Magic hot tub

by Josh Dugan

An unusual hot tub brings welcome additions.

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It was an odd evening that found me tired from my workout, sore and out of sorts. I limped homeward, feeling the strain of the too-heavy weight routine.

Every one of my well-developed muscles was calling out its name, the loudest chorus coming from my back. Oh, the back. No pain, no gain. Ouch.

A swim might have helped. I love swimming at the gym. Not only for the workout, but the incredible physiques, so beautiful as they kick by. The legs particularly, the long-muscled handsome legs of my fellow swimmers and their large, gentle feet as they wave by in the neighboring lanes of the lap pool.

So many nights I have spent lying awake, replaying the beautiful images of legs, the handsome legs of handsome men. How I would love to grab them, pull them to me and wrap them around me! In college, I was famous for my ability to soothe the sore muscles of my fellow swim team members with my strong, gentle hands. They loved my back massages, and I massaged tirelessly, especially when the swimmer relaxed beneath my plying hands, boasted a long and handsome pair of beautiful swimmer's legs.

In my vivid imagination I possessed the ability to play back in my mind the wonderfully sexy qualities of my teammates' legs, and in my mind I would hold again the sculptured beauty of muscle and length, grasping and working the long thigh, the gentle swell of the calf, the beautiful narrowing of the relaxed ankle and the sweet crescendo of the magnificently shaped male foot. After one leg was done, there was another!

Just thinking about it made me hard. But now my back was sore, and I decided that rather than a swim, a relaxing soak in a hot tub would do me best.

Oddly enough, the moment I came out of my reverie, I found myself at the entrance to an attractive yet unfamiliar establishment, the Magic Hot Tub. It was enough that the attendant at the desk was giving me a handsome come-hither smile, and through the open portals I passed. The place had the feel of a small, friendly operation, and in what seemed like the blink of an eye, I was stumbling naked through a rather winding passageway from the lockers to a large, opalescent hot tub, its steam rising in wisps like long, gentle arms beckoning me.

I wasn't quite sure how I'd found the hot tub, which seemed quite private in its setting of stone and exotic greenery, and the subdued lighting of the chamber caught the velvety shimmer of the waves as the tub glowed its welcome.

As my eyes slowly adjusted to the lighting, I heard the gentle padding of feet on the warm stone, and in through another tunnel appeared one of the handsomest men ever to inhabit a body, also naked and appearing someone disoriented.

“Hi,” I said, returning his smile, immediately noticing his muscular wide shoulders, strong hips and long, gracefully muscular legs. “Looks like we found the same tub,” he said awkwardly, his large feet shifting uncertainly.

My expert eye immediately took them in, their size and handsome shape.

Suddenly I was developing a major hard-on in spite of myself in front of a perfect stranger, so I quickly climbed into the hot tub, which instantly started to rumble, producing a welcome torrent of shielding bubbles from its many underwater jets. “No problem for me,” I said, embarrassed, yet taken by his stature and beauty. “Please, come on in. There's plenty of room for both of us!”

“Thanks,” he said, folding his handsome and muscular body down to a squat and inserting one magnificent leg into the water as his arm muscles supported the godlike torso, and then the second leg entered. They were long! I caught a glimpse of the fine, muscular buns as they disappeared beneath the raging roar of the bubbles.

I immediately blushed at what must have appeared to be my own obvious appreciation of his beauty, but he laughed boyishly, his big body relaxing in my admiration. Oh, was I hard, and so thankful for the shimmering curtain of bubbles. I couldn't control my racing thoughts. Was that his leg extending so close by me beneath the roaring steam? The tub was either smaller than I had imagined or his legs were much longer! I thought I felt a gentle nudge on my thigh, when suddenly from behind me the attendant spoke.

“Compliments of the house,” he smiled, setting a large frosted ice bucket at water's edge. How nice of them! I thought, as the attendant poured out two round glasses of wine from a sparkling decanter, passing each of us a glass.

“Cheers,” he said.

“Cheers,” I said, shyly, and my handsome friend and I touched glasses with a gentle ring.

“Cheers,” he said, and there was the nudge again. His left foot was warm and firm against my right thigh. It was unmistakable. His eyes met mine, with clear honesty and a smile of welcome. We tossed back the wine, cold and sweet, and poured each other another. The handsome attendant had vanished.

I guess it all happened naturally enough, as we relaxed and talked. We both slid down so our necks rested on the comfortable rounded edge of the hot tub, and our legs eventually touched and then rested together. I felt permanently turned on, and the sweet quenching wine had overcome my shyness. “May I place your legs in my lap for a nice relaxing massage,” I offered, finally yielding to my hunger to hold and feel those beautiful legs and feet.

