C is for…

by King Dave

Owen decides to order some custom health supplements online. He never expected them to have these kinds of side effects.

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Part 1 Owen decides to order some custom health supplements online. He never expected them to have these kinds of side effects. (added: 6 Feb 2021)
Part 2  (added: 13 Feb 2021)
Part 3 Owen comes clean to his roommate Mike about the pills, but Mike isn’t the only one he has to worry about. (added: 27 Feb 2021)
Part 4 Owen, Roger, and Mike have a fun outing at the climbing gym together, and things start to get out of control. (added: 6 Mar 2021)
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Part 1

That’s just depressing, Owen thought. It was a dismal, rainy day, and his reflection in the window of the packed city bus looked as though he was standing still in the downpour, allowing the rain to soak through him. It didn’t help that Owen had forgotten to bring an umbrella and had gotten doused on his way from the office to the bus stop. He had put on an upbeat podcast to take his mind off the rain, but he couldn’t really focus on it. He sighed at his reflection, frowning at the way his wet hair clung to his forehead, how the fluorescent public transit lighting made his eye sockets look hollow and his skin extra pale, how his wet shirt revealed his bony clavicles.

“And now a word from our sponsor,” said a voice in Owen’s earbuds. “We all know that C is for Care, C is for Comfort, C is for Confidence, but today C is for Coupon, honey, because we have got a deal for you. C Is For custom supplements is making personal health so easy…”

Owen smirked, half listening as the podcast host extolled the virtues of his custom supplements. I’m sure they have changed your life, he thought sarcastically. I bet you just read a script without ever taking one pill.

“… and listen honey, get into it because this month only, C Is For custom supplements is offering our lucky listeners their first monthly shipment absolutely free with our coupon code ‘honey’, so go to C Is For dot com slash honey and see if C is for you!”

The podcast host got back to his regularly scheduled content just as the bus reached Owen’s stop. Walking the last block through the rain to his apartment, Owen’s mind drifted back to the ad. He had been feeling stuck in a rut lately, waking up tired in the mornings and unable to focus at work. Owen had blamed it on the streak of rainy weather, but perhaps some vitamins could be helpful. They couldn’t hurt, and the ad did say he could get a month’s worth for free.

An hour later, Owen was stretched out on his bed with his laptop open, a large yellow button on his screen inviting him to “Get Started”. Owen clicked and was taken to a survey page with a promise of personally tailored custom supplements based on his answers.

Owen did his best to answer the questions honestly. The first few were easy: Age 26, gender male, orientation gay, height 5’10”, weight 135 lbs., no chronic illnesses, allergies, or other medications. Questions about his diet weren’t too difficult for Owen to answer. He wasn’t an especially good cook but always made sure to eat healthfully. Questions about exercise brought out a bit more regret, reminding Owen of the gym membership he was paying for but rarely used. He kept a set of gym clothes in his backpack in case he spontaneously decided to turn over a new leaf, but he’d been carrying those clothes around for over a month without a single use. Hopefully a new vitamin regimen would help give him the energy to get back in the gym.

The last section of the survey was a list of health and wellness goals with the instruction to check all that apply. Owen scanned down the list: Boost immunity, better focus, increase energy, better sleep. That’s what I’m here for, he thought as he read on. Fight aging, increase strength and stamina, improve sex drive, increase body confidence. It all sounded good. With a shrug, Owen clicked “check all” and submitted his responses. Large text on a sunny yellow background congratulated him for completing the survey. A few clicks and a coupon code later, he was set to receive his first month of free, customized, one-a-day supplements within 5-10 business days.

A week and a half passed and Owen had forgotten all about the free pills. That is, until he stepped into the apartment after work one day and was handed a cardboard box by his roommate, Mike.

“Package for you,” Mike said pushing the box into Owen’s unsuspecting chest.

“Uh, hi, thanks, good to see you.” Owen took the box and sat down at the kitchen table.

“What’s inside?” Mike called from the hallway.

Mike had never let a conversation prevent him from continuing whatever he was doing. Owen had found it distracting when they first met in college. The two had been paired up for a group project based on their names (Owen Lee and Mike Li), and Mike’s multitasking had made it hard for Owen to believe he was actually doing any work. All these years later, Owen barely noticed anymore.

Owen broke through the packing tape and reached into the box. Inside was a simple white bottle with a child locked lid and a sunny yellow label that read “C is for YOU”.

“It’s vitamins,” Owen called back, recalling the podcast ad.

“Vitamins?” Mike had returned from his bedroom with a gym bag slung over his shoulder. Though not terribly tall, his athletic frame loomed over Owen still seated at the table.

“Yeah,” Owen held the bottle up to Mike’s square face for him to see. “They were doing a promotion. It was free, so I thought why not? Anyway where are you off to?”

“It’s Tuesday, so the volleyball team has a game. We’re indoors tonight.” Mike was already putting on his lime green rain shell, pulling the hood over his short black hair. His inability to stand still meant Mike was out playing a different sport or at a different type of gym more nights than not. As a result, he had the evenly toned, well-proportioned body of an all-around athlete. Owen had had a brief crush on him back in college, but had quickly moved him out of the hot classmate slot in his brain to the friend slot when he learned Mike was straight. He enjoyed having a friend who encouraged him to try new things in a low commitment sort of way. And besides, Mike never held still long enough for Owen to think about how hot he was.

