A wizard of a wish

by Ronald James

Some mates joking around about big cocks at a gay bar are joined by a guy who’s very interested in the subject—and can do something about it.

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My two mates and I were sitting around having a drink in our local gay bar and discussing the usual things. Stuff like judging by the bulge in that guy’s pants over there he must have a cracking big cock, or with an arse like his you could get three cocks in at once… you know, the usual shit. Then I whispered to Martin, “Thought there were only three of us here…. who’s your pal?”

“Not with me,” he answered. “Although he seems very friendly.”

We thought he must have come with our other mate, Billy, as they were busily chatting away. Funny we never saw him come to the table, I thought, but shrugged it off. The new guy was laughing along with our game, saying how it would be nice to have a big cock for a while. Then he said, “I could give you all monster cocks and balls but only for 24 hours, if you wanted! Like mine.”

We watched as his crotch started to swell up and then he pulled his coat over it… It looked pretty real, and we were a little drunk already, so we took him up on his word. I said he could come back to my house as I live alone. I said, “I missed your name.”

“It’s George,” he said. “I actually just heard you talking about cock and barged in, my favourite topic. I am a bit of a wizard and can usually conjure up some fun,” he added with a wicked grin.

So we headed over to my place, and George said we could all have bigger cocks if we wanted—either for 24 hours, or forever. But once we had them for permanent, they could not be changed. “If you want to see what I can offer, look at this!” he said, and he dropped his suit trousers and there, hanging nearly to his knee, was the biggest, thickest, cut cock we had ever seen.

Tay said, “Not sure about you two, I would like one like that for life!”

We all agreed and stripped off our track suit bottoms. George told us to remove our boxers as well as there would not be enough room in them for our equipment.

We all lay on my bed. George stood at the foot of the bed and started to whack himself off! His 14-inch cock swelled and grew to 17 inches—it was enormous. Bits of cum started to spurt from the end, then all the veins started to stand out and his cock shuddered. He suddenly emitted an enormous gout of cum, which was thick and creamy and surprisingly hot. It landed on all our bodies but mainly on our cocks and balls. He walked around the bed, still cumming, and caught big globs of it in his hands then rubbed it into our manhoods.

Eventually he stopped cumming and wiped himself clean. We looked at our own junk frowning. “Wait, guys,” he huffed, sounding pleased with his work. “Ten minutes, that’s all it will take.”

I felt my small cock starting to tingle and to my amazement my foreskin suddenly vanished. The other two guys were having similar experiences. As we watched, our cocks started to grow longer and fill out, the veins started to throb. Our balls started to grow too and before we knew it we all had 14-inch long, thick cocks and orange-sized balls. We stood up. They felt oddly heavy and mine was starting to get hard. Soon it had partly lifted up but was too heavy,,, Martin was standing there bug-eyed, looking at my cock and the other guys’ dicks at the same time.

“Fuck me,” said Martin. At first I thought he was cursing, but he was begging.

I put my cock to his ass and pushed in and he took my cock after a bit of a struggle. I had only just got inside Martin when I shot my load. Fucking hell! I was sure I would never stop cumming… it was amazing. Billy was shouting for us to fuck him so we did, and when we finished Billy was covered in cum from his butt hole and all over his torso. We helped lick it off.

We turned to George, but he had gone. He’d disappeared and left us with three fantastic monster cocks. Three days later we still had them, and now we’ve accepted that we have them for life.

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