A different kind of closeness

by Salem Noctua

When Liam found a suspicious e-mail that led him to an even more suspicious website, he didn’t know how to react... until he got to know the “special changes” that came with the site’s product. And who else would he test it with other than his best friend and roommate?

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Part 1 When Liam found a suspicious e-mail that led him to an even more suspicious website, he didn’t know how to react... until he got to know the “special changes” that came with the site’s product. And who else would he test it with other than his best friend and roommate? (added: 23 Jul 2022)
Part 2 Liam completes his merging with Theo, but further surprises await.
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Part 1

Silence reigned over Birdwhistell University campus grounds. The night was dead quiet, and without a single rowdy student running amok the halls. It was the time for cats to traipse rooftops and bushes unhindered. For the security guards to keep an eye out for intruders. And, of course, for students to get a good night’s rest.

Yet there were those who remained awake at this unreasonable hour. Whether it was work, study, or something else, there were people who were not yet asleep.

One such person was Liam, a soon-to-graduate computer science major. The young man had kept himself awake for the past few hours with nothing but sheer willpower and coffee. It had been quite a feat considering his schedule the last few days. Still, he persevered. He did this with the intention to execute his plan and succeeding.

Liam had been awake on his bed for hours, waiting. He kept at it until almost everyone else went to sleep. That included his roommate, who was the target of his scheme. All this time his heart had been thumping. Like a beating of drums, it rattled and shake against his chest. Unsettled, much like his excitement.

How could he not be, when he had been planning for this moment to come. It had been a little over two weeks now since he hatched the plan. Two weeks of waiting for the opportunity to execute it. Of course, it also took two weeks for his package to arrive. A bit of a minor setback, but it had arrived yesterday, so all was well.

He turned his head to the right and checked the time. There, atop the bedside drawer, was his digital alarm clock. It read 11:12 p.m.

It was now or never.

Liam rose from his bed and did a little stretching to loosen his stiff muscles. All this time pretending to be asleep made him rigid, and cramps were the last thing he needed. While doing his little warm-up session, he let his gaze rest upon Theodore. There were only two occupants per room, and he was the second one. His one and only roommate. There was tenderness in the brunet’s smile as he watched the latter drool in his sleep.

“The moonlight draping over your sleeping figure did you no justice, hm?” Liam mused. Theodore was far too lovely and far more angelic than that. At least, based on his humble opinion. The drool over his mouth was an added boyish cuteness, too.

But he had a plan. A plan to make this angel fall, and become his. To become his forever. It was nothing short of a personal vendetta, but an escape.

At least, according to his own reasoning.

“You know, Theo,” Liam whispered beneath his breath, “I’d like to thank you for being a heavy sleeper. Because whatever I’m going to do to you, I needed you asleep and unconscious.”

With light, careful steps, he tiptoed his way over him. Alas, the wooden floorboards defied his want for silence. They creaked and moan with each step Liam took, much to his dismay. The sound echoed throughout the room. Nonetheless, it had not been enough to wake the sleeping male. Not one bit, not at all.

As soon as Liam reached Theodore by his bedside, his ears were blessed with his snoring. It was not like a beast, nor was it a tuneless caterwaul like the others. Instead, it was soft, like a purr of a kitten. How could he have forgotten the sound of Theodore’s snores? It was cute. Adorable, even.

For that reason alone, he felt hesitant. His lips quivered as his hands curled in and out. Even his body froze as a sense of guilt filled him. Liam opened his mouth as if to say something. A plea, to justify his actions or something. And yet he shot those abrupt feelings down the moment they showed up.

The brunet sighed in resignation. It was as if his conscience tried to reach out to him, but he chose to feign ignorance. He knew full well that, by tomorrow morning, he would have to deal with the aftermath of his actions. And he had decided long before to accept whatever happens with open arms.

“I... I do hope you’ll forgive me for this.” Liam reached for Theodore’s blanket and, with a steady hand, pulled it away. Inch by inch, he peeled the blanket away. Careful, too, as he tried his best not to wake Theodore. It took careful deliberations, but he managed. He felt proud that not an inch of it remained atop the rave-haired male. That, and he had not woken up.

Liam tossed the blanket away while his eyes remained fixated on his roommate. Defenceless, almost bare, and asleep on his stomach. His lopsided tank top was the result of tossing and turning in his sleep—the ones he had done hours ago. This allowed Liam to have a good look at his exposed back. His smooth, soft, and unblemished back. He moved his gaze downward and saw that he had a loose pair of boxer shorts to cover his private parts.

Liam looked at his friend with a sad smile. He chewed on his lip and lowered his eyebrows. Worry and fright were on his face. He knew there was no way his plan would end without hurting his feelings. The brunet watched his friend unsure and confused, only for his expression to harden. He made a promise to himself that he would have to hide any personal feelings in the meantime. Anything that would hinder him should be gone. Vanished, until it was over.

He determined that a moment of softness would contribute to him failing his task.

Liam shook his head as if it were to rid all thoughts of wavering that had plagued him. In its place, he filled it with why he was doing this if he knew it would cause pain. And thus, he closed his eyes and began to recall memories not too long ago. The brunet let these vivid experiences wash over him. But as he did so, it wound up awakening the jealousy he had kept hidden.

He found it ironic that his wonderful memories caused him to feel envy and inferior. All because of Theodore’s dad; the man was a saint. Liam met him several times before and saw how supportive he was of Theodore. Even through the slightest of incidents, he had given his all, above and beyond.

Liam never did mention these feelings of resentment to Theodore. He refrained from saying that he had been bitter or angry, nor had he called him privileged. No, he had kept it all inside his heart. The brunet knew Theodore deserved it. That his friend deserved the luxury of having a wonderful, attentive dad, and he was happy for him. Proud, even.

And yet, a part of Liam, a selfish part, wanted to act out. To scream and cry out injustice. It was because his own father was unlike Theodore’s. He was uncaring and only gave attention to his company. Anything outside his work was nothing but a nuisance to him.

Liam could not understand his reasoning behind that, though. His and Theodore’s fathers were both single parents. They both had stable jobs that bring plentiful money and had no other children to look after. And yet, he could see the difference in their effort to show their love and attention.

Work was all Liam knew about his father. It was always about work, money, and even more work. Holidays had turned to bitter cold days of silence and isolation. Birthdays and Christmases, too, had to be spent by his lonesome. He had to watch seasons come and go without anyone. Everything, Liam had done alone. He had nobody with him. No friends because everyone was afraid of his father. No other family, either, as far as his knowledge goes. And when his father does come home, there were hardly any words beyond a greeting and a farewell.

This resentment grew when Liam learned he and Theodore shared birthdays. And it had been their most recent birthday that had started it all.

That day, the actions of their respective fathers were laughable. It was like night and day. Theodore’s dad came to them with gifts, an assortment of foods, and tickets to an amusement park. In contrast, his own father sent him a text message informing him that he sent money. That, and how Liam would have to buy the cake and presents for himself instead.

Regardless, Liam also remembered it being the happiest birthday he had ever celebrated.

He remembered feeling downtrodden. Hurt, and left to wonder why he was being punished like this. The same old routine that he would usually feel during his birthday. But that all ended when Theodore and his dad extended their invitation to himself. It was flattering, but he felt like he did not deserve it. He was only a friend!

But as much as he had refused their offer several times, they continued. Their persistence of insistence won over his defiance. Still, it was like he had been the winner instead. During their time together, it felt like there was no distance between them. They were close-knit. He felt included. Wanted. He felt like family, and he did not regret spending time with them. Theodore had been like a brother he never had, and his dad was the father he always wanted.

And before he knew it, it became a fixation. A mental escape, so to speak, from the harsh truth, that his only blood family was indifferent. Callous to everything and everyone.

“But it will all soon change,” Liam said. He took out a blue-coloured pill from his pyjama bottom’s pocket and held it up high. There was an immense focus in his eyes as he looked at it. Engrossed, as if it were the holy grail itself, Liam tilted his head and smirked. “This feels more magic than science, but I’m not here to discuss the details... I’m here for the results! And this thing will change my, and Theo’s, life.”

The pill on his hand was not something he had been looking for. It was not something he had dreamt about, either. Rather, its existence was but an accidental one; it was borne from a random encounter on a slow day. From curiosity and boredom.

It all began with a spam e-mail that Liam decided was interesting enough to check on. The title read, “The Amazing Modi-Pill Now For Sale!,” which to him was already dubious. Not that he had checked any of the other junk mail he had got through the years. But with free time on hand, Liam went through with it and opened said mail.

He had been ready to see a wall of text with animated pictures, but there was nothing of that sort. Instead, it had been a proper, formal e-mail. It was tidy, presentable, and looked authentic enough at a glance. Very corporate-like, in his fair opinion.

There was a short introduction, of course, from its company. Janus Inc., its name. They claimed that their Modi-Pill was the pinnacle of genetic engineering. As interesting as it sounds, Liam could not make head or tails from what he had read. There were many scientific words that he cannot understand or even knew existed. Regardless, he got the gist of it: Modi-Pill was a geneticist’s dream come true. Or a mad scientist’s one.

The Modi-Pill, they claimed, were a special kind of medicine that surpassed all others. Most of it is thanks to its special properties unlike ever seen before. And, of course, they had provided a link to leads to the company’s website down below.

Liam’s interest grew and decided to press on. He entered the link and got into Janus Inc.’s website. As soon as it finished loading, the brunet’s eyes widened. While he showed interest before, he was even more interested now. The design of the website alone sparked joy in his tech-loving self. It was professional-looking, but the content was, again, suspicious.

He decided to humour himself and clicked on one of the tabs. Liam pondered and chose to go through the ‘Share My Story’ link and entered it without thinking twice. It led him to a section where, as the name suggested, had stories about the product. He skimmed through the various comments and stories with awe and delight. Never had he ever seen so many dedicated stories for a dubious product. They also seemed to venerate the Modi-Pill for its effectiveness. On how it changed their lives for the better.

A part of him wanted to believe, but all these were not enough to sway him quite yet. It was then, out of the corner of his eyes, that he saw there was a ‘before and after’ section. Engrossed with finding out what Modi-Pill was all about, he checked it as well. In it were plenty of pictures lined up, one after the other, for site visitors to see. Along with it was a short text description that tells its tale.

One of the pictures involved a scrawny man. The picture was under the ‘before’ category. Its accompanying ‘after’ photo shows the same man, but with a noticeable difference. Unlike before, he had visible and defined muscles that decorated his body. Liam believed it to be near next to impossible. The man from the ‘before’ section lacked the necessary meat in him. In fact, Liam refused to believe that he could have gained muscles by medicine intake alone. Regardless of that, the brunet had to admit that he now looked good. Not exactly attractive, but good. And with those pecs? Those delts? It was like asking, begging, for attention.

Liam resisted the urge to sigh and roll his eyes far back into his head. In the end, he concluded, it was yet another muscle-enhancing drug. A scam for desperate people who wanted to do things the easy way. They even hired skilled photo editors, too!

Right as he was about to leave, a wrong click from his mouse sent the whole screen careening downwards. Liam shortly got ahold of what he believed to be, the faulty scrollbar, but he landed somewhere... interesting. And by that, there was a different sort of change presented to him.

The ‘before’ picture had nothing worth noting—another man with no discernible features. A regular John Doe, so to speak. He was well-built and had adorable freckles on his sandy complexion of a body. But nothing was out of the ordinary. Liam swore he could go outside his room, go to any other room, and there was a chance he could see someone like this man.

But whatever—it was the man’s ‘after’ picture that things got a lot interesting.

In it was the same person but, for some reason or another, had two sets of arms and chests. One above the other, in fact, which made him taller than he had been before. Liam did a double-take, unsure if what he had seen was a trick of the light. He rubbed his eyes and splashed water against his face, but it was for nought. The four-armed man was still there. Alongside that was the text mentioning his thanks to Janus Inc.’s medicine. That the ‘Armed and Ready’ pill, to be precise, had given him an extra set of arms and chest.

Liam shook his head, believing it to be a photoshopped image. It could be one of the many things before he could say that it was real. An edit, for example, was a plausible enough explanation. It could be a CGI effect for a film. Anything. But there was a part of him that wanted to believe it was real. That there was a secret company out there manufacturing pills which can change the very DNA of a person. Something that would alter their body in every which way possible.

With burning, avid curiosity, the brunet scrolled down further to see other submissions. He scrolled and scrolled, and with every picture comes a change as wild and unbelievable as the last. More muscles; Extra limbs; Double penises. One of them ended up with six arms, and their reason was for cosplay, of all things.

It was then that Liam stumbled across two images that had captivated him. A cut above the rest, thus far.

Under the ‘before’ section was a photo of two half-naked men in their underwear. According to the text description, it was an uncle and his nephew. It was a simple picture of them standing side by side. Other than the fact they were doing it outside, it was otherwise a normal photo of them.

The older male had salt-and-pepper-coloured hair. He was also robust. Very much so, in fact. Nobody could ever get into his body shape by entering a gym once or twice. His limbs were like tree trunks, heavy and powerful. And his chest and abs were thick, so much so that Liam could see how developed they were. It was something that would make Hercules green with envy. Not only that, but he noted how the uncle had thick body hair, yet looked as if clean and fresh.

Oh, how he wished to get choked by that man’s arms!

