Ryan and Matt forever

by Manning

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My name is Ryan and I have a best friend and lover named Matt. We are both very, very, very, very much in love with one another and we will stay together forever and evermore. Matt is just so wise and wonderful. What did I do to deserve him? Our emotional and physical relationship is excellent. We were made for each other.

Matt is 5’11 1/2” tall, Caucasian, 170 lbs of lean beef—not very muscular though, brown hair, and sea-green eyes that hypnotize you. He’s in a fraternity, has a lot of friends, but no one except for me and very few of his closest friends know he’s gay and that we’re a couple. I’m 5’9 135 lbs—thin, African & Native American descent with a light tan complexion, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. We are both 22 year old college seniors.

I envy Matt because he has the friends when I don’t and he was accepted by a fraternity when I was rejected. He’s just a little more sucessful than I am. I’ve been having some problems recently because my peers have started to suspect that I’m gay and have made snide remarks behind my back. None of them have outed me or harassed me. Some don’t even believe I’m gay because I’m very straight-acting. That is some consolation. I get depressed sometimes about these problems and Matt has been there to lift me up. Thank God for him. I usually keep my feelings bottled up but Matt knows when I’m down. He’ll signal for me come sit on his lap and say, “Ryan, whatever’s on your mind or problems you have, come to me. I’m hear for you and I love you too much to see you down.” I love sitting on his lap because he looks at me as his treasure with those sea-green eyes of his. Simultaneously, his left hand would caress my back, while his right one would rub my thighs or flow across my cheeks. It makes me want to cry because I love him so much and have him to call my one and only. “I love you, dude”, Matt says. “I love you too, Matt—Always.” That’s another thing I love about Matt—he always calls me dude. I’m his dude and always will be. I’ve never been in any relationships ever until Matt came along. He’s my first and forever.

We’d move over to the bed or sofa, just hugging, kissing, or holding each other. Sometimes I’d lie my head down on his chest and listen to that warm heartbeat of his—so gentle. He’d caress my upper arm as I lie on him. My God I feel so secure in his strong arms. We’ll feed each other during meals and dance to a slow love song that would take our breaths away. As we danced on held each other, Matt always closed his eyes and snuggled his face and nose into mine then leave a passion-mark on my neck. It feels so good.

Afterwards, Matt would carry me to the bed in his strong, secure arms and lie me down. he’d crawl on top of me and our lips make contact then tongues intertwine. My hands would reach up and caress his back while kissing. “God, I love you, Ryan with all my heart and being”, Matt says with joy and tears. I’d wipe the tears from his eyes with my finger and ask him to, “Express to me how much you love me, lover.” Matt’s cologne turns me on all the time—te fragrance just enlightens the room. I would light a candle, turn on the red night-light, grab the baby oil, the cherries and whip cream.

We’d strip down to our underwear and oil each other up. Next, the whip cream was spread over his nipples and sexy navel. I’d dip the cherry over the navel and nipples and suck the sweet cherry passionately before eating it. Matt did the same for me. His gentle lips felt so good on my body. I’d slowly lick the remaining whip cream off his chest and navel. His moaning was hypnotizing as I had done this. I cleaned him off good and Matt always did the same for me. Matt began to stroke my crotvh as we’re laying down, nibble my right ear and whisper, “I wanna suck your cock, man. Get it really nice and big in my mouth, dude. Yeah…” My erection started to grow at the feel of his hands. Matt whispered again, “I’m gonna suck your cock, dude—nice and hard and I ain’t lettin’ up either. I’m gonna suck you so hard and long you’ll be squirming for to stop. Yeah, dude you’re mine. I want that sensitive cock in my mouth. Gimme your cock man.” I was fully erect at 8.75 inches, my dick stretching above the waistband and less that half an inch below my navel. Before I knew it, Matt went down on me, devouring my huge meat in a second.

“Oh! OOH! OOOOOOOH! Matt. Yeah, that’s it slow down now.”

“Uh-Uh”, he’s say with my dick in his mouth. “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH! OOOOW! OOOOH! OH! Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt-EE, Matt-EE. Uuuuummmm…Mmmmmmmmm…Yeah…Oh, yeah you cocksucker, suck me like a man—a real man. You a real man or a wuss?” Matt came up and said, “I’ll give you a real man’s blowjob”, and plunged back down on me with furious but gentle sucking. OOOOOOHHH,GOD, I’m gonna cum Uuummmmmmm…Mmmmmmmm…..Oh! Oh!Oh…Aw…Aw Shit, here it comes”, and out sprayed an ocean of cum. Matt just kept sucking, swallowing my load. He wiped his mouth off and said, “How was that dude? Told’ya I’ll do you like a real man and good.” I had my cock sucked for 15 minutes straight. “You’re great, Matt; you’re always great.”

“Mmmmm…Matt”, I said stroking his crotch. I next ran my hand to caress his back and thighs, even his ass. Matt climbed on top of me and we kissed for the next 5 minutes straight. He layed back down on the bed as I worshipped his body with my lips and tongue. I went to his sexy navel and those nippleson his pecs. I felt his hard, but smooth arms. He flexed his biceps—hard as stone. “Oooooh…Mmmmm, yeah, Ryan, get me nice and hard. Suck my dick, man. Get it really big.” I felt Matt’s dick stir and swell. His dick is 5.5 inches soft. I pulled his dick through the opening in his underwear briefs, stared at it, stroked it, and felt over it. “Yeah, dude, suck my cock”, Matt whispered. I licked the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue. “Uuummmmmmm…”, Matt sighed. I placed his growing erection in my mouth. I sucked his cock like a vacuum pump. He squirmed, moaned, and let his head roll around in circles. “Ooh, yeah boy…Ryan. Feels so good…you’re sucking my cock”, he sighed.

“Get my dick nice and big…harder than rock, dude…harder than iron…harder thatn steel…harder than diamonds and anything”, he moaned. Before long, Matt’s dick was making like a flagpole but still not fully erect. I didn’t want him at full mass just yet. I wanted to savor this moment of having him grow in my mouth. Matt was already at 9.5 inches and stretching to 10 inches. I devoured his dick madly. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ooooow! OOOH! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm…..feels so good.” I went down to his sexy balls. “Eat my balls, man….Ryaaan…. Ooooh…” I had his balls waddling in my mouth for 3 minutes. That really got him rolling and squirming. I was stroking his huge shaft at the same time. “Get back on my dick, dude. Get it up to full mass”, he cried. His dick was growing past his navel. I stopped sucking to pull Matt’s briefs off.

Now his dick was 12.75 inches long and still not at full mass. “Look at that, dude…Big ain’t it?” I ran my mouth up and down Matt’s shaft, which was pulsating with veins. “Suck my dick, man…..Suck that huge fucker…Suck my huge fucking dick….Oooow….MMMmmmm….Ooooooohhh… Uuuummmmm….Yeah…HARDER….HARDER…HARDER…HARDER…get me fucking harder and huge, dude. C’mon, man…Ooooww…Ooooh…” Matt’s dick kept growing. “I’m at full mass, Ryan, oooohhh…” I came up to see the huge dick I created with my mouth. Fully erect, Matt’s organ was 14.5 inches long. “Matt, you’re so huge and hard. So much power in that pecker, huh?”

“Yeah, I’m proud of this huge piece of meat…It’s so hard and thick. Suck my dick again, dude, I wanna blastoff in your fucking mouth.”

I sucked Matt’s dick softly, but roughly. His six-pack abs tensed and flexed; his head rolled, body squirmed as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. He moves gracefully pumping that crotch. I love his 14.5 incher and will do anything to keep him happy. Matt’s abs flexed so hard as I nearly deep-throated him, that bricks would crush if they hit’em. “Aaawww, Ryan”, Matt grabbed my head and pushed me down his dick as I sucked. “Aw, ooh, Ryan, shit man I’m gonna cum…fucking explode in your mouth. Smoke my huge cock dude…Smoke it…Smoke it, man…Uh…Uh…Uh…Oooh OOOOOh, shit, I’m gonna.. uhh uhh ooh ooh oh.. ccc..ccuummm…uh oh oh oh Aaaaahhhh!!!!!” Matt blasted a nuclear explosion of cum in contrast to the ocean a sprayed. I sucked Matt as he blasted off for a good 3 minutes then his orgasm finally began to subside. Matt lowered me to his lips and wiped the cum off. He tastes so sweet. We kissed for 5 minutes straight as true lovers do. My hand felt along his back. There was cum everywhere; I thought Matt had shot gallons or buckets. Man, his dick was loaded. I started stroking my hard on and Matt sucked me dry. I sprayed his chest and abs madly. We shot some very heavy loads.

“Big load you got there, dude.” I looked up into Matt’s hypnotizing sea-green eyes and he looked down into my brown eyes and said, “Ryan, I love you man with all my heart.”

“I love you too, Matt…Always.” Matt and I are not smokers but he will only smoke after our sex on occasion and he looks so sexy as he lights a cigarette and takes a drag. He turns me on again when he smokes. After he exhaled his last smoke, Matt said, “You’re my heart and life dude. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“You’re my baby, uh..my man Matt. I won’t ever let you go. You’re mine forever and I’m yours forever.”

“I’ll never leave you Ryan. I promise to always be by your side.” We closed our eyes and snuggled, hugged, and kissed for a few minutes. We were sleepy and off to dreamland but not before Matt said, “I’m gonna pound your hot tight ass when we wake up. I’m gonna power-slam that ass. You like when I fuck your ass don’t you?” My response was, “Mmmmmmmm….” But in the back of my mind was fear because even though we’ve done it anally, 14.5 inches is still mind-boggling and never ceases to amaze me. I still jump at the thought of having to get fucked by it.

Matt and I were off to sleep. There’s no better feeling than having the man you love in your arms while you sleep. My head rested on the pillow. I felt Matt’s hand slide up and caress my upper arm. Mmmmm, it feels so good. I’m a heavy sleeper but it felt so light as I felt Matt’s lips kiss the top of my forehead as if I were a baby. I felt like a baby all over again. Only I’m Matt’s baby. As Matt slept, I could still smell the nicotine in his breath from his smoking. I felt my body move down to his bare chest. My lips were on his left nipple. I heard him moan, “Mmmmm mmmmm…..” The moan was so light. It’s so romantic lying on my man’s chest, listening to his heart beat while sleeping. As I’ve said before, Matt is so gentle, fine, and manly.

A few hours later I was moaning because I began having a nightmare. Matt who was awakened at my groaning woke up and said, “Hey, it’s only a dream, dude. Just a dream.” He kissed me on the head like a baby. It’s okay, dude, I’m here. Let’s go back to sleep.” I layed back down was off to dreamland as Matt caresses me on the back of my shoulder back to sleep. I knew he was staring at me because I have a 6th sense. I can feel his eyes on me. I turned over to look at his hansome features and told him how much I love him. Matt is my security blanket and will be there for me always. “I love you Matt.”

“I know, man. I know.”

I woke up at 8AM and went to the bathroom. Matt was still sleeping, or at least I thought so, when he told me to, “Hurry back, dude. I’ve got an appointment with that tight ass of yours. Hope you didn’t forget. Don’t be long or I’ll come find you. When I do there will be a penalty.” I came back to the room and slid under the covers to go back to sleep. “Oh, no you don’t, sleepy-head. Your ass is mine.”

