The bear’s cub

by CurlyJin

A giant man calling himself Bear takes in a young man just entering a nearby college.

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The storm was raging like a lion in its cage. Each lightning bolt fought in its cage above the town it hovered over weightlessly. Every so often, a flash would escape and shine down on the streets of the most neighborhood.

With a great flash, the sky gave light to the small bus station sitting, its metal ceiling and concrete glistening with the shower of rain that poured on it. There was no light that could be seen anywhere on the bus station. All except one tiny little flickering light that sat near the road on a bench that had a small figure waiting on it. I had been waiting for hours for another bus to my college campus. I was wearing soaked clothes, jacket not included as I sat in my own wetness for what seemed to be forever. My ass was numb on the bench from sitting and the wet clothes just made the experience that much more uncomfortable. My hands were rubbing my face every few minutes in order for me to keep myself awake. Where I had to be conscious when the bus arrived, the area around me wasn’t assisting the way the trees whispered in the wind and the rain dripped and clashed with the streets to create a smooth scene that made everything seem new. There was no moon as the clouds as, hours ago, I’d already watched it rise for an hour before vanishing behind the growing expanse of the clouds.

My hands felt dirty as I sat in the dark and wet, waiting for a bus that might never come. I should have gone home. Gotten myself out of the rain. But I couldn’t when there was so much pride at stake. I couldn’t go back but.... Where was I to go?

That was when the full blunt force of the night hit me. The whispering of the trees became horrible murmurs. The rain no longer seemed tranquil but violent. I was truly afraid and alone. Or at least I thought I was. That was when they showed up. I looked to my right, sitting up and squinting as I thought, for a moment, I was looking at the bus and my night at the bus station was finally coming to an end. I was too wrong. Far too wrong.

The lights of the car shined brightly but, as they came closer, the form of the incoming vehicle was only slightly smaller than a bus. A shining yellow Hummer was coming my way, the headlights off but it didn’t matter. I knew whose car it was just by looking at the black sticker on the side of a seductively lying, voluptuous woman. With a splash of water that ironically seemed to only wet my pants, the car came to a sort of a skidding stop in front of the bench I sat on. I gripped one of my suit cases tightly as I heard him.

“Hey there, little buddy” came the voice of my high school bully of 4 years, Tristan. I gave a frustrated sigh as I could hear he and his friends were getting out of the car, laughing as they came over to mess with me. I merely looked in Tristan’s eyes as he closed the door and gave me a wicked smile. I was actually hoping that graduation day would be the last day I’d ever see him. The frown on my face was most certainly not hidden as I looked at him and he reveled in it.

At one point, at a time far behind me, we were once friends. I was a little guy in elementary school. He was tall and not even hitting puberty yet. It was clear to everyone but us that we’d eventually be separated. And when he found out I was gay? Well, the bullying didn’t let up.

“Why you out here in the rain, short shit?” he said down to me as I sat. Our height difference was already significant at full height. My 5’5” skinny body was a visual short joke compared to Tristan at 6’5”. He was far wider too as he hit the gym frequently thanks to 4 solid years as a high school receiver. He and his friends quickly got under the hood of the bench and crowded around me and my suit cases.

I rolled my eyes. “What does that matter to you? Shouldn’t you be looking for another college of some kind to join? I hear there wasn’t a recruiter out looking for a new receiver as shitty as you.” Tristan’s big jock friends starting chuckling at the first shot fired at Tristan’s pride. My body tensed as I waited for his reaction. Tristan was might predictable. As expected, he puffed up and seemed to loom over me with the light above us creating a menacing figure. “Shouldn’t talk to me like that, should you? There won’t be a cat to catch your tongue when I rip it off” he said as he reached out to grab me. I was up with my suit cases in an instant as I swung them at him and pushed through the opening his friends made.

“Fuck! Get him!” I heard behind me as I ran through the station and ducked into the woods. It was dark, damp, wet, and everywhere I stood sank a little as my feet pressed into the moist earth. I pushed through the bushes with my arms forward as I couldn’t see anything. I could hear my heart beat in my ears and my body in that hot-cold state you experience when you run under cold circumstances. My clothes were brushed by leaves and yanked by branches as I pushed through. Luckily, after some time, the forest let up and then eventually opened to the darkness of the town’s streets. In the mild darkness, I could only barely see the wet sidewalk and black streets. Closed stores lined the street like an inanimate audience for what was to come.

A bright light shone through in the darkness and the yellow of the car’s front lights blinded me for a moment before they focused and I could see that it was a yellow Hummer. “Shit!” I said under my breath as I turned and ran as fast as I could down the street with my lungs pounding against my chest. I wasn’t an athlete AT ALL so this kind of pressure on my heart was foreign and making me weak easily. Details began to blur together as the fatigue messed with my eye sight. I could see with the light that the Hummer was hot on my tail regardless of the many twists and turns I tried to pull. I ran through the thin space between a bakery and a vintage clothing store. There was the hummer turning around the corner. I turned and ran into a small parking area between two rival super markets. There was the hummer coming up behind me like a hungry tiger.

The chase ended when I tried to pull through a butcher shop and a grocery store but hit a dead end. I tried to turn around but was intercepted quickly as Tristan’s yellow Hummer appeared and stopped in the space at the exit. I tried to look for an opening or an escape but it was useless. I was trapped. Tristan was out of his car in seconds and running at me with his strong receiver legs. There was no hope for me now.

I tried to force open the side door to the butcher shop but it was locked and closed for business. I jumped when a hand grabbed at shoulder and whirred me around, pinning me into the door with a bang of the door’s foundation. Tristan was very strong from years of weightlifting. I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Thought you could get away, short shit, huh?!” shouted Tristan through the rain even though he was inches from my face. “You’re not fucking going anywhere after pulling that shit!” He turned and looked at the sign beside the door and smiled at the sign in the light of his hummer. “Wow, looks like you got something in common. Just like the meat in this shop, you’re dead fucking meat!”