On the older man’s left was his nephew, who had jet-black hair and a blemish-free body. And even he had a strong and capable body in his own right. In fact, he looked as able-bodied as his uncle was, in a different kind of way. He has muscles, but unlike the older man, his muscled showed to be tight. Quite packed and lean, like a swimmer’s body would.

If the uncle had a body fit for someone in the Strongman Competition, the nephew was a swimmer. Or even a marathon runner. The contrast between these two men was conspicuous, and even more so when put together. And as with all the other men, they took quite a drastic change in their ‘after’ photo,

In it were the same pair, standing much closer to one another than their previous picture had shown them. In fact, their cheeks were almost touching. Liam also saw that their height had changed, as if the young man had a last-minute growth spurt.

It was when the brunet had a good look at their body that he figured out why.

The reason their heads were so close to each other, and why they had the same height, was because of their bodies. Or body, in this case. There was no space between them. No arms, either. Their heads were atop one set of shoulders. They had two pecs, one set of abs, and two legs.

There was no other way to explain it; they had become conjoined.

Liam did a double-take at the photograph and could not wrap his head around it. Of becoming conjoined non-twins. Their ages were far apart, for starters! And yet here he was, looking at the picture of a conjoined uncle and nephew. No matter how much he looked at it, they were sharing the same body. Only, it was not exactly a combined body. Liam noted how it was all asymmetrical; the right half was the uncle, and the left, was the nephew. The uncle’s side of the body was still thick and big, enough to see how it contrasted with his leaner nephew. He had their right arm flexing before the camera or whatever they used to capture their picture. On the other side, on the left side, the nephew used their left arm and placed it on their waist. His puffed-out chest and glint in his eyes showed how happy he was in their state.

Both men, actually, had big grins on their faces. Cheeky, in fact, as if they evaded something nasty by becoming conjoined. But Liam saw that their smiles were not the only thing that was big. In fact, they also somehow sported not one, but two giant cocks. Liam swore the uncle had his around 12 inches, and his nephew was close to 10 inches. It was obvious how thick they were. The girth, the length, and the four heavy balls they carry.

The brunet had thoughts about whether the picture was nothing more than photo manipulation. That it was an elaborate edit coupled with a short fantasy story to appeal to certain people. Such thoughts were a repeating idea at this point, but it was not like he could prove what was real or not then and there.

Liam’s mind became fuzzy and soon got ahold of himself. He breathed in a huge gulp of air and let it all out. It did not take long before he had an epiphany. What if what he was seeing was not a hoax? That there were people out there taking medicine, so they could alter their bodies? Modify them? It did not help his case that the uncle-nephew pair had no visible stitches on them, meaning it was not surgery. And as someone who had experience in editing photos himself, either the one who did it was a professional... or that it was real all along.

The website, too, in itself was far elaborate for it to be from someone who had a lot of time on their hands.

Realizing it was pointless to argue with himself any longer, Liam decided to believe it all. With his mind readjusted to something positive, he continued looking at the pictures. He scrolled down to see what else was there and met a peculiar sort of merge. In some ways it was not as drastic as the previous one, yet in other ways it was. For starters, this involved three different men. And for what it was worth, they were all in their underwear.

The one on the right had a light skin tone much like his, but with bright and messy ginger hair. His mutton chops facial hair paired well with the shape of his face, making him as scruffy as Liam’s, if not more. Beside him, the one in the middle, had tawny-brown skin. His face was what gave the brunet a faint blush; he was quite drawn by his boyish face, which resembled Theodore in a way. How he looked with his top knot and gentle smile only made Liam swoon even more. And finally, the man on the far right had this deep, earthy brown skin and ebony-coloured hair. Unlike the previous two, whose bodies were average; he had more muscle built into his physique. Not bulky, per se, but compared to his friends, it was obvious he was the athletic type. The slicked-back undercut did him a lot of justice, too. Liam could not believe that these... supermodels in his eyes... allowed someone to take their picture while in their underwear!

Liam saved the picture in his private folder before he continued. He read the accompanying text below, which explained their situation. The text mentioned that these three were foreign exchange students. They started out as a triad for a group project, but became lovers in the end. And as with any lover, they refused to become separated from one another. Especially after being together for two years. Motivated by their intense love, they sought a way so nothing could come between them. As it happens, the Modi-Pill had been the one that would resolve their underlying issue.

Its result was the ‘after’ photo beside it.

In that picture, the three lovers were sitting down and were wearing pants. But, no shirts. This, in turn, revealed what Liam believed to be the widest torso that had ever existed. Not that there was a shirt big enough to fit what was effectively three men, anyway.

The picture showed that they had become fused side by side, which left them with only two functional arms. The man in the centre of the trio was the same one who made Liam blush. His face was priceless and triumphant. He looked like he did not mind losing his arms if it meant becoming conjoined with his boyfriends. Of them being a permanent fixture in his lift, to be exact.

Liam looked at the photo with a longing look on his face. He watched as his virtual crush was being kissed on either side by his partners. He was happy for them all, that they found a way to be together. But as it were, he also noted that their fused skin looked seamless. A perfect, even blend of colours between each of the three men. It looked natural, as if it had always been like that forever. In the meantime, their legs remained unchanged and separated from one another. Untouched by their apparent fusion.

It sparked interest in Liam’s heart. A curious part of him wanted to see more of these changes. Another part of him begged to know if he, too, could get his hands on the medicine they were using.

The scruffy man continued to peruse the images that followed thereafter. As he expected, there were more instances of merging, some more subtle than others.

Regardless, Liam was able to see the various degrees of conjoinment. He likes some of the simpler ones, such as two brothers merged by their bellies. Or the gym instructor who ended up conjoined to one of his trainees by their penis. Where they would urinate—or cum, for that matter—was a different sort of conversation. In the end, though, it looked like it did not deter either of them if their smiles were anything to go by.

Now and then, Liam would come across a conjoinment so wild and extreme. Some of which he could only believe would happen in fantasy stories. One such example belonged to a CEO and one of his employees. Said employee had his mouth fused against the base of his boss’ cock. The text mentioned that the man was not forever deep-throating his boss. Since it was permanent, they would only leave the office incognito. It was the only way to avoid media detection, after all. This decision raised a dozen of questions in Liam’s head, besides his throbbing member.

Another bizarre change involved a college student and his physics professor. In their ‘after’ photo, it showed that half of their bodies were gone. To be precise, only their upper bodies were visible; they do not have their legs and crotch. Much like the uncle-nephew pair before, it was clear how big the professor was. By extension, it showed how small the student looked. Their bodies ended from one head to another head—no cocks to share or look at, this time around. Nonetheless, Liam found them quite... stimulating. Arousing.

Then came the wildest conjoinment scene of them all. This time, it was an amalgamation of eight people from a fraternity. And two pizza delivery boys that caught up by accident, adding up to ten people involved. There were no words to describe them other than it was a mess. It was like their bodies had become goo; they fused without discrimination. Liam could see they had legs, but in multiples; it was like a spider’s or a crab’s by their arrangement. They were in various shapes and sizes, too, with one leg even having three others sticking out from it. It was difficult to describe where each head was as well, considering their anatomy. With three sets of chests, four crotches, and arms sticking out in every which way... they were like an abomination.

Not that it impeded them in some way; they were still able to send an article of themselves to the website, after all.

Each of these images planted all sorts of fantasies inside Liam’s head. In fact, he entertained the idea of becoming attached to Theodore in a literal sense. There was even no need to convince him otherwise; he wanted to get ahold of the Modi-Pill as soon as possible. All so that he would be able to merge with Theodore.

And that was how he got to this point. It had been two weeks since he had first discovered the e-mail. Two weeks since he had visited that strange website. He spent all that time planning and figuring out the to-dos and whatnot. The consequences and the inevitable confessions. All these, he learned about with rapt interest. If only so he could spend the rest of his life with Theodore. Being an extension to Theodore would also mean getting the same treatment from his dad, which was a bonus. At least, he hoped he would get the same love and attention.

“All right... once I’ve taken the pill, I will have at least 30 minutes to finish merging with Theodore.” Liam affixed his attention to the medicine on hand, then moved his head to face the sleeping male. “It shouldn’t take too long to end. At best, I could wrap this whole thing up before midnight comes.”

The brunet braced for what was to come; he took a long, deep breath before he popped the medicine into his mouth. He swallowed it, frowning as he tasted its sour and bitter flavour.

“Okay, time to start.”

He first began taking his clothes off, then dropped them onto the floor without a care. That was until he reached the point where he had to take off his underwear. A brief moment of hesitation flooded his mind. Despite his repeated mantras about discarding feelings, something reached out to him. Doubt, guilt, and shame—a whirlwind of emotions in itself.

Questions began to rise up. How would he deal with the aftermath? Would Theodore even like waking up conjoined to his best friend? And their fathers... was this plan doomed from the start? Would they accept them in their merged state? And above all—

—”Would this actually work?” Liam asked himself. His hands felt clammy, while cold sweat dripped down from his head. His throat became desert-dry, and his breathing became quick and sharp. Whether it was excitement born from curiosity or simple nervousness, Liam knew not. One thing was certain, and it was that he could perceive warmth enveloping him. It spread across his body, yet he showed no concern; the warmth was a side effect of taking in the medicine.

“I guess in the end,” he sighed, releasing tension from himself, “there’s only one way to find out... and it better not end with a bloody trip to the hospital.”

Liam removed his underwear and redirected his attention towards Theodore. At his boxer shorts, to be specific. He needed to remove it if he wanted to fuse their lower halves without a hitch. Else, it will cause unwanted incidents during their fusion.

He inched his hands towards the waistband and grasped onto it tight and secured. Then, without further ado, began removing them with steady movement. It was slow, but gained momentum the lower it goes. Liam only stopped whenever it caught a snag, but nonetheless continued. Parts of it were being crushed between Theodore’s weight and his bed, after all.

When it had finally reached the ankles, only then did Liam’s face beam with delight. It took a few more tugs before he managed to completely remove them.

The scruffy man chucked them away, never minding one bit where it had landed. All he cared about was the fact that now there was nothing that could come between him and Theodore.

He climbed over the bed, careful not to make the mattress rock from the extra weight that came in. And with quick, light movements, he managed to position himself straddling atop Theodore.

It felt so right, but at the same time felt oh, so wrong. He was there, naked, and above the unsuspecting raven-haired male. Liam drew a big gulp of air and let it settle. He held onto it before he released it in a deep, audible sigh. He was one step closer to his goal, and he would damn himself if this Modi-Pill had been an elaborate hoax.

There was no going back after this one.

With shaky breaths, Liam adjusted himself until he was on all fours. He poised above Theodore; limbs spread across the bed in a precarious manner. It was difficult by all rights, especially so since he had to avoid exposed skin. The moment he touches one would lead him to become merged, and most likely in an unusual way. He had to be patient above all else, which was ironic considering the time limit.

Liam hovered his right leg above Theodore’s matching limb. He did so while balancing with the other three. A frown marred his handsome face, troubled and afraid. It was the moment of truth, and it would be a blow on his pride should this not work at all.

“Well, here goes nothing.”

He lowered his leg down like it was a delicate puzzle piece. And with meticulous precision, at that. The air of suspense was thick and heavy, which made it harder to breathe, if at all. Regardless, Liam remained steady. Focused as he zeroed in his leg onto Theodore’s. The moment he felt his toes touch what felt like the latter’s heel, he snapped his eyes shut and braced himself.

But... there was nothing.

Confused and befuddled, he pressed it even more. Harder this time around. He pushed flesh against flesh until there was a tug. A powerful kind of pulling sensation that brought his foot downward, and which much force. Liam almost let out a yelp, but he bit his lip in response instead. Whatever had happened, it weighed his right leg down. Following that was a bit of numbness that took over, as well as an itch.

Liam did not know how to react; he wanted to close his eyes, yet the pulling sensation ached for his attention. He ignored this nagging feeling as much as he could, but even then, he had his limits. It was not so wrong to be curious, but now was not the time. Yet even he could not resist it for too long. The brunet opened his eyes and stretched his neck sideways to see what was happening and gasped. All he could see was a macabre spectacle before him.

He watched as his foot melded itself against Theodore like it was clay. It looked malleable and wet. Liam thanked his lucky stars that the whole process had been numb to an extent. He was certain that it should have felt more than simple tugging and itching. In fact, it would have been closer to breaking bones and tearing of muscles if he were being honest. In spite of all that, there were none of those things. Only an annoying pull. And an itch. Painless, to say the least.

Still, there was a tinge of fear at the back of his mind, and it was growing by the second. Liam knew what he was about to get himself wrapped into when he first bought the medicine, but he did not expect this. Not this. His instinct screamed for him to move. Move. Move. And yet, he remained still. He was unable to get away. He found himself stupefied to do anything other than watch. Or feel it.

He was as prepared as much as he has also been quite unprepared for everything. The whole fusion and merging were all too foreign and all too strange, to begin with.

Nonetheless, Liam willed himself to bring back his focus. He snapped out of his stupor through sheer will and then tried to pull his foot away. Alas, it had been ineffective; the merging had spread further into his shin. It was halfway submerged into Theodore’s calf, to be precise, and it held him in place. He could not help but be helpless, looking at the stretch of skin that fused him together with the latter. It felt like slop, sloshing and mixing with another of its kind.

