The formula

by hyperboi

Mike begs his genius friend Jeff to try coming up with a cock growth formula. Jeff assumes Mike doesn’t want to look too small when he goes out for the swim team, but the secret truth is, Mike’s ambitions aren’t limited to his own junk.

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Part 1 Mike begs his genius friend Jeff to try coming up with a cock growth formula. Jeff assumes Mike doesn’t want to look too small when he goes out for the swim team, but the secret truth is, Mike’s ambitions aren’t limited to his own junk. (added: 16 Jan 2021)
Part 2  (added: 23 Jan 2021)
Part 3 The night before Saturday morning swim team practice, Mike accidentally doses himself with undiluted serum, with very visible results the next morning. (added: 30 Jan 2021)
Part 4 The boys get home in time for their father’s bodybuilding contest. Mike decides to help his dad out, but things soon get out of hand. (added: 13 Feb 2021)
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Part 1

Michael Adams looked in desperation at Jeff Summers. The 18-year-old nerd genius had almost a “please bitch” expression behind his glasses and braces.

“Oh, come on, if there is someone who can do it, it’s you!”

“Mike, how many times do I need to repeat myself? I won’t do it.”

“But we’ve been best friends since… ever!”

“Says the one I haven’t seen in two years even if we ended up at the same college. Too nerdy for you now?”

“I wasn’t the one skipping a year back then due to good grades and passing all his free time at home studying or researching. It’s not my fault! Please, you’re a genius! You must be able to do it!”

“First, a penis expansion formula? You know how many people have tried before? Why you think no one can find anything that truly works?”

“A good reason for you to be the first to do a real one.”

“I’m not sure I want oto be famous for being the first creating that…”

“But think of the money you’ll make afterwards!”

“Look, to do research like that, you need funds…”

“I’ll pay you!”

Jeff smiled and passed an arm over Mike’s shoulders. “Why didn’t you start with that?”

“All I have saved is $200. I can’t give you more yet…”

“Good enough for starters, but Mike… I need to know why. I’ve seen you before and I don’t think you physically need it.”

Mike looked away. Jeff was right—he was already 6 inches hard, making him the biggest in his year. But that wasn’t enough for him. It was a secret. Two secrets—being gay and being a size queen. But there was more. He didn’t just want to be huge, he wanted everyone else to be huge as well. Of course he couldn’t tell Jeff that.

“I’m greedy, okay? I wanna be the biggest! I want all those jocks get green with envy, especially the seniors.”

“Those pricks really deserve a lesson and… heeey, that’s right, you’re applying this year for the swim team… I see…” Jeff realized.

Indeed, Mike was a swimmer and he wanted to enter the swim team. But it was only allowed to those of the last two years. He would need to wait the whole year but he wanted to enter that one, that was why he was training so hard to be super fast to try impressing the coach and maybe let him in before the rules allowed. Of course, for Mike, being surrounded every year by a team of massive cocks barely contained by super-stretched Speedos was like a dream.

“So that’s why you want to be bigger than all those older future teammates, right?” Jeff wrongly concluded.

“Yup!” Mike lied.

“Okay, give me a week to see if it’s even possible and then we’ll talk, okay?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mike was nervous the whole week. He trained every day and he knew he was faster than some guys that were already in the team. He came home after training, a week after he had spoken to Jeff and the day before the trials for the team.

He let himself fall face down on his bed in the room he shared with his older brother Jake, who was doing his homework, shirtless. He was a year older and was going to try to enter as well. He was faster than Mike (he had longer and more muscled limbs) and had age on his side so he was sure to enter. Jake liked the idea of his brother entering too. They really got along, liked the same things and even had some friends in common.

“Hey bro, how was training?”

“I want to die…”

“Hahaaa… Good answer! No pain no gain, bro! You’ll see how that pays off tomorrow.”

Mike stared at his brother’s wide back with envy and a bit of lust. Both brothers were really handsome and Jake was bigger than him (almost an inch more down there, too), so it wasn’t so weird having a bit of a crush on him (or a lot). Then he imagined his brother all buff and with a massive cock splitting his speedos apart. His boner pushed on the mattress and he groaned a bit.

“You must be tired as hell. Let me see that back,” said Jake, jumping on him.

“Ugh!” Mike was crushed onto the bed face down, then he noticed his brother’s bulge and butt on top of his own ass and his cock hardened even more, if possible.

“Wow, you’re really tense!” Jake massaged his back through his tee shirt. Mike blushed a bit. Jake liked swimming but it was being a physiotherapist what he wanted to become. And he was good with his hands.

He moaned aloud. Too good.

“Haha, stop doing that, bro, or you’ll give me a boner,” Jake joked, then he pulled at Mike’s tee shirt. “Dude, take this fucking thing off.”

Then it was even better. “Fuck, you’re too good at this…”

“Heh, I had a lot of practice.”

“I can tell,” Mike said. Then he moaned again as Jake pushed his thumbs on his traps. “Ooooh, there!”

“Gotcha… hey, you’re getting wider, bro. That extra practice is paying off!” Jake complimented him.

“Not as wide as you, you’re always the muscled one,” Mike said, teasing him with his hands rubbing the legs that were bended over his, the knees touching the bed at his sides. He felt some movement on his butt and chuckled. Then Jake slapped his hands away.

“Stop that fucker, or you’ll give me a hardon!”

“Oh! So that big thing I feel is still soft? You must be having a growth spurt down there, big bro…” he goaded him. He felt more pressure on his butt.

“Fuck, you fucking tease!” Jake complained. “Take this!” Jake exclaimed as he rubbed his engorging member on his butt while resuming the massage using his elbows for more pressure.

“Ow! Oh really? You’re on!” Mike countered his brother by lifting his butt, adding more to his brother’s rubbing, feeling the whole length behind him. Even with his shorts on, he could feel it easily.

“Okay, you’ve asked for it…” Jake changed his attack with his hands on Mike’s lats and started tickling him there. It was a weak spot of Mike’s and he started trembling with laughter.

That went on for a bit until Mike pulled himself to one side with a jerk and the both ended falling off the bed onto the floor.

Mike was now on top of his brother and Jake was on his back, looking up to Mike. Both were breathing heavily, feeling the tented crotches in contact. Their hands were each other’s pecs, either separating each other or feeling each other, neither could tell.

However, the sexual tension that was in the air snapped with their father calling them for dinner.

Their father also called up that Mike had a phone call. Mike remembered about Jeff, and he jumped off his brother and run downstairs. There was their father, Zeke, holding the phone with his huge arm. He was wearing an apron (he had been fixing dinner), boxer briefs since he always felt constricted wearing anything else, and flip flops. The reason of the constriction was his muscles. Zeke was a bodybuilder and a big one; at 35 he had already won some tournaments and also worked part time as a personal trainer in the gym. (And some nights worked as a stripper. Well, he had growing boys to feed and the bills were high.) He was as handsome as his sons and really bonded with them, and both sons looked up to him and admired him—and his size of 280 pounds of muscle ripped half the year, the other half being bigger cause of off-season bulk.

Zeke passed him the phone and went back to the kitchen, his backside bulging view not helping with Mike’s hard-on. “Damn…” Mike whispered to himself. He never got used to his father’s body.

“Excuse me?” the voice on the phone replied.

“No, sorry, I wasn’t referring to… wait, Jeff?”


“Polo.” Mike laughed. It was the trademark greeting they had on the phone. He felt it had been ages since last time. Two years was a long time.

There was silence and finally Mike broke it. “So… you think it’s possible?” he asked.

“Well… I’ve been trying different things…” Jeff seemed dubious.


“Sure, give me some days to finish the trials with animals.”

“Oh my god, you did it? For real?”

“Dude, who do you think you’re talking to? I could have a doctorate degree tomorrow if I wanted to be a real freak, so don’t underestimate me.”

“Wow, you’re truly a genius! Once you make it public…”

“You joking right? I can’t start with something like this! I need something more serious to start with. Once I have my fame, I’ll show this to the world. Well, if it works for humans, that is.”

