Hugecock diary

by Anonymous

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Over the course of my 29 year life, lots of people have asked me what it is like to have cock like mine. At 19 inches long and 10.5 inches around (that's 3” thick if you can't divide by pi) (and currently using a cockpump to make it even bigger) I have one of the largest dicks on the planet. I've even had straight guys play with my huge dong just to they could feel a tool like mine. To answer a lot of the questions a lot of you have, and to satisfy the voyeur in all of us, I'm publishing parts of my diary (edited and updated). I started keeping my diary early in life, but in the first entry I'm publishing I was 13 1/2.

Since the entries are dated, you need some point of reference. I was born on November 8th, 1967.

Dear diary, Why can't I stop trying to look at guys and their cocks? Its bad enough that my dick is deformed, but I can't help but look at guys in the locker room and any time I'm at a urinal I can't help but look over and see what the other guy has. I've never seen another guy hard, but I really want to. Maybe when guys get hard they get as big as I do. I hope so, I don't like the jokes…I mean FUCK! I think I'm gay, and I don't want to be! At least Jake doesn't mind me hanging around him.

[Editor's note: Jake was my 19 year old cousin who was staying with us while taking Summer School courses]

Dear Diary, Jake is gay!! How do I know? I searched his room today while he was at school and found a bunch of dirty mags. Its the first time I'd ever seen pornos and I have to admit, it took a few moments to realize that there were no chicks on the covers. My heart was pounding and I felt faint as I realized that EVERYBODY in his mags were guys, and they were doing things that I had never imagined. I'd heard about buttfucking, but here were pictures of spread asscheeks and hard cocks buried inside, pictures of cocks, guys sucking guys, it was incredible! I was so hard it hurt! I ripped off my shorts and began to jerk off in my favorite way. I ran my right hand over my dickhead to get some lube, then wrapped both hands around my meat (I'm trying to use words I saw and read today), and came as soon as I began jerking. It took maybe 3 strokes before I erupted, it was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. Cum spewed out all over. I just rode it out, feeling too intense to think. After I came, I didn't even get soft. I continued to leaf through the mags, jerking my cock until it was almost time for Jake to get home, put away everything, and went back to my room. One thing I did notice, it didn't look like anybody had a dick as big as mine. I wonder what's wrong with me? One of the stories I read the guy kept going on about his 10” long, 8” around cock. Hold on, maybe I should measure myself…after all, if he's 10” and I'm about that, I gotta be normal right? Hold on, let me grab a ruler from the desk. I'm back. There must be something wrong with me. My cock measures exactly 1 foot from my crotch to the head. I must be deformed or something. I laid the ruler across my dick and it said I was 2” across. I'm really worried about this…what if my dick is deformed?

Dear Diary, I'm not worried if I'm deformed anymore. I found out that I am, and that is a wonderful thing!!! How did I find out? It turns out Jake is deformed like me, only more so. How did I find that out? A screwup on my part. I was in his bedroom stroking and cumming and suddenly his voice came from over my shoulder. “See you inherited the family cock, little cousin.” I jumped up (not to mention out of my skin) and turned around and there was my cousin, naked as I was, and as hard as I'd was, only he had even a bigger cock! He walked over, grabbed my meat and stroked it and couple of times. That was too much for me. I began to cum. I was mortified as the first blast rocketed out and splashed against his leg. What would he think?! My answer came a moment later when he dropped to his knees and took my spurting dick into his mouth and sucked the rest of my load out. I thought I felt good the other day, but this was mind-boggling. I saw stars as I finished cumming into his mouth. He stood up, a trickle of cum dripping from the corner of his mouth. He grabbed me by the dick and walked me over to the bed and pushed me onto it. He lay down next to me and explained the facts of life to me. He knew that I'd been looking through his porno collection, and came home early from class to catch me jerking off. He wanted to see if I inherited the family dick. It turns my mother's side of the family (through the maternal line) runs to huge cocks. Jake explained to me that having a huge cock was a wonderful thing. I might get jokes, especially the next few years in high school, but that was minor compared to the joy of being hung like your average mule. He explained how having a massive dong made people stare, how getting laid was usually just a matter of whipping it out, and it allowed you to suck yourself. He asked if I had ever done that. I never even thought about it. He smiled, sat up, leaned down and shoved the head of his cock into his mouth. He pulled his mouth off, a trail of precum stretching from his lower lip to his dick. He told me to try it, and it was incredible! I didn't know precum tasted so good! The feeling were incredible. Like the feeling when he was sucking my cum down, but different, since I could control when and where my tongue went, the strength of sucking and what not. Jake reached over and cupped my balls in his hand and squeezed them gently. With a muffled shout (muffled because I had a mouthful of my own cock) I spewed, my load spraying into my mouth. I almost choked as the spray hit the back of my throat, but it tasted so good I was able to swallow almost all of it. When my vision cleared, and I could think again. Jake looked at me and smiled. “Fun, little cousin? I think we'll have fun all summer long.” He waved my dick toward me and told me to try sucking him now. I leaned over and tried to get the head into my mouth but it was too big. I tried and tried, but ended up sucking on the tip of his cockhead, while stroking the shaft with both my hands. I must have been doing a good job because he was moaning and telling me to dig my tongue into his slit and dig out the ooze, to nibble on the big triangle of skin bellow his head, and after a few minuets he groaned that he was going to cum, and filled my mouth with his sperm. It tasted different from my own, but still very good. It was almost time for my parents to come home by then, but he promised that he would come into my room later tonight and we could have some more fun

[editors note: Jake did come later that night, and I measured him at 14 inches long, and 2.5 inches thick. We continued to fuck around all summer (and still do).

