Danny’s dick

by Zot57

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Too Small  (added: 1 Feb 2010)
Some Improvement
And More
Getting Too BIG?
End Of The School Year
More Changes
Senior Year
No More School
The Cabin
The Future
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Too Small

I guess that I could be the poster boy for “Size Does Matter.” It's tough when you're a freshman in high school and you're not developing as fast as the other guys. Well, maybe that's not completely true. In terms of height and weight I'd guess that I'm about average. But when it comes to what's really important to a guy, I'm kind of on the small side—like my dick is only a little more than 1” long.

Now it's not like I have all these girl friends so that I get a chance to use it a lot, but it's kind of hard to hide it from the other guys at school—at least the ones in the same section of gym class. I go to an older school in the city and the gym is in the basement. Off of one corner of the gym is the locker room—rows and rows of lockers, with wooden benches for us to sit on when we are dressing and undressing.

At the opposite corner of the gym are the showers—you go down a corridor and a half flight of stairs to get to two large rooms with nothing in them except for rows of shower heads along the walls. If you keep on going down the stairs for another couple of flights you get to the swimming pool. So when you're getting into your gym clothes, or in the showers, or going back to the locker room, the other guys have ample chance to check out your “equipment.” Well, I don't mean that we all walk around with rulers or anything, recording each others measurements, but it's kind of natural to kind of “look someone over” the first time that you meet them.

I guess that I should also mention that in the pool, they don't want us to wear swim trunks—supposedly the lint clogs up the filters or some chicken-shit reason like that. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago the coach had us down in the pool and was demonstrating some different strokes. He asked if anyone knew the backstroke and before I thought, I stuck up my hand. “OK Danny, jump in and show us”, he said. So I jumped in and swam from one end of the pool to the other. About half way across, I realized that everyone was looking at me and most of them were smiling. That's when I realized that my tiny little prick was sticking up in the air and wobbling back and forth as I stroked across the pool. Well, if the whole class didn't know what my problem was before, they sure did now!

Even though it's small, it's fully functional—like I don't have any problem jerking off—and I sure do that every chance I get! For awhile I was hoping that if I jerked off a lot, that it might make it bigger—but no luck. I've seen some pictures of guys jerking off before—like the guys are always downloading them on the computers in the school library. Someone even set one as the computer's wallpaper once so that whenever you booted up the machine, the background on the monitor was a picture of a guy jerking off into another guy's mouth. Boy did the librarian get pissed about that!

But anyway, when those guys do it they're wrapping their whole hand around their cock and there are still a couple of inches of it sticking out beyond their hand. When I jerk off, I just have to hold it between my thumb and forefinger. And even when I stroke it back and forth it doesn't seem to get any bigger. But it sure does feel good, and as they say: “Practice Makes Perfect”—so I practice a lot!

The only real problem that I have is when I take a leak. And even then it's usually not a problem as long as I take time and aim carefully. But when it's like cold, and my dick shrinks up, it can be a problem. The school's really cheap on heating so in the wintertime the locker room is pretty cold, and the water in the showers isn't that warm at all. So one day as I was getting out of the showers and heading back to the locker room I had to pee really badly. When I got up to the urinal however, my cock had shrunk up so much that I couldn't really grab it and when I started to pee it began to run down my leg. What I finally ended up doing was putting my hand down below it, peeing into my hand, and letting the piss drop from my hand into the urinal. That was really embarrassing but at least nobody saw me. After that, if I have to take a leak, I make sure that I do it in the showers and just let it run down my leg—nobody ever notices.

