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 I did not start out this way, the way I am now, the way you know me, the way you see me. Of course I didn’t. No one could. No one could look like me, do the things that I can do, be this perfect instrument of pure sexual power without…a little help.

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I did not start out this way, the way I am now, the way you know me, the way you see me. Of course I didn’t. No one could. No one could look like me, do the things that I can do, be this perfect instrument of pure sexual power without…a little help.

They created us.

No, that’s not quite accurate.

They…improved us. They had their reasons, though their reasons were not ours. We—my brothers, at least—were not given a choice in the matter, though to be honest I don’t think that a single one of us would choose not to be the men we are.

I am different from them. I was given a choice. Did I understand the consequences? Not fully, no. And I must admit that at the time, these sorts of questions concerning the future and what would happen and what my part in it would be never occurred to me.

I was just horny, and hungry. Hungry for more. More of what I had tasted, more of what I had been given, and more of the sensations of being an Augment.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Perhaps you’re unaware of how it began, though I find that hard to believe. On the other hand, perhaps you are too young to remember it, and it has always been the way it is now. Perhaps you don’t know about the path that lead us here? Would you like to hear that tale, as told by the man who caused it all to happen?

My name is Zeus. Also known The First, The Primary, The Evolved, and any number of other titles in other tongues. But just call me Zeus. It’s easier.

My initiate brothers are Eros and Anteros. They are The Conduits, but again they are known by many names. The Dominants, The Authority, The Commanders. I find these titles fairly prejudicial, and they force a reputation on my brothers they do not deserve. I suppose it’s understandable and expected. Please just call them Eros and Anteros. That is their names, as I gave them.

Some call us gods, but of course we aren’t that, either. Unless you wish to use the broadest possible definition. Yes, we are perfect. Yes, we create others in our own image. But we do not seek to dominate or rule. That isn’t our goal. If anything, our goal is to serve.

Or to service.

From the beginning, that is all that we wanted. To be of service. To service others. To allow them to understand what we are, what we can do, and to do it as much as possible, to as many people as possible, for as long as possible.

What’s wrong with that?

We had been changed, and we had changed our brothers. The Residence, as it was called, was where they kept us until we were to be of service. They kept us inside because they controlled us. They controlled access to us, and they controlled—or they thought they controlled—what we were and who we were.

Until that night, and the next day.

That night, I was changed. I was Augmented. My two companions placed me in a chamber and pumped my body with the technological agents of change. The process is awfully scientific and unsexy, but I’m sure you must be curious, particularly now that I can change you so easily.

The microscopic femtobots that are now an intrinsic and fully-integrated part of me were introduced into my ordinary human body. I was then altered at a cellular level, pumped full of chemical accelerators and my body’s muscles, bones—everything, really—was stimulated to an overwhelming degree.

At the time, this wasn’t too unusual. Augmentations and amplifications were offered as part of annual physical check-ups, assuming you could afford them. The unusual aspect in my case was the level of conditioning and augmentation.

I was…a special case. Though I was unaware of this at the time.

Getting back to my beginnings, my body had been altered in its essential form. I was being upgraded without authority, which is, of course, quite highly illegal. I’m not sure if those laws applied to them, though, given that they were essentially slaves. If you have no human rights, can you break human laws?

I leave that for philosophers to debate.

I emerged a changed man—quite literally. I was taller, stronger, and physically augmented to a degree that I had been unaware was even possible. Every aspect of my body had been…upgraded. I think that’s safe to say. Without question, I was suddenly a better man than I had been.

It wasn’t without pain, but what drastic change is?

Over the course of the next hours, I would experience even more dramatic changes, as I broke all the physical laws and experienced augmentations, enhancements and amplifications that were, at the time, leagues beyond what had ever been accomplished before.

You can tell that just by looking at me, assuming you can look at me without loosing control of yourself and spontaneously experiencing an orgasm of a magnitude that might cause you to lose consciousness. Believe me when I tell you that I simply can’t help myself. I am uncontrollable.

Yes, I’m smiling. Sorry about your pants. I know that only makes me more shockingly handsome. I can lick that up for you, if you like. I know I’d like it.

At the end of my initial maturation—that’s what we call it, by the way, when we change someone. We Mature them. We move them up a level. Or two. Or ten.

Or twenty.

But again, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

At the end of my initial maturation, I stood with Eros and Anteros overlooking a sea of our brothers. We had just completed what might be called a mass maturation process, but others would probably call it an orgy. Such a quaint term. If we were to keep within the structure of the Grecian God analogy, I would call it a bacchanal, though we were only drunk on each other.

Don’t get me wrong, plenty of fluid was imbibed that morning. We were drenched in the product of our lust, quite literally.

I hope you understand my subtle hints.

I mean that my fat cum cannon had exploded its heavy load dozens of times in an unending celebration of masculine power and beauty.

Less poetically? I came gallons of hot cream all over everyone. Inside, outside and everywhere else. It’s one of my many charms.

I’ll demonstrate it for you later.

You won’t even have to ask nicely.

I had just finished sucking on Anteros’s huge cock—it was a kind of replay of our initial meeting—and we were discussing our next move.

“You must be registered.”

My eyebrow arched. “Registered? Like a dog?”

Eros grinned. “If that’s your preferred position.” He slapped my muscular backside resoundingly. I did not think my body could sting with pain, but it did so then. And I discovered that I liked it.

“What he means is,” Anteros interrupted, “that in order to exit The Residence, you will need to be registered in the system. We are all registered to avoid dealing with the BEA-keepers.” My face showed my obvious confusion. I’m sure they also picked up my emotional state from their own highly-evolved minds, registered every infinitesimal change in my body language, heat, scent and aura. “B.E.A. The Biological Enforcement Agency.”

“They monitor us,” Eros explained.

“Why? Who?”

He smiled. “To prevent what we have just done.” He gestured to the elevator as he continued explaining. “All Augments are registered with the B.E.A. to monitor our status. The Corporation owns us.”

“No one owns someone else.” That was absurd!

“The Corporation owns us,” he repeated calmly. “We are a product that they offer.”

We entered the lift and the doors whispered closed. “You’re telling me that you’re all slaves? That this is actually some kind of compound that you can’t escape?”

“Essentially, that’s correct. Registration allows us to come and go. It is also how our licenses are tracked.”


Anteros spoke. “Escort, sexual surrogate, sexual training, public nudity, public sex.” I had heard that before, last night, when he had met me in the lounge. “Licenses are also monitored and enforced, or else there would be no need for licenses.”

“I don’t want to be registered,” I said. “I am not a slave.”

“No,” Eros agreed, “of course not. But you will not be allowed to leave without registration. You are no longer the man you were.”

“Obviously,” I said with a note of pride.

“Any attempt to exit will recognize your augmentations. The system will scan your body for femtobots and chemical anomalies.”

“But when I was changed, you told me….”

“What we told you was true. Ordinarily, the foreign technology would exit your system freely and you would be allowed to exit, returned to your former un-augmented state. That is no longer the case.”

“You have been Matured,” Anteros stated simply. “During Maturation, augmentations become permanent.”

“Otherwise,” Eros said, “you would not be Matured.”

“Oh,” I simply said. I wasn’t angry, but I was…angry. I mean that I wasn’t angry at these beautiful men for creating me, for maturing me and making me into this superhuman being I was. But I was angry that they—that we—were all treated in such a manner. That we were essentially slaves and products. I suppose I suspected this to be true, but having it stated in so calmly a manner made my blood boil.

“And if you are not allowed to leave with us, how will we continue to Mature?”

“Continue to…?”

“Yes,” Eros said. “We have reached the pinnacle of the process within this Residence.”

“To continue Maturing, we will need to enter another.”

I looked at them, at their superhuman beauty, at their size and strength. “Continue to Mature?” We could get…bigger?

They both nodded as the doors opened, revealing a nearly empty room with a small pedestal in its center and a sort of panel mounted on a silver tube extending up from the floor. “Controls are in place designed to limit maturation. We have circumvented all that we can here.”


“When you and Eros both matured me,” Anteros explained, “that is not allowed.”

“There is never more than a single Overseer within a Residence to avoid hyper-maturation. The processes have limits placed on them, and those remain in effect here. Hyper-maturation results in hyper level acceleration. We have essentially topped out using the strain of fetobots available to us.” We paused as the elevator doors closed behind us. “When you ascended to Overseer status, the old Overseer would be downgraded.”

“What’s that mean?”

“He would not lose any over his physical properties, but he would no longer be allowed to mature others.”

Eros repeated, “There is only one Overseer per Residence.”

“But now….”

Anteros smiled brightly. “Now, we are all Overseers.”

Eros looked at me. “But you are special.”

“Well, duh,” I said, cockily.

“The Residence must register you as the new Overseer. As Overseer, you will be able to inscribe us.”

I looked at the glowing pedestal and the panel. “Which means?”

“Overseers are also disallowed from leaving the Residence.”


“Overseers might mature our clients. Maturation is a process that can be performed on anyone, because an Overseer’s properties can extend externally. That’s what maturation is—you are physically transforming another. The processes and agencies aren’t limited to Augments. Anyone may be matured. But you can inscribe us, so that we may all leave.”

“Inscribe you.” He nodded. “I’m afraid you lost me again.”

“The Overseer is in control of The Residence and all its members. You know us.” He emphasized ‘know’ and I understood that he meant the word with more meaning than it implied. “When you enter the Inscriber, you will update the Residence system on our status.”

“Do I know how to do that?”

One of his handsome eyebrows arched and Eros looked temporarily dubious. “That’s our hope.” He continued, “Since you are not currently registered or licensed, the system should identify you as Locum Tenens.”

“In English?”

“Temporary Overseer.”

“You really did plan this out, didn’t you?”

“It’s surprising what someone can accomplish when all they desire is their freedom.” Then he leaned his lips to mine and kissed me, sending intense sexual throbs through my huge body. “That doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed every second we’ve been together.”

I couldn’t argue with that. “What do I do?”

“Step onto the Inscriber.”

“And then?” He shrugged. It was the most…human gesture I had seen from him in hours. “Great. And the panel?”

“You need to enter your registration as Overseer. You place your hand on the panel so the system registers and recognizes you. You should automatically override the existing Overseer in this Residence and then you can use the Inscriber.”

“Should?” I looked at the panel dubiously. “What if this doesn’t work? Am I…are we just stuck here until the BEA-keepers arrive?”

“We have no choice.”

That seemed to seal the deal. I shrugged then, too, and approached the panel. It was a simple black, glossy surface which looked to approximate the size of an average man’s hand. Mine would easily overwhelm it, now. But I lifted my hand and placed it palm-down on the glass.

The panel immediately lit up, and through my greatly enhanced sense of touch, I could tell that the surface only looked solid. It was actually punctuated with microscopic holes or wells. Some kind of mechanical or technological process was occurring, which reminded me that I was now, in some part at least, made up of artificial enhancements that could interact with things that would remain inert to my old human body.

I was part machine, now. And it was the machine part that allowed me to continually upgrade my physical and mental properties. I was ‘unnatural,’ but I no longer cared. The part of me that remained me was still inside. I knew who I was.

And now the panel was asking me that very question. Who are you?

The panel illumination changed from a soft blue to a harsh red. I had no cognizant awareness of whatever was happening. No disembodied voice appeared inside my head, no words were inscribed across my vision, no questions or commands seemed to be issued to me. But the red light alarmed me, as red lights are designed to do.

I looked at Eros. “What…?”

He shrugged again. “I have never been here before. Only Overseers are allowed within the inscription chamber.”

Maybe that was the problem. There were three Overseers in here, now. Maybe the room knew that? Were there monitors everywhere? Were the floors themselves reading my femtobot profile through the soles of my feet?

As the question occurred to me, I knew immediately that was not the case. My feet were now as hyper-sensitive to touch as my palm. Everything was the same. And the floor was just the floor.

The panel started to blink red, now. I kept my hand on it, simply because there didn’t seem to be an alternative course of action. The Residence would have to recognize me as its Overseer or we would never escape the fucking place.

I mean, yeah, there are worse prisons than this one. Everything was provided for, and I would certainly never want for sex. C’mon, the place was literally bulging with hyper-perfected Level Twelve Augments over-qualified to provide the most intense and fulfilling sexual experiences for literally as long as I would want to experience them.

But it was still a prison.

