The frat: Alpha Beta Omega

by SmXt_X_LXrd

Cal gets to know his hot new roommate better than expected.

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Cal and Ron, both with towels tied around their waists and damp, messy hair, opened the door to the dorm room they now shared and closed it behind them, cutting off the seemingly endless stream of banter they had just been a part of and now heard echoing out of the dormitory bathroom. With the door shut behind them, Ron immediately went and grabbed a comb off of his tiny dresser and began fixing his longish blond hair in the mirror on the back of the door. Cal, unsure of how to appropriately dress with another person in the room and opting to wait to mimic the actions of his older roommate, leaned against his bed and attempted to continue the conversation Ron had started when they exited the bathroom together.

“That thing was so… big.”

“What thing?” asked Ron, lost in concentration.

“Uh, you know… uh, Vick’s… uh…”

“Oh, you mean Vick’s dick?”

“Yeah!—I mean, yeah…”

“‘Big’ doesn’t even do it justice. I’m big—well, technically at least. But that thing’s huge.”

“Oh, you’re definitely big—” FUCK! Cal thought to himself frantically, What the hell am I saying? “I mean, I wasn’t looking or anything, I just—”

“Bro. Relax. Most, if not all guys look at other guys’ dicks in locker rooms and shit. And especially here; unless you know of somewhere else to piss and shit and shower every day, you’re going to see a lot of dick. The bathrooms are just old and have that communal style that leaves you with basically no privacy, especially in the showers. I mean, I checked out what the other guys were packing and I know I wasn’t the only one… And, shit, we both know there wasn’t a guy in there who didn’t take a good long look at Vick’s monster.”

Ron took a final look in the mirror and, evidently approving of what he saw, tossed the comb onto his bed. He took a few steps towards the center of the room and then abruptly untied his towel and let it drop to the floor around his feet. He stood there stark naked and looked down at his dick.

“And thanks. I’m a good 7 and a half inches or so hard. Well, slightly less, but close enough. What about you?”

Cal, unsure of himself but sensing it was the right move, dropped his towel too and, suddenly, the two roommates stood naked and alone in the dorm room they had only occupied for roughly 24 hours now. “Uh, I’m like 3 inches soft and, uh, 5 inches hard… So not nearly as big as you.”

“Oh, cool. Not bad. Yeah, I’m about 5 inches soft.”

“I can see that…” Cal said, his eyes fixed to his roommate’s flaccid dick. “But, yeah, your dick is definitely big.” Ugh. Cal thought to himself. What am I doing? “I mean, mine’s just average, if that, and yours soft is as big as mine hard, so, uh, yeah, I’d defiantly say you qualify as big.”

“That’s true… But the only reason I didn’t get a good look at yours in the shower was because I was distracted that monster cock Vick has hanging between his legs—I mean, I guess we all were. And he dwarfs me… by a lot. What was it? 9, 10 inches soft? Bigger? Like I said, ‘big’ doesn’t even do that thing justice, however long it is.”

“Yeah, it’s crazy. I didn’t even know dicks could get that big. I mean, yeah, I’ve seen big dicks in porn and stuff… But Vick even looks bigger than a lot of them. Vick soft is like… probably twice as big as I am hard, give or take. And I can only imagine how big he gets when hard… It’s making me feel so small just thinking about it.”

“Shit, yeah… he’s probably over a foot long assuming he doesn’t have one of those dicks that doesn’t really grow at all, just gets hard. But don’t you love that feeling? Feeling small? I don’t even know how to explain it… but it almost has less to do with feeling small than feeling just like… amazed that a dick so big could exist. It’s like… on the one hand I know I’m not actually small at all compared to the average and yet, on the other hand, compared to Vick I just seem so… so fucking tiny. Y’know? If that makes sense. It’s like… how can I even compare my dick to Vick’s? He’s so much bigger it’s almost like we almost have two different kinds of genitals. I don’t know…”

“Yeah, I think I know what you mean. It’s like… comparing my dick to Vick’s… is just as different as comparing a normal sized penis to a micro-penis. Like, yeah, there’s some relation to them, but they really just don’t compare at all; he’s in a whole different category… like… if there’s micro-penises… then there’s… macro-penises? And Vick has one.”

“Yes! Exactly! You get it.” Ron exclaimed. “Macro-penis… Yeah, Vick definitely has a macro-penis. And there’s just something about it that’s so… hypnotizing almost. Like… I almost couldn’t look away. And neither could any other guy, even though most tried to hide it… I don’t know, I just think there’s something innate in humans about dick size and hierarchy. Like, there’s part of me that just… feels inferior, I guess? But it doesn’t feel like a bad thing, it feels… natural somehow? Like primal or something. It feels… right.” Ron paused, apparently lost in thought. “Fuck,” he suddenly blurted out. “Just thinking about it’s getting me hard…” Ron trailed off. “And I see you’re hard too.”

