somehow shone and he had very big tusks.

The lumberjack was afraid because of seeing the very fierce face, and became terrified when the creature started to approach him. He began to panic, fell onto his butt and moved backwards. The beast got closer and closer. The human didn’t know what to do, he gave in to dread.

“Aahh! Don’t harm me!”, he pleaded. He closed his eyes, expecting the worst.

A few seconds elapsed.

“Yes, I promised you, to never hurt you”.

Jared opened his eyes when he heard his voice, he also noticed it was deeper. John was supported on both his brawny arms, so as to be face to face.

“Sorry for scaring you so much, but this is what I look like in this form”.

“But now you no longer have a fierce face”.

The wolf shook his head. “It was my normal face, it seemed to make you uncomfortable and I changed my expression. I bet you now prefer me smiling like this. Come on, don’t be afraid of me”, and he started to wag his tail.

Even though that smile would scare anyone else, the lumberjack began to calm down and could observe him better. The mouth salivated and the front teeth were pointed. The eyes not only shone, the irises and pupils were of a lighter yellow color, they weren’t easy to identify. The ears were longer, as well as the fur from the neck. Later, he got up to have a better view of the rest of that hefty body.

The werewolf realized he was being analyzed, so he stood up too. Despite being bigger, his companion’s head was still at the height of his chest, due to his hunched back and his bent legs. In order to give him a better view, he kept down his dick with his hands, which was leaking a lot of precum and got to have veins wider than human fingers. The main differences between the wolf’s former form and his present state, that were just noticed by the human when he walked around him, were: from behind, it was impossible to see his head, due to the bulging muscles of the back and due to his hunched pose; his hands were larger, and ended in bigger sharp claws, and so did his feet; the fur from certain areas on his arms and his torso was shorter, as a result, the muscles in these parts looked even more ripped, and had prominent veins, the ones from the biceps got to have the same thickness as the ones from his cock.

“Tell me you’re finished, please”.

“Why the rush?”.

“I must tell you that, in this state, I have a high level of sexual desire, and, even though I reach orgasm, the arousement returns as strong as before. I need stimulation, I need to bust a nut, I’ve been holding back quite a while. You’ll help me, right?”, he said while, from his penis, so much pre came out, that each stream individually could compare to the ejaculation of an average human.

“Of course!”.

Jared started to undress, John felt he was taking too much time and got impatient, but he could restrain his urge to tear off all his clothes.

“I’d like to put you on my knot, but I barely manage to touch my log”, (he’s got into the habit of calling it that way). “Could you do it by yourself?”.

“Will it bear my weight?”.

“Yes, you could even hang from it”.


Then, he climbed onto the piece of meat, as if it were a rideable animal (he staggered a little, but not enough to lose balance), and placed himself on the knot, and the werewolf made an effort so as to straighten his torso, so, his mountainous pecs wouldn’t be an obstacle for the lumberjack.

Since the meat was as wide as him, masturbating him wouldn’t be easy. But, after only a few seconds, the wolf was already with his mouth half open and his tongue outside (a sign he was very aroused or was close to reaching the climax) and shot his load, while howling and flexing both arms, doing a double biceps pose (the only one that he could learn so far with the bodybuilding magazines, Jared’s ex-fap material). At the beginning, the streams were normal, but later, they intensified, travelling long distances. Some of them were so torrential, that it looked like he released more than one spurt per shot. Some of the ejaculations were so vigorous, that his tool jerked up and down violently, forcing the human to hang on in order not to fall off. At the end, it calmed down, but the currents were still big. All that lasted more than a minute.

“That was fast”.

“I already told you, I’ve been holding back quite a while, and the fact that it was you who did that made it more enjoyable”.

John dropped to the ground and lay down. In that position, Jared had on him the gargantuan dick, and could feel it was still throbbing.

“Nngh, my muscles, I need you to touch them”.

“It will be a pleasure”.

The human turned around to begin with the fondling, while the wolf flexed the torso muscles in order to show how hard they could be. They both liked those sessions, one loved to worship muscles so immense, while the other one enjoyed that his body was admired.

When the lumberjack was going to move to play with the nipples, the werewolf interrupted him, because he decided to sit up.

“Look at my arm”, and he flexed it, thickening even more his veins.

“Wow, it’s so massive!”.

He got to his feet to be more comfortable. When trying to surround it with his arms, he couldn’t touch his own hands.

“I won’t ask you to hit it, it’s so hard that the injured would end up being you, but I challenge you to move it, at least a little”.

Then, Jared tried to push it, to pull it, he even hung from it. But nothing worked, the arm had an incredible firmness.

“It’s impossible. You are extremely strong”.

