Max’s wish

by Bulge101

Scrawny Max uses his wish-power to make himself worthy of the extremely hot bully he has a crush on, but his friend Bobby deserves his help, too, and soon lots of changes start happening at school and at home.

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Part 1 Scrawny Max uses his wish-power to make himself worthy of the extremely hot bully he has a crush on, but his friend Bobby deserves his help, too, and soon lots of changes start happening at school and at home. (added: 13 Aug 2011)
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Part 1

Max woke up feeling lethargic as ever. His alarm blaring in his ears, a loud reminder that today was the beginning of another horrible year at school. It was his senior year in high school, which in his mind meant that it should be his best year, but with the way things were it meant another year of being bullied for the way he looked.

Max had a slight frame, to put it mildly. He was 5’6” and 100 pounds. Seth, the beefy muscle-head jock who ran the school, always mocked to his buddies about how if Max turned to the side, he would disappear. Skin and bones. Not a hint of muscle. Max tried to cover up, wearing baggier clothes, but that only seemed to exacerbate the problem.

The locker room was another beast. Not only was Max skinny without any sort of toned muscle anywhere on his body, he was also extremely small in the cock department. Max measured himself constantly just to see if he had grown a millimeter, praying that puberty would suddenly kick in and make him normal. Nevertheless, his cock always measured 2” flaccid and 3” erect. It turned out he was neither a shower nor a grower.

To make matters worse, in the locker room men, because they could not be called boys, would parade around showing off the fruits of their pubescence. Puberty had been particularly kind to Seth, who had the perfect body. His face was perfectly angular with black hair, pure blue eyes, and a powerful square jaw. His shoulders were broad with mounds of muscle. His biceps were massive and seemed as though they were constantly flexing. His pecs were slabs of meat, a shelf of pure testosterone above his 8 pack abs. Even though Seth’s upper body was to die for, Max had a hard time not staring at his lower body. As he walked around the locker room, his muscled bubble butt bobbed up and down. Even the jocks had a hard time concealing their raging boners. If that wasn’t enough, his legs were like tree trunks framing the most perfect cock Max could ever imagine. Flaccid it looked as though it were 9” long with the girth of bodybuilder’s wrist. It was as though Seth knew that Max was gay, because he would always choose the locker in front of Max, stopping to flaunt his nude god-like frame, teasing Max’s tiny cock. Even though Seth never stopped making Max’s high school career a living hell, Max had the hugest crush on him.

After years of taunting, Max had gotten to the point where he couldn’t take any more. He just wanted to be like the jocks who had muscles bursting out of their sleeves. He wanted Seth to get a hard-on just staring at him. So the summer before his senior year, he spent all of his spare time in the gym trying his hardest to show some sign of muscle growth. But there was nothing. It was as though he was incapable of gaining any muscle. If anything, Max thought that the muscle stimulation might release any dormant testosterone that had been left unused and might make his cock grow even the tiniest bit, but it never grew.

Today, the first day of school, was also his birthday. He was 18. The year when he was supposedly an adult—a man. But with a body like this, he looked more like a 13 year old, no where near the physique of a man. He put on his baggy clothes. He cinched the belt around his jeans so that they would stay up. He wore a long sleeve shirt that when put on still looked like it was on the hanger. He walked downstairs and his dad, John, had made pancakes. On the table sat two presents.

“Happy Birthday, buddy!” John said.

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Open your presents!” Max’s dad said.

Max reached for the smaller one and tore it open. Inside was a small card that read: “Go to the garage.”

Max looked up at his Dad and wondered what he could be up to. They both walked down the hall to the garage. Max opened the door and saw a huge weight lifting bench. There were piles of different weights neatly laying on the matt. Max looked discouraged.

“No don’t worry, bud, I thought it could be something we could do together. You know, father-son thing. You keep saying you want to gain weight, and I’ll admit I should put on a few pounds of muscle myself. It’ll be great,” John said encouragingly.

“Okay, Dad.”

Max closed the door and walked back into the kitchen.

“Max, why don’t you go on and open this one too.”

Max ripped open the box to reveal a small bottle of cologne. He turned it over in his hand and saw in faint, ornate writing the word: Desire.

“What is it?” Max asked.

“What is it? It’s a bottle of cologne! It’ll make you so good all the guys will come flocking to you!” John said. Max smiled. He had come out to his dad the year before and John took it really well. Max and John had always been close, more like friends than father and son. Plus, Max secretly thought his Dad was gay too. So the unacceptance he had heard from his other gay friends’ parents was never a problem with John.

“Put some on!”

“Fine fine,” Max said. He spritzed two sprays on his chest. The smell was sweet, yet made him feel very masculine.

“It smells good,” John said.

“Ha! Well thanks, Dad. Maybe with that weight bench and this cologne, I’ll be set to go for the year.”

“It’s gonna be a good one! I can just tell,” John smiled.

Max looked at the clock and realized that his best friend, Bobby, would be here any second to pick him up for school. Max wolfed down one pancake and jetted out the door, hugging his father on the way out.

Bobby pulled up to the driveway. Max hopped in the car and the two set off for high school.

Bobby was very similar to Max: skinny, weak, gay, and from what Max could tell, pretty small in the cock department as well. Bobby smiled at Max as they drove to school.

“Happy Birthday, man!”

“Thanks. Let’s hope it is one. I’m totally dreading today.”

“I know what you mean, but don’t let Seth get you down,” Bobby said, sniffing. “Did you put on cologne or something?”

“Yeah. My dad gave it to me as a present.”

“It smells really good. Maybe we should pull over so I can get a better smell,” Bobby said, jokingly.

“Dude, that’s not even sexy.”

“I know, I just couldn’t think of anything to say.”

Max knew that Bobby had had a crush on him since the 9th grade. He had thought he was cute too, but Max didn’t ever try to make anything of it because they had been too good of friends and Max was too self-conscious. He didn’t think anyone should be interested in him.

“Well here we are. I’ll see you in gym later today?” asked Bobby.

“Yeah. Joy of joys,” Max joked.

Max went through most of the day fine, no one bothered him, but then it was time for gym. He had avoided Seth for most of the day, turning around and taking different hallways when he saw him coming, but now there was no avoiding him. And sure enough, as he entered through the gym doors it was as if Seth was just waiting for him.

“Max! How’s my favorite coat-hanger? Looks like you grew over the summer,” Seth said, rubbing Max’s head condescendingly. “Grew more girly, I mean.”

If Max had been confident with himself and known that he wouldn’t get beat up for saying it, he would have commented on how lame that barb actually was, but instead he just kept quiet. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Bobby waving to him. Seth turned around to see what Max was looking at.

“Ah, why don’t you go make out with your gay lover. I won’t stop you,” Seth said. His buddies all laughed.

Max walked away towards Bobby so embarrassed.

“I hate this, Bobby, I just want to go home.” Max confided.

“This is the last class of the day; it’s almost over,” Bobby reassured.

Mr. Samuels came out looking massive as ever. He was not the typical fat PE teacher, he looked like a bodybuilder. Every muscle in his body showed through his clothes, which were stretched to tearing.

“Alright, boys, PE is going to be different this year.”

Max’s expression fell.

“We are going to be weightlifting this year,” Mr. Samuels said triumphantly. All the boys hollered except for two. “Alright, everyone into the weight room. Let’s see what you can do. We’ll get a basis for your strength and then try to increase it this year.”

The boys crowed around the door to the weight room. As the bottleneck formed, Max took this time and ran into the locker room to hide. Bobby followed him.

“Max, where are you going?” Bobby asked.

“I can’t do it. I can’t lift weights around Seth. I can’t lift weights in general!” Max said, tears forming in his eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay. You and I will do it together. They’ll make fun of both of us.” Bobby smiled sincerely.

“I just wish I were big like Seth! That’s all I’ve wanted for so long!”

As soon as he uttered those words, the room started spinning. Max felt dizzy. He could smell the cologne as if he had just spritzed it on himself again. Max’s hand went up to his head.

“Max. Max! Are you okay, bud?”

“I think I need to go home,” he said closing his eyes.

“Okay, I think we can get out the back way without anyone seeing,” Bobby said.

And that was the last thing that Max remembered until he woke up alone in his bed. He looked over at the clock. It read 5 am. Wow, had he really been passed out for that long? He looked around the room for Bobby, but it seems that Bobby had left him alone. Max felt fine. Not dizzy anymore; no lingering feeling of sickness. In fact, he felt better than fine. He felt amazing.

Except he had a pain in his crotch as if his balls were constricted being held by some vice. He stood up and felt a little weird. It was as though his legs were more stable. They were more grounded. He walked over to the bathroom in the dark and shut the door. He turned on the light and stared into the mirror. What he saw shocked him.

His face was different. It was angular with high cheekbones and a thick square jaw. Brown stubble covered the lower half of his face highlighting soft lips. His eyes were piercing green, whereas they had been brown before. His hair was perfectly coiffed even though he had just woken up moments before. Max smiled to reveal perfectly white, straight teeth. The creases of his smile widen to show his new dimples. Max’s head used to come to the middle of the mirror, but now it was at the top, almost too high for the mirror to show. He guessed he was around 6 feet tall.

His clothes looked as though they were painted onto his body, only it wasn’t his body. It was the body of a muscle-god. He started to rub his hands over his stomach, but his shirt ripped right down the center. The rip revealed two thick meaty pecs and 8 raised beautiful abs. Just looking at them made him want to cum. Max pulled off his shirt to get a better look. He nearly died. His biceps flexed with every movement, giant wads of muscle on top of huge triceps. His lats flared out to the side giving him a sexy V-shape that tapered down to a muscled waist. As his eyes wandered down, he saw his legs straining to be free from the tight jeans. He squatted just to see how big his legs could get and the seams ripped along the sides of his legs as well as in the back. When Max heard that sound he smiled bigger than he had ever smiled before. He turned to the side and saw the most beautiful bubble butt he could ever wish to have. It was thickly muscled and had torn straight through the jeans as though they were paper.

Max felt a pang of pain in his crotch and remembered why he had gotten up in the first place. He ripped off his pants to reveal his blue boxer briefs. The were threadbare, trying desperately to contain the cock and ass of a muscle god in the underwear meant only to hold a skinny wimp. He flexed his muscles and tore the briefs from his pelvis. Out flopped a huge, thick cock laying on top of two extra large balls. Behind him was a huge juicy, smooth ass. He just couldn’t contain his joy. He grabbed the measuring tape that was always in his bathroom. He laid it on top of his fat cock and followed the numbers up. He passed 2 inches, where his cock usually stopped, and continued up past 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Finally it landed at 10 ½ inches. Max’s heart nearly stopped.

He jerked off furiously watching the cock rise up just a smidge past 12”. His cock was so thick and warm in his large hands. He couldn’t even touch his thumb to his middle finger as he stroked. He jerked and jerked until finally he came. Massive amounts of cum shot out and covered the mirror. His balls emptied, Max smiled widely. It was going to be a very good day.


Part 2

Max was still in his bathroom looking at himself in the mirror when his alarm clock went off at 7 am. It snapped him out of his fantasy and he realized he was naked with no hope of ever getting any of his clothes in his closet to fit properly.

I wish all of my clothes fit me perfectly, Max thought feeling a little helpless.

After that thought crossed, Max smelled the cologne that his Dad had given as though he had just put it on. His head felt dizzy again, but not as badly as it had the day before. He cautiously stepped outside the bathroom and opened up his closet door. Everything looked the same, but for some reason he felt that he should try his clothes on again.

Max was never unfashionable, but the clothes that he wanted to wear always looked like they were about to fall off, which made him seem ungainly. This time when he went to put on his green Henley shirt it fit perfectly. It highlighted the glorious mounds that were now his pecs and accentuated his massive arms. He could even see all of his abs through the shirt. However, it looked like it was supposed to. He felt like a really big model, as well as super hung. He grabbed his blue boxer briefs and pulled those on next. It cradled his package perfectly creating a beautiful fat bulge. Max squeezed it affectionately. Finally his jeans were tight but they framed his sexy round butt so well. Max stood in front of the mirror just looking at it for at least 2 minutes. Then he spritzed two more sprays of his new cologne smelling that sweet masculine smell that he kept seeming to pop up at weird moments.

He walked down stairs, hearing the wood creak under his new weight. He must be at least 220 lbs—he gained 120 lbs in just one wish. He cock got excited just at the thought. He heard his Dad downstairs preparing breakfast.

“Morning, Dad,” Max said.

“Morning, son—What happened to you?!” John said as he looked at his suddenly huge son. “Did you take steroids? How could this happen?”

He could tell his Dad was getting frantic.

“Um—I don’t know,” Max said.

“You don’t know? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Max didn’t like that his Dad was so unnerved by this, though he could see a tent forming in his Dad’s pants.

I wish my Dad thought that I have always looked this way, Max thought. Again, he smelled the sweet masculine scent of the cologne. His head felt only slightly dizzy this time. It was as though he were adjusting to these changes.

John sniffed the air. “And how’s my big boy this morning?”


“You must be hungry. That’s why I made you this breakfast,” John said, as though nothing had happened.

Max looked down on the table and saw that the normal sized breakfast of 2 eggs, bacon and toast had multiplied to stacks of pancakes, eggs, bacon, muffins, bananas, oatmeal and more.

“I hope it’s enough. I wouldn’t want my boy to go hungry,” John said.

Max suddenly felt his chiseled stomach growl; he was really hungry.

“It’s great, Dad! Thanks!” Max said.

He sat down at the table and started eating. He had never been able to eat this much in his whole life, but soon it was all gone and he felt even better than he did when he woke up. Max heard Bobby’s car honk outside. Bobby was going to have a heart attack when he saw Max. He guessed that he could make it so that Bobby reacted just as nonchalantly as his dad, but he wanted to see Bobby get turned on.

Max hopped in Bobby’s car.

“Um hi?” asked Bobby, not recognizing Max. “Do I know you?”

“Bobby. It’s me,” said Max.

“Who’s that? Are you a friend of Max’s? Have we met before?”

“I’m Max, Bobby. Remember yesterday when I passed out?”

“Holy fuck, Max!! You look fuckin’ hot, man. Oh my god. How did this—When did you?” Bobby said smiling but also trying to cover up his raging hard-on in his pants.

“I don’t know. I just wished I had a body like Seth’s and woke up to this.”

“Fuck, man. You look better than Seth. Seth never had as hot a face as you,” Bobby said, suddenly feeling himself get red in the face. He had never told Max that he thought he was hot.

