All or nothing

by Double-U

Take a step into Allan Rader’s thoughts and explore a strange new casino that hasn’t opened up to the public yet. Will Allan get some BIG returns?

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I still can’t believe I got selected to test out the slot machines at that new casino opening up. Oh—there it is—damn, the building is huge. I guess I can park in this parking lot? Better not get a ticket.

The letter they sent me said to report to customer service with that ID tag they gave me. So I guess I go in the main entrance and figure it out from there. Automatic doors, very nice. Wow. It looks fancy in here. Marble floors, granite counter tops... That chandelier is like 10 feet long.

My foot steps are echoing throughout the place. And there’s no one here. I guess it didn’t open to the public yet. Good news for me. I get to test out the slots in private. I always hate it when people watch me.

Oh, ok. There’s customer service. Next to the escalators.

Anybody here? How am I supposed to check in? Oh, wait. There is a touch screen kiosk over there.

“Please slide your ID tag you received in the mail.”

Ok. Whoops. Slide it the wrong way... here we go. Name? Allan Rader. Age? 25. Personal preferences? Why would it need to know that? Whatever.

“Thank you for your participation. Proceed to the casino floor.”

Alright. I guess I could just let myself in. Back to the escalators, then.

Wow. What a grand entrance. Well, the fountain is too much. And the lights are giving me a headache. And I think I have goosebumps; they must have the A/C cranked up to high. This place is freezing. Ok, so there is a security check in. It says to swipe my ID tag. It didn’t do anything... duh. I did it backwards again. Haha. There we go.

That sign says that clothing is optional. Umm, what? This place is getting slightly weird.

This casino is huge. Rows and rows of slots. They all seem high tech—most of them touch screen. And come to think of it, I don’t think I can see the other side of the floor... And there is no one here. If I didn’t check in, I think I would be trespassing right now.

What to do first. Hmmm. Normally I do the nickel slots, but I don’t see them. Wait. I don’t see any dollar amounts anywhere. Everything says pounds. Pounds of what? I only have cash.

I guess I should pick a random machine, then. How about, that one, with those yellow lights. Looks exciting enough.

It’s called Dumbbell Luck? Weird name. The chair is comfortable at least. But, where do I put the money? What does it say on the screen? To place my hands on joysticks to begin. What about the money? Ok. Whatever you say, slot.

They almost feel like rubber. Are the joysticks heating up or is that my hands? I think my hands are getting warm. Wait, my whole body. Something is loading on the screen.

“Player being connected.”

When do I get to play. Come on, come on already.

“Available muscle to bet: 10 LB.”

What does that mean? This is some weird casino. How are they supposed to make a profit? Well, whatever. I guess that is why I’m here. To give my feedback.

What do I have to do next? Oh, place my bet? Ok. I guess I move the joysticks... I guess I will start off small. 1 LB, I guess. I kinda have no idea what is going on. Am I actually on a reality tv show? Or being pranked?

Here we go. Something familiar. The five spinning slot wheels. Ok. Wheel one... a star. Wheel two... is that a bicep? Weird. Wheel three... bar. Wheel four...double star. And last but not least... a, a chest? Well, I guess that is why it is called...

Ow, the joysticks zapped me. Ow. And I can still feel it. Come to think of it, I kinda feel drained...

“Player disconnected.”

No duh. I let go of the joysticks from hell.

“Thank you for playing: Available muscle to bet: 9 LB.”

Wait, 9 pounds? I had 10 before! I guess I just picked a bad machine. Unless... no. Slot machines can’t take away muscle like that. Can they? ...No. Of course not.

Let’s see what else they have. Over the Rainbow? Nah. Body Build Ultra? No.

Here. I’m gonna try this one. This is more my style. A nice giant touch screen. And this chair is more comfortable than that other slot. Ok. I guess I press that big obnoxious start button.

Ah! What the fuck was that blinding light? Did that come from the machine?

“Player connected.”

There is that notification again. I guess that flash did come from the slot.

“Available muscle to bet: 9 LB.”

There is that thing again. Could it be true? No, can’t be. Only one way to find out. I’ll bet ahhh, 2, no 3 pounds. And now, place bet.

And of course I lose. Fuck you, red star.

“Thank you for playing: Available muscle to bet: 6 LB.”

I guess I will end the session.

“Player disconnected.”

Wait, I feel that same draining feeling. I guess I am betting with my muscle weight. That means... shit. I just lost 4 pounds. And I worked hard at the gym for that. And I was just starting to look pretty good.

Yeah. I definitely lost weight. Any trace of abs that I had before is now gone. And my arms are definitely less defined. This sucks. I think I would rather bet the old fashioned way—with money. Maybe I should leave? I lost 4 pounds, but I still have 6 left. I guess if I were to lose any more after that remaining 6, that would be unhealthy, so the machine automatically stops you before that.

I don’t know. Maybe I should try one more? Anything is possible. No. I think I will cut my losses. This is not my kind of place.

