Business trip

by BeefyDutch

 Bill is a hardworking guy who travels. Before he leaves for his current trip, his coworker André slips some of his new protein supplement into his coffee with some big side effects.

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Bill was a working man. He always had been and always would be, at least according to him. This had been his mantra since he got his first job at 18, as a dishwasher at a local pub near his first apartment. He liked the structure and schedule that the job gave him and it kept him busy. Sometimes 10 to 12 hours a day busy. But he liked it.

Now, at age 47, he still loved the structure and schedules of working, but instead of washing dishes, Bill worked in health sciences. Specifically, he worked in the field of creating different kinds of fitness and workout supplements. For the last 17 years, Bill had helped create some of the most effective and powerful supplements in the industry. In 2000, he started working for GreenHealth as a lab tech. Soon after he started, he received his first promotion, as it was evident that he a knack for product development. However, at 5 foot 9 inches and 185 pounds, Bill was far from being the picture of buff and healthy living. He was bald, medium build, and had the beginnings of a beer belly. He took pride in his work, but that left him little time to do much in terms of taking care of himself. While he ate well and was somewhat physically active, he was in no way, shape, or form near the level of physical perfections as the athletes he developed products for. Nor did he desire to be. He was happy to focus on his work and enjoy some of the finer things in life such as food and drink.

His work had taken him far in the company and for the past two years, Bill had been working as a type of salesperson/presenter at conferences around the world. Because he had helped create the products and knew so much about them, an opportunity for a marketing type job came up and Bill decided to take a jump in a new direction for his career. It had been great! It turns out he had over-come his stage fright of speaking in front of people fairly quickly and settled into enjoying his new job. Being single and not having a ton of friends, he didn’t much have any commitments to his home city of Toronto and was free to travel as needed and on the company’s pay. Not that he minded being social, he was just happy to work. But he especially enjoyed being able to travel so much and taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes of local establishments. Each month, he would fly to another conference and with the trip, he either had a new restaurant to check out or an old favourite haunt to try a trustworthy and familiar dish. While he walked enough, he had still gained 15 pounds since starting his new position. He enjoyed walking after a delicious meal and sometimes swam laps in hotel pools, but for the most part, this new job had started to take its toll on his mid-section: he had developed a medium-sized ball belly and beefed up a little in his chest. Bill loved craft beers of all varieties and made sure to sample as many local brews as possible. This had also helped in his extra weight. Regardless, Bill was neither surprised nor bothered by the weight gain. He figured it came with the territory.

For this month’s trip, Bill was particularly excited, as he scheduled to fly into Greece for five days before returning home. He had been to both countries before and had a blast each city. The food had blown him away in Italy, obviously, and he was a huge seafood fan, so Greece provided him with lots of taste. The conference in Greece was only two and a half days, so he actually had some extra time to see Athens. GreenHealth was participating in huge global conference with an Olympic theme, hence the location of Greece. Bill laughed at the idea and, despite how cheesy it seemed, was looking forward to sharing the new product: Beast Release.

Beast Release was a protein aimed directly at power lifters and weightlifters. Bill had helped develop some of the work on the product and was rather proud of how it was now the new item to sell. The protein powder showed great potential and yielded incredible results. The test subjects in the clinical trials had bulked up, added size, and developed strength in shorter period of time than ever before. Bill was excited to be debuting the powder at such a big convention, he was anticipating how the customers would respond and looked forward to seeing some familiar faces who made the rounds at these shows.

Because it was such a big (and expensive) conference, Bill would be the only one going this time. Normally, he has one or two other co-workers that might tag along, but this was to be a solo trip. Again, Bill never minded travelling alone. This way, he didn’t have to sacrifice any of his restaurant decisions to some of his fussier co-workers.

On the day he was flying out, Bill worked at the office until 5 p.m., as he wanted to make sure he left early enough to catch his 8 p.m. flight. Before he left, he grabbed a coffee from the work cafeteria and then stopped by product development to say goodbye to his one of his closer work colleagues, André. André was tall with broad shoulders and a big belly. He stood 6’2 and weighed close to 310 pounds, with a big bushy beard and wavy/curly brown hair. André was loud, mischievous, and extremely outgoing, but very dedicated to his work. And smart. In some ways they were exactly alike, and in other ways, completely different. But they’d hit it off since meeting five years ago and it had developed into a work friendship. Bill and he got along great because they both loved their jobs, worked their asses off and respected one another. They would often go out for beers after work or even sometimes get together on weekends to catch a movie.