“Awesome! You’re so smart!”

“Stop kissing my ass and give me my money, or there will be no formula.”

“Tomorrow before afternoon class, at the caff.”

“Then tomorrow at school you’ll have your dick enhancer. See ya.” Jeff cut the call.

Mike wanted to jump up and down, he was so excited.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jeff hung up the phone and looked into the cage at the zoo before heading away. That chimpanzee had now a dick double the way it was, but he looked bigger all over too—and since he had grown, he hadn’t been able to get away from his new engorged member. Good thing nobody had seen him meddling with the monkey’s drinking water supply. The difficulty would be calculating the amount for a human, but maybe it would be more fun, seeing that it was his friend’s special problem. He went home before the zoo closed.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jake and Mike joined their dad in the kitchen. As always, half the table was full of Zeke’s food and the other half was for them. That was the difference between a bodybuilder’s eating routine and a swimmer’s. That was also a reason why their dad was always the one cooking, since their meals had to be specific. The boys ate quite healthily too, since they didn’t want to make him cook differently, so they ate the same as him, but in less quantity. Of course, both were distracted by his muscles, but Zeke had that kind of oblivious personality that never noticed of those kind of things. Sometimes he even walked around at home naked, not thinking his sons would feel uncomfortable with his swollen muscles on display or his five-incher of soft meat dangling over huge balls (big size ran the family). It didn’t mean he wasn’t able to tell when people lusted for him or how to provoke it, being a stripper from time to time. It was just chance he was dressed at all in that moment.

Just then, Mike realized none of them were wearing anything waist up—he had forgotten to get his tee shirt back on, but so had Jake.

“So, tomorrow is the trials for the swim team, huh?” Zeke asked.

“Yeah, I hope we both can get in, I’m so nervous…” Mike said.

“You worry too much, bro. We’ll both make it!”

“I’ll be proud no matter what you do. And if you end changing into bodybuilding, you know I’ll have your backs!”

Their backs… The thought of his muscled dad with his foot-long cock his buff brother’s hot ass made Mike to lose grip of his fork, and it clattered to his plate. Zeke didn’t notice, being busy eating, and when Mike glanced at Jake, he seemed pale and was looking at his plate as if he was lost in thought.

Maybe Jake was interested in bodybuilding? Mike hoped he wasn’t, or he would end dying of a stroke from blood loss from his head to his other head. It was difficult enough with just one hot muscle-stud at home. Before the phone call, both had been always horsing around, but never took the step into the taboo brotherly love they were so tempted to cross. But if Jake were even hotter than he was now…

He was so curious he finally asked when both were in bed already with lights out.

“What?” Jake glanced at him from his bed.

“I mean, what dad said about changing from swimming… you looked like you were pondering it…”

“Hahaa, good one, bro. I would never be able to go onto a stage and well… I’d get too nervous… and… well, that.”

It was the same reply he would give, except he could never go on stage with those kinds of posers surrounded by muscle studs. The boner would be too evident. Mike had no choice but to say it. “And think about what would happen if you get a boner on stage.”

“Exactly! I mean, if I were into guys and stuff…” added Jake.

A new silence and both thought about the other one.

“Well, you don’t need to compete to be a bodybuilder, just for the body…”

“Yeah! It’s my body, right?”

But they didn’t say more and were soon asleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Next day, Mike met Jeff in the cafeteria before his one o’clock class. They ate together, both distracted and not talking much, and then went into a empty classroom.

“So, you have it?”

“Here you go.” Jeff took a crystal vial with a dropper on one end, full of a water-like fluid. The vial wasn’t small. Mike pondered how much would he need.

Mike took out the money, but Jeff only accepted 50 dollars. “For the zoo fee and some things I had to buy. I already got my reward.”

“In your proven grey matter?” joked Mike, holding the vial up and gazing at it like it was gold or diamonds.

“That, and… this,” he said and pointed to his crotch. He had a big bulge that Mike didn’t remember him having. “Just a drop of the formula diluted into a glass of water added me an inch. Soft.”

“Holy shit…”

“It might affect different subjects differently, so I don’t know if you will have the same results. And! This is important. You might want to add a lot, but I don’t know how a lot will affect a human or what kind of side effects will it have an overdose. Be careful, okay? Oh, I see you’re already excited about it…” Jeff added, glancing at his friend’s tented crotch.

Jeff hadn’t been paying much attention to Jeff’s warnings. “I can’t thank you enough!”

“Just be careful,” Jeff said again. He was starting to worry as he watched him go.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mike felt about to fly. His wish was made true already! He went to the toilet, got a drop on his mouth and gulped lots of water from the tap. There was no glass so that would have to do. He then quickly went to an empty stall and undid his pants. His tented cock wouldn’t let him see the increasing in soft state, but the hard growing would do for now. He wondered if an inch soft would mean 2 inches hard. And if it would work the same on him as with Jeff. He looked at his cock and stared.

And stared.

And then he realized he didn’t ask how much time did it take to affect him.

Cursing, he jerked off to be able to go to next class without a tent and he took 10 minutes to blow. Then he remembered his swim trials. He had to make get in!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was when his last class was about to finish that he felt a pressure on his crotch. At first he thought he was getting a hard-on, but while readjusting it, he didn’t felt hard at all and still the bulge was bigger.

Then he realized. The formula.

Of course after that, he couldn’t wait for the class to end to check it out, but at the same time, he wasn’t sure he would have the time to do it. He had the trial just after class and didn’t want to be late.

Cursing to himself, he went to the swimming pool locker room to change. At least he would be able to check it out even if he wouldn’t be able to measure it properly. In the locker room he met more guys who would try for the team. All were a year older than him, including his brother. He knew it was thanks to Jake that no one from his year made a bad remark for a freshman like him to try out when the rules said it wasn’t possible. “Just wait to see him swim,” he’d always told them.

“Nervous?” asked Jake while undressing at the locker next to him.

“I’m not the only one trying this, you know?” Mike replied, a bit irritated. And at the same time, he realized he was close to those older athletes.

“Hey, have you had a growth spurt?” asked Jake, looking down.

“Huh?” he followed Jake’s gaze towards his own cock (he was about to put his Speedo on) and noticed it was a bit longer than Jake’s, who had been always bigger than him. His 3-incher looked like 4 (in fact it was 4 and a half, but that would be discovered later at home with the ruler). His brother Jake was a bit less than 4 inches. Both put on their Speedos and their bulge looked exactly the same. “Your balls are still bigger, big bro,” he assured him.

Jake smiled. His younger brother surpassing him in that area didn’t seem to bug him at all. They and the other sophomores went into the swimming pool area where the coach was. There were ten of them in total. The five seniors who still remained on the team hadn’t came to look. Word was only five of them would be taken in and Mike was more nervous than ever. As their surname was Addams, both brothers were the first to be called.

“Well, Mike. Let’s see if you can make me change my mind to allow you on the team.”

“Yes coach!”

He was the first! Jake pated him on the back and lifted his thumb. That made him calmer.

He finished the lap flushed and exhilarated. He had tried so hard he could barely breathe. The coach looked at his watch with his eyebrows raised.

Mike climbed out of the pool, fearing he had done it poorly, but before he could ask, his brother was called to try too, then the next one, and the next one, and so on, until all the trials were done.

The coach noted their times and then asked them all to swim as fast as they could to test their endurance. Each got a lane and started doing laps. The coach noted on the speed and number of laps. When Mike thought he would throw up, he stopped. He looked to the rest fearing he would be the first to stop, but surprisingly, only one more swimmer remained. Most of the rest looked impressed at him, him being a year younger than them. The one left was Jake, who was able to do three more laps. Mike gave him a thumbs up, still impressed at his own performance.

The coach gathered them together and gave his decision.