Dear Diary

As you know, today is my birthday, and it went pretty damn cool. Mom took me out to a really fancy restaurant for dinner, and bought me a second drive for my computer! Two drives! Now I have over 300K of storage! And it makes it so easy to copy disks. Seth and I are already planning on getting together next week and pirating all sorts of stuff. Thank God for Locksmith 4.0.

One kinda gross/weird thing happened at the restaurant though. I had to take a shit, so I went in, and when I sat on the toilet the tip of my dick fell into the water! First of all, the water was ice cold, second, my cock was dipping into toilet water…Yuk! So I pulled it up and dried it off with some toilet paper, but couldn't figure out what to do next with it. I ended up flopping it over my thigh and sort of holding it in place with my left hand. It was kinda a pain, I hope my balls don't get so huge they dangle into the water too, I'm not sure I could concentrate on going to the bathroom holding both my dick and balls out of the way.

[editor's note: that was when my limp dick was 7 inches long. Now that I'm 13 inches long soft, and my balls do dangle into the water (hanging 8 or so inches when I'm fully relaxed) I do have to toss them over my thigh (usually the left one) and hold them in place, or a lot of times they hold in place by their sheer weight alone. Probably more than anything else, this gets the most stares of all]

[editor's note: some of you have written and asked why I haven't written anything about the reaction of the kids in my highschool when I stripped down and my monstrous dork swung free, bigger limp than almost everybody else (including the coaches) hard. The reason is simple…Due to moving around a lot with my mom, and the fact that we were rich, I didn't attend regular school until I was 16, and a junior (about a month after my first “Park” incident). I had private tutors and a lot of home/self teaching. When my mom would leave on business trips, I would usually get Mrs. Willington as a baby-sitter. She was probably 60 years old and I still firmly believe she was a Nazi Youth back in the war. The term taskmaster doesn't even come close. She was a repressed viscous old hag. So I spent a lot of time in my room with my computer and sucking myself off.

Oh I saw a few other dicks…when I went swimming at the pool in the locker room, at public bathrooms, but never “hung out” with naked guys like happens in high school gym class or sports. I got some stares, some comments, but never spent an extended time naked around other men and boys…until my first, and last week as a Boy Scout and at Boy Scout camp.]

Dear Diary,

I REALLY don't want to go to Scout Camp, and I don't want to be a Boy Scout, but mom insists on it. She feels guilty for my lack of friends I guess. I have friends…computer friends. She's just dealing with all the guilt from not being around that much over the last year. There are better ways to do it than send me off to Boy Scout Camp. She was convinced by one of our neighbors who's kid is a scout (and a real jerk). He's promised to “show me the ropes.” I hope this isn't too bad.

Well, we got here O.K., they showed us our cabin and then we went to dinner. It sucked. Time for lights out. Maybe it will get better.

Dear Diary

I am humiliated, I hate this place, I hope everybody here dies of a horrible disease that involves pain and decaying flesh. You want to know what happened? O.K., I have two options to go to the bathroom…I can use the outhouse (yes, outhouse) or I can walk over to the central building and use the flush toilets there. So I went over to use the toilets, and to shower. It must be planned to humiliate you as much as possible. There are no walls or doors around the toilets, just a row of 10 of them. The showers are equally open. 1 room with 15 shower heads on the walls. The only way to shower is to stand there and face 14 other naked boys and men.

I was mortified, but determined to do it. I wasn't chicken. I did what I saw a few other guys doing, I stripped and walked over to the toilet and did what I always did, picked up my dick and balls, sat down and flopped them over my thigh. It was then that I noticed a bunch of guys staring and whispering. You can not imagine what it was like trying to take a shit while a dozen guys are looking, and then I let forth a loud fart and everybody busted up. I was dying. I wiped, got up and walked to the showers. I have never been more aware of the way my cock and nuts had started bouncing along my thighs when I walked.

I got into the shower room and, for a moment, was able to forget under the warm spray, but then I noticed conversation in had stopped. I looked, and everybody was looking at me. Then, my so called “friend”, my neighbor, pointed at my dick hanging to my knees and laughed about how I was deformed. Everybody busted up. I wanted to die; and it gets worse. I'm being laughed at for being deformed, and I guess I am because nobody was even half my size, and I suddenly realize that I'm staring at a bunch of other guys' cocks, ranging in size from 1-4 inches and ages from 13 to 18 and I get hard!

I felt like crawling into the drain as the blood raced and engorged my misshapen dong. The laughter cut off as all 14 inches jutted out rock hard and rigid. Through my shame I wondered at that. They laughed when I was soft, but now that I'm hard, they all just stared. Except for Mr. Smartass, who called me a faggot for throwing a rod around a bunch of guys. That was too much, I ran out of there, back to my cabin. I'm calling Mom! I want out of here!

One thing I wonder about. What kind of power did my rigid dick have? I've never been so embarrassed about anything in my life! I wish I had a normal sized dick (what ever that is, I've only seen me and Jake hard, but if the other guys almost double in size like I do, they'd only be 4-6 inches long hard), but then I couldn't suck myself. Just how big am I going to grow? I'm scared about that, but deep down I think I wouldn't mind having the biggest cock in the world.

Dear Diary,

You would not believe what happened today! I had was biking along, quite a ways from home. Mom's off on business again, so I'm on my own. At least she doesn't leave a baby-sitter with me anymore. I passed by this park that looked pretty cool, lots of trees, and a couple of paths. The map at the front even said that there was creek back there. I locked up my bike, grabbed my bag and pipe, and walked off. It was a great park! I had walked for about five minuets when I heard sounds coming from the bushes off the path. I snuck over and peeked through.