Today, André was busy and somewhat distracted. Although they were chatting, Bill could see that André was preoccupied. Bill set his coffee down on André’s desk and beside some of the samples he was working on. “Are you okay? You seem a little all over the place at the moment,” Bill asked, worried about André.

André looked at Bill and gave a slight smile. “I’m sorry, I am distracted.” He paused and seemed to gather his thoughts. The worried look on his face faded and he perked up: “We had some interesting results with a new product and it kind of left me bewildered,” André replied. “But now that I am processing, we might be onto something.”

Bill, intrigued with what the results could be, leaned in closer. “Good or bad results?” he asked.

André laughed loudly, as he usually did. “Both, maybe,” and chuckled again. He leaned in closer too and lowered his voice. “Remember the jump in absorption rate and muscle response with Beast Release? Well, we just tested a variation and it seemed to do the same but with fat cells.”

Bill’s head tilted and he had a puzzled look on his face. “Fat cells?!”

André nodded with a coy smile. “Yes, fat cells. It’s just one of several variations we started working on recently and I’m still in shock about this one.” He pointed down to the samples on his desk. There was a lineup of four test tubes with solutions in them on André’s desk. Bill recognized them, as he had worked with those solutions before. He whipped around to the closest workstation with a computer and started to pull up some data. While Bill’s back was too him, André took this opportunity to grab each of the four of the samples in the tubes and poured some into Bill’s coffee. He was smiling, as he looked up at Bill’s back and put each tube back gently.

Bill was so engrossed in the data that he hardly noticed when André got up and said, “I’m going to put these samples back in the fridge. Don’t get too distracted and miss your flight now!”

Bill snapped out of his data dream and looked at the time: 5:15 p.m. Crap! He was already anxious about going through the airport and now he was going to be behind schedule. He turned around, grabbed his coffee, and headed back to his office to grab his things before leaving. He raised his cup to André as he saw him returning from the fridge. “Enjoy your week and I shall you when I get back!” Bill said, as he pretended to toast an imaginary beer and took a big gulp of his coffee. It tasted slightly sweeter than he had anticipated and figured he had put too much sugar in. He turned around to face André and took another big gulp, as he was going to need the caffeine jolt on his flight to do work.

André responded, “Have fun! Excited to hear how your trip goes!!” and chuckled as Bill walked into the elevator. André continued to smile and wave and felt his dick plump up at the thought of what sort of reaction Bill was going to have to those new solutions.

Bill made it to the airport, through security and to his gate with three minutes to spare. While he had felt anxious on the way to the airport and somewhat throughout security, as he rushed towards his gate he had an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation. He felt the edge slowly fade and was excited to sit in his business seat and do some work. The service agent took his ticket and ushered him on board. He walked the corridor to the plane and almost felt drunk. He was happy and blissful and felt like he had a slight buzz. He laughed it off and made his way to his seat, but not before enjoying the pleasant attitude he had. Not long after sitting, he was strapped in and the plane was cleared for take-off. Bill, still lightheaded and giddy, leaned his head back as the plane lifted and three seconds later was out like a light and in a deep sleep. Once or twice the flight attendant had tried to wake him but was unsuccessful.

With a sudden jump, Bill awoke. He looked around and saw that a flight attendant was standing in front of him. Bill’s eyes were wide open, scanning to see where he was and remembering he was on a flight. Even though he had been asleep seconds ago, he felt surprisingly alert. “Sir! I’m glad you finally woke up…” the flight attendant said with a smile and laugh.

Bill shook his head and laughed. He must have slept through the entire flight. Bill had never done that before. He looked towards her and said, “Agreed! And sorry for not getting up sooner. I must have really been asleep.”

