I wanna be big

by Daveisdaddy

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Billy always was slightly smaller than other guys, not just in his height, but in many of his bodily features. But as he grew in to manhood, he was always embarrassed about the size of his genitals. Even after he was 18 he still looked no bigger than he did as a child. His penis was only 3” when soft and even hard it never got more than 4” in length although it would get a little thicker than normal, and his balls were still small and tight against his body..

This embarrassment left him feeling inadequate around other guys in gym locker rooms, so he avoided them at all costs, and especially around guys. During make out sessions with guys the guys often teased him about his inadequate size.

His first sexual experience was with a young man, who although not a ravishing beauty, was willing to try to make love with him, but he wasn’t able to penetrate him deep enough to satisfy him. Instead, he just went down on him and sucked his cock until he exploded in his mouth.

This is the only place where he excelled. When a young man sucked him, he produced a large, thick ejaculation that the guys told him tasted very good. But he still remained unable to satisfy the young man anuslly, so he became an expert at oral sex instead.

Even with his expertise at oral sex, guys frequently tired of him and he found it difficult to keep a boyfriend very long.

He tried everything ….. pills, pumps, stretchers, everything he could read about but he never gained an inch. Billy was getting extremely depressed and discouraged. He read about a herbalist in Hong Kong who had become famous for helping men like himself, and although it cost him more than he could really afford, Billy flew to Hong Kong to seek this herbalist out as a last resort.

The trip was his first experience traveling such a long distance and he was determined to have a good time even if he was afraid it would just be another failed effort. After the 17 hours of flying he arrived in Hong Kong and was greeted at the airport by a pretty young man who introduced herself as, Kim, one of the Herbalist’s assistants. He took him on a short tour of Hong Kong and finally delivered him to a small but very nice hotel that the young man explained was very close to the Herbalist’s clinic. He took Billy to his room and after dismissing the bell young man, he sat down next to him on the bed and he gave him an itinerary for his visits to the clinic. He explained that the procedure would take a three weeks, but that he was assigned to make sure he enjoyed his stay and would show him around Hong Kong during his stay.

Then he surprised him by telling him to undress for him. He explained that he was required to exam and measure him for the Herbalist. Standing naked in front of the pretty young man, he was both embarrassed and turned on at the same time. He, on the other hand, was very professional, clinical and thorough as he measured his entire body, height, weight, and measuring his waist, chest, hips. arms, legs and everything . Next, he took a blood and urine sample as well. By that time he had lost his hard-on and he measured his cock and balls while he was flaccid. Then without any hesitation, he sucked him until he was rigidly hard and measured his cock and balls again. He then told him to tell him when he was about to cum and he sucked him expertly and soon he was ready to explode. He pumped his cock into a measuring cup until he was able to squeeze every last drop out of him. After writing down the volume of his ejaculation, he poured a little of his cum in a laboratory flask and then drank the rest of his cum down his throat.

He looked up at him with a smile, “You taste very good, much better than most men! My Master will be pleased with my report. I’m sure he will be able to help you.” It surprised him that he was so pleasant, but at the same time so clinical about the whole experience. “Thank you Billy, please relax and rest while I go meet with my Master. I will return in the morning to get you.” He smiled and turned and briskly left him dazed.

Billy was unsure what to think of the experience, but slept comfortably after his pleasant blowjob and hand job. He was sleeping soundly when he was awakened by a mouth on his cock in the early morning. He looked down to see the pretty assistant knelling nude beside the bed and sucking eagerly on his cock. “Good Morning, Billy. I wanted to milk you again….. but this time I want to drink all of your cum… it tastes so good!” He sucked him dry squeezing every drop of cum out of his balls.

His mind reeling at the joy of the experience, they got dressed and went to a nearby restaurant for a hearty breakfast. Billy kept looking at the pretty young man and visualizing his pretty nude body during breakfast. He was a tiny young man, but very nicely proportioned and it turned him on. Kim said to him, “Billy, you will be required to follow a very special diet, so I will order all your meals from now on. Your body will need certain nutrients during your treatment. I will be staying with you every day, but I promise you I will try to make your stay as pleasant as possible.”