“What was that last part?” Max said, flexing his pecs ever so slightly.

“Nothing. But seriously, you just said that you wished you had this body and you had it? That’s fuckin’ weird. What would make that happen?” Bobby said, avoiding eye contact with Max’s beautiful green eyes.

“I dunno, but I think it has something to do with this cologne. I mean, I keep smelling it whenever I wish for something to happen,” Max explained.

“Weird, dude.”

Bobby pulled out of the driveway and started driving in the opposite direction of the school.

“Dude, school is that way,” Max said.

“No school today,” Bobby said.

“Ha! I wish there was no school today, but we still have to go.” Max said not realizing what he had just said.

Both Bobby and Max smelled the scent of the cologne. The radio came on spontaneously.

“Woah, I just smelled your cologne again,” Bobby said.

“Well I did just spray it—wait—listen,” Max said turning up the radio.

“We interrupt this program to announce cancellations for Cardinal School District: Cardinal High School, Gould Elementary, and Cardinal City PreSchool,” the radio announcer spoke monotonously.

“Dude, you just closed down our entire school district with that wish,” Bobby said, grinning from ear to ear.

“I—fuck, I guess I did!” Max said. “I guess Seth will have to wait a day to see the new me.”

Bobby pulled into the empty parking lot of the nearby nature trail. No one ever came there, so it was extremely secluded.

“What is it with you and Seth? He’s such a jerk and you’ve been into him since the 9th grade when you saw his dick. You still like him even after he’s cruel to your best friend,” Bobby said, turning on Max.

“Bobby, I—it’s nothing—I—”

“It’s like you don’t see what’s in front of your face. I’ve liked you even before this new you, but still you can’t wait to show off to Seth.”

Max leaned in and gave Bobby a kiss. His lips felt thick and soft in Bobby’s mouth. Bobby was shocked but kissed Max back even more passionately. Soon they were making out, Bobby’s hands running all over Max’s new hot muscles. Max leaned his seat back. Bobby took that as a sign. He crossed over the console that separated their seats and laid his thin frame on top of Max’s massive one. Max could feel Bobby’s small dick throbbing inside his pants.

“Take my shirt off,” Max ordered. Bobby complied.

“Oh my god,” Bobby said in response to Max’s huge torso. “I could cum just looking at you.”

Max pulled Bobby back into a kiss. Bobby’s hands wandered down to Max’s belt. He unbuckled it while slowly kissing down Max’s meaty pecs and letting his tongue flick Max’s hard nipples. Finally he got down to just above Max’s pants button. He looked up at Max as if for consent. Max nodded and smiled, his dimples sending a shock to Bobby’s dick. Bobby quickly undid his friend’s pants and pulled them down along with Max’s blue boxer briefs with great effort. Max’s giant dick flopped out.

“You really do have a body like Seth’s,” Bobby said.

“Just wait until it gets hard. You’ve never seen Seth’s dick like that,” Max said, seductively.

Bobby leaned over and kissed the massive head of Max’s cock. His cock responded quickly and stood at 12 1/2 “ hard as steel. Bobby tried to fit the fat cock in his mouth, but his inexperience along with his little mouth made it impossible for him to fit more that the head.

“I wish I could accommodate all of you,” Bobby pleaded.

Max was lost in ecstasy, his cock leaking precum. “I wish that you could take all of my dick.”

Suddenly, Bobby felt the tension in his mouth release as he deep throated the entirety of Max’s cock. It was still a tight fit, but it was as though Bobby’s mouth was meant for Max’s huge dick.

“I need to fuck you right now,” Bobby said, stripping down.


Bobby sat down on Max’s cock feeling his ass envelope it perfectly. He couldn’t believe he was taking all of it, but it felt perfect. “Oh my god! Fuck me harder,” said Max. Bobby did. Just as Bobby was about to cum, laid down on Max’s chest and panted, “I wish that you would grow while you were inside me. I could take it.”

Max stopped, “I don’t know if I could make that happen though.”

“Why not? You’ll never know unless you try. What if you were 350 lbs with a 16 inch dick and balls like grapefruits. Oh my god, I might cum before it happens,” Bobby suggested.

I wish I would grow to be 350 lbs with a 16 inch dick and balls like grapefruits while inside Bobby, Max thought purposefully.

Max’s head felt really dizzy again, but he did not pass out. Instead after it subsided he smelled that familiar scent again. Bobby slid Max’s cock back into his ass, but when he did so, Max began to groan.

“What’s wrong?” Bobby asked.

“Nothing, keep going! Please. Don’t stop!” Max pleaded as he started to feel tingly all over his body.

He could feel his frame getting wider, his shoulders broaden, and his dick inch upward.

“Dude, it’s happening. I can feel you growing inside me. Don’t stop!”

Max felt himself stretch and fill out bigger. His muscles swelled and he felt himself grow taller. The seat beneath him creaked under his increasing weight. Max also felt the new weight of his growing balls as they dropped lower due to their grapefruit size. Finally, with each inch of cock, Bobby started shouting in pleasure. Max realized that he was groaning louder and louder as his cock grew further and further inside Bobby’s ass. Bobby clamped down feeling it as it swelled thicker, stretching him father than he thought possible.

Neither of them could hold it in any longer. Max’s huge balls needed release. Bobby blew his load first, squirting up and spreading all over Max’s chest. Max came inside Bobby. Hot cum shot out for what seemed like 10 minutes. Excess cum flowed over the sides of Max’s cock. With the last shot of cum, Max finally stopped growing. He was now 350 lbs with a 16 inch cock and with balls as big as grapefruits. He was hot as hell. Max couldn’t help thinking that he wished Bobby could grow this big just to feel the way he felt right now. The familiar scent of cologne wafted in his nose.


Part 3

Max and Bobby lay there in the parking lot panting. Their bodies pressed tightly together. Max pulled out of Bobby; Bobby gasped as Max’s giant member left his tight ass. The car had fogged up, but neither minded. “I could do this forever,” said Bobby entirely satisfied.

“Hot muscle sex is better than anything I could have ever imagined with my puny little body,” Max said, his broad chest rising and falling. “I feel like I want to go again.” At those words, Bobby’s 3 inch dick shot up.

“As much as my cock and my ass want to, I’m afraid we’d drown in your hot muscle cum if we did it in my car again,” Bobby said laughing. The floor of the car was soaked with Max’s seed.

“Then why don’t we take it back to your place?” Max said, his long cock lifting up on Bobby’s lithe body.

“My parents are away on business—” Bobby smiled slyly. “We could fuck every second until they came home.”

“Only stopping to eat—my chiseled stomach needs food to keep this new 350 pound body up and fuckable.” Bobby and Max laughed.

Bobby rolled over into the drivers seat and wiped the windshield. The two were still completely naked, but it was as though they were in a daze. As they drove along, Bobby looked almost glowing—his face beaming with the happiness of finally getting to be with Max. “It’s like my whole body feels full after that! My muscles ache like I haven’t ever worked out in my life,” Bobby said rearranging himself in the seat to feel comfortable as he drove. Max could almost swear that he looked bigger, but that was impossible.

Bobby shifted his seat back. “Guess I was sitting too close. I was too preoccupied with your body to notice on the way home.” Bobby said grinning.

Max stared at Bobby wondering why it looked as though he was getting taller. Maybe it was just because he was seeing him in a whole new light. Even so, Max though he was looking hotter by the second, but whatever was happening was too gradual to pin down.

The car pulled into the garage. “Honey, we’re home!” Bobby said, leaning over and kissing him. His lips felt softer and thicker than before.

Max stepped out of the car, stretching out his newly grown body. Bobby stopped dead in his tracks when he saw. “Holy fuck! Your ass is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! Oh my god!” Bobby said, his cock instantly becoming hard. “My dick feels harder than ever just looking at you. It even feels bigger. You see what you do to me?”

Max turned around and saw Bobby’s dick throbbing. His ass did feel amazing. As he walked towards Bobby, whose dick only seemed to get harder, he loved feeling it bob up and down with sheer muscular power. He didn’t know how he would ever find underwear to accommodate such a hot ass, but he didn’t quite care at this point.

“Why don’t we go inside and find something to do?” Max asked, suddenly feeling sexy.

“I can think of a few things.”

Max lifted Bobby up into his arms and carried him inside. Bobby felt the bulging biceps and giant meaty pecs pressed against his body. Max carried Bobby up the stairs to Bobby’s bedroom. He could feel his powerful legs under him as he held Bobby in his arms. Even though he was unbelievably strong, much stronger than he ever dreamed of being, it felt as though Bobby was getting heavier by the minute. He laid Bobby down on the bed and looked at him lovingly.

“How could I have never noticed how unbelievably hot you are?” asked Max.

“Just get over here. I’m so horny I’m gonna explode,” Bobby said, sitting up on the bed.

Max noticed six distinct muscles appear on his abs that weren’t there before. “Bobby, did our sex give you a workout or what? You’re looking buffer.”

“Max, that’s impossible, but I do feel hotter. Like my muscles feel full. But you need to fuck me now, cuz my ass is hungry!” Bobby ordered. Max found his friend’s assertiveness hot. His cock jumped to attention, rising up to 16 thick inches.

He pushed his cock deep inside Bobby. “Ummmff, you feel tighter than this morning,” Max said. “God, it feels so good.” Max slid in and out, Bobby groaning louder and louder. The bed was shaking as Max’s muscled Bobby went back and forth.

“Ah! It feels so good. Harder! Bigger, Max,” Bobby shouted in ecstasy. Max pushed more into his hole, holding on to his friend’s lats. As he did so he felt Bobby’s chest become broader, his lats flared out wider. Although he was lost in pleasure, his giant dick feeling the deepest part of Bobby, he couldn’t help but notice that his friend was getting bigger.

“Bobby. Dude, you’re growing,” Max said as he saw his friend’s ass becoming thicker and squeezing tighter on his fat 16 inches. From behind he saw mounds of muscle piling on to his shoulders and they pressed outward, becoming broader. Bobby’s legs began to squeeze Max. Max looked down and saw that they too were getting thicker. Bobby’s movements became harder and faster and stronger. He was becoming more frenzied with ever pound of muscle he was gaining. It was as though he was lost in his own growth. Max felt him growing taller, his bones and muscles stretching, all the while his ass squeezed tighter and pulled his cock deeper.

“I’m gonna cum. Oh god, Bobby, I’m cumming!” Max shouted.

Bobby clamped down harder with his ass and said in a newly deep voice, “Not yet, I’m almost there. Keep going. Harder! I feel so hot. Ahhhh!”

Bobby’s arms were growing bigger and bigger. Max couldn’t believe his eyes. His tiny friend, whose arms always looked like they would blow away if a gust of wind came, was getting huge. He was getting cuts like a bodybuilder, but his skin stayed smooth. Max ran his manly hands all over Bobby’s back, feeling the newly formed ridges of muscle. From below, Max could feel Bobby’s balls as they dropped lower and grew to the size of golfballs, then tennis balls, then softballs, then finally grapefruits. Bobby screamed out. “I’m cumming!!!” Max threw his head back. Bobby came so hard that it hit his headboard. Thick white shots plummeted, churned out from those massive balls. Max was stunned, but too lost in his own pleasure to take too much notice. When he came his cock slid out a few inches just because of the pressure of his cum. Finally, after 10 minutes. Max slid out of Bobby’s tight, newly round muscle butt and fell onto a cumsoaked bed. Bobby reached over with his giant arms and rubbed a big hand on Max’s pecs and said, “That was better than this morning!”

Max looked up and saw the most beautiful, muscular man he had ever seen. And it was Bobby. And from the feel of things, Bobby was all his. Maybe there were more wishes to come true.


Part 4

“Oh my god, Bobby.” Max said.

“What?” asked Bobby in his deep voice.

“Just look at yourself. If I hadn’t just filled you and this room with a couple gallons of cum, I would come again,” said Max looking Bobby up and down, biting his lip.

Bobby looked down and saw a body almost identical to Max’s: huge shelf-like pecs with nipples that pointed down, 8 cobble-stone abs, about 20 inch biceps, thick tree trunk-like legs. Bobby’s chest was sprinkled with a dusting of dark black hair, which Max found unbelievably sexy. His face was angular just look Max’s only it had cuteness to it that kept with Bobby’s original face. Max had already noticed Bobby’s ass, which seemed to be bigger than his own. Definitely a muscular bubble butt. He couldn’t wait to see what that looked like in his tight jeans. But what really made both of them gasp was the size of Bobby’s dick. In the place of Bobby’s old 3 inch hard penis was a tower of man. At least 16 inches but far thicker than Max’s dick. Max would have been jealous if he wasn’t so turned on.

Bobby reached down and wrapped his wide hand around its girth. His hand didn’t come close to reaching around it. Max looked up at the hotter version of Bobby’s face and saw him grinning from ear to ear.

“Max, what the hell happened?” Bobby asked. “Did you wish for this?”

“I must have. I mean, you were good before, but look at this new you. You’re as big as me,” Max said, his cock leaking pre-cum.

“By the looks of it, I may be a bit bigger in some areas,” said Bobby. He stood up and stretched out his new body. He ran his hands of his chest, feeling the new hair that grew there. He felt so hot. “But you know what, I think I’m not done growing—”

Max, catching Bobby’s drift, said,” I think you’re right. How big do you want to be?”

“Um—let’s try 50 lbs heavier with muscle, 5 inches taller, and 3 inches in length to my dick?” Bobby said, still stretching out his new frame. Max could tell Bobby was getting hard just thinking about it.

“So- I guess I just wish it? And it happens?” Max asked, hesitantly.

“But make sure you wish that it would happen quickly, I want to feel this growth. And stand next to me so I can see the comparison,” Bobby said, getting excited.

Max sidled up next to Bobby. “I wish that Bobby would grow 55 lbs more muscle all over, 6 inches taller, and his penis would grow 4 inches longer right now,” Max said.

“Hey—you changed my measurements,” said Bobby.

“Well, I wanted you big!” Max said. He smelled the scent of the cologne and his head felt dizzy.

“Aaaaahhhhh—” groaned Bobby. The changes were starting to take effect. Bobby shot up 6 inches, rising far above Max’s head. Max then saw his muscles stretch outward expanding and contracting, his pecs puffing up larger, his biceps growing. Max made a point to look at Bobby’s ass which thickened and became more robust. Max just wanted to run his hands all over Bobby’s body, but the changes weren’t done yet. Bobby’s dick grew downward. From its flaccid state, the fat circumcised cock stretched out as though it were being unreeled. “Oh god, yes!”