What I saw sent the blood pumping to my dick and made my pulse race. Through the shrubbery I say one man, about 25 or so, Latino, pants around his ankles, and cute, being sucked off by an older guy. The guys eyes were closed as the older dude knelt and swallowed his cock. The guys dick was nice, from what Jake had taught me, larger than average, probably about half as big as mine. As I watched, the younger dude grabbed the cocksucker by the hair and began to facefuck him, pistioning his rigid brown shaft in and out of pink lips. He crammed the sucking mouth and throat all the way down on his uncut shaft. He grunted and shot down the dude's throat. Then he pulled back, popped his spewing dong out of the hot mouth and jacked a couple more loads onto the guys face, to drip off his chin onto the grass below. I was amazed. Excluding watching me and Jake in a mirror, I'd never seen guy sex outside a video.

Without a word, not even looking at the guy, the Latino pulled up his pants, zipped up and walked away. I almost jumped out of my skin when the older guy looked straight at me and said, “You want to get your cocked sucked too?”

I was so hot from seeing them go at it, I leapt through the bushes, tugging down my sweats and yanking down my . His eyes bugged out as he stared at my prick. He whispered, “Oh my God! Dear God!”

He reached out and palmed my half-hard dick, hefting it with both hands, letting it go and then reaching back and cupping my balls, using both hands to heft my baseball sized balls. All the time muttering amazement, and praise, of the huge cock he was playing with. I had no idea what effect my cock could have on another man. I mean, this is the first time anybody besides Jake had seen my dick even half-hard, and this guy was acting like my dick was the ultimate dick in the world. Jake had told me how amazing my dick was, especially since I now passed him up and measured 15 inches long and 2.5 inches thick, but I had never realized it until now. Under his soft hands and praise my dick grew until I was rock hard and leaking more than I ever had in my life.

He ran his hand over my apple sized cockhead and smeared my flowing precum all over it. He opened his mouth wide and fit almost the entire head into his mouth, while stroking my shaft with both hands. It was incredible! Even better than when I do it. He dug his tongue into my gaping slit and drew out even more of my juice. I was standing there, legs spread, all 15 inches rock hard and jutting out from my groin to where the dude had managed to get all my glans into his mouth, eyes closed, when I felt another set of hands on my balls and another mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes to see that another guy, this one much older, may 70 or so and joined in. It was incredible! Watching these two guys worship my dong was wonderful.

The two of them were slobbering and drooling all over my enormous meat. Both pairs of hands and mouths easily found room on my 120 square inches of cock. They played and tugged on my balls, each of them sucking and nuzzling my 3” testes. It didn't take long before I could feel my balls draw up and I began to cum. I swear I've never come that much in my life. The first blast flew a good 8 feet to the edge of the clearing. In don't know how far the other's would have shot because both men jumped on my dick the rest of my splooge landed on their faces. I sprayed both of them until it my seed was running down their faces and dripping down their chin.

After I came, they continued to lick and stroke, telling me what a stud I was, how amazing my dick was, how they were going to take me how and spoil me. They had really weird lisps to their voices, and I have to admit, I got freaked out, ran out of there (didn't pull my shorts up either at first, shocked the hell out of some guy when I came out of the bushes with all 9 limp inches bouncing around). That was not long ago. I'm writing it down as soon I was able. What kind of park was that? Will it happen again if I go there? And is my cock really all that amazing? How will other men respond to it?

Dear Diary,

Well, I finally got a hold of Jake. When I told him what happened he laughed, but did take the time to explain what a cruise spot was. I was amazed. There are public places where gay guys go to find cock? What a wonderful thing! I told him about their reaction to my massive dick, and he told me that he had told me so, that I was hung longer than huge. As he had shown me, even in pornos nobody had a dick as big as mine. (well, in some straight videos guys had bigger ones, but not in gay porno). He explained that the older guys I had run into were called “trolls” [editor's note: I don't use that term anymore], and they especially loved young dick. He told me that it might be a good idea to let a troll take me home to play with, that he had gotten a lot of weed, a lot of sex, and a lot of money letting guys have free rein with his own huge dong.

He explained the rules of cruising, always let the other guy make the first move, how to see if a guy is watching, to cup my package and see if he did the same etc. Jake also explained that sometimes straight guys would want to see my dick, but not touch it, but jacking off for a audience was a lot of fun. When I asked him if I would be able to find dick to suck ('cause I really love sucking cock) he said yeah, but I'd almost have to keep my pecker in my pants because when most guys saw the horsemeat between my legs they would want it.

I feel much better about what happened, and I think I'll go back to the park tomorrow. Mom's still on business, so its no problem getting away all day. I used to mind that she was gone so much, but I think it will have its advantages.

Dear Diary,

Woof! Was Jake right. I'm so buzzed right now, and so drained, I can barely write, but I have to let you know what happened today.

I went to the park and starting walking around, like Jake had told me to. It was a hot afternoon, so I had stripped to just my shorts and sneakers. With Jake's advice I wasn't wearing underwear. A quick side note, Diary, it felt good not wearing underwear. I never realized how restrictive my boxers were. My balls and cock felt free as they swung in my cut-off sweats. I think I might stop wearing underwear. But anyway, I walked for a few until I was in the area I was in last week. There wasn't anybody there, but Jake had hold me to hang for a few before moving on and trying to find somebody. I loaded up my pip and took a few tokes. I heard rustling in the bushes and before I could put away the pipe, a “troll” walked out. I guess he would fit in that definition. He was probably 50 or so, but in good shape. He was wearing Bermuda shorts, sandals (no socks, thank god!), and a T-shirt.

