Changr pill party

by matt1008

Campus alpha-male Nick plans an unusual party for his buddies, having got hold of a round of Changr pills that produce temporary, unknown, and not always desirable transformations.

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Slowly, the party was coming to life. The campus alpha-male, Nick, had invited a seemingly random group of fellow students to a Friday-night gathering at his bachelor pad. What the jokester jock had in store, no one quite knew.

Anthony, Nick’s level-headed best bud, knew something was up (Nick had never kept his place even semi-clean, for one), but played it characteristically cool while eating potato chips, sipping on a bottle of beer, and mingling with the other guests. The handsome African American was Nick’s wingman for parties like this. They hadn’t been roommates for at least a year, yet still kept in touch every weekend. The two usually scoped out chicks at bars and played pickup basketball together—which annoyed Anthony a little, since people assumed the athletic youth was on the college b-ball team when he was really an Education major. Nick had also invited Anthony’s roommate, a nerdy, sandy-haired guy named Kyle. Nick barely knew Kyle, which puzzled Anthony as to why Nick would make a point of inviting him (Anthony barely knew the guy himself, only that he was brainy—a math major, he heard?—and spent most of his free time alone, on the internet). Anthony would make small talk with another guest, Jacob, a friendly, semi-tall hipster with a scraggly beard who had been Nick’s other past roommate. Jacob’s current roommate was the party’s fifth and final guest—Brian, a shy, somewhat chubby redhead who spent most of the party nursing a beer and munching on snacks.

After an hour had past and the guys were somewhat loosened-up, Nick had gotten everyone’s attention by rattling a small plastic container. “Listen up, dudes—this festive shindig is being brought to you by Changr.” With that, the muscular, boyishly cute blonde presented the nondescript box, Vanna White style.

Anthony spoke up: “What the hell is that?”

“Some party favors for my favorite bros, that’s all,” Nick replied. With that, he opened the box and showed everyone the contents—six lozenges, all colored a plain white. Little did they know that it would be the start of a wild weekend.

“I think I’ve heard about that,” piped up Kyle. The Changr tablets were something of an online sensation which had just gotten viral—similar to the Cinnamon Challenge, only much more extreme. Kyle explained what he’d heard to the others, something vague about it being a shadowy startup (with a lame name) founded by a kinky Silicon Valley billionaire, a party game that somehow involved these pills and the frequently updated Changr app. Kyle didn’t mention that he also heard these Changr parties often spun out of control, with panicked guests dialing up 911.

“That sounds—really weird,” said Jacob.

“No, man, it’s totally off the hook awesome.” Nick was excited, having downloaded the app and ordered the pills in a few cheap and easy steps. Maybe too excited, however, since Nick knew as much about Changr as Kyle did (not much) and it wasn’t all that positive. Pouring the pills into a nearby cereal bowl, he then went about opening the Changr app on his phone.

“Hey dudes, it say here there are some rules—can you read this?” Nick, not the brightest bulb on campus, handed the phone to the nearest guest, Kyle.

Kyle reluctantly took the phone, reading the text-heavy page to the other dumbfounded guests:

Changr Rules of the Road

# Each guest shall ingest one pill from the Changr Pill Party Pac, in an order selected by the Changr mobile app or website. No substitutions. # One (1) guest, selected by the Changr mobile app or website, shall ingest two pills at once. Effects of combined pills may vary. # Upon ingestion of the each guest’s pill(s), fellow guests must wait for a period of at least 15 minutes before next pill is ingested. # During the pill digestion period, other guests must refrain from assisting or calling for help. Whenever possible, guests must remain stationary for the duration of the digestion period to avoid harming others. # Effects of Changr’s pills last for anywhere from 24 hours to two days. # Changr, Inc. holds no liability for emotional distress, physical harm or any other adverse effects that users may encounter from the use of product. Do not ingest more than two pills at once. # Have fun!

Anthony interjected—“jeez, that sounds fucked up. What do those pills do, anyway?”

“Calm down, bro, it’s cool—and amazing!” Nick, having gotten his phone back from Kyle, then went through the next steps on the app, quickly typing in his and the other guests’ names.

Although Kyle wasn’t normally a talkative guy, he knew he had to speak up. “From what I’ve heard, the pills do different things. They’re all the same color, and no box contains more than one of the same kind of pill. They’re not, like, habit-forming drugs or anything—mostly kids take ‘em for kicks.”

“Oh,” Anthony replied as he glanced over at Brian and Jacob, who returned the questioning looks. Despite the cold beers they were nursing, the guys were all pretty ill-at-ease.

“Shits ‘n giggles, you mean,” Nick. “Lessee, our first victim is … Brian!”

Brian was startled to notice all the other party guests looking his way, eyebrows arching as Nick flashed a phone screen with his name displayed under the stylish Changr logo. He really didn’t like being the center of attention, and it made his heart sink that Nick’s dumb phone app picked him first.

God, why did I go to this stupid party?, the stocky student thought. Then, in a flash, Brian remembered doing it for Jacob, his roomie, the guy he’s crushed on for the past year. Who didn’t even know he was gay—because nobody knew. Jacob, a cool guy who casually labeled himself bisexual even though he mostly dated girls and preferred the occasional guy-guy hookup with beardy hipsters like himself. If he couldn’t come out to someone great like Jacob, Brian reasoned in his mind, he must really be a loser (having him and all these other guys staring holes in him didn’t help).

“Congrats, man, you get first pick,” Nick said, rattling the cereal bowl in front of his face.

“What if I get sick?,” Brian quietly replied as he reluctantly picked up a pill on top.

Jacob, standing at his left, reassured Brian—“It’s okay, dude. The app said it’s not life-threatening.” The lanky Music Studies major didn’t sound too confident, but having him at his side at least made Brian feel better.

“Okay. Here goes,” Brian murmured as he popped the pill in his mouth, washing it down with the lukewarm Corona Extra at the bottom of his bottle.

After Brian turned to place the empty bottle on the cluttered coffee table behind him, he was surprised to find Jacob, Nick and the others standing stock-still, looking up and down at Brian as if he were the award-winning cow at the State Fair. He wasn’t used to being scrutinized this way, that’s for sure.

“You feelin’ anything yet, buddy?,” piped up Nick.

Brian let out a “phfft” sound from his lips and assuredly said, “no.” Inwardly, though, he felt a vaguely queasy something going on in the pit of his stomach, a slow churning.

“You totally wasted your money there, dude,” Anthony declared to Nick, giving his best bud a playful slug in his bicep.

“No way, bro!” Nick retorted with a one-two punch to Anthony’s torso.

Jacob could tell something was up, however. Something about Brian’s button-down plaid shirt looked off—tighter around the middle, perhaps? While Nick and Anthony continued their play-fighting, Brian’s gaze went down to his usually modest-sized gut. Was it … growing?