Bobby ran to the bathroom to see his changes, his quads expanding with every step, his ass bobbing up and down as well. Max licked his lips. In his head he wished for Bobby to dominate him, while growing to 7 ½ feet tall proportionally. Before he realized it, Bobby appeared at the door, his head growing higher and higher, his frame growing wider. Bobby bent to walk under the doorframe and stood right in front of Max. Max smelled cologne as though it were emanating from Bobby’s skin. Max’s head only came to the middle of Bobby’s bulky chest. Bobby grabbed Max’s trim waist and lifted him up off the ground. Bobby’s biceps bulged outward, the veins becoming pronounced. He sat Max on what felt like warm, fleshy steel, Max knew in an instant it was Bobby’s cock. Bobby’s cock was so hard and so strong that it was able to hold Max’s 350 lbs weight. Max’s dick lept to attention, rising up against Bobby’s pronounced 8 pack. Bobby lifted Max up and with a sensual look slid Max’s muscle butt down on his newly grown cock.

Max shouted in pain and in pleasure. “Deeper!”

“Oh I’ll go deeper alright—” Bobby said using his hands to press Max down farther on his powerful dick. “Yes!”

Bobby then used his hands to bring Max up and down, Max’s ass taking as much as it could.

Max cried out, “I wish that I could take all of Bobby’s cock!” He smelled sweet cologne and felt his hole release.

Bobby said dominantly, “That’s more like it!” Bobby carried Max over to the bed on his dick and laid him down. Bobby knelt down, since he could not fit entirely on the bed and fucked Max harder from that angle. Max screamed in satisfaction. Bobby pounded harder. Bobby could feel his balls swelling with more cum, begging for release. Bobby’s hands groped Max’s big chest. Max breathed harder. Bobby leaned forward and shoved Max’s cock into his mouth.

“Oh god, Bobby, don’t stop!”

Bobby sucked on Max’s dick’s flared head, his tongue flitting around the rim, all the while his 20 inch cock pounding away at Max’s beautiful bubble butt. Finally, Max’s face scrunched up and again his cock unloaded into Bobby’s mouth. Greedily, Bobby sucked it all down. It tasted sweet, almost like what he would imagine the cologne’s smell to taste like, if it were in fact a taste. After swallowing Max’s seed, Bobby’s balls used all the force of their grapefruit size to shoot cum as though it were a geyser. Max, who was already lying in a cumsoaked bed felt the hot cum cover his insides. Bobby smiled with relief as shot after shot came from his 20 inch cock.

Satisfied, Bobby pulled out and lay down on the bed next to Max. Bobby’s legs hung off the end. He didn’t look lanky, like Max had imagined him to be at 7 ½ feet. Instead, he just looked giant. Both of them completely spent and panting lay there on the bed.

“Can you believe that before this we’d never had sex—” Max reminded Bobby.

“—And now we’ve done it three times. Normal sex would never come close to what just happened,” Bobby said, his dominant side gone, and his cute personality showing again. He leaned in and, with his big lips, kissed Max’s cheek. “I can’t wait till Seth sees us tomorrow. He’s gonna freak.”

“I thought you didn’t care what Seth thinks—” Max said sardonically.

“I don’t. But can’t you just imagine his face? When he gets a load of you and me, he’s going to cream his pants—even if he isn’t gay,” Bobby laughed, his deep voice resonating in Max’s chest.

“That give me an idea! What if Seth and all his cronies were gay—What if the whole school were gay?” Max said, getting excited. “We could control them! Their sexualities, their bodies, everything! No more being the outcasts, we would rule the school!”

“Don’t get carried away, Max,” Bobby cautioned.

“Carried away? We’ve been tiny, insignificant nobodies our entire high school career—it’s time things changed. And with these new sex-god bodies, we could pound any guy in school.”

“My dick does crave some hot man ass—no offense, Max. You’re still my main man,” Bobby said, realizing his new sexual appetite.

“None taken. So are we agreed, every guy will be gay and you and I could control them with our wishes?” Max clarified.

“You and I—I like the sound of that!” Bobby grinned—if Max had been standing up, his knees would have buckled.

“Great. I wish that every guy in our high school was gay and that Bobby and I could control them with wishes: their sexualities and their appearance—completely!” Max said triumphantly.

A powerful scent of the Desire cologne overtook both Max and Bobby. “Dude, I smell your cologne again! It’s happening!” Bobby cheered.

The two suddenly felt very dizzy and passed out on the bed. Max lay in Bobby’s giant arms. The next day was going to be epic, Max could tell. He had plans for Seth that would make his changes to Bobby seem amateur.


Part 5

Max woke up to the sounds of Bobby grunting. He blinked his eyes and looked around to see what the noise was all about. In front of Bobby’s closet was a hulking man trying to pull on what looked like boxer briefs, though Max was sure they might actually look like a thong when stretched over that sexy bubble butt.

Max rolled off the bed and walked up behind his massive friend. As he walked, he felt his long dick slap against his muscled thighs. He had to get used to that. His dick almost wanted to get hard at the feeling of it. Max wrapped his hands around Bobby’s giant chest and ran his fingers over the washboard abs that now occupied the lower half of Bobby’s torso.

“Wouldn’t it be easier if we could just stay like this all the time?” Max said seductively.

“You mean naked? Or you mean with you rubbing your unbelievably hot cock against my ass?” Bobby joked. Max hadn’t realized that he was ever so subtly grinding against Bobby’s god-like body.

“I think both,” Max replied.

Bobby laughed. That laugh melted Max every time. It was rich and deep, even deeper now that Bobby had grown to an enormous size.

“Still though, I have to get dressed and there’s no way my clothes from when I was a stick will fit me now,” Bobby said, looking to Max for help.

“Oh right! I wish that all of Bobby’s clothes would fit his body perfectly no matter what—actually- I wish that they were just a little tight for him,” Max said, smacking Bobby’s ass with his meaty hand. “If you’re going to wear clothes, I at least get to enjoy you as much as when you were naked.”

The scent of Max’s Desire cologne wafted in the air.

“Well what are you going to do?” Bobby asked, finally able to pull on the boxer briefs he struggled with before. They stretched with ease and formed to his every contour. Max licked his lips as his watched Bobby adjust his huge bulge.

Max was realizing that his appetite for sex was growing along with his size. He couldn’t go too long without it. That’s why he couldn’t wait to get to school. Though he loved Bobby, they had agreed that their forms were too sexual to be mutually exclusive. They needed sex. It was that simple. Bobby was going to get it from whatever muscle-bound hunk he could find. And Max was sure as hell going to get it from Seth.

“I wish I had clothes that fit me perfectly and gave every boy at school a hard-on,” Max said, winking at Bobby.

Again, he smelled the seductive scent of his cologne. Max was suddenly holding clothes in his hands. They had materialized out of nowhere. Max pulled on his blue boxer briefs. Then he pulled on jeans, which although they were made of denim looked almost like they were made out of spandex. They showed how truly huge his legs were. Not to mention they held his massive, round, muscular butt perfectly. Also, his bulge protruded so wonderfully from his body that any guy would want its contents in his mouth. Finally, he pulled on a tight blue shirt that showed every muscle; every cut and every bulge was magically accentuated by the shirt.

“No fair. You’re going to have every guy chasing after you. Leave some for me, why don’t you?” Bobby said.

“Dude, you’re a seven and a half foot tall muscle freak with a cock that makes even me go weak at the knees—you’re not going to have a problem,” Max said reassuringly. They kissed. Max loved it when they kissed.

“You really think so?” Bobby said, grabbing his crotch with two hands and hefting it up and down.

Max’s balls ached. It had been hours since those boys had gotten off and now they were full of cum waiting to be released. He needed to get to school fast.

The two finished getting ready and ran downstairs. Max wished them both up a huge breakfast that would fill them at least until lunch. Watching Bobby eat now was surprisingly hot. Max thought it must have been because he was so tall, taller than any man he’d ever seen. Feeding him meant keeping up that physique that had allowed him to orgasm in so many times last night.

They piled into the car. The main cabin sunk under their combined weight. Bobby had to hunch over in order to drive, but smiled all the while. He liked how tall he was. In fact, he wouldn’t mind if he got even bigger. But now he just wanted to enjoy his new body. Not many eighteen year olds looked like him—as of yet.

The boys pulled into the school and looked at each other with huge grins.

“You ready for this?” Max asked Bobby.

“Are you kidding? With all the boys gay and with our new powers? I’m ready to turn this school upside down!” Bobby said, grabbing his backpack. His triceps flexed as he did so, stretching his shirt beyond belief.

Max and Bobby walked in through the doors of the school and everyone stopped. It was as though time itself had stood still. Two gods had just entered the building and no one knew what to do. Bobby nudged Max. Max just smiled, his dimples forming and his white teeth shining.

As they walked down the hallway, they could see every guy individually pitching a tent in their pants. Girls stopped mid tracks, and Max was sure that their pussies were becoming wetter by the second. Too bad every guy in the whole school was gay—but not really that bad, because Max and Bobby’s cocks could tell that they were going to get a lot of ass today. They tingled with excitement.

“Oh this is gonna be good,” Bobby whispered.

The bell rang and signaled the beginning of first period. Max and Bobby split up. Max entered his first class. There was still silence wherever he went. Only the sound of whispers filled the hall. Max sat down in his usual seat. He noticed every boy trying to hide their raging boners. Max could tell that some boys were already very big.

Mr. Collins entered the class, going straight to his desk to call roll. “Alright everyone settle down!” He went down the line, keeping his head down to check off the names. Finally he called Max’s name.

“Here,” Max boomed, his deep voice ringing out throughout the room.

Mr. Collins looked up. “Oh my god,” he whispered to himself.

Mr. Collins was a very hot teacher. In fact, all the girls loved him and fawned over him in every class. Max was among the crowd that had a crush on him. He was 27 years old and in peak physical condition. He was lean and muscular. He had a smile to die for with perfect dimples and dark black hair. He dressed very hip, which made him a hit with everyone and seemed to make his students think that they were peers with him. Max knew that Mr. Collins was straight—but perhaps when he wished for “every guy in [their] high school was gay,” it affected Mr. Collins too.

“Wow, Max, you’ve sure grown since I last saw you,” Mr. Collins said.

Max just smiled back. “I guess I’m just a late bloomer.”

The class snickered nervously. Mr. Collins continued with the roll call. Max thought this was the perfect time to shake things up a bit.

Max silently wished to gain a more muscle and more weight enough to break the chair he sat in. Along with that he wished to be a half a foot taller—bringing him to about 6 ½ feet tall. He also wished that with every pound, the boys in the class would become more and more aroused. He smelled the familiar cologne and knew that the changes would soon take effect.

As Mr. Collins continued with the roll, Max felt his shoulder stretching outward and felt his body pushing upward. He groaned as the changes were occurring. Mr. Collins tried to move on with the roll but could not stay concentrated long enough to finish. Max’s body expanded and expanded. His arms grew larger with every passing second along with his chest and back. His butt pressed against the side of the chair and lifted Max higher up with the new muscle he was gaining down there. Max groaned louder.

The boys sitting around Max became agitated. They were subtly rubbing their crotches. Sweat formed on their brow. Mr. Collins wanted to stand up, but couldn’t due to his huge boner he was hiding under his desk. He too was mindlessly rubbing his dick through his tight khakis.

Max grew taller and taller. Finally the chair broke out from under him and he fell to the ground. The boys around the room were quietly moaning as if that would give them some relief.

‘Time to bring it home,’ Max thought to himself. He wished that his shirt and the back of his pants would rip open with the last surge of growth left. Again he smelled Desire.

Max tried to stand up, but when he did, his pecs and lats grew with one final expansion. His perfectly fitting shirt was torn from his body and revealed the most amazing torso any of the boys in that class had ever seen. The seat of his pants also ripped with a loud sound revealing the blue boxer briefs that were threadbare from all the growth. Max must have been 430 lbs by now. As he stood up, one boy, James, caught sight of Max’s muscle butt along with his shirtless body and lost control. He ripped his pants open and started jacking off furiously, moaning loudly. His dick was fairly large, about 8 ½ inches erect and thick.

Mr. Collins tried to get control of the class, but soon everyone was touching himself or herself. The boys were jacking off their hard cocks and the girls were reaching up their skirts to finger themselves. They were lost in a fit of sexuality. It was as if Max’s body had spiked all of their hormones to their maximums. Max looked around the room and then looked back at Mr. Collins who was just staring at Max’s Adonis-like figure.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Collins. I guess I just grew again,” Max said, innocently.

At those words, every boy in the class shot his load. James came more than anyone. His cum spattered all over his desk, some landing on Max’s forearm.

Mr. Collins shouted to the class, who all sat their with their heads thrown back in ecstasy, “Everyone to the restrooms to clean themselves up. And don’t come back until you’ve got control of yourselves—” Mr. Collins paused, “In fact, class dismissed for today.”

Max gathered his things and dawdled behind everyone else, who ran to the bathrooms to clean up their various messes.

“Not you, Max. Stay behind,” Mr. Collins said forcefully.

Max turned around, looking accused. “I’m so sorry for what happened. I can’t control how big I’m getting—it all just happened so suddenly.”

Max saw that this was turning Mr. Collins on. “Shut the door, Max.”

Max did so.

“Now, lock it,” Mr. Collins ordered. Max followed his instructions and then turned back around to face his teacher. He could see a rather large boner in his teacher’s pants. It ran halfway down his leg. Max smiled ever so quickly then went back to feigning his apology.

“My head feels dizzy from all that growth. I’m sorry if that made you uncomfortable. I just feel so strange in this new body. Yesterday I was less than half this size—all over. And now, look at me. I’m breaking chairs with my new muscle weight and ripping my clothes. Just look at my pants,” Max said turning around to show Mr. Collins his threadbare briefs. Mr. Collins’ heart skipped a beat. “It’s scaring me a bit, Mr. Collins,” Max said.

“I think—it’s wonderful,” Mr. Collins said. He approached Max. Max grabbed Mr. Collins’ tight waist and kissed him.

