Bear’s den

by Pfefferooney

 David is a small university student and he wants nothing more than to be, and be with, an enormous man. On a fateful day, he stumbles upon someone who can make his dream come true.

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Hey there, my name is David and I’m a 21-year-old informatics undergrad. And that’s pretty much all you need to know about me for now, to be honest.

Well, there are two more things I should tell you. First, I’m gay. And second, I’m into bigger men. And when I say bigger, I mean massive. You know, muscle, fat and enormous dicks with huge, low-hanging bull balls. Also, a good amount of hair doesn’t hurt. I spend a lot of time browsing the net for said men, but unfortunately, they don’t really exist. So I have to make do with drawings of the men with the proportions I so much desire.

Now you might ask yourself how big I am? To be completely honest with you, I’m really, really skinny. I weigh 190 pounds at 6 foot 2 (with almost non-existent body hair). Not to say that I haven’t tried putting on weight in the past, I tried for a really long time, actually, but it seems impossible for me to do so. Working out to develop some muscle resulted in a year with no progression whatsoever. That really left me frustrated, and in my pursuit for mass I decided to get fat. I didn’t care what others thought. I just wanted to be bigger, heavier, massive. But, as you might be able to guess, that didn’t work out either. I just managed to put on 10 pounds, bringing me to the 190 I weigh now. After that, I just accepted that I won’t ever be big in any way.

Today was one of those days where I just couldn’t concentrate anymore. I had been studying for hours and I just needed to take a break and take my mind off things for an hour or two. On days like this I like to grab a book and head for the nearby park to relax. Usually, the park is empty—for whatever reason—so it’s great if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Fortunately, today was no different and I was the only one in the park besides an old lady walking her dog. I sat down on the bench farthest away from the path that led around the lake, close to the forest behind it. I opened my book and started reading.

About halfway through the first chapter I noticed a handsome guy jogging in my direction. He had short, black hair and, as far as I could tell, brown eyes and a very cute face. He was quite slender, but you could see through his shorts that he was packing quite a lot. Judging by the way his junk jiggled around he had to be free balling. My dick started chubbing up in my jeans, but I couldn’t stop staring at his package. He must have caught me staring because when I looked back up at his face, he was smiling at me and I could swear I saw him winking as he passed me. I could feel my face getting red and I hastily buried my face in my book. But I was too excited to read, I just absentmindedly stared into the pages, thinking about whether or not he really wanted something from me or if it was just my imagination.

At that time, I heard a noise coming from the forest behind me. It sounded like grunting noises, but it was really faint and hard to make out. I tried listening to it some more, but it stopped. I shrugged, looking back to keep an eye out for the guy from before. He seemed to be making another round around the water, so I had at least one more chance to look at that glorious junk of his. Then I heard it again, the sound from before. But this time it didn’t stop. Don’t ask me why, but I put down my book and made my way into the forest, towards the noise.

I was walking for quite a while when I finally found the source of the sound. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My jaw dropped to the ground. There he stood, in a clearing, jerking off. A mountain of a man. Built like a truck. He was so freaking huge! When I stood next to him, I would probably only reach to his nipples. At first, I was afraid he would see me there, staring at him, but apparently, he was so absorbed in the act that he didn’t notice anything going on around him.

He was the man of my dreams. Short, red hair, a long, thick beard and piercing blue eyes. But the best part about him was definitely his body. Bulging muscle everywhere. His pecs looked like two pillows stuffed inside his chest and they were resting on the biggest gut I had ever seen. It looked like a firm, round ball belly, but by the way it moved when he stroked his dick, it had to be very soft. His legs were as big as literal tree trunks and I was sure that his thighs, no matter how far he spread his legs, would never not rub against each other. Legs like these had to be a necessity to support a man of his caliber.

My dick had never been as hard as it was in this moment and it was begging for release. But I couldn’t. I didn’t want him to notice me just yet. What made me even more riled up was the fact that every inch of his beautiful body seemed to be covered in his red hair.

Both of his gigantic arms were busy. One was playing with his big, puffed up nipple and it seemed to be leaking some sort of white liquid which was running down his forearm. And the other one was stroking his monster cock. And I’m not kidding when I say monster cock. That thing had to be as thick as his leg and it had to be touching the ground when it was soft. Two massive nuts the size of bean bags hung beneath it, hovering just an inch or so above the ground. And even though he had to be rock hard, the way his hand dug into the flesh made his dick look so soft.

As he was working his dick, his whole body moved with him, especially his belly. It was swaying left and right while he rubbed his hand up and down on his monster.