Brian placed his hands on the puckered, tightening fabric around his midsection, only to confirm the impossible—he was filling up, with something. His mind was racing … this has gotta be a dream, someone wake me up. Oh God, Jacob can’t see me like this.With the “pop” of a button, sending it sailing across the living room, the other guys took full notice.

Nick, bug-eyed, spoke up—“Dude, are you—l getting fatter?”

His attention momentarily diverted, Brian could only mutter out an “I, I” before two other buttons on his shirt popped, exposing a football-shaped section of smooth, peachy skin on his belly. Whatever it was that the pill was doing, it wasn’t just located in his rounded-out gut—his arms, shoulders and face also had a distinct puffiness that wasn’t there before. He reflexively brought his pudgy arms up to his shirt collar, hoping to get some release from this fabric prison, when Nick shouted out: “No way!!”

Brian then glanced at the concerned-looking face of Kyle, Anthony’s geeky roommate, who said—“The rules prohibit doing anything while the pills take effect—sorry.”

Before he could let his arms back down, Brian felt the button on his jeans pop, opening the zipper part way. More buttons popped as the nature of his visibly inflating belly took its course. “What’s happening to me?,” he uttered as his hands made their way to his large ball-gut, now at a tight, veteran-beer-drinker’s size. He was getting bigger by the minute, yet the increased tightness felt lightweight and even kind of pleasant.

Kyle took the opportunity to seize Nick’s phone and access the pill directory on the Changr app. It took a while to sort through the bewildering array of pills to figure out the one affecting Brian, but after a few seconds he narrowed it down. “Guys, I think I found what he took: Pill #3AI—has the effect of increasing the taker’s body mass by 5x, with compressed air.

Nick let out a low whistle, while all eyes were back on the nervous, still-growing Brian. Maybe it was due to his strained, skin-tight jeans, but it appeared that the inflation was centered on his spherical mass of belly, jutting out from his torso by 18 inches and visibly growing. The air was also affecting his convex, pillowy chest, plumping up his back, shoulders and arms. Brian got momentarily distracted by rips in his shirt’s shoulder seams, right then left. It was still holding on in front by one button, although that soon gave out, leaving the tatters to slide off his rounded-out back. The exposure left Brian feeling vulnerable, although the other guests were too hypnotized to notice. The guy was looking massive, approaching a size bigger than the fattest men they’ve ever seen, yet remarkably tight and agile.

After Nick mischievously snapped a finger on his sumo belly, Brian was starting to notice how unbearably tight his legs were feeling. He felt a satisfying rip in the seat of his jeans, partially letting his butt free, but it was still agonizingly tight down there. Shifting his legs to widen up his stance a bit, his clinging pants suddenly burst open at the seams, offsetting his balance. The shock had him tripping out of his sandals and falling backwards, splaying over the coffee table (tipping over a bunch of bottles and snack-filled bowls in the process), his upper body landing on the couch. As Jacob and Anthony rushed over to assist the confused Brian back onto his feet, a burst of hysterical laughter came out from Nick.

“Oh my god, this is awesome—Brian the Balloon Boy!” Despite Anthony mouthing “Cool it.” to his braying pal, Nick continued his asshat gloating as the guys helped Brian waddle back to where he was, carefully avoiding the spilled pretzels and beer bottles. Severely bloated balloon boy that he was, he still had some mobility, despite his plumped-out thighs and arms that rested at a 45-degree angle. A severely strained pair of tighty whities still dug into his groin, but Brian was relieved to feel it snapping apart at the spots where it dug into his pneumatically enhanced hips. While Jacob bent down to retrieve the ripped-up undies stuck between his roomie’s thighs, he marveled at how massive the guy had gotten. His thighs even looked bigger around than Jacob’s waist.

Glancing at the time on Nick’s phone, Kyle noticed that the 15-minute-long time period for Brian’s pill to take effect was almost finished. Brian’s tightly blown-up body was now dominated by his pink, smooth, perfectly round belly (over a yard in diameter, Kyle reckoned), massively inflated enough to make a beach ball look puny. His double chin, rounded-out shoulders and back, swelled chest, tree-trunk legs, and pumped-up arms also got plenty from the Changr pill’s effects, but mostly he was all belly. Brian was transfixed, absentmindedly caressing the huge globe with his hand.

Concerned, Jacob asked “How are you doing, man?”

Never breaking his stare, Brian replied, “I’m OK, I guess.” Then, he looked over at his friend—“Can you get me a beer?” With a relieved smile, Jacob retrieved an ice cold, opened bottle for his inflated friend, which Brian managed to bring to his lips with some effort (due to his blown-up arms).

“Well, that was cool, right?” Nick interjected with a clap of his hands. Retrieving his phone from Kyle, he then accessed the part of the app that listed the name of the next pill-popper. Despite morphing into a balloon boy, Brian seemed all right. The concerned faces on the other guests said that they we far from having any fun, however.

“Next victim is …” With eyebrows raised, Nick raised his phone for the other guests to see. Jacob’s name appeared on the screen.

Jacob gulped. In a flash, he thought about bailing out of this bizarre little party thrown by his cocky ex-roommate, Nick, for four of his college buddies. Then he remembered that he’d also be ditching his roommate and friend, Brian. His shy buddy was the first, sorry person to take a pill made by Changr, the mysterious underground thrill sensation currently sweeping the internet. Nick’s jokey idea turned Brian into a massively swollen balloon boy, packed tight with air. As nervous as Jacob was, he couldn’t turn around and leave his pumped-up friend behind.

Waving a cereal bowl filled with five identical white lozenges in front of the tall, bearded hipster, Nick was getting impatient. “All right. Here goes nothing,” Jacob sighed as he retrieved a random pill from the bowl and downed it with a swig of beer.

Once he put his beer bottle back on the coffee table, Jacob awkwardly turned to the other guests, who were standing around quietly. “Nice party,” Jacob nodded to the host with a brief grin. Even in the first few seconds after taking the pill, he knew something was up—what, exactly, he couldn’t tell. Anxiously awaiting what the blank, white pill had in store, he started waving his arms around (a tic he always had when nervous). Getting the blood flowing always made his arms feel heavy, but after a few waves he noticed they actually felt a little—bulky. Holding his straightened arms steady in front of them, Jacob definitely saw a difference—no longer a pasty expanse of softness, his upper arms and hairy forearms carried some definition, as if he’d finished an intense workout. He was feeling something in his midsection as well. Lifting the hem on his indie band t-shirt, he found faint abdominal muscles. Abs!

Jacob’s tentative exploring got interrupted with Nick’s voice—“Dude, you’re starting to get ripped.” He then handed his phone back over to Kyle, to look up the exact pill on the Changer app.