His lips were amazing. They were framed by black stubble. Max liked the feeling against his face and lips. The two made out passionately. Someone could have walked in at any moment, but Max didn’t care at all. Mr. Collins shoved his tongue into Max’s mouth; it flitted around, intertwining with Max’s own. With one swift movement, Max removed his teacher’s shirt to reveal his muscled body. He looked tiny in comparison to Max now, but Max knew that if it had been before yesterday, Mr. Collins’ body would have dwarfed him. Another swift movement and Mr. Collins’ pants were around his ankles. Max smiled at what he saw.

“You’re pretty big yourself there, Mr. Collins,” Max said in response to Mr. Collins’ dick.

Mr. Collins was cut with a huge mushroom head. From what Max could tell, he looked to be about 9 ½ inches. He was thick too. Probably about 7 to 8 inches around. His cock was not very veiny except for one large vein running down the center, which Max liked. Mr. Collins’ cock stood above two big balls, no where near the size of Max’s but still—big.

“Oh yeah. You think we should compare?” Mr. Collins said eagerly.

“Why don’t you pull mine out and we’ll see who’s the bigger man?” Max said with a cocky grin.

Mr. Collins knelt down, his face right in front of Max’s gigantic bulge. Mr. Collins swallowed hard and unzipped Max’s pants. He pulled them down along with Max’s blue boxers and gasped. Max’s fat flaccid cock flopped out.

“You’re bigger than me soft, but how much bigger hard?”

Mr. Collins pulled his lips over Max’s giant cock head and slowly but surely fed most of the dick into his mouth and down his throat. Max was amazed at how expertly he did this.

“I didn’t know you were gay, Mr. Collins,” Max said, breathing heavily.

Mr. Collins licked his lips and answered, “Always have been, Max. I’ve sucked some pretty big cocks in my day—but yours is definitely the biggest. How big are you?”

“Sixteen inches—and still growing from what I’m feeling,” Max said.

Mr. Collins looked amazed.

And then Mr. Collins said the most beautiful words Max had heard in a long time, “Grow for me.” Max was only all too willing to oblige.

Max wished in his mind to grow 4 more inches and wished that Mr. Collins could take all of him.

“Ugggghghhhh. Your wish is my command, Mr. Collins,” Max said groaning.

“What?” Mr. Collins replied, shocked.

“I—I—ughhhh—I’m growing!!” Max shouted in extreme pleasure.

His cock pushed upward and Mr. Collins wrapped his mouth around it quickly so as not to miss the experience. His mouth suddenly felt as though it could accommodate even bigger lengths. He could feel Max’s dick pressing against his cheeks and stretching his lips as it grew thicker. Inch by inch it stretched. Mr. Collins’ head bobbed up and down. Max groaned all the while.

“I need you inside me,” Mr. Collins said, after removing the dick from his mouth.

Max picked up Mr. Collins and laid him on his desk and put his legs up on his shoulders. He then drove his entire 19 inch and growing shaft into Mr. Collins’ sweet ass. He pounded away. Mr. Collins shouted in satisfaction.

“God I wish I could feel what you’re feeling! Ahhhhh! I want to be big!” Mr. Collins confided in between movements.

Max loved Mr. Collins at that moment. He had waited for those words. He wished that Mr. Collins would grow huge and be a muscled huge cock freak too. The scent of Desire overpowered him Max this time and he was extremely dizzy, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. In fact, it heightened all of his senses.

“Now it’s my turn,” Max said, pulling Mr. Collins off his dick.

He bent over the desk himself with his beautiful ass facing Mr. Collins. “Now, don’t hold back!” Max ordered.

Mr. Collins was flooded with excitement. His libido was so high he couldn’t see straight. All he wanted to do was fuck and fuck hard. He began pushing his 9 ½ inch cock into Max’s perfect bubble butt. He felt Max’s tight round muscles grabbing on to his dick, but he plowed on. Finally his cock reached his hole and entered. It was as though he felt an electric shock and his cock surged forward. Max’s ass pulled Mr. Collins’ dick in farther. He felt his cock unreeling by the second and stretching Max’s bubble butt out as it thickened.

“Oh my gosh! Uggggnnnggg!” Mr. Collins howled as he felt himself growing bigger, thicker, longer.

Lost in his student’s massive body, it took him a few minutes before he realized that his whole body was bigger than he was before. His body was stretching and expanding and stretching and expanding at an amazing rate. His pecs ballooned; his abs tightened and became extremely defined. His shoulders piled on mountains of muscle. His arms grew as they held the sides of Max’s ass. Bigger and bigger he grew. He could feel his butt, which had always been his favorite asset besides his dick, grow thicker and rounder. He could feel his buttocks tighten and flex with every push into Max’s firm ass. His legs grew to match those of Max as well. He could feel the muscles in them broaden and enlarge.

Mr. Collins’ cock was so deep inside Max that he didn’t know if he’d ever be able to get it out, but he didn’t care. Max loved every second of it. He tightened his buttock muscles to hold on to Mr. Collins’ dick.

“Yes! I’m going to cum!” Mr. Collins said. His now giant balls retracted and he shot an amazing load into Max’s ass. It overflowed and came out the sides of Max’s hole. He pulled out and saw as 14 more volleys blasted from his new 18 inch cock. Max stood up and licked the excess from Mr. Collins’ dick. It tasted sweet. He wanted all of it. Max sucked the remaining seed from his teacher and then kissed him on his beautiful mouth.

“Mr. Collins,” Max whispered, “you’ve always been my favorite teacher—and you’re seriously hot.”

Mr. Collins embraced Max’s huge body and in turn, Max embraced his teachers newly grown frame. Mr. Collins’ chest heaved from all the exertion. Max thought that this was the perfect beginning of his first day back at school. It could only get better from here.


Part 6

Meanwhile, Bobby, the giant muscle freak was having fun of his own. As he walked to his first class he felt hands groping him. He looked down and saw handsome boys touching his abs and his ass, probably just checking to see if they were real. Bobby might have felt violated if he hadn’t thought himself so hot. Hell, he would have touched any guy who looked like him if they were around. But he was fairly sure that no man had ever looked like him before.

He looked behind him and saw a flock of boys following him with boners pressing against their pants. They looked as though they were in a trance, watching his perfect ass bob up and down.

Bobby took a pitstop on his way to class to take a piss. He walked in and ever boy that was peeing turned to him. He walked up to the urinal next to two of Seth’s jock friends. They both held their dicks in their hands. They were well-hung. It was as though that was a requirement for Seth—all of his friends needed big cocks. Bobby smiled as he unzipped his pants and took pains to heave his giant member out of its cloth cage.

“Fuck, it’s hard being this big. I can barely get this thing in my pants—now to take it out—ugh!” He said to the two boys who had finished peeing, but just stood there in awe. Bobby’s dick flopped out, all 16 flaccid inches. “I swear, a couple days ago, it took two fingers to hold this thing while I peed, now I need a few hands.”

He looked at the boys who were still standing their with their dicks hanging out of their pants. “Would you help me out here?” Bobby asked indicating to his dick. Bobby used two hands but his dick still had a lot more room.

Josh, the smaller of the two jocks, instantly grabbed ahold of Bobby’s dick. It felt so warm in his hands. He could feel the sheer weight of it. Josh’s big football hands couldn’t even come close to wrapping around the whole girth.

“Dude, you gotta help Bobby out—seriously,” Josh told his friend Kyle. Kyle hesitantly grabbed on to Bobby’s monster cock just below the head.

“Fuck—it’s so big,” Kyle said in awe. “How did you?”

“I’ve wished to be big for so long—it finally happened. You know what—suddenly I don’t have to piss—but I’m super horny,” Bobby said feeling how aroused the boys were getting by the way they started stroking his dick. “I bet you want to see how big I can get?”

Josh and Kyle nodded vehemently. “You’re so fucking hot—” Josh whispered.

“Jerk me off…and see what a man I’ve become,” Bobby said releasing his cock and stepping away from the urinal into the center of the bathroom. Josh and Kyle followed like lost, sex-hungry puppies.

“Josh, why don’t you start?” Bobby said. His cock started leaking pre-cum as though it knew it needed to be lubricated. Josh’s hands shot out and began stroking Bobby’s massive fuck-log. Bobby loved how hesitant Josh’s strokes were. It was like Josh was afraid of how huge his cock was. “Kyle—don’t let Josh get all the fun, now.”

Kyle knelt down and started sucking Bobby’s fat mushroom head. Josh licked up and down the shaft. Bobby’s entire cock was being serviced by the boys who had made his life a living hell. He knew they were all missing class, but he doubted anyone would mind. He sure didn’t give a fuck just so long as his balls would get relief.

“I—ugh!—want to let you in on a little secret,” Bobby said intermittently with moans of pleasure. “My cum makes you grow—and—Oooh!—I think I’m gonna cum!” Bobby smelled the cologne and knew that his statement was enough of a wish to work.

The two boys fought over the cock trying to get the head. Finally Bobby’s balls wadded up underneath him and shot geysers of cum all over both of their faces. Josh was quick enough to shove the entirety of Bobby’s dick into his mouth swallowing the rest of the blasts of cum. Kyle took all of the seed that had landed on his face and scraped it into his mouth, drinking the sweet growth serum.

“What? You weren’t kidding. Fuckkkkk!!” Kyle yelled with excitement as his athletic clothes started to feel tight against his body. Kyle was already muscular, but the cum enhanced that. His quads and hamstrings piled on more muscle and eventually began to stretch the fabric of his loose basketball shorts. His ass bulged out the back filling the seat of his shorts. Another substantial bulge filled out the front of his pants. Kyle felt his dick grow longer and longer as though it were getting hard, but it was staying stubbornly soft. Kyle’s tank shirt pressed tighter and tighter against his chest revealing the developing pec muscles and his solid 8 pac abs. Kyle’s biceps pushed upward and created a nice peak and his triceps grew downward. “Fuck yeah!!” Kyle yelled flexing his muscles in a huge double-bi. Kyle stood up from where he was kneeling and realized that he was growing in height. Whereas he used to be 6’ even, he felt his body elongating (yet staying perfectly proportional) up to what felt like 6’7”. Kyle was feeling cocky until he looked down at where Josh was still swallowing Bobby’s cum, sucking out every last drop.

Bobby’s head hung back in absolute pleasure as Josh’s tongue darted in and out of the slit on Bobby’s cockhead. Josh had always been the smallest of the bunch. He wasn’t puny by any means, because he still had a big cock and very well defined muscles, but standing at 5’7” he was always looked down on—literally. He longed to be big. He drained Bobby’s balls of its seed. Bobby watched as Josh’s body widened. His lats spread further and further, tearing the sides of his black t-shirt. The seams began to pop. Josh’s hands, which held Bobby’s fat 20 inch long cock, grew as well, indicating that Josh was going to grow huge. Josh’s chest became broader and broader; his pecs pushed outward ballooning in front of him. His shirt finally gave into the mounting pressure and ripped to shreds. Josh felt the growth move down his back and into his pelvis. First his crotch began to burn as though it were on fire. Then he felt his cock push from within as it struggled to grow longer and thicker and altogether bigger. His balls dropped lower and grew as well; Josh felt the weight beneath him, but didn’t stop sucking on Bobby’s dick. Josh felt his jock ass get thicker and rounder straining against its cloth confines. “MMmmm….” Josh moaned as he felt the burning move into his hamstrings. He felt his denim jeans stress, the threads popping as his frame grew too big for them to withstand. Finally they gave way and tore. The only shred of cloth that remained were Josh’s boxer briefs, which Bobby saw struggling to contain Josh’s expanding cock and ass.

“Here, let me help you with that,” Bobby said. He leaned over and tore the briefs from his body. Underneath Josh’s underwear was a perfectly smooth butt, taut and round. Bobby had a thing for muscle butts and Josh’s was nearing perfection. Josh stood up and let the shreds of cloth fall to the floor.

Now without any hindrances, his body felt that it could finish the job. Josh quickly shot up in height about a foot and a half. His torso tapered to a thin waist, accentuated by his growing lats and back muscles. His legs grew longer and thicker like tree trunks. Finally he stopped growing and his eyes met Bobby’s just two inches below. Bobby saw Josh’s chiseled, masculine face. His piercing blue eyes bore deep into Bobby’s soul and seemed to almost say thank you. Josh wrapped his arms around Bobby’s hulking figure and pressed his newly grown body against it. He pulled Bobby into a passionate kiss. Kyle stood and watched the two massive boys making out in the middle of the boy’s restroom. When finally the two broke the kiss, all three giants looked around the room and saw four boys at the entrance jerking each other off. They must have walked in as Kyle and Josh were undergoing their changes. Josh and Kyle turned to look in the mirror.

“Fuck, dude. Look at us. We’re fucking hot,” Kyle said, flexing.

“I’m huge,” Josh bellowed. He took his massive hand and wrapped it around his giant dick and shook it. It looked to be about 18 inches flaccid. “In more ways than one—”

Bobby stood and gazed at his handiwork. He put a brawny arm around Josh’s trim waist. Josh looked up at Bobby. He leaned in and whispered in his ear, “You know, I always thought you were hot, even when you were two feet smaller. But now I just want you to fuck my brains out.”

Bobby grinned. “Meet me after lunch.”


Part 7

The final class of the day was gym. Bobby and Max met up outside of the gymnasium. Bobby looked considerably satisfied. His dick wadded up in his pants and created an obscene bulge; however, being a 7 ½ foot muscle-bound sex god, he could have been wearing a paper bag over his body and it would have looked obscene. Max walked up to Bobby and gave him a deep kiss.

“You taste like cum,” Max remarked.

“Oh yeah. I just sucked down Josh’s hot seed behind the school. Have you seen him yet? He’s looking pretty fine—now, that is,” Bobby winked. Max looked through the windows to the gym and saw Josh standing over a foot taller than anyone else. He must have been 150 lbs heavier than every other guy in there. “You got bigger, dude! You’re getting up to about 7 feet right?”

“Yeah almost. My clothes feel tight, but it feels so good. My muscles are kind of sore, but in a good way. Oh! And you’ve got a competitor in the cock department—I think we’re the same size now,” Max said, grinning. Bobby looked down at Max’s crotch. It was clear that there was a massive python in there struggling to escape.

“You changed Kyle too?” Max asked.

“Oh yeah- he gives good head,” Bobby said, smiling. “It’s nice having the bullies choke down your huge dick. I love to hear them gag as it goes deeper and deeper. Ha! That’s evil—I know. Hey—I saw Mr. Collins. He looks fuckin’ amazing.”

