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I sat in Mrs. Wilson’s class doing Biology when I felt it start. Panic closed around my throat “not again.” I moaned. I raised my hand. “Mrs. Wilson may I go to the bathroom?” She nodded and I sped walked out of the room. I had to get there before my cock reached full erection.

That’s when the changes started.

I ran down the hall then Mr. Bruner saw me and I cursed myself for being so careless. “Stevens!” he called and I turned around.

“Yes Mr. Bruner?” I said, faking innocence and I cringed as a felt my cock pump fuller and fuller. In less than 10 seconds it would be full length.

“I thought I made it very clear yesterday, no running in the halls!” he said, spitting a little in my face.

“Yes Mr. Bruner, I’m sorry,” I said, trying to get around him.

He saw what I was trying to do and stopped me. “Now wait just a minute! I have half a mind to bring you to the principal’s office, give me one reason why I shoul—Will?” He saw my body go rigid as I felt my cock fill to the max and stopped. Warm tingling went around my body and I felt the growth start.

“Mr. Bruner, I’m sorry but I’m really not feeling well.” He stepped back, apparently my expression convinced him and he didn’t want puke on his “imported” shirt.

“Oh well yes then hurry to the bathroom, and Will, I don’t want to see you running down these halls again or I will take you to Principal Cranks.”

I nodded and waited till he was around the corner then sprinted towards the bathroom. With each footstep I felt more weight being added to my swelling body. I felt my shirt get tighter and tighter as my body fight for space. I flew into the men’s bathroom and scouted for anyone, I sighed in relief as I saw it was empty. I ran for a stall but stopped short in front of the mirror. I watched as my reflection slowly ballooned bigger.

I took a deep breath and watched my growing pecs stretch my shirt till it looked like it was gonna bust. And yet they still kept growing. I watched my shoulders get larger with muscle and they forced me to sit up straight with the added muscle. I turned around and looked over my back at my ass as it got pumped with muscle. I watched it become firmer and more and more perfect. My boner got more intense as I watched this. Then I took another breath and the shirt could take no more and split down the front, and kept going as my back swelled larger forming a V shape. Then my abs appeared. A 5 pack going on 6.

Part of me looked at this in horror and fear, and wanted it to stop. The other part, the part that usually told the other one to shut up, loved it and wanted to keep growing till I couldn’t fit though the door, and past that. Then I felt warm tingling down in my pants and the practical side came back yelling. I cursed myself out loud this time as I felt the second phase start.

I pulled off my jeans and went to take off my underwear and start to stop it when I caught sight in the mirror again and the other side told my practical one to beat it. I watched as the outline of my boner start to stretch out and bulge longer and thicker with every heart beat. I had pushed it to the side this morning so it bulged sideways taking up more and more space as my underwear struggled to keep it contained.

As I got more turned on it bulged faster, that’s the scary thing. Once phase two hits the more sexual I become the faster I grow.

And my muscles hadn’t stopped to let my dick catch up—they continued to bulge larger and bigger so now I looked like a heavyweight bodybuilder. And now it had picked up a speed so it looked like I had stuck an airpump up my ass and turned it on. And my dick continued to grow and now it had hit the edge of the side of the underwear and was pushing it out and making it ride up my melon ass. I stared at this transfixed and I kept getting closer and closer to releasing and the growth kept speeding up so that my underwear was now constricting my dick and ass. I felt seams start to rip and snap and tear. It tore all at once and fell in pieces around my feet and my monster cock shot up and stood in full glory standing up to my chest and quickly rising to eye level.

Seeing this was too much and with a gasp I ran into the stall and directed it into the toilet. Well, I tried directing it, it was as hard as steel and stubborn as a mule. It ended up shooting all over the bathroom ceiling and everything else in the stall including me. Two minutes later it ended and I gasped in pleasure. Then the daze wore off and I saw how big I had let myself grow and was ashamed. My pecs were like balloons so big my nipples pointed down and were the size of quarters. My back took up the entire stall and I realized I was standing sideways in the stall. I tried turning longways and found I was too wide too. You could bounce a quarter off my abs and they started to look like a 7 pack. I turned around and gasped out loud at the sight of my ass. Two bulbous melons defied gravity in perfection. I bounced once and saw the two globes shudder with power.