I could see in his face that he had to be getting close now. His breaths became shorter and he tried so hard not to grunt any louder, probably to avoid drawing too much attention to him. I grabbed my own dick through my pants and awaited the earth-shaking orgasm that was about to happen. He closed his eyes, grabbed what he could of his pec and stroked his dick furiously before he let out a deep moan and started shooting out torrent after torrent of cum. I got out of the splash zone just in time and I could see the pleasure of release on his face. After a solid minute of non-stop cumming and moaning, the waves of cum finally died down and his dick slowly began to soften. That’s when he noticed me staring at him.

“Oh … hi there.”

Was the first thing he said, alternately looking at me and the pool of cum on the ground.

“My name’s John.”

He waved at me. His face was getting a bit red.

“I didn’t see you there, sorry about that.”

“Nothing to be sorry for, big guy.”

I was grinning from ear to ear, I couldn’t help it.

“Y-You know, I didn’t cum for a while and I just couldn’t help myself … and … and …”

“Really, don’t worry about it. Just … maybe I could help you out next time?”

Did I just say that? Me? I could feel my face getting bright red instantly. But after my response, John’s expression immediately changed, his embarrassment made way for a lascivious smile.


I asked him in my confusion.

“How about you help me out now?”

As he said that, his dick was already getting hard again.

“A-Are you serious? Not to be rude or anything, but dude, you just came like a fuck ton. You could’ve probably filled a bathtub with that.”

He chuckled.

“It’s just one of the perks of being me. You want to now, or not?”

Still not quite convinced that he was ready to go again, I walked over to him. I mean, I couldn’t let a chance like this slip by now, could I? I was so fucking nervous, my heart was pounding like crazy. As I got closer, I picked up his scent. I could smell the sweat that glistened on his body mixed with, of course, cum. Together they made a perfect, almost hypnotizing, musk.

My mouth was perfectly aligned with his nipple when I stopped before him and without hesitation, I started sucking on it. I used my hands to caress his belly and bicep and just like I thought, his belly was soft to the touch. I grabbed it and started kneading it. John moaned in response and began stroking his dick once again. After a while I slid my hand off his fat belly to join in on his dick, unsure if he could even feel my tiny hand on his enormous member. But it felt so good.

As we were standing there, I realized that I had been drinking the liquid from his nipple the entire time. I didn’t know what it was, nor did I really care to be honest. It tasted incredible. When he was about to reach his breaking point once again, his breaths became shorter and he started to sweat profusely, only intensifying his manly odor. The closer he came, the more liquid his nipple seemed to produce, and I savored every last drop of it.

When the dam finally broke for a second time, his dick seemed to be gushing out even more of his spunk than before. This was probably a side effect of me sucking on his nipple. But it was a welcome one. By the time he was done, there wasn’t a single spot of the clearing that wasn’t covered in his cum. John was heavily out of breath after his second orgasm, it must’ve drained a lot of his energy.

“Wow … that was … amazing … thanks a lot.”

After he panted out his thanks, a warm, tingly feeling spread through my body and John looked at me as if he was expecting something to happen. I got kind of hot and my clothes started to feel tighter and tighter by the second.

“Wha… what is happening to me?”

“You’ll see soon enough, but trust me, you’re gonna enjoy this.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, I could hear my clothes starting to rip apart. First, my sleeves. I could feel and see my biceps growing right before my eyes and it didn’t look like they were going to stop soon. With each passing second more and more muscle amassed on my once puny arms. I flexed them as they were expanding, tearing apart my sleeves completely. When they stopped growing, my biceps had reached the size of basketballs.

My jeans were uncomfortably tight at this point. My swelling legs were struggling to burst free, but when they did, they looked massive. My thighs pressed against each other constantly, more with every passing moment. My waistband was now the only thing holding my pants in place. Not for long though. My pecs were inflating like balloons, ripping apart my shirt in the process. I couldn’t help myself and grabbed them, squeezed them, to make sure this was really happening right now. My waistband, holding on to dear life, gave in as my midsection widened. I stood there now only in my underwear, my shredded clothes lying on the ground around me.

“Wow …”

Was the only thing I could say after that, still examining my new, massive body.

“Oh there’s more, just wait a sec.”

“More? What more could there possibly …”

But the more was already happening. The warm feeling was withdrawing and instead concentrated itself in my groin. With my new, huge chest I had to bend down to get a look at my now steadily filling underwear. It didn’t take long for my growing junk to snap it in two, revealing a dick at least four times thicker and longer than it was mere seconds ago. And to my delight, it was still growing, and my balls were expanding with it. Just when my cock was as thick as my leg and its head reached down to my knees, the growth stopped. It now rested atop two soccer ball sized nuts. My transformation completed with hair sprouting all over my new body and the warm feeling that came with it vanished completely.

I just stood there, still not quite sure if that just really happened. I had the body of my dreams. Just like that. In a matter of seconds. And the man of my dreams was standing right in front of me. One look at him and I was rock hard.