“Yeah. He fucks like a madman. It was so crazy. He took almost my entire dick even before I changed him. Dude, I think he was gay all along,” Max said. “I think English will be pretty easy this year, if you know what I mean.”

They both laughed. Bobby and Max walked into the gym. Again, heads turned. However, Josh and Kyle had sort of stolen their thunder. Josh stood almost as tall and almost as big as Bobby. Kyle was about 100 lbs less than Max, but compared to the High Schoolers that occupied that gym—they were all gigantic. Seth paled in comparison.

Mr. Samuels gathered all the boys around and gave them their assignments for the day. He seemed to cope with how big the boys were getting very well. Every so often he would look at Max, Bobby, Josh, and Kyle and lick his lips. Bobby could tell that he wanted some thick man meat in him—and he might get it, but not today; Bobby was too focused on getting as much young cock as he could. Max on the other hand was more single-minded. He wanted Seth.

While all the other boys were distracted with Mr. Samuels’ instructions, Max noticed that Seth was staring blatantly at his hot ass. Seth readjusted his dick in his pants, which appeared to be getting hard. At 9 ½ inches, he was very noticeable. Max sidled up next to Seth and grabbed his crotch nonchalantly. Seth let out a whimper. “You’ve got a nice boner going there, Seth,” Max whispered. He then took Seth’s right hand and slid it over to his melon-sized bulge. With his hand over Seth’s, he gave it a squeeze revealing the power held within his pants. Seth breathed heavily. “I grew that just for you, Seth. I’m a big boy now.”

Seth looked up at Max. Fuck, he was hot. Even after his changes, Max still admired Seth’s sexiness. He was perfectly built. Max couldn’t wait to enhance that perfection.

“Max. Seth. You’re lift partners,” Mr. Samuels shouted.

Max grinned. “Come on, bud. You can spot me first.” Max put a huge hand on the small of Seth’s muscular back and pushed him forward. They went straight to the bench press in the weight room. Max didn’t know how much he could lift at all, but he was excited to find out.

“Load it up, Seth,” Max ordered. Seth obeyed. When he was done, sliding the plates on to the Olympic bar, Max counted it up. It weighed 375 lbs. Max slid under the bar and pressed up, he lifted it with ease. Max chuckled. He was amazed at his own strength. Two days ago, he couldn’t even lift half this much weight. Now this was like lifting a feather. “You gotta go heavier, man.”

Seth loaded up more. Max added it up to be 500 lbs. He lifted it again with ease. Seth piled on more plates. Max lifted it easily. Seth’s boner was raging, pressed hard against his abs. Finally the weight landed on 900 lbs. Max lifted it and felt his muscles react. He pumped out 15 reps. His biceps and chest became red with the exertion. Max could feel his muscles growing again. Seth groaned in response to the ultramasculine man lying in front of him. Once Max finished his sets, Seth asked him hesitantly, “Do you want to squat?”

Max saw this as a great opportunity to show of his best asset—his powerful glutes. He loaded 300 more pounds onto the bar and lifted it onto his shoulders. He began to squat. His ass pushed outward, the muscles contracting and releasing with every motion. Seth bit his lip. His mind flooded with fantasy images of him burying his 9 ½ inch cock into that perfectly shaped butt. Max finished his set. He could feel his shorts stretched across both globes. He turned to Seth who was sweating profusely from watching such a manly display. “I feel like I’ve worked out enough for today. Why don’t we both hit the showers?”

Max sauntered off towards the locker room. Seth followed after him. Every other boy was still working hard seeing as they still had a half an hour left of class. Max thought this to be the perfect time to get Seth alone. He had already seen that Seth was barely keeping his cool in the weight room. Normally, Seth was a cocky jock, but he had been quiet and obedient when around Max. Max knew that he had been fantasizing about him. Why wouldn’t he? Max was a fucking god! He was going to use that to his advantage.

Seth entered the locker room just behind Max. Max turned to Seth and said, “Can you help me out here?” Max held up his arms, showing off his perfectly V-shaped torso. Seth lifted up the shirt, smelling the sweet scent of Max’s cologne along with the masculine smell of sweat. “That’s better,” said Max, stretching out his upper body.

“Now can you do the rest?” Max said seductively. Seth swallowed hard. His beefy jock hands reached out for the waistband of Max’s tight basketball shorts. His fingers wrapped around the band, meanwhile Seth felt the backs of his fingers press into Max’s beefy man butt. Seth pulled down Max’s pants and his heart stopped. He was standing in front of the most beautiful man he could ever imagine.

“You can grab it if you want,” Max said sweetly. This is what he had been waiting for for so long.

“Max,” Seth cooed, “you are so hot. I—I’m sorry if I ever hurt you—your body is like a dream now.”

“You want me?” Max asked.

“More than anything,” Seth said. His hands wrapped around Max’s ass and he squeezed. He kneaded Max’s glutes and then slowly work his way around to Max’s long monster cock. He rubbed Max’s cock slowly and smoothly. Finally, Seth went up on his tip toes and kissed Max’s lips softly. “Now, let’s get you cleaned up.”

The two walked into the shower. Seth stood in front of Max fully clothed. He nodded and Max took his big hands and gradually pulled off every article of Seth’s clothing. He threw the clothes on to the bench just outside the shower. The two stood there staring at each other, both muscle boys. Max couldn’t believe what he was feeling. He felt like he was about to make love—like truly make love for the first time. All he wanted before was to give Seth what he deserved, but right now, he couldn’t help seeing remorse in Seth’s eyes for how cruel he had been to Max. And at that moment, it was as though all had been forgiven.

Seth turned on the shower. Steam rose everywhere. Seth poured soap into his hands and began lathering up Max’s body. Max did the same for Seth. Their hands explored each other. Seth pressed his body up against Max. He then turned around and Max knew that he was longing to be fucked. Max’s cock responded quickly. It became instantly hard. Seth stood with his body pressed against the wall. Max’s cock entered Seth slowly, inch by inch. Seth breathed heavily. Max pushed more and more of his giant dick into Seth’s inviting ass.

“Fuck—this is so right,” Seth breathed. Max’s cock lifted Seth off the ground. Seth slid lower and lower down onto Max’s dick. He was taking all of it without Max even wishing for him to. It was as though his ass was meant for this size. Max backed out and pushed in farther and farther. Max turned Seth around; Seth’s legs wrapped around Max’s hulk-like upper body. The two kissed deeply and passionately as Seth rode up and down. Max felt Seth’s cock slide up and down against his washboard abs. The water ran all over them.

Max wished in his mind that Seth would be the perfect man for him. He smelled cologne, but he was too deeply in the moment to notice. Max’s hands on Seth’s waist felt pressure. He could feel Seth growing. His legs wrapped around Max’s back became tighter with the newly expanding muscle. Max felt his cock become squeezed as Seth’s ass grew stronger and bigger. His torso exploded with 100 more pounds of muscle divided up between his glorious pecs, his perfect arms, his broad shoulders, and his sexy washboard abs. Max felt the shift in weight upon his strong cock. Seth’s balls draped over the root of Max’s member. Max also felt Seth’s giant dick rise higher and higher until it pushed into the cleavage of Max’s pecs.

Seth and Max made out and made love. Max knew that Seth had grown substantially as he realized that his lips were meeting perfectly with his own. Seth was lost in ecstasy, but didn’t appear to realize that he was growing. Max felt amazing. His cock locked in perfectly with Seth’s new huge bubble butt. Finally Seth lifted himself off Max’s dick and stood up to his full height, 7’ 3” tall. He was 4 inches taller than Max. Upon seeing this, the two men came with full force all over each other. They were drench, along with the water from the shower, in hot cum. Laughing, they came together in another kiss. The tastes of their individual cum combined and it was perfect. Max couldn’t have wished for a better end to his school day.

Seth broke the kiss and said, “Max, I want to be with you—like I want to be your boyfriend.” Max stood in awe looking at the most amazing man he’d ever seen. Every feature was perfectly shaped. He was the perfect man. And Max wanted desperately to be with him.


Part 8

While Max and Seth made the most passionate love of their young lives, Bobby was in the weight room. He had been paired with Josh, the new giant muscle stud. It may have been coincidence, but Bobby knew that Mr. Samuels just wanted to watch as their huge muscles contracted and expanded with every rep. Bobby could tell that Mr. Samuels was starved for some hot jock cock. It had been about an hour since Bobby’s ass had been pounded and about four hours since he had gotten off. He could feel his balls swelling with new cum. It was like his briefs were constricting his dick, which desperately wanted to seek out a new field to plow.

Bobby watched as Josh became sweatier and sweatier. His shirt clung to his chest and back. His shorts hung perfectly off his shelf-like ass. Bobby looked around the room and saw that everyone was mindlessly lifting weights, all the while watching the super studs powering through their lifts. Bobby couldn’t take it any more. He knew Max was probably off getting some massive dick from Seth. Bobby couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous that Max’s cock was being serviced while his was not—his sex drive had increased dramatically since all of the growth.

Mr. Samuels mumbled something about needing to go to the bathroom and left. Bobby figured he needed to wack off before he creamed his pants. He wished in his mind that Mr. Samuels would take the rest of the period to satisfy his needs, his mind filled with musclebound hunks growing by the second. A slight smell of cologne wafted past Bobby’s nose. He saw Mr. Samuels clutch his crotch and run to the bathroom as he saw the beginnings of a hard-on.

Bobby looked back at Josh who was astounded by his increased strength. He smiled broadly at Bobby and gave him a wink. Bobby’s dick felt a shock. He needed Josh now. In fact, he needed to be worshipped.

Bobby reached his hand down and placed it on top of his bulbous bulge. His thick hand grasped it fully and started massaging his dick through the shiny fabric of his athletic shorts. “Fuck—Ooooh. God, I feel so horny. Ugghhhhh—”

Josh looked up from the bench press. Everyone started looking to where Bobby was fondling his huge package in the center of the weight room. “Uhhhh—I hope no one minds, but I think my cock is going to rip through my shorts if I don’t work it out soon.” Bobby looked around. Mouths were hanging open. Boys stood there in awe watching this manly giant. Josh’s dick started to rise up in his pants. Bobby walked up and looked down at Josh’s huge member stretching out the front of his shorts beyond belief. Bobby thrust his pelvis forward and started grinding his bulge against Josh’s boner. Josh gasped in ecstasy. The boys around the room instantly crept closer, their hands on their own raging erections.

“Fuck, you’re so hot. Your dick is giant. Why don’t I just suck you off right now?” Bobby suggested.

“But—everyone’s watching—”

“Exactly—” Bobby whispered mischievously. He grabbed Josh’s cock and wrenched it out of his shorts. The bulbous head glistened with pre-cum. Bobby bent over, sticking his gorgeous ass out. He licked up and down ever inch of Josh’s giant member. He could hear the boys around him grabbing each others cocks and cross-jerking them. Before Bobby filled his mouth with giant man meat, he said, “Someone better fill me up from behind. I’m so goddamn horny!”

With that Alex, the head soccer player, walked up to Bobby’s ass. Bobby busied himself on Josh’s cock; Josh groaned in pleasure. Alex pulled down Bobby’s pants and revealed his smooth bubble butt. Alex’s heart skipped a beat. He had been eyeing that ass all day. Now it stood just under his chin, full and thick. He grabbed it with both hands and started kneading the muscle. He kissed Bobby’s right cheek, feeling his lips meet a perfectly smooth skin. He felt the power of his ass. Alex kissed all over Bobby’s ass, his sexual tension rising until he couldn’t take it anymore. He sunk his teeth in softly, tenderly. He filled his mouth with Bobby’s huge round muscle. Bobby’s eyes rolled back in satisfaction. Alex stood up on a weight bench so that his dick met squarely with Bobby’s butt. He dropped his pants to reveal an average 6 inch cock. Alex placed two hands on either side of Bobby’s thick glutes. He slowly fed his dick deeper and deeper between Bobby’s crevice until it met with his hole. He could only get a few inches into Bobby’s ass, being that his dick was not monster sized like Max’s or Josh’s—or by now Seth’s. But that didn’t stop him from pounding away.

Around him every boy had dropped his pants. Some were giving blowjobs. Others were jacking cocks off with furious hands. Some were in a train-like stance fucking each other from behind. The room filled with sexual noises. Josh and Bobby led the pack with their huge dongs bobbing up and down and their booming voices echoing out in pleasure.

Alex kept plowing away at Bobby’s beautiful butt; however, Bobby was not nearly satisfied enough. He slipped Josh’s hot cock out of his mouth and said, “You’re dick isn’t big enough—you need to be bigger!” Alex stopped what he was doing and said, “I’m sorry—I wish I had a big cock like you.”

Bobby smiled. “I wish you had a super thick 15 inch cock—” The smell of Desire filled the room and Alex felt compelled to try to satisfy Bobby. His dick felt hot inside Bobby. It tingled. It burned. It felt like it was on fire. Finally, he could feel himself pushing deeper and deeper. “That’s more like it, big boy,” Bobby said.

Alex felt his dick pushing the sides of Bobby’s hole. It pushed wider and wider, thicker and thicker. He pulled out but found that his dick was staying in—it had grown much longer. Alex’s dick looked to be as thick as Bobby’s wrist. It was massive and growing thicker.

Bobby, who was lost in a fit of sex, had a brilliant albeit sex crazed idea. He wished in his mind that all these boys had the power to make their wildest sexual fantasies come true for the next 15 minutes. Bobby’s head spun as the room smelled potently of cologne. Soon he heard the groans of the men around the room grow louder and louder. Alex stepped down from the weight bench to find that he was growing taller. His body filled out wider until it was a massive bodybuilder type. His pecs ballooned in front of him. He watched as his arms stretched and puffed up with solid muscle. He felt rejuvenated and pounded Bobby’s ass harder. Bobby couldn’t believe what he was feeling. Alex sat down of the bench and pulled Bobby’s butt on top of him. Bobby was now sitting on an ever-growing hulk version of Alex. Josh watched as Alex grew to 8 feet tall, with trunk like legs and cut calves.

The nerds in the corner took turns taking the penises out and stretching them with their hands. With every stroke their dicks elongated and then would expand with girth. Soon they sported two foot cocks. “Fuck I want to be a muscle stud too,” one said seeing the growth that had transformed the entire soccer team into Mr. Olympias with cocks that would make a porn star jealous. The two nerds then took turns inflating their pecs to the perfect size, customizing their abs, shaping their asses, perfecting their bodies in every way until their throbbing two foot long dicks couldn’t take it any more. Finally their sucked themselves off till they orgasmed massive amounts of cum in the mouths.