I even checked out those products that guarantee that they'll make your penis larger. You know the ads: “We Guarantee 4” in 3 Days Or Your Money Back!” One of them was like, this tube that you slipped over your dick and then some kind of bulb thingie that sucks the air out of the tube—that looked really gross! I finally ordered one of the products that was billed as “100% Natural Botanical Cream.” When I opened the box I was kind of disappointed. Seems like for $24.95 plus shipping they could have sent more than what was about the size of one of those teenie sample tubes of toothpaste. Anyway, I put the cream on my cock. HOLY SHIT! It burned! I washed it off but for a couple of days afterward my whole crotch was all red and itchy. At home and at school I kept squirming around, trying to find a position that would reduce the itching. One night my mother told me that I was making her so nervous with all my “jumping around” that I should either tell her what was wrong or leave the supper table. Yeah, sure Mom, I'm going to tell you about how I want this really big cock? Jesus, I wanted to make my dick bigger, not to burn it off. That was a waste of money

Usually the guys don't bother me about it. Well, they know but they don't say anything. Except for Joe. Joe is kind of my opposite, like he's hung like a horse. I'd guess that he's got to be over 6” long, and it's big around, and his crotch is full of heavy black hair. One thing about Joe—he's not shy about it. After he got out of the shower today, he ran from the showers, across the gym, to the locker room, naked. All the time he's yelling like Tarzan and his big cock is flapping back and forth. Half way across the gym floor he jumps up on one of the hanging ropes and climbs up, giving his Tarzan yell, and with his huge dick sticking straight out. Like I said, NOT SHY.

Anyway, Joe keeps calling me: “Danny weenie, little peenie” and that really bugs me.

Now outside of gym my problem isn't as obvious but with most of the guys, their “package” shows through their tight jeans. With me there's no package to show. It's gotten so that when I get dressed in the morning I'll usually stuff an extra sock into my Jockey shorts to fill them out a little more. It's not like I want to walk down the halls at the school with a huge bulge in my crotch—that would be really stupid—but at the same time I don't want to look completely “empty.”


Some Improvement

I guess some guys are “late bloomers.” As I got into the beginning of my sophomore year things started to improve. Like it wasn't that I woke up some morning and overnight I had grown this huge penis, but I noticed that it seemed to be slowly getting bigger over the summer, and by the time school started in the fall, it was about 3” long. Now it's still nothing to brag about but I notice that I'm not getting as many stares from the guys. And when I go to jerk off I can now get my whole hand around it. Plus, I don't have to worry about stuffing a sock into my underwear to fill it out.

Maybe masturbating really did cause it to get bigger. I'll have to work on that more often. HA!

Things continued to “improve” during my sophomore year—if you get what I mean. By the end of the school year I was now a good 5” long. Joe gave up on the “Danny weenie, little peenie” bit. And I'm not getting any stares from the other guys any more. I wouldn't say that I'm quite up into Joe's category yet but at least I'm at least as big as the other guys—and in fact, bigger than a few of them.

When I put on my jeans these days I have a noticeable “package.” One of the things that I never had to worry about before was how I “hung”—like there wasn't much to worry about. But now I have to decide where I want to put my dick when I get dressed. Once I tried just folding it back between my legs—pointing toward my ass. The only problem was that every time I walked past a girl with a good set of knockers it would start to get hard and that was pretty painful. So I usually point it toward the left and up a little—you can see the outline of it a little through my jeans. Just for the heck of it I sometimes slip my left hand into my pocket and stroke it a little through the fabric till it gets hard. Once that happens, it's really noticeable through my jeans.

Now the style in jeans at school these days is to get the prewashed kind—the ones that are sort of halfway in color between the dark blue natural jeans, and the very light blue, bleached jeans. I've begun to notice that with my bigger cock in the same location in my jeans all the time that the fabric is wearing a little more over that area. Like it's not tearing a hole in my jeans or anything like that, but I think that the bulge is just causing the fabric to stretch or rub against things a little more. Anyway, what's happening is that that I not only have a noticeable bulge in my crotch, but the fabric in that area is lighter in color which further emphasizes my package.

I LOVE my sophomore year!


And More

Over the summer between my sophomore and junior years, my equipment continued to improve. It's now almost 7” in length, and when I jerk off I can hold it with both hands now—when it's hard it's truly massive!