“I take it you like your new body?”

“Like it? I fucking love it, man! Thank you so, so much. You really have no idea how much I’ve wanted a body like this. You really made my wish come true. Thanks. But … and I don’t wanna sound greedy here … what about a belly like yours? I’d love to have one too!”

“We can get to that later. But first, I have to tell you what just happened to you and what the ‘consequences’ are.”

“So first things first, I’m a Bear. But it’s not the same as the gay bear thing here. No. There’s a lot of us, and we all have the same proportions as me. The place where we live is called the Bear’s Den. If you’d like, you could become one of us and join us there. But you have to remember, once you become a Bear, you can’t come back, we only leave the Bear’s Den to ‘recruit’ new members. But if you want to join, I’ll tell you everything you need to know, and we’ll go to the Den together. So, what do you say?”

“I’m in!” I blurted out immediately.

“Good. Because, to be completely honest with ya, you didn’t really have a choice. I was careless and transformed you before you could even decide if you wanted to live with us or not.”

“But … you already transformed me, didn’t you? So why am I not as big as you?”

“Because you aren’t a Bear. Yet. Only the King can transform humans into Bears. We only have a small portion of his power and can only ‘enhance’ you.”

“And now I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know about your new life. There are three types of Bears: The Muscle Bears, the Fat Bears and the Bull Bears. The Muscle Bears have incredibly muscled bodies with a small layer of fat to smooth everything out, think of it like an off-season bodybuilder. That’s what you currently are, a ‘mini’ version of a Muscle Bear.”

He was right. You could clearly see that I was extremely muscular, but there was no definition whatsoever, not even a slight hint of abs. It was all “buried” beneath a small layer of fat.

“The Fat Bears are insanely fat, they only have enough muscle mass to carry around their weight effortlessly. They also sport some huge ass moobs, which are great for tit fucks if you ask me. They also produce the best tasting Bear Milk. That’s the stuff you were drinking, by the way. And lastly, the Bull Bears, like me. If you can’t already guess, we are like a mix of Muscle and Fat Bears, having bulging muscle but also a nice, big, round, soft belly.”

He rubbed his bulging gut at the end and gave it a little slap.

“Ok, now about transformations. There’s two ways to transform. You can either get fucked in the ass and be filled up with cum, that’s how you get fat, or you can suck on someone’s nipple and drink their Milk, that’s how you get muscular. As I said, only the King has the power to transform humans into Bears, but, once you are a Bear, you can transform other Bears as well. You could transform a Muscle Bear into a Bull Bear by breeding him with your cum, for example. Same goes for Fat Bears, of course. As you are not fully a Bear yet, you won’t be able to transform other Bears, but you could enhance other humans. And finally, the King’s transformation overrides our enhancements, so you could say what you have now is a sort of ‘demo’, to help you decide which type of Bear you want to become. Everything clear so far? I know, it’s a lot, but we’ll have plenty of time on our way to the Den, so you can ask me anything you want then.”

I quickly thought about it, but it didn’t seem all that complicated.

“I think I got it. Shouldn’t be that hard to remember.”

All of this was like a dream come true to me and I couldn’t wait to get into the Bear’s Den, but first, I had to get me a big, soft belly like John’s.

“You said if I wanted to get a belly like yours, you’re gonna have to fuck me, right? But there’s absolutely now way that thing can fit inside my ass. Can’t I just drink your cum?”

“Nope, sorry. Drinking a Bear’s cum has zero effect. I’ll just have to make it fit then.”

He smiled at me and sat down at the base of a tree, his cock hard and ready to go again. I got on top of his belly, my mouth ready to have a go at his nipple once more. I spread my legs as far as I could and let him handle the rest. He carefully positioned his dick at my hole, lubricating it with pre. I could feel his cockhead pulsating at my wet butt. With his hands he stretched my hole as much as he could and with a few gentle pushes his cock slid in effortlessly. It didn’t hurt at all. He started moving his hips back and forth slowly, each time his dick slipped in deeper into my ass, stretching it extreme dimensions. After being painfully erect for what felt like an eternity, I couldn’t hold back any longer and covered his whole chest in my cum. This was by far the best, and biggest, orgasm of my entire life. I couldn’t believe how much cum spurted out of my new, thick member, but I loved it.

“Oh fuck … I’m sorry.”

I could feel my face getting red again.

“Don’t worry about it, small guy. Took you long enough, though. Most people can’t even stand watching us without creaming all over themselves.”

He chuckled, ran his finger through the cum on his chest and made me lick it off. I was in heaven. I closed my eyes and suckled my cum off his thick finger.

“Oh fuck, your tight ass feels amazing. Prepare yourself, I’m gonna cum!”