“Okay, first, Addams brothers, you’re both in.” They high-fived and cheered. Then the coach selected three more while telling one of the other five to stop eating rubbish and two of them to stop smoking since their lung capacity gave them away. The other two were just too slow to make the team. Before they were sent to shower, Mike was called over by the coach. Jake stayed behind as well.

“Well, because of your excellent performance I think I’ll be able to enter you on the team, but there will be some regulations you’ll especially have to make to keep your position.”


“First one. No skipping practice. I know you train regularly everyday, more than anyone already in the team, so I know you won’t have a problem with that.”


“Second, you have to remain faster than at least one of the members of the team—besides Jake.”

“Okay.” Mike agreed.

“Third, your grades can’t go below a B in any class.”

“What?” Mike was taken aback. He normally was an A grade student, except in some classes where he slipped to a B+. But he had serious problems with math and he always managed to get a C even with great effort.

“You trying to keep up with older boys with your training will affect your grades. You must avoid that happening,” Coach explained.

“Shit… I mean, okay, Coach,” Mike said.

“Okay, you can go. Tomorrow is Saturday, first practice day. I expect you both here. See you then.”

The last condition had almost downed his mood, but when both entered the locker room, Jake held him on a nelson and ruffled his wet hair.

“Heeeeey, we did it, bro!”

“Cut it out, idiot!” he tried getting away, laughing, but Jake managed to get him on the shower and got the cold water on him. “Ow! You bastard…” he tried again but his brother was stronger and he couldn’t. Mike decided to attack him lowering Jake’s Speedo and grabbing his balls.

“Ouch, that’s foul play!” Jake moaned, letting him go. But Mike didn’t release his grip. He felt too excited and savage. And the fact that the locker room was already empty helped. Mike felt incredibly horny and felt his boner straining his Speedo, which he took out with one hand. Or tried to, since he wasn’t thinking clearly and ended falling to the shower floor and he was still grabbing his brother’s crotch so down he went too, with the shower pouring water on them. On the same position they had been the day before but that time, Mike felt different. He looked at the handsome stud under him.

Jake was having trouble breathing. There was something different about Mike. “Mike, what—mmh—”

Jake was silenced with a mouth on his. He opened his eyes wide but soon the tongue in his mouth made him get lost in emotions and sensations and closed them, returning the kiss and letting all the restrains he had built around his hunky younger brother broken. He wouldn’t hold it in any longer.

Mike didn’t think, he just acted on his impulses. And his impulses now were to feel his brother’s body while he explored his mouth with his tongue and rubbed his cock against his moving his hips. He suddenly felt a finger on his ass while he pinched a nipple and both moaned, the tension was too much to bear and both started shooting cum like they had been holding it weeks.

Mike breathed and looked at the exhausted face of his brother. Then felt the cum between their abs. Horror was poured in his veins. What had he done? Jake had a surprised face and was silent.

Then Mike started crying and leaned his forehead on Jake’s pecs, trembling from sobs.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Jake! Please forgive me! I don’t know what came over me, I couldn’t stop myself! Please don’t hate me! I’m so very sorry…”

Jake didn’t say anything. He felt so embarrassed. As the older sibling he should had been able to foresee and stop it from happening, but he… he wanted it too, he had to admit it. He also felt embarrassed that it was Mike the one starting it and the one to apologize first. He put a hand on his brother’s head and ruffled his hair.

“It’s okay…”


“It’s okay… it’s not your fault. I didn’t fight it either… In fact, I’ve wanted it for so long too…”

“You too?”

“I’m not sure it’s right, I mean, it’s not as if we’ll have mutant babies… and no one else has to know… but still…”

“I know… I never thought I’d try for real…”

“I’m glad you did, but at the same time… it annoys me.”


“I’m the oldest, I should have been the one attacking first,” Jake complained.

Mike laughed. “Well… nobody says there won’t be other chances… if it’s fine with you…” he said tentatively.

“As long as it stays a secret between you and me… why not? Now get off me, you weigh a ton, you fatty.”

“Hey, you weigh more than me! Ough, I’m kind of stuck…”

The cum was half dried, gluing them together a bit. It caused confusion and a lot of laughs. The shower cleaned them up well enough.

“But we have to be careful. And more than anything else, never at school!” said Jake serious.

“Yeah, my bad… But what about dad?” asked Mike while they dressed up

“Well. If he wants to join, I won’t mind…”

Mike gaped at him.

“Oh shit, I did say that aloud, did I?”

“Erm, I was talking about being careful or not doing it at home…”

“Oh shit! I mean, just joking, ha, ha… Well, you really think he’ll notice?” Jake tried to pass his comment off, but Mike wasn’t that idiot.

“With his contest approaching and being half oblivious, maybe not. But if he does, I… don’t mind if he joins either,” Mike said smiling, making Jake to blush.

“Okay, busted…”

“Well, it’s not as if I didn’t think the same as you about him…”

“With that body…”

“And the way he dresses at home!”

“Or not dresses at home.”

“Hahaha… yeah…”

They left the showers happy, relieved, and thinking about new possibilities. Mike thought he was the luckiest person in the world, and noticing his boner he thought about making his family join the fun. He had a plan and that night would do. Summer was approaching and the hot temperature would surely help with his plan.


Part 2

When they arrived home, however, Jake showed that he had his own ideas, carrying him to the living room sofa and starting to make out with him, which he didn’t fight at all. They were undressed to their underwear when they heard their father arriving from the gym. They quickly shifted into normal sitting positions and turned on the TV.

“Hey guys!” he greeted them before going up the stairs.

“Hey dad!” they called after him.

Then when he finally disappeared in the first floor, they were able to relax.

“Wow, I know I said I wouldn’t mind if he catches us, but…” Jake mentioned, zapping to another channel with the remote.

“I know, but somehow… isn’t it more exciting this way?” asked Mike roguishly.

“Ha, ha, maybe…”

“What you watching?” asked their father, sitting down with them.

Jake looked at the TV. “Oh, um… the sports channel.”

“Hey, they’re announcing the state championship I’ll be in tomorrow…” Zeke said.

“Heh, I bet you win… dad…” Mike’s sentence died when he glanced at his muscled dad and saw he wasn’t wearing anything.

He felt his cock starting to stiffen so he quickly got up and got their scattered clothes.

“Hey, good thing you finally joined your old man in the less-clothes team, boys!”

“Well, it’s hot today and…” started Jake, who just then noticed the state of undress the muscled man next to him was in.

“I’ll bring you something to drink!” offered Mike.

“Water,” said his dad, passing a casual beefy arm around Jake’s shoulders. “Hey Jake, you getting buffer, have you thought of starting going with me to the gym? Changing from swimming to bodybuilding is just a little shift in routine…”

Mike chuckled and trembled in excitement. They were distracted and asking him for drinks! He took the vial from his pocket and went to the kitchen where he got the big pitcher of water from the cupboard. He estimated the pitcher could fill 5 glasses so he filled it and added 5 drops of the formula. He thought it would be fun letting chance decide who would get more. He brought three empty glasses and the pitcher all together with him to the living room, although he almost dropped them on the floor.

Zeke was flexing his arm for Jake, who was sweating and looked about to faint (and with an obvious boner tenting his undies). “So when you do as much cardio as I do,” Zeke was saying, “it is normal to be this ripped, we have that vein in the biceps too…”

“Water!” announced Mike.

Jake looked at him as if he had saved him. Then he grabbed the pitcher of water and drank directly from it. Before Mike could tell him anything, he had drank more than half of it.

“Use a glass, son!” Zeke reprimanded him.

“Sorry, I really needed that,” he replied passing the pitcher to him. Their dad eyed the pitcher contents and did the same as Jake did, but finishing it.

“Didn’t you say we should use a glass?” Jake joked.

“Only do it when you are going to finish it, and clean it afterwards,” Zeke said, getting up and going back to the kitchen, grabbing the glasses from Mike on the way. “I’ll go fix dinner, why don’t you start with homework?”

“Aw, dad, we have all weekend…” started Mike.

