by YellowJester

Hunk Tech’s new Build-A-Hunk allows you to customize everything about a man. Gwen seizes upon this opportunity to get the husband she always wanted.

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Alden stared apprehensively at the dark tunnel before him. After an hour and a half of waiting only two men stood in line before him. He knew this should be a joyous occasion, his wife had been saving for over two years now to afford him this opportunity. And yet as he stared at the gaping open mouth of the Build-A-Hunk he felt only the cold hand of fear.

“Next” the stern woman at the front of the line called beckoning a boy that looked only a few years older than his college-age son.

“Strip” she commanded nonchalantly obviously having done this hundred times. Wordlessly the boy handed her the piece of paper he had been clenching tightly while he waited and took off his shirt and pants, hesitating only a moment before removing his underwear as well. Alden tried not to look wanting to respect the boy’s privacy. He knew that clothing would inhibit the process but he didn’t know why they had to be so dehumanizing about it, why couldn’t they strip in another room. He was dreading having to show off his own body when his time finally came but he knew it was irrational. Soon his body would be unrecognizable, he would be unrecognizable. But it wasn’t yet, and he wasn’t particularly eager to show off his current dad bod. The brusk women began punching commands into the touch screen and motioned for the kid to step forwards. As he did Alden heard a loud click and the kid started moving forwards on some sort of conveyer belt his feet locked in place like the wheels of a car might be in a carwash.

“Keep your arms and legs at your side and keep standing the entire time,” the women said dispassionately clearly reciting a script. “Keep calm and enjoy your new hunky life… next” The next man steps up and began to strip without even being asked. He was probably around Alden’s age with a well-pressed black suit that marked some sort of executive. He had made quite a fuss at having to wait in the long line even trying to bribe the employees to allow him faster access yet to their credit they did not budge, making him wait with everyone else, not the least bit intimidated by his status. For an hour straight afterward he had complained to multiple people loudly on the phone, only hanging up when he neared the front. Now he was all business, stripping out of his custom Italian suit and removing his shiny loafers.

Alden was surprised a man like him had yet to sample Hunk Tech’s build-a-hunk. When the contraption had first been opened to the public two years ago it was almost exclusively men like him who had been the consumers. Men who could pay the exorbitant costs and had the connections to bypass the insane waiting list. By now almost every board room in the world was filled with hunk tech-altered men. It was practically a requirement at the higher levels of employment, a sign of status and power. Maybe this particular businessman was more conservative or maybe he wasn’t as influential as he claimed. Either way, he had succumbed to the pressures, joining the growing horde of hunks. With Hunk Tech opening new locations and lowering the price substantially it has now become possible for no one like Alden to join in on the fun as well. Alden had just seen an article that claimed over 20% of men in the United States had already been altered by a Build-A-Hunk or another of Hunk tech various products.

Alden’s wife Gwen had expressed interest in the idea from the beginning. At first, it had just been a fantasy but as Build-A-Hunk became more accessible and she saw and heard about what it had done for her friend’s husbands she became more and more determined. When she acted all gitty the week of his birthday he knew what she had done. Alden didn’t want to go through the Build-A-Hunk, he was alright with his flabby belly and sagging jowls. He never really saw the appeal of all that muscle. But if Alden was one thing it was a simp for his wife, and if she wanted it he would of course oblige. He had even let her pick out the specifics and customize the procedure, after all, she had to have sex with his new body.

With a start, Alden realized he was next in line his heart starting to race. He knew countless people who had already undergone the process. His brother and even one of his sons had recently undergone the process and come out unharmed and much hunker for it. Yet they also seemed different, maybe it was the new bodies but both were always upbeat and much freer about showing off their enhanced bodies. Both had practically begged Alden to go through the build-a-hunk and what’s more, Alden had heard rumors of men coming out of the Build-A-Hunk with new homosexual tendencies. It was just that though, a rumor Alden ensured himself.

“Just so you know I got the deluxe package” the businessman was saying to the annoyed employee as he handed her the instructions for his specific wash.