He smiled at me, pulled a baggie out of his shorts and asked if I wanted to smoke some good stuff. I said sure, and he sat down next to me, took my pipe, and loaded up some neon green pot, handed it to me, and after two hits, I couldn't see straight. I'd never smoked bud like this! I'd heard about green pot, but all a 16 year old can get is shit weed. He asked me my name and I told him, he then introduced himself as Pete. He was a pretty cool guy. We chatted for a couple of minutes and he wasn't lispy, he seemed like a normal guy. I started wondering if he was cruising, or if he was just nice guy [editor's note…GOD was I naive], when I felt his hand on my knee. Jake had told me to expect that, and besides, I was so stoned I couldn't react quickly to anything, so I did exactly what Jake told me to do if that happened; I spread my legs, and sure enough, Pete did exactly what my cousin said he would. He began to knead my leg, working up towards my crotch.

I leaned back and let him work. I was too stoned to do anything but let him, even though I had gotten really scared. Within moments of him touching me blood started filling my cock. His eyes widened as my dickhead grew out of the bottom of my shorts and rode on the end of my lengthening shaft to drip precum past my knee. Pete stared down at my pecker with amazement. I was scared, visions of Scout Camp flashed through my head. Would he laugh at me and call me deformed? I figured from the way the trolls acted the other day that he wouldn't but what if he did?

I shouldn't have worried about it. Pete caressed the 8 inches of dick that stuck out from the leg of my shorts. “Oh baby stud, where did you get a cock like this?”

He ran his hand over my oozing, apple-sized dick-head and smeared my lube all over my young, monster schlong. It felt great, but I was at a total loss as what to do next. Pete kept caressing me, I looked at him, and he looked at me and suddenly he smiled and began to chuckle.

I was mortified, I knew he was laughing at my cock. I knew I a freak. Suddenly, he stopped chuckling and said to me “Lee, I'm not laughing at you, I just realized something from the way you just looked at me. You've never done this before, have you?”

I just nodded, wondering how he knew, and feeling like I wanted to run away, but was way too buzzed to manage that, besides his hand on my dick felt so good!

“You're what, 15, 16? Have the largest cock in this city, and never cruised, been cruised or anything. Have you ever had sex with a guy or girl?”

His demeanor was so friendly, so protective, I was still afraid, but felt like I would trust him. “Me and my cousin Jake have touched and sucked each other, but that's all. And I'll be 16 in November.” How I managed to choke that out I'll never figure out. My throat was dry, my heart felt like it was in my throat. I think the only thing that kept me going was his hand, still caressing my horsemeat, not trying to get me off (but the feeling of somebody besides me touching my penis was intense!), but just, almost comforting, trying to relax me…and it was working.

“Ah little stud,” he said, smiling gently at me, “if you would like, I could teach you all about being with a man. Or if you prefer, I could jack you off and try to suck you and you'll never see me again, or we don't even have to do that. Its whatever you would like, little-stud.”

And he looked at me, and I fell into those soft brown eyes of his. My emotions were racing, I felt like I was to pass out. I looked at him, and wondered if my father looked anything like him. As you know, I never knew my father. I don't know why, but I trusted Pete, I wasn't scared of him like I was the other day. He was so nice, so gentle. I looked at him, and my breath stuck in my throat. I tried to talk, cleared my throat, and managed to say, “Teach me.”

Pete smiled and stood up and offered his hand to me. I took it and he led me out of the clearing and into his van, which was parked just on the other side. “I life just down the street. We'll have more privacy at home.”

I was in a complete daze. My head was spinning and I could barely walk. It was almost like it wasn't me being driven to his house, taken by the hand and up to his bedroom, where he undressed me, and himself, and laid down next to me. He ran his fingers lightly over my chest, talking to me; I have no idea what he was saying, but it was warm and comforting. It took a few minutes, but Pete eventually calmed me down enough for me to come back to my own body. I stirred and look up into his ice blue eyes.

Pete smiled down at me, “A little calmer now, little stud?”

I smiled back at him and he leaned down and kissed me! It started off gently, but soon our tongues were intertwining and his hands were caressing my body, and my hands caressing his. He felt very different from Jake, but still very nice, and he smelled, well, manly. I wanted to taste his dick and see if it was as tasty as my own. I didn't know what to do, though. I was holding onto his dick and was stroking and feeling the rigid, hot rod. His cock was maybe 5 or 6 inches long, and while much smaller than mine I thought it was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. At last I was with another guy! (Jake sorta doesn't count) I buried my face in his chest hair and tasted his flesh and smelt his body. Pete leaned back and let me explore his body with my tongue and hands. It was great! But I knew where I wanted.

I dove for his cock and tasted my first dick…well not my first, there had been my own and Jake's, but this was different. I sucked and licked and tasted his rigid flesh. It was great! I love sucking cock!. I used all the techniques I learned from sucking myself off. Long before I was ready to stop, Pete pulled me off of him and told me that he didn't want to cum yet, and that it was my turn.

He laid me back and took my monster dong in both hands, and started to try to take the head. He dug his head into my gaping piss-slit and wrapped his lips around my apple sized head. I immediately came. It was too much. For the first time in my life, hands and tongues besides mine were on my dick. I howled as my cream exploded out. Through the rushing in my ears I heard him gasp and choke as my pencil thick streams of cum flew out. I thought it felt good when I came while sucking myself…this was even better! Slowly, my orgasm subsided and when I was capable of opening my eyes again Pete was still stroking my monstrous meat.

He continued to stroke and lick my dick, telling me how in 40 years of cocksucking and thousands of dicks he'd only seen a couple like mine, and both those on guys much older. I told him about the two guys the other day and he explained that I'd have to get used to that…occasionally people would go crazy over my dick. As we talked, his expert hands continued to caress every inch of my huge dick, both hands cupping my swollen, apple sized head, catching the precum and using it to take long, two handed stroked up and down all of my 15 inches.