The first couple of times that we took showers after gym, I could tell that the guys were really impressed with the size of my member. In my freshman year, I used to try to find a dark corner of the shower room where there weren't many other guys nearby. And I'd face the wall and try to shower as fast as I could. These days I face the center of the shower room and take my time showering. I use a kind of soap that really lathers up a lot and I take a long time soaping up my crotch, and then I'll hold my penis out in front of me with one hand while I lather it up with the other hand. I want to make sure that the other guys have ample time to be impressed by my size. When it's time to rinse the soap off, I'll still face the center of the room, back into the stream of water from the shower head, and gently sway from side to side as my huge cock swings back and forth. Nice show.

I did have a problem in the Boy's Lavatory the other day. (Yeah, they still call them that at my school. I told you it was old, didn't I?) I had to take a piss between classes so I went up to the wall urinal, unzipped my fly, and let my cock out. I haven't had to worry about holding it carefully to aim it for some time now, so I usually just let it burst free of my jeans, hang down toward the urinal and “let go.” This time however. I felt something cold on the end of my dick. I looked down and saw that it was actually touching the bottom of the urinal. If that wasn't gross enough, the urinals in our school aren't the cleanest in the world. This one had several cigarette butts in it, it looked like guys had been clearing their throat in it, and it hadn't been flushed for a while so it had a pool of piss in the bottom. And my cock was touching this shit! I quickly grabbed my member, held it up off the bottom of the urinal, and took care to let the water wash off the tip when I flushed the urinal. Since that time I've been more careful to hold it when I take a leak.


Getting Too BIG?

During my junior year the growth continued. By the time the school year was drawing to a close, it was close to 10” in length. Up till now I had been pretty happy with what was happening but a 10” long penis is getting to be kinda big. I've stopped trying to display it in the shower and locker rooms—like its very noticeable without me trying to do anything to emphasize it. As we were jogging around the track in gym yesterday, I heard this slapping sound and looked down and saw that about two inches were of my cock were exposed below the bottom of my gym shorts and that it was slapping against my leg as I jogged.

I've also noticed that when I take a leak, it takes a little time for all the pee to stop dripping out of my shaft. Like when it was shorter, I'd just take a leak, zip up my fly, and be done with it. Nowadays I have to take a leak, wait 5 or 6 seconds for it to stop dripping, and then stuff it back into my jeans and zip them up. If I don't do this then it will continue to leak into my pants and I'll end up with a wet spot.

I also have to be careful when I sit down to take a shit. One time I wasn't too careful and when I sat down my cock slipped out of my hands and fell down into the bowl. As luck would have it, the previous four or five guys who had used the toilet hadn't flushed it so I'm sitting there with about 6” of my cock floating in this soupy mixture of piss and shit. And to make it even worse, I realized that there was no fucking toilet paper in the stall. About the best I could do was flush the toilet and hope the water would wash off the worst of the mess. Boy was that a thrill when I flushed the toilet and the water pressure tried to suck my cock down the drain—I'll never try that again! Anyway, I got the biggest lumps of shit washed off my dick and I shoved it back into my underwear and zipped up my jeans. I washed off my hands, left the Boy's Lavatory, headed to the Nurse's office, told her I was feeling sick, and immediately left school.

As I walked home, I could feel my dick squishing around between my legs in the mess of crap that I hadn't been able to wash off. This probably sounds pretty gross, but the feeling of my cock squishing around in that slippery mess of shit actually got me kind of turned on and my the time I got home I had a full blown erection. Luckily my parents weren't home so I threw my clothes in the washer, ran upstairs to the shower, jumped in, cleaned myself off, and then proceeded to jerk off for what seemed like forever. I mean, I hadn't set out to stick my member into a bunch of shit, but that feeling walking home was like nothing I'd ever felt before. Just the same, I'm not going to make a habit of this!!!!!