Tristan’s friends only watched with smiles on their faces as he pulled back his muscular arm and prepared a good punch for my face. I was ready to call it quits at that point. I was cool with going to college with a few bruises here in there. A broken arm or leg? That’s nothing, I tried to convince myself as I saw his meaty fist. I can handle another beating from this guy. Who needs a functioning eye?

That’s when he came. It was in the flicker of light and an explosion of thunder that a massive shadow came over us, illuminated in the Hummer lights. It was like a new statue added to the dead end to seal us in but it wasn’t. It something living. Something BREATHING. A chuckle came from behind Tristan’s friends that made them cower and almost run. There, in the space behind them, was a man. A large man. With another flash of light, we could make out different limbs that should have been multiple people. Massive arms. A back that spread like wings underneath big, soccer ball shoulders. The being that stood there was truly a sight. For some reason, Tristan let go and stopped everything that he was doing as this giant spoke.

“Hey, Trissy, haven’t seen you in a while?” came a voice as deep and rumbling as thunder.

Tristan spoke back with a stutter. “N-n-nothing, B-B-B-Bear” he said with his eyes sort of looking down in shame. I found myself shocked to see Tristan like this. Only his coach had ever made him so obedient. The giant released a kind of chuckle that could have been misinterpreted as evil. “Good, good. You mind laying off the little one there? Poor guy looks like he could use some more comforting company don’t you think?”

Tristan seemed to nod as though he had no choice but to agree. “Well, be gone right away, sir.” At that, the giant seemed to swell larger for a second at that last word. “Now I’ve told you before. Either call me Travis or Bear. Otherwise, you need to get yourself in check! Do you understand what I’m saying?” The growling from this giant seemed to strike true fear into my long time bully, making it difficult to tell whether he was shivering because it was raining or shivering because he was shitting his pants. The giant seemed to know which as his smile could somewhat be seen in the dim light. “Get the fuck home. It’s your curfew. Your brother might get worried if you’re out here so late with your friends, right?”

With the walk of a kid who just got spanked for doing something bad, Tristan walked quickly away, his friends behind him as they all got away with their tails between their legs. With a purr and a screech that was definitely the sound of a car trying to get the fuck away from something dangerous, Tristan drove off out of the view of the dead end and was gone down the street.

I was completely silent as the gigantic man stood and watched as they left and didn’t turn back before they were completely gone. With somewhat of a sigh, not as much out of relief as it was out of exhaustion, the giant turned and looked to me. I was like a tiny creature cornered as he looked at me but I couldn’t see his face. He had to be far over 7 feet tall! The giant spoke only after a flash illuminated the sky and my brown eyes gave him the view of me he needed.

“I see. So you’re alone with no home to go back to” he said as he walked closer to me and filled more of my vision. “Don’t lie to me, you’re eyes tell your tale much easier than I can see you will.” I let my body cling to the wall as he leaned in close, craning his big neck, and seemed to look into my eyes though I could see nothing of his face still. It was but an instant but I saw it. Beautiful brown eyes. Eyes that left me speechless with their shine of curiosity. The flash of another lightning bolt illuminated him and made it easier to see as the light from my terrified expression bounced onto his big, warm face. He was a beautiful creature. Bear-like in his features. His eyes were a deep brown that seemed to be warm and comforting, so radiant it was like they were looking deep into my soul. A strong nose was between them that seemed like such a perfect touch for such a man. His cheeks had a kind of sweet red that was almost rosy and helped make his face full. His manly brow accentuated his big, bushy brows which made his beautiful eyes that much more astounding. His face was framed in a thick brown beard that went down the sides of his face and made his look so much more handsome. He had to have had testosterone in spades. A true BEAR. I was expecting something of a roar from his lips but, instead, he grew a handsome smile and said these words to me. Words that had me hard and wanting to follow him to the other side of the planet and back.

“Would you like to come home with me, Baby Cub?”

My body was burning with what had to be the most mysterious heat. It was still dark as I made my journey to wherever I was going. Well, more like wherever the giant who’d come to rescue was going. I could feel the pain in my leg start to hit me as a punishment for running through the woods in the dark without truly protective clothes. Looking back, it made me wonder why I’d come to the bus stop wearing a striped shirt that fit loosely on me and brown skinny jeans that must have had very little fabric. This was proven obvious looking at the big gash in one of the legs as it showed skin that was actually starting to give blood to my open wound. I didn’t really feel the slashed skin as my leg had a much warmer feeling to experience.

When I meant “wherever the giant who’d come to rescue was going”, I meant that he’d taken the liberty of grabbing me, throwing me onto his back, and starting on his way to what I assumed was his home. It was quite the site seeing me on his wide back as he was so BIG. He had to be 8 feet tall at the least, making it difficult for me to find something to wrap my comparatively short and scrawny legs around because of his tall torso. My legs had simply latched on to him but it was definitely difficult without wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. The giant didn’t mind and I could feel it. The muscles in his neck were so big; not even flexed and yet were easily holding up like a weightless necklace or cape draped on his back. The hardness of his big muscles was truly the most amazing feeling of my life. Their warmth filled me like a fresh fire from a furnace or an open oven. The rain seemed to come down on his big body and simply splatter against the muscles that were tightly wrapped in his pathetic shirt; a big, plain white shirt that showed every tensed muscle and curve in his back that was to offer.

Once, the week before, I remember watching a showing of a mother bear with her cub on the Discovery Channel. The way she nurtured them, took care of them, protected them from harm in her embrace. That connection. That feeling of absolute safety was right here in this giant’s presence. We seemed to go on forever down the streets, the darkness of the night surrounding us and the sounds of the frogs and insects mixing with the loud rain. The little leaves and branches were knocked back and forth by the strength of the falling water yet this giant was unfazed. He was his own kind of plant. A redwood in forest of bamboo trees in comparison to the oak trees that were all around.