I have to admit, here I was talking about all my fears about my dick and being gay, and finally having somebody to talk to who understands, and at the same time here I was laying back and getting stroked-off by a guy I had met not even an hour ago, and that struck me as very weird, but very cool! Especially when, under the incredible stroking of his hands and blew my second load of the day, at least as intense as the first one.

After that, I asked to suck on his cock some more, and he let me, and this time he let me suck him until I got to taste my first load of cream! It was great! I was bobbing my head up and down, using my tongue to scrape along the underside of his rock hard dong, the top of his swollen dickhead bouncing along the top of my mouth and my long, dark hair bouncing as I used my best headbanger muscles on my first blowjob. Suddenly he tensed, and his cock got even harder and thicker, and he moaned that he was cumming! I sucked him even faster and felt the first load of his cum splash into my mouth. My tongue and teeth became coated with his salty-sweet splooge. He thrashed and moaned as he blew his seed into my young mouth.

As I swallowed his load and licked his softening dick and relaxing nuts, my eyes widened as I felt my dong swell and blow yet another load. I moaned and ground my huge dick into the sheets. I was laying on it as I sucked on his balls and I felt the head expand between my nipples and my swollen, baseball sized nuts pull up between my legs and the first shot blew out from underneath me to splash onto his scrotum. Pete looked up from where he was recovering from his orgasm and oooh'd as streamer after streamer of my 15 1/2 year old cum flew out to coat my chin and his balls. After I was done cumming (but still rock hard, my rigid dick a solid tube of flesh running from my swollen balls, each massive orb resting on the bed, to between my pecs where the orange sized, deep-red, head dripped precum onto the sheets.

Pete sat up and turned me over, and spun me around on his silken sheets. He licked me from chin to balls, sucking up every drop of the load I had splattered all over myself. He asked if I wanted to shower and get a little less sticky, and when I agreed took me into this great bathroom! The shower was huge, with 2 heads! And there was a nook with a hot tub. When I oohed at the tub, he suggested we go for a soak. The water was hot and bubbling as we sat down. It felt really good to soak my body and dick. Both were kinda sore after cumming three times in thirty minutes. I laid back and relaxed, toking off the pipe Pete handed me. I felt his hands caressing my chest and body, and slowly and gently play with my dick where it bobbed and floated with the moving water. I was limp, 8 inches of fat pecker suspended in the water over my lemon sized balls as my scrotum relaxed and floated my twin cum filled orbs out along my wrist thick shaft.

Pete's hands caressed my groin, kneading the flesh around the root of my monster dong and the broad expanse of the base of my ball-sac. With gentle hands he lowered his rubbing, spreading my legs until a finger was pressed against my puckered back hole. It felt good. I had touched my ass a little while playing with myself, but never really done anything, but I had seen the guys getting fucked on Jake's fuck tapes and it looked like they were enjoying it. Jake said he didn't, but I was wondering.

I spread my legs slightly to let him have better access to my butt. He kneaded my tight young ass, and then had me get up and kneel on a padded cushion on the step of the tub. My dick and balls hung into the water, but my ass was high and dry…but not for long as he got behind me and actually touched his tongue to my ass! I cried out it felt so good! He began to lick and tongue my ass. I was in escasty! My dick swelled into a raging erection, which Pete grabbed with both hands and began to stroke as he became the first person to tongue my virgin ass.

The hot water surrounding my cock, Pete's strong, milking hands, and his tongue, which my now was buried deep in my ass was yet another reason to cum. Moaning and almost crying, I released streamers of cream into the water of the tub. Pete had me roll over and lay down on a mat at the edge of the tub and lifted my legs and continued to suck and tongue my hole. I felt his finger rub against me, each time pressing in a little more, then pulling back. His finger was coated with something cool and greasy, and slowly her worked the first knuckle into me, and then, once he felt my ass muscles loosen against his penetrating digit, he pushed into me to the knuckle and taped his finger against my never-been-touched prostate. I felt a fire shoot from inside me and out my cock. It was only when I felt the cream splashing over my chin and chest that I realized that I was cumming! I thrashed against his finger, too overcome with the force of my fifth cum to do more that moan and twitch.

After I blew, he continue to play with my ass, and soon two fingers were inside of my. It never even began to hurt like Jake said it would. When he began tapping both fingers against my ultra-sensitive nub, I blew again, this time I was almost expecting it and was able to lift my head and suck the head of my spurting dick into my mouth and milk my dickhead as he finger-fucked every last drop of my orgasm out of my balls. Pete moaned and gasped as I greedily sucked down my sperm. His fingers in my ass had me hot like I'd never been before. As I was slurping up the last of my load, he pulled his fingers out of my ass and had me get on my knees again.

I stuck my young, virgin ass up into the air, and waited for what I was hoping was coming next. I felt something hot and slick against my cherry. I asked him if that was his cock and Pete said yes. He then asked me if I was ready to get fucked. I didn't reply but pushed back against his dick, forcing the engorged head into my virgin boyhole. I didn't stop pushing back until I felt his pubes brush against my ass. He began to slide his cock in and out, slowly at first, then faster. My dick was rock hard, juting from my crotch, both of my full balls were drawn up, and my might shaft was bouncing and slapping against my chest form the force of Pete's thrusts. Every time he rammed his cock home, a spurt of precum sprayed out, either hitting me in the chin or landing on the tiles below. I felt Pete speed up his thrusts and moan that he was going to cum. His cock got ultra-iron hard, I actually felt it get harder and thicker and longer, and I felt my bowels fill with hot liquid as he sprayed my now-devirgined insides. The feeling of his dick shooting was enough for my cock to spray out another load, this one I didn't even touch myself, it just shot and shot as I felt him get soft and slip out of my ass.