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. Now step forwards.” He did as she commanded and Alden heard a familiar click before the man jerked forwards into the dark, giving one nervous glance behind him. Just as Alden was having to have second thoughts…

“Next” the woman yelled her eyes not even taking in his average appearance.”Strip” she commanded as he took a step forward into the space cleared for those getting ready for the build-a-hunk. Alden turned to beat red but unzipped his jeans and removed his tee-shirt placing them in a basket with his number on them.

“Underwear too,” the woman said annoyed.

“Oh right sorry,” Alden said embarrassed at his distracted mind. He looks off his underwear and lets his average shriveled-up member free. The women didn’t even bat an eye, completely immune to the shock of naked men by now. He handed her the card with his wife’s specifications on it which she swiftly transferred over to the touch screen in front of her. Alden absently released he had never actually read what it was his wife had requested and as he saw the women check box after box he realized he should have been more assertive about what happened to his body.

“Step forward” she commanded. Alden hesitantly took a step into the darkness only realizing as the loud click sounded that was the sound of his feet being locked into place. With a panic, Alden realized he couldn’t move, that he was trapped whatever might happen.

“Keep your arms and legs at your side and keep standing the entire time” she repeated “Keep calm and enjoy your new hunky life”.

“Wait I…” Alden called out as he felt himself moving. She didn’t even look back at him just called out next as he disappeared into the darkness the conveyer belt presumably responsible for his motion speeding up. Within seconds the light from the waiting area had been swallowed up. Alden stood there naked in the dark with no idea what was about to happen.

For a few awful moments, he sailed through the dark, before light and color returned to the world all at once. The left side of the tunnel was covered completely in mirrors giving him a constant view of his naked body. While the right side of the tunnel was covered in screens which data scrolling by so fast he couldn’t read it. A metal arm defended from the ceiling with some sort of scanner attached to it. As he continued forward lasers roamed over his body analyzing every part of his naked flesh. As the arm retracted back into the ceiling the fast-moving text on the screens was replaced with a 3d model in all his dad’s bod glory. A painfully average face on an average body.

“Administering painkillers,” a cold robotic voice said seeming to come from every part of the tunnel. Before Alden had time to wonder how exactly painkillers would be administered or more importantly why they were needed an object emerged from the darkness connected to a multi-jointed robotic arm, Alden only had time to think that it looked strangely like a penis before the arm shoved the thing up his ass. Alden’s vanilla and exclusively heterosexual sex life had not prepared him for this and he screamed out as the dildo injected the medication into his bloodstream. For a substance supposedly made to dampen pain it hurt like a bitch. Alden absently rubbed his ass before he remembered he was supposed to stay still.

“Preparing the body for augmentations” the same robotic voice called out. As Alden continued to move through the darkness, he saw what was ahead of him. What could only be described as a vacuum cleaner with teeth all connected to arms of various lengths and sitting at various highest. As he raced towards them Alden struggled to try to get free but to no avail, his feet were stuck firm. He had made a horrible mistake, those things were going to rip his flesh apart. As the arms extended to connect to his flesh Alden squeezed his eyes shut and reflexively cried out only to discover there was no pain. Although there were roughly ten devices stuck to his skin like leaches Alden felt only a light tickle. Alden refused to look at himself in the mirror scared he would find his body covered in blood so instead, he watched the 3d model of himself. The placement of the suckers was interesting, one on each of his nipples two on his stomach another two on each of his legs and arms, and an additional one on his neck and one on his back. The model on the screen seemed to deflate as the devices continued to suck, his arms losing their flab and his man boobs sucking themselves back into his chest. His flat tire a constant companion all his life had completely deflated on the computer screen. As he felt the arms retract and his body lurches forwards again Alden chanced a look down at his body and nearly fell over in surprise, his feet restraints the only thing keeping him balanced. Rather than the sight of the bloody mess, he feared he feared his eyes took in a very different sight. Small red rings that had already begun to fade were all that was left of the vacuums from hell yet their impact could not be dismissed.

His body was unrecognizable, not an ounce of fat was left on him. He was completely changed, gone was the flabby man he had always known. He now possessed a body that could only be described as scrawny. His arms looked like twigs and were those his ribs visible under that loose skin? The fat sucked from his face had completely transformed it revealing a facial structure that made him look ten years younger and possibly a little malnourished. Alden barely had time to take in his new form before the robotic voice spoke again.