“I’ll rephrase it. Go do your studying. Now.”


“In the dining room!”

“Jeez dad, I already told you we’ll do it, you don’t need to check on us…” complained Jake, but Zeke had always been very strict about school and hadn’t slackened as his sons got older.

“Does he really think we’ll be able to concentrate with him naked around? Not to mention when he starts to…” Mike murmured, the two of them now alone in the living room.

“Starts to what?” Jake asked his brother, grabbing his knapsack.

“Hum… cook dinner? The smell and stuff…” Mike cursed to himself, he almost spilled the beans about the growth that about to happen to his family “members.” He changed the topic. “Hey, let’s go undressed like him!” The idea that just occurred to him served three purposes—to distract Jake from the slip he had made, to check on their growth, and so maybe Jake won’t notice the sudden growth if there was no clothing constricting his member more.

“Bro, we’re gonna bone really bad around him,” replied Jake, frowning.

“We’re teenagers, we’re supposed to be boned all the time. That’s what TV says…”

“I wonder where did you watch that…?” chuckled Jake, but ended up agreeing and they both took off their underwear. It felt really awkward, but at the same time, very free. “You know, it’s not fair that you’re bigger down there, being younger…” he complained, comparing sizes.

“You never know, you could grow a couple inches suddenly.”

“Haha, yeah sure, I wish!”

Both took their school stuff into the kitchen and started doing their homework. Zeke’s rippled bulging back and impressive ass and legs were such distractions they were glad that weekend they had less homework than usual.

“Hey, you finally decided to join me in dress code?” Joked Zeke, glancing at them.

“Well, why not?” replied Jake, closing his book. He checked Mike who had trouble with maths, as usual, so he decided to help him.

Half an hour later, Mike closed his notebook, falling on the table. “How on earth I’m gonna get a B on this…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll private tutor you.”

Mike smiled at the thought of private tutoring with his hot brother.

“Why so worried about grades? I don’t mind you taking a C in math since you get good grades overall. I’m not that pushy…” said Zeke.

“It’s part of a deal with the swim coach to keep him on the team” explained Jake.

“You guys made the team?”

“Yeah!” they said together.

“Heeeeey, why didn’t you say so earlier? Congratulations! Come here!” He approached them and, grabbing them from their seats, hugged them like a bear, leaving them with no air.

But soon Mike felt the problem of his naked muscled hung dad hugging them while they were naked as well. He glanced at Jake and saw him turning as red as him and the same movement he had down there he felt close to him. But when glancing down he saw a huge boner where before was just big. The formula had worked incredibly on him and the boner was monstruous. He thought the amount he drank was like 3 times what he’d drunk, so instead of just 2 inches, he grew 6—but his boner looked way bigger than a foot long (or 13 which was what he should have grown), it was more like 16 or 17 and it poked under their dad’s pecs, rubbing the nipple. Zeke wasn’t hard, but Mike wondered how big he would be now when he was, since soft he seemed to be around 8 or 9 inches. Mike’s own 8 inch boner looked small compared to them. Jake looked petrified. His monster was rubbing his dad’s nipple and Mike could see it working on him, his snake getting longer and thicker. When it become a foot long and about to rise, Zeke complained.

“Hey, son, cut it out, your dad isn’t made of stone… holy fuck!” He had finally realized how big Jake’s monster cock was. Jake looked ready to die from embarrassment.

“Well, dad, we’re not made of stone either.” Mike tried to joke.

“But how did you… how did he… what happened to his… and your… Holy fuck, you’re massive, son!”

Mike didn’t know what to think, but his dad’s cock was quite hard by then and massive could describe it well, at 18 inches, maybe more. Even with Zeke’s big pecs, it was still visible.

“Oh my god, my cock too!”

Jake looked dazedly at the monster cock in front of him and Mike remembered the horny state he had been in after growing, a state that still remained a bit afterwards. That’s the only reason he could think of of why his brother Jake dared to do what he did.

And what he did was grab his father’s mighty cock and start stroking and licking it, kneeling in front of him.

“Oh god, son, what are you doing…mmmm… oh shit… Fuck! This can’t be right! Oh god don’t dare stop now…” Mike could bet the horniness had affected his dad too, so he saw the chance and started helping Jake worshiping the massive pole and after a bit, he started sucking Jake’s thick cock. All the while his hand was shifting from a cock, to a muscled arm, to a bubble butt, to another cock. And not only him, all three explored all the meat they could find, in their crazed lust display.

Mike couldn’t say how long they went at it, but by the time they finished and were sticky with cum, dinner was cold.

The three of them stared at each other for a while, not knowing what to do, as their cocks receded to a more manageable size. Zeke was the first to react to the fact of what they just did.

“Oh god, what have I done? With my own sons!” he covered his face with his hand.

“I’m not sure if it will mean anything, but we’re as much at fault as you were here.” said Mike. He didn’t felt remorse. More like as if a heavy weight had lifted from his shoulders.

“The one at fault is me. I started it. You can blame me,” said Jake sadly.

“I’m an adult, you’re minors… and on top of that, my sons!”

“You didn’t force us to do something we didn’t already want to do…” Mike told him urgently.

“What? Mike, I’m your father!”

“Someone we love, who has a body and face to die for and who had grown a cock a monk couldn’t say no to. I mean, come on, dad. You walk naked on the house with that porn star body around two teenagers with their hormones constantly in revolution. This was bound to happen,” said Jake.

“You always talking about being older means it’s your fault,” Mike teased Jake.

“Well, what we did at the shower before…” started Jake, but Zeke cut him off.

“What do you mean? You two… Oh my god…”

Mike shrugged. Jake made a face.

Zeke looked at them both amazed. “I didn’t even know you were gay…”

“I’m not sure I am. I just got turned on by muscle and cock…” said Jake.

“So yeah, what he means is yes he is, same as me,” concluded Mike, earning a killer glare from his brother, but Jake didn’t deny it.

“I can’t believe you’re attracted to your father…”

“I bet grandpa wasn’t as hot as you are… or that you were as gay as we are…” Mike said. “Although… what we just did can’t be called straight either…”

“That’s true! I think it’s time you come out as well, old man!” smirked Jake.

“So what if I’m gay? People change. Sue me,” said Zeke.

“I’m totally fine with it,” said Jake looking at his brother.

He nodded as well and added, “As long as you’re okay with us…”

“I’m not hypocrite, I’m just surprised, that’s all…” said Zeke, not looking at them.

Mike felt he had to say it to make his position clear: “And I’m also okay with what we did now.”

“Same here,” added Jake.

Zeke frowned, eyebrows furrowing. “I don’t know…”

“I guess if we changed sports to bodybuilding and got buff like you, you might agree more…” teased Jake.

“No need with a monster like that… I mean! Well…”

Jake looked at his flaccid 9 incher. “I have no idea how it got this big… damn, I wonder if I’ll fit my underwear. Or my Speedos…”

“Tell me about it! Tonight I have a striptease in a club and the audience might eat me alive if I show up with this.”

“Is it a gay club? Can we go see you?” asked Mike.

“Well, yes, it is… and definitely no!”

“You’re no fun… you both only see the bad side… I think it’s awesome you guys having a monster cock!” Mike complimented them.

“Tell me that when you grow like this!” Jake told him.

“Oh, I will…” Mike said with a dirty smile which made Jake’s sausage to stir a bit.

“Okay, kids! Time to eat dinner… shit, it’s cold already,” Zeke realized.

“Cause we took our time… well, with that,” said Jake.

“Can we have seconds of that? I bet it’s hotter than the food,” joked Mike.

“You horny li’l… I’ll reheat it. And I’m not as comfortable about this like you two… I need to clear my mind a bit,” their dad told them.

Mike pouted, but Jake said it was normal he was confused since they were a bit too. Mike was going to deny that, but Jake stepped on his foot to silence him. Mike wasn’t happy about this and grabbed him by his waist but Jake get out of his hold and jumped on him, pinning him on the floor. Zeke rolled eyes and started reheating the food.