I slid down into the water, drained and limp. Pete and I toked on the pipe some more, and talked about what happened. He wanted to make sure I was O.K. with it. I was ecstatic! I wanted more. As we talked about it, I got hard again, and Pete laughed when the fat tip of my cock broke the surface of the water. We got out of the tub and back into the bedroom. Lets just say that I must have cum a dozen more times over the next 3 hours. Pete licked me, used dildos on me, stroked me. The only thing we didn't do was I didn't fuck him. He said that he'd need to work up to taking me, but in a couple of days he'd let me. I got to play with his ass though, that was a lot of fun.

I gotta crash now, I'm about to collapse..too much weed, too much sex, can't wait for more.

[Editor's Note: Pete became my mentor and stayed with me for several years until I left to make my own way in the world. He taught me to be proud of being gay, of my dick, and of being me. He died of AIDS in 1993 and I just wanted to let everybody know how much I loved him and I miss him still]

The next story jumps up quite a few years to where I was 19.

Hi Diary!

The following is pasted in from a local sex-club paper that reviews the show I did last night. Sounds like I'm a hit!

When this reporter heard of a real 19 inch cock, he refused to believe it. There is no such thing, especially hanging off of a studly 19 year old, or as the ad put it, 19 and 19! But the ticket was free so off I went. I was expecting a big dick, on somebody who looked young, but Lee packs, and presents all he claims.

The show starts with a plain, barely lit stage, with only a stool. Without preamble, Lee walks out on stage, stark naked, wearing only a pair of pride earrings. He walks around the stage, letting you see and watch his obviously real foot long limp dick and massive, proud young balls bounce and sway as he struts. Lee knows what he has and is obviously proud of it. He then sat on the stool and let his cock dangle almost to his knees.

Grabbing his thick fucker by the base, he slaps it into his hand, then up past his bellybutton, then halfway down his let, letting you know how long he is; then he releases himself, closes his eyes, and suddenly blood began to flow to his dong, and it rocketed up to full erection. Within a few moments he goes from 12 inches and limp, to a full 19 inches and rock hard, jutting out from his groin, out parallel to the floor, the huge head swollen and already leaking precum.

Lee then pulls out a tape measure, and measures himself, proving his incredible cock claim. He then begins a dance, a wild, vigorous dance. I'm not familiar with Heavy Metal music, but I believe it was Metallica. His incredible, lithe body writhed and twisted, long dark hair flew as his head banged. The rigid monstrosity jutting from between his lets carved huge swatches though the air, streamers of precum flying out, one landing on this reporter's pad.

He danced all over, sweat gleaming off his body, bending over to show us his perfect ass, shoved his cock between his legs, showing us how the fat, dripping head sticks past his knees. He let go his cock and it thwacked up with an audible slap against his chest, his massive young balls pulled up tight showing perfectly as twin softballs below the mound of his ass. He grabbed tanned asscheeks and pulled them apart, revealing a pink, puckered hole that stretched wide under his pulling hands. This boy obviously wasn't a virgin!

Lee stood sidewise to the audience, his rock hard, horselike cock jutting out from him youthful hips, drips of precum falling in long strands to the ground. He grabbed right behind the head (needing both hands to do so) and pulled his dick up and his mouth down until his lips locked over his own dripping cock head and with loud slurping sounds he began to drink down his clear secretion. The lights dimmed and he was backlit at this point, almost in silioute, long hair falling, enormous pole straining, lips stretching wide and massive balls swinging free.

He then began to use both hands to stroke himself, using nothing nothing but his copious self-lube to slick up his monstrous pole. Both hands traveled up and down the length of his rod, and he turned and twisted so everybody got incredible shots of his rigid, leaking dick, now even harder and leaking more. He sat on the stool and shoved his cockhead into his mouth. Audibly, he began to suck and bob on his fist sized cockcap as his hands stroked from balls to crown. We all watched as his balls swelled even larger and pulled up, until both softball sized orbs and wrinkled sac were tight against his body, preventing his legs from closing, not that they were, his legs were wide, showing us his bouncing balls.

His groans became faster and louder, muffled by the incredible bulk of his bloating cockhead, and his hands became blurs as they rode the amazing length of his shaft, and then, throwing his head back and screaming, the first shot of cream was spewed forth form his balls.

Nothing is more disappointing than a big dick that shoot small loads. This was not a night for disappointments! The first shot was easily a yard long, and flew up, only to splash back onto the stage with an audible wet sound. The next few sprays he shot into the audience, each stream containing as much cream as a normal mans entire load. I know, one landed on my table…6 feet away from the tip of his spurting dong.

He locked his lips over his meat once again, and we all watched as he drank his load, but it was too much even for this godstud. Torrents of cum ran out of the corners of his mouth, drenching his cock and pubes.

Eventually, even balls as big as Lee's run out of jizz. His orgasm ended, and he let his dick flop out of his mouth. Just after cumming is one of my favorite stages to look at cock, and this was amazing. 15, maybe 16 inches long, fat, the head just starting to fade, massive balls falling a foot from his crotch in incredible bulk, a few bubbles of cum still oozing out, dropping onto the ground.

I know I've gone on a little long about the show, but I stayed for all 4 shows Lee did that night, and each was as hot as the last, and with as much cream also. You need to see this show! Lee is also open (pun intended) to taking audience members home with him to play privately.