He cast back his head, let out a long, deep moan and started shooting his loads inside me. The warm feeling from before came back, this time in my belly. With each wave of cum I could see my belly pushing outwards, growing bigger, it felt like he was inflating me with his spunk. When his torrents of cum died down, the growth stopped, the warm feeling disappeared, and his humongous dick plopped out of my overly stretched hole. I shot my second load, this time covering his belly.

“So, how do you like it?”

John panted, he was completely out of breath. I crawled off him and admired my new, fat belly and gave it a few slaps to watch it jiggle. I looked like a miniature version of him.

“I can’t fucking wait to meet the rest of you guys! I’m David, by the way.”

John got up, my cum dripping down his upper body and started walking away, giving me a sign with his hand to follow him. As he was walking, his massive dick swayed left and right, hitting the backs of his thighs every time. It looked like it was producing precum again, and in no time, the backs of his thighs were covered in the glistening fluid. And with every step he took, he bumped his knees into his balls.

“Sooo, before, you told me I could ask you about the Den, right?”

“Yeah, what do you wanna know?”

“So, it seems like you are, uh, leaking pre again. Are youuuuu …”

“Always leaking pre? Yeah, pretty much. Every Bear does. Our bodies are … hmmm … how do I put this … always ‘prepared’ and ready for us to have sex.”

That sounded amazing.

“And isn’t it weird walking like that?”

“Well, at first, but you get used to it after a while. Now I just love the feeling of how the weight shifts down there with every step, you know? And I’m pretty sure the other Bears feel so too.”

It really looked like it needed getting used to, but I couldn’t wait till I had to walk like that because of my stupidly huge junk.

“And what are you guys up to? What are you doing all day in the Den?”

“What we do?”

He chuckled.

“Fucking and sleeping. There’s not much else to do besides that, even if you wanted to. But, believe me, it never gets old.”

Oh, I could believe that. With every question he answered, I was getting more excited about my new life at the Den. Just thinking about it made me hard again.

“Excited, are you? Well, who wouldn’t be? If I remember correctly, I came three times on my way to the Den because I was so riled up at the thought of it. You’re gonna love it. This is the best fucking life you can have, quite literally.”

“And what about eating? Bodies like that must need a lot of energy and tons of food, right? Where do you get that from?”

“Oh, once you are a Bear your body gets all of the things it needs from cum. Actually … I don’t think you even need to be fully transformed. Your body should do that as well now.”

My dick was twitching like crazy and leaking pre like a faucet. Living with guys that massive, doing nothing more than fuck all day. I was still hoping that this wasn’t just a dream. No, it had to be true, I couldn’t make something like this up, not even in my wildest dreams.

“Also, earlier, you told me I didn’t really have a choice about coming with you to the Den. So what would’ve happened if I had said no?”

“I would’ve had to bring you into the Den and let the King transform you. Once you are transformed you will grow into the same sex-obsessed, size-hungry Bear as the rest of us.”

“Has that happened before?”

“No, thankfully not. I was the first to be so careless. So, if you don’t mind, would you keep that a secret?”

He was looking at me, a bit embarrassed. I nodded. It was the least I could do, after all, he was the one who made me into this big, hairy sex machine.

After about five minutes of walking, John stopped in front of a cave.

“Okay, we are almost there. Just through here.”

“Um, are you sure? This just looks like a normal cave. A big, dark, scary one …”

This must’ve looked ridiculous, a man as big as me, scared of the dark. John failed to suppress a laugh.

“For normal people, it is. But for us, it’s the entrance to the Den. Also, there’s no need to be afraid now. What could possibly be in there that could harm you with your new body? Especially when I’m with you.”

He looked at me with a reassuring smile and led the way into the darkness, dick swinging left and right. I followed him closely, not sure how he was able to navigate through the darkness. Thankfully, it didn’t take us long and I could make out a dim light in the distance, indicating the exit of the cave.

My eyes needed a moment to adjust to the blinding light as we stepped out of the cavern, then I could finally lay my eyes upon my new home. A vast plain laid before us, covered in grass and flowers and a ring of snowy mountains surrounded it. The scene looked like it was copied straight out of a storybook. In the middle of the grassland stood a small hill, with a grandiose looking villa on the top and a small village at the foot. A river, originating at the top of the hill, ran through the village, dividing it in two, and formed a lake just outside of it.

“Wow … it’s … it’s beautiful.”

“Yea, it really is. And the best thing is, it’s always a clear, sunny day here. With the occasional warm breeze coming through.”

“Really? There’s not even night here?”


Again, John led the way. He was going a lot faster than before, probably because he wanted to introduce me to everyone. But I didn’t mind, I wanted to meet everyone as soon as possible too. Right as we set foot in the village, I saw someone running towards us, waving.

“Jooohn! Hey where have you been man?”