“Not now Matt, I’m still tired. In 3 hours ok? 3 hours.”

“All right then, 3 hours and no funny stuff.”

That was the fastest 3 hours. “Hey, dude. How you doing? Sleep good?”

“Yeah. I alawys sleep good with you here beside me.” I felt Matt’s hand rub my butt cheeks. His touch feels so good on me. “Before you get this ass, stud-boy, I gotta get that dick of yours nice and hard. You like my lips locked on your cock to get it really charging don’t you? Yes, you do.” I bent over to kiss Matt. He embraced me like as if he were protecting me from harms way. He crawled on top of me and his tongue intertwined with mine and plunged down my throat. My hands slid up and down Matt’s broad muscular back. Matt then nibbled on my neck like a vampire. I could tell he was placing another passion mark on my neck. “Gimmee that dick, Matt”, I said as I pushed him off me. I pulled his soft 5.5 inch dick through the opening of his underwear and devoured him whole. “OOooooooHHHhhhhh…..OOooooohh…..Ooooooohhhhhhhh, shit smoke my dick, dude.” His organ was getting hard by the second. Matt started to pre-cum and told me to ease up or he’ll cum. I went to his man-juice producing balls and worshiped them for about a minute or two. “MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..yeah, dude. Smoke this fucking cock. Feels so good in your hot mouth.” Matt was at 13 inches by now. “Harder, fucking Harder, Harder, Harder….aaaahhhh….ooooohhh…mmmmm Matt reached his full 14.5 inches. I was jacking my cock at the size of his flagpole. Seeing the head of his dick stretched well passed his navel really got me going. The moment Matt placed his mouth on my 8.75 inch rod, I creamed in his mouth like the Altantic Ocean devouring North America. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!

“Oh, Matt, Oh, Matt, Oh, Matt…..Yeah.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna shove this huge fucker up your hot tight ass, man. You like my big dick, don’t you dude? Yeah I’m gonna smoke your ass with this flagpole. I went to my drawer and pulled out the KY, the lube and some condoms. Matt lubed his massive meat getting it harder and harder. I wondered whether or not he was growing an erection from the one he currently has. I helped him lube. “Mmmmmm….yeah dude…rub that cock…mmmm…”

I lay down and positioned my ass for his massive dong. I closed my eyes at the pain I’ll feel. “Matt, don’t hurt me.”

“I won’t hurt you, man. Just relax that ass some.” Matt went gentle on me. My legs and feet were over his shoulders. I gasped when Matt pushed in further. It hurt but ended in seconds since my ass is used to it—somewhat. “You ain’t relaxing that ass dude. This pecker will split you apart if you don’t.” He bent down and kissed me passionately ass his thrusts became wilder and wilder. “OOooooohhhh….Oooooohhhh…..ooooooo….. oooowwww……..Matt….fuck me….fuck me….”

“Now you like me plowing your ass, huh? I’m gonna power-slam that tight hole now. Open you up wide.”

“Shut up talking and fuck me like a real man, fratboy. You a real man ain’t you. Or are you a fucking bitch that can’t fuck?”

“Oh, a fucking smart ass huh? Watch this slam”, Matt cried out. Matt gained the strength of ten men and lifted me up to fuck me while standing up. His fucking is like that straight-porn actor T.T. Boy. T.T. Boy can really give a woman a reamming. Matt was reaming my tight ass. We changed positions then Matt ripped the condom off his dick and slipped on another one. He quickly lubed his man-rod and plunged back into me like a mad man. In and out my ass. I clamped my ass down on his meat. I felt a sharp pain in my ass. Matt was getting harder. His dick was the hardest substance in the world—beating diamonds by a long-shot. He fucked me so hard that he was sweating and had his muscles tensing and flexing. He began moaning and groaning that he was about to cum in a moment. I blasted my load onto he chest.

Then all of a sudden I heard the walls and bed banging and a loud, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Matt blasted his load onto me.

Matt came like those Freaks of Nature porno actors. He came from 3 minutes. I love getting off on his orgasm. My body looked like it was soaked in milk. “AAAAAArrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh!!!!!”, Matt growled as he was experiencing the orgasm of his life. “Fucking dick, man. All this cum from my dick. That’s why I love your tight ass, dude. You sure know how to get me off.” We rubbed the cum over our bodies and kissed passionately. “I love you so much Matt”, I whispered as I held him to me. “I love you too, man…Forever and evermore.” Matt and I looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments before kissing.

Matt’s sea-green eyes are so alluring and innocent. That is what makes him so sexy. My eyes began tearing because I love him so much. “What’s the matter, dude? Don’t cry. What’s the matter?”

“Matt, you just don’t know how much I love you. That’s why I’m crying. You make me so happy. You accept me when others reject me. You’re my heart, soul, and life. We’ve gone through so much together. Everything is so perfect between us. And I want it to stay that way.” Staring at me with those gorgeous sea-green eyes of his, Matt reached down to comfort me in his arms. He closed his eyes and kissed me. I closed my eyes too. We snuggled one another with our eyes closed. It was an emotional moment.

“God, Ryan. You’re my man and the only true love I ever need to make it the rest if the way. The Love in our Hearts is what brought us together. You’re everything I’ve ever wished for in a man and more. My love for you burns brighter than the sun and will continue even longer than the sun’s existence. They say, ‘good things come to those who wait’ and you’re more than good, Ryan. You’re great and wonderful. We are eternal and belong together. No one can tear us asunder. Always remember…I love you dude…more than anything. You’re my primary concern. You are my family. Dude, you’re my everything forever.”

Matt began to sing that song, “You’re My Everything”, to me. “You’re my everything, and everything is you”, Matt sang. I cried at the sound of his gentle loving voice and looking into those hypnotic eyes. Matt grabbed another cigarette and lit it. He toked on it for a few minutes then finished it. He’s so sexy and manly when he smokes after sex. He really knows how to turn me on.

“I Love You, Matt.”

“I Love You, too, Ryan.” We snuggled for an hour, caressing each other with our love and touchings. “Matt, I’ve gotta get even with you, you know. You can’t fuck my ass without me plowing yours. Tonight, you’re mine.” I gave him my evil grin. “MMmmmmm…..I look forward to it dude.” I kissed him on the forehead like a baby and ran my fingers through his fine brown hair. “Mmmmmmmmmm…………..”

Matt and I cleaned up my room after our wild and passionate sex. We went to the bathroom and showered together. That’s is so romantic—showering with the man I love in our birthday suits. I turned on the warm water, allowing it to flow over our bodies. Matt brought his fingers across my face gently. His sea-green eyes are filled with so much love. I was hypnotized at the sight of them. We moved closer to embrace and began kissing. The kiss lasted for a good 2 minutes. He tastes so good. I turned my back to Matt and he began soaping my back. His strong manly hands felt good on my back with the warm water running. I felt some gentle lips nibble my left ear and suck my neck. I moved my right hand to feel his round, manly buttcheeks.

“MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm….Ryan.” I turned to face Matt and soaped his muscular chest and abs. His skin is so smooth and hairless, showing his lean muscular body. I looked into his sea-green eyes again and moved myhands down to his soft dick. I grew a woody that poked him in his navel. I stroked Matt until he started getting hard. “You want that dick, don’t you,dude? Go ahead and suck on it for a while. Clean me off some..” With that, I went down on his dick like a man in starvation getting his first meal in months. “Suck my cock, dude…oooohhhh…suck that huge pecker, Ryan. Get me hard. I’m gonna fuck your sweet face.” I went slowly on my sucking, up and down his 14.5 inch shaft. His dick is so huge. “UUuuummmm….”, Matt groaned as I deep-throated his manhood weapon. I tickled the very sensitve areas of the head of his dick and on the shaft. The sound of the sucking was in gulps and drinking noises. I relased his dick in a very loud “plop.”

“You love that dick don’t you you dude?You feel so good on my muscle-dick man.”

We took a 50 minute drive to Champaign to do some shopping and go dancing at the gay club later that night. Matt was wearing his fraternity cap. That really enhances his handsome features. Matt drove his sea-green Saturn and we had the music going too. I rubbed his knee as we drove. We talked about our own individual social, professional, and academic lives on our college campus. When we got to Champaign, I got out the car and kissed him on his lips passionately. It soon became tongue kissing as we were leaning on the side of his car. We stopped at the mall to do some shopping and eating. We caught a new movie that was playing as well. This was all courtesy of moi.

I told Matt of this secluded river bank that I know of where we can relax and be romantic with each other. It was sunset and the sky was orange. I leaned on his shoulder and he brought his right arm up to hold me. Since the river bank is outside the town, there wasn’t anyone around for miles. The river was blue and pure, can you beat that. “Humming birds are singing from tree to tree and you love me…I want to sit here with you forever, where we can be mesmerized by each other, oblivious to time. A good love is within our grasp as we lay near the water baptising body and mind”, I said to Matt.

“You’re so romantic, dude. You sure know how to make a man feel good with words. And I love you for it, man.” Matt needed a smoke and I knew where this was going. When Matt smokes, it’s to melt my butter and then fuck. Matt took a drag off his cigarette and exhaled. I swear he’s so sexy when he smokes. It’s not a habit, he just does it to arouse me in the time of sexual need. Matt put his square out and exhaled the smoke from his body. He next unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my hard dick out. “Oooohhh, what have we got a here, dude? Looks like I’ve turned someone on. You want my mouth to tickle your pecker, huh?”

“Go ahead and don’t be a coward, Matt. My dick loves you. I want you right here, right now. Share your tongue talent with me. And by the way, I’ll screw your tight ass while we’re at it”, I whispered to Matt.

“Gimmee your cock, dude. Let me get you off and charging.”

“Yeah, Matt, suck me like you did last night. And I mean HARD…” I brought Matt to my lips and embraced him. The smoke was still on his breath. It is so sexy. I kissed him as if I were eating him for dinner. “Oooohhhh, Ryaaaaaaan! I love you…I love you…Mmmmmm….yeah.” He pulled away from me and carried me to the blanket we laid on the grass. He lay down beside me and my dick was poking through the zipper opening of my jeans. “AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!”, I moaned as I felt

a warm caressing mouth worshipping my 8 and 3/4 shaft. Matt’s tongue tickled my shaft, piss-slit, head. There was nothing but wild slurping and gulping sounds and “mmmmmmm’s….” coming from Matt’s sucking mouth. Up and down…up and down was what Matt was doing. If dick-sucking were in the Olympics, Matt would have a gold medal, no doubt about it. He knows how to work my shaft excellently. “Ooooooohhhh….mmmmmm….. Matt…suck me harder like you did last night. Blow me you fucking cocksucker—snowblower. Yeah, vacuum pump my dick…like a real man… oooooohhhhh…mmmmmm…uuummmm…aaaaahhh…yeah.”

I lifted Matt off my dick whic was now reddish purple. I thought I would burst. I pulled Matt’s dick out, which was 14.5 inches long when hard. I took 20 sucks on him before he straddled over my rock-hard-on. Matt sat down on my dick and pushed himself further down. Damn, his ass was so fucking tight. I pumped my dick up and down—in and out his tight hole. His ass muscles gripped my cock as if he were going to rip it off. Man, that felt good. We then went “doggy style and froggy style.” I plugged his boyhole good.