There was one point I almost dozed off as we made it to the sidewalk again through the woods and were walking down the long rows of houses near the campus. The property value for each individual house was quite high for anything less than 3 or 4 modest salary paid college kids to rent. They all didn’t diverge greatly but they all were the kind of houses you would share for parties before your parents got home. Thing about college was that they’d never actually get home. I could see through the rain that most of the houses were completely off, their individual contents darkened as their occupants were clearly sleeping or winding down in the late hour. I could only wonder which one this giant lived in as he moved his long yet thickly muscled legs down the street. When we were at the deepest houses of the area, the ones where the rich kids had money to live in. The giant finally came to a stop at one that I was at first shocked to see. Not because I recognized it or because it was too expensive looking. It was simply because it didn’t look like the place a hulking, hairy muscle giant would go to rest his head.

This house was blue and white, painted skillfully. It was hard to make out much as the house was about equivalent to that of my own home. No, my old home. It was a plainish looking house with a large front door for something big to fit in and had two stories and might have been slightly wider as though to accommodate a few people.

I tightened my hold on the giant as he closed in, walking towards the building in the rain like he was glad to be home. I felt it in his back as the muscles were still hard but seemed to be less tensed as though the giant had found something that made him think of home. When we got to the foot of the front door, the giant let me down and he began to dig through a pocket, which was amazing to watch when someone so muscular has all these different body parts colliding with the movement. With a jingle, a batch of keys were revealed and the giant’s pearly white smile shone in the darkness again.

“I can understand you’re a little uncomfortable without your luggage but I want to make you feel at home for now” the giant said as he pushed in the door and ducked slightly to get into the house. I reluctantly followed him but I was glad as I finally was out of the rain and could let my damp, torn clothes dry. It was still very dark but I could feel his presence as we stood in the dark. His body was like a new wall in the room as its dark shadow made it impossible for me to pull in features about him.

“I’m Travis” said the giant as his big hand reached for the light switch and the light filled the room. “But most people in these parts call me Bear.”

I squinted as my eyes adjusted and thanked them for focusing on the new sight before me. Somehow, the fierce, intimidating man I’d seen out in the cold rain was no longer here and, in his place, there stood the biggest, warmest man you could have ever seen. It wasn’t that his features changed exactly, it was more along the lines of his skin having a new kind of redness that I found appealing. His rosy cheeks were so warm looking that I couldn’t hold back a mental vision of rubbing my own face against those big furry things. The eyes that were both fierce and all knowing had grown softer and more caring with the added light. It was very much like looking at a bear with the eyes of a loyal dog. It was both hot and odd to me for some reason.

He leaned down and smiled at me as he pulled at a section of my shirt. “You could really use some new clothes” he said as he felt the wetness. I didn’t hesitate with this man, regardless of the fact I knew little about him. He stood fully upward, his head reaching almost to the ceiling as his grin grew and he extended an arm with an open hand in the direction behind me. I looked at his gaze above me before turning and that’s when I first saw the several couches, the table in between them, the big screen TV, the nice carpeting and wooden areas on the floor, the well painted walls, the beautiful chandelier, the many night stands against the drawers, and the lamps of the very comfortable and large living room. I looked a little further and could see a clean kitchen of mostly white divided from the living room by a sort of island with stools placed beside it. It was the perfect place for a college man.

“Welcome to the Cave”

I was sitting on one of the long, three cushion couches in a soft blanket in nothing but my red boxer briefs underneath. From behind me, where the kitchen resided, Bear came around with one hot little cup that was like a sippy cup between his big fingers and another much bigger cup that he could actually grip with those large digits.

“Here’s a little something to heat you up” he said as he sat beside me rather closely. At first, I thought it was because he was trying to make a pass at me but I was wrong. I could see the casualness of our distance from each other in his eyes. He must have sat this close to men all the time. It was like he was trying to protect me more than he was trying to do anything else. I laughed it off a little as I tried to sum up the last few hours and where I’d go from there.

“Thanks for the help, Tra—Bear” I said as though I were avoiding saying something that didn’t feel comfortable. Bear only smiled and nodded. “Don’t mention it, Cub. I got a good feeling I could trust you the moment I saw you being bugged by that little stray, Tristan.” It caught my attention that he seemed to know Tristan well.

“How do you know Tristan?” I asked out of curiosity though it probably could have been seen as being blunt. For a moment, I thought I heard a chuckle from Bear before he spoke. “ That little shit? He’s just one of a long list of guys hanging around that are afraid of a Bear attack.” My cock grew quickly in my little briefs, making me have to pull in the comforter around me to keep it hidden. I sipped my tea and looked around the room.

It was a big place for one man; even an 8 foot giant like Bear. I looked over to him and thought I might accidently drool. He was so big on the sofa. His pecs stood up like perky, large servants on his body. When he lifted up the mug of what had to be black coffee to his mouth, I stared as the bicep flexed in its confined position against Bear’s big forearm. The hairy forearm looked like the veins in it were on the verge of competing against my pinky finger, a mean one actually going over the top of the bicep. The tight shirt was still wet, allowing everything to show in bold glory. His pecs were most certainly hairy and the muscle fibers looked full and taut. They were like a shelf below his manly chin as they expanded and contracted with his breathing, filling those big lungs. His abs were the kind one would expect on a god. They weren’t crazy lean as his waist wasn’t small compared to his chest yet he still created a V-shape with the wideness of his back. Each ab was like a thick brick as they lined his stomach with valleys in his tight obliques. I could see there was no change of his waist and elbows ever touching as his lats were wide even when up revealed and pushed his arms out at a distance. His shoulders were like basketballs the way they were placed at the top and folded into his thick, possibly 30 inch biceps and thick, compact traps. Never had I seen bigger deltoids. Though it was truly a sight to behold, I was only closer to the verge of orgasm as I looked down to his huge legs in his tight shorts. Each one had 3 heads, all blown up to MASSIVE proportion. It was a wonder he didn’t try to run with me on his back the way those muscles bulged and flexed. He probably could have run faster than a car with that kind of size!

I felt a little ashamed about this to some extent but I looked further and was rewarded with the sight of the biggest, most manly feet I’ve ever seen. He filled those tight looking tennis shoes at size 26! They looked wide and it seemed almost as if they were too small for him as his ankles were tightly pressed against the entrance to them. His calves reached up from those big stompers and practically pushed the couch inward with their girth and strength.