I love getting cruised! especially when they don't know that they are getting into. For example, today I was at school and needed to take a dump. So I found a bathroom and pulled down my pants, flopped my cock and balls over my leg and sat down. Right then I noticed that there were the letters “JO” and a down arrow on the wall of the stall. In the stall on the other side was another guy who was tapping his foot. As I've learned, that's a definite cruise sign.

I tapped my foot also and moved my foot a few inches closer to his. He moved his foot towards mine and gestures with his hand under the partition. I didn't need to be asked twice. My dick was already starting to get hard, and all thoughts of the bathroom faded.

I got up off the seat and pushed my pants all the way down to my ankles. I knelt with my legs spread wide so my hips were below the level of the partition, and flopped my half-hard 15 inches underneath, where the fist sized head lay on the red tiles on his side.

“Mother-fucker! Jesus Christ!”

I smiled, and my cock rocketed to full rigidness on hearing him flip over my dick. Nothing gets me off more than that. He grabbed it roughly with both hands and began to yank on it. He was a little rougher than I like, but the whole time he was muttering and whispering under his breath a steady string of unbelieving phrases and curses. I just kicked back and let him jerk away. His hands soon began to slide instead of tug as my river of precum coursed out, not just lubing up my dick and his hands, but wetting the floor between his hairy legs.

It had been almost eight hours since I had last cum, so I was already horny. I also get to class in a few minutes. I relaxed and let his hands bring me off. His words got louder and more unintelligible and my already massive cock swelled and the fist sized head bloated out and with a groan I felt the first yard long stream of juice fly out. From my jerk-friend came a squeal of delight as I could hear my load splatter against his body. I let him bath in my cum as I emptied my monstrous balls all over.

Right as I was finished up, the door to the bathroom opened. My cock was quickly let go of and I jumped up also, but for a different reason. I looked down and the puddle my balls made was quite obvious, after all, when you dump a cup of cream in the middle of a floor, it will spread. I grabbed my backpack, pulled my pants up to just below my cock and walked out of the stall. The dude pissing at the urinal glanced over and then froze and he caught sight of my 15 inch, just creamed pecker bouncing in front of me. Bubbles and drips of my thick white jizz were still dripping out of my pencil thick pee-hole, so I walked over the sink, flopped my dick over the lip and into the bowl and rinsed myself off. The dude at the urinal was just standing there, dick in hand, turned and watching me. I smiled at him, and on the way out gave him my phone number, telling him that if he wanted a closer look, he only had to call.

Dear Diary,

Remember the guy I told you about last week who had replied to my ads in the personals? Well I met him tonight and he was everything he promised! Just like he wasn't sure to believe me when I told him about The Big Kahuna between my legs, I wasn't too sure about his claim of taking a 15”x3” dildo all the way. Well, it's true, and he's hella cute also!

We met at Andy's Tavern as we planned. We got a back booth and right after our appetizers were served he asked me point blank if my claim of a 19 inch cock was true. I told him to feel for himself. He reached over, unzipped the fly of my slacks, and reached in. I wasn't wearing underwear so my massive meat was readily available. His eyes widened as he ran his hand along the foot long limpness. He looked me in the eye and told me that he had to have me now!

I zipped up, threw some cash on the table and walked out. On the drive to my place he couldn't keep his hands off my crotch. I ended up pulling down my pants to my knees and letting him play with me as I drove home. Lucky thing I have tinted windows on the 'Vette. He had me rock hard in no time and my cock sticks up past the window. He stroked and played with my mighty shaft the entire drive, the entire way moaning over how massive it was, how it belonged on a horse. I don't know if he knew how much I get off on stuff like that but I was rock hard and horny as all hell by the time we reached home and I pulled into the garage.

We got out and I led the way into the bedroom, where I laid back and let him worship me. He knew about you from some phone sex we did earlier, and asked if he could help with this entry. So, the next few paragraphs are going to be him.

HI Diary!

When Lee told me about his dick I couldn't believe it. 19 inches? and as thick as a Morton salt container? No Way! Well, now I know…Way!

When I first felt it in the restaurant I knew it was the largest I'd ever felt. My ass began to twitch as I thought of being fucked my a truly horse-like dick. In the car, when he pulled down his pants and revealed his immensity fully I almost came on the spot. Before long he was fully hard and it was a truly amazing sight.

His dick is fully 19 inches long, I know becuse I measured it with a tape measure I'd brought along. The head wass immense, as thick as his fist, and 4 inches long, say from my fist to my wrist. It is slashed open in front by a inch long slit and pencil sized hole that oozes precum like most men cum. I'm not joking! Once I got him going, say seconds after he got rock hard, his clear, slippery prejizz began to bubble out. You know how some men ooze cum when they splooge? That's how Lee is, only with his precum. To stroke his gargantuan dick you don't need any lube, he makes more than enough for him, and a couple extra guys.

The shaft is as thick as a salt container. Some guys brag that they are wrist thick. Lee is forearm thick. The shaft is a brownish red, the head reddish, but turns an angry purple when he's close to cumming. There is a pencil thick vein that starts along the top of dick and splits after a few inches to web out under the translucent skin of his mighty dong. You need two hands to encircle the thick shaft and getting the entire head into your mouth is impossible.

And then there are his balls. Even compared to his oversized shaft they are large. Each cum-making orb fits perfectly into a hand, but that's just to heft them. They 4 inches diameter (softball sized). Both hands are necessary to pick up his scrotum. Both his massive testicles take up a sac the size of small honeydew melon. You can bury your face in his ball-sac and flop his dong over your shoulder.