“Right, volleyball Tuesday. Catch you later then!” Owen called out to Mike who was halfway out the door. Mike flashed a peace sign over his shoulder and was gone.

Left in the sudden silence that always followed Mike’s departure, Owen looked down at the bottle in his hand. At the bottom of the label was a block of text in tiny letters.

These supplements have been specifically formulated just for you. Take no more than one each day. For best results, supplements should be one component of a healthy lifestyle which includes a balanced diet and regular exercise. Though you may not see immediate results, exceeding the recommended daily dosage will increase the risk of unwanted side effects.

Blah blah blah, standard legal crap, Owen thought. Nobody wants to get sued. With a press and a twist, Owen opened the childproof lid and poured out a medium sized oblong pill. He swallowed it easily and set the closed bottle on the kitchen counter, thinking nothing more of his delivery for the rest of the night.

The next morning, Owen awoke feeling unexpectedly alert. His alarm wasn’t set to go off for a few more minutes, and yet he felt more rested than he had in months. He remembered his custom supplements. If the night’s sleep was anything to go on, they seemed to be doing their job.

Mike, by contrast was uncharacteristically sluggish, appearing in the kitchen later than usual. He was ignoring his breakfast, intent instead on staring vacantly at the wall opposite him.

“You feeling okay?” Owen asked. “You’re sitting still, it’s freaking me out.”

“Yeah. No. I don’t know.” Mike’s staring contest with the wall remained unbroken, his dark brown eyes fixed in place. “I think I’m coming down with something.”

“You should take it easy.” Owen cleared his dishes and began preparing to leave for work. “Get some rest. Maybe no Wednesday Workout this week.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Mike frowned down at his breakfast, as if confused by its presence.

“Well, I’m out, hope you feel better soon!” And with that Owen left for work.

Throughout the day, Owen was astonished by how much difference a good night’s sleep had made. He found himself able to focus on the most mundane of tasks, and left the office with energy to spare. He decided to make good use of the extra energy and hit the gym on his way home, grateful to his past self for optimistically keeping a set of gym clothes in his backpack.

Owen was still in a good mood when he arrived at home, whistling as he hung up his raincoat. He walked into the living room and abruptly stopped whistling. Mike was sprawled out on the couch asleep. Owen checked his watch, it wasn’t yet 8 pm. Mike must really be coming down with something, he thought.

Owen sat down in the armchair opposite the couch and gazed at Mike in amusement. He looked like he had passed out in the middle of getting undressed. His shirt was hanging open and his belt was unbuckled.

Owen realized he was staring. As much as he knew Mike was just a straight friend, he knew a hot guy when he saw one. Owen watched Mike’s chest undulating gently with his breathing and wondered what it would feel like to reach out and touch his smooth, light brown skin. Would his chest be warm? Would it feel firm and thick? What would his nipple feel like under this thumb?

Taking the invitation of the open shirt, Owen’s eyes drifted down over Mike’s defined pecs and abs to where his pants had slipped down and revealed a few inches of dark green cotton. Owen’s eyebrows raised in surprise. Clearly visible through the fabric was the outline of an unexpectedly thick cock. Owen followed its outline up and to the left where it disappeared under Mike’s shirttail. He felt an urge to pull back the fabric, to see just how far the outline continued.

Owen shook his head. He knew it was a bad idea to go down that road. Rising from the armchair, Owen resolved to go about his evening without thinking about Mike other than taking care not to wake him.

At 11 pm, Owen was getting ready for bed. He went out to the kitchen to take his daily pill, and as he swallowed, noticed Mike was still unconscious on the couch. He’s gonna feel like crap tomorrow if he sleeps there, Owen thought, better go give him a hand.

Owen approached the couch, taking care to focus on Mike’s face so as not to get distracted by his exposed chest. He’d never seen Mike’s face so relaxed. His gently parted lips looked full and soft, would they feel soft?

Owen blinked hard and refocused. He placed a hand on Mike’s covered shoulder and gently squeezed, trying not to think about how the firm muscle felt under his hand.

“Mike, hey. Let’s get you to your bed.”

Mike’s eyes blinked open, a confused expression clouding his face.

“Come on, sit up let’s go.”

Owen slipped his arm behind Mike’s back and helped him to his feet. He walked Mike to his bedroom, doing his best to ignore how nice Mike’s strong arm felt slung over his shoulders.

Once across the threshold, Mike pulled his shirt the rest of the way off, stepped out of his pants, and toppled face first onto his bed. Good enough, Owen thought with a smirk. He let his gaze follow Mike’s toned back down to his dark green boxer briefs. Mike had a surprisingly nice ass, Owen thought. It was high and round, and the boxer briefs looked smooth and soft.

A loud snore broke Owen out of his thoughts. Job done, he reminded himself, time to go. He switched off the lights and headed to his own room, determined not to think of Mike’s face or body for the rest of the night.