“Fuck my ass man…fuck my ass…ooooh…I’m …uh, uh, uh…c-c-c-c-cu-uuming…Smoke that ass man…yeah fuck it like that…ooooo…aaaahhh ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrghhhhhhh!!!!!!,” Matt had come all over his chest. This guy cums in buckets and gallons. I tickled his balls to make his shoot some more and he did. “OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooohhhhhhh!!!” He blasted his load 10 feet in the air. I could take it no longer and pulled out, snatched the condom off and erupted 10 feet up in the air this as well. “AAAAAAaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh, Ooooh….Maaaaaattttt….”

My dick was still like granite and Matt vacuumed my dick like a straw. I had to cum again. “Don’t stop, Matt…I gotta…gotta…gotta…gonna cum in your fucking mouth.” I did. “Uuhh,uuuuhhhh, uuuuhhh, aaaaaahhh, mmmm…yeah. Clean that dick off. You’re so fucking tight enveloping my dick with your ass.” We fell on top of each other and kissed passionately. It was darker outside and we got dressed and got in the car and sucked face. We talked and expressed how we feel about one another. I gave Matt the card I bought him while in the mall earlier. He read it, with tears of joy in his eyes and said, “How can I make it without you, dude…I Love you so much…Don’t go away…ever.”

“Don’t worry, I’m here to stay. And I Love you always, Matt…Always….”

After our love-making at the secluded river-bank, Matt and I headed to the gay club called C-Street. It was 10PM and the club was starting to flood with patrons. We walked in holding hands. It’s great to be free to express our love publicly and be amongst other gay people. I bought us some drinks and we sat upstairs in the 3rd floor lounge on the sofa. We were enjoying our drinks and talking. Matt pulled me closer to him with a big hug and a smile. He rubbed me on the shoulder and caressed my back. He closed his gorgeous sea-green eyes and kissed me on the neck and moved to my lips. I closed my eyes and brought my hands behind his head to bring him closer to me. We opened our eyes laughing and smiling at each other; our foreheads were touching.

“You know, Matt, a year and a half ago I came here on weekends hoping to find my significant other, to no avail. He wasn’t here. Seven months later at school, my car stopped. No one but you was generous enough to help give me a hand. Afterwards, we kept running into each other in academic buildings or social places. I never thought or guessed that the guy who helped me out with my car would turn out to be my eternal soul-mate and lover?”

“Love happens in mysterious ways, dude. It happens when least expected. I was as lonely as you were. I only dated guys for a few months but really hadn’t been involved with anyone. I always saw you around campus and listened to your guest lectures at school. I even figured you were straight. I’ve been attracted to you for quite some time, dude. I’ve been in love with you forever. When I realized that you’re gay after running into and talking to you, I made my move.”

“It was the right move too, lover. I’m so blessed to have you, Matt. I guess good things do come to those who wait. We were bound for eah other.” Matt pulled me over to him, closed his eyes, and kissed me. He held me tight in his hug, too. “God, I love you, Ryan…Man, I Love You”, Matt said. “MMMmmmmm….I love you always Matt…MMmmmmm….”, I said with my eyes closed.

While we were embracing, drag queen Debbie made an, “Ahem!.” He/she/it made a pass at us, hoping we would go home with him/her/it. Debbie’s a nympho who tells this story that he/she/it like like play while his/her/its husbands away. “Get Lost, Debbie. We don’t like you and don’t want to be bothered with you. Goodbye!”, I said to him/her/it. “I don’t know why she bothers, dude”, Matt said. We went downstairs to the second floor bar. Matt stood in line to order us more drinks. Jim, the 32 year old town hustler, druggie, and drunk with every STD known to man hit on me, “Doin anything tonight? We could go over to my place and have a couple of drinks and MORE.”

“To answer your question, Jim, yes I’m busy and with my boyfriend”, I responded. “We could have some fun while he isn’t looking”, he said. Jim bent over rubbing his face after I slap I gave him. “Ooh, somebody’s touchy tonight. Maybe that cutie over there won’t mind”, Jim said referring to Matt. “Bullshit!!!!! That’s my lover and he’s with me. Go home before you catch my fist in your jaw and I drop your DRUNK ASS”, I told him. It got quiet and patron began looking over. Matt got out of line and rushed over. “Hey what’s going on? This punk messin with you, dude?”, Matt asked and clenching his fists. I’ve never seen Matt look so pissed. He looked like he was going to kill Jim. I noticed how cute Matt is when he’s angry. His jaw-line is more chisled and body looks more muscular. He has those tough guy features when angry. “I straightened him out, Matt. Jim gets the picture from MY perspective and he’d better maintain it for his sake.” Don’t get sarcastic with me, punk-bitch”, Jim retorted. Matt grew angier and cuter. It got quieter. Jim continued, “You’d better watch out, boy, I might just move in on you and your boyfriend.” Jim even shoved me. Before I knew it, Matt swung and TKO’d him. Jim was out like a light for 15 minutes. The crowd rushed over. Security tried to revive him. Witnesses told security how Jim had not only been harassing me but how he made the same move towards other patrons. 15minutes later, Jim wke up and was escorted out by the police. The party continued. “Let’s go, dude.” Matt and I went down to the dance-floor on the first level.

We got downstairs and spotted our best-buddy Armin. We told Armin about the incident that just transpired upstairs. The three of us made our way to the packed dance floor and danced on the speaker stage which was also packed. I had a silly grin or smirk on my face. “What are you laughing about, dude?”

“Heheheheheeheehe…You…Ooooh..I’m, hehehehe laughing at you, Matt…I can’t believe how cute you are when angry and… hehehahahahahahehehehaha…you knocked him out like that…Oh yeah, we definitely belong together, Matt…hehehehehahahehe.”

“Dude, you’re something else. You know that? I’ve never in my life met anyone like you—but you of course. You’re amazing, Ryan. You never…hehehe cease to amaze me. You’re a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for, dude.” We started laughing some more. Matt even began to feed his ego by saying, “Yeah, I’m tough. I know it and you know it. Maybe I should get angry more often.”

“Do that and you become a jerk. You’re fine the way you are, lover. Don’t ever change.”, I told him. “Man, I love you, dude.” Matt moved behind me and placed his arms and around my waist to hug me, nibble my ear, and kiss my neck. Matt was smiling as he did this. I threw my head back and we closed our eyes during this embrace. “I love you too, Matt. You’re pretty amazing yourself. You can show me how tough you are when we get back home.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you, dude? I’ll arrange it.”

Armin began scoping a guy in the crowd that I once had my eyes on before I met Matt. “Hey, guys? see that guy over there? He’s hot and he’s mine”, Armin stated. “No, he’s taken, Armin. I had my eyes on him a while ago”, I told him. “Looking at other guys, huh, dude?”, Matt said with a grin. “That was before I met you, Matt. Don’t worry; I’ve found my prize in you.” Matt and I kissed for a minute. Armin went to get himself a drink.

Armin is 5’11 and 190lbs of hard muscle. He’s all man at 21yrs of age German-Italian descent, drk brown hair and eyes. Armin is gay, yes and a competetive bodybuilder. Matt and I could never understand why a hunk like Armin was single. Armin isn’t one of those freaky, inhuman musclemen you see in the magazines. He’s got it goin on. Everyone figures Armin to be straight because he has dated girls but has never had a sexual interest in them. He’s gorgeous and people are afraid to make that move. By him being straight-acting at that and people assuming he’s straight, that explains why he’s single.

While Armin went to get himself a drink at the bar, I noticed another friend of mine and Matt’s named Chris. Chris came alone as did Armin. Matt and I could never understand why a hunk like Chris was single either. He and Armin share similar physical features. Chris, like Armin, is a bodybuilder, but not a competitive one. He has brown, slightly curly hair, hazel eyes, and a chisled jaw. Chris is 5’9 and a half 190lbs of rock solid muscle. He’s 22 and gorgeous. I was surprised to learn from my old friend Jason that he’s gay. Chris is either Russian-American or Polish-American.

I went to greet Chris and I brought him to the speakers where me and Matt were dancing. Chris wanted to go upstairs and have a drink and talk a little bit. We caught up with Armin and the four of us went upstairs. Chris and Armin started talking and Matt and I saw that they took and immediate liking to each other. Both musclehunks were surprised to learn that the other was gay. They saw each other on campus quite often and even had some classes together. While working out in the Rec Center Gym, they both would be a spot for each other when working out. They never really had any other contact than talking about weight-lifting and bodybuilding in the Rec. Matt and I started to melt at the sight of seeing these two gorgeous musclegods together. The two of us decided to got back downstairs to dance and leave Armin and Chris together for further acquaintance.

“You’re amazing, dude. You brought those two together”, Matt told me. “They’re both good guys, Matt. No need for two gorgeous muscle-bound hunks to be all alone”, I told him. We got to the dance floor and the DJ really started spinning some cuts. We got down on the corner of the speaker-stage. Then, the DJ played that slow song from Leanne Rhynes, “How Do I Live Without You.” As the song played, the lights went down very low, and my hands began exploring Matt’s waist, shoulders, arms, and back. Matt explored me the same way. We grew closer and our faces nuzzled upon each other and our lips intertwined. It felt so right and natural. Matt loves me and I love him. We belong to one another. We opened our eyes to look at each other. Celine Dion’s “I’m Everything I Am Because You Love Me” played. Armin and Chris made their way to the speakers to slow dance together. While Matt and I were getting cozier, we told each other how much we loved one another. I looked over to see that Armin and Chris’ hands were on a journey of exploration. Their tongues were also doing the tango. “Hey, Matt, look over to your left. This is the start of a beautiful relationship.”

“You know it, dude.” Matt and I just smiled and danced. A few more songs played and the four of us went to an afterbars party. We partied for a 3 hours and went to grab ourselves a bite to eat. Armin asked Chris if he had any plans later that night and in the future. “No, not really”, Chris responded. “How did you get here? A Ride? Drive by yourself?”, Armin asked. “A ride with some frat brothers. I can call them up and let them know I’m going to be riding with someone else?”

“Sure, Chris.” Chris called his buddies who were at a different bar that he’d be riding back home with someone.

Chris got into Armin’s car and the two started tongue-dancing again. Matt and I drove off back home. We both talked about how hot the sex was going to be between Chris and Armin when they got back home. Armin and Chris pulled off behind us. Matt and I were going to go home and have our private fun as were Armin and Chris. We arrived home 50 minutes later. We were kinda tired. We just wanted to go to sleep in each others arms with a warm but gentle caress.

“Mmmmm…dude, dude,dude. I love you so much. I just don’t know what I’d ever do without you.”

“I don’t know what I’d ever do without you too, Matt.”

“So you like tough-guys, huh, dude?”, Matt asked me. “Yeah, I do, loverboy. Why don’t I show you how much I appreciate your manliness?” Matt kissed my forehead like a baby as I rubbed his crotch. We undressed and Matt had on his bright red speedos. Damn he really knows how to turn me on. Red is my favorite color too. Matt’s muscular body was smooth and gorgeous. I rubbed his pecs with my hands and squeezed his nipples. “Yeah, squeeze my pecs, dude. You like my chest don’t you? You’re a chest man. My chest man. Suck on my chest and navel dude. I love to keep you well fed.” I brought my hands and arms up Matt’s broad muscular back. We fell on the bed with him on top of me. I decided to have some fun in my body worship of Matt. “Be right back, lover”, I told him. I grabbed a sweet- potato pie, a hostess cherry-pie and apple-pie. “What’s this, dude?”

