Amazing Alex

by Brad Mercury

 Alex has been experimenting with making additions and transformations to his body, and now he’s ready to give Chris a private magic show.

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“I want to show you my new magic act”, said Alex, beaming at me while he shuffled a deck of worn cards. He sat, legs crossed, on his couch, passing cards randomly between hands, fanning the deck, generally playing with them semi-consciously. He’d asked the question enthusiastically; grinning playfully after posing it. His eyes sparkled as he set the cards down to run his fingers through his perpetually messy long, blonde hair.

I suppressed a groan. “You do some pretty cool things with cards,” I replied as politely as possible. “And I could never juggle like you do,” I said, trying to hide my lack of interest in his superior coordination. “But aren’t there only so many things you can do with a deck of cards?”

I had originally been very curious about his magic tricks. There was a mysteriousness about him that aroused me. I used to watch intensely as he performed for me, fascinated that he could do seemingly impossible things. I could never figure out how he could randomly find cards I’d picked from a deck, but I knew it was sleight of hand or an illusion, and after awhile his fascination with his hobby had worn a little thin. It was, after all, a deception, though an incredibly interesting deception. And his ability to manipulate cards however he wanted seemed more and more a dubious talent.

“Naw, this is better than cards,” he replied, setting the cards down on his coffee table. We’d spent the afternoon lounging around his apartment living room, wasting the Saturday by watching old movies. This was more of a pleasant pastime than it might seem, as Alex usually dressed very casually while lounging, and I got a chance to see his lithe, but somewhat lanky body. This afternoon, he wore nothing but a pair of khaki shorts and a t-shirt, revealing a slight tan on his long arms and legs. He stood up and walked over to a closet, removing a dark blue, body length curtain hanging from a rod at one end.

“Trust me, you’ll like this,” he smiled as he walked back into the room and stepped barefoot up onto his shabby coffee table. “Sit over there for the best view,” he motioned to a chair directly in front of the table.

I moved over and sat in it, “Well, this is a better view,” I looked up at his grinning face, surveying his entire body as he stood on the table, holding the curtain to one side. “Let’s get this moving.”

“Real magic takes time,” he replied as he shook his arms one at a time, passing the curtain between them. He rolled his head from side to side and flexed his legs, loosening up. He breathed deeply a few times, closing his eyes.

“Gotcha,” I muttered skeptically. “So what’s this ‘illusion’ called?”

“No illusion, I’m all about the real thing.” He smiled slyly. “And don’t have a name for it. This is actually a bunch of related…uh…transformations. Just shut up and watch.”

He raised the curtain, holding it with both hands at neck level, and unrolled it so it covered all but his ankles down. I saw his head, his hands holding the top of the rolled up curtain, and his smiling face. He stood on the coffee table, his back to the wall. He looked down at his toes sticking out from the bottom of the curtain.

“I’ve always wanted to be taller,” he said, unrolling the curtain. I watched as he unrolled it. But the bottom of the curtain didn’t drop to cover his feet and ankles. As he unrolled it, the top, including his hands and face, rose towards the ceiling.

“This is like…that stuff Reed Richards does. Or Luffy…or Stretch Armstrong. Take your pick.” He spoke slowly and, and continued unrolling the curtain, his head growing towards the ceiling, until his blonde hair brushed against it and his head banged it. “Oops. Out of room!”

His feet were still planted firmly on the table. His body just appeared to have stretched behind the curtain, now about 7 or 8 feet tall.

“Good thing you have tall ceilings.” I remarked, adding. “That is pretty cool. Do it like they do those assistant-in-box…er, sawing body parts stuff?”

Alex looked down at me…”Nah, different concept all around.” He looked down at his toes sticking out from under the curtain and wiggled them. “I’m not going to be able to get through doors like this. So…shorter it is.” He inhaled quickly, then exhaled slowly. As he exhaled, he rolled up the curtain, lowering the top, his face descending from the ceiling until he appeared to be his original height as he stared down at his toes.

“Might as well do those next. Watch my feet.” He wiggled his long toes.

I’d always been attracted to his feet and legs. Alex often went barefoot, and I loved getting a look at his beautiful size 12’s, with their long toes.

He raised his right foot behind the curtain, leaving only his left foot standing on the table. He inhaled deeply as he looked down at his left foot. Then he raised his left foot as well. He appeared to be levitating, I could see the wall behind the curtain, but nothing supported his body.

“Cool. That’s certainly better than card tricks,” I remarked. “Whatever this illusion is, it’s very cool.”