Speaking of girth, Bear’s girth was nothing to trifle with. He was truly greater than refrigerator door wide. His shoulders were close above me as we sat on the couch. If he were to scoot over another half foot, he’d have been sitting close enough for my nose to be sniffing his big, round bicep. Bear looked down at me over his big muscles and smiled. “You ok, Cub? You look kinda chilly and your cheeks are red.”

At this I really blushed and tried to cover the full 7 inch hard on sticking out from my little frame of 5’6. He looked down at me with a big smile but I tried to shake it off. “My name’s J-Justin” I tried to say through stuttering lips. Bear wrinkled his brow at this and his smile became a warm grin that I couldn’t look directly at without the butterflies in my chest fluttering.

“Awwww, just listen to you. You’re shivering! Come here, Baby Cub.”

I was limp as his big hands dug under my arms and lifted me up. I was a little rag doll in his big hands as he looked into my eyes before pulling me up close. I wanted to panic as I was naked and up against a walking wet dream with my cock pressed against his upper abs but that didn’t matter when I felt my face enter his deep cleavage. The muscles in his pecs flexed a little and made this moment amazing for me as my face was stuffed in more muscle than I could have ever came in contact with. His hard yet warm body was a therapeutic gold mine as I felt the wet, furry chest underneath his shirt heat my body like a warm fire. I was unable to retreat as he held me in his big arms, his gigantic forearms on my back and pulling me tighter in though I could tell he was trying to hold back and refrain from crushing me. It was so amazing as my body was enveloped in his presence. It was as though a clicking had occurred in my brain that signaled off the feelings of betrayed and abandonment and filled them with this warm, living, breathing thing.

After a good five minutes, I felt the arms around me loosen up and give me enough space to press my hands against his these big, hard pillows called Bear’s pecs and push back far enough to look at my new comforter’s big face. He was smiling as he looked at me, eye to eye with something that could only been described as caring and symphathy. This was the moment before he spoke to me what I’d always needed but never known.

“You’re so small and frail and alone. You’re just like me in some ways deep down. You have nowhere to go. Please.......stay with me and be my pup, Baby Cub.”

I was weak against his embrace and even weaker against his words. I wanted him more than I realized and he wanted me. I felt a small bit of resistance in the back of my mind fade as I felt his presence all around me and slowly filling me with his heat and his offer. There was only one answer.

“Ok, Bear” was all that came from my mouth. The way his face lit up made me want to cuddle and hug him so much though it was against my nature. He looked so happy as he stood up, his tall body reaching up high and pulling me up with it, my feet dangling almost 3 feet off the ground.

“Fuck yes! I was hoping you’d say that, Baby Cub. Don’t worry, they all call me Bear but you’ll be MY Cub. We just need to get you settled in, first.”

I raised an eye brow when he said this. He lowered me to the ground and looked down over his chest with pride. “Don’t worry, Justin. Look around you. Isn’t something noticeable about this room?”

I looked around the room searching for what he meant. Everything seemed pretty ordinary. The hallways leading to spaces in the back of the house, the door leading to the backyard, the furniture made for people both his size and smaller. Everything was about in place. Even the banner with Greek letters of black and blue. My eyes widened at the realization.

“This is a frat house!”

Bear smiled at my realization and nodded. “Yeah, best fucking frat house in the whole college. Everyone wants to be a part of us. But none of them get to just apply. I have to choose them. I have to look into them and see the kind of men that I know should be a part of this group. A part of me.” Before I knew, Bear was kneeling down and squatting to look at me face to face. “All that you need now is just a little initiation, Baby Cub.” At first I was scared at the mention of initiation but the way Bear said it felt different. I hesitated to ask this question. “What is the initiation?” Bear just smiled and leaned in, making clear eye contact the entire time and giving me a view of his handsome face again before BOOM, he kissed me. I felt the feeling in my body go numb as my lips and Bear’s collided. It was the most amazing feeling ever as I both realized Bear was looking for a man and that he was wanting me. He held my chin against his forefinger and began to mix our tongues. I was on the path to falling to my knees due to his skill and force. It was like he knew every point in my mouth better than I did the way he moved it gracefully. His tongue was big but it allowed for him to touch many, MANY parts of my mouth at once to send chills down my spine. When the kiss broke, my eyes opened slowly after, the longing clear in my eyes.

Bear smiled as he looked at me, never breaking eye contact. “Let’s get to it shall we” he said as he took his hand and put it between my legs, putting my balls in the palm of his hand and making his focus clear as day for me. I was unable to speak as he spoke and everything he said sounded like Shakespeare to me. Though I was prepared for him to take me, I felt like I was on an invisible collar as he suddenly stopped and stood up, turning. “Follow me, Baby Cub” he said as he walked towards a door, his big and powerful ass bouncing and moving underneath his tight cargo shorts.

I followed him like a lost puppy as he ducked and pulled himself in, trying to slide into the comparatively small door before vanishing down to what looked like a basement. It was a bit dark though there was light above and below from two different lights. His back was so wide in the space around the staircase that he touched both ends thanks to his broad shoulders. I was mesmerized as I followed him down, down, down into the corridor. When we made it to the end of it, I was rewarded with light down a much wider hallway. I could see three doors along the way but the one that made me stop was the first to my left.

I heard a sound. A sound that was both familiar and unfamiliar to me. Behind the door, I heard something like metal hitting metal. A clinking of heavy weights colliding with one another. There were people hidden behind this door. “What’s behind door number one, Bear?” I asked as I tried to listen through the white door, hearing some grunts. I felt a shadow envelop me and I turned to see Bear smiling down at me. He kneeled to get under my arms again and lifted me like a cat, his eyes looking into mine. “Do you care?”

The look in his eyes made me feel naked yet safe. “Fuck no.”

That was his signal as he chuckled a little and pulled me in over his pecs for an amazing kiss. Time seemed to slow for me as Bear turned and walked, carrying me with his lips and chest pressed against me as he ducked a little into what must have been his room and threw me on the bed. I was acceptant of what came next as I sat at the foot at the bed looking up to this muscle god. We were so close I almost couldn’t see his face over his chest. “Here I come” he said before reaching up and latching onto the collar of his shirt.

