by Jan L

Returning home after a long imprisonment, the prince of the long-lived and very randy mer-folk celebrates with enjoys the pleasures of his handsome bondmate and several equally sexy friends, when a sudden danger arises that threatens the whole mer community.

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The gentle swirl of the anachronistic hair of his fellow Mers tickled the inside of the open throat of Amphitriton and massaged his gills as the youths newly come to their full merhood floated on, all finally of age at 1800 years or more sleeping gently in a sprawling snarl of unconscious undulations by firmly-thewed tails of variegated shiny colours, broad muscled shoulders, and entwining locks of hair amidst the entangled limbs of the seven bondsworn who had journeyed forth from stately Poseidonis-under-the-waves.

Calistos, his prime, who had sworn the oath of brotherhood and oneness with the young prince (scion of the lord of the ocean Poseidon and his espoused Amphitrite) ages ago, had been first to welcome him back from his 2100 year imprisonment for dalliance with two mortal humans and a horse on the shores of Gaul. The bond-sworn youthmate of the noble Delphinian clan stirred and clenched his rectal opening firmly around the young prince's still-tumescent member, extruding over 18 inches from his equine-sheath perched with his commensurate balls over the prince's opalescent ebon-scaled tail—the knob of its endtip caressing the prostate of the young Mer, the prince's thoroughbred lower limbs clasped around the tail of his lover, hooves gently scratching the silky scales of his iridescent flukes at their divergence. Snaking between their entwined tails, Kalthos the armsmer of the Marlin clan wedged his own gloriously protruding 14” cock out of his more usual vertical mer-slit into the prince's own anal opening, mouthing along with the prince the 20” thin spire of Qanos of the Koi clan with a long but trifected decorative tail that went stunningly with his golden scales who was the group's talespinner whose own mouth was enclosing Calistos' 8” extruding mercock, slightly wedgeshaped but with a human-style glanshead. The virile mermate had gotten it from his maternal side-a sweet shipwrecked lass from the Spanish Main, who had resided in an airlocked chamber in their ducal estate in Poseidonis after her love had kept her alive by transferring air to her lungs when finding her trapped inside the vessel sunk by pirates. Many had the traits of split-legged ancestors in Poseidonis, where the flukes of chance had allowed some who survived, usually of such tremendous beauty that a passing mer could not resist rescue, lives of extraordinary length and happiness beneath the waves. Few though had returned to the surface life after, due to the problems known as “the bends” and the return of aging to the departed once they left the moist, life-renewing currents of fabled Poseidonis. All the young mer in sleeping had their soft suction-tipped lips anchoring them to one another as they drifted along in the slowly-moving Gulf Stream hundreds of feet beneath the waves.

A school of brightly-colored Kathathi-fish accompanied the grouping, swimming busily about looking for the chance swirl of sea-semen from the night-period's mating, glowing lightly in the ultramarine of the underwater milieu from the natural phosperescence of the mer-seed, delighting in the water-borne pheromones of youthful merlust into mating themselves and adding their opalescent seed to the conglomerate of bodies and milt floating along.

Amphitriton, who had gone by the shortened version “Triton” in the Roman pantheon of the outwater folk, smiled around the shaft of Qanos and the current-borne locks of Kalthos whose soft massage of 'Triton's gills had awakened the leader of the group as he began slowly thrusting into the malehole of his beloved prime Calistos, using his arms for leverage as one was twisting around Kalthos kite-shaped torso with his wide deltoids and lats that had earned him the affectionate sobriquet “Manta” and the other caressed Qanos' sexily bulging tail at what on humans would be the thigh-equivalent. The three guardsmer who had formed a protective cocoon around the royal prince and his servitors had spent the entire sleep period in a gloriously sinous session of a daisy-chain 69 in constant motion, honoring their shark-halves' nature which impelled constant motion for their strangely compressible cartiliginous bodies…wearing their protective maw-guards atop the many razor-edged teeth that would have made their activity most—painful—without the dentition deflection. It gave the guardsmer their oddly fuller-than-full lips look, and many tended to wear them even off duty for the sensuous glances the other mer gave them as they swam along performing their scred duty to the Royal house and its minions. Sathak, Wixnat, and Justin were still swirling around the rest merrily sucking each other and fingering the one before's anal slit as their powerful shark-tails drove them in constant, unceasing motion and spewing their milt amongst the group exciting them all to a high degree, only with the most effect being on the shark-derived, as it had the same frenzy-effect as any emission of blood might have had. Luckily for Poseidonis-under-the-waves, their natures merely made them more eager and alert and active, not aggressive to the point of lunacy, which was why this breed was so highly-regarded in the city as guardsmer and public-spirited citizens.