All in all, Liam was stuck. Trapped. There was nothing he could do but watch. And that was what he did. He watched as his leg sink into Theodore’s flesh until it was gone. But, for whatever reason, the mass of flesh was big. Bigger than he ever imagined... at least, from the knees below. His thigh remained unaffected by all that merging.

“I suppose it’s because our muscles would get huge if they merged as one,” he reasoned. And even then, he felt it was a guess of an answer.

The gooey mass of flesh soon began to take shape. It became more defined, more leg-like, while the numbness faded away. Liam gave it a second look and felt relieved that it looked closer to the norm compared to before. He could make out the shape of a leg, only thicker. There were even more muscles to it if the structure was anything to go by with.

But then there was its skin. It looked different. Not a shade that was his, nor was it like Theodore’s. Instead, it looked blended. A harmonious mix between two contrasting skin tones.

Liam straightened himself again and exhaled a long, drawn-out breath. He could not help but think of this combined limb as something alien and unknown. One reason being was that he could feel everything from it. The downy mattress, the cool evening air that blew against it, and the sweat that had formed. It was his leg as much as it was not wholly his own. For all intents and purposes, it was his and Theodore’s leg. Their conjoined limb.

This goes without mentioning how there were two branching thighs above the knee. One led to Liam, and the other belonged to the sleeping young man underneath him. It was not much, but there was now a physical connection between him and his friend. A physical—and permanent—connection which cannot be undone. At least, according to package instructions.

A wave of satisfaction washed over Liam. He was giddy and excited now that he could confirm the product’s authenticity. The fact that it worked as intended made him think of all the other offers that were available. He recalled in vivid memory the many other conjoinment packages from the website. But while they all excite him, he did not regret choosing this simpler one.

The trip down memory lane soon ended, and Liam found himself grounded back to reality. His right foot wriggled its toes, but not because of him. He craned his neck to see what that was all about and saw the foot clenched and relaxed. All by itself, in its own accord, and without his control. It was then dawned on him that he was not the only one in control of that foot.

“It must have been Theodore,” Liam mumbled before he mentally berated himself. This was a small miscalculation from his plan, but not unexpected. The pill that allowed him to fuse with Theodore made them share a merged body, but it was not domination. No, it was more on cohabitation than anything. As such, it was not his body alone, but theirs; Theodore had as much control over it as much as he does.

Still, it was not a cause for concern. They would be able to control their body on equal terms, which was the very thing Liam hoped for in the first place.

With that out of his head, the scruffy young man continued the process with their left leg. He aligned it to the raven’s matching limb, pressed them together, toe-to-heel, and waited. Liam kept his eyes closed this time, choosing to avoid looking at his foot becoming goo-like. When he felt it begin, he shuddered; he could not see it in action, but the memory of the previous one was still fresh. Nonetheless, he had never been more grateful for the fact that he could hardly feel it happen. Otherwise, it would have left quite a different lasting impression. A traumatising one.

Liam waited for it to merge, and he waited until the tell-tale sign told him it was over. He opened his eyes, craned his neck to have a look, and grinned. It was very much like the right half—everything below the knee became as one. And it was as big as its counterpart, too.

The brunet took a brief moment to relish the fresh new sensation on both his newly-merged lower legs. It felt raw, new, and it was perfect. He could feel everything on both limbs as much as he did before the fusion happened. It was his, and yet it was not. He raised their left foot up and rotated it around the ankle. Then, he wiggled the toes, enjoying how they move, before he put them back down.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he remarked. The soft smile on his face grew into a grin.

The entire situation felt like a surreal experience to Liam. He could not wrap his head around what was happening, yet her was experiencing it right now. From the knees below were what looked like normal legs. At least, normal for one who was athletic or worked out in a gym.

But then, on those very same knees upwards, there were two people. Two very different and distinct individuals with different backgrounds. Appearance-wise, it was outlandish to think of them as conjoined twins. Even if the way they looked conjoined was passable, it would still end up being a strange concept in itself. Their physique alone would be enough to dissuade such thoughts.

Liam was the older-looking one. He has a well-built body that looked rough. It looked rugged from all the times he trained and took pride in how well-developed his muscles were. But this ruggedness falls between slender and bulky. He does not have bulging muscles, but it was evident that he has them. Likewise, his face was that of a younger version of his father’s. He has a sharp jawline adorned with a scruffy chinstrap, which was quite on point with his old man. Liam’s skin was like porcelain, and his dark auburn hair carried with it a hint of gold against the light. The ‘natural’ bedhead hairstyle of his made his scruffiness looked good and eye-catching. Of course, it was like his father. He was every bit like him, which irked Liam to no end.

In Theodore’s case, he was the younger-looking one. The soft, untouched young man looked as if he had never worked a day in his life before. He does not have any definite muscle on his body, but was not unfit either. Instead, he had a bit of ‘baby fat,’ as he calls it. His skin was a rich, warm taupe, and had raven-black hair that went along his soft and somewhat rounded face. His softer features of his bring out a boyish, innocent charm. A kind of charm that made Liam fall for him a thousand times over, and still counting. And like the former, Theodore held such a strong resemblance to his dad.

But despite their differences in looks and all, here they were, conjoined by their lower legs. The pill worked its inexplicable magic, and it made them partly merged with one another. It did not matter if they were both cut from the same cloth or strangers without familial connection. They were now conjoined, and it would only be a matter of time before the rest of their body follows suit.

Liam only had one wish at this point: that he and Theodore would get used to sharing a body. By extension, that he and Theodore would remain on good terms... at least, despite their new “normal,” as it stands.

“Guess it’s time to finish this off and fuse our lower halves, now.” Liam blinked, still baffled by everything going on. Meanwhile, there was vigour and eagerness on his face as he accepted his task. He already started the process, so it would only make sense to see it to its end.

Unfortunately, he met the first roadblock to his plan.

The distressed university student had no idea how to proceed thereafter. With all his self-proclaimed ingenuity, he lacked imagination in handling branching issues. This one included. Because of the position he had merged with the other, Liam ended up kneeling atop Theodore’s legs. They separate from the knees upward, so the best he could do was to move forward or back. And to complete their fusion, he has no other option but to go forward.

But for him, this meant putting his crotch against Theodore’s arse. As in, letting his cock touch Theodore’s exposed skin. Liam’s mind went crazy with ideas and thoughts, but it all lead to one thing: sex. He was about to have (pseudo) sex with his sleeping best friend.

“I, uh, I mean—there’s no other way around it, right? Or maybe I could lean forward and, well, l-lower my... body... down.”

As his words trail off, Liam blushed a furious shade of red as he became lost for words. The plan was simple, but the act was not. At least, to an emotional level. He only needed to lower himself so that his and Theodore’s thighs merge at slow but steady pacing. That was it. And following the thighs would be their hips, crotch, and arse. Doing so would leave their upper torsos separated., and the next step goes on from there.

But again, this meant putting his cock against the other’s flesh. Something he did not account for. Not that he disliked it; Liam would love nothing more than to have sex with the other male, but not now. This was the worst possible time to ever engage in sexual activity. By all rights, he was not a master of plan making, only an excitable fool with hot blood.

“How did I get myself roped into this!” Liam groaned. “Is there another way to do this, though?”

Alas, there was nobody to confide his problems with. Only the moon that shone through their window, and his sleeping friend, the very target of his actions. Neither was helpful.

The brunet shifted his weight before adjusting their legs to make himself comfortable. He peered over to his left, then to his right, only to repeat his prior action once more. Dryness took over his throat, and it felt tight. Choking. All the while, sweat dripped down from his body, with some of them falling onto Theodore himself. His palms had even soaked the very area where he planted them.

There was no other explanation. The idea that he was about to fuck his best friend while said person was sleeping left him torn. He swore to the high heavens that this was more anxiety-inducing than a thesis defence.

“But, like, I guess I only need his arse to touch me, right? Yeah... yeah, that’s it. I’m not going to fuck my best friend, just... let our... stuff... touch. Oh, phuck it!” Liam shut his eyes while he tried to recall the instruction that came with the package. He let his mind saunter through his memories, only to fall short of everything. With a huff, he shook his head in disbelief. “I’ve been avoiding touching Theo’s exposed arms earlier. So, it would make sense that the pill is strong enough to fuse us through mere skin contact. Alright, time to do this!”

With intentions clear and set, Liam let his body drop steadily. Careful, as if treading over a glass road. Or as if to prevent waking the other up, like he had been doing so the past few minutes.

“You can do this,” he whispered to himself, “It’s only a matter of seconds. The merging will be over before you know it.”

A rush of determination and confidence emanated from Liam. Focus and resolve became evident as he kept a cool head while he steeled his arms for support. He took ample breaths as he lowered his body down. He continued until he felt the tip of his penis touch Theodore’s exposed and waiting for rump.

The result was nigh instantaneous.

A powerful surge of force pinned Liam in place. And before he knew it, he felt himself getting lowered into Theodore’s body. When this heaviness that weighed over him became stronger, he hardened his arms. Fortified it, as he prepared for the worse. He did all that he could to prevent him from slamming down onto his best friend. He fought against the strong, immeasurable force. There was nothing else to say other than it was unlike any other previous iterations of fusion.

Liam gritted his teeth as he allowed the pull to commandeer his body, though his resistance kept it in check. It took most out of him to keep even pacing. To slow down the process. This was counterproductive on his part, but it was the only way to stop their bodies from collisions. From a sudden and unexpected impact, at least.

One positive outcome was that it was as numb as the previous merging process. Yet, Liam swore that it was not as numb as before. The rawness of the experience... he could sense it. He could feel his thighs—his skin, muscles and all—stitching together with Theodore. It was like as if he was a doll of sorts, being sewn together with another. Even his cock that felt submerged into the latter’s arse was like... not there any more. But he could feel it there.

All in all, he could feel parts of himself and Theodore unite into something different. He could feel themselves fuse. Merge. It was not as scary as he thought it would be, with the breaking of bones and skins. No, it was like renewal. Like change for the better. For the best. Liam thought of it as euphoric, as soft gasps and restrained moans escape through his parted lips.

Soon enough, the dull buzz of elation wore off. As with the bare numbness that it had.

Liam breathed a sigh of relief when he felt a shiver run down his spine; it meant that things went fine. He could feel the cool, gentle air caress over their now-shared thighs and arse. The bedsheets, too, he could feel them being warm and damp, to his knowledge.

“I do hope Theo doesn’t wake up from this. At least for now,” Liam muttered. His face was now mere inches away from the back of the sleeping male’s head. A bit too close to his liking. He tried to bend his separated half of the body away, but he did not move that much.

Their conjoinment, it seems, had become severe enough to impede his range of motion. He looked down onto his stomach, but could not see anything further below. Instead, it was all skin, smooth and all, that leads all the way to Theodore’s back. It looked unperturbed, as if natural.

He then decided to look at their newly-merged legs instead. But because of Liam’s new and precarious position, it made looking backwards difficult. Other than a glance from the corner of his eyes, the brunet had no idea what it now looked like. And so, he settled for the next best option: imagination. He closed his eyes and imagined the appearance of their joint legs. He imagined their legs being a lot bigger, enough to support two grown men, and covered with body hair. The latter of which was a trait that he has—and had hoped would have carried over from the fusion. And then with big feet, too, as it would be strange to walk on with small ones. Especially since they were top-heavy.

And with that, Liam broke free from his daydreams and decided to test them out. While he cannot see them himself, he could still feel them. Move them, even. At least, he wants to know how far he can control them without Theodore’s help.

He first shifted his weight towards his left. Liam then twisted to his right, which allowed him to have a look at their legs. It was difficult, stretching their joint skin thin, but it worked. As he had guessed, their combined legs looked bigger than before. Thicker, with more muscle and fat, but not as stocky. It looked as if his muscles have combined with Theodore’s lack thereof. A well-balanced mixed, more than anything.

“Huh, not too bad. Of course, we’re going to have to build all those lost muscles back.” Liam toyed with the idea of being the one in control of their body while Theodore is there for the ride. It would make sense, especially since the latter hated exercising.

“Okay, now let’s see how far I can go.”

The brunet raised their combined right leg up, left it hanging, and then put it back down. He did the same for the other side, switching after every other turn. The tension became severed and Liam relaxed when nothing went wrong. It went flawless. At least, as flawless as it could be for a young man halfway merged with his best friend.

But that was all the calm before the storm. There was still one more crucial body part he had yet to check: their cock. All that fuss about how his thighs and crotch were going to merge with Theodore made him forget about it. The kinda-athletic set of legs on his mind had been a good enough distraction, it seemed. Enough for him to not pay attention anywhere else.

With that in mind, it was time to check their crotch. He had to know what happened to his cock. He has to. It was imperative. It did not take too long for intrusive thoughts to show up. Liam’s mind began to plague with the idea that he could no longer feel pleasure from jerking off. What if only Theodore could feel their cock? Could he even get a hard-on anyway, considering the circumstances?

The longer he does nothing, the more frightening the thoughts become. This prompted Liam to check their cocks as soon as possible. Unfortunately, right as he was about to do so, their legs began to move. And even more worrisome was that it was not under his control either.

There was only one explanation for this, and it was Theodore’s fault.