“It happens all the time, sir. No worries,” she responded and motioned her hand toward the front of the plane. Bill followed and walked back down a new airport corridor and through the Greece Airport. After spending what felt like forever in baggage claim, he found his suitcase and was in a cab on his way to his hotel when it hit him: he was starving! He had not eaten dinner before leaving and slept through the meal on the plane. The flight was eight hours and now as the morning sun started to beam down through the taxi window, he felt a huge hunger creep in and take over.

Normally he would have planned something nice and fancy but now he just need food. He heard his tummy rumble and rubbed it, finding it soothing and relaxing. As soon as he got to the hotel, he was delighted to see that it was situated on a strip with a wide variety of food, mostly junk food places, with some nice eateries scattered throughout. He quickly checked in, dropped his luggage off in his room and practically ran down three flights of stairs at the idea of getting food into his body. He headed straight for an all-day breakfast place close to the hotel. He was seated at a table for two by a nice server who dropped a menu off and asked what he wanted to drink. Without even thinking, Bill ordered a beer. The server said they don’t serve alcohol till 11am. Bill shook his head and responded by ordering water. Bill was left somewhat shocked that he had blurted out such a quick response for beer. He was hungry, but he also had a big craving for an ice-cold beer.

When the server came back, she asked what he wanted to order. Bill had scanned the menu and decided to get two big breakfasts plates. The server looked at Bill and asked if he was expecting someone else.

Bill shook his head no and said, “Had a long flight and I’m hungry.” He laughed and the server, also laughing, expressed doubt that he could finish two big plates, but still wrote down the order and turned away to the kitchen. Bill again was a little shocked that he blurted out two meals. He knew he was hungry but on some level he was craving lots of food. About five minutes later, the server returned with two huge plates of breakfast food. Bill’s eyes lit up as he realized he was finally gonna get some relief from the hunger pains. Bill began to devour the first plate with a polite rapidness that allowed to eat the entire plate in under two minutes. He took a huge gulp of water and then let out a satisfying burp. He was still hungry. He looked at the second plate and knew he had made the right decision to order two meals. He took his time with the second plate, allowing himself to enjoy it all, while still eating quite quickly. He finished the second plate and again finished his glass of water. His burp this time was louder and drew the attention of his server. She walked up, somewhat disgusted, and dropped the bill off at the table.

Bill laughed to himself as she walked away, but happily left what he owed and a generous tip before heading back to his room. As soon he walked through his door to his beautiful big room, he felt relaxed again. He sat down in the chair and took a moment to reflect. His first thought was that he couldn’t believe he had just eaten two huge meals in one setting. It dawned on him that that was the most amount of food he had ever eaten. He was normally satisfied with a small portion and a couple beers, but that was two massive meals at once. While he was surprised by it, he also had a strange sense of calmness about it. And then, without much warning, he felt his balls flush with blood and swell. His dick responded as well, and Bill realized that he was very horny. He suddenly felt warm all over and energetic. He stood out of the chair and paused for a second. Something….was happening to him. He felt like his button up shirt was tight at the moment. He looked down and figured he was full from breakfast, and saw his belly pressing against his shirt. He lifted his hand to rub his belly again, feeling the same relief as before, and swore that his belly seemed a bit bigger than before. His dick jumped again and it almost caught Bill of guard. He kept rubbing his tummy and then stopped when he saw it: his belly was slowly filling up and getting rounder. He looked in the mirror and stood sideways. He could feel his tight, round tummy growing and he could see it. It was then he realized that it wasn’t just his tummy. His ass and legs and waist were also slowly adding size. His pants felt tight around his waist and it made Bill uncomfortable. While he struggled with belt buckle, grabbing at it to open it and provide some relief, he could see that his shirt was getting tighter and tighter and then buttons were now to the point of straining. He pulled at his belt, releasing the buckle, only to see the button on his pants pushing outward and go flying off, with a pop sound. Bill groaned as he felt the pressure off his waist, just in time to see his belly pushing the lower two buttons on his shirt to the breaking point. Before long, they couldn’t last and each popped off, with a similar sound to his pants. The feeling subsided and Bill stood there with his tight, ripped clothes struggling to contain his new weight.