“I’m going to have you for a sweet and delicious late night snack.”

“Well, dude, you’d better make that a full course meal cuz you’re making me hard.” I smiled at Matt and felt his heart pumping fast. He was getting horny. He didn’t take his eyes off me.

I gave Matt the most passionate and sensual kiss I knew how. “What’s that for, dude?” I kissed him the same way again and answered his question. I held my embrace of him and told him, “I fall ever more deeply in love with you the more you call me ‘dude’, Matt.”

“That’s cuz you’re my dude. And always will be. I love you so much.”

We lay the beds facing one another. I spread some of the apple filling from the pie on one nipple and spread the cherry filling on the other one. Matt threw his head back and moaned as he rubbed my shoulders for making him feel great. I sucked the fruit fillings off his nipples as he moaned in ecstacy. I even spread some on his sexy navel on his six pack abs.

Matt’s speedos were stretching, I pulled them down and licked the tip of his dick-head with my tongue-tip. “Might as well go the entire 9 yards dude. Make me tasty.”

“I plan on doing that, lover. Just be patient.”

“You’re gonna eat good tonight, dude.” I took the sweet- potato pie and spread some on his cock. I sucked the 5 and a half inch pecker. He began writhing and growing. “Oooooh, man……Dude….oh, oh, oh, yeah. Suck my dick…..feels so good with your mouth on me like ….ah, ah, ah, ah,…that. MMmmmmmmmm….gotta keep you..ooooohhh…. well-fed….mmmmmm….suck my dick….smoke that fucking cock.” Matt’s dick was getting harder by the second. His dick had grown to 10 inches but still not fully hard. I spread some more pie on his dick and he was squirming and writhing uncontrollably now. I was really making him feel good. I sucked the filling on his dick and he kept growing. He made it up to 13” long and he had more to grow. Matt’s 6pack abs were flexing very hard. “Harder, dude. Harder…Harder…harder…harder…harder….”, he moaned. His dick was super-ultra hard and fully erect at his 14.5”.

He kept squirming, head rolling, begging me to, “Smoke my fucking cock, dude. Smoke this fucking dick. Make me harder.” I dipped his flagpole into the apple-filling and sucked it off him. His body was tensing and muscles were flexing. “AAAAAAAaaaaaaaarrggggggghhhhh!!! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Shit!!! Suck my dick, dude. You make me feel so good.” The sound of “slurps, plops, and licking were the only sounds emanating from Matt’s 14.5” dick. “Man, this has gotta be the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten from…uh,uh,uh…you, dude. Mmmmmmm….yeah…Suck me harder. Harder, harder, harder…” Matt was growing harder. It was as if he were growing an erection within an erection. His pole felt like an iron bar that you put weights on. I finally devoured Matt in a very passionate deep throat. “Ooh, yeah, suck me dude…Blow off my red hot smoker dude…OOooohhhhh… AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Harder….I’m uh….gonna cum. I’m….aaaaaahhhhhhh…….AAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh!!!!!!” Matt’s dick erupted like an on-going volcano. I didn’t know if he’d ever stop cumming. He pumped his load in my mouth and all over the place. Cum was gushing like a water hose of running water and furiously. His dick was angry. Very angry and I gave it some relief or at least I thought. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”, came from Matt’s mouth as he finished cumming after almost 3 minutes. I brought my face down to Matt’s and we kissed passionately for a good five minutes. “I ought to suck you off like this more often lover.”

“Mmmmmm….”, as Matt kissed me some more to tell me how much he loved me. We showered together afterwards removed the cum-drenched towels on the bed we lay on and went to sleep. We held each other so tightly and comfortably. I looked down and noticed that Matt’s dick was still steely hard and pulsing with veins. I stroked him as he moaned. “Can’t fuck your tight ass tonight, dude. Gotta head to the frat house for a meeting tomorrow. But, hey, we’ve got time afterwards.”

“I look forward to it, Matt.” We said our prayers and kissed ourselves to sleep. I knew that tommorow, Matt was really going to get me off.

Matt’s fraternity meeting was due to begin at 10AM the next morning. It was 9:30AM when we woke up. We showered and he was off to his frat house and I went back to my place. Matt is in a very popular fraternity on campus and holds an executive office as secretary. I got back home to check the mail and I noticed the signs for the “All Greek Dance” coming up this weekend. I saw that many of my neighbors had received an invita- tion to the dance. There were also invitations sent out for the “Cool Social.” I picked up two of the stray invitations off the floor. Inside the invitations were a list of students invited. Since I’m not in a fra- ternity, I can’t go. However, the “Cool Social” is for both Greeks and non-Greeks. In looking through the names, I saw that Matt, Armin, Chris, Stephan, Neil, Nick, Josh etc. were on the invitations but not me.

I became upset. I was interested in pledging but the Black-Greeks rejected me. I was chosen to pledge at one time, but then, rumors started to spread of my homosexuality. So things changed. Once I was rejected by one group, they tell the other groups why I was rejected. They, too, will reject me based on the rumors. Therefore, I can never try to pledge again. I’m as straight-acting as the straightest man. The people who have heard the rumors dont even believe them; that’s some consolation. However, I’m still banned from participating in certain activities like being invited to the “Cool Social” or Greek Rush and Pledging. Sometimes, non-greek students are allowed to attend the “All Greek Dance” only if that non- greek is a fraternity or sorority member’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

I went to my room to cry. When I got there, Matt left a message on my answering machine telling me that the “Greek Games” were going on this week—starting today. That meant I couldn’t get my ass pounded until much later. I felt my face swell and eyes tear. I was crying. “I’m a reject. A fucking reject. I don’t need them! I don’t need anyone—but Matt. All I am is an outsider. No one likes me. No friends.” I shouldn’t say that because I’ve got Matt, Armin, and Chris. I continued my raving, “I should be out there at those Greek Games. They rejected me on a rumor they can’t prove (although it is true). I would have been a valuable asset to the fraternity system.”

My complaints were interrupted by a phone call. It was Armin. “Hey! What’s up, Ry!”

“Hello, Armin. What’s up?”

“What’s the matter? You sound down.”

“I am, Armin. I didn’t get an invite to the parties this weekend. I know I’m not in a frat—although I should have been. So rule that out. And I wasn’t on the “Cool Social” invitation either.”

“Ouch! Man. You want me to come over? Maybe we can talk man?, asked Armin. “Well, I’m goin over to the Greek games near the pond right now. But I appreciate the offer.”

“I love you as friend, man. You’re like a brother to me. Call me to talk anytime. I really called to tell you about Chris, man. That dude is hot. And last night—Whoa! Chris and I are gonna start goin out, man. I really like him and I think really likes me. Thanks for bringin us together, man.”

“No problem, Armin.”

“Well, Ry, call me if you wanna talk, ok? Bye.”

I went to the campus pond to watch the games. It was lively and exciting. The frats were having fun and cheering amongst themselves and so were the sororities. It was quite noisy and fun. I was the gloomy spot because in my mind, I kept saying that I should have been out here enjoying the brotherhood, unity, scholarship, fun, and oppotunities at being Greek. I couldn’t bear to stay long because I knew I’d break soon. I spotted Matt having fun with his fraternity brothers. They were reciting chants with their partner sorority. Matt was wearing his fraternity jersey, shorts, and cap. I started smiling at seeing Matt having fun with the guys, although I was somewhat envious. Matt and his frat were called in the tug-o-war games. When the referee blew the whistle, the fraternities on both ends of the rope began pulling. I started to get a hard-on at seeing how strong Matt is. His muscles started bulging larger than what I’ve ever seen. Gosh, I was getting turned on. His muscles were tensing and flexing as were his frat brothers. Sweat was pouring from their heads and their hair was ringing wet. Matt’s frat won the tug-o-war. They began chanting and cheering again. Matt saw me standing around watching. He read my lips as they read, “I LOVE YOU.” A couple of Black Greeks showed up and told me that this is a greek event and that I’d have to go soon. This is bullshit. I have a right to watch. Beside’s there were other non-greeks watching and no one told them to leave. That remark was just another way of saying to me to get lost. I started to cry and Matt saw that I was really down. He came over to tell me that he’ll be by my place soon so we’d be together and talk. He told me that he loves me and to stay up.

In walking back home, Armin was headed my way. He was going to the Greek games to see Chris, his new love interest. He saw that I was crying and stopped to talk to me. He said that he’d be by my room shortly and went on to the games. I got back to my room and my folks left a message on my answering machine naggine me and complaining. I called back home to respond. It turned into an argument and I felt a lot worse after they put me down further than what they normally do. I did some reading, studying, and homework. My depression resurfaced with a vengeance and I started calling out Matt’s name. To my surprise, there was a knock at the door and it was him. I grabbed Matt and hugged him tight. Armin told him how I was feeling and saw me really crying. Matt knew that being at any greek event would upset me. I went on to tell him that I was left off the invite list to the “Cool Social” and that one of the Black Greeks told me that I had to leave the games.

“I don’t believe it, dude. How could they not invite you? I’m gonna get one of my buddies to add you to that list”, Matt said. “Don’t bother, Matt. If I have to ask, it just goes to show that I’m still not really welcomed. If I went, I’d probably get upset anyway, cuz there will be people there who will make me feel uncomfortable.”

“Oh, man. I’m so sorry, Ryan. I’m so sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize, Matt. I wish this bullshit didn’t happen!!!” Matt held me in a soothing embrace and I just broke down crying. He hugged and kissed me. His hands were running up and down my back and over my shoulders.

“Dude, I won’t go to the functions this weekend. I’ll just stay here with you.”

“No, Matt. Don’t miss out on your fun on my account. It isn’t fair to you.”

“I don’t want to see you down, dude. I know what those guys did to you in the past and how they hurt you to the point that you’re scarred. I made a committment to you. I love you and that committment means sharing in your problems”, Matt explained. “But Matt—I want you to go. You’ve been looking forward to this all semester. I don’t want you to miss out. Don’t worry about me.”

“I like worrying about you, dude. I love you so much.”

“Matthew, you’re so sweet and kind and loving. What did I do to deserve you? I love you so much. But I’ll be fine. I’ll just get some work done while you’re at the functions. Go, Matt. have fun.”

“You sure, dude?”

“I’m sure.”

“Dude, I love you.” We hugged for a while. Matt was still glistening in sweat from the games. “When the functions are over this weekend, dude, I’ll be here with you. I love you, man.” Matt kissed me and went to take a shower. Damn! He is cuter with sweat on his body than he is cleaned up. But I do love a clean man.

“Ryan, there’s nothing on this world I wouldn’t do for. I’ll go through hell and high-water for you. I’m here for you. That’s what being in love is all about.”

“I’m here for you too Matt—Always.” Matt came back from the shower and dried himself off. He slipped on some briefs and lay down next to me in bed. He put his arms around me and caressed my shoulder. We kissed as lovers do for several minutes. I cried. This time because I’m happy to have Matt help uplift me. He brought his fingers to my eyes to wipe away the tears. We held each other with our eyes closed and caressed our bodies. This is what we call our non-sexual love-making. We pulled up the covers and held each other. “I love you, Ryan”, Matt said. “I love you, too, Matt—Forever.” We listened to our warm and gentle heartbeats. We were off to sleep with our minds at ease.

