Friday Flashback: February 2019

Weekly Update 24 February 2024
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Weekly Update: 24 February 2024

This week’s offering from me is not one but two Patreon-commissioned story updates, for “The Right Blend” and “Sexi-Phi.” With all the Vignette Party entries I am up to 36,000 words this month! That’s a lot of sexytimes, and I had a great time writing all of it.

And if that’s not what you’re looking for, there’s more below. Dig in and see what you like, and if you do remember to star-upvote and comment to help others find what they’re looking for. If you’ve got a story about hot guys getting hotter that would work well on the site, send it in!

The Friday Flashback this week collected stories from February 2019; check that out if you missed it. The next update is a week hence, on 2 March. In the meantime, thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site!

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The right blend, Parts 20–21 by BRK As the birthday party continues, both the old Henry and the new one get used to who they are in this reality—and what benefits come with their revised situations. 21 parts 61k words (#48) Added Mar 2023 Updated 24 Feb 2024 20k views 5.0 stars (9 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Self-suck•Hyper Cum•Multicock•Multiarm•Multilimb•Multipec•Multitongue•Replication•Stacking•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Always Shirtless•Pointy Ears•Increased Libido•Getting Handsomer•Transformation•Getting Taller•Plausible Size Difference•Size Decrease•Size Increase•Race/Ethnicity Change•Retcon•Incest•Brothers•Nonconsensual change•Body Swap•Cannabis •M/M•M/M/M•M/M/M/...

Sexi-Phi, Part 9 by BRK Returning to the frat after winter break bigger and hornier than ever, Holden finds that things have changed—and not in a manner that improves his control over his increasingly cummy fate in any way. 9 parts 56k words (#57) Added Jun 2023 Updated 24 Feb 2024 28k views 5.0 stars (32 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Self-suck•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Muscle Growth•Always Shirtless•Public Nudity•Increased Libido•Gradual Change•Getting Taller•Incest•Father/Son•Twins•Hyper Pheromones•Christmas •M•M/M

The billionaire’s secret by YellowJester A bookstore employee brings a romance book to life in an effort to help a nice customer, only to find out what The Billionaire’s Secret actually is. 1,690 words Added Feb 2024 2,232 views 4.0 stars (5 votes) •Cock Growth•Straight to Gay•Muscle Growth•Getting Handsomer•Getting Taller •M/M

By the light of the moon, Parts 5–6 by JJ Staxx Tyler begs Ellie to help him with his hypercock, but she has other ideas. 6 parts 12k words Added Jan 2024 Updated 24 Feb 2024 7,299 views 3.4 stars (22 votes) •Cock Growth•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hetero Sex•Nonconsensual change•Witch/Warlock/Wizard•Complete•Stories with Images •M/F

The Double B Ranch, Part 5 by Absman420 If the stuff that gets them ready to have the stuff that transforms them affects them like this, what will the real formula do? 6 parts 21k words Added Jan 2024 Updated 24 Feb 2024 11k views 4.9 stars (25 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Hair Growth/Getting Hairy •M/M

The house, Part 12 by Writ Bro The new recruits arrive, shaking things up for the already-transformed men as the novices come to appreciate the possibilities offered on this particular estate. 12 parts 66k words (#45) Added Jan 2023 Updated 24 Feb 2024 29k views 4.9 stars (48 votes) •Cum Milking•Nipple Emissions•Straight to Gay•Hyper Muscle•Muscle Breast•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Transformation•Size Increase•Dom/Sub •M•M/M•M/M/M•M/M/M/...

Humbled by the himbo, Parts 5–6 by MegaMaker Cleaning up took a while but Austin was very satisfied. Right when he was about to leave Riley convinces him to snuggle for a while, that’s when Austin breaks the question, “Why are you so big?” 6 parts 17k words Added Feb 2024 Updated 24 Feb 2024 7,194 views 4.6 stars (47 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Hyper Muscle•Pec Fucking•Hyper Strength•Immobility•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Lycra/Spandex•Set in the Future •M/M

The tarpit by Hairy Beard Home is a tarpit. 2,368 words Added Feb 2024 714 views 2.4 stars (5 votes) •Transformation•Nonconsensual change•Restraints •M/M

When Evan started growing—Next installment by JuicyJ Let’s see how Charlie’s been since his wedding  5,226 words Added Feb 2024 2,852 views 5.0 stars (11 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Muscle Growth•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Tongue Growth•Bisexual•Hetero Sex •M/M•M/F


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