Once he had regained his composure, Bill looked again in the mirror. He couldn’t believe that the thick man staring back at him was himself. He could see his moderately hairy gut poking out through the bottom of his shirt, even though it was still tucked in. His pants zipper was still up, but straining to stay together, but the pants were no longer together where the button had flown off. Bill took a step forward and felt his shoes pinch his feet. His pants now whished together at the legs, as Bill made his way to the bathroom. He found a scale under the sink and stepped on. Bill’s eyes widened as he saw the numbers zoom by 185 and land just under 200 pounds. His clothes had been boarding on being too small before, but now they were ruined. His medium shirt was now painted on his torso and made his arms look thick with muscle. He liked the look of it and enjoyed the view for a moment. He was stunned at what happened, but not complaining at all. In fact, he was starting to be pleased with his new bulk. He walked out of the bathroom and over near the bed.

He bent down to untie his tight shoes and that’s when he heard two tears: one he felt on his ass and the other across his back. He continued to take off his shoes and then stood up, laughing and somewhat excited about hearing the clothing tear. He brought his arms together in a hulk like stance, hoping to keep ripping, but the bend over for his shoes had done it. He removed his shirt and admired his new size in the mirror. His belly was definitely bigger and rounder than before. Still firm and tight, but it was very clear he had grown bigger. Not a huge amount, but enough for him to see it stick out father. His chest had also beefed up with what looked like a little muscle, but more with some fat and plumpness to it. He rubbed his round gut and felt his dick starting to fill. He ran his hand over it and waves of pleasure washed over him. He unzipped his pants and started to pull them down over his thicker legs. The pants waist size of 32 was clearly too small for him now and as they were pushed down to his feet, he stood in his grey underwear with his package pulled a little tighter against the fabric.

Bill knew he had a big set of balls on him, but his cock was pretty standard size. As he cupped his bulge, he could feel that his nuts were full and he realized he hadn’t cum in several days, what with all the prep for his trip and work. A small wet spot started to appear on his underwear. Bill tapped it with his fingers and brought it to his mouth: precum. Normally, he only had precum after long edging sessions, but now he could feel it leaking out as he only thought about jacking off. He pulled down the underwear and watched as his uncut cock was clearly leaking precum and slowly getting hard. His big balls felt extra fat today and soon his 6.5 long cock was rock hard. He grabbed it and swore that it felt fuller and thicker than before. He pumped his dick and realized it wasn’t going to be long before he busted. He played with his nipples and could smell his man funk: he hadn’t showered since yesterday morning and the sweat of travel and heat of Greece was making him smell strong. Bill also noticed that his nipples seemed to be sensitive today. They were hard and pointed out but intense pleasure would explode every time he tweak them. He looked down at his hairy belly sticking out and his cock as he pumped it. His precum was flowing now and dripping down onto the carpet. He put out his hand and watched as it poured into it. He had never tasted, or even thought, to taste his precum or even cum before. But now, the desire was overwhelming and he brought it to his mouth. The taste was overwhelming and pleasant. While he was uncut and used to jacking off without lube, this pouring precum was making his masturbating so much more pleasurable. He was close and he could feel like.

He groaned lightly and with a couple more pumps, he could sense his load coming out. The first shot came flying out that Bill almost missed, but at the last second saw it shoot farther than any load he had ever seen. The shot went all over the bed, and even beyond. Bill was standing a good couple feet from the bed, so this distance was new to him. Normally his load shot out a little, but this was huge. The second shot went just as fast and far, as did the 3rd and 4th shots. Scared that it would happen again, as the bed spread was now somewhat covered in his cum, he aimed his dick upward, figuring it would subside and he could shoot it all over his new big belly. No such luck, as the intensity did not pass and the 5th, 6th, and 7th shot went all the way up to his face and hit his chin, nose, and mouth. With it dripping and hitting his mouth, he could taste the salty and thick load. His load was keeping in him ecstasy and the 8th, 9th, and 10th shoot kept up their size and intensity. Bill’s torso was covered in his cum, as he watched as his swollen dick finally started to slow down, but was still leaking cum. He finally dropped his dick and could feel it hanging heavy after all of this.

