Building a species

by ArdanWolfe

When his homeworld faces annihilation, the sole survivor must find a new species capable of helping him preserve his race. Will he find what he needs on a tiny blue and green planet called Earth?

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Part 1: The Krin When his homeworld faces annihilation, the sole survivor must find a new species capable of helping him preserve his race. Will he find what he needs on a tiny blue and green planet called Earth? (added: 19 Jun 2021)
Part 2: Contact
Part 3: Birth
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Part 1: The Krin

On the dying planet of Krindo a native of the planet, a Krin, named Kaa Vailo prepared to board a space ship in an attempt to find a new planet where his kind may be able to rebuild. The Krin homeworld’s resources had been over used for hundreds of years by the scientific race. By the time the inhabitants of the planet realized the damage they had caused it was too late, the planet was retaliating. Natural disasters bombarded Krin cities, new diseases began to emerge and decimated their numbers. And over the last month the atmosphere had slowly become toxic to the Krin. Overnight only a handful remained, and from them only Kaa Vailo had not been stricken with any illness or toxicity. He was the last hope to rebuild his people’s legacy.

The Krin race had very similar aesthetics, with only pigmentation variations being the way to discern one from another. Their skin was scaly, yet was soft a silk. The skin shades varied from blue-green to a deep purple. Their eyes were almond shaped, and jet black. They did not have gender per-se as they all were the same, what we would consider male. This made their way of reproduction interesting, though as their technology advanced they were able to use their DNA and combine it with others to create an ideal off spring in an incubation pod, they had another biological way they had grown their race in the past, one that Kaa Vailo would have to use to continue his race’s survival.

As they were able to pick the ideal DNA for their offspring, all the Krin were muscular, yet lithe so they were strong but also swift. Their ears had grown long and elf like for the ability to hear far better than a human could. Lastly their penises were their way of continuing their race biologically. While in their normal state their dicks appeared very similar to a human’s, with a mushroom head, varying shaft length from 6 inches to 13 inches, and a nutsac. However when functioning to reproduce they expanded beyond human capabilities. Their penis would inflate similar to a human’s, but the slit on the head would widen as well, this was so the dick could ingest or absorb the target creature that the Krin was going to make a hybrid. The creature would be “swallowed” whole, thus the shaft could stretch to ridiculous, even comical sizes, up to nine feet. From the shaft the creature would be pushed down into the nutsac where the hybridization took place. The victim race would gestate in the scrotum, as their DNA mutated. How it affected the creature depened on how adaptable their DNA was, for a select few races they even became fully assimilated and became Krin completely.

So Kaa Vailo was tasked, being the last healthy Krin, to continue his races existence in the universe. Entering the space ship, he looked over his few remaining brothers and tried to convince them to come with him to a new planet where maybe they could cure their illness.

Kaa: “Who knows what we’ll find, there has to be a planet where we can cure all these illnesses.”

Chief: “No, we have brought this upon ourselves. If we were to go to another planet how long before we destroy it as well. Find a race that can learn from our mistakes.”


Part 2: Contact

For the next four hundred years Kaa Vailo searched the galaxy, and though there were many habitable planets on his journey a scan of life on the planets thus far showed total incompatibility with the hybridization process. Determine not to fail his race the Krin pressed on, until he found a tiny blue-green world. Thanks to the advanced technology of his people Kaa Vailo was able to upload all needed data on Earth from the various satellites orbiting it.

Kaa: “Well this race isn’t far off from ending up like Krindo. They are even more wasteful and harmful then we were. And, they fight wars within their own species. Honestly not just because it’s the first compatible race, but because these Terrans need to be saved from themselves, I think this will do nicely to create a hybrid population.”

Computer: “Master Vailo, from the data collected it seems these Terrans value self autonomy. I would conclude that they would see hybridization as an attack on this. When faced with threats, real, or as it would seem with 90% imaged, this race becomes insanely hostile.”

Kaa: “Indeed. Then I shall have to acquire a single Terran against their will, once the first hybrid is made it will appear similar enough to get close to other Terrans and rebuild our population.”

Computer: “But Krindo law states that hybridization is a voluntary act.”