He laughed gently, pulling them up and into my lap, gently nudging me with them. I was brazenly hard now, as his handsome feet learned, their large, gentle male tenderness making the acquaintance of my massive and unrelenting hard-on. We both laughed, sweating with the steam and comfort of the endless hot tub roar, and his huge, beautiful feet and long, handsome legs were mine.

My hands were in ecstasy. The weight and feel of the legs and feet in my lap made me weak with arousal, and he possessed the ability to communicate his gentle sexuality through them with sweet finesse. I worked the long leg muscles, the wonderful calves, the firm, long shins, the beautifully developed ankle tendons, the magnificent strong, gentle feet. I kissed the feet, the soft firm soles, the generous instep, the sweet, relaxed toes, and they gently caressed my lips in return. I would finish one leg and do the next, only to start over again on the first.

Our laughter and conversation continued, and as I noticed a slight slur from his sweet lips I laughed again, and he with me, the legs holding me and hugging my gratefully relaxing muscles. He was so incredibly handsome, and his sweet boyish generosity with the leg hugs left me breathless.

My mind was mad with his beauty, and his sweating relaxed torso leaned back against the stone caught the shimmering reflections of the water as the light danced on his handsome torso, arms and shoulders. I pictured him as a handsome centaur, and my imagination played with images of his magnificent arms pulling an arrow back in a crossbow, his back and shoulder muscles glistening and taught. But no, a horse's body and hooves? What a waste of legs, I thought, especially when his were so beautiful.

I shamelessly worked, massaged and fondled the legs with my strong hands, and a mad thought occurred to me: why couldn't a centaur have four human legs?

Why deal with the horse aspect at all? I suddenly pictured how incredibly sexy and erotic my beautiful friend would be if beneath his muscular hunk's torso sprouted a matched set of four magnificent legs.

I could picture him galloping along the beach, the twin asses pumping as the legs ran in tandem, his long handsome back flaring outward into a muscular extra hind butt. He could sit cross legged, the crossed pairs stacked. He could stretch the legs out and do a four-way leg cross, the four feet hanging over the footstool in a handsome intertwined bouquet, the long calves and thighs gently resting their lengths against one another.

And I would be there, bringing sweet wine as he laughed and untangled the legs to wrap around me again as I pushed away the footstool and took its place, massaging the wonderful legs as he wrapped them around me and caressed and nudged me with their magnificent long muscles and the large, gentle feet.

Mmmmmmm, I fantasized, growing faint with arousal and feeling larger and harder than ever. I wish he had four legs to massage, nuzzle and caress, I thought. I wish, I wish.

Something odd happened in the way the hot tub roar sounded, and I felt a shift of current, for only a moment, and a swirl of greater warmth that quickly passed. I looked up out of my reverie, and my friend's sweet eyes met mine again, knowingly. His sweet lips smiled and his beautiful face flushed with arousal, as I his long, handsome feet pressed gently into my bulging pectorals.

I felt his calves move as he arched the feet against my chest, and with a gentle laugh, he raised himself up on his long arms and resettled himself in the roaring waters, sweat pouring off his beautiful physique, and pulled up from the roaring waters a second magnificent pair of legs as I held the first, the hind legs nudging my sides gently.

I must have blacked out or nearly blacked out and as I felt myself keeling over I was suddenly steadied by the loving strength of four beautiful legs, the four handsome feet supporting my slumping musculature. “Wow,” was all I could say, and then we both said it together. We both burst out laughing, his handsome shoulders shaking helplessly with laughter as I fell forward into the grasp of what might have been the world's handsomest giant squid. The legs warmly surrounded and enfolded me, and his rippling stomach muscles bulged as he drew me toward him with his four long, gentle legs.

“Please, may I have you like this?” I asked, loving him and discovering a giant, aroused hardon between the front pair as well as a second huge, aroused male sex organ between the hind pair of legs. “I'm yours, legs and all,” he smiled. “And I'd gladly add another pair of leg or another four for you.”

I came, on the spot. I made him groan and scream with pleasure most of the night, after finishing with one of his hardons and then making the next one come. I never really could tell how we left the magic hot tub, probably because of the wine. I remember helping carry several of the beautiful legs as he tried to walk them all home, stumbling with wine.

We never tire of making love, and the beautiful legs enwrap me as we speak.

Forever will I love him.

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