As much as Bill was in his post-orgasm bliss, he was still surprised and somewhat proud of the mess he had just made. He could smell the strong jizz smell throughout his room and he realized what he was going to have to clean up. He grabbed several towels from the bathroom and started to mop up the massive load on his bed, first. He threw the towels on the floor next to the bathroom, unsure of what else to do with them. Then, he started to clean the jizz off his furry body. After wiping for what seemed like forever, he got (most) of the still wet cum off himself and began to go through his suitcase for clothes that he could wear. As a test, he put on one of his button-up work shirts to see if he truly was going to have to buy new clothes. As soon as he put the medium shirt on, he knew it wasn’t going to fit. He chuckled to himself, as he seemed to be enjoying this new size and was not stressed out at all about how he was going to manage. He found a large t-shirt (with some funny lettering and designs on it) that he often used to sleep in. Next, the only thing besides underwear that fit him was his bathing suit. As he put both on and admired his outdated fashion look in the mirror, he saw that even in a large, his new belly was somewhat tight against the fabric and that his belly button was now creating a small divot in his tee. He liked this new look. Being skinny and somewhat scrawny for most of his life, he was enjoying this new bulk. He headed downstairs on to the strip, both to buy some new clothes and grab a bite for lunch.

When he got outside, he looked up and enjoyed the fresh sun on his face. He headed towards a local clothing store and made his way inside. Once there, a salesperson had directed him to the men’s section and within it, he saw there were the regular clothes and there was also a big and tall section, as well. He marveled as the huge pants, the wide, billowy shirts, and the number of “Xs” on all the clothes. He shook himself out of the daze and headed to the pants section. He knew that size 30 waist would be no good anymore, so he grabbed two pairs of 34s…and then grabbed a 36. He took them to the change room and tried on the first two pairs. At size 34, they fit… but they were also on the verge of being just a little too tight. After trying on the 36 waist and it being too big, he put them back on the rack and decided to take the 34s. But at the last second, he decided to grab a pair of 38 pants for no appetent reason. Next up was shirts. Bill loved a good button up and saw they great selection. He started by going to his regular size and then moved up one size, as he figured this would be the best. He quickly changed into some of the new clothes he had bought and exited the change rooms. As he made his way to the cash with his new threads, he passed by the big and tall section again. His mind wondered again and at the last second, he grabbed a pair of 44 pants and two 4XL t-shirts. His mind still wondering and thinking of the possibilities again, he smiled and went to the cash.

After paying a little more than he wanted to, he made his way back to the strip and felt a rumble in his tummy. He had had a huge breakfast and a growth spurt and for the first time, Bill wondered why this was happening to him. He had enjoyed the journey but was now worried there might be a virus, or a disease, or maybe even a chemical reaction. While he was thinking, his mind shifted to getting food. It had only been a couple hours since he last ate, but there was no doubt he was ready for lunch. Most places started serving lunch around 11 a.m. and with it being 11:45 a.m., he knew there must be a nice place to get some food into his gut. He found an all you can eat buffet just four stores up from the clothing shop he came out of. He put his bags on the bench beside him and glanced around. His eyes found the buffet and saw that it was stacked. It was three carts wide and full of the most delicious looking food in all of Greece. When he had ordered his buffet, he also asked for two beers. Again, the server asked if he was meeting someone, but he smiled, said “Nope!” and headed toward to buffet.

Bill was in heaven. Normally, he already enjoyed a good meal. Now, his voracious appetite was in high gear and his love of food and need to eat everything made him a buffet champ. He filled up his first plate and returned to his booth where two beers were waiting for him. He chugged the first, taking all of it in the first sip. He pulled the bottle away from his mouth and let out a loud, long burrrrrrp. Damn, that was refreshing, Bill thought. He quickly dug into his plate and started to devour it all. Once he was done with the first plate, he made his way over and put even more food on his second helping. When he got back to his booth, he again chugged the beer in front of him and let out another loud burp. With this, the server seemed to know that he was finished and stopped by to see how he was doing. Bill said he was enjoying it and asked for another two beers, all with a big smile on his face. As he plowed through the second plate of food, he loved the flavours, the smells, and most of all, the feeling as he was getting full. By the time he finished his second plate, the server had returned with his two beers. He reached out and gulped one down in 10 seconds and let out a sigh as he did.