Mike tried to get free but he was powerless, as if Jake was suddenly stronger than usual. Looking closely from his position, he could see his brother’s arms and torso bulging more than usual, as if his cock wasn’t the only thing that had grown. His muscles looked bigger. That boned him really fast and he used his legs to grab his brother’s torso to repin him. It almost worked and Jake ended still on top of him, with his pecs bulging more swollen than normal and his crotch on his face. Jake’s cock was a bit stiff, reaching a foot long tube of pendulous meat in front of Mike’s head. Mike couldn’t help it and swallowed the cock head, which grew fatter quickly. Jake groaned and let him go of the hold as his cock regained its hard state.

Zeke was going to call them for dinner and to stop horsing around when a moan made him turn to see Mike blowing Jake’s monster.

“Fuck!” Two hot young men enjoying a blowjob on a cock out from a morphing website was enough to make his 9-inch softie to start growing too. He grunted and grabbed his cock, as if that would make it go away, but it worsened the situation and soon he had again a monster 20 inches between his trembling hands. He couldn’t help rubbing his new swollen massive appendage.

As Jake started cumming, Mike was already thinking ahead to what would happen next.


Part 3

That night he waited for his brother to fall asleep and, taking the big vial, dropped three drops on his own tongue. Then got out the jar of water he had left between their beds. To his horror, the jar was empty. Jake must had drunk from it while he was pissing. He couldn’t hold it and gulped the drops. He knew that Jeff had told him not to do that, so he hurried silently towards the kitchen. There he found another jar on the table, but with a protein shake his father had prepared for when he came back from the stripping performance he had that night. Mike drank it all, thinking Zeke could prepare a new one when he came home. The fruity flavor took away the almost nonexistent flavor of the drops. Yup, 3 drops. He liked being a bit bigger than his brother and he was sure by next day he would be. He got to sleep before any growth could happen.

The alarm the next day made both teens to groan. They weren’t morning people at all and on top of it, it was a Saturday, but they had practice at 10. Mike stretched and felt himself a bit heavier than usual. He was going to turn to switch of the alarm when he felt some wetness on his neck. He was going to rub it with his hand when a pillar of flesh stopped his hand. He groped it and the pleasure was enough to make him moan. It was his cock! He opened his eyes and looked down. Just below his chin his dick was looking at him with a red face and a single eye. The shaft was so thick he couldn’t encircle it without using both hands, and it was a bit thicker than that in the middle. The cockhead was as big as his fist. Looking down at himself, he noticed the rest of his body had changed a bit. His muscles looked big now. Probably as big as a gymnast. He flexed his pecs, sending waves of pleasure through the dick that was resting in between them.

“Holy shit, look at you bro!” exclaimed Jake. He was sitting on the bed, as naked as he was and as pumped as him. Perhaps a bit more. Although his gains in muscle made them kind of even, since Jake was beefier but Mike was still about 3 inches longer in the cock department.

“You too… damn, you look hot…” Mike turned back to his own cock. It was so close. He wondered if he could self-suck the monster he now had. “No better way to test it…” He just needed to bend his neck slightly to be able to lick the tip. It almost made him blow. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Jake following his example, not taking his time like him but taking the whole thing in right away. He decided to do that too, so he bent his back a bit and, with some difficulty and a little pain in his jaw, stuck the whole head inside his mouth. It was too much sensation and he stated pumping cum like a wide open faucet. It filled him to the point of feeling bloated, though his carved abs fortunately didn’t suffer in the least. He was surprised he was able to not spill a drop, but he was glad—this way he didn’t need to change the sheets.

Or so he thought at first, but his brother seemed not to be a natural like him. Soon, cum started flowing through his nostrils, making him open his mouth, coughing and cumming everywhere. He came like a geyser, much more than Mike, making him jealous. Checking out the size of his brother’s balls he realized that the load had a reason for its size. He estimated his brother’s soft bulge would probably be bigger than his own, since each nut looked as big as an orange. He then remembered Jeff saying how the effect could be different from one person to the other.

“Damn, what a mess…” complaint Jake, although going by his shit-eating grin he didn’t seem too. concerned.

Mike threw him a towel. “Your mess, your clean-up. That means I get to shower first!”

Before Jake could reply, Mike exited the room and ran towards the bathroom, his soft cock slapping his tights. He estimated the size to reach 10 inches. Soft. 10 inches of soft uncut cock. It looked bigger than what his dad had gotten the day before, but not by much. And speaking of the devil, he found Zeke inside the bathroom. Despite having just cum, he felt his cock stiffening again at the sight.

It confirmed a theory he had been formulating after he had seen his new engorged muscles that morning. A higher dosage of the serum made the muscles grow as well. With side effects like this, he had hit the jackpot.

The day before, Zeke looked huge at about 280 pounds. Mike had put something like 20 pounds of muscle overnight, but his father looked almost freaky now. He must have put about 50 pounds of hot, heavy muscle.

Zeke was standing on the scale and had difficulties reading how much he weighed due to his massive pecs and the column of firm, hard flesh standing up from his crotch. Morning wood seemed to be the norm in the house.

His Dad looked up with a grin. “Hey, so—holy shit, look at your cock!!!! You’re huge!”

Indeed, comparing them both, Mike’s cock was the biggest now, since his father’s size was similar to his brother and he already beat Jake by at least 3 inches.

“Damn, and looks like you’ve put on some mass too! You look great, mind helping your old man to see what’s on the scale?”

Mike looked and confirmed his suspicions, Zeke weighed 335 pounds. When he told him that, his dad frowned.

“You didn’t want to get this big?” Mike was surprised. He didn’t think his father thinking something as too big. But Zeke shook his head no.

“Of course I wanted it, I’m just confused. This is so much to grow overnight. I don’t get what’s going on.”

“This afternoon you have the competition, I bet you win!”

“Well, the swelling hadn’t affected my vascularity and I doubt there will be anyone over 300 when not off-season… but I’m worried about the posers, they might not fit me now,” Zeke commented.

“I don’t see the problem in that,” laughed Mike, earning a glare form his father.

He laughed and got in the shower. He wanted to take his time rubbing his new muscles and beating his angry new huge boner. However, he had just started soaping his pecs and abs when his brother entered the shower as well.

“I need to clean this mess on me, wanna help?” he asked, closing the glass door behind him.

It was obvious they would end dirtier before they could get cleaner and by the time they were out of the shower, Zeke was already asking them to eat breakfast. None of them bothered to put on anything.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After breakfast, they grabbed their things and went to school for their morning practice. Not wanting to be late, Jake had urged Mike to rush and Mike hadn’t objected, due to having plans on his own that required being earlier than the rest of the team. The vial with the formula was trucked away safely in his bag.

They reached the mostly deserted school area and headed for the pool locker room. Just as he was wondering how he could dose his teammates without them noticing, he noticed a water cooler next to the door of the pool. He grinned.

Jake was already putting on his Speedo when Mike entered a few moments. He didn’t look up at him and his eat-shitting grin, as he was focused on making his bulge less obscene.

“What took you so long? Did you fall on the toilet or something?”

“Har-har. What’s the problem, big bro? Swimsuit too small?”

“Hilarious. But I won’t be the only one having this problem, you know,” he smirked.

Mike tried not to snicker, but thinking about the 5 drops he had put in each of the water bottles from the now empty vial—not just the bottles in the cooler, but the spares waiting to one side as well—he had to force himself to keep a straight poker face while he silently agreed with his brother. The cooler had more than enough bottles of water for the 10 swimmers, but he decided to dose the spares too and see if someone was more thirsty than usual.

