The perfect cosplay

by Bigmanfan

 A slim nerd decides to get huge after some mean comments on his cosplay.

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‘Rob Liefeld would be sick if he saw this version of the good Cap.’—DragonK

‘You got the colours right, but with that body, you look less like the flag and more like the pole.’—SneakSnook

‘I see you’re a fan of pre-serum Steve’—MLT

‘Cap Am? I thought you were going for Flashpoint Superman.’—GregSupreme

‘Delete This’—Minty

“Lucas, stop looking at the comments. Your cosplay of Captain America was good.”

Lucas looked up from his phone to glance up at his friend Dante. Dante gave him a side glance as he kept his focus on the road as he drove them to the airport.

“I know. It’s just… after all that hard work getting the suit and crafting the shield only for them to tear it down,” Lucas said, trying to defend why he was fixated on these comments, despite the fact they were just a few of the majority of positive comments welcoming him to the cosplay community and impressed with the work of his costume.

“Lucas, you did amazing. I saw the comments and likes you got before we left. You’ve got a ton of positive comments. Hell, you’re pulling in dictator levels of approval with the posts,” Dante argued, smiling at the laughter he earned from his friend. Getting to the airport, the two slipped into comfortable conversation.

“So, you’re sure you’ll be okay with me gone for the next few weeks?” Dante asked, parking the car as the two men stepped. Going to the back, he pulled out his bags for the work trip he has to do.

“I will, I’ll just do some work whilst you’re gone. Now, you sorted for your ride home?” Lucas asked, slipping his phone into his pocket as he followed Dante out, deciding to have himself a drink before he takes Dante’s car back home.

“I am. David will pick me up as I need to stop by the office,” Dante said, sighing as he saw the check-in line stretching out. “You sure you’ll be okay? I know you’re down about those trolls, but—”

“It’s fine. I’ll ignore them. It’s just frustrating when after all that work, to receive those comments. And not one of them were constructive outside of just being mean,” Lucas said in frustration, resisting the urge to pull his phone back up at the long line. “You want me to go get us a drink for the long wait?”

“Nah, chances are you’ll get the drink before I have to check-in. Besides, the line’s moving,” Dante said, taking a few steps as a few people seemed to get rushed through. “But that is my point. They’re just trolls who want to damage your confidence. Now promise me you’ll ignore them while I’m gone?”

“I promise, Scout’s honour,” Lucas said, holding a hand up with three fingers upright whilst his other hand crossed his heart.

“The only thing you picked up from our time with the Scouts was sewing, and even then you can blow their skill award out of the water,” Dante laughed, getting further down the line as the two chatted more, moving off the comments and to more upbeat topics like Lucas’s next idea for a cosplay.

“So, I was thinking maybe Prizefighter or Hercules. But after the comments, I think I might go for someone more… slim,” Lucas admitted, his hand twitching at the urge to check the comments.

“As I’ve said, do a cosplay you want to. And screw the guys telling you you look bad, they’re probably some fedora-wearing basement dweller with nothing better to do and are just jealous you do great stuff,” Dante argued, taking a moment to hand his passport and flight ticket at checkout as he brought his luggage to the section to be weighed and tagged. “Besides, you do amazing cosplays. As long as you enjoy yourself, fuck anyone who tells you anything,” he said, not caring about some of the glances he was getting.

“Okay. You made your point. Now go enjoy the trip, make those guy see why you’re representing your company,” Lucas laughed, following Dante before the two had to split off. Sharing a hug, the two embraced before Dante headed off. Waving him off as he went up the escalator to the passengers waiting area. Sighing as Dante went out of sight, Lucas decided to stop by the cafe for a drink before he’d make his way home.

Getting to the on-site cafe, Lucas winced at the prices before grabbing an iced tea. As he waited for his drink, he gave in to his curiosity and pulled his phone from his pocket, opening the screen back to the comments where a new comment was added.

‘Man. You’re supposed to be Steve Rogers, not Mr Rogers!”—OrcKing

“Jokes on you, I had a crush on Mr Rogers,” Lucas whispered to himself with a chuckle, trying to see the positive about the rather stupid comments. Sighing as he picked up his drink, Lucas took a sip of the sweet mix before his phone buzzed with a new message.