“Go and look at yourself,” Anthony motioned to the full-length mirror hanging on a nearby wall. As Jacob walked over (feeling a bit more weight in the legs), he could see what Anthony, Nick, Kyle and Brian had noticed—his body was different. Most obvious were the hard pecs mounding up under his shirt, but his arms looked toned as well, with an added wideness to his shoulders and the beginnings of traps on either side his neck. Just a couple of minutes into the transition, and Jacob already had the lean, fit swimmer’s-build musculature of someone who worked out on a regular basis. Physically, he was starting to resemble Anthony, although Jacob had three inches on the athletic man’s six-foot height. For a lanky street musician who never set foot in a gym, Jacob couldn’t help but be awestruck.

Peering at the phone, Kyle broke in: “Found it—Pill #10MD—has the effect of increasing taker’s muscle mass by 0.5x the subject’s body weight. How much do you weigh, Jacob? Normally, I mean.”

“Um, 190 pounds, I think,” said, Jacob, somewhat distracted by how his thighs filled out his skinny jeans.

Kyle did some number crunching on the phone calculator—“that means you should end up putting on 95 pounds, for a total of 285 pounds. Wow.”

Jacob’s changes were subtle, but really starting to show. Turning to the side, he could see that the pill was rounding out his normally flat butt and thickening his legs. A straight-ahead view revealed increased bulk in his biceps, delts, and traps for a more triangular-shaped torso. Five minutes in, the added 30 pounds of muscle gave him less of a lithe, recreational athlete look. Standing there in his skin-tight t-shirt, he looked more like a bulked-up gymnast.

Impulsively, Jacob struck a double-biceps pose, accentuating the impressive peaks in his arms and shoulders. While the other guys looked on in stunned (jealous) silence, Brian lustily whispered a “You’re so hot,” thankful that the other guys couldn’t see the raging hard-on sprouting under his ballooned bulk. It was then that Jacob noticed his clothing getting uncomfortably tight. His t-shirt clung like a second skin, while he felt agonizingly constricted in the legs and butt of his jeans. An expansion in his wide deltoids finally produced a loud rip in his back, getting Jacob’s attention. “I spent thirty-five bucks on that shirt,” he vaguely said to no one in particular.

With the spell over his amazing growth momentarily broken, Jacob decided to do something about his hipster-dude outfit, which now looked awfully strange on a muscly physique. Suddenly, he started waving his bulky arms again (accidentally winging Anthony in the process) in an attempt to free his buff torso from the cotton prison. It worked—with a few movements, his arms ripped free of the tortured sleeves, while a few twists of his meaty neck broke the stranglehold of the collar. Once the tattered remains of the shirt fell off, the other guys let out a collective gasp. Simply put, he looked magnificent. Beefy arms, well-defined shoulders, swirls of dark chest hair highlighting two large, hard pecs, and an enticing treasure trail winding over a set of cobblestone ab muscles. “Damn,” Anthony muttered to himself.

Despite the relief of having his upper body freed up, Jacob was still wincing in agony. His crotch, rear end and legs were now impossibly packed into pants never meant to hold legs no larger than “chicken” size, a fact which was becoming painfully obvious to Jacob. Quickly, he placed hands on hips and took a deep lunge. A satisfying “rip” gave his beefy glutes some freedom, while a few more lunges tore open holes for his thighs and calves to have some breathing room. After a couple of minutes, he was left with a tattered denim hula skirt pathetically held together by the remains of a waist and zipper. Bending down in a touching-toes position, he was able to pop the button and relieve the zipper, eventually shimmying out of the rags. That left him wearing only a pair of black socks and leather shoes, along with a stretched pair of grey boxer briefs with the legs pushed up by his giant thigh muscles.

Winded a bit, Jacob took a little time to check himself out. Though he never found himself particularly attracted to muscle-bound men, he had to admit to himself that he was looking ridiculously hot (giving him a chubby in the nether regions). Making his way through the gawkers, Nick butted in: “This is a good look for you, dude—douchebag hipster on top, Channing Tatum on bottom.” Jacob replied with a smirk and a playful punch to Nick’s side—which almost made him fall over.

Kyle, looking up from the phone, made an announcement that prompted a collective dropping of jaws: “The transformation period should be half-over.”

Whoa. A minute earlier, with fifty pounds of extra muscle, Jacob looked like a buffed-up Chippendale’s dancer. As he walked back up to the mirror, however, he started to noticing his muscles truly bulking up. His glutes stood out round and firm, while his thigh muscles started having that dimpled look seen on bodybuilders. Curious, he cupped his hairy pecs in his hands, feeling their weight. Flexing the left bicep under his right hand, Jacob touched the muscle coiling up and causing the fingers to spread apart. No longer nervous, the amazing growth had him fascinated. He was relieved to find that Brian was, too, based on his hypnotized stare reflected in the mirror. “How do I look, Brian—better than steroids, right?” Brian could only nod in the affirmative at his crush’s gorgeous smile.

Almost oblivious to the still-transforming man, Anthony reached out and squeezed Jacob’s bulging right bicep. “Man, I should’ve totally gotten this pill,” he ruefully mentioned to his buddy, Nick.

“No shit.” Nick had a decent, stocky physique (the result of keg parties as much as working out), but he was starting to feel truly inadequate standing near Jacob—who towered over the party’s host with eight inches more height and damn near 60 pounds of extra bulk that was growing by the second.

Despite the guys’ chatter, Jacob kept intently studying the effects of the Changr pill in the mirror—his back had grown wide enough to cause his arms to rest at outward angles, similar to what professional bodybuilders have. With his powerful upper body given added definition by huge traps, shoulders and pecs, Jacob noticed that he was actually looking like the guys he’d seen on the cover of men’s physique magazines. Remembering something he saw on TV as a kid, he decided to tense his arms together, bend forward, and strike a “crab” pose. That prompted a round of gasps and whistles from the other guys.

Unknown to the others, Jacob could feel the changes leveling off as the pill’s effects faded. A good thing, too, since he was starting to look and feel enormous. Topping out at 285 pounds, his physique had the bulk and symmetry of a competitive heavyweight bodybuilder. Every bulge, curve and striation in his body radiated power and virility, the ultimate masculine God. Despite appearing as if he could crush the other guests’ skulls in his arms like walnuts, he still had his goofy side. Stretching out his oaken legs, he decided to try another pose remembered from TV—one leg bent, the other stretched out. Meanwhile, he had one arm in an impressive, bicep-bulging curl, while the other pointed straight to the side. He thought it would be hilarious, but the other guys just looked on in awe, lust or a combo of the two.

“Nice knowin’ ya,” Jacob waved as he stood and maneuvered his bulging frame toward the door in Nick’s apartment. At least that brought in some chuckles, as Jacob turned to face Nick. “So, who’s our next victim?,” Jacob confidently queried as he bounced his beefy pecs up and down. As Nick went to grab his phone back from Kyle, Jacob sensed Brian from the corner of his eye, practically drooling onto his own inflated pillow-pecs.