He let me play and stroke and worship that meat all I wanted. I licked and sucked every inch and drank his precum like a starving man. The two of us stacked our hands around his dick and there were still several inches left over! Lee and I began to jack that monstrous flesh pole, when he leaned forward and started sucking the precum out of his own cock! I joined him and we both sucked on his bloated, massive dickhead while stroking his shaft. Before long he moaned that he was going to cum. I pulled off because I wanted to see if he cam as much as he said. I wasn't disappointed! The first pencil thick blast rocketed straight up a good 5 feet, I watched as it erupted from Lee's angry, cumming dong. The strand was easily 3 feet long as it sprayed up, hung there suspended for a moment before splashing down on his ripped belly. The next blast was equally as impressive, and the next. I looked at the puddle on his belly and gasped, he had cum more than most men and was only getting started.

For at least a minute cum jetted from his cock, the streams of splooge getting smaller, but always as more than most men shoot, until the cum just bubbled from the gaping slit for another minute. When he calmed down I looked and was as shocked as I had been the first time I had seen that massive dong of his, he had cum as much as a half-dozen men. His chest and belly were covered in his cream, puddles of it in the ridges of his abs, running off to soak the sheet underneath us.

I could do nothing but moan and play with the puddles of cream. Lee smiled, sat up and pushed me back, lifting up my legs. He dove between my cheeks, licking and sucking on my ass like a master. He tugged on my balls and cock until I was rock hard and pressing my ass against his gnawing lips. Reaching down to his still hard dong, Lee lubed up the fingers of his right hand from the slime dripping from his dick and rammed 3 fingers into me. I jumped, but immediately relaxed into it as he deepthroated my dong and began to pump my ass with his fingers.

Lee is quite possibly the best cocksucker I've had. He had no problems taking my own 9” dong to the balls and holding it there, letting me feel his throat. Under his expert ass-pumping and sucking, I quickly relaxed and Lee worked four fingers into me, and before long he was working his fist into my bowels. I was amazed! The only lube Lee was using was the natural stuff from his dong and he had worked his fist into me with it. He continued to suck and fist me for quite a while, every time I'd get close, he's gnaw on my balls for a few until I calmed down. After a while, he took out this fist, kneeled between my legs, stuck that incredible dick over my body as asked if I was ready for it. In response, I grabbed my knees and pulled back to show him my ready and gaping hole.

He rubbed the mighty head against my hole, spreading his lube all over me. He place the head at my hole and began to gently push. I willed my ass to open more and more as he pushed forward. Suddenly, with a rush, the head a couple inches of shaft popped in. Lee froze, obviously worried that he had hurt me. Me, I was dying in escasty! He may have been as thick as a fist, but he felt completely different! if you know the difference between fingers and a dick you know what I'm talking about. I could feel the massively thick shaft holding the muscles of my ass wide open. I swear I could feel the drips of his precum. I looked up and told him to start fucking me. All I wanted to do was feel him as deep as I could.

He began to push forward and I could feel my guts rearranging as his monstrous weapon impaled me. He reached that certain point inside of me, there was a moment of resistance, and suddenly I straightened out and a huge chunk of his horsedong slid inside. This time when Lee froze it was with good reason! I could feel his massive intrusion up to my throat. He was where my “Rambone” dildo goes. I looked down between my legs, sure that at least most of him was buried inside of me, but when I reached down to feel, there was at least 6 inches left! I felt where I was being split open by his width and the rigid pole that was filling me up more than I imagined possible.

He began to fuck me with slow, rhythm strokes, each about 4-5 inches long, just gently stroking my insides, or it would have been gentle if he wasn't as thick as your average jam jar. I could feel every ridge on his shaft and he stroked my insides. Each ridge, each vein and especially the massive ridge of flesh on his monstrous cockhead rubbed against my prostate, making me squirm and groan with pleasure. I lost track of time as he began to go deeper with each stroke. After a timeless time I felt him to past the place where my 15 inch dildo went and into unexplored territory.

I looked up at him, his broad smooth chest above my body, his long hair falling in curls down his back, and his eyes were closed in pleasure. He looked down at me and smiled. I smiled up and him and he lowered his head and we kissed, our tongues intertwining. I held him close, his dick buried 15 inches inside of me, his weight on top of me. I looked into his eyes and kissed him again. “Fuck me, stud. Fuck me like the horse you're hung like”

He began to thrust his dick in and out, now beginning to be less gentle. He began to thrust deeper, until I told him to stop, that it was beginning to hurt. He smiled and told me that we'd work on that. I only had a few more inches to go until I had him to the balls. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide and began to really go at it. A foot or more of dick slid in and out of my ass as he pumped my insides. I was screaming and moaning, my ass singing an entire opera as he filled me like I never thought I could be. Lee threw back his head, his eyes open as he became like a fuck-beast. I could tell he was reaching that point where all he was concerned with was the building pressure in his balls and the tight, slippery hole surrounding his mighty dork.

I began to encourage him to cum, telling him to blow his fucking horsedick, and to fill me up with his splooge. I told him how massive his cock was, how amazing he was, how no man compared to him. He really got off on that stuff because he began telling me to take him huge dick, and if I wanted his load how I'd have to earn it. I began to describe every feeling his massive intrusion was giving me as he sped up his thrusts and was reduced to bestial grunts. Suddenly I felt his cock getting even bigger and more rock hard. Just when I thought he'd split me in two, Lee threw his head back and screamed and felt his hot cum splash deep into my bowels. For two full minuets he pounded my ass mercilessly, driving deep and leaving pools of cum inside me. After he came and was letting his dick get soft inside of me I realized that somewhere I had cum too.

He pulled his slippery limp dong out of my ass and a torrent of his white cream came out. He lay next to me and we kissed. He's still here and wants some more of my dick, so I'm off to give it to him. Maybe I'll be able to get balls deep after a while.

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