Dante: Stop reading the comments.

“How did he—?” Lucas blinked at the message, impressed Dante seemed to know him well enough to guess he’d go back to looking at the comments on what was his most popular post to date. Lucas messaged back he’d stop before finishing off his drink, wishing Dante a safe trip before he went to the car to make his way home.

Letting his mind wander as he drove home, letting the soft melody of the radio keep him distracted from his thoughts of the comments, giving them more of a voice than what was needed.

‘I need to change something.’ Lucas thought. He wanted to keep doing cosplays, it was a great extension of his passion for sewing and fandoms. Yet his runner’s build was more slim than bulky. Maybe he should think of doing more slim heroes like the Flash or Wiccan.

Lucas listened to an ad for one of the local gyms, pulling over to the slip road back home. The ad played off informing the masses of a special week for free access without a membership. They talked about trainers helping the new members as Lucas let an idea form.

“Maybe I should work out some more.”

The next day, Lucas grab some loose clothing to work out in before heading out. The gym was within walking distance from his apartment so he decided to do a quick jog before he made it to the glass-walled building.

“Wow, a lot more people than I thought there’d be,” Lucas thought aloud, walking in as he took in the sight of the people scattered across the gym. A good portion looked like they stepped out of the comics he enjoys, their huge muscles and broad backs bulging as they lifted weights. One guy reminding him of a shorter Juggernaut as he crouched down and heaved up a large barbell across his shoulders.

“First time here?”

A deep voice pulled Lucas from his observation as he turned to the side, seeing what was one of the largest men he’s ever seen in real life. The huge powerlifter built body approached him filling his entire view. Looking up over the tank top stretching torso with heavy pecs peeking out of the arm holds, Lucas looked to the man’s face. He had a bald head, smiling mouth framed with a white goatee and beard.

“Uh… yeah. Just looking to build some muscles,” Lucas said, freezing as the giant of a man placed a hand on his shoulder, giving the smaller Lucas a view of his thick hairy forearm.

“No worries, let’s get you started. We’ll start with a quick warm-up and get a feel for your limits,” the huge man said, guiding Lucas towards one of the shelves with dumbbells.

“Oh uh, thanks Mr…” Lucas let it trail off, wondering what the stranger’s name was.

“Oh, you can call me Oso, and don’t worry. We’ll help bulk you up.”

“That was a good start. Come back tomorrow and we’ll do a proper workout and meal plan.”

“Okay. Thanks,” Lucas forced himself to say to the helpful bear of a man as he began to walk home, the two hours of using equipment to measure out how strong he was, Lucas found his limbs sore with practically every muscle in his body complaining about the pain he had gone through in preparation for getting bigger.

Stumbling a bit on sore legs, Lucas eventually made it home. Just barely having enough energy to close the door behind him before crashing face-first onto the couch. Letting out a muffled cry of frustration, Lucas forced himself to roll over to at least watch something whilst his body tried to recover. Facing the screen, his shaky hands grabbed the remote and switched it on. Letting his mind wander a bit, he flipped through the channels mindlessly before coming across one showing a huge man flexing, making him pause.

“Tired of being small? Can’t take the pain of working out? Want to get huge quick?”

“Yes,” Lucas answered the commercial, forcing himself to sit up the ad spoke to him on a level.

“Well I got news for you, order now for access to our latest muscle-building shake ‘UberMass’ get the muscles and size you’ve always wanted. Phone the number now and get fifty percent off your order,” the huge man said, pointing down to the number that flashed across the screen, practically looking like it was painted over his bulging chest.

‘This is too good to be true,’ Lucas thought to himself, though he found himself dialling the number on his phone and placing an order, not pay attention to the small text across the screen that seemed to list side effects and warnings.

The next morning, Lucas found himself more alive after the gruelling workout. Getting off the couch, Lucas began to walk to the kitchen of the apartment before hearing the doorbell ring. Not really expecting anything this morning, Lucas walked to the front door. Opening it up, he was surprised to see a delivery man holding a rather large bag.