“Hey Chris. I was out recruiting a new member. May I introduce David, our newest soon-to-be Bull Bear?”

I stood there with my mouth wide open, staring at Chris. According to what John had told me earlier, he had to be a Muscle Bear. His bulging muscles had to be even bigger than John’s and everything was smoothed out with a small layer of fat, making him look so strong and intimidating, yet also soft like a huge, sexy teddy bear. But his looks also left nothing to be desired. With his short, black hair and a full beard he looked gorgeous. Just like John, every inch of his body was covered in hair and to my delight, Chris’s dick was no less impressive than John’s, a humongous stick of meat with its head dangling slightly above the ground. Behind it, two gigantic, full-looking bull balls were hanging, almost completely covering his thick legs.

“H-hey there …”

I stammered. My dick was painfully hard right now, and I was trying my hardest not to cum.

“Oh my. Someone must be seeing something he likes, huh?”

Chris looked at me with a lustful smile. He grabbed one of his pecs and started kneading it. The other one went above his head so he could kiss and lick his enormous bicep. The sight of him nearly drove me crazy.

“Can I try him?”

Chris asked John after finishing his show.

“Go ahead.”

Try me? But I understood as soon as I saw Chris’s monster awaken. He walked over to me and looked down at me with a big grin on his face. I quickly turned around and got down on all four, presenting my hairy ass to him.

“So John already told you how we do things here? Good.”

He knelt down behind me, his dick lying heavily on my back, pouring warm, sticky pre over my head. His gargantuan nuts nearly crushed my feet with their weight. He grabbed around his junk to get a hold of my muscly ass and started playing with it, kneading it, spreading it. After a while, he bent over me as best as he could with his monstrous dick in the way, pulled away one hand from my ass and made me suck on his thick thumb. By this time, his precum was all over my hair, dripping down the side of my head. When he was done letting me grease his finger with my saliva, he guided it back to my ass and put it in my hole, making me moan softly.

“Oh my, what a tight hole. This is going to feel good. Are you ready for the real deal now?”

Without hesitation, he took a few steps back, his dick sliding along my back and I could feel his pulsing cockhead at my hole, lubricating it with his pre. Unlike John, Chris wasn’t gentle. He grabbed the side of my hips and just rammed his whole thing inside me with one quick, powerful thrust. His hips met my ass with a loud smack. I screamed in pleasure.

“You’re a screamer, huh? Let’s see if I can make you scream some more.”

Chris tightened his grip and began fucking me as hard and fiercely as he could. Every thrust was accompanied by a loud slap when his hips met my ass and a moan escaping my lips. I didn’t know how that much dick could vanish completely inside me, but I couldn’t try to explain it even if I wanted to, the way his flesh grinded against the inside of my tight hole just felt too good. Chris had to be enjoying it as well, he was grunting like a pig the entire time.

“Fuck, your ass is amazing. John, what are you doing man? Don’t just stand there! Join in!”

John was watching us while rubbing his rock-hard cock, which was leaking pre like a faucet. He walked over to me, leaving behind a trail of clear pre on the ground. When his dick was right in my face, he stopped.

“Come on buddy, open up.”

Was he serious? There was no way I could get that thick monster in my mouth. But I obeyed and opened up as much as I could. Even just sucking on the tip and tasting his sweet pre would be better than nothing. He positioned his dick and slowly pushed it in, his thick pre now running down my throat. To my surprise, I swallowed inch after inch of his cock until my head was at its base, buried beneath his fat belly. John let out a long, deep groan and gently started facefucking me, picking up the pace with each thrust.

“You like that, David? Welcome to the Den. This is your life now.”

Chris bent over and began stroking my dick, his meaty pecs pushing into my back. I was in heaven. Impaled by two of the hottest man in this world and soon I would be filled up with gallons of their sweet cum. It felt like every inch of my body was filled up with their fat cocks.

I held back as much as I could to make this moment last forever, but one of Chris’ hands wandered to my now extremely sensitive and puffed up nipple. And together with his warm, firm grip on my dick, the dam broke and I started shooting load after load of my spunk onto the ground. I let out an intense scream, muffled by John’s dick in my mouth.

“You enjoyed that a lot, didn’t ya? You ready John?”

“Uh huh.”

Was all John could manage, he was struggling to hold back as well. Chris placed his hands back on my hips and continued to ram his dick into me as fast and fiercely as he could. John slowed down a bit, but put more power into each thrust, making his balls slap against my chest with each one. Both let out an earthshaking roar at the same time and began flooding me with their cum.

When their torrents of cum finally died down, both cocks plopped out of me and with them, not a single drop of their spunk. It was all safely stored inside my belly. All three of us were drenched in sweat and out of breath after my first of many sex sessions in the Den.