He smiled. “I told you, this is not an ‘illusion,’” he scolded. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

He exhaled and slipped his left foot from behind the curtain, down onto the table, so he stood on only his left foot again. He inhaled and exhaled again, and his right foot stepped back onto the table, all his toes wiggling.

“Levitation’s great. I can appreciate that,” I told him. “You’re not just stepping onto a concealed platform or something?” I asked.

He frowned. “No, I’m not stepping onto a concealed anything. And the show’s just getting started. Now comes the hard part.”

He breathed deeply. As he inhaled, he drew his right foot up from the table again, concealing it behind the curtain. He exhaled, and has he inhaled, he raised his left foot from the table. He appeared to be levitating again.

“Should I clap now?” I teased.

“Not yet.” He continued breathing deeply, his breathing becoming faster and faster, until he inhaled abruptly, then groaned as he exhaled. He shifted his body around behind the curtain, jostling it as he smiled.

“One….” His left foot stepped onto the table.

“Two…” His right foot stepped onto the table.

“You’ll like this, he said. “Three…” A second right foot stepped onto the table, next to the original.

“Four…” A second left foot stepped onto the table.

Alex smiled and looked down at the feet and wiggled his toes.

“Now you can clap.” He joked.

I looked at the feet, all four of them, standing on the table, toes wiggling. My jaw dropped.

“Touch them, “ he urged. “Make sure they’re real.”

I knelt down at the table and cautiously poked the top of each foot with my index finger. They were warm; they were flesh; they were real. The two on each side were the identical to each other. I noticed the blue anklet Alex wore on his left ankle had somehow replicated on his…other left ankle.

“Ok…this is good. Like better than anything I’ve ever seen on television,” I told him as I touched his soft, bare feet.

Alex grinned. “Thanks, dude. You can sit back down now. I’m not finished.”

And I sat back in the chair, staring at him, amazed at what my friend had just impossibly done.

Alex breathed deeply again and closed his eyes.

“Three…” one left foot withdrew behind the curtain. “Unnhhh…” he moaned as he raised his foot. “Two….” one right foot withdrew behind the curtain. He sighed, “Mmmm…” and licked his lips. “Back to normal now, for the time being. Pretty damn cool, eh?”

I just looked at him and nodded silently, as he jostled his bare feet on the table, he was settling himself.

Alex held out the rod holding the curtain. “My arms are getting pretty tired holding this thing. So, let’s fix that.” He held the rod holding the curtain firmly with both arms, staring intensely at it. Suddenly, he withdrew his right hand, and held it above his head, holding the rod with his left. Then he withdrew his left hand, also holding it above his head. He pressed his palms together, both his arms above his head…but the curtain didn’t move. It was apparently suspended in midair as he stared at it.

Alex continued to stare at the curtain has he pressed his hands together above his head. The curtain moved, shifted a little as if there were something behind it. And there was. Simultaneously, two hands grasped the top of the curtain where the other two had been. Alex held two hands above his head, while two others held the curtain.

He continued to stare intensely. Just as before, he withdrew his “second” right hand, this time raising his right arm slightly next to his “first” right hand. Again, he suddenly removed his left hand, his left arm posed opposite to his right. Alex posed four arms, and he released his stare of the curtain to turn his head to each side to inspect them. “Need to touch these too, “ he asked me, playfully.

“I’d love to…” I replied, staring at him lustfully, amazed, and started to get up from the chair.

“Nah…wait a minute…it gets better,” he chuckled.

And he closed his eyes, the curtain shifted, and four more arms rose from above the top of it. He looked at them, posing them, moving them. Eight tanned, long Alex arms shifting about.

“Fucking amazing…” I mumbled, unconsciously rubbing my now erect cock through my jeans.

Alex blushed. “Thanks dude. Thought you’d like this.” Two hands grasped the top of the curtain, and the others withdrew below it. “But I know other things you’ll like.”

He shook the curtain forcefully, and it appeared to shrink to the size of a towel. I could see his body now behind it. He appeared normal, as he had before his “show” started. But his clothes had disappeared. He stood on the table, apparently naked. I could see his masculine legs standing on the table. And his tanned arms, his shapely hands holding the shrunken curtain out over his crotch. He drew the fabric towards his body, showing the outline of his firm, hard cock pressing against it.

“Alecazam,” he murmured and then chuckled. The indentation in the curtain that was his cock shifted, expanded, until it doubled. The shape of two identical cocks formed against the fabric.

“Oh fuck…” Alex moaned…”Alecazam. Alecazam…” And two more cocks pressed against the fabric. Precum from the tips moistened the shrunken curtain.

He released the top, and it draped over his cluster of cocks.

“And for my next trick,” he said, sounding aroused, “you get to see what’s behind the curtain.”


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