Like I know that I wanted a huge cock, but I guess that there's a lot of truth in the saying: “Be careful what you wish for—you just might get it.” A 10” long schlong presents a lot of problems. A year ago I just had to worry about whether I wanted to stuff it in the left or right side of my jockeys. Now I have to figure out how I'm even going to contain it within my jockeys. For awhile I tried, like, kind of coiling it up in front but that left a huge bulge in the crotch of my jeans. I did find that I could bend it forward between my legs and let it stick up the crack of my ass. But when you're sitting there with this “thing” up your butt that feels pretty uncomfortable too. What I finally ended up doing was going to looser pants (“full cut”), not wearing any underwear, and just letting my dick hang down my pants leg.


End Of The School Year

As the weather turned warmer at the end of the school year, I could switch from jeans to these big baggy shorts that are popular now. You know, the ones that have a drawstring at the waist and that hang down below your knees. They cover up my penis pretty well. And since I can't wear underwear any more, my cock just kinda swings freely back and forth as I walk along. The feeling of it swinging in the breeze like that is a real turn-on. I do have to be a little careful when I sit down as sometimes the shorts will ride up a little on my legs and you'll see its head peeking out of the bottom—cute!

Anyway, I was jogging in the park the other day. (I don't really have to jog but I really like the feeling of my big cock bouncing back and forth, and my balls swinging back and forth and slapping against my legs and dick.) After awhile it started to feel really good and the feeling only intensified as I got a real hard on. Now it's so big that it doesn't get erect but it does stiffen up—so there I am, jogging in the park, with this mini telephone pole banging back and forth in my crotch. All of a sudden I couldn't hold it any more and I came and shot my wad on the ground. Afterward I was thinking that was pretty easy, like I didn't have to stop, and take it out of my pants, and then clean up afterward—just “aim and fire.” I was wondering whether the same thing would happen if I took a leak. So I made sure that nobody was looking and then I just relaxed and let go. A thick stream of yellow liquid shot out of the bottom of my baggy shorts and formed a large puddle on the ground between my feet. How easy—no fuss, no muss. So now whenever I have to pee, I just make sure that no one is looking my way and let it go—so much for the hassle of hunting up a restroom!

A tradition at the end of the junior year is the class picnic. We take the money we've been accumulating from fund raisers during the year and head off on a daytrip. This year we went to the nearby Six Flags Amusement Park. While the picnic is fun, the real fun starts after we return late in the day. Most of the class will have prearranged to meet at some out of the way park and continue the partying—but this time with booze thrown in. Well by ten o'clock at night I was pretty wasted. The weather was hot and I was pretty sweaty from the booze. And I was at the point where my two eyes didn't seem to want to look in the same direction—it helped if I closed one eye because then I didn't have to struggle to coordinate them. So I figured that I'd take a break and staggered over to a nearby tree. I sprawled at its base, opened my shirt, and took advantage of the breeze. I noticed a group of four or 5 girls a little way away—they were giggling and occasionally glancing in my direction. After awhile one of them left the group and came over to me and stood looking down at me. “So Danny, we hear that you've got some equipment that you're pretty proud of.” She said. “So?” I responded. She smiled and said: “Yeah, well we think you're full of shit. You probably don't have anything at all.”

“Hey, feel free to check it out.” I said. She knelt down, not looking quite so happy at this point since I'd taken her up on the dare. She slowly stretched her arm toward my shorts, and placed her hand on my crotch. As the felt my size through the thin fabric she got a look on her face that was part awe and part horror. I think she wanted to quit at the point but couldn't bear having her friends see her chicken out. I stood up and looked down on her as she knelt on the ground—her face at the same level as my midsection. She slowly reached up and untied the drawstring in my shorts, letting them fall to the ground, exposing my massive member. Her eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped as she saw the size of my huge cock, its sweaty surface glistening in the firelight as it hung only several inches from her face. “How's that for equipment honey. How would it feel to have that hot meat inside you?” I asked her as she fell backward in fear, stumbled, got to her feet, and ran back to her friends crying. I pulled up my shorts and staggered off into the darkness.