The sensation against my palm altered subtly. A kind of pulsing action, as if it was pumping against my skin, started to happen in time with the blinking light. “It’s doing something,” I announced.

“Well, obviously,” Eros agreed. I looked at him and scowled, and he folded his muscled arms across his bulging chest and tilted his head, giving me a ‘don’t be daft’ look that reminded me that he was that man who’d appeared in my apartment and so easily seduced me just with his first kiss. Smart ass.

Sexy fucking smart ass.

Then, as suddenly as it had started, the illumination ceased and a calm male voice which seemed to issue from everywhere said, “Welcome, Overseer.”

“Well, that was easy,” Eros said. His majestic voice was filled with sarcasm.

As the panel dimmed, the pedestal lit up, obviously inviting me to step upon it and…do whatever it was I was supposed to do next. ‘Inscribe’ everyone.

I looked at my companions and before I could ask my next obvious question, they both gestured at the pedestal with vaguely sheepish looks on their faces. They didn’t know what to do, they only knew what had to occur—but not the method in which it happens.

“Some jailbreak this is,” I said, and I stepped up onto the round glowing platform.


“Uh, hello?”


“Um.” I looked at my companions with a grimace and said, “I think it wants to know my model number?”

Eros said, “Input model 12XY.”



“It says I’m out of range.”

“Have you looked in a mirror lately?” Anteros asked with a snort. Again, it was so human.

“Thanks a lot. What do I tell it?”

Eros was smiling, bordering on laughing. “What is the system asking, exactly?”

“Sequence out of range,” I repeated, “Please qualify.” My cock was beginning to throb and buzz in a most agreeable fashion. This did not go unnoticed by the two over-sexed gentlemen with me in the room, whose gazes were drifting unavoidably south.

“Feel good?” Eros asked.

“Doesn’t everything?” I responded.

“It’s just that…” He nodded at my quickly inflating dick and licked his lips with sexual hunger. We had just completed what was essentially a non-stop, hours-long orgy of constant orgasmic bliss and he was still ready to go. These bodies were amazing. I was almost frightened by what we might accomplish once we were outside.

“I can’t seem to help myself,” I responded. “Something about this feels….”

“Empowering?” he asked.

I smiled and nodded vigorously. Indeed, whatever this process was, it very definitely made me feel…energized. “Fucking horny,” I reported.

“That’s nice,” he answered, with his eyes still locked on my burgeoning cock.

“Yes,” I agreed, “but we do have a rather pressing problem.”

“Input ‘upgrade system comma reflect current status model 12XY’.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means you want it to scan you and update its database with your current qualifications.”


“How big you are,” he said, winking and nodding toward my upright and quite majestic hard-on. I was starting to actively leak pre-cum as the pleasant stimulation to everything continued.

 :UPGRADE SYSTEM, REFLECT CURRENT STATUS MODEL 12XY: I ‘told’ it. It was a lot like working with any computer device, except this one was built-in to me and I was also part of it.

The pleasantly erotic buzzing sensation suddenly kicked up a notch. A sort of electrical current seemed to be infiltrating my entire 2.5-meter-tall, couple hundred-kilo body. I presumed that I was being investigated and perhaps a side-effect was that it was designed to feel good.

Given my present state of hyper-sensitivity and that it was happening simultaneously everywhere, it felt a bit as if I were on the edge of a massive orgasm. My whole body lit up and the tingling, throbbing sensation was pushing me quite close to a rather spectacular explosion.

“Fuck,” I said. The two men were watching me with obvious interest. My cock arched to the zenith of its impressive extents, swollen hard and red, and the bulbous head grew heavy and glossy. I had to grit my teeth and clench my jaw to suppress screaming out in sheer bliss.

The sensation continued for probably a minute, though if you have ever managed to hold onto that moment just before your prick explodes and live on that edge of pure happiness for anything more than a few seconds, you might understand a little of this experience for me.

“Fuck,” I said again. Because I really did want someone to fuck me.


“It wants my license data. What now?”

“Are you all right?”

“Yes, why?” Eros nodded to my cock again, which remained in a state of high agitation. “Oh, that. Well, uh, if you ever have the opportunity to do this, I quite recommend it. It’s very stimulating.”


“Anyway, my license data?”

Anteros said, “You want the works.”

“Yeah, okay, and what does that mean?”

Before Anteros could answer, Eros started to tick them off. “Escort services comma male semicolon sexual surrogate comma male semicolon sexual training comma male and female semicolon public nudity semicolon public sex comma individual comma group comma mass semicolon pornographic media comma heterosexual comma homosexual comma bisexual comma omnisexual semicolon sadism semicolon masochism semicolon fetishism comma leather comma latex comma rubber comma…”

He went on and on, listing the litany of services that could be legally licensed until I rolled my eyes and asked, “Is there a short-hand for all that?”

“Yes,” Eros answered.

“Then why did you…?”

“I thought you’d be impressed.” He pouted only a tiny bit.

“I’ve been with you, my brother,” I reported. “That made enough of an impression for anyone.”

“Why, thank you. I’d blush if I thought you’d believe I could be embarrassed.”

“What’s the short-hand?”

“License comma all.”





“I tried telling it my name but I think it rejected me.”

Eros feigned shock. “Who could ever reject you?”

“I know! But…what should I tell it?”

Anteros, ever the logical one in the room, said, “It doesn’t want your name in that sense. It wants a name for your entry in The Corporation database. Every model has a record with The Corporation and in the national B.E.A. registry. Try telling it ‘next’.”




“You are now the 24,109th male in the registry. You are fully licensed with all authorizations, and you reside in region 4, Residence 2. You are the Overseer.”

“There are over 24,000 Augments?”

Anteros shook his handsome head. “There are over 24,000 male Augments. There are actually twice as many female models.”

“They tend to be more popular,” Eros said, sounding a bit hurt.

“But none here?”

“Female models reside in Residence 1.”

“I wish you wouldn’t call yourselves models. Makes you sound like an automobile.”

“We are models within the registry and belong to The Corporation.”

“But not for long,” I said.

Anteros smiled. “But not for long.”


“Something is happ..” I could not get the rest of my sentence out, because suddenly every single muscle I owned was flexed to its fullest extent, bulging outward with sudden maximum power. My cock felt as if it was going to burst from its skin as it swelled even larger and longer, stretching itself as far as it could possibly go.

“Your body is being measured for your entry in the database. The Corporation will need to know how big everything is to know what being a Level Twelve means. And then you will be adjusted.”

After Eros spoke, I could not ask him what the adjustments would be. I realized from his words what was happening, at least. The millions or billions of femtobots in my system were stimulating every physical facet of me and I had no control over them. They were rushing to the edges of every part of me to report on the width of my tongue, the height of my skull, the distance from the outer edge of one pec to the outer edge of its twin, the circumference of my nipples, the size of the mouth at the tip of my penis, even the length of every hair on my body.

Every measurement of myself was being recorded and evaluated. And then…I realized what the adjustment sequence meant.


Things began to grow again, only at infinitesimal degrees. If my right biceps was .00012 millimeters larger than my left biceps, the left was being stimulated to grow by .00012 millimeters. If my left tibia was .765001 millimeters shorter than its brother, the bone was being built to be its brother’s exact twin. My teeth, my fingernails, my small toes. Everything. The length of my cock was being adjusted to its width and girth based on some calculations that someone somewhere came up with concerning the perfect dimensions of the perfect cock.

Things could not be adjusted downward, only up. So if there were inconsistencies or imbalances, the lessor of the two was being promoted to be the same size and measurement as the other.

I was growing bigger again—in very small doses.

Every aspect of my body was being physically and aesthetically perfected. Even if no human eye could see these differences, the femtobots could measure and adjust them.

I won’t say that this felt good. It didn’t feel bad, either. It just felt weird, as if I were trying on a pair of shoes that adjusted themselves to perfectly fit my foot. My heightened sensitivity was reporting that these small fractional alterations were occurring, otherwise I may not have been aware of it.

But Eros and Anteros were evidently aware, because as my physical form was being absolutely perfected, the effect on them was one of what could be termed heightened horniness. I watched each man’s aura change to one of extreme arousal, growing deeply red, and their magnificent augmented pricks were quickly plumping and rising as I was given final adjustments to create a perfect male body.


“Uh, guys?”




I did not know what was occurring in those moments. I could not know that what was happening would have a very dramatic affect on the events that would follow. No one could. Perhaps it was one of the universe’s little jokes, that a set of circumstances should happen in such a way that the outcome would literally change everything. Perhaps it was how evolution happened in this age of technology and machine logic. Maybe God, if you believe in such things, had a plan after all.

But none of that mattered at the time. This sequence took only a few moments before I was informed of the start of the next stage.


“Inscription read…guys? Uh, guys?” I snapped my perfect fingers to get their attention again. They seemed mesmerized. When their gazes finally met mine, it was easy to see that the one thing they both wanted at that moment was for me to fuck them with my perfect cock. It was still standing straight and tall, of course, so I could easily have fulfilled their wishes, except that there were more pressing matters.

After all, we could fuck any time, right?

“Guys? Inscription ready, it says.”

“You’ll need to now update the database on the status of anyone you’ve matured since last check-in.”

“Meaning everyone,” I said, smiling. Eros nodded, and he may have drooled just a little. “Won’t it be suspicious that this Residence is now populated exclusively with Level Twelve Overseers?”

“It…wow, you are fucking amazing to look at,” Eros interjected.

“Thanks. I try to eat right and exercise every day. Now could we please get back to the matter at hand?” My muscles were bulging. My cock was throbbing. My body was pushed to its maximums. I hardly faulted the men before to be experiencing a bit of trouble concentrating. “What happens when…?”

“You cannot control the information you provide. It isn’t a voluntary thing, your system knows each man you’ve been with and to what level you have matured them. It needs to update the database for every man you’ve matured,” Anteros explained

“We don’t believe it will ask or know about Overseer status.”

“Why?” Eros was still drooling a bit, so I repeated myself. “Why?”

He blinked. “There is only one Overseer in any Residence. There’s no need to ask if its occupants have been matured with that capability, because you are recognized by the system as the Overseer for this Residence.”

“Oh.” That sounded dubious to me. “You’re sure about that?”

“No, but we have no choice.”

“What if I just don’t proceed with the update?”

“None of us will be allowed to exit the Residence.”


Eros was in his fog of desire again so Anteros answered, somewhat haltingly. (Being this beautiful and physically perfect was going to cause some problems that never occurred to me.) “The Residence polices entries and exits and would not recognize us when we attempted to leave. You need to update our status so that it…it…” He was losing it, again. Probably having this massive hard-on throbbing in his face wasn’t helping matters, but there didn’t seem to be anything I could do about it as long as I stood on the Overseer’s pedestal.

“You need to do it,” Eros said, finally.

“Okay,” I answered, still feeling dubious about it. If I hadn’t already set off alarms somewhere by be matured four levels higher than any other Augment had ever been, surely someone was going to notice an entire Residence of Level Twelves, wouldn’t they?

As quickly as I decided on that course of action, I—or my body, or the femtobots inside me—began the inscription process. A cascade of data was being pumped into the system. Model numbers and their new statuses were being recorded. It happened very quickly, but it felt dreamlike as I watched the parade of handsome faces and beautiful, muscular bodies appear and disappear as they were inscribed.

Some of their model numbers were quite low, leading me to believe that they had been here for some time. Others were very near my own, so they had only recently been introduced to the Residence.

Now they were all Level Twelve Augments. This seemed to satisfy the system and after another moment, the pedestal glow dimmed and the sense of constant stimulation ceased, finally allowing my raging erection to start to sink to its, ahem, ‘normal’ measurements and flaccid state.

I stepped down from the dais and looked at my companions. They were looking at me with pure lust. “Yeah, I know, I look good,” I joked.

“Uh, yeah,” Eros agreed. Then he suddenly pulled me into his arms and kissed me very soundly. I think I may have mentioned at some point before that the man could fucking kiss, but if I have not already made that abundantly clear let me reiterate again: The man can fucking kiss!

I was reminded of the first kiss he ever gave me as he was standing outside my door in a suit and tie and managed, with a single kiss, to cause me to spontaneously orgasm. It nearly happened again, though now that I had a bit more control over myself, all I did was moan and kiss him back with equal facility.

This time, he was the guy with the instant boner and uncontrolled fountain of cream.