He started to get dressed at the same time as more people appeared in the locker rom. Soon nine people were ready for practice and it was almost time. The three other new guys selected the day before with the two siblings were from Jake’s class and teased him for sticking a sock in his speedo, but when Mike finished undressing and they could see the amount of real meat he was packing, they shut their mouths. They weren’t small themselves by any means. Quite the contrary, most reaching 4 inches. But comparing to 9 and 10 soft inches of the Addamses, well…

Even when the four older guys came too and they were all there it was like that too. Mike was so glad they were quite big to begin with.

Then one of the seniors asked another. “Didn’t Dex come with you?”

“Yeah. You know him, if I don’t drag him out of bed, he’ll be always late.”

“That’s the captain…” someone whispered to Mike.

“Hey, when you manage to get your time in the pool close to mine, then you’ll be able to complain, bitch!”

That last was said by a big black guy entering through the door. Mike couldn’t help a double take. The guy was too built for a swimmer. It was more than obvious when he undressed. His legs were huge, as was his back and he was sporting in his Speedo a bulge almost as big as his.

Once they were all in gear, the black teen took a chug from his plastic bottle.

“So this will be our team this year. Not bad.” He checked a folder with names and made a roll call so everyone could know everyone. All the members from last year were juniors.

He was the first to introduce himself properly. Dex, a junior and the captain of the team. The guy talking earlier was his best friend Max. Tall and thin, but so ripped his muscles showed more than the bigger guys. The other guy talking before was Andre. A junior as well, not as lean as Max, but with thicker arms. The other two older guys were brothers as well—twins. And you couldn’t tell them apart, especially in their matching speedos. Their names were Terry and Karl.

The new additions to the team were all from the same class year as Jake. Pete had barely made the cut the day before, but he was focused on getting faster. Ned was fast, but his technique needed a lot to work on. Jared was quite good and his body was almost as developed as the veterans, but he was too shy to boast about himself.

Dex looked at the Addams siblings, and nodded at Mike. “I have big expectations of you. Let’s see how you do today.” Then he looked down and couldn’t help his eyes from opening wide. “Yeah… big… expectations…” Then he shook his head, as if snapping out of it “By the way, coach called me on the way here.” He chugged more from the bottle.

“Oh that’s right! I was there. What did he want?” asked Max.

“He wanted to cancel the training, as he couldn’t come due to something family related,” Dex explained.

The rest of the team stopped just as they were about to enter the pool area. “Why didn’t youu say so? We got changedf for nothing,” Andre complained.

Dex put an arm around his shoulder. “Coach said it was okay if I could be the one training the team today.”

The four other veterans groaned. Jake and his classmates looked at each other in confusion. Then, as Dex talked with Andre, one of the twins told Mike, “Dex is normally a nice guy. He’s just a Spartan when it comes to training.”

“That’s fine for him, as he has the body of a Spartan beast,” added the other twin. “But for us it will be hell.”

“What was that?” Dex asked raising a brow and staring at the twins.


“Then let’s go!”

Everyone entered the pool area and the first thing the seniors did was grab a bottle of water from the cooler.

“Cool! Are those for us?” asked Jake.

“More importantly,” Mike interrupted his brother “Aren’t they for after training?”

“Swim team rule! Before training, each guy must chug a bottle!” Dex grinned while chugging the rest of his. Then threw it in a bin nearby and handed bottles to the rest of the team.

Mike stared at the plastic bottle in his hand. Of course he had seen it moments before when he had dosed them all with the formula, but he didn’t expect everyone to take it. He thought it would be fun seeing who would chance make big at the end of the practice, but at that pace, the results would be showing before it was over. And with 5 drops he wondered if their speedos would hold everything in. Then he glanced at his brother drinking from his bottle like the rest while he adjusted his big bulge. Everyone emptied their bottles and stared at him.

Mike grunted. He had no choice. He took the bottle and started drinking until there was nothing left. Then gave a huge burp. Everyone started laughing and joined in the burping corps, as one of the twins joked about. Mike couldn’t tell which one he was. He didn’t really care, though. He was starting to worry about things getting out of control this fast.

He only panicked for a little bit before pushing those thoughts deep down his mind. He could worry later. He wasn’t the type to worry when there was nothing he could do about it. (Not that there was no reason to worry—it was just too late to do anything but sit back and watch.)

As he threw the bottle in the bin, he heard his brother asking someone, “What’s that in the pool?”

Mike looked at something floating in the middle of the pool. Then, Dex explained, “My bad, I was thirsty so I went straight for a bottle before changing. However, it slipped out of my hand and fell in the water.”

“Gross, dude!” complaint one of the seniors as Max picked it up with a long rod. It was empty, its contents having spilled out into the pool water.

“It’s fine,” Jared said. “Considering the volume of water in comparison with the amount in the bottle, I don’t think we’ll notice.” It was the first time Mike had heard Jared speaking.

At first Mike was going to panic again, but then he remembered the formula only worked while ingesting it. And if the 5 drops were diluted in so much water, then even if they got a bit from swimming it wouldn’t make a difference.

At least, as compared to the full 5 drops they had each gotten in every bottle.

Of course, Mike was no rocket scientist—more to the point, he didn’t have the same biotech knowledge as his friend Jeff, creator of the formula, and thus couldn’t know what would happen if the formula was mixed with chlorine. In fact, not even Jeff knew about that. If he had, he would have warned him.

Mike would have probably not listened to him anyway. Where was the fun in that?

Dex clapped his hands twice. “All right guys, let’s do 20 laps to warm up! Non stop!”

Some of the newcomers got funny expressions while the veterans groaned. One of the twins whispered to Mike, “Spartan beast.”

“Did you say something, Karl?” Dex asked him, smiling icily.

“Hahahaa… nothing, dude!”

The pool was big, and luckily it had enough lanes for everyone. Mike glanced at his teamates’ crotches before they dove into the water, wondering how fast would the formula kick in.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The answer came about 15 minutes later as he was doing his last lap. It was then when his tight speedo started to feel even tighter. He prayed for it to hold as he swam towards the rungs and climbed out of the pool. As he had a edge of the pool on the stairs and right before stepping out, he grabbed his bulge and almost fell into the water again from the startle. It was massive. But how much bigger?

He got out and saw the full extent of the changes to himself so far. He was already past the gymnast size regarding his muscles. And his bulge had already passed the obscene region into the unreal one. Soft, it was so huge that half the shaft starting from the root was showing. Its weight making the stretched speedo to hang lower. It seemed about a foot and a half maybe. Soft.

He almost felt dizzy from the thought.

Then he looked around and felt the dizziness getting stronger. Most of his teammates were out, or in the process of getting out and some were starting to notice their changes.

“What the hell?”

“Dude, check it out!”

“Wow, you got huge!”

“No, you got huge!”

Mike looked nervously at his brother, in a similar predicament as him, although for some reason, his Speedo looked closer to snapping than his. Maybe it was due to looking it from the front instead from up.

“Okay, guys. I don’t get this more than you, but we have a practice to continue.”

Mike almost fell when he saw the captain. If he was muscular before, he looked almost like a bodybuilder and for some reason, maybe it reacted stronger in him, his bulge was as big as his own.

“Now the fun begins. I want each of you to do 8 laps butterfly, 8 laps breast, 8 laps back and 8 laps crawl. Come on.”

The guys were distracted from their freaking out from and were shooting daggers at Dex’s broader bulging back. Mike felt his Speedo stretching even more. So before it snapped in front of everyone there, he dived into the fresh water and started doing his laps.

His improved speed and the way he felt the water around him made him notice his muscles getting bigger. He also felt his swelling bulge creating even more resistance in the water. He paused on one side of the pool after half the laps were done. He looked around and almost had a heart attack when he saw Dex doing backstroke. His bulge looked so massive he couldn’t explain why his Speedo hadn’t snapped already. Maybe his was more elastic.

He groaned, feeling his own pressing onto his cockhead—the only part of his cock that still fit inside.