With a loud tear, fabric began to give and release as Bear ripped his shirt open, the muscle underneath coming into view and glistening in the light. I wanted to worship that chest as Bear slid the sleeves off and stood in front of me. “I’d ask you to pull me out but that’s not safe.”

Though I didn’t understand, Bear helped me out as he took several steps back and simply got into a superman pose that made me drool while looking at the expanse of his broad back. His big pecs were perfect to me. A gift from a god for a god.

“I’m gonna show you a trick I love to do”

With a quick movement, Bear was flexing his left leg, stomping it forward and flexing it with all his might. The fabric was useless and constricted around the big muscles powerfully but there was no point. With a loud tear, the muscles were free and the massive thigh was able to bulge to its full glory. The size of it was glorious as it looked like it had tried to match the width of Bear’s waist and was in the running to surpass it soon. Bear threw out his other leg and with a flex, RIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPP. It was like ripping toilet paper and I could see that Bear was tearing his shorts just as easily. I was about to jump to my knees and reach for those big muscles but something I wanted more began to show through the bulge in his pants. “One sec, gotta wake up the big boy” he said as a bulge appeared in the pathetic shorts’ pouch. It was amazing to watch as Bear stood in what looked more like a roughly decorated loin cloth now and seemed to be flexing his crotch like it was also a titanic muscle he had been working on for years. He wasn’t far off as, with a grunt, his cock rapidly grew in the pouch and was really testing it, his big cock head angry and pushing into the fabric like a caged beast. Bear started to do this sort of growling as his cock grew and grew till the head was clearly visible, its astounding strength and length not going unnoticed. “Get the fuck outta there!” he roared. With another grunt, Bear’s pants gave in and opened the space for a truly massive dick to exit the cloth cage.

My mouth dropped as I watched it stretch thanks to its freedom and swelled up Bear’s stomach until it finally rose powerfully against Bear’s bloated ab muscles. It a truly amazing sight as it reached up and a little over his navel. I was a bit scared as Bear threw his big muscled legs towards me in a confident gait that made me want to be all over him. His cock was so fucking big! It had to be almost 2 feet long! Watching it bounce and wag left and right as he walked was an ungodly sight. One of his balls had fallen out of the fabric and the big angry grape fruit sized form was hairy and angry. I wanted to lick all over all of it but then I feared I wouldn’t be able to take anything nearly as thick as that big club. Bear saw this and disarmed my concerns. “Don’t worry. I don’t wanna break you. I’m too fucking big and strong to go pounding your ass like a fucking a jack hammer in concrete” he said as he leaned in kissed my neck.

“But I’m gonna make you my Cub and only my Cub” he said into my ear. His deep voice and disarming words were the key for me to submit. I felt all my fears and worries fly away as I was slowly being laid down on the big soft bed and let my hands go bellow our mouths to feel at Bear’s massive body. I could feel the power in his pecs as he leaned in and put his arms on both sides of me, surrounding me with his muscles. I lost my hands in all his chest fur; its swirling and thickness just so perfect. I watched as the biceps flexed holding his big body up while he slowly went down my chest and made it to my nipples. One nipple he found to be the perfect target as he stick out his big tongue and moved over the sensitive spot. I moaned uncontrollably as he played with my chest and he chuckled as he saw the light shading of dark hair on my chest. “Good. My Cub already has his fur” he said as he kissed down my chest to my stomach to my crotch, kissing the bulge in my tight underwear. ”Let’s get this off you, huh? Your bear wants you naked like the cub you are, Baby Cub.”

I didn’t disagree as he bared his teeth into my underwear, grabbed the back and, with a rough pull on both sides, tore the fabric like tissue. My cock came up free from its confines as the fabric fell to the floor. The head was angry as I’d neglected to give it the pleasure it needed for so long. “Wow, my Cub is so hot” he said before licking my cock like a Popsicle. I grunted as I felt the lick give me the most amazing pleasure. Bear smiled as he saw me throw my head back and dipped his head forward, wrapping his mouth around my comparatively small 7 inch cock. “Oh fuck!” I shouted as I felt his mouth take me hole and his tongue dance around my cock. It was my first experience but it was just so amazing. The warmth felt like home to my cock as he did this amazing thing where he had enough tongue to both hold all of me inside his mouth and still be able to lick my balls. I felt my climax soaring rapidly to the surface like water through a pipe. When Bear moved his bearded face close enough to rub my legs, it was all I could handle. “FUCK!” I screamed as my balls tightened up to me and I fired what had to be the biggest orgasm in Bear’s mouth. I was unable to hold in the grunting I felt as he took in all of my cum and still sucked on me, making my cock fire all it could offer in one orgasm. I fell flat on the bed as my now sweaty body lie defeated.

Bear came up off my cock but didn’t hesitate to kiss the still hard and angry red head. “That’s a good cub” he said as he kissed my cock a few more times before moving back up and kissing me too. The taste was great as I’d never tasted my own cum but this experience made it taste like the perfect substance. Bear was up and rubbing his own cock while looking down at me with a grin.

“Now it’s my turn.”

My eyes widened but he laughed loudly and heartily this time at the look on my face. “Just kidding. It’s too much for you to swallow in one go as you can already tell” he said as he took his big balls in his hand and hefted them like fruit in bag. “These bad boys can pump out a lot but this isn’t about me. It’s all about you.” Bear grabbed my waist and me around in a quick lift, my virgin ass up in the air ready for the taking. “Mmmm, that’s a tight little ass you got there, Cub. Too bad you’re not wide enough for me to fill you without hurting you. Let me see if I can help you out a little though.”

I didn’t understand till I saw Bear pull a bottle from the night stand began to cover his hand with it. It was lube. I was a little scared as I lay there, unsure of what would happen next. If he wasn’t going to shove his big battering ram cock in me, what was he going to do?