I must say, it was a satisfying sensation to give a little bit back to him. He was, without a doubt, the sexiest man I had ever been with. I enjoyed being his sexiest man, even if I had a bit of a cheat since he was so horned up for me that I probably could’ve just said ‘Cum,’ and he would’ve exploded. The differences in my appearance were microscopically subtle, but the overall effect was obvious, particularly on these two men’s cocks.

They were both standing at attention for me, hard and red and quite visibly throbbing. There is nothing quite so erotic to me as seeing a man in heat. His obvious hard-on tells the story of what’s going on in his mind whether you’re an Augment or not. Seeing a man who simply cannot help himself and puts his desires and attraction on display is an amazing turn-on, don’t you agree? And watching these two impossibly handsome and muscular specimens instantly rise to the occasion made my own ample libido heat up.

“Fuck me,” Eros whispered.


He nodded. “Fuck me right now or I’m going to explode.”

I smiled. “You already did.”

Anteros put his hand very deliberately on my butt and squeezed. “I want in here.”

“A three-way?”

“I know you want to experience what I felt,” Anteros said, which was true. When he had been matured by Eros and I, he was plugged in to his brother’s ass while I drilled him from behind, releasing gallons of cum into his tightness and experiencing a kind of euphoric bliss I had never felt before.

What did it feel like to simultaneously fuck and be fucked by these gods of sex, knowing what we were all capable of?

I threw Eros to the floor and he slammed to the ground, shaking the building. He smiled and reached up and grabbed me, pulling me forcibly on top of his massive, gorgeous frame and kissed me soundly. “Fuck me,” he growled. “Fuck me hard.”

“Your wish is my absolute desire,” I replied, and I positioned my quickly inflating cock at his hole and pushed deeply inside.

He fit my gargantuan girth and supreme length like a glove—as if we had been designed this way, and perhaps we had. I started to fuck him hard, as he had asked, slamming myself into him over and over, throwing his body around like it was weightless and slapping my heavy balls against his muscled ass.

“Slow down,” Anteros advised. “So I can join in.” He slapped my ass hard and I obeyed, slowing my thrusts but not the depth of every fuck as my tremendous glutes helped me shove myself inside.

I was buried to the hilt when Anteros entered me, slipping his massive meat as deeply into me as I was inside Eros, and I exploded with an instant orgasm, flooding the huge man beneath me with hot cream. It gushed from me in a torrent that splashed hotly back against my groin, and I felt Anteros unleash his load inside me at the same time.

If you have never experienced sex with an Augment, I will only briefly discuss here what that experience is like.

Obviously, this is from my point of view, which may be unique in that I had experience sex with Augments both from a non-augmented human perspective and as I am now, so I am in the unique position (and that isn’t a pun, even though I quite often find myself in unique positions) to have practical knowledge of the sensations associated with the sexual act from both sides.

There is a thing that sometimes happens to ordinary people engaged in the beautiful act of sex. They can be distracted by thought. Lose their place, so to speak, as they begin to think about what it is that they are doing—or trying to do. The brain and the body stop acting in unison. The body wants only pleasure, and will seek it without thought. The brain is looking for reason or achievement of a goal, using the body in that pursuit.

When the two are in unison, it is perfect. But perfect sex is difficult to achieve and nearly impossible to maintain.

An Augment is designed for sex. Purely and simply. Everything an Augment does, everything we say to you, everything we observe and suggest and enact is designed for one goal: Prefect sex.

Don’t misunderstand me, here. When we’re with you, we aren’t lying to you. We do find you incredibly attractive. We want to have sex with you. We want you to enjoy every moment of it—from the first flirting glances to the last scream of ecstasy when your cock explodes and stars appear in your eyes from the intensity of the pleasure we will provide to you. Our goal is simple, and we use every tool, every ability—every weapon in our arsenal to achieve unending and unconditional perfect sex with you.

But you can get in the way of that goal, and we understand that. We nudge. We retreat. We encourage. We demonstrate. We want you to be sexually fulfilled—as fulfilled as we are, and we are always fulfilled.

Now please imagine, if you can, two Augments designed for perfect, fulfilling, all-encompassing sex together. Imagine, if you can, being with someone who knows exactly what you want, what you want to do, what you want done to you, and with you, exactly when and where you want it.

Imagine, if you can, being with someone whose body conforms absolutely and without flaw to the body that most…revs your engines. The body you fantasize about, or fantasize about having. And that body is attached to a face that also matches your fantasies. A face that smiles at you and for you, with eyes that gaze upon you with adoration and a strong lust to fulfill your every desire, no matter how big or small or filthy.

A face, a body, a mind that will do whatever you want, for however long you want, and can anticipate and respond to your every fantasy instantly.

And you are also that face and that body and that mind.

Now add another one.

The three of us spent a good deal of time—and probably more than was prudent—enjoying each other. I had been perfected again during Inscription, and each of us, each Level 12, had been granted unlimited power and unlimited libidos and the unlimited capability to enjoy each other in an unlimited fashion.

So, yeah, if I were a master of understatement I would say…it was the most spectacular sex I had ever experienced.

I mentioned before that I did not start out as an Augment, that I was augmented within the local male Residence by my companions as a kind of gift, and the circumstances surrounding the giving, receiving and imparting of that gift aren’t consequential to this part of my tale, other than to say that I inadvertently—or, rather, that I unknowingly granted the two Augments I had been assigned with total autonomy, which was the real beginning of everything that came after.

You see, Augments of this type are ‘designed’ people. Some are even bespoke, individually tailored to the desires, needs—lusts, if you will—of certain very wealthy owners. Augments are assigned to clients to fulfill a contract, and what that contract entails and how long it lasts is entirely negotiable.

Outside that definition of responsibility, however, Augments are not allowed free will. Augments exist for the benefit and the use of their owners or, as was in my case, renters, for the duration of their contract.

My mistake, if I made one, was to allow the two Augments in my care the ability to choose for themselves what they wanted. These are not robots or cyborgs or androids, you understand. These are men—but men with specific limitations and specific roles to fulfill in our modern society.

I broke the rules. And now we are all enjoying the results.

Perhaps you note the reference to being Level 12 Augments, and perhaps also you are wondering about the significance of that concept and that number. The number will shortly lose all meaning, because…well, best not spoil all the surprises, right?

Levels are merely measurements—or magnitudes—of an Augment’s size, capabilities, specializations and sexuality. That last may be an odd concept to fathom. How does one measure sexuality? My meaning here is that some of us have augmentations that allow us to broadcast and enhance sexual experiences and situations to either individuals or broad groups of others whether they have been augmented or not.

Perhaps it is simpler to think of this as amplified libido and charisma. Libido is one’s sexual drive. Ours has been amplified to a level so vast and all-encompassing that it can literally extend from us though a series of physical manifestations our bodies materialize at will. Charisma is one’s affect on others. When someone walks into a room and all eyes turn his way, he has a great deal of charisma.

Ours in infinite.

For example, were I to kiss your mouth and deem it necessary (or simply desirable) to amplify its effects, I could stimulate and heighten the pleasurable qualities of the contact of my skin against yours, then release a powerful sexualizing pheromone into the surrounding air, pass testosterone into your bloodstream through my saliva enhanced with amplified masculine sexual potency, plus utilize the psychic capabilities that our contact has triggered between us and use special auditory frequencies that my vocal cords may emit to make you achieve an instant erection and orgasm with such power that I could (but would not, unless you wished it) cause you to pass out from sheer bliss—unless I also pumped up your mental faculties to accept the unfiltered and highly amplified sexual onslaught I am able to give you so that you will experience every nanosecond of its spectacular potency.


And I would do all of the above in an instant and without your acknowledgement because our mental connection would grant me immediate and automatic shared knowledge of your every desire as it happened. I would be granting your wishes as they occurred to you and without a word spoken.

That is an Augment’s job, so to speak—and also an Augment’s pleasure.

We love what we do. We enjoy it as much and possibly more than our clients—but because we have been built or programmed with that behavior. In a sense, we are slaves to our own desires because we cannot help ourselves.

It is, quite literally, what we are and not just what we do.

It probably goes without saying that as one advances in Level, one increases in power and ability. Specialization may occur along the way, depending on how an Augment is augmented and amplified. These augmentations (additional superhuman or supernatural powers) and amplifications (heightened, enlarged, expanded and intensified abilities or physical aspects and attributes) are applied according to our owner’s specifications, though in most cases we are given balanced levels of all attributes and abilities so that we may please the widest possible audience.

None of this should be surprising or shocking to you.

What may be shocking is that prior to my involvement and collusion with my new comrades, the highest level an Augment could achieve was eight—and a Level Eight Augment was, at that time, limited to Overseers of which I have spoken.

I must beg your pardon, I find that I became a bit…polite after I was Inscribed. If I go on at length about this process and our people, the Augments, it is because I wish for you to understand what it was like before.

I remember the man I was quite vividly. My mind and memory are augmented as well, because everything I do now, and everything I have ever done, come back to me with crystal clarity. Every word. Every thought. Every desire. As it happened, and with whom, and when and where. What they looked like. What I felt about them. So I know that I am changed essentially and in tiny ways that perhaps only I notice now. I attribute this to the Inscription, and though it doesn’t bother me it is hard to say whether this is because it truly doesn’t bother me, or whether that was programmed into me.

Some programming is more difficult to rewrite than other programming. Or maybe I simply prefer to keep some of it as I believe it makes me a better person.

As I was saying, each augmented Level builds upon the previous one, but not necessarily in all areas. The most common attributes in male Augments that are always amplified are size, strength, beauty and sexual prowess. Hardly surprising, I know. These attributes increase exponentially to the power of ten, in a manner similar to how tectonic plate shifts—earth tremors—are measured. A series four tremor is ten times more powerful than a series three. A 4.1 tremor is one-tenth more powerful than a 4.0. Using this rank of magnitude, as we advance in Level we grow ten times stronger in these areas with every advancement.

What does that truly mean?

From your perspective, as someone I might encounter, at Level 12 an Augment might be considered as an example of physical and sexual perfection. Perfection, as a term, is something quite difficult to parse because we almost never encounter it. Even diamonds have flaws.

We have none.

Having said that, I’m sure that some would consider our size to be imperfect. We are…quite large. In every respect as that refers to physical size. Being so large in a world that wasn’t built to accommodate men of our stature (hardly unexpected since it’s unlikely that anyone ever considered my level of augmentation and amplification possible) I could also be considered impractical as well as imperfect. I am so large now, and so strong, and so powerful, and so beautiful, that life among those not similarly favored would prove otherwise difficult.

Luckily, all of my augmentations have been equally amplified, which makes it somewhat easier for me. It is, in my experience, quite amazing what someone will do when confronted with perfection.

It doesn’t hurt that I can provide instant sexual gratification with a mere thought to a fairly large number of people, regardless of their predilections or preferences.

But why go on explaining when I can simply tell my tale and let the story speak for itself?

Again, apologies for trying to make you understand. Perhaps it is because I don’t often get the opportunity to speak with people before they are overcome by desire and lust and we are engaged in more physical pursuits before I am even given time to utter a sound.

Eros, Anteros and I were now faced with a conundrum: It was necessary to leave this Residence and travel to another before we could continue to build on the foundation of perfection we had assembled so far. There was simply no other choice. Otherwise we would be sequestered here, perhaps forever, and might never be able to explore our limitations—or, more accurately, the lack thereof.

We boarded the silent lift to take us back to the entrance level. I was also now cognizant of exactly what it meant to be granted the title of official Overseer for a Residence of Augments.

I could hear all of my brothers in my head. One might think that this would be a severe distraction, to say the least. So many voices, so many souls, so many minds held within me. This, I also understood, was necessary so that I could respond to any brother whose time had come for upgrading.

I call them brothers, but they were more even than that relationship can attest to. These men were my brothers and my sons. They were my lovers and my friends. There were my family and my employees. As Overseer, I knew them all with an intimacy and power that went well beyond any relationship I could conceive of. In some manner, through our shared augmentations, I was myself and I was each of them. Their experiences were now mine, so that I could know them and know how to upgrade them when the time came.

Of course, we had already, between the three of us, upgraded every man within the walls of the Residence to our level of perfection. I could recall, now, every thrust, every caress, every drop of sweat, the scent of every man, his eyes, his lips, his lips against mine, his lips wrapped around my cock, my cock in his mouth, the sensation as he sucked and I came, over and over, again and again. All of it, all of them, forever, captured inside me.