We slept for a few hours. It was a warm and comfortable sleep. I woke up and I smelled smoke. I looked over and noticed that Matt had awakened before I did. I could tell that Matt was horny—very horny because he will smoke before sex. I also looked down and noticed that there was a big lump under the sheets where his crotch was. “Matt, what are you doing up?”, I asked. “Just woke up a few minutes before you did”, he responded. “Mmmm…because you’re also horny, right?”

“Yep. I’m hard as hell, dude. Won’t you help me out of this jam?”

“No, I’ll help you into one called my ass.”

“Sure, but you have to get me off first.” I pulled the sheets from over his cock and out sprang the largest dick I’ve ever seen. All 14.5 inches of meat sticking straight up and harder than it ever was before. Oh yeah, this kid was horny. “Look at that, dude. I know you love it and want it.” Matt began stroking his huge, long, thick shaft as he said this. His eyes were on fire with love and lust.

I placed my hand on his unusually hard dick. It felt harder than a steel bar. It was hard enough to hold a stack of 100 lbs. weights. It looked even longer. I wondered if Matt grew to 15 inches. “Be careful, dude. This is one of them ultra-hard hard-ons that us guys get in the middle of the night or when horny.”

“I know what you’re talking about.” Matt’s cock was a purplish red color too, but it is never that dark. I wonder what he was up to. I took his muscle-bound dick in my mouth and sucked him hard and gently. He kept moaning and his body was convulsing uncontrollably. I stopped to ask if I was hurting him. He said, “No, I’ve never had my dick sucked in this super-hard state before. It’s kind of un- comfortable.”

“I’ll stop if you’d like or I’ll go even more gently. How’s that?”

“Go ahead dude. I might just thrash all over the place.”

And he wasn’t lying either. I was so hard at seeing Matt’s cock at new proportions that I started to pre-cum. I never pre-cum. Matt began thrashing and flexing his super-ultra rigid hard-on. “Oh, Matt, I love your big muscle-bound dick. So long, hard, thick, and rigid. Pulsating with veins and a very angry crown. Mmmmmmm……..” I dived back down on him and “OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!” came from him as I did this. Matt began pumping his crotch and dick in and out of my mouth. His dick was really sensitive in this super-ultra state. “Suck that fucking monster dude. Suck that muscle, man. Suck all that fucking monster muscle.”

I turned around so that we could 69 it. I needed Matt’s mouth on me immediately. He ran his hands over my abs and they flexed as he did this. I’m kinda ticklish, that’s why my abs will flex at the slightest touch. “God, man. Your cock is tasting really good this evening dude.” I kept on sucking him and he seemed to grow harder and longer by the second. Matt said that he was ready. I moved from the 69 position to go down on him and get him off. I kept pumping that shaft up and down. Harder and Harder. Then Matt said, “Here it comes, watch out.” Matt’s dick exploded with cum thrashing everywhere. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Matt just kept cumming. Each blast was stronger and more furious than the last one. Matt came so uncontrollably that our bodies looked as if someone had poured 2 or more gallons of milk on us. Matt came for his usual three minutes.

“Oh, god. I’ve never cum like that in my life dude. Man, I need another smoke so I can relax.” I came in torrents too. Matt just held me from the back and helped me to pump out my load. I had a huge one too but not like his. Matt grabbed another cigarette and lit it. He looks so sexy when he smokes. I lay back down next to him as he puts an arm around me. “Man, that was great.”

“Tell me about it”, I said.

I grabbed Matted dick and it was still hard. I was harder than he ever was before. “Matt, I’ve never seen you get so hard. You must be about 15 inches by now. Your dick is so muscular.”

“I know dude. I think our sex just made me harder.” Matt took a few more drags off his cigarette and looked at me. “It seems like that sucking didn’t calm the raging dude. I think it’s time we try the ass-approach. Don’t you?”

“Hmmmm…..I think so, too lover.”

“Get over here man.” Matt held me to his face and the nicotine was on his breath. He held his cigarette in one hand and held me for a kiss with the other one. I moved back down to his dick to start sucking him off again. “Yeah. Smoke that pecker, dude. Smoke that muscle.” Matt continued to smoke and he was really turing me on. His hand was caressing my shoulder as I took him to new levels of ecstacy. He could hardly dump the ashes in the ash tray since I was making him feel so good.

I got up to stroke his dick some more. “Get ready for some plowing dude.” Matt finished his smoking and exhaled his last smoke and put out his cigarette. He stood up and lifted me off the floor. Gosh, he’s really strong. I brought my hands up around Matt’s broad muscular back to hold on to him. He then told me to, “Relax your ass man.” I did but was sort of afraid to considering how big and hard his dick is at the moment. He slipped into me and I gasped at the pain I felt. “Oh, I’m sorry, dude. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t mean to hurt you, dude.” I was still in shock at the pain. I couldn’t move. After a minute I relaxed and slid down on him and the pain went away after another minute and the fucking commenced. Matt fucked me while standing up. I got a boner at how hot it was. I grabbed all over Matt’s musculat body. I grabbed onto those 6pack abs of his. They were flexing uncontrollably. I ran my finger over his navel—wanting to lick on it.

The pumping got faster and faster. This maniac was fucking the hell out of me like a real man. The smoke was still on his breath and I just started kissing him maniacally. We looked into each others eyes for the longest time. This wasn’t just fucking; it was love-making. He leaned forward and where my back was on the bed and kept up his maniacal pumping. Sweat was pouring from his body onto mine. His hair was ringing wet. Matt began sucking my neck thus placing another passion-mark on me. I started pumping my shaft and I came on my chest and his. All of a sudden everything went into slow motion and he kept pumping my ass. This continued for 2 more minutes until finally in slow motion, Matt pulled out of me and we stroked his cock uncontrollably. His head was rolling and body squirming he blasted another nuclear inferno of cum all over us. “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”, was the only sound coming from us. “So how was that dude? Fucked you like a real man.”

“Better yet Matt. That was love making and I love you.”

“I love you too Ryan. Always. We cleaned up and took care of some business.

Matt and I grabbed a bite to eat and watched a movie back at my place. There was a knock at the door and it was Armin. He dropped by to see if I was feeling any better than what I had earlier. He also came by to tell me about his new love interest, Chris. The two musclestuds spent the night together after C-Street. “Man, Ryan…Matt, Chris is amazing! I always figured him to be the cool tough-guy type; but the more we talked, the more I realized he’s got a heart and a brain. Underneath all those muscles is the man of my dreams. We’ve got some more dates planned this week and we’re gonna start workin out together. As a matter of fact, we’re getting together tonight.”

“You two didn’t sleep together on the first night, did you?”, I asked. “We spent the night together, yes. Man, I can chat with him for hours. He’s great. Thanks for introducing us, Ry.”

“No problem”, I responded. “Me and Ryan could never understand why two musclestuds like yourselves were single”, Matt said.

“People just assume that gays are tall and thin feminine guys. Being big has gotten me hits from girls. I’ve gone out with them but no more. Women—their pussies, and tits just don’t turn me on, man. And even for us gay men, we don’t know who’s gay or straight. You got gay men who think that a guy with muscles is straight—even if he dates women or has passes made at him. Having muscles intimidates men to some degree and people just think I’m straight. That’s why I’ve never had guys come on to me except in a gay club. At C-Street, I’ve had guys hit on me and I’ve made my move for them but. It’s also got gays and straights their so I’m kinda caught up in the middle. The guys who I’ve come into contact with there are interested in one-nighters or just a date to show off to their friends. Then they’re gone to the next guy.”

“I know how you feel, Armin. People have assumed I’m straight, too. All the way up until the rumors and sightings started—”, I said then Matt interrupted me. “But, dude, most people don’t believe them.”

“True, but the ones who do have made my life hell. I can’t go to certain events anymore uz I’m banned. And then I get phone calls at night sometimes.”

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!!! Dude? I didn’t know about the phone calls. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t get em all the time. I didn’t want you to start worrying.”

“But, dude—what are they saying?”

“Sometimes it’s a guy or a girl saying that they hear I can suck a mean dick. They’ve never mentioned you though, Matt.”

Matt put his arm around me to rubbed my shoulder and told me that he’ll be around to always protect me. He kissed me on my cheek as a sign of assurance. I kissed him back. I continued, “There’s a gay guy who works in Admissions, he’s a grad student, and went around the internet a few years ago telling guys not to talk to me. I believe he may have done so at C-Street. That would probably explain why hardly no one spoke to me or looked at me funny. The bastards name is Dan. Oh yeah, he got a taste of his own medicine and made an ass of himself. Now no one wants to be bothered with him.”

“That’s my dude. See, I told you you’re strong, dude.

There was a knock at the door and it was Chris. “Hey! I thought I might find you guys here. What’s up?!” Chris sat next to Armin and I started to get a hard-on seeing these two musclestuds. “Me and Chris have a workout date. We’re working on arms tonight. Gotta keep the guns pumped up. I’ve got a contest coming up in a few months”, Armin explained. Armin and Chris looked each other in the eyes, Armin rubbed Chris’ thighs and Chris put his arm around Armin. Matt put his arm around me again—only a little tighter. Like for a kiss. The two musclehunks started talking about the muscle groups they were gonna work on. Armin flexed his right bicep and I jumped a little and heart started racing. Matt noticed it. he said jokingly to Armin, “Stop flexing, man. You’re gonna get my dude here aroused. Muscles turn him on and I’ve got the bod to prove it.”

“You challenging me, bud? I’ve got a bigger and better bod, Matt. Look, see that arm? 21 inches, and I’m gonna get it up to 23 or more”, Armin said. “Feel my arm, dude. It’s 19 inches.” I felt Matt’s biceps under his shirt. They are hard and impressive. Armin flexed his arm again even harder. He told me to feel it. It was harder and bigger than Matt’s though.

“See what you’ve done Chris,” I said to him, “ now you’ve got these two going at it.” Armin took his t-shirt off and asked Matt if he wanted a muscle challenge. Armin raised his arms first to a front double-biceps pose. I grew to full hardness. Then he did a side-chest. Matt stood up and said, “Man I’ll show you what kind of body I’ve got. Let me take off my shirt and you’ll see.” Matt raised his guns to a double-biceps pose and flexed his very impressive 6-pack abs. Armin cruched out his abs into relief. Chris had his hand on his crotch. he was getting turned on himself. Matt has an impressive chest but Armin is a muscle-god. Matt and Armin flexed out a side-triceps pose, front lat-spread, and most muscular. Then they turned to the back to show the rear lat-spread and rear double- biceps pose. Chris decided to get in on the action and he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Lusty thoughts were coming into my mind at having an orgy with these three but I told myself no because I love Matt and Matt is the only man for me.

“Check this out guys! Chris crunched out the most impressive most- muscular I’ve ever seen. I’ve also noticed that he was a lot more chisled and defined than before. Armin still has him beat though. The guys continued their silly posing routine to try to intimidate each other. Chris raised his guns to an impressive 21.” He showed off his side chest and side triceps. He did the abs next followed by a back double-biceps and lat-spread pose. He turned around to show off the front again. I was in heaven at seeing these guys go at it. Striations, veins, and muscles chisled and flexed beyond belief. Matt sat down and put his shirt on. Chris and Armin tried to out-pose one another. They sat down and we all laughed about it.