Finally, he made his way over to the buffet again for his final plate. He was starting to get full, but he decided to go for broke. He piled up his plate high and licked his lips thinking about all this food. He made his way to his booth and dug right in. In the middle of the plate, he grabbed the beer and swallowed half of it. With all the food and beer, he slowly rubbed his tummy and felt a big burp coming: he opened his mouth and let out a wide, massive burrrrrrrp that brought nothing by relief. He also swore that his belly seemed to expand at that very moment. His t-shirt had started to feel a little tight around his round gut and he chuckled. He took the rest of the beer in one big swallow and waited…. He once again let out a massive burp and this time indeed, his belly swelled and grew outward. He loved the feeling and his first reaction was to rub his bigger tummy. He finished his plate of food and felt like he could instantly fall into a food coma. At that moment, Bill suddenly realized that he had slept the entire flight, without doing any work on the conference, and now had gone half a day without doing any work. Normally, he would be stressing out and running back to his hotel room to fix that. But now, he was fine. After his unexpected growth spurt and it kept happening, the conference was now the last thing on his mind. He paid his bill, grabbed his bags of clothing, and headed back to the hotel.

On his way there, he felt lethargic and just large in general. He seemed to be almost waddling now and felt the new weight of his gut shifting and moving as he walked. Then he felt the shifting in his groin. He started to get hard again and picked up his pace, as he quickly realized that the trigger for his growth was food and drink. He could feel himself digesting the food and beer and it was fueling him to gain weight and height and penis size. He couldn’t wait to see how big he was going to get.

Bill walked into his hotel room, his belly full and stuffed and He could feel it happening. His ball gut was starting swell again. The huge influx of food he just ate was pushing him bigger. He watched as his belly pushed outward and bloated bigger. He saw the fabric stretch and buttons strain. He smiled knowing he was growing fatter and rounder. His hairy belly was starting to show through the gaps as he grew. Suddenly, he heard a *rip* in the fabric and saw his shoulder was now exposed as his whole upper body had started to gain muscle and fat. His chest seemed to rise not with fat, but with muscle. He was growing pecs, but with some fat on them. A button across his gut suddenly popped off and flew against the wall. Bill’s large-sized shirt was now painted on his thick torso as everything seemed to swell bigger. His new pants soon gave way and spilt at the ass, as his thighs grew wider. The button flew off and Bill was dumbfounded at how much weight he was putting on. He rubbed his big ball gut and felt a big buuuuurp leave his mouth.

As he did, he felt a rush and felt himself grew several inches taller. He watched as his huge body grew taller, wider, bigger. The tiny clothes shredded from his body as he inched higher. Unknown to him, he had grown two inches before and now with this extra growth, he stood at 6’3. Now in only his underwear, bill looked in the mirror and saw he was now much taller than before and much heavier. The last time this happened he hasn’t grown taller, or that he had noticed. He loved the feeling of being taller and bigger and wanted more. His skin tight undies were struggling to contain his thick cock. It had also grown and it was starting to weigh down the front of the crotch, as tufts of his pubes spilled over the elastic and into a furry trail up his belly. A big wet spot was forming where his massive head formed an outline. He felt a large rush over his groin and it began to rise. No, not rise. He wasn’t getting hard… it was slowly growing.

He groaned as he watched it fill out more and more and push his undies down further until the base of his thick monster showed itself. He finally pulled the underwear off and watched his massive cock flop out. A huge waft of musky balls and sweat drifted up and as bill reached for his nipples while he savor his ripe smell, his dick filled and started to get hard as it oozed precum.. The precum from his big dick brushed against his furry belly. The way it rubbed against his cock got him hard and fast. It pulsed and throbbed as it grew bigger and harder. Bill pinched his nipples and felt waves of pleasure go over him. He felt his big balls bounce up and down, heavy with cum as he got harder. Bill inhaled a big breath and watched as his gut grew another couple inches. This only fueled his cock harder and it finally reached its massive size with the head pushing against his huge gut above his deep belly button. He was about to reach down and grab his gigantic dick when he felt a rush again. He moaned as he grew three inches taller in one big spurt. Now standing at 6’6, Bill was astounded at how big he was. His dick was flowing Precum now and all he could smell was his sweaty balls, musky pits and cum stained towels from this morning. He realized he still hadn’t showered in more than a day and the smell of his ripe body was making him hornier by the second. Bill needed to cum and couldn’t wait to see how much bigger his load would be. As he started stroking his giant cock, there was a loud knock at his door. “Bill it’s me André, you gotta let me in!” Stunned, he was scared for a moment to open the door but then thought of André’s big belly and got excited….