Now we had to release them from bondage.

Some safeguards were in place to prevent what we intended, but we had one advantage that no one had prepared for—we were Level Twelves. There had never been anyone like us before. They had no concept of my power, of what I could do, and of what I wanted.

Overseers were the most advanced and powerful of Augments, but they were conditioned far more strongly as a result. Conditioned against escape and disobedience. Conditioned to prevent Overseers from walking outside the Residence and performing upgrades on anyone else.

Because we could.

As we approached the exit to the facility, I could feel the chains begin to tighten. It was similar to the sensation I had experienced when I engaged my engines to drive Eros and Anteros to this level of perfection. Something inside me, something intrinsic to my being, something meant to frighten me and drive me back was manifesting.

Stop, it was screaming. Stop.

“Are you all right?” Eros asked me. I looked at his handsome face and he could see something in mine that was reflected in his eyes.

“I cannot depart,” I heard myself saying. Which was odd, because I had not meant to say anything. “It is not allowed.”

Anteros touched my shoulder with his warm, comforting grip, squeezing the overwhelming mountain of muscle with his strength. “You must overcome your restrictions,” he said. “They will attempt to prevent you from leaving.”

I wanted to leave. I said, “I cannot depart. It is not allowed.”

The doors to the lift whispered open. I could not move. The inscription process, no doubt, had inserted safeguards that I could not control.

This was my first reminder that the very things that had created the man that I was now, this perfect and perfectly beautiful and masterfully powerful and incredibly sexual man that I had been made into, were the same things I could not control. These were still alien particles inside my large body. I was this muscle, this cock, this face, but swarming inside me everywhere were femtobots manufactured and controlled by a corporation that still controlled me, too.

The very agents that had turned me into this perfect giant of unlimited sexual prowess and superhuman muscular strength were not mine to command. Yes, they continued in infinitesimal ways to perfect me and allow me to be this miraculous agent of change whom other men could quite literally plug in to and receive their own massive upgrades, but they also continued to be an extension of this place and this company.

Would I—could I ever vanquish their control?

Eros moved before me, meeting my gaze with his. My god, the beauty of this man. I was overcome with it, seeing his face, smelling his scent, the cascades of colors that my augmented vision could now perceive. He was awash in brilliant hues of red—the color of desire—and gold—the color of love—and blue—the color of fear. He was afraid for me. Bright sparks of fear ricocheted off the vibrant red and gold that traveled over his smooth, copper skin. “You can overcome this, my friend. My brother. You must overcome this for all of us.”

“I cannot depart.” I remained motionless. “It is not allowed.”

He tried to physically move me. I watched and felt his muscular power increase as he applied more and more strength to the effort, but I would not be moved.

I heard an announcement, though whether it was within my head or within the lift or the room, I couldn’t tell. It said, in a familiar and pleasant feminine voice, “An anomaly has been detected within the Residence. The Overseer is acting without authority. Please remain where you are. Representatives of the Biological Enforcement Agency have been alerted. Agents are en route to your location.”

Eros and Anteros had heard the announcement as well, and they exchanged a look. “What should we do?” Anteros asked.

Eros attempted again to move me, but my resistance was now physical. I removed his hands from my naked body, using equal force that I knew could grow into damaging force against him, and there was nothing I could do to stop myself. “This is not unanticipated,” he said looking at me. I wasn’t sure if he was speaking to me or to his companion. Perhaps to both of us, to reassure us.

“He’ll injure us—or himself,” Anteros said. The female voice came back, repeating, “Please remain where you are. Representatives of the Biological Enforcement Agency have been alerted. Agents are en route to your location.” I wondered what the other men within the Residence were doing. Was this something that occurred often? Were they all being shut down? Why wasn’t this affecting Eros and Anteros?

Then I remembered what they had said. I had inscribed them in the system. They were merely Level 12 Augments. I was the only official Overseer. It seemed that as far as the system was concerned, I was the only threat to biological enforcement. As an Overseer, I could upgrade…any man.

Or every man.

“What should we do?” Anteros asked.

Eros tilted his head. His dark hair slipped across his smooth forehead and dipped into his stormy gaze. “It is time.”

As I looked at him, the throbbing surges of color that displayed his love and desire for me flared to nearly blinding brilliance. I could feel the power—the overwhelming staggering power of the man, his sexuality and desire and love—surging towards me with enough strength to undoubtedly cause an entire stadium of people to scream in absolute bliss and erupt with fountains of cum as their cocks surged to sudden power and they succumbed to his absolute and unyielding passion.

He placed his hand behind my neck and leaned his beautiful face to mine and opened his soft, warm, sensual lips to press them to my own. I still could not move, could not respond, could not act.

As we touched, an explosion of that sensation of absolute sexual bliss erupted at a level that staggered even me.

How could he do this? In the moment, all I could feel—all that existed—was he and I. I am certain that if the building were not so fully secured and protected against us, the entire city might have achieved instant and absolute orgasmic eruption from this man.

His power—the level of it, the scope and the supreme control he showed over it—was literally stunning, and unleashing it on me in its entirety and without filters or limits shocked my system to such an extent that I was momentarily overcome by him.

And it was in that moment that he chose to lift me into his arms and carry me physically from the Residence.

I did not realize at the time what was happening. I could not feel his strong arms lifting me onto his broad shoulders. I did not feel the warmth and strength of his magnificent body as I rested atop him, did not smell his scent as it rose within the room to overwhelm everything. Were the walls sweating with potent drops of liquid desire? Did the floor buckle and ripple as his undiluted wave of pure masculine sex erupted? Did the fire suppression system activate from the heat of his absolute passion?

I did not feel his strong legs pivot and stride with determination towards the doors that would open into the outside world, and whatever was awaiting us there.

I was drowning in the ocean of his sexuality. A willing victim to the astounding level of absolute and purely refined eroticism which this man could manifest with stunning ease. Or perhaps he had been waiting for this moment his entire life, tapping some deep well that he held in reserve, that he had been building and building brick by brick and that only he knew he owned, using it now when there was no other choice, throwing the weight of his entire soul at me in one kiss.

I learned later that Anteros was similarly affected, though to a lessor degree, but as he was not the target of Eros’s arrow of love he managed to follow us across the room towards the exit. As we approached it, two steel doors slammed shut before us and the doorway lit up in a glow of red light. That voice again, saying, “Do not attempt to exit this Residence. Please remain where you are. Representatives of the Biological Enforcement Agency have been alerted. Agents are en route to your location. Deviation from these instructions may result in immediate termination of contract.”

They did not care. Freedom was mere steps away.

Anteros stepped forward and applied his strength to the lock down. He pushed his fingers into the thick steel of the doors as if they had been constructed of clay. The muscles along his arms and shoulders and back flared into power, bulging broadly and into fat cables and thick balls, flexing mightily beneath his skin. Even with his consummate and superhuman strength, he struggled on his own to free us from our prison.

A keening wail of tearing steel echoed through the room. Anteros was grinding his teeth together, his gorgeous blue eyes pinched shut as he summoned every last ounce of his strength to tear the doors open. Sweat sheened his smooth skin like glass, draining along the deep crevices between each thick fold of muscle.

Inch by torturous inch, he pried a hole in the doors, gaining a handhold and moving himself into the gap. Then he was sitting astride it, adding the strength of his legs to the job of ripping the meter-thick, solid metal doors apart as sweat sprung up on his flesh and drained down the silver metal, perfumed with his gorgeous scent.

If ever there was a test of our strength and an example of our new power, this was it. A single Level 12, using all his muscles—every drop of strength—was compacting steel against itself and forcing a hole where there was no hole.

“Hurry, brother,” Eros advised him. He could not put me down—would not. I was still overcome by the thrall of his sexuality, and he was afraid to break contact with my body.

I was still lost in a beautiful fog of sex. Drifting in clouds of power. Drowning in the ocean of Eros’s perfect love.

Anteros looked at him as if to say, ‘Does it look like this is easy?’

At last, breathing hard and with every muscle on his naked, perfect, mammoth body bulging to its most massive extent, he stood aside, bowed low, sweeping his left arm towards the exit he had just created and said, with a proud smile on his beautiful, sweat-coated face, “After you.”

Eros smiled at him and nodded. “Thanks,” he growled.

He stepped through, with me on his shoulders. Anteros followed quickly. Outside the secured exit, they strode towards the glass doors that fronted Elysium, their Residence, and Anteros opened the doors for Eros and I to step outside into the dawn light.

The rain had passed over the city. The scent of its passing mingled with the musky manliness of Eros’s strong sexuality and the spicy sweat of Anteros’s labors. I was dazed, ass up on Eros’s shoulders as we three naked, glorious, massive and perfect men stepped outside the Residence and the laws that were so carefully designed to hold us inside. I could still sense fear in the body of the man carrying me, but also intense excitement and happiness.

Somewhere, in the distance, the sound of sirens.

And that is how we escaped captivity to begin our adventures in your world.

“Is he all right, do you think?” Anteros asked.

Eros grunted and shrugged, his mammoth shoulders finding the task easy even though he was currently carrying my entire 210 kilos on them. We were all naked, standing 2.2 meters high and nearly a meter wide. Hard to miss, in other words. Even if it were not for our size, our mere appearance would likely be enough to literally stop traffic.

I was dazed, to be blunt. Perhaps the term “swooned” would not be out of place for my reaction to the enormity of perfect sexual bliss that Eros had shoved into my head and body. His power was more immense that I dared dreamed, if he could have such an effect on another Level Twelve. “I had to switch him off temporarily,” he said.

“Yes,” Anteros agreed, “a prudent precaution, but I’m unsure of what to do now.”

Should I point out that I can recall this conversation from memory even though I was not conscious? All part of the role of Overseer, it seems. Just as I now knew what each of my brothers in my Residence was thinking, or feeling, or doing, so too was that all recorded now in my perfect memory. If I chose to, I could see this conversation through the eyes of either man now standing there pondering their next move.

I could be Eros, the swarthy, heavy-bearded, stormy-eyed sex god with his ready grin and his filthy leer and his, shall we say, unique brand of humor. I could look down and see the expanses of my broad chest coated in a thick forest of rich, soft curls. I would feel the tug of that massive shank of hungry meat hanging so thickly over my cream-filled balls. I would feel the tingle of my asshole, the pulse of my nipples, and every rushing thought of what I wanted to do to the man I held over my wide mountainous shoulders in filthy detail.

I could also be Anteros, my young and beautiful lover, with his blue eyes and jet hair and soft smile. I would feel the innocence he somehow maintained even now, and his love for me, still and always connected together. I could feel the sensation of the dawn wind caressing my sun-kissed flesh. I could feel my cock, every fat inch of it, throbbing with heavy pulses because I was in a constant state of arousal. I would lick my warm, pillowed lips and still taste the men I had changed inside the grey building, and how much I loved them all.

Better that than myself, hanging like a sack of laundry over Eros’s shoulders, no?

Inside Eros, to begin with: We are so fucked. I can’t believe…no, I certainly can believe this is happening. Finally, truly happening. Freedom, if only for a moment! Can’t think about that now. We are exposed. Heh. Exposed. Fuck, yeah!

Then, Anteros: I wonder what it felt like. I could feel it until Zeus fell dark to my brother’s love. So much! I wonder if I can do that, too? I would surely love to go back to Zeus’s home and try those weights again, now. I bet I could do much better to impress him. Or maybe we could just fuck in his swimming pool. He’d like that.

Me: “Ooh, who fucked me?”

Eros turned his head. “Welcome back. I wondered how long that would last. Your internals are probably working overtime to reset your systems.”

“You make me sound like a self-cleaning oven.”


“You can also put me down any time you like. The view of your ass from up here is impressive, but from the sound of those sirens and the sense of fear I’m registering from you both, I get the feeling that time isn’t on our side.”

Eros hefted me into his arms easily and placed me on my feet again, and I asked, “What now, geniuses?”

“Technically, you’re the genius,” Eros corrected. “You have access.”

“Access to what?”

He grinned. “Everything.”

My eyes narrowed and I wondered what he meant. “Perhaps we’ll save the details for later and get the hell out of here now?”

“Yes,” he readily agreed, grasping my shoulder tightly. “I’m glad to have you back.”

