Back in the saddle

by James Ky

Levon loves it when his boyfriend, Joe, tends to him in his centaur form, but controlling his needs is not always easy.

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Out in the barn, Levon stood as still as he could manage, as his lover began to brush him. Joe had, over the last few weeks, become very adept at horse-grooming. Joe said it was the motivation—so far every brushing session left the centaur hornier than anything he'd ever experienced. He'd be hard before he could even change back to human form, and Joe had teased him more than once about having to undress *before* brushing him, just to save time and wear on his own fancy clothes. Joe had bought himself jeans, but in his typical fashion had bought brand name, expensive jeans which he complained about damaging as much as he had his fine silk suits.

Closing his eyes, Levon let the sensations wash over him—the brush, then Joe's hand following, touching him—this wasn't going to keep him calm. He opened his eyes and stared at the far wall. //Think of something else, otherwise you'll tear his shirt this time for sure.//

Before he could think of anything he felt both hands running down his hind left leg and his muscles trembled. He heard a low moan, wasn't sure if it had been loud enough to reach Joe. When the motion was repeated, more slowly, he knew it had been. Tail flicking, he tried to shift the weight off that leg so he could—what? Hell, he didn't know. All he knew was that it felt damn good, and they were going to have to end this a lot sooner than either had planned. Joe'd have to finish brushing the other side later.

“Looks like you're enjoying this.” Joe's voice came from down by his feet; Levon glanced down and found his lover smiling up at him, crouching where he had a clear, and very close, view of Levon's cock. Hard, elongated almost to full length—Joe would have a definite eyeful.

“Like you thought I wouldn't?” Levon managed, wondering how long Joe was just going to crouch there, hands wrapped around his leg.

“You're not gonna make it, are you? Til I'm finished—I have to brush the other side, still.” Levon *knew* Joe was teasing him but he couldn't figure out why. Unless Joe was about to tell him to change and change now. A hesitant voice stopped that train of thought. “Do you mind if I touch you?”

Instead of answering, Levon just stared. Joe looked sincere, looked a little nervous. But he already had his hand on Levon's flank, rubbing the coat there in gentle, circular motions. Levon was beginning to breathe hard, and finally nodded. //Was he serious?//

Whatever hesitation Joe was feeling, he didn't show it when he reached out. Levon watched, twisted back awkwardly to see Joe's hand vanish under his body and he felt a soft carress. His entire body trembled and he had to lock his legs so he wouldn't move—wouldn't fall down. The touch went from the base down all the way to the tip, touching easily as if exploring, testing the feel. Levon moaned, and fought the urge to thrust against Joe's hand. Turning to face front, he closed his eyes and let Joe do whatever he wished.

Apparently he wished a lot—Joe began to stroke him, much the way he had done when Levon was on human form. Holding with a firm grip, Joe began to jerk him off in long, smooth strokes. As Levon began to lose control—his body was shaking, and he heard himself groaning louder—Joe quickened the motion. Levon reached out blindly and found the stall railing with his hands. Hanging on tight, he braced himself as Joe used both hands. He could hear, somewhere far off, Joe's voice talking to him, encouraging him, telling him to let go and let his lover bring him over.

He began to scream, back feet sliding as he kept his legs locked still with his body trying so hard to thrust; head thrown back he felt himself coming, hips trying to shove forward though part of his brain remembered he had a human lover down beneath him whom he could not risk hurting. Levon grasped the railing tighter, letting his hips move as much as they could as long as his legs remained still. He screamed louder, suddenly unable to feel anything except the hands on his cock and the orgasm firing through him.

Those hands milked him steadily, calming him as he shook. When he felt completely drained—literally and figeratively—he let go of the railing and let his arms fall. He legs were wobbly, and he knew better than to try and move just yet. Joe continued to stroke him, moving from his cock now to his flanks, touching him all over as he petted and stroked. Joe was still talking to him, and he was able to hear him again.

“Beautiful, lover, that's it. Man, that was something else….” Joe was standing, now, petting him along his back and moving forward. Levon raised his head and opened his eyes to find his lover smiling at him. He leaned down and gave him a kiss, long and as hard as he could at the awkward angle.

Joe held him by the shoulders, holding him in place as he returned the kiss. Levon reached out and grabbed his lover, pulling him against his chest. When he let his lover go, he found himself totally at a loss for words. Joe looked pleased—pleased with himself, with Levon, maybe both—he was smiling as if he'd made love with Levon for the first time. From the look of things no conversation was necessary. No 'you sure about that' and 'were you OK with it?' Joe was very obviously aroused, quietly waiting his turn. If he'd done it out of simple consideration for his lover he wouldn't be quite so flushed, quite so hard. Levon grinned, and glanced around.

He spied a shelf which he knew to be sturdy enough, and at just the right height. Unlocking his legs, he took Joe by the hand and led him over.

“Where are we going?” Joe sounded intrigued, if confused.

“You wanna strip, or you planning on washing those clothes later?”