Liam struggled to stay calm and not move at all. However, he felt powerless. He could not force themselves not to move, either, unless he wants to wake Theodore up. Seeing as there was no other option, he let the other male overpower him.

What Liam did not expect was that Theodore turned onto his side. This resulted in him falling onto his side as well, landing behind the other male. It rocked the bed up and down, but it stopped after a few seconds. And as fortune has it, Theodore remained asleep, snoring in blissful unawareness... much to Liam’s chagrin.

And yet, as Liam lie down motionless, something had awoken inside of him. He did not know what it was, nor could he identify it. His heart was throbbing, but was it from excitement? Had it been elation or delirium? Regardless of what it was, Liam felt a rush of this unexplainable feeling overwhelm him. It spread across his chest and arms, shaking, rocketing him awake and alert.

But, if he had to guess, it was the aftershock from when Theodore took control of their legs. It was not every day that someone would force him to move, much less use his own limbs for that. Granted that said limbs were no longer wholly is, but that was beside the point. It never crossed Liam’s mind that he would find the experience of sharing control of a body to be this... exhilarating. And that was only half of the body, too. He imagined a full-body merge, and how it would feel to fight control for something he had to share.

Liam took deep breaths to calm his raging heart. It would do no good should he remain in an agitated state. Anything that would alert Theodore would doubtless end in disaster.

“Better be slow and steady than rushing all at once,” he remarked. He allowed a few minutes to go by before he was certain to have calmed down and is of sound mind. But as it stands, his new position became a new problem. Not that it was new—trouble seems to follow his every plan, for some reason or another.

This trouble was not that he was now lying on his side, no. It was that, when he fell down the bed, he had also inadvertently sandwiched his left arm, trapping it with no way to get it out. As a result, only his right arm remained free. The way his left arm curled made it hard to wriggle it free without giving away his presence as well.

It troubled Liam for many reasons. He could not bend his body as he wanted due to his fusion with Theodore, and he could only move his right arm. Luckily enough, he and his body-mate were facing against the wall and towards his bed. And by extension, this gave the scruffy man a view of his clock by the bedside drawer.

11:27 p.m.

It had been fifteen minutes since the brunet first began. Only half an hour left to go before the Modi-Pill’s effect stop working. And unless he wanted to stay as a two-torso’d man with his best friend, he had to quicken the pace.

Not that it stopped him from his crucial moment of finding out if he can feel their shared cocks. At least, Theodore’s cock, who he should theoretically feel.

Without any other choice, Liam has to proceed with what he got right now. He used his right arm and reached over to Theodore’s—their—shared crotch. It was weird and awkward. So much that he had not thought about this being a possibility. Nonetheless, he continued, shooing all those terrible ruminations away.

He remained adamant, even though he could only grasp at air. The scruffy male then adjusted and readjusted his aim while he waved it around. Curiosity and refusing to admit defeat were what kept him going.

His worries were soon allayed when he felt a soft, flaccid cockhead brush against his thumb. Following that was the familiar sensation of a hard-on, only this time, it felt full and heavy. It was unlike the kind he had experienced before.

“Huh, I guess our merging also combined our cocks,” Liam reasoned out. A sensible rationale.

With confidence back, he gave their shared cock a gentle grip so he could fondle them. A way to release the stress piling up all night. However, it did not take more than a second after he grabbed their cock to release it. He was quite stupefied from what he had felt that it made him shake the bed from how fast he retracted his arm. Theodore grunted before he went silent once more, save for his snoring.

“What was that?” Liam shook his head, still in disbelief from what he touched. From what he felt. “Okay, it’s probably a trick... yeah, it’s got to be that.”

He once more reached out to their crotch and touched it once more. Their cock. Or, rather, their cocks. As uncanny as it sounds, he could feel two cockheads against the palm of his hand. Since he could not see it for himself but could feel them, he resorted to his mind’s eye instead.

Liam visualised it being two thick, giant, meaty rods. He could feel them being together, but not quite stuck together. Partway merged, at best; from the base going half its length, they share a sheath. But beyond that halfway point, they separated from one another. Liam could vouch for this when he felt the right cock being hard, and the other one was being strung along. The skin had tightened around a certain length, so the left cock was flopping around. Not that it was limp; Liam felt it being semi-hard.

All things considered, it was a whole new kind of experience for Liam.

“I can’t wait to have a clear look at it,” he whispered.

With the cock-related problem out of the way, it was time to move on to the final stages of the plan. It was now time to merge their upper torsos. All Liam needed to do was to take Theodore’s top and press his chest against the other’s back. Doing so would start the irreversible merging process, and then it would be all over.

“Then again, how would I begin removing this tank top?” Liam touched the hem of the other male’s remaining clothing and pulled it upward. It was not long before he caught a snag from the underside, caught between the bed and body. This frustrated Liam to no end, but there was little he could do. He could wake Theodore up and make use of the confusion to tear his clothes off, but it was too risky. Liam considered using force, but it would only result in unwanted agitation.

The scruffy male surmised that the best way was the slow and steady way. Anything else would end put him in a negative light, and he was already far too deep to play the innocent card.

But right as he was ready to continue pulling the tank top off, Theodore let out an audible grunt. The sound made Liam’s heart skip a beat, and he let go of the clothing before pulling his arm away. Or at least, as far as he could from Theodore. When nothing happened, he let out a sigh of relief. However, their legs began to stir and move.

Liam watched in abject horror as his roommate wriggled and stretched his arms up. He then straightened his back, which forced the former to lean even more backward than before. Following that was a long, audible yawn. A yawn that was all too familiar for Liam; the brunet knew that sound too well.

From the two weeks of planning and watching, he picked up certain cues and responses from Liam. Sounds that he makes when he is sleeping. This sound, in particular, meant one thing and one thing only: Theodore had woken up.

It was a miscalculation, albeit an unexpected one. Without any other option, Liam chose to remain frozen in place, unsure what to do nor how to proceed from here on out. Every plan and backup plan revolved around the idea of Theodore being asleep the whole time. Of Liam taking advantage of his roommate’s tendency of being a heavy sleeper. This was more than a simple unanticipated action; this was fate trying to stop him altogether.

Regardless of what he was feeling right now, Liam had no choice but to try and remain invisible to the raven-head. That he would have to keep up the illusion that everything was normal. That he was not attached to Theodore in every which way possible.

And so, with bated breath, he waited.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Theodore pushed himself off the bed before he remained there in relative silence. Drowsiness seemed to cling to him, but it soon fades away. He straightened his back and stretched his arms up while letting out a big yawn. After which, he wiped off the drool from the corner of his mouth.

“What time is it?” He asked, looking at the blaring glow of the alarm clock from the opposite side of the room. It was blurry. Unreadable. Theodore brought his hands up to his eyes and rubbed the sleep crust away before he looked again. He huffed as soon as he saw the time, which was a little over half past 11.

But there was one other thing that bothered him.


There, he found the bed opposite to his, was empty, save for the unkempt mess of blankets and pillows. Nobody was there, and there was no big lump that would otherwise point out someone was beneath the sheets. He repeated his question once again, but it remained as unanswered as before.

The raven-haired male allowed his eyes to adjust to the dark. His confusion and worry were then replaced with disgust. He saw Liam’s clothes scattered out and about. Discarded and laid abandoned on the floor and bed as if he had left in a haste. Enough that he would not leave them in the hamper, as he told him to.

Right as he was about to comment on it, he felt a brush of cool, cold air hit his legs. It did not help when he felt a trickle of wetness, too. He looked down with a questioning glance, only to blush at what he had seen. And at what he had not seen.

There were many things Theodore expected to see if he ever woke up in the middle of the night. None of them ever involved seeing himself naked, without any underwear. And drenched in sweat.

Theodore brought his hands down to cover his exposed bits as fast as he could. “W-where on—how the—where are m-my boxers?!”

Shock and embarrassment overtook his entirety. It was silly, considering the time and place, but the raven-head could not help but feel ashamed. Indecent and dirty, even.

“Did I remove them while I was asleep?” He swerved his head left and right, but could not see where his boxer shorts were.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Liam watched the whole ordeal in silence. Though he hates to admit that seeing his friend freak out, in the end, was funny.

For many others, the act of waking up from sleep would be something straight out of the ordinary. A slice of mundane life given colour, but nothing more. But as it happens, he had to watch his best friend do all that. While sharing half of his body with him, no less. It did not help that only one was aware of this fact.

And yet, he was not worried. Theodore was quite an oblivious person. If the latter was not able to know he was being flirted with for three years straight, this would be nothing.

If there was anything that bothered Liam, it would be the fact that Theodore was able to sit up straight. The brunet thought it would have been an impossible or at least difficult feat for him to get up. At least, get up while a bigger, and heavier torso was behind him. That added weight should have been noticeable, even for a little.

It wracked Liam’s mind, thinking how it was all possible. The act of merging alone was already a biological anomaly, so there was that. And even more so now that he was here, experiencing it first-hand. Not that it was a bother; he had planned to become conjoined to Theodore, after all. It was how the other was ignorant of the happenings that bugged him. It was a crime, to say the least. Not that he was innocent in any way, though; it was a whole other Gordian Knot to unravel.

“But he should have noticed the changes in our legs, at least,” Liam commented beneath his breath. But before he could say more, Theodore stood up, which pulled him along and cut his thoughts short.

But the resulting movement caused the two men to lose their balance. Theodore, who moved as if without a second torso behind him, and Liam, being the extra weight. Their half-fusion led to a shift in their centre of gravity. Alas, the former was heedless of this change, which resulted in them falling backwards. Back to the bed, in fact. The resulting fall made them hit the tailbone funny. It made Theodore yowl in shock and pain, but Liam had to put on a brave face and resisted the urge to make a sound.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“W-what happened?” Theodore stood back up. Careful, this time. He relaxed when he did not fall the second time, but it only added to his confusion. The pain was still there, so he reached out to it and massaged his bottom with a gentle rub. “Guess I’m still sleepy if I fell from standing up from my bed. In any case where did Liam run off to, and at this hour no less?”

He walked toward his roommate’s bed and got a good look at all the clothes lying around. Theodore frowned as he squats down and began picking up the clothes he believed were cast aside. His eye caught the attention of a familiar piece of clothing.

It was his. Particularly, it was the boxer short he had worn before he went to bed. The very same one that he thought he had taken off.

“What the... is that my underwear? How did it get way over here?” Theodore grabbed his boxer shorts and inspected them. It was clean, dry, and for some reason felt clean. “Did... did Liam and I—wait, not. Impossible. This is most likely one of his pranks.”

He stood up and scanned the dim room in search of the one and only culprit. In search for Liam.

“Are you hiding somewhere in this room, Liam?” Theodore called out. “It’s not funny, you know. Do you hear me? This better not one of your hidden cameras for a jumpscare!”

But as it were, there was no reply. With a scoff and huff, he dragged his feet towards the light switch and turned the lights on. The room became illuminated with a soft glow, but he could not see anyone else. Only a messy two-person dormitory room. A soft growl escaped his lips. He was sure that Liam knew how much he hated being a target of his pranks, much less disturbed at night. It was an odd move for the brunet to do something like this.

“Well, whatever!” Theodore shrugged, giving up on finding his wayward friend. “I’ll confront him in the morning. First things first, I need a change of clothes and what the—?!”

The raven-head gasped at the sight of his exposed lower half. He did not notice it before, especially since it was dark. But now, with the room bright and lit, he could see them. Clear as day.

He saw that his legs... were not his legs.

It looked foreign, like it belonged to a stranger. No, it was obvious that it belonged to a stranger. They were bigger than his own, with well-developed calves and firm thighs. Not only that, but it also had a lighter skin tone, too.

It was definitely not his.

But, the way it moved, how the legs wobble and the feet shuffle—it was him. He had done those with deliberate intentions; he could control them fine. This meant that it was, in a sense, his. His legs. His feet.

And yet, that was not the only glaring oddity. Theodore could see not one, but two giant cocks protruding from his(?) crotch. They were there, side by side. He let his fingers glide down from his stomach, down to the base of these meat rods, then up to their tips. They were limp, but also sensitive to touch. It was strange to feel a rush of excitement from a genital that did not look like the one he knew. They were bigger and heavier, but it was still deviant.

He also noted that it seemed to come out from one sheath... at least, from the base up to halfway through the shaft. Beyond that, they became separated from one another.

Theodore held back his intrigue about this unprecedented development. There were more important things to focus on, and it was the fact that his whole lower body was that of a stranger’s. His face became marred with a frown as he tried to internalise everything that was, or had, happened.

The first thing that came to his mind was that this was all a by-product of his sleepiness.

“I... think I needed to go back to sleep,” he muttered. It was impossible, after all. Impossible! Theodore could not believe his legs looked like they belonged to a stranger. And he could not believe that he now had two functional cocks that elicited a reaction from him. “Yeah, I need to sleep! Maybe... it looks like I’m seeing things wrong. Leftovers from a dream. That’s all there is to it.”

He then grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled it away from him. It was sticky and wet; he peeled it off from his skin as if it were a sticker. Theodore made a face before he let it go. “Funny. I didn’t think I would get this sweaty tonight. In all honesty, this is some weird fever dream if anything. A shower late at night wouldn’t hurt, so I should start from there. After that, I can change clothes and go back to bed. To forget everything tonight. Yeah, I can do that.”