...Hold on. Where did I come in? This place is so big; I think I’m lost. I came in by the fountain. Where is the fountain? I guess I will just have to pick a direction and explore.

Ah, that way.

There is still no one else here. Huh. I guess I came early? Or maybe this is a private session?

Well, I guess I went the wrong direction, ‘cause this doesn’t seem familiar. And wow, walking feels... harder. I am pretty tired. Hope I find where I came in soon... or at least a map.

Look at those slots. They’re called “Beach Bash.” How unoriginal. Eh, what the hell. I came this far.

Haha, the seat looks like an Adirondack chair. How appropriate.

“Connecting Player.”

Well, here I go. Hope I didn’t just screw myself over. Ow, the chair gave me a shock.

“Available muscle to bet: 6 LB.”

I guess that is how this slot connects me? Whatever. Now, what should I bet? Definitely 1 pound. Where is the 1 pound button?

“Minimum bet to play: 4 LB.”

What the hell? No way. Not in a million years. ... But, what if I win? Oh yeah. I can see me now. Might as well go out with a bang. Maybe they will give me a refund. Maybe this is only a free trial or something. 4 pounds it is.

Ok, come on Beach Bash. Ok. All the wheels are spinning. Fingers crossed... and... wait. I won? Did I just win?

“Congratulations! You won 4 LB! Available muscle to bet: 10 LB.”

This feels different. Way hotter than that draining feeling. Ooooh. Very nice. Wait, I am back at 10 pounds! Welcome back, biceps. I missed you.

I think that is enough excitement for one day.

“Player disconnected.”

Back to the car. Oh, right. I am still kinda lost. Let’s go... ahh, this way. Those slots look familiar. Yeah, definitely. The ones with the strobe lights.

Oh, ok. There is where I came in. But, I don’t know. One more? I mean, if I left now, then I am exactly the same as when I came. And this place has a lot of potential. Ahhh.

On second thought, I guess one more wouldn’t be too bad.

I know I said that before, but fuck it. I’m gonna do it. If I don’t, I’m always gonna be wondering ‘what if,’ and that will be torture.

Let’s see. What about... what about the one over there by the... wait, are those sports cars?! In the casino? Now I have to see that slot—Full Gear. Let me see.

That’s cute. The chair is a leather car seat. And there is even a fake gear shift.

“Player connected. Available muscle to bet: 10 LB.”

Do or die. So, the minimum bet is 2 pounds... I’m going to do... 5. I’m feeling ballsy.

Ok. It’s all or nothing now. Fingers crossed. 1: A Ferrari. I guess that is good. 2: Sun. Sun has to be good. 3: Sun again. Promising. 4: A Ferrari again. No way. What is even happening... 5: Red Sun. Wait did I just... No fucking way... The sirens are going off... how much did I win? I am kinda feeling dizzy. Is that the effects kicking in?

“Congratulations! You win the Ferrari Sun duo prize!”

No way. NO WAY! I won? How much?

“You will now be disconnected from Full Gear. Please wait for transfer to be completed before connecting to another machine.”

So when will... Wow. This is... exhilarating! It is like I am being connected to the power grid or something. Let me get up.

“Thank you for playing! Available muscle to bet: 25 LB.”

Did that say 25? 25?! No way... I am feeling so, so... I don’t know. Ah, fuck. Man, this feels so good. Better take off my shirt before it rips. Nah—come to think of it, I want it to rip off.

Ohhh, ughhh. Let me give my cock a rub. I can’t resist. It’s hard as concrete. My skin feels like it will burst at any moment. My muscles feel so sore. Ughhh. Gotta wack off...

The feeling is going away. And there goes my shirt. Fuck, that was mind blowing. Never felt anything like it. Wait. Shit, man. Is this my body?! Is this for real?

Look at my pipes! Holy shit!

Man, I love these pecs. So hard and smooth. And oh man. I got an 8 pack. My abs have never been like this before! I love this feeling! I feel so tight—and bulky—all over! I can’t stop feeling my rock hard chest. It feels so hot. Man. Ughh. I’m not used to this new mass. My shoulders are so much fuller. They are like... like melons or something. And I just feel raw power in my legs. I don’t feel drained at all, thank god.

Wish I had a mirror. I wanna see my back...

How is this possible, anyway? Technology these days.

Damn, and to think I almost left! So, I just gained, like, 15 pounds of muscle. Feel so... thick. Feels so good to stretch these new muscles out. I wish there were people here so I could show off. Ah. Wooh. That was intense.

Can’t wait to hang around the beach with this new alpha male body. I feel like a stud.

But, should I leave? I’m at a crossroads. The exit is right there... but... I could I should take what I earned and go. Before I lose it. Then again... I think I saw a big wheel over there, back by the Beach Bash slot... How does that work?

What if I lose it all? I should go home and enjoy what I got. But... what if I win? Imagine the possibilities.

There is no way of knowing unless I try. I hate myself sometimes.

Let’s see what else they got.

2,154 words Added Sep 2016 14k views 3.5 stars (13 votes)

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