Part 2

Owen awoke the next morning 5 minutes before his alarm. He bounced out of bed feeling even more energetic than the day before.

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror after his shower, Owen considered his appearance. I’m really not half bad looking, he thought to himself. His light brown hair was kept short, lending a squared off look to his face. Though not muscular, his upper body emerging from the towel around his waist did have a subtle taper, and he was beginning to make out some definition in his chest and upper arms. He stood up straighter, feeling a glow of confidence. Just then, the bathroom door opened.

“Morning Owen!” Mike said. “Beautiful day today.”

Owen was confused. It had been pounding rain since the day before and didn’t seem to be letting up. He turned to ask Mike what he was talking about, but the words never left his mouth.

Mike was standing casually in the doorway with a clean white towel over one shoulder, and nothing else. Stunned, Owen took in Mike’s athletic body. His arm looked long and lean reaching for his toothbrush, and his bicep bounced hypnotically as he brushed. Maybe it was the bathroom lighting, or the contrast of the white towel against his light brown skin, but his pecs looked rounder, his abs more defined than they had looked the day before. And that cock! Even soft as it was now it looked pleasantly thick and heavy hanging down in front of his muscular, lightly hairy thighs.

“I don’t know what I had, but I think I just needed some sleep and those Vitamin C pills,” Mike’s words came out slightly garbled around his toothbrush, “because I feel great today.”

You look great today too, Owen thought, entranced by the way brushing his teeth made the muscles in Mike’s arm and chest jump and twitch. Owen’s brain caught up with his ears. “What Vitamin C pills?” he asked, regaining control of his voice.

“The ones you got in the mail. The free internet vitamins. Hope you don’t mind, I took a few.”

Owen realized with a jolt what had happened. The sunny yellow label on the custom supplements had a big letter C on it. It would be easy to mistake them for Vitamin C.

“How many did you take?” Owen asked.

Mike spat into the sink before answering. “I don’t know, 3? I think? It’s Vitamin C. It’s not like you can overdose. Anyway I feel way better, so thanks!”

Mike hopped into the shower, and Owen took his cue to exit the bathroom. He rushed to the kitchen, grabbed the pill bottle, and found the small text at the bottom of the label.

… exceeding the recommended daily dosage will increase the risk of unwanted side effects, including but not limited indigestion, stomach pain, drowsiness, headache, sudden change in body temperature, unexpected sexual urges.

That explains why he was conked out last night, Owen thought. He resolved to explain things to Mike when he came out for breakfast. Owen quickly dressed and returned to the kitchen to wait for Mike. Just as Owen was beginning to worry he’d be late for work, Mike burst into the kitchen, an energy bar hanging out of his mouth.

“Hey Mike, hold on I need to tell you something,” Owen started.

“No time, I’m late,” Mike interjected. He’d already slipped on his lime green rain shell. “Tell me tonight.” Mike disappeared out the door.

Owen grabbed his phone to text Mike. This was important. He hit send and heard a soft buzzing sound from the living room. Mike’s phone was on the floor by the couch. He must have left it there when he passed out the night before, Owen thought. He resigned himself to the fact he’d have to wait until later to talk to Mike and headed out to catch the bus.

All day at work, Owen couldn’t shake the image of Mike standing naked in the bathroom. Apart from the night before, he had rarely seen Mike in any state of undress in the years they’d been roommates. The way Mike had confidently strolled into the room completely nude would have been a shock on its own. The fact that his athletic body looked extra pumped only compounded the situation, and the image had seared itself into Owen’s brain, appearing like a screensaver every time he closed his eyes. Owen found himself getting chubbed at work replaying the memory of Mike’s sculpted chest and arms reflected in the bathroom mirror, his tight abs leading down to his hefty cock, and remembering how perfect his ass had looked when he turned to hop in the shower. Owen reminded himself that Mike was off limits, and forced himself to focus on getting through the work day.

When Owen got home from work, Mike was still out. Owen had finished his dinner and taken his daily supplement when Mike finally walked in the door.

“Hey-O,” Mike said cheerily as he unzipped his rain shell. “Listen, those vitamins you got online must be special or something because I feel fantastic.”

“You do? Are you sure?” Owen asked.

“Yup!” Mike pulled an itchy looking sweater over his head and tossed it onto the armchair. “Well actually, part way through the day I started feeling sick again, like my stomach felt off and I was hot like a fever was coming on, so I took a few more of those vitamins…”

“What? More?” Owen cut in.

“Yeah I took some to work just in case.” Mike had pulled off his tie and was unbuttoning the top of his shirt. “Anyway, I was super tired and headachy for like an hour but then it passed and now I feel fan-fucking-tastic.”

Owen noticed Mike hadn’t stopped opening his shirt at the top button and was down to his navel, bringing the canyon between his pecs and abs into view.

“You’re sure you’re okay?” Owen asked. “You normally stop unbuttoning after two you know.”

“It’s just hot in here.” Mike had removed his shirt and dropped it in the armchair with his sweater. His bare chest and arms looked extra pumped like they had that morning, maybe even a bit more. And there was something else. It was like Mike’s body had an energy to it, like it was pulsing with life and vitality, calling for Owen to reach out and touch it.