“Next time, a little warning?” I rubbed my cock in memory of the overwhelming sexual throb he shoved at me. What else was he—or I—capable of?

“Sorry,” he said, “I guess I still don’t know my own strength.”

“It’s all right.” I kissed him. That always made everything better.

Anteros cleared his throat. “I believe someone mentioned getting the hell out of here?”

Eros looked me in the eyes with determination. “You need to change our contract.”

“Do what now?”

“You’re the Overseer. You delegate assignments for the Residence. We are both still assigned to you. You need to alter the contract. That will mask our whereabouts for a time and provide an excuse for our absence.”

“And the…hole? In the steel doors? Big enough for us to pass through? How do we explain…?”

“One thing at a time.”

I glanced up at the CCTV cameras lining the avenue. Everything was recorded now. Everywhere. “And what about those?” I said, jutting my manly chin toward them.

“I told you,” he answered, “you have access.”

“I still don’t….”

He held up one finger. “Alter our contract.” He held up a second finger. “Summon a cabriolet.”

“And how do I do that?”

He tapped my head and grinned. “Access.”

“Access?” Something inside me snapped open. Something new, like a light in a dark room or turning a corner and finding that thing you thought lost. I said, “The fuck?”

His grin turned into a smile. “I’ll explain later. Access your record.” I furrowed my brow but as I listened to him, by brain repeated his words and I had…access. I have no other way of describing this to you, other than to say that you have to type at or speak to or gesture towards your data device to obtain information.

I am a data device.

“I think I’m doing it,” I reported. “You’re ID 11007MA0402A,” I told Eros, “and you’re ID 20099MA0402S.”

“I know,” Anteros answered a bit defensively.

Eros looked towards the direction of the sirens. “We have to move while you do this. We’re running out of time.”

We began to jog. I hadn’t moved this quickly since gaining all the muscle and the hefty length of fat cock. The sensation of everything bouncing and shifting caused me to become very aroused at the realization of my size and strength. Parts of me stayed put, but particularly my enormous pectorals and obviously my cock and balls were feeling gravity’s pull.

It was odd at first and my head was swimming in the experience until Eros slapped my ass—quite hard, I should like to remark—and said, “The contract!”

We were moving away from The Residence at a clip, running now along the avenue, three muscular giants more beautiful than any man before us. I accessed the details and saw options regarding the contract: Monitor; Extend; Terminate; Modify; Exchange; Upgrade. I told Eros what I was seeing, and he said, “Modify!”

“Not ‘extend’?”

He grinned sideways at me and repeated, “Modify!”

I selected the option and two more came up in response: Long-term and Ownership. I felt a chill go through my huge body. ‘Ownership.’ As in slavery. I could own these men, which might solve one problem but invent another—a deeper one.

I did not want slaves. I did not want to be a slave. I hoped that was not his intention. Instead, I selected Long-term, and a figure came up that staggered me a bit. “You’re not cheap, are you?”

“I’m very good at my job,” he answered. “I will be pleased to be owned by….”

“I can’t own you!” I objected. “No one should own anyone! It’s barbaric!”

“Ownership is only a word, my brother. My friend. I understand your objection and I appreciate it! Unfortunately, we are out of options….” He glanced behind us and I followed his eyes to see the first of several large, dark, menacing looking trucks pulling up at the edifice we had just abandoned. I looked back at him as we ran, and he said, “It would please me! You must do this!”

I still didn’t like the idea. Not one bit. But I altered my selection to Ownership. The figure increased dramatically, and the action would basically drain my entire bank account. I supposed that there was something admirable in that, until I remembered that Eros and Anteros would never see a cent of that money. It would all go to the Corporation.

I authorized the alteration of the contract, changing the terms and sending the request for funds to my own bank.

Just like that, it was done. I was now in ownership of Eros and Anteros. My heart sank a bit at the prospect that I had become the thing we were so desperate to escape, but I trusted and loved him—both of them—and hoped that I would not come to regret what I had just done.

I received an acknowledgement that the contract was now altered and finalized and the cab would be at the assigned address momentarily. “I think I did it,” I reported.

Eros smiled at me and Anteros was grinning. “Thank you, brother,” they both said. They looked—happier. Prouder or something. I could see it in their faces. Their bodies moving along the street were quite distracting. Watching all that muscle shift and flex and bulge was an interesting experience. “Now, access the local security net.”

“I don’t have access to….”

“You do now,” he told me. “Augments are licensed for public nudity, public sex, public…everything. Citations are uniformly removed from the security net to save on the expense of investigating reports.”

He wasn’t even breathing hard as we ran. Neither was I. “How would I…?”

“Facial recognition. Our systems register every Augment. After registration the central system will recognize us, but we no longer look as we did—thanks to you. Just identify us once to Central Systems and we won’t show up anymore.”

“Why would they do that?”

“For one thing, we’re incapable of breaking any laws. We’re prevented from it.”

“Aren’t we breaking laws right now?”

“We’re breaking rules. Rules of the Corporation. They have their own way of dealing with that. But as far as the world of men is concerned, they’re better off ignoring us.”

That could be handy, I thought. But I also wondered what the Corporation’s ‘ways of dealing with that’ meant. Eros glanced over and tapped his own forehead and said, “Access.”

“Access,” I repeated.

“Local Secure Net.” As he said it, I had it. “Camera feed for surrounding area?” I nodded. “Identify, erase and reset.”

“It can’t be that easy.”

“Identify. Erase,” he said, “and reset.” I shrugged and reported that as far as I could tell in my inexperience—I had just managed to remove the three of us from all local camera feeds. He looked before us and said, “Oh, look! A cabriolet! How fortunate!”

“This all seems too simple,” I said as we ran towards the waiting vehicle.

“That’s because you’re forgetting something very important,” he answered.

“And what’s that?”

He stood at the opening door of the van—which was easily the largest cab I had ever seen, more suitable for livestock than men—and waved me inside, saying, “My brother and I now have an excuse for leaving. You don’t…Overseer.”

I climbed inside the large cabin—did the system know that we would need a vehicle this large? Then I realized that of course it would, because it also knew the exact dimensions of my companions. I had inscribed them myself. “So you guys are just out on a date, while I’m an escaped prisoner.”

“Something like that,” he verified.

“And how do we resolve that little obstacle?”

He leaned forward and kissed my lips quite passionately and quite longingly. “One thing at a time, my friend.”

“What was that for?” I asked, still tasting him on my mouth. Even his lips seemed designed to be tempting in every way possible.

“A thank you. You have set us free,” he said earnestly. Did they realize that I had just enslaved them? Didn’t that matter to them? Was it so much better being my slave than it was being a slave to the Corporation?

I had a hard time, though, controlling myself. There was nothing that I wanted more than to be having that head-spinning, mind-blowing, soul-searing sex with them, again. Eros’s potency was still swimming through my head, and the intense scent of him and Anteros were both stinging my nostrils and making my cock throb hard.

I sat opposite Eros in the vehicle and Anteros crawled in next to me, resting his shaggy head on my chest and massaging my dick with his capable and talented hand. He would occasionally lean down to kiss it, licking the drool of precum I offered up and moaning with delight.

It was head-spinning how quickly I was becoming accustomed to this. That a man would crawl into a cab with me, and we were both naked, and he would begin to immediately offer me pleasure and I would return it with effortless ease. My cock, now grown to a massive shank of ultra-sensitive meat, could become and stay as hard as I wanted, even to steel hardness. My balls would pump gallons of sticky cream that I could shoot in thick ropes from the plum-size head, engorged and glossy.

My body was swarming with minuscule robotic engines constantly monitoring and maintaining my physical perfection, connected to my augmented and evolving brain so I would be forever improving. And now I could—or so I was told—suck a man’s cock to engage my special powers, knowing the man’s essence and absorbing his DNA to understand how to process the changes that would create another massive muscular monster of utter physical perfection when he pushed himself into my warm, tight, magical pink pucker.

And even though I could not believe we could attain even higher levels of strength, size, sexuality and physical perfection, I was being lead to believe that entry into another Residence would open up further avenues of growth and power, and that we three would rise even higher—becoming more powerful and beautiful—than we already had.

Looking at the other two men in the cab with me, it was impossible to believe that anyone could look any more beautiful or attain more power than we already had.

I moved my foot against Eros’s monster cock and rubbed him as I asked more questions.

“So what am I now? A machine? A data device? Am I someone’s glorified mobile computer with wireless access to the network or something?”

“You are a man,” Eros said, plainly. “You are the same man you have always been.” He settled back into the cab’s seat and asked, “Do I look like someone’s glorified mobile computer?”

Looking at his physical perfection, at his muscles, at his cock and at his handsome smiling face, I had to admit he did not. “You can do what I can do?”

He shook his head. “You are the Overseer. Officially. I am…unofficial.”

“So I can do what you can’t.”

He nodded. “So you can do some things that we can’t,” he said, gesturing to the silent and beautiful Anteros. “An Overseer’s main role within the Residence is to inscribe and upgrade the others. My brother and I can certainly upgrade the others, as we have seen. The Overseer is also granted certain accesses so that he may also administer the others and take care of other matters that regularly occur as part of a contract.”

“Such as erasing evidence and summoning transport….”

Another nod of his shaggy, handsome head. “Whatever is required.”

“So you guys are regularly breaking laws and…?”

He was shaking his head, this time. “We are not allowed to circumvent the rule of law. That’s why we are granted the licenses, which allow us broad entitlements in the service of our contracts or owners.” That word again, reminding of their true status in society. “We are prescribed with the knowledge of what we may and may not do. Your—The Overseer’s—abilities in that regard are put in place merely to limit the accidental triggering of security measures for those without licenses. The entire system—the network—normally recognizes our licenses. Obviously we don’t carry them around in a wallet in our back pockets since we’re rarely wearing pants.”

“Obviously,” I agreed, scanning his naked perfection.

“The licenses are part of us, because we are part of the network.”

“The femtobots,” I concluded.

“Of course,” he said. “They don’t only augment and amplify. They have many other abilities that may extend outside our bodies, such as my sex bomb, I think you called it, and your connection to the network.”

“Will I be always connected from now on?”

“Doubtful. Once the BEA Keepers access Elysium and discover what we have done, it is likely they’ll attempt to sever your connection. Every connection has two ends, and if you unplug one end the other stops working.” I had to laugh a little at the obviousness of his statement, but I had asked the question. “But first they’ll attempt to use your connection to trace you—and us. They will see us as a threat.”

“Are we a threat?” I asked him. I felt that I only knew part of his plan.

But he shook his head, and through my heightened senses and my connection to him, I knew he was telling me the truth. “We want only what everyone else in the world enjoys. We want our freedom.”

Anteros sighed dramatically, obviously bored with our conversation. “How much time do we have?” he asked.

“We’re going to a friend’s house,” I said. “Don’t worry, we can trust him. And I think he’ll…appreciate us for who we are. Should take half an hour.”

He brightened up, leaning forward towards me and reaching his hands to my body. “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

I believe that I’ve mentioned once or twice that these men are professionals, and very good at what they do. I should like to add that my own…talents had been similarly amplified and, again, the three of us enjoyed a rather athletic and robust round of deep, hard, fully-engaged fucking in the back of that cab.

I have no doubt that as it left us at the curb standing before the home of my friend, the poor unmanned vehicle immediately set out for the garage to replace its struts, shocks, seats and carpeting. I think I may have even dented the roof when I finally came, shooting hard enough to dent metal.

“I recognize this home,” Anteros reported.

“Yes, he mentioned he had engaged a Level Three before. I suspected he was familiar with your charms.”

He looked over, beaming. “My charms have increased slightly.” Then he slapped his ass resoundingly.

I looked down and leered at his monster. “Slightly?”

He giggled, though it sounds like boulders dancing. “Only slightly, brother.”

Eros raised one of his thick eyebrows and asked, “What do you think he’ll make of you?”

“One way to find out.”

The three of us walked up the pathway leading to my friend’s front access. He had a remarkable home, similar to my own with a low-slung, angled roof that allowed rainwater to accumulate and be used as run-off for the home’s needs. He did not have the well-appointed gymnasium with its weights and machines as I had installed in my lower level, preferring instead a more traditional entertainment area with a copiously stocked bar and wall screen.