“Increasing height” it called out. Alden got no more warning than that as a metal head clamp descended and locked onto his head while the metal contraption holding his feet tightened. Just as Alden was wondering how exactly this would increase his height he felt a tug. It started as just a minor pull on his head but soon as the helmet raised it felt like he was being pulled apart. Alden let out a scream, sure that his head would be ripped from his body. Yet somehow through science Alden would never understand he was not decapitated, instead, his body was elongated like some sort of putty. By the time the tugging stopped Alden stood a solid six inches taller, surpassing the six-foot mark and landing around 6”4’. Alden felt sick, this was all happening too fast. His body felt and looked wrong, his new height only accentuated how thin he was. He looked more like a slender man than the hunks advertised. This was swiftly remedied as the voice called out once again.

“Inducing muscle growth” rang out through the tunnel. The clamp on his head unfastened, allowing him to look around again. He wished he hadn’t. All around metal arms emerged each with a syringe attached to it the contents glowing a faint purple. In unison, they all plunged into his flesh releasing whatever they contained into his body. The pain medication kept him from feeling the puncturing of the needles, yet he still squirmed in discomfort as the arms raised back up revealing an empty syringe. Alden could only watch the mirror as his body morphed. He began to swell as every muscle on his form flexed their veins becoming prominent and briefly taking on the same purple glow as a liquid in the syringes. The bones that had become so prominent slowly disappeared again, covered not by fat as they once were but by layers of thick muscles. His ribs disappeared behind a glorious set of abs complete with matching cum gutters and distinct oblique. His collarbone that had stuck out so prominently now hid being a jutting pec shelf and borders like shoulders. His arms no longer resembled twigs and instead looked like trunks, gnarled and knotted both bicep and tricep equally visible and massive. His forearms despite not being directly injected were not left out of the growth, each growing to match the upper arm the veins becoming permanently exposed. His ass which had received two needles, one in both cheeks ballooned out forming a powerful base to support his gargantuan upper body. His thighs and calfs also thickened into mouth-watering proportions the exact fiber of his muscle becoming visible through the thin fatless skin. Even his feet which had been stuck by miniature needles and had foot restraints cracked and groaned swelling and growing larger to match his now Herculean body.

Even though Alden had been simply standing still while he transformed, he was winded. He tried to put his hands on his knees to regain his breath but quickly stood up, uncomfortable at how his powerful legs felt against his equally foreign hands. God even his hands were different meatier and somehow more masculine. He stared at himself in the mirror, a mix of shock and horror and pride. This was not the body of a father of two, no he looked like a junior bodybuilder like he should be walking the runway instead of working as a small claims lawyer. Was this truly what his wife wanted, to be with a man of such power, and if so how was it that she had put up with his flabby self for all this time. No wonder she had wanted this so bad, she must have been disgusted with him. Alden’s insecure mind worked overtime concluding his wife never truly loved him if this was the body she would prefer, the complete opposite of himself. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he continued to stare at the stranger in the mirror.

So deep was his contemplation that he didn’t register the voice announcing the sentence into the next phase, nor did he protest as a clear cylindrical tube defended from the darkness, encompassing his dick and sucking and squeezing till it matched the rest of his body. The attention of the machine had caused his member to stick straight up, erect despite his mood. The contrast was stark and even possibly amusing under different circumstances. A pumped muscled body and erect nearly 10-inch long rod gave the appearance of a man ready for a sexual contrast, the image ruined by the unremarkable melancholy face weeping silently.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“This is quite normal” the uniformed employee assured Gwen as she watched her husband sob. “Although safe and painless the process is quite the ordeal for most men and often brings up feelings of worthlessness. Worry not it will all be worth it in the end.” Despite the man’s reassurances Gwen couldn’t help but be wracked with guilt. She knew Alden could not see her through the two-way mirror and yet as she walked through the viewing hallway keeping in step with her husband’s progress through the build-a-hunk she felt as if he was staring into her soul. She had thought herself prepared, as part of the spousal experience Gwen had watched a few demo runs of the build-a-hunk. She had watched as men of all sorts entered all transforming according to the specifications laid out by their partners or by themselves. Nearly all of them had broken down at some point in their transformation. Yet watching her dear husband do the same broke her in a way she was not prepared for. No, she reminded herself steeling her nerves, he agreed to this. Don’t feel bad for wanting the best for yourself and your husband. Gwen forced herself to watch as some sort of contraception lowered down onto Alden’s penis, massaging it and applying some strange purple liquid until it rises to reveal a truly massive penis. Gwen blushed slightly as it was revealed, embarrassed not just by the employee seeing her husband’s penis but also by the knowledge that they would know this was the size she had requested. On paper it had seemed like a somewhat reasonable request however in the flesh it seemed more obscene. Granted it was no more ridiculous than the 120 pounds of muscle she had requested nor was it the largest penis that had resulted in form the transformation she had witnessed.

