Size matters: A cautionary tale

by borednhony

Jack’s sex life had ground to a halt. His regulars up and gone, Grindr providing no relief. If only he were a bit bigger down there, this would all be so much easier. Stuck with just his hand and his trusty porn playlist, a message pops up…

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*Grindr Notification*

Looking4Top4Now: “You hung?”

Jack: “Average, but know how to use it”

That was five minutes ago now, no additional response came. Not that Jack was expecting one, this seemed to be the pattern for the last week since he’d been back on the app. Jack was pretty built, not competition status or anything, but he took care of himself. Good pec shelf, defined fuck-me-v, a sizeable ass for his shorter frame, just the right amount of hair to make him look more masculine before he hit bear. So of course he got a lot of interest. Taps lead to messages. They’d exchange two or three, then either ask this or ask for a pic. Either response garnered a block or a ghost, or worse they’d ask if he was down to bottom. Jack did not bottom, no matter how many compliments he got on his ass. If he was being honest with himself, he was slightly below average, but everyone lied a little about their size on the internet right?

It wasn’t like he was a bad fuck either… he always reminded himself, he had regulars. He wouldn’t even be on the apps right now, but his regulars all seemed to have fallen through recently. One moved away, another got a boyfriend, one ghosted him, and then there was Chase. Chase had probably been his favorite of the roster, cute twunk, a little dumb, but a huge ass. Chase had called his package “boyfriend dick” for the first month they fucked, not too big, not too small, just right to take on the reg, but after time he’d gotten less and less enthusiastic when they met up. Then less and less enthusiastic about meeting up. Finally, two weeks ago he’d hit Jack up with a, “hey this has been fun, but I think I’ve graduated to something bigger.” That was it, no messages since. That started the streak of two months without a fuck.

Jack was horny as fuck now, the last message from “Looking4Top4Now” broke the dam. Fuck it, another night of bating till he passed out. He whipped out the lube, popped open a playlist online and got to work. “Fuck, this feels so good,” he thought to himself hitting first edge, “why do I even want ass, this is so much better,” but the image of the two guys fucking on screen immediately reminded him why. He pushed the thought away and started to zone out on his cock, up, down, up, down, edge, break, up, down.

An hour in he was starting to shake with each new wave of pleasure that hit him. He was in the zone, his inhibitions and the thoughts of the start of the night gone as he focused on his own cock, the short stroke from top to bottom and back. He was fixated on one of his favorite vids, an interracial fuck where both the top and bottom had giant cocks. There was something entrancing about watching the bottoms cock flop around, flinging pre-cum as the top rearranged his guts. And the moaning, fuck they were both so loud.

Right in the middle of this, as he was starting to think he might want to unload to this vid in particular, a window popped up in the middle of the screen. What the fuck, this site had tons of adds on the sides, but it never had pop ups. Without reading it he moused up to click the x. Nothing, the fucking button didn’t even highlight, ughhh. His frustration built, he was so ready for this release. Looking back at the center of the screen, as the sound of the amazing fuck now hidden continued playing through his head phones it read.

“Too small to get their attention?”

What the fuck, targeted ads based on Grindr convos, that was creepy. As soon as he read the sentence though it faded into another…

“Tired of conversations not leading to ass, of the ass you had locked down vanishing without a trace?”

Okay where was this going, was there going to be some stupid trick behind this. He tried to open a new tab to find the vid again, but realized his computer seemed to be frozen. The video was still playing loudly, but it wasn’t registering his clicks on or off the browser.

“Told yourself, it’s the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat, one too many times…?”

Okay, that was a little creepy, that was exactly what he always said. He hadn’t stopped pumping his cock, not wanting to lose the edge, making it a bit hard to focus on how the message would’ve known something like this.

“Give us a try Jack…”

He almost jumped at this change. His heart racing at the idea that it knew his name. Was that sort of info that easy to find now… probably.

“A bigger cock is just a click away.”

Oh, of course, it was some stupid supplement or some pump or whatever. Not that he hadn’t tried both before. But a button finally appeared under this message in the window. It just said ‘Order Now.’ Ughhhhh he just wanted to get back to his porn already. He moused up and clicked, since it was apparently the only place that he was able to click on the screen.

A new window opened up with a short form to fill out, just his address and a check box. No credit card info? Okay fine, if this got him back to the other vid then whatever, not like they couldn’t find his address online anyway. He filled it out one handed as he kept pumping his cock in the other, having to pause as a few particularly strong waves of pleasure hit him from his edge, a little precum squirting out on his abs. He moved down to click ‘order’, but it wasn’t highlighted. Realizing he’d forgotten the check box he read the text next to it,

“I accept the risks and rewards of this order as my own, and hold no fault to the manufacturer or producer of my trial.”

“Ugh, whatever, just let me get back to the porn.” He clicked it and hit the order button. The form vanished, leaving the dialogue box.

“Thank you for your purchase, we promise you’ll regret it.”

Wait, what? He went to reread the message, figuring horny brain had just caused a mental typo, but it vanished. His computer was back to normal, his vid just reaching the climax as he was sucked back into the moment. The bottom was on his back, cock reaching past his belly button. Right as Jack’s focus returned, the whole bed the two actors were on moving as the top got rougher and rougher, the bottom’s cock erupted. This was his favorite part, the load from the bottom splattered over his head, then onto his face, his pecs, shot after shot. The site, and the moans were enough to send the top over the edge. His thrusts lost their rhythm as his orgasm hit him, a picture in picture showed the underside of the fuck, the tops chicken egg balls drawn up against his shaft, the hole and cock contracting as he fired his massive load into the bottom. The combination of this was more than enough and Jack erupted with him. He couldn’t reach his pecs, but his furry stomach was quickly coated in his spunk as he couldn’t help but let out a moan of his own. “Fuck that was a good one,” he thought, just glad the stupid pop up hadn’t ruined his fun for the night.

He stood, stretched, some of the cum dripping from his body and the tip of his cock onto the hardwood floors below as a yawn over took him. He cleaned up quickly, closing the screen as the next vid already started playing and made his way to bed. Outside his apartment door, an unmarked parcel had already arrived, waiting patiently for the morning.

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