“Aren’t you hot?” Mike continued. “Hey, you’re taking those vitamins too right? What do you think? I feel great, so I bet you feel…”

Mike paused and took in a breath. A curious expression passed over his face. He crossed the room to stand face to face with Owen.

“I bet you feel amazing.” Mike locked eyes with Owen. “You know, it’s so hot in here. I don’t mind if you want to cool off a bit.”

Owen felt cool air on his stomach and realized Mike had covertly unbuttoned his shirt. Mike took Owen’s open collar in his hands and peeled the shirt down his arms.

“Isn’t that better?” Mike dropped the shirt on the kitchen floor.

“Yeah,” Owen breathed. His brain was having trouble processing what was going on. All he knew was that Mike was standing an inch away from him, eyes locked with his, soft lips curved into a half smile, heat radiating off of his bare chest. He wanted to reach out and touch him, to squeeze his hard biceps, to pull him in by the waist and kiss him long and hard.

Owen felt a hand on his crotch. He gasped as the hand gave his balls a playful squeeze.

“Wait,” Owen said, forcing himself to think clearly. “What’s happening?”

“What do you want to happen?” Mike pressed his palm against Owen’s hard shaft and began massaging up and down over his pants.

This, Owen thought, this is what I want, more of this please.

“Okay,” Owen said, “but are you sure? You’re good with this?”

Mike moved in bringing his mouth to Owen’s ear. He gently tugged Owen’s earlobe between his teeth. “I’m sure,” he whispered.

Mike took Owen’s left hand and placed it on his chest. Hard muscle under soft skin. Owen could feel Mike’s heart pounding under his palm. He felt a hand slide under his waistband (when had his belt come off?) and grab hold of his shaft, already slick with pre.

Owen gave up trying to understand why this was happening and allowed his senses to take over. He felt the cold wall against his back and Mike’s warm mouth on his collar bone. He reached his free hand around Mike’s waist and under his silky boxer briefs to grab his ass, relishing in its firmness, before sweeping around Mike’s hip to palm his balls and making Mike gasp into his neck.

Mike was now stroking Owen in earnest, which he lustily reciprocated, enjoying how Mike’s girthy cock forced his fingers open around it. With his left hand, Owen roamed Mike’s torso, up to his traps and down across his pecs, gripping his lats and obliques. He felt Mike’s breath on his ear and realized he was getting close.

“Mike,” Owen panted, “I’m gonna…”

Mike wordlessly dropped to his knees taking Owen into his mouth. Owen reached for a handhold and found Mike’s head, taking a fistful of his soft black hair in each hand. Mike let out a whimper around Owen’s cock, and Owen could hold back no longer. He came, shooting volley after volley into the back of Mike’s throat.

Owen’s orgasm subsided, and he slid down the wall until he was sitting on the tiled kitchen floor. In his daze, he could see that Mike had sat down in one of the dining chairs and was finishing himself off with one hand, the other sweeping across his chest. His pants were at his ankles on the floor and his knees were spread wide, giving Owen a direct view up through Mike’s powerful thighs.

Owen weakly raised a hand toward Mike, but he was too late. Mike was cumming on his chest. Owen sat back against the wall, watching as Mike’s body tensed and eventually relaxed, his free arm hanging limply at his side.

“Guess I should take another shower,” Mike said, breaking the silence. He kicked his ankles free of his pants and disappeared into the bathroom. “That was great!” Mike shouted from the other room. “For real, man, so good!”

Before Owen could call back, he heard the sound of rushing water. He sighed. How was he going to explain things to Mike now?


Part 3

Owen sat in disbelief. Was this real? Owen had never known Mike to show interest in men, let alone in Owen himself. And yet Mike had just sucked him off right there in the kitchen. Owen knocked the back of his head against the wall. The dull pain that ensued felt real. He saw his discarded shirt crumpled on the floor next to him and picked it up. The cotton poplin felt reassuringly normal in his hands. Convinced that he wasn’t dreaming, he rose from the kitchen floor, slipped on his shirt, and headed to his room, hoping the comfort of his bed would help him figure out how he could talk to Mike now.

Half an hour passed and Owen was sitting on his bed no closer to a plan when he heard a knock on his door.

“Hey-O,” Mike called from the hallway, “can I come in?”

Ready or not, this was happening. “Sure,” Owen called back.

Mike opened the door and stepped inside. He was dressed in plaid pajama bottoms and a loose white v-neck that showed off the top of his damp, glistening chest. His dark hair stood straight up in contrast to his relaxed posture as he leaned against the door frame.

“Listen,” he said, casually scratching the back of his neck, “I figure we should talk. What just happened in the kitchen, it was fun and I had a really good time! But, like, we’ve never done anything like that before, so I want to make sure you’re doing okay.”

Owen smiled. He should have known Mike would be so calm about this. After all, he was the one always getting Owen to try new things with him.

“I’m okay. I’m great! What about you though? You haven’t done that before with anyone have you?”