We all talked some more and Matt and I decided to go workout with Armin and Chris. Chris was the only one who was still bare- chested and he crunched out another most-muscular and flexed his guns to ask me if he felt harder than Armin. Armin took his shirt off again and pumped out a double-bis pose and most-muscular. Man these guys were hard. They even held the most-muscular for a minute. Chris decided to go for broke. He removed his jeans to show off some really nice and muscled quads and calves. He turned around for another back pose and flexed his glutes. Matt felt my hard-on and told me that he’ll show me some more muscles the next time we make out. Armin removed his pants as well. Both musclestuds were wearing speedos. Chris had on red ones and Armin was wearing a green pair. “Ok fellas that’s enough muscle for tonight. Put your clothes on and lets get to the Rec. We were off.

It’s been a few months later and our love is still going strong as always. Stronger than it’s ever been before. To make it even better, it’s Valentines Day and there’s no school either. I have some wonderful gifts for Matt. I know he’s got something special planned for me, too. I can’t wait until he gets here. Gosh, it’s only 4AM and I’m already excited. There was a time when I dreaded Valentines Day because I was single and so very alone. But all that has changed now. I’m in love with the most wonderful man I know. Then the phone rings. I wonder who is calling me at this hour, so early in the morning.

“Hello”, I answered. “Mornin, dude! It’s me. Just calling to say Happy Valentines Day” My response, “Happy Valentines Day to you, too, lover.”

“I wanna come by and be with you, dude. I can’t stand sleeping in this cold and empty bed. I need to be warmed up”, Matt told me. “Well come on over. My door and bed is always opened for you. And besides, my bed is cold and empty as well. I’ve been having some trouble sleeping myself.”

Matt arrived 10 minutes later. He was even more gorgeous as ever. His piercing sea-green eyes made me want to swim in them. Matt has bulked up some more also. He’s more muscular than he was—tighter and harder. I love the feel of his washboard abs even more. If he trained any harder on Armin’s program for the next year, he’d be attracting attention on the bodybuilding circuit as a middleweight. However, Matt isn’t into becoming a bodybuilder. He just wants to stay healthy and maintain his attractive and physical form.

“Hey, dude”, Matt greeted as he planted a kiss on my lips. “Hey, Matt. Now that you’re here, we can both help each other to some ZZZZ’s.”

“Sure, man”, Matt said as he was got undressed. I unplugged the telephone because this was to be a warm moment for us both. I wanted no interruptions. Falling asleep next to Matt is our non-sexual love-making. We were off to sleep in one another’s arms. It was so right and so great for the both of us.

Around noon that day, Matt treated me out to brunch. Considering the holiday, the restaurant was packed like mad. It was a day of romance and smiles. I wanted to present Matt with my gifts but the time wasn’t right yet. He was also waiting for the right time, too.

Back at his place, I had everything I needed and was ready for my presentation. “Matt, I have something for you and something to ask. Happy Valentines Day, Matt!” I showered him in a series of red roses and cards. I gave hims some Fannie May mint candy—the green ones. I got on my knees, reached into my pocket and pulled out a velvet box. “Matt, I love you with every ounce of my being. I want you to wear this ring as a symbol of my love for you.”

Matt started to cry, his face was swelling and blushing. “Dude, this is amazing. I love you so much. Thanks, man. Thank you very much.” I placed the ring on his finger. We hugged each other and then he gave me his presentation. “Dude, as a symbol of my love for you, I want you to take this ring and answer this question: We’ve been together 2 years now. each moment with you has been so special. You’ve shown me a side of myself I’ve never known. You’ve taught me so much about…a lot of things. You are the most important person in my life. You’re more than a friend; more than a boyfriend and lover. You’re my soulmate, dude”…Matt began to cry and sob some. I brought my hand to rub and caress his back. “Take it easy, Matt. Take it easy. Nice and slow. Calm and slow.” He continued, You’re the other half of me that’s been missing all my life before we met. I’ve found you. I want to be with you. So my question is: Will You Marry Me? I want you, Ryan. I need you. I want us to spend the rest of our lives together as husbands of one another in love.”

“Oh, Matt…Oh, Matt”, I started to cry and sob with tears of excitement and joy. “You know the answer to that question…Yes, I’ll marry you…I’ll marry you, Matt…I Love You…Oh, God, I Love You, Matthew…I Love You.” Matt held me ever so tightly in his strong but soothing and manly embrace. We both kept our eyes closed during our long and tight moment. We, then, looked into each others eyes, which reflected all our love for each other. Matt had tears in his eyes and so did I. I felt his gentle finger flow across my cheeks to wipe away the tears. I brought my hand across his face to feel the warmth and glow of love that was shining. I also wiped away his tears. We both moved into the most powerful and romantic kiss ever. He moved away from me and brought me some roses, Valentines Day cards, and chocolate covered cherries and mints. He fed me some cherries and I fed him the mints while sitting back on the sofa. My head rested on his strong, chisled shoulder as his arm and hand moved slowly across my back and head. He was caressing me like I was a baby and something so fragile. I’m his treasure as he is mine. He moved us even closer together to share a kiss after we put the candy down.

Matt told me had more surprises for me. He rolled out this round table and a cart with food on it. He was going to treat me do dinner that he had catered. Matt lit the candles, turned the lights off, turned the red light on, poured the champaign, and served the food. man, he can cook not only in the bedroom but the kitchen as well. Neither of us were dressed up to the max. but I now knew why Matt asked that I dress in something nice for later. I wore my red silk shirt and black pants and dress shoes. Matt wore a white dress shirt and black pants. We were both wearing button cover pins too. The cologne Matt sprayed and the jazzy romantic music he turned on made my hormones race to maximum overdrive. We began to undress each other and shared a very sensual kiss. I was stronger than the kiss we shared a few momnets ago.

“MMMmmmm…that’s great, Matt”, I whispered to him. “I wanna make love to you, Ryan. I’m gonna make love to you the way you’ve never experienced it.”

“No, Matt. WE are are going to make love the way we’ve never experienced it. I love when that happens.”

“So do I. I love making love to you, dude. It’s very enjoyable for us both.”

“Let’s make it raw, sensual, passionate, wild, and animalistic, Matt. Just the way we love it and even better.” We both smiled and laughed. It was to the bedroom with us later on that night. “I Love You, Matthew.”

“I Love You Too, Ryan… Forever.” So we all know what happens next.

Matthew and I slept the night away. I have never been more comfortable in my life. We both made love to celebrate Valentines Day last night and for our engagement. This is the greatest blessing for me: I’m happy and will spend the rest of my life with the man I love, who also loves me. Matthew is the most important person in my life and I’m the most important person in his. I woke up and Matthew was still sleeping. His arms are wrapped around me and mine around him. Our legs are even intertwined. I look at him as if he were my greatest gift. He’s not just cute when sleeping, he’s gorgeous. I’ve never seen him more at peace in my life. Matt has a slight smile on his face to show for the pleasantness he’s in. I leaned over to inhale my lover’s scent and plant a kiss on his cheek and forehead. He awakens to see my face smiling down upon him and staring into his hypnotic sea-green eyes.

“Mmmm…Good morning, dude”, Matthew greeted. “Morning, lover”, I responded. We moved our lips closer to for a very passionate French Kiss. His mouth and tongue are delicious. I Love Him. God, I Love Him…My Matthew. I lay back down and Matt closed his eyes as we hugged and caressed one another. I love the feeling of his strong hands and arms moving over my shoulders and upper arms, while my head lay on his muscular chest, listening to that warm and gentle heartbeat. I ran my index finger over his erect nipples and down his ripped washboard abs and through his sexy navel.

“I’m hungry. Want a pop-tart or something?”, I asked. “Sure, dude. Hurry back, I have this insatiable craving for you when you’re away.” I returned a few minutes later with our breakfast. To spice it up, we fed each other and shared the last bite together, which took us into another passionate French Kiss. I pulled away intentionally just to play with Matt. He doesn’t like when I pull away or run from him in the middle of a kiss. I like playing this game with him. But anyway I pulled away and started to run. “Oh no you don’t, dude. Where do you think you’re going?”, Matt said as he jumped up out of bed and came after me. I’m fast and so is he. I tried to dodge and get away; but Matt is strong—really strong. Yes, he caught me, gave me this massive kiss, and sucked on my neck. The feeling of having him suck on my neck caused me to fall ever deeper into ecstacy and we fell back onto the bed. “God, I Love You, dude…mmmmm”, Matt said as he kissed me. I broke away from him again only to be subdued. Matt was only wearing a pair of bright red speedos. He flexed his left bicep to a huge ball just to show me how strong he was and to show that it won’t be long before he subdued me. He stood there in his strong muscular body. I embraced him and asked to feel his big muscles. he flexed a few times then we embraced and I pulled him down on top of me. We found our lips “sucking face” once again plus we had smiles on our faces.

We turned over and I moved downward to Matt’s muscular pecs to suck on his nipples. He moaned, “mmmm…oh yeah, dude…mmmm.” I felt his hand caress my upper back, shoulders, and head as I took him to new levels of ecstacy. We turned over a second time and he tickled me on my abs and sucked on my chest. I’m very sensitive to touch and ticklish. Matt thinks it’s so cute. I glow at the feel of his touch, for he’s the man I love, that also loves me. We turned over for the final time where I on top and I felt something hard in his bright red speedos. His cock was starting to stir and grow. So was mine.

I ran my hands over his speedo encased crotch and stared in Matthew’s hypnotic sea-green eyes. I moved my face over his dick, which was stretching the speedos way out in front of him, to inhale the scent of his enormous love muscle. I stroked him while his cock was still contained. I then pulled them down and Matt lifted his legs for me to get them completely off.

His dick is a very muscular flagpole that won’t bend at all. It’s like an iron bar. Not only is it so long, it is striated with muscle, harder than steel, and thick with pulsating snaking veins. It’s so hard, you can almost feel a pulse beating down there. I took th head of his erecting organ into my mouth and massaged it with my tongue for a little while. Matt closed his eyes and moaned on how good I was making him feel. “Oooh…uuuhh…oh…suck my dick, man…suck it, man…uuummmmm, dude…” Matt was erect at his usual 14 and a half inches. I wonder why his dick is so big. It’s so gorgeous that I took a surprising plunge on his meat for a deep-throating.

He eyes slammed shut as I went down on him. “AAaahhh… AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!…Uuuuhhh…uuuhhh…uuh…uh…mmm…aah…oh fuck, man…suck my dick, dude…suck my fucking dick…blow that cock, man… smoke that fucker…oh…” Matt ordered me to consume his love muscle in ecstacy I tooker him to even newer levels—beter than last night when we made love for Valentines Day and to celebrate our engagement. He pushed my head on his dick and pumped his dick and crotch in and out of my mouth. I pulled his erect musclecock out of my mouth to suck on his balls and abs. “God, that feels so good, dude. You know how make me feel good.”