Josh was fucked from behind by a tall blonde surfer type who used to be a 5’2” math geek. He felt the surfer dude fill him as his dick grew to about 12 ½ inches long. Josh felt the dude’s balls swell to watermelon size, slapping him from behind. “Yeah, man, I’m going to fill you with all this cum!” Until finally he released them most massive amount of seed Josh had ever felt. It pushed his ass off of the dude’s foot long cock allowing for the rest of spray all over the room.

That set off a chain reaction that ended with Bobby’s dick, which had grown to 26 inches, blasting out gallons of hot cum. It hit Josh full on, covering him head to toe in man seed. Bobby watched Josh’s expression change from ecstatic to erotic in just ten seconds. The whole room stopped. The fifteen minutes were up. Their growth had stopped. But they saw Josh expanding beyond what anyone had thought possible. Bobby remembered back to this morning when he had charged his cum with the power of growth.

Bobby pulled himself off of Alex’s 8 ½ foot body and his 2 foot, super thick cock. He ran up to Josh and embraced him tightly. The cum on Josh’s body covered Bobby as well. Bobby started to kiss Josh. They both began to grow. Their muscles blew up. Their cocks stretched downward. Their bodies shot up past 8 feet, past 9 feet, until their heads hit the ceilings. They crouched over, lost in each other’s full lips. They made out harder than they had before. The other men stood in awe as these hulks grew larger and larger. Some men even came a second time just from watching.

Finally they stopped at 11 feet tall. They had added on several hundred pounds of muscle. Their dicks were absolutely massive, measuring 3 feet and a few inches long. Bobby and Josh broke from their kiss and looked down at the others.

“I wish this ceiling was high enough to let us stand,” Bobby said. The ceiling rose foot by foot. Bobby and Josh uncurled their spines and stood up to their full height. Alex, the 8 foot tall soccer bro, came again. All he could say was “woah” as Bobby and Josh’s frames cast most of the men in shadow. Their muscles were perfect and shining with sweat. Their asses looked to die for hanging above all of them. If the others had had their wish, they would have grown to equal heights just to satisfy those beautiful butts and cocks.

Bobby looked at Josh straight in his sexy face. He wondered how they would be able to go home. But at that point, he didn’t care as long as they were together: two hugely hung gay giants. At any rate, Bobby knew the sex would be supercharged far more than he could’ve ever imagined a few days before.


Part 9

Seth and Max had been thoroughly cleaned through their shower together. They knew that any moment the boys who had been working out would come in to shower off. They put on their clean clothes. Seth’s didn’t fit him any more, but he pulled them on anyway. Max stared at him as his chest stretched out his thermal long sleeve shirt. It was a miracle that he could pull it on without it ripping. It hung above his belly button, showing off his washboard abs. The trail of hair on his abdomen wandered down into his briefs, which were threadbare in an attempt to hold his massive newly grown package. Seth’s arms bulged in his sleeves as he struggled to inch his pant legs over his huge manly legs. He had managed to squeeze himself into the pants, which looked like they were beginning to tear along the seams, but had stopped just below his beefy jock ass. Seth smiled. He had always longed for his body to be huge—even though it had been big before.

“You wanna help me out here?” Seth asked Max, sticking out his ass. Max licked his lips mindlessly. He couldn’t help but get semi hard looking at him.

Max grabbed the back of his jeans while Seth grabbed the front. There were two bulges that needed to fit into these pants, thought Max doubted that both would fit. Max tugged at the belt of his pants, pulling them over the thick muscular globes. His hands cupped over that ass, Max felt weak at the knees.

“Are you pulling?” Seth chuckled.

“I’m kind of lost in how hot you are—do you mind?” Max said, jokingly.

“Ha! Don’t say that or I’ll never get this dick in my pants—I’ll be too hard!”

“Right—we wouldn’t want that—” Max said sarcastically.

Finally the pants were up—but barely. His ass pushed constantly against the denim of his jeans. From the front, Seth could tell he was not leaving anything to the imagination. He kind of liked it that way.

Max, who had already wished that his clothes would fit perfectly, pulled on his clothes and watched as they fit to every beautiful curve on his body. Seth watched in awe. Max was truly a fine specimen. He couldn’t believe that he had never seen how naturally beautiful he was before, but he sure as hell couldn’t ignore him now that all his attributes were enhanced tenfold. Seth walked up to Max; his lips enveloped Max’s plump soft lips as well. Max could feel the stubble that had cropped up on Seth’s face when he had grown.

If we don’t get out of here soon I’m going to fuck him all over again, Max thought to himself. Though his thoughts were externalized by a thick third leg growing down his right leg. Max ground it into Seth’s legs, which sent an electric shock to Seth’s cock. They needed to get back to Max’s and soon.

Max tried to walk, but his dick made it nearly impossible. He wished that it was soft again, to make walking a bit manageable. The sweet scent of cologne wafted by his nose. He instantly felt his dick soften, though the length was still immense.

Seth and Max snuck out the back. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other the whole way to Seth’s car in the parking lot. Seth’s hand rested on Max’s shelf-like bubble butt, while max wrapped his arm around Seth’s gigantic traps. Max knew that these gay boys had never seen anything quite like the two of them—or so he thought.

Seth and Max rounded the corner to Seth’s sports car. Max stopped dead in his tracks. Twenty naked muscle jocks were sauntering to their cars holding in their arms the remains of their clothes, which had obviously ripped due to rapid muscle growth. Standing over 5 feet above all of them were muscle gods. Josh and Bobby walked slowly, but obviously covered a lot of ground; their faces were almost smug. Bobby looked over to Max and smiled.

“Look what I did,” Bobby boomed. He reached down and grabbed Josh’s dick and swung it around. It made a woosh-ing sound. He let it fall and it swung pendulously. Josh laughed heartily and kissed Bobby.

Girls scurried around their legs, their eyes leveling with their gigantic cocks. Bobby and Josh could see their pussies getting wetter by the second. They loved the attention.

“How the hell—” Seth asked.

“They’re fuckin huge—“ Max interjected.

“Fuckin’ hot!” Seth corrected. “I think a gay giant muscle foursome is in our future?” Seth sounded eager. Max heard Seth’s pants ripping, obviously due to a burgeoning erection.

“Why don’t you just get us back to our place?” Max said, toying with the idea in his brain.

Bobby and Josh walked in the direction of Josh’s house. Their asses swayed and bobbed as they meandered. Max chuckled to himself as the image of what Bobby used to look like crossed his mind. The comparison was startling.

Seth and Max continued on towards the car. They passed the newly muscled soccer team, who were loitering by their cars and groping each other’s pecs, dicks, balls, and butts. Their testosterone had gone crazy and they all wanted sex constantly. Standing proudly over them was an 8 ½ foot muscle giant, Alex. Max walked up and slapped his hand on Alex’s big, entirely fuckable ass. Alex turned around.

“Max!” Alex said, looking ecstatic. His white teeth shone. Alex had always been nice to Max, even though they were never really close. Somehow Max felt that their growth had brought them closer.

“Lookin’ good there, buddy,” Max said. “Fuck your dick is huge!”

Max looked at all 2 feet of it as it hung over his giant balls.

“Man, I love being big! I can’t believe how big I got. I’m secretly hoping that this growth spurt we all went through hits us again!” Alex said. Then he bent over and Seth got a good look at how huge that ass actually was. Alex whispered in Max’s ear, “Dude, you don’t even know how many guys have come up to me. They’re all so hot and all want to fuck my massive dick. Looks like I’m gonna have a great life even if I don’t grow any more.”

“Dude, go for it! And with that body—” Max let his sentence trail off. He winked at Alex.

Seth and Max finally made it to the car. They squeezed into the tiny sports car, which sunk under all the weight. Seth drove Max home. They both got out of the car and walked inside. Max’s dad, John, greeted them warmly.

“Hey, Max! Oh—who’s your friend?” John said. Max could tell Seth turned John on.

“Hello, sir, my name is Seth,” he said, stretching out a giant hand to shake John’s.

“Well, Dad, we’re just going to be upstairs—you know—hanging out a bit,” Max said, his voice laced with innuendo. John smiled. He was a very comfortable dad to have. He recognized that Max’s huge body meant a big sex drive.

“Oh—okay! Let me know if you need anything.”

Seth and Max walked upstairs, their big feet shaking the house a bit with every step. Seth shut the door behind them. He obviously had something on his mind.

“Dude, your dad’s gay right?” He said.

“Um—yeah, I kind of think he is,” Max responded. He had always thought so, but was too afraid to ask him.

“He needs a man. You can tell. By the way he was staring at my dick, he wanted it bad!” Seth said, somewhat self-assuredly.

“Well I can’t blame him—you’re fuckin’ hot!” Max said, kissing Seth.

“Let’s get your Dad a man. Someone hot. Someone who can satisfy the fantasies I can tell he’s having about big men,” Seth said.

“Well how are we gonna—oh!” Max said, catching his drift. Seth obviously knew it wasn’t a coincidence that Seth grew when Max wished it. “Wait—I have some men he might like!”

Max pulled out his laptop. With a few swift clicks he pulled up a folder marked “Big men.”

“Really? You label it?” Seth mocked.

“Shut up. Look, these are all morphed pictures of super hot men. Like, I guess we’re kinda morphed ourselves, but in real life—What if I made him fall for one of these guys?” Max said, flipping through pictures and pictures of giant muscle men with unbelievably huge cocks.

“Woah! That one!” Seth said, pointing to a man who looked like a fitness trainer. Only his dick was pushing past his athletic shorts. His biceps were huge and shimmered under a light sheen of sweat. His pecs pushed out his tight tank. His ass stretched the fabric on the seat of his shorts. His skin was dark, almost Mediterranean, yet he had light eyes. His face was super hot, chiseled with a perfect jawline and a manly chin. Max noticed that his dick had already responded, and Seth even had his dick out and was stroking it.

“Get him here!” Seth said, his dick echoing his statement by growing more and more rigid.

Max obeyed. “I wish this man was real and was in our room right now.” Max smelled the cologne very strongly emanating from the center of the room. Suddenly, a man appeared. He looked just like the picture. Only hotter because he was real and standing right in front of them. Max’s dick burst through his pants.

“Woah! What am I doing here?” The man said. “Oh—hello—” His voice changed from surprised to turned on when he saw the two muscle freaks with their huge boners throbbing just under their chins.

“I brought you here. For my father—” Max said, in awe.

“Right—but first,” Seth turned to Max as though trying to persuade him to join up with his thinking, “we need to make sure you check out okay.”

Seth pulled down his pants. Max instantly got his drift and loved it. He then stripped off his tight thermal shirt.

“Woah—dude, you’re huge,” said the man.

“Just you wait,” said Max, who was pulling off his clothes as well. The man’s mouth dropped open as Max’s frame came into full view.

Seth could tell he was getting hard, because his cock was pulling up the bottom of his athletic shorts. The man’s cock head flared out. Max and Seth walked toward him, sensually. Their dicks pointed straight up, rigid as steel, leaking pre-cum. Seth pulled off the man’s tight tank shirt. It revealed a perfect torso with beveled abs and a gigantic shelf of pecs. His shoulders looked even broader now that they were not obscured by his shirt. His deltoids were thick and round; his dark skin glistened. Max knelt down and pulled down his pants with some strain. His ass was just as big as, if not bigger than, Seth’s. It contained a lot of power, Max could tell. It was muscular, yet not striated; it was thick with two dimples. Max just wanted to hold it. His eyes however became preoccupied with the giant dick that protruded from his pelvis. It was at least three feet long and thick as a normal man’s leg. It was only slightly veined. And at the top, a huge mushroom head bloo!

med, shimmering in pre-cum.

Both muscle men were now kneeling, ready to service the giant cock. Max whispered a quiet wish, “I wish he would fuck us better than anyone could with that huge dick and hot ass.” Max smelled the masculine cologne. The man’s muscles seemed to perk up sharply yet subtly.

Seth and Max licked up and down the man’s unbelievable shaft. Both of their hot mouths took turns when it came to the head. Max’s throat took in nearly half of the man’s cock. The man moaned in appreciated. Seth did the same, but took almost three quarters of cock.

“Oh god—you guys are so fuckin’ good. God this is hot!” the man shouted.

Max stood up, his dick hitting against the man’s dick. An electric shock seemed to surge from Max’s dick through his entire body. He walked around the man’s giant body and looked longingly at his gorgeous ass. He then buried inch after inch into the gloriously thick bubble butt. The man breathed heavily as he took Max’s whole dick. The man clenched and released as he slid back and forth on Max’s giant dick. Max’s threw his head back. He couldn’t believe how amazing this felt. It was like, instead of him fucking the man’s ass, that man’s ass was fucking him. It tugged and pulled at Max’s dick as it stretched his butt wide.

Meanwhile, Seth had spread his beautiful butt and had taken almost all of the man’s huge dick. He felt his ass stretching wider and wider as it tried to accommodate the man’s thick cock. “More!” Seth would shout, signaling for the man to push another inch into his hungry ass.

The man was in ecstasy. He had never felt anything like this before, probably because he was simply a still from a fantasized gay photoshop archive. He roared in satisfaction as he buried the last few inches into Seth’s smooth ass. “God, yes!” Seth’s brow furrowed in pleasure. He knew he didn’t have long. The man pounded away at Seth and Max did also in the man. Seth grunted as his cock erupted with a stream of cum that shot all the way over to the door. It hit with a loud noise again and again, echoing the thumping of their bodies against each other rhythmically. Max was next and let go inside the man. Tons of seed poured into him and it was as though his ass drank it up, every last drop. The man’s ass milked ever last bit out of Max until his dick finally was completely spent.

Finally the man pulled himself out of Seth’s unbelievable ass. He then screamed in a sexual rage as his three foot cock exploded with cum. It hit the ceiling and covered them all in gallons of semen. Max tasted it; it was salty and perfect. The man started slathering it all over his body. Seth and Max stood back, themselves covered in semen, and watched. His body slowly absorbed every bit.

“Cum makes me grow—fuuuuuckkkkk!” the man grunted as his body started to expand.

“What? Max, did you wish for this?” Seth said.

“No! I don’t know what’s going on!” Max said, looking to the man who was stretching outward at an amazing rate.

“My creator envisioned this—goddd!! Fuckkkkk!! Yes!!” He said.