“Lucas? I have an order for you from M.A.S.S. Inc,” the delivery man said, handing Lucas a form to sign before giving him the huge box. Taking it and stumbling back from the surprising weight of it. Closing the door, Lucas went back to the kitchen, placing the box down on the counter before opening it up. The contents looked to be a collection of soda cans, filling the entirety of the box that was lined with a crate. Pulling one out, it had a sketch of a man’s flexing arm and the words ‘UberMass’ stencilled across it. Realising it was the bulking shake he ordered yesterday, impressed they arrived so quickly. Looking the can over, he blinked at the instructions saying for him to take one can over a week through a mouthful each day, and that he should be expecting to see results within four weeks.

“That’s a lot of time… I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to drink a can a day,” Lucas rationalised, shrugging his shoulders as he opened the can with a fizz before chugging it. The mixture was sweeter than he had expected. Emptying the can, Lucas let out a belch before he went to the sink, rinsing the can and tossing it away before he made his way to the gym feeling more energetic already.

As he started jogging off to the gym, he was unaware of the warning that was written at the bottom of the can.

‘Warning: Do Not Exceed Dosage! May Cause Excessive Growth and Testosterone Production.’

“That’s it, one more rep and we’ll take a break.”

Oso said, standing beside Lucas as the slim man worked on lifting the barbell. Lucas grunted before standing up as he struggled to get the bar back on the rack. Taking deep breaths as his body felt a familiar soreness, though strangely he still felt more energetic than he had the other day.

“Made some great progress there. Already seeing you’re making some great gains,” the large man said, patting Lucas’s slim back, pausing as he felt more defined than he had yesterday.

“Thanks… think I can try something else to work on?” Lucas said, figuring if he was in for a penny, might as well go all in. With that, Oso guided the slim man over to the bench with a barbell.

“All right, let’s start with what you did yesterday and do about twenty reps,” Oso said, getting Lucas on the bench before the large instructor set the weights, making sure the bar was balanced before getting into position to spot the new gym-goer.

“Ready?” he asked, watching Lucas nod before handing him the bar. The slim arms shaking from the weight before getting into the flow of lifting and lowering the weight. With each rep, Oso could swear he saw the slim arms shake and bulge a bit more with every lift. His chest bulging a bit more with every thrust up as Lucas took steady breaths. As Lucas reached the limit from yesterday, Oso prepared to take the bar before Lucas shook his head.

“I can keep going,” he said, panting a bit as he kept pushing the bar up and down. After doubling the reps from yesterday, Lucas struggled to lift the bar back up before Oso took it and placed it back on the rack.

“Wow, you gotta tell me what you’re on little guy,” Oso joked as he helped Lucas sit up, seeing how his body filled his clothing more despite the basic workout.

“Heh, just trying this new energy drink. It’s really helping me,” Lucas said, chuckling between breaths as he raised his arms in a flex, his slim arms bulging more with new muscle. Oso blinked before chuckling, figuring whatever was going on was more just not noticing Lucas properly yesterday.

It wasn’t like he could gain muscles overnight.

“Uh, this was the longest month I’ve had to put up with,” Dante said, sighing as he relaxed into his seat. Feeling exhausted despite being in a new location for some time, even as he moved to check his phone, texting Lucas to inform him he was on his way home soon.

“Yeah, doesn’t help the office was more boring without you,” David said, chuckling as he drove off towards the city. “By the way, have you seen your roommate recently?”

“Not really, I’ve messaged him a couple of times but the past week he’s been quiet. I figured he’s been busy with his work and cosplays,” Dante said, recalling his last real conversation with Lucas last week. “I hear he’s been working out too.”

“Yeah, he has. You should see him now,” David laughed, seeming to be enjoying a joke that Dante didn’t quite get. He figured with a month of working out, Lucas has gotten some good progress. Dante hoped it was enough to boost his confidence with the trolls commenting on his cosplays.

Dante realised he hadn’t checked Lucas’s social media to see what new projects he’s been doing while he was gone. Before Dante could open up the app and search for Lucas’s cosplay page, David pulled him up to his apartment.