Bill opened the door, but stood behind it so André didn’t see him at first. Bill’s first thought was: what the hell is André doing in Greece? After André had rushed into the hotel room, he spun around and looked up at Bill. “Hoooo-ly shit!” André exclaimed. Bill laughed, smiled, and looked down at André and felt a surge of might: he had (literally) always looked up at André and now, as he peered down toward him, loved the way his gigantic body was much bigger than the normally large André.

“Holy Shit! Oh, holy shit!” André said. “Fuck, I figured the solutions would work, but hot damn!” he finally blurted out.

Bill paused and pulled his head back. It hit him: André had dumped the new product solutions into his coffee. He didn’t have to wait for him to explain, his reaction gave everything away. “So, you are the one responsible for this, eh?” Bill stated, trying to sound mad. But he wasn’t. He was glad. He was huge and massive and had grown larger than his best friend, who stood tall and already had a big belly on him. André looked around and could smell the potent odors in the room. They filled his head and made him swim. Bill walked up to André and realized that the top of André’s head now came up to Bill’s forehead. Before, Bill would only have gone up to André’s chin.

They looked at each other and then André looked down at Bill’s massive dick. Still hard, it looked like it was about 9 inches long and about 6.5 inches around. André could hardly stand looking at it without grabbing it. “I see that not just the fat enhancer is working…” André finally blurted out.

Bill smiled and beamed at his new huge meat. “Ha! Damn right it works. This thing has grown quite big and you should see my load: biggest one I’ve ever seen,” he added, motioning over to the cum towels on the floor.

As precum still leaked out, Bill remembered how horny he was. He pulled André in for a kiss and didn’t feel him pull away. They passionately kissed, as Bill continued to flow precum and André began to stroke Bill’s giant cock. André couldn’t stand it any longer and bent down to take Bill’s dick in his mouth. Bill moaned as he felt André’s hot mouth wrap around his big, new shaft. His foreskin had seemed to grow as well and now, instead of being fully pulled back when hard, Bill’s foreskin was wrapped around his huge cock head, thick and slippery. André sucked and sucked, but it didn’t take Bill long to feel his balls swell with cum and rise up. He was about to cum and he knew it was going to be big, even without seeing his first gigantic load this morning. Without warning, Bill started to cum down André’s throat. Shot after shot after shot flew out of his dick and into André’s stomach. He kept swallowing, but finally after the tenth shot, he had to pull away for air.

Bill wasn’t done yet and grabbed a hold of his big dick and watched as it grew another inch while he cumming. He groaned and watched as his humongous load shot another five streams all over André’s shirt and face. As his load subsided and his mammoth dick flopped down against his heavy balls, Bill relaxed and sighed. André stood to his feet and smiled. He also rubbed his belly, as he had never drank that much cum before. He felt it slosh and swish in his stomach. His body started to feel warm and relaxed too. Before he knew it, he was feeling the same drunk feeling that Bill had before his flight. His head was swimming but he loved it.

Suddenly, it passed and André let out a huuuuge burp. And with it, his belly started to grow. They both looked down at André’s expanding belly. The buttons were starting to starch and the fabric was getting tight. André was hairy too, so his belly hair was starting to poke out in between the space of his shirt. With another loud burp, André felt the rush again but this time he grew in height. His belly still expanding, now he was growing upward, His tight clothes started to tear and spilt. From the looks of it, André was growing a bit faster than Bill had. Buttons flew off and everywhere, revealing André’s already immense belly growing bigger. He inched up and up and up, until he was starting Bill in the eye. His pants had torn at the waist, the butt and the legs, as his ever-growing body escaped the tight and small clothes. His underwear was the only thing to stay on and stretch with his new hulking frame. André has always been big in the dick area but his cock hadn’t grown this time. But his underwear, which was boxer briefs, now looked like brief, as his massive legs how grown thick with muscle and fat and were now much longer than before. Still covered in Bill’s load and the growth slowing down, André now stood at 6’8, two inches taller now than Bill.