Max understood immediately. He was, after all, not the only one who had fantasies of big men. Apparently the man who photoshopped this picture fantasized about a man who grew whenever cum touched his skin.

The man stretched larger and larger. His body grew upward, well past the heads of Seth and Max. Max estimated him at 9 ½ feet tall. He hit the ceiling and kept going, bending over. His shoulders broadened; his traps pushed upwards and outwards. His deltoids blew up. His triceps stretched out farther and farther. His biceps bunched up creating a mountain on his arm, which by now was gigantic. His pecs ballooned with power and widened. His chest, though it was bent over, showed an extreme v that tapered down to a chiseled waistline, below which was the most beautiful ass Max had ever seen. It enlarged. The man’s legs also stretched to the point where they looked the size of tree trunks. His cock, unbelievably, grew larger and larger to about 4 ½ feet. His balls dropped lower and filled out to the size of watermelons. Finally his body stopped growing.

“Fuck yeah, dudes. God, that felt so good! Mmmmm—” the man said, almost as though he had just had a good meal.

“I wish this house was always big enough to hold this man, or anyone’s growth,” Max wished. He felt the house shake as the room widened and elongated. Max figured the whole house was doing the same. The man stood up at his full height. He was gigantic. A sexual tower.

“So when can I meet your dad,” said the man, his smile beaming. He stretched out his body, his cock swinging pendulously.

Seth, watching the man work out his newly grown body, whispered to Max, “dude, how will your dad be able to handle that?”

Max smiled, “I guess there’s going to be a lot of growing going on in this house.”

Max heard footsteps on the stairs. His dad yelled, “Max? What’s going on up there?”

He felt the man’s dick perk up at the sound of Max’s Dad’s voice.


Part 10

Max could hear his dad’s footsteps growing louder as he approached the door. Seth looked elated. He was standing by two huge god-like men with the biggest cocks in the world. He looked up at all 9 ½ feet of recently grown man.

“What am I going to do? My dad was pretty sure we were having sex, but when he finds a giant man in this room, he’s probably not going to feel so comfortable with that,” Max said. “I wish we were all wearing clothes.”

His father’s footsteps grew closer. Seth felt jeans clap on to his thick jock body. His dick felt compressed by the denim. His ass looked even better and rounder held up by his pants. Seth’s shirt looked painted on. His chest stretched the fabric of his shirt; his biceps bulged out from beneath the cuffs of his v-neck shirt, which revealed a deep cleavage between his beautiful square pecs. If Seth looked hot, the man looked absolutely obscene. His clothes left nothing to the imagination. His thick long monster cock snaked its way down his trunk-like legs.

Max’s door creaked open to reveal his Dad, John. He looked so much smaller than when he had seen him just a little while before.


“Hey dad! What’s up?” Max’s heart beat out of his chest. He was going to need to come up with an explanation of this man.

John eyes looked up and down the massive body of the man. His dick reacted in his pants, growing harder by the second. “And who’s your friend?” John asked, his voice laced with sensuality.

“Oh. Um—this is Seth’s friend who just came back from college. He’s looking for a place to stay—and I wish you would let him live here. He’s very nice.” Max said, beads of sweat forming on his brow.

A light scent of cologne wafted through the air.

“Of course he can stay—provided that your friend has a name.”

Seth looked at the man imploringly. His eyes were blank. He had never been given a name.

“His name? It’s—um—Vance,” Max said. He shot a look over to Seth who nodded approvingly. It was a sexy name, one that he could hear his Dad saying lovingly.

Vance’s eyes snapped to recognition. “Well it’s a pleasure to have you stay here, Vance. Would you like me to show you around the house?” John asked.

“Yes. I would love that,” Vance’s voice boomed from above. “It’s a good thing your house has such tall ceilings. I’m a pretty big man and it would have been hard to find a space that could fit all of me.”

John gulped hard as he realized the innuendo. It was even harder when the man’s crotch was so close to the line of his eyesight.

“Yeah, Dad. I kind of forgot my formality. You should show him the downstairs. I think there’s a room down there for him—” Max said arching his eyebrows.

Vance stepped forward. The house shook under his weight. John’s dick grew harder in his pants. John led the way out of the room. Vance looked back at Seth and Max who stared in awe as his body swaggered out of the room. Vance reached a big broad hand down to his crotch and gave it a squeeze. Seth gasped in horniness.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” John said as he walked out. “Have fun boys.”

“You too, Dad. Get to know Vance—he’s just the coolest,” Max responded.

The door swung shut. Seth and Max began to laugh. They just said Max’s dad up with the hottest guy in the world, and he was just going to get hotter as the night went on.

“Max, you should probably wish for your dad to be able to handle Vance. By the way, Vance is such as hot name!” Seth added.

“Oh right! Um—I wish that every kiss between Vance and my Dad would make my Dad grow to be the Vance’s ideal size and look,” Max said. He smelled a strong scent of the cologne.

“Dude, your dad is going to be so hot. What a family of superstuds!” Seth said excitedly.

“Oh yeah. He’s gonna have a good time. But while that’s happening—I need to have you. Isn’t it amazing that I’m already filled with so much cum and your body is the only thing that gets me off!” Max said, pressing his body against Seth’s. They’re respective bulges ground into each other’s pelvises.

“Am I going to get even bigger tonight?” Seth asked, eagerly.

“Maybe—we’ll see if I get inspired. Vance was pretty inspiring—he gave me a couple ideas,” Max said as he wrapped his lips around Seth’s mouth. Their thick lips latched on to each other, pulling ever so softly.

Meanwhile, Vance followed John to the empty guest room. John’s heart pounded with every loud, house-shuddering step Vance made. God, he wanted to just make out with him so badly—but he was sure that Vance had no feelings for him. And he was such a young stud. John would never have the balls to make a move.

“So, Vance, do you have any clothes that you need to move in?” John asked.

“Oh. Well, John, I don’t usually wear clothes—” Vance said, smiling.

John was shocked. He would have normally felt uncomfortable, but if this were true, he would not mind at all. In fact, he wished that neither of them were wearing clothes right now.

“I hope that’s not an issue,” Vance added.

“No. Not at all. Clothes can be a hassle,” John said, his words catching in his throat.

“Oh good. Then would you mind helping me out of mine now? I can’t find anything that fits me and these feel like they’re about to rip off, especially these jeans.” Vance said. He clenched his ass and the jeans made a popping sound. “Oh, there they go now. Maybe just rip them the rest of the way for me?”

John couldn’t believe what was happening. His dick throbbed in his pants. He wanted that ass, so badly. His fingers reached out as the giant man turned around and stuck out his beautiful bubble butt. His hands trembled. He found the small rip down the center of Vance’s pant seat. He stuck his fingers through the slight opening; he could feel the warmth that radiated from Vance’s body. His fingers felt the soft skin beneath—he was obviously not wearing underwear. John, who had not had satisfying sex for so long, felt a surge of excitement. He tore the pants down the center. Vance’s ass popped out more perfect than he could have ever imagined. It was so big, probably proportional to his 9 ½ foot height—though John reckoned it was larger than average. It sat taut and round in front of his face, framed by a sloping muscular back and massive hamstrings.

“Oh my god,” John whispered.

“That’s better,” Vance sighed. “But still not good enough.”

Vance turned around and hefted his long fat cock from its denim confines. His biceps bulged as they heaved the weight up and out. It flopped over the crotch of his pants. John’s heart skipped a beat. “Much better, but I haven’t had sex in so long, John—would you mind helping me out? I’m so horny—”

“Uh—” John said as he reached out to grab this man’s huge dick. Vance stopped him. His giant hands, which were individually the breadth of John’s chest, reached over and tore John’s clothes from his body swiftly.

“Ooh. There we go; doesn’t that feel better?” Vance asked, looking at John’s body with his piercing eyes. John’s body was not too muscular, but he had nice toning and a slight v-shaped taper from shoulders to waist. His somewhat defined pecs were dusted with light hair. John’s dick hung about 4 inches soft. John had never felt inadequate before (he was fairly sel-confident), but in the presence of a cock spanning multiple feet, he felt like he might as well not have any cock at all.

Vance tore his own shirt from his body. John would have been unable to control himself, but he didn’t have time to really look as Vance took John’s head in his big hands and planted a perfect kiss on his mouth. It was electric. Vance’s huge lips gave John so much to grab onto. He hadn’t ever kissed a man before, but it was felt so perfect. How had he missed out on this his whole life. He could feel himself getting hornier and hornier as they continued to make out. John’s cock shot up harder than he had ever felt before. It felt like it was pressing against his skin. It wished it were bigger. As Vance’s thick tongue flicked in and out John’s mouth, John could feel that same tightness spread throughout his whole body. He felt like his lips were matching with Vance’s better now, as though he were being lifted into the air with his feet firmly planted on the floor. John groped Vance’s perfect ass and he felt his palms able to grab on to more and more. His horniness manifested itself in a new energy, as though he were feeling younger and younger. When finally Vance broke the kiss, John saw himself looking more directly into Vance’s wonderful eyes. Vance’s mouth curled into a smile that made John feel weak at the knees.

“What?” John asked, “I’m sorry, I haven’t kissed anyone in a long time.”

“That’s not why I’m smiling—maybe you should look in the mirror,” Vance said, forcefully turning him around to face a floorlength mirror against the wall.

John looked shocked. Vance was standing next to a man who was shorter, probably by a foot, but who was extremely muscular. Not only was his upper body to die for, with bulging pectorals and a hard, defined 8 pack, but also his lower body was no where near what it was before. The most noticeable to John was his dick, which no longer was paltry. It stretched down to just above his knee and looked as thick as a 2-liter bottle of coke. His balls beneath were swollen to the size of grapefruits. John broke into a smile. His teeth were so white and straight. His face looked similar to his old one, except it looked like a model. Chiseled, perfect bone structure now made him want to get hard just looking at himself. John turned to the side and saw a round butt now bulged in the back. It reminded him of Max’s that had recently took up residence on his body. Now he actually looked like he could be Max’s dad. And he felt so hot.

John turned to Vance and started to kiss his neck. His kisses wandered down and finally met with a soft, beautiful cock. John began to feed the soft cock into his mouth. It was warm and stretched his jaw, but miraculously it fit. He could hear Vance chuckle. John understood why he was laughing as Vance’s dick started to grow in his mouth. He could feel the muscle fibers of Vance’s cock tightening, filling with blood. John, who had not given many blow jobs in his life seeing as he was “straight” before, felt like his jaw should have dislocated or his teeth should have plunged down onto that hot cock sending Vance reeling back in pain; however, it was the smoothest feeling. His teeth barely grazed the cock as it slid down further and further into his throat. His cheeks puffed out with ample man meat. Vance’s big hands massaged John’s short, feathery brown hair. John rubbed his hands up and down Vance’s gigantic legs, cupped his balls, and massaged his ass. Vance saw that John was getting more and more worked up, but everything had just begun. Vance licked his lips as he saw John on his knees, his ass pushing in and out in enthusiastic rolls. It was such a hot ass. Though John had a dusting of hair on his thick chest, his ass was completely devoid of any fur. It was a young, dimpled bubble butt, and god did Vance want to pound it.

From Vance’s monster member leaked sweet, savory pre-cum. John couldn’t believe how good it tasted; it was like a dream. He had often wondered what it would be like to be with a man, known forever that that’s what he wanted, but was always too shy. Now he was not in the presence of a man, but rather in the presence of a god. Vance was the stuff of myths. John slid the cock out of his mouth and licked around the rim of his fat mushroom head. His tongue danced across the slit, diving in and out for more tastes of that succulent nectar.

“How are you so fuckin’ good at this?” Vance huffed.

“Mmmmffff,” John replied, his mouth occupied with bigger and better things.

John’s mouth moved North. It kissed back up the way it came, hopping across the cobbles of Vance’s comic-strip-like abs. He licked around the smooth, light brown nipples on his huge hairless, tan pecs. Vance groaned appreciatively. His cock remained hard, pressed between their two bodies. He continued his path. John’s lips wrapped around the fleshy part of Vance’s earlobe. Vance noticeably reacted with a loud groan. Seth and Max heard this upstairs and smiled proudly. Vance couldn’t take it any longer. He took John’s face in his meaty palms and enveloped his lips with hot, sweet kiss. As he did so, he could feel John’s lower lip become fuller. John felt his face shifting ever so subtly; the bones in his jaw becoming more pronounced. He felt a warmth cloud his entire face as though he were blushing, but he surely was not. Vance’s tongue pushed deeper into his lover’s mouth. John felt like he was stretching, but standing strangely still.

Suddenly, he felt Vance lifting him up off the ground as though he weighed nothing. John wrapped his meaty thighs around Vance’s Adonis belt. Vance lifted him higher and higher, smoothly shifting his grip to John’s beautiful ass. John knew what was coming, but he had no idea exactly the amount of pleasure he was about to feel. His muscular cheeks spread and John felt himself become filled with giant man meat. It like he were a finger puppet, his entire inside feeling more and more full as Vance pushed himself deeper and deeper. Vance never broke their kiss. John’s hands gripped on to Vance’s biceps, which seemed to flex bigger and bigger as though they were accommodating more and more weight. John felt invigorated. He slid all the way down on Vance’s huge cock, more than 3 feet of cock shoved inside his aching ass. John slid up and down, his quads flexing bigger and bigger with every stroke.

Vance couldn’t believe it. He had never been so satisfied. It was a curse he had lived with albeit fictionally for as long as he could remember. Suddenly, he was about to cum. He willed himself to wait. His balls ached with that tingly sensation that comes when you’re about to explode. He raked his teeth against John’s bottom lip in pleasure, an attempt to stave off his burgeoning ejaculation. Fuck, it felt so good. John broke the kiss.

His voice emanated deep and sexy, a sharp contrast to the tinny voice John had known all his life. It was like melted chocolate. It boomed within his chest. “My turn now. You’re gonna take all this newly grown cock in your big bubble butt. Fuck yeah.”

John oozed young masculinity. It was as though he were 23 again, but the version of 23 he’d always longed to be. Young, verile—with nearly the biggest dick in the world. It was a horny man’s dream.