“No, you’re right,” Mike replied amiably. “I’d never even thought about it before. But tonight when I got home and we were talking, and I looked at you and… I don’t know, it was like I was seeing you for the first time. And I had all this energy, and it was so hot in the apartment…”

“Actually,” Owen interrupted, “I have to tell you something, I tried to tell you this morning before you left, and I think it explains at least why you’ve been feeling hot and cold. Those pills you’ve been taking, they’re not Vitamin C.”

“Huh?” Mike said.

“Yeah, I mean there might also be Vitamin C in them, but they’re supposed to be custom supplements for me. Like, I did a survey online and they made the pills based on my answers. So there’s other stuff in there, and I think you’ve been getting side effects from taking too many.”

“Oh.” Mike frowned. “What kinds of side effects?”

“Temperature changes and drowsiness were listed for sure, and I think headaches and stomach pain which you said you had. And then there was one about unexpected sexual urges.”

“Interesting.” Mike pushed himself off the door frame and flopped down on his back across the foot of Owen’s bed. “That checks out.”

“Are you mad at me?” Owen asked.

“What? Why?” Mike sat up to face Owen.

“I don’t know I feel like I accidentally drugged you or something.”

“You didn’t drug me,” Mike said. “I took your pills without asking or even reading the label. And then I came on to you, not the other way around. It was all me, and besides why would I be mad? I feel incredible.”

“You look incredible,” Owen said.

“Right?” Mike grinned. “It’s like I’ve been supercharged or something, check it out!” Mike hit a double bicep pose, his upper arms swelling to fill the sleeves of his loose t-shirt.

“And you don’t mind that you’re gay now?” Owen asked.

“Whoa, who said that?” Mike laughed. “Actually, I was thinking about it in the shower and I’m definitely still into girls. It’s more like… like I found another part of my brain that was always there but I’d never noticed before, and that part is into guys.”

“Oh,” Owen said. An image of Mike in the shower having sexy thoughts flashed across his mind. His dick stirred in his pants. “So then… what about us? What are we now?”

“We’re friends! Same as we always were, but now we have a new fun activity we can do together. I mean, if you want to.”

“Yes,” Owen said a little too quickly. “Good, okay. So that’s settled, and now you know about the pills so you won’t take any more thinking they’re Vitamin C.”

“Yeah about that…” Mike was stretched out on his back again, looking at the ceiling to avoid eye contact. “You see, I was talking to my manager, Roger, and he said he felt a cold coming on, you know from all this rain, anyway I told him I had these really good Vitamin C pills, and I gave him some.”

“You did? How many?”

“I don’t know,” Mike scratched his head. “Five, I think.”

Five?” Owen exclaimed. “You need to tell him not to take them!”

“It’s too late, he took them at work.” Mike covered his face with his hands. “Besides, I don’t have his personal number. I’ll tell him what’s up at work tomorrow.”

“You better,” Owen said.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Roger, wake up.”

Roger slowly blinked his eyes open. He was in his half-lit bedroom, looking up at the face of his wife, Carolyn.

“Oh thank God,” she said. “I was starting to get worried. Listen I’ll take the kids to school but you should either get up fast or call in sick, it’s 8:30.”

Roger squinted. Even the weak light that managed to pierce the thick cloud cover and in the window was enough to make his head pound.

“Okay, I gotta go.” Carolyn stood up and headed toward the door. “Call in sick, and maybe go to the doctor. Get some rest. Love you!”

Roger grunted a response as he heard the door close. There was no way he’d be able to work through this headache. He reached for his phone and typed out a quick email, saying he was taking the morning off due to a bad migraine, and would come in for the afternoon if it passed. He dropped his phone beside him, silently cursing the rainy weather.

Roger closed his eyes and tried to let the sound of rain lull him sleep, but his throbbing headache refused to let him rest. After a while, he gave up and reached for his phone to check how long it had been. The screen displayed the time, 9:30, the numbers hovering over his background: a photo of him and Carolyn on his last birthday. Roger had turned 45, and he was feeling the years. And while he liked how he looked in the photo, wearing a navy blue suit that matched his piercing blue eyes, there was only so much a well-tailored suit could do. It certainly couldn’t hide his greying hair and receding hairline, nor could it mask the crow’s feet around his eyes or the loosening skin around his neck.

If he couldn’t sleep, Roger decided a shower might help. He rose from the bed and shuffled to the bathroom, leaving the lights off so as not to offend his pounding skull. Once in the shower, he felt a sudden chill. Roger increased the water temperature, hoping it would warm him up and soothe his aching muscles. The hot shower did seem to alleviate Roger’s headache somewhat. He toweled off and flicked on the lights. Roger snorted. The room was so full of steam, he still couldn’t see anything.

With his head cleared, Roger could now tell that was both hungry and sleepy. After a moment’s hesitation, he decided to deal with the hunger first. He wrapped the towel around his waist and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

As Roger was polishing off a heaping pile of eggs, he felt a sudden wave of drowsiness overtake him. Roger knew he needed to get to his bed quickly, taking the stairs by twos. He made it to the bedroom just in time to collapse onto his bed in his towel before passing out.

Roger awoke with a start. He bolted upright and grabbed his phone. It was almost noon. Despite his unpleasant morning, Roger now felt like he had enough energy to run a marathon. He decided he must have just needed the sleep to beat whatever bug he had.