Behind me, Bear was smiling like he’d hit a gold mine. He grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them in his big hand with little effort. I was defenseless as his fingers alone were easily penetrating the pitiful force of my ass. That was when my virgin hole got a big present. I felt a finger, a BIG finger, enter my ass my muscles instantly tightened. “Relax, Cub. You’re so fucking tight, two fingers will rip you open” he said as he pulled back and then shoved in two fingers. I grabbed at the sheets on the bed and tried to loosen up by my ass was so comparatively small and unstretched when these big, strong fingers were entering my ass like a flash light in a tight hole. I groaned loudly as the tightness mixed pleasure with pain. My ass was practically the tiniest hole in the world compared to Bear’s big sausage fingers. “Fuck, cub. Even when I put more in you, you aren’t relaxing. Let’s try something new.”

Before I knew it, Bear was over my back, still with his two fingers in my ass, and kissing my neck. I felt all my muscles melt in his grasp, allowing easier access. “Yeah, cub, that’s it.” he purred into my back, his lips kissing the space in the middle with his warm, moist lips. “Mmmmmmmmm” I moaned as the feeling was like fireworks down my back. I was so ready to cum, I just needed something to push me over the cliff.

That was when Bear pulled all fingers out before shoving in 3. Instantly, my ass stretched over those big fingers and the pain and pleasure reached a new height. “Oh shit!” I screamed as my balls tightened again and fired what had to be my second biggest orgasm. My cum sprayed onto the bed sheets as my back arched, the access to my ass tightening and becoming even more painful and pleasurable. With a sigh of relief, I lay on the bed, sprawled out in my own cum on the bed. With a proud face, Bear pulled his fingers out, kissed each ass cheek and then smacked it, reddening them. “That’s a good fucking cub.”

Bear lifted himself up off the bed and picked me up to, holding me in his big arms like I was a baby. “You deserve to sleep with your big bear after such a great night’s work, Cub” he said as he lowered his hand and ripped off the rest of his clothes before laying down on the bed, setting me on top of his big hairy body. “You deserve to sleep on a big warm bear, Cub. I’ll protect you like a bear should protect his cub. I think I’m really gonna like you living here.”

That was the last thing I heard before I let my tired body relax on my big muscular bed mattress, his body the perfect thing for my body’s comfort as I dripped off to sleep.

The room refocused back into my vision as I woke up. I felt so relaxed and calm as I laid on the bed like I’d had a good sleep. But something was wrong. What was it? I knew I was sleeping on a big man but not as big as I remembered. If anything, he seemed much more normalized than what I slept on last night. Plus, his body was definitely not as hairy or hard as I remembered. I lifted myself up on my new body pillow and jumped, flying out of the bed and landing on the rug floor with a painful thud of my ass. “Who the fuck are you?!” I screamed as I looked up to see a big man different from Bear in his position. He was a good deal smaller in comparison to the exaggerated proportions on Bear. The man who looked at me had sexy, boyish good looks as he looked down at me and rubbed an eye.

“Couldn’t you have waited a little longer? You’re the best cuddler.”

I was speechless looking at him and he seemed to like it as he had shit eating grin on his face. “Bear wanted to pull this prank on you as a welcome. Just be glad I was picked and not those other assholes” he said as he kicked his legs around the end of the big bed and pulled himself off to stand. I had to crane my neck a little looking up at him. He was TALL! Not nearly as tall as Bear but doing a good job of trying to chase his height. He looked down and smiled at me as he put a hand on his naked hip.

“Hey, I’m Tyler Daniels. You’re my new little bro so I can’t have you calling me that. Call me Taker.”

I was sitting at the table but I wasn’t completely relaxed and well rested. I couldn’t shake that I’d slept with one giant to get another smaller one. I had heard the explanation of Bear having gone to class at the college but I wasn’t in the mood to completely believe him yet.

Taker, the one who’d awoken me, was quite a difference from the one I’d slept with. He was tall at what had to be 6’11 and was wearing nothing but a tight looking jock strap that held up his ass for my view while he cooked breakfast. He was a beautiful, tempting sight in the sunlight as he seemed to shimmy and danced, letting big and tight muscles collide with each other in different places. There was no music playing but I could hear him humming as he shuffled the eggs. ”I like a little music while I bounce my eggs around but I’ve got new company to get to know” he explained as he stopped dancing to pull at one of the straps that pulled into his flesh. Taker was a testimony to Bear in some cases as he stood almost naked.

His hair was a really hot dirty blonde with hair so silky in a freshly done wavy cut. The man’s neck was thick and trailed down to traps that glistened in the light with their muscular fiber. Broad shoulders were filled in powerfully and reached far out but in a more proportional sense than when describing Bear. The muscles in his back were tight looking and seemed as though every movement created a ripple in the muscles. I only faintly heard the sound of the eggs sizzling for the final few times as I saw those big glutes bouncing every time Taker moved his legs. They looked powerful and bubbled with their perkiness the way melons would. His thick legs were spread far in a sort of manly look like he was the biggest man in the area and he wanted to strut it. I couldn’t help but see a bit of the white fabric from behind him that made the pouch, its contents stretching down between his legs like he’d stuffed Jumbo eggs inside.

“Done! Love cooking eggs, gets me feeling great.”

With that, Taker turned and I really saw the hairy truth. Taker was truly an Adonis with his beautiful face and it only trailed further down when it came to his meaty pecs. They stuck out proudly as though they were always several inches away from their master and, even when contracting, would hold true to that as they collected his oxygen. His nipples were surprisingly large and looked as though they wanted nothing more than to be licked as they stood slightly downward from the muscle packed in Taker’s chest. His abs looked like they were made of crystal the way they glistened with his dancing sweat and were surrounded hairless except for a seductive happy trail going down into Taker’s jockstrap in attempt to pull the foolish down in to come play with the big meat he coveted between his big legs, both having little to no hair on them.

Watching Taker walk was like a work of art as he walked over to me as though the perfect man statue had come to grace me with a plate of eggs. He patted me on the back regardless of my mistrust and gave me this beautifully, white smile. “Don’t forget to kiss the cook” he said leaning in. I felt his full smell as he came near me and the boner in my briefs was up at attention like a dutiful soldier. His smell was intoxicating; like the smell of a sweaty man filled to the brink with testosterone. It sent me to new heights that made me want to just wrap my arms around his waist, pull him in, and stuff my face into his chest to sniff up all the man that he was. Taker saw my reaction and laughed heartily, his deep voice and 5 o’clock shadow sending me closer to climax. “Now calm down there, Cub, we don’t want you cumming before you meet everyone.”