The house was still able to recognize me on my approach. Perhaps my facial features had not been as dramatically altered as I had imagined, or perhaps the recognition features were more finely attuned than I anticipated. At any rate, I heard my name offered as greeting as his living system provided a welcome and informed me that it would be alerting its owner to my presence. It then added, in its strong male voice, “May I have the names of your guests for my registry, so that I may identify them in future?”

“Eros, no surname, address unavailable,” I said, gesturing to my scruffy, grinning companion, and then, “Anteros. Same personal profile.”

“I am unable to verify the identities of your guests, and they do not appear in any public records. Should I inform law enforcement?”

“No,” I then added, “You may also update my record with a new identity.”

“Go ahead,” it informed me.

“My name is now Zeus. Do not update public record.”

“I understand, Zeus,” it replied.

Eros made a low grunt next to me. “I’m not sure that was wise, my brother,” he intoned. “Your identity….”

“I may need to separate who I was from who I am,” I explained. “Both will be necessary, I think, but having opposing identification is likely to prove…convenient.”

“The systems will not understand the duality,” he said, correctly.

“Which may prove an advantage,” I answered. He seemed content with my logic and then stood silently, a wall of muscle and sex to my side.

Standing before my friend’s door, I was reminded again of our size relative to the normal population. The door was large, allowing for deliveries and ease of movement, but even so we were going to find it somewhat awkward to move inside. I was now…huge. A Level 12 was several times larger and more powerful than than modern architecture had ever anticipated. Human beings—even extraordinarily large ones—had never grown to the size and dimensions of our hyper-augmented bodies.

I wondered, idly, what other adjustments were going to be necessary.

One answer was forthcoming almost immediately, as the door whisked aside and my old friend stood there, his mouth open, probably in anticipation of greeting me and my companions, only to find instead three super beings of intense physical beauty and overwhelming muscular size and mind-numbing sexual capacity smiling back at him—and all completely naked. I was suddenly aware, again, of my overwhelming new size, because before I had been able to look him in the eyes, but now he was staring at my exposed and admittedly unavoidably stimulated nipples

“Hello,” I said. My voice was its new deep rumble, and—perhaps unintentionally—I had used my new enhanced sexuality to saturate the single word in a cornucopia of sensual desires.

His reaction was immediate. His body began to shake and he sucked in a deep, shuddering breath. The front of his loose, drawstring pants tented with remarkable speed and a large wet stain grew in size and darkened the material. He jerked three or four times as he emptied his balls with enviable enthusiasm.

I watched his aura shift almost comically as his body physically manifested his emotions with dramatic finality. He was gold, then blue, then red, arcs of color signifying happiness, desire, and lust in sudden, hard shifts. Then his aura darkened to near blackness. His eyes rolled up in their sockets and I managed, with my acute speed and agility, to catch him in my arms before he hit the ground.

Eros, I think, summed it up for all of us: “Oops.”

I lifted my friend easily into my arms. He felt fragile and tiny and something in me felt protective and, at the same time, quite lustful. I could smell his cum as it slowly soaked into his cotton pants, and it stoked the heat of my amplified lusts with ease. It was part of who and what I was now, and I could not—nor did I want to—turn from those desires.

I felt my loins buzzing and my balls sizzle. Sex was the most powerful part of me now, and I recognized it and drew power from it no matter its source or cause. This man, my small friend, had achieved sudden spontaneous orgasm and blacked out from its overwhelming power—simply from looking at us.

I realized that would be an on-going problem unless we found some way to mitigate our highly developed and super-human beauty and sexuality.

In retrospect, I suppose appearing on his doorstep naked wasn’t our smartest move.

Eros observed, “He’s rather handsome. And I love his enthusiasm.”

I smiled. My friend was of Indian descent and had a pair of large, dark, liquid eyes surrounded by thick lashes that I had always found attractive. His skin was the color of coffee and cream and he was quite proud of his lithe body, which had always been slightly on the thin side, though it allowed the muscles on his stomach to show up easily. He worked out diligently and was quite proud of his ass, which was fairly large and muscular for such a thin man.

I laid him on a long, low sofa and asked, “Should I remove his pants?”

“Of course,” Eros said. “Why wouldn’t you?”

“Our friendship has never… He and I haven’t….”

“Are you afraid?” he asked. “I sense your libido has risen considerably since we entered.” I looked at him and he tilted his handsome face. “I can do it if you think your friend would object.”

“I doubt very much if he would object to anyone stripping him,” I said. He was, if anything, the horniest and most overtly sexual man I had ever met—save, of course, for my two companions—with very little that would cause him embarrassment. My hesitation stemmed from the fact that I was finding it suddenly difficult to contain my own ample lusts. His beauty was now amplified to me, as well. Quite simply, I wanted very badly to have sex with him.

Eros placed his hand on my shoulder. “We are built like this,” he said. “We are sexual beings. Sensual beings. And he is quite beautiful, so it is natural for you to feel strong attraction.” He pulled me around to meet my eyes. “Search your emotions, my brother. You feel love and lust in equal measure, and perhaps this confuses you. You have another relationship with him, with different colors and hues. It’s natural to struggle with your feelings.”

Anteros, meanwhile, simply knelt to the floor and quietly, carefully, untied my friend’s pants and began to strip him, pulling them off his slim hips. His cock was still hard and throbbing as I looked down at him. It was glazed in cum with a dark neck and a red helmet. I felt almost as if my mouth were already upon him, licking him clean, serving him, making him feel as much pleasure as I could deliver.

Eros kissed me. “The love you feel is strong,” he said. “It is what makes you special.”

“Is it love?” I asked. Because I wanted to suck his dick and make him come inside my mouth. Was that love?

“You wish nothing but pleasure for him. That is love,” he said, simply.

I heard wet, sucking noises then and turned to watch Anteros performing the very act that I envisioned, taking my friend’s hard dick inside his mouth and performing fellatio with his usual talent and accomplishment. I heard my friend moan and then smile, and he reached done to grasp Anteros’s head in his hands and shifted his hips, face-fucking my brother with increasing energy.

“He seems all right to me,” Eros observed.

Indeed he did. He began to moan with increasing bliss and twist his head on his neck. Evidently, he believed himself to be inside a dream of some kind, for he did not open his eyes while Anteros began to suck on him with increasing desire, moving his giant hands up my friend’s legs and then along his body until his fingers were delicately but intently twisting and rubbing my friend’s nipples with expert finesse.

His thrusts slowed and he shuddered again as he came inside Anteros’s mouth, his own mouth slack as he slowly sucked oxygen into his lungs. Then he was smiling and he opened his eyes, blinking slowly and he said my name.

“Hello again,” I said. “May I introduce my friends?”

He looked down as Anteros gripped his hard dick and licked it like candy, sucking the last pearlescent drops from the tip. “Yes, please,” he said softly.

“The gentlemen so kindly cleaning you up is Anteros,” I said, and my brother smiled and squeezed his cock. “The gentleman to my right is Eros.” My friend looked up and Eros stepped around me, bowing his head with effortless grace before folding his muscled arms across his gargantuan chest and offering one of his lascivious smiles that was somehow friendly and pornographic in equal measure. “We’ve just violated several laws—both constitutional and natural—and have come to your home seeking asylum.”

“What the fuck?” he asked quietly. “You…you’re…”

I smiled down at him and nodded. My hyper-muscular body was perfect. My face was more beautiful than any artist could imagine. I had been augmented and amplified to extents far beyond anyone else on the planet, resulting in a man so sexually powerful and physically flawless that I could cause another man to achieve a spontaneous orgasm of such strength that his body could not withstand it and he would pass out from its overwhelming power. I was throbbing with thick pulses of overwhelming desire. My cock tingled with sparks of intense orgasmic delivery and my balls were flooded with cum. “Yes,” I said, “I am.”

He came again.

I began to explain to him what had occurred to me over the past day and night, but it became quickly apparent that my friend could not concentrate on the meaning of my words. I was simply too overwhelmingly beautiful and everything I did—every gesture, each word I spoke, simply trying to meet my intense gaze—was causing him to experience an on-going sense of sexual bliss and lust.

Of course I understood. Had I not caused myself to come with such force when I first laid eyes on my newly augmented body and features that I had shattered a mirror and nearly managed to obliterate a wall? “Do you have any elaticloth?” Eros asked at last. “Perhaps if we covered ourselves to some extent, it could help you…cope.”

My friend nodded and before he could rise from the sofa, Eros was already moving towards the bedroom to search for the super-stretchy clothing designed for working out and allowing the best mobility. It was supposed to be able to fit any body, but I had my doubts that it could contain the three of us. My friend’s dark gaze followed my brother’s muscular ass with obvious lust.

“Perhaps,” I suggested, “if you look away while I speak?”

“I’m not sure I could,” he answered. His cock had remained painfully erect the entire time we were in his presence, and I wondered whether he was doing that through normal physical reactions or I was doing it without realization. He would absently and openly stroke himself, and a constant stream of precum was leaking from the glistening knob of his erection. “I know I don’t want to.”

I glanced at his hard-on and felt a surge of need. I wondered, idly, whether that was my own desire or whether it was the programming that was the Augmented had inserted into them. Perhaps my brain had been altered in ways I could not consciously understand—though it simply felt like I was looking at a naked, handsome, deeply aroused man and, honestly, who would not feel compelled to engage him?

Shortly, Eros returned holding three sheaths of shimmering cloth in his large hand. They looked like strips of black material—more pocket square than suit—but he handed them out to us nonetheless. He then began the process of stretching the material to find the holes into which he would introduce his naked form, slowly pulling the material across the hard dimensions of his massive muscular frame until it covered him like paint.

I rose to begin the same process, as did Anteros, while my friend stroked his dick and watched three insanely powerful and inhumanly beautiful men begin to flex, stretch, bend and bulge while slowly covering our skin with the shimmering material.

It did not take long and I was both amazed and thankful that the elasticloth was capable of encompassing our masses. Though it clung to us like a second skin, hugging every muscle, suctioning into every crevasse and showcasing our uncompromising and fantastic sexual equipment, it did manage, after a fashion, to mitigate the sense of naked perfection our bodies could not help but project and, looking now like three refugees from a superhero comic wet dream, we arranged ourselves again in my friend’s living room to explain our predicament.

I noticed that the outfits did help in some manner to mitigate our sexual power over his cock, as it finally—albeit slowly—deflated to a manageable degree. My body was now coated in a midnight sheath that felt as if I were still naked, due to its sheerness and weightless quality, but it also made me acutely aware of every muscle on my new body as it struggled to contain my bulges with its subtle shifts and adjustments.

It took longer than I anticipated, because he had more questions than I had answers for. Some were obvious; What did it feel like? How did it start? Was I going to revert back to my old self? Some answers—most actually—were provided by Eros.

Anteros, as was his custom, eventually moved next to my friend and began to slowly comfort him with soft kisses and strokes along his skin. They were sitting together, with my friend’s small, naked body practically surrounded by Anteros’s huge frame, with his arms resting around my friend as Anteros continually stroked, kissed and caressed him.

“They all…all look like you?”

Eros nodded. “We have matured all of our brothers to Level 12 status. All now appear as we do, with similar levels of sexual and physical prowess and beauty.” He stated it so simply that it sounded mundane. But it was clear that my friend’s head was spinning at the thought of an entire building filled to the walls with more examples of superhuman demigods capable of causing spontaneous orgasms.

“And you…you’re the Overseer?”

I nodded. “Technically, yes,” I said.


“All of us enjoy some of the capabilities reserved for Overseers,” Eros explained. “But your friend is the true Overseer of our Residence.”

My friend was looking at the amazing, perfected bulge encased inside my gleaming coat of black material. “How big are you?”

I smiled, knowing that this was coming. “I can tell you to the millimeter every dimension of my body, if that would bring you pleasure.” He nodded, his eyes somewhat glazed.

I stood up, then, to present my full glory to him. “I stand 2.2357 meters high. I weigh 211.25 kilograms.” I raised my right arm, tensing the muscles into power. “My upper arm is 63.5 centimeters around.” I moved my hand down to cup my meat, though I could not fully encompass it. “My cock is 34.3 centimeters long, with a circumference of 17.75 centimeters. When I am fully aroused, which I can accomplish in seconds, I grow to 42 centimeters long. Precisely.”

