All your wildest dreams

by FloralSpaded

When Walker has his hot friend Joe over for the night, things get out of hand and all of Walker’s wildest dreams come true.

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I was huge. Monstrous. Hot. But we’ll get to that later.

I’m Walker. 18. 5’7, 120 pounds, not the best-looking guy. But I’m gay. Well, a closeted gay.

My buddy Joe was spending the night with me, and while I didn’t get any good genetics, he did. He’s 19 (just a few months older than me), but he’s 6 feet cold, and a good 40 pounds heavier than me. He’s a jock, and I don’t know how we ended up friends but something clicked.

Joe is straight and has a girlfriend. I’ve longed to be with him for the longest time and I lust after his huge rippling muscles and his pretty decent sized dick. I’ve only seen it in the locker room a few times, but I definitely know that it’s something special. He doesn’t know that I’m gay (thank God). And I definitely plan on keeping it that way, as I don’t want him to know that he’s my biggest crush.

Joe walked in the house, ready to spend the night. He had his bag, and everything else he needed. I already had an air mattress prepared for him, a queen one hence his size, and I went to go grab a sheet for it while he settled down.

“Hey, do you have any pillows, Walker?” Man. He already had a sexy voice that would make anyone swoon. I was getting hard just thinking about him, his voice, and his huge dick.

“U-Uh yeah!” It’s odd. I was usually pretty good at hiding my affection towards him, but I guess I’m feeling extra passionate right now.

We did what most teenage boys would do with each other. We played video games until pretty late, raided the fridge and pantry downstairs, and we ended by talking ourselves to sleep. He went on and on about his girlfriend, Aspen, so I just nodded along (even though he couldn’t see).

“What about you?” I felt a bit stupid and confused at his vague question.

“What about me what?” I replied with curiosity.

“What hot girls you crushing on? Kayley’s looking pretty hot to me!” Ugh. I mean, yeah, I know he’s going to say things like that, it’s just I don’t feel right talking about this.

“Joe, I’ve told you a hundred times,” I moaned. “I don’t have a crush on anyone. I don’t like anyone at school.” Well, there is one person I have a crush on… I would just never admit it.

“Fine then…”

That’s when we fell asleep. And then it happened.

I almost screamed when I woke up. Something wasn’t right, and it took me a second for my eyes to adjust to see what was happening. Joe was sitting on me, completely naked, with his huge hot dick sitting in front of my mouth.

“Wh-what are you doing Joe!”

“Suck it.”

I mean, all my wildest dreams seem to be coming true, but I’m just so confused. “Why?” I mean, I want to with all my heart, but why would Joe, the straight hot jock with a girlfriend, want me to suck him off? But his dick was looking so big… it looked about 8 inches hard.

“Suck. It.” I was feeling pressured, but my heart was pumping, and I felt very horny.

I wiggled my hands free and leaned in. I sucked on his massive dong. He placed his hands on my head and started willing me to take more and more in. I was loving every second, and by the looks of it, so was he.

“Aww fuck yeah. Suck that huge meaty dick. Suck it good. Mmm yeah! Uh-Mmm!”

Now I’m getting hard. My biggest crush is making me suck his dick and who wouldn’t get hard. It was heaven.

“Aww you like that? You like that? Suck your huge muscle god.” After that, he started moaning louder and louder, and I could tell he was gonna cum soon.

Aww yeah. Suck it. Take it all in, little boy. Daddy’s cumming soon and you gotta eat it all.” That’s the part that confused me. I’ve never tried cum in my life before, but it’s not like I couldn’t get out of the situation. I’ve never even kissed anyone before, let alone suck their dick.

Joe shot his huge load into my mouth, and it was warm and salty. I loved the taste of it and I found it overwhelming. Only a little of it dribbled out of my mouth, but I gladly swallowed all of his sweet juice.

Aww yeah. Mmm. Take all of it, fuck yeah. Don’t let any of it go to waste.” He made it seem like it was something essential to who knows what but I obeyed him. I definitely didn’t want to get on his bad side. He bent and started making out with me hard, tasting his own juice.

Then, it happened. I felt a twinge all over, and it felt so much better than any orgasm I’ve ever had. My jet black hair started to grow out, past my ears and down to my shoulders. I felt a perfect stubble grow on my chin, and my jaw started to widen, giving it a masculine sexy look.

Next, I started getting taller. My lanky 5’7 frame started shooting up like a weed. By the time that was done, I was about 6’4. And Joe was still sitting on top of me, moaning and kissing me as I got sexier and sexier.

But then the good stuff kicked in. I started feeling muscle pile on. All my fibers and tendons grew and extended, pushing out stretching my skin and showing pumping veins. My body grew and grew, until I had the sexiest 8-pack you’d ever seen and huge veiny arms, gleaming with sweat after what just happened. I had two huge pecs. Plump and perky with muscle. Joe started rubbing my rock-hard abs and sucking my almost quarter sized nipples.

Now, my lower body began to grow. My legs began having that perfect diamond, and my quads were unbelievable. I’m a pretty into bike-riding, so my legs were already decent. It was just the rest of my body that wasn’t as toned and muscular. My now tree trunk legs made Joe shift his weight, as he could feel my muscles inflate and grow. I was now around 300 pounds of pure muscle, and it didn’t seem to be stopping.

I let out a moan, and realized how much deeper my voice was. It was octaves deeper than it had been before and that was the sexiest thing ever, and Joe thought so too. Then, the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life happened, better than any orgasm or pleasure I’ve ever felt. My dick started growing.

I wasn’t well endowed to begin with, so this was just a huge plus to my new body and look. My puny 4 inches (hard, yes, I know I was small) started expanding and thickening. I moaned with my sexy new voice and Joe leaned off of me and started sucking my newly growing member. It definitely past the 10-inch mark and kept going, and then finally stopped at 15, maybe 16, inches. It was huge and throbbing and had the hottest look to it. And to top it all off, dusts of hair started sprouting everywhere (and by everywhere, I meant everywhere). I became the ultimate sex machine, and I was loving every second.

I was near my climax, and Joe definitely could tell.

“Fuck yeah! Aww shit that feels so good! This fucking growth. I’m a monster. I’m fucking huge. Aww yeah suck that horse dick.”

I became cocky with power. And Joe submitted to everything.

Fuck yeah. Awww yeah, suck it Joe,” I growled.

I shot the largest load of cum I’d ever imagined. I was shooting huge, thick ropes of cum into Joe’s mouth, and it seemed to never end. Long before it was over, Joe turned around and stuck his ass onto my huge fucking cock. And I just pumped myself into him. I gave him all my seed and we were having the times of our lives. Joe now had a very visible gut from my cum, and I found it to be so sexy, we dove right back into sucking each others’ dicks and making out.

As we continued on, neither of us realized that we kept growing and growing from his and my (now enhanced) cum, and the bed began creaking as we kept becoming bigger, sexier, and hotter.


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