“Yeah!, admire my strength!”.

“And I still need to fondle more of your muscles, you’re colossal”.

“It’s true, it will take a long time, so, we’ll leave it for later. Besides, I see you’re dripping a lot. Penetrate me”, and he dropped again to his back.


Then, the human got to the area.

“Wow, your balls are huge, they’re bigger than my head, and cover your anus”.

“Ah, sorry, if I could, I would hold them, but I can’t reach them. I’ll turn around”.

Jared was amazed to contemplate the muscled body when being in that position. Even though John was completely lying down, his titanic penis gave him some height, and, because of that, space for his gonads.

First, he decided to massage the spheres, later, he put his head between them, he really liked how enormous they were. After that, he inserted his tool in the hole and proceeded with the pounding, while grabbing on the tail. “How fluffy”, he thought.

Finally, he did a last thrust and ejaculated. This time the quantity was big.

But, the werewolf required more.

“I’ve always enjoyed you doing this to me, but I need something bigger right now. Use your arm”.


“Don’t ask”.

He hesitated to do it, but he knew that, by doing that, would please his companion much more, so he ended up introducing it, until the forearm. It was his first time doing some kind of fisting.

“Put it in more, up to the shoulder”.

The lumberjack obeyed him. When he inserted the whole thing, felt weird about the situation, but, after a few seconds, he got used to it.

“Come on, get it out and in”.

At the beginning, it was difficult, but later, he improved his rhythm, and no longer made it slowly. The human couldn’t see it, but, this time, his companion had a completely new pleased countenance, although he did hear the grunts of pleasure. He continued penetrating him for a while, until he heard the wolf was snorting. Out of curiosity, the lumberjack stopped what he was doing, so as to see what was happening, and he took out his arm, which had semen trails, from what he had done recently.

John was busting a nut, but, inside of his mouth, he’d put it on his dick’s tip in order to drink all the cum he was shooting. When he finished, he noticed that Jared was at his sid, and knelt.

The werewolf put his nose together to the lumberjack’s sweaty body, he had to take advantage of the moment, since the night wasn’t warm. He started to inhale deeply everywhere, especially on the armpits, he loved that pungent odor. He would also have liked to lick, but the human had stopped sweating, so, he prioritized the smelling, although he could lick the arm that had been used to penetrate him, and savored the sperm trails while licking slowly.

“Then, when you get to be in this form?”.

“I really don’t know, it only happens on one full moon night, but I don’t know which one”.

“And that’s why you went out the last two nights”.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to put you in danger, I get to be very impulsive, not even bears can withstand me”.

“Bears, eh?… But I was able to deal with your libido”.

“Ehh, yes, that’s right. But we mustn’t rest, look at me, I’m already dripping, I need your help”.

“Of course, let me try something new”.

Then, he placed in front of the piece of meat, and pushed it aside with one hand, later, with the other one, did the same thing, but, towards the other side, and so he kept the meat bouncing on his hands for a while. After, he stopped and decided to touch it with one hand, but, in a special way: he petted it, with the same characteristic movements of dragging the hand and patting.

John was fascinated by that new situation, it turned him on too much. Therefore, he couldn’t hold back, he grabbed his companion, laid him on the floor and began to rub his monumental tool on the body, and Jared surrounded it with his arms and his legs. He felt how the knot impacted against his thighs and his butt. They lasted like that for a short time.

“Oh, I’m cumming”.

It was at that moment that the wolf raised the human’s head to put the mouth on his dick’s tip. The latter immediately understood what the werewolf wanted, so he opened his mouth in order to put the end in.

Then, he heard a howl while feeling the cum streams. He did his best to keep them inside, swallowing a lot of semen. But, the shots were many and started to be of larger quantities, so, he couldn’t hold the tip any longer and released it. Now, ejaculations went directly to his face, but later, he dropped his head, he knew the wolf was going to carry on for a longer period of time.

“Look at how I left you”, he said when his cumming subsided, “but I know how to fix it, and I like to do it”.

Then, he began to lick the head areas which had sperm slowly. After that, he started to nibble the neck.



“I know that you like to nibble my neck”.


“But… you don’t need to put my head inside your snout!”.

“Oh”, he freed the head, “Sorry. But actually, I do need it, my mouth is now bigger and that”.


“But don’t worry”.

Later, he grabbed the lumberjack from behind so as to kiss him, or at least he tried to, he’d just learnt how to do it a few days ago, but he had everything larger now. Basically, he just rubbed his teeth on the human’s mouth (using his lips a little), and drenching him even more, since he kept salivating. He also used his tongue in order to penetrate the mouth.

When he finished, continued with the torso.

“I love to lick your hairy body, I just love saying it”.