More Changes

At first, during the summer between my Junior and Senior years, I thought that things had stabilized and that I wasn't betting any bigger. But as the summer wore on I realized that other changes were taking place. The first was that my balls were getting bigger. Gradually over the summer they swelled from their regular size to about 3” in diameter. And either because of the added weight, or because it was enlarging also, my sack (well, “scrotum” if you want to get technical) also got larger. The result is that instead of being right in my crotch, my large balls now hang maybe half of the way down to my knees.

I also realized during this time that while my penis might not be getting any longer, it was now getting thicker. Instead of being, say, an inch or so thick, it had gradually increased in thickness to almost 3”. When I jerked off earlier this year, I could hold it on one hand, not it takes both hands to encircle it. When I jerk off now though, WOW! Instead of shooting a couple of spoonfuls of cum, I now pump out almost a cup and it seems like it goes on forever. GOD! This is wonderful.

So far, I've been able to disguise the changes with baggy clothes. My friends are kidding me that I've taken up the “skater punk” look but that's all right, just let them keep thinking that. The funny thing is that Joe has been fairly decent toward me. I've caught him staring at me a couple of times and I wonder if he's guessed that the changes in my body are continuing. He's come by my house several times and we've just hung out, watched TV, played video games—that kind of thing.

Toward the end of the summer, I was getting pretty bored hanging around the house so I decided that I'd hit the State Fair. It's pretty dumb with some of the buildings full of hucksters trying to sell you potato peelers or floor cleaners, and other buildings full of animal exhibits (“This Year's First Prize Rooster”). But there's lots of different food to snack on, and a few of the rides on the midway are decent. I ran into Joe there and we just walked around a little. Even found a place that would sell us beer so we had a couple. After awhile the beer had worked its way through my system and I started to feel the need to take a leak so we headed for one of the restrooms. Why is it that the restrooms on fairgrounds are always these gross concrete block buildings that reek of piss, and that don't have decent urinals but just a metal trough along one wall that you pee into?

So anyway, Joe and I went into the restroom and it was true to form—well, maybe even a little worse than usual—our feet kind of stuck to the floor a little as we walked up to the metal trough. We looked at each other and wrinkled our noses to indicate our disgust. Anyway, we “let the lizard out” and started to relieve ourselves into the metal trough—all the while doing the male pretending thing. You know, where you pretend that you're doing anything except standing next to some guy who is holding his cock in his hand and taking a piss. You stare at the wall and look at where somebody has picked their nose and wiped it on the concrete blocks. Or you look at the spider working its way down the wall. Real fun stuff. Maybe it was the beer that made me a little careless or clumsy. But all of a sudden I heard this “splat” sound and felt a strange wetness. I looked down and realized that my dick had slipped out of my hands, had fallen into the metal trough, and about 6” or so of it were lying on the bottom covered with piss. Joe was staring at my member as it lay there for several seconds before I could gather my wits, reach into the trough, pick it up with both hands, and stuff it back into my pants. Embarrassed as hell, I tore out of the restroom, wiping my hands on my jeans. Joe caught up to me and he didn't say anything as I slowed down and my breathing returned to normal. We wandered down the midway, trying to pretend that nothing had happened, but I kept noticing that Joe was glancing at the large wet bulge that began in my crotch and ran down the left leg of my pants.


Senior Year

Over the summer, I've been getting a little nervous about going back to school. Last year I had a big cock but it could be considered normal—large, but normal. But at the end of the summer my dick suddenly added another 4” or so—and a 14” cock can no way be considered normal. One of the saving graces of Senior Year is that I don't have to take gym class. There was NO WAY that I was going to take off my clothes in front of the other guys. I mean, I used to think that Joe was hung like a horse, but I realized that I now really am. With a 14” cock that's about 3” in thickness, and with my balls hanging down almost to my knees and slapping against my legs as I walk, I really look like I could take on a horse—or any other animal in the world for that matter.

So anyway, I got a couple of pairs of really baggy pants. And I'll hope for the best.