“Kim, I want to thank you for how nice you have been to me!” Billy said, “And I’m quite sure we will have a good time…. Thanks! Oh, and by the way, I couldn’t have asked for a prettier companion….”

The young man blushed and smiled at him as they left the restaurant. He took him to a small office nearby and he was ushered into the examination room where the Herbalist waited for him.

“Mr.Jones, I hope you have had a good rest and that Kim has taken proper care of you. We have reviewed all you measurements and had chemical tests run on your blood, urine and ejaculate. I also reviewed you medical history, which you had forwarded to me by your doctors. We found nothing out of the ordinary in all your data and I believe we will have no problems with your treatment. I am particularly pleased that you are not circumcised as that will make our procedures likely to be more successful. You see, it is important that your penis have no insensitive areas and circumcision often creates some areas of insensitivity on a penis.”

The Herbalist continued, “I am also a Medical Doctor, so I will be treating you completely and will give you some medications along with my herbal formulas. I will be monitoring your health every day. You must follow my instructions carefully and precisely for the treatment to be successful, but I see no reason to believe it won’t be successful.”

“Kim has been instructed as to your dietary needs and will be administering your medications. He is a highly trained Registered Nurse and is familiar with everything you are about to experience. You will be given one injection into your penis every day, and you will take a set of pills orally with every meal. Your first injection will be administered right now, and you will take a triple dose of your herbals and medicines as well. These may make you a little dizzy and lightheaded for a short while, so I will have you lay down on the cot in the next room and Kim will stay with you while you recover. He will administer whatever ministrations necessary to will make you feel better. Please remove your clothes and lie down on the bed in the next room while I prepare your injection and medications.”

Billy went into the next room and with Kim’s help, removed all his clothes and laid down. Kim massaged his head and told him to close his eyes for a moment. His gentle massage and soothing voice made him relax. Then he started masturbating his cock to get him hard and he quietly said, “This might hurt a bit, Billy, so relax”. His eyes flew open as he inserted the needle into the meat of his cock and he felt the cool fluid enter him. But the pain was only momentary and he wiped him off with a warm cloth. Then he had him sit up and fed him three batches of pills that he had him wash down with a fruit juice drink. “Now lay back down and rest,” he instructed him. He heard the Herbalist say a few words in Chinese to the young man and then the door to the room was closed and the lights dimmed.

Billy started to feel slightly dizzy and he relaxed as much as possible. Kim soundlessly started to suckle gently and slowly on his cock. Although his sucking was more of a massage than a sexual suck, with his soft fingers massaging his balls and his prostate gland inside his anus, he soon brought him to a climax. His mouth stayed glued to his cock as he drank every drop that shot out of him and even as he began to soften, his mouth stayed on his cock slowly, gently suckling. With a sigh he relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

Billy woke up after short nap to find Kim still suckling on him. “Hey, Kim…. have you been sucking me for all this time? How long did I sleep?…” He licked up the underside of his cock as he lifted his head up to smile at him.

“Yes, while you slept I have been suckling you for almost three hours now. Would you like to cum again for me?” And he took his cock all the way down his mouth and sucked on him very hard and he massaged his prostate inside his anus until the cum boiled out of his balls and flooded his throat. He licked him clean and stood up holding his hand out to him. “Lets get up sleepy head. It’s time for you to eat again.”

The herbalist met them as they left and told Billy, “You should feel much better now. It is important that Kim, or any one of my assistants, milk your cock and prostate at least 4-5 times every day during your treatment. If he is unavailable, you will need to have some woman do it for you, but only someone he or I approve of. You cannot have intercourse during this treatment period….. you can only have oral sex. The woman does not have to swallow your ejaculate, but it is preferable and will encourage success. Kim tells me that he likes your taste, so that won’t be a problem for him….”