Theodore recounted again the things he needed to do: have a bath, get a fresh set of clothes, and then go to sleep. It was quick and simple, with nothing too complicated. After this crazy night, he vowed to try relaxing every once in a while. Tiresome days could lead to strange, peculiar dreams, after all.

“I’m hopeful that this will carry on until the night is over.” He griped, remembering all the things he had found out the moment he woke up. From his missing roommate to having two functioning genitals. Nothing could top this night.

The raven-head shook his head as if to get rid of the things weighing on his mind. He turned around and walked towards the built-in closet where clean clothes await.

He approached the old wooden thing and stifled a look of disgust.

The closet was not a sight for sore eyes. It was dusty, creepy, and had a lingering scent of mothballs. It was right next to the bathroom door, too, which made entering and exiting a hassle due to its bulk. Even so, it did its job, so there was nothing to complain about except for its size and placement.

Theodore proceeded to open the right closet door. There, he found his clean set of clothes, and began searching for something to change to after he takes a shower. It did not take him too long to pick out a stringer tank top and a new pair of boxer shorts. Still, his face made a grimace by looking at his own choice of clothes.

“Not sure what I was thinking, but am I supposed to wear this?” he asked himself as he poked his finger through large holes in the tank top. The supposed sleeves. “Then again, it’s not like I’ll go outside while wearing this. Yeah, I’ll go with this one, instead.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As Theodore busied undressing himself, Liam’s focus skyrocketed. It was not from any excitatory emotion, but from urgency. When Theodore massaged their arse, Liam felt the hands reach his back. Only at the very bottom, but it was still his back nonetheless. And that was it. The raven-haired male said no comment when he did that, which meant he thought that the brunet’s back was his own.

Liam believed this meant their nerves had become intertwined with one another. It made sense, especially since they both felt pain from falling backwards earlier.

He needed a plan, and fast.

There was one plan on his mind, but even he thinks it was difficult to pull off. A do-or-die kind of situation. His plan would need to take action as soon as Theodore removed his shirt; Liam would lean forward and press his body against the other. It was hard, but there were no other options left to tinker around with. And it was not like he had a choice, to begin with. Given that a certain amount of time has elapsed since, he had to do it, without regard for the consequences

With that in mind, Liam bolstered his body in case the opportunity arises. That, and he braced himself for what he believed to be the toughest part of the merging process to ever happen. With the assumption that Theodore would fight back, he had to be strong and vigilant for this one.

But luckily for him, an opportunity had made itself known... and there was no going back at this point.


Part 2

Theodore grabbed the hem of his sweat-drenched top and pulled it over him. Unbeknownst to him, Liam was expecting that very moment to happen.

As soon as Theodore finally got the top off of him, Liam lunged forward. The scruffy-looking male did it with much force that the former lost his footing. It only lasted a brief moment, though all the same, Theodore had to grab onto the closest shelf to stop his fall.

“Sorry about that,” Liam said, though his apologetic tone sounded quite indifferent.

Bewildered, Theodore looked at the source of the voice. His eyes widened when he looked to his right and, there, saw none other than Liam. He could feel the hot breath blow against his face as the sweaty older male clung to him like a leech.

“Liam!” the younger man cried out as his jaw went slack, but he soon gathered his bearings. He clenched his jaws and tightened his hands. A frown formed on his face and his breathing became laboured.

There, with a stupid and cheeky grin, was his alleged missing roommate.

“Liam, what are you doing?” Theodore bellowed, unable to contain his anger. He had been quite worried, frightened, and angered the past few minutes. The sudden appearance of Liam toppled it over, but his anger still remained. “When did you—how did you—where were you?”

Liam chuckled as he shrugged his shoulders. “Oh, you know, here and there.”

“And what does that supposed to mean, anyway?”

Rather than replying to his question, Liam left his answer as it is, ambiguous. This only infuriated Theodore. But right as he was about to express his anger, the brunet began to move.

The scruffy male nestled his arms atop of his roommate as if it were a blanket. Then, he moved onto their fingers. He placed his hand over Theodore’s, then let their fingers intertwine.

Theodore did nothing but watched in stunned silence. He did not know how or why, but he could not move. Nor did he ever try moving. It was as if he had been... locked in place. He did not resist nor complained, which only gave him a headache. It was as if his body was giving up its control to Liam.

By contrast, the brunet knew what was happening. At least, he believed he knew what was happening. That the reason why Theodore did not fight back was because of the Modi-Pill’s effect. One of them has calming effects… at least, from what he had read. Liam tightened his hold on the smaller man’s hand, giving it a firm squeeze as if to affirm that it was happening.

The brunet then looked at his left, smirking as he did. “I’ve heard you’re looking for me?”

Theodore shook his head, freeing himself from the momentary daze, and yelled back. “Liam, get off me! You’re heavier than me, you know that! And your hands, too, it’s pressing down on mine... hard...”

“Sorry, but I can’t do that yet.” There was a calmness in Liam’s voice when he replied. A smooth baritone, in fact, that was unlike him on most days, if at all. “I can’t explain it to you now, but I need you to trust me and, well, relax for a bit. I’ll be taking it from here.”

He allowed his body to press up against Theodore even more. The sensation of stitching together muscle and tissues was there, only blurred out. Liam does not know why the other male had not noticed it yet, but he did not care.

Meanwhile, Theodore only got even more vexed than before. In spite of the advice given to him, he could only do the opposite and show how irked he was. He could only handle so much before he reaches his breaking point, and this was what breaks the camel’s back.

“Liam, I’m being serious here!”

“But I’m serious too, you know?” Liam shot back, levelling his emotions to that of the other.

The raven-haired male huffed. He then began trying to remove his friend from him, but he found it close to impossible. It was clear that Liam was stronger than he was. And he weighed even more thanks to all that muscles. But even then, Theodore could not shake him off. He could not even move his hands the way he wanted because of the other male clinging onto them like some sort of leech.

“Give it up, please,” Liam pleaded. “You’ll only tire yourself out.”

“I’m not going to back down without a fight, and you know it!” Theodore jumped, stretched, and even attempted to tickle Liam, but they were all for nought. Between each laboured breath, he responded, “Unless you tell me what’s going on, I won’t stop. Ever.”

“But it’s a secret!” Liam said, “Besides, you’re focusing on the wrong things here. Instead of coming up with a plan to get rid of your wonderful roomie, why not get ourselves to bed? I swear that things will clear out once you got a good night’s rest.”

“None of your advice is helpful!” Theodore flailed his arms around. “And just why are you so... I don’t know, sticky? Is this a superglue prank? Am I on live camera now?”

While the raven-haired male was rambling on, he came to notice that something was amiss. He felt that something was wrong. The young man looked down and let out a gasp of shock.

The skin—his skin—from either side of his body had become distorted. Misshapen, as if it were soft and malleable clay. Theodore could also see it stretched way further... and onto Liam’s body, no less. Likewise, the opposite was true as well; the brunet’s skin had also latched itself onto him. As if they were slimes, combining into one, homogenous mixture.

But that was not the only thing that gave him the shivers. Theodore also noticed how their skin tones were blending. Amalgamating to form an even blend of colour. Not quite light enough to be Liam’s, and not brown enough for his own. It was as though a new person might burst out from their fusion.

“What’s happening? What’s happening?” Theodore’s lips quivered as his voice became cracked. The words were on a constant repeat, like a mantra. Questions were all given but never answered. He felt helpless as he watched this new and combined skin spread inwards now. Towards his chest and stomach. “Tell me, Liam, what’s going to happen to me? Am I... are you like a symbiote or something? Are you going to eat me?”

“Slow down with your theory-crafting, you nerd!” Liam snapped before he let his voice dip down into a comforting, low tone. “Look, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s all a painless process, see? Why not relax, as I’ve said before, hm?”

Theodore remained stubborn. He shook his head, defiant from the other’s wish, and continued sobbing his heart out. “Liam—Lee—what’s happening?”

The raven-head looked at his friend, whose lips were tight shut, giving him no solace at all. Then, he felt a tingling sensation from either of his arms. He checked on them and could hardly contain the wreck of emotions that flooded him.

His arms looked like a mess. Or to be more precise, their arms. His and Liam’s. Before all this, Theodore could identify which arm belonged to whom. Beyond skin colour, the muscled one was Liam’s, while his arms had a bit of flab in them. The former’s was also longer and bigger—hands included. But this was no longer the case any more. It became hard to pinpoint exactly where their arms separate from one another. They looked as inseparable as Liam was to his back.

Theodore could not believe that the thick mass of flesh was what used to be his arms. He closed his eyes, overwhelmed from feeling too overwhelmed.

His eyes remained closed until Liam began to shake him.

“Theodore, you got to see this!”

“What do you want now?” Theodore snarled. “I am lamenting here!”

“Our arms are taking shape now, look!”

The younger male opened his eyes and, true to Liam’s word, they were taking shape. Proper shape, this time around. Theodore could make out the upper and lower arms, the elbows, and even the hands. But like what he saw with his lower half, it looked different. And well-developed, too. It was like an athlete’s.

With careful movements, he lifted them up until it was level with his shoulders. He waved them up and down, stopped, and watched as it moved again the same way without his control. Theodore’s eyes widened as he looked at it before turning his head towards Liam, who only sniggered at him.

“Would you please tell me what this is all about?” Theodore asked, his voice meek and tiny, not much higher than a whisper. He swerved his head to his right, only to see the other’s head close up to his face. It looked to him that it moved from somewhere at the back to his side. He furrowed his brows and swallowed his saliva, then asked again. “Lee, please, I need answers. Tell me... what’s going on?”

Liam heaved a deep breath, and to Theodore’s surprise, he felt it. He felt the rise and fall of his chest. He felt the rush of air that went inside his lungs.

“What was that all about?” He cut Liam off as he brought their merged hand and began placing it across his—their—chest. “Lee? I’m scared... I’m scared. W-what is—”

“Let me explain,” Liam cut him off. “So, as you can see, our arms have been... fused together. And as you have also seen, so did our torsos. Also, if you look at my neck, or at least touch it with your hands, I can also say that we’re on the same set of shoulders.”

So, Theodore did just that. He turned his head, only to have it bump against the other. The raven-head could look at Liam face to face, but cannot look down from there. Infuriated, he settled on feeling it instead. With their left hand, he put it at the base of his neck, on the right side. He inched it to the right, finding any fault or gap as he did. Unfortunately, there were none. It kept going and going until he felt the base of Liam’s neck. In response, he pulled his hand out, and his breathing became hitched. Short and quick.

“Did you feel that?” Liam asked. “There were no gaps between the crook of our necks.”

“W-why, though? Why, me? And how are you so calm about this?”

“I, uh, planned this to happen?”

Those words brought out the anger inside Theodore. With a fit of rage, he reeled his head to the left and, without warning, slammed it to his right like a battering ram.

Liam, who had not expected that, received the full brunt of the force unprepared. They staggered for a bit before they stood back up in an upright position.

“Why would you do that?” Liam cursed beneath his breath while he waited for the pain to go away.

“Because I can,” answered Theodore. “Looks like we’re merged together now. You can’t get away from me as much as I can’t, so you better be ready for any and all punishments from me. You didn’t even ask my consent for this!”

“It’s supposed to be a surprise,” Liam reasoned.

“And would you care to elaborate on the reason why?” Theodore pressed on. He could already tell this would all end up being a bigger problem by tomorrow morning.

“Uh, because of reasons.”

“What reasons?”

The brunet smiled. “More on to that later.”

The blasé reply only infuriated Theodore, but he held back before he could do anything. He opened his mouth to say something when he felt a sudden flow of numbness throughout their body. Most especially on the right side: the arm, leg, and that side of the torso. It was nothing like he had ever felt before.

Likewise, Liam felt the numbness spread across his left side. Exactly the opposite of Theodore’s.

“Grab onto something,” the brunet commanded. He, himself, used their right arm and lodged it at one of the shelves for support.

“Okay,” Theodore replied. He reached out for one of the closet’s handles and grabbed it. Even though his hands were shaking, he maintained a tight hold around the handles with an iron grip.

Without as much as a break, the two men felt their legs give in, but not in an instant. In fact, it did not last for more than a second. It had been fleeting, like a flash. Once more they staggered, and even Liam had shown confusion at what had happened.

“Is it over?” Theodore asked.

“Yeah, I... think so, too.” Liam looked down at their legs before he faced his body-mate. “So, ready to see if we can walk?”

Theodore snapped his head and faced him; fear etched onto his features. “Are you crazy? What if we fall this time?”

“Nonsense! In the count to three, we take a few steps forward. Ready?”


“Okay... three!”

“Wait a minute!”

Liam slipped their right arm out of the closet shelf and began walking forward. As in, with both left and right legs under his control.

Theodore, meanwhile, looked horrified when they saw themselves walking. Even more so when he found himself letting go of the handle. He closed his eyes and waited for the eventual fall...

... but nothing.

“You should’ve seen your face, Theo!” the raven-haired male heard Liam snorting with laughter. “What have I been telling you all this time? Relax, dude, you’re fine.”

Theodore opened his eyes and, lo and behold, they were in the middle of their room. A few steps or so away from the closet. He looked around, down, and then at Liam, unsure what to say or comment. There were too many things to keep up with, and there were too many things left unaccounted for. He looked to-and-fro Liam and their body, puzzled and rattled all the same.