Justin was the odd-mer-out. He had begun his life as a half-breed, his mother one of the rescued shipwrecked humans off a vessel burnt by pirates off the coast of Sicily, when a guardsmer had seen her drowning and in an epic journey of a week's travel underwater had brought her safe to Poseidonis. Had he not been of the shark-clan he could never have done it. She had been -what was the human term?-ovulating at the time and his sire's milt had as usual spewed out around the twain on the entire journey as his maw had been clasped to her own feeding her the oxygen in air form her lungs needed that his gills had extracted from the water sent over them from his wide-slitted nostrils…et voila Justin was born several weeks later, in a large, glistening aquaeous-permeable egg that was taken by the merwives to nurture until hatching, both the male and the few female merwives exclaiming at his prodigious size and unusual heritage.

The females of the mer were rare, due to the reproductive ability of the males with producing external strings of eggs from their rectal slits. These formed after time of milt inserted therein that could mix with another's milt deposited there to form ovae, which upon extrusion could be fertilized by another mer's milt-sperm. It was much the preferred manner as for the female mer to produce ovae they risked making so many that they did severe internal damage and often died as a result if not attended to by other mer at their time of discharge of their ovae…much like the salmon who spawned but once in their lives and then expired. The dalliance of a female mer with a male human, however, was not so dangerous, as the human nature for a single or small number of albeit larger offspring meant they were popular among the merwives of the female sort, which is why they lured so many human males to the underwaves and were known as Sirens.

Justin however was unique among the mer for other reasons than his half-human birth. Despite his half-shark [Great White] clan heritage his teeth were normally formed as human teeth, he had fully-functioning lungs which meant he could disport himself above the surface with great athletic leaps and sweet dextrous agility, twisting his extremely long gray-topped white-bottomed sharkish tail in graceful arabesques along the wavetops—a foamdancer of great repute. (He had even been surreptitiously caught in a surfacer's video recording and it had been, albeit unknown to him, the initiation of a music star's vision for a hit pop song that she cherished all her career.). While on his tailtips he stretched fully 15 feet long before his human torso began which was unusually-deeply-cut in a 12-pack of sensual abdominal ridges slightly-asymmetrically aligned three inches apart along his center, below a massively deep and wide chest 5 feet in either dimension that oddly enough were real ribs-bones, not cartilege, as were all but his spine and skullcase, a ribcage that held his lungs so that they could give him abnormal buoyancy control and a voice that equalled-though in a much lower register from baritone to deepest bass, the sirens' sweet sopranos and altos. Like all mer, Justin could at need and in desire give himself notable pleasure by autofellatio of his 11 inch long seven inch thick mercock and auto-rimming of his anal slit, but his tongue was unusually lengthy at 19 inches long and 8 inches wide in his large human head and flattenable like a human's, with prehensile aspects that let him flatten and curl it enough to actually dive into the normal mercockslit around the shaft base, so he was often sought-for by other horny merstuds who enjoyed this cool dimension of sexplay he added to their sport. Yet Justin was a bit dissatisfied. He had lately seen a magazine drifting down from the atmospheric world showing a sexy young male humanstud with a slit tongue with two tonguetips curling suggestively out at the corners of the humanstud's pert mouth.