Feeling strangely alert, Roger stood up, adjusted the towel around his waist, and padded over to the bathroom. He picked up his toothbrush and toothpaste and began to brush. Roger glanced up at his reflection in the mirror and spat out his toothpaste in shock.

Roger wiped the mirror with a washcloth and stared in disbelief at his reflection. Staring back was an image of himself, but not the face from his birthday photo. The Roger in the mirror was a dead ringer for himself at 25. Gone were the wrinkles around his eyes and flab at his neck, replaced by skin that was smooth and taut, with a slight tan that matched his thick, lustrous golden hair. His jaw, which had begun to sag with age, was now sharp and angular. He took a step back away from the mirror and nearly stumbled in surprise. The body he could now see reflected back at him was more buff than he’d ever been in his twenties. He’d always been lean back then, but this version of him looked like he spent all of his time in the gym.

Unbelieving, Roger reached a hand up to his chest and watched his reflection do the same, his arm bulging as it moved. He cupped a round pectoral and felt the hard muscle under his hand, flexed and felt it shift against his palm. He looked down at himself. It was all there in plain view, his imposing shelf of a chest covered in a light dusting of golden hair that continued down cobblestone abs before disappearing under his towel.

Roger took another step away from the mirror, knocking his towel loose. As it fell to the floor, Roger let out a gasp. At no point in his life had his dick been that big, reaching halfway down his thigh. Then, as he watched, it began to inflate, slowly at first and then rapidly as it reached ramrod stiffness curving up towards the centre of his chest, the pink tip quivering and begging to be touched.

Roger took hold of his cock head and felt an electric shiver run through his body. He watched his reflection slowly stroke down the long shaft to its base, coating it in pre-cum. The muscles in his reflection’s arm and chest bulged and twitched as he stroked. Roger lifted his free arm and flexed in the mirror, watching his bicep pop. He ran his hand through his thick golden hair, and got lost in the movement of his reflection’s arm, his handsome face and incredible body.

Suddenly, Roger felt a growing wave of pleasure emanating from his crotch. He steadied himself against the sink and came, splattering the mirror once again. He felt the wave of pleasure pass over his whole body, feeling it in each muscle before it slowly began to subside, leaving him panting into the sink.

When he regained his breath, Roger wiped the mirror and sink and looked back at his reflection. The old Roger hadn’t reappeared, it was still the buff, young, extra hung version blinking back at him. Roger sighed. There was no explaining it, so he’d better get used to the situation. He finished brushing his teeth and decided to go to work and hope nobody noticed anything. Ten minutes later, Roger was dressed in an ill fitting shirt and tie, and a pair of his 17-year-old son’s pants, and was out the door.


Part 4

Owen gazed at his reflection in the rain-streaked window of the crowded city bus. He’d forgotten his umbrella again and gotten caught in the rain. His face was flushed from the cold adding a youthful, lively air to his handsome features. Through the thin wet cotton of his shirt, Owen could see the beginnings of a chest to be proud of, and a respectable bicep bulging as he reached up to grip a support rail. Owen’s smile widened with pride in his appearance. Even his wet hair, pushed back and to the side, had an alluring curl.

A buzzing in his pocket caught Owen’s attention. He fished out his phone to see a text from Mike.

What are you up to tonight?

Owen typed his response.

Nothing, might hit the gym, what’s up?

A moment later Owen’s phone was buzzing with responses.

I’m going to the climbing gym with some work people

You should come

Roger is coming

He’s fine btw your pills didn’t kill him

This is Roger

Mike had sent Owen what looked like a corporate profile picture. Owen magnified the image to get a better look. It was a smiling blue-eyed middle-aged man, not unattractive but not eye catching either. He looked like the type of guy who could shake your hand and introduce himself and within minutes you’d have forgotten his name.

Owen closed the image to see more messages from Mike.

Join us!

Join us!

Join us!

Why not, Owen thought. He’d been planning to get in a workout anyway, and was curious to find out how the pills had affected Roger.

Ok I’m coming. I can be there in 20

Mike’s response was immediate.

Nice. See you there

Twenty minutes and another bus ride later, Owen walked in the sliding doors of the climbing gym. He spotted Mike with a small group of people all in their athletic gear. Mike waved excitedly, and the group turned to see the new entrant.

Owen approached and scanned the group for Roger. There was a short woman with thick eyebrows and sandy blonde hair tied back in a thicker braid, a taller woman with dark hair pulled up into a bun on top of her head, and a man with an angular face and golden blonde hair who looked to be about 6ft tall. All three looked like 20 somethings who were into fitness, especially the blonde guy. No middle aged manager in sight.

“Owen! So glad you could make it!” Mike jogged over and wrapped Owen in a bear hug, leaving Owen briefly exhilarated by the feeling of Mike’s hard chest pressed against his. Mike slung an arm over Owen’s shoulders and turned to face the group.

“Everyone, this is my buddy Owen. Owen, this is Yasmin—”

The shorter woman with the thick eyebrows raised a waving hand.