But Jared felt he needed more, so, he asked John to kneel.

After that, he put his face between the meaty pecs and did a long inspiration. The werewolf was surprised, his companion wasn’t into smells, but he didn’t care, until he felt being licked.

“Eh?, I thought you didn’t like to lick fur”.

The lumberjack just raised his gaze, without replying to him, with his head still together to the chest, later, he lowered it. The wolf considered it strange that the face was with such a level of lewdness, but it was nothing to complain about.

After, the human started to lick a pectoral with lots of energy, then the other one, and repeated the process. He didn’t mind the hair anymore.

“You’re really aro-Ah!”.

John couldn’t finish his sentence, as he felt that Jared squeezed his nipples with lots of strength, and, since they were bigger, the lumberjack had to use his whole hand.

“Hey, if you continue with that, you’ll be in for a big surprise”.

Then, the human began to suck one intensely, and now, he needed to open his mouth wide to put in the nipple, in addition, he noticed that a liquid was getting in his mouth, he liked the taste. After, he started to nibble it, without stopping to tighten the one that his mouth wasn’t using, and continued doing the same things, but now, with the other one. He knew that, besides palpating the muscles, another way to greatly increase his companion’s libido was stimulating the nipples.

“Nngh, I have to… bust a nut”.

“Yes, do it, fuck me as much as you want, I want to feel all that cock of yours”, he said while walking away, lying on the floor and spreading his legs. Later, he remained with his mouth half open, almost grinning.

“What?, no! I’ve already told you that not even bears can handle me”.

“That’s right!, you warned me you’re very impulsive and I would be in danger, but so far I haven’t felt any of that. I’m not a fool. You’ve been restraining yourself, haven’t you?, I don’t want you to do that”.

Seeing Jared in that pose and with that face was very tempting, but, John still wanted to hold back, not wanting sex despite being transformed?, it had never happened to him before, that human was very important to him.

While he was thinking, the lumberjack got closer to him. He grabbed the tool, one hand up and the other one down, while giving it kisses and licks, and also sucked the tip, which looked like it had a great pre-seminal fluid leak.

He did all that while he was still with the lewd expression, and the werewolf noticed that. The latter was almost at the limit, he thought if he ejaculated at that moment, later he would make him reconsider it. But, the human moved away and touched his ankles, without bending his legs, moon pose, and started to wiggle his butt.

“Don’t worry about my body. My hole’s hungry, my ass’ ready. Wreck it all!”.

John couldn’t hold back anymore, he needed to fuck him, he had to do it. He stood up, approached Jared and lifted him up.

“Forgive me if I hurt you!”.

And then, he penetrated him in one go. The lumberjack opened his eyes wide and screamed. The dick was indeed overly big, it was noticeable how much it stretched his belly. He felt he was splitting up, but he didn’t want him to stop, it hurt him a lot, but he didn’t care about it.

“No mercy!, use me!”.

Those words made the werewolf even hornier. The thrusts he made were very energetic, and continued stretching the abdomen. The human was overflowing with joy and kept moaning.

“More, please, give me more!”.

The wolf did faster and more violent poundings.

“Thanks a lot for letting me do this to you! I’m cumming!”.

“It feels so good! Fill me with your delicious nectar!”.

Then, John reached the climax and began to bust a nut by heaps, swelling his companion’s belly, while booming a long howl, which made Jared ejaculate too.

“Gallons, I feel gallons of cum being shot inside of me strongly. It doesn’t stop, and I want this to continue. Cum, cum, cuuum!, I love cum!”.

And that’s how it went, the wolf kept pouring sperm, and kept on going. The human’s paunch increased even more in size, at exaggerated levels, even though there was semen that got to escape through the anus. But, the werewolf was’t close to finishing yet, and continued fucking him.

“I’m… at the limit”, the lumberjack thought.

It was at that moment when the cum started to go out through his mouth and his nose. He was experiencing the most intense ecstasy he’s ever felt, and began to lose consciousness, but, even during that instant, he kept a totally lewd euphoric face.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jared woke up. He saw he was in the forest and it was very early, and he was sitting down, but he felt warm and furry around him, and immediately knew why.

“The sleeper has awakened, eh?”.

John’d returned to normal. He was covering him with his body and had made him sit on his legs, he also had his head supported on a shoulder.

“It’s a cold morning, and you have no clothes, but as long as I’m with you, nothing bad will happen to you”.

“Ugh, is the night over so quickly?”.

“You fainted. You know?, when I noticed you weren’t moving, I expected the worst, but I felt a great relief seeing you were still alive”.

“Ah, of course”.

“Sorry for not putting your clothes on you, but since I had huge hands and claws, it was impossible for me”.