The robotic announced that Alden was entering his seventh phase. Gwen recalled that this one would affect Alden’s hair and had been one of the most difficult to select. She had been presented with hundreds of different hairstyles and facial hair options to choose from. As if that wasn’t enough she had been given the option to choose its thickness exact color and even the rate at which it grew and grayed. Now she watched as her abstract choices were made manifest. Tubes emerged from the walls and ceiling dousing Alden with pink mist that caused his whole body to erupt in hair. Alden’s hair previously thinning and brown now grew out thick straight and jet back. Before her eyes, she watched as Alden’s short combed-over hair became matted locks matched by an equally unruly beard giving him a sort of lost at sea look. This was quickly remedied as spray bottles, combs and scissors descended from above shaping the hair into the exact selection she had made. The sides were shaved while the top was cut relatively short giving him an attractive crew cut. His beard was trimmed down till only stubble remained to make him look professional while still emphasizing his masculinity. Gwen was also somewhat horrified to notice that his muscular body had grown copious amounts of hair due to the pink mist, making him look like some sort of beast. Interestingly only some places sported fur while others like his back and butt remained bare as per her request. Following her other specifications, the hair on his body was waxed and trimmed leaving only his pubes forearms, and legs with the perfect amount of hair.

The next phase of the Build-A-Hunk started as indicated by a black helmet lowering down onto her husband’s head. While the one that stretched him out had only covered his crown this helmet encompassed his entire head and even part of his neck. Vials containing liquids of various colors stuck out of the helmet their contents slowly disappearing presumably being pumped into Alden’s face. As the helmet raised she was shocked to find that it was not her husband underneath. No, somewhere in this process her Alden had been replaced with a stranger, a very handsome stranger. The man before her couldn’t possibly be Alden, his jaw was too wide, too sharp. No this couldn’t be Alden, thick lips instead of thin, perching blue eyes instead of Alden’s beady one. Yet despite the obvious differences, Gwen knew who stood before her, she had selected each of these features, the strong cleft chin, the thick brows, the wide forehead, the angular cheeks dusted with the perfect amount of stubble. Yet even despite her new husband’s perpetual sexy smolder she still saw parts of Alden in him, saw the same dejected sad face his eyes still teary. Even with the body and face of a god her husband still seemed somehow insecure. He didn’t even seem to notice as tubes prayed a thick paint-like substance all over his naked body, giving him a perpetual tan.

“We are near finished miss,” the attendant said to her “just a few last touches. Gwen watched as arms-bearing various clothing attracts in line with her specifications forcefully dressed Alden. A pair of tight white briefs slid into place doing little to hide the size of his member. Well-pressed mint kaki shorts followed although those too had a noticeable bulge at the crotch. They hugged Alden’s ass nicely and were short enough to show off his thick thighs. A black polo came next, dispute its size the garment struggled to contain Alden’s muscular form the material stretching thin, his hard nipples and deep abs visible. The arms were Gwen’s favorite part, it seemed that at any moment her husband’s massive guns were going to rip the poor selves apart. She had secretly brought Alden a new wardrobe for him to wear after his transformation but if she was being honest despite how sexy he looked in the clothing she wasn’t sure she would want him to be anything but naked for the next few weeks.

