Admiring the changes

by Josh Barrett

 After months of hardly any progress at the gym, Alex finds a strange stone that makes him into what he’s always wanted to be.

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Alex brought a towel to his face and wiped the sweat from his flushed skin. He continued to dab at his skin as he walked through the gym. Clangs of iron and the murmur of voices surrounded him. He briefly enjoyed the cool touch of a rotating fan before dropping his towel into a bin and sauntering into the locker room.

Alex had been going to the same gym for months. It was summer after his second year at college, and he had decided long ago that he needed to bulk up if he was going to get anywhere with the hottest guys at his school. Unfortunately, for all his effort, the gains were only trickling in. A pound here and a pound there. There was no doubt that he looked miles better than when he had started in the spring, but he was still desperately weak with an unappealing thin layer of fat. His back was a little wider and his pecs were a little squarer, but that was about it.

Despite his slow progress, Alex regarded himself in the locker room mirror with a subdued pride. Even if he was still weak, the sweat dripping off his face and his little pump was enough to keep him coming back day after day.

He walked past a few section of lockers before coming up to the last little section around a bend, he liked it there because he almost never saw anyone else. And besides, all the attractive guys never seemed to change in the open, it was always just older men. He was perfectly fine with being unseen and seeing no one, as he changed out of his sweat drenched clothes.

Alex was a modest gym goer. He never wore anything tight or revealing, like so many others at the gym. Mostly because he had nothing to show, but also because he simply hated bringing undue attention to himself. He got into the gym and silently did his thing, and then he went home. He never talked with anyone, and he certainly never hogged any equipment or waited for someone to finish with something. He was a ghost, in and out.

Alex fiddled with his rotary lock absentmindedly. He frowned as the bar neatly clicked open before he had a chance to finish his combo. ‘Shit,’ he thought. Anyone could have just come in and taken his wallet or his gym bag. He cursed his own stupidity and swung open the door.

It was immediately clear that he had screwed up, this was not his locker. He looked at the number, realizing that his locker was one over. Whatever, he motioned to close the door when something in it caught his eye. Just before the door had shut, he noticed a glowing in the darkness of the locker. He looked around warily. As always, there was no one there.

He edged the door open and peaked inside. Sure enough, there was a faint white glow emanating from a small object at the back of the locker. He peered at it through the darkness. It didn’t look like much more than an ordinary rock. It’s rough stony exterior didn’t look capable of giving off light, but there it was.

Any ordinary person would have let it go, a trick of the light. But Alex was going into his third year of earth sciences, and he needed to know more. He reached inside and grabbed the rock.

Instantly, a throb ran down his arm and into his body. His stomach and heart faltered and fluttered, the sensation was not unlike that which you get when you anticipate something arousing.

“What the?” Alex gasped quietly as his heart pumped faster and his skin tingled. He suddenly felt light headed, he shoved the rock back into the locker and jammed the door closed. Thoughts of radiation and poison crossed his mind, as he struggled to keep himself propped on his own locker door.

And then a new sensation started. As his heart pounded, he felt a sudden tightness in his arm. He grimaced, expecting it to be red and swollen. But what he saw instead made his heart drop. His arm had indeed swollen, but it appeared to be swollen with thick muscle! He watched as the muscles in his forearm began bulging and pushing thickening veins to the surface of his skin. He stared at his thickening arm with a mixture of horror and pleasure. The image of thickly muscled bodybuilders had always turned Alex on, so the sight and feel of his swelling muscles was quickly kicking his libido into high gear.

He turned to look at his reflection in the mirror. His thickly muscled forearm and veiny hands heavily hung off his scrawny frame. He gasped as the tightness spread to his upper arm, shoulder and chest. His biceps and triceps began to slowly swell, quickly filling his previously loose t-shirt. And then he could he feel his chest begin to expand. He watched as two mounds of muscle began filling his shirt. Simultaneously he could feel and see the muscles of his back expanding, which accentuated his growing and now globular shoulders.

He groaned as his medium shirt slowly stretched to its limits. He regarded himself with a hesitant smile, he resembled the athletes that he lusted over. Maybe not quite an amateur bodybuilder, but he was definitely as muscular as some of the varsity football players, but with less fat, making his muscles stand out even more.