“Were you scared?” Liam asked. He caressed Theodore’s cheek with their right hand, which was his way to calm him down. “Don’t worry, I’m here. I’m always here.”

“Of course, you’d always be there! We’re conjoined, now!” Theodore pointed out. He looked down at their shared body once more and gave it a good look.

From the skin tone alone, it was already different. Back when he first saw Liam, it was like having vitiligo. Now, it was a blend, a mix, of their contrasting hues, put together in harmony. There were no patches of skin that looked different; they had fused into one shade. A balanced one, that speaks both of his and his partner’s background.

And of course, the shape itself had changed. He could see that his head was no longer in the centre of the body. More on to the left, aligned with the left nipple. It was wider now, with a big, burly chest and four-pack abs. When he touched them with their left hand, it was soft. Bouncy, even. A marriage between Liam’s hard-earned muscles and his own, quote on quote, ‘baby fat,’ as he insisted it was. There was body hair all over it, too. Not enough to blanket the front half of their body, though. But to Theodore, who never had one bit of it, they looked many. Abundant.

He looked further down and, as he expected, the upper body matched that of their legs. The raven-haired male lifted one foot up before he put it back down. He could feel every bit of movement. The tension and relaxing of muscles. The way the wooden floor was cold and rough beneath the soles.

“What have we become?” Theodore asked himself as he gazed in awe at their conjoint state. “Are we still the same people we once were? Or are we someone... new?”

Liam chuckled, shaking his head. “Let’s think about that later, and more about this!”

He raised their right arm and began flexing, moving it back and forth. “Could you feel that? It’s my arm, but it’s also yours. You should feel it move, muscles and all!”

Theodore nodded. “Y-yeah, I could... feel them.”

His voice trembled in disbelief. He thought he had lost sensation of that limb. Control, too, from that numbness that seared through half of his body. And yet here he was, feeling his—their—right arm move.

“Now, how about this?” Liam brought their right arm close to his head and started rubbing his face against it.

The other male flinched. It was ticklish, feeling the brunet’s scruffy chinstrap rubbing all over their bicep. Without thinking twice, he forced that arm down and held it in place.

“Stop that,” he commanded. “I get tickled easy, remember?”

“Haha... yeah, I do. Awesome, isn’t it?”

Theodore nodded in agreement and then frowned. “Liam, can I ask you something?”


“So, uh, you can move them without problems at all? My, I mean, our body? Is that part of the merging?”

Liam nodded. “Yup. I can move them like my own. I mean, it’s a technical point, but they’re mine as much as they’re yours. My body is your body. We share it, together, with perfect control. The only exception would be our heads.”

“Our... heads?” A part of Theodore became relieved when he heard those words. There was still something that was not shared between them both. Something that he can say would be his and his alone.

“Yeah, our heads,” Liam confirmed. “We ended up having one body, but two separate heads, so no need to worry that much. I am still me, and you are still you. Only that we have to share one body, like a... whatchamacallit? A bi-something or other- twins.”

“The term you’re looking for is ‘dicephalic parapagus twins.’”

“Yeah, that...” Liam took a sharp breath and went back to admiring their merged body. Awe and delight were in his eyes.

Theodore resigned to his new status as a conjoined non-twin to Liam. Still, even if he had calmed down, he could not take in the information given to him. He could not begin to fathom how true it all had been. Nonetheless, here he was, experiencing it all first-hand.

The young man looked at Liam and stopped and stared at the smile on his face. It was a different kind of smile that he always gives. He could feel how warm and sincere this was when compared to the ones he gave before.

It made Theodore question himself... if it were for the best to accept their current situation as it is. To not question for a way out of this. For starters, they were already pretty close friends. A tight-knit one, and he had no qualms calling the other man his brother. His dad, too, viewed Liam as another son, giving and treating him as such.

As confused and frightened Theodore was now, he had to admit this was not all that bad. Being conjoined with his best and closest friend was something he used to think about. Now that this was happening, he felt... happy. Excited, even, since they can do everything together.

Theodore let his eyes rest upon Liam and felt a tug on his heart. The latter looked like he was unwrapping presents on his birthday. And there was laughter, too. Genuine laughter escaped from the brunet’s mouth like it was never-ending. Another tug pulled him out of his musings.

“I could feel it, too,” Theodore blurted out, which caught Liam’s attention. The raven-haired male looked at the latter and repeated, “I could feel it, too, Lee. Your emotions. Your happiness. I could feel it in me….”

Liam’s wide grin spread even more. “Glad you’re enjoying it now.”

“Hey, not to be that kind of person, but, uh...”

“What’s on your mind?” Liam adopted a frown, concerned.

“Oh, nothing in particular... it’s that, well, I want to know what you did to make this—” Theodore gestured at their conjoined state—”happen.”

“Ah,” Liam nodded. “It’s simple. I received an e-mail. From a pharmaceutical company, just to be clear. They, uh, make special kinds of medicine. Body modification pills and all that jazz.”

“W-wait,” Theodore took in a deep breath. He looked Liam straight in the eye. “You followed through what could have been a spam e-mail for this... this medicine?

“Actually, I went to their website and ordered one from there.”

“You went to their website and ordered one from there,” Theodore deadpanned. He was restless now. Their body moved from side to side, and their left foot began tapping on the floor continuously. Liam could feel the irritation sent by his body-mate. “Did it not occur to you that it might have been a scam?”

“I mean, look at us now. It worked, didn’t it?”

“Don’t mess with me, Liam Zachary Edevane! You could have died taking pills from an unknown source!”

“Fair point.”

“Fair point? Fair point?! I will strangle you even if it means I will carry half a corpse with me!” Theodore threatened, accompanied by his hand doing a strangling motion.

Liam, in fear for his safety, grabbed Theodore’s wrist. He could not hide his surprise when his own arm struggled to keep the other at bay. It went on for a few minutes before he had enough.

“Okay, I get it! I won’t go to bad websites any more. Is that good enough for you?”

“Not like you can do it, though. I’m right next to you now. Forever.” The raven-head huffed. “So, now what? I mean, I was about to have a bath before all this happened.”

“We should take a look at ourselves with a mirror!” The scruffy male suggested. “There’s a full-length one in the bathroom, so let’s go!”

Before Theodore could agree, much less protest, Liam seized control over their body. The raven-haired male did not know what to do but to accept his fate. His sensations of all four limbs had become numbed, most likely because of the latter. It was surprising, but he had seen too many things this night to even care.

“You asked me, but it’s not like you gave me a choice,” the younger male murmured as he was being dragged along.

Liam, meanwhile, continued on with his suggestion. He made them both enter the bathroom, opening the door and turning on the lights. What greeted them was a mess. Dirty piles of laundry stacked against a corner, and questionable stains on the tiles. The scent of disinfectant overpowered their noses, forcing the men to cover them.

But all those things were not what Liam wanted to see. He scanned the room until his eyes landed on the far side of the bathroom. There, between the sink and the shower, was the full-length mirror. Without thinking twice, he went straight for it.

“I still can’t believe I can move our limbs like this.” He looked to his left, facing an unamused Theodore. “Heh... it’s all too seamless. As if we were born conjoined.”

“Lee, it’s a ‘been there, done that’ conversation. Why not get this over with so we can take a shower and then hit the bed.”

“Okay, okay,” he replied. “Now, let’s have a look at our hot new reflection.”

They both stood before the mirror. For the first time tonight, they were able to see the changes that happened in their body. And from a different angle.

“Hey, looks like our merged selves is a hell lot bigger!” Liam exclaimed. “I don’t remember being this muscular, holy phuck!”

“I don’t think we are that muscular.” Theodore pointed out. “We’re bigger when compared to your old body, but not by much.”

“We’re like jocks now,” the brunet continued as if he did not hear a thing Theodore said. “Do you think they’ll look at us with awe and respect now?”

“You sure are enjoying the view, aren’t you?”

Liam smiled. “Of course! Like, do you see our chest? Our abs? It’s my dream to always be this big!”

The two men set their gazes upon their upper torso. Much like Liam proclaimed, it was bigger, as well as wide enough to accommodate the two heads.

“Oh, right, the chest hairs... they’re yours?” Theodore asked. “I didn’t have them before, so I guessed it was something we got from you.”

“We got them from me,” Liam answered. “You have never seen me without my top, so I guess you wouldn’t know.”

“Yeah, I didn’t know about that.”

“Ooh, right, so what do you think? Do you think we can give Jason Momoa a run for his money?”

“What? No! What gives you the idea?”

“Oh, you think so?”

“I know so. Besides, your muscles have also—probably—merged with my, er, chubbiness. We’re fifty-fifty split between fit and unfit.” Theodore brought their left hand to their chest and slid it downwards in a gentle caress. “Besides, only one of us goes to the gym, so that’s why.”

“Okay, fine, but even then, we’ve got so... so big! We got a lot more muscle than before. Come on, Theo, we’re ripped!”

Theodore chuckled. Liam was having the time of his life looking at their conjoined form. It was clear how different they were from before. The only thing that remained the same were their heads. Everything else had undergone a drastic change, which includes their cocks.

One look at their dicks was enough to say they were well-endowed. Its length was almost like their forearms’, and the same as the girth. By chance, even thicker than that.

Liam never realised it was this big when he first saw them. Theodore, too, lacked to comprehend its daring change before. But now, in front of the mirror with a level head, the two men had one thing on their minds: it was big.

“I never noticed it before, but they’re kinda big,” Theodore pointed out. “I mean, I saw it before, but it didn’t... click, you know?”

“And don’t forget the girth,” added Liam as he bends their body forward to get a closer look. He casually grabbed them both with one hand and lifted them up. “It’s heavy, too... and hey, we got four hairy balls!”

They shared a round of laughter as they straightened themselves up.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?” the brunet asked his conjoined friend.

“Yeah, it is,” Theodore responded. The tone of his voice betrayed his reply. It did not take long before a frown made its way onto his face. As if realization went through his mind

Liam caught on to the other’s reaction and raised a brow.

“Something wrong?”

“Liam, is this permanent?” Theodore asked. He looked at his conjoined body-mate straight in his eyes and repeated, “Is this permanent?”

“I, uh, yeah. It’s permanent. I think I’ve said it before, so... why?”

“It’s just... what about our dads? About our classes? We’re from two different departments!” Panic overtook Theodore. His heart thumped wild against his chest as tears spilt out from his eyes. Their hand—the one on his side of the body at least—trembled as prickling sensations spread from it.

And Liam felt them all. He could confirm Theodore’s fear because he was experiencing it along with him. This emotion. This sensation. Liam could feel it, from the quick heartbeats to the pins and needles.

“Calm down, Theo,” Liam said. He grabbed Theodore’s arm and caressed it. That had been a trick he had learned that could calm his friend down. “We’ll work through all our problems one step at a time.”

“I can’t calm down! I don’t think I can!” The raven-haired male snapped. He continued rambling on, though the other tuned it out. From one ear to the other.

Liam could not say it out loud, but he knew that this was bad. He could feel the tremor of Theodore’s voice reverberate through him. The gravity of the situation had settled in, and he had to resolve this. And fast.

Without as much of a choice, the scruffy male moved his face close to Theodore and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. It halted the latter’s outburst, if only for a moment. Liam felt their breathing slow down.

“Are you calm now?” He asked.

Theodore faced Liam, surprised yet again by something he did. His hot breath blew against the brunet’s face, though the latter did not seem to mind. Instead, he kept his eyes on him. Fixated.

“Are you calm now?” Liam repeated. He wrapped themselves with their arms and squeezed their body in an attempt for a hug or embrace. The hands move up and down, stroking their sides until he could feel their heartbeat slacken. Until he could feel his body-mate become composed.

“Theo, there’s no point in worrying. Not at this hour, and not with your current state of mind.”

“But how could I?” Theodore responded, with tears welling up in his eyes. “This isn’t going to be a one-time thing, this is permanent! Our lives, Lee—it’s not going back the way they used to. We are not going to be like we used to.”

Right as Liam was about to respond, Theodore wedged their left hand between their necks. He began to shove Liam’s head away, pushing the base of the brunet’s neck away from him. From his shoulder. From his body. He kept at it, repeating the action several times over.

Liam, however, remained unperturbed. No retort. No words. He allowed his body-mate to do as he pleased, even if it started hurting him. His neck was reddening from all that pushing, and he was sure it had bruises now. A part of him is somewhat hurt by this. Emotionally hurt. He thought it was going well, but this was one of the few consequences he knew were about to come and get him. All Liam could do was try mending Theodore’s fragile state.

Theodore, meanwhile, stopped trying to remove Liam’s head from himself. Pain was all he could feel in his arm; it was a bit unaccustomed to moving that much. Still, there was resolve in his heart that burned, wanting to end their fusion. He reached out for the closest metal bar, the towel rack, and held onto it. Then, the young man used it as a lever and pulled. He kept pulling, twisting himself off of Liam, but it did nothing. Their body followed along whichever direction he tried to go.

It had been a fruitless attempt, but Theodore could not accept he and Liam became conjoined. That they were not two bodies stitched together with needle and thread. But instead, merged together at the very core, flesh and all.