With that, Taker turned, found his seat at the chair next to me on the long table, and pulled up a chair. This forced me to turn to my plate of eggs, ham, and sausage sitting on the table, its steam rising off and filling my nose with smells that were good but simply not as good as the smell coming off of Taker. Taker leaned back in his chair like he was in control and made sure to spread his legs so I could see how weighty his big package was in his jockstrap, its size truly immense in the confines of the pitiful jockstrap.

“We all agreed that just one of us would stay behind so we could concentrate and keep off from fucking each other’s brains out but, now that I think about it, sending me was probably their worst idea yet.” With the last word, he leaned in to show he was truly interested in me and everything I was doing. “I wouldn’t send me knowing that you’re probably the cutest little pup I’ve ever seen. I’ll be sure to be a good big brother but that doesn’t mean I won’t try and take advantage of you” he said with a big grin and a flash of his beautifully green eyes. He was too hot for me to reject and far too smart not to know it. I quickly tried to dodge the gaze by stuffing food in my mouth. I didn’t realize till the food was in me but, when I took the first bite, the taste reminded me that I hadn’t eating anything since breakfast of yesterday. My body was craving food like never before and I took the liberty of scarfing it down and guzzling orange juice every few minutes. Taker had kept his eyes on me the whole time, my gaze coming back to those hypnotic green eyes. When I was finished, I felt like I was in someone else’s house eating a meal; trying not to look ill mannered or as though I’d missed a lesson in home training. Taker laughed again.

“You’re so uptight! He wasn’t kidding when he said you’d be shy” he said as he raised an arm to scratch his hairy armpit, my mouth nearly letting out drool at the sight. “Relax, dude. You’re going to be a frat of real men soon. Being uptight is like trying to get out of a fight with your bed sheets. Here, we only have one rule: Respect Bear. Easy right?” Taker got up and walked closer to me. “There are different ways to do it that we can do later. You might not know it yet but among all of them, I’m probably the most fucking horny.” Taker testified to this by digging a hand into his jockstrap and adjusting the slowly growing bulge in the jockstrap. “But I feel bad ‘cause we don’t have any time for horny. We have to go get you signed up for orientation.” I raised an eyebrow at that statement. “But orientation isn’t till next week. What’s the point of going to the school now?”

Taker went over to the couch in the living room and lifted up some clothes for him and a bag, throwing the bag at me to catch. “With Bear, time isn’t an issue. Put those fuckers on. We’re going to play a little game.”

The campus was exceptionally close thanks to the frat owning such a close home. The buildings in the daylight were a lot less menacing and more home-y. Other college goers were getting in their cars or walking or having their morning jog based on the times they had till their classes started. A good deal of them too the time to stop and turn to Taker and, honestly, who wouldn’t? Taker’s big, lean muscles were a sight for sore eyes the way he walked with that confident walk and the way he filled out his clothes. His arms were bare and veiny as he had decided to let all the man out and wear nothing but a fake shark teeth necklace and a white tank top that bent with the overhang of his pecs and had to be tucked into his cargo shorts to keep it from being pulled up with his height. If he were standing in front of me and I were at a wall, Taker would completely block my existence from the sun with his frame. He was massive and everyone knew it. His big feet were being stuffed into what looked like size 18 sandals and almost had his heels touching the ground with their girth. “God, I fucking hate growth spurts. Can’t help being in a family of basketball players, huh?” he say as he yanked on the shoes.

When we reached the school, I was thoroughly surprised. There was so much to look it at with the many buildings and several restaurants based in just the right spot if you needed a good meal (which I imagined with Bear and Taker that was a BIG meal). The front desk was inside of the first building, easy to spot as soon as we walked in. Already, there was a man that looked like he was preparing for the orientation by setting papers on his desk a week early. Taker took the liberty of introducing me.

“Hey, Chad. This is Bear’s new pup” he said as he shoved me forward to meet the guy. He was cute but I could already tell from looking at him that Bear wouldn’t take him into the frat. This guy was fit but he was scrawny and, if anything, mildly cute compared to Taker. I shook his hand and he didn’t even have to speak to me to check the computer, print some new papers, and hand me the card I took a picture for a week ago. I almost had whiplash from how easily we got through that. Taker chuckled a little. “When your Bear’s pup, waiting is a thing of the past, Cub. Get used to walking into clubs, getting free food, and fucking the best hotties with just a snap of your fingers.”

As I got used to my new power, Taker gave me a tour of the school. This particular college was well known and famous for being the top of the heap for every sport in the area. With such amazing scores, it was EXTREMELY rare to see a loss on their record. Even then, they’d come back with record breaking speeds or strengths or feats unlike anything ever before. Swimming, wrestling, football, tennis, rugby, baseball, weight lifting ; all of these were just testimonies to the school’s phenomenal reputation.

By the end of it, I hadn’t come any closer to finding the other pups. “How can the game be this hard? You wanted me to find the other frat members but their practically invisible!” Taker looked off into the distance with a smile. “You’re just not looking hard enough, Cub. That’s ok though. It’s getting late and we’ve already skipping lunch. I’m fucking starving!”

That was all there was to it before we headed back to the Cave, my knowledge of the other pup’s presence unknown. Particularly, the blonde one with the blonde nose and the hungry eyes of a panther looking at me from behind a wall.

“So this is your new Cub, Bear?”

We’d had to take a detour to a restaurant before heading back. Taker wouldn’t have an empty stomach before getting home. We decided to stop at a mom and pop place near it to get something to eat. I was planning just to eat something that would have me full. Taker was doing the same. The only difference was that Taker was packing a lot more and needed a shit ton of food. I was shocked the way I sat there, eating my country fried steak with my fork and knife as Taker dug into an assortment of foods. Whether it was mashed potatoes, fried chicken, steak, pork chops, spinach, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, and several other foods, Taker found room to keep it all down and stuff more into that big body.