Vance slid his cock out of John’s massive ass. John’s feet touched the ground for the first time in what seemed like hours. It probably was with the level of stamina these two god-like men possessed. His toes rubbed against the soft carpet. John shook his legs like he had just finished a workout, prepping for the next “set”. His ass shook tremulously. John could feel that it had grown. He mindlessly rubbed one smooth, clean cheek with his palm. It was enormous…enormous yet still fathomable when he realized how tall he stood now. His eyes looked down, ever so slightly on Vance. Vance’s lips curled into a smile. He was staring at the most beautiful face in the world. What he had seen before, John’s first transformation of the day was nothing compared to this. His eyes were piercing and slightly squinty. His lips pouted but not in a melodramatic way. His jaw was square and chiseled. To describe him as model-like is to do him a disservice. He was perfect.

“Get on that bed!” John ordered. Vance chuckled and eagerly obeyed. He assumed the position. His ass ready for a pounding.

John felt a little anxious. He had never done this before, but his hormones were running wild. He felt like Max and Seth…or Max and Bobby (he didn’t know who Max was with nowadays, all he knew was that distinct teenage sex-drive). That sex drive was multiplied by about 10. One moment his dick was inches away from that tender beefy ass, next he was buried completely in Vance’s body. John gasped. It was the most amazing sensation he had ever felt. Beyond what sex was like with Max’s mother. Fuck it was amazing. Max and Seth felt the house shaking with John’s sexual power as the bed slammed repeatedly against the wall. John smiled, his eyes furrowed in pleasure.

He felt resistance. John looked down to see that at least 4 inches were sticking out of Vance’s fantastically cleaved butt. He must have just grown because moments ago he was in as far as inhumanly possible. John thought of Max and Seth. Their dicks were nothing compared to this. He was truly the best man of the house…besides Vance. At least for now. John drove his shaft in until his pelvis ground against the soft, supple skin of Vance’s ass. Vance clenched and John gasped. He had lost control. He spewed thick, heavy volleys of cum into Vance’s body. He stayed in for a couple minutes as he continued to cum. He pulled out quickly, not wanting to overpower Vance. Yet he didn’t know that he was nowhere near done. He continued to shoot out powerful gallons of hot cum all over Vance’s musclebound body. He and the bed were soaked with John’s seed.

“Oh yes,” John whispered, completely exhausted.

“Oooooohhhh godddddd!” Vance started to moan as he threw his head back and fell back onto the bed. His back arched and his feet flexed. His abs tightened and his chest contracted. His biceps bulged, becoming increasingly vascular. It was as though his whole body were flexing. If John’s cock had softened at all in the time after erupting, it was now hard as steel and bigger than ever. He couldn’t tell through the intense moans, but it sounded like Vance was laughing.


Part 11

Meanwhile, Seth and Max’s giant forms were undulating rhythmically on the bed upstairs. Seth’s tight pants clung to his massive ass as he lay on top of Max’s godlike body. They always wanted sex, but instead they liked the way their muscles felt constrained by their clothes. Both of their groins ground into each other, growing harder and harder against the denim fabric.

“Fuck I’m so horny all the time,” Seth said.

Max broke their kiss and eyed him suspiciously. He knew Seth had always been horny. Even back when he was straight, which of course Seth couldn’t remember, he had always skipped class just so that he could get off with some cheerleader. And with a big dick, Seth’s libido was always charged. The only difference now was that his dick was 3 times bigger, he had been expanded to an enormous size, and his testosterone was constantly pulsing through his veins. He was a supercharged, massive, sex hound. He needed sex almost constantly.

“Dude, if we don’t abstain at least a little, we’ll never be able to function when we get bigger,” Max reasoned.

“When?” Seth asked hopefully. His dick responded in his pants. Max smiled, feeling Seth’s giant man meat press heavily against the length of his thigh. He reached down and gave it a squeeze. Seth gasped. Max sat up and leaned in to Seth’s ear, “You like that, big boy?” Max’s breath was warm and punctuated Seth’s sexual frustration. Max snapped affectionately at Seth’s earlobe.

The two men resumed their make-out session. Max’s mouth was enveloped by Seth’s thick, sexy lips. Max ran his hands down Seth’s flaring lats. This boy’s body had always been remarkable, but Max had just taken it far past Adonis. His meaty hands wandered their way down and landed on that perfectly sculpted bubble butt. Max had always known he had liked big muscular asses. It wasn’t a secret, but now that he had one and he was able to change any ass he wanted into the perfect one, there was no stopping his fantasies. Seth’s butt filled out his jeans so perfectly. It was not obscenely huge or disproportionate. It just looked powerful. Muscular. Beefy, like the rest of Seth. With every roll of Seth’s body on top of Max’s, his butt flexed and relaxed. Max was lost in Seth’s lips and his body. His hands groped helplessly against the seat of Seth’s jeans. Suddenly he felt them pop. Seth gasped in pleasure. A smell of cologne floated between Seth and Max.

Max had lost control. He had grown Seth, if only a little, by accident. Seth’s ass had inflated with new muscle. Seth sat up, kneeling over Max’s pelvis. The seams popped a little more.

“What did you do?” Seth asked.

“Um—nothing,” Max lied.

“I feel really good, but my clothes are tighter—well my jeans are tighter. What did you do?” Seth said, getting up off the bed to stand up. He felt his ass. Sure enough it felt bigger in his hands. Max gazed at it; his mouth watered. It had grown. Not much, but it looked tighter. Still big and round, but perkier, if an ass could be such a thing.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you look hot,” Max said. “I have half a mind to strip you down and force my massive cock into that tight ass of yours.”

“Oh god—please do,” Seth said. Max heard almost a plea in his voice. He really was a sex hound.

Max drew closer to Seth and slipped his hands around that thick bubble butt. He pressed his pelvis against Seth’s, feeling the giant man meat lengthening and hardening in his already strained jeans. Seth and Max leaned in for a sweet kiss when they suddenly heard a loud crash from the floor beneath them.

Seth looked at Max and smiled. “You’re dad is totally getting it on with Vance,” Seth said leaning in again.

Max stopped Seth. “I think we should check it out—”

Seth smiled, “Dude, you wanna watch your dad have sex with Vance—not gonna lie, I’m sure it’s hot, but seriously? We could have our own muscle sex up here.” Seth removed his shirt for dramatic effect.

Although Max felt weak at the knees at the sight of Seth’s perfectly sculpted body: His washboard abs and his Adonis belt that seemed to beg him to rip those pants open and devour that succulent cock—but no. Something was going on downstairs and Max needed to find out what it was. “I don’t think those are normal sex noises from two big men—I think something else is happening.”

“You’re hunk senses are tingling?” Seth said, pressing his pecs against Max’s and kissing him gently on the neck.

“You could call it that,” Max said, pushing his palm against Seth’s smooth, tanned skin. Fuck, he was so hot. Max’s mind and newly heightened libido was screaming Fuck me!!

“Come on, let’s just go check it out. If there’s nothing wrong, then we can come back up here—and I’ll let you have your way with me,” Max said, winking.

Seth sighed. His balls ached with desire. They felt heavy in the crotch of his pants. It was such a burden to stay clothed all the time; even more of a burden to abstain from sex for more than a few hours.

Seth turned and feigned “the spurned lover”. He walked out the door. Max followed and watched that perfect ass bob up and down, teasing him. Seth started down the stairs and his freshly grown bubble butt strained so hard against the fabric of his jeans that they ripped right down the center. Fuck me!!! Max’s cock became electrified. I need that ass!

Seth had noticed, but he wanted sex and he knew how to get it. He clenched his ass and allowed for the muscles to bunch up as much as possible. Another rip. Just fuck me!! Max’s mind was going crazy. Seth stopped on a landing halfway down the stairs. Time to bring it home. He bent over laboriously as if to tie his shoes. He could feel his ass stretching the limit of his jeans. His quads strained more and more. Finally, as Seth reached a full stretch down to his feet, his pants just gave up and split down the completely. Out popped the most beautifully sculpted, muscled, bubble butt Max had ever seen. I created that—it’s mine for the taking, Max thought to himself.

Seth stood up quickly. “Oh man, dude, I’ve gotten so big back there—well, I guess all over.” He reached to solid hands back to feel the damage. His underwear was threadbare, practically see-through. His pants were shredded around his legs and bunched around his knees. “Sometimes it’s just annoying to have to wear clothes, you know, man?”

Max felt his legs move involuntarily towards Seth. He walked the last few steps to the landing. It’s right there—touch it. Fuck him! Fuck me!!

Seth smirked. The dimple on his cheek pronounced. Max reached out and pulled down the rest of his pants. His biceps bunched up and he tore them from around Seth’s legs.

“Thanks, Max. That’s so much better—“

“Shut up,” Max said forcefully. “I’m not finished with you.”

Seth had never heard Max be so gruff with him before. He kind of liked it.

“You like being a big boy, don’t you?” Max said. Max didn’t quite know what was happening to him. It was as if his testosterone had been peaked by all the changes that he and Seth and John and Vance had gone through. It was in the air—or something.

Seth stood where he was. He wanted to see what Max would do next, “Fuck yeah. I love being big. I’m too big for my briefs though, Max.”

Max turned Seth around quickly to face him. He kissed Seth’s mouth fervently. Seth felt Max’s big yet soft hand stroke down his cobblestone abs and land on his massive bulge. Seth was semi-hard already and could feel the briefs straining to contain him.

“Fuck, you’re right. You’re big everywhere aren’t you?” Max said, finding this new game to be fun and empowering. He squeezed Seth’s bulge hard. Seth reacted with a small whimper of sexual pleasure. “And fuck, you’re ass looks like it’s about to burst out of those briefs too. I wish that your underwear would give up the fight and just let you breathe—I can tell you’re still a growing boy.”

Seth felt the threads briefs snap all at once. His enormous cock flowed out into Max’s cupped hand. It was much too big and it overflowed . His hand could only hold one of Seth’s virile balls. Seth threw his head back. He could feel air on his new ass. Max rubbed Seth’s dick hard. Fuck him!

Max pushed Seth against the wall and turned him around. Fuck that ass was so beautiful. Max’s massive cock leaked precum. Max rubbed his pelvis on that smooth butt. It was so smooth but full of muscular power. Seth smiled. This is what he had wanted.

“Oh you’re such a fuckin’ hot stud. You wanna get big, don’t you? You’re a big boy, but you want to get bigger,” Max said, his mouth against Seth’s neck. Seth could feel the hot air being pushed out of Max’s mouth. Seth’s ass craved Max’s cock.

“Fuck yeah. My body wants to be BIG, Max. I wanna get big for you,” Seth screamed, his cheek pressed up against the stairway wall.

I wish Seth were huge. I wish he would keep growing until I’m satisfied, Max’s sex-drugged mind screamed.

Max backed up and let his dick rise to full mast. It was hard to believe that only a short while ago he was complaining about the size of his dick, wishing he were someone else. Now his dick was so gloriously big he couldn’t be happier—or so he thought. Max rammed the length of his cock into Seth’s soft ass. Seth screamed in agony and pleasure. He started to sweat, but it wasn’t really sweat. Max’s face pressed up to Seth’s shoulders, he could smell the aroma of the cologne. This was such a big wish that Seth’s body had secreted that smell. Here we go, big boy, Max said.

Max pushed his cock in and out of the hot ass. Ramming him harder and harder. Max could feel his face slide lower and lower on to Seth’s back. He was growing. Max’s hands rested on the sides of Seth’s muscled torso. It grew wider and wider. Muscles rippled beneath his palms. Seth breathed heavier with every passing second.

“I’m getting big for you! Fuck! I’m gonna get BIG!”

Max felt Seth’s ass press harder against his pelvis as it grew outward. As if it were possible for Seth’s butt to get any more amazing, every second it grew thicker and rounder and tighter—and higher.

CRACK! The stairs beneath their feet snapped under Seth’s weight. Only then did Max look up and notice that Seth was huge. His shoulders stretched out broader than any morphed picture he had on his computer. His torso exploded with muscle, tapering down to a sharp v that landed on a mountainous ass. Max’s face collided with those two glorious globes. He had grown so tall that now Max’s face reached the top of Seth’s butt. Max bit down tenderly on the ass. He just wanted to taste it.

“Fuck yeah,” Seth boomed. “Eat me out!”

That was all Max needed. He buried his face in that huge ass. It was so smooth and so hot. His hands massaged the two spheres, groping them hard. Max couldn’t stand not having his cock in it for too long though. He scampered up two stairs and grabbed the side of Seth’s gigantic butt. Seth was absolutely huge. Seth bent over and gave Max the perfect entry point from two stairs above. Max, whose dick was not small by any means, plowed into that beautiful bulging ass. Seth released sharp gasps. For some reason, although he had grown bigger and bigger, his hole had tightened. Max bit his lip. Fuck, this feels so good!

Max could feel Seth’s soft cheeks press against his cock more and more as he grew bigger.

“Yes! Fuck yes! I’m a big boy now, Max—and uhhhhh! I’m—uh!—gonna—cum!!” Seth shouted.

Max thrust his hips harder. So close! His dick was burning. His balls were aching for release.

“FUUUUUCK!” Max shouted.

“AAAAAGH!!!” Seth boomed.

Both of them started cumming. Seth’s unreal cock erupted with thick geysers of cum all over the stairwell. It slammed against the wall and the banister and the floor at the bottom of the staircase. Max’s face contorted in pleasure. He gasped and breathed with small whimpers as he pumped Seth full of his hot cum. So—fucking—good—, Max’s body was saying. He had been satisfied.

While they had been finishing, beneath their feet the floor began to shake. The pictures on the wall: of a puny version of Max, skin and bones, and a smile full of braces, along with a perfectly average version of John, shook violently, threatening to fall from their hooks. Max fell backwards onto the stairs above him. Seth’s feet struggled to find a place to fall. He finally sat backwards sliding (or rather luckily fitting) all 12 ½ feet of man in between to wall and Max.

“Max—what—the fuck—is going on?” Seth breathed heavily.

Max drew closer to his man’s big body. He had grown a fuckin’ god today.

The ground continued to shake heavily. Max could hear a deep voice straining as though it were in pain, and an unfamiliar, higher, but equally masculine voice shouting something. Max and Seth listened, somewhat frightened, but still coming off of the amazing high of total satisfaction.

“Vance! Vance?!” Max heard through the walls.

Max looked at Seth quickly. Seth and Max knew exactly what had happened.

“Cum makes me grow—” Seth said, knowingly. He stretched out his legs, letting his enormous heels land on the tile floor. He let a hand fall down onto his thick, handsome, smooth, cut cock. Seth felt wonderful, but now he understood through the shaking ground that he wasn’t the only one who had gotten big.

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