“After your treatment period, you may have intercourse no more than 1 time per day for the first 2-3 weeks but your ability to remain fully erect for up to four hours should manifest itself within that time, so each intercourse should be quite satisfying. Your penis size should increase steadily every day for the next few weeks, as long as you take your medications. You will not require injections daily after the first 2-3 weeks, instead only once per month for the next 4 months. After that your size should be stabilized and you won’t have to endure that discomfort. Did it hurt very much today?”

Billy thought about it and could honestly answer, “It did a little at first, but with Kim suckling on me, I soon forgot about it. He is REALLY expert at that, and he obviously was very gentle when he injected me.”

“Yes, Kim and all my other assistants are highly trained experts in oral sex, because we realize that it is essential for this procedure to work properly. It is the direct vacuum style stimulation on the meat of your penis that encourages the growth.”

Billy and Kim toured all of Hong Kong quite extensively over the next couple of days visiting all the major attractions. And as per instructed, he milked him at every opportunity… a couple of times in public where they could do so discretely. On the evening of the third day he stopped suckling him and measured his cock. “Fully erect, you are now 5 inches and you are starting to get thicker now. Your balls haven’t gotten much bigger, but your ball-sack is expanding a little.” Kim smiled up at him and then plunged his finger up his ass to massage his prostate as he finished milking him. “And you are producing more cum as well!” he said cheerfully and he gulped down the last of his load.

Over the next three days he gained another 1 inch and almost an inch more in circumference. His balls almost doubled in size and now hung loosely in their large sack below his now 6” cock. He was enjoying his milking and looked forward to each session. He had become quite attached to the pretty young Asian young man and felt a little down when he told him that the next four days would be his days off. But his eye lit up when he introduced Steve, a beautiful Japanese young man with very firm but moderate sized pecs on the last night together.

Kim explained, “Steve & I will both milk you all night tonight before I leave in the morning. He will inject you in the morning, not me. He is a very very good cocksucker, and you should enjoy his ministrations. I hope you like him. I told him about how good your cum tastes and he’s looking forward to it.”

After dinner the two guys and Billy went back to the room where they all showered together and as Billy stood, Kim sucked his balls and licked his anus while Steve knelt before him and expertly took every inch of his cock down his throat, all the way to his balls. With his cock buried in Steve’s throat, Kim pushed his finger deep into his ass and began massaging his prostate vigorously. Billy experienced the most powerful climax of his life as Steve drank every drop of his ejaculate with his cock buried deep in his throat.

Over the next four days Steve and Billy spent most of the time in bed, with Steve deepthroating him 3 times in the morning twice in the afternoon and 3 times at night. The volume of his ejaculate was increasing steadily so that by the end of the four days when Kim returned and took his new measurements his ejaculate was more than twice what it was before he left for his days off, and his cock had grown to 7” and almost 6” in circumference. Steve was reluctant to leave him and told him he really loved the taste of his cum.

Kim milked Billy again after Steve left and Billy pushed his cock deep down his throat when he came. The powerful climax almost made him faint and he realized how much he missed the pretty little young man. “Oh Kim, that was wonderful!! I’ve missed you!!!”

Kim beamed brightly with pleasure as he looked up into his eyes, “And I missed you too. Especially your delicious cum.” He licked his lips and licked him completely clean. “You have grown very nicely in the last 10 days. I hope you will continue to be successful…”

Later that day when the met with the Herbalist, he told Billy, “Your treatment is going along very successfully. Your growth will continue, but a little slower now. I expect that you will gain at most 4-6” inches in the next 10days and your balls and ball-sack will end up about 3 times their original size. I’m very pleased with the amount of ejaculate you are now producing and I expect that will stabilize after increasing to about 3 times your current volume. That will mean you will eventually produce about a cup of ejaculate.”