“That. Was. Fucking. Amazing. This one will be a great addition to the Den. Nice work John.”

Chris panted. John could only nod in response, he was so out of breath.

“Now David, let’s give you a little something for being such a good cum dump.”

Chris walked in front of me, put his hands under my arms and heaved me atop his pecs. He opened his mouth and swallowed my whole dick like it was nothing. And even though I just came mere seconds ago, with his warm, wet mouth and tongue, I lasted no more than five seconds before I came again, feeding him my thick loads.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck, Chris. That felt amazing.”

“Well, I’ve had lots of time to practice.”

He chuckled and put me back on the ground, licking his lips to make sure he didn’t miss a single drop of my cum.

“You guys wanna jump in the river to freshen up a bit before you go to the King?”

Chris proposed and John and I gladly agreed.

Our way led us through the village where we met a lot of Bears, who, of course, wanted to “try” me as well. An offer I couldn’t refuse a single time. By the time we then actually got to the river, all three of us were completely covered in cum and sweat.

We stopped at a bridge connecting the two sides of the village and jumped into the cold, refreshing water. After we washed off all the cum and sweat, we laid down in the grass of the riverbank and enjoyed the sun and a warm breeze.

Chris, John and I lay in the soft grass, enjoying the beautiful weather and the sun on our skin. I still couldn’t get over how insanely massive my new body was. My balls rested on the ground with my thick legs wrapped around them and my thick cock arching over them. One of my hands was wandering slowly through the dense hair on my fat belly, the other one was busy kneading my meaty pec and playing with my nipple. I had the body of my dreams, bigger than any body I had ever seen. And I was the most hung person in the entire world. And yet, soon I would become even heftier, even more hung and become a gigantic, sex-driven Bear, like the two laying beside me.

In my head, I was thinking about all the orgies we had throughout the village, reliving every single moment, every single orgasm that I’ve experienced as best as I could. That must’ve been hundreds of gallons of cum that were pumped into me on our way here, and I didn’t waste a single drop. I could feel the blood rushing to my dick, and I was hard instantly, leaking pre in one, thick stream.

“Alright, David. Let’s get you to the King before you get too riled up here.”

John got up slowly, trying his best not to step onto his ballsack in the process. He stretched and was on the verge of leaving, when Chris jumped up—don’t ask me how he managed to do that with his junk—and grabbed his arm.

“Hey, hey, hey, John. How about we have some fun with him one more time before you take him up there?”

“Can’t that wait until we get back?”

“Hmmm, not really, no.”

“And why not?”

“Well, you see, David’s dick is still quite small. It should be able to fit inside ours.”

I found it funny that someone still thought that my dick was small, but I guess if you have a junk that’s nearly as big and heavy as I was before my transformation, then I, too, would find a junk of my size rather puny.

John stood there for a moment, thinking about Chris’s idea. He was staring intently at my “small” member. By the expression on his face I could see that he was torn between getting me to the King as fast as possible to see me transform and feeling my dick inside his. But the more he thought about it, the more he seemed to like the idea of me stuffing his dick, as his own cock began chubbing up.

“Oh, come on now John. We can all see you want it as much as I do.”

Chris grabbed the tip of John’s dick and let it bounce, as if to make him aware that he was just as hard as Chris right now.

“Alright, alright. But we’re heading straight for the King’s mansion afterwards, okay? And I’ll go first. David, come here!”

Both Bears turned around to face me, each with a sly grin on his face. Their dicks rock hard and leaking huge amounts of pre. I was struggling to get up with my throbbing erection, but after a few tries I managed to stand up and walked over to John. I grabbed his cockhead and pushed it down a little so I could position my dick right in front of his piss slit. His warm pre now flowed all over my dick. With a gentle push, my cockhead slipped right in. And even though his dick was so much bigger than mine, it felt really tight, like a second skin on my cock. I moved my hands to the sides of his dick to make it easier to shove the rest of my dick into his cockhole. From the outside, you could clearly see where my cock stretched his already enormous dick to even bigger proportions as it made its way deeper into his hole.

With my dick now completely inside his cockhole and my hips touching his cockhead, his dick should’ve been stuffed to the brim, but the steady stream of pre somehow still found its way outside, covering my balls and legs in the clear, gooey fluid.

Just when I was about to start fucking John’s dick, someone got behind me and pressed his rock-hard member against my ass. But it wasn’t Chris. Chris was still standing next to John, watching us, stroking his dick furiously and now smiling at the mysterious Bear behind me.

“You don’t mind if I join, do you?”

I could feel his warm breath on my ear. His rough, deep voice sent shivers through my entire body. Before I could even think of an answer, he got closer. With every step, his dick pushed further into my hole, until his belly pressed against my back and my head was encompassed by the enormous slabs of meat that were his pecs. He had to be a Muscle Bear. I wanted to get a look at the mysterious Bear impaling me, but all I could see were his meaty pecs and the golden fur they were covered in.