Joe looked down at himself. His jeans were dirty from where he'd been kneeling on the barn floor. He grinned up at Levon. “Looks like it's too late to save them from the washer.” Before he could say anything else, Levon stepped over and grabbed him under the arms and lifted. “What are you--!” Levon set him on the shelf. Joe looked around, tested the stabilty of his perch, and then smiled. “You have something in mind, lover?”

Levon reached over and began opening Joe's jeans. Joe leaned back against the wall, giving Levon as much room as he needed. Pulling the fly open, he reached in and pulled Joe's cock free of the underwear. He heard a familiar moan, and leaned forward and took his lover's cock in his mouth. Joe jutted his hips forward at the first touch; Levon held him down and began moving his mouth up and down, letting his tongue press hard, then soft, as he moved along the shaft. As he drew near the tip he sucked gently. Joe's moans responded, sharpening and growing louder with each suck.

He left the tip of Joe's cock and began licking the shaft, making swirls with his tongue until he reached the base. Pressing his face closer, he nuzzled Joe's balls with his chin, then his tongue. Joe was groaning now, incoherently pleading for whatever it was he thought he needed to ask for. Levon smiled. He'd done this enough times that he knew what his lover wanted. He teased with his tongue for a moment more, then carefully took one of the testicles in his mouth. Rolling it carefully over his tongue, he gave it a gentle suck. Joe nearly bucked off the shelf, held down only by Levon's arms on his thighs.

Levon shifted himself for better leverage, and let go the first testicle to take the second in his mouth. Joe whispered something in Italian, and Levon heard a thud as Joe's head fell against the wall. He considered for a second stopping to see if he were OK, but realised his lover would be more upset about his stopping, than any bruises Joe might be giving himself. He gave the testicle one last suck, and worked his way back up Joe's cock.

He played with the head, teasing Joe with his tongue. He wanted to hold him, but didn't dare take his hands from Joe's legs. Joe might yet push himself off and *that* would put an end to things more quickly than either would prefer. He contented himself—and his lover—to using his mouth and face, brushing the smooth cockhead with his cheek once in a while, letting the beard stubble he didn't quite yet have drive Joe to crying out again. Joe grabbed his shoulders as Levon took him in his mouth again, and this time Levon slowly worked his way down, taking more and more of Joe's cock in his mouth. Not quite deep-throating him, Levon held the cock in his mouth as long as he could before slowly moving back. When he reached the tip he felt Joe beginning to jerk, legs straining as his orgasm came.

Quickly Levon moved back, holding Joe down with only one arm, he quickly took Joe in hand and brought him off. He listened with amusement as his lover continued babbling in Italian, catching occasional phrases Joe had translated for him before. Moving to one side, Levon let his lover come, ejaculating out onto the dirt of the barn floor. He continued to stroke his lover until the Italian ceased, and he heard his lover whisper, “Love you.”

Levon smiled, and pulled Joe towards him, helping him off the shelf. Joe was wobbly on his feet—more so than he had been, and wouldn't so quickly recover. Knowing it would take more coordination that Joe had to get him on Levon's back to carry him to the house, Levon changed into human form and held his lover tightly. Joe leaned into the embrace.

“I love you, too.”

“Good… you can drag me to bed, then.”

The routine was quickly established. An early morning (or afternoon, or evening) run followed by Joe brushing Levon down—admittedly they sometimes skipped the run—and as soon as Levon began hanging onto the railing in front of him Joe would sit down and begin playing with him. They'd added another post to the shelf Joe sat on, just to reassure them both, and after Joe masturbated Levon, he'd set Joe up there and suck him off.

Today they began as usual, foregoing the run and heading directly for the barn. Joe was wearing the robe he'd put on after his shower, and Levon was of course naked. Without word he changed into centaur form as Joe closed the barn doors. Waiting impatiently, he watched as Joe walked towards him, an interesting smile of anticipation on his lover's face. He returned the smile with one of his own, asking, “You up to something?” He knew his partner well enough to *know* he was. He just didn't have a clue what it could be.

Joe smiled. “Maybe.”

Levon felt himself getting aroused at that single word. Maybe it was the way Joe was looking at him: hungrily, or the way he removed his robe and tossed it absent-mindedly over a railing. Levon stood in place, waiting for his lover to make whatever move he was going to make. Joe went to get the brushes, then began carefully brushing Levon's coat. He gave no indication that anything new was happening, just brushing the way he always did that got Levon aroused and ready before he had time to do more than brush one third of Levon's body. Facing the stall so he could grab on when he needed to support himself, Levon let himself relax.

Soon the motion of the brushes had him completely aroused—Joe had touched only the most sensitive spots as he went, from the spot where his upper torso met the withers, to the spot on his belly, back near his cock. Joe spoke the entire time, telling him what he thought of Levon's coat, his body, the way his muscles jumped when Joe touched him certain places. Levon arched his back, looking up at the ceiling in a small stretch, wanting the gentle, delicious arousal to hurry into something fiercer, more primal. As erotic as this was, it was becoming *too* familiar.

