by Max Silberg

A handsome, buff high school senior’s secret shame is exposed when the school suddenly turns on him.

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Part 1 A handsome, buff high school senior’s secret shame is exposed when the school suddenly turns on him. (added: 14 May 2022)
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 1

As the sun shone into the empty room, Chase felt alone in his bed. As a high school senior on the day of prom, he should have felt like the king of the world. But instead, he lay in bed with nothing but dirty clothes lining the ground around him.

Only one week ago, he was the luckiest guy in his entire class and was supposed to be in the prom king with his girlfriend Melody. Chase was the top baseball hitter in the nation and planned on getting drafted in the next year’s draft. He was also a valedictorian because of how strict his mother was with getting good grades.

It all went wrong last week Monday afternoon when Chase was practicing baseball for the upcoming semi-final. Melody came down to the batting cage and came over to the edge. After doing a few more swings, Chase put down his bat and went over to her.

“Hey, Melody,” Chase said sweetly.

“Hey baby,” Melody said. “Want to come over to my house and help me choose my prom dress?” When Chase heard what she said, she felt that she was being seductive to get Chase to come and do more with her than just pick out a dress.

“I’m sorry Melody, I want it to be a surprise,” Chase replied.

“Okay,” Melody said before going back to her girls and walking up the hill and away from the batting cage and towards her house. Chase felt bad for not going over to Melody’s house but he wanted the prom night to be perfect as the rest of his high school career.

The next day, Melody seemed distant from Chase. When Chase went up to their usual spot where they met up before school, she was not there. Chase searched throughout the entire school and talked to all of his close friends, but they didn’t know where she went.

After school, Chase ran over to Melody’s house. When he rang the doorbell he heard some people shuffling around the house before Melody’s mother came out in the front of the door. Previous to this moment, Chase and Melody’s mom had a good relationship but Chase could tell something was wrong when Melody’s mom opened the door.

“How dare you call my daughter a whore!” Melody’s mother yelled.

“Wait, what?” Chase said confused.

“Don’t play dumb, young sir. I know what you did. After school, Melody came home crying with some of her friends and said that when she tried to invite you to this house, you called her a whore.”

“What? I would never call her that.”

“Are you calling my daughter a liar?” Melody’s mom said getting mad.

Chase did not answer this question. Even when Melody’s mom closed the door, he did not attempt to make himself look better to them. He knew that whatever answer he would have said, would only lead to even more trouble.

Chase walked home alone to his house reflecting on their relationship. It had never been like this. When they first met, in freshman year, the two of them were the best couple. In the school yearbook, they were the cutest couple for three years running going on four. All of the little happy moments ended so quickly with some gigantic mood swing from Melody.

The next day of school was Chase’s worst day of his life. When he entered the building, he saw every student’s eyes staring at him on the way to his locker. On the way, he stopped by his usual meeting stop with Melody where he put a willow before never going there again.

That day, Chase was kicked off of his baseball team, stripped of his valedictorian title, and shunned from his high school’s hall of fame. Chase continued to do his best in his academic studies but it took so much more work with all of the teachers mad at him from the incident.

And if everything couldn’t get worse, Chase’s biggest secret was spread throughout the entire school. Before that day, everyone would admire his perfect body with the straight white teeth, blond hair that went to shoulder level, sea-blue eyes, and muscles for days. The only imperfect part of his body was the size of his dick. At a measly three inches, he described it as barely functional.

The only people who knew about it were his baseball teammates who he trusted and would never dare tell because of how important he was to the team. But with Chase being kicked off the team, they told the secret to everyone. People would walk around staring at the small bump and a few even reached to touch it. Nobody cared that it was wrong because how everyone saw Chase as being wrong.

For the rest of the week, Chase pretended to care about school and would cry away from the life he had previously. This all led to him lying in bed the morning right before prom day, all alone.


Part 2

It was while lying in bed that he received a text from one of his few remaining friends. Chase rolled over to see the text from his friend Jack. Jack had been a friend of Chase since the two of them were in kindergarten. He was a little less academic but was on the track team. He had known about Chase’s secret before the baseball team.

When Chase looked at it he saw it said, ‘Call me when you are awake’

Chase dialed Jack’s number and heard him pick up, “Hey Big C. How’s it going, man?”

“Pretty bad, Jack,” Chase said. “If things keep trending in this direction my mom might kill me for getting my first Bs in high school.”

“She knows you are already in one of the best colleges in the nation. And it’s under academic scholarship.”

“I know, but she is worried that they would revoke the scholarship if I get bad grades.”

Jack waited a second before saying, “Do you know what you need. A distraction!”

“What?” Chase said shocked. “Jack, I need to focus on repairing my relationship with my teachers and peers, not taking a break.”

“You’re stressing over this too much. How ‘bout the two of us go to a club downtown. You can take your mind off of this and let yourself relax for the first time in a week.”

“I don’t know if this is a good idea.”

“I never said it was going to be a good idea. I just said that you need it and you deserve it. C’mon, Chase, it will be fun.”

“Fine,” Chase relented. “I’ll see you there tonight.”

After Chase looked at himself in the mirror, he saw how much of a mess he looked. His sea-blue eyes had turned hazy, his hair completely messed up, and he was losing some of his muscles because of him not working out.

“I need this,” Chase said to himself trying to make himself believe it.

The rest of the day, Chase spent his day trying to fix himself for the night. He cleaned his room to make it look like someone didn’t murder a lot of shirts, he worked out at the gym to regain some of the muscle mass that he had previously, and he fixed his hair to make him look a little more proper.