“Just need to do some reprogramming and he’s all yours.” The employee said to her. “Reprogramming” the word stung. She knew what she had paid for, signed the appropriate documents, and made her requests, yet something about hearing it so openly stung her. “I must say you did a good job with this one” the attendant continued unaware of her internal struggles. For someone who saw dozens of transformations a day it was quite the compliment. Yet It was true, her husband was drop-dead gorgeous even for men who had undergone the build-a-hunk. She knew that her sweet meek husband could never live in a body like this, that he wouldn’t know what to do with herself.

“It is for his own good” she had rationalized to herself. This was partly true, despite her husband’s virtues he was not a saint. Her husband had always lacked confidence, it had kept him from promotions at work, and from creating lasting friendships. Was it not her duty as a wife to want the best for her partner? A small part of her knew that this was also a selfish choice, that she wanted a more confident husband not just for him but for herself, that a more self-assured husband both inside and outside of the bedroom would only be an improvement. Her noble intentions were also somewhat stymied by the ever-present knowledge that she had not stopped at giving her husband confidence. When presented with the opportunity to reshape Alden into anything she wished it had been hard not to be carried away. She thought about asking the employee to stop the machine but she knew it was far too late.

As the robotic voice announced the final phase she saw it finally dawn on Alden what was occurring. She saw him realize she intended to not just reshape his body but his mind as well. His glance once melancholily became hurt possibly even angry. For the first time, he let out protests as the machine prepared to augment him, writhing trying to get free of his restraints as another helmet descended upon him. This one looked like some sort of VR headset and immediately started flashing images not visible to Gwen. Alden’s thrashing calmed as his handsome face went slack, transfixed by the reprogramming sequence. Gwen put a hand to her mouth, horrified at what she had done, how would Alden ever forgive her for this. Images raced across the screen erasing parts of Alden and replacing them with others. His propensity for laziness became a love of the gym and golf, a sport Gwen secretly found hot. Images of powerful men and motivational quotes instilled the confidence he had desperately needed. Per her instructions, perfect sexual knowledge and technique were also downloaded into his brain to ensure that he would be able to put this new body to use.

Gwen felt numb as she exited the viewing hallways, standing in front of two large metal doors she was sure that her husband would hate after this. Or worse this was all some sort of sick prank. Yet as the doors open she saw that her husband had indeed changed, the hunk she had only seen through the glass was now in front of her separated only by a few feet of air. The man, her Alden, ran at her his muscular body making him close the distance in a second. Instinctively she flinched only to be lifted off her feet and spun around in a big hug. She clutched Alden’s muscular body, loving the feeling of her arms around her. She breathed in his scent, rich and woody, and met his lips in a deep passionate kiss, his stubble delighting her lips. The attendant let the scene play out for a few moments before informing them there were a set of rooms available for men who underwent the Build-A-Hunk to “explore their new bodies”. Despite her mild embarrassment, she and Alden took the offer, and judging by the sounds coming from the room husband and wife both very much enjoyed this exploration.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

One year later. Gwen could hardly recall the old Alden or her life with him. It seemed neither could Alden, every time someone brought it up his eyes glazed over and he would quickly change the subject. Sure it took some time to transition, she had to get new family photos, Alden had to get an ID and of course, there were several awkward conversations with their kids and friends. Yet despite these hurdles, nothing could put a damper on Gwen’s good mood. The new Alden quickly got promoted at work, he made hunk tech altered friends that he went to the gym with regularly and played golf with every Sunday. Gwen was so happy she didn’t even mind that Alden and his buddies “helped each other out” once in a while. Sure he was oddly loyal to Hunk Tech, regularly giving the company large donations and urging everyone to try their products but she didn’t think much of it, after all, she was a fan of Hunk tech’s work too. Gwen now found it funny that at one point she had thought about divorcing Alden. That would be like throwing away a car just because it was dirty. All you needed to do was take it to the car wash or in her case the Build-A-Hunk and it was good as new. And now should this new Alden ever get “dirty” she could always rinse and repeat.

4,641 words Added Jul 2022 8,197 views 4.8 stars (8 votes) This story was submitted as is and was not edited.

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