“I need you to do that to me too, when you’re done with John. It looks like he really enjoys this.”

He was right. John looked like he was in a state of bliss. He stood there with his head tilted back, eyes closed and mouth wide open, groaning without pause. Absentmindedly, he rubbed his hands all over his fat belly.

The mysterious Bear grabbed around me, pushing away my arms with his muscular forearms and grabbed my pecs. He started kneading them, his fingers were playing with my oversensitive nipples. That was it. I had long since reached my breaking point. With John’s wet, warm dick clamping mine and the stranger stretching my hole to extremes and fondling my pecs, I just couldn’t hold back anymore and drained my balls into John’s cockhole.

“My, my. Someone needs to work on his stamina.”

The mysterious Bear chuckled behind me.

“But John and I still have to finish. You better get ready.”

I raised my hands to get a hold of his nips, but they came across something unexpected. Something wet. Hard as iron. Nipple bars. So I latched onto them instead.

Fuck yes! Come on, little guy! Pull ’em harder!”

The Bear behind me roared. And so I did. His response was immediate. His grip around my pecs tightened. His dick was twitching like crazy in my hole, ready to blow any second now. But he was far from done with me. Slowly, he started rocking his hips back and forth, using me and my still painfully erect cock to fuck John’s dick.

Chris finally decided to join us. He had been standing beside John, fiercely rubbing his dick while he was watching everything that happened. Precum was flowing out of his dick like a waterfall, leaving behind a broad trail of the thick, clear fluid on the ground as he was walking up behind John. He grasped what he could of John’s red hair and forcefully yanked his head back before forcing his own dick up John’s ass with one powerful thrust. John screamed and Chris started pounding him mercilessly with as much force as he could muster. With every slap of Chris’ hips against John’s hairy bubble butt, I could see John’s belly jiggle.

After what felt like minutes of me being used as a tool to pleasure John—I’m not complaining here, it felt like heaven—I could feel John getting close. I could feel the pressure building up inside his dick and it felt like his cockhole was getting even tighter around my dick. Unknowingly, I pulled even harder on the nipple bars I was still holding as my dick was getting squeezed like never before, and a stream of Bear Milk was running down my forearms. When the dam broke, John let out an earthshaking roar. His waves of cum pushed their way past my dick stuffing his cockhole and covered me in his spunk when they made their way outside. The sheer pressure of his squirts would’ve pushed me away instantly if it wasn’t for the Bear behind standing his ground.

Long after Chris, me and the third Bear were done cumming, John was still shooting load after load in a seemingly never-ending orgasm. But eventually, the amount of cum coming out his dick was receding, until it finally stopped, leaving him completely out of breath and drenched in sweat. After he was done, he fell onto his knees and on the ground, snoring loudly. Like a bear.

“Man, I wanna cum that hard as well!”

“But you don’t mind if I go first, do you, Chris?”

Chris wanted to protest, but the other Bear was faster. He heaved me off his dick, turned me around and just pushed me onto Chris’s dick—again, I’m not complaining. Now I could finally lay my eyes upon my secret fucker. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He must’ve been the most gorgeous Bear in the whole Den. He had long, dark blonde hair, sloppily tied together at the back of his head and stunning, light-blue eyes. The thick, full beard on his immensely wide jaw only made his rough face look even more handsome. His body and junk, of course, was as humongous, thick and hairy as Chris’s, the only difference were his nipples, through which two iron nipple bars were pierced. The little balls on the end of them seemed to be adjusted in a way that there was a constant squeeze on his nips. He looked at me with his piercing blue eyes and smiled.

“I’m Max, by the way.”

I came right then and there, shooting my spunk all over the tip of his dick.

“My, my, somebody likes what he’s seeing, huh? Well, let’s hope you’ll enjoy this even more then.”

Max then took a step forward, his dick swallowing mine with ease. His tight, wet cock hole felt even better than John’s.

“Fuuuuuuuck, I can see now why John was completely out of it. This shit feels amazing.”

“You better not pass out like John did! I want you to do that same shit to me, you hear me?”

“Yeah, yeah, shut up now and start fuckin’!”

With that, Chris did the same as Max, grabbed around me, squeezed my tits and used me to pound Max’s cockhole, grunting like a boar. According to the expression on Max’s face, he was enjoying it as much as John had before.

Max’s orgasm last as long, if not even longer than John’s, adding a second layer of cum all over my body. Just like promised, he did not pass out like John, but cumming that hard took a toll on him. He was breathing heavily, and his entire body was covered in sweat.

“Wow … that … was something.”

