A whole new Dave

by MuslLuvr

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It sat on the kitchen counter. Thick, green and goopy, Dave wondered if it would work. The solution he’d spent the last four years creating. He was scared of what it might do to him.

Taking a look in the mirror to his left, Dave steeled himself. Gazing at the body he so desperately wanted to leave behind heartened him, and prepared him for the massive change ahead.

It certainly wasn’t a pretty sight. All 5’4 and 90lbs of him was drenched in sweat from the intense heat of the day. His arms, (thinner than his 9 year old nephews) his chest, (sunken in and hairless) and all three hard, sad inches of his childs cock. It seemed to droop a little as he beheld this disgusting body. This horrible body was all that 33 years and reasonable genetics could offer him.

Dave turned away from the mirror in disgust. The poster of his favourite bodybuilder was on the wall—he looked at that instead and instantly about a teaspoon of cum spurted onto the carpet. He was stood a foot away from the wall and he still couldn’t cum hard enough to reach it. He cast his gaze up and down the poster, moving up from the long, powerful feet to the diamond-hard calves and the tree-trunk quads. Dave paused at the pelvis, marvelling at the sheer size of the meat just barely contained by a thin red posing thong. There must have been about ten inches in there. Breaking away from the majestic cock, he stared once more at the eight bricks standing out in bold relief on the mans midsection, and the pecs as big as Daves whole chest. And the arms—oh, the arms! Twenty something inches of polished granite carved into an inhuman peak of power!

The face of this fitness model wasn’t shown on the poster. Dave bemoaned this for the fourth time that evening—a man possessing a body like that must have the face of a god as well. Ah, well. Maybe Dave himself would have a face like that someday. Speaking of which …

Dave turned back around and looked once more at the vial of formula. If his calculations were correct (which they usually were—he might not have had much of a body but he was a true scientific genius) then about half the vial would be needed to give Dave the body of his dreams.

“Well, what have I got to lose?” thought Dave, as he picked up the vial. “If half gives me a good body, then the entire vial should give me a GREAT body!” In one swift movement, he drank the lot.

“Oh!” he couldn’t stop himself crying out as a burst of pure energy rushed through him. An unexpected spurt of cum dribbled out of his cock, and Dave’s skin began to feel itchy and burning.

Turning to his full-length mirror, Dave prepared himself for the transformation. Already he could feel the changes, even though nothing could be seen on the outside. “Hold on …” he thought, as his reflection started inching higher and higher. “It’s working!” Soon Dave had reached 5’6 … 5’7 … 5’9 …

It was when he reached just over 6’0 that the muscle growth began to kick in. His skin began writhing, as if there were snakes underneath. Dave concentrated on his arms—were they growing? The answer—YES! He wriggled with glee as he saw his arms begin to bulge out, like the guys Dave saw coming out of the gym. He ran to get a measuring tape, and whistled when he saw the mark. In just three short minutes, his arm had grown from a puny 10 1/2 inches to a whopping 14! Dave’s chest had gone from 30” to 38”! His waist had remained a tight and pert 27”, and he could see the beginning of a V shape—not a large one, but it was definitely there.

The thrills of the evening were too much. Dave had a vague thought of “Feel weeeeeiiiiiird …” before he collapsed on the floor.

He was rudely awoken by the sound of a paper being pushed through the door—always a light sleeper, was Dave. His eyes flickered open and he heaved himself up. After banging his head on the ceiling, he took a proper look at himself and marvelled at what he saw.

He. Was. HUGE!! At a height of at least 8’, possibly even more, Dave had to be the tallest guy on the planet! His feet were enourmous, longer and wider than a skateboard with hair on the top and on the toes (Dave had never had any hair other than that on his head before) His feet looked to be something like size 25, and his hands must have been 15” long! But that wasn’t all. Oh no.

Dave wasn’t just the tallest on the planet, he must have been the widest as well. His neck was like a huge redwood—thicker than his entire old body! The shoulders were immense boulders of rippled muscle, set about five feet apart and covered in a light dusting of hair. Daves pectorals were enourmous as well, standing out from the rest of his body by at least a foot! His nipples were long and erect, pointing down at the ground. The pecs seemed to ripple as he breathed, and amazingly every cut stood out in bold relief despite the thick coat of man-fur covering them.

And on either side, sticking out by a 45 degree angle were his arms, forced out by the immensity of his lats. But to call them arms would be an outrage—these were too big even to be the arms of a god! The biceps were the size of gym balls, round and domed, looking like a sculpture made of diamond rather than anything organic. They had one thick vein running down to the huge hands, and again they were covered in fur.

Daves midsection was something to shame even the most wild-minded muscle artist. An eight-pack, each brick the size of a VHS tape, with inch-deep valleys running in between. Simply breathing made them come alive—they rippled, they tensed and untensed. The legs that supported them were vast—they must have been 50” or more, tapering in to an impossibly small 39” waist. Combined with the 100 and something girth of Dave’s titanic chest, he was shaped like an hourglass, only better, stronger, and much, much more manly. Dave’s calves were the size of basketballs and stood out inches from his leg. His legs had the thickest coat of fur yet—running his hand up and down them confirmed that. But all this was small potatoes compared to the biggest change.

Where there once had been a childs penis—three inches, hairless, testes like broad beans—there was a monster. Sixteen inches of completely soft man-meat, complete with football testes and a low-hanging ball sack that came halfway down Dave’s immense thigh. An enourmous bush of hair grew above it, trailing off into a treasure trail that converged with the hair on Daves abdomen.

Dave took his new, uncut tool in his massive hand, and began stroking. It jumped to attention, lengthening by three inches and thickening hugely. Dave began with long, slow strokes, getting faster as his cock got bigger. He shut his eyes and jerked his hands up and down, up and down, up and down, flooding himself with pure sexual energy. He opened his eyes and marvelled at the sight.

Twenty-nine inches of rock-hard chode jutted out from Dave’s crotch. Twenty-nine beautiful inches of meat. It was a majestic sight. Dave gave one more stroke, until finally he blew gallons and gallons of cum over the entire room. Cum spurted out like a floodgate being opened, and Dave passed out.

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