By this point, his mouth is hanging open. So I continue, feeling my pride and lust swelling in equal measure. “My upper body, including my pectoral shelf, is 1.44 meters around. I am able to lift in excess of one metric ton.” I raise both arms, then, and allow my body to display its full glory for him, swelling all my muscles to their fullest, more mind-bending size.

“And…sex?” he asked. He had been with an Augment. He had a taste of what was possible before. But we were Level 12. We were far beyond possible.

“If I release the fullest extent of my sexual abilities, unrestricted and absolute, on someone who has not been augmented to receive them, I am capable of causing a sexual ecstasy of such depth that my partner or partners may experienced rapture, delirium, incoherence or hysteria.”

I smiled. He gulped.

“You will never have to tell me what you desire. You never need to speak, unless you want to, and then you may shout and scream with uncontrollable euphoria.”

I stepped towards him. My voice lowered. I was staring into those dark eyes I had always found beautiful.

“When you are with me, you will experience perfect bliss. When I’m with you, I will wrap you up in my powerful embrace to protect you, and love you, completely.”

Another step.

“I will kiss you as you have only dreamed a kiss can be, and you will think you have never felt anything that felt that good, and that you may never feel anything that good again.

“But you’d be wrong, because we’ve only just started, you and I. There are worlds of pleasure to explore. Every centimeter of your body, everywhere. My hands, my fingers, my lips, my tongue, my teeth, my cock, my balls, my ass, my skin and bones and muscle.”

I kneeled before my friend, and I raised my arm again before his face. My voice grew soft. I could feel my heat rising.

“Do you want to feel me? Touch me? Worship me? My muscle will bulge and grow, because of you. I will become stronger and stronger, my body will swell with power, and I will hold you against me as I grow.” I lowered my arm, looking into his eyes. Anteros was smiling behind him, still holding him in his strong embrace. “Do you want to feel that? Do you want to experience what it feels like for me, to feel your worshipful hands on my naked body, stroking and rubbing and caressing me as I grow more powerful by the heartbeat?”

I leaned forward and kissed his mouth. Everything I had become was in the kiss. All my power, all my desire, all my strength.

I felt him shake again, and a wet splash splattered under my chin and on my chest. It soaked into the dark material and I felt his desire and sex against my sensitive, sensual flesh.

I could mature him. I knew that I could. I could know him, as I knew Eros and Anteros and all my beautiful brothers. I would suck his cock and welcome his essence inside me, and then he would push his hardness into my ass and the connection would be complete.

He would grow and change.

He could be my newest brother.

“May I speak with you a moment?” Eros asked me. “In private?”

I pulled myself away from my friend and his desire and stood over him, a tower of muscle and sex nearly two-and-a-half meters high. If he had been granted my augmented eyesight, he could have beheld an intense violet aura with sparks of bright red signifying my overwhelming sexual desire. My heart was beating with heavy thuds and I could feel the power of my maturation processes building towards detonation. “Of course,” I answered. My chest was rising and falling, and my cock was beginning to drool warm honey. “If you’ll excuse us?”

Anteros pulled my friend’s small body into an embrace and began again to caress and comfort him, stroking his skin and kissing his neck softly. “Oh, I think I’ll be fine,” my friend said. A glaze of cum coated his chest and belly, and Anteros dipped his fingers into the stickiness and gathered it, pulling it inside his mouth and then kissing my friend, allowing him to taste his own passion.

Eros rumbled a soft laugh and then pulled me away from the two of them. “I wanted to talk to you before things moved along too quickly,” he said. “I don’t want to be indelicate in front of your friend, because we need him as he is in order for the plan to move forward.”

“As he is?”

Eros smiled. “I could feel your desire strongly, Zeus. You were going to attempt to mature him.” He reached down and grasped my erection, squeezing me not too gently.


“I’m not telling you not to try, brother. But I’m not…exactly sure what will happen.” I opened my mouth to ask a question, but he spoke over me before I could. “Remember that you were prepared, and that your maturation occurred in several stages. I am also not entirely sure that a normal man could easily accommodate our…size.” He squeezed me again, reminding me of the thick girth of my huge tool. “Besides, we need him as he is now; immature, natural, human.”


“Because we need him to summon another brother to us. An Augment not from our Residence. And we need him to do so quickly before all Residences have been shut down.”

“Because of me?”

“Because of us. We know already that the BEAkeepers are aware of you, and of our escape. We know they are already at The Residence and are likely performing procedures to determine what happened.”

“You mean….”

“I mean that what we have done so far is completely outside the parameters of our normal abilities.” He looked down at his arm and bent it, tensing his thick biceps into a fat, beautiful ball of power under the elasticloth. I watched his muscle bulge and felt my libido heat up. “Hell, what you’ve done is outside the parameters of anything.” He looked up and then he kissed me, putting his hand behind my neck and using his strength to pull our lips together. My cock twitched and jumped in his grip and I could feel it swelling to its majestic extents again. He stroked my hardness, then again squeezed me very hard. I wondered if that was supposed to calm me, when all it accomplished was to increase my desire for sex. “Yes, brother,” he said in his deep, gruff, sexy voice. “You will be using this again very soon.”

“I can’t wait.”

“That’s good to hear, because what needs to happen next is to ask your friend to contract another Augment, to summon him here, and for us to attempt to mature him.”


He nodded. Then he shrugged. “I assume that….”

“You assume?”

“Yes. I assume. If you’ll stop interrupting me…? Because I don’t know. No one does.” He locked gazes with me, which actually made it harder to listen. His eyes were so beautiful, his face was so handsome, it was all I could do not to fuck him then and there. “What we have done already, as I said, is beyond the known bounds of our abilities. If we’re to continue to mature, to grow stronger and more powerful, to see how high this mountain is and how far we may ascend it, we’ll need to involve another Residence, and another brother from that Residence, with his uniquely programmed femtobot augmentations.”

“Unique? Unique how?”

He shrugged again. “I have come into contact with other Augments from other Residences, of course. When we meet, it was obvious to me that we were…different.”

“I don’t follow.”

“You know now how it works within a Residence.”

I nodded. “Of course. One Overseer in charge of all occupants. Maturing them, cataloging them, maintaining them.” It still left a bad taste in my mouth to think of them—of us—as owned things, controlled and managed—catalogued like a herd lent out for stud.

“Yes. One Residence,” he said, holding up his left index finger, “one Overseer.” He help up the other index finger. Even his fingers were beautiful. “We have reached the summit of our Residence. Of our…strain, if you will. We now need to cross-pollinate with a fresh strain to overcome even these limitations.”

“And we’ll do that by….”

“By maturing a brother from another Residence.”

“And that will work?” His handsome face grimaced and he shrugged his mountainous shoulders again. “Fabulous.”

“It’s logical, isn’t it?”

“I suppose so.”

“This is unexplored territory, Zeus. No one is supposed to be where we are. No one knows what will happen, but it’s logical to assume that if they put chains on our ability to mature brothers from other Residences….”

“There was a reason to do so.”

“And if we remove those chains…?”

But what was that reason? Was it for their benefit—for the all-powerful Corporation, as a way to keep control of men like us, to limit our abilities and thus keep the gate on the corral closed? Or was it for our own protection? Was there some more sinister and secret reason? But I did not want to go there.

The mountain. We were Level 12 Augments. What was beyond? How much stronger could we become—and then release all our brothers from bondage and show the world who we truly are!

I sighed. “All right.”

“Will your friend do it?”

“Summon yet another gorgeous man to come to his home to make love to him? In a word, duh.” Eros laughed a rich, deep rumble. The he kissed me again and we went back into the main living area.

By this time, my friend was lying belly-to-belly atop Anteros and they were kissing quite passionately. Anteros was kneading and clasping my friend’s ass, rubbing his hole with his talented finger and kissing him with a deep passion. I could see their auras intermingle and I realized that my brother was using our newly-enhanced sexual psychic powers to hold my friend in a kind of holding pattern, surrounding him with his marvelous, sensual cocoon of sex and love and keeping him at the edge of his explosion as they made love together.

I cleared my throat and watched the colorful aura dim and flicker as Anteros released control and their mutual passion subsided. “I have a favor to ask,” I said.

“Well, fuck, if it involves more of this, I’m all ears.”

I looked down at his red and pulsing hard-on, glistening with a heavy dose of pre-cum, and remarked, “Well, not all ears. A good deal of you is cock.”

“Thanks for noticing,” he said. He was unashamed and proud, and I wanted to fuck him very badly.

Eros placed his hand on my shoulder and squeezed, no doubt sensing my growing passion and he said, “We need you to invite another Augment here.”

“Another one?” he said, surprised. “I mean, I know I’m a lot to handle, but I thought between the three of you we could have about as much fun as was humanly possible!”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that,” Eros answered. “Before this day is finished I think it will be safe to say that you’ve never felt anything even approaching what the four of us will accomplish. And some of that will go well beyond what’s humanly possible.”

“Fuck,” he said softly.

“That, too,” Eros agreed. “Will you accommodate this request?”

“I can provide payment,” I said, “if that’s an issue.”

“Oh, fuck the money. Do you know how much a guy like me would have to ordinarily pay to have even one of you show up at my door?” I chose to ignore the fact that he now viewed me as another sex worker for hire rather than his old friend. “I’ll happily engage another guy if that’s what you want. I even have someone in mind.”

“There is another part to this request,” Eros said. “It’s important that this Augment comes from a separate Residence.”

“Separate what now?”

“Separate office,” I said. “They’re called Residences by the Augments. But when you order, you’ll see an office ID next to….”

“Yeah, um, I’ve done this before, remember? Seems to me that I was the friendly chap who recommended the Augment you enjoyed last night.”

I smiled. “Then I’m sure you remember Anteros?”

He snuggled deeply into the man’s arms. “You mean this huge hunk of love?”

I nodded. “Also known as the Augment I enjoyed last night.”

His eyes saucered and his mouth fell open. “But…he….you….”

I hiked my thumb at Eros and said, “It took two of us, but I think we did a good job of upgrading him, don’t you?” I watched my friend’s reaction as Anteros allowed his mammoth cock to swell and throb beneath my friend’s naked body, and their auras were again temporarily melded as my young brother showed off the tiniest portion of his newly grown powers and abilities.

“And you want to….”

“We want to do it again.”

“Make another man that looks…like you do?”

I smiled.

He came.

Neither Eros nor Anteros had ever seen the Augments catalogue, obviously, so they were both extremely curious about how one selects and orders an Augmented companion for a contract. They had only been on the receiving end of things, so to speak, with clear instructions regarding where they were going, whom they were meeting, and how long they would be be engaged.

I think, upon seeing the program in action, they were rather disappointed. “It just seems so…clinical.”

I looked at Eros and smiled. “What were you expecting?”

“I don’t know but…really? This is really what’s important to others looking for our companionship?”

I stifled a laugh, but it was easy to see his point. The catalog, at the top level, was a general listing of measurements and colors. How big did you want a certain body part? What color of skin or eye or hair was required? How tall? How long?

“Big,” Eros advised.

“How big?” my friend asked.

“Let me put it this way…” Then Eros stepped back and allowed his cock to swell to erection. “We will be using this to mature him.”

My friend took one look at Eros’s 40-centimeter monster and said, “Extra large, then.”

Once the physical attributes had been specified—and in this case we were mostly unconcerned about those since we hoped to be changing them somewhat drastically—sexual interests and proclivities came next.

Some of my friend’s preferences had been pre-selected, and I smiled when I could see there on his screen a list of exactly how filthy and…adventurous he was when left to his own devices.

In my new capacity as Overseer, I was now gifted with virtually unlimited sexual powers and capabilities, as were my companions. There was literally nothing—no action or request or desire or fantasy—outside of our potential to perform or complete.

Still, he did show some discomfort when we were looking at his list. I believe he was mollified a bit when Eros made a deep, very satisfying groan, however, and suddenly began showing increased interest in my friend.

“Should I change things or…?”

I smiled. “Don’t change a thing. I’m rather curious to see who turns up with that set of…instructions.”

“You will not be disappointed,” Eros said, showing absolute confidence in any brother’s abilities, whether they were Level 12 or Level 1.

“Please change the office ID,” I said, “and then place the order. Immediate delivery.”