Fuck! What’s wrong with me? Cal once again thought and silently chastised himself for slipping up in front of his older, cooler roommate; for once again plainly exposing his real sexuality if his roommate cared to make the connection—something he didn’t want to happen, at least not yet. “Uh, sorry, I’ll—I’ll get dressed and—”

“No, don’t worry, bro. It’s totally cool, I’m hard too. But I was just saying I’m gonna jerk off. If that’s okay with you. And—”

“Oh. Uh, okay, I’ll just get dressed quick and head out and—”

“Bro. Calm down. I was just thinking we could jerk off together. Since we’re both hard, y’know? But if you don’t want to, that’s totally fine, I’ll just jerk it later and we can go get something to eat if you want instead.”

“Oh. Well… I’ve never done anything like this… but, uh, yeah. I’ll, uh, I’ll jerk off with you. I was probably gonna jerk off later too, so… uh, this works.”

“Cool, bro. I was hoping you’d say that. Honestly, it’s just a pain in the ass having to, like, pretend you don’t jerk off. Every guy does it, so why not just admit it? It’s much better being able to jerk off in your room when you want to without worrying about it instead of having to sneak around and have to worry about being caught in the act. And you’ve seriously never jerked off with anyone before? Dude, you’re missing out.”

Ron, still nude, walked over to his bed with his hard-on leading in front of him, wobbling as he walked; his dick head was already shiny with pre-cum and a thin strand lazily dribbled from the tip. Ron hopped into his bed and rolled onto his back. He snatched a box of tissues and a tub of lotion from his night stand and began stroking his dick.

“Hey, you need some tissues or lube?”

“Uh, yeah actually—if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, bro. Come here and get some.”

Cal, his smaller 5 inch dick sticking out in front of him, approached his hot older roommate’s bed. He was barely able to comprehend how he had never even kissed a guy and, yet, he was now mere inches from another man’s hard cock.

“Here, take some tissues while I lube up my cock.”

“Okay.” Cal said, still in a state of disbelief; he felt his heart beating in his chest and hoped that he was not revealing his excitement to Ron.

Ron squirted some lube onto one hand and then began applying it to his dick, going up and down with one hand to make sure the entire surface was covered. Then, Ron grasped his cock with his other hand—both hands fit with a bit of shaft to spare—and started jerking with each hand twisting in opposite directions.

“Oh, yeah… fuck…” Ron’s eyes closed as his face was contorted in a pure and intense pleasure.

Cal was practically drooling and, unable to control himself, began jerking his smaller cock as he stood next to Ron. He had never before experienced anything like it; after fantasizing about guys for so long but without even holding a boy’s hand suddenly here he was, naked and jerking off with a sexy hunk. He hadn’t even come out to Ron yet. Do straight guys actually do this? Thought Cal. Maybe I don’t have to come out…

“Take some lube, Cal. It feels amazing.”

Cal hadn’t noticed Ron’s eyes open, and yet, when he looked, they had and they were staring straight at his un-lubed dick.

“The lube makes it feel smooch better. Almost like—uh fuck yeah—almost like you’re actually fucking a pussy.”

“Mmmmm…” was all Cal could offer in agreement. I have no idea what that feels like. And I have no desire to find out.

“Go on, bro. Take some, you’ll love it.”

Cal searched for the lube on the table next to Ron’s bed. It wasn’t there. It wasn’t next to the box of tissues sitting precariously on the edge of the bed either. And then Cal saw it. It was resting on Ron’s bed, but against the wall; Ron’s naked lithe body the only barrier. Ron, jerking his 7.5 inch penis now glistening with lube, was oblivious. A cute and sexy look of pleasure mixed with concentration on his face as he pumped and twisted his cock and now, with one thumb, made circles around his piss slit that was producing a small but constant supply of precum. His cock was rock hard.

“Uh… the lube is by the wall…”

“What?” said Ron as if startled from a daydream. “Ah, fuck. Just reach over me then. Both my hands—oh! Oh, god yeah—both my hands are covered in lube and precum now, I don’t want to touch it. I was so horny I wasn’t thinking.”

“Uh… okay.”

Cal leaned over Ron, his naked torso coming perpendicularly closer and closer to his roommate’s own naked stomach. Cal, not wanting to get any closer to Ron, not that he didn’t want to, but because he was already practically laying across his straight roommate’s naked chest, reached for the tube with one hand and, faltering slightly, steadied himself with the other. But where Cal expected to feel the softness of Ron’s bed he felt something much firmer; the muscle of Ron’s lower abs, lightly dusted with the downy hairs of Ron’s trimmed pubes.

Cal immediately recoiled, forgetting about the lube. “I’m so sorry!”

“Cal, ugh, it’s okay,” said Ron, clearly approaching an orgasm.

An awkward silence filled the room, punctuated only by the wet sounds of Ron masturbating. Then, even that stopped. Cal looked at Ron and Ron looked back.



“Do you… Do you wanna touch it?”

Cal was caught off guard.

“Your… dick?”

Ron nodded.

“D-do you want me to?” he responded, flustered.

Ron bit his lower lip as seconds passed. “Yeah,” he finally responded, barely whispering.

Cal, unable to resist and not needing to be told again, reached out with one hand and grasped Ron’s dick. He looked at Ron and their eyes met again. Cal’s hand began slowly moving up and down on Ron’s cock. Ron’s eyes closed and the same expression of pleasure again spread across his face.