When the night rolled around, he chose to wear skinny black jeans showing his sculpted quads and calves. Underneath this was a jockstrap which he used to wear all the time to school but because of all of the groping, he had to turn to other underwear alternatives, to prevent it. On top, he had a sheer white shirt showing his eight pack and built pecs with a jean jacket on top of it.

Jack rolled outside of Chase’s house in his nice car that his parents gave him for his sixteenth. Chase was jealous but he knew that his mother could not support them and give Chase a car. Jack’s parents offered to buy Chase a car but he turned it down trying to be polite.

“Big C!” Jack said when Chase got into the car. The two of them did their secret handshake before Jack said, “Ready to party?”

“I might be a bit rusty,” Chase said honestly.

“Well, your clothes don’t show it. C’mon man, let’s have some fun tonight.” Jack said.

Most of the ride was talking about Jack’s life with his rich mother and step-father. Jack’s father died when he was seven and it strained his relationship with his mother for a few years. When Jack and Chase were in sixth grade, Chase helped reconcile the two, and ever since Jack and his mother have had a great relationship. She remarried sophomore year to a very nice gentleman who happened to be CEO of a real estate business.

Recently, Jack’s step-father had been asking Jack if he was considering joining real estate. During the car ride, Jack and Chase were debating the pros and cons of him joining the company. Jack wanted to impress his father but he also wanted to go to college to see if there was anything he wanted to do besides real estate.

The conversation ended quickly when they made it to the valet in front of the club. Jack got out of the car and handed 20 dollars and the car keys to the valet person. Chase got out and stood in front of the club door.

“Jack!” Chase called out, and waited for him to get closer before continuing. “I’m scared to do this again.”

“Don’t be. Just have fun,” Jack said opening the door for the two of them.

It didn’t take a while before the two of them got separated. Jack entered and went over to see one of the girls before taking her to one of the private rooms. Chase went over to the illegal alcohol stand they had in the corner. He ordered a shot of whiskey before a few women came over to him. He could have picked any of them but he felt Melody in the back of his mind and politely declined.

The night started to swirl together for Chase as he felt the blinding lights and loud music get to him. He started walking semi-drunk and delirious toward the door before someone swept him off the dance floor and to the private room. It didn’t take long for Chase to realize that this wasn’t a woman taking him to another room. It was a man.

Chase tried to shake him off but his grip was tight and with Chase being delirious, he could do nothing. The man took him to a private room C1 where he shut the door. Chase felt his pants leave his body and next to his underwear.

“Pity. Not a big one,” the man said.

“I feel bad for him. Great Body, Bad Dick,” another voice said.

“We should help him out,” a third voice said.

“I agree,” the original one said before reaching out to grab Chase’s dick. Chase felt the cold hand contact his dick and he felt some liquid thing enter his body before losing consciousness.


Part 3

Chase woke up the next morning back in his bed. He had a faint recollection of the previous night and a more massive headache from his hangover. He remembered how the person said that they could help him, especially when it came to his penis size.

But when Chase looked at his size, he saw that nothing had changed. It maybe looked a little bit like it was glowing but when Chase stared at it, it really didn’t look like it. Defeated, Chase walked over to his full length mirror tho check out how he looked.

In the mirror, Chase saw a sock on the ground, next to his bed. That gave Chase what was probably a very bad idea but he didn’t care. Chase reached down and stuffed the sock into his underwear to make his bulge look bigger. Now, when Chase looked back in the mirror, he felt better about how he looked overall.

After putting on his sweatpants and wife-beater, he thought that he looked better. It looked more balanced, even if it was all a mirage. He ran down the stairs and was happy for the first time in a couple of weeks.

He walked into school trying to feel like the most confident student in the school. He noticed how a few of the people started to stare at him like the old days, excited that he was back into fashion.

That morning, Chase went up to his school teachers and apologized to them for the weeks where he didn’t represent the school’s values. All of them replied in a similar way with how they disrespected him because of a petty school argument.

Chase even talked to his baseball coach and asked if she would let him back on the team. Sadly, she said that while she wanted too, Chase would need to regain the trust of the rest of the team before she could place him back.

At the lunch period, Chase grabbed school lunch and sat down talking to Jack about the night before. Jack had a huge hangover and seemed to struggle talking at all. That’s when one of Chase’s former team members came up to him.

This one was Ander, one of the power hitters who was also a huge bully around the school. He was a beefy person who would usually show off his nine-inches around the locker room. While he did not bother Chase because of how amazing he was, the loss in faith has caused him to start to bully Chase after school every day.

“Hey Chase,” Ander shouted. “Whatcha packing now?” A few people snickered around the lunchroom but a glare from Ander shut them down.

“That’s none of your business, Ander,” Chase replied.

“Of course it is, Chase. You’ve been prancing around school like you are the king but with that tiny dick you have, I know that you have,” Ander said getting closer.

“What are you doing?” Chase said, getting really mad.

“I’m proving my point” Ander said before he pulled down Chase’s pants. Chase closed his eyes and cringed until he heard a gasp from the entire lunchroom.

Chase opened his eyes and looked down at his dick. What he saw was now a five inch soft dick that flopped around nicely. While it wasn’t huge, it was around average which was exactly what he wanted.

“What did you do to it?” Ander said, breaking the silence.

“Nothing. Just a late growth spurt.”

“I don’t believe you. I don’t believe it.”

“Well, there is nothing you could do about it.”

Ander walked away from Chase dumbfounded and talked with the rest of the team. While they didn’t trust the situation, they had nothing left to fight against meaning that Chase could come back. However, he wasn’t treated like the team star. He would only be treated as a regular guy. But that was all Chase needed for that one amazing day.

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