Nick raised his eyebrows as he finished dialing up the next name on the Changr app. “I don’t know how he’s gonna top that,” nodding to the only jacked-up muscle stud in the room, “but this says it’s my best bro’s turn.”

Anthony tensed up. On the screen, below the Changr logo, was his name.

Anthony didn’t want to do it. Honestly, he was starting to get pissed. He came to the apartment of his best friend, Nick, innocently expecting another beer bash with his alpha-jock pal and a few other buddies. Instead, he was part of Nick’s sick game involving a bowlful of weird pills ordered off the internet. “Take one,” a smiling Nick said as he waved the bowl in front of Anthony’s scowling face.

“In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t hurt,” said another guest, Jacob, who had transmogrified from a lanky hipster into a powerful muscle stud thanks to the Changr pill he selected. “Right, Brian?” Jacob turned to his roommate.

Momentarily distracted by Jacob’s incredible heavyweight bodybuilder physique, Brian snapped to attention. “Oh. Yeah, it didn’t hurt at all,” stated the massively inflated redhead. Despite being a balloon-boy that took up the space of six regular-sized guys, Brian was insanely curious to see what Anthony’s pill was going to do.

“All right,” Anthony said as he grabbed the bowl from his grinning bud’s hand. He peered at the four white lozenges in the bowl, intensely studying them to see if there was any writing that indicated what they did. Disappointed that they were all a uniform white, he decided to just pick one and downed it with some beer, placing the bottle and bowl onto the nearby table.

“If this turns out bad, I’m so gonna kill y—” Anthony started to threaten Nick, then stopped himself. Something inside him felt odd, disorienting. He raised his eyebrows and had a vague look for a moment. Then, glancing at Jacob standing next to him, he noticed something amiss: the six foot-tall man was at eye-level with the 6’ 3” musclebound man.

Anthony then patted his sides, and observed—“I’m growing.”

“Dude, you’re looking different, but not muscular like hipster-boy here,” Nick said while handing his phone to Kyle. The other guests started noticing, too—Anthony was expanding, everywhere. While Kyle was frantically trying to locate which exact pill was taken on the Chargr app, the attractive yet uncomfortable man had passed six-and-a-half feet in height and his clothing was starting to hang tighter on his toned body. The guys couldn’t help but look on in amazement at the pill’s subtle effects.

Kyle piped in: “Hey, Anthony, I found it—Pill #8PI—has the effect of proportionally increasing taker’s mass by 2x.

“2x? That doesn’t sound too bad—Brian had a 5x pill,” Jacob offered.

“What’s your height and weight? Normally, I mean.” Kyle queried.

“Six feet, 200 pounds,” Anthony replied, with a sudden wince. His constricted feet were killing him.

“That means, at the end of the ingestion period, you’ll be 12 feet tall and weigh 400 pounds.” As the guests looked on in mute astonishment, Kyle started entering Anthony’s stats into the device’s calculator. “Whoa. You’re growing at just under 5 inches a minute, and gaining 13 pounds in that time.”

Even this early on, the effects were obvious. Anthony stood nearly seven feet tall, the size of an average NBA player. Since he was growing proportionately, however, everything about him looked large, from his wide hands and broad shoulders to the volume of his head. Anthony was pretty much ignoring the stares of his friends and thinking out his clothing. Having grown a few sizes too big for his lace-up shoes, his feet were in pain. Although not yet uncomfortable, his long athletic pants had tightened and crept up, the hemline exposing his ankles and shins. Meanwhile, the stretchy fabric on his sleeveless black athletic top was squeezing his pecs and shoulders.

With a grim, determined look on his face, Anthony started pacing the floor back and forth. After a few steps, a couple of satisfied pops broke his severely confined toes out from the fronts of his sneakers. Although his feet still felt tight around the sides, at least that brought some relief. Looking around, he noticed that the tops of the other guys’ heads came up to his sternum. This was going to be a long night, he thought.

At eight feet (and growing), Anthony had put on 66 pounds. His clothing clung to him like XS garments on an XXL body, midriff and lower legs exposed to the elements. Like a marathon runner preparing for a race, he was pacing around, waving his long arms, and looking nervous yet determined. After a minute, he noticed the top of his head brushing the ceiling in Nick’s apartment.

Finally, his shoes released their agonizing grip, prompting Anthony to kick off the foam remains with his enormous, size 20 feet. The giant weighed in at 280 pounds—nearly the size of musclebound Jacob, although the added weight looked more impressive on a towering eight-and-a-half foot tall frame. As he bent his neck slightly to fit in the room, he started noticing that his tight, midriff-baring top looked kid-sized. His knee-length pants still had some give, but they clung to his thighs and groin like bicycle shorts, revealing that he was going commando underneath. With the outline of his 9-inch soft penis nearly at eye-level to the other guys, he was starting to feel vulnerable.

Then, Anthony had a thought—remembering what Jacob did during his transformation, he put his long hands on his hips and did a full squat. That ripped his seat open with a loud tear. A couple more squats broke his thighs free. His shirt was constricting him around the neck, so a few neck rolls brought some relief. Kyle broke in—“You’re halfway through.”

“Shit,” said Anthony, in a voice with a new deepness that surprised both himself and the other guests. Standing hunched over in the increasingly small space, he had grown to nine feet tall, weighing in at nearly 300 pounds. To Kyle and the other gobsmacked onlookers, he already took on a giant-like appearance.

After bumping the back of his head against the ceiling (a second time), Anthony decided to sit down. The movement in his wide back made his tortured top finally snap off for good. It was shortly joined by the sweet release of his waistband, which had been digging into his 47-inch-around midsection like a tiny rubber band. While Anthony used the tattered fabric remains to cover his modesty, the other guys stepped forward a bit to look more closely at him. They couldn’t help but be fascinated by how huge he was—shoulders topping a yard wide, thick arms, heavy, bent legs that ended in 18-inch long feet. Now that he was getting so big, the growth wasn’t as noticeable to the naked eye. Anthony could feel it, however, in odd ways such as how the texture on the carpet under his butt seemed less plush.

Kyle sensed that Anthony was feeling awkward plopped in the middle of the room, a five-and-a-half foot-tall seated growing giant waiting out the Changr pill’s effects. Motioning to Jacob, Kyle said, “Bring me a seat cushion from the sofa, will you?” The muscle stud maneuvered around Brian’s pumped-up form and grabbed the nearest cushion, upsetting some spilled chips and bottles along the way. A smiling Jacob brought the cushion to Kyle, who said to Anthony, “This’ll be more comfortable.” A relieved Anthony then positioned himself so that Kyle could slip the big cushion under his rear end. To Anthony, it was proportionally the size of a throw pillow, yet the additional padding actually felt much better.