He watched hungrily as his arms continued to grow. Thick veins emerged on his thickening biceps and snaked into his shirt. His chest, now wide and perfectly formed continued to push the fibres of his shirt to their limit. To his shock, he heard the sound of tearing as a split slowly made its way from his neck and down the deepening crest of his pecs. He watched himself, heaving with more mass and power with every breath.

The shirt fell away to reveal a deepening set of abs. He noticed something else in the mirror, furrowing his brow. Faint but sure, he began to develop a dusting of dark hair on his abdomen. He felt a slight tingling as his chest also began to darken with coarse hair. The stubble on his jaw also appeared to darken slightly.

Whatever, he could deal with some extra hair. He reasoned that it must be a side effect of his growing muscles. Speaking of growing muscles, Alex moaned as he felt a mounting pressure in his shorts. He regarded his growing bulge incredulously. Another side effect, he rationalized.

His attention was torn away from his prodigious manhood and down to his bare calves. He had always loved the summer months, what he called ‘shorts season.’ There was nothing better than a nice pair of muscular legs, and his were now the best he had ever seen. His calves could only be described as ‘thick.’ Slight veins gave more definition to the hairy mounds of muscle.

As if on cue, he felt a constriction envelop around his thighs as the muscle filled his shorts. The fabric stretched and formed around the massive trunks that his legs had become. Every cut, vein and fibre was visible in the skin tight material. He flexed appreciatively.

His attention was again directed to his upper body where his biceps and triceps where now heaving with thick mass, his sleeves were utterly destroy so the whole shirt hung around him in shreds. His impossibly thick pecs strained in the middle through the tatters of the fabric, every fibre visible. The mass of it heaved with every movement and breath.

He could feel the process coming to a halt as his heart rate seemed to return to normal and the tingling began to recede a little. He breathed a long satisfied sigh of relief, the sound that came out was octaves lower than it would have been minutes ago. He regarded himself coolly in the mirror. He was surprised to see a short beard on his face and a light padding of hair on his arms, chest and abs.

He tore the rest of the shirt off with ease and let it fall at his veiny feet. He looked down, noticing that they too seemed to have grown in his white socks. He looked over at his shoes and was relieved that he had taken them off before touching the rock.

The rock! He tore open the locker, relishing the way his now veiny and large hand seemed to be too large for the little handle. Alex stared at it, there was no hint of a glow, it looked just like an ordinary rock. He looked at the other contents of the locker. There was an extra large tank top and size 15 runners. He looked down at his feet… Normally he would have been horrified at the thought of taking something from someone’s locker, but he was no longer normal. He didn’t feel normal, and he definitely didn’t look normal.

He glanced back at his reflection. Amazingly, he didn’t just resemble the bodybuilder’s that he used to lust over, but he exceeded them aesthetically in almost every way. He was tall and his skin was perfect (even if a little extra hirsute). The mass of his body was unmatched, he was bulky and thick everywhere. Yet, he had veins and cuts in all the right places, giving him a lean, dry look that any professional bodybuilder would kill for.

The formerly skinny 20 year old reached a hairy, meaty arm into the locker and took out the shoes and tank top. He was hardly surprised to find that the shoes fit, the extra size didn’t look out of place below the bulging mass of his tree trunk legs. The fabric of the tank top was taught over his massive pecs and abs, but it did the trick. He looked amazing with his corded arms and spherical shoulders hanging by his sides.

Alex knew exactly what he wanted to do with his new body. He shut both lockers, not bothering to lock his. He strode around the corner and into the busier section of the locker room. Suddenly, he was acutely aware of the clanging of metal and the drone of music from the gym’s speakers.

With heavy, satisfying footsteps, Alex carried his bulk through the room. For once, all eyes were on him. And for the first time, he loved the attention. In fact, the eyes on him only made him more aroused. Some guys merely looked in shock and jealously, others were almost literally drooling at the sight of the brawny, hairy man that Alex had become.

He walked into the gym, his heart beating madly with anticipation. A smile stretched across his lips as he looked over his iron kingdom. He was the biggest man, and everyone had noticed. Not only did he want to be seen, but he was impossible to miss now. He strode over to the weights, rejoicing in the feel of his legs against each other and the wind of the fan in the corner. Some gym goers glanced up at Alex as he began doing rep after rep of every movement that he could think of. Some stared in appreciation, others looked away in disgust or disinterest. Alex didn’t care, he smiled as he worked his heavy muscles. He had become his own idea of the perfect man.


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