Kaa: “If I do not create a hybrid race there will be no Krindo law to be followed. Besides it’s not like it will alter the Terrans perception of self. Yes they will all be linked, but that’s the beauty of the Krin. We all shared thoughts so war ended on our world. Besides if your analysis is correct this world will be in a similar state to Krindo in less than a hundred fifty years.”

Computer: “Your logic is sound, and you are the last Krindo, so the law is yours to interpret. This Terran race seems to have two distinct organs for repopulating. Might I suggest our subject be one called ‘Male’s, it seems their reproduction organ is very similar to the Krin, and would likely make it easier to mutate them to a hybrid state.”

Kaa: “Excellent suggestion. Now we will need to find a way for me to safely arrive on the planet surface. If I am seen, surely the Terrans will react irrationally.”

Computer: “Indeed. It seems that the half of Earth that faces away from its star is put into a hibernation for a few hours. I believe this should be used to our advantage. Oh, and if you want a subject with the possibility of influence over others, it would seem there is a system of hierarchy based on pigmentation. It seems the beings that have less pigmentation and the label of ‘Male’s hold the most influence.”

With an ideal target in mind, Kaa Vailo positioned his ship on the planet’s dark side. Transporting himself in an landing suit, he jettisoned himself to the Earth’s surface. He had made sure to land in a densely wooded area where there were few inhabitants. He found a house far from its surrounding neighborhoods. He pulled out a device that preformed a laser scan of the house.

Computer: “This is a Terran dwelling. From my scans, however, it appears this dwelling is currently occupied by an I’ll and frail Terran. As we are unsure how this race will react to hybridization, I would suggest a more fit specimen for a test subject.”

Just as Kaa Vailo was going to depart in search of another option a loud, rickety Ford F150 backfired as it made it’s way down the driveway to the house. From the vehicle emerged two beings. The first was a Terran ‘female’, and thus not a viable candidate for the Krin. The second was very much the ideal option for a hybrid subject. He stood about six feet seven inches, had shaggy, slightly curly hair, a scraggly, and long beard, his jaw bone was well defined, his neck was thick, his shoulders and upper torso were wide and stocky, his legs seemed very sturdy and muscular in his tight wranglers, the arms the protruded from the rolled up sleeves of his paid button up were massive, and hairy, and straining against the plaid shirt was a large beer belly. Watching the creature saunter about Kaa Vailo found himself actually becoming aroused by the Terran.

With his sensitive hearing the Krin listened in on the conversation taking place between the two Terrans.

Male: “Aww c’mon Jenny May, ain’t I show ya a good time?”

JM: “Billy, jist cuz ya bought me dinner ain’t mean I’m gonna put out!”

Billy: “We kin jist hang an chill, Jenny May. It’s late an’ I gots plenty oh room. Heck since Pops is all laid up sick I gots the place practically all ta myself.”

JM: “Ugh, yer a pig, Billy. Yer daddy’s sick an’ yer tryin’ ta score with a girl while he’s ill in tha other room?!”

Before waiting for the male’s response she walked over to a small vehicle in the driveway and cranked the engine. As Billy attempted to approach the female slammed the door and back out of the drive way at a near dangerous speed. The drunken male yelled some profanities at the car before stumbling up the stairs and into the house. Taking constant scans, Kaa Vailo waited until the computer reported that the ‘male’ had begun his hibernation state. Within seconds the Krin had easily picked the lock and entered inside. Attempting to be as quiet as possible, Kaa Vailo slowly made his way to the second floor. A thunderous noise was booming from one room, and with a quick scan, revealed to be Billy’s room. The door creaked loudly when the alien tried to enter the room. Preparing to be caught and feel, Kaa Vailo’s nerves eased when the snoring continued without missing a beat. Unzipping the safety suit the naked cerulean blue being approached the bed.