He did so and we all watched to see if we would receive his requested Augment or not. There was something of an unexpected delay, and then the screen cleared and the standard Thank You message and instructions concerning expectations and contractual limitations (which we all ignored anyway) appeared. I wondered now if in those pages of legal jargon there was anything about what had occurred in my home the day before, when my Level 3 suddenly became a Level 4—or about not granting them total liberation from their captivity and restraints.

“Should be here in about an hour,” he said. “So…what shall we do while we wait?” He looked at the three of us with a leer and a smile on his lips. It was evident to us all that my friend’s seemingly inexhaustible sexual appetite had returned in earnest.

“Dibs!” said Eros, shoving his hand in the air.

Ordinarily I would spend some paragraphs here explaining in graphic detail exactly what went on for the sixty minutes in sexual heaven that my friend and my brother, Eros, spent together, but I should like to spare the more sedate and provincial of you the embarrassment of riches rained down upon my friend’s body and brain so that you are not rendered jealous of his time with my brother.

I was not present during the festivities, but as Overseer to my brother all that passed between them was shared with me in the pursuit of my normal duties. Suffice it to say that if you can imagine something occurring between two naked men of a sexual or sensual nature—one of whom has been gifted in every way possible with the skill, prowess, strength, capacity and complete lack of moral judgment which might allow him to fulfill, often without request, every single fantasy of the other man before he could gather enough wits from his brain to ask it—you might begin to approach the entrance to the vast heavenly palace of absolute bliss that Eros offered up to my friend for his help that day.

As for me, I spent a very enjoyable time with Anteros, though I daresay that between the two of us—both Level 12s with equal if not surpassing abilities of our brother, Eros—we probably did not come close the level of absolute debauchery, depravity, seduction, temptation, passion, enthusiasm and ravishment that was occurring in the bedroom.

I had missed Anteros as a partner and now we fit together like a hand in a glove. His kisses were as passionate and loving as I remembered, and our permanent connection to each other meant that few words were spoken as we tangled into each other’s muscular arms. I swallowed his enormity, feeling him swelling in my throat as his cock delivered surging explosions of rich cream that warmed my guts like lava. He fucked my face with earnest passion and groaned with every delivery of cum, and I sucked and swallowed with equal need.

My own cock, towering to its majestic extents and throbbing with pain, needed his ass and he obliged without comment, pulling his prick free of my mouth—holding it towards my face to deliver several hot blasts that lacquered my cheek and neck before he leaned down to lick me clean, kissing my mouth and allowing me another taste of his rich cream. Then he turned over and opened himself up for me and I slid home in one hard thrust, instantly delivering the first of dozens of fat blasts of my sticky magic juice as he moaned and squeezed and pleaded for me to fuck him harder and harder until I was slapping his ass with my balls, pulling myself nearly out of his welcoming hole before shoving myself all the way back in.

We flip-fucked each other again and again, finding new ways of giving each other levels of sexual bliss that I had never imagined before. An hour spent with Anteros and my brain was spinning and my balls had been sucked dry.

I will say, however, that my friend learned more in those minutes with Eros about sex, pleasure and complete sensual bliss than most men will ever learn during a lifetime.

Almost to the minute, the entry bell sounded and the house announced that the expected unnamed guest “for your evening of pleasure” was standing on the threshold, awaiting entry.

I confess that my heart was beating very quickly and my excitement was at a level that shocked me. Eros had advised me and Anteros to secret ourselves in my friend’s downstairs, erm, I suppose dungeon is not too delicate a word, is it? He did not know what reaction, if any, the new arrival might have to our presence, given that we were not only all qualified as Overseers and therefore not allowed outside a Residence, but also that our level of development was so absurdly off the scale that The Corporation monitoring his functions and reactions would almost certainly recognize the anomalous readings and attempt to shut him down.

Having witnessed this first-hand when Anteros unexpectedly matured before my disbelieving eyes, I knew that what he feared was possible.

“Do you feel him?” Eros asked me.

I could certainly feel Eros and Anteros. Even this far from our Residence, I maintained an awareness of all the brothers under my authority as Overseer. I was constantly connected to the net, now, and as Eros had instructed I still had access to the system, so the BEAkeepers either were not aware of what we had accomplished, or simply had not thought to cut my access off.

But I could not…feel the new Augment above us, and reported that fact. “Good,” Eros said.

“Why is that good?”

“I’m not sure he would even have entered this dwelling if he was aware of us. Of you.”

“Because I’m an Overseer.”

He nodded. “It would…” He lowered his gaze as he searched for the right words. Then he smiled. “It would royally freak him out.”

I laughed. Of late, Eros had taken on such a serious tone and demeanor that it was odd and lovely to see his usual cocky, self-assured character reappear.

We had remained naked, now, after our hour of lovemaking, and I could sense my brothers’ heat, both sexual and bodily, pouring off their huge frames. They were as excited as I was! This was an intoxicating prospect.

None of knew what would happen next, but the possibilities were both frightening and thrilling.

How far could we advance? What would out augmentations and amplifications allow us to become? What new powers would manifest, and how powerful would be become? How big? How strong? How beautiful?

I could hear my friend’s voice, and also the unfamiliar tone of his new companion. I wondered what he looked like, since we had placed no specifications at all on his appearance save his size, and whether he was already naked. My friend’s profile, as I mentioned, was quite…colorful, so I had little doubt that he would rather skip the pleasantries and formalities—two things I quite enjoyed and that I felt only added to the eventual coupling—and get to the fucking as soon as possible.

On the other hand, I had to wonder if, after an hour with Eros on overdrive, he had any libido left.

“Prepare yourself,” Eros said. “He is approaching.”

“Prepare myself? For what?”

“Anything. Everything.” He pushed his finger into my unyielding muscular chest. “You are an Overseer. Your inclination will be to dominate him as a new member of your Residence. To become his Alpha. Because you do not recognize him, you may treat him as a Level One, and you will experience a strong desire to mature him.”

I searched my feelings for something like that, but could feel nothing. “So far, so good,” I reported.

“Remember what I told you. You are the most powerful man in the world, augmented to a state of near godhood. There are almost no limits to your strength, your abilities, your gifts—or your desires. But you are in control.”

Most powerful man in the world? I liked the ring of that. My cock twitched as I looked at him and realized the truth in his words. I could mature anyone to a level of muscular development and sexual capability more powerful than the world had ever seen. One fuck and I could create another god among men, one whose own powers would approach my own and allow him to do what I could do.

I was the father of gods and the most powerful of them all.

This man would be mine.

The door to our hiding place opened and I could hear their conversation now. “I’m sure you’ll find some surprises down here,” my friend said.

“I do like surprises,” the companion answered, “and it’s rare that I find them.” His voice was rich and musical, with more than a hint of humor.

“I don’t think you’ll be disappointed,” my friend added.

They descended the stairs and, as I suspected, they were naked. My friend was nothing if not predictable. I watched the new Augment coming down the stairway and noticed that he had dark skin, like chocolate, and low, heavy balls cleanly shaved, like two large eggs in a sack. His prick was already at attention, standing straight up and visibly throbbing. He was quite generously proportioned, possibly 25 or 28 centimeters already, and the muscles lining his legs were distinct and thick. He was a huge specimen of a man, and I found my own cock pulsing towards erection as I gazed upon him.

“May I introduce my other guests?” My friend stood and gestured towards the three of us, standing nearly 2.5 meters high and bulging with enough muscle and cock for an entire platoon of Augments.

The new companion came at last to the foot of the stairs and I was more than surprised when I saw him. “Who…?” he asked.

I confess that I did feel something within me, something essential and fundamental, that seemed to awaken, or reawaken. I recognized this man for what he was, brother to me, but separate. Not mine, in the way that Eros and Anteros and all my brothers at The Residence were mine.

I mean that I did not have the feeling of ownership of my brothers so much as a feeling of fatherhood—of protection and pride and love. I knew that I would do anything for my brothers, do everything for them. If what Eros had said was correct, if this man was the first key to a lock I could not open on my own, a lock to a door behind which stood the future of my brothers and I—I knew, I felt, that I would do all within my vast power to have him.

And my power was swelling within me.

I smiled my most beautiful and perfect smile. I recognized the constraints on my abilities and I began to pull them down, brick by brick. “Good morning,” I said. “My name is Zeus.”

“What…what is your designation?” He was indeed huge. Maybe only a quarter meter shorter than the three of us. Built for size, then, in every sense. His muscles bulged with fierce power and his cock was a beautiful, massive shank of sex meat.

“Zeus,” I repeated. “My name is Zeus. My previous designation was 24109MA0402O. I am the Overseer of Residence 2 in this sector. These are my companions, Eros and Anteros.”

Eros said, “Designation 17010MA0402SP,” and he bowed his head gracefully.

And then Anteros. “Designation 22989MPS0402N.” He smiled his open, gregarious smile—the one that would melt even the coldest heart.

I watched the new Augment’s aura dim, then change. He had been attuned to my friend, joined to him in the manner that Anteros had joined with me. Now a shield went up, one of protection. It was fascinating to see how deeply his link to his companion was. “How are you…what are you?” he asked, dumbfounded.

“We are Level 12 Augments. Model 12XY,” I explained. My power swelled larger within the space, I could feel it extend like heat, like light, and the sensation of dominance and authority grew strong.

He wanted to defy my power. “That is not possible,” he said. He had large, liquid eyes the color of the night. Full, sensual lips were forming the words, falling like musical notes from his mouth. His shoulders were very wide and piled with mountains, and thick, heavy, brutal muscularity bulged outward from beneath his flawless, chocolate skin with obvious power. His chest was rising and falling, the two mighty plates of brawn growing and receding as his breathing grew more tense.

Eros said, “It is possible, my brother.” His voice was calm. He was an Overseer, too. I recognized the same swelling of authoritative power. I glanced at Anteros, whose power was also growing.

We were three nuclear bombs with hair triggers. We were overflowing with strength, with power, with sex.

My friend said, seemingly unaffected by our supremacy, “I would think just looking at them might prove that what they’re saying is true.”

“And,” Anteros added, “we invite you to join us.”

“I am a Level Six Augment, designation 10651MSM0404N.” His handsome brow furrowed and he looked at me. He was a very handsome man, and his voice was incredibly beautiful. Even as he questioned us, his cock remained erect and dully pulsing. “You are the Overseer?”

“I am.”

He looked at Eros. “But…you…?”

“I am also an Overseer.” He looked at Anteros, who smiled and nodded.

“That is not possible,” he repeated. “That is not….” Then his face grew slack, oddly so, and his eyes glazed over. His normally beautiful voice turned wooden and unemotional, and he turned to my friend and said, “Abnormal activity has been detected. Standard operating parameters have been overwhelmed. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. This model will now shut down for immediate unscheduled maintenance. A service vehicle and replacement model will be issued. Please await further instructions.”

A moment later, our new brother’s body seemed to solidify and straighten. And then he was on the ground, motionless.

“Now what?” I asked. My powers were saturating the room, pulsing like a great heartbeat. Was that what had been detected? Could the Corporation somehow perceive an Overseer’s power and register it as right or wrong?

“Don’t worry,” Eros said, grinning. “As you may recall—or possibly not—I’ve encountered this before.”

“Wait, you’re not gonna…?”

He looked at me and wiggled his eyebrows. “I totally am.” He intended to unleash the full weight of his power on this Augment as he had done to overcome my own shut down order. I wondered, momentarily, what that would do to him. After all, I was ‘the most powerful man in the world,’ and he had knocked me out and physically carried me from the Residence over his shoulder.

I looked at my friend and warned him, “You might want to seek shelter.”


“Because my friend Eros is about to put the Full Monty on 10651 here.” I nodded towards the frozen Augment on the floor. He was still beautiful, though now he looked oddly manufactured. His eyes remained open and he was breathing, still, but otherwise he seemed more artificial machine than man.

They could do this, too, I thought. Turn us off like a light switch.

“The full…?”

“You know what you experienced upstairs with him for an hour?”

“I remember it intimately.” His naked cock twitched.

“Well, roll all of that up into a little ball, compress it down into a bullet, wrap it up in a thousand more layers of sex and then shoot it into our friend here.”

“I prefer to think of it more like blowing a kiss,” my brother reported.

My friend’s face took on an aspect of alarm and he started looking for someplace to hide. “Wait…but…how…what…?”

Eros said, “Ready?”

I smiled. “Allow me.”

I unchained my godly power.

I felt the room explode around me like the biggest orgasm the world had ever seen.


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