“You’re here. Tell the big guy I said hi,” David said, parking by the curb and letting Dante get out and grab his bags. Before Dante could ask what his friend meant about that comment, David drove off, leaving Dante standing there before shaking his head as he picked up his bags and headed inside.

“Hey, I’m back,” Dante called out as he opened the door and walked in. As he passed the threshold of the apartment, he flinched as a smell filled the air. “God, Lucas could you open a window?” Dante asked, fanning his face as the smell reminded him of the unwashed locker rooms they dealt with back in college. Getting further into his home, he passed at the open doorway separating the rooms, noticing minor cracks and scrapes along the wood.

Before Dante could wonder what Lucas had been up to that could cause the damage, the room shook as something heavy seemed to be moved within the apartment. Looking at the doorway, he was greeted by the biggest man he’s ever seen. All he saw was the biggest, muscle-bound body as the man’s head was above the doorframe. Instead, he was greeted to the sight of a huge bare body. The huge man’s swollen waist stretched the bulging shorts that barely kept him decent, even as the thick legs that made Dante looked skinny filled his view, swollen thighs fighting for space. Looking up beyond the huge abs that came eye to eye with Dante, he saw a huge pair of pecs that were wider than the doorway. The swollen walls of pecs were covered with a layer of dark hair, filling out all the doorway before the huge behemoth crouched down and turn his broad shoulders to fit through. His swollen arms reaching out as the giant tried to get through, the big hand going through before a baseball mitt sized hand reached to steady against the wall as the behemoth crouched further, letting the stunned Dante see up the behemoth’s thick neck, leading up to the bearded face of…

“L-Lucas?!” Dante exclaimed at the sight of the manly face before. Sure it was larger and more angled features beneath a bushy beard, but Dante could recognise the face of his friend of many years. He stayed in shock as the huge behemoth that had just a month ago was a scrawny guy who was smaller than Dante, Lucas grunted as he forced his body through the doorway, hearing the wood creak and crack against his large muscle-bound body.

“Hey, Dante. How was the trip?” the behemoth that was Lucas asked, finally getting through the doorway without breaking it apart. Standing before Dante, the smiling muscle beast looked down over his thick pecs towards Dante, seeming unaware of how the smaller man was in shock over the immense growth Lucas went through.

“How was my… Lucas. You literally turned into the Hulk! What the hell have you been doing?” Dante asked as he gestured to the immense mountain of muscle that was his friend, the question seeming to cause the huge behemoth to chuckle, his swollen pecs bouncing up and down from the action as the giant looked aside, seeming to blush.

“Well, I’ve been working out. I told you that,” Lucas said chuckling, his voice deeper with his increased size. The huge man raised an arm to rub the back of his head, causing his biceps to swell immensely as he exposed the dense forest of armpit hair he now had. “I guess I went a bit overboard.”

“A bit? Wait,” Dante stopped, taking a deep breath as he tried to gather his thoughts, ignoring the smell of musk that filled the room clearly coming from the huge giant roommate. “How did you get so big within a month?”

“Oh, I’ve been taking these energy drinks that help bulk me up faster. It’s really helped get more comments on my posts,” Lucas said, eyes widening as he realised something. “Actually, can you go and pick me up some green body spray from the store? I forgot to pick some up and I’m still working on a cosplay for next week’s comic con.”

Dante blinked, at least reassured that despite becoming a huge hulk, Luke was still the same nerd he was. Asking him to pick up body spray was honestly the most normal thing to happen since he got him. Giving a nod, Dante waved goodbye to his enormous roommate as he stepped out walking around the block to the costume store. As he walked out, Dante tried racking his mind over how Lucas could get so big, going over the rather hot sight of the giant man struggling to fit through the doorway before he recalled everything he said.

“He posted photos,” Dante said, pulling out his phone as he looked through Lucas’s cosplay account. Immediately he was greeted to an image of the muscle-bound Lucas from just a few minutes ago, stretching out the costume for Thor, the straps and leather stretching as he flexed for the camera, holding up the replica of the mythical Mjolnir. Looking at the photo, seeing how the costume was clearly struggling to contain his body, Dante went to the comments, finding any trolls being buried beneath clearly thirsty comments about Lucas’s impressive growth and size. The few commenters who seemed to focus on the skill of the cosplay were struggling to not mention the hunk Lucas had become.