He shook his head and continued doing his laps. He ended very tired and his body felt heavy. He didn’t realize why until he had gotten out of the water. He was huge. Like a bodybuilder maybe not as massive as his dad, but he was easily over 220 pounds, with his low bodyfat. Looking down past what his pecs allowed him to see, he realized he had lost his Speedo along the way some laps ago. And no wonder. His soft cock was reaching past his knee. It must have beaten the 2 feet mark in length and so fat! Huge veins crossed the skin and he could almost see them beating with his heartbeat. He was about to grab it to check if it was real when he realized he wasn’t alone in the room, but was surrounded by almost a dozen guys, muscled and hung.

Looking around, his brother was the first one he spotted. Bigger than him in the muscle department, he resembled a Greek god on steroids. And for some reason, his cock was even larger than his. Of course his Speedo had lost the battle some laps ago as well. He was trying to lift his cock with his hands, with a face that gave the word amazement a new meaning.

The rest of the guys weren’t as big as them and their cocks, despite easily reaching the foot long soft, could still be concealable in their obscenely stuffed speedos, not leaving a thing to the imagination. The only one whose speedo had ripped as well was Dex.

Maybe it was due to his African heritage, maybe he had chugged a second bottle when no one was looking as soon as he arrived. Or maybe he was the closest to the spot where the bottle had fell on the pool. In any case, his leg muscles were so big he had to waddle and that without taking into account a third leg hanging from his groin about the same length as Mike’s… and that despite having started smaller. Everyone was speechless for a while, except a couple of “fuck”s or “holy shit”s.

Dex spoke. “I… don’t understand much of what’s happening, but… we have more sex… I mean, training! Yeah, training… to do.”

The guys who weren’t too busy feeling their own bodies and checking the rest were the only ones staring at their captain in disbelief. And lust.

Maybe Dex felt things were getting out of control (Mike could feel it too in his own awakening monster cock, like everyone else there), so he quickly explained the relay training details as his cock slowly swelled, this time from arousal.

They were divided in two teams of four and Mike and Jake, being two of the fastest, were made in control of the timing of each team and of the individual ones. Mike felt his body had stopped growing but that wasn’t the case with his arousal. His brother felt the same too, their dicks swelling from it until they reached the floor and then started rising and stiffening.

That didn’t make them miss the effects on their apparently still swelling teammates as the relays progressed. Mike realized that each time any of the swimmers get out of the lane to leave space for the next one in line, his muscles looked pumped and his speedo was more engorged. Maybe horniness was giving the growth down there an extra push. It could explain why their cocks were getting bigger, but not their muscles, especially the ones using the same line Dex had been using all that time. By the fifth lap, they got out and the effect was extremely visible, especially on Dex, whose soft cock must have been over 3 feet and with the head resting on the floor. Soft. Half the guys that had swam on that line were clearly bigger than the others, many of them having ripped their speedoes in the process.

By then everyone was so horned up that the remaining Speedos tore under the pressure of massive hard-ons, the biggest of them all being the captain’s. A tower of brown flesh of over 5 feet long, almost as tall as he was, although not as wide, having reached Mike and Jake’s father in muscle size.

There was no more holding back the biggest (pardon the pun) orgy in the history of that pool (or any pool anywhere). There was huge cock and muscle everywhere and nobody could say whose hand belonged to who or whose cock was who sucking (or trying, in Dex’s case). All their minds filled with nothing but need and hormones and cocks and cum.

Maybe it was due to having done it before or maybe due to how fast he had cum (or how many more times he had done so than the rest in less time), but eventually Mike managed to regain his senses and focus on something besides sex.

He focused his sight on the pool, especially on the spot where the bottles had spilled their contents. He got a couple empty bottles and dived on the pool till he reached what he thought it was the correct place one and filled the two bottles, then got out.

He felt even bigger than before entering and he swore his cock had gotten a couple inches longer in the short period of time.

He checked the rest of the swim team, which was still busy engaged in rabid sex. He managed to get his hung brother out, and in the shower room he blew him twice to get him out of his growth-induced horned up state. The team was still at it when they finished toweling their huge muscle bodies and got ready to head home before their dad’s competition.


Part 4

Clothing was a problem. Their t-shirts still fit, although tight, but pants were a problem. Jake had used baggy pants and his huge cock that reached past his knee could still be put in his pant leg next to his muscled leg (the bulge was so obscene it was even worse than going naked, but at least there was no skin on sight and nobody could arrest him.

Mike was on another level. Not only his cock was close to the floor after his last pool immersion. It was ultra-thick. Plus he was wearing shorts. His improved huge quads used all the space they had. No way could he hide his cock inside a pant leg. He had no choice but stuff part of his cock inside the crotch of his shorts and the rest on his ripped belly under his t-shirt. The t-shirt was tight to begin with so it was obvious what was he inside it, but he had no other choice.

He was technically covering it.


In any case, they managed to get home without scaring too many people.

There, they started making out on the living room sofa, until a naked Zeke entered the room drying his hair on a towel.

He left the towel fall in utter shock. “Holy shit! You’re huge!”

Mike felt like laughing. When one was almost as big as his bodybuilder dad with a boner longer than your leg, huge was an understatement. The same went for his brother.

It took mere second for their father’s cock to slap his defined broad pecs.

“Damn! I don’t have time for this! I must get lunch ready and prepare for the competition!”

Mike laughed. “Don’t worry, dad, Jake and I will help you.” He stared at Zeke’s boner.

He narrowed his eyes when he realized. “With lunch!”

“Fine! Jeez.”

They put themselves to it, had lunch and Zeke decided to train a bit to get a pump before driving to the context. Meanwhile, Jake had a phone call that had him occupied for quite a while, which left Mike alone to think what to do next in his bedroom. He was naked, sitting on the edge of the bed with part of his soft cock resting on the carpet. He was busy checking the contents of his bag on his lap until he got the two bottles out. He got one of the bottles hidden while he played with the other one, thinking about what to do with it.

His father’s bodybuilding contest was too tempting for him and even if he knew he couldn’t make him drink it (it would be like drinking pool water, yuck), there were other ways of using it, as he had discovered in swim practice.

He went to his father’s room and searched in his drawers until he found a bottle of tanning oil. It was about three-quarters full, which was perfect for what he wanted.

He opened it and opened the bottle from the pool and poured its contents on the tanning bottle till it was almost full, then shook it until it was well mixed. He smiled devilishly when he put back the now-full bottle in the bag.

“We’re going to have a real show, hell yeah!”

He then got back to his room and searched for clothes to wear. He put on a tank top and with a jockstrap, he was able to fit his big nuts. His soft cock was the size of his leg, though. With the added muscle on his legs, even with the baggiest cotton pants he owned, there would be no mistaking one leg being twice the thickness than the other one. He had no choice but putting his cock up again pressing his belly under his pecs, wrapped around his torso. He put on a thin compression shirt over it and then his t-shirt. He didn’t like it much cause it made it feel like he had a ‘roid gut, although the big pecs made it look less bad.

Jake laughed his ass off when he saw him. He dressed up in baggy pants and a tight tee-shirt. His muscles were big and his massive cock was not difficult to spot bulging under the knee. He looked so perfect that Mike had to fight his instincts and not bone up.

Afterwards, they drove to the contest place. They were the first to arrive at the backstage where there were free weights and lockers to change.

Zeke took off his clothes until he was naked, radiating such perfection that both his watchers had to fight the urge to jump on him. He took out a yellow poser and forced his thick muscled legs into it. The tricky thing was getting his 9-inch soft cock into them. The tiny fabric could just conceal part of it and at least 2 inches of the shaft starting from the root was showing. The material was so stretched that the straps around the waist and on his ass equaled lines. From the back, he looked naked. And what an ass he showed! Muscled, striated and so bubble-formed that he might be able to hold a glass on top of it.

Then his father said the words he had been expecting since he had been in his room.

“Let’s darken this skin!”

Mike took no time getting the oil bottle, just to be sure it was well mixed, he shook the bottle vigorously. After all, he had added water to an oily fluid and he knew those don’t mix well. He then looked for some gloves to put on.

But he couldn’t find any.