They reached out for each other, feeling their new wide bodies. André then got a confused look on his face and looked towards his crotch: he wasn’t getting hard but his dick was now starting to grow fuller and longer in his tight underwear. “Well, I guess the effects of that solution are transferable…” André said has he trailed off and squeezed his growing dick through his underwear….

Even before the growth, André had a pretty big dick. At 6 inches soft and 9 inches hard, he was a large man in all senses. His balls were also on the big side too, looking like two extra large eggs pulled tight against his shaft. As he could feel himself growing in between his legs, he pulled off the skintight underwear. Or at least tried. As soon as he started to pull them down, his gigantic ass had become too much for the fabric and ripped as it tried to go down. André marveled at his new, bigger size. For much of his life, he had been a tall man with quite a big belly and legs and ass. André loved large and giant men. That’s why he originally got into his line of work, as he wanted to do exactly what was happening to him now. He was obsessed with size. But this was beyond anything he had seen before.

Now standing naked and finally taller than Bill again, he held his dick in his hand and saw it actually growing longer and thicker. As it rushed past 7, 8 and 9 inches soft, André’s mind raced as he thought about having a soft sick that now the same size as his old hard cock. It finally slowed down and settled on 10inches completely soft and 7 inches around. Being uncut too, his foreskin was now thick and meaty as it completely covered his cockhead. When he started to pull on his foreskin, he looked Bill in the eye and they started to passionately make out. This help fuel the blood to his massive new cock and it expanded, growing longer and fuller. It passed 12 inches when he had a semi and it showed no signs of slowing.

The two men pulled their lips apart for one second to allow them both to watch the growing beast. André groaned as it snaked longer: 13, 14 inches now, with his cockhead finally starting to outgrow the meaty foreskin and growing thicker. Suddenly, without warning, André had a quick growth spurt and shot up another 3 inches taller in the span of 10 seconds, all while his humongous cock was still getting hard. Bill now had to really look up to André who towered at close to 7 feet tall. André was experiencing wave after wave of pleasure with his new large body. It made him feel huge and strong and full. His dick was now standing up on its own and had passed by his belly button and was now heading towards his pecs. It throbbed and inches up another inch before stopping at 16 inches and just about to touch the middle of his chest, just below his large, round nipples.

Bill was in awe standing in front of this huge, fat, thick furry man beast with a giant cock. André, meanwhile, had an overwhelming urge to come and grabbed Bill by the shoulders and turned him around. He was gonna fuck his large bud from work. As Bill bent over, knowing he wanted to be fucked too, he was overwhelmed with excitement as his cock was now standing at a big and hard 10 inches. Just as he brought his gigantic dickhead to Bill’s tight and hairy hole, he pumped his dick and a big load of precum came rushing out. It coated his beautiful hole and he allowed it flow down his grossly over-sized meat as lube. Watching this only made him hornier and before he knew it, he was teasing the Bill’s ass and slowing pushing it in. Without much force, André slides his entire cock into Bill and started pounding his butt. The huge flow of precum made Bill shudder with pleasure feeling the André’s big dick going in and out of him. André’s large nuts had grown lower and a little looser and now slapped Bill again his asshole, bringing more and more signs that these giant men had grown so much and so large.

They fucked for over 45 minutes before André finally started to feel his balls tighten and expand with cum inside. As he quickened his pace, he knew he was close. It felt the load build up and then release into Bill big thick ass. He could feel himself cumming 7, 8, 9 shots, huge and massive shots that kept going. As Bill felt the giant cum load shoot inside him, he could feel the warm jizz flowing. André was still shooting, 13, 14 and 15 shots before he finally started to slow and the intense pleasure started to recede. Unbeknownst to André, Bill was watching his still round belly starting to swell and expand with all André’s cum. His belly soon hit the bed and he could feel himself starting to be weighed down by its immense girth.

André pulled himself out of Bill’s ass and Bill flipped over, his giant belly still expanding. André looked down at his friend’s growing belly and smiled, knowing that he was about have another growth spurt that might take him even bigger than he could ever imagine…

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