“Finish me off, bro.”

Cal grasped Ron’s dick with his other hand and did what he had never been able to do with he own 5 inches; jerk off with two hands. It was amazing. I’m touching a cock! What the hell, I’m jerking off a big cock! Cal thought in the back of his mind, ecstatically.

“That’s it, yeah. Fuck.”

Cal jerked Ron’s dick up and down, twisting his hands like he saw Ron do. Ron’s eyes closed one more and his head rolled back. His tanned and hairless chest began to heave as his breathing deepened.

Cal kept jerking, faster and faster. And then he felt a slight twitch of Ron’s dick. And then another. And then he felt an intense wave of please wash over him as he felt his own dick started twitching, cumming in sync with Ron, without even being touched.

The rational part of Cal’s mind cried out. Fuck! If he didn’t already know you’re gay, he does now! But that voice was quickly overpowered by the drug-like ecstatic high of the most intense organism of his life.

Suddenly, a thick spirt of milky white cum shot out of Ron’s piss slit and arched slightly before splattering audibly on Ron’s hunky chest. Another stronger stream shot out shortly after, this time splattering on Ron’s neck and chin. Cal felt Ron’s cock spasm and convulse in his hands, which he never once removed from Ron’s 7.5-inch pillar of flesh, and, spontaneously, without thought as if he were possessed, he bent over and put his mouth on Ron’s cock. The next spurt of cum filled Cal’s mouth. The jizz was thicker than he expected, but he swallowed it all down. And he liked it.

The rational part of Cal’s mind once again managed to claw its way into control. What the fuck am I doing! Cal thought franticly. There’s a dick in my mouth! Holy shit, there’s a dick in my mouth! I put my roommate’s dick in my mouth without asking him, he’s going to fucking kill me! But, again, the impulsive, pleasure-craving part of his mind overpowered the logical part and he drove the anxious thoughts from his mind; he had a cock in his mouth and he was loving it.

Ron shot again and again into Cal’s mouth, but Cal could feel each shot getting weaker and the amount of cum filling his mouth getting smaller each time. He swallowed it all, though. And then, after a few last weakening convulsions, it was over.

What the fuck do I do, Cal frantically thought to himself, feeling Ron’s dick softening in his mouth but not wanting to face Ron himself.


Fuck, thought Cal before reluctantly letting Ron’s now slobber-covered cock out of his mouth and looking meekly at Ron, who Cal saw had evidently been watching him, perhaps for the whole time.

“That was amazing, bro.”

Cal was relieved, to say the least. He doesn’t care that I kind of sucked his dick? And, wait, he… liked it?

“Do you wanna put some clothes on and get something to eat?”

Cal almost laughed at the absurdity of the question in such a situation. He was expecting much worse.

“Uh, sure. That sounds great. I’m starving too.”

“What? That wasn’t enough cum to fill you up?” said Ron, smirking, as he used a wad of tissues to sop up the cum on his chest. “You shouldn’t have wasted any, then.” He said holding up the wet wad of paper.

Cal was briefly taken aback; still stunned that this self-proclaimed straight hunk took any interest in him at all, much less sexual interest, and was now casually joking about Cal swallowing his load as if it was nothing at all. But Cal was already beginning to warm up to Ron’s forward and sexual humor and way of talking. And he liked it. “It was a lot of cum actually.” He said.

“Nah, I don’t cum that much.”

“Well, compared to me you do at least.”

“Well, yeah… I can see that…” said Ron peering at the short streaks of Cal’s cum that landed on the floor. “But I bet if I was Vick you’d have drowned. Now he must cum like a fire hose. I’ve gotta remember to tell him about ABO, next time I see him. I didn’t want to say anything in front of everyone in the shower and Vick was clearly taking his time in there, not that I blame him. And to tell one of the guys about Vick… I guess Steve.”


“Oh, it’s the frat I’m in.”

“I didn’t know you were in a frat.”

“Yeah, I am and I love it. It’s a big part of who I am.”

“That’s awesome.”

“Yeah, it’s great. And if you’re interested in joining let me know.”

“You think I could get in?”

“Oh, definitely. Well, not definitely, but probably.”

“Really?” Cal never saw himself as the fratty kind of guy.

“Yeah, no doubt. Well, with a mouth like that… Hey, do you like sucking cock?’

Fuck! though Cal. This is it… “Uh, I…”

“It’s okay. I’m not judging. Hell, I am judging. You suck good cock.”

“Thanks. And, uh, yeah, I like it… I’ve actually never done it before. But I liked this. Whatever it was…”

“Really? Damn, well you have natural skill then. I told you you’d like jerking off together, ha.”

“I did like it. A lot.”

“I knew you would… Well, ABO is… a unique fraternity. You might like it, you might not. But I have a feeling you’ll like it.”

“Uh, okay. How is it unique.”

Well… it’s a bit complicated. But I’ll explain it to you later, maybe at dinner. Let’s get dressed and go before the dining hall runs out of anything good.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

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