Well, the best wasn't too good. I got about half way through the school day before I had a problem. It was in math class when Quiana got up to work a problem on the board. Now Quiana has tits that just won't stop, and she doesn't mind showing them off. I swear that I could see her nipples through the tight top that she was wearing today. So she's up at the board working a problem, and I'm checking out her ass in the tight white pants she's wearing, and thinking about her tits and all of a sudden I notice that the left leg of my jeans is getting kinda tight—actually my cock is getting hard. Pretty soon I've got my left leg stuck straight out under my desk, my cock is throbbing away—and then the bell rings for the end of the period. I felt like Captain Ahab as I made my way out into the corridor. With my left leg held straight, my tight jeans and my throbbing cock I could hardly walk. Everyone was staring at me like: “What the fuck is the matter with Danny? Look at his left leg, it's all swollen up.” But the worst was yet to come because as I tried to walk down the corridor, the movement caused “that” feeling to build up in my dick. I couldn't stop it. I knew I was going to cum. And I did with several cups of warm sticky liquid gushing out of the bottom of my pants leg. As I wobbled my way down the corridor I could hear: “Shit, did you see what Danny just did? What a freak he is! Fucking weirdo!” and worse.


No More School

I managed to get home and up to my room. I crawled into bed and yelled to my parents that I wasn't feeling well, that I thought maybe I had the flu, and they should leave me alone. After what happened at school today there's absolutely no way that I can go back and face my friends—ever again. I don't know what I'm going to do!!|.

It was early afternoon, two days later, and I was the only one in the house when I heard a knock on the front door. I ignored it. They knocked again. I ignored it again. Then I heard a thunderous banging on the door and someone yelling: “Danny, open the fucking door!” I looked out my bedroom window and saw Joe standing below. What the hell was going on? Why was Joe coming to my house? Well, there was only one way to find out so I went down and opened the door. “Sorry about the other day.” he said, “That must have been tough. Can I come in and talk.” I motioned him in to the living room and we sat down. “I think I know what your problem is” he said, “Can I see it?” I opened the robe I had been wearing and his eyes moved to my 14” weapon and large balls. “Holy Shit!” he murmured, then a moment later, “So what are you going to do now?” I just shrugged—almost ready to cry.

“Maybe you need some time to think, and maybe I can help you.” Joe said. “My parents own an old cabin up in the mountains. Livable but not fancy. If you wanted to get away for awhile and just sort things out you could use it.” I stammered: “But, but, but what about school, and my parents, and everything.” He replied: “It's your choice, but I don't know how much your parents can help you right now, and the kids at school certainly can't—the word in the hallways is that you turned into some kind of animal freak over the summer.”

“OK.” I said, “Let's go—I gotta get out of here.” So we packed up some of my clothes and a few other things. I left a note for my folks telling them that I was running away to join the circus. Seriously, I really did tell them that. I figured that whatever I wrote that they wouldn't believe me. And then I got in Joe's car.

Shit, he wasn't kidding, it really was up in the mountains And then we had to drive over an eight mile dirt road that we never would have gotten through without four wheel drive. Really isolated. By the time we got there it was getting dark. Joe just helped me get my stuff into the cabin, told me that he'd be back next day with some food, and left. After everything that had happened the past couple of days, I was whipped, I just found a bed, crawled into it, and fell asleep.


The Cabin

When I awoke the next morning, it was like one of those old Walt Disney cartoons. The sun was streaming in through the windows and I could hear birds singing outside. I looked out a window and found that the cabin overlooked a small lake. Exploring the cabin, I found two bedrooms, a small kitchen with a hand pump for the water, a large living room with a big stone fireplace, and an—OUTHOUSE. Except for the outhouse it was pretty decent. Plus there wasn't a single morsel of food in the place and I was hungry as hell. As the day wore on, I wondered if I had done the right thing. Here I was, out in the boonies, with no food. About early afternoon I was beginning to think that it might be a good idea just to give up and hike out to the main highway and try to flag down a ride to civilization. Just then I heard a car coming up the road. I held my breath, half expecting it to be a police car but it was Joe—and his car was filled with boxes.