He asked his father, but he shook his head. “You can use your bare hands, it’s easy to clean.”

“But…” Mike looked at the bottle in his hand.

He couldn’t do it. His soft cock was the size of his leg already. If he got any bigger, it would get impossible to cover and that would surely give him trouble when in public. He was sure touching it would make him grow, even if it was with just the hands.

Then Jake took the bottle from him. “Jeez, Mike! If you’re so scared of getting your hands dirty, I’ll do it!”

Mike stared in silence as his brother applied the watery solution on their father’s skin, darkening it efficiently. It took less than 10 minutes and by then, other contestants and their coaches or partners were arriving.

Zeke left them to talk to the people in charge of the competition. Soon they were surrounding with muscle men undressing.

Then an idea popped up in Mike’s head. He glanced at the bottle still in his brother’s oily hands and grinned.

“You know,” he told Jake in a very loud voice, “it’s awesome that dad managed to get this special tanning oil.”

“Special?” Jake looked at the bottle with some suspicion.

Mike smiled in the inside, noticing most of the muscled guys glancing at them. “I heard it makes the blood to rush into the muscles more, getting a more awesome pump than ever.” Then, he pointed out at Zeke, to exaggerate even more of the effect and to give more evidence to what he was saying. “Check it out, doesn’t dad seem more swollen up than ever? It’s amazing!” he noticed them following with their eyes, trying to dissimulate, at where Zeke was.

Score! he thought.

Jake nodded. Then, Mike took the bottle from him and left it on the floor next to the bag and they joined their dad while he was talking with a sponsor after having registered himself. He had a small badge tagged on his overstretched poser with the number 1 on it.

To Mike’s delight, by the time they were back, the bottle had disappeared. None of his companions realized about it, though.

Zeke started using the free weights and Mike didn’t know if the tan had had an effect already or it was just that it brought up more the volume, but he looked massive. No wonder he had signed in on the heavyweight division.

Soon, other tanned muscled guys with number tags joined them. Mike couldn’t know how many had used the tan, but he was sure he would know when the formula started kicking in.

Not long afterwards, the manager talked to the participants about the order they would go out. Apparently, it wasn’t a big contest, with just a dozen guys, so even if classes were already established they would pose mixed at first. There were about four people in each of the three classes and from all of them, only one looked like he could be some competition. He was a black huge guy, who, despite being close to Zeke in volume, wasn’t as ripped. His bulge was quite big—even given his size it still looked huge. Of course it was still no match for Zeke’s monster. There was also a blonde whose definition rivaled with his, but he lacked mass. The rest were obviously in another class or were no competition at all for him.

Both his sons lifted their thumbs to cheer him in silent as he leaded the row of musclemen as they all entered the stage. They could see them all from the side of the stage, next to the rest of partners of the other contestants.

Mike narrowed his eyes and then smiled more broadly. The poser was slowly inflating in his father’s crotch. He heard a sigh coming from his brother and realized when he glanced at him that he was sweating a bit.

“You okay, bro?”

“Yeah, just a bit warm…”

Mike glanced down to Jack’s leg and was entranced when he realized the bulge showing there was bigger.

Then his attention was back to the stage as the host announced the posing of the heavyweight class. He saw his father, the black guy and two others stepping forward from the main line and start their posing routine.

Mike sniggered when he heard the public gasps at his father’s performance. And no wonder as he was massive and apparently swelling while he posed, and not just his package. He hold his breath for a moment when he realized the black guy’s bulge swelling too.

He had been wondering before how many of them had taken the oil and from what he was seeing, every contestant had gotten his hands on the magic tanner.

Which meant…

He looked back at the people in the backroom. Most looked a bit dizzy and blushing and he could spot some nice bulges already. He still wondered how much of an effect it would have by just touching it with their hands, but he knew he’d eventually see it for himself. Jake’s sock had been sneaking down his pantleg already 3 inches under the knee and so much thicker it would soon look pained in those pants.

He got back to check his dad. He was doing a back double biceps and he could swear he looked about 20 pounds bigger. He saw him flexing an arm, the biceps swelling and hardening, relaxing it, then flex it again and reaching higher!

Unfortunately, the added mass was starting to affect his routine, as his hands didn’t reach the same places they usually did. Despite that, his freaky size had the public entranced, but they got out of it as the 4 men turned, showing their front again.

Zeke cock was about to snap his poser, most of the shaft was out and with his thickening quads demanding more space, the package was showed with more prominence. Over a foot long would be Mike’s estimation.

The black muscled man seemed to be growing at a similar pace as him or even more, might be something genetic for black men reacting to the formula stronger. He wasn’t gaining more definition whatsoever, but his size talked for him.

Then, the impressed host found his tongue to ask them to get back to let the growing middleweight class to advance and show the goods. They didn’t look middleweight class anymore, though.

Then he heard movement behind him and to his surprise, some of the people getting there with the contestants had taken off their clothes and where in the middle of hot making out session, with signs of growth quite evident, just like Jake, who had stopped watching the show and was too busy sucking his own hardening monster sitting on the floor. It was longer than his leg and thicker too. Luckily it wasn’t completely hard, or he wouldn’t be able to bend it enough to reach the bowling ball cockhead and french-kiss the slit.

Mike felt his own monster stirring under his pecs and then the mesmerized host announced the lightweight class, which looked already like heavyweights.

Then the ones who were actually already heavyweights… Mike looked at the four heavy guys and almost had a heart attack. All of them were massive beyond what he had imagined possible. Muscle over muscle, only a morph from the internet could compare.

Plus the semihard cocks reaching mid ankle in the case of the black man, with a thickness equaling his so thick leg it didn’t seem like it would bend to walk anymore. He never thought having quads as thick as needing three people to encircle them with his arms.

Best part? Zeke was even bigger.


Mike couldn’t hold back anymore and his cock got free from the clothing hiding it. Almost instantly it was reaching way over his head. He sat on the floor and his brother’s cock tapped his shoulder. He chuckled and did the same to him with his. The started cock fighting until their lust grew more than their fun and lost all interest in the competition, same with the hot huge men in the same room as them.

On the stage, things started getting out of control when no contestant could hide their boner and started making out with one another, as in backstage.

The host had no option but announcing the end of the contest and closing the stage so no one would get further offense, despite the public being more interested then than when it had started. Red thick curtains gave the twelve swollen muscle beasts the privacy they so needed for their orgy.

By the time they finished, it was already night outside and they found the backstage as if a battle royal had happened, with bodies and cum everywhere. Many joined their known people in a pleasant after-sex nap, but Zeke knew it was time to go back home.

Mike and jake, so big themselves felt weak when they saw their father in all his massive glory. His soft cock was being dragged after him, as it was so big that part of it rested on the floor. He had to weight a ton too, being almost as wide as he was tall with muscles bulging on top of muscles.

“Let’s go champs!” he announced.

“Back to the house?” Jake asked.

“Yeah, but before that, we’ll drive my new friend home.”

He looked to his right and the two siblings did the same. Next to him, and so huge he was impossible to miss, what the black guy. He wasn’t as big as Zeke, but he didn’t look human either. He was too hot not to realize he was there, but even so, their father’s titanic physique overshadowed him.

“I’m Jamal,” he introduced himself.

The all managed to fit inside their car.

Jamal thanked them for the ride as he was too big to take the bus or even fit his clothing until he reached home.

“Maybe we can go find you some bigger clothes?” Jake offered.

“No thanks, my two sons can help me. They couldn’t come due to sports training, but they should already be home. Dunno how I’m going to explain all this, though.”

“It’s not easy taking care of two growing boys by yourself, huh?” Zeke joked.

“Indeed! Wait till you met them, I bet you’ll like them as much as I like yours. They are fun guys.” He winked at Mike and Jake.

Jake smiled at him, but Mike looked through the window, smiling at the thought of knowing who to use the formula next with.

“Yeah… we’re gonna have lots of fun…” he muttered, chuckling.

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