“After your treatment, you may experience a little growth over the next 4 months, but that should also stabilize. You body is responding exceptionally well to the treatment and I expect you will maximize at about 12-14” in length when erect. Right now I am told your erections are extremely hard, but when you reach your full length, they may become slightly less hard yet you will still be able to penetrate most anuss if they are well lubricated. Your ejaculate will increase exponentially, so you may want the guys you are with to take precautions.”

“You are going to be one of most spectacular success stories!”

Kim took care of him four another 5 days, during which he grew to a thick 9” before he took another 3 days off. This time he was relieved by a very beautiful young Filipino young man who had great difficulty deepthroating him, but always eagerly drank every drop of his cum every time he sucked him.

Kim returned to take care of him for three more days before it was time to go back home. He barely slept during that time as he sucked him almost non-stop during that time. He told him he was overdoing it, but he couldn’t help herself because he was enjoying his cum so much.

The last day before his flight home, he was given his medications and injections for the next four month. The final measurement showed he had reached 10” and his balls now hung almost 6” below his cock in a very large ball-sack. He now filled almost a full cup of cup 4-5 times a day. He had to have new pants made by a tailor in Hong Kong to accommodate his size.

Since this was the last day of his treatment, Kim told him that they could have intercourse if he wanted. “Want it??? I can’t think of anyone I would enjoy fucking more than you, Kim!” he exclaimed.

Kim sucked him until he was rigidly hard. Then he turned him back to him, kneeling on all fours. Gently, Billy pushed his huge cock into his warm, wet ass until he was buried completely in the small young man’s cunt. Kim was gasping with pleasure as he began fucking the pretty young man, his small pecs swaying with the rhythm of their fucking. Billy loved how cute his butt was and this was a great position to watch his now huge cock penetrate him. His large balls started boiling cum and he exploded deep inside the small young man as he screamed in ecstasy in his own climax. “Oh, God! Oh, God! So MUCH! Fill me, Billy!!!” He remained hard even after cumming and he pulled his cum soaked cock out of his ass and positioned it against his tiny anus. “Oh, My God!!!” he screamed as he pushed his cock into his anus slowly. He kept moaning in pain as he gradually filled his butt with his huge cock until he was buried up to his balls. He screamed, “Ah… Ahhh…. AAAAHHH!” as he fucked the tiny young man in his ass. With a mighty shout he exploded and filled his chocolate highway with spurt after spurt of his cum. They both collapsed in exhaustion, with Billy’s big cock still buried deep in his ass. When he finally pulled his massive cock out of his asshole, it remained gaping open and cum dripped out of it.

He laid back and Kim licked his cock clean and then sucked him until he exploded in his pretty little mouth, the sweet little young man drinking every drop of his ejaculate.

Kim was tearful as he accompanied him to the airport, telling the cab driver to stop so he could deepthroat him once more before they got there. Although he eagerly gulped down as much of his cum as possible, some of his cum leaked out of him obscenely stretched lips when he spurted his huge ejaculate down his throat. After licking him clean, he said, “I will never forget you Billy, you have the best tasting cum I’ve ever known!! And your cock is just BEAUTIFUL!”

On the flight home, All the stewards on the plane kept glancing at the large bulge in his pants and two of them each took him into the lavatory to suck him and drink his cum three times during the 17 hour flight. When he arrived in the USA the flight stewards joined him in his hotel room fucking and sucking him until all three of them were exhausted. Billy stayed hard and fucked them for 4 hours straight, ejaculating every half hour.

When Billy returned home, he became very popular with the guys, finding a couple who were expect cocksuckers to help continue his treatment. By the fourth month he had grown to 16” and none of his guys could deep throat him anymore. Most guys had difficulty even getting much of his cock in their mouths although they always loved drinking the huge loads of cum he gave them. Some guys refused to get fucked by him, because he was still growing and getting thicker as well.

After he passed the 19” length, he found he was no longer as popular as he was too big for most guys to either suck him or fuck him and his erections were not as stiff anymore.

Still growing, he finally realized that being that much bigger wasn’t so great after all. And yet he was not sure that he cared in the least that the old curse had happened for him—he’d gotten what he’d wished for.

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