“How much more I would be sought-after if I could have those twain in my own mouth, to extrude for our pleasure in mersex with others, to insert my milt directly into analslit or cunnyslit to assure fertilization and reproduction, to delight the pairs of sensitive nipples of my merloves at one and the same time” he thought to himself while vacuuming out his comrade's turgidly-twiching throbbing and milt-spewing member with his lips and throat-muscles. “Ah, the humans have all the luck!”

The newly-awakened and re-energized grouping of mer drifted along in the Gulf Stream currents, and all were so busy in their pleasurings and ejaculatory activities that they did not notice they were drifting into one of the sea's great kelp forests, which had beauteous gatherings of fish and other sealife but also some hidden dangers of the ocean for the usually-invulnerable mer.

As they drifted past a particularly thick clustering of kelp, what seemed to be some loose brown tendrils of kelp brushed against Sathak's beautiful hammerhead-style flanks[of course his beautiful merhead had no resemblance besides a rather wider than usual forehead of great and desirable beauty, with wrinkly dimples when he thought, which it must be admitted was not very often, for Sathak was a mer of action above all, excelling at the League-long race, the trident hurl, and the obstavle-swim…though he at times had problems squeezing his wide kite-shaped back through the hoops of the latter unless curving his shoulders almost entirely around his chest and back which his cartilege-based skeleton permitted and either grossed-out or turned-on the mer who eagerly bet on his success or not and wished for the sexy studmer to dally with them after the tournaments' activities ended]. But Saknat was a conscientius mer who took his guardmer duties as his first priority, so he always went to the king or the prince for first milt sampling from his randy 17 inch prong after all events win or lose, and often he was not willing or able after this to engage in further dalliance[for both king and prince were extremely lusty mer].

As was told, Sathak was having his flanks of bulging hammerhead thigh-thewed muscle caressed by what seemed random strands of kelp when he suddenly realized that instead of the sweet coolth of the normal kelp-strand to soothe the sex-fevered bods of the malemer in lust-borne activity, the strands were strangely warm. Moreover, they were twisting and intertwining along the length of his tail and stretching along his finely-honed human-style male 10-packed torso but were sowing fine threads of what was something clear like pre-milt but thinner and more sticky and colliginous, from the ends of the pseudo-kelp which looked like penile piss-slits in human glans atip the lengths, which he now recognized with horror as tentacles as they began to grope their way along to his orifices to insert themselves into them and inject and feed.

--Avaunt! Beware! Beloveds, danger!--the encircled merstud sent telepathically to them all, but it barely penetrated the sex-born fog so pleasantly enrapturing their minds in coitus. But the next alerted them all.