As Theodore continued on with his effort to separate himself from Liam, the latter came across... a new kind of problem. It was a surprise encounter, for all he could think of. The brunet had no idea how or why, but down below, was a growing boner. Or boners, considering there were two dicks down there.

“Ah, shite,” he mumbled beneath his breath. The way Theodore was defiant... how he would try to physically separate themselves... it somehow aroused him. For one reason or another, he found the fact that someone else moving his body stimulating. It exhilarated the brunet in a sensual, sexual manner.

He had no answers on why it happened. Nothing. However, what he did know was that their cocks were getting hard.

Still, he remained quiet. It was not like he could say it out loud. Not with Theodore being a complete wreck. His conscience was telling him to keep it to himself; such a thing should be a secret. Liam believes confessing it now would strain his relationship with Theodore further. Even more so now that they have to do everything together.


“I suppose now’s not the best time to remind you that this is permanent?” Liam asked, trying to distract himself from their growing boner. It throbbed and yearned for attention. For a touch, or fondled at, but the scruffy male remained distant. His focus was on Theodore, who still has yet to give up. “You’ll only make us exhausted if you keep this up.”

His words fell unto deaf ears, as Theodore paid him to heed. He continued on with his effort to separate themselves. There was a struggle in his movements, and rightfully so, when half of his body felt like a tonne of lead.

Liam only rolled his eyes. He said, as calm as possible, “Ignoring me won’t change a thing.”

But it was then and there that an idea came to mind.

With a Cheshire Cat grin, Liam began to pull himself in the opposite direction. In stark contrast to where Theodore was pulling. He felt a sharp pain on his left—or rather, the centre of their body—where he and his body mate converge as one. He huffed as each movement turned him on. That each resistance, each defiant tug and pull, made him want to squirm and shudder. His breathing soon became ragged, and it did not take long before their twin cocks became fully erect.

The hardened cock caught Theodore’s attention. Alongside how their shared chest kept rising and falling. This made him slow down to a halt. He turned towards Liam, who had then also stopped pulling away, and gave him a cheeky grin. There was a twinkle in his eyes that said, ‘it worked.’

“Why are we hard?” Theodore asked, straight to the point.

“I find ourselves hot, that’s why.” Liam put their right hand at the base of their cocks and gave it a squeeze. The two men moaned, which incited Liam to stroke their cocks. Each movement made them shudder, which then only made them feel bothered and raunchy.

Theodore’s face, meanwhile, turned into a shade of bright red. “W-what are you—?”

“We got hard,” Liam replied, plain and simple, cutting Theodore’s words while at it. “You kept moving around, and it got me aroused. So, our cocks got hard as well.”

“Are you phucking kidding me?” Theodore snapped. He did not expect that kind of answer. Of all the surprises that happened tonight, this was the most unorthodox one.

“Nope! And like I keep telling you, you can’t get away from me. We’re conjoined now,” the brunet pointed out, giving emphasis on the word ‘conjoined’. “You and I are going to be together forever. There, I said it again. So, you know, might as well make do.”

The younger male’s face turned red even further. “That’s because it’s strange, you know?! The novelty of this conjoinment wore off, so of course, I panicked! And what’s up with you getting a hard-on from me moving around?”

“I don’t know, but I kinda enjoyed it. I guess you can say I discovered a new side to myself.” He tightened his grip on their cocks and they both moaned as a wave of pleasure hit them.

“Lee... let’s not do this here,” Theodore pleaded, unable to resist the way Liam fondled their cocks. “Not in here. Not in the bathroom, standing.”

“You’re right. Let’s go to my bed.”

They made their way out of the bathroom and went straight toward Liam’s bed. It was a feat in itself, taking into consideration Liam still massaging their cocks as they walked. But they did not dwell too much on that. They had a boner to take care of, and that was what mattered the most.

As they stood before the cold and dry bed, the conjoined pair tried to get themselves on top of it. But it did not go as planned. Their body jerked and twitched, and did not move the way they wanted to move. It was because the conjoined pair wanted to move as if they were two individuals. Two very separate individuals, at that.

“Stop that,” Liam scolded, “I’m trying to get us into bed.”

“I’m doing that too, just so you know,” Theodore replied. “It’s hard to move where I want to if you try to move our body your way.”


It took them a while, but Theodore relented in the end. He allowed Liam to dictate where and how he should move. And thus, they were able to cooperate until they had their back against the headboard.

“Are you ready?” Liam asked, panting and sweaty.

“Yeah, let’s get this over with,” Theodore replied, sweating and panting like the former was. He then raised up their left arm and used it to cover his eyes. “And make it quick, okay? I... I’m still coming to terms with all this, so I’ll leave everything to you. And you can control my side of our body as well, right?”

“Fine, then.”

Liam wasted no time putting their right hand back at their semi-conjoined cock. With a firm grip, he started out in a slow, pleasant caress, moving his hand up and down, savouring every second of it. The brunet felt that Theodore was enjoying this as much as he does. It was like music to his ears, the soft and almost inaudible moans his body-mate failed to suppress. He found it endearing in his own, special way.

But even then, Liam believed that it was lacking. It needed more stimulation.

“It’s not enough,” Liam declared. He took control of their left arm, which made the other yelp in surprise. “I’m sorry, Theo, but I’ll be needing our left arm. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course, I mind!” Theodore retorted as he steeled his arm to prevent Liam from using it against his commands. However, Liam was as stubborn as he was, and did not back off at all. Without as much as another choice, Theodore rescinded control of their left arm over to Liam. He huffed. “Fine, but you better make it good!”

Liam said his thanks and continued on with molesting themselves. He continued using their right hand to fondle their two cocks. With how big their hand had got, he pressed them up against each other with a single grip. Likewise, he used their left hand to rub and massage their bouncy yet firm chest and abs. Every once in a while, he would play with their also-hard nipples.

The two men felt as if they were on fire. Every single one of their touches sent shivers down their spine. It was making them tremble at every other turn. As if their very skin became sensitive, heightened for self-pleasure. This made them even more agitated, and Liam continued jerking themselves off.

It was not long before thick globs of pre-cum began to drip down from the tip of their cocks. The brunet let them ooze into their hands, lubricating them. The slippery feel of their cocks made masturbation easier. As a result, it meant more stimulation.

“This feels amazing!” Liam exhaled sharply. “I don’t know about you, Theo, but it... it feels so much better than when I was alone!”

“I think I know what you mean,” Theodore replied between ragged breaths. “It’s like I can feel your pleasure the same way you feel mine.”

“Like we’re sharing our individual senses?”

“Like we’re sharing our—ah! Keep going! Keep going!” Theodore whimpered. “I—I can’t hold it in any more! Liam! Lee!”

Their body spasmed as they move closer to the climax. And, like before, as a result of receiving mixed signals from the two men. Liam would lean forward, but Theodore would arch their back, and even bed sideways. This made their shared body shift in every which way. It would jostle and convulse, confused as to whose control it should follow.

Liam’s arousal only furthered itself as a result of these clashing movements. And by extension, Theodore. They would bump their heads and sometimes would even move apart from each other. It was quite a sight to see them stagger and convulse. The act of masturbation was an intimate one, but as it were, they were both conjoined to each other.

It did not take long for the uneven and uncontrolled movements to send Liam and Theodore off the edge. The former pointed their cocks towards themselves as they released a stream of cum. It drenched their chest, abs, and faces with the viscid semen, and went on until it emptied their four balls. Soon after, their cock softened, and the two men were able to catch their breaths.

They lay still on the bed, tired, sweaty, and covered with cum. Regardless, they were both intoxicated by the afterglow of their shared self-gratification.

Liam lazily moves their right hand up and down their abdomen, spreading the cum. His mind was empty save for the fact that he had just finished masturbation while stuck to his best friend. One of the first private activities that he would have to do from now on, with him. He remained in his dazed state, snickering as he did so, thinking about all the things he and Theodore would do. Together, that is.

The raven-haired male was the first to recover. He faced his right and mumbled out, “That went well.”

“Yeah, it did,” Liam replied, likewise facing his left. “Guess this means you’re not mad at—”

“Of course, I’m still mad at you!” Theodore shouted as he turned his head to the right and faced Liam. “What on earth was going around your head, when you attempted to merge with me? I was asleep the whole time you did your little science experiment, for goodness’ sake!”

Liam shrugged their shoulders. “Well, I thought that it would be easier that way. But you know, I had to applaud the fact that you woke up and didn’t know that I was halfway conjoined to your body.”

“You’re a phucking bastard, you know that?”

“Aww, but I’m your phucking bastard. And I repeat, your phucking bastard... forever!”

“I guess you are a bastard,” he muttered.

Their eyes became locked onto one another. And without a single word between them, they leaned in forward for a kiss. It was difficult when taking into account how their heads were facing sideways. As in, with their heads both on the same set of shoulders. Nonetheless, they went straight for it.

The kiss started out small, their lips touching one another with light presses. Shortly after, they parted them open. This allowed their tongues to slip into each other’s mouths.

Liam swore he felt the whole world melt away. There was warmth on his—their—chest, and it kept growing. It sparked and ignited something within, and he hungered for more. He pressed his face towards Theodore and had shown surprise when the latter did the same.

They were sweaty and smelled of cum, but the two men could not care any less. They had each other. For Liam, he was stuck to the most beautiful boy in the university, and nothing could tear them apart. Likewise, for Theodore, their misadventure opened up buried feelings for the scruffy man.

Both of them parted for a brief moment to inhale before they resumed their make-out session. Their muffled moans reverberated throughout their body. It was like seven minutes in heaven for them. Not long after did they move their heads away, with a string of saliva to connect the two mouths together.

“Liam,” Theodore began, his voice sweet and hushed, “let’s clean ourselves up, okay? I still need my sleep.”

“All right, you sleepyhead.” The brunet repressed a chuckle. “Can I call you my boyfriend now?”

The raven-head leaned over and rubbed his cheek against the other’s scruffy chinstrap. “Yeah, I guess we’re boyfriends now.”

The conjoined pair got up and went towards the bathroom, ready for a long-awaited shower. It took quite a considerable amount of teamwork from start to finish. From the choice of shampoo to how they would scrub themselves, there were arguments. Discussions. It was clear their wits and ability to cooperate were being tested from a simple task. Especially when each man wanted to shower their way. Their individual way.

As a result, they argued, and words were both thrown in each other’s direction. Their shared body, too, suffered from having to move and jerk around, with each of them vying for control. Too stubborn to back off.

It did not take long before they settled in for a compromise. Theodore would get to pick the soap and shampoo, but leave the choice of clothes to Liam. A bit late, but it dawned on them that what they used to do before was no more; they cannot do anything on their lonesome now. Everything is about agreement and understanding with even the slightest, mundane thing. Of reaching a modus vivendi on every ordinary business.

When they have cleansed themselves from all that grit and cum, they went to their shared closet. As per the agreement, Liam had the opportunity to pick what to wear. Much to Theodore’s dismay, Liam had chosen his stringer shirt. And then paired it up with the brunet’s half-thong underwear.

“Why would you choose that!” Theodore remarked as he watched and stared at Liam, who was dressing themselves. “I get the reason why you’d pick the top... but your thong? We’d be half-exposed wearing that thing!”

“I like to sleep without any underwear, you know that,” Liam stated. “I take them off when I go to sleep. Makes me feel unrestricted and free. But I also know that you like wearing underwear, so this is already our middle ground. You’d get the string half, of course. And this leaves my half of our body virtually exposed. Am I a genius or what?”

“An idiot is more like it,” came Theodore’s straight-laced response. “But I suppose this would be our routine from now on. Filled with arguments and questionable decisions.”

“What can I say? Arguments make for a healthy relationship.” Liam grinned and gave Theodore several smooches on his cheek. “Come on, love, you know you can’t resist me.”

“Whatever.” Theodore rolled his eyes. “And even if I do, it’s not like I can get away from you.”

After they little banter, Theodore and Liam made their way to the former’s bed. A bed far cleaner when compared to the latter. Then, they slept, peacefully in each other’s presence.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was morning when Liam opened his eyes. He had woken refreshed and energized. This was the first morning he and Theodore would spend together as a conjoined pair, after all. Since it was the weekend, and they had no classes, it was the perfect time to explore their university. And Liam was already prepared to face all kinds of problems. From friends to professors, and their fathers, once they caught wind of the news.

He looked to his left, ready to greet his boyfriend—a word he never thought he would get to use—a good morning. But no words sprang out of his mouth. It instead slackened, wordless, and in surprise from what, or who, was there.

Beside him was a man unknown to him. He could make out the stranger’s features, but not by much. Liam could see his somewhat sharp yet rounded jawline. That, and a puffy, dark-coloured hair, with a shock of auburn on the front. His complexion was something familiar... but Liam could not recall anyone with that skin tone.

But regardless if he knew someone or not, the person beside him... the person conjoined to him... was not Theodore.

And Liam reacted badly to it.

He pulled himself into a sitting position right away. But he did it with so much force that he had forgotten he was somewhat merged with somebody else. As a result, his body-mate had, too, woken up, gagging from how fast their body moved.

‘Who are you?!” Liam lashed out. He stood up, which also forced the stranger beside him to stand, and began shoving the other away. “Who are you, and what have you done to me? Where’s Theodore?”

“Ugh, calm down, Lee!” The stranger groaned in a familiar voice, though it came with a sluggish tone. “And what do you mean, ‘Where’s Theodore?’ when I’m right here! Geez, and you thought I reacted badly...”