Taking a deep breath as he pressed the device against his forehead, Dante tried to control how he was feeling for his friend. He’s always been interested in Lucas, but now it seemed to be harder to keep the feelings down when Lucas was now a size that the huge man could easily pick him up and- No, stop thinking that Dante.

Letting out a sigh as he tried to keep his arousal down, Dante put away his phone as he continued to the store. Getting in and heading straight for the body spray, he pulled one before realising it probably wouldn’t be enough for the huge man.

After filling a bag with the cans and paying, flinching a bit at the price, Dante went on home. Figuring he might as well deal with the huge brute his roommate had become, Dante focused on what to say to him as he approached the door. Getting in, Dante was pleasantly surprised to see his bags had been taken in, moving further in he was about to call for Lucas before spotting the huge man in the open kitchen, head back as he seemed to be chugging a tiny can that was held between his thick fingers. Lucas’s neck bulged with every deep gulp he took as he emptied the can. Seeming done, the huge man let out a belch that shook the apartment, rattling the windows from the force before he took notice of Dante standing there, entranced by the sight of the behemoth.

“Oh hey there, didn’t hear you come in,” Lucas said, chuckling as he put the now empty can in the trash. “You got the can of green spray?”

“Yeah, had to get a couple since you’re so… well big,” Dante said, holding up the full plastic bag as he saw the huge man chuckle.

“Yeah, that’s fair. You mind spraying my back and I’ll take care of the rest?” Lucas said, barely waiting for Dante to respond as he stepped off to get a seat, his heavy footsteps shaking the ground, leaving Dante behind before he returned with a metal chair in each large hand. Putting them together before he turned and carefully lowered himself down on the creaking structures.

Dante watched, entranced by the movement before he put aside the bag, pulling out one of the spray cans as he approached the broad back. The smaller man wondered if he could sleep on top of the wide surface before he began to spray it, trying to keep his mind off the potential things that Lucas could do with his body.

A squirting sound pulled him from the thought of Lucas lifting a truck, turning to see the spray can sputtering as it was now empty. Looking at Lucas’s broad back of a canvas, Dante couldn’t believe that even with a whole spray can, he barely covered even half of the back, just covering a portion of his left shoulder.

“Uh, Lucas, I think this might take a while,” Dante said before grabbing another can, actually worried he might have enough to colour the entire hairy surface of his friend’s body. “And I might need to get more spray cans.”

“Not a problem. Why don’t you tell me about the business trip?” Lucas asked, reminding Dante that the huge behemoth was still his sweet, nerdy roommate.

Getting another spray can, Dante worked on the broad back as he told Lucas of the rather boring trip, going over spreadsheets and meetings as he swapped the empty can for another.

After three more spray cans, Dante was glad to see he had gotten Lucas’s back sprays, having to get the huge behemoth to raise his arms so he could do the sides as well, colouring the swollen traps and getting into the creases of the solid muscles.

“Nice, you mind grabbing my Hulk pants from my sewing room while I paint the rest. They should be on the desk,” Lucas said, a bit sad he might have to do the shot above the knees as the huge mass proved to might be too much for the number of spray cans Dante got.

Dante nodded, watching Lucas bend over a bit to spray his chest, bouncing the muscle to get as much around it. Moving on before he got excited, Dante went to Lucas’s sewing room, seeing that the doorway like the rest in the apartment had been damaged with Lucas’s size. As he got in, he saw how the mannequins were draped over with costumes, each seeming bigger than the last. Grabbing the folded pants of the desk, Dante felt the fabric that was easily big enough for him to sleep in.

Going back to the living room, he watched as Lucas worked to spray his abs, moving down over his tiny shorts towards his knees. As he looked up, besides his face and neck devoid of the green paint, Lucas looked like a hairier hulk.

“Thanks, Dante, can you do my face for me and then help take a photo for me?”

“Ah sure,” Dante said, putting aside the pants as he moved close to the heaving behemoth with the face paint to do his face. Waiting for Lucas to close his eyes, Dante worked, being careful around his nose and mouth, using his hands to rub the paint across, needing to stand on his toes to reach. “Okay, now it’s time for you to get dressed.”

