by James Fourlegs

It just goes to show that if a genie ever offers you a wish, wish for more wishes.

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So, the genie I had found in the bottle must have been gay. He probably had read my mind and knew I was gay, too. Anyway, he was good enough to grant me that ultimate wish: to wish for more wishes. I knew how I would use the wishes. And the time had come, when I was alone with Joey, the most beautiful man I ever hope to meet, the love of my life.

I liked the way this worked. My first wish had gone off, effortlessly. It was kinda cool. All I had done was to make a wish. Joey liked it, too.

“It feels neat to have these extra arms,” he smiled, his big hands feeling his biceps and shoulder muscles. “Mmmmmm, and it looks so nice on you,” I said, hugging all the arms against his handsome torso. He kissed me, a couple of the big hands finding my waist, another couple heavily resting on my shoulders, and the third pair cupping my face. I was in heaven. I loved kissing him, his face warm and gentle against mine.

“Don't you want six legs, too?” I asked, bumping my thighs affectionately against his, ready to wish again. “Nah,” he shrugged his broadened multiple shoulders, smiling down at his long, muscular legs and beautiful bare feet. “Four is enough.” Actually, four was awesome. Joey four-legged was a sight that left me weak and hugely aroused at the same time.

“How about more muscle?” I asked him, aroused at where my thoughts were taking me. Joey was already beautifully muscled, to the point where I felt I had two husbands, Joey and his body. I loved Joey and god did I love his body. It was so cool of him to let me wish him extra arms and legs. He understood my love of his body and was actually glad that he had such a nice body for me to love, and when I had my fill of his beautiful body, there was my sweet Joey inside of it, there for me to love.

“Yeah,” Joey said, a sexy light going on in his eyes. “Yeah, I'd love extra muscle. Whooo boy, I could go for that,” he said, and I could hear his back hardon slap against the balls of his front hardon as his penises stiffened at the thought. “Can you wish me more muscle? Please?”

“You gotta help me,” I smiled teasingly at Joey. “Oh, I will!” he almost yelped with anticipation, the big gentle hands holding me, pulling at me pleadingly. I loved the little-boy smile that lit up his beautiful male lips; “Wish,” I said, as I held them to mine. I loved my lips buried in his, so full and warm and urgent. Inwardly, I made powerful, potent wish-thoughts. “I want Joey muscular, wrapped in muscle, hugely muscled,” I wished, and sure enough, as he kissed me I felt his shoulders expanding and warming beneath my touch, and the six arms around me thickening and swelling with smooth bulges of muscle.

“Mmmmmmmm,” he said, almost swooning, his lips buried in mine. Warm bulges of thigh muscle from his front legs pressed against mine, his four legs madly pressing against each other as the four beautiful thighs swelled with a muscular sheen, the calves of Joey's front legs kissing the shins of his back legs. His four feet were awesome, sleek and shapely and powerful, beautiful as they repositioned themselves under the added weight of Joey's massive muscle.

I wanted to faint, I was so stunned at his beauty. “Oh, god, this is so sexy!” he groaned, looking skyward, his massive neck muscles bulging from his sea of shoulders. He groaned and stretched, flexing his rippling torso muscles and stretching his back four arms, almost forgetting the front pair that heavily rested their forearms across my shoulders.

“Thanks!” he almost screamed—with pleasure.

It was incredible, but I wanted more. I also wanted Joey making love to himself, enjoying his own beauty and generosity of body.

“Can I have three of you?” I asked, maddened by the possibilities of Joey making love to himself and to me, of three of him endlessly exploding into each other, a tangle of beautiful muscular, sexy male monsters. “Oh my god, yes!” Joey cried, gently burying me in the six long, bulging arms of his embrace. I kissed him, almost coming from the male power of his loving body all around me. “Whooaaa,” he said from beside me. I looked up from my kiss. Two of him, gently embracing each other with their multiple arms, were staring at Joey and me. They smiled, and it was Joey all over and over again, one of them kissing the other. “Oh, fuck, do I have to come!” smiled Joey, kissing me and affectionately pulling the other two Joeys over for a kiss, their four legs tangling each others' as all the beautiful feet stepped our way. “Me too,” I said, arms around my gentle multiple-limbed muscle gods.

“Give me a second to make another wish,” I smiled, closing my eyes.

“Awesome,” all three Joeys said as my body sprouted four legs and four arms. “I love you, man!” I said. “Let me love you!”

“Whoo-hooo!” they said, and our bodies rejoiced as did our hearts. And the come never stopped flying after that. We did take a break later on, as I wished for refreshments and something to eat for all of us. What a cool genie!

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