Billy was even studlier in the bed as he slept fully nude. Not only his arms, but his entire body was covered in a thick curly layer of fur. Being that Krin could not grow hair, this bearish sight was incredibly arousing for Kaa Vailo. He could not understand why the Terran ‘female’ would not desire to copulate with this beautiful specimen. Gazing down Kaa Vailo observed the gentiles of this Terran. He was surprised to discover that the form of the penis was almost exactly the same in shape. Though Billy had a wild tangle surrounding his hefty, seven inch flaccid cock and swollen crabapple sized nuts. Kaa Vailo’s fully erect eleven inch cock was salivating as the piss slit was beginning to widen in excited anticipation. As the alien approached his target, Billy let out a slightly strained snore and jerked a bit, causing is intruder to recoil. However once the Krin was sure his candidate was indeed still in a deep slumber, he returned to he position near Billy’s head.

In minutes the mushroom head was opened wide enough to begin the ingestion process. Wrapping around the shaggy mop of hair, Kaa Vailo twitched as the hair was an odd feeling and tickled him. The Krin halted briefly, he had never sired a hybrid creature, Billy would be the first being to enter his shaft and scrotum. Was the alien sure he wanted this being to be his first experience for this level of intimacy? Looking down at his hungry cock, and seeing the strong, yet peaceful face of Billy, he was sure no Terran would be any more suitable to be his first spawn. As the alien cock leaked its seminal fluid and lubed up the man to ease the ingestion it inched further. As Billy’s head became enveloped within the other being’s cock he began to thrash a bit. Though his highly intoxicated state kept the man from fully waking, as his air supply became cut off his body reactively fought back.

This only lasted about five minutes, as the seminal fluid entered Billy’s nostrils as mouth and began the first changes. Pouring into his lungs the liquid mutated them to be able to “breathe” in the fluid and take it’s oxygen, the way a fetus gets oxygen from its mother. Meanwhile Kaa Vailo looked on as his dick was now approaching the Terran’s collarbone. Seeing his penis absorb a creature as sexy as Billy was turning him on. As the cock spread even wider to take in the broad shoulders, the Krin sucked in, as the expansion stung a bit. But, as the stinging subsided immense pleasure from his nerves being stimulated from within his penis washed over him. At this point his cock was gushing its lubricating fluids. The torso slid in, and then the piss slit expanded to its widest to take the round belly. Once over that, the rest of the man slid inside the alien appendage with ease. Kaa Vailo stumbled and plopped onto Billy’s bed, his legs spread as his nearly seven foot cock barely fit on it.

The alien cock contracted and moved its prize down into the scrotum. The testicles separated to either side of the intruder to the nutsac, and then tendrils slithered outward and made contact with the new species. The mutations were not too great, in fact only four things changed. First, Billy’s ears grew just a little and gained a tipped point, but inside his hearing enhanced nearly 300%. Next, his eyes changed from the dull brown he had been born with to becoming jet black orbs, increasing his vision so he could see several more wavelengths and observe things much further away. Third, his penis now had the same capability as his sire, though the seminal fluid would take a day or so to change from a method of breeding to one of mutating. The last change had no apparent alteration, but it was a cerebral change which would allow him and his sire to be telepathically linked.


Part 3: Birth

The process of hybridization took most of the night, and would still be another twenty four hours after “birth” for Kaa Vailo to be sure his spawn would be viable. The tendrils began to detach and recede within their respective testicle. The engorged scrotum convulsed as an orgasmic sensation filled the Krin. Pushing the newly created species back up and into the massive cock shaft so that it could be born.

Kaa: “Hhhaa, hooooo, uh damn…this feels…so…good. Uh-hhhuuuh, why…did…our people ever stop doing things this…way?”

During the convulsions in the scrotum, Billy’s position changed and so just as on the way in, his head was first to be ejaculated out. Kaa Vailo watched in awe as his first “son” was born. The bearish man still had all his body hair, which pleased the Krin. Something about it gave a rugged and masculine feel to the creature, and Kaa Vailo would enjoy having this man to be his hybrid alpha, and personal mate. What the alien did not take into account was the human views of sexuality, and the fact that Billy had an affinity for Terran females. But in time, the alien would be able to show the hybrid that his mental strength was superior.

As the sun reached its apex, Billy finally woke up from his alcoholic slumber. His ears were ringing and he had never realized how big his pores were.

Billy: “What a fucked up dream.”

In Billy’s head: “Dream? How peculiar… your mind seems determined to reject what transpired.”

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