Noticing that Nick had stepped out of the room to use the bathroom, Kyle took the opportunity to have an intimate chat with his roommate. Putting a hand on Anthony’s giant shoulder, he asked “Are you sure you’re doing okay?”

Grateful for Kyle’s show of sympathy, Anthony looked him in the eye: “All things considered, I’m feeling okay, actually.” Then he looked down on his expanded form, chuckled a bit, and said, “When this is all done, I’m totally gonna sit on Nick’s face.”

“Yeah—put that asshole in his place,” Kyle replied with a laugh.

Now that Anthony’s transformation was nearly complete, it became apparent that his tattered pants weren’t doing much to cover him up. As he tossed the rags aside, Brian noticed how the growth affected him down there. With a furtive glance, he noticed that his penis was nearly a foot long, soft, and thicker than a soda can, hanging over a set of orange-sized balls. Despite being the second-hottest thing he witnessed that night, it made him swoon.

Back from his pee break, Nick approached the giant Anthony with a cold one. “You need this more than I do, bro,” he said as his massive friend gingerly took the bottle. In his hand, it looked more like the mini liquor bottles served on airplanes. “Thanks,” he replied, before quaffing the contents in a few gulps.

“Dude, you could totally make the basketball team now,” he joked. Anthony wasn’t in a lighthearted mood, however, as he handed the small, empty bottle back to his friend.

The Changr pill’s transformation complete, Anthony topped out at 12 feet tall and weighed in at 395 pounds. From the perspective of his normal-sized (well, sort of) friends, he looked amazingly massive: 4-foot-wide shoulders, a 20 inch-tall head, a waist that measured 64 inches around, 4-foot-long arms, and a 12-inch penis. Resting on his cushion chair, he was taller than the other guys in the room—sitting down!

Anthony had to admit that he felt the same wonder as the gobsmacked other guys in the room. “That was… interesting,” he said to himself. Jacob went along with a hearty “Fantastic!,” while the still-mesmerized Brian could only whisper out a “You look incredible” to the handsome, fit, now supersized guest.

“Well, I’d love to keep playing this game of Worship-The-Giant, but we gotta get moving along,” a somewhat jealous Nick piped in. Consulting the Changr app on his phone, he started pushing buttons to find out the next taker.

On the screen, Nick’s own name popped up—with a flashing number “2” next to it.

Nick didn’t know what to think as the Changr app screen displayed his own name with a flashing number 2 next to it. As he showed the screen to the other guys in the room, the blonde jock’s 12-foot tall best bud Anthony let out a chuckle.

Reaching over to grab the bowl containing the remaining three Changr pills (easy enough, with his lengthy arms), Anthony waved the tiny bowl in his friend’s face, “Looks like it’s your turn, little buddy.”

While Nick passed his phone over to Kyle (the only other guest who hadn’t taken a pill), muscle-bound Jacob let out a low whistle. “Two pills at once—is that good or bad?”

“It depends,” Kyle answered. “The Changr rules said the effect of two pills together may vary. Maybe they cancel each other out?”

“Only one way to find out,” sighed Nick as he grabbed two pills from the bowl, swigging them down with beer. Winking at Anthony, he added, “I’m taking one for the team, right bro?”

Nick winced. “Or two.” Immediately, he felt a vaguely strange sensation inside, something like a churning compression. That was unexpected, he thought.

Meanwhile, Kyle, Anthony, Jacob and Brian were all intently studying the party’s host, who was outfitted in his usual weekend ensemble of an XL football jersey (in the college’s team colors), a pair of loose draw-string shorts, and bare feet. Nick’s quizzical face said there was something “off” about him, yet it took about a minute before Jacob observed: “Is it just me, or is he getting shorter?”

“I’m not getting shorter, dickface,” Nick spat out. The flustered jock’s face had a somewhat puffy appearance.

“Jacob’s right,” Kyle chimed in. He and the others could see that the guy’s stocky, muscular frame had contracted by two or three inches, and his shirt got slightly more billowy. Glancing through the directory of pills on the Changr app, Kyle identified at least one of the little white lozenges Nick swallowed. “Here it is—Pill #7PD—has the effect of proportionally decreasing taker’s mass by 2x.”

“The opposite of my pill,” mused the gigantified, smiling Anthony. “Cool.”

Kyle then got busy with some number crunching. “According to my calculations, a guy like Nick who stands at five-and-a-half feet tall—l”

“Five foot seven, thankyouverymuch,” Nick testily interrupted.

“Five foot seven, okay.” Kyle adjusted his calculations. “After the transformation is complete, you should end up at 33.5 inches in height, or… two feet, nine and a half inches tall. But there’s no telling how this other pill will affect the changes.”

With that info, Brian, Jacob and Anthony collectively raised their eyebrows and turned to Nick. The party dude was looking disoriented and a little bloated, a diminutive, five-foot-tall guy swimming in an XXL football jersey. The sight reminded Brian of an old episode of The Big Bang Theory, when Sheldon described Leonard’s Cornhuskers attire as “a football cocktail dress.”

Besides the shrinkage, Nick was noticing something else: his midsection was shrinking at a different rate than the rest of him. What was a stocky, muscular build only a few minutes earlier had acquired an added layer of pudge. Putting a hand on his belly confirmed it. “Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck,” Nick muttered.

The others could see it, as well: his face sported fuller cheeks and the beginning of a double chin, while the musculature around his neck and shoulders softened up slightly. Despite Nick’s tent-like shirt, a prominent belly, wider hips, and beefy ass were becoming apparent. “Dude, you’re looking chubby,” Anthony noted. Turning to Kyle, he asked, “Is there a chubby pill on that thing?”

Kyle browsed through the listings on the Changr app. “I think I found the other pill—#4LI—has the effect of increasing the taker’s body mass by 5x, with liquid.’ Same as Brian’s, only with liquid instead of air.”

All at once, it hit them: Nick was getting smaller, and fatter, at the same time. At this point, the cocky host had lost a foot off his usual 5’ 7” height. Although Nick should have weighed at least 35 pounds lighter as well, the other Changr pill ensured most of that bulk redistributed itself on his compressing body. In essence, his frame was shrinking and simultaneously filling up with liquid—which was showing on his round ball belly, his back, his sloping shoulders, and even his feet and hands.

Startled to find that the beer bottle he was holding had the proportions of a wine bottle, Nick went to set it down on the nearby coffee table. In transit, his shorts fell down to his ankles. “At least you’re not bursting out of your clothes,” Jacob offered. Nick gave him a glare and seemed about ready to pummel him. Since he was eye-level with Jacob’s enormous pecs, however, he thought better of it. While Nick walked back (trying to get used to his altered center of gravity), the others observed the effects of the inflation pill on his proportionally huge middle and the twin pillows of his ass cheeks.