“It’s okay”.

“But I kept you close to me at all times, the night got colder”.

“Got it”.

“Hmm?, I see you sad, what’s the matter?


“Come on. Tell me”.

“Because of what happened, I couldn’t last the whole night, and I was very willing… I feel frustrated”.

“What?”, he moved him in order to look at him head on, and in fact, saw a discouraged face, “don’t say that. I told you that not even bears can withstand me. In addition, after that, I finally felt I had satisfied my sexual hunger, even my log pulled back into my sheath!, that’s something that has NEVER happened to me before!”.

“Truly… did I manage to do that?”.

“Yes!, although after several minutes I was as horny as before again. But my point is this was a triumph, thanks to you, I had the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever felt”.

“So have I”.

“See?, there’s no need to be sad”.

“I see. But I’ll train to increase my endurance, and I promise that, by the time you transform again, I’ll last until dawn, but…”, his countenance became discouraged again, “there’s still something that bothers me”.

“Just tell me, I’m listening”.

He heaved a long sigh. “Well. Do you remember how I reacted when you approached me?, I was terrified of you, I even begged you not to harm me”, he responded, looking away and occasionally hesitating.

“I understand, my appearance in that form is not that friendly and I wasn’t sure if I could control myself not to force you to do things you didn’t want to do”.

“You don’t understand, my point is that I literally expected the worst… I distrusted you”.

“Pettiness. You didn’t try to use your shotgun, right?, nor your knife, nothing”.

“But that could have been because I couldn’t react in the right way and I…”, he said, speaking quickly until being interrupted.

“Hey, look at me. Would the same have happened with a creature such as a bear?, trying to talk to it?, not defending yourself? You were sure it was I”.

“Wait, it’s true!, why did I doubt myself when even he never thought wrong about me?”, he thought. Now he felt muuuch better and guilt-free, it was noticeable in his face. “Thanks a lot for cheering me up”, he replied.

“No, thank YOU. Since I met you, my life has only improved”, he brought his face even closer to his companion’s and looked him straight in the eye. “You’re fascinating. I’m very glad to have met you, I’m delighted that you’re here with me”.

Jared recognized those words, he got very happy, and looked at John for a long time, who was smiling.

“I love you”.

“I love you too”.



One month has passed. Both were outside and preparing for the transformation, since it was getting dark.

And it started, John began to change form. But, this time he grew much more that the last time: he was over 3 metres tall; he looked even more bulging, because his muscles were bulkier, and his head was surrounded by his pecs, his shoulders and his traps; his penis had fattened a lot and, due to its length, it reached past his head; and his testicles had increased so much in size, that they were resting on the floor, behind his legs.

Jared was completely overstimulated and absorbed by that new appearance, he wanted to cry with happiness, his beloved was even huger and excessively muscular, there was so much to worship!

The wolf explained to him this happened when the moon got bigger (supermoon), but he didn’t say anything the previous month because he didn’t expect this to occur for the next full moon, and he didn’t tell him in recent days to make it a surprise. He also clarified that, even though he was still able to travel without problems, he lost lots of flexibility, he could barely bend his limbs. His only way to pleasure himself was masturbating using trees or large objects. It was very uncomfortable.

But the human was there in order to assist him, and that made the werewolf very happy.

Until the moment when Jared suddenly gets super horny again and wants to put in the even more inordinate piece of meat, since John would have a hard time so as to be able to prevent it.

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Stuff in the cellar by Charles Westfall Richard is already good-looking and abnormally hung when he discovers some alien equipment in the cellar of his new house—including a vat of goo that transforms him into someone even hotter and more hung. And there’s no way Richard’s keeping his new gifts to himself. 4 parts 15k words Added Jul 2002 24k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Pointy Ears•Size Increase •t/t•t/t/t

Transform: The tutor by Also Known As 6,523 words Added Jan 2014 9,330 views 5.0 stars (2 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase

Unexpected consequences by Alex 2 parts 5,254 words Added Oct 2005 17k views 5.0 stars (3 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock

Unexpected growth spurt by rusalko Moving in with the cute guy you've been aching to push your big dick into is exciting and boner-making enough... but then I experienced a very unexpected growth spurt that put us both into sex heaven. 6 parts 11k words Added Dec 2012 Updated 3 Feb 2017 65k views 5.0 stars (18 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase •M/M

There’s something about Billy by Ziel Billy seems like perfectly normal, good-looking guy from the waist up. But there’s something going on inside Billy’s weird, super-baggy pants, and Duke and Kevin were determined to find out what it was. 5,442 words Added Feb 2017 18k views 5.0 stars (13 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Multi-balls•Multicock•Infectious

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