I was beginning to drool but not at the food. The way Taker ate was both disgusting and hot as he seemed to eat everything in sight. Taker saw this and tapped beside my plate. “Eat your grub. We’ve got to make you big and strong for Bear.”

I didn’t hesitate to start eating. I knew that I was going to be apart of a frat and, like on the movies, I had to listen to my elder frat members. It wasn’t all that hard though as I began to try and eat like my big counterpart. I was starting to feel at home and I’d only met two of the seven people who would change my life forever.

I had my eyebrow raised looking up to the house. It was dark even though Taker insisted they’d be home already. Taker walked in first. “Maybe they all went to sleep” Taker guessed as he turned on the light in the room and made the appearance of the living room clear. I was looking around but I couldn’t help turning to Taker as he started giggling. It was a throaty chuckle that came out but I’d called it a sexy giggle.

“You ok, Taker?” I asked concerned as he’d laughed out of nowhere. He only looked down at me and grinned, rubbing a teary eye from his laughter. “I’m sorry, Cub. I just can’t do it anymore.”

I didn’t understand but voice behind me filled in the blanks. “You couldn’t pretend for 5 minutes atleast?”

I tried to turn but it was too quick to react as a black bag covered my face and I was blinded to the world.

It was several minutes later that I found myself standing in the dark. I could only tell the bag had even come off my head because the wind actually hit my face now. Still, it didn’t help that there was practically no light and I couldn’t tell whether there was anything or anyone in the room. I got my answer.

“Cub, you have been chosen to become the new pup of our leader, Bear. As his pup, you will become everything he desires you to be. A good person, a man who want to get bigger, his perfect pup to love as he does all his pups. Do you accept this? Please answer with ‘No, brother’ or ‘Yes, brother’“

This was the part I was supposed to hesitate on the question. With a flash of Bear in my head, I didn’t.

“Yes, brother.”

There was a silence for a moment as though my answer were resonating through the room. “Do you wish to both fuel his love and share his love? To see him and your brother’s as your closest allies?”

I didn’t hesitate to answer again. “Yes, brother”

There was another silence before I heard something click and a dim light went on in the room. There were 6 figures in the room all making a perfect circle around me. There was a big person I could instantly tell was Bear but I tried to avoid distracting myself.

“Then by the power vested in me, Brother Hare, I now pronounce you a member of Bear’s pups!”

At this, robes went flying as the people in them revealed themselves. There was a collective cheer as I was crowded around and got my hair ruffled more times than I can count. “Knew you’d be able to do it, Cub! You’re perfect for our family with that nice little ass you got there” came Taker’s voice. I could make him out of the other seven but I wasn’t concentrating on him. There were just too many handsome men and big muscles to really keep my eyes on one person.

A big shadow came over us as Bear closed in. “Ok, pups! You’ve scared your little brother enough! He’s knew but I think it’s time he gets his sessions started.” A collective awe at this command but they all agreed none the less. They were all difficult to see but I knew I’d be seeing what they looked like later. The only one who stopped was a muscular asian man who towered over me at 6’4! His eyes were concentrated on only me, even through this darkness, but there was a smile on his face that let me know he was atleast somewhat friendly. He reached out his hand, waiting for me to shake, and I couldn’t help but oblige. My hand was wrapped in that big mitt like it was a baseball in comparison to his strong hand. I could see the tendons appear as he held me but I knew he was holding back. Whatever he did, he worked hard to strengthen these arms.

“Welcome, little brother. I’m Brother Hare and I just wanted to leave you with something to remember to visit ALL of your brothers.” I was like a rag doll as I was lifted up a foot and was given an amazing kiss that took my breath away. I couldn’t escape the rapidly beating heart pounding in my chest as I was wrapped in muscle and filled with passion. It was only when I felt a big, meaty stick growing against my leg that my eyes opened and Brother Hare set me down. “I’m gonna have fun with you, Cub” he said as he yanked on the waist of my pants with a hungry look in his eyes before turning and walking away, the muscles in his massive, shirtless bag moving like an earthquake in the dim light.

I was only standing there with my boner punching into my briefs before I was instantly wrapped in a blanket of warmth. A warmth so big and strong, I was melting in it easily. “Enough of that, Cub. You’re all mine now” said Bear as he bit my ear a little. “I’m going to have you cuddle with me all fucking night till you’re ready in the morning for me to release you and go play with your brothers.”

I couldn’t protest as I was lifted up in his arms like a baby and he began his trip to the room we’d been to last night, my cock at full mast.

I was so comfortable in Bear’s grasp as he laid in the bed, sprawled out and snoring like the bear he was. It was so hot to me as he slept with his big muscles heaving and contracting with his breath rhythmically. His noise was like a lion in his den waiting to pounce and it only fueled my efforts to cuddle with him all night. I couldn’t believe what I was doing right now as I lay there on Bear’s MASSIVE naked body in nothing but my new little tighty whities that I’d been bought.

I almost dared to look back to my old life to compare it to now but I didn’t. I was so at peace with what this was that I didn’t care how it compared. Even as Bear slept, his arms and legs hanging off the bed, I was being warmed and surrounded by his presence. His manly musk filled the room and made me constantly hard in my underwear, a permanent tent set comfortably inside. I was so content, only one thing came to mind.

“I’m all his... I’m home” I murmured.

Looking back, I think that might have been the trigger for what came next but I didn’t care. All I know is that everything that came next was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was just a little man on Bear’s body so it was easy for me to feel a disturbance in this giant. It was a subtle little thing. A noise almost impossible to hear. Still, the feeling of it wasn’t lost to me.

I felt a sort of movement beneath me that didn’t come off as natural. The muscles were still contracting and heaving so I only assumed that they were at a constant rest. None of them were exerting any force. Yet, beneath me, I could feel it. A vibration of some kind. It was like sitting on a giant massage chair as I lay there on Bear. I sat up and looked all over him but I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Bear was snoring happily with the cutest look on his bearded, masculine face so a seizure was already discredited. I was almost considering jumping off of Bear before it all stopped just as abruptly. I was back to sitting on a warm, sleeping Bear.

“What the fuck?”


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