A foreign Josh

by Tpm45

 Wandering a Caribbean island on a Spring Break trip with his self-involved parents, Josh is offered a way to achieve his secret desires.

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Josh had always been very diminutive, ever since he was a little kid. He was very short, thin, pale, and overall sickly looking. His 5’ 4” stature wasn’t helped by the fact that he had one of the most average appearances ever. He never bothered to dress any different than anyone else, and his face, with just a hint of acne, his short blond hair, and his wire glasses, was positively normal. But the one thing Josh possessed over everyone else at his school was money. His family was terribly rich and could provide him with almost anything he wanted.

But for Josh, the one thing he really wanted was something that simply couldn’t be done. As reluctant as Josh was to admit it, he was gay, and desperately wanted one of the hot jocks at school to notice him. And his average looks weren’t the only thing he had against this wish. To put it simply, Josh was… Less than average in certain areas. Even if he could find a gay jock, they would never want him, let alone his little two-inch hard dick.

But all that was finally about to change. You see, Josh and his family had gone to the Caribbean during Spring break, on an expensive cruise. While they were at a resort in one of the islands—Josh wasn’t really sure which—they went to a local market area to try some of the local cuisine. Josh’s parents, being the detached, uncaring rich people that they were, simple handed him three hundred dollars and told him not to get lost. Josh, eager to look around and stare at all the bare chested men that roamed these tropical islands, set off almost immediately. At one point, while he was looking at an odd spiny fruit at one man’s table, and also the sexy man behind the table (a large, tan, muscular god wearing nothing but skimpy swimming trunks that showed off his ample package quite nicely), an old woman with a colored shawl and walking stick motioned him over to her stand energetically.

Josh, being the polite gentleman he was, excused himself and went to see what she wanted. Up close, he could see that the woman had several missing teeth, and certainly wasn’t very attractive or young. “I saw you looking at that man,” she whispered when he got closer. “I know what you want, what you NEED… And I am prepared to give it to you.” Josh began to protest—the woman certainly seemed mad—but she hushed him and rummaged around beneath her meagerly stocked table, eventually jumping back up with an “aha!”

Josh quietly took the small cloth sack she handed to him, giving her a questioning look. “I see potential for greatness in you child,” she said. “These will help you get what you desire. They are free of charge, but you must not open this bag until you are back home, understood?” Josh just dumbly nodded his head, thanked her and left, truly befuddled by the experience.

Never the less, Spring break was now nearing its close and Josh was back home, laying in his bed, staring at the cloth bag in his hand, which had remained unopened until this point. He gently pulled the string from the pouch, and dumped its content onto his bed, then frowned. There was a single little pill in the bag, along with a note that read, “This pill will give he who is worthy only part of what he desires, and the rest shall be given when the pill is fertilized with the seed of his desire.” Now THAT was confusing. What could it possibly mean?

Josh shrugged, wondering what bad could possibly come of it, and popped the pill into his mouth. It almost immediately dissolved, leaving a fruity aftertaste. He sat still for a minute, waiting, but felt no different. Josh sighed, what had he been hoping for anyways? A bigger cock? Yeah, right. Oh well, it was late anyways, and he needed some sleep—it was their first day back to school tomorrow anyways.

Josh quickly took care of the hard on he had from considered what the pill might do to him, then curled up under his sheets and went to sleep. Oddly enough, he slept much better than he ever had before, despite knowing that the last few torturous months of his senior year at high school began tomorrow.

When Josh awoke, he felt refreshed, perhaps even a little invigorated. Normally he felt really sluggish in the morning. How odd, he thought, his clothes felt rather tight. Tight or not, he peeled them off, and without putting his glasses on, went straight to his bathroom to shower. He cleaned himself then stepped out, slipping his glasses on as he dried himself.

Looking in the mirror, he practically gasped. Standing before him was one of the most beautiful men he had ever seen. His hair had grown fuller, blonder, and his skin had cleared up, was practically hairless, and glowed with a golden tan. It looked like he had gained nearly thirty pounds of muscle—his biceps bunched up into baseballs when he flexed—and any fat he had was gone; his abs looked like a washboard! He has a sixpack! Best of all though was his cock. It now looked to be about five inches long soft, with goofball sized balls to match. Soon enough he was hard though, and pumping off a load with his new nine-incher.

As soon as he was done, Josh went back to his room and contemplated his clothes. He picked this tightest briefs he had, shoving his junk in to produce a nice bulge, then pulled on some formerly loose jeans which now hugged his quads, showed of his new bubble butt nicely, and left a decent lump up front for his package. Then, Josh pulled on a tee that hugged his pecs and let his biceps speak for themselves, then walked downstairs and scarfed down his breakfast—he ate a lot more than normal. Then he headed outside without a word yo his parents, hopped in his car and was off to school to check in with Steve, his most favorite jock friend. This was going to be one hell of a day.


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