“Nice muumuu, brother. Where can I get one?” Anthony playfully remarked. Indeed, the hem on Nick’s billowing jersey drooped down past his knees. The added poundage completed his “Homer Simpson got fat” look.

“Yeah, well, fuck you,” Nick replied, surprised by the higher-pitched timbre in his voice.

“It looks like you’re halfway through,” offered Kyle. Seeing Nick in this state made him relieved that he wasn’t the one to take two-in-one, but the analyst in him was fascinated. The Changr pills were working together in strange, unexpected ways.

Standing at four feet tall, Nick resembled a tiny, fat heavyweight wrestler. His slow contraction reduced his head to six inches from chin to top, looking more tiny next to his prominent double chin and plumped-up shoulders and back. Meanwhile, the pendulous man-boobs of his chest (each pec bigger than his head) rested atop a spherical belly that stuck out prominently on his diminutive frame, even underneath all that loose, shiny fabric.

To accommodate his ball gut, Nick widened his stance a bit, causing the belly to jiggle suggestively. This prompted laughter out of the normally quiet Brian—“Look at him, he’s turning into a little butterball.” While Nick glared silently and gave him the finger, the others couldn’t help but chuckle at the poetic justice of seeing their smarmy pal get a taste of his own medicine.

Shrunken down to just over three and a half feet tall, Nick was sensing his limbs filling up and losing mobility. His cone-shaped arms stuck out at angles from his massive torso. After his hands disappeared inside the sleeves of his giant-sized jersey, Nick craned his stiff neck from side to side and flapped his arms, just to see if they were still there. From his point of view, all he saw was an expanse of smooth, tan skin on his chest, the v-shaped neckline on his shirt starting at least two feet away (!), while his inflated torso continued beyond the horizon. How big (or small) was he going to get?

To the others, Nick appeared to be morphing into a lumpy ball with a small head on top, a giant shirt comically draped over his comparatively enormous torso. Under the expanse of fabric, they could see lumps where his arms were propped up at 90-degree angles. Nick remained uncharacteristically silent through it all, although sometimes he’d move his arms up and down. He made no attempt at walking around, since Chargr pill inflated his legs into stiff pillows.

As Nick dropped down further, Anthony turned to Kyle, “How far is he gonna go?”

Kyle studied the phone’s timer. “He ought to be just about done, but with the two pills working together—who knows?”

“Dudes—I’m still here, you know!,” Nick yelled. At three feet tall and nearly two feet wide, his back and sides had rounded out into a nearly spherical shape. Meanwhile, his tiny chin was forced upward by the roll of fat that engulfed his neck. The wide expanse of skin between his head and shirt collar made him look ridiculous—like a shrink ray was aimed at the blonde boy’s cranium.

“Let’s move him up off the floor,” Jacob volunteered. Mostly the request was out of morbid curiosity on his part. Since Jacob was the only one with the jacked-up arms to lift the tiny, densely-packed party host, however, he took action. The tent-like jersey draped over Nick and bunched on the floor was looking pretty silly, so Jacob removed the shirt and tossed it aside. He then cupped his beefy hands under Nick’s plumped-up arms and hoisted the man atop a nearby bar, so everyone else could see him.

As Jacob, Brian, and Anthony moved for a closer look, Jacob asked, “You doing okay there, buddy?”

“I’m fine, dickface. It doesn’t hurt, if that’s what you want to know,” squeaked out Nick. Waddling into place on the bar like an exaggerated Buddha statue, the pissed co-ed felt his body churning and compressing. Whatever the pills were doing, their effects were far from finished.

“The fifteen minutes are up,” Kyle noted.

“I don’t think he’s done yet. Is this normal?” the balloon-ified Brian queried to Kyle, while giving Nick’s belly a curious poke.

The guys could only stand by and watch as Nick’s Changr pill continued working. Except for his flapping wrists, Nick was now completely immobilized by the transformation. His teensy head and doll-like hands and feet rested within doughnut-like layers atop the mass of his torso. Strangely enough, he was still wearing his underwear—bikini briefs in a blue and red striped pattern. Although the briefs were snug around the waist, they hung loosely everywhere else. That appeared to be changing, however, as the inflation continued to round him out. His mass reduced to a height of two feet, three inches, Nick’s limbs flattened out, his drum-tight body finally attaining a perfect, spherical shape.

“He’s totally round—whoa.” Anthony and the others were surprised at Nick’s still-expanding form. Although the shrinking pill had stopped, the liquid inflation pill continued to swell out the blonde jock. The guys silently observed while his form surged outward in all directions. Topping out at a 32-inch diameter, Nick was now a dense, tight medicine ball of a man—with a pair bikini underwear weirdly stretched on the bottom third.

Nick swallowed and looked around. Being propped up on the bar left him at eye-level with the other guys, but they all loomed over him like giants. Straining to look down over his puffed-up cheeks, he surveyed the vast surface of what used to be a rockin’ chest, thankful that it was over.

Jacob broke in: “Hey Nick, you could be my new workout buddy.” He then picked up the startled ball-man and lifted him up and down, doing reps with his powerful arms. That got a laugh out of the others. As Jacob put the surprisingly heavy Nick back atop the bar, he noticed that the poor guy was placed on his back. Jacob carefully rotated him upright so he could see everyone else, hearing a faint “Thank you” from his miniaturized bud.

Once the laughter died down, a crestfallen Kyle suddenly realized that there was just one Changr pill left—meant for him.

“You don’t have to take it, man,” spoke up Kyle’s roommate, Anthony. The fact that a Changr pill blew him up into a 12 foot-tall giant didn’t lessen his concern.

“Like hell he doesn’t!,” yelled out Nick. The Changr pills were his idea, after all. After his double-dose of pills rendered him into the size and shape of a yoga ball, Nick’s immobile state only made him more determined that Kyle follow through.

“Whatever happens, we’re here for you,” Jacob added. While the goofy hipster with a heavyweight bodybuilder’s physique had never met Kyle before this odd party started, the amazing transformations wrought on him and the others brought everyone closer together. Kyle was now a friend.

“Yeah,” Brian added. The timid, gay redhead maneuvered his massively inflated bulk to pick up the cereal bowl containing the last Changr pill. Handing it over to Kyle, he assertively added. “After what they did for Ball-Boy here,” nodding in Nick’s direction, “how bad can this one be?”

Kyle took the single, little pill out of the bowl and looked at it with some apprehension. Despite the support of his friends, he knew some stuff about the Changr phenomenon that the others didn’t.