Liam blinked once, then again. He lowered their arms back to their side and kept his stare at the man, now rubbing his eyes from the grit.

“Theodore, is... is that you?”

“Um, yeah? Who else would it be except...” The stranger who claimed to be Theodore swerved his head and looked at Liam, but his words died soon after. His eyes widened in surprise and shock as he stared at the other. “Wait, Liam? Wow, that’s... well, this is weird. You, um, you look...”

“I, what? And Theo, you should have a look at yourself.”

“Me? How about you? I couldn’t recognize your face with that getup! Are you—”

Right before the man could finish his sentence, Liam pulled him along to the bathroom. A sense of urgency had filled his heart. He had been quite proud having a contingency plan, but not for this. Everything else, but not this one. He led them towards the full-length mirror from last night as stood there agape. Dumbfounded, even. The man on his left also caught their reflection and also became lost for words.

Liam and Theodore had, in fact, undergone another change.

It was a different sort of change this time around. Not that their previous change was subtle or anything, but this one took their breaths away. Their faces have been... replaced. It was unlike anything they have seen, but both men surmised that their features have merged as well.

It was somewhere between Liam’s sharp features and Theodore’s rounded ones. Their turned-up noses were somewhat slim and had a short tip. They also had downturned eyes and a thick set of eyebrows that gave them a stern, no-nonsense kind of look. What remained the same was their hairstyles. Liam still had his bedhead-styled hair and his scruffy chinstrap. Theodore, likewise, kept his bro-flow à la Sam Winchester, and had no facial hair at all.

Other than that, they were identical in every which way, as if they had become twins on a biological level.

“Well,” Theodore was the first to break the silence, “it’s not like things could get any stranger than this. Unless there is. Liam?”

Liam groaned. “Oh, don’t point fingers now! I honestly don’t know how we ended up like this. Look, we can contact the company for this, well, unintended after-effect. Besides, we can blend in much easier if we looked like twins from the start. I mean, who has ever heard of conjoined non-twins? Or conjoined boyfriends?”

“I know I said that we’re boyfriends, but don’t use the B-word as an excuse.”

“We’ll think through this,” Liam reassured Theodore. “I’ve done my homework about the what-ifs, so we should not be that concerned.”

“Ooh, yeah, leave the planning to you.” Theodore huffed. “Let me set the record straight... your so-called ‘best plan ever made’ was very much riddled with flaws and openings. And then this happens, and you expect me to be in safe hands. Did I get that right?”

Liam chuckled. “It’s not like you had any other choice at this point, right?”

“As if.” Theodore rolled his eyes. “Well, ‘bro,’ what are we going to do today?”

“Well, we can... pick our clothes for the day?”

Theodore suppressed a groan. “Unbelievable. Anything else?”

“We can try calling your dad and my father?”

“Clothes it is, let’s go,” Theodore said, as he made them walk towards their closet. Liam snickered, but allowed the former to do the work for him.

They were digging through their clothes when there came a loud knocking on the door. An all-too-familiar voice made them freeze in place. One from fear, and the other, from surprise.

“Theo, are you there?” There was hesitation in that person’s tone. Almost timid, quavering and almost close to a mumble. “Um, we need to talk.”

“Open the door, Liam,” said a second voice. This time, it was more assertive. Dominating and commandeering, his presence even through the other side of the door. He continued, “It’s already morning, and I do not believe for one that you’re still in bed. Get up, young man!”

The rapping on the door continued, but neither Theodore nor Liam made a move to react. It took them a couple of seconds before the situation finally kicked in.

“Dad?” Theodore questioned.

“Father!” Liam shouted, almost right after Theodore. He then looked at his body-mate and asked, “Hey, what do we do? I mean, I did say we should go tell our fathers, but not now! And not explain it at the same time with each other!”

“I, uh, don’t think we have a choice, now, do we?” Theodore replied. “We’ll just have to...”


“Yeah, let’s.”

The conjoined pair went through their morning routine as fast as they could. They washed their faces and gargled, almost gagging along the process. After which, they dressed up in the most appropriate clothes they could find. One that fits their now-wide torso. Both the young men could feel their legs wobble as they move. And their heart, too, was thumping against their chest, as wild as it could be. However, they each put on a brave face. If not for their own, for the other.

Liam put their right hand by the doorknob and exhaled sharply.

“We’re coming,” he announced out loud before he swings the door open.

The door opened wide, but then there was a heavy silence that followed.

There were a thousand responses within Liam’s mind, but they all fell silent as soon as he saw his strict, uncaring father...

... together with Theodore’s loving dad.

The two university students stood in awe as they looked at their fathers, who tower over them. Not only did they gain height, but also mass. Liam was certain that neither of the older men works out, yet here they were, burly and rugged. The muscles were even more so defined by how tight their clothes were. In fact, the buttons on their suit look as if it was struggling to stay in place. Their necks were as thick as their bulging arms, with thick hands to match. And, of course, with tight pants hugging their legs... and the massive bulge around the crotch.

But, perhaps, the most defining change of all was the fact that they, too, were also conjoined. They were two heads atop one massive, hulking body.

Both sons and fathers stared at each other. Nobody made the first move. Theodore and Liam had their mouths wide open. Likewise, their fathers were also giving them ludicrous looks.

“What happened to you?” Theodore’s father was the first to speak up. He looked to his right and asked his new body-partner. “Philip, are you seeing this too? Our sons are—”

“I know what I’m seeing, Caleb,” came the icy response. “Liam, Theodore, would you mind letting us in, first?”

“Oh, of course, Mr Edevane.” Right this way,” said Theodore, yet he remained rooted there.

Liam shook his head in disbelief. He took control of their body and led their conjoined fathers inside. “Here, come with me—er, I mean, us.”

The scruffy young man went ahead and began cleaning up their room. At least, their beds. He took the bedsheets that have been hitherto defiled from last night’s endeavour. After which, he crumpled them up and put them in the hamper.

“Please, sit here, father, Mr Agustin,” Liam said, pointing at his bed, which the older men accepted. Likewise, he led him and Theodore to the latter’s bed and sat down.

“So where do we begin?” Theodore’s father, Caleb, asked, looking at all the three men in the room with him. On his face was a wry smile, as if still unable to process that his son was also conjoined to his roommate.

“We can start by the fact that you’re both able to waltz inside the dorms,” Liam replied. “Isn’t that, like, against the rules or something?”

“It’s allowed,” Philip growled. “I won’t go into too much detail, but we were given permission to enter.”

He then pointed at Liam and continued. “Liam, I thought you’ve read the rulebook of the university dormitories? How come you don’t know? If you’ve read it, you wouldn’t be too surprised to see me, us, here.”

“Come now, Philip, please be more considerate towards your son,” Caleb scolded. However, there was no bit of barb in his tone. It remained cordial and friendly. He turned his attention towards Liam and smiled. “I’m sorry, Liam. Your father seems to be... overwhelmed at the moment.”

“I suppose that’s the given,” Theodore chimed in, finally out of his stupor.

“Glad you’re out of your daze.” Liam laughed.

He ignored his conjoined friend and gave the two older men his full attention instead.

“Anyway, would one of you care to give an explanation now? How did you—” he pointed his finger at his dad, then at Liam’s father—”and Mister Edevane ended up conjoined?”

Caleb blushed a vivid shade of red, which reminded Liam of his conjoined boyfriend. He opened his mouth to respond, but his words stumbled, and it became incoherent.

“Ah, you see, it was...”

“We woke up like this. Your father and I woke up, conjoined to each other,” Philip replied casually. He crossed their arms together. “Of course, we were... surprised. Even more so when, well, shall we?”

He turned his head towards Caleb, whose face became even redder.

“I can’t—we can’t undress ourselves in front of the kids!”

“They are adults now, Caleb, not kids. Don’t baby them.” Philip rose from the bed, bringing the latter along with him. He then began unbuttoning their black business suit.

“Please, Philip!” Caleb exclaimed as he wriggled in place. He seemed to have taken control of their arms when it paused mid-way, removing the button. But the other man proved himself much stronger than he was and was able to continue with ease. Rather than continue fighting, he closed his eyes and turned his head away, unable to face his son and his friend.

“Sorry about my dad bullying yours,” Liam whispered to Theodore.

“Oh, don’t be. He’s as sensitive as I am, but twice as forgiving. Besides, they’re both on a first-name basis, so they must be close.”

“I see... hey, wait,” Liam quirked a brow and asked, “What did you mean, ‘twice as forgiving’? Are you saying that—”

“If given the opportunity, I will punch you in the gut, yes.”

Liam kept his mouth shut and went back to looking at their conjoined fathers.

Philip had just finished removing the last button of the coat, which he then removed. Beneath was a white dress shirt that looked like it would rip in a matter of seconds. It also looked too tight for them to even wear. The fact it was somewhat drenched in sweat did not help the younger men at all. They could see their fathers’ nipples through the shirt, and they looked fully erect.

The older brunet continued on and, before he let go of the last button, he looked up to his son and his roommate. “I must warn you not to be or show alarm. Are we clear?”

The younger men nodded, which satisfied Philip.

He opened up the button-down shirt. There, he revealed to them his and Caleb’s hairy and chiselled chest and abs. Liam could not help but stare at his father’s delectable body. The sweat glistened against the light, which further gave their abs definition.

But that was not enough to distract them of the fact that there were two sets of pectorals rather than one. Two chests, with the second below the original. How they missed it through the sweaty, almost translucent dress shirt was beyond them.

Liam was about to ask his father about it when Philip raised his arms. The action exposed another set of arms beneath.

“Four arms!” Theodore pointed out. “You and dad got four arms! How did we miss that? We should have not missed that.”

“Yes, Theodore, we—your father and I—had two sets of arms. As for the latter point...”

Philip took control of the second pair of arms and have it wrapped against their waist. “I put them like this and kept it still. The first thing one would end up focusing on would be our chest. Not exactly camouflage, but it works.”

“Oh, Theo, I hope you wouldn’t find your Papa strange!” Caleb whimpered.

“No, I wouldn’t. I mean, I’m conjoined to my best friend since last night. And then we woke up looking like twins this morning, unlike you two,” he replied.

True to his word, Philip and Caleb remained distinct. Different from one another. Their entire right body was that of Philip, while the left belonged to Caleb. Unlike their sons, their bodies were evenly split among themselves. Their hands, chest, abs, and body hair were different from the opposite half. It was like their bodies were cut in the middle and sewn together. Except, the middle area looked clean and unblemished. At least, besides the chest hair and the happy trail. Even then, the right half had dark-brown hair, while the left half had black hair.

Liam was silent throughout his father’s show and tell. He did not count on the fact that he and his boyfriend’s dad would also end up conjoined, as they were. It was more than a minor hiccup, but a disaster!

“Now that that’s out of the way,” Philip sat down again, “I would like to point out something... Liam?”

The scruffy male snapped out of his thoughts and looked at his father. “Yes?”

“Theodore mentioned that you had been conjoined—”

“—since last night?” Caleb finished. “H-how did that happen? Were you two okay?”

The older raven-haired man got up and tried to walk towards their sons when Philip made them sit down again. They looked at each other, both of them with a frown.

“Caleb, I’m sure you’re worried, but don’t try to coddle our sons every second,” he reprimanded.

“But being too distant and aloof isn’t as good.”

Philip sighed. “I know we have our differences in parenting, but—”

“But nothing, Philip. We’ve become conjoined like our sons were. If we’re going to parent them, we will do so together.” Caleb leaned in close and gave Philip a soft kiss on the lips. “We have our differences, but we’re going to set them aside, okay? If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for me.”

Philip exhaled sharply, but nodded. “Just as long as I see fit.”

Caleb smiled and gave him another kiss, which was now reciprocated much, much more. He used their left arm to push Philip’s head closer to him. At the same time, Philip used their right arm and did the same to Caleb. It started with a deep, long kiss, but soon they began to use their tongues. They moaned as their lower set of arms started massaging their body. One was on their body, going through their abs. The other, however, was fondling the mammoth bulge on their paints.

Theodore and Liam stared in horror as their fathers continued making out in front of them.

“Ahem, we’re still here!” Liam exclaimed.

The two grown men stopped what they were doing and pulled their heads away. At least, as much as they were able to. This resulted in yelping at the sharp pain between their necks. A short, if irritating reminder, that made them remember their merged state.

“Right, right. Moving on,” Caleb said, blushing like he had been since he came.

“Theodore, Liam,” Philip coughed on his scrunched-up hand, “you mentioned that last night you were...?”

“We became conjoined last night,” answered Liam. “And that this morning, we woke up looking like this. I do think that us being twins is temporary, though.”

“Oh, care to elaborate on that, son?” Philip leaned his and Caleb’s body forward, all four arms crossed, and eyes fixated on him.

The young man stammered. “Ah, well, see... I mean, it started with—um, I guess...”

Theodore brought their left hand onto their right and gave it a firm hold.

Liam looked to his left and met with his body-mate’s smile.

“It’ll be fine,” he said, smiling at him. “Take it easy. No matter what, I’ll be right here.”

His words calmed Liam down. He took a deep breath and looked at their fathers straight into their eyes.

“Okay, let me start over: it all began with an e-mail...”

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