An Octopud! An Octopud is upon us! came the fading mental shout of the trapped mer now being entered in every slit and opening by thrusting lascivious tentacles tipped with glans oozing now a form of milt drugging the weakened mer and all drawing him closer to the incredibly-large open maw of what appeared to be an irresistably handsome male human or mer face, with twisting glorious hair around the face until one realized they were independently-seeking, lustful prehensile glans-tipped tentacles that only tumesced when inside a captive orifice and spewed their lust-entrancing soporific semen-milt until the narcoticized prey drifted limply in their embrace as they were then dragged to the immense maws of the octopud to be placed on the massive tongue between the perfect teeth in the Titan-sized jaws and slowly were digested behind the translucent teeth, for an octopud had no real body to speak of, it was a monstrosity born of the union of the youngest brother of Neptune and Zeus, cruel Hades, and his momentary imprisonment by an octopus when Pluto tried and failed at one of his incessant plans to expand his realm into those of his elder siblings. The tentacles had so aroused the king of the netherworld that his seed had exploded out from him and fertilized the octopus' eggs, for in his negligence great Poseidon had neglected to assure a male guard on his brother. The spawn of the mating had all the hunger of the netherworld joined with the natural slavering of the tentacled type and all things living became their prey both under and over the waves, for humans knew them as the dreaded Kraken. The one aspect that sometimes saved the unfortunate mer or surface folk who were ingested was their diluted digestive juices which although they meant a slow tormented gustatation by the octopud permitted a rare rescue if the succor could arrive in time to open the jaws and allow the prey to flee. But often the octopud would escape by using its penile tentacular extremities to shoot its narcotic milt-sperm out in an obscuring cloud of underwater pheromonic aphrodisiac that paralyzed in sensual bliss any importunate pursuit. But worse was when the voracious octopud was in its mating season. Then the fate of its drugged captives was too hideous to contemplate with the usual mer acceptance of fatalistic phlegm. Two Octopuds drifted closely together and inserted a captive mer or other prey into their noisome nether-orifices at the back of the heads half-into each, where ovipositors probed into the living flesh of the captive whose limbs were squamously giving sensual lust beyond measure to their captors and their usually dormant mental capabilities were stimulated to a sursurring telepathic occult purr that afflicted swathes of seascape for leagues around and resulted in all sorts of putrid liaisons among competing species without regard to desire or compatibility or gender or capability as the living motile eggs entered into their larval stage inside the helpless jointure-being and then began eating their way through to their siblings, consuming them as well until finally they find an orifice able to emit them, gnawing their way through, into the open water. There, after emergence, they became octopuds in full body as their vestigial tails split into the penile tentacular organs that would serve them as propulsion, prey-ensnarers, and obfuscation-defense as well as constant pleasure-nodes for their mindless existences. Though there was the tale of one octopud who had achived such age that he had attained a sort of sentience, deep in the Phillippines trench. But all the rest were mindless ravening sexmachines that made the guardmer look inexperienced in the ways of unreasoning lust.

The ripping-away of their partner in pleasure wakened the other guardmer, Justin suddenly feeling the onrush of cool seaqwater where hot hammerhead mercock had been glisteningly gliding in stady pumpings down his throat,, while the force of the retraction of the hapless mer had made his own orally-serviced comrade painfully aware of the interruption, as the force of the removal had removed the lower jawpiece off the captive's bottom teeth and 112 of the sharpest dentition of the guardsmer fruit of Sathak's fine Hammerhead clan ravaged the luckily sharkshin-tough bottom of the heavily-tumescent and consequently abnormally-tender rod of Wixnat of the Mako clan.

AAAAUUUUGGGGHHH rang into their stupefied brains, the pain and rage sending rushes of adrenalin to their brains and impusles of danger to their mighty flukes and arms. The fierce snap of Wixnat's jaws almost severed the mighty tool of Justin had he not in Sathak's withdrawal been pulled out of Wixnat's jaws, pulling his own dental protection out so it formed a lip-shaped cockring around the middle of Justin's fine erection. Intrusive tentacles had already slipped inside adjacent to Justin's prong and they were swiftly severed by the strong jaws of the Mako guardmer, leaking milt and pre-milt and blood into the water and causing the guardmer's senses to heighten to full alert status. A couple of tentacles had already found Justin's rectal slit, and he was slowly becoming paralyzed in pleasure as they alrternated in and out caressing each other in encouragement to vent more of their potent narcotic seed into the toothsome morsel that Justin would be for the octopud. Wixnat tried to swim off to get up speed for a slashing run but a lucky(for the octopud) tentacle ensnared him by circling around his proud Mako dorsal fin and pulled him back, Wixnat using his strong sharktail to try and buffet the tentacle loose and savagely biting at the tentacle, his training in abeyance with the pain and blood and lust-inducing milt and an enemy in jaw range.