“Bought out a couple of country stores” he said, “Got enough food to feed an army for a couple of months.” There was also some clothing, books, some six-packs, and other stuff. Like did he think I was going to spend the rest of my life up here? I had only planned on a couple of days. “I won't be back for a couple of days.” he told me “The cops are all over the place looking for you and it's better if we let things quiet down a little. But take it easy and relax for a couple of days and I'll be back as soon as I can.” He gave me a quick hug, jumped back in his car, and drove down the road. I was alone again.

The rest of the month of September was pretty much a blur for me. After all that had happened I just kind of drifted through the days. I'd eat a little whenever I was hungry, sit in the sun on the cabin's porch when it was warm, but I didn't really have any ambition to do much. I think I was sleeping twelve or fourteen hours a day and dozing a lot the rest of the time. I remember Joe stopping by a couple of times but we didn't talk much and I think he was just coming by to check up on me and drop off whatever supplies I needed.

Early in October I remember having a particularly vivid dream where I was back in my Algebra class in high school. Quiana was working on a problem up at the board and I got up from my desk, walked up behind her, put my arms around her and cupped her breasts in my hands. As she ignored me and kept writing on the board, I moved in front of her, pulled off her tank top, and removed her bra. I moved forward, put both hands around her narrow waist and began licking one of her large breasts as she continued writing. I gradually awoke and realized that it wasn't Quiana I was holding but my cock. And it wasn't her breast I was licking but the tip of my dick. I was still very sleepy and it felt so good that I kept doing it. Suddenly I was jolted fully awake by a burst of hot fluid in my face, filling my mouth and momentarily choking me. Gagging, I rolled out of bed and stood up on the floor as I struggled to clear my mouth and breathe again. Completely awake at last, I stared at the monstrous member that sprang from my crotch and lay on the floor. Fully 36 inches in length and at least 8” thick, it lay there, gently pulsating in tune with my heartbeat, and with a few spoonfuls of cum trickling out of its end onto the rough wooden flooring. During the month or so when I had been drifting through the days, my penis had continued to enlarge and was now fully as big as one of my legs. My testicles too had grown, and were now nearly 6” in diameter and encased in a sack that hung nearly to the floor. I slumped back on the bed in bewilderment. It was then that I heard the knock on the cabin's front door.

Struggling to cover my lower body with the thick woolen blanket on the bed, I turned toward the door to my bedroom as I heard the cabin door open, and footsteps move toward my bedroom. Joe stepped into my bedroom and saw me sitting there with the cum dripping from my face. “Finally back among the living, Danny?” he asked. “Yeah…, what…, but…, I'm….” I stammered, not knowing what to say. I could see Joe's eyes drawn to the blanket covering my lower body, the large mound not leaving an awful lot to the imagination. He came over, sat down on the bed, and slowly drew the blanket back. I burst into tears as he saw this huge “thing” between my legs and as he fully realized the grotesque change that had occurred in my body. But then he said: “It's beautiful, may I touch it?” I just stared at him, not knowing what to say. After a moment he put out his hands and gently stroked it, I shivered at the pleasure I felt from the cool caresses of his hands. “How lucky you are” he said, “I wish I could have a weapon like this. Ever since I saw your equipment at the State Fair, I've been dreaming about you, imagining you growing larger and larger every day, wishing I could become as large as you and wondering what it would be like to feel this huge thing swinging between your legs as you walk. I've wanted so much to be close to you, and tell you how lucky you are, and to touch you as I am now.” I was overwhelmed—I collapsed against, him threw my arms around him, and sobbed against his chest. Joe ran one hand through the hair on my head, comforting me, while his other hand continued to stroke my massive penis.