But Chris didn’t even let him catch his breath. In the blink of an eye he turned me around and pushed me onto Max’s dick—I felt like this was kinda becoming a theme, but, not complaining here.

“Chris, let a Bear catch his breath, I …”

But Chris just darted an angry look at him. And so, we did the same thing again, except this time, when Chris was done unloading his immense amount of cum onto me, Max hadn’t come yet. His dick was twitching like crazy in my hole. I could see the sweat running down his body. His whole body was trembling.

“Y-you done yet … Chris?”

Max’s deep voice was gone. The words came out as a whimper.

“Yeah, sadly.”

Chris sighed and took a step back, his dick sliding off mine. He let himself fall to the ground, next to John, and fell asleep.

All of a sudden, Max grabbed me and hoisted me off his dick. He grasped my hair and slammed me face first onto his dick, forcing his fat member down my throat. As soon as my face slapped against his body, he started filling me up with his cum.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh … yes! Sorry ‘bout that. But I haven’t felt a mouth on my cock for quite a while now. And the smaller ones feel even better, so I couldn’t let a chance like that slip by.”

“D-don’t worry about it, man, I loved it.”

“Can I just say how insanely hot you are?”

“I mean, you did cum by just looking at me, so I figured.”

He let out a hearty laugh. He really had to be best looking Bear I have seen so far, and I don’t think there’s anyone who could top that. Just looking at him made me hard again, wishing that I could have another round with him before we set out to the King’s mansion.

“Man, you’re really into me, huh?”

He was eyeing my hard cock.

“Those two seem to be out for a little while longer, so why don’t we have some more fun?”

He turned around and got down on all four. His dick was lying on the ground under him, its head trapped between his pecs. His balls were resting on his legs.

“Wait, a-are you serious?”

“Yeah, since you’re not a Bear yet, it won’t transform me, and I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like.”

I couldn’t believe it. I finally got to fuck someone. And then I even got to fuck HIM. My heart was pounding like crazy at the thought of it, my dick rock-hard.

I slowly walked over to him, admiring his beefy ass. Two enormous, hairy globes of muscle sitting atop his tree-trunk-like legs. With my shivering hands I reached out to them, squeezing the soft flesh and spreading it apart, before burying my face between his cheeks. I led my tongue up and down his sweaty, hairy crack, making sure I was always fondling his ass with my hands.

After a few tries, I gave up trying to push my tongue inside his hole, he was simply too tight and wouldn’t relax. When I raised my head again, I could see a thick stream of pre running down my cock and his balls, already forming a pool on the ground.

I stepped around his nuts, squeezing them between my thighs and making them spill out behind me. They were so big, I am certain I could’ve sat on them.

Then, the moment I so much anticipated was here. I took my cock and rubbed it between his wet, saliva covered ass cheeks a few times before pushing it into him. His hole had never been used before, so it took all of my newly gained strength to thrust my dick up his arse.

“Man, your hole is so fucking tight, I feel like my dick is getting chopped off.”

“Well, what did you expect? We Muscle Bears are the born tops, we don’t normally take dicks up our asses.”

Before he even finished his sentence, I came, and filled him up with my spunk. He laughed.

“We really need to work on your stamina, little guy.”

“How about this: Since you seem to like me so much, why don’t you come to me after you’ve transformed, and I help you control yourself better?”

“I-I would love that!”

I bent over and desperately tried to grab his nipple bars, hoping I could make this as enjoyable for him as it was for me, but my belly got in the way. He realized what I wanted to do and grabbed my hands, helping me to get a hold of the iron piercing his nipples.

“You like them?”


“My nipple bars. Do you like them?”

“I love them!”


“Yeah, I love nipple piercings. Why do you sound so surprised?”

“Well you are the first one who likes them, everybody else seems to hate them.”

“Why is that?”

“I dunno, but everybody looks at them weirdly when they see me. But since you like them so much, how about a make you a pair once you’ve become a Bear?”

“Seriously? I would love that!”

Max bent backwards, turned his head around and kissed me, pushing his thick tongue in my mouth and putting it to good work.

I came again, followed by a roaring laughter from him. But I wasn’t done yet. I wanted to make him shoot his loads as well. So, with my handy still pulling on his nipple bars, I began fucking him as hard as I possibly could, grinding my dick against the inside of his hole.

After what felt like hours of me pounding Max as best as I could, my hips slapping against his soft, hairy ass and me shooting countless more loads into him, I finally managed to make him cum.

“Well, that wasn’t so bad. But I still prefer being in control myself.”

Max rolled over, almost knocking me over with his huge junk.

“I really like you, boy. I think I’ll keep you.”

“Keep me? What do you …?”

But he was already asleep and snoring like the two Bears beside him. I lay down on top of him, rested my head against his soft pecs and quickly drifted off to sleep.


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