The four mer in the interior also reacted to the questing tentacles nosing around for openings and additional prey as they quickly awakened from their sex and drug induced stupor, Qanos whipping off Calistos' cock and thinking publically, wildly and not very sensibly “But but I'm a talespinner! What am I doing here?!?!” as his decorative tail flagellated the water in an attempt to get clear of the octopud. Kalthos quietly withdrew from inside 'Triton and removed the spur covers from the sharp spikes that protruded from his elbows, which he extruded to full length to protect his prince…his own cock retracting into his inside through the now impermeable and almost invisible vertical slit. Calistos turned around atop his love's still-thrusting horse-cock, the knob on the end preventing disengagement, and prepared to sell his life dearly to protect his royal love.

'Triton, anchored to his beloved until his too-tumescent prick would deflate, swung his equine lower limbs before them both to smite with his sharp hooves clad in spiky silvery horseshoes and using his mighty flukes to corkscrew them both a bit further from immediate danger to contemplate how to use their magical powers to help the rest. His prong deep inside Calistos allowed for a more direct, private form of mental communication the royals and nobles could use in coitus, not broadcast to all as the mental capacities of the other 5 were restricted to.

“What shall we do my Prince?” Calistosasked as he whirled around on his beloved's cockhead, squeezing and humping it faster to get him to shoot so they could both be agile again.

“unnnhh. ohhhh, yes, like that. More. Faster . oh yesssss. What…unhhh we have to do….oh wow….is this. The… mmmmyes! yes…octopud has lost two of its tentacle-dicks….ooooh yes, just like that! Squeeze me some more stud!….so what we've gotta do is…ohh, yes! I'm cumming! I'm cumming love! Twist around and insert yours into me so we cum together ok? Oh yes, like that! Like that!” And the twain were engaged in fantastic death-mocking lustsex in the middle of the danger while their comrade the armsmer warily guarded their joining while fingering and jacking himself to keep alert, and the talespinner worriedly wafted back and forth behind them, his decorative tail whirling around propelling him rather inefficiently, his body had been bred for ages for pleasuring mer, not practicality. But he was withal no coward, and was desperately trying to think of some way he could help the others usefully…so he was frantically swallowing his own dick to get the rush of concentration such had always given him before. As the twain finally climaxed, and climaxed, and shot once more into each other's maleholes, the knob on the princely prick finally subsided and Calistos wearily slid along the deflating staff until with a plop of displaced water it evacuated and resumed its normal place in 'Triton's equine sheath above his equally-impressive-sized balls. Calistos' own dick slid back into his tail through his less-usual horizontal cockslit, the head as usual for him just peeking its helmet out of the main body of the mer. They quckly locked lips to continue their conversation, that method also could be used though it was not as preferred as coital congress, for obvious reasons.

The divine prince said: “There are as many of us as there are its remaining dicktacles. What we have to do is to swallow the heads and fellate them until they rigidify then deep-throat them until their prehensile tips are in our throat-passages and are immobilized. Then we will swim directly to the head of the octopud, coiling the tentacles along before us, until we are close enough to do something. Only in that way may we rescue our poor companion from being dissolved.” Calistos nodded, taking a number of pleasured swipes of his own tongue around his beloved's tonsils and undertongue. “But how will we communicate this to the others without the octopud hearing our broadcast?” “We will have to orally communicate it to each of the others.” “Ok” and they swam to service the members who had so far escaped the clutching cock-tipped tentacles of the octopud….whose 50-square foot tongue slowly circled its lips and then lay flat for the captive Sathak-now completely drugged into somnolence and sexual ecstasy-to sprawl along and to clasp lovingly between his arms as he mechanically began to hump it while its coating of digestive juices dissolved the tentacular sticky precum encircling the young guardmer…and slowly withdrew itself and its burden into the opened maw over the so-beautiful perfect teeth of the fearsome octopud…which ponderously shut as the remaining dicktacles withdrew from the opening and began to quest for added prey…

3,863 words Added Sep 2004 17k views 5.0 stars (1 vote)

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