I then turned back around and came face to face with my rod. Or tree trunk is more like it—it was thicker than my legs, which were huge, and it looked to be a little taller than me. Then I felt an odd weight and looked down and saw that my balls had grown. That had never happened before.

I flashed back to the first time it had happened. I was 14 and I was alone at night. My parents were out at a work party and my older brother was out with some friends. I had just started to work out and found I had amazing genetics for growing, I had gained 5 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks. I didn’t know yet just how “amazing” my genetics were. I was watching tv in the living room in boxers and a sleep shirt when I felt a rush of hormones and my entire body expanded. I grew about 2 inches and gained about 25 pounds of muscle in one burst. My dick grew 5 inches and swelled 4 inches thicker. I ran upstairs and checked myself out in the mirror. Then I thought it was amazing but I quickly went back down. I figured it was some rare spurt of hormones and I forgot about it. Then four days later I woke up to me growing bigger than last time and ripping myshirt down the front. Then two days later in the shower I got a boner and it started and this time it didn’t stop.

But as I gazed at the two grapefruits hanging off me fear closed around me. What was happening to me? What if it kept escalating and I started growing larger than my house in the mornings?

I was thinking these sort of thoughts when Trey walked in. “Will? You in here?” I froze realizing I was naked and my clothes were all torn. “Will?” He stopped in front of the closed stall I was in, “Hey man you okay?” I closed my eyes my mind running a million miles a minute trying to think of an excuse for me standing in a stall naked with my clothes lying in shreds around me and cum all over…well everything. I had known Trey since elementary and we were best friends I really didn’t want him leaving thinking I was some sexual freak.

“Yeah, I’m here,” I said hoping he didn’t ask any questions.

“Okay, Mrs. Wilson asked me to come check on you. Wait… Will, is this your shirt?”

I had forgot my shirt ripped outside the stall. “Um yeah it is.”

“Why is it all ripped up? It looks like an animal ripped it up.” I said the first words that popped into my head.

“Umm yeah, I don’t know.” I closed my eyes at how stupid that sounded.

Trey laughed. “How can you not know how your shirt ripped to shreds?” He bent down and looked at my feet. “Man you have some huge feet, how did I never not notice that no wonder your the fastest swimmer in our grade how can you not be with those things.” I hadn’t shrunken back yet.

I laughed nervously. “Haha yeah, hey I’m not feeling well… can you run to my gym locker and get me a shirt and my gym shorts?”

“Your shorts ripped too!?”

“Yeah like I said I don’t know…”

Trey stood there for a minute then said suspiciously, “Yeah alright be right back.”

As I heard him walk out the door a started to shrink back to normal human being, not freakish animal. I walked out as I returned to my normal size. Or should I say new normal. Every time I grew I retained some of the size and every time I retained more. This time it looked like my dick was two inches longer and an inch thicker. My balls were the size of golf balls now and instead of my normal physique I looked like a muscular male model. I lost the 7 pack but I now had a 5 pack with the hint of a 6.

I liked what I saw. I mean what guy is gonna say no to a little more muscle and a longer cock. But I wanted it to stop.

Just then Trey walked in with my clothes and saw me standing there naked. He blushed bright red and quickly turned away. “Oh I’m sorry man I didn’t know honestly I’m really sorr—”

“It’s okay, it’s okay!” I said to get him to stop talking. “We’re all guys here, it’s not like you haven’t seem me in the showers.”

His face returned to a more normal color and he handed me my shorts. “Here, I hope these are the right ones.”

“Yeah they’re fine, thanks man you’re a life saver.”

Once I had squeezed on my pants Trey looked over at me and looked surprised. “Man have you been working out again? You look bigger.”

I had stopped working out a long while ago once I saw how fast the growth was escalating. Working out triggered it for some reason and I didn’t want to explode out of my clothes in the gym. So I replied “Nah man, you know I stopped around 9th grade. I haven’t since.”

Trey just shook his head in amazement. “Dude you have got the freakiest genetics, you’re getting bigger without even working out.”

I laughed nervously, if Trey found out about this he’d never talk to me again. I had to cover this up. “Dude, you’re seeing things. I’m the same size I’ve always been.”

He laughed. “Right. Well anyways come on it’s time for gym and Couch West is not gonna let you skip swim practice hiding out in the bathroom.”

“Be right there!” I called as he walked out the door. I looked in the mirror and saw my bigger frame. I sighed. “What am I going to do?”

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