“All right, guys. If anything terrible happens, I’m counting on Nick to go get help,” Kyle joked, as the other guys laughed and looked at the immobile, mini ball man perched atop the bar. With that, he popped the pill and washed it down with a nearby beer. In just a few seconds, he could sense something going on. Heart thumping in his chest, blood flowing to his face, he nervously picked up Nick’s phone and scrolled through the Changr app’s pill list.

“What’s the matter?,” Jacob asked.

As soon as he located the correct pill, a wave of nausea broke over Kyle. Immediately after dropping the phone on the table, he dashed to the bathroom in the back of Nick’s apartment. A concerned Anthony picked up the tiny phone and saw what caused so much anxiety. Crawling on his hands and knees, the giant went back to aid Kyle. Meanwhile, Jacob picked up the phone and showed it to Brian.

When Anthony arrived at the bathroom, through the open door he saw Kyle flushing the toilet. “You OK?,” he asked. Except for looking sweaty and flushed, Kyle appeared the same as always—an unremarkable face with longish nose and close-set eyes, a head of unkempt, sandy brown hair, and an average-thin build that even a strict diet of pizza and ramen soup couldn’t fatten up.

Kyle was tensing up, however. “You saw the pill I got, right? Changr has been slipping in a few extreme pills in the mix lately, to spice it up. One in five, they said. I got one—it’s gonna turn me into a freak.”

“We’ll help you through this. It’s gonna be okay,” Anthony said. The nude, 12-foot tall seated man peering through the open doorway was completely sincere, which settled Kyle’s nerves a bit.

“Thanks. It’s going to be a long fifteen minutes,” Kyle replied. He looked down and cupped his genitals under his loose shorts. Already, the Changr pill had his soft penis swelled up a bit larger to its normal size—when hard. He could also tell that his decent-sized balls were now a heavy handful. “Just give me a sec and I’ll be right out, okay?”

“Sure,” Anthony smiled and somewhat awkwardly moved his double-sized bulk around so he could crawl back to the others.

Anthony returned to a worried-looking Brian and Jacob. “Is he doing all right?,” the muscle-bound hipster asked.

“He’s a bit rattled but all right,” Anthony replied.

Meanwhile, Nick was trying to get the others’ attention, flapping his hands atop the bar counter. “Would one of you fucktards tell me which pill he took?” The stocky stud-turned-immobile-ball was positioned away from the others, unable to see what was going on.

Jacob pivoted the ball-man to face Anthony and Brian. Reading the Changr app screen, he added, “Sure, stud: Pill #12GE—has the effect of proportionally increasing taker’s genital mass by 10x. Pretty extreme, eh? By the way, if he gets hurt, I’m so going to pummel you.”

The miniaturized guy could only squeak out a “Shit” in response.

As a freshened-up Kyle strolled back into the apartment living room, the others gasped at the obvious shifting, swollen bulge bouncing around in his shorts. His penis topped eight inches and looked thicker than a soda can, propped forward by damn near grapefruit-sized balls. It was getting a little tight, so Kyle adjusted his junk so that his dick pointed to the left, while his giant-sized scrotum hung on the right. “Get used to it, guys,” he sighed.

While Brian shamelessly kept his eyes locked on Kyle’s swelling crotch, Jacob raised a few concerns of his own: “A 10x pill—do you have any idea of how big you’ll get?”

Not used to discussing the particulars of his dick with others, Kyle glanced to the side and shifted his feet. “Uh, since I have an average, three inch-long penis, after this thing is over it ought to be 30 inches, or,” he swallowed—“two and a half feet long.”

That bombshell took Anthony by surprise. “Dude, you need to take your pants off right now, before they strangle you,” he cautioned.

Kyle shook his head, “No man, rules are rules—I’m sticking this one through.” He could already feel his grapefruit-sized testicles shifting and pushing up against his boxer shorts.

“Well, what can we do? Would it be easier for you to sit down?” Anthony asked as he glanced down at the pillowy bulge in Kyle’s shorts. He already had a dick that would make a porn star envious. The soft, heavy snake hung a good ten inches down his left pant leg.

Meanwhile, the pressure from his swelling nuts made him wince. “Maybe I should—that’ll give me some room.” Kyle looked down, relieved to be wearing pretty loose-fitting shorts. They were starting to get awfully snug in front, however. He brought his hand down to gently shift his ball sac around so that the “family jewels” wouldn’t get too squeezed.

Kevin and Jacob stepped back a bit, allowing Anthony to shuffle over to the dining area for a chair. “Thanks,” Kyle said, as he slipped into the chair in the most comfortable position for his swelling bulge—in a slumped position, with the legs on his shorts as straight as they can get. In settling in, his volleyball-sized balls got pinched, making his grimace, but he was able to get them decently positioned with one giant ball toward the knee, the other nestled toward his groin. There wasn’t too much room left under his stretched cotton shorts and underwear, however.

As his massive cock head started poking out from the hem of his other shorts leg, Kyle wondered how much further he could hold out. His churning, expanding junk mounded up in his shorts with nowhere else to go. Kyle normally had an above-average-sized set of balls in a low-hanging scrotum. Staring at the aching, twin basketballs throbbing inside his pants, he desperately wished that he wasn’t so genetically gifted in that department.

Anthony noticed his strained expression and asked if he was doing all right. “Ever been kicked in the balls? Imagine that, times ten,” he grunted. The increasing pain was starting to cloud up his mind, making him delirious. At least his swollen cock head made its way out of his left pant leg.

After glancing back at Brian and Jacob’s concerned/fascinated faces, Anthony decided he could no longer sit idle. Crawling over to Nick’s kitchen, he rummaged through a drawer and found a pair of scissors. “Jacob, help me cut open his shorts,” he called back. Handing the small scissors to the mobile muscle stud, he then directed Jacob to ever-so-carefully cut down the sides of the tortured pants.

“Ohhhh,” Kyle moaned as, snip by snip, Jacob’s handiwork helped free up the massive, trapped junk. “Thanks, buddy. I thought I was going to pass out there,” he noted, patting Jacob’s beefy shoulder. Moving over to the other side, Jacob maneuvered the blade along the seam and cut into his shorts and the strained boxers underneath, careful to avoid the enormous schlong just inches from the blades.

Despite the zipper and middle seam on his pants still digging into the base of his growing cock, Kyle breathed a huge sigh of relief. Coming out of the haze of pain, he noted vaguely that his penis was now thicker than his own thigh, and his heavy balls were unbelievably huge—each one at least a foot around, nestled in a pillowy sac that would have extended well past his knees had he been standing. Sensing that Kyle’s discomfort with his throbbing balls, Anthony moved forward and started massaging them with his big hands. It wasn’t sexual at all, and Kyle was grateful for the help.

“Thanks, man,” Kyle acknowledged to his friend. Meanwhile, he noticed Brian and Jacob observing across the room, mute with astonishment. He gave them a nod and a small smile.