“Thanks, you always take good pictures,” Lucas said, green eyes bright as he got off the chairs, relieving the struggling furniture as he went to put on the trousers Dante brought, looking more like tight shorts as they stretched over his swollen thighs, constricting over the huge muscles with a well visible bulge on display. Trying to stay focused, Dante pulled out his phone and prepared to take the photos, waiting for his huge green roommate to get ready before he flexed his swollen arms.

“Ready when you are,” Lucas said, smiling down at him in a way that made Dante feel unsteady on his legs. Taking a deep breath, Dante got to work taking photos, waiting for Lucas to change position before continuing, watching the swollen muscles on full display as he showed off for the camera and Dante.

After a few more, Lucas seemed to freeze before he stood up straight, looking like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “I-I gotta go to my room. Thanks, Dante,” the huge behemoth said before rushing off, shaking the apartment and bashing his head and shoulders through the drywall on top of the doorway as he left. The smaller man blinked, shocked by how easily Lucas broke through the wall as he glanced down at the photos, wondering why Lucas suddenly decided to leave in a hurry.

Looking over the last few photos, seeing Lucas in a crab pose, grunting as he growled at the camera. Watching his bearded chin dig into his swollen pecs, his large shoulders threatening to reach his face. Looking further down, following the coloured treasure trail of hair, Dante noticed the way Lucas’s bulge seemed more prominent. Almost like he was… aroused…oh.

Dante blushed, knowing that before Lucas wouldn’t feel that when taking selfies, but would be blushing by the end. As he began to piece together what was up, Dante felt like an idiot before he put aside his phone as he headed for Lucas’s bedroom, following the path of green paint and damaged property. Dante thought of the headache they’ll have to deal with the landlord before he arrived at Lucas’s door, knocking on it. “Lucas, you okay?”

“Y-Yeah.” Lucas’s deep voice sounded slightly high pitch before the sound of coughing echoed from his room. “J-Just a bit tired.”

“Lucas… I know. I… I have feelings for you too. I always have,” Dante admitted, feeling his face burn at the confession, even if it was comparatively poor compared to more romantic versions.

There was silence, making Dante wonder if maybe he misread the situation before the door flung open. Lucas’s swollen green coloured body filling out Dante’s view, looking up the broad pecs to Lucas’s face to see the trails of tears across his green painted face.

“You mean it?” Lucas asked, sounding so quiet despite clearing being able to wreck the city if he wanted to.

“Yeah, I do. I’ve—” Dante began before Lucas’s thick hands reached out and grabbed him, pulling him into the room that was littered with torn clothing and the crushed remnants of his bed. Dante looked up, his body pressed against the valley between Lucas’s pecs, the two men face to face before pulling together, kissing as the years of feelings came to.

“I still think we should have done a couples costume.”

“You know I’m not really a fan of cosplaying myself. Besides, Prizefighter is dating that journalist so we can still say this is a couples cosplay,” Dante said as he relaxed atop Lucas’s broad shoulder, leaning against his mega-sized boyfriend’s face.

“Yeah, but it’s not the same,” Lucas found himself pouting, slumping a bit as he made his way to the comic con, his heavy footfalls shaking the earth as he down the street, avoiding cars as he leaned forward a bit to look over his ample chest. The costume he was wearing had a few stitches hidden as Lucas had to sew together tarps of blue to make the singlet like costume. The gold coins across his hairy chest practically the size of cars, making sense since Lucas went to a junkyard and used crushed cars to make them. As he made his way to the convention site, Lucas turned his head towards his tiny boyfriend, and that thought just made his bearded face blush.

“Well, maybe next time we can be Wiccan and Hulkling? You’d look great with green body paint this time.”

“You think you’ll find a galaxy print spandex?” Dante asked, leaning a bit to pat his giant’s face.

“Who said I need spandex? I could always wear a speedo and do a galaxy body paint.” Lucas paused his walk to raise his huge arms and flexing, his thick forearms stretching the wrap that Dante had to scale and help him with. “Besides, you can help with getting the star patterns.”

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