“This is Vanessa—”

The taller dark haired woman followed suit offering a quick ‘hey’.

“And this,” Mike continued, steering Owen towards the tall, broad shouldered, blonde man before slipping aside, “is the boss man.”

The man extended an open hand towards Owen, and spoke in a rich baritone. “Roger, pleasure to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Owen accepted the handshake with astonishment he hoped was masked behind a neutral smile. Mike, standing just out of Roger’s view, made no attempts at composure and was grinning impishly at Owen.

On closer inspection, Owen found a resemblance between the man in the photo and the man now squeezing his hand a bit too tightly. He had the same bright blue eyes and straight nose, but with a full head of thick, wavy blonde hair. His youthful smile gave him an easy laid-back air despite his formality, upright posture, and his tight black shirt that was clearly too small for his muscular body. This could have been photo-Roger’s hot gym-rat son.

“Yasmin and I are gonna go top rope,” Vanessa announced to the group. “Who wants to join?”

“I think I’ll boulder with the newbies.” Mike replied. He turned toward Owen and Roger. “That’s where you climb the shorter wall but without a rope and harness.”

“I remember,” Owen said, “You brought me here a few months ago.”

“Right! So you remember where everything is? Go get changed and you can meet us by the bouldering wall.”

Mike clasped Owen’s shoulder and pointed him in the direction of the change rooms, and the group dispersed. A short while later, Owen had changed and found his way to the bottom of the bouldering wall as Roger was nearing the top.

“Great job!” Mike cheered up to Roger. “You’re a natural at this!”

Roger reached the top of the wall then jumped down to the padded floor with a thud, his solid legs easily absorbing the shock. “Thanks,” he said. “I think I’m ready for a challenge.”

“How about a race?” Owen said.

Roger flashed a charming smile. “You’re on.”

Mike counted them down, and the two were off. As he scaled the wall, Owen found himself climbing unexpectedly quickly. Reaches he would have struggled with before he now found comfortably within his grasp. Buoyed by his newfound climbing ability, he looked over his shoulder to check on his competition.

To Owen’s surprise, Roger was already nearing the top. Owen stopped climbing, distracted by Roger’s thick, defined legs. His left calf flexed as he raised himself up to reach the top of the wall.

“We have a winner!” Mike cheered from below.

Roger and Owen dropped to the ground.

“Would you like a rematch?” Roger asked.

Mike smirked. “You two have fun, I’m going to do some climbing of my own.”

He turned and trotted off, leaving Roger and Owen to Round 2, which soon became Round 3, and then Round 4. After 6 races, they had won 3 apiece.

“Next round is the tie breaker,” Roger said, wiping his brow with the back of his hand, “but first, I need water.”

“Good call,” said Owen. He let Roger lead him to the water cooler, enjoying the view of his backside as he followed. Owen filled, chugged, and refilled his paper cup, and then sat down on a wooden bench next to Roger.

Roger was sitting, full cup in hand, staring unblinkingly in front of him, his mouth hanging slightly open. Owen followed his gaze up the climbing wall to find Mike. He must have gotten too warm as he was now shirtless, his tapered back flexing as he gripped the wall.

“So, Mike tells me you’re his manager.” Owen said.

“Yes,” Roger answered, his gaze uninterrupted. “He’s… a great asset to our team.”

Owen smirked. He took a look at Roger, who was practicality salivating, and decided to throw caution to the wind.

“I can tell you’re watching his assets, if you know what I mean.”

“What?” Roger blinked but didn’t look away. “No, that would be highly unprofessional. Besides, I’m strai… huh…”

Owen looked back at the wall where Mike had found a new foothold, his raised leg rounding out his ass.

“Right,” Owen replied, “and you’re watching him for climbing tips.”

“Yeah.” Roger licked his lips. “He’s a strong… climber, and he’s… wow he’s filling out those shorts…”

Owen felt a hand grip his right knee. He kept his eyes on the wall, watching as Mike extended his lean body up to reach a new handhold, then pulled himself further upwards by his hands. Mike’s lats and arms bulged with the movement, and Owen heard Roger swallow hard.

“He’s so stro… strong…” Roger’s deep voice had taken on a breathy tone. His hand began to massage Owen’s leg, inching slowly upwards.

On the rock wall, Mike had cantilevered himself to the side, straining to reach a new hold. The long, unbroken line of musculature from his forearm to his triceps and shoulder, across his back and down his leg to his diamond calf, looked like something out of a renaissance painting.

Roger tilted his head mirroring Mike’s body. Owen felt Roger’s hand moving higher and higher up the inside of his thigh. Owen placed a hand on top of Roger’s, who suddenly turned to lock eyes with Owen. His mouth was hanging open, his breath heavy, his eyes pleading.

“Not here,” Owen said. He took Roger’s hand and stood up, tugging him in the direction of the changerooms. Owen quickly found an open changeroom, pulled Roger in with him and locked the door behind.

Immediately Roger was on him, holding Owen’s face in his hands, exploring Owen’s mouth with his tongue. Owen pulled Roger in close, feeling Roger’s hard chest pressed against his own, and what felt like an enormous erection against his stomach. Roger slid one hand down Owen’s neck and back until he found Owen’s ass and grabbed it roughly, making him moan against Roger’s mouth.