“No problem,” Anthony replied. Although Anthony never had a gay thought in his life, Kyle’s growth fascinated him. From his perspective, the man’s nuts were larger than ostrich eggs and pulsing with warmth.

Having regained some of his strength, Kyle decided to work on relieving the once-cramped penis now flopped across his left leg. While Anthony continued massaging his still-sore balls, Kyle attempted to knead as much of his dick as he could reach. Squeezing the spongy flesh, all he could imagine was how impossible this was—logically, a cock the size of a fire hydrant would require way too much of the body’s blood to get hard. Then again, what was logic after this night? After seeing the Changr pills transform his friends into an inflated balloon-guy, a ripped muscle stud, a towering giant and a shrunken ball-man, Kyle’s steady, inner sense of reason and logic got thrown out the window.

Speaking of logic, Kyle started to get worried once he felt a gentle stirring in his supersized phallus—he was starting to get hard. Thoughts of I can’t get a boner, what’ll the other guys think? alternated with Oh my god, this feels fantastic as his hands automatically continued squeezing his cock base. Meanwhile, Kyle was further embarrassed to see that Anthony put down his giant balls and decided to tend to another part of his anatomy. Massaging the parts of his penis that Kyle’s hands couldn’t reach, Anthony’s big fingers sent waves of pleasure through him. Kyle’s cock was already two feet long and impossibly thick, yet the combined effort of four hands was making the entire length swell. Feeling his pendulous balls churn in his sac sent Kyle further into a haze of erotic bliss.

As the Changr pill continued its work, Kyle couldn’t believe it as he stared at his wang gradually stiffening, lengthening and thickening. While Anthony settled into a gentle, rhythmic stroking on the tip, Kyle continued kneading the surface on the hard base. To him, it appeared that the giant-sized dick was passing the three-foot length as the swelling head reached well past his left knee. Meanwhile, the stiffening of the base was forcing the zipper on his pants to move to the right, squeezing his enormous balls further in his scrotum. The way the skin tightly stretched around the two orbs vaguely reminded Kyle of globes used to teach Geography in Elementary school. He cupped his right hand under them, surprised by their weight.

Just as it appeared that Kyle’s super-cock was reaching a fully hard state, he was surprised to see Anthony stop his stroking and crawl off somewhere else. Kyle was in too much of an erotic stupor to ask questions, so he continued stroking the massive woody as well as he could. Across the room, Jacob and Brian continued to watch in awe. Jacob knew he was getting a stiffy in his underwear—he was more turned on than he’d been in a long while. Glancing over at Brian, he noticed the transfixed redhead was tweaking his pumped nipples. Jacob then reached a beefy arm around Brian’s neck, giving him a passionate tongue kiss.

In Anthony’s absence, Kyle took a moment to contemplate the giant pole jutting out from his groin. His fully hard dick was now at an incredible four feet in length, arched at a slight upward angle from his slouched, seated form. As he continued stroking the base foot of his colossal hard-on, Kyle noted that every vein, bump and flaw he so intimately knew on his normal-sized cock was still there, magnified. It was so strange to him, yet such a turn-on that he started stroking faster.

In the middle of Kyle lifting his log-like appendage to see how heavy it was, Anthony shuffled back with a tub of margarine from Nick’s refrigerator in one hand. Without prior warning, the giant scooped some margarine out of the container with two fingers and started slathering it on the tip of Kyle’s throbbing member. At first, Kyle was taken aback by the coolness of the lube. Once it melted, however, the sensations in his dick intensified by a thousand percent. In the blur of his own erotic bliss, Kyle noticed that Anthony’s own cock had risen to attention—an 18 inch-long monster with a swollen, apple-sized head and a flaring crown. Anthony calmly administered to Kyle’s dick while stroking his own with his other, non-lubed hand.

While ball-shaped party host Nick observed with a mixture of disgust and fascination from his perch, the other four guests were mired in an orgy of activity. Jacob hunched his bodybuilder physique onto his knees, tenderly giving Brian his first, best blow job. Meanwhile, Kyle dimly noticed his Changr pill effects had come to an end while Anthony continued stroking his massive, five foot-long hard-on. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

While Anthony was rhythmically stroking away, he noticed a river of precum leaking from Kyle’s huge piss slit. Sometimes he’d cup some in his hands and continue stroking, adding to the viscosity of Kyle’s greased-up telephone pole. To Kyle, it increased his dick’s sensitivity even more, sending him into a delirium of lust. Glimpsing at his churning, gigantic balls, all he could think about was how unbelievably horny he was. Then the incredible sensations gave way to a tidal wave of earth-shaking bliss as his cock stiffened and got ready to blow.

Kyle let out a glass-rattling, loud moan as his massive hard-on shot volleys of cum across the room. To him, the orgasm seemed to last forever as his dick continued pumping out ropes of sticky white globs onto the floor. A minute later, Anthony shuffled closer on his knees and unloaded his own throbbing, thick 18-incher onto the front of Kyle’s shirt. In his post-orgasmic haze, Kyle couldn’t help but admire how magnificent his giant roommate appeared. Did that make him gay? Who cares?

Anthony was beaming—it isn’t too often that a guy gets to stroke a five-foot hard-on to orgasm, after all. Kyle appreciated the helping hand, although their cooldown got interrupted. “Oh my Godddddddd!!!!,” they heard as Brian finally experienced the benefits of a muscle-bound roommate who could also deep throat with the best of them.

“Looks like we’re not the only ones having fun,” Anthony chuckled as he hefted Kyle’s softening yet still massive member. Kyle laughed as he surveyed his now fully-transformed junk.

“Yeah, but—how am I gonna be able to move around like this?” Kyle was less worried than amused by his absurdly blown-up genitals. Still slouched in the dining chair, the exhausted man’s hand canvassed his giant scrotum. “Crap—each of my balls are nearly as big as Nick’s entire body mass.” He let out a chuckle, still in awe in everything that’s happened over the past couple of hours.

“Nick!” Anthony was caught off guard by Kyle’s mention of their spherical party host—he had completely forgotten about his best bud. While Jacob and Brian were busy cuddling their enlarged frames as comfortably as the couch would allow, Anthony noticed Nick still perched atop the nearby bar. Crawling into Nick’s view, the giant seated himself cross-legged and said, “How’s my best dude doing? Great party, huh?”

“Doing okay. I’ve had better,” was all that Nick could squeak out.

“Those Changr pills? Awesome idea. Let’s do another one in a few weeks—my treat.”

“Yeah, all right, whatever.” Though the pills didn’t work out in his favor, Nick had to admit that they made for a wild shindig. He just hoped the next one wouldn’t turn all his friends gay like this one—or make him completely immobile.

“Best party ever,” stated Anthony. With a smile, the giant hoisted his friend’s bloated form to his face and planted a giant-sized kiss on his belly.

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