“Oh, I only make you feel good? Well I’ve got you make you feel great. I thought I made you feel great? Do I?” I pluged back down on his dick. I felt like sucking on a steel or iron crowbar. He gets even harder the more I sucked on him. “Dang, dude. Got me all huge and hard. Just look at that massive fucker, it feels like it’s stretching even longer. Hard as hell, man. Gotta get harder for you”, Matt said to me.

“Matthew, will you fuck me again like you did last night?”

“Sure, man. Whatever you want, I got it for you. But let’s hold off. I’ve got another event planned for you real soon, dude.” I took Matt’s cock back into my mouth because I need that hard crowbar feeling in there. The muscularity of Matt’s huge pecker never ceases to amaze me. I had to make him cum. Matt’s closed his eyes and his head began rolling around. I knew he was close to cumming. His arms and hands were caressing me. “Aah, Ryan…Oh, dude…Oh, god, man…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna shoot…Ooohh!!!” The first spurt went in my mouth and he pulled out and blasted 12 more huge thick spurts of thick creamy white cum. He fired 3-5 more shots. Matt came like a madman and more powerful than he ever had in the past. This guy was horny as hell. Matt cums like that straight porn actor Peter North aka Matt Ramsey in gay porn. We were both soaked in both our loads, our bodies covered in thick white, creamy sex seed. Matt was still hard and didn’t shrink a bit. We showered together and fell back into each other’s arms. “You’re so strong Matthew.”

“Yeah, I know I am. I love being strong in muscles and in the fact that I love you and will never stop doing so. I’m strong in terms of the fact that these arms will always be around to protect you, receive your love, and return it”, Matt expressed. “I Love You, Matthew.”

“I Love You, too, Ryan…My Husband to be.”

I came back from class and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Matthew was moaning in ecstacy at the stimulation his dick was getting. He didn’t hear me come in but I shouted, “No wonder!” he jumped up and his eyes widened. I continued, “No wonder your dick is so big. You use an enlargement pump. I knew you weren’t ‘gifted’ with a 14.5 inch cock. White men aren’t that big. And although there are some exceptions, you aren’t one of them. My first question is, how big are you originally?”

“Good afternoon to you too, man”, Matt greeted. “Hi, lover”, I returned. We moved closer for a kiss. “I missed you, Matt.”

“I missed you too, dude.”

“Gosh, I so tired. I have the most boring professor in all creation. I was so restless I couldn’t stay awake or wait to get out of class. That 2 hours is eternity. I couldn’t wait to get outta class and come home to my wonderful fiance. You know I have an insatiable craving for you. I can’t stand to be away from you for long.”

“I can’t stand being away from you either, dude. Now get outta those clothes and help me out here. I want you to watch me pump up. Oh, to answer your question, I’m originally 9 inches long.”

I stared at Matthew’s beefy Polish sausage encased in the pump-tube. It was wider, thicker, and longer than it’s ever been. He was longer than 14.5 inches, that’s for sure. His meat was so engorged and erect that it nearly touched all sides of the tube. Matt was 15 inches long. “Pumpin this dick for you dude. Here, come pump me up”, Matt told me. My own meat was stirring and growing. I pumped his dick and he was squirming and moaning in ecstacy. The pump was making him feel like he were receiving a massive blowjob. “Yeah, that’s it, dude. Pump me up. Grow that pecker. Make it surge harder and longer…Ooh…Ooooohhh…Oh…Aaahhh…Aaahhh… MMmmm…Shit!!! Pump it harder dude…come on…harder…HARDER…HARDER…stretch my fucking pecker harder and longer…make it surge with lust…I’ll even flex it…Aaarrgghh!!! Yeah, that’s it…harder…” Matt finally asked me to stop. He loosened the tube and slowly removed it from over his dick. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Matthew had a hulking muscledick that was angry with a reddish purple color. It was mean, raging, and nasty—just pulsing and pulsating with veins. It was sexy though. My member was threatening to explode. Matt grabbed my dick and gave it several strokes and told me, “I oughta pump you up, dude.” I replied, “I’d like that a lot, lover”.

Matt pulled me up to his sweet, juicy lips. His obscenely, mutant dick was as taut as a flagpole erected in the ground. “Dang, man look at that huge ass fucker”, Matt said to me. I had to have that massive tower in my mouth and soon. Matt was horny with lust. I could see it in his eyes and that meant he was going to take control and dominate me. I reached out to touch his musclecock that stood harder than anything and everything. I was like touching a crowbar. the feeling of my hands on his organ was enough to send him reeling and his eyes rolling to the back of his head. He was squirming. I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. His dick was thick as a beercan and was 15.5 inches long. I began exploring his striated and muscular dick with my tongue and mouth.

“MMMmmmm…put it in your mouth.” I was happly to oblige. He flexed that sex muscle while it was receiving the wet, warm, oral stimulation it deserved. “Aaahhh…Feels so fucking great, man. That’s it, dude. Put your mouth on it. OOOooohhh!! AAAaaahhh!!! Think you can deep-throat it, dude?”

“I’ll try, Matt. I’ll try”, I replied. I don’t know how, but I slowly took him into my mouth for a deep-throat. Not only was his head lifting up and rolling around, his washboard abs were flexing uncontrollably while his pecs wear heaving. Finally, I managed to take him all the way in. My mouth and throat were stretched. I slammed my mouth down to the base and Matt moaned, “AAaaahhh!!! Do that again, dude.” And I did. “Aaaahhh!! Again!!! Aaahhh!!! Again!! Aaaahhhh!!!! Aaaarrgggghhhh!!!! Again!!! Again!!!! AAaarrggghhhh!!!! Again!!! AAAArrrghhhh!!! Again!!!” and so forth he requested in screaming moans. I just kept slamming down on him and devouring him while he kept on saying, Argh!! Again! Aaahhh!!!.” This little show continued for 3 more minutes and Matt’s abs were flexing and rippling at an even more furious rate. He was so close to cumming and then he finally blasted his superthick muscledick seed in my mouth. The cum flew out at such intense ratings that it seemed like his balls were going to be drained of all its contents. Cum was running out the sides of my mouth. I was so sweet, thick, white, and creamy.

“AAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh…Oh…Oh… Here it comes again…I’m still cumming…OOOH…OH…AAAaaaahhhhhhh… AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!” My lover was cumming like a real man. Seeing him cum made me shoot all over his muscular pecs. Matt continued moaning, “Ooohhh…Oh, God…uh…oh…aahhh…I can’t stop cumming!!! I can’t stop cumming!! I can’t stop cuuuummmminng!!! Can’t stop…Can’t stop…Can’t stop…C-c-can’t stop…AAAAHHHH!!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!” Matthew threw his head back on the pillow, his heart was beating fiercely, and his breathing became panting. “Slow down, Matt. Slow down”, I told him, “calmly now…gently, gently…attaboy…”

“Dude, I’ve never cum like that in my life.”

“I can see. Mmmm…”, as I gave him a kiss on the lips. He whipped his index finger over his chest to lick up some of my cream. “Hey, dude I didn’t get to suck you off but I’ll get you tonight. I promise. And one more thing: Get that ass ready, man. I’m pluggin that tight hole of yours tonight.”

I gasped and said, “Oh no you’re not! That thing is too damn big. You’ll split me wide-open faster than than tissue.” He was surprised to see my stern objection to that. I gave his dick a few strokes and it was still hard, harder than its ever been. He didn’t even soften up one bit. This pecker was so erect. I took him back into my mouth for a few more sucks and to get more moans out of him. I fell back on the bedbeside him and cleaned off our loads. He put his arm around me and kissed me. He no longer had that lusty look in his eyes, it was the look of love he always gives me. It was the loved that sparkled into my soul. We took a nap in one another’s arms and knew there was more action later.

Matt and I returned home after karate class with our friend Dan. Dan is also gay and masculine. He has a brown belt in the martial arts and looking to get a black-belt in the future. Matt asked me to bring out some beers because we were going to have more company. I brought them out with my drink of kool-aid. I hate beer and will very, very seldom ever drink it. However, I will drink other alcohol products like some wine or champaign. Dan is 5’9 and a half with blond hair. He’s built nicely but still average. He does have some muscle to keep in shape. This is one guy who can take Matt down in a fight, but not me as you’ll soon find out. Dan asked me why I was wimping out and not drinking beer. Then Armin and Chris walked in.

“Hey, what’s guys!”, Armin and Chris greeted. Dan replied, “Nothing much. I was just on Ryan’s case as to why he doesn’t drink beer. I don’t understand how he could be engaged to a fratguy who enjoys some brew but won’t drink it himself.” I said, “Just because Matt is in a fraternity doesn’t mean I’m supposed to have a taste for beer. So your point is?…” That shut Dan up quickly. We had a few more laughs before Dan’s boyfriend Eric walked in. Eric has dark brown hair and has the build of an in-shape baseball player. In fact he does play baseball for our school. For some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. As a matter of fact, although we do know each other well, I can never take my eyes off him because he looks like Matthew. He and Matt look as iff they could be long-lost brothers or cousins. We sat around and chatted and the other guys decided they wanted to play cards. I can’t play cards either. Dan had a field day on me again because I don’t know how to play cards besides UNO and Blackjack.

I came back and put Dan in check for the second time and he kept quiet the rest of the night. Everytime Dan and I looked at each other, we laughed. He even told me he was going to kick my ass before he went home. He was playing. We always joke around like that. I told him, “Let’s go then. We can take this shit outside and fade the ends a little bit. I already shut you up twice tonight. Three times with my fist, this time and you’re out.” The room got quiet as “oooohhhhs” came out of Matt, Chris, Armin, and Eric’s mouths. Then they started laughing. Just then, Josh came by. He’s a hot Italian muscleman like Armin but smaller and on the “model” side than on Armin’s side of muscle. He walked in asking what’s going on? Chris said, “Ryan and Dan are going to fight.” Josh responded, “Man, I can’t miss this.” Dan asked Matt, “Are you going to let Ryan talk to me like that?” Matt laughed and said, “Hey, bud, I’m not in it. My dude can handle himself and whatever you throw at him. Take it up with him.”

“Thank you for saying that, Matthew”, I said.

We cleared away some furniture for us to have our little fight. Dan said, “Ryan, man, you’re watsing your time you can’t win.” He did a side kick and I responded with a block. Man, this guy is flexible. I came back and took him down with a kick to the abs. He came up and I flipped him over. “You know what, Dan? you talk to much and I punched him down with a couple of jabs to the face and chest. I finished with a kick another side kick and a flip and he went down. I extended my hand to help him up and we hugged. I had another smart comment to make to him: “That’s why you have the brown-belt and I the black-belt.” Everyone started laughing and Dan asked for a rematch sometime. We all hung out together for a few hours then the guests went their separate ways.

I cleaned up Matt’s apartment and turned on some music to help relax me as I do the task. Matt was in the shower as I was cleaning up. As I finished, Matt came up behind and gave me a kiss on the neck and nibble on the ear. His arms were around my waist and his hands moved around my abs in a caressing fashion. I tilted my head back in search of his lips. He said, “I love you, dude.”