That thought ceased when Joe's hand wrapped around his cock. Familiar or not it felt damn good, and Levon moaned. The strokes continued only for a while, just long enough to get Levon aware of little else than the hands on his cock. Without warning Joe stood up and walked over to where they kept all the grooming tools. Levon watched, trying to kick his brain back into gear long enough to figure out what his lover was doing. Joe put the brushes away, then went over to tug at a tarp. Levon suddenly realised he hadn't noticed the hidden object before—Joe must have snuck it in recently. He stared as Joe carried it over. It was a padded sawhorse.

“What is *that* for?” He couldn't tell how clearly he'd spoken, body and mind still thrumming from the aborted hand-job. Joe didn't answer, setting the sawhorse nearby and knelt again, rubbing Levon vigourously. Levon forgot all his questions, losing himself immediately in the renewed motions. He wanted to bury himself in the hands holding him, and closed his eyes to try to keep himself in control. The railing was creaking, and it occurred to him he'd have to reinforce it, as well, if they continued to do this. Joe was talking to him again, telling him something that was making his blood rage though he couldn't understand the words. Just hearing his lover's voice, low and full of lust, made him want to yell.

He felt the hands leave him again, this time Joe remained beside him. As Levon opened his eyes he heard Joe say, “Easy now, Levon,” and he felt something underneath his belly, well forward from his cock. He danced a step away, but Joe's hand on his back settled him as he looked down. The sawhorse. Joe had placed it underneath him, where it was just the right height to steady him. He grinned and leaned against it. Perfect fit. “Why didn't you tell me—”

“It feels OK?”

“Yeah, it's fine, but why didn't you tell me you had this?” It was difficult to talk, his body was screaming at him to finish what had been started. But he was confused, as well, and that was fighting for control of his reasoning facilities.

“I wanted to surprise you.” Joe stroked him again, and the confusion gave up.

“It worked… Joe, please!” He begged his lover to get on with it, make him come already and stop doing other things.

“Take it easy, Levon. You're gonna enjoy this.”

Levon stared down at his lover, wondering what on earth he was planning. He froze when Joe crawled underneath him, still stroking his cock. “Joe?” //What is he gonna do that he needs to make sure I can't fall on him?// The single burst of clarity gave him something to worry as he felt Joe moving again. “Joe, be careful!” Legs locked in place he knew—he hoped—he wouldn't step on his lover. The sawhorse felt sturdy enough. In fact, it seemed sturdier than it needed to be. What was Joe doing?

“If you don't want me to do this, Levon, just say so. But let me try it.”

The serious tone alarmed him for nearly half a second. Then he felt the tip of his cock held, and then he was entering something….

He felt a tremour shake his entire body as he realised what Joe had done. “Oh god!” He screamed, and fought thrusting, knowing he would hurt his lover if he did but nearly unable to hold himself still. The hot, tight sensations encasing his cock increased as Joe moved, slowly inching his way up. The last clear thought he had was that Joe must have prepared himself for this, because there was no resistence. His cock, even the tip, was quite a bit larger than it was in his other form and though centaurs didn't swell at the head like horses did, it would still be difficult for a human to take him… like Joe was taking him now.

“That's it, Levon. You're in me.”

Levon screamed, and thrust forward. The sawhorse caught him, kept him up and away from slamming into his lover. He heard Joe moan, and before he could wonder if he'd hurt him he felt Joe move, driving himself up a bit. Everything spiralled, focusing on the tip of his cock buried in Joe's ass. Joe kept moving, up and down, never letting the tip come free but taking as much apparently as he could with each motion up. Levon could not believe it was happening, couldn't believe the feeling of being buried in his lover. The thought kept repeating //I'm inside him, I'm inside my lover, I'm fucking him.// until it became a litany in time with the shortened thrusts the sawhorse allowed him.

He pushed himself as much as he could, hanging onto the railing as if for dear life, hoping the sawhorse would not give way, shoving his cock as much as he could into Joe who was kneeling beneath him, taking him each time…. Levon began to scream, wordless and sounding nothing more than primal, the thought //I'm inside him// still echoing as it shoved him over the edge and he thrust again, feeling the orgasm lift him and take him away.

He opened his eyes to feel Joe wiping him down with a damp rag, cleaning his now-limp cock. He looked down. “Joe?” He heard his voice, shaky, though he felt as if he could—and perhaps ought—run a thousand miles.

Joe looked up, and a huge smile appeared. “I thought you were gonna sleep all morning.”

“You OK?” he asked in a whisper. His throat hurt—he must have screamed harder than he thought.

Getting to his feet, Joe came over and gave him a kiss. “I'm fine. I'm wonderful. I can't believe how incredible that was.” He smiled. “I'm sorry I didn't ask, beforehand, but I figured you wouldn't let me try it.”

Levon grinned. “Probably not. Sawhorse was a good idea, though.”

“I had to do something to keep you in place. Didn't wanna get smashed.” Joe kissed him again.

Giving him a hard squeeze, Levon sighed. “Lord, Joe… I don't know what to say except how soon before we can do that again?”

Joe pulled him close for another kiss. When he let go, he grinned. “I take it this means you don't object.”

“Object?” Levon said with a surprised tone. “Joe, the only thing I object to is that I can't do this to you again right now.”

Joe gave him a sultry smile. “Who says?”


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