The Future

Joe spent the night at the cabin and neither of us got any sleep, we just sat and talked all night. After the initial uneasiness, we talked frankly about our bodies. Joe hadn't been circumcised (or “cut” as he put it) while I had been. He let me hold his penis in my hands and pull back the skin to expose the end—he called it the “glans” or something like that. I found out that he liked to have his balls fondled so I did that. And he kept marveling at the size of my massive penis and balls. Sitting next to me, he stroked my cock, and lifted my balls with his hands, amazed at their size and weight. Toward morning, I got up the courage to ask Joe if I could kiss his cock—he just smiled and laid back on the sofa. I bent over him, my massive cock stretching out on the floor between my legs behind me, lowered my face into Joe's crotch and began to kiss and lightly lick his dick. Shortly afterward I took it in my mouth, amazed at it's warmth, and began to suck on it. Joe groaned and reached down, placing his hands on the back of my head, and forcing me to take more and more of his large shaft in my mouth. Finally he came and I just lay there in pleasure, with his cum dribbling from my mouth.

Through that fall and into the early winter, Joe spent more and more time with me in the cabin We generally just talked, listened to the radio or to CDs (no TV), read, or just relaxed. Because of the size of my “equipment” it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to move around and I rarely left the cabin anymore. Shortly before Christmas, Joe got out a tape measure and checked my size. My penis was now 93” long—just a little short of 8'. Its thickness was about 17”. Surprisingly, my balls really hadn't grown much, if at all. However my sack had stretched more so that when I stood and walked (or tried to), my balls dragged on the floor several feet behind me. Other than the weight of my cock, the size of the massive organ sprouting from my crotch interfered with my walking. It forced my legs apart as it dragged on the floor behind me when I tried to walk forward. If I really needed to move, I could generally walk backward, very carefully, with my monstrous penis dragging behind but out of the way of my feet and legs.

In terms of clothing, jeans were no longer an option. Joe had found me some of these really long shirts that fell to the floor. Of course, even these could no longer cover up my enormous penis, but at least they kept my upper body warm. We kept a pretty good fire in the cabin's wood stove so that my exposed organ would be comfortable warm. Of course, I don't want you to get the idea that I was trying to hide it under my clothing any longer. Both Joe and I reveled in its size and the feel of its warmth and softness under our hands as we stroked it and played with it. I'm not sure that “flaccid” accurately describes its feel—probably “soft and yielding” is better. While it was huge now, I could still have orgasms but the foreplay did not cause it to harden or enlarge. Given its size, that was probably a good idea. The idea of jerking off an 8' “telephone pole” in front of me wasn't too appealing.

In fact, it was fairly soft and flexible now. Quite often in the evenings, Joe and I would sit in front of the fireplace and play with it. We would hold it in our laps and fondle it. Sometimes Joe would drape it over his shoulders. And when I went to bed at night, I would pull it up to me, wrap my arms around it, bury my face in its warmth, and drift off to sleep, luxuriating in its presence—of course there was enough to go around so that Joe could do the same thing on the other side of the bed with the other half of its length!

I don't want to imply that Joe's cock didn't get a workout as well. It seemed that hardly an hour didn't pass without Joe or myself playing with it—I probably sucked him off several times a day.

So was everything perfect? No, I had some problems. Probably the worst was that because of its length, I could never completely empty my penis when I had an orgasm or when I had to take a leak. There was always a slow drip of liquid from its end. During the daytime, we were careful to keep a towel placed under its end to soak up the moisture. Nights were a little more of a problem. We tried sleeping with its head outside the covers so that it could drip onto the floor. However as the nights became colder and colder that was less attractive because its head was still very sensitive to touch and temperature—even with its extreme size. So we ended up keeping it under the covers—accepting the fact that the bedding was always slightly damp and had a urine smell to it. And we had to wash it carefully every day so that it did not get a slimy coating on its surface. A small price to pay for the pleasures it provided us.

So, what's going to happen? Will it continue to grow? As I write this neither Joe nor I know what the future will bring. We live for the moment, day-to-day in an isolated cabin in the mountains, with my enormous penis as our only companion. Wish us luck!

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