“I love you, too, Matt.” As I turned around, Matt was wearing a pair of red speedos as his muscular body shined in the light. “Get undressed dude. Take off your clothes and lets dance.” As I got undressed, Matt changed the tone of music to the love and jazz station. I turned the dimmed the lamp lights and we slow danced. I was in an eternal heaven as our finds found one another but we didn’t complain. It is so comfortable to slow dance with my man when we’re both wearing speedos and briefs. I love the feel of our semi-nude bodies tocuhing together. We smiled and Matt’s gentle hands began to caress my shoulders and cheeks. This is what it means to be in love. “Matt, will you fuck me. I don’t know why I said no earlier but please, fuck me”, I asked him. “Sure dude. I was hoping you’d change your mind. I love you so much, dude.”

“I wanna feel that 15 incher in my ass.”

Matt held me so close and tight that I could have melted like butter. He hugged me and we closed our eyes as we did this for the emotional bond we share. We turned off the lights and music and Matt held my hand as we walked into the bedroom together. In the bedroom, I turned on the red light light for the “Red Light Special” we were going to have. He lifted me up and I threw my arms around him and he carried me gently to the bed. Matt got on top of me but we rolled over so I was on top of him. The feel of his hands and arms moving up my back sent waves of passion through me. We kissed slowly but passionately. I never want it to end. We turned over where he was on top of me. I ran my hands and arms over his broad muscular back. I love the feel of his lats. We felt our cocks beginning to stir. Matt’s briefs were stretching obsenely before his huge boner popped out. I felt his hard member creep up our abs and it was pre-cumming.

“I’m hard, dude. Nice and hard. Why don’t you scoot down there and suck on me. Just suck on my cock for a while. I want my lover to get me nice and ready. I moved my head in a curcular fashion as I sucked his cock to its 15 inches. He could grow as long as he did earlier but hey 15 inches was big enough. I sucked him till he was harder and rigid. I began caressing his pecs and I moved up yo suck on them. “You like my pecs dude?”

“Uh-hmm”, I replied. I went down to suck on his abs and lick in that sexy navel of his. “You like my abs too? Love that navel don’t you?” I was feeling his thighs and arms. It was passionate. Matt was a little tanned as well. “You like my arms also?”

“Yeah.” You like feeling my muscles, huh? My big muscles. You love my big muscles, dude?”

“I love everything about you, Matt. Your mind, body, and soul.” While Matt was lying down with his erect dick snaking up his abs, he raised his arms to a double-biceps pose and I felt the balls of granite he created. His abs and chest, hey, his whole body is awesome. Man, that was hot. “Come here, Ryan”, Matt requested and we kissed again for a good 2 minutes. Matt got on top of me to suck me off. He gave my dick a few strokes with his loving strong hands. He took my 8 and 3/4 inch dick in his mouth and sucked me. He sucked me so long and hard I was squirming. My dick is so sensitive that it almost hurts for me to get me dick sucked. But I don’t care. He does make me feel good at the same time. This isn’t just sex, this is love-making. I didn’t want him to stop although my dick was saying otherwise. Matt lifted his mouth off me and pluged back down for the most erotic and sensual deep-throat I’ve ever felt. “Aaaaahhhh!!!! Shit!! That felt great.”

“You want me to do it again dude?”

“Yeah. AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!” Man, that was better than the first time. He deep-throated me a few more times then grabbed the lube to lube my hole and his dick. We didn’t use protection, although I wanted us to. He inserted into me and I gasped. “Oh, man, I’m sorry dude. I’m sorry. I know you don’t like pain. I hate hurting you especially in moments like this”, Matt said. I told him, “It’s ok, you didn’t hurt me. I just felt so good as you went in so gently.” Matt pumped me missionary and doggy style for a long time. Then I straddled over his pecker. He would pump into me as I would clamp my ass and lift off of him. I made Matthew feel so good. “Yeah, thats it, dude. Making me feel so good. You like making me feel good dude?”

“No, I love making you feel great.” Matt began pumping me intensely and I knew it wouldn’t be long. I felt so full as his pumped 15.25 inch dick pumped into me. “Man, your ass so tight. I could fuck you forever and I do mean forever.” I clamped down on Matt’s meat and he said, “Oohh, keep that up and I’ll cum. I don’t wanna cum just yet.” He slowed down and to surprise him I clapmed down on his and he shouted, “AAAaaaahhhh!!!! Oh, shit!!! Uuuhhhh!!1 AAAArrrrgghhh!!!!” Matt climaxed to epic proportions inside me. His eyes were rolling in the back of his head and I climaxed beyond belief as well. Matt pulled out of me and I grabbed the lube to lube myself up because I had my own intentions of pluggling his ass as well. I blew his ass like never before and when he clamps down on me, it’s like I died and went to Heaven. The bed was rocking and squeaking like it was when Matt fucked me. I decided to make it vibrate even more.

“Oh man, dude. Fuck me! Fuck the hell outta me.” Matt wanted me to plug him hard and like a real man. As I fucked him, I bent down to kiss him and his lips found their way to my neck and suck on it. I get more hickeys, or passion marks from that. I gasped and went to pull out but Matt requested I cum in him as he did me. I blasted in his tight hole like no tomorrow and pulled out. My eyes began rolling as I was still in climax. When I finally caught by breath, Matt’s arms were encircling me. I turned to face him and our lips and tongues did the rest. Oh, I forgot to mention that Matt doesn’t smoke after sex anymore. Although he’s sexy when he does it, I asked him to quit because I don’t want it to become a habit and he helps to cause himself cancer. He’s already in a fraternity and cigarettes and beer are very popular in the Greek system, its bad enough he has to be around that stuff at the socials. I want my eternal soulmate healthy as ever and not sick. We took a bath together in his jacuzzi and talked about graduation coming up soon. “You know, we’ll be graduatea and away from here and back in the big city, Matt.”

“I know dude. Then we’ll be living together and get married soon afterwards.” We said our “I Love You’s” and drifted off to bed in one anothers arms after our bath.

Matt and I had awakened in the middle of the night and we talked and caressed. We always hug and kiss when we do that. Matt gave a few rubs and gropes and I returned the gesture. “Love my big dick don’tcha, cocksucker”, Matt asked. Then we started the name calling. Me: Snowblower! Matt: Skinny boy! Me: Fratboy. Matt: Punk. Me: Asshole.

Then suddenly, Matt and I started wrestling. Matt got on top to dominate and overpower me. I broke free of him but he took me down and crunched down on me with his sexy muscular body. He asked, “What did you call me an asshole for?” I answered, “You shouldn’t have called me a punk.” I kissed him and he kissed back but, “MMmmmm…that was a great kiss, dude. But it won’t work this time around. Matt flexed his muscles down and around me in a most-muscular embrace. I wasn’t going to et me go. The last time I tricked him into letting me go was the day I witheld his cigarettes after sex to help him quit. He did quit but I suspect he may have had a few more at the frat parties. “I won’t apologize until you do, Matt.”

“Alright, I’m sorry, dude. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too, Matt.” We laughed it off and talked about our future together. “I can’t believe it dude. We’re graduating soon and we’ll be living together and later married.”

“I know I can hardly wait.” We fell back to sleep after our goodnight kisses.

It is the future. Matthew and I have graduated. We are both now 23 years of age going on 24, with great careers and living together. We both are looking forward to our futures together. I enjoylooking back to our first initial encounter and the times we’ve had together since. Whe Matt and I started dating, he said, “I knew you were the one, dude.” I sometimes wonder if that was actually the first time he called me “dude.” I told him, “I’ve felt the same way. At first, I thought I was meant to be alone and that was my greatest fear.”

“You won’t be alone, dude. Not ever…As long as I’m here”, Matt said. On some nights we’ll talk about how we knew we belong together. And yes we do belong together. Our love has stood the test of time and is meant to last forever.

During the spring and summers, we take walks down the beach, strolls, through the park, and city or suburbs. We even take drives out to the country to be alone togethr. When at work, we have an insatiable craving for one another and can’t stand to be apart. Armin, Chris, Dan, Eric, Josh, and Steffan live in Chicago where Matt and I reside but have apartments a few blocks away. Their relationships are going strong as well.

On our wedding day, Armin was the best man. We had a beautiful ceremony at a church that performs and approves of gay weddings. Matt sang a song to me about our love and commitment. What an excellent voice. I sang a song to him about our future. These songs brough tears to our eyes. When taking my vows to Matt, I had a hard time trying to keep up and repeating after the minister because I was crying with tears of joy. I was looking into Matthew’s sea-green eyes the entire time we faced one another, looking deeply into our souls. Chris came behind me to give me a pat on the back to calm me down. “This is your big day, relax”, he said. I made it through the vows. When Matt took his vows, his face went red and was swelling up. I could tell he was going to cry in the name of love as well. He cried the entire time while taking his vows and looking into my eyes. Armin was behind him to pat him on the back. We couldn’t help it; we stared into each other’s eyes and cried. When that was done, we read poems of our more personal vows.

Matt’s Were: “I’ve confided my dreams in you, Shared secrets with you, Held out my hand to you, And you’ve always been there To listen, to understand, and to hold me. In the warm comfort of your love, No Wonder I Love You So Much and have dedicated my heart and soul to you.”

Mine Were: “Yesterday—we discovered love, gently unfolding in our hearts, whispering of the joy to come. Today—our dreams will come true, creating memories that we’ll cherish for a lifetime. Tomorrow—we begin a new journey hand in hand, eager to explore a world of promise. Forever—we will share an everlasting love that could come from God alone.”

When the minister finally announced that we were “man and man” and “husband and husband”, Matt and I moved closer. I felt a warm, loving, and soothing hand flow over my checks. I couldn’t help but close my eyes with tears running. The minister suddenly announced, “The grooms may now share a kiss.” We had our wedding bands on that sparkled greatly under the lights. Our lips made way made way to each other as our hands caressed our shoulders, back, and upper arms. We must have been kissing with our eyes closed for a good 5 minutes and didn’t want it to end.

During the reception that followed, Armin proposed a toast before our love song came on to dance: “Here’s to Ryan and Matthew Forever: A Love Story! Cheers!”

“Cheers!!!”, pronounced the wedding guests. I looked into Matthew’s eyes as he smiled and looking into mine. “Here’s to us, Matthew!”

“Forever, Ryan. Forever!”

Our honeymoon to Hawaii was superb. We went travelling around the island, engaged in sporting events, and festivities. At night, it was a night on the town. We treated each other as lovers do. At the hotel suite, the best there is, we made love on the water bed. We’re even planning to adopt some children in the next few years. Now that we’re married, we are out of the closet and walk outside holding hands together in public. We still enjoy the strolls on the beach, walks in the park, and drives to the country. At home, we just sit there on the sofa and chat. “Well, we did it, dude. We did it!”

“Yes, we’re finally as One.”

“We’ve always been one. Always!”

“You’re right, Matt. From the moment we met, we have always been One and destined for eternal love.”

“We’re going to be together forever, dude.”

“I know. I know. When we depart this life, we’ll go on continuing as one in Heaven, the afterlife.” Our faces began to swell up again. We were starting to cry at those sweetest words being spoken. We kissed and held one another tight. Matthew is my heart and I’m his heart. We belong together and will always be together. He’s everything I look for and want in a man and more. “I believe in fairytales, and magic spells, and wishing wells, wedding bells. One by One, together we will be… Always One.”

“I Love You, Ryan.”

“I Love You, also, Matthew. Always.” We grew closer for a final kiss although it wasn’t to be our last. Here’s to Ryan & Matt Forever: A Story of Eternal Love.

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