Just then, Owen felt a vibration in his pocket. He disengaged and pulled out his phone. It was Mike.

Where’d you guys go?

“Seriously? You’re texting?” Roger backed against the wall of the changing stall, his chest heaving.

“I’ll be quick,” Owen replied. “It will be worth it, promise.”

Change Room 5

Join Us! Join Us!

Owen finished with a winky face and an eggplant emoji before dropping his phone on the small changing bench.

“Okay I’m back.” Owen took Roger by the waist and pressed him against the wall. As he sucked on Roger’s neck, he tugged on Roger’s shirt but it refused to budge.

“How did you get this shirt on?” Owen asked.

“Here let me help. Roger lifted his arms and pulled the neck of the shirt over his head. Owen lifted from below and watched as it revealed Roger’s hard shaft sticking straight up out of his gym shorts, leaving a wet patch between his massive pecs.

As Owen gaped in disbelief, he heard a knock at the door.

“It’s me,” came Mike’s voice.

Owen wordlessly unlocked the door and Mike slipped in, his shirtless torso pulsing with energy and glistening with sweat. Mike took one look at Roger’s gigantic cock and his mouth was on it, straining to wrap around the head. Roger threw his head back against the wall, his eyes closed in bliss.

Not wanting to be left out, Owen stepped up onto the changing bench behind Mike and leaned forward to kiss Roger’s open mouth. He reached down to massage Mike’s upper arms, feeling the biceps bulge against his palms. Mike in turn was tweaking Roger’s erect nipples as he sucked. Roger reached his long arms around Mike and swiftly tugged Owen’s shorts and briefs down to his knees before pressing a firm, warm hand against Owen’s balls.

As if sensing the arrival of a new dick to be sucked, Mike straightened up and turned a quick 180 degrees, leaving an arm stretched behind him to pump Roger’s cock. He took Owen in his mouth, gripping Owen’s thigh tightly with his free hand. Roger reached around Mike’s waist, fished his fat erection out of his shorts, and began stroking. With his other hand he reached around Mike’s torso and firmly palmed Mike’s hard chest.

Owen pulled up for air, his mind reeling. A week before, he’d been in such a dry spell it seemed like the rainy weather was mocking him personally. Now, he was having his balls played with while he watched two of the hottest guys he’d ever seen making out with each other a foot away from him. It was almost too much to take in. He felt overwhelmed, both by the stimulation and an urgent need to put one of those beautiful dicks in his mouth.

Owen sat down on the changing bench, reached for Mike’s cock and pulled the head into his waiting mouth. He grabbed Mike’s hard, round ass and pulled him in, taking more of him in his mouth. As he sucked Owen glanced up to look at Mike. He was bent over Owen, bracing himself against the wall with his thick forearms, head turned to meet Roger’s hungry mouth with his own, his body enveloped in one of Roger’s burly arms.

The noises Mike was making into Roger’s mouth grew more insistent, and Owen prepared for what he knew was coming. Mike was thrusting into his mouth now, his butt cheeks flexing against Owen’s hands with each thrust. Owen felt a shudder go through Mike’s body, and then a blast of hot, sticky liquid on the back of his throat. He sucked Mike down, feeling his ass clench and then slowly relax.

When he was sure Mike was finished, Owen pulled off and looked up at Mike slumped against the wall above him. He smiled down at Owen and giggled.

“You have fun?” Owen asked.

“Mhmm!” Mike nodded. “Now your turn.”

Before Owen could respond, Mike had dropped to his knees and shoved his face in Owen’s crotch. With Mike below him, Owen’s view was now filled by Roger. Owen still hadn’t had a chance to really look at Roger shirtless, and good God he looked incredible. Every line of definition, every muscular curve, even his messy hair and hungry expression seemed designed to send Owen’s brain into overdrive.

Roger stepped forward, standing over Mike and bringing his immense erection toward Owen’s face. There was no way Owen was going to swallow the whole thing but he knew he needed to try. He licked up slowly from the base to the sensitive head, and wrapped his lips around.

Owen closed his eyes to focus on tactile pleasures. Mike’s tongue sliding up and down his cock, someone’s warm hand on his chest, another hand in his hair, Roger’s enormous cock in his mouth, his long muscular back in his hands.

Owen felt himself getting close. He whimpered out a warning to Mike around Roger’s cock. Roger moaned a response. Owen braced himself against Roger, preparing for the intensity of what was coming.

The hand on Owen’s chest pinched his nipple and it was all over. He came into Mike’s welcoming mouth, awash with pleasure. As he let the wave crest and fall, he felt Roger’s body relaxing in his hands and realized he’d been swallowing too. He felt the last of Roger’s blasts trickle down his throat before Roger pulled himself out and stumble back against the wall behind him.

A moment of silence passed between them as the three men caught their breath. Eventually Mike broke the silence with a giggle. Owen smiled and joined in, followed by Roger with a low chuckle. As the laughter faded, it was Mike who finally spoke with a sigh.

“I’m so glad you guys decided to come rock climbing tonight.”

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